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Houston and the Confession


"Rin and I had to go to work early. Love you and have
a great night at work babe. Love Morgan and Rin" I set
that note back on the pillow and went to change into my clothes
for my Friday night of bouncing at Bourbon Street. "Dave!
Can I borrow your bar key? I can't find mine anywhere"
Jai yelled from the kitchen. "Yeah bro it's in
my glove box!" I yelled back. Jai had to go to work early
since Robin would be late today.

"I'll drive tonight" Jason said as I came
out of my bedroom. "Roger that" I told him throwing
myself on the couch. "Morgan was really fucking you
up last night" he laughed. "The screaming was
so loud Kit and I thought you guys were right outside the
door". I shook my head "that was Rin dude. I don't
know what was up with her last night but she pretty much grudge
fucked me" I told him. "what's up with that?"
he asked. I just shrugged at laid my head back on the couch.
"She's been weird since last night" I sighed.
"I have no idea why"

I couldn't imagine that Brandy would affect her that
much, after all she was flirting with Jason the most. I thought
about how passionate she was last night. Even Morgan was
a little surprised but in the end it turned her on even more.
She seemed to not think anything of it and loved how aggressive
Rin was."maybe I am just over analyzing things again"
I thought to myself.

That night at work was filled with angry angry aaaangry
little people. We had as many girl fights as we did guy fights.
It got so bad that Jai had to come around the bar and help us
out as one drunk went nutty. He was so dead set against leaving
that he picked up a chair from one of the tables and started
to swing it at us. The fucker actually hit me in the chest
and arm with a damn chair leg and left welts on me from the

It was drizzling as we drove home at almost 3:00 in the morning
"I think I am hitting the hot tub before bed"I
told him as I looked at the long purple bruise on my upper
right arm. "sounds good bro" Jason agreed.
We didn't have to be at work until 8pm the next night
so we had plenty of time to sleep during the day. We amazingly
got home before the girls for once. I wandered into my room
and changed into my swim trunks so that I could soak my sore
body. "Damn" I hissed as I looked at the chair
leg bruise that started on the outside of my right arm and
went across my right peck at an angle.

It was an angry purplish red and was slightly raised due
to swelling. "he got me good" I told myself in
the mirror. I grabbed a towel and went into the kitchen to
find Jason in his trunks setting out a handle jug of Captain
and a two liter of coke. "figure we might as well do
it right and damn son that dude got you good" he said
when he saw me looking at the bottle. "eh why not"
I shrugged. I turned on the Christmas lights in the backyard
and walked out into the cool drizzly night.

I pulled the large brown padded cover off the hot tub and
turned on the lights and jets to get the water moving. I grabbed
a big red lighter off the grill and went around lighting
the citronella filled Tiki torches around the backyard.
I figured that wet would bring mosquitos and I had had enough
wounds for one night. What sounded like two cars pulled
into our driveway just as Jason was setting down the booze
and Coke on the hot tub steps. "I thought Rin road with
them?" I remembered thinking to myself.

Cher came through the wooden gate with Morgan and Rin in
tow. "Hey guys" Jason said with a little wave.
The first thing that I noticed was that Rin looked pissed.
Morgan was her happy go lucky self however and came right
up to me. Her smile faded as she saw my war wound. "OH
MY GOD BABY! Are you ok?" She asked looking concerned.
"Yeah just a scratch" I told her as she pulled
me toward the back door and more light.

Rin's pissed expression changed into one of worry
as I got closer. "Oh my God" she said as she moved
close to me. Both girls hovered their fingers over the bruise
but didn't touch it. Rin sucked air over her tongue
in a hiss "does it hurt?" she asked with a pained
expression. "A little but not bad" I told her.
Morgan's face dropped "oh baby I'm sorry"

She leaned forward and gave me gentle kisses along the bruise
on my chest while Rin's hand found the back of my head.
She played with my hair with concern on her face and had seemed
to temporarily forgotten what she was pissed about. She
was reminded again as the privacy gate opened. "We
have a really kickass backyard" Kitty's southern
twang told our visitor. Standing there in a black cut off
tank top and dark skin tight denim jeans was the redhead
with a black suitcase in tow.

I winced as Rin dug her long fingernails into the back of
my neck. Morgan however had worked her kisses to my arm as
was not stopping. "OH DAMN! What happened Dave?"
Kitty asked concerned. She reached out and lightly touched
a spot that Morgan hadn't made it too yet. "Just
some drunk assholes" Jason said from behind me. He
walked up as if he wasn't surprised to see the redhead
in our backyard. "Hey Brandy" he said.

