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Houston and the Lake Conroe Swingers


"Hey do you guys want to go back to the lake today? Jason
and Jai want to" Cher told us while she stood in the
bathroom doorway. "Hold that thought" Morgan
grunted. Her pussy spasmed around me and she pushed her
ass hard into my groin. Morgan's hands and face were
pressed against the shower wall as I plowed into her from
behind. Rin's back was against the wall staring at
me intently while she was fingering Morgan's clit.
"Nyaahh" Morgan cried out. Rin leaned forward
"Kiss me" she whispered.

I squeezed Morgan's hips in my hands and leaned forward
so that I could meet Rin's lips. Our tongues swirled
around one another's as I thrust my hips against Morgan's
amazing ass. Her pussy was working up to her second orgasm
since we started, even with the shower hitting us I could
still feel her thick cum running down my shaft. "Babbbbyyyy"
Morgan whined. Rin's hand moved from Morgan's
clit and she made a V with her fingers on either side of my
cock as it went in and out of Morgan's trembling pussy.

Rin's kissing stopped and she let out a low moan. I opened
my eyes to see that Morgan had taken one hand off the wall
and moved it between Rin's legs. I couldn't tell
if she was finger banging her or if she was playing with her
clit. Morgan cried out again and flooded me with her cum
as Rin's tongue began to lash out against my lips. The
loud slap of Morgan's hand slapping the wall added
to the two girls’ moans and the loud slap of the water hitting
the shower floor. "Deeeeaaave" Morgan cried.

I felt Morgan's body shake then her ass lowered as her
legs gave out a little. This made her scream as the head of
my cock slammed against her cervix. Rin and I opened our
mouths wide and licked each other’s tongues. Rin started
to whine louder and her hand disappeared from beneath Morgan's
legs. She grabbed the back of my neck and used me to hold herself
up. Rin's body started to tremble “are you getting
close baby" Morgan whined. "MMMM" Rin
whimpered. Morgan pushed back hard again forcing my hard
dick against her cervix "aaaahhhh fuck" she
cried out.

She pushed against my stomach so that I backed up enough
to pull myself out of her. "Fuck her till she cums baby"
Morgan gasped. Rin didn't need encouragement. She
pulled her lips from mine and turned around so that she was
facing the shower wall. I moved in behind her and let Morgan
guide my cock into the Rin's pussy. The tightness of
Rin's insides collapsed around me as I slid deep inside
her. She pushed up on her tip toes as my fingers dug into her
flesh. Morgan copied Rin's earlier position and pulled
me into a kiss while her hand found Rin's clit.

With long fluid strokes I pumped in and out of Rin while Morgan
and I kissed passionately. It didn't take long for
Rin's body to reach it climax and soon she was racked
with a loud trembling orgasm. Morgan's body sagged
a little and her kiss faltered as Rin cried out she was cumming.
"You like it when I make her cum don't you"
I said into Morgan's mouth. She let out a little whimper
before she answered yes "You like licking your girlfriends
cum off my cock don't you" Morgan's answer
was to hungrily attack my mouth. Her hand found the back
of my head and she pulled hard on my short brown hair.

"I love my two little sluts" I growled while
she kissed me. I didn't expect Rin to be affected by
my words. She let out her own growl and pushed her ass hard
against me while I continued to fuck her. It hit me all at
once, that need to take ownership. I pulled away from Morgan's
lips and moved my left hand from Rin's hip. I reached
up and grabbed her wet hair that was pasted against her narrow
back. I pulled back hard enough to pull her face off the wall
"you like being my little fuck toy too?" I asked

Morgan's face dropped and her hands immediately went
to her pussy. "Yes" Rin growled at me. I felt
her pussy pulse at either her words or mine. I felt almost
light headed as the scalding water from the shower poured
over our bodies. The thought that Rin was turning into Morgan
turned me on more than I was prepared for. I could almost
feel my dick getting harder inside her tiny little tight
pussy. "You like my cock in your tight cunt?"
I asked her. "FUuuuck" Rin groaned and her pussy
spasmed again.

It was almost too much for me to take; I pulled Rin's
hair hard again and made her moan. Rin's backward motions
met my forward thrusts in a low wet slap of bodies. Her pussy
was quaking around me like vibrations of a drum being hit.
Morgan's body started to shake again and she couldn't
stand any longer. She slid down the wall to the shower floor
as she fingered her clit to another orgasm. Rin's body
was at its limit as well and she let out a primal scream as
her orgasm overtook her. I winced a little as her pussy muscles
clamped down impossibly hard as she came. I pulled her head
off the wall by her hair while I did my best to keep my cock
going in and out of her pussy in a smooth rhythm.

"Who do you belong too" I growled and pulled
hard. "YOUUU" Rin screamed in both pleasure
and pain. Morgan let out another whimper and worked her
fingers faster over her clit while she used her other hand
to drive her fingers deep into her pussy. I felt my ego grow
out of control as Rin's orgasm died out and mine started
to build up. I sped up my hips to quicken the time before I
could finally release. Rin mumbled something that I couldn't
make out, I loosened my grip on her long dyed hair. Her left
cheek settled back against the wall while her mouth hung
open on a constant moan.

