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Houston and Sam's club


The Sunday morning of the BBQ I woke up to find Morgan sitting
on my chest looking down at me silently. Her now shorter
dark blue hair was swinging in front of her face as she blinked
at me in silence. "Morgan. This is kinda creepy"
I laughed. "I am going to guess that you want something?"
She gave me a few quick nods and smiled wide but remained
silent. I laughed and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. "you
waaannt me to get up?" I asked in a drawn out guess.
She brightened into a bigger smile and gave me those fast
nods again.

"you are really excited about this get BBQ aren't
you?" I asked her. She pushed her open fingered hands
into my chest enough to lift her bottom off of me. I looked
down and saw that she was drenched as usual this morning.
As her ass sat back down I could feel the wetness press against
me. "It's our big get together and the girls and
I are excited to be hosts" she said in a happy voice.
"you are such a cheese ball Morgan" I laughed.
The pure joy and excitement on her young beautiful face
was unmistakable.

Morgan's knees pressed against my sides while her
hands started to do that cat like happy paw thing on my chest.
"We were talking and we should probably a Sams Club
Membership. We buy a crap ton of food anyway so it would be
a good idea. And they sell grills!" She told me with
more excitement. "just a little longer mom I don't
want to go to school today" I teased and closed my eyes
to pretend I was going back to sleep.

Morgan pushed hard against me and I felt her body lift from
mine. I opened again to find her standing over me looking
much taller then 5'7. "You will get up or I will
crush you" She said in a robotic voice. I laughed and
moved my arms between her legs so that I could take the back
of her knees in my hands. I gently tickled her and watched
as she started to freak out a little and laugh. She lifted
one leg at a time and leaned forward trying to balance herself.
"Dave stooo ha ha hop!" She laughed. I kept tickling.

She gave me a serious face and pointed down at me "I
am warning you! Stop or you will regret it" she said
it was such conviction that I couldn't help but tickle
her more. Her dark blue metallic colored hair flared up
as she dropped down to her knees trapping my arms at my sides.
As lovely as her ass was it hurt like hell when it landed on
my chest and slightly knocked the wind out of me. "I
warned you" she said slightly out of breath.

In a pure act of selfishness I pushed with my arms and brought
her to my face. My hands grabbed a hold of her ass and forced
her pussy onto my mouth. "Daaaaaaviiiiiddddd"
she laughed loudly. The thick sweet taste of her morning
pussy filled my mouth as I drove my tongue as deep as it could
go. I felt her hands on the top of my head and she grabbed handfuls
of my hair as she steadied herself. Her hips bucked forcing
my chin into her pussy as my mouth found her little clit.
"Daave" she whimpered as I sucked hard on her
little gum drop clit. I rolled my tongue over her sensitive
button before flicking it with my tongue.

Her body shivered and her hands threatened to make me bald.
Her knees pressed my shoulders and shook as my tongue dipped
back into her young tight pussy. I could hear her moan as
my mouth continued to attack her little twat. My lips and
chin were soaked in her morning juices as she struggled
to get away and hold on at the same time. "Daaaaveah"
she whined as her fingers tore into my hair.

I sucked her inner labia into my mouth so she couldn't
escape and laughed a little as she whined in frustration.
"We need to get stuff thoooough ho ho" she whined.
I released her lips and found her swollen little clit with
my tongue. She whimpered and pulled at my hair as I sucked
hard and flicked the end with my tongue. I chanced letting
her ass go and moved my hands from her back up to her tits.
Her body jerked on my mouth as my fingers found her hard nipples.

I twisted them in my fingers as I continued to suck hard on
her clit. I knew that this would make her cum fast and that
is exactly what I was hoping for. Morgan's pleas to
stop fell on deaf ears as I continued my onslaught of her
tasty little pussy. Morgan's pussy pushed hard into
my mouth and nose almost completely cutting off my airway.
I could only think of one thing to do, I pinched her nipples
hard and made her jump. That allowed me to take in a big gulp
of air as well as a mouth full of her pussy juices.

She tasted so sweet even in the mornings and that only made
me hungrier for her cum. I suctioned onto her clit and when
for broke, I left on hand massaging and teasing her firm
breast and let my other fall back to her ass. I kneaded my
fingers into her flesh trying to control her hips that were
jerking. It was making it hard to keep control of her clit
and that just wouldn't do.

