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Houston and Riko


Riko extended her arms above her head clasping her fingers
together and let out a tiny squeak as she bent her body in
a stretch. After snaking her body left and right she let
her arms fall down to the bed with a plop and smiled. "your
bed is really comfy Dave" I just nodded at her statement
still in a bit of shock.

Why Jason suddenly vanished behind his closed bedroom
door and why he was in a rush to get Scott out of our house became
clear. She grabbed the remote off the bed as if what was happening
was normal and started to flip the channels trying to find
something she liked. I was still standing stone still at
the top of the steps trying to decide if this was a good thing
or just something innocent. "innocent" i thought
to myself. "She is in my bed at 5am!!"

"would you mind making me another drink" she
asked still flipping channels. "s s sure" I
stammered back and bounded back down the berber covered
steps. After making her a very strong liquid cocaine and
taking two shots of rumplemintz i brought her drink back
and me a bottle of bud. "YAY thank you" she said
reaching out for the redish yellow drink. She put her full
pink lips to the rim of the glass and took half of the alcoholic
beverage down in one gulp before going back to flipping
channels in a vain attempt to find something good. I took
a pull off my beer still standing in my bedroom like the coward
that i was, afraid to move forward.

She huffed a sigh of defeat and stopped on an old movie on
HBO. She put the glass to her lips again and polished off
the rest of the drink in another swift gulp then focused
her dark almond shaped eyes on me. "One more please"
she asked politely.

I moved forward and took the glass from her then hurried
downstairs to get her another drink and me another shot
of liquid courage. When i got back upstairs I found her propped
up on pillows against my bedroom wall watching Sharon Stone
and one of the Baldwin brothers going through their scenes.
I had gambled and brought her a shot of watermelon pucker
with her drink. She took both, downing the shot in one gulp
and half her drink in another before i even managed to sit
on my bed. "what are you watching " I asked her.
"I dunno some stupid movie named Sliver" she
replied back staring at the TV.

I kicked my shoes off and laid back against the cool wall
behind my bed clutching my beer bottle with a death grip.
I had just settled into a comfortable spot when her head
snapped toward me "what do you want" she asked
matter of fact. Soft blue light from the TV flickered across
her stunning Oriental features as she searched my face
for the answer. I was taken aback by the suddenness of the
question and my mind went blank. I just stared back adding
a nice awkwardness to the moment unable to verbalize. "it
can't be anything raunchy k" she said breaking
the silence "I have a boy friend and he would be mad
if I had sex with you" she continued as if talking about
the weather.

"I wasn't going to ask for sex" I blurted
out a little too loud. Her head tilted to the side and she
confused me "why not"

"I I don't know" I stammered back "I
am not like that" I followed trying to think clearly
through my booze fogged mind. "I mean you are gorgeous
and hella sexy and I would be all over you in a heartbeat and
you are so nice and sweet" A voice shouted in my head
"STOP TALKING YOU MORON" but apparently i was
too stupid to listen because I kept rambling "and
I would love to have sex with you as much as possible"
I brought my beer bottle to my lips and forced myself to shut
up by drinking.

Riko let out a huge laugh "well at least you are honest"

"does your shoulder still hurt" She asked with
an amused look on her face. I pulled the bottle from my moronic
mouth and nodded. "yeah it's my left around my
shoulder blade" I told her "I don't know
what i did but it's killing me" Riko seemed to
have shaken my stupid babbling off with ease and didn't
seem upset or disgusted. "Ok how about I see if i can
make you feel good" She said in a sweet voice. I don't
know why but those words turned me on and my body flushed
with a sudden wave of heat. "s sure" I stammered
again "that sounds great"

Riko reached across me and grabbed the sweating beer bottle
out of my hands and rolled over to set it on the floor beside
my bed. My bed is a very tall pillow top mattress and it was
a struggle to get the bottle and her glasses down the floor.
As she reached down the sheets moved and I got a perfect view
of her tiny tight ass covered in white cotton panties. I
felt the heat flow through my body again and a little spot
of perspiration dampened my forehead. She struggled to
get herself up right on my bead again making her legs and
as flex as she lifted her self up. I had to turn way.

"Ok lay on your stomach facing the TV and take off your
shirt" She said matter of fact. "I have to take
my shirt off" I asked feeling extremely self conscious
all of the sudden "I am all fat kid right now and"
I started to protest before she cut me off "don't
be silly you are fine" she said and reached down to
the hem of my polo. I let her lift it up exposing my chubby
midsection and helped her pull it over my head. I moved into
the position she directed me too and let my arms fall off
the bottom corner of the bed. I felt her move in next to me
and jumped when her tiny hands touched my flesh.

I could hear my own breathing as her small but powerful hands
worked themselves over my back and shoulders. "you
are full of knots Dave" she said absentmindedly and
pressed hard with her thumbs on the sore spots. Her touch
was driving me crazy for some reason, when she would move
from one spot to the next her finger tips would graze my skin
and send a tickling sensation down my spine. "what
hurts the most" She asked from above me. I directed
her to the spot under my left shoulder blade. " it hurts
from there and moves up my neck and around to the front of
my shoulder" I told her. "I honestly don't
know what I did"

Her fingers worked their magic and the good feeling of sore
muscles being worked out combined with the pain of it moved
over my body. "hmmmmmmm" I moaned in a deeper
then usual voice that i could feel in my chest. "Jeez
this is hard to get too" she complained. I felt her
body shift on my side and in one quick motion I felt her sit
on my butt. This was not going to help the growing attraction
and feeling of excitement that was growing within my body.
Riko rolled her body forward and back as she rubbed up and
down my shoulder. I couldn't really feel her weight
on me but it must have been enough because my cock was being
pressed into the bed giving me a whole other sensation.