I powered my hips forward as the pressure in my loins built
up slowly to its boiling point. I was about to let myself
go when another primal throaty scream tore itself from
Rin. I clenched my teeth and put both hands back on her hips
and fucked her as hard as I could while keeping my balance.
Rin's second orgasm was perfectly timed with Morgan's
unknown number. The girls screamed out together as they
came hard in the shower. I tried my hardest to keep going
until Rin's was done but I couldn't quite make

I pulled out in a quick motion "sit next to Morgan"
I ordered her through clenched teeth. Rin spun quickly
and let her back slid down the shower wall. I threw my hand
up in the air and knocked the shower head so that it hit the
frosted door instead of me. I stood over Morgan and Rin and
stroked my cock fast. They looked up at me with nothing but
fog and lust in their eyes as my cum spurted from the tip of
my dick. They moaned and gasped as the cum landed on their
faces and bodies. One large glob of white landed on Morgan's
bottom lip as her mouth hung open. Rin turned her head and
lifted her hand up to Morgan; she grabbed her by the hair
and pulled her into a kiss.

I kept shooting my cum on them as they kissed with a small
amount of my cum on their lips. My deep grunts and moans seemed
to fuel their passion as they clawed at each other’s hair.
My legs buckled a little but I refused to stop stroking myself
until all the cum had released from my balls. I stared down
at the two young beauties clawing at each other and knew
I had to be dreaming. Morgan shivered either from the cold
or from the overload of sensation as Rin gave her one last
playful lick to her lips.

"Wow" I sighed. Rin and Morgan looked up at me
with glassy half closed eyes. "Yeah wow" Morgan
agreed. I wanted to ask Rin if she liked being talked to like
that but I held my tongue. Morgan loved it and apparently
thought nothing of the fact that Rin reacted to it. "You
got cum in our hair" Rin laughed as she held her long
pastel pink, ice blue, and blonde hair up in front of her
face. "Sorry" I breathed "It's hard
to aim this thing" Morgan let out a laugh "I know
I clean our toilets. Boys have shitty aim" I held my
hands out for them to take. I pulled them up to their feet
"that's just splash back" I told her. "UH
HUH" Morgan shook her head no.

I pulled Rin and Morgan's naked bodies against mine
and gave them both a kiss. They laid their heads on my shoulders
and we three way hugged in the shower for a little while in
silence. "We need to wash our hair" Morgan whispered
"Yeah" Rin nodded against me. They let me go
and I pulled the shower head back so that it hit us. I turned
the knob for the side jets and we all soaped each other up
for the second time. "Would you really want me to move
in here with you guys? Won't you feel I am getting in
the way?" Rin asked as she washed Morgan's back
with me.

"Do you want another speech?" Morgan asked
menacingly. "Nobody wants that" I joked. This
time I was able to turn my hip fast enough so that she couldn't
grab me with her talons. "Ha!" I laughed. Morgan
chuckled and turned around to grab the sponge from Rin.
They changed places and Morgan and I washed her back "I
want you to move in with us" Morgan told her. "I
think it's stupid that you even have a place when you
spend so much time here" She told Rin. "I don't
feel like you are getting in the way. I think you are part
of us" Morgan told her.

Morgan had never said that before but I had no doubt she meant
it. She didn't view Rin as any kind of threat nor did
she fear losing me anymore. Morgan liked having her around
and as incestuous as it sounds she looked at Rin like her
sister. A sister that she fucked but still you know what
I mean. I chimed in thinking I was being funny "You
belong to me anyway and I like to have my possessions close"
I told her. Rin turned around and I half expected to get attacked
for my joke. Instead she changed places with me so that they
could wash me.

The shower routine we had fallen into was they washed first
with me helping then they both washed me last. Let me tell
you what, four soapy hands washing your manhood is something
you need to put on your bucket list. "Yeah" Rin
said softly as she scrubbed my arms while Morgan washed
my back. I didn't know if the "yeah" was
to what I said of if she was just thinking about something
and said it to her thoughts. "Hey fuck bunnies are
you done yet?" Cher asked reappearing in the bathroom
doorway. "Wazzup Cher?" Morgan asked. "We
are going back to the lake do you guys want to come?"
She asked.

"Hell yeah!" Morgan told her. "Yeah"
Rin agreed. "I think I will stay home" I joked.
"Aww that's cute that you think you have a choice"
Morgan cooed. Rin let out a laugh and moved around to wash
my chest. "Where in, just give us ten minutes"
I told her. Morgan's soapy hands found my dick and sent
a wave a pleasure through my body. I could feel the blood
flow into my groin "MAKE THAT 45 MINUTES!" I
shouted. Rin and Morgan giggled. I let out a happy sigh as
Rin's hands joined Morgan's as they gave me a soapy
hand job to an erection.

After about an hour and a few orgasms later we joined the
group in the kitchen. "You guys ever thought about
filming it and sending it to Homegrown video? You could
make millions" Kitty laughed. "I don't
share well" Morgan told her. "Either do I"
Rin agreed. That gave everyone a good laugh for a while.
"It's almost noon so we should go soon"
Jai said looking at the clock. "We need to get gas when
we get there too" Jason told us. "We got the gas"
Morgan said pulling out the milk carton from the fridge.
"Well get the beer then" Cher chimed in. "That
leaves the food to us then" Kitty said.

