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Houston and the BBQ Confessions


After sneaking out of my bedroom Rin and I split in separate
directions feeling that if we didn't people would
know. I walked through the house past little groups of people
happily chatting on my way to the backyard. After stepping
out onto the patio I scanned the crowd for my girlfriend.
She was standing by Kitty and another girl talking excitedly
with lots of hand flourishing. I waited for as long as I could
feeling the weight of Rin's confession and after kiss
pressing down on my shoulders.

When their talk finally finished I wove my way through people
to cut Morgan off. I reached out and grabbed her hand "we
need to talk" I said a little too serious. Morgan's
expression went from surprised to extremely worried,
I snuck us out the gate to our driveway. I guided her between
the Expedition and Cher's little silver car and double
checked to make sure no one was around. I looked into her
searching eyes and just blurted it out. "Rin really
likes me and she kissed me after you left!" I told her
in one breath. I involuntarily winced expecting an emotional

"I know" She said with a half smile. I wasn't
sure that I had heard her right.

"No I mean she has a thing for me" I told her trying
to clear up the confusion she must be in. Morgan smiled and
laid her hands flat on my chest. "Why do you think I
picked her?" She asked sweetly. "huh?"
was the only thing I could manage. She leaned forward and
gave me a light kiss on the lips. "I don't need
to worry so it's ok" she said against my lips before
kissing me again. I was really starting to think Morgan
wasn't grasping the situation.

"But she likes me" I said almost in a whine. Morgan
laughed "Lucky for you" I give up. I can't
and won't ever be able to understand Morgan's
reasoning. I have officially become the dumbest male in
the world to not see what must be right in front of me. Yet
somehow the answer was completely beyond my grasp.

"you are freaking out huh" she smiled. I nodded
adamantly in response. She let out a little giggle again
and looked past my shoulder with unfocused eyes. Her hands
twisted my shirt in them and she stood up on her tip toes for
a minute. "This really isn't a conversation
to have in a driveway but here goes." she sighed.

"I need to get past some things like those stupid fears
you love so much" She said sarcastically " It
turned me on more than it worried me watching you fuck her.
I know she is no danger, not because of her but because of
you." Her green eyes darted back and forth between
mine and I could easily tell there was no fear in them. This
was the version of Morgan that had turned me into a bumbling
fool when we had first met.

"Every story that I have heard about your past tells
me that you can fuck a couple of girls and not think twice
about it. It made it seem like you didn't care if they
were your girlfriend or not. You could just stick your dick
in any girl and you wouldn't feel anything bad or worried
or anything" She said while looking back over my shoulder.
I was starting to worry what she thought about me, to be honest
her words weren't that wrong. At times I had been a pretty
heartless tool in the past.

"I don't know who that guy is though, I could tell
how worried you were after we messed around with Rin that
first time. I can also tell how worried you are right now
about how I feel and think." She sighed and looked
actually happy when her eyes met mine again.

"Sooo that tells me that I am different" She
said happily and leaned in for another kiss. My mind was
still trying to understand her words when she spoke up again.
"so let me ask you a few questions" she said with
a one eyed squint. In rapid fire she started asking me fast
questions so that I couldn't think about the answers
and could only respond.

"Did you love me?" She asked. "Yes" "Do you love our sex life?" "God yes!" "Did you think Rin is hot?" she questioned.
"Yes" I said slowly "Do you think I am hot?" She asked coyly "God Yes!" "Did you like fucking her like that?" She asked
leading me into something. "Yes" I answered almost in a whisper. "do you like two hot girls fucking you?" She
asked quickly "Yes" "Will you ever leave me for Rin?" She asked "Never!" I answered whole heartedly "will you ever leave me for anyone no matter what we
do with them?" "Never!" I answered in a loud voice. "will you marry me?" "Yes! Wait? What?" I stumbled. She furrowed
her brow and laughed out loud almost hysterically "gotcha!"

Morgan pulled me into a passionate kiss that almost knocked
the shoes off my feet. When she finally took her tongue out
of my mouth she told me bluntly what she meant.

