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Houston and a Little Shopping


After we had showered I left Morgan in the bathroom to do
her normal morning beauty ritual while I went to find something
to wear. It usually consisted of checking to make sure her
eyebrows were perfectly plucked and blow drying her black
hair. She had moments when she wanted to achieve a certain
type of look and could spend hours applying and reapplying
things. She would take her time to make sure things like
extremely long fake eyelashes of all colors and intricate
eye make up designs were perfect. Thankfully most of the
time she was done after her hair was reasonably dry.

I pulled fashionably worn jeans from Structure, a blue
and white striped polo shirt and a pair of whatever color
boxer briefs were clean. After grabbing my Tag watch, some
socks and my white K-Swiss trainers I was pretty much ready
to go. My dressed body passed Morgan's naked one as
we swapped rooms. "Babe? What are you wearing today?"
Morgan asked. "you just saw me!" I laughed with
a tooth brush in my mouth. "I can't decide!"
she said back completely ignoring me.

Considering the little quirks she had and the codependency
thing she was pretty low maintenance. Except when it came
to that pesky look acquiring thing again. Even though she
preferred the pin up thing she liked to branch out and wear
any fun clothes. After I was done brushing my teeth I found
her spinning naked in our walk in closet with her finger
tapping her chin. She reached out for me without looking
and missed me a few times until I ran myself into her hand.
She grabbed handful of my shirt before she looked at me "oh
you look cute" she said looking me up and down. "do
your hair messy today. I like that" She said tugging
at the front of my shirt.

"alrighty then" I told her. She leaned in and
gave me a sideways kiss as she continued to look at the hanging
clothes in front of her. "love you" she said
distractedly. I told her I loved her back as I left her in
the closet spinning again. I walked out to the living room
to find Kitty and Jason on the couch arguing over the remote
again. "Football is over! And I am so sick of ESPN!
I won't pick anything stupid I promise" she whined
at him while trying to tug the remote out of his hands.

I passed them and walked into the kitchen to find Cher in
Jai's arms looking starry eyed up at him. He was leaned
up against the sink talking down to her in slow French. For
all she knew he could be telling her about a flying pig he
saw in space but she ate every last syllable up. I went to
the fridge and dug a can of Coke out of the fruit and salad
stuffed eclectic mess of health food. Out of the corner
of my eye I saw Morgan walk by in a pair of basic black hipster
panties and matching bra, she went up the stairs in a rush
of legs and thuds.

I walked back into the living room to find the remote control
tug of war still going on and went out the front door to get
the paper. As I was coming back in Morgan walked by holding
a folded up pile of clothes in her hands. She was wearing
a plain brown belt around her stomach that went over her
belly button at an angle and buckled at her side obscuring
some of Bettie's legs. What looked like another brown
belt was fastened to the back of the one around her waist
and trailed down behind her to another mini brown belt buckled
around her upper left thigh. This I had never seen before
and it got me a little curious.

She closed the bedroom door as she went through it, hiding
herself from my curious eyes. I handed off the sports section
to Jason who had the remote ripped from his hands when he
shifted his attention. "HA!" Kitty shouted
triumphantly. I passed Jai and Cher as they waltzed around
the kitchen while he sang a song in French while she giggled.
I found the section I wanted and sat down at our kitchen table
to read the paper.

Morgan came into the kitchen about 20 minutes later and
stood in front of me "Just about ready baby"
she sang. I looked up and laughed. Morgan had on what used
to be a white hoody with dark blue sleeves. She had cut the
neck off of so that it could stretch over her shoulders and
show her black sports bra straps. Halfway hidden under
the bottom of the bi color hoody was a brown plaid school
girl type skirt that stopped mid thigh. Only the brown belt
tied around her thigh and some of the strap that connected
showed, the rest was covered by her skirt and sweatshirt.
She had on dark brown and creme thigh high socks that stopped
under her thigh belt and tucked into a white pair of Chuck
Taylor canvas shoes.

"Awesome" I laughed as I looked over her choice
of apparel. "thanks! I need one more thing though"
she said trying to match the twirl of Jai and Cher so that
she could talk to her. "can I borrow your cross choker?"
she asked her friend while she danced on the side of them.
"it's in my room on my dresser" cher said
as she twirled. "thanks!" Morgan said happily
and spun toward the direction of the steps. I almost caught
a glimpse of her black panty covered ass but the skirt lifted
just shy of that goal. I laughed to myself again wondering
how she even thought these styles of hers up.