She let out a huff and moved forward adding painfully sweet
sensation. I felt the heat from between her lets on my lower
back, since she was wearing a skirt that meant her panty
covered pussy was now pressed against my lower back. If
she noticed or was bothered by it I couldn't tell. Her
hands didn't even miss a beat. "Next time i give
you a massage I will bring over my Ambrosia" She said.
Through a grunt I asked her what that was. "oh it's
this heating oil that helps your muscles relax and it's
also aroma therapy"

My mind switched from thinking "next time"
to the feeling of her cotton covered pussy pressing against
my back and the painful yet relief feeling in my shoulder.
On TV Sharon Stones naked body was pressed up against a large
concrete pillar as one of the Baldwin brothers moved in
behind her and started fucking her up against the pillar.
Riko's motions faltered and she let out an "oh
wow" She started to absentmindedly continue rubbing
my back as we watched the steamy sex scene unfold on my Silver
Sony Tv. Her hips however were still moving forward and
back even when her hands barely moved.

"That is hot, I would loved to be fucked like that"
She cooed. That was my bodies final straw, blood flowed
from every part of my body into my groin and my cock grew painfully
stiff in my khaki cargo shorts. My head was feeling light
headed from the alcohol, the attention to my shoulder,
lower back and lack of blood. Riko's body stopped moving
and she said words that horrified me "Ok turn over"
I felt her shift her weight and sit beside me. My mind and
body suddenly became enemies, I felt myself roll over while
my mind screamed at me to stop. When i was on my back i looked
up into Riko's exotic face and found her staring with
parted lips at the TV.

Her eyes fixed on the sex scene as it ended with Sharon Stone
doing her best fake orgasm. As the scenes changed Riko's
attention switched back to me and she reached down to my
shoulder. It took her a second to realize it was the wrong
one "oops, slide over" She said. And then made
my condition worse by crawling over my bare stomach. Her
shirt covered breasts slide across my chest and the feeling
of her smooth legs pressing against mine made me even harder.

Riko's amazing sense of clumsiness took over and she
almost fell off the bed as she settled next to my other side.
I reached out and grabbed her waist before she toppled over
the side. Her hands had reached out to grabbed anything
she could find to arrest her fall. As my horrible luck would
have it a belt loop on my shorts was one of the things she grabbed.
It shifted my shorts and boxer enough to let my hard on escape
it's confines. There as plain as day was my swollen
cock halfway out my shorts for all the world and her to see.
After laughing about how clumsy she was she saw it and gasped.
"oh my fucking god"

Her hand released from my belt loop and she leaned back.
Since i had let go of her waist in a vain effort to stuff myself
back in my shorts there was nothing to stop the gracefulness
that is Riko. She squealed and fell off the bed with a loud
bang. Worried that she had just died a tragic death on my
floor i sat up and slid off the bed to check on her. "owwww"
she moaned. Then laughed a hearty laugh and rolled to her
side into the fetal position. "I am such a klutz"
she laughed into the carpet. I tried to bend over to help
her up by my hard on just stabbed me in the gut instead. I stood
up and turned my back to her horrified.

Riko used my shorts and legs to pull herself up into a seated
position making my shorts slide down and exposing more
of my dick to the room. All I could do was hold on to them and
hope for the best. With a talent of complete denial she told
me to lay back on my bed. "um I can't right now"
i quietly told her. "We will just pretend it's
not there" she laughed and i felt her stand up behind
me and push me gently back onto the bed. I had managed to turn
myself painfully sideways in my shorts but in the end all
it did was make my pocket stick out of my shorts. There was
no hiding it.Thankfully the standing, moving and blood
flow issue must have surged the alcohol through me cause
I was getting that dizzy drunk feeling.

"be right back" Riko told me and padded on bare
feet down the steps leaving me and my body to settle down.
I stared up at the ceiling and listened to her rustle around
in the kitchen. I heard ice cubes fall from the water and
ice in the door fridge. More rustling, the sound of the fridge
being opened then the clink of beer bottles "huh you
can hear everything up here" Riko's soft foot
steps up the stairs and then she was standing over me with
her black hair falling into her face. She was holding a bottle
of pucker, a glass of water and a bottle of bud. Since I had
no end tables she placed the glass of water on the floor next
to the wall so it wouldn't tip over and handed me the

Even through my now drunken mind i was still feeling self
conscious about my belly just hanging out in front of her,
she didn't seem to mind however. She opened the pucker
bottle and tilted the 1 liter bottle back. I watched her
throat work as she drank the apple liqueur like it was gatorade.
She put one foot on top of the other with her knee bent forward
as she continued to put on a show a frat brother would be proud
of. I followed suit and made quick work of my beer. After
re capping what was left of the pucker she set it down on the
floor and scooted me over to the middle of the bed. Riko sat
indian style next to my left shoulder and started her massaging
again. She started at my neck and moved over my shoulder
with her expert fingers. I just laid there and stared at
the ceiling watching it spin above me.

I closed my eyes and could hear the sounds of sex coming from
the TV again. "Sharon Stone can really work it"
I thought to myself. I felt Riko's tiny hands move to
my chest and around my clavicle to my right shoulder. Her
side pressed against my arm as she worked her magic. The
drunken spinning, my thinned booze filled blood, the soft
sent of her flowery perfume, the heat of her body and the
minds flash of her panty covered pussy doomed me. I felt
light headed again as my body redirected the flow of blood
into my lap.

