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Houston and the First Step


The days after our New Years Eve party were filled with question
marks. It seemed that the only people that had a full picture
and memory of what had happened that night were Kitty, Cher,
and Morgan. They would smile between themselves and giggle
about something out of ear shot. Since the age old rule of
a sexual escapade is if you don't remember it don't
ask about it we were pretty much stuck with gaps. When the
girls weren't with us we did our best to try and piece
together the events that went down.

Jai woke up with a naked Cher and Jenny suffocating him on
the couch. He also found Angie covered in a blanket on the
recliner but was not sure when she got there. He wandered
into the kitchen and shortly after that I came down that
much we knew. Jason's chest was covered in hickeys
and he could only assume Duff have given them to him because
Kitty never had before. When he woke up he was pushed to the
corner of his queen sized bed while Kitty played the big
spoon to Duff's small spoon in the middle.

The last thing Jai remembers is Cher trying to hold a class
on how to suck a dick with Jai being the prop. "after
that everything gets hazy" he said. The last thing
Jason remembers was he thinks fucking Kitty from behind
while she ate duff's pussy. However he mostly remembers
the girl he was fucking was blonde but he couldn't remember
whether it was blonde blonde or Kitty's white blonde.
So pretty much it could have been either one he was fucking.

I told them what I remember and choked out that I had told
Morgan that "I was falling in love with her"
They both shrugged it off either because they could see
it or because they thought it was like the previous times.
Regardless of what we could remember the girls seemed to
be utterly happy about life. In the end we determined that
the chances of all us blacking out were slim to none, meaning
the girls got us blitzed on purpose. What their goal was
we had no clue, we are guys we would have threesomes even
if it meant we would die a horrible death after. Whatever
their plan was we couldn't guess and we sure as hell
weren't about to ask.

A few Sundays into January we were sitting at a high top table
in Standing Room Only or SRO and the corner of FM1960 and
Cutten Road flipping through all the properties we printed
off from the internet. We tried to find the best house and
the best area that would fit our needs. The housing market
was really cheap in Houston and we were almost tempted to
just buy a house. "look at this dude" Jai said
holding up a 2500 square foot all brick listing. "this
has two master bedrooms and a pool and they only want 200k
for it. Depending on the down payment that is the same we
are paying for the condo"

Jason and I looked at what he was holding up and whistled
our disbelief. "200k gets you a tiny shack in Minnesota"
Jason said in disbelief. We were discussing the pro's
and cons of buying vs renting when Jai's cell phone
went off. "No dude I am telling you buying might not
be a bad idea. Hello?" Jai said plugging one ear so
that he could hear over the sports station being played
in the bar. "OH hey Morgan. Yeah he is right here hold
on" Jai said and handed me his phone.

"Hi" I said confused why she had called him and
not me. "why don't you ever take your phone when
you leave the house?" she asked dryly. I dropped my
hands to my pockets and realized she was right. "oh
shit sorry. What's up?" I asked. She launched
into a story about what they had been doing and that they
wanted to talk to us about something serious. She also told
me that they would be a little late because Cher's oil
change was taking longer then normal. We ended the conversation
and I handed the phone back to Jai.

"They are going to be late, sounds like the service
station pervs are dragging their feet so they can hit on
them longer." I told them. Both Jai and Jason "yeah'd"
and shrugged before going back over the listings. (the
difference between guys and girls with communication
is almost staggering isn't it?)

After a few beers and a plate of potato skins the girls walked
in, heads turned as the three opposites walked through
the door. Jai's little bubbly Latina was wearing a
tight v neck green sweater, short denim skirt and shirt
matching thick healed wedge open toe heels. She had her
hair up in a high pony tail that swayed as she happily bounced
toward us. Her large round brown sunglasses matched the
big expensive purse dangling from her forearm.

Behind her Kitty as usual looked the part of a Playboy Bunny.
She wore a tight fitting electric blue dress with a plunging
neckline that showed off her cleavage and her fancy looking
silver music note neckless. She had on knee high bright
white high heeled boots that raised her height to almost
6'2. She carried either a real or knockoff Coach purse
in her hand and had the same kind of sunglasses Cher did in
clear holding back her white hair.

We didn't have to look around to know that every guy
in the place was watching her confidently strut toward
our table. Behind Kitty was Morgan and the way she looked
brought a big smile to my face. Her jet black hair was being
held up by old mirror style aviator glasses on the top of
her head. She had replaced the stud on the right side of her
nose with a thin round hoop and had replaced the flat end
of the piercing in the middle of her bottom lip with a small
stainless ball. Her flawless skin was only slightly marred
by dark blue eye shadow that went past her eyes and stopped
in an up curved point.

She wore an actual Boy Scouts tan uniform shirt with patches
and flag included that she tied up into a bow a little under
her breasts. With her sexy toned stomach showing you could
partially her breast to hip length grey and black Bettie
Page tattoo on her left side. Her belly button ring was a
pirates silver skull and crossbones and swung as she walked.
The dark blue denim of her ripped up jeans matched the blue
epaulet on the uniforms shoulder and the color of her eye
makeup. She wore a thick black belt with a bright pink Hello
Kitty belt buckle and it looked like she had on the same type
of boots Kitty wore but in black hidden beneath her pant

The stares followed the girls to our table and continued
to watch as each girl settled next to the guy she was with.
"Nice" I laughed looking my gorgeous goth/emo/pin
up style girlfriend up and down. She held her hands out turned
up her palms and did a little curtsy "I thank you".
She spun a circle and my eyes popped out as the two leg width
rips in her jeans teased a slim chance to show off the bottom
of her ass. As was Morgan's usually personality she
immediately snuggled up and trapped my left arm against
her body. "how goes the search guys" Kitty asked
wrapping her arms around Jason's back and resting
her chin on his shoulder.

