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Houston and the Key


Morgan brushed her lips gently back and forth across mine
as she lay on top of me. The backs of her fingers felt like
whispers as she lightly stroked my face. Her eyes closed
as she pressed her lips against the side of my mouth and gave
me a kiss. She crept her kisses ever so slow toward the other
side taking her sweet time. She was in no rush this time,
there was no urgency in her actions only calm. After she
had made her trek from one side to the other she moved up my
left cheek.

The heat of her breath warmed my skin as she made her way up
to my eye forcing me to close it. I felt her lips against my
eye lid and sighed deeply as she kissed me. "I love
you David" She whispered with her lips still against
my eye. I started to speak but her fingers found my lips to
shush me. "I want you to let me love you" She whispered
again. She inhaled deeply and continued to cover my face
with soft sweet kisses.

Morgan found my chin with her lips and surrounded it with
her mouth. She gave me a passionate kiss on my chin before
continuing up my jaw leaving most traces of where she had
just been. She ran her fingers through my hair on the opposite
side she was kissing and sighed happily when she got to my
ear. She took my ear lobe between her teeth and a wave of ticklish
pleasure ran through my body. Her breathing sounded loud
through my head as she nibbled my ear. She playfully darted
her tongue into my inner ear and giggled when I shuddered.

She worked back down my jaw to my chin and then back up the
other side repeating what she had done. Morgan's bare
breast sliding across my chest made her nipples hard. I
could feel them press into me and she let out a small moan
when she tickled herself by sliding them across me. Satisfied
that she had paid enough attention to my face she moved to
my neck. Her lips and tongue made sure to find every available
inch she could reach.

My skin raised into goosebumps as she sucked on my neck and
my body woke up to greet her. She moaned into my neck as she
felt me grow against her stomach. She pushed her stomach
against my so that she could feel it press into her body.
Morgan started to slid her body up and down while pushing
down against me. She used her body to stroke me and in turn
brought me to full size. Her soft skin felt so good on my manhood
forcing more blood into it then was possible.

Morgan moved her body to the side and surrounded my left
leg with hers. I felt her wetness drip to my skin moments
before she pushed her pussy into my leg. "Hmm"
she whimpered as she put pressure on her clit by forcing
it down on my thigh. Slowly she rocked her hips so that without
moving I was able to massage her most sensitive part. "Dave"
she whimpered into my neck. More goosebumps covered my
skin as the vibrations and feeling from her lips sunk into

The top of my thigh became coated with her passion as she
moved her hips faster. Her soft whimpers told me how good
it felt to be on top of me. Morgan withdrew from my neck and
brought her lips back my own. Our mouths opened and our tongues
met, she slowly swirled hers around the tip of mine. She
breathed deeply into my mouth filling my lungs and heating
up my body. She released my leg lifted hers over me so that
she could sit on me.

I felt her soft wetness settle down on the bottom of my shaft
and closed my eyes as she parted her lips with my swollen
member. "haaa" she breathed loudly into my
mouth. She drew her tongue back and sucked the tip of my tongue
between her full lips. She gently sucked it in and out of
her mouth as if she had gone down on me. Her hot pussy coated
me with lust and her body seemed to vibrate as her nerves
were hit with electricity.

Painfully slow Morgan's pussy crept toward the head
of my dick until finally she had reached the top. She pressed
down into my stomach and fed me into her opening with ease.
She teased me by only taking in the head of me and froze in
place. She released my tongue and drove her lips hard onto
mine. In a flurry of breathless passion she explored my
mouth while my own tongue struggled to keep up with hers.
Morgan sucked in a breath and in one fluid motion sunk me
in as deep as I could go. I heard a far away scream that she
held quiet in the back of her throat.

Her tight pussy rippled around my cock as her insides began
to accept my invasion. Morgan continued to kiss me passionately
as her pussy worked me over with massages tight hugs. Her
feet slid over my shins and tucked under my calves to steady
herself. With a great sigh she lifted her hips and slammed
them down again. Again she stifled a scream deep in her throat
and bit down softly on my bottom lip. With slow fluid motions
she began to make love to me.

Her lips stayed locked to mine as her pussy glided up and
down my length. Her whimpers and moans held back as if she
was trying to keep it a secret from the world. Morgan's
pussy betrayed her silence as it shuddered and spasmed
around me. Her stomach tensed and her breath became ragged
but yet she refused to cry out. With the same suddenness
as when she began she stopped her hips. Morgan gave me one
last passionate kiss then crept her pussy up my shaft until
I fell to my stomach with a loud slap.

Her body stirred and her nipples rubbed across my chest
as she got off of me and on her stomach at my side. She brought
her arm up above her head and rested her face against her
bicep. She looked at me with soft green eyes and searched
my face as if looking for something. She pushed her legs
together and lifted her tight ass up into the air telling
me without words what she wanted. I at up and crawled on top
of her pressing my chest against her back.

She bit down on her bicep and brought her hand to the back
of my head. My erection fell between her legs as her ass pushed
against my lower stomach. Carefully and positioned my
self so that I could enter her and drove my lips forward.
She bit down hard on her arm and I could feel her moan vibrate
through her back. Her pussy clamped down tight as I forced
my way deep inside her. She pushed back to meet my forward
motion and together we found her bottom.