"Do you have any baby oil or lotion" Riko asked
shaking me out of my mental spinning. "um" i
said forcing my mind to focus "Yeah in my bathroom
under the sink there is some lotion" I told her. In
a flash she bounded off the bed and into my bathroom. The
bathroom light flooded half my room in it's white brilliance
bringing pain to my watery eyes. I closed them again and
turned away waiting for her to come back. I hadn't even
questioned the lotion now that i remember it. The muted
light above my eyelids went out and I felt her crawl back
onto the bed.

My body jumped as the freezing cold lotion landed on my stomach
"hold still" she said in a hushed voice. I felt
her weight leave the bed again and heard the cap of the pucker
bottle being twisted off. I heard her gulp down the green
liquid and just let my mind and body spin. "you want
some" she asked. I just shook my head on against the
bed knowing full well that if i had anymore I would be passed
out or blacked out shortly. "okieeeeeee" she
said in a heart wrenchingly cute voice. Weight on the bed
again and then hands traveled over my chest, shoulders
and stomach as she spread out the lotion across me. She massaged
my chest and shoulders then down to my arms. "you have
nice arms" she said give them both a squeeze. "thank
you" i managed without slurring.

My body was feeling amazing, the sensations of her fingers
and and the smooth feeling of the lotion was starting to
work it's magic and yet again my cock started to grow
out of control. Whether I was too drunk to care or to fogged
to know I didn't try to hide myself as i grew out of my
shorts and up my stomach. Riko at the same time either didn't
see or...

I felt her hands traveling lower onto my stomach and my sides,
i felt my her hesitate for a moment then move up to the middle
of my belly. My body spasmed as her hands brushed the head
of my swollen dick. Riko took her hands away again and i felt
more cold lotion drop onto my stomach. She scooped up the
lotion and a bot of lightning hit me as her hands wrapped
themselves around the head of my cock. I let out a breath
as she worked her hands over the head and exposed shaft over
my belt line. She squeezed me gently at first and started
to stroke me up and down gently. As my hips responded she
squeezed hard and moved her hands faster.

"hmmmm" escaped from my lips and seemed to urge
her bravado on. He small fingers worked at my top button
releasing it and then she unzipped my shorts. Her hand slid
underneath the elastic waste band of my blue and green striped
boxer briefs snaking her ringers down to cup my balls. With
a tug of her wrist she pulled the waistband down below my
balls exposing me completely to her.

"you have a beautiful penis" she breathed.
The affirmation making me more turned on and pulsed through
my cock into her hands. Riko sighed and worked her hand up
and down my shaft in a twisting motion while her other hands
massaged my sack. "you are so big" she whispered
giving me a little self confidence back that my expanded
body had taken away. She forced my erection up so it pointed
at the ceiling and closed a fist around the base of my shaft.
Riko moved her hand from my balls and placed another closed
fist on top of her other one. In different directions she
twisted and stroked up and down at the same time.

The sensation was excruciatingly pleasurable sending
wave after warm rolling wave up to the top of my head and down
to the tips of my toes. Her deft touch putting my body into
overload with each twist, stroke or caress. So slowly she
worked her hands up and down my straining cock occasionally
moving a hand to knead my balls. "does it make you feel
good" she cooed in a sweetly tiny voice.

"uuuuhhhhhhhh" was all i was able to manage.
She sighed and stroked me harder a few more times before
taking her hands away. I felt more lotion drop on me as she
used the pump to squirt it onto my dick this time. Riko's
hands returned and spread it out over my cock and down to
my balls coating me in cool moisturizing cream making it
impossibly slippery. She sat up and moved her left leg in
between mine and sat down on my shorts covered knee. Letting
her weight drop press down hard on my quad she returned to
the sensual massage of my manhood. I could almost feel her
pussy lips through the fabric and it drove me insane. I started
to reach out for her but was rebuffed "just lay and
relax please" I did what i was told and let my arms fall
back to the bed.

Slippery smooth caresses, firm squeezes and massages
covered my groin. She used one of her hands to cover the head
of my cock and rubbed her slippery hand over the head sending
explosions of intense feelings coursing through my body
as she firmly stroked me up and down. I couldn't remember
if i had ever hand job before in my life but i did know if i had
it wouldn't have come close to the amazingness of the
one i was receiving right now.

Riko's hands sped up and soon my body and hips began
to rock with her sensuous motions. My body started to heat
up to the point were i began to sweat. I felt my heart start
to pound in my chest and that all too familiar tug deep behind
my belly button. I knew that it wouldn't be long until
I exploded. Moans and grunts emitted from some far away
land deep within my mind. I couldn't tell if they were
mine or hers. Her hands glided up and down my shaft faster
as she sensed I was about to lose control. She started to
squeeze my nuts gently as if trying to milk my seed out of
them. Her pussy pressed hard onto my thigh and I heard hear
moan softly.

As if dam had broken I erupted into my orgasm "aaaahhhhhhh"
I called out into the room. I felt my stomach muscles contract
and in one great explosion cum shot from the head of my cock.
Riko slowed her motion on my shaft while she continued to
milk my balls. Spurt after spurt of cum shot onto my chest
as she stroked me through an intense orgasm. My body constricted
tightly almost causing a cramp in my right calf. Through
the pounding of my heart in my ears I heard her let out a moan
as the last of my cum coated her fingers. As my orgasm slowly
started to abate and my ears cleared of the sound of pounding
surf i was able to open my eyes.

