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Houston and the House Guest


I gave one last fleeting look back at the glowing bright
pink hello kitty thing that used to be my bed. "stop
looking at it, you will be fine" Morgan said. I felt
her tug my hand as she pulled me out of the bedroom toward
civilization and food. I turned my head and my eyes met Morgan's
firm ass covered by the tight grey stretchy yoga pants she
had bought. That helped ease the pain a little. Add that
to the amazing sex we had had the day before and I suppose
hot pink sheets weren't so bad. Sniffle

She bought a basic white sweatshirt with a fuzzy inside
and cut it up the first chance she got into something that
looked like it belonged in the 80's. She cut the neck
into a big oval, chopped the sleeves off so that just barely
covered her arms, and cut it in half at a slant. She made sure
that if she raised her arms up high in the air her tits wouldn't
show out the bottom and sighed happily. She reminded me
of a work out video or 80's rock video staring Olivia
Newton John. "Gotta get physical gotta get physical!"

"Morning!" Morgan sang as we walked into the
kitchen to find Jai and Cher sipping coffee. "Morning"
Cher sang back. Morgan drug me to the fridge with her and
put my hand around her bare stomach while she opened the
black fridge door. She stood there nibbling her bottom
lip with one foot on top of the other swaying her bent knee
back and forth like a divining rod. You may not believe this
but I swear it's true. Women are psychic. They know
when a friend has new clothes within seconds of being near

"Are those new?" Kitty asked as she padded barefoot
across the cold linoleum tiled floor. "yup we went
shopping yesterday" Morgan told her before going
back to nibbling her lip and searching for the great beyond
in the fridge. "what else did you buy? Kitty asked
curiously. "whole bunch of stuff" Morgan answered
back. I just stood there with my arm around her waist feeling
the cold air from the fridge hit my bare chest. See Cher was
safe, she was so short that not many of her clothes would
work for Morgan let alone the 5'10 Kitty. Morgan's
clothes would work for Kitty if there were any that fit Kitty's
more modern sexy style.

Also the 4th bedroom that turned into one giant girl closet
with it's high stacks of white and clear plastic tubs,
it's racks of clothing and piles of dresses that didn't
fit on the racks was perfectly cataloged in Kitty's
brain. So she instantly knew the yoga pants were new as well
as the butchered white sweatshirt. What other wonders
must Morgan be hiding in our walk in closet?

"So you just bought clothes?" Kitty asked working
some angle "shoes, clothes for Dave that I can wear,
clothes for me, stuff for the bedroom, new sheets"
Morgan said selecting some strawberry yogurt and fresh
blueberries for herself. "bacon and eggs?"
she asked without looking back at me. "yessum"
I answered happily. Morgan grocery shopped the fridge
pulling out everything she would need to make our breakfast
and set them on the counter. Morgan lifted the back of my
hand to her lips and sucked on it before telling me to sit
down while she cooked.

I had no sooner landed my khaki shorts covered ass on the
white and blonde wood chair when "So is it cute stuff?
And what theme are you going to do in your room?" Kitty
asked slowly over Morgan's shoulder. "Just
go look Kit" Morgan laughed. Jai and I laughed as Kitty
actually tore out of the kitchen to search through our room.
We had finished our breakfast before Kitty came back looking
defeated and pouty. Morgan had found a lot of retro cheap
artwork and nicknacks that reminded me of on old all wood
personal library in a black and white movie. She had a great
sense of style minus the Hello Kitty stuff or whatever it
was. I can't be sure it was Hello Kitty brand but it was
something with a deformed cat on it so that is what I am calling
it. Moving on.

Morgan's leg was over mine and her head was against
my shoulder comfortably happy when Kitty pressed. "so
we should go shopping today! I mean I have some things I want
to get for the room and I need some new clothes." (Enter
flashback of the horror I felt as I walked into the 4th bedroom
and found myself in a clothing warehouse filled with all
manner of things to wear. I might have shuddered, I don't

"I am all shopped out, take Cher" Morgan said
against my arm with a wry smile on her lips. I could only imagine
she was thinking about the dressing room.

"I would go with you but today I am going to Bourbon
with Jai" Cher said extremely happily. He didn't
wait for me to look at him before he answered. "I have
some invoices to finish and I am doing inventory 2 times
a week now so I don't run out of anything again. I figured
we could have lunch while I did the invoices" He said
between sips of his coffee. For Jai to take Cher to his work
it would've had to of meant? "Holy Hell! We are
all in over our heads! How the fuck did this happen? What
the fuck happened to us? Evil Temptress siren banshee succubus.........."
I thought to myself.

Kitty looked crushed and slumped her shoulders "all
my clothes are old and I don't think I look good in them
anymore" Two things here, First the Playboy playmate
looking one has some self image issues after all. Second,
she was currently wearing light blue hipster panties that
fit her better then the mannequin and a matching bra that
her C cups were spilling over the top of. She looked good
enough to turn a gay man, so that meant? I really don't
know what that meant, she just looked really hot and should
stop complaining.

Poor Jason walked in at the wrong moment as he had done so
many times in his life. Before it was just Jai and I that usually
paid for it however this time he took the full brunt. As dug
out his protein powder and water bottle in preparation
of he and I going to the gym Kitty launched her plan. "Jason
we are going to the mall today to buy things for the house
and to get us some new clothes" She said with her fists
to her bare hips and her eyes sparkling. (I never said the
plan was subtle)

"But Dave and I are going to the gym" he said pointing
his protein powder jug at me like a gun. "Morgan little
help" Kitty said keeping her eyes on Jason. "Dave
you are staying home with me to day" Morgan said in
a droll tone. "I am?" I asked "you are"
she answered. "Just take the girl shopping bro! I
mean come on she looks like a bag lady in those month old panties"
Jai said sarcastically. In the end Kitty got her way.

