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Houston and a Little Panic


Sitting in front of the little old lady with grey hair looking
down her nose through bifocals at the computer screen was
oddly nerve racking. Morgan and I sat silently holding
hands in the cloth and wood seats in front of her desk. "ok
so that is a checking and savings accounts, two debit cards,
and a book of checks" The woman said out loud to her
self as she read through everything she had entered. Alright
Miss Jasperson if you will sign this signature card below
Mr. Williams name please." She said slowly handing
the card to Morgan. "and may I say I love your dress,
I remember my sister having one just like that." Morgan
smiled sweetly and thanked her as she signed the card.

Morgan had said that the fiery red dress was called a Colette
Button Down. It had a collar on the it that reminded me a little
of a rain coat lapel. It was short sleeved and buttoned from
the modest neck line all the way down the puffed out bottom
just below her knees. There was that white meshy stuff underneath
it to make the bottom poof around like the sock hops of the
50's and 60's. It also had a broad red belt that
hung down the front stopping just above the knees. She had
painfully stuffed her day old tattooed foot into shiny
bright red high heels that sported a black bow on the upper
toe and had black piping around were her foot went in.

Her hair was held back by an all black scarf that tied in a
bow at the top of her head. I was really starting to like her
styles more and more with each new outfit I saw. Which to
be honest wasn't many since she rarely wore clothes
at home and since we worked so much we didn't go out much.
She worked nights and I worked days except for the weekends
when I bounced at Bourbon Street. I had waited to deposit
my commission check and had withdrawn all the money out
of Bank of America and brought with us to Wells Fargo. Morgan
had emptied our cash drawer and sitting on the little old
ladies desk was a giant stack of bills.

After everything was done she informed us our checks and
cards would be coming in the mail. She gave us those stupid
temporary checks that no one takes anymore and walked us
to the cashier to deposit the money. I saw her raise an eyebrow
as the girl behind the counter counted it out. After all
was said and done we had deposited a little over eight thousand.(mostly
in cash, we probably looked like drug dealers lol )We put
one thousand into checking and the other seven thousand
and some into our savings.

Hand in hand we walked out of the bank after becoming financial
linked "First, Yay for our relationship growing
and for more water to throw on my irrational crap fire."
She said looking very happy. "however if I don't
get this shoe off soon I may faint." she said looking
more pale than usual. She barked a laugh as I scooped her
up in my arms and carried her to the car, she had her shoe off
seconds after I picked her up. I set her down on the passenger
set and closed the door. Out of the corner of my eye I could
have sworn I saw a tear fall, I just didn't know from

When she got home she shocked the household by putting on
my basket ball shorts and my blue hoody instead of her usual
panties and bra or just one of my shirts. She laid sat on the
couch with her leg up looking pale from the pain in her foot.
I rubbed the healing cream on for her and fixed her a plate
of fruit and a glass of water. It was nice pampering her for
once and I didn't even mind the dirty looks when I forced
her just to sit and let me take care of her.

Because shoes were "no bueno" she decided to
take off a few days from work, she had plenty of people who
owed her so she got all of her shifts covered. It was nice
spending Wednesday through Saturday with her. However
by the time I got home Friday night she was stir crazy from
being in the house all alone. Saturday night she landed
on me when I walked through the door from my Bourbon Street
shift and didn't get off of me until Sunday morning
and that was just to use the bathroom.

"I love your skin" Morgan moaned as she kissed
down my side toward my hip. I shivered when she put my hip
bone between her lips and lightly sucked. I let my hand fall
to the back of her head and combed out her hair with my fingers.
Morgan sighed at my attention to her hair and put her chin
on my upper thigh. She looked at my stomach then lifted her
hand and made like a sock puppet with her fingers and poked
me in the stomach. "you and Jason go to the gym way to
much" she said with her teeth still together and a
half closed mouth.

