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Houston and the Boat


The month of April was full of little surprises I guess you
could say. Jai and Cher had gone back to New Orleans for his
Mom's birthday and came back with another car. Jai's
parents had decided to sell their house and the ruined property
Jai's house had been on. Since the hurricane had all
but destroyed Jai's it seemed like a smart idea. Jai's
parents had inherited his grandparent’s house on a lake
when they chose to move to an assisted living community.

That meant that his parents now had a lake front property
that was completely paid off. They had the money from the
sale of the two properties and still had all the insurance
money from the Hurricane Katrina devastation. Jai's
dad bought himself a new truck and Jai became the proud owner
of a 1999 jet black Ford F350 crew cab. The big diesel dually
even had a 5th wheel trailer attachment in the bed in case
he wanted to pull a house around. Jai was a pretty happy camper
considering the thing was like new and he now had wheels.
Jai also ended up getting promoted to full time manager
at Bourbon Street. That modest salary and his tips from
continuing to bartend combined nicely.

All of Jason's new accounts were open downtown and
the booming business kept him incredibly busy. I never
saw his checks but I knew enough about the business now to
know that he definitely had no money problems. It's
always a good thing when Jason has money because he tends
to pick up the bar tabs. Win Win. Jai and I had tried to plan
something for his birthday but Kitty put her foot down.
She had booked the same room that they had stayed in over
Christmas. So they went and had a romantic couple of days
by themselves in Galveston. Jai and I promised to do something
for him when we had a chance. As per Jason's usual tendencies
he took full advantage of this at a later date.

For me? Life pretty much sucked Monday through Friday and
sometimes on Saturdays. The combination of all three jobs
and the long hours kept me away from home more than Morgan
would like. She did the best she could not to show her frustration
with it but I could still see it in her. It changed the dynamic
of our relationship in a couple of ways. For one she felt
guilty about waking me up for sex like she normally did.
There were still times that I would wake up being ridden
in the middle of the night. There were also times I would
say I love you to my rider only to have Morgan answer me from
the bed next to me. However the frequency of it was getting
less and less. That also meant that we spent every Sunday
in our room in grinding sweaty passion.

Rin and Morgan seemed to be growing closer during that time
as well. I would come out from my morning shower and find
them cuddling together in bed. They became more affectionate
with each other and genuinely seemed to be developing very
strong feelings for one another. It was the little things
that I noticed like brushing the hair from one another's
faces and the little flirty smiles. I couldn't shake
the feeling that they were starting to fall for each other
in a way. Rin was also becoming more affection with me as
well; she wasn't as clingy as Morgan but still liked
to touch me a lot.

Rin had brought some clothes over to fill the drawer and
closet space Morgan had cleared for her. That way when she
stayed she would have everything she needed. That also
meant that we had double the girl accessories in our bathroom.
Of all the space that a large double sink vanity allows I
had one tiny top drawer with my stuff in it while they filled
up the rest. I would say out of the 30 days in April Rin probably
stayed 15 of them. Oh and Morgan had convinced Rin of the
benefits of Depo Provera and no more pesky periods.

Sometime in the beginning of May I was sitting on the couch
with Morgan lying in my lap. I had gotten in the habit of running
my fingers across her lips while I watched TV. She would
sigh happily and kiss, nibble, or suck my finger as it rolled
over her bottom lip. I liked when she had the hoop piercing
in because I liked to feel it move into the crease in the middle
of her full bottom lip. "did you ever think about getting
snake bites?" I asked looking down at her. She opened
her mouth and gently nibbled my finger while she shook her
head. "The middle of my bottom lip is enough"
she told me in between a suck and a kiss.

"You are so gorgeous" I told her as my eyes wandered
over her face. She smiled and her jade green eyes twinkled
"I love when you tell me those things" She said
softly. "You are the most beautiful women I have ever
seen and I am glad you belong to me" I told her in a soft
voice. She almost seemed to blush as she smiled up at me.
Morgan moved the fat part of my palm under my thumb to her
lips and sucked on it as a "thank you."

"Dave?" She asked softly while her hands held
mine over her mouth. "hmm?" I asked. Her green
eyes seemed to be getting watery as she looked up at me. We
just looked at each other and I could feel the air around
us getting heavy. "I love you so much" She said
and turned to look at the TV. I knew she that wasn't what
she was going to say and I knew that she was hiding her eyes
from me. I could almost feel it; I could almost feel that
she wanted to say it. I think I was getting to the point where
I almost wanted to hear it. "I love you Morgan"
I told her. She let out a little sniffle and smiled at the

Shortly after Jai came home bearing news that made Morgan
a very happy girl. Bourbon Street had hired a couple of new
bouncers. "we have to train them up but after that
we can make a rotating schedule for you guys" Jai told
me. "I can't do both Friday and Saturday but I
can give you guys one day off a weekend whenever you want
it" He told me. Morgan was absolutely vibrating with
excitement in my lap. "I want to run with five guys
Friday and Saturday but we will see how the summer goes"
He said dropping himself into the recliner.

"Jai, if you are lying you die. I will widow Cher if
you are messing with my emotions." Morgan said in
a cool steely voice. Jai held his hand out to forestall his
death. “I am telling the truth". Morgan let out
a little squeal and rolled off the couch onto the floor landing
like a cat. She jumped up absolutely beaming and walked
over to Jai. She bent down and kissed him on the forehead
"I like you better than Jason now" She said happily.
He had an offended look on his face "how could you ever
like him more than me?"

Jason was happy about the news as well and his wheels started
to turn behind his blue eyes. He pulled out his phone and
opened his calendar "We want the 13th off. It's
a Saturday" He told Jai. "Then let’s train
these rooks up quick and make it happen." Jai said
slapping the armrests of the recliner. "You need
it off too" Jason told him. The news travelled fast
and after all was said and done all six of us plus Rin had the
day off...

I woke up around 11am on our first Saturday off since I had
moved to Houston and found myself alone. Neither Morgan
nor Rin were in their usual spots. I sat up and looked around
a little confused and saw a pink piece of paper on Morgan's
antique make up table. I crawled out of bed onto sore feet
and went to read the note that had my name scrawled on it:


We decided to let you sleep in late for once. The girls and
I are going to the Salon this morning to get our "hairs
did" and will meet you guys at the place Jason gave
us directions too when we are done.