"Dave" she moaned. Her hands had stopped trying
to rip my hair out and had changed to holding my head with
her fingers spread wide. My tongue swirled around her clit
as I sucked as hard as I could without hurting her. Her body
began it's familiar quake telling me it was just about
time. I pushed hard against her ass pushing her body toward
the wall, she threw her hands out against the wall so her
face wouldn't smash into it.

"I'm going to cum in your mouth" she groaned
in a deep voice. "mmmhmmm" I urged with my mouth
full of pussy. Her cum flooded into my mouth faster than
I had expected and made me choke. As my body reacted from
the choke her body was lifted up, her pussy landed hard against
my mouth and her clit rubbed up against my top teeth. Morgan
screamed out then mashed her pussy hard into my mouth. I
went back to sucking on her clit as her cum poured over my
chin and down my neck.

When she couldn't take any more she forced herself
onto my chest knocking some wind out of me. I looked up at
her while she looked down at me and brushed her thing dark
blue and black hair back with her right hand while her left
pressed against my chest for support. She gave me a lopsided
grin "you are a fucking asshole David!" I smiled
back up at her with my mouth and chin coated with her wetness.
I could feel her cum run down my neck and pool at my adams apple.

"fuck you and your pussy eating ambush!" she
said in fake anger. I smiled at her from between her knees
feeling very proud of myself. Morgan puffed up her cheeks
and blew out the air in a rush. "That surprised me"
she laughed. She squeezed her tits in her hands and pinched
her nipples "that felt sooooo good" she sighed.
All of her 123 or so pounds pressed down on my chest when she
lifted her legs so that the bottoms of her feet were on the
bed. "payback bitch" she said as she spun around
in place.

Morgan's ass came into full view as she leaned down
to attack my cock with her mouth. Not one to be outdone I pulled
her back to my mouth in a 69. "Nooo" she whined
around my cock as my tongue dipped between her lips. She
wiggled her ass to try to get me to stop but I captured it with
my hands instead. I lifted my head and jammed the tip of my
tongue in her coppery tasting asshole. "OH FUCK"
she laughed and lifted her ass up so that I couldn't
reach it. I could however reach her clit and attacked that
in lieu of her ass.

I had just started to suck on her sensitive gum drop clit
again when she lunged forward. "Fuck you asshole"
she laughed. Morgan moved her ass and pussy far away from
me and got into a squat. She reached below her and lifted
my semi rigid cock into the air, she pointed it at her pussy
lips like a rocket and made it disappear in one swift drop
of her ass. "AAAHHHH GAAAAAh" burst from her
lips "what was I thinking?" She whined in an
extremely high pitched voice.

I laughed as she shook her head clear of whatever had invaded
it. Her hands found the top of my thighs, her amazing spread
ass lifted up showing me how much of her white thick juices
were on my shaft. Watching her ass bob up and down and the
feeling of her pussy on my cock hypnotized me. I lay back
and watched as her young ass moved up in down in a sight fit
for porn while at the same time felt the loving embrace of
her sweet young pussy.

"I love my life" I said out loud. Her fingers
dug into my thighs and she laughed in between her loud moans.
Morgan leaned as far forward as she could without losing
balance and gave me an X rated show of my cock going in and
out of her insides. "cum you bastard" she laughed.
In a moment of weakness my hand flew out in front of me and
smacked her ass hard enough to leave a read mark. Instead
of verbally attacking me for it she bit her lip and moaned
deeper. "so she likes that too huh?" I thought
to myself.

Morgan continued with the show of leg strength and the dirty
view she wanted me to have until my body began to build up
the boiler pressure. "where do you want me to cum?"
I asked in a breath. She didn't answer but instead quickened
her pace, her pussy gripped me tight and left me red from
the friction. Morgan's orgasm started a second before
mine, we cried out together in our pleasure. My cum ran down
my cock with hers as she struggled to keep her ass moving.
When it was finally to much she collapsed her tits on my shins
and lay panting. We lay there pulsing against each other
as cum oozed out of her hot cunt down my slowly failing dick.

I watched as her pussy and asshole squeezed then released
over and over again as she waited for her body to calm down.
"So that happened" she breathed. "Hey
at least it was an ambush ass fuck" I laughed. She let
out a soft scream "now I am worried about tomorrow
morning" she laughed. I reached out and teased her
asshole with the tip of my middle finger causing it to clench.

"STOP IT!" she laughed. I "he he'd".