The girls all looked at each other and their faces turned
into that "AWW" look. They hugged; they all
actually hugged in the kitchen. "What the hell?"
I laughed. "It's a girl bonding thing I think"
Jai shrugged. Morgan's arm was out of the group holding
the milk jug still as the three of them giggled together.
I looked at Rin for help but she had that same dopey look on
her face as well. "What the hell did I miss?"
I thought to myself.

After the huggathon bonding moment we all grabbed a quick
snack and reloaded the cooler with beer and Gatorade. "Are
we allowed to drink on the water?" I asked as Rin and
I loaded up the cooler with Bud Light cans. No one actually
knew that answer so we just let it go and continued on. The
girls packed a duffel filled with clothes just in case we
needed them and loaded everything into the two vehicles.
"Babe I think I want to get a new bikini" Morgan
said as she looked at her choices spread out on our bed. "Yeah"
Rin said as she looked at the two that she had brought over.

"We can stop somewhere. We will get you guys new ones."
I told them as I grabbed my white and blue board shorts off
the towel rack. "Ok" Morgan said with one last
look at the pile of swimsuits on the bed. "I want to
stick with the Brazilian cut for the bottoms though. I like
how they fit me" Morgan said as we walked through the
living room. "I think I will do the same" Rin
agreed. "'You should. Your ass is amazing"
Morgan told her. "So is yours" Rin told her back.
Yup girls and their compliments.

After stopping at a few shops in the mall the girls found
ones they were excited about. Morgan found black ones with
white skull and crossbones on the bra and on the front of
the bottoms. The Brazilian cut was a little different and
was promising a much better view of her ass. Rin found a pink,
grey, and black camouflage print one with the same tiny
Brazilian cut bottoms. I was getting so excited to see them
in the bikinis that I might have teared up and wet myself
a little with excitement. I didn't have to wait long
as Morgan dove in between the captain’s chairs to join
Rin in the back. They stripped naked behind the cover of
my back tinted windows as I drove up 45. Sadly they changed
quickly into the bikinis and slipped tiny frilly white
skirts over their bottoms. "Damn" I muttered
at missing the show.

I met the rest of the group at the same launch point that we
had been the day before and found our boat already in the
water. I threw Jason my wallet and he went off to fill the
tank up with gas while the rest of us went into the pro shop
to look around. While we looked through the racks of expensive
water sports gear I ran into a couple that looked as if they
were in the early thirties. The woman has huge fake tits
and a rose shark tattoo peaking out of her orange sherbet
colored bikini bottoms.

The thin sides of her bikini bottoms were high on her hips
reminding me of the 80's style bikini models. She was
actually kind of hot even with her over tanned body and fake
tits. Her husband I was guessing had on G.I Joe board shorts
that I kind wanted. They were awesome and said "Yo
Joe" on the bottom of the green and white swim trunks.
They were giggling and playfully teasing each other with
their hands. "Oops Sorry 'bout that" The
girl said in a strong southern accent. She flipped her light
brown shoulder length hair off the one side "He just
can't keep his hands off me" She drawled.

I laughed and held up my hand "Don't let me stop
you" I told them. I was thinking they must be newlyweds
the way they were acting. "Don't let Julie fool
ya son. She's an animal" the guy laughed. He reminded
me of a heavier version of Jai without the mutton chop sideburns.
His southern drawl was just as thick as his wife's and
sported a 5 O'clock shadow which I was guessing he usually

The brunette giggled and went to grab his junk, he dodge
her hand and started laughing. I went back to looking at
the rack of swim trunks and chuckled. "Babe? Do you
like these?" Rin asked. She was wearing bright pink
sunglasses with white and black tiger strips on the arms.
"Oh yeah they are awesome" I laughed. She smiled
and shook her head so that the tag hanging in front of her
nose swung side to side. "Baby can I get a snow cone?"
Morgan asked as she put her arms around my waist. "Jason
has my wallet remember. When he gets back just snag it from
him" I told her. The flirty couple became suddenly
quiet as they noticed that two beautiful young girls just
called me "Babe" and "Baby" in a
way that sounded like we were together.

The guy walked up to us with his wife in tow and stuck out his
hand "I am Peter and this is my lady Julie. Nice to meet
you" I took the guys hand and shook it "I'm
Dave and this is Morgan and this is Rin" I told him gesturing
to them in turn. "So are y'all together?"
Julie asked with a smile on her face. Morgan feeling frisky
nodded against my back. "I am his girlfriend and she
is our girlfriend" Morgan told them. Rin blushed
a little bit but said "Hello" while she stood
there wearing her silly glasses.

Peter didn't skip a beat "Y'all got a boat?"
He asked. "Yeah one of our friends is gassing it up
right now" I told them. Julie moved forward and wrapped
her arm around the back of her husband. "Y'all
want to tie up later and have a few drinks with us?"
she asked. "Yeah that sounds fun" Morgan told
them from behind me. "We got ourselves a little Sea
Ray 340 Sundancer out there. It's white with a dark
blue stripe on the lower hull and a Texas flag on the bow."
Peter told us. "We have a maroon and white Crownline
202 bowrider" I told him. "You can't miss
us, we are seven fools hanging on for dear life" I laughed.