Riko was still slowly stroking me up and down looking back
at me intensely. Her hooded eye lids half closed over dark
brown eyes, her full pink lips parted slightly as she let
out little breaths. Her breasts rose and fell as if she was
short of breath. She released my balls and shaft and then
rubbed them up and down my still twitching cock as if to settle
down and lasting effects of orgasm. It was honestly the
most gentle feeling I had ever felt. Her caresses continued
to send waves of pleasure through my body. After a short
time she looked into my eyes and gave me a half smile. "did
that relax you" she asked sweetly. "That was
amazing" was all i was able to say back. Riko smiled
happily and gave me a quick nod "I am glad it made you
feel good"

What seemed like reluctantly she lifted her pussy off my
leg and moved off the side of the bed leaving me drenched
in lotion and my cum. She padded to the bathroom and turned
on the light again burning my eyes with a quick pain. She
found a clean towel and brought it back out climbing on the
bed. With cum still covering her hands she slowly started
to clean the lotion and cum off my body smiling all the while.
After she was satisfied that she had gotten everything
she wiped off her hands and threw the towel onto the floor.
She put her hand on my chest to test my skin for stickiness
and then laid down next to me putting her head on my chest.
She let her hand fall onto my belly and let out a great sigh.

"I really liked making you feel good" she said
softly she moved her hand off my stomach and on to my semi
hard cock and let her fingers trace up and down the shaft
sending more and more electricity through my body. "you
really have a beautiful penis Dave" she said to my
chest. "I love how it feels in my hands" circling
her fingers around it as if to emphasize her point. "you
have really big balls too" she continued. Letting
hands travel up and down my twitching manhood seemingly
enjoying the view and feeling in her hand. "can i make
you feel good now" I asked with hope. I had yet to even
see her naked. She had remained fully clothed in her denim
skirt and white BeBe top.

I felt her head shake on my chest. "You can't,
I have a boyfriend remember" I guess I just assumed
that since she had given me an amazing handjob things were
going to go farther. "I can only take care of you this
way" She told me. My mind seemed to sober up a little
as the excitement of this not being a one time thing. "I
hope that is ok" she said lifting her head off my chest
and looking at me searching my face for the answer. Her apple
tinted breath filling my noise, her lips were close and
I badly wanted to press mine against hers. I just nodded
in response not trusting myself to use my lips.

She let her head fall back to my chest and continued to gently
play with my cock. "can i sleep here tonight"
she asked again in a quiet voice. I could hear the birds start
to chirp outside, I don't know how long she had been
massaging me or how long it had been since she started her
amazing handjob. I knew that it had to have been at least
an hour or more though. "of course" i managed.
She heaved a great sigh and gave me one last squeeze before
reluctantly sitting up. "can i borrow a pair of boxers"
she asked.

I told her "yes" and got up to get her a pair from
the closet tugging up my shorts as i went. She went to the
bathroom after i handed her the husker boxers and closed
the door. My fogged mind tried to makes sense of what just
happened. She had a boyfriend but had just made me cum, she
won't go any farther because that would be cheating?
I haven't kissed her, I hadn't seen any part of
her body besides a few panty flashes of her ass or pussy.
She seemed to really have enjoyed being intimate with me
and was even cuddly but had not tried to kiss me. She hadn't
even hinted she wanted me to try.

My jaw dropped as she walked out of the bathroom wearing
my boxers rolled up high so that the fabric in the crotch
hugged her pussy so tight i could see the outline of her lips.
They were pulled high on her slender hips and giving the
illusion that her legs were longer then they were. She had
pulled her hair up into twin pig tails with two bits of black
hair in the front loose framing each side of her face. If
it was possible she looked more alluring and cute now then
i had ever seen before.

She faltered in her steps when she saw my shocked face. Her
hands curled into fists and came up under her chin. She brought
her legs tight together and looked down around her body.
"what" she asked worried. "do i look bad"
while she continued to look around her body for something
wrong. "na no" I stammered again "you
look unbelievably cute" I managed. She brought her
eyes up to meet mine and blushed "arigato" she
said in an unsteady voice. "god her cuteness is going
to kill me" I thought to myself. She slowly moved toward
the bed and crawled onto it. Unabashed i watched her every
move enthralled with her. All the while making her more
shy and more cute in the process.

After she had hid herself underneath the covers I was able
to speak again. "what time do you have to be up tomorrow"
I asked "I can set my alarm" i told her while at
the same trying to focus on the blurry red digital numbers
with one eye closed. "When ever we wake up is fine"
she said in her suddenly very shy voice "I dont'
work tomorrow" She watched me as i grabbed my shirt
from the floor and put it on before crawling into bed fully
dressed. I slid under the covers and put my hands on my chest
while staring up at the ceiling not really sure what to do.

