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Houston and a Night Around the Pool


I was reclining on the green and white padded black medal
framed chaise by the pool amazed that I was sweating. Even
with wearing my mirrored aviator style sunglasses the
bright March sun made me squint. It was only March 12th and
it was already almost 90 degrees out. Houston weather was
something that was probably going to take me a long time
to get used to. I watched as wispy white clouds floated by
in the bright robins egg blue sky and sighed from the heat.

A shadow darkened my chest changing my gaze to the person
standing over me. "Here you go baby" Morgan's
smooth voice said. I reached up and took the sweating bottle
of bud light from her. "Thanks" I told her. She
smiled down at me. I looked down Morgan's almost bare
body, her tiny white bikini top had a black skull and crossbones
over each breast. The logo matched the silver skull and
crossbones that hung from her belly button ring. Her bottoms
had the same logo on the tiny triangle of a front but since
it was a thong there wasn't room for anything on the
back. The gentle bump of her pussy in the tight barely there
bikini bottoms stirred my groin.

Her dark electric blue and black hair seemed to light up
like a neon sign under the suns rays. Her tight young body
towered over me as I laid comfortably on our new patio furniture.
I watched her muscles flex and release as she turned her
body slowly from side to side while she watched something
in the pool.

The last week since the party had been interesting to say
the least. Morgan had convinced me that we were just two
people in love experimenting with their love life. She
had also convinced me that she had no fear of losing me to
anyone that we had intimate moments with. She genuinely
liked Rin as a friend and also found her extremely attractive,
she knew that Rin had liked me a little but that was ok for
Morgan. "Better that she really likes you instead
of not" Morgan had told me.

The rest of the house seemed to have taken it in stride including
Kitty who had found a new friend in Duff. At times it seemed
as if Kitty and Morgan had a "Anything you can do I can
do better" kind of competition. They were the very
best of friends but that seemed to be half the reason they
silently competed against each other on some things. Or
I was reading it wrong and they both were just nutty like
that which was a very real possibility. Since the night
of the party I had decided to let go of any reservations and
just go with the flow.

That led me to the second shadow that washed over me. Rin
had a fake blue carnation flower tucked in her ice blue and
blonde highlighted hair. She had on a light blue strapless
bikini top covering her small b cup breasts and a matching
color tiny triangle type thong bottom. Her incredibly
tight 5'9 110lbs body was golden brown from being a
sun bather, her tiny up and down slit of a belly button was
filled with a butterfly belly button ring.

The two amazing beauties with their different but equally
tight bodies stood over me as I sipped my beer. "are
we going to go?" Rin asked Morgan. "Yeah I think
so, I am just waiting to hear from Kit" Morgan told
her while adjusting her belly button ring in her equally
tiny belly button. She scratched her sun reddening flat
stomach leaving white trails where her fingernails had
been. The girls had worn the tiny triangle bikini bottoms
that barely covered their pussy to keep from getting major
tan lines. They could easily wear thongs around our pool
but our neighbors were out on their large second story deck
keeping the girls from going topless.

They had decided that the next day they were all going to
go to a spa with tanning beds to get rid of any and all of those
pesky tan lines.The girls had taken to Rin and even Kitty
had to admit she wasn't as bad as she had made her out
to be. That didn't mean there wasn't still a competition
of who was the top blonde at Splendors. Since Rin and Morgan
had dyed their hair different shades of blue it had actually
made them more popular. I had a feeling it was only a matter
of time before Kitty did something to her shock white locks.

Morgan looked down at me "are you coming in baby?"
She asked meaning was I joining them in the pool. I shook
my head and held up my beer "I will chill for a while."
I told her. She nodded and bent down to kiss me on the lips.
Her tongue slid into my mouth and she let out a soft moan as
I slid mine over hers. She put her hand on my chest and pressed
her fingers into my flesh. She pulled away but kept her face
close to mine. She gently bit the right side of her bottom
lip. The sun glinted off the little diamond in the piercing
under her bottom lip. "I love you" she said in
a sultry tone. "I love you" I told her back with
a smile.

Morgan's nails dug into my chest and she let out a happy
grunt and stood up. Rin leaned down and kissed me on the forehead
softly before they both turned away showing me their sexy
asses in the thongs. They walked down the steps into the
pool slow enough to allow me to admire their amazing figures
before the water took them up to their chests.

The days since Morgan had calmed my nerves about everything
had been light hearted and fun. Morgan seemed absolutely
in heaven at the thought of the three of us coming together
in intimate moments. We had yet to repeat anything close
to the night of the BBQ in part to Rin's time of the month
and our crazy work schedules. Morgan had taken out her daily
fantasies on me when she got home from work. She made it clear
to me that it would happen whenever the mood hit us and wouldn't
be a planned out thing because that would be weird. I couldn't
help but chuckle at her definition of weird.