Morgan came bouncing back down the steps holding what looked
more like a dog collar than a choker. "will you put
this on me please?" she asked as she got to the table.
The choker in question was real black leather with a silver
buckle in the front and a loop just like a collar. Hanging
from the loop was a big silver Fleur De Lis style cross with
red jewels on the ends. I fastened the choker around her
neck then leaned in and kissed her on the forehead. "you
look adorable" I laughed.

She smiled happily at my praise "thanks I stole it
from one of my favorite Mangas! So then you like it really?"
she said looking down at herself while smoothing her pleated
skirt on both sides. "I love it but um what's a
Manga?" I asked trying to search my memory to see if
I actually knew that word. Morgan's jaw just dropped
open and she looked at me with wide saucer like green eyes.
"wwwwhhhhhaaaaaaat!! you don't know what Manga
is? Japanese Manga? Anime? no? none of this is getting"
she said shaking her head in disbelief when she got no flicker
of recognition in my eyes.

"Cartoons?" I asked with a wince thinking I
was only half right. "CARTOONS! CARTOONS! Try the
most awesome amazing artwork with the most awesome stories
ever!" she almost shouted at me. She stood up on her
tip toes and took on a posture of a ski jumper "how can
you, how can you be the man of my dreams and not know what Manga
is!" she said with conviction and maybe a little bit
of accusation as well. "Everyone is reading it! How
can you not know about it!" she continued. I suddenly
felt the age gap.

After a proper dressing down and a showing of a graphic art
book that I didn't even know she had. As well as with
a promise to read Rosario vs Vampire by some Japanese guy
named Ikeda Akihisa she stopped yelling at me. Even Cher
seemed to know what she was talking about but I know for a
fact Jai lied when he said he liked Manga. That coward had
just said it so he wouldn't be the next target. (A character
named Mizore in the book is who she copied the look from in
case you want to look it up).

"I went as Mizore for Halloween one year you know.
Lots of people dress up as their favorite Manga characters"
she told me as we got into my Expedition. "I am sorry
I promise I will read the book" I said trying to sooth
her fractured soul. "K. Just know when you read it
you hat to start from the back and read to the front"
she said with a nod. "That should be awkwardly annoying"
I thought to myself. The whole way to Willowbrook mall I
got an education in Japanese graphic novels and Manga,
it was great. ha ha no not really.

We found a parking space and went into the mall hand in hand
with her still going on about the Manga. As we walked through
the mall most people would try to make it look like they weren't
looking while others just stared openly as we walked by.
Morgan chatted away completely oblivious as she swung
my hand and talked excitedly. She saw the giant red Macy's
sign and directed me toward the doors to start our search
for new bed sheets.

We looked through shelf after shelf of different color
bed sets. Morgan stuck her finger in every hole in the front
of the packages to feel the softness. It dawned on me somewhere
between pillow shams and comforters that we didn't
go out much. As a group we had all gone to a few movies together
and maybe a restaurant here and there but never really out.
I searched through our relationship together and found
that this was actually one of our few outings being alone
together. Because of our work schedules and the way we were
at home we just didn't have the urge to see the light
of day. It made me feel a little weird about the way our relationship
went. We seemed to do things backwards and weren't
even conscious of it. "Then again why fix it if it ain't
broke" I thought to myself.

Morgan drug me out of Macy's after she decided what
we wanted for our bed wasn't there. We walked through
the busy mall full of shoppers, families, couples, and
old people obliviously. We checked JC Penny's, and
Dillards and didn't find what she was looking for.
We made random stops at clothing racks as her mind worked
through all the different combinations possible. We found
our way to Sears and as luck would have it Morgan spotted
the best bed set ever! The thing was hot pink with white deformed
cat heads all over it, she looked so happy that I couldn't
say no.

When she started chewing on her bottom lip looking worried
while holding the giant plastic package full of pink I asked
her "What's wrong?" She looked up at me
through one green eye as the other disappeared behind a
tiny wall of black hair. "I really like how warm our
bed spread is now. I don't want to change it but.. "
she said looking thoughtful. "It's a Duvet babe,
just find out if they have a cover for it that matches."
I told her. She craned her neck and looked around for anyone
close with a name tag. While she described what she was looking
for the little old lady she was talking to couldn't
stop staring at the piercing under the middle of her bottom
lip. It made me smile for some reason, I think I really loved
our differences and her uniquenesses.

The bedding Gods were smiling down on Morgan that day and
they did in fact have a Duvet cover that matched. As she placed
the giant fluffy plastic bag and the Duvet cover on the counter
her smile became brighter than the sun. When it came time
to pay she yelped "OH!" and dug in the waist of
her brown plaid school girl skirt. She produced both of
our debit cards and looked at them as if she didn't know
which one to hand over. "Where in the hell were those
hidden!" I thought. She used mine for some reason
and looked over my shoulder as I signed my name on the receipt.
She let out an almost imperceptible sigh as I made the last
swoop of the S.