"You have a girlfriend who loves you and will do anything
for you so just relax and enjoy it. I want to experiment with
you and I want to do crazy things with you. I love how freaky
things get and I feel safe doing these things with you. Rin
probably won't be the only girl we do stuff with. I promise
I will never touch another guy, you are the only man I will
ever be with, ever. Face it you created a monster now deal
with it!" She laughed. "Get out of your head
and stop worrying, if there is a problem I promise I will
tell you right away ok?" She said nodding.

Thump, thumpthumpthump Thump. "Won't be the
only girl whaaaa?" My inner voice asked the rest of
em. I probably should have paid more attention to the fact
that she had implied "Rest of my life" and "Marriage"
twice tonight. However my mind was so scrambled at the moment
I wasn't really thinking straight. That and I was a
wee bit tipsy at this point.

"You sure this is all ok?" I asked one last time.
She rolled her eyes "Come on Dave" She laughed.
"It was my idea! Why are you worrying so much?"
She asked. "Because I want to protect you, and I want
to protect us" I told her softly. Hearing me say the
words actually helped me realize that I apparently had
the same fear as Morgan. I didn't want anything to change
between us either nor did I want to lose her. She smiled wide
and took my face in her hands. "You won't ever
lose me." She promised. "I love you for worrying
about it" She said wistfully.

Morgan took my lips with hers and passionately tried to
prove her love for me without words. Our lips parted after
a few long minutes "Baby I promise you I want to get
freaky with you" She said nodding her head with a smile.
I laughed at how she said it and how it seemed she was the calm
one and I had taken on the role of worried wreck. I decided
that as long as she was all for it I should just shut the fuck
up and enjoy the hell out of it while I could. After all this
was Morgan who could change her mind about this at any minute.

"Freaky huh?" I asked. She nodded and her smile
faltered when she saw my own evil look. "yeeeaah?"
She turned her head to the right and squinted her left eye
at me. "why?" she asked slowly. Without warning
I dug my thumbs into the high waisted red and white star retro
shorts and pulled them down to her feet. "David!"
she yelped as I came back up to claim her little red bikini
panties. When I popped back up the second time her green
eyes were wide with shock. "What are you doing!"
she exclaimed.

"Getting freaky" I said simply. I reached down
behind her and picked her up by the back of her legs. I wrapped
them around my waist and noticed that her panties and shorts
were hanging off her right ankle. "Hold on to me"
I told her. Her arms folded around my neck and her legs squeezed
my sides tight. I plunged my hands down to my shorts and worked
to release my button and zipper. The top of Morgan's
head pushed against mine as she watched what I was doing
with my hands. "Dave we are in the driveway"
she protested through clenched teeth but yet made no move
to stop me.

Morgan knew enough about my tastes and desires to control
the situation with Rin. She knew almost more about my body
than I did. However it went both ways and I planned on trying
to take back a little of the control I had lost.

"I want your cunt" I told her as my shorts dropped
around my ankles for the second time in less then 2 hours.
She moaned deeply and her body dropped a little. "Yeah?"
she asked weakly. "Yeah, right here" I told
her. She let out a soft excited squeak and started to kiss
me on my forehead. I pushed down my purple Calvin Klein boxer
briefs to just below my balls and shook my cock in my hand
to wake it up. Morgan's mouth and tongue soaked my forehead
as she waited to be fucked.

When I was halfway hard I put my hand on her lower back and
lowered her down onto me while I held myself up with my other
hand. "You can't scream" I told her as the
tip of my cock found her wet lips. "OK, Ok" She
nodded and breathed out her answer. She looked down between
us as my cock pushed it's way past her pussy lips. Morgan
let out a low to high tiny squeal when her body became impaled
on my semi rigid dick. "I needed this so bad after watching
you fuck Rin" Morgan moaned.

I remained silent as I shuffled toward the side of my Expedition.
Morgan let out a gasp as I pushed her back against the dark
blue driver side door of my SUV. I could feel that Morgan
had been more than turned on by it as I could feel her juices
drip from my balls. Instead of holding onto her ass I moved
my arms under her knees and broke her legs away from my back.
Her feet dangled at my sides as most of her weight forced
her to be held up by my rock hard cock.