I moved my left arm under neck and used my right against the
bed to hold me up. Morgan released her bicep from her teeth
and turned her head. As I drew back her teeth found my forearm
and she lightly bit down. Pain and pleasure coursed through
me as cock sank deep in her pussy and her teeth sank deep into
my arm. As I moved my hips in long fluid strokes she met my
motions by lifting her hips. I kept a steady rhythm as my
cock slid in and out of her tight dripping pussy.

Morgan lost the battle of silence and cried my name before
letting out a loud "nyaaah" I fought with myself
not to start pounding her hard into the bed and was barely
able to keep it slow. Morgan's pussy seemed to be urging
me to take her in anyway that I wanted making it even harder
to keep my composure. Morgan's shoulders tensed and
her back flexed when I drove myself in deep and started to
grind my hips into her.

Her pussy began to quiver with the same violence as her body
and in a rush of sound and wetness she came. Blinding pain
shocked me as she threatened to tear the flesh from my arm
with her teeth. In response I ground deeper against her
ass forcing the head of my cock against her stop. "nyaah
ha ha" she cried into my forearm. I would feel the wetness
of her saliva drip down my skin as she cried out. Morgan's
body shook and her cries became louder the hard I pushed
my hips against her ass.

As her orgasm reached it's peak she pushed her ass hard
against my hips and screamed out at the top of her lungs.
I pulled myself back relishing the feeling of her lips dragging
across my shaft before plunging back in. I continued my
long slow strokes enjoying ever sensation her body was
giving me until the passion overtook me. I felt as if my body
was going to burst and I knew it was only a matter of time before
I came.

Morgan either sensed that I was getting close or she wanted
to look at me. She pushed back hard against me and asked me
to let her turn over. Reluctantly I pulled myself from her
quivering insides and sat back on my heels. Morgan rolled
over to her back and opened her legs showing me her body.
Her breasts rose and fell as she gasped and her tight stomach
showed off it's lines as she pushed her shoulders against
the bed and arched her lower back.

She looked up at me with a wanton look and reached out for
me "come here" she whispered. I let myself fall
to my hands before letting my chest collapse onto hers.
Morgan put her hands on my sides and laid her legs over my
calves. She urged me toward her with her hands and we kissed
until I found her opening again. She pulled and I pushed
and I was inside of her again. She wrapped her hands around
my back and I buried my face into her neck. I moved my hips
and we began to make love and called out to each other in gasps
and moans.

Morgan came again almost immediately and wrapped her legs
around my ass. She pushed against me urging me to speed up
and didn't stop until I complied. I took her shoulder
into my mouth and sped my hips up as I drove myself to my breaking
point. Morgan's pussy gripped me tightly and tried
to coax the cum from my balls. As I moaned deeply into her
shoulder she dug her nails into my back and then I finally
released my seed deep inside her body.

She held me tight and cried out as my body tensed like a rubber
band stretched to tight. I lost my breath and felt my muscles
clench as cum surged through me and into her. Our stomachs
pushed against each other as we tried to catch our breath,
her pussy quivered and my cock throbbed as it seemed I would
never stop cumming. In an orgasm that lasted a life time
we both breathed out our love to one another. The sound of
the words becoming more important the more and more we said

We spent most of Sunday morning and half of Sunday afternoon
making love and reveling in our admissions. I didn't
think it was possible for Morgan to get any more loving and
sweet but as usual she proved me wrong. She spent several
minutes kissing every inch of my body and seemed to enjoy
using her kisses in place of words of thanks and happiness.
She chose to show me through actions instead of just saying
"I'am really happy" she showed how happy
she was physically. I was NOT complaining one bit, do you
have any idea how it feels to be kissed sensually all over
your body for hours? She only stopped when we made love again
and that turned into a whole other kind of kiss.

As we lay catching our breath after another earth shattering
orgasm I decided to ask her something I had been avoiding
to bring up. "so since you are so worried about losing
me to the point of needed to constantly touch me how did we
end up with Angie?" I asked a little gun shy of her reaction.
She let out a little laugh and sighed "God you are going
to think I am crazy out of my mind." she laughed. She
let out a deep sigh "no secrets no secrets" she
told herself.

"Ok soooo since I was there I felt as if I could stop
anything bad from happening. I felt that. I feel that if
I am with you we can go through anything and I won't lose
you. It's just when you are away that I turn all basket
case" Morgan buried her face in her hands and let out
a high pitched soft scream. "You must think your girlfriend
needs a straight jacket" she laughed. I ran my fingers
through her black hair and calmed her fears "I actually
think it's cute that you get that worked about things.
Let me ask you this" I said pushing my luck.

"I call Angie up and meet her to get my dick sucked.
What happens?" I asked

"you die painfully and slowly after I blow up her house"
Morgan answered flatly.

"what happens if Angie's here like last time
and we all end up in that situation?" I asked

"you cum" Morgan whispered. "what the
hell!" I laughed.

Morgan looked up at me "Listen you may not realize
this but I think I am bi because I fucking loved doing that
with Angie. It really turned me on. You were probably like
oh yay I get to have my girlfriend and another girl at the
same time lucky me" she said trying to imitate my voice.
She held up her finger and pointed me "but what you
fail to realize is that while you are thinking that I am thinking
oh yum I get my man and a sexy girl best of both worlds. get
it?" She asked looked up at me through her hair.