Love You XOXO Morgan and Rin

I set the note down and went into the bathroom to take a shower
and get ready for whatever Jason had planned. Midway through
my shower I found myself feeling slightly sad that I had
woken up alone. "That girl has really messed me up"
I sighed with a small smile. After throwing on some shorts
and an Orange Crush tee shirt I went in search of my shoes
with socks in hand. Jason’s enthusiasm that morning
was way beyond over the top. "Come on Jai's driving"
Jason said trying to rush us out the door. "Where are
we going?" Jai asked as he was all but pushed out the
back doors. "You'll see! Come on lets go, the
girls will meet us there in a little bit" he told us.
We drove down HWY 45 with Jason pointing where Jai needed
to go but never once telling us his plan.

"You sure we should be doing this?" I asked Jai.
He was standing beside me flipping his key ring around his
pointing finger. "No but we've had worse idea's"
He said. I couldn't argue with that but still this was
going above and beyond even for us. We were looking at making
a substantial commitment that hinged on money coming from
several different avenues. The fact that Jason had even
suggested it was enough to shock Jai and me into silently
following him here.

We had all come together to rent the house, even with its
decent sized monthly price tag we were easily able to swing
it. The three of us made more than enough to pay the rent and
all of our bills. We had enough money left over to ensure
decent bank accounts and plenty of beer money. When we added
the three girls’ constant money infusions we found ourselves
sitting pretty so to speak.

"Jason has really out done himself this time"
Jai sighed. "It's your Dad's fault for giving
you that dually." I told him. Jai let out a laugh and
flipped his keys around his finger again. "I will
take this one" he sighed. "I was only saying
they would look good in bikinis. I never thought he would
take it this far" Jai mused. "You have known
him how long?" I laughed.

Jason moved up between us and put his hands on our shoulders
"well boys what do you think?" He asked excitedly.
"I think we are crazy agreeing to come boat shopping
with you" I told him without looking back. The rows
of gleaming fiberglass hulls with their colorful stripes
were almost blinding. We had come to a water sports dealer
that wasn't too far from our house (can't remember
the name). It was just on the east side of HWY 45 south of FM1960,
and the place was big.

"Most of these things cost more than my Expedition
dude" I told him still suffering from sticker shock.
I had never been boat shopping in my life. The price tags
were everywhere from 15k all the way 100k and that was just
in the warehouse like showroom. I had no plans of looking
at the ones that were the price of large houses sitting in
the lot outside. "Small price to pay Dave, small price
to pay indeed" He said wistfully as he looked from
boat to boat.

A young salesman that looked like he spent his life in the
gym and a tanning bed approached us. He clapped his hands
and rubbed them together as if he was trying to warm them
on a cold day. "So boys what are we looking for today?"
he asked. I was about to tell him we were just looking when
he launched into a lengthy sales pitch about investments
and years of good times to be had with "these beauties"
He hadn't even waited for an answer.

He directed us down the row of new gleaming fishing boats,
ski boats, pleasure craft, and the ever popular pontoon
party boats. He gave us brief points about each and then
narrowed it down for us. "You guys look more like the
sports type am I right?" he said in his cheese ball
sales voice. "You guys look like you work out? I am
guessing that you want something that you can ski and board
behind. Am I right? Am I right?" he said and then shot
us with finger guns.

"Don't look at me cousin, I only do 12 and 16 ounce
curls" Jai said using the deep backwoods Cajun accent.
"These two are da ones who be lovin the gym now"
He said with a thumb pointed our way. Jai seemed to like to
make himself sound Cajun country so that people would assume
things about him. It was actually a good plan and usually
worked well. As a Nebraskan I have no accent nor can I fake
one other than an odd sounding Scottish burr. That never
freaking worked and only ended up making me sound like a

The salesman's pasted on smile faltered for a second
before he launched back into the merits of having a high
performance pleasure craft. He wouldn't stop making
eye contact with Jason and I and it was starting to creep
me out. Since he and I were pretty much the same height I got
more of that than Jason did. After another long string of
why all of mankind needed a sixty thousand dollar 24 foot
Monterey FS something or other he leaned in close and put
his hand to the side of his mouth.

"Trust me. The amount of pussy you can get with these
things is well worth the small investment. For guys like
you this will help get as many pieces of tail as you could
ever want" He said with that annoying smile plastered
on his face. He gave us a serious faced nod as if to back up
his point. I just stared dumbfounded at him while Jai did
his best to stifle a laugh. Jason was so focused on all the
shiny boats in the room he most likely missed it.

The tour continued as he walked us up ladders to look into
the cabins and to stand on the decks. I had never been in a
boat before let alone driven one. It's sad to say but,
give me any kind of tractor or vehicle I can probably drive
it. Give me something with a propeller and I will either
blow it up or wreck it. Jai had grown up on the gulf so he was
well versed. Jason was from the land of 10, 000 lakes and
his family had owned boats since before he could walk. So
at least that was a plus to this insane idea.

I heard the clack of heels on the concrete floor as we climbed
down from yet another boat on a trailer. "Damn"
the sales douche said as Rin came into view. She had her waist
length hair up in a high pony tail with her white Gucci sunglasses
holding down the top. She had fresh pastel pink highlights
in her already ice blue and blonde hair. She was dressed
in a tight black tank top that only came down to her belly
button showing off some of her amazing toned stomach. Her
short light denim skirt looked as if half of it had been cut
off thanks to the chopped up hem.

She had on light brown wedge like high heels that looked
like they were made out of hemp rope making her a tall 6'1.
Her long toned legs ate up the distance between her and us
quickly. The golden tanned Goddess was smiling curiously
as she looked at us and the boats around us "Shut up"
she laughed as she walked up to me. I could only shrug "we
are just looking right now" I told her. "You
guys are crazy" she laughed and hooked her arm in mine.

"Nice hair" I told her as I looked over the pastel
pink blended in with the ice blue and blonde. "Thanks"
she said softly. Her beautiful face spread into a smile.
"I was hoping you would like it" She followed.
"yeah, looks great on you" I told her while returning
her happy smile

The sales douche had a confused smile on his face "I
was just telling the guys here" she was only half paying
attention as she looked at the $42, 999 dollar price tag
hanging from the steps of the boat we were just on "
how much fun you could have on these almost all year round"
he told her.