She whimpered in pain and pleasure as I grew to full size
inside her. "You ok?" I asked while we stood
still. She nodded her head fast and took a breath. Her pussy
was squeezing me tight as we stood in tree covered driveway.
We were barely in the shadows between pools of yellow street
lights. The trees next to the drive way and in the front yard
rustled in the light breeze of the warm March evening. The
sound of the party going on in our backyard and the dull din
of the unfamiliar music floated through the air.

"I am going to fill that little young cunt with cum"
I told her. Her body sagged from my words and instantly regretted
it. She yelped in pain as more of her weight was being held
up my her pussy. She puffed up her cheeks and blew out a long
breath. "wow" while looking dazed. I laughed
and in one quick show of strength I lifted her body and slammed
it hard against my car. Her mouth dropped open in a groan
and then into a happy laugh "Fuck me" She ordered.
"Fuck me hard"

With her against the car and her legs over my arms I was able
to just use my hips to drive my dick in and out of her drenched
pussy. She was flooding me as if she had already cum, she
had been so turned out without be able to sate her lust. She
bit back her cries as my balls slapped loudly against her
ass. The big Expedition rocked from the force of my cock
going in and out of her. Her feet flopped at my sides and caused
her shorts to fall off her foot while her tiny red panties
dangled around her ankle.

"Your cock feel so good in my tiny cunt" she stammered.
She was trying to talk dirty to add to it but she was having
a hard time trying to stay quiet. Her pussy gripped onto
my shaft tightly as it slid up and down almost my entire length.
She was squeezing so tight it felt as if her pussy was giving
me forceful hand job. Her juices felt as if they were pouring
down my shaft and balls. The loud wet sounds of her pussy
being fucked and the loud slap of my balls against her ass
seemed to turn her on even more.

"Did you like watching me fuck your little friend?"
I grunted. Morgan nodded almost oblivious to my words.
"yeah" she whined. "did you like it when
I came in her little twat?" I asked. "Nyaah"
she answered. "I bet you loved eating my cum out of
her pussy didn't you? You are such a dirty little girl
Morgan" I said in between breaths. "Yeaahh
uhhhhh" Morgan cried.

"I can't wait until I am fucking her again while
she's eating your pussy" I grunted. "I
can cum all over her and you can lick it off for me" Morgan
cried out unable to hold it back. The words "For me"
seemed to be the break in her linchpin. Torrents of cum poured
down my shaft. Her pussy trembled all around my cock while
she her face showed pure ecstasy. I stepped away from my
SUV so that I could stand up and put more of her weight down
on my cock. She grabbed handfuls of my shirt at my shoulders
and tried her best to rip it in shreds as her body bounced
up and down.

Her head fell to the side and she let out another loud scream
she hadn't been able to bit down. "your my little
fuck doll aren't you?" I grunted. Morgan lunged
forward and put her check against mine. She nodded and whimpered
"yes I am your fuck daaaaaaa" she cried out when
my cock slammed hard against her insides. Her hands ate
up the back of my shirt as if she was trying to climb down my
back. Talking like this for the first time was really turning
me on. In my mind so many things popped up but I was afraid
to say them to her. I didn't mean them, they were just
raunchy and dirty.

"your body belongs to me doesn't it Morgan"
I asked. She nodded against me again "yesssss"
she hissed. "you're my dirty little bitch aren't
you?" I growled. Morgan's pussy clamped down
tight again and quivered "yes baby" she cried.
My cock seemed to like it too because it felt as if I got bigger.
I felt a little embarrassed and awkward talking to her like
this but at the same time. It was exciting and the wrong of
it felt so good. One side of me respected her too much to say
some things to her. While the other side knew she loved them
and it was ok.

Morgan's body flopped up and down as I continued to
lift her body up and down on my pole. Her pussy had long since
stopped it's painful crushing and was now just quivering
around me. Her cum unbelievably was still running down
my balls to the concrete driveway below. Morgan kept pushing
the side of her face against mine as her body bounced up and
down. "Do you want me to cum?" I asked a little
out of breath. She nodded against my face and whimpered
a "yes"

"Beg me" I told her. I don't know why I was
feeling so powerful all of the sudden. It was like I had been
convinced by her that she was here to please me. She considered
it her job and at that moment I did as well. "please
baby" she cried softly "please give me your
cum" I slammed her down hard on my cock and she cried
out again. "more" I grunted. "please
Dave I need your cum, please fill me up Dave, I'm begging
you! Cum in my pussy" she pleaded. Hearing her voice
ask for such things and mean it punched me hard in the gut.
My cock pulsed inside of her.