"That makes no sense" I laughed. Morgan smiled
shyly "well it doesn't have to then you dick.
Just know doing things with me, good. Doing things without
me, death!" We both laughed at her fucked up logic.
"I swear on my life I will never touch another girl
unless it's what you want and you are part of it"
My internal voice was giggling like a school girl at this

"you are such a lucky fucker" she said shaking
her head into my stomach "aaaah maybe I am crazy"
she laughed. "and I believe you. My heart knows you
are telling me the truth about all of it." she said
quietly and launched another barrage of soft wet kisses
across my mid section. I was tempted to ask who's body
I came in while I was blacking out but I didn't want to
push my luck after the amazing morning we just had. It felt
weird to tell someone that "I loved them" and
actually mean it fully. "New career, New house, New
love? When the hell did this happen" I thought to myself.

"MORGAN!!!!" Kitty yelled from the living
room below us. "MMMMMMMMN" Morgan yelled back
from my arms. "Take the dick out of your mouth and get
down here!" Kitty yelled. "and put on pants
we're going to have company!" she yelled. I could
hear laughs from the others in reference to Morgan's
seemingly intense hatred of anything pant like being on
her when she gets home. "home?" I thought to
myself. That was weird. Huh.

Morgan groaned and got up out of bed. I watched her unfurl
her 5'7 frame like a silk sail on a yacht. Her body's
lines flexed and twisted as her stretched her body out with
arms high about her head. She pushed out her flat stomach
arching her lower back and pushing her tight ass out. "I
want to do it again. I want to do it right now" I said
in a dull voice. Morgan's hands dropped to her sides
and she laughed. "Later" she said smacking
my feet. "come on get dressed and lets go see what's

Morgan wandered into the walk in closet that was all but
bare after we had packed up most of my room. She pulled my
red basket ball shorts that I used to work out in and a pair
of my boxer briefs. She stepped into my light blue Calvin
Klein's and rolled them up at the waist until the crotched
stretched tight against her pussy. She pulled the basket
ball shorts up her long legs and yanked the draw string out
as far as she could in front of her to tighten the waist. After
making a bow and scratching her stomach she bent over and
snatched her white lace bra from the floor.

After putting it on she dug her tiny black tuxedo half shirt
out of a box and put it on. It got really funny when she grabbed
my red Nebraska hat and put it on backwards. She pulled on
the long side of her hair and let it cover her left eye. She
twisted the hat so the bill was off to the side instead of
straight back and adjusted her bangs again. "Nice
outfit" I laughed. She looked down at herself blankly
as if she wondered what was wrong with it.

"lezzzz go boy toy. Hurry up and put something on"
She threw a pair of underwear, my khaki shorts and a bright
blue classic StarWars tee shirt at me. "Hurry hurry
maybe it's the pizza guy" she said licking her
lips and rubbing her stomach. She looked down and adjusted
her new onyx belly button ring and sighed. "Clothes.
bleck". Her quirkiness was getting cuter by the day.

After we were dressed we joined the group in the kitchen
and found that Jason and Jai were leaned up against the kitchen
table we had yet to take down. Kitty captured my arm and she
led me over to where my friends were standing. "Okay
stay right here" she said looking extremely excited.

"That is a really cute look Morgan" Cher laughed.
Morgan gave her a lazy curtsy as a thank you. "Ok Ok.
you guys have been working really hard to make this house
happen. Jai with his promotion and Dave taking a new job
just to make it happen, Jason with the up front money. We
wanted to tell you how proud we are of you" Kitty opened
her hands to encompass the smiling Cher and Morgan who had
her arms crossed under her breasts looking sad there was
no pizza involved in this.

"So we as your better halves wanted to show you our
appreciation." Kitty said looking more excited
by the minute. "we are doing this now?" Morgan
asked with a curious raised eyebrow. "Yes Morgan
we are doing this now" Kitty said looked mildly annoyed
to be questioned during her speech. Morgan smacked her
lips in response and turned toward us with a blazing look
that could've scared small children.

"Okay" Kitty's twang brutalized. "We
all tried to decided what gifts to give you guys for a house
warming present. In the end we decided to just chip in and
get you guys something you all would like" Kitty said
clearly enjoying herself and drawing out the reveal. She
looked back to Cher then to the still staring Morgan. "soooo"
Kitty said leaning forward and smiling.

"Jesus Kit! just tell em already!" Morgan laughed.
Kitty clucked her tongue and rolled her eyes but remained
unperturbed "WE BOUGHT YOU A POOL TABLE" she
said holding her arms out wide. The three of us dropped our
jaws in unison "you what?" Jai coughed into
his hand. " We bought you a pool table and it will be
here any minute! Surprise!" she bent her knees and
jumped a little looking like she had just won the Miss America

"Kit you airhead" Morgan laughed "it
gets delivered to the new house next Sunday!" The
extremely happy looking blonde's face dropped like
a penny off the Empire State Building. Yup long slow fall.
She stood up straight and her face changed to one of slight
embarrassment "oh" she put her thumb and pointer
fingers together from each hand and twisted them together.
"oops" Regardless of the fact that it was a week
early we were all shocked beyond belief. "Well surprise"
she said again sporting an embarrassed smile.

"wow you guys you shouldn't have spent that much
money on us" I said. Still trying to wrap my head around
it. Even a cheap pool table was probably over 500 bucks.
"oh don't worry you will spend that on us times
ten as time goes on" Morgan said almost as if she was
giving us an order. She threw us a cheese ball smile and put
her hands behind her butt "he he" she said. Whenever
she "he he'd" you knew it was diabolical.