I was lazing on the couch with my head in Morgan's lap
while she lightly scratched the top of my head when they
got back home. I could tell from the sound of many bags rustling
together that she had done some damage. The girls had plenty
of their own money so it had nothing to do with us buying them
stuff, even though we did. It was just the actual activity
with their partner that they wanted. When all 6 of us went
to Walmart shopping it was a cross between the Muppets Taking
Manhattan and mothers chasing around their kids so they
stop playing with the toys. Ever had a kid pissed at you because
you were hogging the xbox and playstation demo's in
electronics? I have.

Morgan's cell phone rang from far away forcing me to
abandon my comfortable thigh pillow. I watched her ass
move in the grey yoga pants for as long as she was in sight.
Then I enjoyed how tight the fabric was against her pussy
as she came back. She was standing in front of me talking
on the phone and saw were my eyes were glued. She reached
down and pinched her pussy lips together with her fingers
so they stuck out more. I silently thanked her.

"yeah just come over it'll be fine" Morgan
said into the receiver. That perked up my ears considering
we had yet to have guests over. Not even the people close
to us at Bourbon Street had been over yet. "Yeah yeah
that's cool. No you don't have to bring anything,
if you want to drink we have everything here already"
she said. Morgan stood over me swiveling her hips as she
nibbled on her bottom lip while listening to the caller.
Jason plopped down on the recliner and Kitty moved in between
his legs. She was happily laying out the new clothes and
little nicknacks on the thick tan carpet so she could admire
them all at once.

Morgan slapped my hand away when I put my fingers in the opening
between her inner thighs and tried to bounce it back and
forth. She turned her hips to the side so I couldn't
reach and pointed her finger at me "our pool is heated
and we have a hot tub so we can swim after" She said.
She barked out a laugh and slapped my hand away again as I
tried to fondle her ass cheek.

Morgan gave slow directions to our house from FM1960 and
told the caller 8 would be fine. She hung up and without warning
sat on my face and wiggled. "happy now?" she
asked. "yeff" I said with my lips smashed against
her fabric covered pussy. "Look at what I got Morg!"
Kitty squealed. Morgan crushed my nose and suffocated
me as she leaned over to look.

After I was able to breath again and Kitty's show and
squeal I asked who was coming over. "Star is coming
over for her first lesson" Morgan said as she laid
down on top of me. I thought I heard Jason inhale and I know
I heard Kitty groan "why is SHE coming here?"
she asked. "She wants to learn how to bartend and flip
bottles" I told her as Morgan tossed and turned looking
for a comfortable spot on top of me. "ugh" was
what I got in return and then she mumbled something about
having to disinfect the pool after Rin got out.

Kitty fluttered around the house trying to see what went
best where and spent an entire hour in "Kitty's
Closet" rearranging things so that they were easier
to find or some shit. All I know is that most of those clothes
still had the tags on them and the amount of shoes in there
was beyond ridicules. Not only did they use a big room to
store clothes they also had them in our closets all through
out the house. My walk in closet was 40% Dave 60% Morgan with
an extra 20% of stuff that Morgan Tetris'd into any
hole she could find.

Jai and Cher got back about 10 minutes before the door bell
rang, Kitty went upstairs to put on some clothes still mumbling
and Cher bounded to the door to see who our first visitor
was. "Star!! What are you doing here?" Cher
asked surprised. I heard Rin's smooth cute voice explain
from the kitchen. Morgan kissed my shoulder and pushed
off of me before heading to meet the girl that was rapidly
becoming her new friend at the door. "Hey Demona.
Sorry Morgan, thanks for inviting me over.

They chatted about how easy it was to find and all that before
Morgan took her on a tour of the house. I heard Jai coughing
in surprise when Morgan's tour visited his room. In
true girl fashion Kitty was all smiles and compliments
as they came back downstairs. It's amazing how they
can change gears so fast and hide their true emotions with
such ease. No it's fucking terrifying!

Rin was in a short brown jacket with a pink Von Dutch shirt
underneath that showed an extremely tight tanned stomach
from the belly button to her black panty top thanks to light
colored low riding fashionably ripped up jeans. She wore
white tennis shoes that matched her broad belt and damn
she looked amazingly sexy and cute.

She gave me a little finger wave when she saw me and continued
talking with Morgan as they walked through the living room.
Morgan showed off our bedroom and pool table then walked
her through the kitchen and out through the back door to
our privacy fenced back yard. I watched through window
as my little tour guide waved her hands around at her waist
as she explained something to our guest. Even though they
were night and day different they were still equally beautiful
and sexy. When they came back in Rin complimented us all
our how nice our house was and made small talk with everyone
for a little while.

"So what are you going to teach me first boss"
Rin asked as we stood in our kitchen. "Well first I
need to know what you know and we will go from there"
I told her. Kitty had pulled Morgan away to have a "talk"
with her while Rin told me about her experience. It turned
out she had bartended for a few years so she had a lot of basic
drink recipes down pat so we weren't starting from
scratch. In our kitchen we have two pantries, one built
into the cabinets that was used for food. The other was a
closet style that we used for the countless bottles of alcohol
Jason and I brought home from work or that we went out and

Rin whistled as she stepped in and looked around at all the
Devil's nectar we had accumulated. I had taped up a
few bottles with heavy blue duct tape and filled them halfway
with water to simulate a normal bar bottle. "most
of the stuff you toss will be half empty so this is a good way
to get used to how it changes the flight" I told her.
Rin was a very attentive student as I went over some basic
moves that looked flashy but were simple. To my surprise
Morgan had gotten bored and actually went in the living
room after I made her a Mai Tai while showing some flair to

After our first lesson Rin was able to do a couple of hand
spins and a few simple tosses. Since I was showing her how
different the counts were with gravity pour tops and flair
spouts everyone in the house ended up getting multiple
practice drinks. They would randomly wander into the kitchen
to see if there was anything tasty just lying around. The
house was getting sauced around us and I didn't even
know it. Us and booze, such a winning combination of lost
inhibitions and insane ideas that seemed brilliant at
the time.

