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Houston and the BBQ


As the night went on I found myself struggling to remember
everyones name for some reason. Granted there were a few
carbon copies like Duff and Jenny that was still no excuse
for my inability to focus. That I blamed on Rin and on my constant
wondering if Morgan had a plan working. After the food had
all been cleaned up and packed away with the help of several
of the girls co workers everyone settled down outside.

The night air had cooled slightly but to me it still felt
as if it was in the 70's. Jason had refilled the 4 round
coffee table type fire pits with wood. They crackled and
blazed into the light wind drifting over them. Some of our
guests had surrounded them while their drinks sat on the
wide marble ring surrounding them. Others chose to sit
on our new green and white cushioned black metal framed
patio furniture. I on the other hand chose to dip my feet
into the soothing 90 degree water of our blue and green glowing

I watched a twinkling spark fly through the air from one
of the fire pits and let my eyes blur on it. "I wonder
if Morgan plans on taking it further with Rin?" I thought
to myself "Maybe I am over thinking this and she just
likes hanging out with her. They have been hanging out all
night and they talk all the time on the phone" I continued
with my inner dialogue. "Hey" a soft voice said
from behind me. I felt a hand on my shoulder and the pressure
as the person who belong to the voice sat down by my side.

"Hi Rin" I said softly, feeling the need to be
quiet for some reason. She let her bare feet sink into the
warm water and watched as her legs drew lazy circles in the
water. The beat of "My Humps" from the Black
Eyed Peas and the laughter and dull din of voices filled
the air and mixed with the gentle sound of water being agitated.
Rin put her cup on the lip of her short denim skirt and hunched
her shoulders "it's a beautiful night isn't
it" She said with a sigh as she looked up and the wispy
clouds floating in starry dark sky.

"What's not to love? Good food, strong drinks,
romantic music, a backyard filled with strippers"
I joked in a sighing voice. Rin let out a little laugh and
looked back down into the water. "Well as long as you
are having fun" she said with a smile. I could hear
Morgan and Kitty's loud laughter as they teased each
other from across the yard. The people around them laughed
and for a minute it reminded me of how my two friends and I

"She's a pretty cool girl" Rin said as if
Morgan's voice had changed our topic. "Yeah
she is" I said looking past Rin's beautiful face
to where my equally gorgeous girlfriend was. She was talking
animatedly in the middle of a group of girls telling some
story. Her beautiful smile and the way she seemed to light
up were easy reminders of why I was so drawn to her. "You
really love her don't you?" Rin asked while she
moved the water with her right leg then her left. "Yeah.
I do" I said quietly.

"I have been thinking a lot and maybe it's not
a good idea if I stayed. It might complicate things"
she said again in a quiet voice. Considering that we had
already gone past the line of normal friends I wasn't
sure how much more complicated things could get. Then again
what might happen was much more than what had happened so
far. It seemed that Morgan was only looking at it as a sexual
adventure or a sexy tryst while Rin was looking at it in a
deeper sense.

"I am not sure what Morgan has planned but I know she
seems to be enjoying it" I laughed. "She surprises
me sometimes" I said more to myself then to the girl
sitting next to me. "Yeah this whole thing between
us has been a surprise" She chuckled. "I know
she really likes you though, she always says how cool you
are" I turned my head to look at her as I spoke. "You
guys seemed to be really hitting it off, it's awesome"
I wasn't sure how I wanted to say it but that was how it
came out.

Rin laid her head back and looked up at the sky again "I
know I really like her too, she's a great person"
Rin said with a look that seemed almost sad. More laughter
floated over through the air accompanied by Jason's
big voice and Jai's cajun accented response to his
story. The air around the two of us seemed heavy as if something
was hanging over our heads. My right arm wasn't close
to hers but it almost seemed as if I could feel her brush against

"Morgan is like no one I have ever met before. She seems
to find ways to surprise me constantly" I laughed
"Like that night. Didn't it seem like she completely
took control of us? I don't know about you but I felt
like her slave for a second there" I laughed. Rin took
a drink from her clear plastic cup and laughed with me "I
know right! She told me to do things and I just did them"
she laughed. I looked at her sideways "well from the
hair tug o war I would say you both really enjoyed it"
I said slowly

She seemed to blush and looked into her cup "oh this
stuff needs to work faster" she laughed nervously.
"If that is out of the blue cooler then it will work
a little too fast" I laughed. "Ok so to be honest
it was one of the hottest things I have ever done in my life"
Rin admitted "I was like shaking I was so turned on"
she said in a surprised tone. "Yeah I could feel that
on my leg" I said with a sly smile. Rin let out a little
squeak then quickly brought the cup to her mouth so she could
finish her high powered drink.

