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Houston and The Redhead


Life in my household has a norm I guess you could say. The
personalities that filled up our rented 2992 square feet
is enough to drive a person nutty. Let me get the happy out
of the way first. We have 4 beautiful sexy women padding
around constantly in almost or absolutely no clothing
all of the time. We always have a fridge stocked with the
healthiest of fair. Fruits, vegetables, grains, and
all the other crap no self respecting guy would eat. Um except
Mr. Adonis aka Jason who doesn't believe in unhealthy
food, aka tasty food.

3 of them where teenagers, all 19 years old as a matter of
fact. The oldest being a mere 23 if you want to get technical.
Now all three where different flavors. Kitty, the Playboy
Bunny Barbie looking one with the southern accent and shock
white pixie cut hair. Cher, the tiny Latina that had a face
that could melt ice she was so adorable. (Her dimples are
considered deadly at times) Morgan the.... The.... Um...
Rin the gorgeous skinny blonde with the model type look
and the sweet personality that would make you drool and
just say "Ok"

Morgan, how do I describe Morgan? Let me think. "Ok
first go google Melissa Clarke. Go ahead I will wait.."

Find her? Ok now just imagine about 50 times sexier and cuter.
Now look up "colorful scene hair".. No really,
it's a thing. I will wait again....

Ok now that we have kind of an idea lets describe her. Morgan
is 19 as we have talked about, she stands about 5'7 on
a good day and weighs about 120 give or take a sandwich. According
to her underwear drawer her measurements are roughly 32C, 23, 34.
Her soft breasts defy gravity, her ass is one of the 7 world
wonders, her legs are lightly muscled but are not big. Her
thigh gap makes me stare, and um I shove things in there to
see what can fit. Oh yeah, she is crazy, amazing, sweet,
honest, loyal, and madly in love with me among other things.

She has a giant tattoo of Bettie Page in grey and black on
her left side that goes from breast to hip. It's the
Bettie Page pose of her in a polka dot bikini sitting on her
knees with her hands behind her head. Music notes portraying
Rock a Bye Baby in a music staff that wrapped around the top
of her foot up to her mid calf on her right ankle. The way the
tattoo artist Jaime (a giant bald man that could scare small
children) made it look as if the notes rose off her skin and

Morgan's choppy cut hair was filled with a Skittle's
rainbow of colors and seemed to shimmer in any light that
hit it. Morgan also sported a piercing in her nose on the
right side. She had a Labret piercing in her lip (middle
of the bottom lip. Look it up) her tongue was double pierced,
her belly button, her clit as well. (well I suppose not many
people knew about the clit but they knew about the rest of
them I suppose)

Morgan was almost manic when it came to me. She was fiercely
protective and had a major case of being co-dependant.
She protected "us" with every breath she took.
There was no one that she would allow to get between us. Well
until Rin came into the picture that is.

How in the world do I explain this part? I suppose I will just
do that flash back thing from the movies. Hang with me now..
(insert music or swirling picture here)

Rin is a vision, ok no, when I say vision I mean holy shit she
is hot! A few months back (from the timeline of what you are
reading now) I had met Rin at the place that Morgan, Cher, and
Kitty work. Oh wait? If you are new to my stories you probably
don't know. They work at Splendors, it's a strip
club in Houston, Texas. I am also writing about a time that
is past. The date or at least the year is 2006 and I was an "all
knowing 27 year old". Yup I knew it all.

As far as my measurements let me get this out of the way. I
now (read the past stories to understand why I seem a little
proud) am about 191 pounds, I stand 5"10 give or take
a shoe heal height. I have brown eyes, brownish hair, and
am very heavily muscled. At this point in my life I FINALLY
HAVE 6 PACK ABS!!!!!!! You can make fun all you like but for
me this was the first time since high school or shortly after
that I could say that. I spent a lot of my twenties being a
fat lump of human. Moving On!

Morgan and I had met in 2005 around November or October,
somewhere around there. We had been friends first while
Kitty latched onto Jason and Cher latched onto the Ragin
Cajun Jai. Both of whom are to this day the best friends I
could ever ask for. It took an Asian and a holiday for Morgan
to confess that she didn't want to be just friends (again
look back on my stories. My fingers can't take the abuse
of trying to type out an explanation.)

We fell in love fast and hard and became quick partners in
crime. Now back to Rin and the awkward explanation. Morgan
is bi, she didn't know that until her and I got into some
craziness on New Years. After that we had not touched another
woman until an innocent thing with Rin caught us off guard.
After that Rin sort of became part of us. It took a long time
to get to that but it completely changed Morgan. Let me put
this in perspective. Pretend a girl out of nowhere kisses
me. Morgan first blows up her house, kicks her dog, slaps
her mom and then beats her to a bloody pulp.

Morgan finds a woman attractive and brings her home or brings
her into our bed, well all cum like it's our job. Yup,
that's what happens. Let your mind settle around that
for a minute......

Moving on. Rin is perfect if you consider model type bodies
perfect. She stands a tall and lanky 5'9 and weighs
110lbs. Her measurements are 30b-23-32 and she looks damn
good. She isn't emaciated or anorexic like some people,
her body looks like it's supposed to be that way. Her
thigh gap? Hell it starts from her knees!

Rin's stomach is so tight that not only does it show
a slight 6 pack beneath it but her belly button is more of
an up and down slit than a round thing. She has freckles on
her slightly puffy cheeks. FRECKLES! Her almost to her
ass thin silky blonde hair was highlighted with pastel
pink and steel blue when she and Morgan when to the salon
to bond. Her soft brown eyes speak about nothing but kindness
and sincerity. I suppose I could describe her more but I
am desperately trying to keep my stories from becoming
novels (again look at my old stories to get a better description)

Ok so I have drooled on my keyboard enough, lets get moving
on this next chapter of my life.

As I was saying my household had settled into a norm. The
couples, or in my case the trio had started to settle into
a routine. I would wake up with both Rin and Morgan draped
all over me. They surrounded me like it was law. We would
wake up each other up softly with anything from kisses to
caresses. Then after that was accomplished we would just
hold each other. Honestly it was enough to make a romance
writer ill lol.