The time seemed to fly and before I knew it Rin and I had worked
together for over 2 hours. I had Rin make some drinks for
me as she worked on the hand motions and counts. The first
couple of tries were a little rough but as she kept going
it got a lot better. Kitty and Morgan would ninja in, snatch
the failed attempts off the table then head back to the couch
to drink them. Rin was all smiles when she got things right
and would get a little frustrated when she got things wrong.
She had brains, beauty, a tall tight body, a great personality,
and easy going way about her while having a tiny ego considering
her looks. I had her figured all wrong and by the end of our
lesson I could easily consider having her as a friend.

Rin and I took the last two drinks she had made in practice
and joined the other 5 in the living room. They were in the
midst of a very serious discussion about the upcoming party
I didn't know we were having. Morgan waved me over to
the couch when she saw me. She dug her fingers into my shorts
at my hip and held on while she argued with Jason. "No
man! It sounds like you guys had kickass parties like Halloween!
I think we should do it in a theme." Jason shook his
head "We only have those few pillars tucked away in
the garage. We don't even have any Tiki torches yet,
hell we don't even have good patio furniture. What
would be the theme?" he asked with his arms out wide.

"you guys are blitzed aren't you" I laughed.
"not even close mon ami" Jai said. "I don't
work tomorrow so you know I will being headed there though"
he laughed from his recliner. Cher shook her head from his
lap "I think Morgan is right we should theme it! Jai
thinks so too if he wants some pussy tonight" she threatened
in a sweet voice. "themed" he said in a nod. The
6 of us used to being brutally open laughed while our guest
stood and listen quietly with drink in hand.

"I say it's up to Dave" Jason said "he
was the one that came up with the Toga and Costume parties,
he also came up with the limo party and the others back in
Minnesota" Jason said not exactly telling the whole
truth. The Toga party was born from his need to get into one
of the twins pants. "Limo party?" Kitty asked
from Jason's side on the couch. Jai quickly got back
on topic "well Dave what do you want to do?" He
asked. My 5 roommates looked up at me as if the final word
actually did belong to me. I think they had just been arguing
for so long about it they wanted a fresh voice.

I took a big drink of my Hurricane before answering "well
it's cold out so it's not like we can keep the party
in the back yard for long. A pool party by itself wouldn't
work to well. So a beach bash is out of the question, so is
a Hawaiian theme." I said as if I was at a lectern. "We
need to invite our Bourbon people as well as our new friends
so it can't be a redux that would be boring soo."
I decided why the hell not, we could make it less orgy and
more fun if I could keep Jai and Jason thinking straight.
"Pajama Jammy Jam meets slumber party meets pool
party meets Jai's cooking on the grill" I said.

"Everyone wears WARM comfy pajama's and the
girls can bring stuffed animals or something. Jai cooks
and we have the hot tub and the pool for when we get drunk and
decide to skinny dip" I said staring at Kitty who was
the biggest offender of the late night naked pool frolicking.
"We have the pool table, we have speakers all over
the house so it should be easy to work" I told them.
"and we have our own bartenders" Morgan said
looking from Rin to Jai and Cher, before looking up at me.

"so this pajama jammy jam is everyone in real pajama's
instead of in our panties?" Kitty asked suspiciously.
"yup, I might even rock out some old style prospector
pj's with the hatch in the butt" I laughed. "open
or closed?" Cher asked. "open of course"
I answered. "I'm in!" Cher joked. "Jason
and I are in" Jai said "we're in" Kitty
said speaking for Morgan as well. "I wonder if I can
find those pink bunny pajamas from The Christmas Story
in my size" Jason said looking thoughtful. That brought
another round of laughs as we all pictured Jason as a big
ass pink bunny.

"you in?" Morgan asked Rin. She looked a little
taken aback about being asked. "Me?" she asked
bringing the hand with her drink to her chest while pointing
at herself with her fingers. "yeah we figured you
would be around a lot now that you learning shit from bar
boy so why not" Jason added. Rin flashed us all a smile
"Yeah I'd love to come, thanks"

"Sounds good and welcome to hedonism house, leave
your morals and panties at the door" I laughed. "come
on it's time to tease the boys. We are going to need the
margarita jug stat!" Cher hollered. She pushed her
hands up in the air "wwwuuuuuuuuuu party!!"
she yelled in a tiny voice. "strawberry or other?"
Jai asked. "Other" Kitty said downing the last
of her drink. "I am going to go electric love on your
asses then" I told them as I searched through my mental
booze rolodex.

"Sorry. you may never come back after this"
Jai apologized in advance and forewarned Rin. She flashed
him her amazingly beautiful radiant smile and waved it
off "think about where I work. Nothing phases me anymore.
Those pervs say some pretty crazy shit" she said brushing
it off because she didn't know us. Morgan "he
he'd" as if it was suddenly a challenge to freak
her out.