"I mean you guys look great but I think I might be scared
of you if you get any bigger." She said. She laid her
head against my leg and looked up at my arm. She put her hand
on the side of my arm and squeezed "your arms are bigger
than my legs I think" she said squeezing again. "You
want me fat again?" I laughed. She gave my hip another
long wet full mouthed kiss "I thought you looked cute
and very cuddly in those pictures." she said honestly.
"I will never EVER be anywhere close to 250 again!"
I told her. "I don't have to be Jason ripped but
I don't want to be a fat lump."

She rolled her green eyes at me before speaking again "it's
not all about that kind of stuff you know" I ran my fingers
through her hair and sighed. " I don't think you
would have looked at me twice back in August when I moved
here Morgan" She gave me another hip kiss. "June,
and you don't know that." she breathed. "June?"
I asked confused.

She nodded her head "you moved from Minnesota in June
but for some reason you keep telling everyone August. And
to be honest after getting to know you I am pretty sure I would
have liked you fat or like you are now." Even with the
conviction in her voice I wasn't sure if I believed
her. I also was a little surprised she knew when I moved down
here while I apparently didn't. August was the hurricane
so yeah I had been down here for longer. "Time really
flies I guess" I told myself quietly.

She sighed "it's the insides that matter not
the outsides" I looked down at her beautiful young
face and smiled. "I know what you mean. I LOOOOOVE
your insides" I joked. "pig" she said
calmly. "oink" I said making her laugh. Morgan
slid her hand against my stomach and held my cock in her open
hand. She moved across my body and gave the side of cock and
opened mouth slow kiss. She gently sucked on the same spot
while she ran her tongue from side to side.

As I started to grow in her hand she kept me between her lips
and moved her head slowly from side to side making sure her
lips found every inch of me. She pulled me from her mouth
but held me in her open palm. "I need you to know that
I have seen you fat and I see you now and I would've have
fallen in love you no matter what shape you were in. It's
every thing that you are that I am in love with, including
how you get shy when you aren't wearing a shirt."
she laughed. "a buff guy with image issues"
she rolled her eyes and put me back between her lips.

As I got harder from her attention she laid on my stomach
with the back of her head to me. I felt her full lips against
the head of my cock and then her tongue as she swirled it around
the head. She sucked me into her mouth and gently bobbed
her head up and down until I felt her gag against the head.
Morgan's hand found my balls and she gently massaged
them as she sucked me to my full size. She pulled me out of
her mouth and forced my cock straight up. She parted her
lips with me and again made she sure covered every inch.

When she let me fall back down she caressed my cock with the
tips of her fingers and her nails. I shivered as she traced
lines up and down my length "are you really that nervous
about today?" she asked softly. "yeah I am,
I moved their daughter into my house after dating her for
an extremely short time, I opened a bank with her and have
access to all of her money. I am 27 and you are 19 AND you don't
turn 20 until July. I am 7 and half years older then you."
I said ticking off what I would be upset about if I was her
parents. "I have to believe that they are not a fan
of me right now" I finished.

Morgan's mouth found the head of my cock again and she
took me deep until she softly gagged. She held it there as
her throat kept trying to close down on the head. She let
out a moan as she pulled it from her throat and went back to
gently sucking me with slow up and down motions. She lifted
her knee and opened it wide. She moved her hand in between
her legs and moaned again with my cock in her mouth as her
fingers slide into her pussy. I watched as Morgan lazily
sucked on me while she fingered her pussy and traced circles
around her clit.

After her fingers were soaked with her excitement she used
her wet hand to coat my cock with her juices before sucking
and licking it off. "I love the way we taste together."
she sighed. Morgan's sexuality had blossomed so much
lately that she wasn't afraid to try or admit anything
anymore. "I want you in my pussy, I want you in my ass,
I want you in my mouth" she moaned soflty "I can't
decide what I want" she whined. "isn't
that silly" she laughed.

As Morgan went back to sucking my cock I got the feeling that
she was freaking out about something again but this time
she was doing her best not to let it affect her. I closed my
eyes and she started to speed up her rhythm and work her tongue
against me. She buried her hand back into her pussy again
and clamped her knees together. "mmmmm" she
moaned again. She stroked me into her mouth and squeezed
me tight in her hand as she fingered herself. She continued
giving both of us pleasure until she had to stop to cry out
and she started to shiver against me.