Almost everything in our lives was perfect. I was happy,
my girlfriends were happy, my friends were happy. I had
a great job, I had a great sex life. Hell I even had happy dreams!
So you can guess what happens next right? Yup. A Redhead.
You know they have no souls right? Some even say that every
freckle they have is a soul they have taken. (if you are a
redhead I apologize..... but you know it's true) Moving

Blazing white fireflies danced through the dark black
blanket of the night in our backyard. The warm air swirled
around me as if I was being swaddled by Caribbean winds.
My body felt calm as if I had all the answers to the questions
that plagued men since the dawn of time. The wet warmth of
a sweet tongue slithered around the head of my swollen cock
as saliva dripped onto my full balls. Soft sounds of female
pleasure tickled my ears as if the greatest piece of music
ever written was being played in the far distance.

Morgan's loving mouth teased, tortured, satisfied
like no other I had ever known. She slowly worked her wet
hot mouth up and down my cock as if she was trying to save my
life and tell me she loved me beyond belief all at one time.
The softness and kindness being translated through her
mouth to my manhood heated my body to boiling. Watching
her tight young 19 year old body flex and tense every time
she took me too deep in her throat was amazing. The muscles
in her back flexed and released as my cock slowly went in
and out of her hot young mouth. The blond behind her struggled
to keep up with Morgan's cat like movements as her sexy
ass swayed back and forth.

The blonde, ice blue, and streaked pink silky haired head
finally popped up into view. Her nose, lips, and chin glistened
with the wetness of Morgan. With a look of happy frustration
on her beautiful wet face she reached her long slender fingers
up and grabbed Morgan's tan ass cheeks in a death grip
and spread them as open as they could go. I felt Morgan gasp
as she tried to take my swollen member deep down her throat.

Rin's angelic beauty vanished and left me with a view
of the top of her head as she dove her tongue deep into my girlfriend's
body. I couldn't tell if she was fucking her pussy or
her ass with her tongue. I could only tell by the moans and
vibrations reverberating through my cock that Morgan
enjoyed it immensely. Morgan's hand moved to my cock
and she slowly began twisting motions up and down as she
sucked on the head of my dick. Her other hand slipped down
her bare side until she found her ass and helped Rin hold
it open.

Morgan's pleasure vibrated through my manhood as
Rin's tongue worked the kind of magic that only one
girl could give another. For what could have been days or
only a few seconds the sublime sights and sensations continued
until Morgan needed more. She let me fall from her talented
mouth and pushed her self up on the green and white chaise
cushion. He looked back over her left shoulder and reached
back lightly grabbing the back of Rin's head. "
I want him inside me while you eat my pussy baby" Morgan
cooed to Rin.

I can't remember when it changed really. I just know
that Rin and Morgan had favored calling each other baby
now over their names in intimate situations. It always
sounded so soft and sensual passing over their lips that
it could almost give me goosebumps each time. Rin sat back
on her heels and seemed to drink in Morgan's naked form
as she stood up. Rin's lustful gaze followed Morgan's
movements and she turned and got in position so that her
back was to me and she was facing Rin. The softness of Morgan's
skin was the next sensation I had as her firm ass slide down
my chest and stomach until her dripping pussy lips found
the head of my rock hard erection. I held my breath as I was
crushed by her hot wet insides.

Rin's long form slowly moved up the chaise on her hands
and knees as her brown eyes seemed to burn into Morgan's
emerald eyes. Morgan's pussy pulsed around my cock
in anticipation of Rin's talented tongue. Morgan's
hands gripped my wrists and pulled my hands up to her firm
breasts and squeezed them over my spread fingers. I felt
Rin's hot breath on my balls and then felt more then
heard Morgan's moans.

Morgan's young pussy slid up and down my dick in jerky
motions, she wasn't fucking me so much as she was reacting
to Rin's attention to her pussy and my cock buried in
it. The sensation of being engulfed by a tight little cunt
while having my shaft and balls licked was enough to vibrate
my soul. Morgan must have felt the same because her hands
mashed down on top of mine as if she wanted me to crush her
tits in my hands. I tried to keep up with all that she wanted
but the sensations were just to much for me and I got lost
in them.

"Baby" Morgan cried in a half whimper

"You are so good" She followed

I felt a vibration on my balls through Rin's chin and
she moaned her happiness at Morgan's praise. Soft
wet sounds of my penetrations and Rin's tongue tickled
my ear. Rin's long fingers kneaded my balls like an
expert baker while she licked and sucked on Morgan's
clit. The combination of Morgan's impossibly tight
pussy and Rin's loving attention with her hands and
tongue threatened to end this quickly for me. I did everything
I could to extend the exquisite pleasure ravaging my senses.
I never wanted it to end.

Sadly however my mind is nowhere near strong enough to control
my body. The muscles in Morgan's pussy simultaneously
tried to crush my manhood into pulp as they seemed to roll
up and down my length as her orgasm started. She cried out
into the darkness of the night and then I was flooded by her
cum. I could feel Rin's mouth become more aggressive
as she tried to consume all of the sweetness Morgan's
body was pouring over my shaft.

I felt my balls tighten and that familiar feeling of a hook
somewhere deep behind my belly button being pulled so hard
I thought my loins were going to explode. I held my breath
as wave after wave of Morgan's orgasm washed over her.
The shaking of her body and the sounds of pleasure escaping
her lips drove me deeper to the point of no return.

I was relishing the feeling of Morgan's pussy as it
spasmed around my dick when I felt Rin's fingers grasp
the bottom of my shaft. Savagely, almost cruelly I was torn
from my hot moist heaven and pulled out into the cooling
night air. I was so close and suddenly so frustrated I could
fill up Morgan's insides with my hot cum.

Morgan's body convulsed and jumped from her orgasm.
He back pressed firmly against my chest and her legs shaking
violently. Her ragged breath vibrating my chest and stomach.