I watched the girls splash around and have fun in the pool
while the beer in my hand sweated down my fingers and the
sun baked my winter pale body. My Ford with Jason behind
the wheel pulled into the driveway and the rest of the house
jumped out. They had gone to Sam's to pick up some random
things and more fruit. Our house seemed to consume the same
amount of strawberries and like at the rate of a small country.
Kitty came through the gate in a white, pink, blue, green
collaged bikini top that made her tits look huge and tiny
cut up jean shorts. She was carrying brown apple boxes filled
with produce and tasty treats for every one.

Cher was a little less showy in a tight white tank top with
superstar in cursive scrawled at an angle across her chest
and jean shorts. She was behind her carrying plastic bags
filled with who knows what. Jai and Jason walked in behind
them in tank tops and their board short swim trunks. Jai
went straight to the grill to get it heated up for a late lunch
of hot dogs and hamburgers. Oh and Jason's chicken
breast that he couldn't live without. After a little
while Cher came out in a brown bikini that actually had a
butt, she didn't worry so much about tan lines since
she was already built brown and she was a bartender that
wore booty shorts instead of micro thongs.

Kitty's 5'10 Playboy Bunny type body strutted
out in her paint splash of a bikini. It had the same amount
of fabric on it as Morgan and Rin's. The way her body
looked in it was almost too much to look at, thankfully she
threw herself in the pool shortly after she walked out.
"Cool" By Gwen Stefani wafted through the air
telling me that Jason had turned on the house speakers.
He joined the girls in the pool shortly after while Jai cleaned
the grill for the 5th time.

It was a life I had never really imagined, sure I like the
girl part of it but I never thought I would live in a house
with a pool. I also never thought I would be living with my
two best friends and our girlfriends. I had been through
a lot of horrible and fantastical changes in my life but
the way things were right now? They were simply hard to grasp
at times. I had a career again and I had actually gotten a
life with a routine in it again. It took a moment like the
one I was in to make me realize how adrift I really had been
over the last few years.

"BAAAAABYYYYY" Morgan yelled from the pool.
"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT" I hollered back. "WE'RE
GOING TOOOOMORROW!" she yelled informing me that
it would indeed be a girls spa day tomorrow. "OOOOOOKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY"
I answered her.

Morgan's quirks and ways of thinking had enraptured
me and she made me smile a whole lot more than she made me frown.
Her personalities and how they were so different depending
on the situation were starting to make sense. Or rather
I was at least getting a better handle on them and that helped
me worry about her less. Rin and Morgan had talked about
how they felt about everything and to me so for once I was
living without any secrets. It felt oddly liberating,
I just hoped it would continue this way at least for a little
while longer.

The smell of cooking meat hung in the air as Jai started his
Bobby Flay impression. Today we had planned to spend time
in the pool and then later check out a movie together. After
that who knew? As usual our plans never really work out the
way we want them too and we were visited by two blonde party
crashers. Duff and Jenny stopped by to drop of some shirts
they had borrowed the following morning of our BBQ. Of course
Kitty invited them to hang out with us and it turned into
a mini party of sorts. Duff and Jenny gave our neighbors
a shock I have no doubt when they reappeared in tiny neon
pink and green micro thongs and bra's to swim. I honestly
didn't know that most stripper wear was made from the
same material. Heh learn something new everyday.

The day bled away with food, drinks, laughter, and lots
of splashing. I being the consummate moron that I was never
put on any sunblock. By the time 7 pm rolled around I was beyond
lobster red, Morgan couldn't stop pushing my shoulder
with her finger "Red, White, Red, White" she'd
say as my skin changed colors under her finger tips. "Baby
you really shouldn't let yourself get burnt like this.
It's bad for your skin!" Morgan scolded me. "You
don't want to be old and wrinkled before your time do
you?" I had to admit watching Rin and Morgan smear
the sunscreen all over each others bodies earlier in the
day about killed me.

"Hey I don't look so bad for my age" I told
her in defense. "your age? How old are you?"
Rin asked realizing that she didn't know. "27"
I told her. Her eyes got a little big and she chuckled "I
would have said maybe my age or 24 tops" she laughed.
I had a feeling she was going by maturity more than looks.
"ha ha very funny" I sneered as they laughed
at me. After woofing down a second grilling from Jai we all
settled in together on the chaise recliners and chairs
dotted around the patio. Jai lit the 4 fancy looking fire
pits while Jason went to the switch that bathed our backyard
in beautiful starlight.

The backyard's soft glow from the lights strung throughout
and the glowing pool and hot tub gave it an almost magical
feel. Kitty helped by lighting the Tiki torches to keep
away any mosquitos that wanted to hang out with us. Her tall
sexy bikini body lifted on her toes and stretched out as
she lit the wicks. Her body was really one to be admired and
with her unique personality Jason was truly a lucky guy.

Her buxom body glided with long strides as she walked around
the pool back to the group. Her vibrant smile and good lucks
mixed with her southern twang had grabbed him. If his smile
as he watched her was any indication he was in just as much
trouble as the rest of us. "Y'all are we still
going to the movie?" Kitty asked as she walked back
to us. "This is nice. Why don't we just skip it
tonight" Cher sighed. She had put on a pleated fluffy
white skirt but still was just wearing a bikini on top. She
leaned against Jai as they gently swung back and forth on
the lovers swing.