She held the bag tight to her chest as we walked out the doors
to put it in the car so we wouldn't have to walk around
with it. We had plenty of time before we had to worry about
being at work. It was Saturday, we were out alone in public,
she looked adorable so we just hit every store. Morgan found
things she liked in some stores and our bag total started
to grow. I didn't really pay attention to the clothes
she had purchased but they seemed to be random and eclectic,
I am guessing they fit her personality. As she held a bag
open and stared in we passed the store of all stores, Victoria's
Secret. The secret by the way is they sell uniforms for women
to wear as they slowly take over the world.

Just as we passed the second open door Morgan abruptly stopped
and looked up. "follow me" she said and did an
about face. Since my hands were full of bags we had foregone
the hand holding for the time being. We walked through the
colorful round tables of discount panties deeper into
the den of world domination. The back of Morgan's hand
bounced against my stomach informing me I was to take the
bag from her. She became the shopper and I became the pack
mule of the retail world.

A tall brunette wearing a black pantsuit with a pink tank
top underneath clacked up to us on black stiletto heels.
I could see her eyes traveling up and down Morgan sizing
her up as she approached. In a southern drawl that was even
stronger then Kitty's she informed Morgan of some
sale going on and asked how she could help. Morgan being
such a sweet loving caring kind hearted girlfriend said
"my boyfriend doesn't find my sexy anymore so
I need some hot stuff to get him interested in me again."
She said smoothly as she looked around at all the tiny pieces
of clothing.

The sales girl looked at me with pure disdain in her brown
eyes and any reservation of Morgan morphed into dislike
of her wretched boyfriend. "Cmon girl we will get
you fixed up so you can blow his sock off" She said reaching
out and patting Morgan's hand. (I likened her voice
to that of a West Texas harvest beauty queen. Picture it)
The sales girl tilted her head and looked at Morgan's
chest and hips "what are you? about a B cup and 32 in
the hips?" she asked. "34b-24-34" Morgan
told her and grabbed the sides of her waist and squeezed
"maybe a little smaller in the hips now. I keep trying
to lose weight for him" Morgan said and made a show
of looking down as if she was sad.

"You will pay for this Morgan" I thought to myself
as the sales girl shot me another disgusted look. "Well
come with me and we will get you fitted and find you something
good" She said as she led Morgan by the shoulders toward
the back dressing rooms. "so dead" I mumbled
as I followed carrying all the bags. I thought about telling
the girl that I had never said any of that and I thought Morgan's
body was my DisneyWorld but I doubt she would believe me
now. I knew Morgan had a little bit of a twisted sense of humor
but this was a surprise.

After being measured the girl left to go find something
she thought Morgan could wear to turn her HORRIBLE relationship
around with. I sat in a pink and white stripped chair outside
the dressing room door surrounded by bags from several
stores and planned my revenge. I heard the click of a door
and saw Morgan's hands curl over the edge of it. Her
little black haired head popped out and she looked around
quick flaring the long part of her hair. She looked at me
a flashed a giant cute smile then winked, she laughed hard
when I drew my finger across my neck as a threat. When we heard
the clack of the sales girls heels she quickly ducked her
head back in the door.

The girl flashed me a look before she handed an assortment
of colors and styles over the top of the door. "Try
these on hun and don't forget to use panty liners ok"
she sang. "Panty liners? What are those for?"
I thought to myself. I waited as Morgan tried the first thing
on. The dressing rooms were not visible from the rest of
the store and since I was at the opening I could see everyone
coming and going. This Victoria's Secret only had
two rooms on this side so we were the only ones back there.

Morgan peeked her head out again and looked around. "Is
she gone?" Morgan whispered. "yeah she is helping
someone over there" I said pointing with my head.
Morgan pushed the door open and put her hands up against
the door frame to stretch her body out. She had on a purple
camisole top that was see through from the bra down. The
mesh like sheer material clung to her upper stomach under
her breasts and loosened up on the way down to her hips. Her
panties matched the color and the material, they clung
so tight to her pussy that it gave her a sexy little camel
toe. The sides of the panties were in two pieces and seemed
to tie at her hips while the sides split wide open. She turned
around and stuck out her sexy ass and wiggled it before turning
around again.