"Oh Fuck" escaped my lips as my cock was forced
into the back of Rin's throat. I could hear her gag as
she did her best to take me.

I could feel her teeth as she lightly drug them up my shaft
as she pulled me out of her hot mouth.

"I wan't your fucking cum so fucking bad"
she growled. It always turned me on so much how aggressive
and primal Rin seemed to get when we had sex. Her normal sweet
disposition melted away and her lust took over turning
her into something new.

I winced for both of us as she took me back in her mouth and
the head of my dick slammed hard into the back of her throat.
Morgan lay incapacitated on my chest and was helpless to
do anything as Rin sucked and licked my cock up and down it's
length. Drool poured down my shaft and only helped her hands
as they massaged and squeezed my balls.

Her moans vibrated through me as lightening flashed behind
my closed eye lids. My guts churned and twisted as the moment
became imminent.

My orgasm was so strong it felt as if someone had punched
me in my stomach with a sledge hammer. It almost hurt as the
first rope of cum shot out of my cock and into the back of Rin's
throat gagging her again. She continued using only her
mouth as her lips slid up and down my dick disregarding the
streams of cum shooting against the back of her throat.
She swallowed everything that my body gave her and refused
to stop.

Morgan whimpered either because of being turned on or because
her body was still feeling the effects of her orgasm as Rin
sucked and deep throated my hardness. The sensations reverberated
through my body as Rin devoured every last bit of my seed.

The erotic slowly turned into the emotional as Rin's
mouth went from hungry to loving on my slowly dying erection.
Morgan had regained some composure and slide her body down
a lower so her pussy pressed against the base of my cock.
Rin knowing what she wanted switched her affections between
the two of us with her tongue and lips. It was heaven. Simply

"I love Wednesdays" I thought to myself before
we dragged our spent bodies into the house and towards our
bedroom. The only worry in my mind was whether or not I had
enough left in me to take care or Rin.....

"Thursdays suck bro" I told Jason through my
phone. "I hear that. I still have 5 more bars to hit
before I get home" he complained. "I have Splendors
and then a couple of Mexican restaurants and that pizza
place by our gym" I told him. "I might save Splendors
for last, Elaine likes to talk my ear off" I sighed.
"What time are you in tomorrow?" he asked me.
I turned off of FM 1960 (Farm to Market for the people who
asked what FM meant) and made my way toward the AMC theatre
and the pizza place. "I am late tomorrow. I got some
extra things in today and some of my accounts are just wanting
to call in their orders. I think I start at 11am or so."
I told him.

We continued our complaining about work for another minute
or so before I continued my visits. I ran through them as
fast as I could hoping to be home by at least 6pm or so. I looked
at my watch and saw that it was already 5:15pm and sagged
my shoulders in defeat. "Oh well" I muttered
as I pulled up to Splendors front doors. I took off my suit
jacket and looked out my windshield at the rain splashing
loudly on my hood. "Hot one day, torrential down pour
the next" I sighed. I grabbed my black canvas laptop
bag and made sure it was closed tight before throwing myself
out into the rain.

I walked into the booming empty club and shook the water
off the waterproof bag and myself. Wearing a light blue
dress shirt was probably not the best idea considering
it looked like I lost a male wet tee shirt contest. The air
conditioning made the water on my shirt and skin a little
chilly as I walked toward the dark wooden bar. Elaine waved
at me from behind the bar and held up her pointer finger to
tell me it would be a minute while she finished her phone
call. I grabbed a half moon padded chair at a table close
to the bar and started pulling my stuff out of my bag.

A couple of girls that had been at our BBQ smiled and waved
at me as they walked by on stripper stilts. I smiled back
and gave them a little wave and went back to setting up my
laptop. Elaine looked elegant in a low cut black cocktail
dress, her gold neckless and matching bracelets and earrings
made her glint under the lights of the club. She either worked
out a lot or she was just blessed with good genetics, her
body looked tight as ever. She dropped herself down into
the seat next to me and let out a loud enough sigh for me to

"Trouble?" I asked her. She leaned in close
and started to complain about her food vendors and some
of the other liquor reps that were giving her trouble. I
had gotten used to her need to vent to me since I had taken
over the account. Usually we spent the first half hour just
shooting the shit about whatever she could think of. It
wouldn't have been bad on any other day but on Thursdays
it was almost a death sentence. As we finally got down to
her order a flash of fire caught the corner of my eye. I turned
my head and caught sight of a tall redhead with long flowing

The mystery girl had a bright white tank top underneath
a short black jean jacket that stopped about mid waist.
It didn't take good eyesight to see that her tits were
unhindered by a bra as she strutted through the club. Her
body was easily that of a runway model, well minus the big
tits anyway. She carried herself with more confidence
than most women or men that I knew. She had painted on dark
jeans that had more holes in them than swiss cheese. She
had to be at least 6 foot tall in her black knee high suede
boots. She was pulling a small black suitcase on wheels
behind her as she headed toward the dressing room door.

"You like?" Elaine asked with an amused tone
"Someone else you are planning to know?" She
asked emphasizing the word "Know" as if it had
double meaning. I turned back toward her when the redhead
vanished through the door "I've just never seen
her before" I told the manager. She nodded "She's
new. She travels around going from club to club" Elaine
told me. "She worked at Rouge near Los Angeles before
coming here." I was told.

"Cool" I told her. I really didn't know
what else to say other than that. We finished up our business
and I sent the order in while standing in front of her. I wanted
to make sure she knew that I was taking her business seriously.
I also wanted to do all I could to make sure she didn't
get mad at me and take it out on our girls. I knew I was probably
over thinking things since Elaine seemed to be totally
cool with the current situation. Still the more I kept her
happy the less I figured she would worry about me and my friends.

On my way home a little silver car flashed it's lights
as it headed the opposite direction I was going in. Hands
waved out the window and I could hear the girls scream as
they went by me. I honked back and laughed when Kitty stuck
her tongue out and flashed her bare breasts at me from the
back seat. I pulled in my driveway and noticed that Jai and
Jason were apparently not home yet. I fell out of my big blue
Expedition and zombie walked into the house trying to decide
if I needed a beer or not. My legs carried me to the couch instead
of the fridge so I figured why stop myself.

