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Houston and the Bourbon Street Star


Valentines Day had come and gone around our house with a
fizzle due to the fact that the girls had to work the club
that night. Fun bit of trivia;lots of single guys apparently
go to the strip club on the lovers day. Splendors was apparently
packed that night and it was all hands on deck, meaning there
would be no candle lit dinners or little romantic get aways.
We spent our first Valentines day together eating Chinese
out styrofoam containers while we watched a movie on USA
network. No one really seemed to care that much and it was
fun with all of us giving each other crap until the girls
left us. After that life got back into the natural swing
of things, well as natural as our house could be anyway.

"so are you going to call her?" Morgan asked
as she washed my back in the shower. "call who?"
I asked enjoying her using the crinkly rough sponge thing
to soap my back. "Star. She wants to learn bartending
so are you going to call her?" She asked again. "I
figured you wouldn't want me to" I said looking
back over my shoulder. Morgan's hands found my chest
and her breasts found my back as she hugged me tight from
behind. "I have been thinking a lot about us and how
am I with us." she said kissing my soapy shoulder.
"I need to calm down and stop being such a freak about
things. I think this will help" she said in her unusual

"you could invite her over or something. I mean she
knows about us anyway. We talk at work all the time and she
never brings you up so I am sure it would be cool" She
said moving away from me so that she could rinse the soap
off my back. "You are a strange one Morgan" I
laughed. She laughed and drug her nails down my back "yeah
I know".

"and what's a pajama jammy jam?" she asked
with a curious voice. I coughed when she said it "where
did you hear that?" I asked her. "I over heard
the boys talking about it the other day". I figured
she would just harass me until she found out anyway so I might
as well just tell her. I turned so that I could face her sexy
naked body "ok. picture all this" I said waving
my hand in front of her. "now picture like 10 or more
of you in tiny sexy pajama's running around the house.
Now picture the three of us as the only guys there trying
to act cool while we check out very last inch of all of you
while we get you drunk and hope for the best" I said
with my best pervert smile.

Morgan rolled her green eyes in her head "Jesus, you
guys really are horrible" She laughed. After that
short laugh however her face changed to one that was kind
of scary. "so you have had one of these before?"
she asked coldly and backing me against the white and black
tile of our large shower. I held my hands out in front of me
to defend myself "not exactly. It's a reference
from an old Kid n Play movie from like the 90's and it's
just something we have always joked about" I said
feeling her tear me apart with her gaze.

"not exactly?" she asked slowly trying to make
herself look taller than her 5'7. "Have I told
you how much I like crumble in my hands Morgan?" I asked
with a nervous laugh. "you fell in love with strong
Morgan who thinks that her boyfriend trying to act like
Hugh Hefner will cost him" She almost growled.

"Morgan! Can I use some of your make up?" Kitty
asked coming into the bathroom. "help" I whimpered
loudly. Kitty's face pressed against the lightly
frost glass shower walls. "Morgan what are you doing?"
Kitty curiously asked peeping through. "becoming
a widow" Morgan said cooly. Kitty laughed while I
whimpered again as Morgan's thrust her tits against
my chest looking evil. "so that's a yes on the
make up?" Kitty asked not caring about my safety.
I thought about trying to throw Jason under the bus somehow
to deflect but I figured that would just come back to bite
me in the ass later. "sure" Morgan said as the
tip of her nose touched mine.

Morgan's tongue flicked against my lips like a lizard's
"no hole C for you tonight" she said softly.
She turned slowly and rubbed her ass up against my groin
and then slammed it back painfully forcing the wind out
of me. Lately Morgan had really gotten into anal because
she loved my uncontrollable orgasms her ass gave me. She
joked that it was hole C because of an explanation about
how sex works that I had kidded her about weeks before. Being
grounded from it was an absolute tragedy, not only was the
sex amazing but the after show of Morgan freaking out about
being gaped was priceless fun.

Since she was clean she stepped out of the shower throwing
me one last evil look over her shoulder before closing the
door behind her. I let out long breath in relief and also
with a smile at how our banter was all show but fun non the
less. "Hey babe my parents want us to come over for
dinner soon. I think my dad wants to show you his gun collection"
she continued to tease. Since the meeting with her parents
I had become less hesitant about them and was relieved that
it had gone well. "ok" I laughed "just
let me know when"

"what time do you guys have to be at Bourbon Street
tonight?" She asked. "5" I answered as
I washed the last of the soap off of me. "when do you
start?" I continued the conversation. "We
are going in a little early I think, Cher starts earlier
tonight" she told me while standing naked in front
of the vanity tweezing her eyebrows. After toweling off
I joined her at the vanity and grabbed my tooth brush as she
did her facial maintenance. Morgan moved over and pressed
her body against mine as usual and I wrapped my free arm around
her stomach while I brushed. I had become so used to always
being touched by her that I didn't give it a second thought
as we took up the smallest amount of space possible in the