She let me fall from her wet mouth and rolled over onto her
stomach then pushed up on her hands and knees. "I want
to do something we always do but we don't do it for long"
she said. She crawled on top of me and sat her pussy down on
the bottom of my cock. She looked down and spread her lips
open so that I nested in between them. She slid her hand under
the head of my dick and pulled up slowly as if she would a handle
break in a car.

She slid her pussy hard against my shaft as she pulled me
back to her. She let her head fall to the side and her mouth
dropped open in a quiet moan. With her eyes shut she lolled
her head back and forth as she slid up and down my shaft. "this
feels so good" she whined. "This feels really
good" she said again as if surprised.

Her head fell to her shoulder then she rolled it back blindly
looked up at the ceiling "haammmm" she moaned.
She stroked me faster as she moved her pussy up the length
of me over and over again. "I am getting close"
She whispered "you make me cum so fast" she whispered
as her head rolled forward again. Her knees pressed against
me tight and her body shook, her face took on the look of someone
spinning in a circle to fast. "haaaaaa" she
breathed out. Her knees spread wide forcing her hard swollen
gum drop clit into my shaft. "haaaaaaa" she
breathed out loudly while her body quaked.

I felt her cum cover me as she continued her slow slide. Her
nipples looked so hard they could cut glass and her flat
stomach pushed out and sucked in as if she was hyperventilating.
"ooooohhhh Dave" she whispered. She leaned
forward and brought her nipple to my mouth which I hungrily
accepted into my mouth. I sucked and tongued the end of her
breast like I would kiss her mouth then lightly bit down
making her cry out again. Morgan rubbed her self on me until
the very end of her orgasm, while I kept sucking on her tits
trying to give her more pleasure.

When the last waves of her orgasm subsided she moved forward
and drug me up her pussy to her opening and pushed back. Her
pussy was so wet that I slid right in for once with resistance.
"oh my God this feels so good" she moaned. Her
pussy squeezed my cock like a person would squeeze a stress
ball. Long tight pressure then a gradual release and then
long tight pressure again, over and over again as she rocked
her body on mine.

"I love you" she whispered in a far away voice.
Morgan's hand found the bottom on her breast and she
lightly caressed it with her finger tips. The light caresses
turned into gentle kneading, her lips parted and her head
tilted to the right. Her eyes remaining closed as she sped
up her pace ever so slightly."Dave" she whispered
again not wanting an answer but to just acknowledge me.
Her insides closed down tight around me and in a gasp of loud
breath flooded over me again. "haaaaa" she
breathed out and squeezed her breast hard. Her fingers
of her other hand digging into my stomach as she steadied
herself against each wave of intense pleasure that rolled
over her.

Soft whimpers escaped her mouth as she sat back and buried
me as deep as her body would allow. "so deep"
she whispered. She rolled her hips forcing the head of my
cock to rub hard against her insides, she gave a great shudder
before she let her head fall forward. Slowly as if her eyes
were opening for the first time after a long sleep she looked
at me. "I love you" she said with a look that portrayed
every emotion she was feeling at the moment.

Morgan slowly collapsed onto my chest but kept her hips
moving ever so slowly "touch me please" she
whispered. My hands found her back and she let out a gasp
almost as if she was surprised by my hands. "Don't
ever stop touching me" she whispered again. Her soft
lips found my cheek and she gave me a gentle kiss "be
with me" she whispered "just please be with

Morgan slid her hands under my shoulders and dug her fingers
into my flesh and sped up her hips again. She let her lips
fall to my neck where she gave me another light kiss. "I
love you " she said into my neck. I moved my hands down
to her ass and kneaded my fingers into her flesh. She gasped
and pushed her herself down against me. I felt her pussy
quiver and I was surprised as she flooded me with yet another
orgasm. Morgan let out a high pitched soft whine when my
hands forced her to move a little faster.