I sat down heavily on the middle of the couch and leaned back
while blowing out a breath. I didn't have to wait long
until one of my friends showed up with the sound of the door
alarm going off. "sup" Jai said as he walked
into the house "sup" I responded. It's
a guy thing. So many things said in three little letters.

"Is it you that likes redheads or is it Jason?"
I asked. "Both. Why?" He responded as he threw
himself down on the recliner. "No reason" I
told him with a smirk "I just couldn't remember"
He grunted in reply and snatched the remote off the arm of
our couch. He flipped through the channels and stopped
and mud bog racing on ESPN2. We watched the odd looking vehicles
blow mud everywhere and occasionally get stuck. The crowd
went wild every time one made it through the long mud pit
to solid ground.

"So what's the plan?" Our large friend
called out an hour later as he walked through the door. "Drinking!"
Jai yelled. "Sleeping!" I yelled. "What
time are you on tomorrow?" Jason asked Jai. "Not
till 3pm" Jai answered. I could see Jason's wheels
turning as he thought something over. "We should
go out for a beer tonight. None of us have to be up to early
for work so why not?" He reasoned. "I'm
good" I told him as I watched another truck get stuck
in the thick brown mud. It only took a couple of minutes of
badgering before I agreed to go out with them. I am weak,
we have been over this.

After everyone had showered and found something clean
to wear we assembled in the kitchen. Jason dug in the fridge
and pulled out three bottles of Corona and handed them out.
"Where are we going?" he asked before taking
a drink. "SRO?" I suggested. "Not Bourbon
Street" Jai told us. "I am starting to dream
about that place." he laughed. We threw around a few
names like "Pete's Place" and "Sam's
Boat" until Jai brought up Splendors. I had a moment
of weakness and wondered what the redhead might look like
almost naked. Jai seemed to be ok with it considering his
girl usual slipped him free drinks when she thought no one
was looking.

"Your account Dave. What do you say?" Jason
asked downing the last of his beer. "Elaine seems
to be cool with it as long as there are no issues" I shrugged.
"Why not" I agreed. "We better get our
prime on then before we go" Jai suggested. I had to
admit paying 5 dollars for a beer was a little rough on the
wallet, especially when we had enough booze in the house
to stock a medium sized bar. We played Rock, Paper, Scissors
to decide who would be the unlucky driver for the night and
got on with our pre drinking.

I sat in the backseat of Jai's truck as his diesel crew
cab Ford roared down 1960 toward Splendors. "Oh I
forgot to tell you guys" I said leaning forward between
the captain's chairs. "I saw one of the new girls
today and she was pretty fucking hot! I would say she is about
as tall as Kitty and has long red hair" Jason looked
back at me and Jai looked at me through the rearview mirror
when I dropped that little bit of information. "what
type of body?" Jason asked. "Kinda like Rin's
but with big tits" I told them. "Aww shit!"
Jai laughed. Jason let out a low whistle and looked a little
bit more excited to get to the strip club.

We stopped at the front doors to harass Edgar a little bit
before we went into the half full strip club. There were
tables filled with everything from college guys to the
single creepy old guys trying to mack on teenagers (I can
almost hear you judging me. Stop it.) to the couples trying
to add spice to their lives, to guys in business suits. We
were the three guys that looked like they rolled out of bed
and came to a strip club. Well not Jason of course but Jai
and I. I was in a light purple "I love Fruity Pebbles"
tee shirt, khaki cargo shorts (what? I like them) white
K Swiss shoes and my Tag Heuer Aqua Racer. For that little
bit of style.

Jai was dressed in a red Gabby's Eatery and Saloon collarless
3 button shirt and jean shorts. Jason looked like he was
about to shoot a spread for the Abercrombe catalog, because
he's that guy. He usually did it because of his old habit
of trying to stand out in a crowd. Cause 6'5 250 blonde,
blue eyed and resembles that one guy from Saved by the Bell
apparently isn't enough of a beacon? Sorry I am just
angry because I am not over 6 foot, ignore me.

Angie and Duff waved at us as they led a couple of college
guys back to the first upper deck for some lap dances. "whatever
happened with that?" Jai leaned in and asked. "I
don't know to be honest" I told him "Morgan
never brought it up and she hasn't been to our house
since so who knows" I shrugged. I had to admit it was
kind of weird that Angie had gotten intimate with Morgan
and I and then just vanished. Some other girls including
the bubbly blonde that I could never remember her name waved
as well from tables all around the main floor.

"We may need to start going to other places so we can
get away with shit" Jason told us as we approached
Cher at the bar. She smiled at us and turned around to get
us our usual drinks. I looked around the club for the redhead
but wasn't able to see her anywhere. When I turned back
to the bar there were three bottles of beer and two shots
a piece waiting on the dark wood bar top. "you might
be right" I yelled to Jason over the loud pulsing music.

We downed our shots and Jason paid before we turned to find
a table to take over. We ended up sitting away from the stage
close to the 3 steps that led to the first upper deck. We were
visited by several scantily clad fairies as we sat and drank.
We hadn't seen most of them since our little house party
and they wanted to stop by and tell us how great a time they
had had. None of them were able to sit down since Elaine was
behind the bar watching everyone like a hawk.

I felt as if her stare was a little withering at times but
she didn't come over and say anything when we were surrounded
by her workers. The girls went back to being butterflies
around the room trying to get lap dances or sitting down
and finagling drinks. I caught sight of Rin out of the corner
of my eye as her long legs carried her my way.

The way she looked. I mean she looked just WOW! Her pastel
pink, ice blue and blonde hair was pulled into a tight pony
tail with a poof on top. The top of her hair was poofy as it
went back to where the pony tail was tied. The sides were
slicked against the side of her head and sparkled under
the lights with glitter. The end of her long pony tail was
curled at the end so that almost looked like a cat's
tail. She wore ice blue makeup in a super hero type eye mask
that went back to her tiny ears. Long sparkly diamond chandelier
earrings dangled from her earlobes and matched her low
hanging neckless.