"Be right back" she said with a little shake
in her voice. She used my shoulder to help herself up and
went straight to the cooler to refill her drink. I turned
my head to watch Morgan as she carried on, she saw me looking
at her and gave me a little wave and a big smile. A few of the
other girls including Sara/Mariah turned to see what she
was looking at. They all seemed to giggle at once and then
huddled up. Morgan said something and they all giggled
giving me the impression a secret was just told.

Rin took her seat at my side with a now full cup and went back
to her water circles. "what's in this? it's
really good" she asked. She turned her head and locked
onto me with her brown eyes while she drank. "about
12 different bottles of clear liquor and a whole lot of fruit
juice" I told her with a smile. Her soft brown eye grew
wide and she coughed a little at the news. She lowered the
cup and looked into it "this is my 3rd one" she

"I would stay out of the hot tub maybe" I laughed.
She continued to look into the cup like a little kid would
look into the most confusing thing they had ever seen. "God
you're beautiful" I told her in my head. Rin used
her entire forearm to brush her long ice blue and blonde
hair over to one side. The way her hair puffed up as it hung
off to one side caught my attention. Her exposed neck and
tiny ear almost made me lick my lips. The slant in her jaw
and the way she had a little puff in her cheek mixed the cute
and gorgeous together in a dangerous combination.

I had to look away when I felt the blush rise in my own cheeks.
I silently added to the circles her legs were making in the
pool. Rin asked me how Morgan and I had gotten together.
I had her laughing as I told the story about Christmas weekend
and how Kitty and Jason had walked in on us. She asked me questions
about Morgan and I did my best to tell her quirky side while
not being overly embarrassing.

We had finished our drinks long before it got silent between
us again. "Yeah I think it would be really bad if I stay"
she exhaled. "why?" I finally asked. She lifted
her body up and let it fall back into a slouch with another
exhale. "Well" she drew out "it would
really get a lot more complicated because" she didn't
have a chance to finish.

"What are you two talking about way over here?"
Morgan asked in a cheery voice as she squatted down behind
us and put her arms around our shoulders. Rin leaned away
and looked back at her "he was telling me all the things
that he loves about you" Rin said. Morgan's smile
was ear to ear after Rin's words "nothing to bad
I hope" Morgan said smoothly. "did you really
wake him up by him?" Rin asked with a laugh.
Morgan's face looked defensive "he touches
me in my sleep! I was just getting him back!" she exclaimed.
Her expression went from defensive to evil in a heartbeat
"of course he doesn't know what I do to him in his

The menace in her voice made me laugh nervously while Rin
laughed hard. "I am now afraid to go to sleep"
I told her. "I would be" she said simply. "I
want to talk to you guys about something quick. Follow me"
She said and jerked her head toward the house. Morgan stood
back up while Rin and I looked at each other, her eyes showed
worry. We got up and stood next to the waiting Morgan, she
led us into the house and stopped at the fridge.

A few people were hovered by the sink chatting away and didn't
pay us any attention. Morgan ripped open the freezer door
and took out the Rumpleminze. She pulled three plastic
cup out of the bag by the fridge and poured full drinks of
the 100 proof schnapps. "Morgan! What are you doing!
That will kill who ever drinks it" I exclaimed as she
topped off the last one. She handed Rin and I each a cup "well
here's to hoping we don't die while we drink it"

Just the look of it made me a little queasy and I almost lost
it as Morgan chugged half of the harsh thick peppermint
schnapps. "Don't be pussies! Drink" She
ordered. Almost as if we had been hypnotized Rin and I took
big gulps. The burning sensation went from my throat to
deep in my gut. I coughed after pulling the glass away from
my lips. "Come on you girl" she teased. I tipped
the cup back and prayed for salvation as I drank more of it.

I had to fight to keep it down and figured Rin must be about
ready to lose it. Morgan's jade green eyes twinkled
as she watched us follow her orders. "K come on"
She said and led us out of the kitchen toward our bedroom.
Rin and I looked at each other with equally worried looks
this time. Morgan closed the door behind us, then walked
past us into the bathroom. She walked to the double sink
white marble vanity and turned around. In one jump she landed
between the sinks, she rested her hands on the edge and leaned
forward to talk to us.

"I am glad you two are getting along so well"
She said with a smile. "I know you guys are probably
weirded out about what happened the other night. I just
want you both to know that I really loved it and it was really
fun. I also want you both to stop freaking out about it and
being weird with each other" She said as if she had
noticed the awkwardness between us. I saw Rin relax and
felt the tension drain away from me too. Morgan had just
wanted us to relax, that must have been her plan.