Sales 101: get the girl get the guy. He started talking about
vacations and how she could lay out on the deck. She informed
him that she laid out at our house pool. I could see the little
fuckers eyes light up as he started to assume we had money.
I wondered where the rest of the girls were. They had all
gone together so they had to be wondering around here somewhere.

Cher was the first one to appear, the little Latina was rocking
the same high pony tail that Rin sported. She wore a bright
yellow tank top and bright white Daisy Duke shorts with
yellow flip flops. She was still wearing her oversized
round sunglasses on her face as she walked toward us on her
short legs. "Jai are we getting a boat?" she
asked excitedly. "I don't know bebette we are
thinking about it" He said as he welcomed her into
his arms. She looked up at him and beamed. "Sweet"

The sales douche was now looking at us a little differently
it seemed, apparently we weren't all the sad sacks
he had pegged us for. I think he expected us to be little wanna
be players like him or something. He started in again about
all the benefits that suddenly seemed female friendly
and kept trying to show us boats in the 30k plus range. They
were all awesome but there was no way I was going to go in on
something that expensive.

Jai started to laugh breaking my attention from the speech
to where he was looking. I couldn't help but laugh as
well when I saw Morgan. She had really out done herself this
time with her hair, along with the blue was a rainbow of electric
colors. Neon purple, several different shades of blues,
and what looked like aqua green mixed in with her natural
black hair. (look up Colorful Scene Hair to get a better
idea of the color shades). She hadn't cut it but instead
had colored it with an electric neon rainbow.

She was also wearing a white tennis outfit with knee high
white socks with two red stripes around the bottom of her
knees. The shirt was a polo tank top with a red collar and
buttons, the skirt was a short white pleated thing with
a red Fila logo at the bottom of it. Her shoes were even white
tennis shoes with red laces. She was smiling brightly as
she walked toward us. Besides the hair and clothing she
also had apparently kidnapped an old guy with Kitty.

Kitty was eye popping. She had on an extremely tight tan
tank top with tiny strings over the shoulders. Her tits
billowed out the top and like Rin's it stopped just
at her belly button. She had on tiny dark Daisy Dukes with
the front pockets hanging down below the bottoms. Her long
legs ended in white flip flops and she wore a beat up straw
cowboy hat with a Texas Longhorns logo on the front of it.
She had on a hemp necklace and ankle bracelet that matched
the hat color. Her dark tanned 5'10 body was showing
in all the right places to drive a guy crazy. She had added
one tiny highlight of bright pink into her pixie cut white
hair on the front.

In between the Playboy Bunny look alike and the rainbow
haired tennis emo was an old man that looked like somebody's
kindly grandfather. "We found Martin here to help
you guys out" Kitty said in her southern drawl. "He's
new and we wanted to make sure his first customers weren't
mean" Morgan added in a cutesy voice. The guy was trapped
in between the two girls with their arms through his; the
poor grey haired fella was blushing bright red. Morgan
let her head fall to the side and bent her knee forward in
a failed attempt at looking innocent.

Our current sales douche coughed but couldn't quite
come up with any words to say. I could hear Jai snickering
and saw that he was holding his phone in his hand. I could
only guess that he messaged one of the new arrivals for help
out of our current situation. "Plus it's not
like y'all are gonna buy anything anyway right?"
Kitty twanged. "I have a lesson soon, so we can't
be here to long baby" Morgan added sweetly. Rin's
body jerked against me as she held in her laugh.

Morgan released her captive and moved in front of me, she
leaned in and gave me an eye open cute little kiss. The sales
douche looked lost as she took my arm in hers and laid her
head on my shoulder. The young guy looked at Rin then at Morgan
before finally looking at me with a wide eyed look. "He
already had a boat" Jai told him quietly. Jason coughed
to cover up his laugh. "Well bro we don't want
to waste your time. If you have a card that would be great"
Jason told the sales douche after he swallowed down his

Kitty kept Martin hostage as the young guy handed out his
cards and made sure to tell us his personal cell phone number
was on the back before leaving. I had no doubt he was running
back to his sales buddies to tell this little story. "thank
God" Jason breathed. Kitty let go of Martin and did
a little sexy hip walk up to her boyfriend "you owe
us" She said as he took her in his arms. They kissed
and laughed at his agreeing we owed them big. Poor Martin
was confused and quiet. "Martin we want to buy a boat
but not from that asshole" Jason said over Kitty.
Martin let out a little laugh and nodded.

The girls had chosen well with Martin, he turned out to be
a wealth of information. Up until recently he actually
had a shop that worked on boats. He had just retired and taken
the sales job to keep busy. For the next hour he gave us real
information and didn't sugar coat things. He explained
everything we needed to be careful of including dock fees
if we decided to store it at a marina. He took us to the used
section outside and showed us some craft that he knew were
good buys as well as in good shape.

Then Martin ended up on Jason's Christmas card list,
he took us to a section of boats that had just come in. Most
of them were dirty or on really crappy trailers but as he
pointed out "there is a pearl in the oyster"
He showed us a pearl and maroon colored 2001 Crownline 202
bowrider. The thing was loaded with little extras like
a killer CD sound system and even had wood paneling on the
cockpit controls and steering wheel. It had a very nice
trailer according to Martin and was a steal of a deal.

The three of us huddled up and talked about it and all the
things that came along with it. I won't bore you with
the details but I will tell you that Jai and Jason double
talked and out-numbered me into submission. "Fine
whatever you guys think" I told them. After doing
the math it was actually only about $126.00 dollars a month
split three ways for the next several years. "Eh what
the hell. It's only money right?"

"We'll take it" Jason and Jai told Martin
together. The girls squealed their excitement and 2 hours
later we owned a boat. The rest of our next hours were filled
with plans on where to take the boat first and how new bikinis
would be needed. We even went as far as to sit in the boat while
it was parked in the driveway and pretend we were on the water.
Yeah that happened. That night Morgan could hardly sleep
she was so excited. I laid between her legs for once and spent
well over an hour eating her pussy to several orgasms while
she and Rin played with each other. It was a nice night.

"OH MY GOD I can't believe I over slept!"
Morgan exclaimed as she ran around our bedroom. "Mom
is going to be so mad!" She let out in a hurried voice.
Morgan's vibrant multi colored hair flared in the
light as she looked around the room for her shoes. She looked
adorable in her yellow and white Power Puff Girls baby doll
tee shirt and loose fitting khaki capris. She also looked
a little panicked "I should never have agreed to have
lunch with her today" Morgan got down on her hands
and knees by the bed.