"I don't know what to say! I can say from all of
us thank you very much but still you shouldn't have
spent so much on us" It was Cher's turn to smile
"so we can use the pool and hot tub now right?"
We all got a big laugh out of that and everyone hugged their
thank you's. "I can't believe I took it out
of my mouth for this" Morgan joked looking very pleased
how astonished I was. "Shut up you slut you two are
always having sex" Kitty said from Jason's arms.

"Says legs wide open" Morgan attacked from
my arms.

"whatever exhibitionist." Kitty countered.

"bottle blonde" Morgan snapped back. Kitty's
mouth dropped open in a loud gasp. "you know my hair
is white and has been since I was a baby" Her face screwed
up as she thought of something to fire back with.

"codependant bitch" She spat out. Morgan pressed
her face tight against my chest and squeezed me tight as
if agreeing with Kitty on that one.

"your trailer is showing redneck" Morgan said
in a smooth clear voice.

"what's happening?" Jai asked backing
him and Cher away just incase Jason and I got caught in the
middle of a cat fight. "I think they flirt with each
other like this. They are only kidding. Don't worry"
Cher said waving her hand as if blowing it off.

"goth loser" Kitty said. Which I thought was
a little weak.

"amazon Barbie wannabe" Morgan said with a
huge smile on her face. Both her and Kitty laughed at their
little exchange and it seemed as if they both just enjoyed
heckling each other for no reason.

She turned her face into my chest and brushed it back and
forth like she was trying to scratch her nose. She let out
a breath and looked at her friend "I said it back"
She told Kitty softly.

"What did he say?!" asked a suddenly very excited

"He said it again so he meant it after all" She
told her wistfully.

"ok what the hell is going on?" Jason said looking
as confused as I felt. Kitty jumped up and down in Jason's
arms looking even more excited than with the pool table
reveal. Kitty looked up at Jason and pouted "you should
take a lesson from your friend over there" She gave
Jason a punch to the chest. "ok no really what the hell
is going on!" Jason said looking around at all us for

"Don't you remember?" Kitty asked with
a look of disbelief "On New Years when Morgan came
busting in while we were in the room with Tanya?" He
slowly shook his head as he tried hard to remember. "Well
I guess that solves the mystery of where she ran off after
I told her" I thought to myself. Kitty brushed it off
"She came it and told me Dave told her he loved her?
We stopped what we were doing and Morgan and I talked for
a second while you were messing around with Tanya?"
Kitty said see that she was getting no recall from Jason's
brain no matter what words she used. She waved him off and
turned back toward Morgan and I. "Told you he meant

Jason's head jerked toward me and Jai stepped toward
us. "holy fuck" Jai said serious as a heart attack.
"Same as before?" Jason asked slowly wondering
how serious this whole thing might be. Morgan pulled her
head up and looked at me. All three girls looked at us confused.

"yeah I think so" I told them slowly. They both
knew how much I loved Jacie and that she was the only girl
in my life I had ever truly loved. No one had even come close
since then. So they were secretly asking if it was truly
serious and how serious it was. Same as before means actually
being in love and not just saying it back so as not to get my
head chopped off.

Jason was so surprised he let go of Kitty. Jai let out a whistle
and Morgan looked at all three of us in turn. She pushed against
me rocking my body. "what?" she asked. I shook
my head and smiled. "It's a good thing trust me"
She turned her head and looked at me sideways. "Okay"
she said drawn out. "what? Kitty asked. "let
this one go babe" Jason said quietly.

Morgan gave me a suspicious look and I saw the worry in her
green eyes. Her voice from earlier repeating "no
secrets no secrets" went through my head and I decided
if she was going to be brave so was I. So I rose my voice over
the other people in the room and told her what we meant.

"Holy fuck" Jason said this time after my explanation.

"So I am saying it's that real" I said gulping
down the words. Morgan's eyes sparkled and then the
tears fell and the sobs came. I pulled her into my chest and
she folded her arms between us. "wooooow" Kitty
said. Cher started to sniffle and Jai pulled her close with
a laugh. I had not been that scared of words in a long time
and it just made me more nervous after I said it. Morgan gave
a big sniff and pulled away from me. "now I won't
ever be able to stop touching you" she cried and laughed
at the same time and punched me weakly in the chest.

"God you have turned me into an emotional wreck Dave"
she said into to my shirt. "Y'all suck"
Kitty said with a sniffle and blotting her eyes with Jason's
shirt. I didn't realize this would be such a big deal
"I really don't understand women at all do I?
I thought. After all the boohooing and the girl hugging
after things got back to normal. Kinda.

"Geez it's not like he asked her to marry him or
anything. Why is this so big?" Jason asked. The air
became cold, the lights dimmed, fog rolled from our mouths
and we silently exhaled. Three Banshee's with murderous
stares tore through Jason's body like bullets through
wet paper. Under their withering glare Jason shrunk from
6'5 to well below knee level. "I guess if you had
a heart and actually HAD strong feelings for your girlfriend
you would understand" Kitty said with a razor sharp

"I would hope that you would understand how special
this is Jason. I also can guess I won't be hearing those
words anytime soon regardless of how much I want to"
Her implications were not missed.