"It was a little weird maybe" Rin laughed. "I
just haven't really done anything like that before
so it kind of took me by surprise." she added. I knew
that while they danced at Splendors they would play around
with each other to tease guys into tipping them better.
Whether it be quick kisses and playful licks on each others
nipples it seemed like all dancers did that stuff. What
we did was well beyond that.

"I know you liked kissing me" Morgan's
eyes twinkled while she looked at Rin. Rin blushed and looked
down at her feet "well it was an intense moment"
she said embarrassed. "I don't even have to ask
you Mr. Threesome" Morgan snorted. Rin turned to
look at me and I could see the curiosity in her soft brown
eyes. It was my turn to blush and look down. I don't know
how Morgan was able to twist me so much but she could embarrass
me like no other.

"Sooo I think we should all just relax and have fun
with it" Morgan said as she jumped off the vanity.
I didn't have time to think about her words. Morgan
lunged between Rin and I and grabbed her face with her hands.
Rin gasped as Morgan mashed her lips onto hers. Rin's
eyes were like saucers as Morgan's tongue slithered
it's way into her mouth. In an odd moment of clarity
I wondered why anyone would put a speaker in a bathroom when
my ears noticed Coldplay's "Speed of Sound"
playing over head.

The sounds of deep intakes of air and quiet moans brought
me back to the movement in front of me. Because Rin was still
holding onto her half full glass of schnapps Morgan's
hands had free reign to do what they wanted. Rin's ice
blue and blonde hair lifted as Morgan's hands moved
to the back of her head. Rin's eyes were still open but
I could tell by the movement in her jaw she was kissing my
girlfriend back.

Morgan's head was moving from side to side while she
passionately attacked Rin with her lips and tongue. Her
shoulders bunched up then fall back down while her body
moved from side to side. Morgan turned Rin with her mouth
and hands toward the vanity and pushed her back against
it with a grunt. Rin's hands braced against the vanity
as Morgan's passion forced her to lean back, with a
plastic tink her cup hit the white marble. I watched almost
dumbfounded and without anything to do down the rest of
the harsh drink.

Morgan moved her hand down to Rin's throat and I could
see their kissing turn into licks like that night. Morgan's
right hand reached behind her and searched for me. I could
see her eyes open in the mirror, she snapped her fingers
and finger waved me to come closer. My body moved without
my mind telling it to and I found myself with in her reach.
Morgan's hand grabbed the front of my pants and yanked
me against her back.

Morgan let out a deep moan and drove her tongue deeper into
Rin's mouth. My hands found Morgan's hips and
I held on while I watched them kiss in the large bathroom
mirror. Morgan meanwhile had her eyes open, she was watching
the reactions on my face. Morgan and Rin separated their
lips from each other and let their tongues take over. Rin
left her cup on the vanity and laid her arms over Morgan's
shoulders. Her hands found me and her fingers grabbed my
shirt at my shoulders and pulled me into Morgan.

Morgan moaned as my body sandwiched her into Rin's.
I lowered my head to the back of Morgan's neck and just
caught the sight of her eyes closing. The lightly salty
taste of Morgan being out in the sun tingled my tongue as
it found her flesh. I could feel her shudder against me when
my lips made a seal on the nape of her neck. Rin twisted my
shirt in her hands as Morgan used one of hers to massage Rin's
breast over her shirt.

I drug my tongue over the back of Morgan's neck and tried
to get to the side but her head motions made it impossible.
Both of the girls moaned and whimpered into each others
mouths as their tongues soaked each others lips and chins.
They way the kissed and their sounds stirred my lust and
my entire body began to flush. I squeezed Morgan's
sides and easily felt the heat of her body through the thin
red retro style shorts. She pushed her ass against my groin
in recognition of what I was doing. I moved my head to the
side so that I could watch them kiss.

Whether the alcohol or the suddenness of it all had frozen
me I wasn't sure. I didn't know what to do nor did
my body react in a way it should've. Watching these
two distinctly different goddesses wrapped in passion
and moaning their pleasure turned me into a deer in headlights.
Rin kept lifting her body as if to get into a higher position.
Her legs banged against the cabinet doors as she struggled
against Morgan.

Just as quick as it started it ended. Morgan pushed her ass
against me hard to back me up. She stepped away from Rin leaving
the skin around her lips red from the friction and panting
quietly through parted lips. She was leaning up against
the vanity on her tip toes. Her jean skirt had crawled up
high on her hips to just below her pussy. Morgan watched
in the mirror as she reached back and grabbed my arm. With
more strength then I was prepared for she pulled me forward
into Rin.

Rin's arms fell to the sides of my arms as if to stop me
from crushing her against the cabinet. Morgan moved behind
me like I had been with her and she used her body to push me
up against Rin. The sweet subtleness of Rin's perfume
and the feel of her body hit me at the same time. Morgan's
hand went under my shirt and she put her hands on my pecks
and dug her fingernails into me. "Kiss her"
Morgan whispered into my neck.