"Do you always sleep like that" she asked i turned
to my right and saw her on her side looking at me. "no,
usually i just wear underwear or nothing at all" i
told her. "So you are uncomfortable because of me"
she asked l looking sad. I didn't know what to make of
her. She seemed so worried about me being comfortable and
taken care of that it was starting to make me uncomfortable.
"well I am not sure what makes you comfortable"
I told her. "that you are" she responded back.
I felt her hands under the covers tug at the side of my polo.
"please take it off" Riko said quietly "and
your shorts too"

I had long since given up hope that anything else would happen
between us tonight and followed her directions. After
I was only in my boxer briefs i and had laid back down she spoke
up again. "is that better" she asked with actual
concern. "Yes thank you" I responded suddenly
becoming unsure of myself. I was in my head so much trying
to figure out this girl that I had completely missed the
opening to try and get her as "comfortable"
as possible. Before my mind could catch up to that thought
she asked another curious question. "may I lay on
you" My drunken mind screamed "YES"!!
while my mouth said "ok" Tentatively she moved
closer to me and laid her head on my chest, her left leg snaked
over mine and her hand rested on my lower stomach making
me feel suddenly self conscious yet again. I brought my
left arm around her back and pulled her into my body. This
seemed to clear her nervousness or whatever was making
her timid and she let out another sigh and snuggled up against
me. Riko lightly caressed my stomach and chest with her
finger tips as we lay in the still darkness. Soon after we
were fast asleep as the sun began to rise outside the french
doors leading to my deck.

We woke up the next day a little after 1 in the afternoon groggy
and still attached to one another. One of Riko's pigtails
was tickling my nose and every attempt i made to move it made
her try to hold me tighter. My bladder was screaming for
relief and my hard on was solid enough to punch through a
steal wall. I tried to extricate myself from her body the
best i could and failing miserably. She stirred in my arms
and started to stretch her arms down toward the end of the
bed. Her hand found my erection and seem to pick up where
she left the night before. She gently caressed the head
and lightly ran her fingers up and down the shaft. All this
was making the pain in my bladder even worse as my body twitched
under her touch. "Riko" I whispered into her
black hair. "I have to use the restroom" she
let out a slight whimper but didn't stop her hands.

The pain was getting harder to handle and I was afraid if
i didn't go pee quick something was going to explode.
"Riko" i said a little louder she whimpered
again and slowly moved her head to look at my face. When our
eyes met hers got wide with something and she froze. I was
suddenly afraid that last night she was drunk and didn't
remember a thing that had happened. That now she just woke
up and found out that she was in bed with me and was about to
freak out. "you are so hard" was what she said
WHY AM I LAYING IN YOUR BED" much to my relief.

I laughed "yeah" her pouty pink lips parted
and she gave me a dizzying cute smile. "she gave my
cock a gentle squeeze and slowly laid on her back releasing
me. Her fingers trailed across my cock and side one last
time before i was free to get up. I gave up trying to hid my
dick jutting out from the top of my underwear and went to
pee. Before leaving the bathroom i stared at myself in the
mirror. My short light brown hair was mussed up and i had
slight bags under my brown eyes. I looked over my bulbous
body and frowned. Even though Jason had worked me hard at
the gym I still had a belly and my chest and arms were no where
as defined as they had been before I met Sarah. I shook my
head at the thought and swore never to think about her name
again. I gave one last sad look to my shape and walked out
to find Riko sitting up in bed.

She actually looked happy to see me as i walked toward the
bed "I am happy i made you feel good last night"
she said. "this girl confuses me" I thought
to myself and slid into bed next to her. I laid back down and
was surprised when she laid her head back down on my chest.
She slid a hand back onto the top of my underwear and massaged
my dick through the fabric. She let out a great sigh and brought
her leg over between mine and settled in. We fell fast asleep
again with my last thoughts being of what this was going
to turn into and didn't wake up until about 3 or so in
the afternoon.

bellowed from the lower level. I tried to sit up be found
Riko was almost on top of me. She stirred and moaned before
flopping off unceremoniously onto her back. "I was
so happy" she whined. "YEAH" I yelled
back. After getting up and using the bathroom again I got
dressed in shorts and a t shirt and together her and I walked
down stairs. Jason was in the kitchen making his protein
shakes and baked chicken humming something to himself
happily. "mornin kids" he said after seeing
us round the corner.

"ohayo gozaimasu" Riko replied back cheerfully.
Jason stopped what he was doing " you speak Japanese!"
he asked excitedly. She nodded sending her askew'd
pig tails waving. She moved over to the kitchen table and
took a seat. Jason gave me an appraising glare then smiled
broadly. "you guys want something to eat" he
asked "I have broccoli, brown rice, and baked chicken
almost ready. Riko said "yes" and i crinkled
my nose. I know i need to eat healthier but broccoli i am not
a fan of.

After choking down the dry food and several gallons of water
to rehydrate my hung over body i declared my need for a shower.
I didn't really know what to do with Riko or how i should
act so i just excused myself and headed up the steps. I was
testing the water when I heard the bathroom door close behind
me. I turned to see a shy looking Japanese girl wringing
her hands and shifting back and forth on her small feet.
"I am sorry do you need to use the restroom" I
asked moving toward the door. She shook her head making
her pigtails and the two pieces of hair fling back and forth.

"um did you want to take a shower" I asked now
more confused then ever. "Yes please" She said
softly. I will admit the demure nature that she was showing
me was slowly becoming a turn on. I turned and checked the
water one more time before we faced each other and just kind
of stood there awkwardly. Riko took a step forward causing
me to inhale sharply for some reason, she looked at me with
an amused expression before we both started to laugh. "this
is silly" she said began to lift my shirt over my head,
she made quick work of my underwear and shorts. She stepped
back giving me a cute little half smile and started to get

Riko was down to her tiny white cotton panties and matching
white lace bra before the tears of joy started to fill my
eyes (not really but damn close enough). Her breasts seemed
suddenly larger without a shirt on as the tops seemed to
spill over her bra. Her flat stomach tapered seductively
at her waist curving into her slight hips down her slender
legs to her tiny feet. Even with her thighs pressed tight
together the little upside down triangle of open space
between her inner thighs seemed to make my throat dry. Her
tiny mouth with those pouty full pink lips gave me a small
smile again as she reached back to unclasp her bra letting
it fall to the floor with a soft plop.