"you guys have looked at all these?" Cher asked
as she stood between Jai's legs and pushed around the
papers. "We have looked at a few but they are spread
out all over hell" I told her. "I don't even
know where half of these places are. I mean where in the hell
is Kingwood?" Morgan shook her head "too far
out" she said looking for any crumbs left over on our
appetizer plate. A waitress that probably would have been
the hottest girl in the room if Morgan and Kitty hadn't
of showed up and ruined it asked if the new people wanted

"um yeah" Morgan said. After a quick back and
forth from the girls they ordered several appetizers and
Cokes. The girls stole the chairs from the high top table
next to ours and bellied up to the table to help us sort out
the ones close to our jobs and the ones way out there. We poured
over the multitude of listings over the next hour.

"see I like the area we live in now" Jason said
throwing down the papers in his hand. "aww babe don't
worry we will help you guys" Kitty said reaching out
and brushing her thumb and against his cheek. "this
is a big damn city" Jai said leaning back and putting
his arm over the back of Cher's chair. She lifted her
shoulders and smiled as he brushed through her pony tail
with is fingers. It was funny that their dynamic worked
so well considering he was the oldest at 28 and she was the
youngest of the 19 year olds. Actually come to think of it,
the fact that Jason at 27 and me at 26 could get a long so well
with our young girlfriends was also unique. (what does
that say about us right? Were they more mature or were we
too immature?)

Morgan had pushed her high chair so that it butted up with
mine when she sat down and her hand never left the top of my
leg even when she ate. She squeezed my thigh "don't
worry boys we will find you the right place" she told
us trying to brighten our spirits. Morgan moved in close
to my ear "does it seem" she started to say "like
everyone one is staring at us?" I finished for her.
"yes" she hissed. "well considering
Jason and I are in khaki shorts and tee shirts in January
and Jai is wearing his coonass raccoon shirt I don't
blame them. We probably look like freaks" I laughed.

"aren't you cold?" she asked. "I
am freezing and wish I would've worn a coat" she
shivered to add to her point. "it's almost 50
degrees you wuss. Back in" I started to say. Morgan
pointed a freshly manicured long black nail between my
eyes that made me go cross eyed. "one more Minnesota
comparison and I bite it next time you put it in my mouth."
she threatened. After I shook my head and returned my eyes
back to normal I called her "brutal"

"hey what's this?" Cher asked flipping
a through a stapled together group of papers. "Isn't
this down the street from the condo?" She looked up
and handed it to Jai. His lips moved as he sped read through
it and he slowly started to smile as he went. "This
is on the road next to ours Haynes Dr?" He said not exactly
sure of himself. He passed it off to Jason and waited while
he read through it. The same smile spread across his face
as well. I waited until he passed it to me and I dove into the

Two story spacious 4 bedroom 3 1/2 bath house. Detached
2 car garage, privacy fenced back yard, SWIMMING POOL,
2 master suites with full bath in each, fireplace and the
list went on and on. My heart sank a little when I saw the price
per month. I was suddenly regreting not getting a career
again when I got to Texas. I made decent living from the mix
of salaries, tips, and beverage profit share from La Tavola
but still not even close to what I made as a regional wine
manager with Cost Plus World Market or as store manager
of Sports Authority.

Jason had his cell phone out and was using his calculator
like a mad man. "says here the owner only wants to rent
it for a max of one year because he will be out of state"
Morgan said as she read the paper in my hands. After Jason
had worked through the numbers for the third time he set
his phone down and put his hands flat on the table. "ok
we can do it easily if one of us is willing to make a sacrifice"
Jason said in a breath. He looked straight ahead making
me believe it was Jai he was talking about.

I could almost hear the creak of an old wood door in a scary
old house as Jason's head slowly turned toward me.
"uh oh" Morgan said. Jason's face turned
into one of empathy "listen I know you like what you
are doing and I know you use your days to spend with Morgan
but." He paused for a minute before speaking again
"They are expanding my territory and creating a new
area where the bars are starting to flood back into. I am
getting part of down town" he said. I knew that meant
Jason would be making big bucks since all the clubs were
moving from the Westheimer area and down town was building
up. "And that leaves almost all my route up here completely
open and in need of a rep" he said dropping the final

Jason had been after me since my days at Cost Plus to work
for Johnson Brothers. He had hounded me for years and now
it looked like he might actually be able to convince me.
Morgan turned to me "is that good?" she asked.
"it's good" I mumbled. "now you wouldn't
work for me you would be on your own and work for the same boss
as me." he said carefully selecting his words "come
on man you killed it in Minnesota! You were a monster in wine
and beer! You could do this with your eyes closed"
He said almost pleading. The rest of the table remained
quiet and just watched our exchange.

"You just would have to do the it" he said looking
empathetic again. I could feel Morgan shift uncomfortably
in her seat next to me. Since the night that I told her "I
was falling in love with her" while drunk we hadn't
talked about it. I hadn't brought it up and either had
she. She seemed to be a lot happier and wasn't as possessive
but still. I knew her enough that her mind was starting to
cycle all the ways it could be trouble for us. She seemed
to be sensitive about anything that change our current

"what does he mean Dave" she asked so quiet it
was almost a whisper. Kit and Cher looked on sensing their
friends worry. "he is saying I would have to stop working
at Bourbon Street officially, since I work for cash at La
Tavola they can't prove that I work there. Jai and I
are the only ones officially on the pay roll. It's a
conflict of interest to work for your accounts."
I said as I stared at Jason. Morgan and her friends visibly

"Is the salary worth it?" Kitty asked.

"base is mid 40's but commission depending how
good you are and how good the area is can easily double that
number" He said eluding to how much he made. Jason
was very good and at this moment FM1960 and surrounding
area was very lucrative. I loved working at Bourbon Street.
I love the people and have had intimate relationships with
several of the waitresses there. Gene, Laura, Jen, and
Scott were an awesome family and being that they are from
Iowa we hit it off easily. I hated the thought of leaving
them, I did all the liquor orders and set all the prices so
I would feel horrible to leave them in a lurch. We all sat
quietly while I thought it over in my head and then it hit
me. Jai is here now.

"you promise you are going to be around for a long while?"
I asked staring at no one. "On your word" Jai
said reading my mind as only one of my two best friends could.