Rin and I stared into each others eyes conscious that Morgan
was watching us. "Morgan I don't know"
Rin started to say. "Kiss him" Morgan whispered.
Morgan pressed her breasts hard against my back to push
me forward. My groin met Rin's and her eyes closed for
a second. "Morgan" she said in almost a plea.
"You don't want me to do this" She said shaking
her head but not opening her eyes.

"Kiss him" Morgan said a little louder. Rin
seemed to struggle with something for a second before she
reached out and took my face in her hands. She opened her
eyes slowly and with a loud exhale she lurched forward and
our lips met. The softness. The sweet sweet softness pressed
against my lips, I opened my mouth and touched the tip of
her tongue with mine. Rin's fingers pressed into my
face as our tongues started to swirl over one another's.

Slowly our jaws moved together as our tongues danced in
each others mouths. I felt the blood drain away from my face
and my heart pounded against my chest. The feeling of Rin's
body was different from Morgan's, everything was
different. As we tasted each others kiss our chests came
together. I felt her handful sized breasts press up against
me and then her hips moved so that she could press up against
my bulge.

My hand found Rin's slender lower back and I couldn't
help notice again how different it felt. I could feel her
back muscles as they flexed in my hand. Our kisses turned
into the same licks that her and Morgan had shared. It felt
amazing to have her tongue slid across my mouth and over
my own tongue. Rin's moans slowly started to get more
primal and our kisses sloppier as she seemed to let go of
her reservations and worries.

Morgan caressed my chest and stomach with her hands while
kissing the back of my neck and shirt covering my shoulder
tops. Her hands travelled over my sides and up my back before
returning to my chest. Rin like before seemed to let go of
her reservations and she gave herself to me. I don't
know how to explain it but I could just tell when it happened.
I slid my tongue across Rin's bottom lip and sucked
it into my mouth. "Eahhhh" She whimpered. Morgan
answered her with one of her own and pulled her hands out
from under my shirt.

I had just let go of Rin's bottom lip and was pressing
my lips onto her open mouth when Morgan pulled me back from
her hard. I thought she was going to turn me around so that
I could kiss her. Instead she ripped my shirt over my head
and pushed me back into a panting Rin. Her face looked lost
and dazed as I moved into her. Instead of continuing our
kiss she moved her lips to the front of my shoulder. Morgan
had the same idea and I felt her suck on the back of my right
shoulder as Rin sucked on the front of my left. I let out a
moan as the two girls sucked and licked my body.

I moved my hand to the back of Rin's head and buried my
fingers into her silky long hair. She moaned again when
I squeezed her neck in my hand. I was watching them in the
mirror when Morgan reached around me and found Rin's
wrist. It was almost slow motion as she moved Rin's
hand to the front of my shorts. I held my breath as Rin's
fingers closed over me with Morgan's hand on top of
hers. Morgan licked from my right shoulder over to my left
in one long wet line.

"Take it out" She whispered through my shoulder
to Rin. Rin pulled her lips away and slowly and leaned back
in front of me. Her face showed the same fear that was building
up inside me. She leaned back a little more and looked down
at her hand on the front of my shorts. She shook her head twice
as if to tell me that this wasn't a good idea, I moved
my hand from her back and moved it to her tight stomach. My
touch must have changed her mind because she immediately
started to undo my pants.

Morgan's hand moved back around to my bare stomach
as she moved her open mouthed kisses down my spine. My shorts
fell around my ankles when Rin let go of the zipper. She stared
at my growing cock under my black boxer briefs before she
let her fingers run up the front of me. I watched as her fingers
found the waist band and pulled it away from my stomach.
The head of my cock found the opening it needed and it pushed
up my stomach out the top of my underwear.

From behind me Morgan slid her hands into them at my hip and
she pushed them down to my mid thigh. My hardening cock fell
forward against her bunched up skirt that had been constantly
climbing up Rin's thighs. I gasped again as Rin took
me into her hand. Her soft brown eyes travelled up my torso
until they found mine. Her eyes seemed to silently plead
for me to stop this or maybe it was my eyes that were doing
that. While Rin held my growing manhood in one hand she dropped
her other on top of mine on her stomach. We stayed still gazing
at each other while Morgan licked and kissed the middle
of my spine.

A decision was made behind Rin's eyes and she brought
my hand to her chest and looked down. She gently tugged me
toward her then pushed me back as she worked her hand up and
down my length. Morgan stood back up and looked at me in the
mirror, a small smile appeared on her lips and she reached
around me with both hands. "I love you" she whispered.
She put her hands around the base of my cock and massaged
her fingers into me while Rin slowly stroked me.