She gave him and toothy grin "Hi Jason" she said
in her cute raspy tone. "Thanks a lot by the way"
She told him again. "No problem" he responded
happily. I wasn't sure what she was thanking him for
but the suitcase had given me an idea. Morgan had finished
her last loving wet kiss on my arm when I asked what was up.
"Brandy is going to stay with us for a couple of days
until she finds a better hotel." Morgan said before
leaning in and giving me a soft kiss on my lips.

I could hear Rin's tiny disapproving grunt at Morgan's
words. In my head I was yelling "what the fuck"
out loud I said "gotcha". Kitty took the handle
of Brandy's rolling suitcase "come girl I will
show you around" She said and walked toward the back
door. Brandy looked Jason and I up and down before she turned
to follow Kitty into the house. "What happened to
the vote?" I asked Jason while I watched Rin's
face twist into something very unhappy.

"The girls voted and we really didn't have a say.
I guess Brandy was staying in a really shitty hotel and when
Kitty found that out she refused to let her stay there. They
are looking for a safer place for her to stay while she is
here" He told me. I looked at Morgan for a further explanation.
"Kitty insisted and it's only for a couple of
days" She said with a shrug. Morgan leaned in and pressed
her lips against mine "and if she tries anything with
you Rin and I will drown her ass in the pool" She said
way to happily.

She pressed her lips to mine with a "Mwah" and
turned to walk into the house. "I think we might need
more drinks" Jason said either sensing Rin's
unhappiness or just because he wanted to see where Brandy
was going to sleep. "You are really upset at this aren't
you?" I asked Rin. She crossed her arms across her
chest and dropped her weight on her left foot. "I just
have a bad feeling about her is all." She said with
a sneer and a head shake. "I told Morgan about it but
it was already too late to change it." Rin told me looking
none to happy.

Rin stood up straight and stepped toward me with an intense
look in her brown eyes. I flinched a little as she put her
arms around my neck and laced her fingers. "The good
news is that I have decided to move in as of now." Rin
had been reluctant to move in with us due to the fact she thought
she would be intruding. Apparently that fear had been pushed
aside. "So that should work out nicely for you"
she said with a sweet smile. Rin leaned in and pressed her
lips against mine then opened wide into a tongued filled
kiss. I moved my hand to her face as our mouths and tongues
moved with one another's. The hair on the back of my
neck stood up and not from the cool drizzle falling onto
my bare torso. I could feel an unknown emotion transferring
from Rin's lips to my own. It gave me butterflies.

After our kisses slowed down to soft teases she pulled away.
"Rin what's wrong?" I asked. She looked
down at the stamped concrete patio and shrugged. "I
don't know" She said softly. She looked back
up and smiled a fake sweet smile at me. "It's nothing,
I am just a little crabby. Everything is ok" she said.
She leaned forward and gave me one of Morgan's open
mouth kisses on my bruise before she turned and walked into
the house.

"Yeah this should be fun" I whispered sarcastically.
Before I got in the hot tub I chugged a fair amount of the harsh
rum and chased it down with some Coke. The heat immediately
went to work on my sore muscles and I laid my head back and
let it work it's magic. I wasn't there long before
Jai walked through the back door "who's red Honda
is that out front?" He asked two steps into the backyard.
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you"
I sighed.

The door alarm went off and Jai asked his question again
"UUUhhhh" Rin growled as she walked past him
in her skimpy camouflage bikini. I stole a glance at the
swimsuit pressed tight against her pussy as she stepped
into the hot tub. My back was in the corner on the seat with
the bank of jets that had at one time tried to fuck Sara. The
jets felt great as they hit my body and massaged it. Rin settled
down next to me and draped her long legs over mine under the
water. She put her left arm around the back of my neck and
went back to playing with my hair.

"Are you sure you are ok?" I asked. She was acting
a little strange and she was making it a point to touch me,
it was almost like she had turned into a blonde Morgan. "She
just irritates me." She said in a frustrated tone.
"All night long in the dressing room she was complimenting
Kit and Morgan like crazy. Morgan blew it off but Kitty just
ate that shit up. Then she started to whine about her crappy
hotel and how AFRAAAID she was and poof" Rin said digging
her nails into the back of my head. I winced as she seemed
to find the exact same spot she had the before with her nails.