Rin's extremely short white dress had two long narrow
strips that tied at the back of her neck and just covered
her tits. It was completely open in the middle down to just
below her tiny slit of a belly button. A diamond jewel sparkled
in it directing my attention to her toned tanned stomach.
She had on at least 8 inch platform white heels on making
her an astounding 6'5. As she stalked toward me I couldn't
help but think how she looked like a Paris runway model.

Her dazzling smile parted her shiny pink lips as she got
closer to me. "Good God" Jason muttered as he
looked Rin up and down. He stood up and was shocked to find
they looked at each other in the eye. "Holy shit!"
He exclaimed. She gave him a small smile then put her hand
on my shoulder and leaned down to whisper in my ear. "Do
you like it?" She asked with her lips to my ear. I could
feel the stickiness from her lip gloss on my outer ear. I
nodded and tried to say something clever "Fuck yes"
came out instead.

Her hot breath went into my ear and gave me goosebumps as
she chuckled "Then I will wear it for you one of these
nights" she purred into my ear and again give me goosebumps.
She teased my ear with her tongue before she stood up and
walked away swinging her narrow hips. The low back dress
was open all the way down to the crack in her tiny firm ass.
I couldn't help that my dick to grew just from watching
her walk. "wow" I breathed.

The D.J.'s voice came over the loud speakers to introduce
the redhead. "Gentlemen we have a special treat for
you tonight. Direct from Van Nuys California we present
Sunfire!" The Crystal Method's "Busy
Child" thundered over the speakers with it's
dance club beat. Multi colored lights all around the stage
blazed brilliantly over the black shiny surface. White
strobes and the swiveling club lights caused everyone
to squint as they looked up to see what the new girl looked
like. The amazing redhead came through the curtain with
a purpose. Her tall body was barely hidden behind reflective
metallic gold bra and tight short skirt.

"Gentlemen Sunfire's got a body built for sin!
She stands 5'10, her measurements are 34C-24-34 and
weighs 125lbs. Her fiery red hair matches her personality
so be careful you don't catch fire! She will be here
at Splendors for the next few weeks so take advantage of
those lap dance opportunities while you can!" I looked
over at Jason and found him to be completely entranced and
dumb founded. Jai to his credit didn't seem to be too
affected until that I noticed it looked like he had stopped

I turned back to the stage to watch as Sunfire danced around
the shiny black stage almost as if she was a ballerina with
an attitude. Her long legs made short work of the stage as
she glided from one side to the next. There was no doubt that
this girl could probably work a pole better than most strippers
I had ever seen.(stripper pole you pervs! Oh wait I am a perv
too. Never mind). The girl had rhythm and there was no denying
that. She went through classic stripper moves to pop n locking,
and then to a hybrid of freak dancing and ballet. It was impressive
I have to admit. Midway through the 7 minute long song she
slid the shiny gold mini skirt down her legs to expose an
equally shiny gold pair of V cut panties.

The front dipped low enough that one slight tug would expose
her clit. As she spun around with her hair flaring around
her shoulders her amazingly tight ass came into view. I
heard a strange noise come from Jason throat as her she bent
over with her legs out wide. When she stood back up her hands
went to the back of her string bikini top and untied the knot.
Jai leaned forward over the table as he waited for the redhead
to unveil her tits to the world.

She covered her nipples with her forearm as she turned around
to face that crowd. She had managed to do it fast enough that
we weren't able to see anything in the mirrored back
wall. As the heavy club beat hit a bass drop she let her arm
fall away to expose her large tear drop tits. I could barely
see her pink areola as they seemed to blend into her pale
skin tone. Her nipples were a light rosy red and it looked
like and were very very hard. Her long lean body flexed and
twisted showing off every last muscle she had gained from

Her body undulated and writhed to the music as guys all but
ran to the stage and threw folded bills onto the deck of the
black stage. Sunfire was in her own world it seemed and didn't
pay attention to any of them as she put on a show. "Damn
that girl is something" Jason leaned in and yelled
to Jai. As the song and the flashing lights slowed down people
started to clap along with a few standing ovations and whistles.
Jai was now looking just as bad as Jason was, he just kept
sipping off his empty beer bottle. She was crazy sexy to
be sure but considering how Rin just looked I was able to
fend off her Medusa like charms. (that was a turn a guy to
stone in the pants joke by the way. Just in case you missed

I had my own stone problems when I saw Morgan came out of the
back dressed in a GirlScout uniform! Well kinda, she had
on half of GirlScouts uniform. The light brown top had been
cut just under her breasts and tied in a bow under them. The
shirt looked to be about 2 sizes too small and stretched
the one button to it's limits in her cleavage. She had
on a tiny jeep green skirt on with little tiny patches that
were nothing but naughty. The little circles had sexual
positions on them as if she had earned those badges.

She had on her white knee high socks and shiny black school
girl shoes and! and! She was carrying a box of sugar cookies
that were actually GirlScout brand! I am pretty sure that
they didn't have this in mind when they boxed those
little tasty treats up. She all but skipped toward me when
she saw me. She pushed my half moon padded chair back on it's
wheels and sat her ass down in my lap. Her arm went around
my shoulder and she smiled at me with a cute girlish grin.
"Wanna eat my cookies?" she asked in a cute voice.

I nodded vigorously "uh huh uh huh" I said with
a stupid voice. She furrowed her brow and let out a big laugh
"you will agree to anything right now won't you?"
I nodded again "uh huh uh huh". She rolled her
eyes and then bent down to whisper into my ear. "I think
I got a little wet when I saw you" she whispered. "I
think when I get home tonight you can fuck me while I wear
this" My poor cock didn't stand a chance. It started
filling up with blood under Morgan's thigh enough
that she noticed. "bad boy" she purred "wait
until we got home"

I nodded again and made her laugh as she pulled away from
me. I had completely forgotten about Elaine and her warning
about drama. I turned my head to look for her but she didn't
seem to care that my girlfriend was sitting in my lap. "I
guess she doesn't consider this bad?" I wondered.
I turned back to look at her and found her still smiling "Elaine
talked to us. We can't make out or anything like that.
As long as we still do our jobs and don't ignore anyone
we can hang out" She said. "really?" I
asked and slid my hand up her thigh.