"Come on lets take a shower and get ready" she
said. She spun in place and made her way into the bathroom
with wide legged strides. Watching her walk from behind
was one of my favorite things to do I think.

After our shower I got dressed and joined the rest of the
group milling around the kitchen. Everyone was in shorts
while I was in jeans "dude it's already like 70
something out there." Jason said pointing over his
with is thumb. I looked out the kitchen window at the bright
morning "This Texas weather is going to take some
getting used to" I thought to myself. I turned back
toward my bedroom to throw on my trusty khaki cargos.

Morgan was humming from the bathroom while she brushed
her teeth "hey babe I guess it's supposed to be
warm out today" I yelled from the closet. After I changed
into my shorts I found some ankle socks and threw on my white
K Swiss shoes. I figured I might as well go summer mode now
and just enjoy it. In Nebraska and Minnesota it was a crap
shoot whether March would be warm or if there was one last
snow storm in the works.

"That color green looks good on you" Morgan
said as she looked at my Lucky jeep green shirt. She crossed
her legs at the ankle and raised her arms high about her head
and arched her back. She let out a high pitched whine as she
loosened her muscles "damn" I muttered as my
eyes traveled up and down her sexy body. She smiled at me
and pushed her ass out "I am glad you like" she
said letting her arms slap against her thighs when she dropped

Morgan walked on her toes to me and leaned in giving me a gentle
kiss on my lips. "I love you" she whispered.
"I love you too" I answered and kissed her back.
"snuggling, kissing, pussy eating ambushes and
orgasms. That's how this girl loves to wake up"
she said happily as she walked into the closet.

I went back to the kitchen and sat down at the table to drink
my glass of milk and read the paper while I waited for Morgan.
I couldn't help but admire Kitty's longs when
she strode into the kitchen. She was wearing tiny tight
light colored denim shorts that had the insides of her front
pockets sticking out from the bottom of them. She had on
a 3/4 length white and pink baseball style shirt with the
rounded bottom hanging out. She was carry jet black shoes
that looked like a slanted wedge of rubber. She had her large
round clear glasses on top of her white haired head. I was
guessing it was a prelude to her summer style.

I guessed wrong when I saw that Jason had changed into the
same style baseball shirt with maroon sleeves instead
of pink like his girlfriend. I could hear Jai laugh at how
Kitty and Jason had found it necessary to dress alike. He
was wearing a white shirt with a massive screen print of
R2D2 from StarWars on the front, denim knee length shorts
and sandals. I didn't think he was in a position to laugh

"Oh that is cute" Kitty said when she saw Morgan
walk into the kitchen. Morgan had gone for a pin up summer
look. She had a black sheer scarf tied in a big bow at the top
of her blue hair. She wore a button up long sleeve white denim
shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. The bottom
of the shirt shirt only went to the middle of her torso and
was tied in a bow. Her shorts were an eye popping red with
little white stars all over them. The waist of the shorts
was well over her belly button and left a little bit of exposed
skin between them and the bow at the bottom of her shirt.

The red starred shorts were very short but not in a trashy
way. They covered her ass completely and were a little loose
fitting, however they showed a lot of leg. Her legs looked
impossibly long as my eyes travelled down them to her bright
red shoes. They had a single strap around each ankle, they
were open toed but little straps curved into a bow shape
over her toes. The bottoms looked like 2 inches of cork all
they way around the pad and the stick part of her heel. She
was now over six foot tall thanks to the unique eye popping

"Wow you look like you are out of the 40's! That
is a really cute outfit!" Kitty said as she watched
Morgan turn with her palms up and arms out wide. "thank
you" she said sweetly. "thank God for Cher."
I sighed. "without her I would look like the shortest
in the group" Cher looked down at her tight black tee
shirt and khaki capri'd self before flipping me off.
"I could go put on some heels instead of these flip
flops but I would still probably be the shortest."
She pouted. After a few chuckles the girls grabbed their
purses and we all went out into the warm March morning to
my Expedition.