Jason now knew that Kitty was gunning for his soul and one
thing my friend does better then anyone of us is avoid the
L word. Even if he felt it he rarely said it and now it was just
out there floating like a pig with wings. You couldn't
help but stare at it and wait for it to do something exciting.

As the day ground down to the move date things got weird around
my house. Kitty's unspoken words were deafening and
Jason walked around on egg shells. It also didn't help
that Morgan pretty much danced around the condo like a ballerina
on the Russian ballet. I caught Jai and Cher whispering
on the couch one night when I got home. They hushed up when
I walked by but I am pretty sure I heard the word "ultimatum".

After an extremely aggressive sexual session with Morgan
she "apologized" for being so emotional lately
and tried to blame in on the phases of the moon. That kept
us laughing for a while as we listened to a tiny little argument
between Jason and Kitty that carried through the entire
condo. "I feel bad for him." I sighed.

"I love Kit like my sister, we have known each other
since second grade. Since we love each other so much that
is how we can get so mad at each other. That is probably kinda
what is happening to them." Morgan said in her "I'm
falling asleep" voice. "She's madly in
love with him" she sighed and fell asleep. "oh
this is going to be a nightmare" I thought to myself.

The next day Jason called an emergency meeting, which pretty
much translates into a drinking lunch at Bourbon Street.
As we sat around destroying the Cajun food Jason said some
words that floored me. "I think I need to ask Kit to
move in with me" He said looking desperate. Jai choked
on his Boudin ball and I had to nail him on the back to help
dislodge it. "I think you guys need to take one for
the team and ask Cher and Morgan to move in as well"

I had to blink at him several times to make sure I wasn't
in a dream and we weren't being fooled by a clone. "Dude
the only reason you moved in with that Emily chick from my
work was because you thought she got pregnant and even then
you moved into her house but kept your apartment!"
I almost shouted. Jason leaned over the table "hasn't
it been fun these last couple of weeks? I mean it's been
great right? So what would be the difference? And our house
has plenty of room" It's always sad when the begging

"And think about it man! How many times do you think
we will be able to recreate New Years! And we have a pool so
stripper pool parties" He said as if he just dropped
the bomb of all bombs on us. Jai turned toward me "and
this kids is what we call the bargaining stage of desperation"
I nodded in agreement "so sad how far they fall"

Jason kept on us over the entire lunch trying to highlight
all the possibilities. He used sexual debauchery on Jai
and tried romance with me. "It's like he doesn't
know us at all!" Jai said after the pitch. "Right!
I am the sexual deviant and Jai is the romantic. Dude where
have you been all these years?" We let Jason dangle
on the hook for a while before we got serious about it.

"I mean do we really want to do this? This is a huge commitment
and a whole lot hell different then the last two weeks"
I asked looking at my friends. "we all just got together
and it's a little soon" Jason shook his head "do
you plan on ending things with Morgan anytime soon?"
I sat back and mulled his words over. I mean Morgan and I haven't
even fought yet because we always seemed to be going in the
same direction. I wasn't stupid enough to believe
we wouldn't get into some nasty fights as some point.
I mean that is normal but I had to admit I didn't see anything
short of breaking the trust that could break us up at the
moment. Plus why cheat when you can do the sexy stuff as a

"no I don't"

"So really Jai we know you well what's up with
you and Cher?" Jason asked. We knew that Jai was more
the 31 flavor type then sticking to one. He usually had multiple
girlfriends and was good enough to pull it off when them
all knowing about it. Yeah he was that smooth. Jai leaned
back and stuck a tooth pick in his mouth. "I am afraid
this one actually got me good. I am not sure how she feels
about it but I wouldn't be suffering if she moved in."
He said.

My heart rose in my throat as it came down to me then. We all
had to agree on something or we didn't do it. The only
problem was whenever someone moved in with me things usually
crashed and burned in a bad way. "I guess I have some
of my own irrational fears after all" I thought.

"Damnit" I breathed. Jason's face brightened
and he knew he had got me. "wait before you roll out
the red carpet I know that you are only doing this so she will
stop bothering you about the Love thing. What happens when
she leaves your ass but Jai and I still are with her friends?"
Jai leaned forward in anticipation of Jason's answer.
Jason slumped back in his chair and looked absolutely crushed.

"Just because I haven't doesn't mean I don't
damnit" He muttered. This time it was my turn to say
"Holy Fuck!" Jai laughed out loud and said "I
blame all this on me. We just had to go to the damn strip club"
We all agreed to kill him if things got ugly and with that
we sealed the deal. "they may say no" I reminded
them. Jason just shrugged.

"oh dude what are you doing for your birthday?"
Jason asked. I was confused for a second before I realized
my birthday was the next day on the 31st. "Oh shit!
I am a dead man! I never told Morgan when my birthday is. "do
you know when her birthday is?" Jai asked. "July"
I fired back. "oh yeah you dead" He said biting
down on the tooth pick.

"alright emergency plan A" Jai said. He pulled
us closer and laid out his plan to make sure I lived to see
27 the next day. As much as I hated to pull one over on Morgan
I hated the thought of dying or never getting to touch her
again and then dying even more. We all went back to work and
carried about our day as the plan was set in motion. Each
one of us had a little roll to play and they were are an integral
part of making it successful.