"Lezz do it!" Kitty hollered as she got off the
couch. Rin was a little wide eyed as the trio stood up and
immediately started to strip as they went in separate directions.
I took Rin in the kitchen and showed her how to make the electric
margarita in bulk. I was using a giant whisk to stir it around
when Cher came in wearing her black bikini. She was carrying
a large load of laundry and went straight to the washer and
dryer. Cher was either tipsy from all the practice drinks
she drank or was just in preprogram mode. She came up behind
me and grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted it up "off.
I am doing darks" she said. "come on off off"
she said again as she jerked the shirt up in rhythm to her

I held my arms up and she got on her tip toes to pull it over
my head. I went back to stirring for a second before I tasted
it. Rin put her pointer finger between her teeth and lightly
bit down "Interesting" she said. I thought
she was talking about the drink so I went over the recipe

Real quick, in our big fancy house we had the weirdest laundry
room. When you went out the first door to the back of the house
there was a mud room type thing. To the left was the full size
washer and dryer, just past that was another door that led
you to outside. So it was a basically a little room in between
doors. Cher threw the clothes in the wash and started it
before coming back to where Rin and I were mixing the margarita

Morgan sauntered into the kitchen in her same pink bikini
she had worn before and pressed up against my back. She gave
me a few opened mouth kisses that made me shiver before turning
and heading up the stairs for some reason. Rin was looking
at me with her soft brown eyes still chewing on her finger.
"So when is this party?" She asked letting her
eyes dart up and down. "knowing us we will go overboard
somehow so who knows. It should be soon though." I
told her with a shrug.

A loud smack and a scream filled the air. The thudding of
foot steps sounded on the stars and more screams as Kitty
came tearing into the kitchen topless. She had a brown bikini
top in one hand and brown flip flops in the other as she ran
up to me with her big tits bouncing. Morgan's tight
hot pink bikini clad body swung around the corner with the
look of murderous intent in her eyes. "Daaaaaaaaave
help! She's crazy" Kitty laughed. She snuck
behind my back and snaked her hands under my arms and locked
them on my chest. She squeezed me tight forcing her large
bare breasts against my back.

Morgan was brandishing the hot pink sandals she held in
her hand like a weapon. "you are SOOOO dead bitch!"
Morgan laughed. "NOooo ho ho" Kitty screamed
into my ear and squeezed me tight enough so that I could easily
feel her hardening nipples. She tried to pull me backwards
to the door to an illusion of safety but ran into Rin instead.
"whooaa shit sorry" she said looking back at
the newcomer.

"David if you ever want to fuck me in the ass again you
will turn that blonde bimbo around and hold her for me!"
Morgan growled. Jason and Jai came into to see what all the
commotion was about wearing just their swim trunks. "what
happened?" Jason asked with a laugh. "This!"
Morgan shouted and turned around pushing her ass out. A
large angry red mark blazed on her right ass cheek. Morgan
looked back over her shoulder and pointed down at it with
one finger. "I bent over to get my sandals and she got
me!" Morgan laughed.

"Morgan come on it was just a joke" Kitty laughed
still trying to use me as a shield. She pulled my body to the
side and made the mistake of letting me go and grabbing on
to Jason. "Bad idea Kitty" I laughed. She was
smiling big and looked scared at the same time as she watched
Morgan stalk toward her. "Save me Jason" she
laughed. Jason picked Kitty up and threw her over his shoulder
with her kicking and screaming. Kitty's bikini covered
ass hung high in the air as Jason fought to get her under control.
"get her" He told Morgan.

Morgan sprung forward and pulled back her arm, WHACK. Kitty
let out a blood curdling scream and then started to whimper
"owww how how" she whined. "told you it
was a bad idea" I laughed. She flipped me off as she
bounced on Jason shoulders as they headed out the back door.
Cher came back in the house stripping off her top as she walked
through into the kitchen. Her tanned grapefruit sized
tits and dark nipples in full view as she scratched at something
in the lining of her top. She opened a drawer and pulled out
some scissors and went to work getting rid of the offended
something or other.

"aren't you glad you came over?" Jai asked
followed by Kitty's screams and a splash as Jason chucked
her in the pool. She just smiled and laughed at him. "come
cher" He said holding out his hand. The little Latina
scratched at the inside lining of her bikini top again to
make sure whatever it was had been taken care of then joined
Jai as the headed to the pool. Morgan brushed the black hair
away from her face and moved up next to Rin and I. She pushed
up on her tip toes and put her nose over the large open orange
jug and sniffed. "mmmm" she hummed happily.

"Did any one take out the stuff yet?" she asked
while sniffing the jug again. "Um I don't think
so" I told her looking around for our black rimmer,
salt, and the disposable margarita glasses. "did
you bring your suit?" Morgan asked Rin. "Yeah
it's in my car" She answered. "are you getting
in?" she asked as she rubbed her hand on my chest. "we
drink, we swim, we get in the hot tub, we have fun!"
she said promoting it. "someone fucks in the pool"
I mumbled remembering Kitty and Jason just going to town
in the shallow end.

More splashes and laughs as more people jumped into the
pool added to Morgan's promotions. "yeah. Sounds
fun, I will go get it" Rin said and walked out the back
door to get her suit. Morgan watched her walk out the door
and waited until she had closed the second red door before
shocking me. "Soo she's pretty fucking hot isn't
she?" It's to bad we didn't know her at New
Years" she said slowly as she remembered our thing
with Angie. I don't know why but I felt as if she was testing
to me to see what I thought about her so I didn't answer.

Her mouth found my upper chest and she sucked gently on the
skin. Morgan hummed softly as she moved her kisses over
the top of my chest to the other side. She wrapped her arms
around my back and pushed her stomach against mine. The
smooth warmth on my belly stirred the desire I had for her
and I struggled to control it as her stomach slid across
mine. Her fingers dug into my back as she began to suck harder,
she broke the suction with a gasp "I am really fucking
horny right now" she laughed.

She moved my hand to her pink covered pussy "can you
feel it?" she asked her jade green eyes twinkling
mischievously. I could feel her moist heat through the
stretchy pink material. Morgan let her weight rest on my
hand and bit her bottom lip "I love it when you touch
me" she purred. I really had to fight to keep from getting
instantly hard. The ding of door alarm warned us of someone
headed our way but Morgan didn't care. She rolled her
hips so that she could put more pressure on my hand.