Morgan claimed the front and immediately pulled down the
visor so that she could apply fire engine red lipstick while
the other four got in the seat behind us. We had taken the
third seat out in preparation for our shopping excursion.
Cher sat on Jai's lap for the short trip while Kitty
settled in between Jai and Jason. "Do you guys ever
get tired of this? I love it when we all go places" Kitty
said as I backed out of the driveway. "yeah it's
pretty fun" Cher acknowledged. I think everyone
probably agreed but no one else spoke up.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Morgan finishing her
lip stick application and tuck back some blue hair into
her head scarf. It then dawned on me that if you look her up
from shoes to head she had gone red, white, and blue patriotic.
I laughed to myself about how her looks always had a theme
to them. As I drove the conversations of menu ideas went
back and forth with Jai agreeing or vetoing them. Since
he would be doing the main cooking it was really up to him.

"who's getting the membership?" I asked
as I pulled into the parking lot. "One of us will since
we do most of the shopping anyway" Kitty said leaning
over Jason looking out the side window. "This place
is packed!" She exclaimed. The warm weather must
have excited the people of NorthWest Houston, people were
hauling out carts full of beer and watermelons. We fell
out of my Ford and all walked toward the doors through with
the streams of people headed toward the front doors. After
a short trip to member services and 10 minutes of Kitty whining
that she should have worn cuter clothes for her card picture
we went shopping.

The girls broke away from us and walked ahead talking excitedly
about what they wanted. I couldn't stop looking at
Morgan's ass and her legs. The slightly loose red shorts
weren't form fitting nor were they slutty, the hems
clung tightly around her thighs just below her ass and pussy.
With her shoes and the way the shorts were cut her legs looked
8 feet long. I pictured her in one of those pin up calendars
where the girls showed leg and their stomachs but still
looked classy and sexy.

"should we just get a grill?" I asked while watching
Morgan walk, even Kitty's luscious ass in her tiny
jean shorts didn't take my eyes away. Morgan's
long strides made it seem as if she was gliding over the polished
concrete floor of Walmart's discount club. "Yeah
we might as well, we will probably use it till it breaks"
Jason said while looking around. "Jai you should
probably pick the one you want bro." I told him as my
view went around the corner of large bright orange metal

"Roger that" He said and broke off from us heading
toward the grills. "We need some patio furniture"
Jason said as we walked passed the cedar and metal chairs
and benches. "agreed, and some of those Tiki torches
to keep the mosquitos away" I said thinking back to
the conversation the landlord had had with us about how
bad the flying pests got in the summer. I had never had a pool
before or palm trees in my back yard so I had no idea what to

The girls appeared again pushing a massive wire frame cart
with Morgan in the middle framed by Cher and Kitty. There
was a stack of 10 green boxes the size of a medium pizza box
in the bottom of it already. Cher pointed at something and
they angled the cart toward where her finger pointed. A
guy walking by with his wife almost snapped his neck trying
to get a glimpse as they walked by. Jason slapped the back
of his hand against my arm "come on lets check this
stuff out."

I turned with him and we spent the next 20 minutes looking
at all the cheap and expensive patio furniture they had.
Jai joined us and informed us the grill was up at the front
waiting for us. "I am going to find a cart and start
grabbing the stuff I'm gonna be cookin up" his
cajun accented voice told us. He left us as we continued
to do that math in our head "this shit is expensive"
I grumbled as I put down the 200 dollar price tag of a nice
looking cedar set. "We are in that house for at least
a year and it's not like we can't swing it with six
of us." he said sitting down on a chaise recliner to
test the softness.

"this would make one hell of a custody battle"
I laughed plopping down on a green and white padded lovers
swing. "You don't have to worry about me breaking
up with Kit. I am too scared she would go redneck and drag
me behind a truck until I died" He laughed. I couldn't
help but wonder if he had just told me something he wasn't
aware of. We tested several of the padded chairs and recliners
before narrowing it down to 2 different sets. The green
and white padded metal framed ones and an oak one with black
and white cushions.

"hey guys are we getting new furniture?" Morgan
asked as they rolled up with a cart packed with everything
but food. Cher parked a second cart next to Morgan's
with several dark wood wicker topped Tiki torches sticking
out of them. I felt my wallet start to cry as my eyes searched
through the carts contents from the side. They were packed
with nicknacks, curling irons and hair dryers, boxes of
Christmas lights, some clothes, some movies, and other
assorted things. I was glad I couldn't see into Cher's

Morgan plopped down next to me making the bench swing "oh
it's this is nice!" she said looking around her.
She pushed her palms into the cushion and leaned back. She
used her legs to give us more movement and then leaned against
my shoulder. "we are sooo doing this all summer"
she sighed happily. I looked over at Jason "so the
metal frame one then" He said as if the decision had
been made for us.