"yesssss" She hissed. "give it to me pleeeassse"
she cried. "PLEASE! I need it so bad" I squeezed
the back of her thighs hard "who are you?" I asked.
I had no idea why I said it. It just came out. "I am your
little slut" she whimpered. Her pussy pulsed at her
words telling me that they turned her on. "my what?"
I grunted. I felt her pussy start to quiver again and I knew
that her mind was bring her to another orgasm. She was becoming
the victim of her own kinks and desires. "YOUR little
fucking slut!" she cried as her body started to tense
again. "your fucking 19 year old whore" she
breathed in a deep voice.

Her pussy spasmed and I felt the huge rush of cum surround
me and pour from her opening. That was all my mind and body
could take, as her cum poured out my cum shot in deep. Her
finger nails found my back and dug in deep as she felt my cum
hit her cervix. Her thighs shook against my sides as her
feet flopped up and down. Her breathing was ragged and her
head shook side to side. "I'm yours, I'm
yours, I'm yours" she whined over and over again
as her head shook back and forth on my shoulder.

My legs shook as the last ounce of cum was deposited deep
inside of her. In one last move I let her legs fall down my
sides, her feet found the ground and her body froze stiff
as a board. I pushed her legs together while I was still inside
her and continued to thrust. The intense pressure I was
putting on her clit and top of her opening shocked her body.
Her pubic bone rubbed painfully against the top of my cock
but I refused to stop while she gulped for air. She stood
up on her tip toes trying to relieve the pressure only to
have me pick her back up.

"FUUU CKKK" she screamed into the night air
as her legs found my side and her cervix met the head of my
cock. For the last few thrusts her body was nothing but a
rag doll in my arms. Her chin fell to my shoulder and her arms
dangled at her sides. For the second time tonight had shot
my load into a girls pussy. First Rin and now Morgan, I felt
driven by lust and excitement. I wanted more of them and
I knew Morgan was going to give it to me. That made it even
harder to wait, as Morgan lay panting and whining on my shoulder
my mind was already thinking of the next time.

A car's headlights shone on the street next to us causing
me to twist to see if it was close. My dying erection fell
from her and released the cork that had been holding back
our cum. With soft splats it fell to the concrete in globs.
Morgan sucked on my neck and held the back of my head while
she hung on my body. I stayed still as the car drove by our
house on the corner barely missing us with it's lights.
I had no doubt they could see us if they were looking but at
that moment I didn't care.

"Dave that was amazing" Morgan whispered in
my ear. Now that the rush of lust had gone I almost felt embarrassed
and silly for the stuff I had said. Morgan however seemed
to be reveling in it and her after glow. Her fingers flexed
in my hair as she covered my neck in kisses. We spent long
moments this way until finally we put our clothes back on
and adjusted ourselves. Morgan absolutely beamed at me
the entire time. "I love you so much" She told
me in a hush. Her jade green eyes seemed to water a little
as she reached out to hold my face in her hands. "We
better get back" she whispered and nodded. With one
last kissed we turned back toward the party.

We walked back through the wooded gate hand in hand. Morgan's
words still circling around in my mind. I had been over thinking
things and freaking out to much. In the end the one that was
most worried about all this was me. I scolded myself for
not being who I usually was and for blowing things way out
of proportion. It was just sex and fun with the person that
I loved and that was how she looked at it. She was afraid of
my heart leaving her, that was her fear and I finally understood
it. I felt the weight fall off my shoulders and any trepidation
I had drained away.

The excitement also started to build on the status of our
sex life, I had hit the freaking sex goddess lottery. As
we blended back into the crowd I started to wonder if she
was serious about the rest of her life thing and amazingly
it wasn't so scary. Morgan broke away from me when she
saw Rin and drug her off into a corner to talk privately with
her. I couldn't help but watch them out of the corner
of my eye as they laughed and reached out and touched each
others folded arms. There didn't seem to be an animosity
between them so I assumed it was going well.