"Sorry baby" I told her as she vanished from
sight next to the bed. "It's my fault. She just
guilts me into this shit" She grunted. I could only
imagine she was reaching for under the bed as she talked.
The bed shook and her multi colored electric haired head
appeared on the side of the bed. Rin slid her bent leg up mine
until the top of her knee pushed up against my balls. She
pushed her moist pussy up against my thigh and grasped my
opposite shoulder with the arm that was across my chest.

"How long will you be gone?" Rin asked in a groggy
voice. "I don't know. Too damn long" Morgan
said in a frustrated breath. "I am supposed to meet
her at Pappadeaux's at noon then we are going to the
mall after. So a couple hours at least" she sighed.
Morgan pushed herself up with the help of the bed and stood
over me with a frown. "I am not a happy girl" She
said with a serious face. Her electric rainbow hair fell
into her left eye as she looked down at me "Baby I will
be home as fast as I can ok. If you guys go anywhere let me know
and I can get dropped off or something"

I nodded "Ok baby. Don't worry just go have fun
with your mom, she probably just misses having you around"
I told her. Morgan had been living with me now for a little
over 3 months or so. I had no doubt that her parents probably
missed having their little girl around at times. Morgan
let out a sigh then in one quick motion grabbed the edge of
the bright pink duvet and threw it. Rin and I's naked
bodies were exposed to her as the duvet collected just below
my knees. She leaned down and gave me a soft slow tongue filled
kiss as her fingers dug into my chest.

"mmmm" She sighed softly as her tongue slid
across my lips at the end of our kiss. She drug the back of
her long bright red manicured nails down my stomach toward
my cock that lay across my lower stomach. Morgan moved down
the bed as her hand found my flaccid tool and lifted it up
in the air. I felt Rin's head follow Morgan's hand
until she was looking down at my cock. Morgan's lowered
her head to my groin and sucked my dick into her mouth with
a loud slurp. Rin's leg pushed against my balls either
out of reflex or some weird way to help Morgan.

Morgan's tongued swirled around the head of my cock
for a few quick motions before she sucked me deep into her
throat. The wet sensations of her mouth and the slight tickle
of her labret piercing immediately started to wake me up.
"mmm" She moaned again as she started to feel
me grow in her mouth. She brought her hand to her hips and
together they bobbed up and down in a stroking suck. I closed
my eyes and pulled Rin tight against me out of reflex as my
girlfriend’s mouth sucked my cock. Rin pressed her moist
pussy hard against my thigh as she watched Morgan suck me
to an erection in record time.

Morgan pulled me from her mouth and stroked me fast and hard
for a few seconds before taking me back into her mouth and
jamming me against the back of her throat. Her body lurched
a little as she gagged herself with my blood engorged member.
Her saliva started to run down my shaft slicking her grasp
on me giving me more pleasure as her hand traveled up and
down my shaft. "MMmm" I moaned deeply. I felt
Morgan's body sag a little bit as it responded to my
sounds of enjoyment.

Morgan sucked in a big breath through her nose before forcing
me down her throat as far as I could go. I felt her throat muscles
work around my head as she fought off the urge to gag. I felt
my thigh getting wetter underneath Rin's pouty pussy
lips as she started to get turned on from the pornographic
scene in front of her. I let my finger tips caress the top
of her arm and felt her shiver as they tickled her. I had to
admit I loved when I was holding Rin while Morgan sucked
my cock. The feeling of the two amazing bodies against mine
was something I still wasn't used to. It rolled fire
up and down my body as their soft skin seemed to press against
me everywhere.

Morgan's tongue traced a wet line on the side of my shaft
as she pulled me back out of her mouth. My cock pulsed in her
hand and mouth causing Morgan to let out a little whimper
of her own excitement. The loud sound of Morgan's phone
made us all jump as it went off on her beloved antique make
up table. She let out a frustrated groan with me still in
her mouth. She sucked on the tip of my cock hard then jammed
it hard into the back of her throat before letting me go.
As she stood up I saw the tears in her eyes from the force of
the blow to her throat. "It's my mom. Fuck"
She said catching her breath. She bent down and gave my shaft
a wet sloppy kiss before leaning up across my chest.

Her mouth was shiny from saliva as she brought it close to
Rin's face. The two girls shared a quick passionate
kiss on my chest while the phone continued to ring. "Mmm
baby take care of him for me until I get home ok." Morgan
told her between a few soft teases of each other’s lips.
Rin nodded against my chest as Morgan moved her lips to mine.
"Don't give her all your cum baby. I want some
too" she whispered with a smile against my lips. As
we kissed it dawned on me she just gave Rin and I permission
to have sex without her. For the first time. Ever.

Her hand traveled down my chest and found my cock as are tongues
swirled around each others. She tugged on my cock roughly
as she sucked my chin and jaw into her mouth while letting
out little happy whimpers. When her phone started ringing
again she let out a high pitched sound from her throat and
gave me a last kiss on my lips. She stood up and stomped to
where her phone was looking none to happy. "I am coming"
She said into the phone. "NO NO I just had to wait for
my clothes to get dry. I am sorry I am running late but I will
be there shortly I promise." She told her mom. She
all but strangled her little denim purse as she pulled it
off the makeup table.

She looked back at me with a question she didn't need
to say out loud. "Pants" I mouthed. Morgan gave
me a quick nod as she continued to assure her mom that she
had not forgotten and was in fact walking out the door. Morgan
bent down and grabbed my shorts from the floor and dug in
the cargo pockets looking for my keys. She pulled out my
wallet with them and looked at the cash in it then looked
down at her purse as if wondering if she had her debit card
in them. Morgan was constantly changing her purse to fit
her moods or outfits of the day. In doing so she had a bad habit
of leaving her driver’s license, debit card, money,
and other assorted important things behind.

I could hear the murmur of her mom on the phone in almost a
perfect imitation of the Peanuts teacher. "WaWa
Wawawawa wa" Morgan looked at me and I nodded for her
to just take it. "I love you" She told me and gave
Rin and I a sad eyed wave before running out of our room with
my wallet and keys in her hands. Rin let out a sigh and hugged
me tight with the arm over her chest "I should probably
spend time with my mom too" she sighed. My cock and
I were starting to fear we would be finding ourselves lonely
and blue shortly.