"I have seen girls like her before. They go from club
to club and state to state pulling off some shady shit. That's
all I'm saying" she added. "you don't
really think I would be interested in her do you?"
I asked still feeling the sting of her nails. Rin was staring
at the backdoor as she answered "We don't think
so but that doesn't mean she won't try something.
Morgan trusts you and so do I but I still don't want her
trying to hit on my boyfriend" Rin growled.

"Boyfriend?" I thought to myself. "What
the hell?" I know she wasn't even aware that she
said it. She was too focused on watching the backdoor like
a hawk for the redheaded intruder. We had all talked about
it and Morgan had joked about her being "Our Girlfriend"
but this was new for Rin to be so possessive. I felt a mix of
pride, excitement, and fear at what she said. "Rin
really considers me her boyfriend? When did this happen?"
I thought to myself.

"I must be dreaming. I bet I am laying somewhere in
a coma and this is all just a vivid fantasy" I laughed
to myself. The pain of Rin's nails digging into my neck
told me that wasn't the case when Brandy walked out
in a burnt orange bikini with Kitty in her paint splashed
one. The two 5'10 busty girls walked toward us carrying
towels and chatting excitedly back and forth. Brandy's
tall thin body really was nice, it didn't look like
it could support her big tits but it was still nice.

Rin and I pulled back our legs as the two girls stepped into
the hot tub one after the other. "I wish I had a skin
like yours Kitty" Brandy told her "I just get
more freckles and turn an orangish pink" she said
sadly as she looked down at her freckle covered forearms.
With her flame colored hair tied up in a bun it was easy to
see that her freckles went up her shoulders to the back of
her neck as well. The freckles on her prominent jaw and beautiful
features were easy to see in the blue glow from the hot tub

Morgan and Jason come out of the backdoor together carrying
some Malibu rum, Parrot Bay rum, orange juice, and what
looked like red Koolaide. They were chatting back and forth
about making sure that Jason never let me get hit with a chair
again at the risk of his own health. "Your girlfriend
is threatening me again" Jason said as he stopped
at the side of the hot tub. "Welcome to my world"
I told him all too seriously. "She can be evil when
it comes to my health. Even with me about my health"
I laughed remember how she forced me to eat more vegetables
and fruit.

Morgan climbed into the steaming tub in her tiny hot pink
Brazilian cut bikini and settled into my lap and put her
legs over Rin's that were over mine. With Rin pressed
against my side still playing with my hair and Morgan snuggling
into my lap until there was no hiding "us". Morgan
sat up with a start and looked back at me "is this ok
baby? is it hurting you?" she asked concerned. I laughed
and shook my head "No you're fine" She leaned
back and kissed me with a smile before settling her back
against my chest.

She wiggled her ass against my crotch and sighed happily
while watching Jason get in from behind Kitty and Brandy.
Brandy also watched Jason get in. With six people in the
hot tub and all over 5'7 legs were everywhere, only
Jason with his feet at the corner next to Rin had a clear area.
"So the three of you are a thing?" Brandy asked
and pointed just her finger out of the water. "Yes"
Rin said bluntly. Only Morgan and I seemed to notice the
barely contained venom behind those three little letters
it seemed.

"This house is hard to explain Jason told her as Kitty
moved into his lap. She leaned at an angle across his chest
and stretched her long legs on top of his. "I'm
from Cali nothing shocks me anymore" Brandy told
us. "We'll see about that" Cher giggled
as she appeared out of nowhere like a ghost. She was in her
usual tiny black bikini and was looking into the tub for
a place to sit. "Where's Jai?" I asked noticing
she was alone.

"He said he was covered in liquor and wanted to take
a shower" She told me as she walked up the steps and
sat herself down on the edge of the tub. She swung her little
brown legs over and dipped them into the pool. "um"
she said as she looked at the tangle of legs and bodies. Brandy
moved over and pressed her side up against Kitty and Jason
to let Cher sit down in the corner. Cher slipped in carefully
and floated into the seat and onto my foot. I felt the softness
of something settling down on the top of my toes.