I had planned to do extra routes Monday and Tuesday so that
I could have after 10am on Wednesday off for the move. That
meant I needed to do a little extra today so I could get off
a little early Tuesday. I don't think I have worked
so fast or talked so many people into buying bottles they
didn't need so fast. My boss was tickled pink as I submitted
my orders but I was focused on other things.

As Morgan lay on my chest drifting off to sleep I asked "Hey
can you take Tuesday and Wednesday off? Would that be possible?"
Morgan nodded but stayed silent. "Great thanks baby"
I said relieved. Morgan muttered what sounded like "I
love you" and then was out. That night I had a nightmare
of a giant tattoo trying to kick my ass.

I woke up on my birthday and was astonished to find that Morgan
wasn't laying on me. I had a sudden fear that the jig
was up and she was out buying a chain saw and some lawn bags
for the parts. Instead I found her down stairs looking like
the girl from the old WWII poster "WE Can Do It"
read bandana on her head and blue button up shirt with sleeves
rolled up to her elbows. She wore jean shorts that rode high
on her hips and stomach. She looked like a true pin up girl
that morning to be sure. When she saw me she pulled me close
and kissed me passionately.

When we broke free she apologized "Sorry I wasn't
there when you woke up but we wanted to do as much as we could
so tonight you guys could just relax!" she said happily.
Kitty came around the corner carrying loose odds and ends
to fill up the extra boxes they got that morning. "damn
this guilt" I thought to myself. Cher came through
the back door holding bags of Chick Filet and Mcdonalds.
"Ok I got Jason's baked chicken sandwich and
I got bacon egg bagels for Dave and Jai" She said not
looking up.

I looked at Morgan who flashed a guilty smile and shrugged.
"We kinda packed the food already"

The girls fluttered around us that morning before shooing
us out the door. Since it was liquor order day Jai had to leave
as well and I dropped him off on my way to my first bar. All
through the day I went through my mind what I was going to
say and how I was going to do it. I went through speech after
speech in my head before throwing them out because they
were stupid. As the deadline to meet Jai closed in it was
time for step one. The fact that the girls had packed the
food actually made this part the easiest.

I called up Morgan "Hey Morgan we want to take you guys
out for all the things you have done for us. So we are taking
you guys out to a nice steakhouse at 7." she breathed
a sigh into the phone. "I think we packed all the bath
stuff by accident but we will be ready" she said. I
hung up the phone laughing and went forward with the plan.

When I got home I found the condo in a flurry of motion. The
girls ran around trying to find things in the mess of boxes
and plastic wrapped furniture. "HI babe" Morgan
said as she hobbled by with just her bra and panties on and
one high heel. I just watched and didn't want to guess.
Jason come out of the back room still wearing his dress clothes
from work. Since we had to be business professional Jason
and I were pretty much ready to go. Thankfully we didn't
have to wear ties, Morgan was still snickering every time
I wore a suit.

An odd rhythm of clacking told me that Morgan was coming
back. This time she had on a black strapless bra and sexy
black lacy panties. She awkwardly clacked up to me still
on one high heel and gave me another quick kiss. "be
right back" she sang and vanished down the hallway
to Jason's room. "what's in your room?"
I asked. "3 giant suitcases and a whole lotta boxes"
he said. "They even took down the bed already."
he laughed. I decided to wait until after dinner to check
on my room.

"wow" Jason said as Kitty came around the corner
in a strapless knee length white flowing dress. The tight
top held her big breasts in better then I imagined. A simple
red sash was tied around her waist in a bow at her side. The
tails hung down a little past her hip and looked to be made
of sheer material. The sash matched her bright red high
heels, her shoes looked just to be the bottoms but had black
ribbon that crisscrossed over her foot and wrapped around
her ankles. She had on a red beaded neckless and matching
bracelet and earrings. She did her make up light and styled
her pixie cut white hair a little messy. She looked to be
right out of the pages of Vogue with her simple elegant beauty.

"You look gorgeous Kit" Jason said. Kitty blushed
and looked extremely happy with the compliment. She seemed
to glide into Jason's arms and they looked like they
belonged in a picture frame. Cher came out next dressed
in a skin tight black cocktail dress. She had gold accessories
and had her hair in an up do. She looked like a cross between
an art gallery visitor and a swanky bar attendee in Soho.
She had on the same shoes as Kitty but they were all black.
She looked beautiful as well and was sure make Jai proud
to have her on his arm.

When Morgan came out I thought that her dress was perfect
for her. The black dress looked like it came out of the Sears
catalog from 1942 and fit my idea of a pin up girl. The black
dress had two broad straps of fabric that covered her shoulders
like sleeves and had a square like neckline instead of a
V. Morgans breasts seemed to billow over the heart shaped
front. The low front of her classic dress was trimmed with
a white border. The white strips were also around the end
of the sleeves and ran in a line down each side of her breasts
to just about midwaist. Two white shoe looking laces crisscrossed
across her chest one over the other.

The dress was form fitting until it hit her mid thigh then
loosed up a little. Three more white stripes were spaced
out at the hem of her dress that stopped right at the knee.
Morgan's shoes were shiny black and had white piping
around where her foot went in and across the middle of the
closed toe. Two more white laces gave the illusion the shiny
black high heels could be tied. The dress kind of reminded
me of the movie Pearl Harbor and how the people dressed.