She gave me an angry look "if you turn me on I will kick
your ass Dave" she warned. It was so tempted to find
out for myself if she had really gotten wet. It's not
like I didn't believe her I just wanted to feel it for
myself. We ordered more rounds of drinks from a waitress
I had never seen before after Morgan reluctantly got of
my lap and went to do the 20 buck hustle. For some reason the
booze was really going down easy for all of us.

Kitty stopped at the table dressed in three tiny black triangles
and some strings to flirt with Jason for a minute. The club
was starting to get busy and soon we were left to our own devices.
Bad idea. Jason started to wonder openly if Sunfire would
ever be making an appearance at our house. That got Jai talking
about maybe having another BBQ and thus their evil scheme
began to take shape. I honestly didn't care much since
my eyes were traveling back and forth between Morgan and
Rin, and um occasionally Kitty. Don't blame me she
looked hot. Of course most naked women look hot, so yeah.

My plans for making it a short night were easily brushed
aside as the drinks just kept coming. Sadly however we didn't
have much company with the place being so busy. There are
two problems with being friends with the girls in a strip
club. One, you can find yourself being surrounded by them
as you are considered a safe place to be. You may not think
that is so bad until you start noticing all the angry looks
being thrown your way. It can cause problems trust me.

Two, you get taken for granted. It's like you no longer
matter because they already know us enough to know that
we won't buy dances. So they can ignore us without worrying
about losing money or getting in trouble because the manager
also knew us. So it's feast or famine. The other issue
that can arise is seeing your loyal girlfriend act like
she is about to fuck some guy while she gives a lap dance.
Normally not a problem, however with Morgan it was a little
problem for me and I had to turn away several times. Morgan,
Rin, and Kitty were fan favorites unfortunately.

On a side note the only thing that really ever pissed me off
was when she came home smelling like cologne from some douche
who put way to much on before he went out to the club. That
one always got to me, but thankfully she took a shower every
night when she got home. Costume changes, drinks, tiny
clothes, topless women, more drinks, naughty whispers,
under the table tugs over the shorts, more drinks, some
random laughs, eye candy for the spank bank, more drinks.
The night just kept going on like that until Sunfire showed

Jason was just coming back from the bar with a handful of
shots for us when they almost met chest to chest. She was
still in her gold string bikini and tiny mini skirt as she
stood there. I saw that she had little freckles all over
her face including on a few on her rose colored lips. Speaking
of her lips they were sexy, her upper lip was just as full
as her bottom lip. She had almost a square jaw with a small
chin. She had little smile lines around her mouth and she
looked really young.

She smiled up at Jason and took one of the shots out of his
hands "Thanks" it looked like she told him.
She downed the shot of Rumpleminze without even a wince.
She looked back toward the bar and held up the shot glass
telling Cher she needed one more. She stepped back and held
out her arm guiding Jason to his seat. Without a word he fell
into the half moon padded chair and set the glasses he was
holding down on the dark fake wood table.

She moved in front of him and sat down on his right knee. As
she sat down I caught sight of her eyes, they were pale blue
but had several different colors around the pupils. She
leaned across his lap toward me and stuck out her hand "Hi,
I'm Sunfire" she said in a cute raspy voice. "Dave"
I told her as I took her soft hand into mine. "nice to
meet you" She told me. She leaned back and held her
hand out for Jai. She repeated the introduction before
turning back to Jason and holding out her hand again. "Thanks
for the yummy shot" she told him.

"Sure thing" he told her as he took her hand and
gave her his name. She had a unique beauty like Rin, I can
honestly say I had never seen anyone that resembled these
two women before. I also had to admit that the freckles all
over Sunfire's face and shoulders were adorable yet
sexy as well. The redhead turned back to Jason "So
lover tell me about yourself". I could see his adams
apple work as she swallowed hard. I plucked my shot off the
table and downed it quick before standing up "I think
I need to get power hour going a little early" I told
the table.

I left them and walked to the bar to order a crap ton more shots
and some mixed drinks. I got 6 shots of Rumple, 2 Captain
and Cokes, and 1 Jack and Coke, very light on Coke for Jai.
I felt a cool hand grabbed my elbow and turned to face the
bare clevage of Rin who was much much taller than I was at
the moment. She sat down in the bar stool I was standing by
and pulled me close. "What is that girl doing on Jason's
lap?" she asked into my ear. "I dunno she just
kind of sat down" I told her as I paid for the drinks

Rin looked a little concerned "She knows who you guys
are. Everyone has been talking about the party all night."
she told me. I looked back to see Sunfire laugh as Jason was
telling her something with a smiling face. Jai jumped in
made her laugh even harder. She was brushing her long fire
like hair over her thin heavily freckled shoulders and
touched Jason's chest. I knew enough about women to
know the signs of heavy flirting. "This is going to
be an issue isn't it?" I asked turning back to

Rin lifted up in her seat to find Kitty, she frowned when
she noticed Morgan, Kitty and a few other girls surrounded
by about 8 college guys. "I don't know"
Rin answered looking over my shoulder at my table. "It
better not be, I know that much. Elaine would be pissed if
something happened." she said looking a little more
concerned. Kitty is a hot blooded southerner and I had no
doubt that it would be hard for her not to react if something
really ticked her off. Then again last time we were here
the girls told us to have fun and played it cool even when
we met Rin for the first time.

"She seems nice" I told her weakly. Rin's
usually soft brown eyes narrowed to slits "do you
think I am nice?" she asked. "Yeah of course!"
I told her not really understanding what she meant. "I
would be pissed if she was sitting on your lap and it would
be really hard for me not to rip all her hair out" Rin
said in a menacing voice. I was surprised at Rin's show
of possessiveness considering the complicated relationship
we were in. "come on" she said hitting my leg.
I grabbed the round black tray full of drinks and followed
Rin back to our table.

