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Houston and The Confession Part 2


"Oh my God" Morgan gasped as she put her hands
to her mouth.

"Morgan I am so sorry" Rin pleaded as a tear fell
down her tan cheek. "I didn't mean to! I swear
I didn't mean to!" Rin had told her in a panicked
voice. She hugged herself across her bare chest as if it
would help protect her from what she was sure was something
horrible on it's way. "I don't know how it
ended up like this" she whimpered as the tears started
to stream down her beautiful cheeks freely. I looked back
at my girlfriend not able to completely grasp what had happened
let alone know what to feel about it. For me this was like
some surreal unbelievable and to be honest overly dramatic
moment that I wasn't prepared for. Then again maybe
with how complicated all of this has been the last couple
of months what did I expect?

Morgan's jade green eyes started to water above her
hands. She shook her head slowly sending her vibrantly
colored hair swaying back and forth. Tears trickled from
her eyes and her brow furrowed as she fought to hold back
the sobs. Rin's body tensed as she lifted her hips and
let my dying erection fall from her insides. I poured from
her and the inside of my right thigh was soaked with us as
she knee walked over me so that she could face Morgan. She
reached out with trembling hands and grabbed Morgan's
wrists and gently wrapped her fingers around them. "
I swear I don't want to get in the way Morgan!"
She told her earnestly. " I just couldn't help
it" Rin said in a whimper.

"Somehow I fell in love with both of you" She
whimpered through tear soaked quivering light pink lips.
She leaned forward and brought Morgan's hands to her
mouth and kissed them as if to beg for forgiveness. For the
first time in a very long time I couldn't read the emotion
on Morgan's face. I know I saw shock but I wasn't
sure what else.

Morgan stayed statue still as Rin tried to convince her
that she would never try to break us up or get in our way. Rin
continued on with everything from apologies to promises
that she would leave right away while she kept kissing Morgan's
hands. Tears began to fall from my girlfriend's eyes,
she looked at me and then looked up at the ceiling before
looking back at me with a sort of a smile, I think.

Without a word Morgan let her hands fall and she launched
herself onto Rin in the blink of an eye. Rin yelped as they
fell sideways on to me. I felt Rin's body tremble again
as they landed with their heads on my stomach and chest.
I didn't blame Rin for the tremble, she probably thought
Morgan was attacking her with a death vengeance and the
fact that she got up and straddled Rin while holding her
wrists above her head against my stomach didn't help.

Morgan's neon rainbow hair fell into Rin's tear
soaked face " Say it again" Morgan demanded
failing to keep some kind of emotion out of her voice. Rin
turned her head toward my feet and tried to twist her body
away only to be stopped by Morgan sitting on her lower stomach.
"say it again" Morgan said quietly. She didn't
sound mad but she didn't sound normal either.

Rin let out a quick sob as she realized she couldn't
avoid it. With one great sniffle she said it again "I
fell in love with Dave and you" she said through almost
clenched teeth. "Or I am falling in love or something.
SHIT! I don't know what I am doing!" Rin's
voice was shaking as she confessed this to Morgan. "You
are in love with Dave?" Morgan asked her point blank.
I winced as I wondered if Morgan was about to torture her.

"Yes" Rin whimpered and tried to scrunch her
trapped body into a ball. "You love me?" she
asked. Rin's slender legs pushed against Morgan's
back and her head seemed to roll back and forth while she
nodded yes at the same time. "Yes" she whimpered
again. I held my breath as the silence became deafening.
Morgan let go of Rin's wrists and let herself fall of
to Rin's right side. Rin almost seemed to scamper back
into me until she realized that may be the wrong way to go
so she just sat up on her heels and looked down into her bare
lap fidgeting with her hands.

Morgan spoke in the softest most reassuring voice I had
ever heard come from her. "I love him so much and I want
to spend the rest of my life with him. I KNOW how easy it is
to love him! I always knew you would fall for him. Always"
Morgan said while smiling. I honestly wasn't sure
if my ears worked nor was I sure I wasn't hallucinating.
It was bound to happen sooner or later. I kind of knew by the
way you became Uber Morgan in the possessive department."
She laughed.