My cock jumped inside of her and she moaned much deeper this
time. Her hard nipples dug into my chest as her firm breasts
tickled me at the same time. Her feet lifted and settled
over my knees and she pressed the tops into me making her
hiss from the pain in her tattoo, yet she refused to stop.
For long minutes after that she continued to her slow rise
and fall onto my manhood bringing her to more orgasms. Her
mouth found my shoulder and she sucked hard as she tried
to hold on without stopping.

The build up of my orgasm was a long slow process as the pressure
seemed ever ending. My cock throbbed with the beat of my
heart inside her young body. "please" she whispered
softly as she brought her lips to my ears "please"
she begged again. With sensation that was too strong for
words I filled her body with all I had to give. Her soft moans
turned into deep breathless whimpers and pleas of words
I couldn't make out as I poured more and more into her
until she could hold no more. As she came for the last time
we flooded out together and down the insides of my thighs
to the chocolate brown sheets below.

"it's never been like this before" she
whispered. Her words had never been more true. In all the
time we had been together we have never made love like this
before. I had never cum so much before and she had never cum
so many times at once. Our bodies were slick with sweat and
our lower halves were silky with our orgasms. When her hips
could no longer move we laid quietly pulsing together and
trying to catch our breath. Morgan nuzzled her face into
my neck and I felt her wet tears against my skin as she silently
wept for a reason I didn't know.

I saw the clock out of the corner of my eye and was surprised
to find out we had been making love for over an hour.Yet it
felt like it had been a few short minutes. I cradled the back
of her head in my hand and held onto her for another hour trying
to stay inside her until the last possible second. As I left
her body she stirred and moved her lips to mine and again
we fell into a long slow passionate kiss that made my mind
blur. As more time passed us in our still moment I found that
we kissed for almost a half an hour without stop. "what
have I gotten myself into?" I remembered thinking
at that moment.

Holding Morgan that afternoon was like being allowed in
a place that very few got to ever see and even less had gotten
to experience. It was truly a once in a lifetime moment that
could never be repeated even with Morgan. As Morgan began
to cover my body with her lips I let out a sigh and closed my
eyes and just let myself enjoy the moment.

Another hour later as Morgan gave me my last kiss and settled
her face against my upper stomach the door to our bedroom
opened slowly. "can I come in?" asked Kitty.
Morgan nodded against my stomach and I told her it was ok.
Kitty clad in tiny white Brazilian cut panties and black
bra quietly closed the door behind her and crawled into
bed with us. She laid next to me and put her head on my pillow
and stared with her sapphire blue eyes. "I am sorry
to get in the way but I needed to talk to you about something
she said. "as strange as this moment may have seemed
what the truly strange thing was how Kitty's behavior
was out of character for her.

She seemed demur and unsure of herself, she seemed worried
about something and needed to talk about it. Morgan let
out a breath and turned her head over on me so that she could
look at her friend. "what's wrong Kit?"
she asked. Kitty seemed to prepare her words before she
spoke again. "how do you guys do it?" She asked
looking from me to Morgan.

"As Dave told me once you put pole A into hole B and thrust"
she said with a smile. Instead of laughing or getting upset
for not being taken seriously she just asked again. "no
I mean how do you two do it? You two never seem to want to be
away from each other and when you are you both look miserable."
Her blue eyes blazed as she prepared herself for the answer.
"do I?" I asked thinking that she was exaggerating.
"You don't show it like Morgan but you get quiet
and just kind of walk around the house aimlessly"
Kitty said. I had to think back to see if I really did that.

"you mean how do we spend so much time together? Or
how do we always want to be together?" Morgan asked
trying to clarify. "All of it" Kitty said. "you
guys are always touching and flirting. You never stop having
sex and you guys even opened a bank account together! That
is huge!" Kitty said looking back and forth between
us. "Don't freak out Dave" Morgan said
with a deep sigh. She was going to help her friend regardless
of her own worries.

"I can't imagine my life any other way"
Morgan started with. "I know I am codependent and
I know I have this stupid fear that one day I will wake up and
never see him again. Or even him turning into someone else"
Morgan continued. "but really it's because
I have never felt so like myself in my life. I can just be me
and I can just be happy without having to worry about hiding
my flaws." Morgan stirred and pushed her self up then
swallowed big enough for me to see her throat move. Her jade
green eyes sparkled as she looked up at me from my waist.