Rin stepped through the door and stopped in her tracks after
seeing that she had just walked in on something. Morgan
moved her head to my shoulder to look at Rin "oh good.
You can change in our room" Morgan pulled her hips
back visibly shuddered and smiled as my fingers drug on
her clit. "Sorry" Rin said awkwardly. Morgan
waved it off "I have this weird thing where I always
want to be touching him. Just ignore it like everyone else
does." she told her. "Come on" They headed
to my bedroom to change and I couldn't help flashback
to what Rin's body looked like at Splendors. "wow"
I said to no one. I closed the lid on the Coleman jug and took
it out to the pool with the margarita accessories we would

"Babe do we need ice?" Morgan hollered as she
hung half way out of the back red door "Yeah we do!"
I yelled back. I had to pull back the cover on the hot tub because
everyone else had just jumped into the pool. I dropped the
thick heavy cover to the concrete and turned on the jets
to make sure it was clean. When I turned back toward the door
my cock twitched.

Rin's tall exceptionally tight and thin body walked
out carrying a large tray of ice. I thought I shivered from
the cold but I don't think that wasn't the only
reason. Rin's bikini top was a simple bra type that
tied around the neck and around the back. The front was bright
white with a pink border and pink strings tied at her back
and neck. Her brilliant pink bikini bottoms had a thin white
belt that laced through tiny loops around the top. They
were a little like boy short panties but they were smaller
and had a seam down the front. When I caught a glimpse of her
from behind I saw that they also arched in the back and showed
off half of her tiny tight ass.

Her long toned legs flexing nicely thanks to her walking
on her toes because of the cold patio. Rin's long torso
didn't have an ounce of fat on it and her stomach was
so taut that her belly button look like a narrow up and down
slit. She was thin but not emaciated or anorexic, her body
looked perfectly proportional. "come on jump in!"
Cher yelled as she saw around Jai. "come on you have
to be freezing out there" Kitty shouted. The booze
had apparently softened her stance against the competition.

Rin set the ice next to the large orange Coleman cooler of
tangy blue margarita's and then unceremoniously
jumped into the warm 90 degree pool. It was costing us an
arm and a leg to keep it heated but we always used it so I guess
in the end it was worth it. Morgan was carrying another small
container of ice and brought me out two shot glasses full
of what I guessed was Rumplemintz. "I need to stop
drinking that stuff" I thought to myself as I remembered
all the hangovers over the years. Not to mention the horrible
choices I made on that stuff. She handed them to me one by
one and watched me choke down the 100 proof peppermint schnapps.

"go put on your trunks baby" Morgan chattered.
It was only about 40 degrees but to people from Texas it might
as well been 0 degrees. They didn't seem to tolerate
the cold well, or the chilly even. Morgan leaned forward
and bit down lightly on my neck sending shivers through
my body. "aahhh wow" I gasped after she let go.
"hurry hurry" She said before jumping in the
pool herself.

I had just pulled my trunks from the bathroom towel rack
when I noticed a tiny pair of black lace panties sitting
on top of light colored jeans. "stop it" I scolded
myself when my mind started get curious. I stepped into
my trunks and found a couple of extra towels and joined my
crazy friends in the pool. Slipping into a warm pool on a
cool day feels great, I leaned against the side as everyone
splashed around and floated with blue margarita in hand.
Morgan and Rin were next to me chatting about the club or
anything random they could think of for a while.

They seemed to be becoming fast friends as they slipped
into conversations about the normal girl stuff like clothes
and make up. Morgan seemed to love the electric blue of the
margarita's I had made and kept staring at her cup as
she talked. "So yeah I am totally thinking about cutting
my hair a little shorter. This always gets in my eyes and
it drives me crazy" Morgan was telling her while holding
onto the long left side of her hair. That launched a long
conversation about how awesome Rin's hair was. Rin
fired back with how awesome Morgan's hair was, it made
me glad to be a guy. I mean how long can you talk about hair?

Since the Coleman was at the edge of the pool no one had to
get out for a new drink and freeze their asses off. It got
us guys talking about trying to find a floating bar we could
use for the summer. Since the pool was a normal slanting
bottom from shallow to 9 feet deep we had to figure out how
to rig one up. So much more fun than talking about hair don't
you think? As usual the night went on with us getting hammered
while we turned into prunes. Water and alcohol isn't
always a good mix and it tended to make people tipsy much
faster. Jason and Kitty were starting to make out like it
was their job while I was sure Cher was tugging on Jai under
the water.

Morgan and Rin however were talking back and forth as it
they were at a United Nations summit meeting. Morgan had
moved in front of me and leaned against my front while she
talked. She held her drink in one hand while running her
fingers through mine with the other. Rin's eyes would
occasionally watch our hands as Morgan talked. "I
think I want to cut and color my hair tomorrow" Morgan
said with a tiny slur. "I need to get my ends trimmed"
Rin added while she looked at the ends of her long multi blonde
colored hair.

"we should totally go tomorrow when we wake up and
do it!" Morgan said excitedly. She let go of my hand
and reached out for Rin's "we can go do it together,
it'll be fun" Rin thought about it for a minute
and looked into her cup "Yeah we could do that, I should
probably go home now before I can't drive anymore"
She said staring at the last inch of her blue drink. "Just
stay here! It'll totally be fine! You can stay with
us so no one will bother you" she said happily. "Stay
with us?" I thought to myself "what does that

Morgan grabbed Rin's glass and pushed off of me. She
wadded with her arms out to her sides over to the large orange
Coleman cooler to refill her and Rin's drink. "you
guys are a blast. Is it always like this?" Rin asked.
"no usually everyone's naked" I laughed.
"we are used to being mostly naked I guess so it's
no big deal" she shrugged as if justifying it for me.
"Morgan really has it bad for you doesn't she?"
she asked rhetorically. "she's my sexy little
leach" I joked. Rin laughed then lightly slapped
me on the arm "that was mean"

I laughed again as I watched Morgan wade toward us with two
full drinks in her hand. She handed one to her knew friend
and pushed her chest up to mine "do you want me to go
get you your Rumpleminze baby?" She asked. She ran
her hands over my shoulder and smiled "naw I will got
get it. you two talk it up" I told her. I didn't
even want a shot, I think I have just been preprogrammed
to respond. "are you sure? I will get it for you"
she told me. I shook my head and told I would get it. She gave
me a soft open eyed kiss then trapped my bottom lip gently
between her teeth "mmm yum" she cooed.