"Someone's foot is trying to go up my coochi"
Cher said as she shifted her weight. "That would be
mine I think" I laughed. "Sorry" She let
out a little laugh "Just don't wiggle your toes"
Cher joked. Rin and Morgan chuckled while Kitty urged me
to wiggle them. Brandy had a little smile on her face as she
looked at each on of us in turn. Cher lifted my feet off the
bench and in turn Rin's and Morgan's and then let
them fall back onto her thigh. "there we go"
she said happily and settled her body into the molded corner

Everyone started to talk while Cher used her hands to move
my toes back and forth in an underwater fidget. This didn't
go unnoticed by Brandy and she seemed to have a little gleam
in her eye as she watched Morgan and Rin snuggle up against
me. Kitty asked Brandy about where she all had been and listened
intently to the new girls stories. I was pretty sure I could
hear Rin mumble under her breath but I couldn't tell
what she was saying.

We passed around the bottles of liquor and mixes each taking
turns trying to drain them to the best of our ability. Cher
tugged on my toes as she looked back over her shoulder "Where
is my old man?" She asked. "I dunno maybe he slipped
and fell in the shower" Jason joked. "That's
not funny Jason! People die in the shower all the time"
Cher said in half jest. "Well he is old maybe he got
confused and can't find his way out" Morgan laughed.
Cher laughed at that then gave her a pouty look "Don't
make fun of gran pappy Jai" That one got Rin laughing
finally and her face brightened from her scowl.

"How old is Jai? You guys are all 19 right?" Brandy
asked. Cher pointed at me "turned 27 in January"
then pointed to Rin "23" then to Jason turns
28 on the 26 of this month" she finished with Jason.
"Jai is 28" Jason told her, he is the oldest.
Brandy looked and Jason and me "Wow I thought you guys
were lower 20's at the most" she complimented
us. I felt Rin's fingers dig into my neck again and I
heard Morgan let out a little "hmm"

"I just turned 21 in December" Brandy told us.
"Older is better anyway. Am I right girls?"
Brandy laughed. "You got that right" Kitty
said happily and the girls gave each other a little high
five. "The way we treat Dave he will be lucky to make
it past thirty" Morgan said with a big smile. "He
will at least die happy" Rin laughed. Then they gave
each other their own little high five. It was at this moment
that I think Morgan believed Rin completely. Brandy was
a professional flirt and seemed to be almost sucking up
to however was easiest. Whatever her game was, whether
it be a hook up or something else we just couldn't tell

"You guys look like a bunch of sardines in a can!"
Jai's Cajun voice yelled as he walked out of the back
door. "We need a bigger hot tub!" Morgan yelled
back. "We don't even own this one" Jason
reminded us. "Details Details my friend" Jai
said as he walked up to the hot tub edge. He looked into the
water at all the legs going different ways. "Yeah
that ain't gonna work" He said. He turned around
and ran to the pool edge and threw himself in. "Well
the pool is still at 90" Kitty laughed. "only
13 degrees less" Jason agreed.

Cher lifted my foot off her thigh and stood up letting the
water pour down her little body. She gingerly stepped out
and followed Jai's lead with. "you getting in
the pool babe?" Kitty asked. "I think so"
He told her. They stood up together and crawled over the
back of the tub and joined the two already floating in the
pool leaving Brandy with the three of us. It got kind of awkward
after that.

I stretched my legs back out with Rin's and Morgan's
on top of mine and set them on the seat. Brandy floated into
the corner that Jason was sitting in and looked at us with
a smile. "So why is this house hard to explain?"
she asked the three of us at the same time. "Everyone
is always either fucking or naked" Morgan answered
her with a sly smile. "you all fuck each other like
swingers or something?" Brandy asked looking intrigued.

Morgan shook her head "No the three of us and then those
4 have some people that stay over sometimes" she answered.
"so then you're all bi?" Brandy asked with
a twinkle in her pale blue eyes. Morgan shifted in my lap
and leaned forward "well we are with him" Morgan
said with a cool voice. I could see Rin smile out of the corner
of my eye. Brandy's smile became huge on her freckle
covered face "that's pretty fucking hot that
you are all open like that" Brandy told Morgan.

The redhead turned toward the pool when she heard Kitty
laugh as Jason threw her into the air. "That's
totally cool that you all party down like that" Brandy
said watching Kitty pop back up laughing from under that
water. "Do you swap and stuff like that?" The
redhead asked. Morgan leaned forward a little more, her
hand came out of the water and she pointed her thumb back
at Rin. "We don't share him in bed at all and never
will but those other two are pretty crazy. Just get Kit drunk
and she would be all over you" Morgan told her.