"Hey Jai called and wants us to bring him a change of
clothes" Jason told me as I walked to the laundry to
get my freshly washed black security shirt. "a change
of clothes? I thought he was covering the kitchen tonight?"
I said pulling the warm garment from the dryer. I looked
at the Jokers head crest on the front left breast of the shirt
before shaking it out to get any loose fuzz off. "Apparently
Gene and Laura are taking a night off and Scott is still up
in Dallas at Princess's family thing" Jason
said amused. I knew our owners needed a day off since they
had been working every single day since we opened. They
would put me in charge and take off during the days leaving
me with the operations but they had always come back in the

"Are you telling me our little Jai is managing tonight?"
I laughed as I came around the corner. "Yeah"
Jason chuckled from the couch. I felt a cool hand on my bare
back "hey babe where did you put my purse?" asked
a voice that didn't belong to my girlfriend. "I
don't know honey" I laughed. I turned to see that
Kitty had not been paying attention as was looking away
from me scanning the kitchen. Kitty turned her head and
saw that she had asked the wrong honey. "oh sorry,
have you seen my purse?" she asked not skipping a beat.

"how could you mistake him for me?" Jason laughed.
"you both look alike" Kitty said distracted
and waved her hand toward us. I and my 5'10 195 dark brown
haired self looked at Jason's 6'5 250lbs blonde
haired blue eyed self in confusion. He shrugged and turned
his attention back to the TV as he girlfriend searched our
big home from top to bottom.

"Dave! Jason!" Cher called from upstairs.
"what?!" we answered back "I got Jai's
clothes and his cologne and deodorant for you to take"
she said coming down the steps carrying a giant leopard
print shopping bag like handle purse. We snickered as she
handed me the extremely girly thing she had chosen to put
Jai's care package in. "Cher you can" Jason
started to say while he laughed. I waved him off from offering
a much manlier bag. I couldn't pass up the chance for
Jai to be seen with the leopard print monstrosity.

Kitty came back in still looking for her purse and was getting
frustrated before Cher told her it was already in the car.
Kitty leaned down and told Jason she loved him. They apparently
have had a breakthrough, Cher waved goodbye as she followed
Kitty out of the living room. "MORGAN" Kitty
yelled. "coming coming!" I heard her yell from
the bedroom. She came flying out carrying three bags filled
with something and peppered my cheek with soft kisses before
she got yelled at again "love you" she sang and
grabbed my ass before tearing off.

Working at Bourbon Street as only a bouncer was an odd thing
for me. The first few times it was hard not to help behind
the bar and even harder to be around some of the servers.
Ebony, Robin, and Christie were the same of course but Riko,
Megan, and Tifa were different. I will admit that I was sad
that our closeness seemed to be draining away. I admitted
to myself long ago that I had feelings for all three of them
at different levels but knew nothing could happen since
they were all in relationships. Tifa being pregnant with
her and her boyfriends first child was a definite reminder
that things would never be the same.

Jai come out of the kitchen and looked completely dejected
when I handed him Cher's big bag. "And she also
packed clean underwear and your lunch Rupaul! Have a great
day at school!" The people that heard got a good laugh
out of it as he cussed me in some sort of language that wasn't
quite French nor English nor Cajun. I could tell that he
was nervous about running an extremely busy bar for the
first time on a Friday night but I had faith. I had faith even
when I called a staff meeting and rattled off the most ridicules
disaster plan you had ever heard while every laughed. It
was just for safety you know, I mean midget vikings could
attack right? I just wanted to make sure Jai was prepared
like the good friend that I am.

Jason and I worked the door as the crowd started to file in,
Tifa had been promoted temporarily to the bar to cover while
Jai managed. Our cover band was setting up and everything
was going smoothly..... Too smoothly. (sorry I've
always wanted to say something like that).

Jason and I were deep in a serious conversation about which
5 women we would want to be trapped on a desert island with
when a flash of blonde caught my eye. Long straight highlighted
multi shade blonde hair, a tight deep V light blue sweater
that showed off her modest cleavage. A tiny denim skirt
hugged her narrow hips stopping just above mid thigh and
showed off her amazing long toned legs. Gold open toed high
heels crisscrossed over the top of her pretty manicured
foot and matched the color of the medium sized purse swinging
from her forearm. The 4 inches of gold heel had elevated
the entire eye destroying package to a height of a 6 foot
1 inch of goddess.

The blonde's thin diamond shaped face was strikingly
beautiful. She had a completely unique look that I found
hard to turn away from. She was full of contrasts, while
she was tall and slender her cheeks were rounded a bit giving
her a very slight chipmunkish look and made her pink lipped
mouth distinctive. She had a slightly upturn upper lip
and a very juicy looking bottom pink lip. Her narrow nose
was a plastic surgeons guide to perfection. Her jaw had
a strong slant to it as it went to her chin yet her face wasn't
oblong or unattractively shaped. She reminded me of am
Eastern European model.