I heard the people that were already up and moving around
tell Morgan goodbye and then the door alarms as she ran out
the back. I shivered as Rin's lips found the side of
my neck. The tip of her tongue teased my flesh with flicks
and grazes as she kissed her way up to my ear. She awkwardly
used her foot to pull the covers back over us halfway as she
kept kissing me. I reached down and pulled Rin's bent
leg up over my cock and onto my stomach forcing her now very
wet pussy onto my thigh. She let out a little sigh as her clit
pressed up against my muscle. I had to admit I felt no worry
or guilt about being intimate with Rin while Morgan was

The way things had been going lately with the three of us
made this seem almost normal. When Rin and Morgan fell into
a passionate embrace that had nothing to do with me I didn't
even wince. Morgan was the same way when Rin and I would get
lost together. Our dynamic was hard to label but as time
went by none of it felt wrong in anyway. As fucked up as that
sounded it was just the way things were turning out. Morgan
seemed to not view it as sharing me anymore; it was more we
were all sharing ourselves with each other if that made

Rin was kissing the back of my ear when Kitty appeared at
the door. I couldn't help myself I had to yell "Hallelujah!"
when I saw her. Kitty for the first time since she and Jason
had gotten together wasn't wearing a maroon and gold
Minnesota Golden Gopher shirt. Rin stopped kissing me
and pushed her forehead up against the side of my head to
look toward the door. I heard let out a little laugh as she
realized what I had been praising. Kitty looked a little
confused as she stood in the doorway in a very see thru white
undershirt of Jason's. Her hard light pink nipples
were easily seen underneath the light white fabric as they
stretched out the front of the shirt.

"What?" She asked with a confused look. "Finally
you aren't wearing one of his stupid college shirts"
I said way to excited for the situation. Rin nibbled on the
side of my ear as Kitty shot me a look that pretty much said
“fuck you.” "Cher is washing colors I guess"
she said with a shrug. Rin and I let out a little laugh together.
It was a well known fact that if Cher didn't have enough
clothes of the right color or shade to wash she would either
strip them off your body or wash clean ones to make a full
load. Even though she denied that last one we all knew it
to be true.

Kitty strode toward the bed with her nipples seemingly
getting harder as she came closer. "Are you guys eating?"
She asked as she came to a stop at the edge of the bed. Rin's
tongue licked a broad swath along the side of my neck making
me shudder again. "I dunno" I told her. "yeah"
Rin told her softly as she moved her kisses to my jaw. "Jai
had to work today and Jason won't get up" Kitty
whined. "Do you guys want to do something today?"

Rin stopped her kisses just short of my mouth and laid her
head back down on my chest. "I don't know I am pretty
comfortable right now" she told the other blonde.
"you guys are just going to fuck all day until Morgan
gets home and then fuck some more" Kitty pouted. "maybe"
Rin sighed seemingly content with life at the moment. I
had to admit this was a conversation I was never prepared
for now matter how many times I had watched porn.

"That's all you guys every do anymore on Sundays!
We should all go out and do something" Kitty whined.
In a pink pussy flashing move Kitty propped her knee on the
edge of the bed. Her pink outer lips and slightly protruding
darker pink inner lips were staring me right in the face.
I had been half hard since after Morgan had left and this
wasn't going to help me one bit. "Kitty your Kitty
is showing" Rin chuckled. In a Morgan type move Kitty
moved her hands to her pussy and spread it open while she
pushed her hips forward. She did it more of a "who the
fuck cares" way than a sexy way. Seeing her inner pink
and the slight wetness all but ruined any self control I

Rin laughed and I could feel her roll her eyes and Kitty let
her hands fall away. Kitty got up onto the bed and crawled
under the covers laying down beside me on my right. She crossed
her hands over her stomach and sighed as she stared up at
the ceiling. Rin moved her leg off of my stomach and let it
fall on top of her other one at my side. Her hand went straight
for my cock and she started to lightly caress me up and down
my length. "Why are you in my bed?" I asked the

"Cause I am bored. Cher went and took a shower, my lazy
boyfriend is still asleep and Morgan and Jai are gone"
she complained. "Why don't you call Duff over
or something? You can get your pussy licked for hours. Doesn't
that sound nice?" I asked. The words sounded just
as strange coming out of my mouth as they just did in your
head. Trust me.

Rin's fingers had brought me to an erection with caresses
and gentle tugs while I talked to the blonde laying in the
bed next to me. "She's gotten kind of boring and
a little clingy with me" Kitty told the ceiling. "If
I found something like you guys have where I actually really
liked the girl that would be different" I had to laugh
at how easily Kitty talked about it. I mean she wasn't
even drunk, so either she was opening up or was just desperately

As if that was the cue Rin had been waiting for she moved her
body down the bed and vanished under the covers. I felt her
hot breath on my mushroom tip a second before her wonderful
mouth found me. I sighed as Rin's mouth closed around
the head of my cock with soft lips and slow tongue swirls.
One hand stroked me slowly while the other held me at the
base of my dick. As I grew even harder with her attention
she changed to long licks up every inch of my shaft from base
to tip.

I felt my body start to overheat from her attention and the
rising temperature of the May day. I was about to throw off
the duvet when remember one very important thing. Kitty
was still laying next to me. I turned my head on the pillow
to look at Kitty as Rin took me back in her mouth with slow
head bobs. Kitty was laying on the other pillow staring
down at the rising and falling pick covered head of Rin.
"Um Kitty" I said with a quiver as Rin was doing
something to the tip of my dick that felt fucking amazing.
"Do you mind?" I asked her.

Like one of those creepy dolls that can move in horror movies
her head slowly turned to look at me. Her beautiful face
and sparkling sapphire blue eyes showed her pupils almost
completely dilated in the light. "Can I stay? I want
to watch" She asked in a smooth tone. My cock involuntarily
jumped in Rin's mouth and made her let out a soft gasp.
"I don't think Morgan and Jason would like that"
I told her. Instead of arguing she slipped out of bed to the
floor, her shirt was pulled up enough to show off her luscious
ass as she hurried out of the bedroom.