"Where's Kit?" Jason asked looking around
for his bombshell girlfriend. "She went to help Jai
I think" Cher said leaning against her cart. Jason
got up to go find a big flat bed cart to put the boxes of our
new patio set on while the rest of us waited. "I thought
about getting us a TV for out bedroom but I was afraid if I
did we would become little naked hermits" Morgan
snickered. She probably had a point.

Two trips and 1500 dollars later we had gotten all of our
goodies home. Jai had used the house account to pay for the
trip and we all agreed to split it and put the money back in
the next day. The girls flitted around the house setting
out all the new nicknacks they had bought while Jai put together
the grill. Jason and I set up the 5 piece furniture set up
and strategically placed the torches around the flower
beds that lined the tall wooden privacy fence.

Kitty and Morgan came out barefoot and holding the stacks
of green boxes that contained white Christmas lights.
"what are those for?" I asked. Kitty smiled
brightly "the palm trees and bushes". I put
Morgan on my shoulders so that we could reach the high parts,
she tucked the tops of her feet behind my back and held onto
my head while we waited for Kitty to get on Jason's shoulders.
We spent an hour covering the back yard foliage with the
strands of white lights. Dotted in the flowerbeds were
outlets that stuck out of the ground like flowers so finding
power was easy.

Cher joined us in the backyard with an armful of platinum
solar patio lights to stick into the ground. With how our
backyard was starting to look it was easy to guess where
most of that money we spent went. "what time is everyone
getting here?" I asked tilting my head back to look
at Morgan. She looked down at me and smiled before she answered.
"everyone should be here around 6 or so" She
ran her fingers through my hair and parted her bright red
lips again. She looked so happy that I couldn't help
by smile myself.

The day had indeed gotten warmer and by 4 in the afternoon
it was almost 85 degrees. It was only the 5th of March and
I was still trying to wrap my head around it. Jai had been
in the kitchen since he tested the grill preparing the meat,
chicken, fish, and other assorted things he was going to
grill up. I looked at all the food and tried to remember how
many people were actually coming over. "Rin, Angie, Duff, Jenny, Edgar
the bouncer from Splendors, a few names that I couldn't
place the face to when it dawned on me. "Aren't
any Bourbon Street people coming over? I asked anyone listening.

"not for this one" Jason said while he packed
a blue cooler full of beer. "remember we decided we
would do the girls friends before we had everyone come over"
He said trying to force the white closed on the overfull
cooler. "oh right" I lied, I didn't remember
that at all. We had this rule that no one was allowed in the
house unless someone vouched for them but I suppose if the
girls knew them.

I heard a car pull into the driveway as I was cleaning up the
furniture boxes. Morgan walked out of the red back door
and went to the wooden gate to let whomever in. Rin stepped
into view with a giant wicker looking purse swinging on
her arm. She had on tight black tee shirt with silver designs
on the front and a distressed denim very short skirt. Her
big high heel sandals made her tower over Morgan as they
talked excitedly. Rin smiled brightly at me and waved before
they went into the house.

Around 6 people started to show up in all manner of almost
summer dress, lots of shorts and skirts mixed in with sandals.
I noticed most of the girls had carried in giant open topped
handle purses with them. Duff immediately went to her bff
Kitty's side to help in anyway she could. Cher and Jenny
became a dynamic duo helping Jai unwrap all the dishes of
marinated meat. I hadn't seen Angie yet but I assumed
it was only a matter of time until she was with Morgan.

In a shocking turn of events the girl named Mariah that had
been interested in me showed up while I was standing in my
bedroom door. Her eyes were as big as saucers when she saw
Jason. Her dirty dish water blonde head turned and her neck
craned as if looking for the last bit of proof. I could see
her hazel eyes narrow when she caught sight of me from the
kitchen. She walked straight up to me and bounced to a stop
at my feet. "Why are you here?" She asked through
squinted eyes. I hadn't seen her since her after hours
party and hadn't heard anything about her. I was wondering
if Morgan had invited her on purpose.

"I live here" I said while waiting for a negative
response. "so then which one is your girlfriend?
Kitty, Cher, or" Her eyes widened to show her hazel
expression of surprise "Demona!" she asked
in a high pitched voice. I couldn't help but smile at
her shocked look. She turned her head around sending her
shoulder length tight wavy hair flying. She locked onto
Morgan standing by the back door "Demona are you with
Dave!" She hollered.