She was tall and thin but didn't look gangly or malnourished,
it seemed like her body was just made to be that size. Her
hips weren't wide, nor did her hip bones stick out
they were perfectly formed and her lower stomach showed
a perfect V under her tight shirt. Her golden skin was flawless,
with a few tiny dark freckles dotted here or there.

She seemed to flow like water when she walked with little
cute hitches thrown in as if she was saying look at me. She
walked with a confidence that was admirable and added to
her striking beauty. Her dark thin eyebrows arched over
her narrow almond shaped chocolate brown eyes adding a
false squinting look to her allure. She was an intriguing

"oh shit" Jason muttered.

"Hi guys" she smiled brightly.

"hi" Jason and I said together.

"Have you seen two blondes that look like me yet?"
She asked with a glossy wet pink smile. The urge to say "Nobody
looks quite like you" almost got me.

"not yet" I answered. She looked a little disappointed
and then looked behind her toward the parking lot. "ok.
thanks" She sighed. Jason and I just stood there while
she dug in her gold purse until she found a little tan card
with stuff on it. She pulled it out and stuck her arm out toward
me with it and dazzled me with a smile. She seemed to almost
have a halo around her entire body. her light almost white
make up, the pink lips, her tan skin tone and hair color all
mixed together to make her glow.

I took the little card from her long French manicrued fingers
and saw the flash of diamond costume jewelry as well as the
gold bracelets on hanging from her wrist. Karin Daniels,
23, 5'9 , 110lbs, eyes brown, hair blonde, and then
a whole bunch of other worthless words. I looked up and handed
it back to her. "thanks" she smiled beautifully.
Her slightly bigger top teeth made her smile shine even
brighter than most peoples.

"you don't work tonight Star?" Jason asked.
She slowly shook her head making her long blonde hair shimmer
under the awning lights. Her hair was cut so that the ends
were different lengths all the way around and hung over
her shoulders down to her belly button so I assumed that
meant her hair was almost down to her ass.

"Call me Rin when I am not at the club and I took tonight
off, we have some new girls so they covered me" She
said "Rin?" I asked. She nodded "Yeah
I hate Karin so I go by Rin" she seemed to sing. "so
you aren't bartending tonight?" she asked shifting
her weight and looking disappointed. "I was hoping
to see a full flair show" she said with a slight frown.
Jason spoke automatically with words born from years past
of covering each other and helping each other succeed but
apparently not from a clear head. "No he will do one!
It will be later though when the club is full" Jason
told her.

Rin lifted her shoulders and gave us a cute excited smile
"great! that is one of the reasons we came here"
she said. Thump, Gulp. "There she is!" shouted
a high pitched voice from the parking lot, Rin's silky
flaxen mane flared around her like the bottom of a hoop skirt
when she quickly turned her head. Her two friends who I actually
thought looked nothing like her waved as they walked toward

Both of the bottle blondes had more buxom bodies than Rin
but were close in height in turn making me feel like a midget.
They wore identical short denim skirts stretched tight
over their sexy hips and had similar tight V neck sweaters.
Theirs however were black and purple and showed their tanned
pierced belly buttons. The two newcomers were the typical
pretty coeds I would expect to find on the campuses of Arizona
State or at the University of Miami. Kind of like a slightly
less attractive Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazard but
with the same amount of intelligence. They both wore a lot
of jewelry and had tall black strap high heels shoes and
a lot of make up unlike Rin.

The bubbly pair bounced to a stop next to Rin, they all started
to compliment each other while Jason and I just blinked.
"hey guys I" Jai started to say as he came through
the front doors. "oh damn" I heard him mutter.
"Hey guys where does Gene keep the extra key for the
liquor locker?" he picked up his question again.
"It's under the bar's register drawer"
Jason answered not bothering to turn around but instead
continuing to blink at the three blondes. Rin turned toward
us again "Hi Jai" she said sweetly "HI"
Jai said back from behind us.

"These are my girls Kari and Jess" Rin said holding
her hands out to present them. "this is Jason, Jai
and that's Dave" She said pointing a French tipped
manicured nail at each of us turn. "The bartender
guy?" The one named Jess said pointing at me with her
palm up. Rin nodded and light seemed to ripple through her
hair again like winter wheat bending in a soft breeze.

Jess looked at me and smiled, her light blue eyes travelled
up and down my body before she spoke again. "ah I see"
she said putting her tongue in her cheek. "so you are
going to be doing that stuff tonight?" She asked.
Jason jumped in again for some unknown reason "yeah
he will put on a little flair show later in the night. You
don't want to miss it" he said excitedly. "yeah
it's pretty cool, we blast the music and he does his
thing to it" Jai added from behind me.

After checking the other 23 year olds ID's they walked
into the club leaving the three of us under the awning. "we
pump music and he does his thing?" I asked as I turned
around to face him. "I can't do it when I don't
know I have hundreds of people looking at me! I can't
just put on a show!" I hollered. "Dude it'll
be ok. They will probably leave before then anyway"
Jai said trying to calm me down. "I'm not doing
it" I told them again.