Morgan came out of the house with Rin still in their bikini's,
they held a couple of Mai Tai's in their hands. Morgan
padded softly to me and sat down between my legs on the end
of the green and white padded chaise. Rin moved to the empty
chaise next to me and stretched her long slender body out
on it. I counted her ribs when she put her hands over her head
and stretched, she really was a beauty.

"So what's the plan?" Morgan asked as she
slid up the chaise in between my legs. "relaxing by
the pool" Jason told her. Morgan scooted her thong
parted ass up against my crotch and leaned her back against
my stomach and chest. She rubbed her back against me as if
settling in before laying the back of her head against my
shoulder. She kept her right leg straight while she lifted
her left at the knee. She rested the base of her glass against
her knee and slowly swayed it from side to side as she relaxed.

"The Importance of Being Idle" by Oasis began
playing over our speakers as we all settled into small talk.
Duff and Kitty melted into their own conversation from
each side of Jason on long 4 person bench. They leaned forward
and talked past him as he listened intently. Jenny was on
the end of it leaning toward Jai and Cher on their swing.
As I looked around at the happy smiling faces I decided this
is how I wanted to spend as many days as possible. I let out
a sigh of contentment and put my arm around Morgan resting
my hand on her flat stomach.

She looked at me and smiled before turning to Rin and diving
into their own conversation. I didn't pay attention
to anything except the murmur of our pool and the up tempo
beat of the music playing. I took tiny sips of my beer in no
hurry to change anything about the beautifully warm night.
The stars that twinkled in the sky seemed as vibrant as the
white pin points of light that surrounded the group of people
around me.

"Hey" Morgan said softly I tilted my head to
the side so that I could look at her. "Hi" I said
back. A small smile parted her lips as her green eyes searched
my brown eyes. "you ok? you are really quiet"
she almost whispered. I put my other arm around her and pressed
down on her in the best hug the position would allow. "yeah,
I am just enjoying the night" I told her softly. Her
placid smile morphed into a devious grin "yes you

I didn't need a decoder ring to know that Morgan had
a scheme in mind that would no doubt leave me drained of life.
Morgan craned her neck and gave me an open mouthed kiss on
my stubbled jaw. She flicked her tongue and gently sucked
my flesh, with a soft sigh she let go. She turned back to Rin
and they slipped back into their conversation. Time past
by at the speed of a slow moving cloud as I stared up at the
sky with a blank content mind. The slight cooling of the
air gave Morgan a shiver, but it still felt nice to me.

Morgan and Rin got up together leaving me on the chaise and
went into the house for something. Kitty was dropping obvious
hints that Duff should hang out a little while longer making
her blush and smile. Cher and Jai got up together and with
Jenny in tow they went into the house. I had no doubt from
the skip in Jenny's step they were going to be having
a good night tonight.

Rin came back out without Morgan, she was holding a couple
of drinks which made me guess one was for me. She sat down
between my legs and stuck out her hand with the one she wanted
me to drink. The sweet fruity drink definitely packed a
punch but went down easy. "lets get in the pool"
Rin said smoothly. I looked over her beautiful alluring
face and agreed. We stood up together and with drink in hand
waited down the steps into the shallow end.

The lapping blue green water lapped at my sun burnt legs
giving me a small sting. The deeper I walked into the water
the more my body heated up. A strange tingle went through
my skin as the water caressed me up to my shoulders. Rin tilted
her head back soaking her hair and matting it down against
her head. Even being wet the ice blue and blonde seemed to
shine with radiance. She smiled her toothy grin at me and
bobbed in the water as she approached me.

Her free hand found the top of my shoulder, I swayed forward
as she lifted her long legs off the bottom and wrapped them
loosely around my waist. "Don't worry I have
permission" she said softly in response to my questioning
look. "That wasn't it" I told her with a
little shake of my head. "I just can't believe
how beautiful you are" I told her truthfully. Her
slight chipmunk cheeks blushed, her soft brown eyes darted
to the water. "you don't have to say that you know"
she told the pool.

"Why wouldn't I tell you the truth? Morgan knows
that I am attracted to you and I figured you would want to
know as well" I told her. I could feel how much Morgan
had shifted my train of thought. I felt more like myself
without the worry or fear of ruining my relationship. Morgan
wanted us to both enjoy the adventures we were heading toward
and Rin was a big part of that. I would never be with Rin like
I was with Morgan but that didn't mean I couldn't
be with her in a different way.

"I am glad you think that" she said looking back
into my eyes. I moved my hand under the water and found her
almost bare ass and pulled her into me. Rin smiled brightly
as her body floated closer to me. Her legs locked tighter
behind my back as if to make sure I couldn't get away
from her. She replaced the hand on my shoulder top with her
elbow and fingered the hair at the top of my head.