"When I look into his face I see him old and grey. I see
our house. I see my kids, I see our family. I see my life in
his face. It makes it easy to be with him." Morgan seemed
to panic that she had said way to much and quickly ended with
a joke. "Plus he has a huge cock, a hot body, and he doesn't
say much so I don't get annoyed often" she laughed.

It was too late she did the damage to me and I began to freak
out in my head. It was like a panic that I hadn't known
and frankly it freaked me the hell out. Her face seemed so
placid but I a feeling she was probably freaking out as well.
They were just simple words but I knew Morgan enough to know
she meant very last one.

Morgan turned back to face her friend in bed with us. "have
you told him yet?" Morgan asked looking at me out of
the corner of her eye to make sure I wasn't about to get
up and run.

"no and I don't think he would be happy if I did"
she said looking completely defeated. I guess I hadn't
thought she was that head of heals for him. I also had no idea
how Jason truly felt about her either, he was never one to
show that kind of emotion openly.

"first" Morgan said in her strong voice. "I
am now freaking out that you will come home one night and
find me in a cardboard box on the corner holding a sign that
says free to good home"

"Second" she breathed. "if you love him
you have to just take the chance and tell him or it will eat
you up. If it blows up in your face at least you tried and you
are not having your guts torn out daily thinking about it"
she said from experience. "I have learned at least
that much" she said quietly. Kitty mulled over her
friends words for a minute then thanked us and crawled off
the bed. She silently closed the door behind her and then
yelled "Jason we need to talk" at the top of her
lungs. Morgan and I both laughed at Kitty's wrecking
ball style "well I tried" she chuckled.

Without looking at me she asked "should I just pack
my stuff now or do you want to let me dangle for a while before
you step on me?" I swallowed down the rising panic
and decided to pull a Morgan. I reached down and pulled her
up to me and kissed her. We made aggressive passionate love
after that without a word until our bodies gave out. I don't
know why I answered her that way and I honestly don't
know what I was saying to her either. So in the end I guess
I let her dangle after all.

Since Morgan had taken Sunday off as well because of her
foot we had moved her the meeting with her parents to a late
dinner. We were meeting them at a local BBQ place to keep
it light and casual. After we showered together I turned
into a girl. I actually was stressing out about what to wear
while Morgan dressed in capri jeans, black and white Chuck
Taylor's and a white button up shirt. She had rolled
up to her sleeves and put her red and white polka dot scarf
in her hair and watched me like she was at a tennis match.

She just sighed every time I pulled something out then put
it back in the closet. I was really freaked out and my mind
wouldn't stop turning over scenarios in my head. I
think she enjoyed seeing me freak out for once but was very
patient with me. It went that way until after I pulled the
10th shirt off the hanger to try it on. She turned marched
into our walk in closet and pulled out brown boots, blue
jeans and a brown ribbed long sleeve ribbed sweater that
she liked seeing me in. "put that on" She said
sternly throwing them on the pile of clothes I had decided

It actually felt good to have the choice made for me and I
did what I was told. I apparently left my manhood at home
when we left and I drove white knuckled 10 miles under the
speed limit the whole way while Morgan chuckled to herself.
"This isn't funny" I told her while trying
to calm my heart beat. She chuckled again and sang "Rooooole
Reversaaaaaal". "If this is really what it's
like I don't know how you have kept me around"
she laughed again. "I am so sorry I do this and worse
to you" she laughed harder.

Her laughing so much started to put me at ease and by the time
we pulled into the parking lot I had retained some of my manhood.
"I am not asking you to marry me or have a baby with me.
I just meant that I love you that much to see you that way.
It's a girl thing, we all do it so please don't think
I am asking that" she said before we got out of the car.
Her words actually made sense in my head and all the trepidation
that I had felt earlier washed away. I think her freak out
moments had had an affect on me that I hadn't been aware
of. I felt bad for freaking out and not thinking it through.
Like a snapping rubber band I went back to being my old self.