"What's y'alls radio frequency?"
Julie asked. It took me a second to realize what she was asking.
"We don't have a radio" I told them. "Well
then hold on son" Peter told me. He went to the cashier’s
desk to get a piece of paper to write their cell number down
for us. I took their number when he came back and we chatted
a bit more as the rest of our group came to meet the strangers.
I don't know who looked happier being surrounded by
the girls, Julie or Peter. It really got interesting when
Jai came over. He and Pete seemed to hit it off immediately
while Julie looked at him like a steak. I am sad to admit I
didn't notice any of it really; I was busy laughing
at their jokes.

My group seemed to find the couple a riot and they all agreed
we should tie off later and have a few drinks. Jason came
in looking for us and Julie's eyes really lit up when
she saw him. "Y'all are just a bunch of cutie pies!
I just want to eat y'all up" She twanged happily.
We told Jason the plan about tying up later and he seemed
down for it. We all walked out together and that's when
I saw it. Their damn boat was huge! It even had radar over
the top arm of their boat. (I won't be able to explain
it well because I am not a boat expert. Look up 2005 Sea Ray
340 Sundancer to see what I am talking about)

"That is a 34 footer right?" Jason asked. "Yes
sir! It's our little toy. We have another one down at
Baytown" He told us. I was no expert but I do know how
much our little boat cost so I could only imagine what that
thing set them back. And if that was their little one I couldn't
imagine the size of the big one. We bid our new friends ado
and promised to call them later in the day. We jumped into
our boat and sped off in a different direction then the previous
day. We spent hours tubing and trying to figure out the slalom
ski. The girls sunned their sexy young bodies and waved
at anyone they saw. Girls on the water seem to be a friendly

People on large and small craft all seemed to be happy to
be alive and wanted to prove it by yelling "WUUU"
and waving at each other. Having a boat kicks ass let me tell
you. After we had been beaten and battered we decided to
call our new friends and see what they were up too. Morgan
used Jai's cell phone since it was the only one not buried
in a duffle stowed away. Morgan chatted for a few minutes
before asking where they were. After a few scans of the map
Kitty told her about where we were.

"We are supposed to meet by a place called Papa's
on the Lake" Morgan told us. Kitty looked at the map
and told Jason where to take us. We sped across the water
with the girls in the bow laughing and waving at people.
Jai was sipping on a beer with his arms stretched across
the back bench top while I was in the passenger chair. It
was so nice staring at the 4 nice asses covered in tiny scraps
of bikini "I love my life today" I thought to

Rows of tied up boats like ours and sleek looking colorful
cigar boats tucked in wooden slips were everywhere. Tons
of people of all ages and swim suit types were milling on
the dock and at the on the hill were the bar was. The bar was
wide open and bright pink with a teal green top with Papa's
written in pink against the teal. Jason pulled us close
to the maw and shut the throttle down as he looked for the
big 34 foot Sundancer owned by Pete and Julie. The girls
were happy as clams as they found many people to wave to.

Guys stood on boats and held their beers in the air as they
saw the bikini clad beauties wave. They weren't as
enthusiastic when they saw us however, wonder why? Jason
turned us around slowly so that we could see the inlet and
the crowd of boats at the same time. Morgan stood up and stretched
and garnered a few cat calls from the guys standing on their
boats. She laughed and held her arms out wide and did a little
curtsey. With her vibrant colored hair she was extremely
hard to miss. Kitty not to be out done sashayed to the back
of the boat and to give Jason a bent over kiss. That got more
whoops from the guys as her ass came into view.

She strode back to the bow and lifted up one of the cushions
to fish out her floppy Texas longhorn cowboy hat and large
round clear framed sunglass. "You guys want to tie
up with us!?" Yelled a couple of college guys at the
end of the long line of tied up boats. "We can't
we are meeting friends! Maybe next time boys!" Kitty
yelled back. You could just hear the sexuality drip from
her words; she was clearly loving the attention. As the
girls got up and came to the back of the boat to grab a bottle
of ghetto Gatorade they got hollered at. Rin blushed but
the rest seemed to take it in stride and show off a little.

Morgan walked up to me as I was swiveling back and forth and
grabbed my head. She pulled my face into her cleavage and
twisted her body so her boobs smacked me on the sides of my
face. I could hear the whoops of encouragement over the
slap of her tits on my face. I just sat there and took my punishment
as she laughed and egged the voyeurs on. When she finally
let me go I had to blink a few times before she came into focus
again. She smiled down at me seeming enjoying the chance
to show off a little.

Rin made the fatal mistake of coming to close to Morgan;
she let out a yelp as she got grabbed. Morgan stood between
my legs as she pulled Rin into a kiss. This time I heard girls
as well as guys yell their encouragement's as my two
girls made out. Rin gave up the fight and fell into their
usual hair pulling urgent kisses. "WWUUUUU"
Kitty yelled and stuck her hands up high over her white haired
head, Cher joined in with the wuuuing as well. I decided
if they were going to play I wanted to be part of it. I stood
up and moved my face close to theirs and stuck out my tongue.
They obliged and met my tongue with theirs in a three way
tongue wiggling kiss. It was nice.