She stood covering her breasts with her right forearm for
a moment before letting it fall to her side. Her round full
breasts seemed to defy gravity as they sat high on her chest,
her light golden brown puffy areola were bigger around
than a half dollar and surrounded rosy thimble like nipples.
They seemed to get harder as she stood in front of me either
from being exposed or her getting turned on.

"Get in the shower please" Riko said softly.

I nodded in response and slid the frosted shower door open
and stepped in at the same time. Steamy hot water landed
at my feet as I watched her slide her white cotton panties
down to her feet exposing her dark black strip of pubic hair
and tiny dark pussy lips. Riko took a deep breath making
her breasts rise and fall before stepping into the shower
with me. Water cascaded down her nubile body as we looked
into each others searching faces.

"Kirei na me dane" she breathed. She brought
her lips to my water covered chest and kissed my skin for
the first time since we had started our intimacy. "I
am going to wash you" she said looking up at me. Without
thinking I reached out and grabbed the purple lavender
bar of soap I had brought with me from Minnesota. My mind
flashed briefly to when Sarah had picked it out while on
a shopping trip to Target. I quickly purged my thoughts
and held the bar in for Riko to take.

Her small hands worked circles over my chest and shoulders
moving so gently I could barely feel any movement at all.
I just stood and stared at her beautiful face as the water
poured over her face and body in little rivers. Her black
hair clung to her face and over her eyes as she did her best
to blink it away. I moved my hand up and brushed aside the
offending strands. Her body sagged a bit as I did it and I
thought i could hear a whimper escape her parted lips.

Down my stomach she worked her soap circles then to my hips
then back up under my arms. She paid extra attention to my
armpits almost tickling me in the process. A barely audible
soft hum emanated from her as she continued her work of cleaning
my body. "turn around please" She interrupted
her song to tell me. I did as I was told and turned my back towards
her and turned my gaze to the stark white shower wall.

Riko's soap covered hands seemed to massage my back
as she worked the soap over my skin. After quite awhile on
my back she moved down to my butt and the backs of my legs never
once washing any area that would be considered an erogenous
zone. Her hands put pressure on my right arm telling me that
she wanted me to turn around again. When we were looking
in each others eyes again she told me to sit down on the shower
floor. I had a decent sized shower in my upstairs loft sitting
on my ass i wasn't able to fully extend my legs out in
front of me but it wasn't a tiny closet either.

In the sitting position I was almost eye level with her sweet
opening, from her sweet little lips i could see her excitement.
Like strands of delicate clear silk it strung from her lips
to her inner thighs inviting me to taste her. Before I was
able to move my tongue to her sweetness Riko turned sideways
and shut the water off. She got down on her knees sitting
on her heels in front of me working the bar of soap into a foamy
white lather all the while.

If she was uncomfortable at all in the way she was sitting
on my fiberglass shower floor she didn't show it. She
scooted forward between my legs and placed the soap at her
knees. Painfully slow she washed the inside of my thighs
from my knees to midway before working the soap into a lather
again. Her breasts swayed seductively with the movements
of her hands, her tiny thimble like nipples were hard as
pebbles from the quickly cooling shower air.

She reached out and gently took my balls into her tiny soaped
hands gently. Waves if ticklish pleasure rolled through
me both of her hands washed and massaged from by balls to
the insides of my thighs that she hadn't touched until
now. After lathering up the soap again she paid attention
to the spots under my balls down to my ass as if not to leave
a bit of me dirty. After being satisfied that I was clean
she rocked back on her heels and stood up. She turned the
water back on giving me a view of her unbelievable ass. I
could see her pussy from behind and the excitement now dripping
out of her.

"please stand up Dave" She said turning around
and presenting me her hand to help me up. My chest brushed
against her nipples as I stood causing her to gasp and blush
"I am sorry" I told her not really knowing what
to say to her at this point. She shook her head "no it's
ok you just.. it just surprised me"

She used the bar of soap again to create a lather before setting
it back in the white soap tray suction cupped to the corner
of the shower and surrounded my semi rigid cock with her
hands. As if pulling on a rope she pulled her hands across
my shaft let go and grabbed the base again to repeat her motions.
She slippery feeling of her hands and the gentleness of
her touch swiftly brought me to a full erection. Moving
her body closer to mine she pressed the head of my dick into
her lower stomach and continued to stroke me toward her.
My mind and body spun with pleasure with every movement
with every squeeze, with every movement of her stomach
against the sensitive head of my erection.

"Do you like it" She asked me still staring down
at what she was doing with her hands.

"yes" I replied in a deeper voice then i knew
i had.

"Yokkata" She replied happily and looked up
at me smiling. "I like making you feel good"

Riko turned released me and turned around. Her hands moved
to the tip of my rock hard cock and forced it down as much as
she could. She lifted her body on her tip toes and pressed
her back to my chest while guiding me in between her thighs.
We both moaned as my dick slid between her thighs and rubbed
up against her wet pussy. She release her hand and my hard
pressed between her lips parting them and settling in between.

I could her her body start to tremble from the pressure against
her clit, my cock straining to stand up right but trapped
beneath her weight. She wrapped her right hand around the
shaft and head of my cock that stuck out from beneath her
legs and slowly began to stroke me. The motions from her
stroking me moved our bodies back and forth causing more
pressure to be exerted against our sensitive parts. What
felt like liquid satin poured over my shaft that was trapped
between her pussy lips making it so that as our bodies rocked
i glided between them smoothly.

