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Houston and the Awkward After


I closed my eyes and felt my head starting to spin, my stomach
felt as if I had been spun in quick circles for too long. Even
Morgan's kisses seemed to add to the dizzy feeling
as she worked up my triceps with her opened mouth wet kisses.
Tiny aftershocks surged through my body as proof that what
had just happened hadn't been a dream. I admit I had
fantasized a little about this but I had never come up with
this scenario in my twisted mind. "Leave it to Morgan"
I laughed in my head.

Regret hit me when I felt the soft wet of Rin's pussy
leave my thigh. I opened my eyes and let my blurry sight sharpen
before I dropped my head to look at her. She she stood and
brushed her long straight ice blue and light blonde hair
over her shoulders then blew out a big breath. "wow.
I can't believe that just happened" she said
is disbelief. She turned away from me to look at the TV, my
eyes traveled down her thin shoulders and to the lines of
muscles that ran down each side of her spine. My eyes fell
onto her tiny tanned ass, her cheeks gently curved open
at her asshole showing her pussy in full view. Her body was
just so tight that it couldn't hide any secrets behind
veils of supple flesh. She pushed up on her toes as if to stretch
out her orgasm constricted muscles.

She seemed suddenly unsure of what to do, it probably didn't
help that Morgan was doing her fawning over me ritual. She
could spend an eternity covering me with kisses regardless
of who was around. To a new person in our life this had to be
an awkwardly uncomfortable position to be put in. "Rin
come sit down with us" Morgan said with her lips in
mid kiss on my bicep. Rin spun on her toes and looked at us
with a small smile "I don't want to be" she
started but wasn't allowed to finish. "you just
helped me make my boyfriend cum. I think you earned a little
cuddle time" Morgan laughed. I guess Morgan couldn't
imagine that anyone wouldn't want to cuddle after
a sexual exploit.

I wasn't sure that is exactly what Rin meant or wanted.
If I was her I would probably feel out of place and uncomfortable.
Of course I am apparently wrong all the time so hey why be
right now. Rin flashed Morgan a smile and with long ballerina
like strides stepped to the couch. She spun and plopped
down half on my thigh and half on the couch. She scooted over
and pressed her hip into mine. "he likes it when you
do this" Morgan said and then opened her mouth and
sucked gently on the top of my bicep. "just pick a spot
and go to town". I just didn't understand her
one bit even with all that she had tried to explain to me.
Why was she so willing to share me right now?

"I don't know" Rin said looking conflicted
"should I be worried you will try and take him?"
Morgan asked after releasing me from her mouth.

Rin was taken aback "NO! of course not. I am not shady
like that!" she exclaimed. "Well then pick
a spot and lets give him some hickeys" she giggled
deviously. Rin visibly relaxed but left the hickey giving
to Morgan. What she did do was drape a long leg over the top
of mine and rest her head against me shoulder. Morgan found
the remote behind her and restarted the move. I sat on the
couch wedged between the two night and day beauties doing
that thing I do when I find myself in an unrealistic unbelievable
situation. I bash myself in my mind and get all "How
is this possible I have no right blah blah blah" I needed
self confidence back then.

We got half way through the movie when a car pulled into the
driveway. Rin started to freak out but Morgan calm as can
be just yanked the big grey fuzzy blanket we had off the back
of the couch. She threw it out in front of us to unfurl it and
let the blanket fall over us "Hide under this, we will
make them go away" Morgan said unfazed. Rin tucked
her long legs underneath her and did her best to become an

Jai walked in looking a little worried and was too in his
head to react right away. Or at least he was hiding his reaction
well. "sup dude how was the meeting?" Morgan
asked. Rin pressed harder against me and held the blanket
under her chin. Regardless of if you walk around in tiny
g strings topless at work or not. Situations like these
make you self conscious and nervous apparently.

"so Gene and Laura" he huffed as he sat himself
down in the recliner on Rin's side. "they asked
me to manage part time so they could work less" he said
looking down at the pile of clothes on the floor. Rin pressed
so hard against me she might as well been in my lap. I was happy
that Jai got this mini promotion, he was one of the best people
persons I had ever met and he handled pressure better than
most. I felt a lot better with the decision about leaving
Bourbon Street for my new job. "that's awesome
dude!" Morgan congratulated him. "yeah man
that is great. You got that no problem" I told him.