"what do you think?" she asked waving her hands
over tight young nubile body. "I think you look really
cute!" I told her happily while I let my eyes enjoy
every visible part of her body. She frowned at me and looked
down at herself "that's a no then" she spun
in place and closed the door behind her leaving me wondering
why the sexy thing was a no. The next outfit she told me was
called a babydoll something or other. It was white and looked
a lot like the last one but was longer and I could see through
the bra part. The little white sheer panties had a tiny single
strip across her hips like a g string. "what do you
think?" she ask holding her palms up in the air and
bending sideways at her hips. "I like it! It's
really nice!" I said making sure I didn't say

She rolled her eyes and threw her head back, without a word
she turned and closed the door behind her. "What did
I say wrong now?" I thought to myself. The hater sales
girl came back to check on her and Morgan threw the two things
she had tried on for me over the door. "he hates them"
she said through the door. I sat up straight in the chair
surprised "I never said I hated them" I implored.
She sales girl again mean mugged me and clacked off.

"Morgan" I said in a deep you're in trouble
tone. "he he" she answered back.

Morgan opened the door and I felt my eyes grow wide as she
came into view. She had on a black and pink almost completely
sheer body suit. The bra looked normal with pink bordering
around the black cups. All of her torso was covered save
the slit down her middle that opened up to show her tiny slit
of a belly button and the emerald jewel ring in it. Her pussy
was hidden by a patch of black cloth, when she turned around
I could see the back dig into her ass cheeks. When she turned
around she was smiling "closer but not quite"
and with that she closed the door again.

My jaw dropped when she appeared in a black and red tooled
half corset that stopped just above her belly button. Her
tits were pushed together tight and billowed out of the
top. Her flat stomach flexed as she angled her body to the
side to show it off. Her matching panties were like a tiny
V and the strings were high on her hips. She giggled as she
slowly turned around to show me that the back of her panties
barely covered any of her tight ass. "that's
one" she sang and closed the door very slowly looking
back at me smiling.

After another check from angry lady and a lot of rustling
behind the door she poked her head out. She looked around
to make sure we were alone then opened the door almost timidly.
I gasped when I saw the blood red and dark black see through
push up bra that made her tits look huge. All of her Bettie
Page tattoo was visible as my eyes travelled down her sexy
lines to her black completely see through sheer panties.
Garters connected to black stockings with little designs
on them forcing me to imagine her in heels. She turned around
to show me that the panties were indeed see through almost
everywhere. I could see the bump of her little succulent
labia pressed against the pantyliner and blood surged
into my groin.

She giggled at what must have been a stupid look on my face
while I had sex with her in my mind. She brought her finger
to her lips and nibbled on it looking adorably shy and happy
"that's two" she giggled. She rushed back
in when she heard the clacking of her sales girl coming back.
I was still trying to calm down when she came out wearing
the unique clothing she had on before. I followed her around
trying to keep the image of those outfits in my mind as she
grabbed some little panties in assorted colors off the
sales tables. Two hundred bucks later we walked out with
her absolutely thrilled at how I reacted and giggling what
she had done with the sales girl.

We found our way back into Sears with my mind and my loins
still turning over and over. I saw flashes of her body in
different sexy things she had worn or that I had imagined
her wearing and my cock started to grow out of control. My
body felt flushed and my heart was racing from more pictures
flashing by in my minds eye. I wasn't even trying to
control the blood flowing into my groin and the urge to be
inside her hit me like a wall of water. We had wandered into
the mens clothing section and when I saw the dressing room
sign it hit me. I grabbed a couple of pairs of jeans off a cascade
table and pushed against Morgan's back driving her
toward the opening. "Dave?" she asked.

I pushed her through the door and down the hall of dressing
rooms until I found an unlocked door. I pushed her through
roughly and closed it behind me. I dropped the handle bags
by the door blocking the view from underneath and reached
out for her. Morgan yelped as I grabbed her by the back of
her neck and pulled her lips to mine. She squealed and hit
my shoulders with her palms as my tongue forced it's
way into her mouth. She sagged a little in my arms as she struggled
to keep up with my tongue. I pulled away my kiss while turning
her around at the same time. She gasped when I pushed her
against the wall with the wooden bench on it.

"Dave what are you doing?"she gasped. "shut
up" I growled feeling the intensity of being overwhelmed
with lust. I couldn't remember feeling this strong
of a need before. I just wanted to fuck her and I was going
to do it now. I pushed her knees onto the bench with such force
she had to grab a hold of the wall hooks to steady herself.
"Dave we will get caught" she whispered urgently
as I undid my pants pushing them down enough to get my painfully
hard cock out.

I flipped up her brown plaid skirt, the sight of her black
cotton panty covered ass as she leaned up against the wall
drove me more insane. I grabbed the sides of her panties
at her hips and ripped them down until they were stopped
by the thigh belt. I pushed the strap that connected the
two belts from her back to thigh aside and grabbed my cock.
"Dave noooo" she wined "I won't be
able to get quiet."