Rin lifted her tear stained face to look at my girlfriend.
"aren't you mad?" she asked softly. Morgan
let out a little laugh and wiped a tear from her left eye before

Morgan let a sly smile cross her full lips "naw"
she said with a quick head jerk. "I am not blind or dumb
you know." she said with a snort. "I mean c'mon
every time Dave leaves for work we spend the next hour making
out or doin stuff to each other." She laughed.

I don't know what I thought they did when I left but it
took me a little by surprise and my stupid mouth worked yet
again without my brain. "You do? That is so fucking
hot!" I stupidly said. Rin's hand shot up to my
mouth and covered it telling me to basically shut up.

"See!" Morgan exclaimed in a laugh as she pointed
at my face. "This is what I am talking about. You know
exactly how to handle him and you just fit with us".
Rin let out a little laugh with Morgan and that seemed to
cut the tension a little. Still never in a million years
would anyone who knew Morgan expect this I didn't think.
But hey as we know I get proven wrong more than Fox News.

"I want us to be together! I don't want you to leave
us!" Morgan blurted out. Rin launched herself forward
and grabbed Morgan by the face. They now were both upright
on their knees holding each others faces and crying. Their
naked breasts pushed against one another and then their
stomachs met in a crushing embrace. For seconds, minutes, hours, days
they stayed like that until finally they came up for air.
They laughed into each others faces as they wiped the tears
from their cheeks.

"I love you too" Morgan answered her back "It's
ok Rin" They teared up again and gave each other quick

It either didn't dawn on me what was really going on
or maybe it honestly didn't register with my sex fogged
brain? They continued their naked embrace with small happy
kisses in between their failures at controlling little
sob like giggles. When the time had finally come to break
apart they both turned toward me. "I love you baby"
Morgan said with a wet smile. Rin just stared at me with her
soft brown eyes until Morgan gave her a little elbow in the
side. "I love you Dave" Rin told me with a shy
smile. I couldn't help but smile back, but as of yet
it still hadn't hit me or maybe I was more drunk than
I thought. I just looked back at them and said "I am
in so much trouble aren't I?" I asked not really
sure of what to do. They both let out a little laugh and Morgan
nodded her head "oh yeah"

They pulled me into a sweet kiss filled three way hug. The
cool of their tight bodies pressed against the heat that
was slowly rising in mine. The feeling of tight skin, firm
breasts, slight tremors as they came down from the high
of their emotion coursed through me. They were lost in the
moment, in a moment I couldn't understand. The depths
of whatever emotion they were feeling escaped me. I could
watch, I could notice, but I might as well be on the couch
watching a TV drama.

Morgan's right hand found the back of my head about
the same time that Rin's left hand found it. I felt the
heat of their breath on my face and smelled the light smell
of alcohol as their cheeks rubbed against my nose. I went
crosseyed to watch as their lips met barely brushing mine
in the process. They pulled at my hair together as Rin's
soft pink lips slowly worked against Morgan's full
rose colored lips. Soft wet sounds and tiny moans emanated
from the girls as they spoke some emotional language that
I didn't and probably couldn't understand.

Rin and Morgan broke free from one another and both shot
me a glance before moving down the bed toward my feet. Rin's
hand came up to Morgan's face and she gave her a sweet
gentle smile before pulling her down onto the bright pink

The two nubile young bodies pressed tightly up against
one another as their tongues met in a swirl of motion and
soft wet sound. Rin's right leg crossed over the top
of Morgan's gentle hip just below the grey and black
tatoo of Bettie Paige. Her golden tanned manicured foot
snaked behind Morgan's left lightly tanned stem and

Their hands flowed up and down each others sides as they
squeezed and kneaded each others soft flesh. Sublte moans
and deep breaths filled my ears as their kisses became more
impassioned. Rin's hand slid up Morgan's arm
and into her electric colored hair. Morgan whimpered when
Rin took a handful and pulled her head back . Rin' lips
attacked her jaw and then neck with wet sucking kisses.