"So I am kinda pissed that I missed my chance"
A voice said in front of me. Somehow Sara had managed get
close to me without my knowledge. Apparently I was too focused
on Rin and Morgan to pay attention. "what"s
that?" I asked. Sara was cute but there was nothing
about her that just grabbed my attention. She had a girl
next door freckled face and a nice little body but just no
flavor if that makes sense. "well you are with Demona
now so I guess I missed my chance" She said with a cute
little drunken voice.

"you didn't miss much, I am apparently very stupid
this year" I laughed. She gave me a strange look and
was about to say something when Rin and Morgan framed me.
They hooked my arms in theirs and smiled at Sara "sorry
Mariah we have to steal him for a few" Morgan said sweetly.
"We will bring him back. Maybe" Rin laughed.
They guided me in to the house and back toward our bedroom.
I stayed quiet as they basically pushed me in and closed
the door behind them.

I felt like the wounded wildebeest at the watering hole
as they stalked toward me with strange looks on their faces.
"I told her about the driveway" Morgan sneered.
"so we talked and got it all out in the open" Morgan's
sultry tone informed me. They pushed me down on the edge
of the bed and stood in front of me, Morgan's hands on
her hips and Rin's crossed under her modest breasts.

I looked up at them and was silently praying this wasn't
a dream "so you have been to worried about things and
we need to stop that shit right now" Morgan informed
me. Rin and Morgan exchanged glances and devious smiles.
"I know Rin likes you and I promised her it wouldn't
cause any problems. It's better that she likes you,
it will make it sooo much more hot! Don't you think?"
She wasn't really looking for an answer to that I could
tell. I had to remind myself to have a talk with Morgan about
what not to share when I had the chance.

"Soooo not that all that is out of the way" Morgan
said with a little smile "You know that I am your doll
and you know that I will do anything your little heart desires"
she said in her cute baby girl voice. Morgan got down on her
knees and put her hand on the top of my thigh with Rin following
her cue a few seconds later. They looked up at me with sparkling
green and brown eyes "when it's the three of us,
you will become our doll" Morgan said with a wink.
"That's right so you should just shut up and be
a good boy toy." Rin teased. "Apparently you
aren't worried anymore then?" I thought as I
looked down at Rin mimicking Morgan.

I couldn't help but smile like I had won an Olympic gold
medal "so then basically I have a girlfriend and a
mistress?" I tried to keep the giddiness out of my
voice but failed. Morgan rolled her eyes "More like
your girlfriend and her really hot friend who likes you
enough to put up with our crazy fucked up life" Morgan
corrected me. "works for me!" I said happily.
Morgan had pushed down my reservations and my manhood came
back. I was starting to worry about myself there for a minute.

They both laughed at my enthusiasm and started to rub my
legs with their hands. "you know your cum is in both
of our pussy's right now" Morgan cooed. I looked
back and forth between the two distinct beauties and it
hit me all at once. "Holy fuck" My inner voiced
said. My outer voice agreed "Holy Fuck" I whispered.
The girls laughed and smiled brightly at me.

Jason had taught Kitty his incredible sense of bad timing,
she burst through the door laughing with Duff/Tanya in
tow. "Oh shit sorry" Kitty laughed as Duff peered
around her at the two girls on their knees in front of me.
"We just need to pee quick then you can carry on with
your little orgy" Kitty waved her hand at us and laughed.
She pulled Duff into our bathroom and closed the door. Our
house had a guest bathroom right outside our bedroom door
but apparently that one was taken.

"well that kinda killed the mood" Morgan said
in a shoulder slump. She rested her head on my knee and sighed.
Jason came around the corner looking for his girlfriend
and saw us "um you guys seen Kit?" He asked and
shook his head at the scene in front of him. Morgan pointed
her thumb over her shoulder as if she was hitchhiking. Jason
nodded and said "thanks". He walked through
the bathroom door and closed it.

"Sometimes I hate this house" she groaned.
"This could have been sooooo hot" she whined
and shook her fist in the air.