Without words Rin reached down and pulled the bottom of
her skirt up around her waste completely exposing her yellow
and white panties. I felt Morgan moan against the back of
my shoulder as she watch Rin expose herself. Slowly Rin
moved her hand to the inside of her left thigh. Her finger
tips dug into her panties pulling them aside freeing her
pussy from the yellow and white cotton. Her bare little
pouty lips were the last thing I needed to see to fill my cock
to the bursting point with blood. Her inner lips stuck out
a little past her outer ones and were slick with wetness.

Rin lifted her left leg and pushed it against the vanity
edge and pulled me forward. I knew that there was no turning
back and I wasn't sure I would've been able to.
I watched as the tip of my dick as it inched closer to her opening.
Morgan moaned again as if to remind me that she was still
there. I looked up to see that her eyes were glued between
Rin's thighs waiting for the moment when it happened.
Rin whimpered as the head of my cock pressed into her lips.

She looked up as the wetness dripped over the tip of my dick.
"Morgan?" She whispered. Morgan's answer
came in a smile and her hand moving to my balls. Rin let out
a breath then looked down and pulled me into her. Her lips
parted around me as I started to invade her body. Rin's
pussy was so wet that I could feel her juices run down the
bottom of my shaft. We both groaned as I started to stretch
her open.

She tilted her hips forward so that I could enter her more
easily and then I took over. I put my hand on her hip and pushed
my hips into her. The feeling of her impossibly tight pussy
swallowing me up sent a shot of electricity down my spine.
"OH God" Rin said in a deep voice. Her mouth opened
in silence and she shut her eyes tight. Morgan gasped behind
me as Rin's body swallowed me slowly. Rin's pussy
was crushing down around me as I pushed myself deeper inside
of her. The pressure was unbelievable and the heat of her
insides was like a furnace. Watching her pouty lips spread
around my cock and to see her juices run down the top and sides
of me was unreal.

Morgan pulled her hand away so that it wouldn't get
trapped between us and moved it between my legs from behind.
She leaned down so that she could reach between my legs and
cup my balls in her hand. Rin's left leg lifted up higher
in the air as she struggled to accommodate me. Her face was
twisted in either pain for pleasure as I slowly buried myself
as far as her body would allow. The side of her panties rubbing
hard against the side of my dick as she let go to hold onto
the vanity edge with both hands.

I felt the solid pressure against the head of my dick telling
me I could go no further. Rin took a couple of gulps of air
and looked down between us. "Oh my God" She gasped.
"Your inside me" She whispered to herself.
She looked up at me again before she reached out for my face.
She tried to lean forward to kiss me but that put to much pressure
on her pussy and she fell back wincing. Morgan let my balls
go and moved her hands to my hips and pulled me back. Rin grunted
loudly as Morgan pulled my cock out of her an inch at a time.

Rin shook her head and let it fall to her against her shoulder.
I watched myself being pulled out and saw the white creamy
juices of Rin on the top of my shaft. Her pouty pussy lips
drug along my shaft as Morgan pulled me back. "Fuck
me" Rin said in soft voice. She let her head fall forward
so that she could look at me. "Make him fuck me"
She said but this time with a serious tone. I felt Morgan's
fingers dig into my sides and she urged me forward. The look
on Morgan's face reflected in the mirror was nothing
less than intense lust.

I leaned toward Rin and moved my right arm under the leg that
she was holding up. I easily lifted her ass onto the edge
of the vanity for support and held onto the edge of the vanity.
I pulled my cock back and in a long fluid motion before shoving
it back into her tight body. "NWuuuaaaahhHHh"
Rin cried out. As Morgan stared at us in the mirror I began
to fuck Rin with long strokes. Rin's grunts and moans
were starting to turn into the primal noises she had made
before with Morgan.

Her pussy spasmed violently around my cock as I went in and
out of it. Her stomach tensed and released showing the V
of her tight lower stomach. The feeling of her pussy was
different than Morgan's, they were both so tight and
they both got so wet. But it was different somehow. Rin seemed
to be growling as she stared at me with her chin to her chest.
Her whole body rocked as I started to pound into her harder.

In the Mirror I watched as Morgan pulled down her red shorts
and her panties so that she could reach her pussy unhindered.
Morgan let the side of her face rest against my shoulder
as she buried her fingers into her own pussy. Rin tried to
reach out and touch me but wasn't able to keep herself
supported. She looked down between us again and moaned
at my cock as it plunged into her intimate prison only to
escape again.