Morgan's left hand found Rin's narrow hip and
then her ass. Rin's leg let go of Morgan's and she
brought her knee up to Morgan's breast so as to allow
Morgan to find her sex from behind. Rin moaned loudly into
Morgan's neck as fingers found her sweet pussy.

The two girls writhed and moved against each other as they
fell deeper into their passionate embrace. My eyes traveled
down Rin's long torso to her tiny heart of an ass, down
her long tanned slender leg to her perfect French manicured
toes. She was flexing her toes and then spreading them out
wide with each wave of pleasure my girlfriend was giving

Just as I thought Rin was about to explode with her first
orgasm Morgan broke free. She pushed Rin against the bed
and got up on her knees exposing her body to me. Her full melon
sized breasts and tight stomach filled my eyes for a second
before she spun around and crossed her right knee over Rin's
face. Rin's stomach tightened showing off the V leading
down to the heaven between her legs. Morgan leaned forward
and put their bodies into a very sexy 69.

Morgan bend her calf under Rin's head while leaving
the other pointing toward the wall. Rin's blonde, pastel
pink, and steel blue haired rippled with light as she lifted
her head and slithered her tongue into Morgan's soaking
wet pussy. Morgan let out a deep moan before dropping her
face between Rin's legs. Their breasts and stomach's
smashed together as they dove into their sweet meal.

Rin forced her hands between Morgan's thighs and her
hands found Morgan's ass. She spread them wide so she
could force her tongue as deep as it could go. My wondered
a little as I thought of Rin's long pink tongue. Morgan
cried out into Rin's pussy affirming that fact it was
hitting all the right places.

The pent up emotion that had filled the room bled through
their bodies and they hungrily ate each others pussies
at my feet. The sounds of girls pleasuring each other filtered
through my brain all but cleared my mind of anything thought
save what I saw with my eyes.

The crescendo changed from fast to slow, to wanten to gentle.
The two young bodies struggling in an unspoken contest
to see who could give the most pleasure to the other. As I
lost count of the minutes that past and the sounds I thought
were orgasms a feeling of calm washed over me. "This
for real" my inner voice whispered to me.

Finally as their bodies could take no more Morgan fell off
onto my feet and just lay there trying to catch her breath
and calm her body. Rin closed her eyes and just laid there
as her chest sucked in deep breaths. Minutes passed until
Morgan moved into take one last kiss from Rin's pink
lips. The looks on their beautiful faces showed exhaustion
and contentment while their tangled hair and flushed skin
showed satisfaction.

They didn't say a word no acknowledge what had just
happen or even me as they settled into their usual spots
on top and to the left of me. The difference only being Morgan's
right arm holding Rin's left thing close to her chest
and tight against my stomach. They were both asleep within
seconds leaving me to the silence of the dark room.

Ok this is my inner dialogue, well no looking back this is
actually what I thought."Holy Freakin Hell girls
are lame and way to sensitive and I don't understand
them and I love them and hate them at the same time."
In this case I was feeling like I just watched a foreign love
movie film at Cannes and now I just feel weird and maybe a
little confused."

"Now what" I whispered. I wasn't sure how
this was going to work. Rin loved me? Morgan and I were together
and in all honesty I could see myself moving into the future
with Morgan. No to be completely honest I imagined it a lot.
Rin has always had power over me that I knew was more than
sexual but never did I think we would have fallen in love
also. "Did I love her?" I thought to myself.
I had to think back at all the intense moments we had had since
we had met. "I think I am falling in love with her"
I thought to myself. I didn't love her as much as I loved
Morgan but I did have some kind of love for her? "Shit"
I thought to myself. "Now what?"...