"Damnit she left the door open" I thought to
myself before Rin blanked my mind with a deep throat. "Damn"
I breathed as the pleasure vibrated through my body like
a struck tuning fork. The shock pink duvet rose like an apparition
before my eyes. I could feel the angle of my cock in Rin's
mouth change as she got up on all fours. Her cover rose and
fell quickly as she began to bob her head up and down faster.
Her fingernails dug into the top of my thighs as she just
used her mouth to pleasure me.

The pounding in my ears masked the pounding of footsteps
on the stairs. Kitty was looking flushed in the cheeks as
she stood in the doorway with her phone to her ear. "I
promise I won't Morgan! You know me!" Kitty said
into the phone. "oh shit" I muttered. Rin thought
that I meant her and she sped up her motions making me say
"oh shit" again but for the right reasons this
time. "Yeah, yeah! Thanks Morgan!" Kitty said
excitedly into the phone while nodding her head. The bright
pink highlight in her white hair flashed at the same intensity
as her perfect Colgate white smile. She moved quickly to
the side of the bed and thrust out her blue and grey Verizon
phone "here" she said happily.

I took the phone as Rin went back to licking up and down my
shaft again "Hello?" I said weakly. I knew full
well that she had somehow managed to talk Morgan into being
allowed to watch. "Just let her watch. If she tries
anything just back hand the ho" Morgan laughed. "K
baby I have to get back to the table! Love You" I could
hear the snicker in her treacherous voice. Kitty took the
phone from me and checked it to see if Morgan was still on
the line before throwing it on the bed. She reached down
and grabbed the hem of her white undershirt and stripped
it off in one slick motion.

"Kitty! What are you doing?" I thought in my
head. For some reason my mouth only moaned as Rin's
mouth found my balls. Kitty's 5'10 Playboy Bunny
looking body was laid out before my perverted eyes. I found
myself looking from her gorgeous young face down to her
large C cup breasts. My gaze followed the lines of her flat
stomach down to her bare pussy lips. I could see the wetness
covering the insides of her thighs. A small drop of her excitement
dripped from her pussy as she climbed onto the bed next to
me. "Jason said I could watch too. He isn't feeling
well soo." She let her words trail off.

She grabbed the end of the duvet and after a few tries had
pulled it off the bed exposing Rin's sexy slender toned
body. Her ass was high up in the air and her slim back dipped
showing off the lines of muscles along her spine. Her long
pastel pink, ice blue and blonde hair fell off to her right
side over my hip giving Kitty the perverts’ view she had
wanted. My eyes switched back and forth between Rin's
mouth suctioned around my cock and Kitty getting herself
in position to lean against the wall. She propped up one
of my pillows between the wall and her back and brought her
heels to her ass. She opened her bent knees wide and moved
her hands between her legs.

I couldn't see it from my vantage point but I could hear
her fingers exploring her pussy. The soft we sucking sounds
of Rin's mouth and the wet sounds of Kitty's pussy
being finger fucked filled my ears. Kitty had both hands
between her legs so I could only imagine that she was holding
herself open with one while fucking herself with the other.
With a soft pop Rin let my cock out of her mouth and looked
up at Kitty then at me. "Kitty are you really going
to watch us?" Rin asked looking a little red in the

"mmmm hmmmm" Kitty answered in a soft moan.
Her eyes were locked on either Rin's face hovering
over my cock or she was actually looking at my swollen cock.
"You guys have turned me into such a fucking freak"
Rin laughed almost sadly. She crawled up my body while she
stared at my face. For some reason the air felt thick and
I felt suddenly nervous as if I was being graded or maybe
examined. Seeing Rin's body flex and move was enough
to push back some of the trepidation as she positioned herself
over my groin. She settled herself down so that my cock fit
between her pouty pussy lips. The flood of her excitement
soaked my shaft and dripped down the sides to my stomach.

"mmmm" I let out before I could stop it. Rin gave
me a shy smile and seemed to have forgotten Kitty was playing
with her pussy inches away from my body. "My life is
so weird" I said softly as Rin leaned down to kiss me.
"oh yeah" she agreed with a sly smile on her face.
Our lips met in an instant tongue filled flurry. She rolled
her hips and ground down pushing her clit onto the shaft
of my cock. She let out soft whimpers into my mouth as our
tongues danced with one another's.

"UUhhh" Kitty whined in a high pitched tone.
Her knees opened wider and her hands seemed to move faster.
Rin pushed her forehead against mine and looked down between
us breaking our kiss. She reached down and grabbed my painfully
swollen cock and moved up my body so that she could bring
me to her opening. I could feel her drip on me as she hovered
over me "I love how wet you get" I told her in a
deep voice. Rin let out a quick moan at my words and brought
the dip of my dick to her pussy lips. "I want you in me
so bad" She said softly.

It felt as if her insides were sucking me in as I went deeper
into her body. "Nuuuuhhh" she moaned. "you're
filling me up" she gasped. Kitty let out a soft cry
and her body trembled. I don't know if she came or if
it was just a pulse of something. Rin's pussy collapsed
around my cock like a tight fitting glove as she used her
weight to drive me to her limit. Her pussy squeezed and released
around my swollen member as if trying to understand what
was happening to it. "you are so tight" I moaned.
"Mmm baby you are so big" she moaned back before
bringing her lips back to mine.

Kitty let out a louder cry and her body shook again. Rin's
tongue covered my lips and cheeks with wetness as she stayed
still and just let her pussy try to milk me. I did my best to
follow her motions with my own tongue as we created a wet
mess of each other’s mouths. Her pussy threatened to
crush me flat one last time before she started to roll her
hips. The sensation of my cock rubbing against her insides
made me moan out her name. Kitty cried out again and I could
feel the bed shake from her tremors.

Rin dropped her head to my shoulder and tried to bury her
face into my neck as she changed from rolling her hips to
lifting them up and down. She alternated back and forth
while sucking on my neck. Her cries vibrated through my
throat as she cried out against my neck. My hands found her
tiny ass and I squeezed hard forcing her to roll her hips

Rin's juices ran down my shaft and balls as she got wetter
and wetter. My cock throbbed in her tight pussy while it
did it's best to crush me. Rin's nipples were instantly
hard as the pressed against my chest. Her little more than
a handful sized breasts always felt so good pressed up against
my body. Rin drug her lips up my neck and over my jaw to my mouth.
She licked my lips and chin before crying out "oh fuck"
I could feel her pussy spasming violently and knew she was
going to cum. "Are you going to cum for me?" I
asked. "AAhhh" She cried and nodded her head
a few times with eyes squeezed shut.