Morgan's head popped up like she was a ground hog "what?"
she asked wide eyed. I couldn't help but wonder if the
fact that they were dating us was supposed to be a secret
why had they invited people that could get them busted?
"Yeah that's him" Morgan hollered back.
I could tell she was trying to keep the self satisfied smile
from appearing on her face. Morgan apparently had a plan
and that was never good. I was also hoping she wouldn't
get fired because of it.

Mariah turned back to me, crossed her arms over her chest
and dropped her weight to back foot. "So this is what
she has been keeping a secret. We all knew she was seeing
someone but I never in a million years thought it would be
you" She said with a straight face. I couldn't
tell if she was thinking. "I figured Star liked you"

"Nope nobody likes me but Morgan" I told her.
Mariah gave me a cheshire grin "I wouldn't exactly
say that" she said slowly "by the way my name
is Sara" she said instantly giving me the chills.
After the relationship with the Sarah from my past I think
I was emotionally scarred with that name. After an explanation
of who was with who she seemed to let it go and we slipped into
chit chat.

"THERE HE IS!" Jai yelled out as Edgar big frame
walked through the door with a shy looking Latina in tow.
Edgar shook hands with Jai and Jason before accepting a
bottle of bud light. I shouted a hello to him and he raised
his beer in response. I turned back to my conversation with
Mariah/Sara while other girls that I kind of remembered
walked in.

As it turned out we had almost 30 or so people that showed
up for our little get together. I recognized most from the
after hours party we had went to and a few more that I had seen
at Splendors. Everyone got introduced and as it turned
out Sara's response was about par for the course. Morgan
would walk by and kiss me randomly and everyone had been
invited to "their house" and found us living
there with them. Poor Jenny looked relieved to be able to
acknowledge she knew Jai and the rest of us.

Morgan had her nose pierced on the right side with a hoop,
the middle of her bottom lip with a hoop that sat on in the
slight crease of her bottom lip. Her ears were pierced 4
times in different places, her tongue pierced twice, her
belly button was pierced, and her clit was pierced. She
had a breast to hip tattoo on her left side and one on her right
foot up her ankle and half her calf. She had dark blue and
black hair and her style was a mix of goth, emo, and pin up

I had nothing, no piercings, no tattoos, and looked more
American Eagle than pin up in style. I had to admit we were
an interesting contrast. I guess no matter how hard you
try you can't help but judge a person by their looks
from time to time. This time they were judging me instead
of her lol.

"we should have bought a outdoor bonfire thing"
Jason said as we looked around our backyard at all the people
drinking and talking. As a joke I pulled my car keys out of
my pocket and held them up in front of Jason. I shouldn't
have been surprised but when he took them out of my hand and
vanished behind the gate I was a little shocked. That fool
drove to Walmart and picked up 4 big black metal fire pits
with a marble ring around them big enough to set a plate on.
He put them together and stuffed them with the logs he bought
and lit them on fire. He looked so damn excited as he put the
wire frame tops on them.

As the light faded to a mirky dusk we lit the Tiki torches
and turned out on the Christmas lights. White lights covered
the base of our Queen Anne palm trees and continued up onto
the palm fronds. The bushes in between halo'd with
the white light of hundreds of tiny bulbs. The platinum
solar lights glowed an eerie blue while the brilliant red
and blue flames of the torches danced off the wicks. Green
and blue light illuminated the pool and now open hot tub
filling the back yard with beautiful blue glows ghostly
soft blue light.

"Wow it's beautiful" Morgan said from
my side. She hooked her arm in mine and laid her head against
my shoulder. "I love our house and I love you for making
our house" She said still looking around the glowing
backyard. "I wouldn't want it any other way"
I told her. Morgan turned to look at me, flickers of light
danced in her green eyes, her lips parted but she didn't
speak. She leaned in and gave me a soft lingering kiss on
my cheek and sighed.

"It's so weird seeing you like this" Sara
said from behind Morgan. I could feel Morgan's lips
spread into a satisfied smile, she pulled away and trapped
my arm between her breasts. "Yeah well it's hard
trying to keep myself from smothering him, but it would
be rude with all of our guests over" Morgan said looking
at the girl from over her shoulder. "I usually can't
keep my hands off of him" she said in a cool voice. I
suddenly wondered if she was invited so Morgan could toy
with her like a cat toys with a mouse. Morgan was claiming
her territory and it started to make me wonder if any of the
other girls at our party hadn't made a comment about

"Naw I am just getting cocky. She wouldn't go
that far would she?" I thought to myself.