He blew out a breath "now I gotta get all serious about
shit" he joked "ain't that about a bitch"

Morgan and I laughed while Rin stayed quiet and nervous.
"well I am going to let you all get dressed and I am going
to get changed. I need to hit the hot tub and have a big ass
draaank" he said. I heard Rin let out a little got busted
whimper. "that sounds good actually" Morgan
said. "wanna hot tub?" Morgan asked while changing
it into a verb. "sure" I said "I don't
have my suit" Rin told her quietly. "I have like
4 that still have tags on them, you can wear one of those"
she said. Morgan squinted her eyes "what are your
sizes?" Rin looked Jai before turning back to Morgan
to answer her 30b, 23 or so in the waist and 32 hips"
she said quietly.

Morgan squinted again and shrugged. "I have some
that will work I think so no problem" she said. Rin
looked up at Jai with the blanket still firmly rooted under
her chin. "congratulations Jai" she told him.

"Thanks and welcome to the family" he said getting
up from the chair. I knew what he meant by that but I wasn't
sure if the other two did. We waited until he was upstairs
to put something on. I put on just my shorts and the girls
hid their bodies in my shirts. "lets go up to the closet
O'clothes and get you set up" Morgan said stretching.
"babe?" she asked. She was asking if I was making
anything to drink. Apparently when you "hot tub"
you are supposed to be drinking? I don't know, we always
seemed to be drinking so why stop now right?

"Sure thing. Any requests?" I picked up my shirt
and underwear and handed them to Morgan to throw in our bedroom.
"not rita's" she said sticking out her
tongue to show her temporary dislike. "I will mix
up some ghetto Sangria or something" I told her and
went in search of a clean cooler big enough to mix in.

Rin had borrowed a black strapless bikini that had a big
gold circle in the center of the chest while Morgan had her
pink one on again. Little strings tied at the side of Rin's
hips to make sure it was a tight fit while the top looked a
little loose. Morgan was a big B cup and Rin was a small B cup.
Jai and the girls went out first to our large 5 person hot
tub while I got my trunks.

The hot tub felt great on my muscles after the intense constricting
that they had just gone through. The 4 of us drank and told
stories, Rin was feeling more comfortable and sat next
to me while Morgan sat mostly in my lap. Jai seemed genuinely
happy about it and had to threaten Morgan with making Kitty
believe she had been cleaning the toilet with her tooth
brush if she didn't keep quiet until he talked to Cher
about it.

We switched to the pool when we got over heated by the hot
tub and splashed around for awhile until it hit me. "hey
where's Jason? I thought he was just dropping Kitty
off?" Jai shook his head. "There is a note on
the fridge, he was visiting all his new accounts downtown
to get a feel of their business." I thought that it
was a little weird he didn't invite us but then again
we would probably just get distracted by shiny things anyway.

We were just getting back in the hot tub when Jason pulled
into the driveway. He walked through the wooden gate looking
worn out "hey guys, hey Rin" he sighed. He walked
over to the jug and snatched a red plastic solo cup out of
the bag to get himself a drink. "rough day?"
Morgan asked. Jason launched into a speech about self important
white color assholes who had no business owning a bar. Something
about not knowing their ass from a hole in the ground and
some such. "nice hair by the way, that is pretty bad
ass" He told the girls.

"you guys staying in or getting out?" he asked.
"naw come join us" Morgan said with a wave. The
back and forth between the pool and the hot tub carried on
through the night. It was actually half way decent weather
so no one was in danger of getting frost bite on their nipples.
With Jason's big body in the hot tub Rin had to basically
sit on one thigh while Morgan sat on the other. Jason raised
an eyebrow when she put her arm over my shoulder to keep from
falling off while Morgan leaned her back against me and
hung her feet over the edge. "Family" Jai said.
"family?" Jason asked. "yup" Jai

Jason just shook his head and welcomed her. Morgan and Rin
exchanged glances but didn't ask. "are you staying
tonight?" Morgan asked Rin. She looked into her half
empty cup "I can't tonight" she said as
if struggling with the decision. Morgan nodded in response,
the hot tub lights made her hair shine the even deeper blue.
We got out a little bit later and soon were back to lounging
on the couch. As midnight rolled up on us I figured I had better
get to bed since Tuesday's were one of my busiest days.
I had early morning chain restaurant visits and then bar
and grill's before grocery stores in the afternoon.