"How sure of this are you?" I asked Jason. "I
have no doubt you would get the job and could start right
away. I am already meeting with clubs downtown. I would
just have to show you the route and introduce you"
He said visibly excited. "I would need a guarantee"
I told him

Jason picked up his cell phone and hit speed dial and waited.
"hey boss sorry to call you on a Sunday but I wanted
to tell you the good news. He agreed." Jason said.
He plugged his other ear and the conversation turned into
one of those " yeah yeah right" and "of
course it could only help spike profits" The call
between two self important people who blurred the lines
of friendship and professional boundaries. "yes
sir hold on" Jason said and handed me the phone.

"Hello" I said into the receiver as everyone
looked on and Jason looked as if it was Christmas again.
My new boss Gary Wykie sales pitched me on how great it was
to have me and how much potential I was walking into. He told
me he wanted me to start right away. I told him I was doing
two weeks at Bourbon and he told me he didn't hear a thing
so it wouldn't be a problem. I could work at both unofficially.
After another ten minutes of affirmations of my supposed
abilities and promises I hung up and handed Jason back the

"Lets go" I said and pushed back from the table.
I leaned over and lightly kissed Morgan on the forehead
"be back in a bit babe" I told her. Jason kissed
Cher and we headed to the door. "Jason do it"
I said as I walked past him. "that was some A-Team shit"
Kitty laughed. My stomach turned all the way to Bourbon
to break the news. I knew I was just sitting in place and not
moving forward. I decided in a blink of an eye it was time
to grow up a little and get a new career.

After an hour of disappointment and discussion we agreed
that Jai would be taking over my job after I trained him.
With Gene's supervision until he was comfortable.
I told Gene that I would still fill in shifts and just take
tips as my salary. I also agreed to bounce every weekend
with Jason after Jai moved behind the bar. The fact that
I would still be around and could help seemed to satisfy
him. Also that fact that even though he was losing Jason
as a rep he was still keeping it in the family with me it turned
out ok in the end. We decided to wait to tell the staff, as
Jai and I left the faces of the people I had become close to
flashed before my eyes. Megan, La'tifa, Riko, Robin,
the twins who vanished, Ebony.

It was a scary feeling, they were all I had known since I moved
here. They watched me go from unhealthy pathetic Dave to
healthy not so pathetic Dave. Boys to Men really got it right
man. It really is "hard to say goodbye to yesterday"
cheesy but true. "God I hate being an adult"
I muttered to Jai as I drove us back the short distance to
SRO. "Agreed" he said in solemn recognition
that no matter how immature we remained we were getting
older whether we liked it or not.

"I am really glad you are here man" I said when
we pulled back into SRO's parking lot. "Yeah
me too. I think I might put down my stake and see what I can
pan out" He said. We got out of the car and walked in
right as our group was walking out. "what's up?
we asked. "The guy said we can come by today and look
at it. He is already moved out and is there right now doing
some yard work" Jason said.

Morgan came to my side and took my hand intertwining her
fingers into mine "you ok?" she asked quietly.
I flashed her my best smile "yeah, just a lot of history
with that place. It had to happen sooner or later anyway.
Might as well be for a good reason" I told her. She squeezed
my hand to tell me she was there and we turned and went to my
truck. "Maybe I should wait" Morgan said looking
nervous "why?" Jason asked confused. Morgan
waved her hand over her body "well" she said.
She didn't have to say the words. She was worried that
we might get penalized because of how Rock n Roll she looked
compared to the rest of us. It's not like she had a bull
ring in her nose or anything like that. She was just a gorgeous
girl who chose to get a few piercings and a giant tattoo.

"Bulltshit" Jai said. "Agreed"
Jason followed. Morgan looked from one to the other. "Get
in the truck bitch before I beat you like the dog Jai is"
I told her smiling. "Hey!" Jai whined making
us all laugh. "I love you guys" Cher said faking
wiping tears from her brown eyes. "I could just cry"
Kitty joked. Morgan beamed at me and we all piled into my
big blue Expedition.

Jason guided us there from the directions the guy had given
him over the phone. It was farther away from our condo then
we originally thought but it was a damn nice neighborhood
like ours. A guy in his 50's with white hair and expensive
looking loafers greeted us in the driveway. He was a little
opened mouthed as we all piled out of the car. Jason stepped
up to him and stuck his hand out, the guy had to look up at Jason
to meet his eyes. Immediately Jason and I became adults
and slipped into the business persona that made us successful.
Morgan would later tell me it was like seeing a whole different

The house was beautiful and big. The master bedrooms one
on the main floor and one on the second floor were a good size
and the bathrooms were spacious. The showers were large
enough to fit all 6 of us in them at one time if we smashed together.
The only thing that didn't seem to fit in the house were
the old black dial appliances. Other then that it was a hell
of a nice house. He walked us out to the nice sized landscaped
back yard. Queen palms gently bent against the 10 foot grey
privacy fence and flower beds and bushes filled in the area
in between. The heated pool was a very nice size and was bigger
then some indoor pools hotels had. The detached garage
had a square awning that hung over a concrete patio that
perfectly fit a 5 person wood incased hot tub.

I could hear Kitty squeak as she looked at the pool and hot
tub. Jai and the rest trailed behind Jason and I as we walked
the property with the owner. At the end of the tour he stopped
us by the pool and asked us some questions. Two of them being
who exactly was renting the house and do any of you have a
criminal record. Jai stepped forward and threw as much
Cajun into his accent as possible "I have some stuff
when I was 20 but nothing more then disturbing the peace
and some vandalism for egging someones house" he
started. Then he brought up the big one "I have an assault
charge from 02 but it was because I was working as a bouncer
on Bourbon St in downtown New Orleans and some tourist was
out of hand."