I knew she was right but I didn't care, my mind searched
for a solution and found it in the shopping bags. I reached
down and pulled a green shirt that she had purchased out.
I wadded it up and brought it to her lips "open your
mouth" her brow dropped and her eyes looked suddenly
drowsy. She opened her mouth and I shoved the wadded up shirt
into it. She looked back at me with a little fear in her suddenly
droopy eyes as if to beg me not to do this.

I looked down at her spread open ass and saw that she was already
wet. With her panties around her thighs she couldn't
spread her knese open very far so I just forced myself between
her legs. I took my cock in my hand and put my other one down
on the top of her ass. I heard her whimper softly as I pressed
the head of my swollen cock to her pussy lips. I pushed into
her and her whimpers turned into high pitched whines as
her pussy fought to keep me out. The intense pressure swallowed
the head of my cock and continued down my shaft as I stretched
her open.

I looked up to find her eyes wide open and her face in turmoil.
Drool fell from the sides of her mouth around the wadded
up shirt as I started to pump in and out of her. "you
feel so fucking good" I gruffly whispered. I looked
back down and watched as my cock went in and out of her tight
pussy. Morgan was getting wetter by the stroke and my cock
glistened from her juices. I moved my hand from the top of
her ass to her hip and squeezed tight. Even with the shirt
in her mouth her cry was loud so I used my other hand to cover
it and the wadded up shirt.

I could only see her face from the middle of her nose up with
my hand over it but her eyes showed me everything. Her hands
went white as she held on tightly to the silver clothing
hooks on the wall. Her pussy quaked around my invasion and
her body rocked against the fake wood paneled wall. I didn't
let my hips hit her ass so the only sound was her heavy breathing
whimpers and the wetness coming from her now soaked pussy.
Her eyes got even wider when the sound of a door closing down
the dressing room line of doors hit her ears. She started
to shake her head in my hand telling me to stop. It just made
me fuck her faster.

Her breathing was becoming ragged as she struggled to keep
it quiet while her body struggled for more air. Her pussy
locked down tight and I could feel her vibrate from within.
I knew I was about to make her cum and so did she. Her green
eyes were wide with the fear of what would happen when I made
her cum. I let go of her hip and moved my hand to the back of
her head and grabbed a hand full of hair. She stifled another
cry as I pulled hard and drove my cock deeper into her pussy.

Having her hair pulled was the last straw for her body. She
started to shake and her legs trembled as if they wanted
to give out. I swung my leg behind me and let it fall on the
outside of her left leg and then again with her right. I used
my legs to force hers together. I held the shirt tight against
her mouth and drover harder and harder into her. She couldn't
help her high pitched muffled scream as her body gave into
an explosive orgasm. Her pussy gushed her cum around me
and dripped down onto her panties and calves.

Her eyes rolled up into her head as her pussy was punished
through her orgasm. More drool dripped from her chin on
to her sweat shirt and the bench below her. I pulled her hair
harder as the sensations of her orgasm rippled from her
pussy into my cock. Her gasps and whimpers weren't
quiet even with the shirt forced in her mouth and we knew
we could be heard. Her body seemed to sag against the wall
while her head was pulled back by my hands.

Morgan's pussy was an earthquake making it feel even
better to be inside of her. As I pumped my cock into faster
my balls started to slap against her swollen sensitive
clit and her eyes closed tight as she fought against the
urge to scream. My stomach clenched from the exertion and
from my body needing release. I let go of her hair and she
let out a deep gasp when her head fell forward against the

My legs started to feel like jelly as I inched closer and
closer to my release, her sopping wet pussy weakly tried
to close down around me as her body gave up. All at once it
welled up inside of me, I involuntarily sucked in a deep
breath as the rubber band snapped in my loins and I shot my
first high powered stream of cum into her womb. Morgan struggled
to breath as she felt the cum hit her insides. Her back arched
and fell as I filled her body up to it's limit.

The intense sensation in my cock threatened to lock my hips,
I had to put my hand back on her hip to keep pulling myself
forward. Morgan's pussy gave me another warm bath
of her cum as mine started to lesson. I gritted my teeth and
kept holding my breath as my cock slid in and out of her quivering
pussy until I could finally take no more. I stopped moving
and held just the head in and took a breath as Morgan's
started to relax. With one last bit of pay back and drove
my dick deep into her cunt one last time. Morgan cried out
loud even through the shirt and her body tensed up tight.
Her pussy clamped down hard on me and refused to let go as
I held my self deep inside her.