Morgan had the long part of her black hair pulled up and tucked
under a white and black polka dot sheer scarf. It gave the
illusion that her hair was all the same length while giving
her that pin up swoop in the front of her hair. She wore subtle
make up but had bright red lipstick on her full lips. I also
noticed she had taken the hoop out of her nose and put back
in the tiny stainless ball.

"well what do you think?" she said and spun in
a circle making the bottom of her dress flair out ever so
slightly around her knees. "I think you look like
you just came from the 40's and you look absolutely
gorgeous. Morgan's bright red lips parted to show
her brilliant white smile and she seemed very pleased at
my reaction. "did you know that we have been going
out for a month and about 10 days and this is actually our
first real date?" she said looking surprised herself.
"well then I suppose we better make it one to remember"
I said feeling my heart thump.

"Jai is going to take a cab and meet us at Primetime
Steak house" Cher said closing her phone and looking
disappointed that she wouldn't be escorted. I held
my arm out and offered it to my beautiful pin up "may
I?" I asked. "Yes you may" she answered
back overly formal.We walked out to my freshly washed SUV
and I opened the front door for Morgan. She turned around
and looked confused "isn't Jason going with
us?" She asked looking confused. "Nope he and
Kitty are taking his car. It's you me and Cher"
I told her. She took my hand and let me help her up into the
front seat. I closed the door and then opened the back and
help in Cher. "thank you good sir" she said seemingly
happy to be treated like a lady. "twas my honor"
I smiled and bowed.

We drove down FM1960 toward Primetime and chatted about
the move and what had to be done yet to clean out our condo.
The small talk did nothing to ease what was going to happen
tonight. "what am I thinking letting Jason talk me
into doing something as huge as living with a girl this fast?
Better yet how did he talk me into it so easily" I wondered.

I walked in through the front doors escorting two beauties,
one Latin and the other a throw back from the past. We received
a pleasant smile from the aging hostess in all black, I gave
her my name and reservation time. "Ah yes one of your
party is already here" she said. That meant Jai got
here on time after all, he had some shopping to do as well
as pick up the "package"

Cher put her hand to her chest when she saw her boyfriend
stand up in a black tailored suit with hiw white button up
shirt open slightly. He gave her his roguish Han Solo grin
and stepped forward to take Cher's hand and kiss her
gently on the cheek. He turned and pulled out a chair for
her. After he scooted her in and after moved around me and
held out Morgan's chair "It's a French custom
the first one that arrives seats the beautiful ladies"
Jai said with his accent in full affect. She smiled and allowed
him to pull out her chair. "French custom? Jai that
was clever" I thought to myself at Jai's quick

With the enviable skill of a pick pocket Jai and I clasped
hands and did the shoulder thing. Unbeknownst to the two
girls at the table he also took that opportunity to slip
a red bracelet box into my jacket pocket. Cher's eyes
watched her suddenly dashing boyfriend as he took his seat
and put his white cloth napkin on his lap. She was still smiling
when Jason and Kitty came through the door, Jason gave a
quick nod to tell me he had taken care of the other thing"

Jai keeping up the ruse helped Kitty into her chair as well
before retaking his seat. The six of chatted and thanks
to our server not paying close attention we were able to
order a bottle of wine for our minor girlfriends. We continued
to politely chat about the new house through our appetizers.
"That is a pretty watch Dave" Cher said looking
at my black faced Tag Heuer Aquaracer. "thanks, Morgan
found it while packing up. I thought I had lost it ."

"you still have that thing?" Jason asked tilting
his head to look at it. "yessir it's too nice to
just let it go" I said letting the loose fitting watch
twist on my wrist like a bracelet. "why how much was
it?" Cher asked "five thousand" I told
her. "Morgan chocked on her wine and looked pale.
"dollars?" she asked shocked. "yeah
I told you I used to have a career" I laughed.

As we ordered our main courses the girls seemed enthralled
as our usual immaturity was replaced by a little bit of sophistication.
They were really surprised to hear Jai order more wine in
fluent French from the sommelier. "you speak French?"
Kitty gasped. "you don't?" Jai asked looking
innocent. After Jai tasted and accepted the wine Jai held
up his glass "A toast to our birthday boy" he
said. "Here goes nothing" I thought. The girls
looked around at Jason and I confused and wondering what
Jai was talking about. Jason picked up his glass "A
toast to the birthday boy".

Morgan's head turned to me and she looked absolutely
devastated. I held my hand up to stop her complaints "I
didn't tell you because I wanted to do something different
this year. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish in the
face of the unhappy news that she didn't know it was
my birthday. "Is it there?" I asked Jason. He
nodded to the confusion of Kitty "I made the call on
the way" He said. Kitty's sapphire colored eyes
squinted as she must have been replaying the phone conversation
she overheard in her head.

"Morgan" I said making sure her attention was
focused. "Since we have met you have pampered me,
you have supported me and you have always put me first. Well
except those two mornings I got out of bed without you"
I added for laughs. "So I wanted to do something nice
as thank you." she still looked hurt that I had kept
my birthday from her. I figured she would be more hurt if
she knew I had actually forgotten about my birthday.