"interesting" Brandy said before turning
back to look at us. "yeah we are freaks" Morgan
laughed and settled back against my chest. She pulled Rin's
and my hand out of the water and laced our fingers together.
She brought them to her lips and kissed the back of my hand
then Rin's while she looked at the redhead. I had a feeling
Morgan was politely claiming her territory.

"Come on Brandy! Come in the pool with us!" Kitty
yelled. Brandy smiled and stood up showing off her sexy
tall figure. She stepped over the hot tub and went to the
edge of the pool giving us an eyeful of her sexy ass. She sat
down and slipped into the warm water with the other four.
"Ok she has an agenda" Morgan said watching
her splash around. "told you" Rin said.

"For the record I have more than I deserve and I am not
interested in the least." I told them both. "that
just extended your life by a few centuries" Morgan
said continuing to watch the redhead splash around. "Well
she won't be here long so that's a plus" Morgan
sighed. "It's Kitty's fault, we should
get her shit faced and sick her on the bitch" Rin laughed.
She was really acting out of character, first with calling
me her boyfriend and now with her cranky attitude. This
was definitely a side of Rin I had never seen before and I
had to find away to ask Morgan about it.

Morgan laughed "good plan" She settled back
in my lap and leaned against my chest. "Her tits are
too big for her body" Morgan pointed out as she was
tossed into the air by Jason. "I know right"
Rin laughed. "It's funny how weird girls can
get when they have their territory invaded" I thought
to myself. "you guys coming in!" Cher hollered
form the pool. "Not right now this feels nice"
Morgan shouted back. The laughter and splashing from the
pool easily drowned out our conversation from the hot tub.
There was no danger that we could be over heard with all the
ruckus going on. "You really have decided to move
in?" Morgan asked Rin as she laced her right hand fingers
in mine and her left hand fingers in Rin's. Rin's
tanned slight chipmunk cheeks blushed and she looked down
into the blue frothy water swirling in the hot tub. "
As long as it's ok" she told the water.

Morgan leaned forward with a giant smile on her face and
kissed Rin's hand "of course it's ok! It
will be so awesome that you don't have to go home anymore"
she told her. "I have two girlfriends who now live
with me?" My mind asked me. "Apparently so"
My mind answered it self back. Rin looked up at Morgan and
returned her smile "This is the craziest thing I have
ever done in my life" She laughed. "Having a
girlfriend and a boyfriend?" Morgan asked. "Or
just moving in with a house full of crazy drunk nudists?"
Rin let out a little laugh. "I have a girlfriend and
a boyfriend" she said shaking her head back and forth.
"I am crazy!" she laughed.

Morgan sat up straight and let her hand go. She pointed her
thumb back at me and said "not as crazy as this dumbass
for having two girlfriends living with him. Can you imagine
how broke and exhausted he is going to be! Moron" she
chuckled. The three of us laughed at Morgan's words
and shared a couple of quick kisses between one another
before Morgan's sexy young body rose from the water.
"We need more booze for the Kitty plan" Morgan
signed. The rivers of water running down her tight body
seemed to entrance me for a moment while the realization
that it was now official hit me. "Rin is officially
my girlfriend now" ran through my head over and over

Rin and I watched Morgan climb out of the hot tub and saunter
toward the house. When her sexy little ass had vanished
past the red door Rin turned to me and suddenly looked shy.
"Are you sure it's ok?" she asked quietly.
A loud squeal and Jai's named tore through the air momentarily
giving us both a start. We turned toward the pool to find
Cher on Jai's shoulders facing the opposite direction.
She had handfuls of his hair and was laughing into the sky
as he squeezed her ass and appeared to be trying to eat her
pussy through her swimsuit bottoms.

Rin and I turned to look at each other again, her soft brown
eyes were filled with white stars from the lights we had
in the backyard. "Yes I am more than sure" I answered
her with a deep resonate voice. I am not even sure where it
came from. Her eyes seemed to twinkle and she moved forward
until she was straddling my lap. Her long slender arms encircled
my neck and she drew me into a soft loving kiss. The feeling
of her tongue swirling around mine immediately woke my
body up. I could feel the blood course through my entire
body and suddenly the 103 degree hot tub suddenly felt like
133. Rin's soft happy noises vibrated into my mouth
as she pulled me tighter into her body.