"eh eh eh eh" Rika's high pitched whimpers
echo'd off the shower walls with every forward and
backward slide.

My head spun from the heat in the shower and the sensation
of Riko's hands and body.

"sawatte" Riko moaned " sawatte sawatte
sawatte" I didn't need to understand Japanese
to figure it out. Her free hand reached down for my wrist.
She guided my hand to her left breasts and pressed the back
of it down hard onto her flesh. I gave it a firm squeeze then
pinched her nipple between my fingers and was rewarded
with her crying out even louder "eh eh eeeeh eeh eeh"
Her left hand still held onto the back of mine as i massed
her breast and played with her nipple.

Riko's legs shook violently and threatened to give
out forcing me to snake my right arm around her waist to hold
her up. She leaned forward using my arm to hold her self up
and forced her ass into my lower stomach. The change of position
put more pressure on her clit and after a few strokes exploded
in an ear splitting orgasm. "eh heh heh heh"
It sounded almost if she was crying as her body was violently
racked with a powerful orgasm. She clamped down hard on
my painfully hard cock and her pussy mashed itself down
on me. Her body spasmed against mine and threatened to drop
itself onto the shower floor forcing me to focus more on
holding her up then on my own intense pleasure.

After what could have easily been five minutes her orgasm
abated. On shaky legs she stepped forward under the now
cooling water and pressed her forehead against the wall.
Her hand still between her legs holding onto me refusing
to let go. I stepped back to give her a little bit more room
and i slipped from her grasp. "aaaahhhhhh ha ha ha"
She cried out as my dick tried to snap back to an upright position.
The head drug itself across her sensitive clit and spasming
opening until finally breaking free and slamming itself
onto my stomach with a loud slap.

She turned to face me moving her hands down between her legs
holding on to herself. "I am so sorry" She said
looking looking down to the floor. This completely confused
me and I reached out and took her by the biceps pulling her
closer to me. "what are you sorry for" I asked
"that was absolutely amazing"!

She didn't raise her head to look at me but instead spoke
to our feet "I was supposed to make you feel good not
me" she said in a weak voice "I am sorry I came"
I didn't know if she was being for real and I almost laughed
out loud. Thankfully I didn't because she actually
seemed really upset about it. I released her left bicep
and put my closed fist under her narrow chin gently lifting
her to face me.

"Riko you don't have anything to be sorry about"
I told her honestly "the fact that you came made me
feel even better" and gave her my best smile. Her eyes
seemed to brighten with my words and her small smile appeared
on her face "do you mean that" I nodded in affirmation.
"I think we need to get out of the shower though before
we freeze" I said with a shiver. The water had long
since lost it's heat and the water was getting colder
by the minute. She turned without a word and shut the water

I stepped out into the suddenly cold bathroom and grabbed
us a couple of towels from the rack on the wall. We dried off
in silence before walking through the door into my bedroom
loft. She took my hand in hers and guided me to my bed. I watched
her sexy naked body crawl up onto the high pillow top and
got a perfect view of her perfect little heart shaped ass
and tiny pussy lips. She spun on her knees and patted the
spot next to her knees showing me where she wanted me to lay.

Looking up at her beautiful face my mind started to wander,
I began to wonder what was going to happen. The night before
she told me about her boyfriend and that we couldn't
have sex. She hadn't even taken her clothes off until
tonight. I couldn't figure her out or the situation
i found myself in. I mean I had only known the girl a month
and until yesterday hadn't seen nor talked to her outside
of work. I had stopped a drunk from feeling her up at the bar
and she promised to pay me back for it, but this? Never had
i thought that sexual pleasure would be a way she would pay
me back.

She had laughed at my jokes, she had always said hello to
me or come to talk to me during slow times with some of the
other waitresses we had but never ever showed any kind of
romantic interest in me before. In my mind she was a sweet,
caring, kind girl who seemed to care more about my happiness
then her own. But then again here she was naked in my bed while
she has a boyfriend? "what does that mean" I
wondered. Is she like the girls in my past that had broken
my trust? Was she as cold and unfeeling as I assumed them
to be? Was she a lying cheating... Riko bent down and started
placing soft kisses across my chest stopping my thought

Her hands traveled up and down my core as she chose new places
to kiss. My body began to heat up from the attention she was
giving me and I could feel the blood start to flow into my
groin. She moved to kiss my chubby stomach and gave my belly
button a playful lick. I put my hand on her bare thigh and
started to lightly run my fingers across it when she stopped
me "please just lie there and let me take care of you"

I moved my hand away as she brought her lips back to my stomach.
Her damp hair falling onto my skin brought goose bumps to
my arms and sent a slight shiver through me while the heat
from her body brought me back. Riko kissed back up my chest
moving across my body I felt her breasts press into my side.
She let out a soft moan as her hard nipples pressed against
me. "her nipples must be really sensitive"
I thought to myself. I felt warm wetness as her tongue lashed
out against my nipple. I had never had my nipples played
with before so the feeling was new for me. I closed my eyes
and just enjoyed the attention she was giving me.

As her mouth closed around my nipple I felt her fingers grasp
my stiff cock. She slowly began to stroke me up and down against
my body getting me even harder. Riko drug her tongue across
my chest to my other nipple leaving a moist trail of where
she had been. She sucked and licked on my chest as I would
have done to her if I had been allowed. I felt her body shift
and then she was on top of me. Her nipples brushed against
my chest causing her to moan onto my nipple. Her mouth disappeared
from my chest and I felt her breasts pull away, I opened my
eyes and saw her lean back while she reached for something.