That started a 10 minute conversation about how much the
owner loved to go to New Orleans for business and how much
he enjoyed the town. Apparently he was a sales guy for Union
Pacific which led to another 10 minute conversation because
UP's headquarters are in Omaha, Nebraska where I
am from. The owner turned out to be a pretty nice guy if not
a little perverted though. I can't tell you how many
times I caught him checking out Kitty, Morgan, and Cher.
"what are your credit scores like?" He asked.
He about fell into the pool when he heard about Jai's.

Jai's outward appearance may say that he is a paycheck
to paycheck kind of guy and the raccoon's ass on his
shirt maybe helped that but he was damn good with money.
Jason and I had good credit scores but Jai's was almost
800 thanks to a life of charging and paying off everything
he owned. The owner explained that he would be moving states
for a year and that was why he only wanted to rent it for that
period of time. He also warned us things could change because
UP moved their people around the country like chess pieces.

We got down to brass tax and talked price, after an hour we
managed to drop a decent amount off if we agreed to take care
of all non major repairs and yard work. We kind of screwed
ourselves but promised to replace any appliances that
went out. That could have been a tragedy but he seemed cool
to work with us. In the end he pulled out a 7 page contract
and the three of us signed it. He made sure we knew he was taking
a big risk doing this on faith. Jason dialed up our current
landlord we had and informed him that we wouldn't be
resigning after our 6 months was up. He handed the phone
to the owner of the house and they had a quick conversation
that seemed to settle his nerves about us even more.

Since Jason was going to be forking out the deposit and the
first month rent we gave him his choice of master bedrooms.
Jai and I played paper rock scissors or rochambeau for the
other master bedroom. I won but to Jai it didn't matter
much the other rooms were plenty big. We made a deal with
the owner to move in at the beginning of February but would
pay the security deposits and first months rent by the up
coming Friday.

The drive back to our condo was filled with the girls going
nuts over having boyfriends with a pool and a hot tub. It's
the simple things in life really. We made one rule that everyone
agreed on "if we didn't know you or you weren't
vouched for by any of the six of us you were not going to be
getting into the house. Jason's phone beeped and he
checked it before passing it off to me to read. Jai had sent
him an email the said "Pajama Jammy Jam" We did
our best to hold our laughter in while the girls tried to
figure out what was sent. Jason and Jai deleted it so they
were left in the dark.

The rest of the month went by in a blink, I was out of my mind
busy with having three jobs and trying to pack up the house.
Morgan and I's sex life suffered because by the time
she came over I was either already passed out or was on my
way. More then once I feel asleep while she sucked my cock,
thankfully she never made me pay for it. The girls did all
they could to help us while we were all at work, and it turn
it created a strange situation.

They stayed over every night and every morning I woke up
with Morgan using me as a cuddle pillow. The same with the
other two couples as Kitty and Cher were always there as
well. Since all three of them lived with their parents it
wasn't like they had a home to take care of. (I know it
hurt when I wrote it) So basically we all lived together
for 2 weeks and it was funny and sexy as hell. There was always
someone in tiny panties or completely naked running around
at all hours. The cooking dance became like American gladiators
as we all dodged and weaved around each other while we cooked
our food.

It got to the point were we became a well oiled machine of
dishwashing, laundry services, house cleaning, and take
out buying. We had a bowl with loose money from whomever
did the laundry that occasionally bought pizza for everyone.
The three of us guys didn't fight much if ever but the
girls could have some knock out drag out yelling matches
about weird things. One of my favorites was "who ate
my pancakes" as Morgan and Kitty went nose to nose.
Kitty accused Morgan of eating them, Morgan accused Kitty
of everything else. They both told Cher where to go when
she tried to step in and mediate. They tried to get us to take
sides but we skillfully dodged any attempts to form an alliance.

In the end they were still in the fridge under a bag of spring
mix lettuce and were in fact not eaten. They had a good laugh
about that and in the end they shared the blueberry pancakes.
"what in the hell?" I asked Jai as they carried
on like nothing had ever happened. "don't ask
me dude but I am not looking forward to when it's that
time of the month" he muttered back. Cher had over
heard us and slapped him in the back of the head. "we
get the shot so YOU don't have to worry about that"
she scolded him. I started to laugh at Jai rubbing his head
and she whacked me for laughing. We were probably lucky
we didn't get grounded or something.

The rep job Jason had gotten me turned out to be not so bad
and was actually a little bit of fun. It forced me to drive
all over hell but I it also made me a lot more familiar with
the town that I lived in. Gary turned out to be a decent guy
who didn't bother me that much except to call and randomly
quiz me on product line and promotions. He kept telling
me that I had exceeded Jason's praises of me and to keep
up the hard work. Mrs. Bianchi was absolutely ecstatic
that she was getting me as a rep and used her Italian mafia
like negotiating abilities to get me to show her the profit
margin lists. She told me she was using them so she could
tell her buyer how best to deal with the her rep. Since both
her beverage buyer and her rep was me I figured she just wanted
to see how bad she had been getting screwed on tier pricing.

Sunday January 29th 2006 I was laying in bed listening to
Morgan breath deeply as she slept on me. We had worked hard
to get the condo sparkling clean and things packed away
in boxes. It was amazing how much shit we had accumulated
since I moved here back in August. The girls had pretty much
saved our asses since all three of us were working so much.

Jai had settled in and taken to the job like a duck takes to
water. His quick wit and the fact he was actually from New
Orleans gave Bourbon Street some credibility. Everyone
was shocked and sad when I informed them all that I would
just be filling in and working weekends as a bouncer. Megan
and Riko seemed to take it the hardest and Robin told me that
I was missing out on finishing what we started way back at
Halloween. They all knew I had a girlfriend now and none
of them could complain because they all had boyfriends
even Robin now. However I think they assumed we would still
"connect" at some point. I had a soft spot in
my heart for a few people but I knew it could never work out
because of their relationships as well as mine now.

I couldn't help but smile as I looked down at the top
of Morgan's head. I have no idea how she could sleep
so comfortably on me. She was 5'7 123lbs after all and
I was 5'10 195. It wasn't like she was pocket sized
or anything, but she still managed to find a comfortable
spot on me to pass out every night. It had taken a while to
get used to being trapped on my back all night but then again
I had no choice.