Water dripped from her small ears to her shoulders, little
trails of water trickled down her mostly bare chest as we
bobbed in the water. "Is it ok if I kiss you?"
I asked. She smiled even brighter and her lips quivered
lightly "yes" she said in almost a giggle. I
smiled at her and leaned close. Rin's soft pink lips
pressed against mine as our mouths opened to allow each
other access. She sighed softly as I explored her mouth
with my tongue.

We bobbed in the water as our heads turned so that our lips
could find better purchase. Rin's fingers absentmindedly
tugged at the ends of my short brown hair as we kissed. There
was no urgency in our movements, there was no primal need,
there was no rush. Slow wet kisses and soft sighs with the
warm water lapping around our bodies.

Gentle hands found my back followed by soft orbs pressing
into my skin. Full lips pressed against my shoulder and
sucked in my flesh. Rin's hand left my head and I felt
her reach back for Morgan's. Morgan's hands slid
past my sides and reached out for Rin's pulling her
against me. Rin's soft bikini covered breasts pressed
into my chest while Morgan's larger ones pushed me
from behind.

I squeezed Rin's ass in my hand as she drove her tongue
deeper into my mouth. Morgan's lips had found the nape
of my neck and sent vibrations through my body as she moaned
against me. Rin moved her lips away from mine and followed
my jawline to my ear. Morgan had been working her mouth across
my shoulder and they had met at my ear. I shivered as the sound
of their kissing tickled my ear. The soft wet sounds, the
heavy breathing, the moans sent electricity surging from
my ear to the rest of my body.

Rin's body started to rise and fall against my front,
I could feel her pussy catch on the top of my board shorts.
Though the water stole the softness of their smooth skin
the pressure of them around me was unmistakable. They moved
their kiss to my ear as one licked the front the other licked
up the back of my ear. My body shuddered violently a few times
making them and me giggle from it. Rin's soft laughter
sounded as if she was using a megaphone with her lips against
my ear.

Morgan's hand moved up to the top of my chest as she lifted
her legs up to surround me and Rin. I felt my body dip as the
extra weight was added and felt the pressure of her hand
against my chest. So many sensations were hitting me at
once combined with the feel of the water making it feel almost
as if we were one person. So sweet were the kisses on my skin,
so gentle were the two bodies holding onto me as their lifeline.

Sounds of splashes and giggles came from behind Rin's
body at my front. Due to the attention I was being given I
wasn't able to see who had joined us in the pool. I could
hear a moan that sounded like Kitty but soon after my ears
filled with Morgan and Rin's moans. Rin found my lips
again and we dove headlong into a kiss that curled my toes.
Her hands found my face and pulled my mouth against hers.
Even with the wet of the water surrounding us, my lips held
more wetness from her tongue than my body from the pool.
She seemed to go from loving to impassioned with the flip
of a switch. She gave a loud whining moan and gave the last
glance of her tongue before she fell back into the water
at my waist.

With her back floating in the pool and her arms out wide I
was able to see Duff sucking on Kitty's large bare breasts
just above the waterline. Kitty's head was tilted
back, her hand was around the back of Jason's neck as
she held him in a kiss. Duff had taken Kitty's right
breast in both hands and was working her mouth over Kitty's
nipple. Her jaw flexed as she sucked and licked the taller
blondes tit with fervor. To me they looked like an erotic
statue the way they were at different levels. Kitty's
body looked amazing stretched out against Jason's
big frame.

Morgan had worked her kisses around my arm and was sliding
her tongue over my upper chest. Rin still floating on her
back with her long legs wrapped around my waist smiled up
at the night sky. Morgan had let her feet fall to the green
pool floor so that she could walk around to reach my front.
Morgan kissed up my neck to my ear and whispered "I
love you baby" before she nibbled on my ear lobe.

Rin flexed her stomach muscles showing off the V in her lower
stomach as she lifted her chest toward me. I dug my fingers
in the middle of her chest and pulled the light blue strapless
bikini top down exposing her handful sized tanned tits.
Rin put her hand back on my right shoulder to steady herself
as I lifted her up in the water. The tang of chlorine pool
water hit the tip of my tongue as I took Rin's soft tan
nipple into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it before
gently nibbling it between my teeth to get it hard. Rin moaned
and found the back of my neck with her hand while mine found
the middle of her back.

Morgan stopped her attention and took the sweating glass
from my hand. I moved my suddenly free hand to Rin's
ass as I sucked her nipple hard. Rin captured my head in her
hands and moved her body up and down against mine. I felt
hands on the front of my trunks and felt them pull the velco
fly open. Morgan pushed them down to my feet submerging
herself completely. When I switched to Rin's other
tit I saw Morgan's dark blue and black hair pasted in
strands across her beautiful face. Her allure seemed to
have no end as her mouth hung upon as she watched. Her jaw
moved up an down slightly as if she was only taking air in
through her mouth.