Jai walked back into the bar and Jason and I argued about
him trying to help me but in the end not helping. It was obvious
that Jason had a thing for Rin, but hell who wouldn't
in my opinion. As the night progressed and we filled up with
party goers Jason and I moved inside. We took turns standing
at the door while the other walked the crowd and did a little
bar backing to help out. The cover band was actually really
good and played rock to a rock mix that had our crowd pulsing.

Rin and her friends had made plenty of new guy friends and
in true hot girl fashion probably only ended up paying for
their first round of drinks. They seemed to be having a good
time but we hadn't spoken since they had gotten there.
Though Kitty seemed to not think very highly of her I had
a feeling it was more a competition thing than a personality
thing. Jai's first Friday night as temporary manager
was chugging right along with only a few minor scuffles
here and there which Jason and I were able to quell quickly.

Just as 11:30 rolled around the band finished another set, when
they announced a 15 minute beer break Jai showed how much
he truly hated my guts. I heard the sound of a finger tapping
on the head of the microphone and the deep thuds that accompanied
it. "Hey everybody!" Jai said into the mic.
The crowd answered him back with hello's, cheer's,
wuu's, and other assorted sounds. "so as most
of the regulars know our bartender Dave has gotten himself
a big boy job and won't being working here as much"
He continued. A chorus of boo's from people who didn't
even know who I was rang out.

Jai held his hands up to quiet the crowd "Right! Well
to atone for leaving us fine drunks he has agreed to put on
a little bottle flipping show for y'all" He made
sure that his Cajun accent was kicking so he sounded cooler.
"So if we can get a big round of applause we can get this
circus started!" Jai urged the crowd. I heard Megan's
and Riko's voices call out their approval, I found
them standing close to Rin. She looked at them before looking
around presumably for me and cheered her support for the

I knew I was trapped and Jai would only make it worse if I didn't
go along with it. I slowly did the walk of shame toward Tifa,
Christie, and Robin behind our neon lit plexiglass and
stainless steel bar. They had their hands high up in the
air and were shouting and clapping. Traitorous bastards
that they were. I moved behind the bar and grabbed 2 shiny
metal mixing tins, a white Malibu coconut rum bottle, a
Blue Curacao bottle, and a Midori Melon bottle. It seemed
like the whole world turned it's eyes on me. Short people
in the bar stood up on their tip toes to get a better look,
and as one the crowd seemed to step forward.

The people sitting at the bar and the ones leaning against
it stopped talking and watched what I was doing intently.
I admit I was extremely nervous and was feeling the pressure
mixed with performance anxiety. This could all go wrong
and I could end up putting someone in the hospital with a
errant bottle toss if I wasn't careful. As the crowd
noise settled to a dull roar with only a few random people
letting out a "wuuu" I grabbed a mixing tin and
the Malibu bottle and waited.

The band's sound guy cranked Moby's "Flower"
over the bands speakers and I figured it was now or never.
The slow chant like tune coursed through the room and I did
my best to match the beat with my body's rhythm. I spun
the mixing tin in my palm before turning my hand over and
letting it continue it's spin against the back of my
hand. I flipped the bottle with the gravity top on it towards
the crowd making them jump thinking liquid would come flying

I flipped the bottle above my head and let the base land on
my elbow balancing it there while I rolled the tin up my arm
like a basket ball. I moved my elbow so the bottle top fell
toward my chest and then brought my arms together so the
top of the bottle slipped into the mixing tin. The crowd
cheered again as I let the bottle in the tin roll back down
my up turned forearms to my hands. In wide slow motions I
whiped the bottle and tin around my hand twisting my wrist
to make the bottle appear to be twisting and turning. The
whole time I rocked my body to the beat to make it look like
I was dancing to add extra motion to what I was doing.

After I had the right amount of coconut rum in the tin I grabbed
the textured green liquid filled Midori bottle by the neck
and tossed it up in the arm while I swung my other hand holding
the neck of the rum bottle around the one in the air. The crowd
continued to oh and ah as I threw the bottles from behind
my back over my shoulder to the front of my chest. I grabbed
the mixing tin and after several flurries of arm motions
and bottle spins had the right amount of booze in the tin.

The sound guy feeling that I needed to put on a better show
or Jai wanting a faster tempo blended the song into to Fort
Minor's "Remember the Name". Jai knew
that I had used this song to flair to in the past and it sped
me up. I flipped and twisted the bottles in impossible looking
patterns that were actually just wrists twists. When I
had the second tin filled I set the bottles in into the rail
with a loud clang and sprang a vodka bottle out of the bottom
rail. I grabbed a new tin at the same time and caught the neck
of the flying bottle in the open top of the tin.

As the beat coursed through me I spun, danced, dazzled,
and flipped feeling more confident as the song went on until
I had everything I wanted in the now 4 silver tins sitting
on the bar. I reached down and grabbed small single serving
cans of pineapple, cranberry, and orange juice and did
an old fashioned juggle with them before finally tossing
them up and catching them upright on the back of my hand.
I pulled back the shiny tabs that had kept them sealed and
ran them over the top of the tins without looking while secretly
counting in my head.