As I was getting out of the pool she yelled for me to bring
them one also. The cool air against my wet skin was instant
needles all over my body forcing me to briskly walk our back
red door. "MAKE IT TWO A PIECE BABE!" she called
out as I went through the door. After making 6 shots of the
100 proof schnapps I took them around the outside of the
pool edge that the two girls were leaning up against. They
both turned to look up and me and Morgan started to bob and
weave with her head as she was looking up.

"Morgan? what are you doing?" I asked. "trying
to see if can see your wiener" she said in light hearted
tone. Rin and I both laughed. Morgan made her hand look like
she was going to karate chop someone and brought it to the
side of her mouth. As if she was trying to whisper someone
a secret. "he has a big one" She whispered loudly.
Rin's beautiful thin face broke into a toothy grin
that trapped the end her tongue in between. Morgan was giggling
at herself as I bent down and handed them a shot a piece. We
clinked them together to new friends and downed them. Then
repeated with the second shot before I finally got back
in the pool with them.

A brown bikini top landed in the water in front of us, we looked
at it then looked up. Kitty's large C cup breasts were
trapped in Jason's big hands. Her back was pressed
to his front as they walked to the steps that would take them
out of the pool. Her brown bikini bottoms had been pulled
between her ass cheeks so it looked like she was wearing
a thong. "you guys weren't fucking in the pool
were you?" I shouted at them. "No! we are going
to do that in the hot tub!" Kitty yelled back laughing.
They duck walked together to our teak wrapped hot tub and
slid themselves in to the hot 103 degree water.

"they aren't really going to fuck are they?"
Rin asked Morgan with wide eyes. Kitty's timing was
perfect, she tossed Jason's red board shorts over
the side with a loud splat as they hit the concrete patio.
" you better swallow that shit! It's my week to
clean the hot tub!" Jai yelled from the pool. His words
fell on deaf ears as Kitty straddled Jason's lap and
pulled him into a passionate kiss. Rin watched with a small
frozen smile as they kissed. I could tell Jason was using
his hands in the water and solved the mystery when I heard
Kitty's moans. Her body rose and fell as they kissed
and pulled at each others bodies.

"And then that happened" Morgan said dryly.
"Sorry we are kind of crazy here, but don't worry
we are totally harmless" Morgan said turning back
toward Rin. Our house guest seemed to find Kitty's
rise and fall fascinating, her brown eyes followed Kitty's
up and down motion. If there was anything running through
her mind I couldn't guess it from the look on her face.
"I will make sure they behave from now on, I am sorry"
I said believing she thought we were all disgusting perverts.

"wuuuu ride em cowgirl!" Cher shouted. Kitty
and Jason's kiss was interrupted by their laugh into
each others mouth. As they went back to attacking each others
mouths Cher and Jai waded toward the steps. For a brief second
I was afraid they were going to join the two fucking in our
hot tub. Instead Cher pulled Jai into the house with a purpose.
"aaaaahhhhhh" Kitty moaned in a high pitch.
Rin's cheeks seemed flush with either the mix of the
cold night and the warm pool or she was slightly embarrassed.
"we should probably get out too" Morgan sighed.

"so much for hot tubbing it tonight" she frowned.
" you ruin everything Kit!" Morgan teased.
She got a loud cry of pleasure in response, I had to laugh
at that. We waded out of the pool and shivered together as
we wrapped towels around ourselves. Watching Morgan and
Rin's bodies disappear into the blue and yellow beach
towels gave me a feeling of loss. We got back into the house
and Morgan lead us all into our bedroom. She went to the bathroom
and turned on the shower, she twisted the knobs for the side
jets and tested the water.

"Babe can we get warmed up quick?" She asked
meaning her and Rin. "yeah of course" I chattered.
"Come on our shower kicks ass" Morgan told Rin
with a nod of her head toward the bathroom. Together they
stepped into the now steaming shower with their swimsuits
on. It was hard to watch them as they held their hands up at
chest level and turned slowly in the water. I wrapped a fresh
dry towel around my waist from our bathroom linen closet
and looked through the open door.

Rin's tall tight body flexed and showed it self off
in almost every way while Morgan's amazing figure
hunched over to let the water fall over her back. "you
guys want more to drink?" I asked. Morgan nodded under
the rainfall and blew the water from the lips. "shots"
she said. I turned and went to go make some drinks. As I poured
shots of Goldschlager and Rumplemintz into fresh shot
glasses I began to hear soft cries coming from an upstairs
bedroom. "this girl is never coming back" I
said with a laugh. I caught motion in my right eye and looked
out the square window pains in our two back doors.

Kitty was leaning over the edge of the hot tub in an opened
mouth cry that I couldn't hear. Her body was rocking
violently as Jason fucked her from behind. "God what's
wrong with us? When did this shit become ok?" I thought
to myself. I won't say it made me feel uncomfortable.
I am a healthy male after all and being around sexy women
like this is a major turn on but I couldn't help fear
for my soul at some point.

Morgan's hands snuck up behind me and took my peck in
her hands. Her lips found my back and I felt her tongue against
my back as she hugged me. I turned and found her and Rin with
towels wrapped around their heads and wearing two of my
dress shirts. Sadly they were a black one and a green one
instead of white ones. I handed each one a shot as the soft
cries from upstairs slowly grew into loud screams of intensity.
Rin blushed again " just drink a lot, it dulls the pain"
I told her as I put the shot to my lips. "I don't
know, sometimes I think it can be kinda sexy" Morgan
said shyly as she rolled the shot glass across her lips.