I had figured this was the plan Morgan had warned me about
cryptically at the after hours party. I wasn't sure
if what had happened was because of me or because she had
wanted it. She had been complimenting Rin a lot lately so
maybe she really was bi? Did she want Rin? I couldn't
really figure out Morgan's train of thought when it
came to things like this. She didn't seem to have any
negative thoughts about sharing me for the second time.

"Well tomorrow is an early start for me so I have to
head to bed." I told everyone. Morgan got off my lap
so that I could get up "I will come to bed a little later
if that is ok?" She told me. "of course"
We quickly kissed before I told everyone goodnight. I noticed
Rin didn't look up at me and just gave me a weak hand wave.
"Yup she's never coming back" I thought
to myself.

After crawling into bed for the first time by myself since
Morgan and I had moved in together I couldn't sleep.
My mind kept replaying what had happened. How sexual they
had been together and with me, how secure Morgan seemed
with all of it. Then I thought how unbelievable it had been
and how I kind of hoped it would happen again. Morgan's
biggest fear was that I would get taken away but yet? "she
had no worries about that with Rin?" I thought frustrated.
"why can't I come close to figuring her out!"

I rolled on my side and chuckled to myself about how strange
it felt after sleeping on my back for so long. As the flashes
of bodies and the ghosts of sensations carried me to sleep
I heard the bedroom door open. The next morning Morgan was
her usually cheery loving self, she didn't bring up
Rin as I went through my morning ritual while she watched.
We flirted and I kissed her goodbye and went to work trying
my best not to think about anything but work.

The whole day I hadn't heard a peep from anyone at my
house. Morgan usually didn't call because she knew
it was my busy day. I was surprised however that I didn't
get any ribbing from Jason and Jai. The whole thing probably
meant nothing but my over active imagination turned it
in to something of course. Weird things kept popping up
in my mind like when Rin's legs were together her thighs
didn't touch. It was more weird that it turned me on.
Her tall incredibly tight body and everything about it
seemed to get my attention. I realized that I found her just
as hot as Morgan.

I didn't have any feelings for her other than the primal
urges but those sure were still strong. "Stop being
a dumb ass! Just get it out of your head, chalk it up to a win
and move the fuck on!" My inner voice shouted. I got
home to an empty house and that threatened to give me imagination
fits again until I saw the note on the fridge. The girls had
to be at work early, Jason was going to be late and Jai was
managing. My stupid recall kicked in when I sat down on the
couch. That trip down memory lane affected the tightness
of my dress pants.

I watched TV and just held a full bottle of beer until it was
warm while letting my mind run. The doorbell rang and brought
me out of my thoughts. I got up and went to the door not really
thinking about who it could be. Standing in the doorway
was Rin almost making me believe I had fallen asleep on the
couch and was dreaming. Strangely my first thought when
I saw here was "this girl really likes pink"
Rin nervously stood on the porch wearing fuzzy pink sweater
that covered her up to the neck. She had on blue jeans and
white shoes looking comfortable in dress only.

"Hi Rin!" I said a little to enthusiastically.
She gave me a little smile and held up small brown paper handle
bag that I had missed before. "I washed Morgan's
swimsuit and wanted to get it back to her" She said
in a flat tone. She held up the bag and I took it from her thinking
"That was fast. She must want to cut all ties quickly"

"Thanks I will make sure she knows" I told her.
She told me thanks and turned to leave but stopped on the
edge of the red brick porch. As I watched her back she seemed
to fidget before turning around again. "Listen"
she said while fidgeting with her hands "about last
night, I'm not usually into that kind of thing"
Her brown eyes slowly crept up to meet mine "I feel
kind of slutty for doing it" She said as her eyes met
mine. I felt as if I needed to say something, I didn't
want her to think we saw her that way.