I flipped 4 high ball glasses through the air and let them
drop gently on the plexiglass top. I grabbed a Bacardi 151
rum bottle out of the rail and dotted little pools in between
each glass and connected them with a line of rum. I grabbed
some bar matches and lit one before casually tossing it
on the bar top lighting the rum in the process. Blue flame
crawled along the line I had ran lighting each of the pool
between the glasses as it crawled by. From outside in I poured
the contents of each tin into the glass showing that it was
a perfect pour to the rim each time.

The crowd went nuts as the flames died out slowly around
the glasses full of red, green, blue, and yellow cocktails.
Feeling like in for a penny in for a pound I yelled into the
air making people laugh and cheer. I pointed at 4 random
people "YOU, YOU, YOU, and, YOU!" I shouted.
"These drinks are on the house!" Again the crowd
went wild before the background music came back on getting
the bar back to normal. I let out a breath as my heart fell
from my throat back down into my chest where it belonged.
The girls behind the bar clapped and cheered for me as people
started shoving money into the tip jars or laid it on the
bar in appreciation of the performance.

The shimmer of light gold caught my eye and I saw Rin weaving
through the crowd with her friends in tow. Her toothy grin
got bigger as she came closer to me "OH MY GOD that was
amazing Dave!" she said. She pushed her fingers against
my chest "you held back at the party! I knew it"
she laughed. Rin's knees came together and bent as
she leaned forward and grabbed my forearms with both of
her hands. She did a little hop as she told "you haaaaave
to teach me that!"

"God she's gorgeous" I thought before
I pushed the idea out of my head.

After a few minutes of hounding I agreed to try and teach
her. She seemed so excited while her friends seemed to care
less as they scanned around the room looking for more guys
to buy them drinks. Morgan had suggested it was no big deal
and she actually suggested I invite her over to learn. "Morgan
suggested you come over to our house and learn. We have plenty
of bottles you can practice with" I shouted over the
music. She nodded and smile at the suggestion again sending
shimmers through her hair again. It had so many shades of
blonde it in that I couldn't even guess where the shimmer

She leaned close and put her hand on my shoulder "so
you will call me ok and I will talk to Demona next time I work
with her" she shouted in my ear. I nodded at her words
and soon after she vanished into the wavering heat of the
crowd. Jason and I stayed after as Jai struggled to close
down all the office work that the end of day entailed. It
was almost 3:30 by the time we walked out the door into the
cold February night air. The ride home we joked around about
the night and how well Jai did. Well mostly we slammed him
but he knew what we meant.

Cher met us at the door looking to hear about her boyfriend's
night, we left him as he retold the events. Jason dropped
onto the couch with a lounging Kitty wrapped in a blanket
appearing to be naked underneath. I went to my room to tell
Morgan about finally agreeing to teach Star some things.
I walked through the door and found her sitting on the floor
in one of my white dress shirts. My shirt hung loosely off
her right shoulder exposing it completely. She had buttoned
it up to hide her breasts but show her stomach, her knees
were together so it hid her else where.

She looked up at me through strands of black hair that hung
in her face. A crooked smile appeared as I closed the door
behind me "HI" she said in a sultry tone. "Hi"
I said looking down at her. "So I've really been
missing you tonight" she said drawing circles with
her finger on the carpeted floor. She was trying to be cute
and demure but it just came across as sexy and naughty.

"I missed you too" I said still standing by the
door. "How was your night?" I asked. Morgan
shook her head slowly with a crooked smile then beckoned
me forward with her finger. As I walked close she got up on
her knees "I think" she said with a sigh "that
I should welcome you home properly before we do anything
else". She reached out and went to work on my belt and

I let out a breath as I watched Morgan's fingers make
quick work of my belt buckle and pants. She looked up at me
with a shy look while she fished me out of my underwear. I
felt the coolness of her hands expand into my groin as they
stroked me. She adjusted herself into the position she
wanted and sat down onto her heels. Morgan eyes took the
look of a complete submissive as she watched my reaction
to her mouth finding my soft cock.

She rubbed the tip against her full lips before letting
them part over me. Like a lollipop she let her lips surround
me, I felt the flick of her tongue before she opened her mouth
wide. Her hands held my balls as if she was waiting for someone
to pour water in them while she slowly sucked me into her
mouth. The feeling of her mouth and tongue as it worked around
my flaccid member made me groan. "That feels good"
I told her quietly.

Her eyes showed happiness at my words and she opened her
mouth wide then swallowed all of me. Even with her mouth
full of my slowly growing cock she was able to use her tongue
against the bottom of my shaft. "hmmm" she moaned
and lowered herself a little so that she could look up at
me. In one long slow fluid motion she pulled her head back
so that only the tip was in then drove me deep into her throat.
She turned her head side to side brushing the tip of her nose
against my lower stomach. She held me in place and sucked
as if she was trying to dissolve a life saver on her tongue.