I set the tray down and started handing out the shots as Rin
walked past me toward the table with Morgan and Kitty. "aww
you didn't get any for me?" Sunfire pouted with
her bottom lip out. "Yeah we can get you whatever!"
Jason said. The redhead turned to look at him and her face
lit up like Christmas. "An Apple Martini would taste
sooooo good right now!" she said happily. Jason put
his arm around her waist and lifted up to get his wallet out
of his pocket. She giggled as he easily lifted her up on his

"Have Cher run a tab" Jason said handing me his
wallet. "Use the green card" He told me. "Crap"
I thought to myself. This was Jason's pimp mode starting
to show itself. I knew that meant we were about to buy the
bar and do the "we are studs" thing. It worked
well when we were single but we were about as far away from
being single as possible without being the "M"
word. Cher gave the table the same squint as Rin had as she
took Jason's card and made the Appletini for the new

She dropped the cherry into the glass and handed it to me
with a warning in her eyes. She remained quiet since Elaine
was still behind the bar with her. I turned and brought the
girl back her drink and sat down. "You smell really
good. What are you wearing?" Sunfire asked. I picked
up my shot and reached behind her and touched glasses with
Jai then Jason as we got ready to take our shots. Sunfire
leaned forward and put her hand on my knee under my shorts.
"you smell good, what are you wearing?" she
asked again.

"Oh me?" I asked thinking she was talking to
Jason. She nodded and looked as cute as she could possibly
be. "I don't know it's French and I can't
read the label" I told her honestly. She looked me
up and down with parted full freckled lips before speaking
"it suits you" She said in a sultry rasp. I could
feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up. "This
girl is good" I thought to myself as I downed the shot.

Fingers ran through my hair from the back and I turned to
see the Amazon Rin standing beside me. "I think you
need some company" She said as a clear don't argue
with me statement. I scooted my chair back to allow Rin to
settle in my lap, instead of sitting on my thigh like Sunfire
was with Jason she sat directly on my dick. She rolled her
hips once as she felt my bulge slide in between her cheeks
before moving to my thigh.

She put her arm around me and turned her head away from the
redhead. She brought her lips to my ear "I am your bodyguard
and Jason's chaperone" she whispered. She made
me shudder as her tongue slipped into my ear for a quick second.
She crossed her long legs and leaned back against my shoulder
before smiling pleasantly at Sunfire. I could see Jai's
face behind the girl in Jason's lap "oh shit"
he mouthed with an amused grin on his face. Jai had apparently
read the situation right away and was enjoying the show.

As we sat there Sunfire made it a point to comment on Jai's
"cute little accent." She spread out the compliments
like fertilizer between the three of us. Rin's personality
switched into something I had never seen before. She became
a flirty giggly girl as she sat in my lap. I was use to her teasing
but she had always been more sweet and reserved, Morgan
was the sex Kitten while Rin was the quiet Goddess. Rin had
her moments when she could coo and things like that but this
was different.

When Sunfire leaned her hand against my knee for the 20th
time Rin tensed. Rin's hand found my chest and she grabbed
a handful of my shirt "I love your chest Dave"
She said loud enough for the redhead to hear. "And
I love your arms too" She added and reached across
me to squeeze my bicep. Jai lifted up in his seat to get a better
look between Jason and Sunfire's big breasts. The
smirk on his face was unmistakeable.

Sunfire's pale blue eyes squinted for a second and
she pulled her hand away from my knee. The arm Rin had around
my shoulders moved and her hand came up so that she could
play with my hair. I don't know if she was even aware
of it as she pieced my short brown hair out with her fingers.
She had a very determined look on her face as she stared at
Sunfire. The two girls looked at each other in silence for
a second before the redhead turned back to Jason with more
questions about him.

Rin nuzzled her back harder into my shoulder as she absentmindedly
played with my hair and caressed my neck. "Sunfire
is up after AVA, Sunfire your up after AVA" The DJ said
over the speakers. The redhead's shoulders slumped
and she put on a pouty face. "Be back after the stage
lover" she told him "Make sure you watch"
she teased and pushed the tip of his nose with her finger.
She got up off his lap and sauntered toward the stage with
Jason watching her hips sway.

Rin moved quick and brought her lips to my ear "If that
fire crotch bitch touches you one more fucking time I am
going to claw her eyes out!" Rin growled into my ear.
It shocked the hell out of me and for a second I was starting
to wonder if Morgan had rubbed off on her a little bit. When
Rin was having passionate sex she would become primal and
aggressive but this was completely different. When she
drew back from my ear I looked at her "Geez Morgan"
I joked. Her tan slightly puffy cheeks blushed and she looked
a little embarrassed for a second. Everyone knew how possessive
Morgan was of me and it dawned on Rin that she was quickly
becoming just like her.

She looked to be thinking something over for a second before
she leaned back in and knocked me for a loop. "Every
time she touches you it pisses me off" Something absolutely
silly occurred to me and I had to ask. "Rin are you getting
jealous?" She sat back up and looked from my right
eye to my left before she spoke "I have to make a round
I will be right back" she said without answering my
question. She got up and smoothed down her dress before
she went around the club half heartedly asking guys if they
wanted lap dances.

"Dude that chick is totally smokin" Jason said
as he grabbed his Captain and Coke. "you better watch
it mon ami or Kitty is going to get her claws out" Jai
laughed. Jason looked over and saw Kitty giving one of the
college guys a lap dance at their table while Morgan cheered
her on. "What can she say?" He said turning back
to look at Jai. I had to admit he had a point, it's not
like she could get mad for getting himself what she was currently
doing to someone else. Here in lies the problem with dating

Rin came back after stopping by the bar and getting a Hurricane
from Cher and sat back down in my lap. She put her arm over
my shoulder and immediately went back to playing with my
hair. She caught Jason's eye "be careful with
that" she said with a displeased look. Jason shrugged
and motioned toward his very flirty girlfriend. Rin actually
looked upset about something as she watched Sunfire show
off on the stage. I squeezed Rin's hip. "everything
ok?" I asked.