Even in the warm water my cock grew quickly to it's full
length, there was no sensation other then pressure when
Morgan captured it in her hand. I took my mouth away from
Rin's tits and moved my hands to her slender sides.
I lifted her up higher and kissed down her dripping wet stomach
as she rose. Morgan roughly tugged on me and whimpered her
need to have it inside of her. In a flash of inspired lust
I walked backwards toward the rounded stone edge of the
pool with Morgan still clinging on. I turned 180 in the water
while lifting Rin up to my shoulders.

Finding the edge of the pool I sat Rin down and told Morgan
to move in between us. Rin spread her long legs and looked
down at what I we were doing. "Pull down your bottoms"
I told her. Morgan did what I ordered and left them around
her right music note tattooed foot and ankle. I moved us
along the edge of the pool until I found the perfect height.
I turned Morgan around to face me and lifted her up into position.
She loosely wrapped her legs around my waist and angled
my cock to her pussy. When she placed me between her lips
I stepped forward in the pool and drove my cock deep into

I felt the jerking sensation of my cock being forced into
her while underwater as her back was pushed against the
pool side. Rin's long legs were draped over Morgan
"Take off your bikini" I ordered Rin. She gave
me a nod and laid back on the patio with her knees together.
She slipped the bikini bottoms up her legs and let them fall
to the patio concrete. Morgan's pussy was collapsing
around my cock as she whimpered and waited.

Rin scooted her ass to the edge of the pool to my right of Morgan's
head. I sandwiched Morgan between my chest and the wall
and leaned forward to get my first kiss against Rin's
little pussy. My hands found Morgan's ass as my mouth
found Rin's tangy sweetness. Together the girls moaned,
Morgan as I lifted her up and down on my cock, Rin as my tongue
found her swollen pink clit. Morgan pushed her hips against
me forcing my cock deeper into her submerged body. Rin used
her hands against the edge to lift her pussy into my face.

Morgan helped me fuck her while I licked and sucked on Rin's
clit. Morgan's pussy didn't have the lubrication
it was used to causing me to punish her insides as she rode
me up and down. She had to keep her head tilted forward so
that she wouldn't hit her head on the lip of the edge.
It forced her to put more pressure on my cock and caused her
insides to be stretched to their limit. Her loud screams
combined with someone's from the other side of the
pool. Rin's arms shook with violent convulsions as
she struggled to keep her ass up in the air.

The taste of Rin pouring over my tongue made my hunger even
greater. I wanted to try something but I was afraid I would
break us apart. I didn't want to escape from Morgan's
amazing body nor did I want to stop eating Rin's little
pussy. With a random thought and a silent thank you to Jason
for forcing me through painful workouts I had the ability
to pull Rin off the edge. Her legs moved over the tops of my
shoulders and trapped Morgan's hands under the back
of her thighs as I brought Rin's pussy to my mouth. She
was sitting on my shoulders in the reverse way someone would
normally so that her pussy was mashed against my mouth.

She screamed out as I sucked hard on her clit. Morgan's
legs fell from my sides and she pushed me back enough so that
she could pull me out. I felt her turn in the water so that
she could push her ass against me. After a few tries she was
able to slide my swollen cock back into her tortured pussy.
She bent forward and held onto the pool edge, I stood still
while she slowly pushed against me. She fucked me while
I held onto Rin's ass and lower back eating her.

Rin's amazingly tight body flexed as she fought to
maintain balance while having her pussy sucked. Morgan
came first in a blood curdling scream. Her motions became
strained and jerky as she moved my cock in and out of her body.
Rin's hands tore at my hair while her heels pressed
painfully into my back. More and more of her juices poured
from her opening into my mouth. The suffocation of Morgan's
insides left my body as she stepped forward. I could hear
her trying to catch her breath and new through the shuddering
of her pussy that her orgasm was massive.

With one last strong suck on Rin's clit I shrugged my
shoulders, her pussy fell away from my mouth and then slid
down to my chest. Her legs still trapped over my shoulders.
"Morgan" I said looking into Rin's dazed
brown eyes. I walked slowly backwards to the pool steps
as Morgan wadded behind Rin. I careful sat down one the last
step before exciting the pool and let Rin fall slowly to
my lap. The back of her knees fell to my elbows opening herself
wide around my body. Morgan seemingly reading my mind knelt
down beside us and held my dick up towards Rin's center.

Rin stayed locked on my eyes as her body lowered to my lap.
Morgan found Rin's opening with her fingers and guided
the tip of my cock to her into her. Rin's mouth dropped
open as the tip parted her lips and found her hot hole. "Fuuuuuuuck"
She cried as I started to penetrate her. With her legs over
my arms she had no choice but to take every last inch I could
give her without causing harm. Her eyes grew wide as her
cries grew louder.