Rin's beautiful smile spread across her face and she
let out a little laugh. She looked up at me with her soft brown
eyes, her smile faltered for a second before she pursed
her lips and winked. I had been in this position before with
two girls but somehow this one felt different. I pushed
that thought out of my head and chalked it up to the worry
I had had about Morgan. She had told me that this is what she
wanted to do with me and that I needed to relax. This wasn't
bothering her at all and she really loved our sexuality
and how crazy things were getting. That was good enough
for me.

A loud bang came from the bathroom causing Morgan to look
behind her "don't you dare fuck in our bathroom!"
She hollered. Rin and I laughed when another bang answered
her. "Time out" Morgan sighed and put her hands
in the shape of a T. She got up and turned to help Rin up. Together
they pulled me off the bed and joined the party going on in
our house. Morgan held my hand as we walked from group to
group to chat. Rin would break off for a while but always
end up coming back at one point or another.

Some people had to leave including Edgar and his girlfriend
before it got to late. They thanked us for having them over
and out the door they went. As the late hours approached
we dropped down to about 19 or so people from our original
30 that had showed up. The only couples left where the 6 of
us and that also meant that there were only us three guys
left as well. I could almost see Jason buzzing with excitement
over this. I would catch him looking at the empty pool and
hot tub planning his move.

His girlfriend however managed to ruin everyone's
possible fun times. She called everyone together and showed
them how to play the Wheel of Death card game. This involves
lots of drinking and lots and lots and lots and lots and a
whole fucking lot of shots. People started dropping like
flies around the house. Even Morgan who didn't want
to play in the first place got hammered out of her gord. Sadly
I wasn't much better.

I had to carry her into our room and lay her down on the bed
without killing us both. "undwerease meeeee"
she whined. "what baby"? I asked while trying
my hardest to stand up straight. "cloooooothes"
she whined. I stripped off her shorts and panties and then
did my best to take off her button up shirt. I had to flop her
over on her face to get the shirt off and in spite of myself
I couldn't help but laugh as she whined into the pillow.
After turning her back over so that she wouldn't suffocate
I went back out to see if anyone else was in danger of dying.

Cher seemed to be the only one not completely blind stupid
drunk. She was trying to push Jenny up the stairs while the
little blonde giggled and held onto the dark wood handrail.
"Where's Jai?" I asked while looking around.
"He chugged a whole bottle of tequila almost thanks
to Jason betting him he couldn't" Cher grunted
as she put her shoulder into Jenny's back. "He's
done for"

I laughed and helped her get Jenny up to their room. Jai was
laying on the bed with is face hanging off the edge. "um"
I said not really sure what to do with Jenny. Cher threw her
hand out in front of her "Just dump her on the bed I guess"

Cher and I walked down the steps together with her holding
on to me so that she wouldn't tumble down. I guess she
was a little bit more drunk than I had originally thought.
Duff and Jason were laughing in the kitchen looking blurry
eyed. "Where's Kit?" Cher asked. Jason
looked down at his nonexistent watch "she's
been down for about 45 minutes now" Jason laughed.
Duff apparently thinking it was the funniest thing she
had ever heard threw herself into his side laughing. Even
drunk out of my mind I could see how much she was hamming it

We walked out to the back to make sure no one was face down
in the pool or the hot tub before turning off the lights and
coming back inside. More people had left somehow and we
only had about 12 or so in the house including Sara who was
on the couch with the very bubbly blonde I had met at the after
hours party and the little black bartender girl Cher usually
worked with. Sara was the only one still able to think straight
it looked like. "It's like a massacre in here"
Cher laughed as she looked over the bodies laying on the
furniture and the floor. "This wasn't even our
best work" I chuckled.

Cher gave me a sideways disapproving glance before leaning
against me. "My head is spinning" she giggled.
"Mine too" I told her as I tried to focus my eyes
on the back wall. "Where's your girlfriend?"
Cher asked. "I dumped Morgan in bed before I helped
you with Jenny" I told her in between booze burps.
"the other one" Cher said with a little slur.
She put her arms around my waist and blew out a big breath.

I looked around for Rin but I didn't see her anywhere.
Cher squeezed me hard and sighed. I looked down at the little
Latina and laughed. "come on lets get you to bed"
She nodded against my side and I ended up having to carry
her up the steps in my arms. She held onto my neck and laid
her head against my shoulder. "you know I really love
you Dave. I love Jason too, and I love Jai too" she said
drifting off into a booze coma. "We love you too Cher"
I laughed.