There were a few times when I rolled over and poor Morgan
went flying off to one side or the other. Including a few
tragic mistakes where she was tragically tossed off the
bed. She would get back up and roughly push me on my back then
belly flop on me knocking the wind out of me. In the end I started
sleeping in the middle to avoid the flying girlfriend syndrome
lol. God this is making me laugh as I remember it lol. One
night I heard an "aaaawk" and then a loud thud.
Then Morgan cussing up a storm lol. I have tears in my eyes
lol. Sorry moving on. lol Hold on I need a minute lol.

I ran my fingers through her black hair and let the feeling
of the silky strands tickle the insides of my fingers. After
a while it woke her up and she started to moan softly into
my stomach. She gave a great big yawn then planted some kisses
on my stomach to tell me good morning. She shifted her body
and put her chin on my stomach to look at me. The softness
of her breasts pressing against my groin started to wake
me up as she shifted herself into a comfortable position.
In doing so the longer left side of her hair fell into her
face covering it from her nose and left. She spent the next
minute or so cross eyed while trying to blow it away.

I laughed and reached down and pushed it aside for her, she
gave me a sweet smile as a thanks. "mmm you are getting
hard" she hummed. "That's because it's
trapped between your tits and it feels good" I told
her while still holding her hair to the side. "mmm
yeah" she chortled. She inhaled a deep breath through
her nose "speaking of tits I have something to ask
you?" she said pushing her chin into my gut. "ok
shoot" I really want to get another tattoo but I wanted
to ask you first. It would be visible so I wasn't sure
how you would feel about that. "what does that have
to do with tits?" I laughed. "nothing. but seriously
how would you feel about it" she said bringing her
arms under her chest and lifting her self up to look at me.

She took my semi hard cock in her hands and caressed me absentmindedly.
She had become completely comfortable with me over the
month and her sexuality seemed to only get more intense.
She was easily a fantasy turned reality, she loved having
sex and all things close to it. She had no inhibitions with
me what so ever and was willing to do anything I asked of her.
We hadn't experimented to much yet with things like
anal or anything overly kinky but I knew all I had to do was
ask. What made her even more hot was the fact that she got
genuinely excited about the things we did and even came
up with a lot of them herself. God I loved it when she would
do the straddle splits as she rode me or put her legs behind
her head when she was on her back.

Morgan brought my hardening cock to her lips and gave it
several small kisses before she started bouncing it off
her chin. "where would it be?" I asked curiously.
"well" she said letting my cock fall back to
my stomach and sat up between my legs. "I actually
want a couple. A music cliff and notes from here to here in
black and white" she said drawing a line with her finger
from where her elbow bent to half way down her forearm. "and
I also want a tattoo on the top of my foot. I found the cutest
design I will show you in one of my books" she said excitedly.
"and how would you feel about me dying my hair to a brilliant
dark blue?" she asked looking sheepish.

I let out a laugh at how excited she looked "I don't
care what tattoo's you get or what color you die your
hair. As long as you don't get something stupid like
a tattoo on the side of your neck or a tattoo on your gorgeous
face I don't care. You are you and I wouldn't want
you any other way." I told her honestly. Her face became
more excited and her smile lit up the dim room. She reached
down and took my cock back in her hands "you will pay
for your awesomeness!" she giggled diabolically.
She tugged my cock a few times and got a mischievous look
on her face.

"for my special boy I have a special gift for you now"
she cooed. She let her chin touch her shoulder and gave me
a cute face. I know how much you love looking at my pussy and
KNOW how much you love my ass sooooo" she sang. She
jumped up on her knees and while keeping her hand on my cock
turned around show me her back. While still holding my cock
behind her she lifted her knee over my leg and pushed it to
the center before doing the same thing with her other.

Morgan backed up and pushed my cock between her ass cheeks
and turned around. She looked so happy it was funny "now
you can watch your cock punish me and see my ass spread wide
open for you". The way her ass looked split by my cock
and how her back curved up to her shoulders make my cock jump
in her hands. She looked adorable and sexy at the same time
as she looked back at me over her left shoulder with her hair
falling over her face. "just lay back and enjoy"
she said. Morgan let her chest fall to my legs and I felt her
hard nipples and firm tits brush the tops of my shins.

Morgan sat on me her with knees pressed to her sides, her
size 7.5 half feet pressed up against my sides and she curled
her toes. She lifted up her ass and slid my cock up and down
the crack of her ass while her soaking wet pussy saturated
the bottom of my shaft. "your pussy is always so wet
in the morning" I sighed happily as she continued
moving her ass up and down along my cock. She looked back
with her hair falling in her face and used her tiny baby girl
voice. "that's because I always dream about
you baby and it makes me soooo wet" she cooed then giggled.

"ah haah" she sighed with an exaggerated shocked
happy face. She leaned forward a little bit so she could
rub her pussy higher up my shaft. "oooo it tickles"
she laughed. "hold it between my ass baby" she
cooed. I reached down and pushed against the top of my shaft
and nestled it up tight against her pussy and ass. Morgan
used both of her hands to spread her ass wide and pushed against
me as she slid her hips up and down. "I think the first
time we fuck in your new house you will need to be in my tight
little asshole." she said again in her baby girl voice.
I watched as she crawled the fingers in her right hand toward
her asshole. She tapped her pointer finger against her
ass in time to her words. "put your cock right in here"
she said slowly.

"I would love that" I told her with a smile. "ah
haaah" she laughed "I know" and then lifted
her ass up high before sliding her pussy hard against my
now rock hard cock. She shivered "I feel like I could
cum just from this" Morgan gasped. "but I know
you want to see this" she sighed and sunk her pointer
finger into her ass. She pushed hard against my cock splitting
her dripping pussy lips with my shaft and slowly finger
fucked her herself.

"oooo I bet your big cock is just going to punish my
ass and stretch it wide open" she purred. She pulled
the finger sunk in her ass to the side trying to open her asshole.
"oooooo yes I can't wait. Just a few more days
until you can stretch me open" she moaned. Her back
was arching up and down every time she sunk her finger in
deeper. When she finally had it almost all the way in she
wiggled her finger "Ohhh ummm" she moaned.