Kitty cried out from my side again as she heard my words.
I have no idea how many times she had cum but I did know she
wasn't stopping. Rin's orgasm stopped her body
cold in its tracks. All she could do was cry into my mouth
while her body vibrated. With all the stomach muscles I
could muster I did a sit up with her holding onto me tightly.
"FuuuuUUUUUCk" Rin cried out. The change in
position buried me deeper than her body was prepared for.
Her body tensed and shook as her nails dug into my back.

I titled my body to the right and pulled her leg behind my
back and then to the left to do the same. All of Rin's
weight was not pressing down on my cock and thighs. She locked
her ankles behind my back and looked down to see my cock in
her pussy. With no remorse I grabbed her slight hips with
both hands and rocked her back and forth. Together we watched
my cock slid in and out of her tiny pussy. It was soaked with
Rin's thick cum and glistened brightly. Rin's
cries turned into intermediate screams as her pussy was
stretched by my hard dick.

I felt the bed move behind me and shortly after saw Kitty's
tall naked body appear at our side. She had her right hand
between her parted thighs and her fingers were a blur. Her
left hand was massaging her right tit as she watched Rin
and I fuck. Rin was oblivious to the world as she slid up and
down my rod. Her mouth hung open in a constant cries and soft
screams. Her pouty pussy lips molded around my cock and
felt so good as they suctioned up and down my length.

I took my right hand off her ass and brought it to her face.
I cupped her left cheek in my hand and used my thumb on her
chin so that she would look at me. "Do you like this?"
I asked her. Rin's pink lips parted and she tilted her
head down so that she could capture my thumb in her mouth.
"Hmm Mmm" she moaned as she sucked my thumb.
"Do you want more?" I asked her. She sucked my
thumb slowly and slowed her hips to a stop "I want you
to play with my ass" She whispered with my thumb in
her mouth. Her soft brown eyes looked completely submissive
as she waited quietly for my response.

I pulled my thumb out of her mouth and replaced it with my
middle finger. Rin sucked my finger deep into her throat
like she would suck my dick. "Fuck" Kitty grunted.
Out of the corner of my eye I could see her legs threaten to
give out. "sit on the bed beside Rin so that you don't
fall over" A strange voice told Kitty. I hadn't
even thought about it before I told her what to do. "Morgan
you really have fucked me up" I thought to myself as
I saw Kitty obey me. Rin's eyes half closed as she continued
to suck my middle finger.

When Kitty was on the bed she opened her legs wide to expose
her soaked cunt. The normal light pink pussy blazed red
and her clit looked rock hard from all the attention. Her
fingers found her little button and became a blur as she
watched us. "I am watching my friends girlfriend
finger herself while I fuck my um? What the hell do I call
Rin? My second girlfriend?" I thought to myself.
I shook the whole thinking thing out of me and went back to
the acting part of me. I pulled my finger out over Rin's
tongue and gave her a smile.

"I am going to slide my finger in your ass ok"
I told her. She nodded slowly as she looked into my eyes "Ok"
she whispered. I looked down between Kitty's open
legs and saw a puddle forming on Morgan's prized sheets.
"that'll leave a mark" I laughed in my head.
It's funny what pops in your head sometimes during
these situations. My saliva coated finger found Rin's
asshole on the first try, she gasped as I sunk it into her
slowly. She never took her eyes off of me as I crept my digit
into her orifice.

With the wanton look on her face and the way her mouth hung
open slightly I couldn't help but kiss her. Her asshole
squeezed and released around my finger as it tried to make
sense of what was happening to it. She let out little whimpers
but didn't recoil as it went in past the last knuckle.
Slowly she started to move her hips back and forth while
her heels dug into the top of my ass. Rin babbled something
into my mouth as her hips started to buck and her body shook.
The extra stimulation had pushed her quickly to her second

Rin and Kitty cried out together as the both came on my bed.
Rin's pussy spasmed and flooded me with her girl cum
as her forward and back motions forced my cock and my finger
in and out of her body. Her lips tore away from mine and she
lurched forward pulling me into a hug. She let out an earsplitting
scream and came for a third time before her second seemed
to be over. With a more awkward motion then I would have liked
I rolled us away from Kitty and put Rin on her back. My hand
was trapped under her body due to the fact that my finger
was still in her spasming ass.

I gently withdrew it expecting some kind of reaction but
instead got none. Rin's eyes were closed and she was
panting for air as I positioned myself upright between
her long legs. I put my hands under her ass and lifted her
lower body up into the air. Rin's eyes shot open as the
head of my dick pressed hard against her G spot. Her hands
shot out and she pressed her palms against my lower stomach.
"You are going to split me in half" she winced.
Kitty moaned off to my side and behind me at Rin's words.

As carefully as I could, eh not really that carefully actually.
I started to fuck Rin while her holding up her lower half.
She tilted her body to the side and winced while I drove my
cock in and out of her. My balls slapped loudly against her
ass as I slowly started to speed my thrusts up to a blur. "Daaaaveeeaah"
She cried out. Her tight stomach flexed and sucked in showing
off her ribs and muscles as she tried to hold on. She pulled
her legs back a little so that her feet were on the sides of
my shoulders. The way she was opened up and the sight of my
cock going in and out of her glowing red pussy drove me insane.

I lost all control and fucked her for all I was worth. The
bed shook even with the three of us on it. Rin's and Kitty's
cries of pleasure filled the room and reverberated off
the bedroom walls. "DDaaaaaaave" Rin cried
out. "You want me to cum?" I grunted. She tried
to nod her head but couldn't seem to manage it. "Where
do you want me to cum?" I growled. "AHN"
was her reply. I continued to fuck her through an orgasm
that looked like it caused her some pain until my body finally
felt as if I could cum.

I let Rin's lower half down the to bed and moved up beside
her face "Sit up. I want to cum on your face" I
told her holding the base of my cock in a tight grip. She propped
herself up on her elbows and brought her mouth to the tip
of my cock and started to suck. Her knee came up and pressed
against my side as I stroked my cock into her mouth. The blood
rushing in my ear couldn't cover up another one of Kitty's
orgasms. "how many is that now?" I thought to
myself in between spikes of pleasure shooting through
my body.