"mmmm Morgan" escaped my lips involuntarily.
Her cupped hands started to massage me as she sucked harder
and harder as I grew in her mouth. She coughed a little as
I swelled in the back of her throat. She left one hand on my
balls and replaced her mouth with her other hand as she drew
back. She opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue
so that she would lick around the circumference. Her green
eyes found mine and her face dropped. "I love doing
this for you" She moaned.

Morgan looked at my now semi hard cock and leaned forward
so that the tip pressed against her chin. She pushed her
lips together and spit on the top of my shaft and looked at
it for a second. She pushed me to the side then drug her tongue
through it trying to spread it down the length. "I
want you to cum all over my face ok" she said in between
licks. "ok baby" I agreed.

She let out another soft moan and lifted up on her knees,
with one hand she stroked me into her mouth. With the other
she found her clit and blurred her fingers over it. I reached
down into her shirt and cupped her melon sized breasts and
squeezed. "gahh" she moaned. Her lips found
me again and she took me deep in her mouth. Her body tensed
as it hit the back of her throat and she stayed still. She
pushed it hard against her throat before dragging her lips
across it as she pulled it back out.

With a deep moan she started to suck me with long slow drags
the length of my shaft. I could hear how wet her pussy was
and knew that she was dripping down the insides of her thighs.
I knew she must have been planning this, she always manages
to turn herself on with her ideas and thoughts long before
the actions occur. It's one of the things that I find
incredibly sexy about her.

Her body moved up and down in jerky motions as she played
with her clit and sucked my dick. Her little whimpers and
moans sounded happy and playful while at the same time impassioned.
She looked up at me again when she pulled me from her mouth.
She stroked my cock from the base to half way stuck out her
tongue. She the unused portion of me on her tongue while
she stroked me giving me two different sensations.

She alternated from do that to taking me back in her mouth
and sucking me deep into it. Her teeth pressed gently against
me and her lips open as she let out a soft cry. "Are you
going to cum?" I asked softly. Morgan put her lips
back on me and nodded her head with me in her mouth. "mmmm
hmmmm" she sighed. She pulled her hand from between
her legs and used it to smear her juices all over my balls.
"not yet" she moaned. She pushed my cock against
me and continued to stroke it as her mouth found my nuts.
She sucked and licked her juices off of me while she continued
to stroke me against my stomach.

"mmm" she moaned with one of my nuts in her mouth.
"you are so fucking sexy" I groaned. She smiled
with me in her mouth and let out a high pitched giggle as a
thank you. When she was satisfied that she had cleaned me
off she pulled down and back into her mouth. The feeling
of being in her mouth was hot and wet. The softness of her
cheeks as she sucked in air and the slither of her tongue
worked hard to bring me close. Her fingers found her gushing
pussy and again my ears heard the sound of sucking wetness
as she fucked herself with them.

She cried out softly around my cock as she fucked herself
to an orgasm. The vibrations surging through me as they
got deeper. Her body shuddered but she refused to let me
escape from between her lips. As her orgasm found it's
peak she sucked me hard as if I was a pacifier or a sweet tasting
lollipop. She shuddered again tensing her body until at
last she seemed to sag from the release.

She then did something I never would have expected to see
in my life. Morgan withdrew her hand and brought it to her
face with her cum dripping down her fingers. I thought she
was going to rub it all over me and clean it off like she usually
did. Instead she pulled me from her mouth and wiped it across
her lips and chin. She closed her eyes and moaned while she
covered her face with her own cum. I let out a shocked breath
as I watched. My lower stomach tensed as my eyes took in the
sight of what she was doing.

I pulsed in her hands and in a rush she put me back in her mouth.
Her hand and head worked in concert as they travelled down
my cock trying hard to make me explode. She took in great
gasps of air through her mouth and nose as she worked faster
and faster. My body began to sway with her motions and I knew
it was only a matter of time now. "Morgan I am getting
close" I breathed. She moaned deeply and squeezed
my cock hard in her hand. She pulled me out of her mouth and
looked up at me with pleading eyes. "please tell me
when you are about to cum baby"

I nodded in response and she went back to sucking my dick
with vigor while she looked up at my expressions of pleasure.
When at last I was going to cum I grunted out her request.
She sat back on her heals and tilted her head back "cum
all over my face baby" she whined. She used both hands
to stroke me to my orgasm. "fuck" I yelled out.
The first streams shot over her face and into her hair while
the next landed from her forehead down her nose to her lips.

She squealed happily and angled me so that I could shoot
in her mouth as well. I struggled to stay upright as she jerked
more and more of my cum onto her beautiful young face. She
had to close her eyes as it ran down the side of her nose pooling
under her right eye. Dizziness threatened to topple me
as the last drops fell into her open waiting mouth. She sat
up quickly and took me back into her mouth to make me suffer
through the intense pleasure of her attention on my over
sensitive head.