"you ready baby? You ready to fuck me?" she asked
in a pouty voice. "yes baby give me that pussy"
I said in a deep voice. "ah haah" she gasped again.
Morgan kept her finger in her ass and lifted her hips up as
high as she could "put it inside me baby" I pushed
my cock forward and pressed the tip against her hot wet opening.
I watched as she adjusted her hips and then lowered them.
The head of my cock sunk into her pussy and it closed down
around me. The intense pressure was increased due to the
position and it looked almost painful how it forced her
open. "nyahhh" she cried out as she lowered
her hips forcing more of me inside her.

She wiggled her finger again and gasped when she found my
dick with it. "can you feel my finger?" she asked
while wiggling it. "yes baby" I answered her.
She let out another moan and pulled her finger from her ass.
She sat up and leaned back forcing me deep inside her. "fuuuuck"
she whined. Her ass pushed against my lower stomach and
she arched her back as she sat up right. Her feet lifted against
my sides and curled. She looked back at me over her right
shoulder and brought her finger to her mouth. She smiled
and stuck her tongue out and swirled it around the finger
that had just been in her ass. "I love being dirty for
you" she cooed.

I watched as she closed her eyes and sucked on her finger
as if she was sucking my cock. "mmmhmmm" she
moaned and started to buck her hips. She screamed as the
head of my cock forced itself over her cervix. Her ass pushed
against my stomach compressing it a little and giving me
a beautiful view. I put my hands on her hips and ass and squeezed
her flesh as she continued to ride me and suck on her finger.
"nyaaahhh baby" she cried. "yesss baby
oh your cock feels so good deep inside me" she whined.
All at once she pulled her finger out of her mouth and fell
forward. She braced her hands on my shins and rolled her
hips to fuck me.

The sight of her amazing tight ass, the way her back flexed,
how her legs looked against me and her feet as they curled
in pleasure. The sight of my cock sliding in and out of her
pussy in clear view as her she flexed her asshole. How her
body naturally revealed her sexiest secrets like how her
ass separated like curtains being pulled back at a community
playhouse when she leaned forward showing her asshole
and pussy perfectly. Morgan's pussy was white hot
and tried in vein to crush my hard cock into dust.

Her insides spasmed and gripped me tightly as I pleasured
her insides with my tool. "baby your making me cum!
I am going to cum" she cried. Her head lowered and turned
to the side as she powered her hips through her orgasm. In
a feeling I had come to know and love her pussy flooded me
with her slippery hot cum while her walls vibrated around
my cock like a drum. As he screaming and her orgasm reached
their peaks at the same time her pussy locked down tight.
I could feel the rippling of her muscles and they milked
my hard cock.

The sensations along the shaft of my dick and in the head
made my body tingle. The way her impossibly tight pussy
always tried to force me out after she came from it's
spasming. Morgan lifted her hips and slammed them down
changing her rhythm and style. Her ass shook a little as
she lifted up and came back down faster and faster. "fuu
huu huuhck" she cried. Her whines and cries filling
in the gaps between outbursts.

"Baby you have to cum in me. I can't take much more"
she begged " cum baby please cum" she pleaded.
I hated how she could beg my body to respond and it followed
her pleas. She was the only woman who I had been with that
was able to make me react like that. I felt my body heat up
well over 100 degrees and felt the quaking in my lower stomach.
My cock started to jump inside her involuntarily and she
cried out her acceptance "yesss" she hissed.
"I can tell you're going to cum. My pussy always
knows" she groaned.

She switched from up and down pounding to rolling her hips
and then would push her ass back into me making my cock rub
against her insides. "Again" she cried and
saliva fell from her lips onto my leg. Her body tensed up
and as her second orgasm over took her. She faltered in her
movements and trembled "oh my God" she said
deeply. More of her cum gushed over my cock and her spasming
pussy gripped me again.

The pressure that had been building in my loins had finally
reached it boiling point. I grabbed her hips hard and tried
to crush them with my strength. "owwww" she
cried out in pain but didn't stop riding me. Cum exploded
from the head of my cock with such force it actually felt
uncomfortable for a minute before the intense pleasure
slammed into my body like waves into a rocky shoal. My deep
grunts joined Morgan's high pitched cries as my orgasm
poured into her. She sucked in a great breath and held it
as she was forced into multiple orgasms as I came.

We both seemed to be in pain as we fucked through our huge
orgasms and continued until neither one of us could take
any more sensations. Morgan collapsed on my legs and gulped
air as she tried to come down. I had to grit my teach as the
end of my cock got forced into her cervix. We lay panting
and pulsing for long minutes until we were able to move.
Morgan pushed her ass up my stomach until my cock pulled

She lifted her ass up again and hovered over my cock making
sure I had a full view of her pussy. She looked straight at
the wall and tensed her abdomen. A little air came from her
pussy and made her laugh as she continued to strain. My cum
came rushing out of her pussy and poured over my still rigid
dick. She strained and flexed until she had pushed out as
much of my cum as she could. She spun on her knees and got down
on her belly between my legs. She rested her chin on my scrotum
carefully as so not to hurt me and smiled. "Are you
ready for a little more of your special gift?" she

I laughed a "yes" She gave me a cheesy happy grin
and baby voiced and "O kay" She slid up my body
and looked down at the mess she had made. "first we
will start here" she said she leaned down and stabbed
her tongue into a pool of white and swirled it around. She
lifted her tongue up and wiggled it at me. It was covered
in me and I started to drip off of it. She lowered her head
again curled her tongue and scooped up as much as possible.
She went cross eyed as she looked down her nose at what was
on the tip of her tongue. I laughed at her funny face. She
recoiled her tongue and made a show of swallowing it. "ahh

She continued to suck up and play with my cum including a
long loving sensual kiss up and down my cum soaked shaft.
In the end she even got some on the tip of her little nose.
She wiped it off and laughed before sucking her finger clean.
She crawled up my body and gave me frisky loud kisses on my
stomach before letting her head fall to my chest. I wrapped
my arms around her bare back and pulled her tight. She brought
her balled fist up under her chin and sighed.