She snorted a tiny laugh "don't tell me you love
me! You just want me in your harem!" She told me seriously.
"I don't have a harem Cher don't be stupid"
I told her. She shook her head "Jai tells me everything!
You always have harems cause you're a pimp" She
laughed with a duck like honk. Well the mystery of which
one of my friends had spilled my secrets was solved. I carried
Cher into the her room and laid her in between Jenny and the
snoring Jai. "thanks" She said cutely while
rolling over next to Jai and draping her arm over him. I closed
their door and walked back down the stars in time to see Jason
and Duff making out with their hands in each others pants.

I shook my head and went to find Rin, I didn't think she
had left yet. I couldn't remember her saying goodbye
to anyone and I knew she wasn't in the backyard. Well
unless she had fallen into the bushes? After searching
the house I was utterly at a loss. Her car was still in the
driveway so she had to be somewhere. The guest bathroom
door was closed by our bedroom so I figured it was the last
place to look.

I opened the door expecting to see her passed out on the floor.
Instead I found her sitting on the toilet with her elbows
on her knees and her head in her hands staring down at the
floor. "Rin you ok?" I asked. She slowly lifted
her head to look at me with watery brown eyes. "Yeah
I am just a little fucked up" she said slowly. "how
long have you been here?" I laughed and closed the
door behind me, she shrugged. "I had to pee and then
I got dizzy so I just stayed here" she said not really
answering my question.

I laughed and stepped forward to help her up "hands"
I told her. She held out her hands and let me pull her up to
her 5'9 height. She immediately leaned against me
and trapped me in her arms. "Don't make me fall
in love with you ok" she whispered softly into my neck.
I knew she was drunk so I honestly didn't think much
of it, plus my mind was pretty fogged and I wasn't really
trusting what I heard. "I doubt you will" I told

She lightly kissed my neck "probably not, but if I
do, don't let me okay" she said softly. I laughed
at her logic "come on lets go lay you down" I told
her. She shook her head "not yet. If I lay down I might
throw up" she said meekly. She released me and reached
down to pull her panties back up. Her skirt had been around
her waist so she just had to pull it down. She used her forearm
to brush her long waist length ice blue and blonde hair back
over the top of her head.

She squinted at me as she wavered for a second. After getting
herself under control she squinted her brown eyes at me
again "You have to answer me honest ok" she said
slowly. I smiled and nodded at her while thinking about
how trashed she looked. "if you had met me instead
of Morgan would you be with me? I mean if you didn't know
Morgan at all and she wasn't around?" she asked
slowly. I was so drunk and I wasn't thinking straight
or something but I answered her "yes". Rin smacked
her lips together and nodded "me too" she said
slightly confusing her words.

She held her hand out for me to take and together we walked
out to the living room. She laughed as she saw all the people
passed out all over the living room. Sara looked over the
couch at us as we walked in together. "Where have you
two been?" she demanded looking none to happy. "bathroom"
Rin answered. She shook her head sending her long hair in
a soft arc around her shoulders and stood up straight. "Ok"
she breathed. Sara just stared at us over the back of the
couch. It was creepy.

Rin looked as if she was struggling to sober herself up.
She folded her arms under her chest and walked toward the
kitchen. I followed her for no other reason then to avoid
Sara's serial killer stares. We found Jason with his
cock out and Duff tugging on it while they kissed. I was about
to say something but I was pretty sure I had seen Kitty and
Duff off in a corner earlier in the night making out. Plus
what could I say anyway? As Morgan put it my cum was swimming
around in two different pussies right now. "This
house is insane" Rin laughed. I couldn't really

"Well at least she's not sucking his dick"
I thought to myself. Drunks have ESP. Duff leaned down and
took his dick in her mouth and started to bob her head up and
down. "Never mind" I laughed in my head. Rin
leaned up against me and thought she whispered in my ear.
"She's just sucking his dick in the kitchen"
Jason looked up at her and put his hand on the little blondes
head "yes she is" he said with a smile. "oops"
Rin laughed when it dawned on her that she had said it out
loud. "I love drunk people" I thought to myself.
"Well I suppose we better go somewhere else so that
they don't charge us for the show" I snickered.