"Hey no! Nobody thinks that you are a slut. It was a
moment that we had and those things can happen." I
told her. "those things can happen? What the fuck
is that dumbass?" I scolded myself. Rin tugged at
the ends of her blonde and ice blue highlighted hair for
a second. "Morgan asked me straight up if I was a threat
a couple of days ago" she said flitting her eyes back
and forth over mine. "I told her that I wasn't
and she had nothing to worry about. I don't want her
to think anything you know?"

I figured Morgan had probably tested the waters before
last night but I had no idea she had been that straight forward.
I guess I shouldn't have been surprised but I couldn't
help but be. "Morgan can be a handful at times"
I laughed hoping to keep it light. "I don't regret
what happened" her face turned from solemn to embarrassed
as she tugged at her long hair again "I actually reeeeally
don't regret it" she laughed nervously "I
just don't want it to become a problem so I don't
think we should do that kind of stuff anymore"

I nodded my head "Oh I completely understand and I
really don't regret it either" I said letting
out a breath with my words. Her lips parted into a smile she
tried to control and flashed her ultra white teeth. "so
then we can still be friends right?" She asked looking
a little relieved but still nervous. "yeah of course!
Why wouldn't we be?" I asked

"Well most of my friends don't know what I taste
like" She laughed. "Yeaaah I see your point"
I told her sucking air in over my tongue. "well no worries,
I really like you and so does everyone else so don't
worry about it." I told her honestly. She nodded as
if something had just been agreed on sending a shimmer through
her hair. "Well then I will talk to Morgan tomorrow
night about getting together again for another lesson"
In a move that made me laugh both internally and externally
she stuck out her hand to shake. I took her hand in mine and
felt the softness of her palm and the coolness of her fingers
as that pressed against the back of my hand.

We held hands for a second and didn't shake "well
then, until then" I said not really sure what to say
and feeling incredibly awkward all of the sudden. "Well
I have to go pick up some dirty outfits from the club, I will
tell Morgan I dropped the suit off" She said apparently
not needing me to tell Morgan after all. She was still holding
my hand.

"Great! well tell her I said hi then" I told her.
I was still holding her hand.

We just stood there and looked at each other. I wasn't
sure if she hadn't let go yet or if was me that hadn't.
After a few heartbeats she moved "right well I'm
going to go" She said releasing my hand. "Well
thanks for stopping by" I told her brightly. She turned
and walked off the porch and I closed the door. "What
in the fuck was that? Why did I thank her for stopping by?"
I said to an empty room. I walked slowly back to the couch
feeling stupid and mildly guilty even though I didn't
know why. I laid down on the couch and looked up at the ceiling
not really trying to think. "shit"

Jason woke me up a couple hours later when got home "sup
dude" he said plopping into the recliner while reaching
for the remote. "hey" was all I said back. I think
I was honestly afraid of what I would say. We watched TV and
I fell asleep again while replaying images from last night
for the thousandth time.

I woke up feeling like I couldn't breath and as if I was
slowly being suffocated. I crawled my way out of the black
of sleep and slowly regained my senses. Soft wetness covered
my check and the smell of flowery perfume tickled my nose.
"hi back" Morgan said happily. Rin must have
given her my message. "So I was thinking that we should
all get together again soon and have a big dinner or something.
Morgan suggested. "We can invite a few people over
and Jai could cook. Maybe we could even go out and get a grill"
She continued.

"Yeah sure" I croaked through my parched throat.
Morgan put her lips to my ear "I have been super horny
since last night and we need to do something about it."
she whispered. Feeling extremely tired I wrapped her in
my arms and held her "ok babe just let me wake up a bit"
She gave me a loud kiss on the ear before nuzzling her face
into my neck with a sigh. For some reason I couldn't
shake the tiny feeling of guilt that had been with me since
a simple handshake.

The house was it's usual buzz every time the girls got
home from work. The couples paired off and the girls shed
most of the clothes they were wearing. Three trails of different
styles of clothing tracked through the house as if the naughty
version of Hansel and Gretel were making sure they could
find their way back home. It was actually kind of funny at
times and also made each one of them easier to find. Depending
on your kink the bad of it was putting your foot into the cool
wet crotch of someone's panties on the floor. Many
of time I have had to shake off a pair like a stuck piece of
toilet paper from my shoe.