The row of maybe 12 or more tied up boats started to honk their
horns and shout. Some people on the bank joined in and we
became the porn spectacle for the minute. A loud Dixie horn
shocked us out of our wet tongued slithering kiss and made
us look toward the sound. The big 34 foot white boat with
the dark blue lower hull came creeping into the inlet. Morgan
and Kitty waved their hands high in the air and got waves
back from Pete and Julie from behind their windscreen.
The big boat gave a lazy wide turn before slowly backing
up toward us with a deft touch of an experienced driver.

As the big boat came up to our side Jason threw a couple of
soft pillow looking things over the side. Julie lowered
some of theirs as well as Pete shut down the twin engines
on the big pleasure craft. "Hey y'all sorry to
make you wait" Julie told us. "No worries"
I told her back. "We've been having fun"
Julie smiled wide "Yeah we saw the fun the three of
you were havin" She said with a wink. Morgan pushed
me back into the chair and sat down on my left knee while pulling
Rin down on my right one. Morgan seemed happy to be showing
off our relationship in public, it dawned on me that we had
never really been out like this together. She was not shy
to show that there was a threesome thing going on, she had
already figured out something that I had yet to know as well.

"Move it back a little so that our boat decks are even"
Pete told us. Jason used his strength to easily move us back
into position so that he and Pete could tie our boats up.
"If anyone needs to use the bathroom we got one in the
cabin" Julie told us. "Oh yes please!"
Cher told her. Pete helped her onto the back of their boat
and was followed by the rest of the girls. "Y'all
want a Miller?" Julie asked. "We have Bud Lights"
Jason told her but thanked her all the same. "I would
like to check out your cabin though" he told them.

My eyes and my brain didn't quite understand what I
was looking at as I stood in their cuddly cabin lounge. They
had wood cabinets, a long plush bench that could have sat
all of us side by side. There was a kitchen area with a stainless
steel microwave, a sink and stove, and a refrigerator underneath
the counter top. In the very front of the bow was a large raised
bed with a sky light over the top of it. A bathroom big enough
to turn around in was at the bottom of the carpeted steps.
The thing even had a bar with a sink behind the driver’s
seat! "Wow Pete this is a hell of a boat" I told
him. "Thanks" he said looking around "We
love this little guy" he said happily.

"Little guy?" I thought. "These people
must be filthy stinking rich. I wonder how much something
like this costs" I decided not to say it out loud. One
by one we all used the bathroom before going back topside.
He showed Jason and Jai all the features of the boat but all
I kept thinking about is that it had a large bed and a living
room underneath. It even had radar people! I mean come on
it made our little boat look like a canoe!

After the tour and explanation we split between the crafts
and lounged while drinking beer and chatting. Rin and Morgan
flanked me on the back bench seat while Kitty and Jason stood
on their deck. Cher sat in Jai's lap on the passenger
captain's chair and sipped on her Mad Dog filled Gatorade.
More boats pulled into the cove and before long that original
string of 12 or so boats expanded to over 20. The loud party
music floated over the air from the bright pink and teal
bar and mixed with the radio's playing all around us.

"They sure are friendly" I whispered to the
girls "That's because they are swingers and
probably want to fuck us" Morgan whispered back.
"Noooo" I whispered and looked at her with disbelief.
Rin giggled at my right and leaned up against me "Julie
wants your nuts" she giggled. "You knew too?"
I asked turning my head to look at her "how could you
not?" she laughed. I felt suddenly stupid for missing
something that was apparently so obvious to them. I was
also starting to worry about my nuts and the big breasted

Our late afternoon went on with us drinking and partying
as the inlet filled up with boats. "Hey you guys mind
if we tie up?” yelled a couple of guys with their girlfriends.
"Come on then" Jai shouted and waved them toward
us. After a few minutes they were pulled up to our side and
I helped the guy tie on. After a round of introductions and
a couple of anchor drops to keep us in place the party continued.
If anyone that it was weird that Morgan, Rin, and I were being
"friendly" no one said it. As the hour crawled
by we ended up having 5 more boats tie up in a line with the
big Sea Ray as our anchor. It was a lot of fun interacting
with all the new people.

Most of them were young with a few older people in their 30's
mixed in. Cher and Jai moved to the swim deck and dangled
their feet off the edge and talked with the people opposite
of Pete and Julie. My little threesome stood on the deck
together and split our time talking with people down the
line and our new friends. "I gotta pee baby. I will
be right back" Morgan told me and then gave me a soft
kiss with hum before crawling/jumping to Pete's boat.
Rin put her arm around my waist and leaned her head against
my shoulder. The guys next to us finally decided to ask "Are
you both his girlfriends?" The guy asked. Rin let
a smile cross her pink lips and looked at me "yeah we
are" she said quietly but proudly. She gave me a soft
kiss and turned back to the mildly amused guy and his girlfriend.
"Awesome" he murmured.

His girlfriend slapped him playfully on the back of the
head "He's always trying to get me into a threesome"
she laughed. "He's constantly trying to get
out of one but his girls over power him" Cher told them
from the swim deck. "He has a harem" she finished.
I was going to argue but I was afraid Jai would join in and
make it worse. "Is that so Dave?" Julie asked
from behind us. "Do you really have a harem?"
I turned to look at her smiling face "not so much, I
just hypnotized them to make them think they are in love
with me. Best 49.99 I ever spent" I joked. "Baby
you can hypnotize me anytime!" Julie laughed and
flicked her hand toward me. The people that heard laughed
while I blushed bright red "damnit woman don't
scare the poor boy" Pete laughed. "Yeah they
are swingers" I muttered. Rin stifled a laugh and
laid her head back on my shoulder.