Morgan's cries and Rin's intense passionate
sounds mixed with my grunts of exertion. The three of us
crying out in the pleasure that our bodies were experiencing
together drown out the music playing overhead. I grimaced
as the side of her panties harshly rubbed against my shaft,
the only thing saving me was the heavy slick of juices constantly
pouring from Rin. Our bodies rocked forward and back together
as I continued to force my way into Rin's pussy.

"Nyaaah" Morgan cried. I saw her sag in the mirror
as her legs threatened to give out. The wet sounds of her
fingers in her pussy just as loud as the ones coming from
my cock going in and out of Rin. Morgan bit down on my triceps
and let out a high pitched scream as she fingered herself
through her orgasm. The violence of Rin's spasming
pussy worsened and it seemed as if she would follow Morgan
into her orgasm. I looked at Rin's beautiful face,
I wanted to know what she looked like when her body finally
gave into me. Her upper lip curled as she struggled to take
the feelings that were racking her body.

She looked aggressive and needful, I could tell she was
holding back and couldn't help but wonder what she
was truly like. "Harder" She moaned. "Fuck
me harder" I felt as if I had been punched in the stomach
with her words. I squeezed the marble as hard as I could in
my hands and powered my hips forward. Rin let out a loud scream
and then did her best to bite it back. Morgan stepped to the
side while her fingers still worked her pussy and she leaned
her side up against Rin's leg and vanity.

Rin looked at Morgan as her mouth hung open in a constant
moan. I couldn't guess the look that she gave my girlfriend
but at that moment I didn't care. Rin's whole body
seemed to lift up off the counter top and her heel slammed
against the cabinet door. "GAAAAHh. FU uu u u c uuuhhh"
She grunted. It felt as if a dam broke deep inside her, cum
poured around me and down my shaft. I did my best to keep up
my fast pace as I watched her cum continue to pour over me.
I felt it run down the bottom of my cock and over my balls.

"Eh heh heh heh heh" Morgan cried out and together
her and Rin went through intense orgasms together. Morgan
clamped her legs together and leaned forward at the waist
while her body shook. Rin's body kept lifting up and
jerking on the vanity top. I could see her stomach and legs
flex and release as she struggled to stay halfway quiet
and upright. "Dave" Morgan whined from my side.
"Gaah" Rin grunted.

Rin's pussy squeezed me tight enough to throw off my
motion and I slowed down. It was as if Rin was finally able
to breath and she let out a big sigh. "Dave" Rin
moaned. Morgan reacted to her calling my name and I could
see her fingers working faster as she tried to bring herself
to her third orgasm.

"Nyaaaah" Morgan cried "Rin are you on
the pill?" she breathed. Rin bit her lip as she watched
my cock continuing to go in and out of her. She gave Morgan
a few fast nods before crying out again. "Cum in her
pussy baby. Fill her fucking cunt!" Morgan demanded.
Morgan somehow easily commanded my body. I let out a huge
gasp and I felt my stomach tense and twist. I continued to
fuck Rin's pussy bringing myself closer and closer.

"Cum baby, cum in her" Morgan whined. Rin's
gave me a few shakes of her head trying to tell me no but with
every deep invasion into her body her resolve seemed to

"Fuck it! Fucking shoot in me" Rin growled.
Her face fell and she spiraled deep into her own overwhelming

That was the last straw. My body snapped and cum shot out
of my cock into the waiting body of Rin. She screamed out
loud as she felt my cum hit her insides and her body started
jerking again. All my muscles flexed as I forced myself
to keep moving my hips. Rin's eyes bore into my chest
as she held on the best she could. My balls slapped against
her ass and the cabinet as I pumped more and more cum into
Rin's tight little pussy. Morgan cried out with her
last body shaking orgasm and struggled to keep her feet
under her.

"Gahh" Rin cried. She bit down on her lip as her
body rocked from my cock slamming her insides. The intensity
of my orgasm had twisted my body into a constricted mass
and had forced me to hold my breath. I felt dizzy as I finally
released it from my lungs in a deep vibrating moan. Rin cried
out again and pushed her hips toward me to meet my thrusts.
My body jerked from the over sensitive feeling of the head
of my cock rubbing against her soft soaked insides.

My legs shook as I pumped into her for the last few times.
Morgan's hand rested on my shoulder and she used my
body to hold herself up. The extra pressure threatened
to topple me to the ground. "Did you do it? Did you cum
in her?" Morgan asked me in a lazy worn out voice. I
nodded as I tried to calm my body down. I tried to push my cock
into Rin again but Morgan pushed me back. Rin cried out as
my dick was ripped from her body.

Morgan dropped to her knees between Rin's legs and
roughly pulled her panties out of the way. I watched as Morgan's
mouth disappeared between Rin's pussy lips and her
nose pressed against her clit. Rin gasped and jerked as
Morgan sucked and licked my cum from her pussy in loud slurps.
Rin's hand fell on top of Morgan's head and took
in a handful of her dark blue and black hair. My body started
to get itself under control as I watched my girl friend eat
my cum from Rin's insides.