Duff laughed with Jason in her mouth but did stop bobbing
her head up and down. "Lets go get some air" I
said to Rin. I figured she didn't want to lay down yet
and outside was probably the safest place in the house at
the moment. Rin hooked her arm in mine and together we walked
out the two red doors to our patio. The night air had chilled
a little, that and thinned blood from drinking a lot of alcohol
caused Rin to shiver.

She pressed up tight against my side as we walked between
the pool and the hot tub. The backyard was dark except for
the dim light coming from the street lights. "tonight
was pretty crazy huh" she said not looking at me. She
shivered again so I put my arm around her back and grabbed
her arm. "yeah" I laughed. "It seems that
the three of us can't do anything normal" I said
flashing back to some of the shit we had pulled off in the

"It was fun though" she said turning her head
to look at me. " Until Kit's game anyway"
She laughed. I nodded in agreement. "yeah that girl
and her games are deadly" Rin pushed up against me
hard and made us both waver. We laughed and came to a stop
by the darkened pool edge. She looked down into dark gentle
waving water and sighed. "I have done way more than
I ever thought I would tonight" She told the water.
I wasn't sure if that was good or bad so I stayed quiet.

She turned around to look at me, even in the darkness her
beauty seemed to glow. "it's cold out here"
she told me while looking back and forth between my right
and left eye. "It's not that bad" I said
looking up and holding my arms out letting the light breeze
move over my skin. I thought it was actually really nice
and probably was around 75 degrees or so. "Put your
feet in the pool. That should warm you up" I said trying
to be helpful.

Her smile grew showing off how radiant it could be, she looked
down at her bare feet on the concrete. "I think more
like hot tub" she said wiggling her white tipped pedicured
toes. "alrighty" I said. I spun on my heels and
walked to the still uncovered teak paneled hot tub. I turned
on the jets to get the 103 degree water moving and turned
on the lights. The soft blue glow shone up through the foaming
bubbles cutting through the darkness.

Rin opened a cooler and dug out a can of Coke from the ice water.
"you want one?" She asked holding it out to me.
"I'll take a beer if there is any left" I
told her. She looked down into the square blue cooler and
reached in to pull out a bottle of beer. I probably didn't
need anymore considering my head was already swimming
but eh why not. She held the neck between her thumb and pointer
finger trying to avoid the cold of it and held it out to me.
I twisted the top and thanked her. I kicked off my shoes and
socks and sat on the edge of the hot tub so that I could sink
my feet into the swirling hot water.

Rin sat across from me and sunk her feet in up to her knees.
"aaahhhh warm" she sighed. She gave a quick
shiver then hunched her thin shoulders forward. "you
can't be that cold could you?" I asked thinking
after already heating up after only a few seconds. "I
weigh like nothing. I get cold easy" She told me.

Rin and I started talking about random things as we soaked
our legs in the hot tub. We laughed and joked about some of
the people at the party. She warned me that Mariah/Sara
was probably going to end up being my stalker. I told her
I would have Jason and Jai take one for the team and fuck any
thoughts of me out of her head. Rin snorted a laugh and brought
her fingers to her nose in a painfully cute gesture. She
looked past my shoulder through the backdoors' square
windows. She craned her neck to see if she could see them
fucking. "Don't bother, he would have taken
her up stairs to try to get Kitty into a threesome."
I laughed.

"I thought you were Mr. Threesome?" She asked
with a squint. I groaned "That's never going
to go away is it?" She laughed softly "probably
not" We talked long enough that I had finished two
more bottles of beer and she had given up on her Coke. Rin
and I were chuckling over something when she shifted gears
on me.

"Do you think I am pretty?" She asked softly.
My mind a little more blurry thanks to more alcohol answered
without thought. "I think your gorgeous right down
to those little creases in your nipples! They are like little
divots I want to fill up with my cum!" I exclaimed proudly.
(Yeah not my best moment perhaps) Rin's hands shot
up to cover her breasts. "What?! No!" She laughed.
I could only give her a lazy drunken grin.

To Be Continued.......

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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