"well as long as the kids look like you I guess it wouldn't
be half bad" I joked. We both laughed as we walked hand
in hand toward her parents.

Meeting her parents actually turned out to be a breeze,
they were great people with a good sense of humor. Morgan
had also left out that her mom was 6 years younger than her
dad. So as it turned out the age difference wasn't as
big of a deal as I thought. We did get scolded a little bit
for moving so fast but it was mostly about the shared bank
account and not the moving in. Her dad was a upper exec for
Hewlett Packard so money was his thing. Her mom gave her
grief about putting another one of those nasty things on
her body when Morgan showed her new tattoo.

Her mom sniffled a little when Morgan explained why and
what it meant, that seemed to make it slightly less gross.
Morgan and I stayed with her parents at that table for a few
hours getting to know each other and I got invited to play
golf with her dad after it warmed up. Morgan was over the
moon about how it was going and got brave. She moved her chair
next to mine and proceeded to smother me as usual. Her parents
were wide eyed about that and I saw where she had inherited
her saucer surprise eyes from.

I think the smothering was like a secret signal to them saying
it was more serious then just a "thing" to their
daughter. The questions got a littler tougher after that
but I kept it mostly honest (heh) and direct. I found myself
being an open book and in turn they seemed to accept it even
after Morgan peppered my cheek with kisses for no reason.
They seemed thrilled to see that Morgan was very happy and
in the end I guess that was all that mattered.

As we drove home I felt a 100 pounds lighter and Morgan rewarded
my bravery with a little road head, sadly I had been abused
all day so there was no massive explosion at the end but it
still felt great. "I wonder how Jason and Kit turned
out?" Morgan asked as she leaned against my arm. "Jason
panicked and Kitty buried him under the pool was my guess".

We walked through the door to find a happily humming Kitty
and ashen faced Jason on the couch watching reality TV.
When Kitty saw us she just gave a thumbs up and kept on humming.
Morgan and I laughed and went to straight to our bedroom
to change. When Morgan had selected the right dress shirt
to wear she dug into my underwear and found a black pair of
boxer briefs. I watched as she pulled them on and rolled
them up at the waist until they were tight against her pussy.
She hissed and closed one eye "youch"

When she saw my curious look she explained "I have
never been so sore in my life, we have been doing it for hours
for hours. You won't stop leaking out of me so I figured
this would be safer" she laughed at how she put it.
"I want to feel you inside of me again but I don't
think I can take it. You finally broke me" she laughed
happily. "Pole A into Hole A and C and thrust."
I said. She laughed so hard she hiccuped "you are such
a pig" she laughed. She held her hand out for me to take
and led me out to the living room. "Hole A then hole
C" she said eluding to later as we walked. "or
maybe even A, C, A" she winked. This time I "He

Jai sat in our brown recliner that he had come to claim with
Cher curled in his lap with her head on his chest. Morgan
and Kitty sat on the inside of the couch with their legs tucked
under them and leaning against Jason and I who sat on the
outside of the couch as we watched a movie. We weren't
bored but we weren't moving either. It had apparently
been an emotional day for all of us in our own ways. So the
normal wise cracking and empty insults were kept to a minimum.

Cher and Jai had their first major fight about something
and she looked miserable about it. Even though she couldn't
remember why she was mad to begin with. Kitty had torn through
Jason like a chainsaw through a busty coed in a cheap horror
movie. Right in the middle of a heated argument about how
Jason doesn't truly like her or something like that
he blurted it out in a fit of rage. That immediately ended
the fight and Kitty drug him up to their bedroom and thanked
him for a looooong loooooong time. The kicker was Kitty
never said it back lol.

The silence hung in the room it was just boring and not like
us at all and it felt awkward. Jai pushed down the leg rest
and Cher slowly put her arms around his neck and was expecting
to get carried like Jai usually did. He stood up and she just
yawned not thinking anything of being carried somewhere.
Jason walked toward the kitchen and no one paid attention
until the back door beeped. We heard Cher ask what was going
on as he went through the door leaving it open behind him.
We all turned to our right to look out the floor to ceiling
windows on our back wall facing the pool.