She moaned as she forced me to accept it. Just when I thought
my knees would buckle she stopped and fell to her ass. She
used her finger tips to move some of the cum away from her
eye and looked up at me. Her mouth hung partial open as cum
ran into her mouth. We stared at each other while we caught
our breath. Seeing Morgan's face covered in white
burned itself into my memory as she gasped. After a moment
she let a smile cross her face. "you came a lo!"
she said happily.

"I can't help it! You really fucking turn me on"
I laughed. "Yeah I do don't I" she cooed.
Using one finger she moved the cum from her face into her
mouth. She took her time dragging every last drop to her
lips as I watched until finally sucking her fingers clean.
"come on I am exhausted. Lets go to bed" she sighed
eluding to the fact that this session was over.

As I floated on the top of the bed still feeling the bliss
of Morgan's welcome home she stirred on my stomach.
"Did Star show up tonight?" she asked. I could
feel her looking up at me but I couldn't see her yet as
my eyes hadn't adjusted to the dark. "Yeah she
showed up with a couple of friends" I said. "She
asked me again if I could teach her some bartending stuff"
I told her unsure of myself for some reason.

I felt her nod on my stomach. "I know I told her she should"
Morgan informed me. I lifted my head off the pillow and looked
down at her pointlessly. "you did? why?" I asked
completely surprised. "We have been talking a lot
lately at work, she is actually pretty cool and I like her.
I think you should teach her" Morgan said as she yawned.
"Did you agree tonight?"

Morgan had apparently known all along about Rin and had
even been the one to suggest it. She confuses me so much sometimes
that it throws me off balance. I gave her a brief description
of the flair thing I put on and that I had indeed finally agreed.
"she said she would talk to you at work about it."
I told her. "okaaayyy" Morgan sighed. She had
seemed to finally be over her freak out episodes or at least
we hadn't been in a freak out situtation. She was back
to her sexy cool confident self but had added a loving happy
flavor to it as well. It made me think that she was starting
to get over the ghosts of the past and that made me very happy
as well as relieved.

Morgan gave my stomach a broad playful lick then laughed
at herself. She wiped off the wetness and let her head fall
to my body and just like that we fell off to dreamland.

As my mind tore itself from the depths of sleep and my body
woke up I felt the hot sensations of being inside Morgan.
"nyah nyah nyah" whined Morgan. My cock was
being massaged and crushed at the same time as Morgan's
pussy slid up and down on it. I could feel Morgan's fingers
clutching at my bare chest as her hips rose and fell against
mine. I opened my eyes to see the top of her head and the long
part of her black hair swaying.

She was looking down watching my cock appear and reappear
from her body. The bed rocked as she fucked me, she would
pull me out until just the head was in slowly before slamming
her hips back down and crying out. I reached between us and
too her tits with my hands. "NYAAAHH" she cried
out loudly. I pinched her rosy nibble tip nipples between
my fingers and her body faltered and shivered. She raised
her head to look at me and I could see that her eyes were watering.

"I am burning up" she whined. "I need you
to fuck me hard" she moaned while she nodded. Her mouth
was open and the look on her face was intense ecstasy "will
you please fuck me hard" she begged. I was a little
taken aback with waking up to this and how badly she seemed
to need it. I have gotten intense in the past and I have almost
become overwhelmed with need but she was different. It
was as if she was dying with passion and needed to be save.
I have no other way to explain it.

She slammed her hips down hard forcing her to cry out from
the pain of the deep invasion. Without warning she threw
herself off of me and onto her back next to me. She lifted
her legs and immediately pulled them behind her head. "Fuck
me David, fucking fuck me now" she whined. With her
ankles locked together behind her head she drug her long
black nails against the insides of her thighs leaving bright
red trails.

I got up and positioned myself so that I could shove my dick
inside of her. The way she was looking at me, that hunger
that was in her eyes made my heart beat faster. "Just
fuck me ok, don't worry about hurting me! Just fuck
me hard!" she said in a rushed voice. I positioned
myself over her as I were going to do a push up. Her hands found
my cock and guided it into her pussy "do it" she
grunted. I did my best to let myself go and pounded my hips
hard into hers.

She screamed out bloody murder as I fucked her as hard and
fast as my body would allow. Morgan's shook her head
back and forth violently as she screamed out. Her pussy
was so hot that I felt as if I was boiling inside of her. Her
pussy was extremely wet and every time I pulled back I could
feel little droplets hit my thighs. Morgan's fingers
dug into my sides when she could reach me piercing the skin.
The loud slap of our bodies was easily drowned out by the
sounds being wrenched from her lips.

The pain at the tip of my rock hard cock as it hit her insides
shot through me to my toes. I could feel her pussy give way
to my violent invasion and quiver impotently as it tried
to lock me into place. "FUuuu huhu hu huhu huck"
she screamed. My back screamed for me to stop as I continued
to pierce her body as fast as I could. Morgan's Orgasms
were so close together that I couldn't possibly know
when one started and one stopped. She seemed to have them
all at once as she continued to urge me to fuck her harder.