I pushed myself away from the back of the hot tub and sat on
the edge of the seat so Rin's long legs could wrap around
me. She locked them around my ass at her ankles and drove
her tongue deeper into my mouth. Her kisses betrayed the
feelings that she had once warned me not to allow her to do.
Normally I was humble or disbelieving of anyone actually
having strong feelings for me. Let alone Goddesses like
Morgan and Rin. However over the months since this had all
started I had come to realize that this wasn't some
cruel dream I would some day wake up from. My right hand found
the back of Rin's damp head while my left found the narrow
small of her back. She let out a low moan into my mouth as I
pulled her into me. Our lips mashed together for a minute
as we drove our tongues as deep as they could go into each
others mouths. Rin's pelvis rolled and ground down
on my swim trunk covered crotch.

Our lips parted and the long wet broad tongued licks started.
We seemed to always fall into this, She would lick my tongue
and lips and I would return the favor. She and Morgan kissed
like this as well and it always turned into soaking wet sensuality.
I grew to love these more than I even knew at the time. "My
God you two!" Morgan laughed. I felt the water being
disturbed around us as she climbed into the tub. Rin and
I did not stop our passionate embrace until Morgan moved
behind Rin and wrapped her arms around Rin's stomach.
She pulled hard and ripped Rin away from me. Rin's head
fell back onto Morgan's shoulder, Rin looked up at
Morgan and smiled weakly as they stared into each others
eyes. For a second I thought Morgan might have been irritated
for the first time as her blank look stared down at Rin.

"I am so happy you are part of us" Morgan whispered
removing any thoughts of her being upset. "I am too
baby" Rin answered her. "Baby?" I thought
to myself even more surprised by Rin. Rin pulled her hand
from the water and brought it to Morgan's left cheek.
The look of passion that was on their faces was indescribably
and undeniable at the same time. Rin pulled Morgan's
face down to hers and then they became lost to me.

In my short life I have been involved in almost every sexual
situation a 14 year old boy could fantasize about. I have
been with uninhibited woman, exotic sensual women, young
exciting experimental woman, classic beauties, and about
anything else you could think of. However watching them
kiss so passionately and lovingly had to be the most erotically,
sensual, beautiful thing I had ever seen. We weren't
just having fun anymore, I knew at least that much. Rin's
body floated away from me as Morgan pulled her tighter into
her own body.

Rin spun in the water like a top and pulled Morgan's
legs around her narrow waist. It was usually Morgan that
liked taking control but at this moment it looked like it
was Rin who was the aggressor. Morgan and Rin seemed to rip
at each others hair as they kissed. Out of the corners of
their mouths I could see their tongues fight against one
another. Their bodies writhed and moved as if they were
dancing to the same song.

After what seemed like an eternity they broke free from
one another. I was about to pull Morgan back into my lap when
they got serious. Both of their right hands dove into the
water at the same time and soon they were both moaning. Through
the blue glow of the bubbling hot tub water I could see they
hand a hand in each others swim suit bottoms. Their hands
worked furiously as they finger fucked each other. Their
soft cries and moans were soon drown out as they smashed
their lips together in a passionate and overwhelmingly
urgent kiss.

I was so entranced I was even away my dick was growing to painful
proportions in my board shorts. It wasn't until my
swollen member grated against the velcro that I realized
I was poking out of the top of my swim trunks. The water was
being thrown around as their bodies started to thrash and
lift in the hot tub. This was no joke, this wasn't fun
this was something different.

They ate each kiss as if hunger had overtaken them. The girls
bikini covered tits flattened against one another as the
B and C cups pressed tight together. Water dripped off their
tight bodies as they turned and twisted. My God it was sensual.

The heat of what I was watching and the heat of the 103 degree
temperature finally drove me to sit up and get out of the
water. I sat silently on the edge of the tub with my legs in
the water as their jaws and tongues worked in unison. Their
hands gliding all over each others bodies as they kissed
and fingered one another.

After a short time they just stopped and turned their heads
toward me as if on que. Morgan's Jade green eyes and
Rin's soft brown eyes glistened in the blue light of
the hot tub lights. The sounds of our friends splashing
and laughing in the pool suddenly seemed so far away as they
moved through the swirling water toward me.

With out a word to one another they both grabbed a band of
my shorts. Rin on my left and Morgan on my right and pulled
them down exposing my hardness to the world. They didn't
bother taking my swim trunks off my ankles before Rin grabbed
my shaft and Morgan my balls. As if they wanted to kiss through
me their lips met at the head of my swollen cock. They lashed
their tongues out and met underneath the head of my swollen
member. Electricity jerked my body as I felt them kiss each
other with the head of my cock between their lips.