Morgan's bare ass looked so good spread open against
her heels. Rin's movement caught me eyes and I looked
up into hers. "kiss me" Rin whispered. Morgan
moaned loudly from her request while Rin's eyes closed
as she waited for me. I moved forward with Rin's juices
still dripping from me and leaned toward her. Rin craned
her neck to the side and found my lips with hers. With big
opened mouth tongue filled kisses that seemed to last forever
our bodies came back down to earth.

Rin's moans from Morgan's attack on her pussy
vibrated through my body until Morgan had eaten every last
bit of my cum she could find. I felt Morgan's hands on
my chest as she stood up. She rubbed me from my shoulders
to my cock, she slowly tugged me sending shiver through
me as Rin and I kissed as if there was nothing more that we
wanted to do. Morgan continued to stroke my cock as her lips
found my jawline. She gave me sticky open mouth kisses up
and down my jaw then moved up to my cheek and moved to Rin's.

For long minutes we exchanged kisses, Morgan and Rin, Rin
and I, then finally Morgan and I until the moment had ended.
When the passion and lust had drained away and normal thought
seeped back in the enormity of what happened hit me. I almost
didn't want to look at Morgan but with the mirror I had
no choice. She was smiling happily and looking very pleased.

"You planned all of this didn't you?" Rin
asked still out of breath. Morgan took me in her arms and
began her after sex kisses on any part of my body she could
find. "If I was going to pick anyone It was going to
be you" Morgan happily answered. I tried my best to
keep my face from showing any of the emotion I felt. "You
really wanted this?" I asked. I had no doubt she knew
what I was asking.

Morgan sucked my bicep into her mouth before she answered.
"I want more than this but there is a party going on"
Morgan answered but somehow had avoided my question. Morgan
had one last shock for the both of us. She bent down and took
my cock into her mouth and cleaned it completely, she sucked
and licked my balls making sure she got all of Rin off of me.
Rin and I watched silently as Morgan gave me more pleasure
than my body could take.

Rin had yet to move, her panties had half covered her pussy
yet she still held her left leg up. She looked as if she had
all the energy ripped from her body and couldn't move.
Morgan put my arms around her and settled her back against
my chest. My dying cock was trapped between her ass cheeks
as she pushed all her weight against me. The words that came
out of Morgan next almost didn't make sense.

"you know how much I love him, I want to spend the rest
of my life with him." she said looking at Rin. I could
also tell she was looking at my reaction in the mirror. The
booze, the sex, the shock, something had made those words
not in least bit scary. "Yeah" Rin answered
softly. "I won't ever cheat on him and there isn't
guy on this earth that could make me even look at them twice."
she said making sure every last word was understood by me.
I knew I never had to worry she would step out on me with another
guy. I also knew her need to make sure I understood that without
a doubt. "That doesn't mean we can't have
a little fun" Morgan grinned slyly

"I really kinda like doing this stuff, a lot."
Morgan said stressing the a lot. Rin seemed to be just as
confused as I was. "I love to drive Dave insane and
I know how much he likes threesomes" she laughed.
"Hey" I said trying to defend myself for some
reason. "shut up. almost every story you don't
want me to know about has more than one girl in it."
she laughed. I had the sudden urge to kill my friends until
I realized the situation I was currently in.

" I don't know how you feel about all this but I
would like you to hang out with us more." she said as
if choosing her words. While I was still confused it appeared
Rin was not. She let her legs fall to the floor and pulled
her skirt down leaving Morgan and I the only ones exposed.
"weird? Yeah. Not Normal? probably. Exciting, fun,
and fucking hot? Definitely!" Morgan told her. Rin's
face was turning bright red and she seemed to be suddenly
very nervous. "Morgan wow" Rin gasped.

I knew I was missing something but for some reason I couldn't
see what Rin was seeing. Morgan brought my forearm to her
mouth and she gently bit down on it while she stared at her
friend. "I have never really thought about that"
Rin told her slowly. Morgan laughed and pulled me from her
mouth "either have I until now. It will just be fun
and nothing more" she said. I was really confused
now and wanted to ask but figured I would look like a moron
for not speaking girl.