I drifted off to sleep and didn't wake up until I heard
the girls talking and laughing from miles away. As I clawed
myself out of sleep I became aware of the fact that both of
their heads were laying on my thighs while they talked.
They also both had a hand on my cock and it felt as if it was
bouncing back and forth off both of their lips as they chatted
away. Through blurry eyes I could see them smiling at each
other, Rin's hand was at the base of my cock while Morgan's
pushed the shaft back and forth between them. "My
dick looks so big next to their heads" was honestly
the first thought in my mind. The second thought was that
they must have been talking for a while and hashed somethings
out without my knowledge. They both seemed ok and happily
calm so that was good. I guess.

"As long as I am the one that gets pregnant first there
won't be any jealousy" Morgan laughed. "Hey
accidents happen!" Rin laughed back. The girls giggled
at their jokes and continued to talk about how amazing life
suddenly had become and about how they would explain this
to everyone. They also talked about Rin moving in immediately,
as in today and that was just that. They shared happy kisses
with each other while they continued to hold onto my cock.
"You two really are in love" I thought to myself
as I saw the looks on their faces as they wend on with their
conversation. For a second I wondered if I should be worried
that they would leave me for each other. (it could happen)

There was a soft knock on the door that interrupted their
planning my future. "Come in" Morgan told the
visitor. I honestly wasn't that surprised to see that
it was the redhead. I winced in silence as Rin's finger
nails dug into the base of my shaft. "Oh shit! sorry!"
the redhead said and started to close the door. Morgan laughed
" You can come in Sunfire. This is normal for us"
she told her. "The rest of them just ignore us"
Morgan told the almost closed door. "Unless it's
Kitty, she likes to watch" Rin laughed. Morgan and
Rin giggled and thankfully Rin retracted her claws. I half
expected the redhead to be reluctant, but as usual I was
wrong. She pushed the door wide open and smiled her stunning
smile at us. She walked forward toward the end of the bed
with her arms folding under he large swaying breasts that
were nowhere able to be contained even in a tight pink Victoria
Secret ribbed tank top.

"He has a nice dick" Brandy told us with a smile
as she stared at it unabashed at the end of the bed. Rin suddenly
full of surprises lurched forward and sucked it into her
mouth "MMHMMM" she said with the head of my cock
between her pink lips. "just perfect for two"
Morgan said smoothly before moving her mouth to suck on
the side of my shaft. I wasn't sure what to do so I just
laid there pretending to be asleep and let the sensations
of two mouths on my manhood reverberate through my loins.

"You guys are so hot" she sighed happily. "Do
you guys mind if I use your shower?" She asked suddenly
changing the subject. With a loud pop Rin's mouth let
go of the head of my slowly hardening cock. "Not at
all" she said cutely. "the two extra knobs control
the jets on the side" she told her before sucking me
back into her mouth. Through mostly closed eyes I saw Brandy
push her thighs against the bed and lean in slightly to either
get a better look or.... Morgan took that as her que and moved
her mouth up my shaft, Rin pulled me out of her mouth and moved
her lips to the side of my head so that Morgan could reach
the other side. Together they licked up and down my length
as the redheaded voyeur watched.

For a second I thought I was going to cry from happiness.
"I love my life" I thought to myself as the girls
made a show of us all being together. Or maybe it was who that
dick belonged to? Now that I think of it I never actually
asked. I felt the bed move again and was able to see Brandy
leaning forward even more. I wasn't sure what was going
to happen next but in this house the chances of not finding
that out were pretty slim in the mornings. Kitty came padding
into the room wearing one of Jason's Minnesota Golden
Gophers team shirts.

"It's like this every morning" Kitty sighed.
"They are fun to watch and get off to though"
she chuckled. Morgan and Rin laughed around my cock as they
continued to move their tongues up and down my now rock hard
cock. "You guys are so fun!" Brandy squealed
while giving a little golf clap. I felt the bed move again
and saw Brandy stand up straight. "Huh, most people
just go running and screaming and we don't ever hear
from them again. Jason said from the doorway. Brandy turned
toward the voice and let out a little laugh. "just
don't let Kit sit on his face again while they do this.
He almost suffocated to death last time." Jason joked.
Kitty let out an exaggerated cute little pout " Why
not! He lived!"