Rin released my cock from her mouth but held the tip between
her lips as she spoke "Cum on me baby" she moaned.
It had seemed like she was starting to enjoy Morgan's
dirty talk herself. My body felt as if it was about to overheat
as my hand pumped away on my dick. "NOW!" I shouted.
Rin sucked me into her mouth as my first load of cum shot out.
My eyes went blurry as I stroked myself through my orgasm
into Rin's mouth and onto her chest. Cum poured from
her open mouth as my cum landed on her chest.

Stroke after stroke I shot into Rin's open mouth or
on her face or onto her chest. I wanted badly to watch but
my eyes refused to cooperate and stayed in a blurry squint.
Rin's mouth sucked the head of my over sensitive cock
lovingly as I milked the last of my cum from my balls. When
I could open my eyes all the way again I looked down at the
mess I created. The tops of Rin's tits were dotted with
white, in between her breasts it ran down to her belly button.
Her mouth and chin dripped with cum.

She let me fall from her mouth and more cum dripped out onto
her chin. She closed her lips and swallowed hard, when she
opened them again cum clung to the sides of her lips. "My
God" I breathed. She looked up at me with a sultry expression
before letting a small smile spread across her cum covered
lips. I took her right cheek in my right hand and was surprised
when she snuggled into it. "That was nuts" Cher's
voice said from the doorway. I hung my head in shame at the
fact that I was part of a live porno show.

"I came sooooo much" Kitty laughed. I didn't
turn around to face her because now that the lust was gone
the shame and awkwardness had replaced it for me. Even Rin
let her knee fall from my side and crossed her legs to cover
up her abused pussy. "If there was a party how come
no one invited me?" Cher teased. "I guess you
were the only one that didn't CUM to the party"
Kitty joked.

"Who said I didn't? I've been here a while
now" Cher laughed. I turned my head to find the little
Latina only wearing a towel. "We're all going
to hell" I groaned. Rin rolled her eyes at the bad word play and used her finger
to scoop my cum off her chin and into her mouth. My cock jumped
on its own as she went about cleaning her face of the white.
She had an evil look on her face that proved she knew damn
well how it would affect me.

"I am going for your ass this time" I threatened.
She put a fake surprised look on her face "Oh My".
I was pretty proud of my threat there for a second. "Unless
Morgan takes you there first" she cooed. The tight
tanned Goddess had my cum all over her and I claim that as
the reason I was so slow and she won. For the record.

"Well thanks guys that was awesome!" Kitty
exclaimed happily. "I really need to get us a girlfriend"
She laughed. I looked over to see that her naked body slide
off the bed onto the floor. She raised her arms high into
the air and stretched out her amazing figure. "I think
it's nap time with my man" Kitty completely happy
and content shuffled out of the bedroom stark naked not
bothering to pick up the white shirt she had deposited on
my floor. "What am I going to do? I will be bored!"
Cher whined.

Rin and I looked at each other and laughed. "Get out
and close the door Cher" I told her while smiling at
Rin. Cher mumbled something and closed the door as she walked
out of the bedroom. Rin and I burst into laughter and fell
to the bed "Your cum is drying on me" Rin chuckled
as she looked down at her chest. In a long legged windmill
she rolled off the bed to the floor. I watched her ass as she
walked into the bathroom. After cleaning off she rejoined
me in bed, instead of laying to my side she chose to lay on
top of me. We spent the next hour almost kissing and caressing
until finally she fell off to my side and snuggled up to me.

Rin lay against me breathing softly and fingering my hair.
It was so soothing that I was just about asleep when Morgan
burst through the bedroom door shedding clothes. "I
love my mom but I can only spend so much time with her"
she told us sounding frustrated. We watched as she continued
to vent and lose clothing at a rapid rate. As her naked body
came into full view she pulled back the covers and crawled
onto the bed. "I need rough sex and you need to give
it to me" She told me with a not so friendly face.

Morgan sat her pussy down on my flaccid cock looking none
too happy. "now" she demanded. I laughed and
pulled her into a hug "I love you" She covered
the parts of my shoulder she could reach with kisses and
let out a long sigh. "If I didn't have you I would
have gone crazy months ago. I love you so much" she
sighed. "I really need you to fuck me hard though for
real ok" she told me softly.

"Batter up!" I shouted making both Rin and Morgan

To Be Continued...........

A special thank you to Mia_Coy for editing this and putting
up with all the words that I write.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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another great episode keep them coming


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I made a mistake on one little part. Where I say it's
only $126.00 split three ways I should have said:

It's $379.00 and split 3 ways it was only $126.00. That
was my bad.


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Great Stories ! Hope you keep them cumming !!!!!


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Still waiting for you to take Rin's anal virginity, did
Morgan beat you to it?Well you know the difference between
a pool and a boat?One you throw LOTS of money to keep the water
out the other to keep it in, been there done that!


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quote rm_jbadam01:
another great episode keep them coming
I will do my best, thank you sir


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quote kliff51:
Great Stories ! Hope you keep them cumming !!!!!
Thank you very much. I have 3 more ready to be edited, I just
have to send them to her and then I will get them posted asap


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quote billybruce4:
Still waiting for you to take Rin's anal virginity, did Morgan beat you to it?Well you know the difference between a pool and a boat?One you throw LOTS of money to keep the water out the other to keep it in, been there done that!
LOL I think at this point I was waiting too lol. Not to ruin
things but it takes a little while longer before we cross
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it comes up. It will be down the road a little so bare with
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As far as the boat goes. I had no clue about boats or what starboard
and port were. I had no idea of a lot of things. Jason told
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it wasn't that hard for them to talk me into it.

I was weak that way. FYI the boat still exists and is tucked
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Man these stories are HOT!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the
next one!! Hurry please!!!!!!!!!!!


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quote gtglaid62:
Man these stories are HOT!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the next one!! Hurry please!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks!! I have three more waiting on the girl who is editing
my mess. As soon as she is done I will post them. They are mostly
set ups for later on but hopefully you will enjoy them.


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quote flyingsolo3232:
Thanks!! I have three more waiting on the girl who is editing my mess. As soon as she is done I will post them. They are mostly set ups for later on but hopefully you will enjoy them.
just blame me... lol...that is okay i have big enough shoulders


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quote mia_coy:
just blame me... lol...that is okay i have big enough shoulders lol
In going forward I will be blaming you for most things. FYI.