"we only allow live porn in the house" Morgan
joked to the blonde. Rin gave her a laugh after downing her
first shot. I had made three a piece for instant warm up and
we took them in turn. "Wow I feel dizzy" Morgan
laughed. "me too" Rin giggled. "I feel
cold" I added. Morgan launched her body against mine
and wrapped her arms around me. "better?" she
asked into my chest. "a little" I told her. In
true Morgan I have no idea what she will do next style her
arm shot out and she grabbed Rin's arm and pulled. Rin
yelped as she slammed into us, Morgan put her arm around
Rin's back and squeezed. "better?" She
asked again.

We all laughed and Rin took us both into a hug "I have
two paper weights trying to warm me up" I laughed.
"you combine to weigh 233lbs, I weighed a lot more
than that back in August" I laughed. As we stood in
our kitchen hugging each other it dawned on Morgan "how
do you know how much she weighs?" she asked curiously.
That wave a panic ran through my body as if I had just done
something wrong by knowing. "He checked my ID when
I went to his bar that night" Rin answered for me. I
waited to find out Morgan's response with a little
bit of a twisted stomach.

"good memory babe. Quick when's my birthday"
she asked in a rush. I rattled it off including year she was
born. "good boy" she sighed. It hadn't
dawned on me that none of us had tried to move an inch. Three
heads turned as the door alarm went off. A naked Jason came
dangling into the house hand in hand with and equally naked
Kitty giggling and shivering. "HI" Jason said
as he went flopping by "Hiyeee" Kitty sang as
she went bouncing by. Rin pressed her face into my bare chest
and a tingle shot through my body when I felt her lips on the
side of my peck. "I just saw that" she laughed
into my side.

Morgan let out a hearty laugh while I let out a nervous one.
At some point we let go and I left the girls in the kitchen
to change into dry clothes. Flashes of their bare legs and
tops of their chests that showed thanks to the buttons on
my dress shirts that they had neglected ran through my mind.
Try as I might I couldn't get my mind to stop thinking
about all of the possibilities of something happening.
I tried to justify it in my mind but the fact is I found Rin
to be desirable and I found Morgan to be a necessity."I
really am a pig" I thought to myself.

Morgan tried to explain the groups dynamic to Rin as we drank
in the kitchen but no matter how you put it, it just sounded
bad. She assured Rin that we didn't share, each other.
However we were comfortable with how things went and how
we lived. Rin's cool personality seemed to take it
in stride after the initial shock wore off.

Kitty and Cher got in on the conversation when they reappeared
in just tee shirts after their sex sessions. In the end the
three of them blamed it all on me saying I was the real bad
influence. "don't be fooled girl, he is the worst
kind of pervert" Kitty whispered loud enough for
me to hear. "he makes me do things, shameful things"
Cher said in a baby voice while feigning shame.

"who does?" Jai asked coming into the room "Dave
does, he is the worst pervert in the house" Cher said
settling into his arms. "he touches me in my sleep"
Jai said with a shudder adding to his girlfriends falsehoods.
They all bagged on me for a while until Jason showed up and
said I had forced myself on him once and since then he can't
eat a hot dog. It made me laugh so hard I spit my drink out on
the kitchen floor and choke. Rin seemed to think we were
the funniest people in the world and couldn't stop

As usual we drank ourselves silly until after 1 am while
we tried our best to verbally slay each other. I was this
evenings favorite target which culminated on Morgan telling
everyone that I had in fact blackmailed her parents into
selling her to me as a sex slave for 34 cents. Most of it was
really funny, sadly some of the jokes had an element of truth
to them and that made me worry about my soul again. "that
is my man." Morgan said lovingly as she clung to me.
" It takes an entire sorority to satisfy him but he
is still my man" I groaned while Jason and Jai about
fell off their chairs laughing. I am just glad they didn't
give examples that supported that statement.

"well it's time for me to go to bed, I have to work
in the morning" Jason said sadly. Kitty said her goodnights
and went with Jason up to their room. "I have the day
off but Cher and I got some more talking to do" Jai said
with a wink. They followed Kitty and Jason's example
and went up the steps to their room. Morgan tugged on my shirt
" we should too, what time do you work tomorrow?"
She asked. "Ten" I told her. Rin looked unsure
of herself not really knowing where to go, she probably
assumed she would be sleeping on the couch. Apparently
she missed the theme of the house and the whole overly comfortable
thing we had going on.

"lets go to bed guys" Morgan sighed. Rin and
I looked at each other but I had no answers for the questions
in her soft brown eyes. Morgan took Rin's hand and mine
and tugged us out of the kitchen, through the living room
and into our bedroom with the glowing pink Hello Kitty sheets.
She started to unbutton her shirt until she realized. "oh
right" she giggled. "we always sleep naked.
Probably not a good idea tonight" she chuckled.

"what do you want? I got some yoga pants and some shorts.
or you could just sleep in that" Morgan said nodded
toward my green dress shirt she was wearing. Rin's
tanned cheeks couldn't hide the flush from the alcohol
so maybe she wasn't thinking clearly. "this
is fine if you guys don't care" she said tugging
at he color. Morgan's face turned into one of disbelief
"why would we care?" My heart thumped and my
throat went dry, this was such a bad idea.

Morgan pulled at my shirt "you can't wear this
or I won't be able to sleep". I let her pull the
shirt over my head while Rin watched and then I felt awkward.
"our bed is soooo comfy, you are going to love it"
Morgan said in a cute voice. I could definitely tell she
was close to being smashed because she was doing her cutesy
thing. Morgan crawled onto the bed flashing her bare pussy
for a second before she stood up on her knees. I knew that
was my que and I got into bed and laid on my back to allow her
to lay on me like usual. She moved between my legs and laid
her head against my chest in her usual spot .