Jai appeared next to the pool with Cher kicking her legs
trying to get away. "nooooo" Jason said as Jai
hovered over the pool with his package. "Kitty yelped
and her and Morgan jumped off the couch and raced outside
to save their friend from an ice dip in the pool. Jason and
I watched through the window, just as Kitty and Morgan reached
Jai he tossed poor Cher into the pool. It was hard for Jason
and I not to laugh watching Cher flail through the air towards
icy wet DOOM. We heard her terrified scream get cut off as
she hit the water with a giant splash.

"I can't believe he actually did it" I laughed.
"he said he was going to so I don't know why you
doubted him." Jason laughed. "I suppose we
better go defend him" I said getting up from the couch
just as Che exploded her head out of the water yelling something
at her boyfriend. "I suppose" Jason groaned
as he got up. We walked outside to the three girls yelling
at Jai for being a dick and how dare he throw her in a freezing
pool. Yet they didn't jump in and try to pull her out.
Just sayin.

"She's so mad she hasn't even noticed yet"
Jason laughed. "that should make this next part funny
as hell" I whispered. Jai saw us and turned his body
at the edge of the pool, Morgan and Kitty with their fingers
wagging in Jai's faced turned with him making the fatal
mistake. There was no remorse as my hands found Morgan's
arm and side. Her last words before she hit the water were
"ugah" or something like that. Kitty however
just screamed bloody murder.

Cher had stopped yelling and was now looking not so upset.
"Surprise! I listened to you and did it" Jai
said in a slightly snippy voice. Which made me wonder if
him not listening to her was part of their earlier fight.
Morgan and Kitty looked dumbfounded for two reasons the
first being they just got chucked into the pool, the second
being the water was very warm.

"what did you set it at?" I asked Jai. He crossed
his arms and turned back toward me "I cranked it up
to 90 a couple of days ago to try and heat it up fast. Must've
worked" he chuckled. "no C for you damnit! no
C at all!" Morgan yelled from the pool as she treaded
water. Surprisingly Kitty didn't look mad at all.
She leaned back and floated while looking very happy and
content. Cher was still iffy but she seemed to be enjoying
the warm water.

"we were prepared for the event you would still be
mad so we saved the best for last." Jai walked over
to the hot tub and pulled the thick padded brown cover up.
The lights were already on so it was easy to see the steam
rising from it. That bought off the teenagers and all was
forgiven, well forgiven after we got them towels so they
could be warm while they ran into the house to put their swimsuits
on so they could run back out of the house an get back in the
place they got out of in the first place? How does that make

After a lot of squealing and running around the girls started
their bikini rodeo round up. I can't believe how excited
they got over a pool and hot tub. Kitty ordered Jai to make
a big Coleman cooler full of Margheritas and set it and some
salted glasses out by the pool. I turned on all the lights
in the pool and pulled the cover off the hot tub. Jason grabbed
some beers and put them out next to the Margherita jug and
moved the white plastic Walmart chair next to the pool.

Then he and Jai went and got changed into their swim trunks.
Sadly I didn't have any because I was fat before and
I wouldn't go near a pool and since I got in shape I just
never bought one. Cher came hoping down the steps with her
grapefruit sized tits bouncing up and down in a classic
black bikini. She all but ran through me and after she got
outside threw herself in the pool head first. It was hilarious.

Morgan came down the steps next, my jaw dropped then my heart
forced all the blood in my body to my groin. I don't know
if I had half expected her to have a 50's style bikini
like what was on her tattoo or what but the hot pink thing
she wore was not retro. The Brazilian cut bottoms had to
black strings that tied at her hips on each side. The back
was a wedge of material that showed off a lot of her amazing
tight ass. Her top was one that you first tie at your back
then you pull up two long pieces of the suit and tie them at
your neck. The hot pink against her pale skin was such a hot
contrast I started to get hard right away.