Morgan moved up and pressed her now bare tits up against
Rin's back, I let Rin's legs drop and put my hands
on the edge. I let a smile cross my lips while Morgan took
Rin's tits in her hand. "Hold on" I told
her. As I lifted us out of the pool onto the top step Rin's
eyes clamped shut and she screamed out louder than I had
ever heard her before. I sat my ass down on the concrete and
laid on my back. "Morgan I want to eat your pussy"
I told her. I felt the head of my cock rub hard against Rin's
insides as she leaned forward to put her hand on my stomach
and the other on the silver handrail that split the pool

Morgan got on her knees by my head and swung her right knee
over to sit on my face. Rin used the handrail to lift herself
up and her hand on my stomach to make sure she didn't
put me too deep. Out of the water Rin's natural lubrication
took over and I felt her flood over me. She lifted herself
up and down my cock, her tightness felt as if I was being forced
into a metal ring a size to small for my girth.

Morgan's sweet cum poured over my tongue when I dipped
into her pussy. She pushed down against my mouth, I could
feel her tremble as I sucked and licked her clit and pussy
lips. I lay on the cool marbled concrete while Rin's
pussy slid up and down the length of my hard cock and I hungrily
ate Morgan's pussy. The muffled sounds of their screams
and moans went through Morgan's thighs and found my
ears. The sensations and the tastes matched the picture
of it all in my head.

Rin's pussy locked down tight and she stopped moving
up and down as her orgasm took her. She jerked her hips and
tried to move but the intensity of her cumming was too strong.
With the beat of a heart her pussy clamped and released me
as she drenched me with her cum. I pushed Morgan back and
looked up at her face from between her thighs "I want
to taste Rin's cum and I want you to fuck me while I do
it" I told her. Morgan's face dropped as my words
turned her on even more. She nodded and slowly stood up so
that she could change places.

"Rin come here" I told her. She looked drunk,
her head was down and she was holding onto the silver rail
for support. Her face contorted as she lifted herself up
so that I could escape. I felt a cool breeze surround my wet
cock as it fell from her body to my stomach. She moved up my
body and sat down on my chest, Morgan stood over me with her
hand on the rail and squatted down over my groin. I felt her
lift me up and then felt the familiar liquid silk crush as
she feed my cock to her pussy. "NYAAaaahhhh"
Morgan cried out as she impaled herself on my cock.

"I want your cum in my mouth" I told the girl sitting
on my chest. Rin let out a combination of a moan and whimper
and leaned moved her pussy to my mouth. I felt the rush of
her juices into my mouth and struggled to swallow it down
as I stuck my tongue as deep into her pussy as it could go.
The screams and cries that I caused were almost as great
a reward as the feeling of Morgan's pussy doing it's
best to destroy my stamina.

I forced another orgasm out of Rin and almost was drowned
by her flood. Morgan was getting close if her body tremors
were any indication. Rin fought to get away from the too
intense feeling of my mouth around her clit as Morgan started
to ride me faster. When I felt the tensing of my lower stomach
I let Rin escape, she fell to the side of me trying to catch
her breath. Morgan's drying hair bounced as she continued
to ride me in her squat. Her fingers were white from her death
grip on the silver safety rail.

"I want you to swallow me" I told Rin with a grunt.
She looked at me with a blank look on her beautiful face but
didn't say no. "AAhhhh gaaah" Morgan screamed.
Her body lost it's rhythm as she struggled to keep riding
me through her orgasm. I had to grit my teeth and think of
anything I could not to cum with her. My body felt as if it
had been beaten by a baseball bat from tensing my muscles
to stop myself from cumming too soon.

I reached out and grabbed Rin's hip and squeezed hard
as I got within seconds of my explosion. "I'm
gonna cum" I said while holding my breath. Rin removed
all doubt of what she would do, she leaned down in a flash.
I felt her hand grab the lower part of my shaft that wasn't
consumed by Morgan. "In my mouth" Rin told Morgan
in a rush. Morgan's deep moan almost made me think she
was cumming again from Rin's words. I felt the cool
air again and the relief of not being crushed as my cock was
released from Morgan's insides.

I felt as if I was punched in the stomach as I let my breath
and my cum out at the same time. Rin stroked me roughly into
her mouth as I shot my cum against her throat. My orgasm was
so intense that I barely felt Morgan's mouth suck on
my balls as Rin sucked the cum from my dick. The sound of waves
crashed in my ears, my heart thundered like race horse hooves
and my body tried to constrict into a tiny ball.

Rin's mouth sucked hard as she took my cum all the while
jerking me into her mouth. Her lips travelled a little way
up and down just to add to the overwhelming blowjob. I could
barely feel Morgan's moans vibrate through my scrotum
due to all the other intense feelings. I looked up and saw
Duff completely naked standing over me almost. Her fingers
were buried in her bright pink pussy, her mouth was in a quiet
moan as she fingered herself while she watched me. The unexpected
voyeurism hit me like a ton of bricks and even more cum shot
into Rin's throat causing her to gag a little. My hips
jerked and bucked as surge after surge of intense pleasure
destroyed my nerve endings.

When Rin could coax no more cum from me she began to suck me
in and out of her mouth. I felt Morgan's mouth suck on
my lower shaft as Rin sucked the top. My mind refused to believe
what was happening and my body desperately needed the overload
to stop. I felt tongues slide up and down my length and mouths
sucking on me. I couldn't tell any longer what was what
as I stared up at Duff's orgasm. Her little body shook
as she fingered her pussy and squeezed her nipples.