"Fuck" I grunted before I knew it.

As I looked down I could see them dig into each others bikini
bottoms and start fingering each other again. They seemed
to be on auto pilot as they worked their mouths up and down
my shaft together. Their moans like sweet music filled
the drizzly night air. The feeling of their lips and tongues
made me feel drunk beyond the booze. The pure ecstasy of
it all drove me wild.

Rin took the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked it loudly
as Morgan's mouth moved up and down my length. Then
just as I thought Rin would drive me deep into her throat
she let me go so that Morgan could take me into her mouth.
Their lips were so soft, their tongues so damn wet. Their
moans from playing with each others pussy's vibrated
through my extremely hard cock.

Rin and Morgan took turns taking me into their mouth while
the other sucked and licked down my shaft. Some how some
way they also managed to play with my balls together. How
I am not sure, with that much pleasure going on I wouldn't
have the coordination to even blink. Finally one took control,
Rin buried my cock into the back of her throat and started
to suck up and down with urgency. Morgan chose to take my
balls into her mouth and together they gave me the best blowjob
of my life.

They continued to suck my dick switching back and forth
between Morgan sucking my cock and Rin sucking my balls
to Rin sucking my cock and Morgan sucking my balls. They
continued to finger each others pussies underneath the
water even after they had both cum. The heat and the swirl
of the water only adding to the sensation.

As for me I was starting to lose it. The girls were not taking
it easy on me and I felt as if my balls were going to explode.
I am not sure if I said something or if they had just come to
know me better than I had even been known before. Morgan
release me from her mouth and Rin release my balls. They
started at the mushroom tip and opened their mouths wide
on the sides of my shaft. Together they would glide their
mouths and tongues down my dick to the base then back up to
my mushroom tip. It was amazing and just brought me closer
and closer to my end.

As the Hurricane worked it's way through my belly I
threw my head back and grabbed the back of their soaked heads.
I let out a moan I didn't know was coming and just tried
to hold on. The first spurt of cum happened as their mouths
were at the the bottom of my shaft. They felt my did pulse
and quickly moved up to the head. As I cried out in pleasure
cum shot into their mouths as they kissed at the head of my
dick and onto their cheeks.

I was nearly blind for most of it as I couldn't seem to
keep my eyes open. What I did see was enough to make me cum
harder. White cum splashed across their cheeks and pooled
into theirs mouths as they continued to kiss with the head
of my dick between their lips. They both had cum again and
they looked flushed and ready to fall over. They continued
the sexiest kiss I had ever been involved with until the
last amount of cum had been milked from my balls.

As I pulled away because of sensitivity Rin spoke as some
small traces of cum dribbled out of the corner of her mouth.
"I love this, I love us" she moaned in a whisper.
"I love you to baby" Morgan moaned back. Their
lips smashed together and all traces of escaping cum vanished
as they their tongues danced.

As for me? I felt almost delirious from orgasm and heat.
I was in danger of slipping back into the hot tub save for
the fact that my girls were between my legs making out. "My
girls?" I don't even know what just happened.

As I looked down my red heated body I saw Morgan and Rin kissing
like Morgan and I did. They tore at each others body's
and held each other tight just like they were? Just like
they were in love.

"Oh shit" escaped my parted lips.

That seemed to refocus their mood. They broke immediately
and looked up at me sitting on the side of the hot tub. "I
love you baby" Morgan cooed to me

"You two are trying to end my life in the most amazing
way possible" I whined as I slipped under the hot tub
water. The water jets slamming into my head from all directions
and actually seemed to clear my lust fogged mind for a second.
When I came up for air my ears were assaulted by cheering
and bad sex jokes about how having a harem must be nice. "Harem
King! Harem King! Harem King!" Cher chanted as she
bobbed in the water. As my friends and roommates started
chanting along with her I let my self slip back under the
frothing hot tub water.

Morgan, Rin, and I stayed in the hot tub for another 15 minutes
or so before Morgan decided it was time for us to go in and
find our bedroom for round two. Morgan and Rin looked happy
beyond belief as they stood up an dragged me out of the hot
tub and into the house. Brandy's eyes seemed to ravage
our bodies as we walked by, I honestly couldn't tell
who she was staring at. After getting in our room we toweled
off completely and fell into bed still feeling euphoric.