Rin and Morgan stopped what they were doing and laughed
with Jason and Kitty while Brandy/Sunfire seemed to be
even more surprised. "Breakfast time kids!"
Jason bellowed. I could hear him turn from the door and soon
Kitty followed, however Brandy stayed. "Well I suppose
we can blue ball him for not waking up to play with us".
Morgan told Rin through my dick "Sounds good to me"
Rin answered her back. The vibrations from their words
made it involuntarily jump causing them both to giggle.

"Brandy! Come On!" Kitty yelled from the kitchen.
Reluctantly Brandy walked out of our room and thankfully
closed the door behind her. Morgan slapped my stomach "you
can stop acting like you are asleep you coward." She
told me dryly. I opened one eye and looked down at my girlfriend,
um girlfriends? "How did you know?" I asked.
She looked at Rin for a second and they both smiled before
she looked back up at me. "Because if you actually
were still asleep you would be a dead man" she said
simply. Morgan and Rin let go of my manhood giving me a sense
of horrible loss and a little bit of separation anxiety.
They slid off the bed exposing all of our naked bodies to
one another. I watched their amazing tight young bodies
as they went into the large master bathroom to pee. I stared
back up at the ceiling and wondered if anyone would speak
about the things that were said last night.

Rin and Morgan went into the walk in closet together and
soon my red husker basketball shorts flew out at me. "You
will always be dressed when around her" Morgan's
voice said. A white V neck undershirt came flying out next
"Completely dressed" Rin fired back. I looked
down my naked body to the two pieces of clothing that lay
across my legs at the bottom of the bed. "This should
be a fun couple of days" I thought to myself sarcastically.
After using the bathroom and getting dressed I came back
out to find my two sirens dressed in bright boy short panties.
Rin had her pastel shimmering hair pulled back into a severe
pony tail and had looked Hollywood gorgeous. Morgan had
put on a black plastic head band with little white skulls
on it that pulled back her one side longer than the other
brilliantly colored bangs.

They plucked my white ribbed undershirt tank tops out of
the built in drawers in the closet and helped each other
tie them up in a knot mid back so that they just covered their
tits. That was pretty much pointless due to the fact those
things are paper thin and didn't even hide a freckle
let alone nipples. "Damn" I whispered as I watched
their tight bodies flex and move in the tiny clothing. They
both smiled at me and then one by one they moved to me and kissed
my lips softly. "I love you baby" Morgan said
as she finished her kiss. Rin replaced her and followed
suit "I love you too baby" she cooed.

"holy fuck" I gasped as she pulled away. Morgan
and Rin walked out of the closet arm in arm giggling at my
response. I had that small sense of dread, you know the one
when you know you are about to be crushed by a falling object.
Like a piano, or comet? Yeah that one. I just knew these two
were now free to make my life as complicated as they wanted
to. I had an image of both of them waddling and pregnant in
my head for a second. I quickly chased that away and swallowed
down the fear before I joined our breakfast rodeo in the

By the time we had all eaten our fill and regretted it, it
was almost noon. "You guys are crazy!" Brandy
told us again. She had been wide eyed at our usual breakfast
rodeo and how it seemed more of a dance than a meal preparation.
"No we all just fit really well" Cher said as
she leaned her sports bra covered chest against my shoulder
so that she could grab my dirty plate. The firmness of her
grapefruit sized tits pressed against my shoulder cap
as she collected the plate. "agreed" Kitty
said as she did the same thing to Jai.