"lets eat!" Jai shouted from the big stainless
steel grill we had bought. The smells of cooking meat gave
me Pavlov's and I did my best not to drool on my shirt.
Morgan, Kitty, and Cher directed everyone to the kitchen
to get plates and the side dishes. Jason brought out our
two giant Coleman coolers filled with strawberry margaritas
and a fruity concoction of mine that was about 200 proof.
Think fruity tasting Everclear with chunks of oranges,
lemons, cherries, pineapples, and Kiwi floating in it.

I had been so involved with everything I hadn't even
noticed that someone had turned on the speakers through
out the house and backyard. I watched the people dotted
through out our beautifully lit backyard chatting and
enjoying Jai's cooking. I had never once in my life
imagined something like this. Not to sound stupid but I
had seen parties like this on TV or in movies and thought
it looked cool but to actually be living it was something
else. Granted I had always expected my backyard to be filled
with strippers at some point in my life. It was still just

"We've come a long way" Jai said as he moved
next to me with his arms folded across his chest. "Yeah
we have" I agreed. Jason joined us holding a plate
of citrus glazed chicken and pineapple marinated pork
on a stick. "so this is what being grown up is like?"
Jason chuckled. "Your girlfriend is a 19 year old
stripper and you share a house with two of your best friends
and their stripper slash bartender girlfriends while
secretly hoping you will have round two with Tanya and Kitty"
Jai said in one long breath.

"So this is what it's like when we all have money"
Jason said not missing a beat and altering his musings.
I started laughing and couldn't stop at the second
one. Jai joined in and we all laughed together while we were
feeling good about life. It had been a rough road and times
would no doubt get rough again at some point. For right now
though it was damn good. I held up my beer bottle "To
best friends and the good parts of life" I said. My
two friends clinked their beer bottles against mine as
we watched over our guests.

"Too bad Angie didn't show up though. You could've
had a foursome" Jason joked. "Why do you always
have to ruin these moments dude?" I asked. "Yeah
man not everyone wants to fuck everything that breaths.
Dude you need some class" Jai joked. The look on Jason's
face was priceless as he heard us talk. "What? I was
just trying to be funny man!" He defended himself.

"all you think about is sex man, the things you must
put Kitty through" Jai said keeping up with it. "I
bet he probably begs her for a threesome every chance he
gets." I added. "I do not!" Jason said
a little too loud of a voice. A few people looked at us to see
what was going on. "wow you can't even tell us
the truth?" I feigned astonished hurt as I watched
Morgan, Rin, and Kitty walk up towards us. "I suppose
you have this whole giant plan to get Duff back in bed with
you guys don't you?" I asked him.

"I do not! I was just joking about your foursome!"
He said looking flustered.

"Who's foursome?" Morgan asked as she
stopped in front of me. Jason still in defense mode God Bless
Him blurted out "I was saying it was too bad Angie didn't
show up so Dave could have a foursome." Somewhere
in the middle of his sentence I closed my eyes and wished
for a rewind button. "nope just a threesome tonight"
Morgan said as if she was answering what she was eating.
Jai laughed at Morgan's cool response. When I opened
my eyes I noticed Rin and Kitty were chuckling as well.

Rin's eyes found mine and her smile became even bigger
while I suddenly felt smaller. Morgan put her hand flat
on my chest "baby can I get you a plate?" I shook
my head "I can get it" Morgan shook her head back
at me "It wasn't really a question, I was just
being polite" She said in a strong tone. "be
right back" she said with a wink and turned to go make
me a plate of food. Kitty moved next to Jason and plucked
a piece of meat off his plate and put it between her lips.
"babe where are your keys? I want to get my CD's
out of your car. He nodded his head toward the house and together
then went through the doors to find them.

"Jai! Can you cook the rest of this pork!" Cher
asked from the grill. "Sure nuff cher" He responded
and left Rin and I alone. "Having fun?" I asked
before taking a drink. She ran her finger down the clear
plastic cup that held what looked like my special power
punch. "yeah I am. This is a pretty cool party and the
backyard looks awesome" she said letting her eyes
dart around for a second. "Well I am really glad you
came. I am sure I will need your help later to keep people
from getting naked" I laughed.