"So I have a gift for you and I really hope you like it"
I held up my hand to forestall her protests while I fished
out the red box Jai had slipped in my pocket. "It's
nothing big but I wanted you to have this and I wanted you
to know how much I love you and appreciate all the things
you do for me" I said throwing all my practiced speeches
out the window. Morgan looked down and the elongated box
which we had chosen so she wouldn't think it was "THE

"It's not much but with the help of the guys I was
able to get it for you" I said silently giving Jai the
credit for coming up with the plan and Jason for talking
with our landlord and making it happen a day early. Morgan
silently took the box looking dejected still she didn't
have a present for me. She slowly cracked open the box as
Kitty and Cher lifted up in their seats to see what it was.

A cartoonish looking pink deformed skull with a red and
white polka dot bow keychain lay in the box with a silver
square key. Morgan pulled it out confused and looked at
it with searching eyes. "the key to your heart?"
Kitty asked from across the table. I stayed silent as I watched
Morgan work it out in her mind. When it hit her she sat up board
straight and looked at me with saucer like eyes. "is
this" she asked weakly. "it is" I answered
her back hoping that there was no betray of nervousness
in my voice.

She brought her shaking hand to her open mouth while she
held up the silver key gently twisting on the keychain.
Morgan turned to Jason and he nodded smiling then to Jai
who also nodded "Well cher don't leave the man
waiting" Jai said. With his words came gasps recognition
from Kitty and Cher. Morgan's hands were trembling
even more and she lunged forward and trapped my neck in her
arms. "I am afraid this isn't real and I am afraid
if I say yes I will wake up" she said in a shaky voice.

"OW!" Kitty yelped. "Why did you pinch
me?" she whined. "so she knew it wasn't
a dream" Jason laughed. I felt Morgan laugh against
me and the rest of the table joined in. "you jack ass
you are supposed to pinch her" Kitty laughed. "my
fault" Jason told her. Morgan's body shivered
once as if she was freezing before she leaned back into her
chair. "Please tell me this is real" she said
on the verge of breaking down into tears. "Morgan
will you move in with me?" I asked cementing it home.

She fought with all of her might to hold the tears back when
she said "yes" She held the key in both hands
and pressed it against her chest protecting it as if someone
would come and take it away from her. "Can we go outside
please. I don't want to break down in here ok"
she asked nodding at me. I got up off my chair and held out
my hand and together we briskly walked out to the parking
lot. We walked down the sidewalk away from the front door
as the cold of the night clawed at our skin.

Morgan turned toward me and tears poured from her eyes.
"I love you so much" she sobbed and fell into
me. With her high heels on she was actually and inch taller
than me so her head rested on my shoulder while she fought
against her sobs. Her hands constantly raked the hair on
the back of her head. "I'm so happy" she
sobbed. "I love you so so much David" She squeezed
me tight and let herself cry.

We stayed like that for easily 10 minutes with her constantly
telling me she loved me. I held her close and felt the fear
and the nervousness bleed away as she made me feel her words.
When Morgan got herself back under control she took my face
in her hands "I am glad I didn't wear much make
up" she laughed through the last of her tears. "Happy

She pulled my lips to hers and we fell into a slow loving kiss.
I felt her leg come of the ground and bend at the knee "well
that fits her look perfectly" I remember thinking.
As we dove deeper into the kiss the world around us seemed
to vanish and then it was only us.

To Be Continued.....

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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great as always, keep them coming, i am very intrigued like
watching a episode on tv and u have to wait a week to see the
next episode. I envy you, not the being with all those women,
but for being with morgan, every man wishes he could find
that special person.


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Damn where are guys like you while I've been dating?
Your stories are amazing!

Ms. Sassy


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quote rm_jbadam01:
great as always, keep them coming, i am very intrigued like watching a episode on tv and u have to wait a week to see the next episode. I envy you, not the being with all those women, but for being with morgan, every man wishes he could find that special person.
Please don't envy me lol.


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quote sassysweetbbw96:
Damn where are guys like you while I've been dating? Your stories are amazing!
LOL, I am glad you enjoy them.


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quote sassysweetbbw96:
Damn where are guys like you while I've been dating? Your stories are amazing!
K real quick. I got an email about this part of the story and
in was in regards to how I write. If you look back at my stories
you will see that I change my writing style a lot. The reason
for that is this; I try to write it with the same emotion I
was feeling at the time. If I am all lovey dovey I try to convey
that with how I describe things and how I say things. It's
like letting you see it from my emotional point of view not
just my eyes.

Other times if I am angry, or if I could care less about the
person at the time I write it that way. So with this ending
how I made it seem like the credits were about to roll on a
romantic comedy. I felt that way so I used those types of
imagery and words so you could feel it with me. Or at least
get an idea of my state of mind at the time.

As I keep posting them you will see my style change to fit
the mood of the times. I might sound like a dick and cold and
callous and it will be a contradiction to something like
this moment. If that makes any sense. Sooo to the nice lady
that sent me that email. I change the style and ways I describe
something to fit the mood I or others are in. So in that one
you brought up from a while back, I was a douche bag lol. Hope
that helped.


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hey u dont have to defend your writing style, i think it puts
emphasis on certain parts, it makes the story come to life.
And I wish i could find my morgan is why im envious


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quote rm_jbadam01:
hey u dont have to defend your writing style, i think it puts emphasis on certain parts, it makes the story come to life. And I wish i could find my morgan is why im envious
Morgan is a special girl to be sure. I will also say this,
there are girls just like her that I have met in my life. They
all just come in a different packages. To find the right
one just be open and honest upfront and don't hide anything.
Some may run screaming but the one that stays very well could
be what you are looking for.

Just my opinion..