Brandy seemed absolutely fascinated by the fact that we
were all so comfortable with each other. The fact the girls
were touchy feely with each of the guys and that there seemed
to be no jealousy or boundaries blew her mind. I had no doubt
that she assumed that all the girls had slept with all the
guys and we were some kind of swinger family. "I don't
want to go to work tonight" Cher pouted as she pushed
her back up against Jai who was leaning up against the kitchen
sink. "I don't either" Rin said. She let
her head fall to my shoulder and trapped my arm between her
small breasts. Morgan grabbed my other arm and pulled it
up over her head and leaned back against my side before resting
my arm over her chest. She put my hand over her left breast
and then put her hand over mine. "we should all call
in sick" she told the room. "On a Saturday? Elaine
would kill us" Kitty laughed as she sat down on Jason's
lap. She pulled his arms around her and rested his hands
in her lap.

"I have to go to work tonight no matter if I was sick
or not" Jai sighed. Him being the only manager of Bourbon
Street Bar and Grill meant that he really didn't have
a choice whether he was sick or not. Jason and I could skip
thanks to the new bouncers Jai had hired but we couldn't
do that to our buddy. "We are stuck too" Jason
said into the back of Kitty's shock white haired head.
"It sucks that we only get one day off with you guys!"
Cher pouted again.

The three of us went about our normal business, shower, cuddling
before work, kissing and petting. For me it just felt different,
I didn't know if a weight had been lifted or if a crushing
weight had just been added....

Morgan was on one side of the couch with Rin's head in
her lap and I was at the other playing with Rin's toes.
"I never thought I would fall in love with a girl"
Rin laughed. "Who you telling, I was strickley dickley
until I met this one" Morgan laughed and jerked her
head back in my direction. "I honestly didn't
mean to fall in love with him" Rin sighed as Morgan
raked her fingers through her silky long hair. "I
just couldn't help it" Morgan smiled and looked
over at me "Yeah that bastard has a way of sneaking
up on you doesn't he. I didn't know I was in love
with him until I came over to his house and found him with
some Asian chick" Morgan laughed.

I let out a little nervous laugh as I remembered the look
in her eyes when she had come over that night. Rin took her
right foot out of my hands and playfully used it to kick me
in the thigh. "You jerk" she said feigning seriousness
"How could you do that to the woman we love" Morgan
laughed and continued to play with Rin's long hair.
Now normally this conversation would be a little uncomfortable
on it's own but the fact that we had a hot as hell red head
and the cause of Rin's jealously and confession sitting
in Jai's recliner taking all this in like it was the
best soap opera on earth didn't help.

I knew why they were doing it but I just didn't understand
the depths they were going to so they could inform this chick
of where I belonged. The new girl gave no indication that
I was even on her radar so to me it was silly. I think that Brandy
only seemed to be around us all the time because we were the
most interesting at the moment. I doubt she had any interest
in anything other than having a good time.

"You would have thought he was adorable back then
babe" Morgan said as she looked down. "He was
awkward and dorky" she sighed. "Yeah?"
Rin asked with a cute smile and a squint.

"I was just slow in the head at the time" I laughed
"And I didn't even know she liked me then"
I said defending my own honor. "That's because
you are an idiot" Jason said as he walked out of the
pool room and added a slap to the back of my head for good measure.
He threw himself down in front of the couch and asked Morgan
for the remote. "No Sports Center" Morgan threatened
as she held the remote in the air. "whatever"
Jason laughed. She handed him the remote and he searched
for the second most annoying thing he could find. Kitty
came down the steps in the smallest blue cloth shorts and
white shirt she could find.

I looked over Rin's long body and stopped for a perverts
second at the tight yellow boy short panty covered pussy
and lingered on the outline of her lips before looking at
my girlfriend staring down at her almost lovingly. "I
can see your nipples" Kitty said as she plopped herself
down next to Jason and took the remote out of his hands while
he was still flipping. "I can see your uterus in those
shorts" Morgan quipped back. "at least I wear
pants you nudist" Kitty shot back.