When at last they were done with me and sat up I was left to
catch my breath and stare up at the little blonde voyeur
that was staring down at me. "Hi Duff" I said
out of breath. "Hi" she answered me back weakly.
I couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of
it all. I jumped as I felt Morgan give me sloppy kisses on
the inside of my thigh. I looked down my body to find Morgan
beaming at me as she leaned on her arm. I looked down to see
it was actually Rin that was doing the kissing. "Whoa"
I thought in my head.

I pushed myself up on my elbows to look around. "WWWUUUUUUUuuuuuu"
Kitty screamed from the other side of the pool. Her arms
were up in the air exposing her bare breasts above the water
line. Jason had a cheesy smile on his face and was golf clapping
behind his jubilant girlfriend. "THAT WAS FUCKING
AWESOME!" Kitty yelled. I let myself fall back to
the patio and looked up into the starry black night sky and
exhaled. I lay there as Morgan and Rin gave me wet open mouth
kisses on my thighs, cock, and stomach.

After all that nobody cared about a damn thing, we all walked
into the house completely naked or halfway naked. Morgan
left her swimsuit bottoms in the pool and so did Kitty and
Jason. Where Duff's were I could only imagine. We headed
out separate directions with the girls following me to
the bedroom. Morgan went into the bathroom and turned on
the shower so that we could wash the chlorine off of our bodies
before we got into her beloved pink cat sheets.

I stepped in the shower with the two naked blue haired beauties
and let the side jets hit me while they danced under the water.
"So that was the real you huh" Morgan said with
a sly smile. "real me?" I asked as I turned in
the water of the wall jets. She nodded as she pulled her wet
hair back over her head. "I had heard about you but
up until now you always seemed worried about letting go"
She said still smiling. "I like it" she laughed.

"Yeah?" I asked sheepishly. Morgan nodded
again "you just take the lead when eeever you want
to baby" She said with a smile. Rin rolled her eyes
as she stood under falling water. "you might regret
that Morgan" she said sarcastically. "WE might
love that" Morgan corrected her excitedly. "Just
don't hold back anymore K" Morgan said again.

"I have never held back" I lied. Rin laughed
at Morgan's exaggerated her nods "you sooo totally
have Dave. I am not going to break" she said. I knew
she meant about 20 different things by that. "I won't
worry about that any more I swear" I told her half believing
it myself. "wwwuuuuuuuu" Morgan tilted her
head back and screamed "tell me that wasn't the
hottest thing" she laughed. "Rin put her long
dyed hair over her shoulder and drug her fingers through
the tangles "that was fucking hot" she laughed.
"I can't believe we did that and with those three
watching" she laughed.

"I know right!" Morgan laughed. "we have
never fucked in front of them before! They fuck in front
us but that was the first time for us to do it!" Morgan
said excitedly. Rin lowered her head "what was up
with Tanya being creepy like that?" she asked quietly.
"She had to have been wasted. I thought she was going
try to sit on your face or something" Morgan laughed
as she ran her hands over my arm. We laughed and joked about
how creepy it actually was and how we hoped she was wasted.

There were more jokes about how Jason and Kitty might wake
up locked in her basement one day. Rinsing turned into an
actual shower as the girls soaped their bodies using the
white rough spongy thing on a string Morgan had bought.
As if it was second nature they talked back and forth and
washed my body together. It was as if they were on automatic
as they covered my body with lather. I couldn't help
but smile and think about how fun this summer could end up

"Shit I have to pee" Rin said "I should
have done it before I washed" She said grabbing the
sponge off the temperature knob. I saw the twinkle in Morgan's
eye and I just knew in the back of my mind she was going to do
it."WAIT!" Morgan said loudly making Rin jump.
"what?" she asked confused. "Morgan
no" I laughed as she grabbed my cock and yanked me forward.
Rin backed up not sure of what was going on but Morgan stopped
her with a hand to the back. She pushed Rin into me.

Morgan held the tip of my cock against her pussy lips "Pee"
she said with a huge smile on her face. "whaaaat"
Rin laughed. Morgan explained to her how we had peed on each
other that first morning we had became boyfriend girlfriend
and how it was a funny way to say we claimed each other. "you
want me to pee on Dave's dick?" Rin asked shocked
but amused. Morgan nodded her head vehemently. Rin started
to protest when I let myself go. Rin screamed out and jumped
as she felt the stream of my pee hit her pussy.

"OH MY GOD DAVE!!!" she laughed. Her shoulders
sagged and she stood there while I covered her clit and pussy
in my pee. Thanks to all the beer I had drank there was no smell
and it was clear. That took some of the gross shock factor
out of it I think. Rin laughed almost in a pathetic "Oh
my God what has happened to my life and self respect"
kind of way as my stream died away. Morgan almost made me
pee again when she got an extremely proud look on her face
and just said "Owned"

Rin laughed hard enough to snort thanks to Morgan's
comment. Without warning Rin's hot pee covered my
cock and Morgan's hand. My pee mixed with hers on Morgan's
fingers as we stood under the water taking things to a whole
new level. Rin's hands were on her hips and she just
laughed as her own stream died away.