After getting myself a drink of water I wandered into my
bed and was smacked in the face with Morgan's ass and
pussy. Morgan's ass was high in the air while her head
and chest laid on the bed. Her arms were tucked under her
and she was looking down her body at me. Her legs were parted
wide enough for me to fit in between, her feet hung off the
edge of the bed mid ankle. Her toes were curling and releasing
as if beckoning me forward.

I closed the bedroom door behind me and destroyed her ass
and pussy with my eyes. "Is there something you wanted
Morgan?" I asked not taking my eyes open her inner
lips as they slightly parted. "Naw" she said
quickly "I tripped and fell on my face and now I am stuck.
Helpless" she said in a cute little voice. "OH
NO I am helpless" she said again. "So you need
help up then?" I kidded her. Her green eyes squinted
as she watched me take a sip from my water glass.

"Are you stupid?" She asked coldly. "Yes"
I answered her back. "So did you need help up then?"
I teased again. Morgan's eyes squinted into little
slits "if you don't pick a hole and shove your
cock in it you will regret it for the rest of your life"
She growled. A trickle of her excitement ran down her lips
into a tiny droplet on the end of her steel and pink balled
clit piercing. I watched it as it gave up it's fight
to hold on and fall between her legs to the neon pink sheets

I laughed when she squeezed her muscles making her pussy
and asshole wink at me. "you need help" I laughed.
"NO I need your cock!" she exclaimed in frustration
"Can you help a girl out?" Her face was pressed
against the bed making her lips bunch up as she talked. As
hot as the back half was the front half was adorably cute.
I took another drink of my water trying to act calm despite
the growth going on in my pants. I walked into the bathroom
to set my glass down on the vanity and got a frustrated growl
from Morgan for it.

When I turned around I found her wagging her ass back and
forth and flexing her toes. "fuck me" she said
simply. I laughed at how casually she said it and how sexy
cute she looked. "Right now?" I asked dragging
it out for my own sick enjoyment. "Yes"she said
sweetly. "I am kind of hungry thought" I teased.
"fuck me" she repeated. "I haven't
taken a shower since I got home" I told her "fuck
me" she said again sweetly. Morgan wagged back and
forth then tried to make her ass jiggle. She failed, that
thing was firm and didn't really move.

"10, 9, 8, 7" She counted. "what are
you counting for?" I asked with a half smile. "counting
down the seconds until you are cute off" she smiled.
I unzipped. Morgan spread her knees on the bed and lowered
her ass so that I could stand by the bed and reach her. Her
curious eyes watched as I moved in behind her.

More of her juices ran down her pussy lips and dripped from
her clit while she waited for me to stroke myself to at least
half hard. I pressed the tip of my cock against her wet lips
and rubbed it up and down her opening. She sighed softly
and moved her ass side to side. The way her ass looked spread
out was driving my fantasies into overdrive. I found myself
not sure of what to do or how I wanted to do it.

Morgan released one of her trapped arms from underneath
her and reached back to pull her left ass check open. Her
fingers dug into her ass as she stretched her self open for
me. Her pussy opened a little bit and more of her juices started
to pour out. "You are really wet" I told her as
the head of my cock rubbed between her lips. "hmm I
know. I have been thinking about this all night" she
moaned with a smile. She bit her bottom lip before she ordered
me to fuck her again.

I pushed the head of my swelling dick into her and watched
how her lips moved aside to allow me entrance. They formed
around me as I sunk into her pressure cooker. "Nyahh"
Morgan cried softly as her inner depths stretched around
my invading meat. Her muscles spasmed around me the deeper
I penetrated. Morgan's body lurched back against
me and drove me the rest of the way inside her. She held herself
against me as I grew bigger inside her soaked hot pussy.
"I love feeling you get bigger" She gasped.
Her fingers dug deep into the flesh of her ass.

"hmmmm" she moaned and took her bottom lip between
her teeth again. I drew back and smiled at the white cream
that coated the top of my dick. "I love how wet you get"
I told her. She nodded against the bed in response. She watched
me suck on my thumb then followed it as I pushed it up against
her puckered asshole. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened
in a small smile awaiting her double penetration. I pushed
my dick and my thumb in together and watched as they disappeared
into her young body at the same time. Morgan let out a soft
cry and lurched back against me again driving me deeper
into her. She cried out in a bit of pain thanks to the blood
flow extending my size.