The sound of a dressing room door closing almost next to
us made her whimper again and close her eyes tight as she
willed them to go away. My cock jumped inside her and her
body jumped with it, as I slowly pulled my self out she held
her breath. I looked down as my head pulled from her lips.
A torrent of white cum poured from her pussy and soaked the
back and crotch of her black panties. I pulled the drenched
green shirt from her mouth slowly so that she could catch
her breath.

I stepped away and pulled up my pants carefully tucking
my still sensitive and throbbing cock back in. Morgan's
face stayed against the fake wood brown wall as she tried
to quietly catch her breath. Her pussy and asshole pulsed
and constricted as her body struggled to come down from
her second orgasm. More of our cum poured from her pussy
into the panties around her thighs while some fell to the
grey industrial carpeted floor. Morgan put her hand against
the wall and slowly pushed her self away. She carefully
got of the bench and landed on shaky legs.

Her school girl skirt fell down around her as she stood on
shaky legs. I could see cum pooling in her now drenched panties
around her thighs. Her thigh high stripped socks were at
different heights and bunched at the knees. She slowly
reached down to pull her panties up with an exhausted look
in her eyes. Her mouth open and closed as she took much needed
air into her lungs. She winced as the cum soaked panties
pressed against her ass and pussy.

Morgan stepped forward and fell against my chest, her arms
wrapped around my neck and she pressed her face into shoulder.
I put my hand against the back of her head and massaged where
I had pulled her hair. Morgan reached down grabbing my hand,
she brought it to her chest so I could feel her pounding heart.
She didn't say a word but jumped when another door opened
in the dressing room. As the overwhelming lust drained
away I suddenly felt guilty about being a little rough with
her. I was about to ask for forgiveness when she whispered
"that was some of the most amazing sex we have ever

I smiled to myself "only Morgan" I thought

She acted as if she had been drugged as we collected our bags
and made our escape from the dressing rooms. Morgan was
extremely quiet and clingy as we walked out of Sears. She
clung onto my arm and leaned against me while we walked in
silence. "I am sorry that I was rough" I said
feeling that guilt still. "don't you ever fucking
say sorry again for taking what's yours. That was perfect
how you just took me" she breathed. Morgan and I had
been extremely passionate in our love making but I had never
pulled her hair or done anything as aggressive as that before.
I let my need for her get the better of me and just acted. I
couldn't stop thinking about how I had never needed
to do something like that until now. "What has she
done to me?" I thought.

"My pussy is still tingling" she whispered
"I came so fucking hard and I couldn't scream,
I thought I was going to pass out"

"you sure it was ok?" I asked one last time. "It
was amazing, I want you to do that more often. If you ever
need it just throw me down and fucking take it" she
said gruffly. It seemed that I wasn't the only one that
felt primal during our dressing room encounter. "I
want to go home now" she slowly. "Ok" I
told her a little worried all of the sudden. On the drive
home Morgan leaned across the center console and had her
face pressed against my shoulder. She held onto me through
the empty house to our bedroom, she stripped off her clothing
after closing the door and crawled into bed. "lay
down with me" she said softly and she looked very distracted.

I quietly took my clothes off and got into bed with her. Instead
of crawling on top of me like she usually did she pulled me
on top of her. She used all of her strength to pull me down
so that all my weight was on her. She held the back of my head
with her hands and put her legs over the mine intertwining
them so that me feet were on her ankles. "Morgan are
you ok?" I asked. "I am more then ok! That was
so awesome!" She laughed.

"I love how you can overwhelm me. It's like I am
drowning in all these strong feelings for you." she
breathed. "I love you so much" she whispered
and held me tight. We stayed quiet for a while with me crushing
down on her until she was ready to move. "That was so
awesome" she breathed. I was starting to wonder if
I hadn't deprived her brain of oxygen for to long.

She started to laugh and ran her legs up and down mine. "Morgan
are you losing it?" I laughed with her "no ho
ho" she laughed. "I am just so happy" she
laughed. "oh man I need help" she laughed. I
rolled off of her and propped my head up on my elbow to look
at her "you know I will never be able to understand
your emotions" I told her watching her laugh.

She turned her head to look at me threw her hair. She took
a breath "it's like I have these things that I
want" she said and took another breath "It's
like I want things and it's like you can read my mind.
I was so turned out by trying on those outfits for you and
I was going to ask if you wanted to come home and get into bed.
I was really really reeeaaaaaally turned on and wanted
it bad and then you just pushed me into the dressing room
and fucked the shit out of me!" she threw her hands
up in the air and brought her wrist back down to her forehead.