Loud cheers and girl screams drew our attention to the end
of our row. At the end a couple of girls had pulled up their
bikini tops and were flashing the original long line of
boats. A few horns blasted and a few girls and a couple of
funny guys flashed back. It spread like wild fire down the
line of tied up craft and there were tits everywhere, from
tiny to giant, from perky to not so perky, big nipples to
little nipples and so on. Cher stood up on the swim deck and
Jai held her legs as she pulled down her red bikini top to
show off her grapefruit sized breasts.

Julie let out a war whoop and exposed her massive store bought
tits. They had to be at least triple D's and she had huge
round dark areola and tiny nipples. She jumped up and down
and the things barely moved. Pete hit the loud dixie horn
and that brought more cheers and horn honks from everywhere.
Kitty decided she was going to join in as well and pulled
out her impressive C's. Her areola all but vanished
as the breeze made her nipples rock hard. Morgan came up
from the cabin and stood next to Kitty laughing at all the
bare breasts and shouting people. She pulled her black
skull bikini top up over her melon sized tits and pinched
her rosy nipples until they were hard. She raised her hands
high up in the air and let out a loud scream.

Those of us who weren't flashing laughed or shouted
encouragement. Rin let go of me and went to the back of the
boat, she stepped up on the bench seat and joined in on the
flashing fun. Her tall tight body added to the sight of all
the half naked figures of girls around the cove. I moved
behind the steering wheel and hit the red button to honk
our own horn. The cacophony of noises all but drowned out
the music coming from the bar. Camera flashes and cell phone
cameras took every last pic they could hold at Titfest 2006.

Jason moved behind Kitty and picked her up like she weighed
2lbs and put her up on his shoulders. With Jason's 6'5
height and Kitty's 5'10 height sitting on his
shoulders they looked at tall as a Giraffe. More shouts
and "Wuu's" filled the air until finally
everyone started to calm down and cover up. Everyone was
still giggling as they settled back down into seats or pulled
down their tops. "Ahh that was fun" Morgan chuckled
as she landed on the deck of our boat. "I am glad you
had fun" I chuckled back.

"With all these hot bodies around here I am absolutely
drippin" Julie exclaimed. "Oh my God Julie"
Morgan laughed. She feigned innocence and then gave her
a devilish grin and a wink. I felt the sudden urge to put a
shirt on for some reason. We continued on without too much
more excitement with everyone but Jason getting tipsy.
Since he was driving the boat I guess he figured it would
be best not to drink too much. I decided that was probably
a good idea and I slowed down too considering we had an hour
drive home.

Cher and Jai moved over to Pete's boat and with all the
giggling Cher was doing I could tell she was feeling good.
Jai and Pete were chatting with Jason and Kitty while Cher
and Julie seemed to be flirting. "Well I guess your
nuts are safe for now babe" Morgan whispered. "Poor
Cher is going to be torn apart by that woman" I joked.
"Better them than us" Morgan said "No
kidding" Rin chuckled. "I have a feeling this
might get interesting" I warned them. "Well
she does like older people apparently" Rin said with
a head nod. "So do we" Morgan laughed. "Yeah
but he acts younger than us" Rin told her "True"
Morgan agreed. "You know I can hear you guys right?"
I told them dryly.

Rin grabbed my ass and squeezed hard “You love it"
she told me. "I also love that fact that Jai and Cher
just went into the cabin with Julie" I snickered.
The girls whipped their heads around to see where I was looking.
I moved between Morgan and Rin and hopped my way onto Pete's
boat. Like the great white ninja from that Chris Farley
movie I snuck past Jason and Kitty and went down steps to
the cabin. "No really! His dick is so big! Show her
babe!" Cher said excitedly.

I felt someone land behind me and felt hands on my shoulders
as I watched the three people standing by the small wood
table in the middle of the cabin. Julie looked to be absolutely
glowing with excitement and couldn't stop looking
at Jai's crotch. Cher pushed her bikini hidden body
up against her boyfriend "Show her" Cher told
him. "I don't know Cher, Pete might" He
started to say. Julie cut him off "Baby don't
worry about Pete. I get him plenty of sweet things to play
with" She told him with a little wave. There it was,
the girls were absolutely right, Pete and Julie were swingers.

"Here" Cher said and reached her hands down
to Jai's fly. The velcro fly sounded impossibly loud
as she tugged his trunks open. Julie moved a little closer
so that she could eagle eye what Cher had been bragging about.
Cher dug her little hand into Jai's fly and tugged out
his low hung tree branch. Julie brought her hand to her mouth
and opened her eyes wide. Jai's cock looked massive
in Cher's little hand as she jerked it around a little.
"It's huge right!" Cher told her. Julie
nodded with her hand still over her mouth and didn't
say a word.