Her narrow almond shaped eyes became more narrow for a second
before she looked away and sighed. I watched her stare at
the back wall for a minute before she turned back to look
at me. She leaned down close to my ear again "yes, I
am a little" she said. I had to think about it for a second
before her message came across loud and clear. "she's
getting jealous? What the fuck?" I decided not to
go into it at the moment and let it drop.

Sunfire was true to her word and sat back down into Jason's
lap after her stage performance. One of our ploy's
I guess you could say to get past customer and stripper barriers
was to get their real names. It was a way to show a little trust
and change the dynamic in a small way between us and them.
"So what's your real name?" I heard Jason
ask. She smiled at him "why do you want to know that
lover?" she asked. "well because I like to know
who my friends are" he told her simply.

Watching Sunfire I noticed that her freckles were actually
everywhere, the most being consentrated on her face, shoulders,
back and forearms. It gave her an almost exotic look as they
were clustered everywhere. Her hair was a deep orange and
red mix and was completely straight and silky looking instead
of frizzy or curly, even her eyebrows were light red. "Brandy"
she told Jason "My name is Brandy" He smiled
wide "Brandy it's nice to meet you I am Jason"
he told her with his hand out to shake again. She laughed
at his disarming charm and shook his hand again.

"Listen I don't really feel like doing anything
tonight. Do you mind if I just hang out here with you? If you
keep buying me drinks I am sure the boss lady won't get
mad" she said letting her shoulders slump as if she
was happy to not be putting on a show. I heard Rin snort and
figured she assumed the same thing I did. "This girl
is damn good and this is her act". Rin's arm squeezed
me a little tighter as Jason said it was more than ok.

What I didn't see coming is how she turned on Rin and
showered her with compliments. "you are so gorgeous
Star" and "I love your clothes and your hair
is so awesome" and things like that. I could tell Rin
was leery as she thanked her and complimented her back.
The redhead would gush about Rin for a little while than
turn back to Jason and just talk about whatever. I could
tell Rin didn't want to leave when she was called on
deck for the stage.

After she had gone Brandy leaned toward me "that girl's
got it bad" she said with a smile and wink. According
to Rin she knew who we were which meant I assumed she knew
who our girlfriends were. However she either seemed not
to know or worse she seemed not to care. She was quickly becoming
a puzzle that I wanted to figure out before anything more
"interesting" happened.

Morgan stopped on her way to the bathroom to whisper into
my ear "I love you baby. Sorry I can't be with you
right now but I swear we will make it up tonight ok. Please
don't be mad". She gave me a quick hidden kiss
against my ear and ran her hand across my shoulder before
she walked away. "popular guy" Brandy said
with another wink. "He's the harem king. Makes
it hard for normal guys like me to be friends with him"
Jason said obviously fishing for compliments.

Brandy was more than happy to oblige. She rested her hand
on Jason's chest "lover there is nothing normal
about you and if that is you I feel beneath my leg than you
are something special" she said with a cute rasp.
Her eyes got big and she yelped "OH!" and then
laughed loudly. I could only imagine that Jason had just
proved it was him in someway. Since I didn't see any
part of his upper body move I assumed he made it jump against

The night continued on with Morgan and Kitty being monopolized
by the college guys. Rin had planted herself permanently
in my lap for the remainder of evening. I didn't mind
one bit but I knew she was keeping her eye on the redhead as
well. I really didn't know why she had such an issue
with Brandy but oh well. As time passed by we made sure to
keep the table filled with drinks so that our two guests
wouldn't get in trouble with Elaine. Brandy it seemed
was an expert in keeping all people involved with the conversation.
She would ask each one of us questions to keep us in the circle.

Brandy leaned down and whispered something into Jai's
ear while she sat on Jason's lap. He let out a little
laugh and then waved his hand in front of his chest. They
said something between each other with smiles on their
faces before she leaned down and whispered something to
Jason. Jason looked over at me with a shit eating grin on
his face before he mouthed "Be Right Back".
The tall thin redhead and my large friend stood up together
and towered over Rin and I. She led him slowly by the hand
and together they vanished into a dark corner of the club.
"Wow" Rin breathed out as he eyes searched for
our friend and "The Redhead".

"I can't believe Jason just fucking went to get
a lap dance from that skank!" Rin exclaimed. Normally
her moving forward and pressing her amazing ass against
my groin would feel sublime. However moving so fast it just
ended up being tragically painful. By the end what seemed
like the tenth song Jason had finally come back to join the
Jai, Rin, and I. He looked almost as if he had died and gone
to heaven. The look on Rin's beautiful face was one
I had never thought possible from the tall thin statue.
Pure disgust. I didn't think she was throwing it Jason's
way but then again I am usually wrong if you remember.

As the night came to an end we reluctantly said goodbye to
the girls and let Edgar kick us out of the club. Elaine waved
goodbye to us just as the doors closed. Jason stayed quiet
as a church mouse until we were in the safety of Jai's
big black dually. "Dudes!!! her body is off the fucking
hook!" Jason exclaimed as he put his hands to his forehead.
He let out a major breath and just let his hands fall to his
lap. "And the way she can move her hips bro" He
said to no one.

"Before Kitty cuts your head off just tell me one thing?"
Jai asked. I leaned up from the backseat to make sure I could
hear this question. "Are the tits fake?" Jai
asked. "Who the fuck cares" Jason laughed.
We all chuckled and headed on our merry way back to our house.
"Your girl is falling down the rabbit hole"
Jai said to the windshield. I looked into the rearview mirror
at him looking back at me. "Yeah she is" Jason
agreed solemnly. I had a feeling I knew what they were saying
but I didn't think it would be good if it got said out
loud so I let it die.

To Be Continued.....

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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The story is good, and the way you narrate it it is like novel, do
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I'm so glad you're back writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I just reread this and i can't believe i posted this.
This is not my best work by any means. I wrote this chapter
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I will be posting a new chapter tonight.

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Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.