"It's like you just read my mind and you know what
to do to. It's like you have a Morgan manual" She
laughed. "It's like you just get me in every way
and it's so awesome!" She said wiping her eyes
with the back of her hands.

"you really get emotional about this stuff with me"
I said without thinking. She laughed and brought her knees
up to her chest and hugged them. She pressed her cheek against
her knees and looked at me. "I know I am. I have no idea
why either. It's like when I am happy I am over the moon.
When I miss you it hurts, I get fucking excited to wake up
in the morning and see you! How fucking fucked up is that!"
she laughed. "I need to call my mom and see if bipolar
runs in the family" she joked.

She lifted her legs straight up in the air and held them in
place with her hands on the back of her knees. "So yeah
you pretty much know I am insane now. I have given up the fight
to be normal with you so I hope you can accept it" she
said suddenly serious. "of course I accept it"
I laughed. Her beautiful young face glowed with her smile
"I know! you do" she pushed her head back into
the pillow and screamed at the ceiling before laughing
again. "This is what it's supposed to feel like."
she said with a half smile.

I didn't understand her completely but I knew she was
happy, I could feel it. She seemed surprised and astonished
when things like this happened. I was starting to think
that in her mind she just expected things to be just ok. When
things were good she got so happy that she didn't know
what to do. It was like she had been living in the dark for
those last 2 years and didn't know there could be any
other way. She stayed away from guys as she healed herself
and when she got back into a relationship she just expected
it to be less. It made the tiniest thing mean more and it made
the big things indescribable. The more time we spent together
the better I started to understand.

She wan't bipolar or crazy she was just finally out
from under the shadow. It made me feel like a king to make
her so happy and it also made me fall in love harder with her.
"so I think we should just lay in bed the rest of the
day and you should let me do my thing" she said letting
her legs fall to the bed. I laughed that she called it her
thing "you mean treat me like no man deserves to be
treated?" I asked with a smile. "yeah pretty
much. I doubt anyone gets as much attention as you do"
she laughed. "Well I am the only one that has a girl
like you" I said trying to be cute.

"If your job has good mental health plans you may want
to sign up for them cause I am pretty sure I will make you as
crazy as me someday" she snorted. "cause you
are the only one suffering from a girl like me" she
laughed again. "oh man all jokes aside Dave"
She said turning onto her side to look at me. "I am glad
I met you. You have made me a stronger person just by being
you and I appreciate it. I am just gun shy so I get thrown off
by some stuff but afterwards I am better for it. I told you
he fucked with my head a lot so as it's all undone I have
these moments but they won't last forever so please
just try to stay sane until it's gone"

I smiled at her "you aren't that crazy"
I laughed "you are just an emotional teenage girl
suffering through hormones, it'll get normal as you
grow up" I said trying to make her laugh. However she
managed to turn it around on me. "so what you are saying
is I am a really young girl going through emotional puberty
but when I grow up things will be normal? Um yeah that makes
you sound like an old dirty pervert. So would you rather
me be a little crazy right now or do you want me to be normal
and you be an old dirty pervet?" She teased. Her eyebrows
raised for a second then she squinted her eyes at me "are
you a pervert?" she asked in a cutesy questioning

"I won't ever win will I?" I sighed. "you
have me! you won the fucking lottery dude!" She laughed.
I have never been with someone who changed so markedly in
front of my eyes before. She seemed to slam into the wall
of bad, freak out about it then knock it down with a sledge
hammer. She was one of the strongest people I had ever met
regardless of what she thought. She took her problems and
issues head one while I and probably most people turn and
run screaming from them or pretend they aren't there.

"Mr. Pervert you aren't going to touch me are
you?" she said in a babyish voice. She let fear into
her eyes and put her fingers over her lips. "you are
fucked in the head" I laughed. She smiled warmly at
me "I love you, pervert or no, now come make love to
me" she said softly. I pushed myself up and she held
her arms out to welcome me. I felt the soft smooth heat from
her skin as our bodies pressed together. Morgan draped
her legs over mine and pulled me into a slow kiss.

I lifted my hips and sat my soft cock on the top of her pussy
and just rubbed myself against the softness of her. She
tilted her hips so that my shaft ran over her clit. "mmmm"
she sighed into mouth. Her hands pressed against my shoulders
and her fingers opened wide. The feeling of her wet softness
caressed my slowly growing manhood as I continued to rub
it against her. She opened her mouth wide as our tongues
ran across each others. She pressed the back of her tongue
to her chin then let her head do the work as we kissed. Her
hands slid to my sides and she pulled at me.