"Wanna touch it?" Cher asked with a giggle.
She lifted Jai up and stroked him a few times trying to wake
up his trouser demon. Jai put his hands on his hips and let
a smile crease his face. He tilted his head back and looked
up at the ceiling while his girlfriend offered him up. "Can
I?" Julie asked moved her hand away from her mouth.
"Uh Huh" Cher nodded cutely. If Julie was shy
it didn't show one bit, she just reached out and took
Jai in her hand. Her hand travelled over his length and Cher's
hand at the same time. She stepped closer to him and started
to use both hands to caress him. Cher let out a happy noise
as she watched the woman's hands molest her boyfriend.

"Wanna suck it?" Cher asked. Cher's comment
to Kitty about how she liked to be the director of their little
trysts popped back into my head. "Women confuse me"
I thought to myself. Julie didn't say a word; instead
she got down on her knees and pulled Jai into her mouth. "Oh
my God" Rin snickered behind me. I turned to see that
it was her hands on my shoulder. Morgan was behind her with
her arms wrapped around Rin's stomach. They were both
watching as the woman started to suck Jai's dick. I
looked back to see Cher holding the base of Jai's cock
while she smiled down at Julie. All Jai could do was laugh
and watch as the married woman tried her best to deep throat

Cher stroked him a few times into Julie's mouth and
let out a little laugh as she watched. The raucous sounds
of drunk boaters and the tin sounding music from the bar
floated down the open cabin door. The soft sounds of Julie
sucking my friends’ dick could be barely heard over the
noise. Julie seemed lost and completely focused on sucking
Jai's tree snake. "Think she's trying to
make him blow?" Morgan asked with a whisper. "Looks
like it" Rin whispered back. "These people
are fun" Morgan chuckled.

"I bet you want some of that huh" Rin teased as
she squeezed my shoulders. "I'm good"
I turned my head and whispered. The girls giggled behind
me and continued to whisper back and forth about how into
it Julie seemed. "It barely fits in your mouth"
Cher giggled. She squeezed Jai hard and then started to
stroke him again. Julie let out a little moan or a hum and
put her hands on Jai's hips. She seemed to be pulling
him forward into her mouth while her head moved. Cher looked
up at Jai with a smile "Can you cum?" she asked
him. Jai laughed and draped an arm over her shoulder "I
don't know bebette" he told her.

"I think you should" Cher told him with a crinkled
nose smile. "Poor Pete" I whispered back to
the girls. "Yeah" Rin chuckled. Morgan let
Rin go and moved to my left side, she hooked her arm in mine
and let her head rest on my arm. Rin pressed her chest against
my back and rested her chin on my right shoulder and whispered
"I think he's going to". Morgan nodded
against my arm but stayed silent. The minutes crept by with
Julie sucking on Jai's dick while Cher occasionally
stroked him. She was smiling and giggling and seemed to
enjoy every last second of what was happening.

Something tipped Cher off "you gonna cum baby?"
She asked looking up at him. The corner of Jai's mouth
tilted up as if he was trying to smile "Yeah"
he told her. "Julie can he cum in your mouth?"
Cher asked. The brunette nodded as she continued to suck
him deep into her mouth. His body rocked as she seemed to
be pulling him toward her faster. Julie's ass stuck
out a little bit as she seemed to be getting more into it.
The orange sherbet colored bikini stretched tight against
her nice tanned ass. Her knees opened a little wider and
her toes dug into the light carpeted floor of the Sundancer

What sounded like a cough from Julie signaled Jai's
cum being shot into her mouth. He gritted his teeth and pulled
Cher tight against his side as his orgasm took him. Cher
let out a happy open mouthed sigh and stroked him into Julie's
mouth faster. "Cum in her mouth Jai" Cher urged
unnecessarily. "He did it" Rin whispered.
"He actually came in her mouth" I don't
know why she was surprised considering how intent Cher
seemed to be about the whole thing. Julie's ass stuck
out more and her legs flexed as she did her best to swallow
down Jai’s entire offering.

Jai's body shuddered and he pulled back a little as
the he became over sensitive. Cher stroked him a few more
times but Julie didn't seem to want to stop any time
soon. Cher was smiling so wide that it was hard not to see
how over the moon she was about it. Jai couldn't help
but pull back and with a soft pop he pulled himself from Julie's
mouth. "Gaahh that was alotta stuff" Julie
gasped. Cher let out a happy laugh and tugged Jai a few more
times before he pulled away from her. He made quick work
of stuffing himself back in his swim trunks while looking
past us toward the steps. I had no doubt he was wondering
if Pete was going to come after him with a flare gun.

Julie wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and rocked
back on her feet. The loud crack of her knees hit my ears as
she stood herself back up. "Y'all are so fun!
We need to invite you all over for one of our parties!"
Julie exclaimed. Morgan perked up at the word party and
she lifted her head off my shoulder. "You guys have
huge orgies?" She asked. Julie turned around to show
us her flushed face, if she was surprised we were there she
didn't show it. "Not orgies doll, just parties
where couples can connect." She told her. The word
"Connect" flashed a whole other meaning in
my mind’s eye.

"We've been swinging for years and host parties
a couple times a year" She told us. She looked back
at Cher "you two really need to cum!" she told
them. Cher looked even more excited and looked at Jai "we
need to go" she told him. Jai laughed and stepped next
to Cher and pulled her into a one arm hug. "Maybe it
would be fun" He told her. I wasn't really sure
how Jai would feel about sharing his little devil but then
again he was Jai and had a different view of things. "You
all should come" Julie said looking back at me and
then looking us up and down.