"Rented" Morgan said with another cheese ball
smile. After another five minutes of washing and scrubbing
we got out of the shower and dried off. Rin was still laughing
in disbelief as she wrapped a white towel around her head.
I on the other had was feeling proud of myself and happy about
my life. It's funny that Morgan was able to take away
all those little weird fears that I had been harboring.
Thanks to her it was this moment in my life that I would never,
ever, ever forget. And I haven't.

After walking through the house cleaning up a little bit
we shut off most of the lights since we were the only ones
moving around. We could hear the sounds of sex upstairs
but I couldn't tell if it was coming from Jai or Jason's
room. It could have been from both who knows.

I dropped the towel around my waist to the floor and climbed
into bed feeling euphoric and a wee bit booze dizzy and waited.
Rin came around to the left side of the bed and pulled the
towel from her head and the one tucked under her arm and let
them fall. I couldn't help but watch her body as it flexed
while she got onto my high pillow top bed. She smiled at me
knowing that I was drinking her body in with my eyes. She
laid down beside me and without trepidation snuggled up
to me. She draped her long leg over mine after rubbing her
foot up and down my shin. She pushed her pussy up against
my thigh and waited for me to put my arm under her head.

She put her head on my upper left chest and her hand under
her chin and snuggled up next to me. I hugged her tight with
my arm and was rewarded by a soft kiss to my chest. Morgan
closed the door and dropped her towels exposing her naked
body for a split second before the light went out. In the
dim yellowed glow from the streetlight filtering through
the red linen blinds I saw Morgan on her knees between my
legs. She raised the Duvet over her head and came toward
us looking like a tsunami.

She claimed her usual spot trapping my cock between her
body and mine and laid her damp haired head on my lower chest.
After a few jostles she found the comfortable spot she was
looking for and started her goodnight kisses. As the noise
of her soft kisses filled the air they were joined by a few
that Rin decided to give. I smiled at the ceiling and closed
my eyes while I was being bathed in attention.

To Be Continued.............

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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wow, very good, keep them cumming


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Well things are heating up at the household and your stories
have the attention and comments of a female !! Congrats
COME ON LADIES let him know how he's doing, we know your
reading this so give him your input.


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28 much time to put thoughts together
, write and submit??



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Your stories are incredibly good! You have a real talent.
Whether these are fiction or fact, you have done an amazing
job of getting them down. I have gotten so that I can't
wait for the next one you write.

Just one friendly word of caution: If these are indeed true,
go easy on the alcohol. You're young and in great shape
now, but it will take its toll on you.


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Great stories, but why have you not taken Rin's ass
man if she is soooo hot, nothing like owning a woman by fucking
her ass....mmmm!


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quote billybruce4:
Well things are heating up at the household and your stories have the attention and comments of a female !! Congrats COME ON LADIES let him know how he's doing, we know your reading this so give him your input.
Things really get "Heated" So to speak here
in a few chapters. They will be titled Brandy. They get one
person in the house so angry they froth at the mouth. Another
person in the house almost makes a huge mistake and gets
himself "Dixie Fried" because of it.

The summer of 2006 was filled with laughs, crazy sexy, and
sadly some drama. That summer was one for the Dave record
books lol.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote rm_44skippy:
28 much time to put thoughts together , write and submit??=D%

Since 2009 I have written 95 chapters. Well 92 chapters
and 3 stand alone stories that don't really fit into
the timeline. It takes me depending on if I get distracted
about 2 hours or so to write a chapter. That probably explains
the silly errors. I recall it then type it, that is why sometimes
I double type words or type two ways to say it. I need to get
one of those speak and write programs maybe.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote trees141:
Your stories are incredibly good! You have a real talent. Whether these are fiction or fact, you have done an amazing job of getting them down. I have gotten so that I can't wait for the next one you write.

Just one friendly word of caution: If these are indeed true, go easy on the alcohol. You're young and in great shape now, but it will take its toll on you.
Where were you back in the day when I needed that advice?
Trust me I wince when I write this stuff and remember how
truly drunk I was at times. We were three guys who like to
blow off steam. We all worked hard and played equally hard.
I think my liver still has a bandaid on it from back in those

Sad to say booze plays a major roll in these stories and in
some of our choices. You will see that coming up in later
chapters as well. Me and my drunken mouth can really make
things complicated.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote manninp:
Great stories, but why have you not taken Rin's ass man if she is soooo hot, nothing like owning a woman by fucking her ass....mmmm!
I am not sure if you have read Houston and a Monday yet or not.
The anal thing with Rin was honestly never brought up until
Morgan decided it was a good idea. I don't consider
it owning however, for me the more I get them off the more
turned on it get!

Well and all that other stuff helped too lol. Thanks for
the comment

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.