After a moment of silence Jason, Kitty, Rin, and I looked
at Morgan in silence. She looked at all of our faces before
opening her eyes wide and jerked her head "What?"
She challenged. "are you feeling ok? Usually we would
be a paragraph deep in insults by now" Kitty said almost
in shock. Morgan let out a little laugh "Sorry I am
a little off my game today I guess" She sighed almost
happily. Rin reached up and brushed the back of her slender
fingers against the side of Morgan's cheek as they
smiled at each other.

"Whoa" Kitty said "what the hell happened?"

"I confessed that I was in love with them" Rin
said softly "both of them"

"Right down the rabbit hole she went" Jason

Cher in an oversized security shirt was standing in the
kitchen doorway holding a fruit plate, the look on her face
was a mix of amusement and utter confusion. "How are
you still alive?" Cher asked with half an apple slice
sticking in her cheek. "yeah that is a good point"
Kitty said as she looked at Rin over her shoulder "are
you the ghost of Rin?" Kitty joked. We all snickered
a little as the redhead looked around the room. "What
am I missing?" she asked as she looked from person
to person in bewilderment.

"Well Brandy, you see there is no one more possessive
and protective as our Morgan when it comes to her wittle
Davey wavy. Jai said as he came around the corner behind
Cher from the kitchen. "They threw an entire party
just to let one girl know he was taken" Jason added.
Kitty spun where she sat and slapped Jason's arm "Yeah
the girl you let suck your dick asshole." She snipped.
"Nothing happened" Jason said holding his
hands up to forestall a butt whoopin.

"Whatever" Kitty said and clucked her tongue
before turning around again. She stuck out her pointer
finger and poked Rin right in the boob. "You don't
feel dead" She told her. Rin let out a laugh and elbowed
Kitty. "But seriously there is no one more protective.
How are you alive?" Jai asked. "I know one other
that gives her a run for her money" I mumbled. Rin drew
back a long leg and kicked me in the side of my thigh again.
"Shut it boy toy" she laughed.

"Thaaaat explains it!" Brandy laughed. We
all looked at the newcomer "I swear I thought you were
going to bite my head off at the club the other night when
I put my hand on his knee" Brandy said "I knew
you had it bad"

"So what happens now?" Cher asked

Morgan looked up and smiled in a calm, happy smile that made
it look like she didn't have a care in the world. "We
move her in" Morgan said soothingly. The way Morgan
looked actually surprised me. "I love her too"
Morgan told all the confused people. "Whoa"
Kitty said with nothing but shock on her face. "Holy
Fuck" Cher whispered.

In the creepiest most threat filled voice I had ever heard
come out of my girlfriend "If you think I alone was
protective and possessive imagine what the two of us are
going to be like" She let that hang in the air for it
to sink in. For a brief second the redhead looked a little
worried. "I can still sit on his face though right?"
Kitty asked with a straight face. The room laughed and Morgan
just shook her head and chuckled.

Brandy apparently not getting the humor looked around
at everyone "so he really does fuck all of you?"
she asked. Rin barked out a laugh and Jai added "Every
last one of us"

Kitty sighed "keeping up with the schedule is such
a pain in the ass though"

Cher walked toward the couch "so worth the sacrifice"
she sighed.

She waited for Rin to lift up her legs before plopping down
on the couch next to me. Jason got up after seeing the fruit
and went to forage for food. Kitty slid over and pushed herself
between my legs while Rin's legs came down again across
Cher's legs with her manicured feet landing in my lap.
"I just wish he wasn't so demanding" Jai
said as he sat next to Kitty on the floor.

"I have needs" I deadpanned. The redhead was
open mouthed and totally believing all the lies. It probably
didn't help that when Jason came back he sat between
Cher's legs and she draped them over his shoulders
with her little brown pussy in full view of the redhead.
You know sometimes I think we thought we were cooler than
we were. We probably just made ourselves look like assholes

"I think we need a new bed" Morgan said after
about an hour of silence as we watched the reality show Kitty
had picked.