I gritted my teeth and did the best I could until my body that
had been ridden long before I was awake gave out. "Fuck
I gonna cum" I grunted out. "ALL OVER ME! ALL
FUCKING OVER ME!!" she screamed out. I fucked her
until right before the first stream could escape. I pulled
out and got on my knees with my balls pressed against her
gushing pussy and jacked myself off to give her what she
wanted. The force of my cum shot it all way up to her face.
She let out a surprised cry as it splashed across her face,
each new stream a little less distant from me.

Morgan seemed lost and drunk with it, she used her hands
to rub it into her face and mouth. She smeared it over her
neck and her tits before moving down her stomach. When my
body had no more to give and could take no more sensation
and sat back between her legs to watch. My lust drunk girlfriend
smeared my cum into her skin and the large tattoo on her left
side. She found the cum on the top of her pussy mound and rubbed
it into her pussy before moving back up her body. Her body
glistened from all the cum she had bathed herself in. Her
eyes stayed tightly shut and she took great gulps of air.

Her pale skin blazed red as if she had been in scalding hot
water. Her breasts rose and fell as she continued her frantic
actions. I leaned forward and shoved my over sensitive
dick into her again just so that I could hear her sexy cries.
I fucked her hard a few more times until her body became a
rag doll on the ruined sheets. With the last ditched effort
to see her like this I ripped my cock from her pussy and moved
up her body. She seemed to know what I wanted and opened her
mouth wide so that I could fuck her face until I fell to her
side trying to catch my breath.

"Our sex life sucks" Morgan joked. We both laughed
as our bodies slowly came down from our orgasms. "if
you weren't such a dead fish it would better I'm
sure." I joked back. "Yeah well I'm pretty
so all I should have to do is lay there and you should be satisfied"
she said in a disinterested tone. "you really love
it when I put my legs behind my head don't you"
she asked rhetorically. "how could you tell?"
I asked. She let out a laugh "oh I don't know cause
you hit me in the face from between my legs. I could have lost
an eye!" We playfully teased each other as we stayed
in bed on that lazy Saturday morning.

"I still haven't got us new sheets for the bed."
she groaned. "we just lay here in bed until we have
to go to work." I laughed. "you complaining?"
she asked in a voice that said be careful how you answer.
"no ma'am! please don't take hole C away
again!" I cried out. She snorted a laugh so hard she
blew snot out on my skin. "oh oops!" she laughed
even harder and hurriedly wiped it off. "Oh we got
our cards in the mail. I completely forgot to tell you! They
are in the money drawer" she yawned. I wasn't
disappointed I don't think but I was surprised about
her lack of reaction. I figured she would have been over
the moon about getting our matching debit cards.

"I guess she really is getting over it" I thought
to myself. Then again maybe just the act not happening was
what had been so scary for her. Now it just was what it was?
Hell I don't know I can't figure her out when it
comes to that stuff. Like she seemingly loved to do she exploded
her body out from under the sheets and jumped onto my stomach
like how a gymnast would land on a pommel horse.

Her extremely wet pussy soaked my stomach as it settled
down against my skin. I looked down and saw her lips press
against my flesh as she settled in. "so then lets go
shopping for some stuff." she said "we can drop
off a deposit then go to Willowbrook mall. I want to look
at some stuff in Rue 21 too" She said run her fingers
up and down my abs. "bumpy" she said as her fingers
rolled over the muscles in my stomach. "I ask you to
work out less and it feels like you are working out more"
she said pressing her fingers into my stomach to check the

I laughed at the look of dismay on her face " I just don't
have time to eat during the day so I am starting to lose weight
I think. It's just making me look like I have been working
out more." I told her. Truth was Jason was getting
extremely stressed about his growing downtown accounts.
The more stressed he got the harder he worked out. Since
I was his work out partner he pretty much drug me along through
the torture. I liked looking good to be sure but damn man
there were days after a hard session that the wind hurt as
it hit me. I was in the best shape of my life and thought I looked
better then I had ever had. Yet my perfect ten pin up complained?
I can't say it enough I don't understand women
at all.

"so we can go?" she asked looking up at he long
side of her black hair as it swayed in her face. "sure
I don't have to be at work until 6 tonight so we got um"
I checked the clock "we have 7 hours until I have to
walk through the doors". She pushed the flat of her
hands against my stomach and then in a show of flexibility
did the straddle splits. "god I love you" I said
looking at her out stretched legs and the rest of her naked
body with leering eyes. "pig" she said in a cheery

To Be Continued.....

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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keep them coming


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Great story and very well written


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As usual, pretty amazing. Your consistency of quality
writing coupled with your good nature and passion are clearly
evident in each piece.

Thanks Dave again for making us live and share with you


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quote sotxman1952:
Great story and very well written
Thank you very much

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote rm_44skippy:
Happy that you think so. I appreciate the compliment

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote importentman2:
As usual, pretty amazing. Your consistency of quality writing coupled with your good nature and passion are clearly evident in each piece.

Thanks Dave again for making us live and share with you
Thank you. Things will get a little weird after this so my
style will change a little. That should confuse some people

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.