Rin slowly and softly crawled on to the bed next to us, Morgan
and Rin pulled the sheets up after everyone was ready for
bed. "shit, lights" Morgan groaned. After
the lights were turned off we repeated the process and lay
in silence listing to the house creak and the usual late
night cries of passion. Laying in bed with my girlfriend
on top of me with a beautiful goddess next to me while they
only wore my dress shirts was hard enough to deal with. Add
in the sounds of moaning and screaming of people enjoying
each others bodies and it almost became unbearable.

Morgan was fidgeting as she tried to get comfortable. She
gave up after a while and let out a breath "are you wearing
underwear?" she asked with her face pressed into
my stomach. "yeah why?" I asked. "your
shorts are annoying the hell out of me. Rin do you mind if
he sleeps in his underwear?" she said in an annoyed
voice. "no" Rin answered quietly. As Rin's
words left her pink lips Morgan sprung into action and stripped
me of my khaki cargo shorts. She sighed happily as she laid
back down on my almost naked body.

I lay stone still as Morgan nuzzled and kissed me gently,
I could hear her kisses so I knew that Rin could as well. Rin
rolled on to her side with her back to me and let out a sigh.
Morgan slid down my body dragging her breasts down my thighs
and immediately I knew she was up to no good. She let out a
deep sigh before she started her kisses on my groin.

Morgan's fingers found the base of my soft cock, she
licked lightly up the bottom of my shaft as I lay there trying
not to move. She grabbed the head of my cock and moved her
mouth down to my balls. She stroked me slowly against my
stomach as she sucked my balls into her wet mouth. Her tongue
drew tiny circles against my nut her mouth while her fingers
tickled the sensitive head of my cock.

With what sounded like an extremely loud wet pop she let
me fall from her mouth. Morgan's tongue licked a broad
swath up the middle of my balls forcing them to each side
until she found the base of my shaft. She pulled my cock down
to her mouth and licked the bottom as if it were an ice cream
cone. I stifled a moan as the pleasurable sensations spread
through out my waist. I felt Morgan's head turn to the
side and then she sucked me between her lips. With pulsing
sucks she moved her lips up and down the bottom of my shaft.

I could feel her saliva run down my length to my balls from
her wet sloppy attention. She moved her mouth away and slid
her hand up and down in a light stroke. She was giving my body
no choice but to react from her loving attention. Her free
hand moved in between my legs and and started playing with
my balls. Her mouth found the tip of my dick and with a soft
slurp she took me into her mouth. I felt her body shift before
I went deep against her throat. I fear of her gagging and
giving us away tensed my muscles.

Rin lightly moaned and moved her back against me, her warmth
and the feel of her ass pressing against the side of my hip
did nothing for my control. I could feel my cock starting
to grow faster in Morgan's mouth as she bobbed her head
slowly. Morgan's tongue swirled around the head of
my cock before she sucked me deep into her mouth.

The soft sounds of wet sucking seemed to get louder and the
bed started to move as she sped up her head bobs. With one
last bit of Morgan style torture she purposely bumped my
hand off the top of my thigh so that it fell against Rin's
ass. I was either afraid to move it in fear of waking her up
or I just didn't want to I don't know. The back of
my hand rested against Rin's dress shirt covered ass.
I could feel the heat of her body bleed through the thin fabric
into my skin.

Morgan's mouth suctioned around the head of my dick
while she ran her hand up and down my shaft. "MMhhm"
Rin whimpered and readjusted her body against me. Her ass
trapped my hand between it and my thigh, I swore that I felt
her flesh at my finger tips. Morgan couldn't help herself
and started to softly moan, I held my breath again afraid
this would wake Rin for sure. Morgan's movements made
the bed, Rin, and me rock gently as she continued to suck
my dick under the covers.

Morgan moved her hand away from my balls and cupped my shaft.
She stroked me with both hands while her mouth consumed
as much of my cock as she could. The situation, the nerves,
the danger of it all got to me much more than I had anticipated.
I felt the twinge at first then the tensing as Morgan's
mouth brought me close. I used my right hand to tap hers to
warn her that I was getting close. I got a deep breath and
soft giggle as a response, I knew she had no plans of stopping.

I couldn't help flex and wiggle my toes as the waves
of pleasure slowly began to roll up and down my body. My cock
jumped in her hands and mouth making her moan louder. Rin's
body adjusted itself again and my hand ended up in the crevice
of her ass. Morgan took me out of her mouth and lavished my
dick with her tongue before shoving me down her throat.
This time she quietly gagged, her hands squeezed my shaft
hard and continued to work up and down at a quick pace.

The wind was knocked out of me when my orgasm started to fill
Morgan's mouth with my seed. She hummed happily as
she gulped down all that I was feeding her. I gritted my teeth
as the cum rushed from my balls into Morgan's hungry
mouth. She continued her effort to suck me dry while her
hands worked me.

When was sure that should could coax no more out of me she
changed to wet licks. He lathered her tongue over every
inch of my cock and balls while I fought to keep my body from
jerking. I lay with my hand trapped between Rin and myself
as Morgan continued to lovingly lick my cock and balls and
every inch of my groin. I had long since fallen asleep before
she stopped.

To Be Continued............

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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I ran out of room with this part and had to stuff the goodies
at the end. Sorry about dragging you through this one. I
am trying my best not to have a "No Sex" submission
but you know me. I am a wee bit wordy lol

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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very nice keep them coming


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quote rm_jbadam01:
very nice keep them coming
Two more just posted.

Houston and Hair Dye followed by Houston and the Awkward After

I am testing out posting them in my blog as well so that show
up faster.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Great Stories and so well written


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quote kliff51:
Great Stories and so well written
Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.