Rin continuing her latest trend of being the aggressor
pushed me flat on my back and straddled me. Her beautiful
face lit up as she saw the twinkle in Morgan's green
eyes. She bit her bottom like and used her finger to invite
Morgan forward. With her pink bottom lip still trapped
between her teeth she gave a smile the best she could and
jerked her head to the right. The fact that they seemed to
be able to read each others minds lately made it easy for
Morgan to know what was being asked. Morgan got up on her
knees and put her hands on my chest so she could balance herself
as she straddled my face while still facing Rin. The last
thing I was able to see before the erotic blindfold took
my vision away was Rin leaning forward toward Morgan looking
utterly and absolutely lost in lust.

Rin's hips started to convulse as she fought to keep
her rhythm, her tight stomach showed off her muscle tone
as she rocked back and forth almost out of control. Her pussy
crushing me like it never had before. She threw her head
back and forth as if she was drugged and was trying to shake
her mind free of it. Her damp hair obscured her face through
clumped strands of blonde, ice blue, and pastel pink but
not the sound of her lustful cries. As she slid her hot wet
pussy up and down my painfully hard cock I looked over at
Morgan who seemed to almost be stunned by Rin's reactions.
With a suddenness that surprised both Morgan and I Rin reached
my neck with her hands and forced me to sit up. She tossed
her head back to clear some hair away from her eyes before
pulling me into hug. Her knees squeezed tightly against
my hips and she hugged me as tightly as our sex would allow.

I felt a hand move from my back reach out behind me and then
the softness of Morgan's breasts and the hardness
of her nipples and they pressed into my back. I turned my
head to the right into to see their foreheads and nose tips
come together. They seemed to both fall into a silence that
was deeper than the quiet. It suddenly felt very heavy in
the room as Rin's hips stopped moving. Her pussy continued
to spasm around my cock buried deep into her body. Rin seemed
almost hesitant to kiss Morgan for a second before diving
lips first into an amazingly passionate kiss. I took this
as my Que, I moved my hands to her tight ass and squeezed hard,
Rin's body sagged into my for a moment. I spread her
ass cheeks and kneading her tight flesh as I started her
hips again.

With their lips being so close to my ear I could hear every
wet sound of their kiss and the moans of pleasure from both
of them. Rin's body tightened like and over stretched
rubber band when I accidentally sunk the head of my dick
too deep into her pussy. Her orgasm hit all three of us like
a ton of bricks and what she said while she screamed out her
orgasm hit us like the whole damn brick factory.

"I love you!" She cried into Morgan's mouth
as her body was rocked by wave after waving of nerve burning
pleasure. "I love you!!" She cried again into
Morgan's mouth. This time it must have gotten through
Morgan's lust fogged mind what she just said. I felt
Morgan break free from Rin and snap back against the bedroom
wall. The blonde was so lost in lust she hadn't figured
out that I had stopped moving her hips and she had started.
She grabbed my face and kissed me deeper than the earths
core. Her jerky hips, her shaking body, her trembling
hands, her panting breath all seemed to take her body in
all different directions. It felt like my eyes were as big
as saucers and she looked at me almost as if she had a broken

"You promised you wouldn't let me" she
said quietly as she held my face in her hands. The room was
so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The only normal thing
was her body betraying her by sending the end of her orgasm
through her insides into me. As I searched her beautiful
face for an answer I didn't even know how to ask as a single
tear fell from her right eye.

"You promised you wouldn't let me but you lied"
She had whispered.

"I am sorry Rin" I had whispered back.

"Don't ever apologize to me again for that"
She breathed.

"I love you" She whispered sadly.

Morgan's sharp gasp behind me sent another tear down
Rin's tan check.

To Be Continued.....

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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you write some amazing stories keep it up want to hear more
of this love triangle.


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I have read your stories for a long time......was kind of
disappointed when they stopped for a while ....but overjoyed
to see them coming back. Great work please keep them coming....


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Wow! Your hiatus definitely sharpened your writing skills,
presenting this highly erotic story in such clear detail,
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Please don't stop now.


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Amazing!!!!!!!! More Please!!!!!!!!!!


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REALLY missed your stories....THXS


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Your stories are great and very well written. Glad you have
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Thanks guys. I really appreciate the comments. They mean
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Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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This is actually the last post not the second to last one.
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Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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So good to see you writing again, your stories are always
so well written. You have lived a good life so far!