"I was never like this before you know. I am not usually
this dorky" she said as if telling me something I didn't
know. "I know, I've seen you change. With everyone
else you are this unapproachable dangerous chick. But
with me you are an adorable Jackass" I laughed. Morgan
gave me a painful bite to the upper stomach "ow"
I laughed "sorry sorry!" She muttered something
about "better be" the nuzzled against me again.

"do you know why I am always touching you and can't
let you out of my sight" she said quietly. "you
mean let me out of arms reach?" I joked. I had to fend
off her tries to bite me again for a while after that. "no
I am serious so please listen." she said in her razor
sharp voice that everyone else got. "I am afraid that
you will disappear." she said. I could feel the seriousness
in her voice so I stayed quiet. "I know I am irrational.
I know when I am doing it that I am going overboard but I can't
seem to stop. I've tried."

The tone in her voice seemed to change as she spoke. "when
we first started hanging out I thought you were hot of course
but definitely not my type. You knew that though, anyway
the more we hung out the more I found myself getting attached
to you for some reason. I found myself wanting to be with
you while wanting to run away from you at the same time."
She paused for a minute then nuzzled her face against me.

"Kit and I talked and she convinced me I should give
"US" a try maybe. Her and Cher think you are amazing
and they tried to convince me. Kit had just finally beaten
me enough to talk to you about maybe going out on a date or
something when that girl" She said trailing off.
"when I saw her grab onto you in the kitchen I started
to panic." I could feel the tremble in her voice through
my chest. "I took off and cried all night and I didn't
know why. I knew I kind of liked you but that was it. I don't
know why I freaked out and I don't know why I cried so
much that night."

She drug her cheek across me and put her hand flat onto my
lower chest. She rested her chin between her knuckles and
looked into my eyes. I looked into hers and saw all the different
colors around her pupils in a sea of Jade green. She blinked
slowly before continuing. When I saw you again after that
I was scared. I was so nervous about seeing you and I don't
know why. When we did you just said "hi" and walked
by like I wasn't there and I panicked again. I felt as
if I had lost you somehow and that really scared me. I got
so sad that I went home a cried again."

Morgan looked away and toward the long blinds that covered
my door to the patio. She watched them sway for a minute before
speaking again. Up until I came over on Christmas I tried
to figure out why I was reacting to you so much. When I finally
couldn't take it anymore I left my family's house
and came over here. I was so scared that you hated me, which
is stupid because why would you hate me?" she laughed.

"when you kissed me" she said looking far away.
"when you kissed me I felt like everything just washed
away and I felt like a feather. It was like letting out a breath
after you had been holding it in forever, you know?"
she said not really looking for confirmation. After that
night I was so happy but at the same time I was so scared. I
was scared, now that I had you I could lose you at any second.
I would be at work and have mini freak outs wondering if some
girl had gotten you. When I didn't see you I started
to panic thinking you would just not come back one day"

She blinked her eyes as they started to water and she laid
her head back down on my chest so I couldn't look at her.
"I am scared that if I let you go even for a minute I wouldn't
ever get you back. It's like I felt so secure having
you around that when I saw that girl with you before we got
together everything just shattered. Now I am afraid all
the time and need, like seriously NEED to be touching you
all the time so that I feel safe.

The words she was saying to me probably should have worried
me a little. This was much more then a worry over cheating
or a worry that we might break up. I might have read it wrong
but it felt like she was telling me that I was important for
her mental health and that would be a bad thing. I was really
starting to worry as she spoke up again.

"It's because somewhere between meeting you
and between seeing that girl I think I fell in love with you"
she said. The thoughts that I was having melted away. Her
words though extreme started to make a little bit more sense.
"When you told me that night I lost control because
I think deep down I wanted you to say that so badly but I was
afraid to admit it. I have also been afraid to bring it back
up because I don't want you to change your mind so I am
afraid to talk about it." I felt a tear hit my skin.

"for 5 years someone told me they loved me everyday.
He said so many things that made me feel good and he made so
many promises that it became my reality. I knew for certain
what my life was and were it was going. But he cheated on me
the whole time and when he got mad he would call me ugly and
call me worthless. He would tell me that I was stupid and
constantly tell me how much better the girls he cheated
on me with were. They were better looking, smarter, sexier,
funnier, better at sex." more tears fell to my chest
and she sniffled her stuffed up nose.

"For two years he said those harsh things to me. I stayed
with him and did everything I could to be better. I tried
to buy the cutest clothes and tried to do my make up right
and have my hair perfect. I even studied harder trying to
get smarter. I felt like I was trash and that is what he wanted
me to feel like. I had a break down before I was even 18"
she sniffled.

I felt so bad for her.

"I know it's just a high school romance and that
it was stupid but you have to understand I was with him almost
every day for 5 years. I went on vacations with his family.
His mom became like my mom too. Our parents would always
get together for bbq's and everyone always joked about
our wedding." she sniffled loudly. "when someone
is in your life for that long they become a major part of it
and have major influence over you. In the end I wasn't
strong enough to see what I was doing to myself or what he
was doing to me.I let myself become conditioned and it makes
me so mad"

Morgan let out a couple of soft sobs and then covered where
her tears had fallen with kisses as if apologizing for crying
on me. "After we broke up I started to get my piercings
and then I got my tattoo. I completely changed my look to
this" she said and ran her hand down her body. "I
let Kit talk me into being a stripper because I didn't
care then. At that time my ego also seemed to need all those
men telling me how amazing I was and how beautiful. Everything
he stopped telling me and everything I believed I wasn't.
I am just glad I didn't do anything stupid. At least
I was smart enough not to do that" she whispered.