"crap" I muttered

"It would be nice if it could fit all of us when we come
down" Cher said not realizing she was giving the wrong
impression. Ok first here is the deal. In the mornings when
all of us guys got up the girls would come down to talk and
hang out. Well that usually happened in my bed since I was
the only bedroom on the first floor. So the girls would all
crawl into bed together. The problem is a queen sized bed
isn't really all that big sooooo. The other problem
is the way Cher said it seemed like all the people in the house
crawled into bed together. Yeah, no going back from that.
Also I want to point out this is where I think the trouble
started. The others disagree but since I am the one telling
these stories we are going to pretend I am right.... Remember
what I just said and you judge for yourself.... but still....
I am right.....

"We could go to Gallery Furniture" Rin said
in a yawn.

"Good plan" Kitty agreed as she turned and rested
her chin on my knee and wrapped my calf into a hug. She looked
at Jason with her cool blue eyes "we need night stands
and lamps" she said. Cher's tan legs were fidgeting
over his shoulders as he responded. "true"

"I really want a headboard. I have actually never
had a headboard" Jai said. I wasn't sure if he
was talking to himself or to us.

"Sold!" Cher exclaimed.

"How much stuff do you have?" Jai asked as he
stood up.

"Honestly not much" Rin answered

"Ok, you, me, Jason, and Dave will move you. The rest
go to Gallery" Jai delegated.

"let's do it" Kitty said as she stood up
and put her perfect ass into my face and stretched.

To Be Continued.......

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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This is one great story.


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So happy to see you post another story. I have missed them.


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Dude, I'm so glad you are back to posting your amazing
adventures. Life has been so dull without them. You write
in such a manner that anyone that has followed you can jump
right in and pick up where you left off. Welcome back!!!


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you are STILL the King


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Good re-issue of a fun story. I always hoped they were true.
Especially since they brought back memories of being a
"Bouncer" in Minneapolis bars myself when
young and in the "Glory Days". Make some new
ones if they were true. "Either write the things worth
doing, OR do the things worth writing".


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Damn buddy GLAD YOU"RE BACK!!!!!!!!!! Great read
and can't wait for more, acutally just started reading
from the start hoping for a new one!

Keep em coming


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quote norfolkpassion:
This is one great story.
I thank you, glad you enjoyed reading it.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote IslandOralMan:
So happy to see you post another story. I have missed them.
I am glad you liked them. I have missed writing a lot. Life
has gotten in my way a crap ton O times but hopefully these
next few weeks I will be able to get back into the swing of
things. Thanks for remembering them.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote terracamo:
Dude, I'm so glad you are back to posting your amazing adventures. Life has been so dull without them. You write in such a manner that anyone that has followed you can jump right in and pick up where you left off. Welcome back!!!
Thanks Man! I always worry the way I write drives people
nutty. I can't seem to catch all my errors and typo's
and it's starting to drive me up the wall. I suppose
I could stop writing them at 3am. That might help.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote Rodger4469:
you are STILL the King
Thank you both. That mean's a lot. I would say I am closer
to a Joker than a King. I will take the compliment though.
Much appreciated.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote willfreeus:
Good re-issue of a fun story. I always hoped they were true. Especially since they brought back memories of being a "Bouncer" in Minneapolis bars myself when young and in the "Glory Days". Make some new ones if they were true. "Either write the things worth doing, OR do the things worth writing".
Thank you and I can't believe I am going to say this but
I miss old Gabby's. I hear they shut it down a few years
back. That whole time holds a lot of memories for me.

As for me I believe in doing them, living through them, and
then writing about them. Carpe Diem.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote gtglaid62:
Damn buddy GLAD YOU"RE BACK!!!!!!!!!! Great read and can't wait for more, acutally just started reading from the start hoping for a new one!

Keep em coming
Thank you, I am glad to be back. Thanks for remembering them
and I WILL be posting more very soon. I am having trouble
trying to fit things into the next one. It might end up being
a jumbled mess but hopefully I can get it cut down enough
to post.

Next one will be "Houston and the California King
Bed". Don't get too excited by the name it's
mostly about shopping lol. Kidding, Kinda.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.