"Why aren't you in your swim trunks?" she
asked. I told her that I didn't have any which she seemed
sad about. I told her hugging me would make it all better.
As our bodies pressed together she felt my growing cock
poke into her stomach. "you are horrible Dave, I can't
even wear a bikini" she laughed. I reached around
and fondled her barely covered ass and she laughed again.
"this is why my pussy gets so sore and it hurts to walk
or sit"

"Marry me! You need to Marry me right now" I cried
as my hands squeezed and knneaded her firm young ass. "you
are talking tooo? The bikini, my ass, or me?" she asked
slowly. "whatever you want" I said and acted
as if I was drooling. "it's a good thing I didn't
wear the other pink one" she said teasing me into asking.
"Imagine a tiny pink triangle that just can't
seem to hold my lips in and two more even tinier ones barely
covering my nipplessss" she whispered with her lips
against my ear. She slid her tongue deep into my ear and gave
my rock hard cock a squeeze "maybe after you get some
trunks we can go in together and I will wear that little itty
bitty suit" she moaned.

I groaned and felt my heart raise into my throat. She furrowed
her brow then threw back her head and laughed. She turned
to walk away and tease me with her ass when she suddenly stopped.
She turned back to face me and slid her hand under my shirt
so she could grab the part of my cock that was sticking out
of my shorts. I felt her nails start to bite into my shaft
and sensative head "oh and next time you ask me to marry
you, you had better be fucking serious boy" she said
in a voice that ran ice through my veins. I knew she was serious.
"yes ma'am" I gulped. She caressed the
pain away with her finger tips before turning, throwing
her towel over her shoulders and walking in a way that turned
her ass into a moving piece of art.

"oh and baby?" she said spinning on her toes
while her legs crossed. "yeah?" I responded
while falling in love all over again. She spread her legs
wide and rubbed her middle finger over her pussy making
the pink fabric split her lips and give her camel toe. "when
that time comes just imagine what I will be like then"
she purred throwing a little pay back while I stared at the
tight fabric clinging to and in between her pussy. I shook
the shock out my head "that hurt like hell didn't?"
I asked.

She jumped up and pressed her knees tight together and shoved
three fingers into the open space between her thighs. "yesssssss"
she hissed and bent forward. We both laughed heartily and
she went out to join Cher in the pool. Loud thumps signaled
Kitty coming down the steps. As hot as she was it was funny
to see her tiny blue biking top fail at keeping her in it as
she ran by me. Her tiny bottoms were just like Morgan's
but had sucked up her luscious ass giving her a monster wedgie
and making the bikini bottom look more thong than Brazilian.

Determined I grabbed my keys and my wallet and headed to
my car "baby where are you going!" Morgan called
out from the pool. "Be right back!" I yelled
out and jumped in my car and sped to the very close Walmart
off 1960, I all but ran through the isles until I found white
and blue board short swim trunks. I flew into the fitting
room and tried them to make sure they fit then tore out of
there as fast as the cashier would let me. I laughed as I changed
into them on the ride home. I pulled under the carport hopped
out and ran and cannonballed into the pool while everyone

"you went and bought trunks?" Jai laughed.
"I had incentive I yelled back as Morgan swam into
my arms. "The shit y'all make me do" I laughed
as her hands reached me. That seemed to be another catch
phrase we had all adopted. When in doubt blame everyone
one else for the crazy shit you do. Win Win

To Be Continued...............

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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very nice again keep them coming


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Very Hot!!!!! Keep em coming


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You certainly succeeded in making me live it with you all.
This is waht life ought to be like.

Thanks Dave for sharing


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quote Sexlessone:
Very Hot!!!!! Keep em coming
Thank you Sir I will do my best to keep turning them out

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote importentman2:
You certainly succeeded in making me live it with you all. This is waht life ought to be like.

Thanks Dave for sharing
My whole goal is to make the readers feel it like I did and
see it how I did. I show how skewed my vision was, how whiny
I got, how stupid I was, all my good and bad thoughts I try
to put in my stories so the readers get drug along with me.
Hopefully it works

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote rm_jbadam01:
very nice again keep them coming
Roger that!

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.