Morgan let her ass go and tucked her hand under her left breast.
My free hand found her hip as I drew my cock back again. I wiggled
my finger in her ass and thrust my hips forward. "Ah
ha ha" Morgan cried out. her pussy clenched tight
trying to trap me as I slid in and out of her pussy. Every withdrawal
bringing more of her sweet juices out with it. The slap of
our bodies and Morgan's moans grew in crescendo as
I drove into her harder. The motion not allowing me to properly
tend to her ass, I could only keep my thumb buried in it as
it squeezed me tightly.

After a few minutes of fucking her as hard as I could from
behind I pulled my thumb out of her clenching asshole and
used my hands to spread her cheeks open wide. Her asshole
stretched open before my eyes and made a tantalizing target.
I worked up some spit and let it fall from my lips onto the
top of her ass crack. In her moan she opened her eyes to look
back at me "you want my ass?" she moaned. I watched
the spit slide down her crack and over her asshole onto the
cream covered top of my shaft.

I slammed my cock deep insider her one last time wrenching
a loud scream from her lips before pulling out. My rock hard
cock sprung from her pussy as it broke free. I put my thumb
in the middle of cream and used it to slap my cock against
her asshole. She squeeled her pleasure and excitement
and watched me as I looked down. I pushed her legs together
forcing her ass to rise in the air. I spread her ass open again
and leaned down. She let out a surprised cry and laugh mixed
together as I spit on her asshole.

She seemed to get more turned on by this and started undulating
her body. "You ready to get your ass forced open?"
I asked adding a little more dirty to what I was doing. "Fuck"
she whined. Her hand shot between her legs, she worked her
clit in a wet sounding blur. I pushed her down so that her
ass touched her ankles and lined my cock up with her ass.

The tip of my cock met her asshole and she immediately started
to cum. She writhed and cried out as she fingered her clit
through her orgasm. I ignored it and stretched her ass open
with the head of my dick. Morgan let out a gasp and a high pitched
whine as she had her ass violated and rubbed her clit. Her
ass reluctantly accepted me and I watched as her ass seemed
to mold itself around me as I disappeared into it.

Morgan's body lunged back into me telling me that she
didn't want to wait to be fucked. She wanted it now and
was demanding that I gave it to her. I took her hips in my hands
and obliged her request by slamming my cock into her hard.
Her body shook and her screams were loud enough to drown
out a roaring tornado. My balls slapped against her gushing
pussy and her fingers against her clit as I fucked her hard
and fast.

Her intelligible babbling was drowned out by the crashing
sounds of blood in my ears. My heart threatened to brake
through my chest as I fucked her faster and faster. The hot
surroundings of her ass massaged and heated up my cock as
it went deeper and deeper in her tight ass. Morgan's
hand fell away from her clit and she pushed her chest off
the bed. She dug her palms into the soft pillow top mattress
and met my forward thrusts with her own backwards ones.

Morgan's ass and my hips crashed into each others like
heavy surf against a rocky shore. Her pussy soaked my balls
as they slapped up against her. Morgan's orgasm racked
her body with violent convulsions and I ended up having
to hold her up at the hips. Her body went all but lifeless
as I continued to pound into her ass through her orgasm.
A large dark puddle of drool was on the hot pink sheets below
her open mouth.

I fought for my breath as I watched her ass be split open my
blood engorged steel rod. Morgan's dark blue and black
hair glinted as it flew around her head from the pounding.
Her back muscles flexed and her firm tits jerked slightly
the hard I pounded her ass. As she slowly began to regain
her senses after her orgasm her words began to make sense.
"My mouth" she moaned "in my mouth"

The order given I felt my stomach tighten up and started
to fuck her hard enough to slid her body further onto the
bed. She pushed herself back in time to give me one last jolt.
The tightening of my balls told me that it was time "now"
I grunted. Morgan lunged her body forward and cried out
as my cock was painfully ripped from her ass. She spun on
the bed and lend down onto her forearms. Her stomach dipped
to the bed and her ass went hi up into the air.