Rin seemed to be thinking something over while we stood
in silence. Over 3Doors down "When I'm Gone"
we could hear Cher call Morgan's name from far away.
Morgan let out a disgusted breath and stepped away from
me to pull up her shorts. She checked her appearance in the
mirror while I put my clothes back on. After using a little
water to clean the cum of her cheek she turned toward the
door. "Wait until I am out for a minute or two then sneak
out." she told us. With a last breath to calm herself
she opened the bathroom door and walked out closing it behind

I looked at Rin "ok I don't want to sound stupid
but what the hell was that?" I asked. Rin's face
showed disbelief and she let out a little laugh. "your
crazy ass girlfriend basically just asked me to be your
guys fuck buddy on the regular" she laughed. I was
a little stunned. Morgan hadn't mentioned it nor had
she even eluded to it that she wanted to keep going with it.
"She want's to add to your already crazy sex with
me!" Rin laughed.

"I have no excuse for her" I laughed back. "wow"
she said and ran her palm over her forehead. "This
just got complicated" I breathed. "She won't
ever cheat on me yet I am allowed to do this kind of stuff?
Yeah I don't understand you people" I said more
to myself.

Rin let out a big laugh "you people? What the hell Dave!
We just had sex! Your insanely possessive and extremely
loyal girlfriend just let you stick your dick in me!"
she laughed in disbelief with astonishment plastered
on her beautiful face. She pushed her fingers into her hair
and twisted her body to look into the mirror.

She put her hands on down on the vanity and stared into her
own eyes. "you just fucked me." Rin whispered
as she looked in her own eyes in the mirror. "I just
let you fuck me" she said with a breath. "And
oh my God! You totally came in me! And, And your girl friend
just totally ate it out of my pussy!" Rin shook her
head at her own words. Now I was even more unsure what was
going on. Rin suddenly seemed to be having a major regrets.

"of all the guys" she laughed to herself. She
turned around quickly and leaned her tall body against
the vanity. "Earlier I was trying to tell you that
I am starting to really like you and I was afraid if this happened
it would really complicate things. I like Morgan and I don't
want to cause any problems. And now this!" she said
shaking her head.

As the stupidity fog cleared in my brain and all the words
and innuendos had sunk in.

"First, I am in love with Morgan and would never cheat
on her" I said stumbling over my words a little considering
the situation. "She has some interesting ideas about
how to show her love for me and maybe her train of thought
was derailed a long time ago but she doesn't do things
she doesn't want to" Rin laughed at how I described
it. "I had a feeling she had a thing for you but I had
no idea she wanted for all us to keep doing this stuff"
I laughed. The way Morgan talked about Rin I could tell she
had a girl crush but still. "wow Morgan" I breathed
out loud.

"And number two what do you mean starting to really
like me?" I asked wanting to make sure everything
was clear. I knew deep down that there was something between
us. I knew I was intensely attracted to her but I would never
ever choose her over Morgan. I loved Morgan and the intensity
of that only seemed to be growing. I wanted Rin but I didn't
have any intense or special feeling for her other than an
intense attraction. That much I knew at least.

"Really?" Rin laughed. She pushed off the counter
moved close to me, she took my face in her hands. Rin pulled
me into a kiss and I found myself holding her tight against
me. We continued to kiss passionately until we were both
short of breath, our kisses slowed down to playful slow


To Be Continued.........

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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This is the second post for the BBQ, only 3 more to go lol.
One of them will be NO SEX so I will just warn you about that
now. My bad. This is starting make me wonder how many damn
chapters it will take for the themed party.

I want to thank all the people
who have stuck with my long ass stories and continue to do
so. I also want to thank you for all the comments and emails
I get regarding them. I recognize some of your names from
way back in 09. That continually amazes me and again I can't
thank you enough.

I also want to thank all of you who rate them as excellent
and all the other good ones. That and the comments inspire
me to keep writing even if I have to stay up late nights to
get them done.

So in moving forward I will do the best I can to keep the NO
SEX chapters to a minimum.

On a side note I actually had to call Jason to make
sure I had some details correct on some parts after this
BBQ part ends. So yeah he is very real and still very much
a tool. I blame myself for making him one of my best friends.
I am sure he blames me too lol.... Enjoy

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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it doesn't matter if you include the sex or not, these
writings of yours are fantastic and i look forward to each
chapter. you are a good story teller and keep your readers
entranced fgrom start to finish. well done.


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great job again


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I share everyone's sentiment. Great writing Dave.
Much appreciated.


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quote donna76:
it doesn't matter if you include the sex or not, these writings of yours are fantastic and i look forward to each chapter. you are a good story teller and keep your readers entranced fgrom start to finish. well done.
Thank you very much. I am glad that I am able to paint a good
enough picture to keep you as a reader entertained. I always
worry that I am not describing something well enough.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote importentman2:
I share everyone's sentiment. Great writing Dave. Much appreciated.
Thank you, I know you have been reading them for awhile so
it helps to know they haven't gotten stale.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Holy shit dude. Fantastic is all I can say. They each seem
to get better- can't wait to read the next.