I knew she meant things like sleeping around and getting
fucked up all the time. She hadn't gone out and gotten
fucked up on drugs or slept with anyone because she needed
to feel good. What she did was chose to work in a place that
she knew guys would give her desperately needed compliments.
So yes she used her looks and showed her body but she never
gave it away. She was a very smart girl whether she believed
it or not in my opinion.

"So yeah I chose my look and I pretty much told the world
to fuck off if you don't like the way I looked. Talk about
over compensation right" she laughed. "I do
love tattoos though thank God. I also love the way I look
now." Morgan turned her head so that she could look
at me. "I love that you love the way I look too. I love
that you accept me for who I am right now and I want you to know
how important that is to me." she gave me a long slow
wet kiss to the chest as more thanks.

"SO!" she said loudly making me jump. "I
know that I am only 19 and don't know anything. I know
I fell madly in love with you in less then a month. I know that
I have some freakish fear of losing you and I smother you
for my own piece of mind. I know I don't make sense and
that I am irrational and I know that I probably sound like
a nut ball." she laughed at herself "'but
I also know that will all my heart and soul I want you to love
me. I want you to hold me and never let me go and I want you Dave.
I want you so much" she said and the tears began to fall
from her eyes.

I reached down and pulled her up so that our noses touched.
"I do accept you Morgan. I don't think you are
a nut ball. I understand what you told me and I understand
you know the irrational stuff you do. But I don't think
there is a time limit on when you should fall in love with
someone, I actually happen to love that you smother me and
am starting to crave that myself. I also want you to know
I am a coward, I should have told you the truth. I am already
in love with you and have been freaking out myself that it
happened so fast so you aren't alone."

Morgan started to sob at me telling her I loved her. She sniffled
and blinked her eyes as tears poured from her eyes and just
stared at me. I put my hands to her wet cheeks and pulled her
to me. I kissed her tears away under each eye before kissing
her trembling lips. "I love you Morgan please trust
that and know I won't do anything to hurt you."
My words made Morgan sob harder but she smashed her lips
to mine and kissed me passionately through her cries.

"I love you Dave" She whispered through my lips.

To Be continued..........

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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To all the people who read my stories on a consistent basis.
I want to apologize for rambling on. I said in a story a while
back that so much happened in Houston that it would be hard
to write about. I am trying to do a better job of proof reading
before I post. In doing so I find that I am starting to ramble
and for that I am sorry.

It's taking 4 posts just for 2 days! I have one part that
I have to go back through and edit. I wrote it when I was exhausted
and I just put down everything that I remembered. It's
long and I think I talked about mowing the lawn while the
girls did yard work for like 9 paragraphs. That is just me
getting out of hand I think. I also realize I am typing like
I talk. That makes for one long ass weird structured sentence.
For that I am also sorry.

After I have posted all that I have written I will start trying
to make them shorter. As I look back I realize I am writing
a damn novel here. Also sorry. It's just easy to look
off into the past and remember it through my fingers. I started
out writing these for my own messed up kind of therapy and
I will continue to write for me. I very much appreciate all
the vote. Even the "Don't Like" that one
guys likes to do on most of my stories. (you know who you are)

However the reason I am writing these is so I can dump it out
on strangers and working through things instead of paying
a shrink to do it for me lol. How you like them apples "don't
like" guy?

^^^^ see now I am rambling again. And sorry again. lol..

Have a great day


Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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I'm one of your loyal readers and appreciate the time
and energy you put into your stories.Sorry that you need
to do this for therapy instead of just sharing some fond
memories of the past.I can tell you as time passes the best
times are what you will remember and some of the bad times
, realize it wasn't that awful.Some people would
give their left nut to have shared in some of your escapades
regardless of the outcome.Consider yourself lucky to
have found so many good people in life that you can call friends.They
are hard to come by!


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yes i agree, and i love and always look forward to the next
parts. It is better to have loved and been loved than not
at all. Most of us wish we could get as lucky as you.


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so are you and morgan still together, stay in touch, wish
i could find an amazing woman like that


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quote billybruce4:
I'm one of your loyal readers and appreciate the time and energy you put into your stories.Sorry that you need to do this for therapy instead of just sharing some fond memories of the past.I can tell you as time passes the best times are what you will remember and some of the bad times , realize it wasn't that awful.Some people would give their left nut to have shared in some of your escapades regardless of the outcome.Consider yourself lucky to have found so many good people in life that you can call friends.They are hard to come by!
The problem is that I never talk to anyone about personal
things. So I figured this would help, telling the most intimate
details of my life good or bad to strangers. At first it was
shock therapy lol but now it has gotten a lot easier. Believe
it or not the sex parts are very hard for me to write so that
slows me down.

I think about those intimate moments and I struggle with
putting words to them at times. I find myself repeating
over and over again the things I really liked. I get wrapped
up in the memory of the moment and find myself going on an
on. If I let myself I could probably write an entire chapter
of just an intimate moment.

As far as friends? Jai and Jason have become my family, SPOILER
ALERT. We still haven't grown up. Right now we are spread
out all over the country but shortly I will be back in Houston,
and so will Jai. We are older now and supposedly wiser, however
I am sure after reading so much about us you can probably
tell that is easier said then done lol. I am rambling again

I want to thank you for following my stories and being a "loyal
reader" It gives me the drive to keep going. Thank
you very much for your compliment and the encouragement.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Dave, You are doing a marvelous job. Please do not change
your style. It is unique and that makes your stories so wonderful.
Do not feel sorry, your rambling always made sense and I
felt you are connecting the dots wonderfully.

Keep it up Dave, I almost ignore all other stpries to read

Happy New Year to you Dave


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quote importentman2:
Dave, You are doing a marvelous job. Please do not change your style. It is unique and that makes your stories so wonderful. Do not feel sorry, your rambling always made sense and I felt you are connecting the dots wonderfully.

Keep it up Dave, I almost ignore all other stpries to read yours.

Happy New Year to you Dave
Happy New Year to you as well! Sorry it took me so long to respond.
I am glad you can understand them easily. I am trying to get
straight to some points and not explain them to death but
old habits you know..

Thank you

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.