Without using her hands she found my cock with her mouth.
She blew out a loud breath through her nose and sucked my
dick with urgency. Her loud breaths and the loud sucking
noises proved her veracious need to swallow my cum. After
only a few times sucking up and down my length I reward her
efforts. Her back muscles tensed as I feed her my cum. Her
moaned deeply and gulped loudly as her mouth filled with
white hot semen.

"MMMmmm" she moaned deeply. Lights flashed
in the back of my eyes and my head started to swim from my huge
orgasm. Morgan's ass jerked toward me as if she wanted
to fold in half backwards. My hand found the back of her head
and twisted her thick hair in my hands. She vibrated my cock
with another deep moan as she worked the last of the cum from
my body. She slowed down her sucking band turned it into
loving cock worship until at last she let me fall from her
lips. She sat up on her feet and brought her hands to her tits
and squeezed them.

"I loooove sucking your cock after you fuck my ass"
She said in a deep voice. "It's so fucking wrong
and so fucking hot at the same time" She laughed deeply.
She bit her bottom lip again and squeezed her tits hard while
she looked me up and down. I could see it in her, she was in
overdrive and wanted to be broken. "Uh oh" I
muttered as she bit her tongue and smiled dangerously.

Morgan was insatiable that night, there were so many position
changes I felt as if we were pro wrestlers. It was her turn
to break me, and even after she still wanted more. After
my body failed me I used my mouth to satisfy her and continued
to do so until the birds started chirping.

The rest of the week went by as usual, I would hear Morgan
chatting away to Rin on the phone. It seemed like there was
no issue between them considering how much Morgan laughed
while talking to her. She would make comments about how
nice and fun she was. She would also slip in how hot and sexy
she was as well. It was funny though that she never really
talked about what happened between the three of us. She
would elude or hint to it every now and then but that was about

Rin and a few others had agreed to come over Sunday for a mini
BBQ to welcome March and the on coming Texas spring. Since
Sundays were pretty much the only universal day we all had
off together we decided to have our first little BBQ then.
"82 degrees in the beginning of March? Already?"
Jason asked no one in particular. "What did you expect?
Snow?" Cher answered as she flipped through a massive
issue of Vogue. Well maybe they were all that big but I just
hadn't noticed before.

"Aw Natalie. Why did you do that to your hair?"
Cher breathed. I had no idea who she was talking about until
she lifted the book up and I noticed it was Natalie Portman
on the cover with short choppy hair. I didn't think
she looked that bad? I mean her hair was short, a lot shorter
then even Kitty's pixie cut white hair but still. "do
you want to read it after I am done?" Cher asked looking
amused. She flipped the book closed and looked over the
cover. "Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson outrageously
chic rock star wedding pictures? I bet you want to read that
huh" she giggled. "oh they got married last
November? Why is it in here now?" she asked herself.

"Well not snow but at this rate it's going to be
hot as hell by April!" He said. "hot weather
plus your girlfriend equals what Jason?" Cher asked
flatly as she opened the book back up. The smile that crossed
his face as he did the math was bright enough to make me squint
from the glare. "you know I think it's going to
be a hot summer" He said looking much happier about
the Texas weather. Cher snorted a laugh at his piggery and
went about her reading.

Morgan captured me from behind with her hands and laid her
head against my back. "I wish we didn't have to
work tonight" she sighed. I reached back and found
her ass with my hands and pulled her tighter against me.
The soft cloth from her yoga pants and the feeling of her
ass in my hands a welcome moment. "Yeah one of these
weekends we need to take off and go out on a real date"
I told her. She nodded against my back "well at least
the BBQ is tomorrow. That will be fun" She sighed.
"Yeah a bunch of drunk strippers. What could be more
fun?" I laughed. She bit my back.

To Be Continued..............

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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great again


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I have 7 more chapters to post but I have a lot to fix in them.
I went on a binge writing spree a couple of nights ago when
I we deliriously tired. There are so many damn typos and
grammatical errors cause by lack of sleep it will take me
forever to even come close to fixing them.

So bare with me on the next parts I have been afflicted by
the lazy's so I am not sure when I will get to it. Sorry
bout that.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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nps, whenever you can, look forward to reading them