I reached down and took my semi rigid cock in my hand and rubbed
it up and down against Morgan's wet slit. "mmm
baby" she moaned. She trapped my tongue between her
lips and sucked it into her mouth. She bobbed her head as
she sucked my tongue in and out of her mouth as if she had gone
down on me. Her arms loosely wrapped around my neck and she
lifted her knees up against my sides. I guided myself into
center and felt her accept me. "nuuuu" she cried
softly as I sunk deeper into her. She released my tongue
and pressed her lips against mine "I love feeling
you get bigger inside me" she said softly before sucking
my tongue back into her mouth.

Morgan pulled her knees up to my shoulders almost rolling
herself into a little ball. I moved my arms around the outsides
and trapped her legs underneath them. I felt her pussy mold
around me as the swelling continued inside her. Her soft
moans and whimpers vibrated my tongue. I pulled my tongue
away and lifted myself up so I could look down on her. She
smiled lovingly at me as I put my hands on the back of her thighs.
"I love looking at you" she said.

I looked down and watched myself go in and out of her, the
way her body looked as I became part of it always turned me
on. Morgan reached out and gently ran her fingers down my
stomach. "you feel so good inside me" she moaned.
"I always want you in me" I felt her spasm around
me as she listened to her own words turning her on even more.
I leaned back so that I put more pressure on her insides.
"aaahhh" she cried softly. I was moving in long
slow motions just enjoying her body, I was in no hurry to

She held her arms out toward me "come here" she
said softly. I moved forward and let her pull me on top of
her resting my shoulders onto the back of her knees. She
pushed her forehead against mine and held the back of my
head and I sped up the motion of my hips. Morgan's moans
became constant as her body accepted me into it.

The heels of her feet gently bumped into my lower back as
a riders blunt spurs would land on it's mount. Their
gentle urgings turning our love making session into an
impassioned exploration of her depths. Her moans and cries
matched her hands as they tugged at my skin trying to pull
me deeper into her. As our bodies responded and accepted
each other as our mouths fought in a wordless argument.
The sensations of our most sensitive parts connected in
a perfect fit.

The moans and cries reinforcing our need to one another
while our scent drifted through the room. The moments passed
as we our bodies combined in complete agreement as we came
together. Our conclusion mixed inside her and around me
completely saturating us. Our reluctancy to part our lips
and bodies when it had ended all too soon. We were for lack
of better explanation, addicted to one another. A drug
of our own making that we could not give up. Want is a powerful
thing, need is a much stronger vice that we both willingly
accepted. At long last we broke apart to catch our breath
and to fall slowly from the mountain we had been on.

"so you like it when we are rough?" she asked.


"do you like it when I talk dirty to you?" she
asked turning on her side and propping her head up on her
hand and elbow.

"God Yes!" I laughed. Out of the corner of my
eye I could see her bit her bottom lip.

"Do you like it when I play with your cum?" she
whispered as if it was a secret.

"More than words could tell you" I laughed.

"Do you like my ass, my mouth, or my pussy better?"
she asked slowly as if thinking about it herself.

"yes" I answered unable to possibly ever decide
that one.

"do you like it when we make love?" she asked.

"of course!"

I could actually see the excitement in her face as she prepared
to ask the next of her 20 questions.

"do you like it when I beg you?" she asked quietly
as if a little embarrassed.

I let out a breath a little embarrassed myself at the answer
"yeah I actually kind of like it a lot"

"I like it when you tell me to do things. I also kind
of like it when you um when you tell me to stop it when Kit and
I are fighting or when I am being a bitch and you come down
on me for it" She laughed at her own words and covered
her face. I turned my head to look at her "you do?"
I said a little surprised at that info. We rarely ever fought
and she was rarely ever a bitch but there had a been a few times
when I told her to "relax".

She squealed into her hands before looking at me again.
She gave me a look as if she was squinting at a bright sun "That's
kind of weird that I like when you scold me huh?" I laughed
at the look on her face and reached out to pull her close to
me. She buried her face into my chest and I kissed the top
of her head. "you're a good doggie" I praised
and gave her head a pet. She playfully punched me in the stomach
"Don't make me kick your ass. You know damn well
I own you boy" she laughed. "yeah I know"
I said hard enough to move her hair a little. "you peed
on me so I am owned"

We both laughed at how truly stupid we could be together.
It felt good no matter how out there we sometimes got and
to be honest I wouldn't have changed even the things
she hated most about her personality. I was really starting
to either get used to it or maybe I was just accepting it.
I really wasn't sure.

"I am so excited for our new sheets!" she squealed
switching gears on me.

"Her tastes in sheets sucks though. I could probably
live without that" I thought.

To Be Continued...........

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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great again as usual


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quote rm_jbadam01:
great again as usual
much appreciated

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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another master piece