Her eyes quickly looked me up and down before she looked
away "Morgan asked me to stay tonight" she said
staring at the blank wooden wall. I felt a lump in my throat
and my heart started to beat a little faster. I didn't
want to assume Morgan had a plan but it wouldn't be too
shocking if she did. "what did you say?" I asked
quietly as if hiding a secret from the bush I was standing
next too.

Rin turned her head so that she could look at me. "I
know if I did it could be bad so I told her I would have to think
about it." she said quietly as well. Apparently we
were both thinking along the same lines and assumed Morgan
was scheming something. "do you think I should tell
her yes?" Rin asked taking me by complete surprise.
My inner voice shouted "YES" and "NO"
at the same time making me squint. I could feel my heart pound
in my chest and felt my stomach grumble. I took the cowards
way out by putting the mouth of the bottle to my lips to take
a drink "do you want to stay?" I asked before
taking a drink.

She turned away so that I was looking at her left cheek. Rin's
lips parted into a lazy smile and rolled her eyes as she looked
at the wooden wall and quietly said "yeah, I think
do" I felt my heart stop then pound like a jack rabbits
foot against the ground. I wasn't sure what I was feeling
or what thoughts I was having. Maybe Morgan just thought
she would get drunk and was saying she could stay if she needed
to. Or maybe Morgan just thought we would be partying all
night long, I mean Jason and I had taken Monday off just in
case. Or maybe... "I would like that" Said my
voice. "where the fuck did that come from?"
my inner voice asked.

Rin's smile got bigger for a second before she controlled
it and turned back to look at me. "I guess then maybe
I will think about telling her yes" she said staring
into my eyes. I saw that Morgan had filled the plate and was
turning toward me. I relaxed my shoulders that had become
tense without my knowing and looked past Morgan. Rin sensing
what I was doing put the rim of her cup between her teeth and
hesitated a second before she tipped it back. Her throat
worked as she downed the fruity powerful drink in gulp.

Morgan handed me the plate as she got to Rin's side "sit
down and eat baby and I will be there in a sec ok" She
said in a happy voice. Morgan's smile was pure happiness
as she watched me take the plate full of food from her. I kicked
off my shoes and sat down at the edge of the pool so that I could
sink my feet in while I ate. Maroon 5's "Sunday
Morning" drifted into the air from our hidden speakers
and I couldn't help but smile. "So this life isn't
so bad" I told the piece of chicken I was holding.

I ate Jai's amazing cooking as my legs kicked in the
blue and green glowing water of our pool.

TO Be Continued...........

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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Ok I admit this chapter gave me fits,
it ended up way to long and in the end cutting it down made
it worthless. I have been messing with it for 3 days now and
I have finally given up. In my opinion it's a hot mess
how I did it. I will also warn you that the BBQ will mostly
likely take up 5 posts. For that I am so so sorry.

That is even after I cut it down so as you can imagine I might
have missed something. So it will be filled with typos and
grammar issues most likely. I will also warn you if a section
doesn't make sense it's probably because I cut
out part of it by accident.

So sorry


Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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no worries i think it is great no matter how long it is, for
me the longer the better as i never want it to end. So great
job again


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It can be as long as you want and we don't care!!!!!!!!!!
Keep em coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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don't worry about it. your writing is loke reading
a good book. hell i might print them out just to read agian
when you finish the series.


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quote rm_jbadam01:
no worries i think it is great no matter how long it is, for me the longer the better as i never want it to end. So great job again
I am glad you are still enjoying them.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote gtglaid62:
It can be as long as you want and we don't care!!!!!!!!!! Keep em coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL thanks, I am trying to cut down the last BBQ one now to
just one chapter so I can move on. But I have 4 more written
after that so I will post em as fast as I can

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote OUTLAW4261957:
don't worry about it. your writing is loke reading a good book. hell i might print them out just to read agian when you finish the series.
Thank you very much! I was in Houston for 4 or 5 years so as
you can imagine the series will go on for a long while. Plenty
more insanity to come, once I can remember all the details
at least.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote trucker52_04:
Two things my friend.

1 Depo Provera is a life saver!!!! I wonder if I can get a commercial
out of that?

2 Sad to say at that time my mind wasn't really working
well so I never worried about getting anyone pregnant.
Cause I was a MORON! We've been over this.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.