I felt like a steak in the grocery store case for a minute
and backed up a little out of reflex. "We might just
have to come check it out" Morgan told her. Ok I am a
hypocrite, I am not about to share Morgan or Rin with any
other guy. I also knew them well enough to know they weren't
going to share me as well. Then again if it was like the movies
and there was nothing but naked writhing bodies that might
be fun to see. Then again I had a sneaking suspicion the images
in my head didn't match the reality of it. Porn can really
ruin a guy you know.

"Jules! What are y'all doin?" Pete asked.
His bare legs appeared as he walked down the steps into the
cabin. "Just havin a little fun with our new friends
Jai and Cher here" She answered him back. Pete's
stubbled face looked happy as can be "Is that so now?"
he asked as he landed on the cabin floor. The three of us stayed
silent waiting to see what happened. Jai's face looked
a little conflicted but he kept quiet as well. "He's
hung like a mule!" Julie laughed and pointed at Jai.
Rin stifled a laugh and Morgan squeezed my arm. I think we
were all waiting for some kind of explosion of drama. "Is
that so?" Pete smiled. "Y'all should come
to our parties" He told us. I felt Morgan relax as it
became obvious there would be no drama.

"She was telling us the same thing" Jai finally
spoke up. Pete walked up behind his wife and pulled her back
to his chest. He pushed his fingers under her bikini top
and squeezed her right tit hard. She let out a little moan
and pushed her ass into his crotch. "Wow" escaped
my lips. "Uh huh" Morgan answered. Cher was
completely unfazed and was smiling like a fool "it
sounds like fun" she said happily.

The couple told us about everything from "Key Parties"
to the mixers at bars all over Houston. "We sometimes
meet at a place called the Howling Coyote" Pete told
us. The name for some reason rung a bell but I couldn't
quite make the connection. They told us there was never
and pressure to get together and it was just a group of like
minded people who like to have a good time and explore their
"Freedoms". Cher's face dropped a little
"We can't go to bars. Only the guys and Rin are
old enough" Cher told them while pointing at the girl
with her chin on my shoulder.

Julie and Pete seemed to be a little taken aback "how
old are y'all?" Julie asked looking a little
nervous. "19" Cher answered her. Julie and
Pete seemed to relax a little and fell back into their easy
going smiles. "Well we can figure something out.
We know a few bouncers and owners" Pete told her. "You
could all come to Splendors! We work there" Cher told
them. "Well hell that sounds like a great idea!"
Pete said while he was still massaging his wife's tit
under her bikini top. "We live in Sugarland on Lake
Olympia so it's not too bad a distance" Julie
told her.

Cher and the couple slipped into a planning session when
we could all be there at one time. She told them about how
much us guys worked and how it had to be during the week or
on the rare occasion like this weekend when we all had time
off. Cher turned into a party planner with Julie while the
rest of us just stood there and listened.

After deciding on a plan and the promises to make it happen
we went above deck. Jason and Kitty laughed as they were
filled in on what had just happened. "You’re a dog
bro" Jason laughed. Jai shook his head and pointed
to Cher "I just stood there. It was all this one"
After another couple of hours of floating fun we said our
goodbyes to the people tied up around our boat. Julie and
Pete waved goodbye to us as we pulled away and then vanished
into their cabin. "They are so going to fuck"
Kitty laughed. The rest of the group agreed.

After loading up the boat and stowing everything away we
jumped in our cars to head home. On the drive up 45 Morgan
and Rin talked about whether or not they wanted to go to one
of the parties. They both agreed that touching anyone else
was absolutely nothing they wanted to do. They also made
it clear that me touching someone else would be hazardous
to my health. It seemed like I was the only one that noticed
the hypocritical way we chose to live. We had completely
assimilated into our threesome way of life. Morgan was
the number one girlfriend and Rin was the one point 5 girlfriend.
They considered each other in a relationship as well. It
was so weird to hear it said out loud.

"I am not sharing either of you" Morgan said
strongly. "I agree!" Rin told her from the back
seat. I just shook my head and laughed under my breath "I
wonder if this will ever seem as normal to me as it does to
them?" I wondered.

To Be Continued............

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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wow, gets better and better


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My next chapter will be the 100th
post in erotic stories. After looking through them today
I was surprised what a long process it has been. I started
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I was hoping to be able to post something big and jam packed
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The Boat and Conroe chapters were put here because later
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Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Thanks for keeping us posted, I know when busy it can be hard
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great stories love reading them. Hope more will coming


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Been wait for the next chapter has been great so far.


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Been wait for the next chapter has been great so far.=


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Hope there will be new installments soon, can't wait
to hear what happens next.


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WE need more chapters. They are great so far


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any idea when we get to read more, been awhile, im so lost
without ur stories


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Can't wait for the next chapters. Thanks for taking
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I am currently writing Brandy now. It's way to big and
I haven't even touched the good stuff yet. The next
chapter may suck hard core. Not the good kind of suck either.
The kind that leaves you wondering what the hell did i just
read. Yah that kinda suck. I am not sure if anyone will read
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Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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I don't know if your still on here but I should love to
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This is the 4th time I've read through your stories
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Excellent as always!!!