Her body bent backwards giving me a sensual or her taut body
in all it's sexiness. I watched as a single drop of moisture
fell to my thigh from between her legs. My cock jumped as
the visual stimulus turned me on even more then possible.
She found the hair tie she was looking for and turned her
dangling black hair into a tight bun on the top of her head.
She smiled down at me and told me to put my legs together.
Straddling me again she let her ass fall onto the tops of
my thighs and scooted forward until i felt her soft wetness
against my balls. My cock jumped again.

Riko put her hands on my stomach side by side then slowly
moved forward pushing her hands up my chest letting her
body fall onto mine. Her breasts pressing against my skin
as she moved forward. The wetness traveled up my balls then
surrounded my shaft as it nestled in between her lips. She
planted a few soft kisses on my neck before sitting up trapping
me between her lips like a hot dog in a bun.

Her hands moved to her luscious breasts, she caressed them
with her finger tips before grabbing them in her palms.
Riko massaged them with her hands finally pinching her
pink nipples before moving her hands down her flat stomach.
Her hands moved to the inside of her thighs then to my stiffening
cock tracing her manicured finger nails along exposed
part of me. Her hips lifted up and with the fingers on one
hand spread her lips while guiding my dick with her other.
She rubbed the head against her moist lips and clit as her
hips lifted up and down.

"kocchii mite" she almost whispered "look
at me, do you like it"

I nodded in response as she took her fingers away from me
and used them to play with her clit. Riko let out a soft sigh
and dropped her weight back down on top of me trapping me
between her lips again. With silky smooth movements she
glided it between her lips as she help herself open for me
to see and tickled her clit in the same motion. "kimochi
ii" she said in a high pitched cute voice. I had to admit
her mixing in the Japanese was really driving me wild. I
had no clue what she was saying but my mind imagined all sorts
of sexy things she could be saying.

She lifted up and opened herself back up so could see then
pulled back her hood so i could see her tiny swollen clit.
My mind was reeling with the pleasures of her pussy and her
hands on my cock. I could hear my heart beat in my ears as she
massaged, stroked and twisted me in her hands. Her body
moved forward and back grinding down on the part of my shaft
her hands weren't paying attention too.

Her pussy drenching me with her juices making any lubrication
completely unnecessary. The harder I got the more it seemed
to turn her on. Her soft whimpers were getting louder and
high pitched the harder she ground down on me. She pulled
the top of my cock hard toward her and pressed it hard against
her clit like she was a witch riding a broom. "ehh eehh
heh heh heh" She cried. Harder she pressed against
my straining erection forced it against her tiny swollen

"I want you to cum on me cock" I managed to grunt.
Whether it was my words or she was just ready she started
to cry out again. Her legs started to shake violently at
my side as her orgasm began to over take her. "Eh eh
heh heheh" she cried out again louder then ever before.
Her tiny hands squeezed the head of my cock hard as she mashed
against her pussy. Just when i thought she couldn't
take anymore she released me and leaned back and drove two
fingers into her sopping wet cunt.

She worked her fingers in and out in long slow strokes bringing
the sounds of wetness to my ears. Riko cried out again and
tried to close her legs around her hands. I reached out and
held them open so I could see as her cum poured out over her
dark puckered asshole and onto my full balls. She struggled
through the rest of her orgasm before reaching out and grabbing
me at the base of my cock with one hand and wrapping her fingers
around the head with her other. With hand over hands strokes
she worked my cock masterfully until all the wetness had
gone. She dug her fingers deep into her pussy getting them
nice and wet.

Her now glistening hands grabbed my cock again working
me up and down. Riko lifted herself off my thighs and laid
out flat on my legs surrounding my cock with her heavy tits.
She pressed them together sandwiching me in between. I
could feel her hot breath on the tip every time she moved
down bringing it closer to her full pouty lips. I wanted
so badly for her to take me in her mouth. So close she brought me to her lips only to pull away again
with each up and down. My body seemed alive with her touch
and screamed for release.

She must have sensed my growing frustration and sat up,
she moved me back in position between her lips and rocked
her body forward and back grinding me ever so careful not
to let me enter her body. Riko brought her face close to mine,
her hot breath blowing across my lips as she spoke "Kisu
shite mo ii desu ka?" She hesitated for a moment leaving
me wondering what she had just said. Before i could comprehend
i felt her lips gently press onto my own. I opened my mouth
and met her tongue with my own, like serpents twisting in
a dance we fought against one another. Slowly at first taking
our time savoring the taste of each others kiss.

It was the first time I had been kissed like this before,
our lips barely touched while our tongues twisted together.
At times she would suck my tongue into her mouth and suck
on it like she was going down on me. Her pussy poured her excitement
over my hard cock as she continued to slide up and down never
breaking our kiss. Deep inside my body i felt the volcanic
pressure of my orgasm starting to rise to the surface. I
felt as if my blood was starting to boil the closer I got to
releasing my cum.

Riko's body started it's tremors and her moaning
started to vibrate my tongue captured in her mouth. I felt
her hips falter, threatening to give out and rob me of my
orgasm. With a mind of their own my hands moved to her soft
ass and urged her hips to keep moving. As our tongues twisted
and turned moistening our lips and chins with sloppy kisses
and our bodies shook from mutual pleasure the world seemed
to spin until I couldn't take anymore.

"aaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmm" I moaned deeply.
Riko's high pitched cries joined my deep moans into
each others mouths and to the room around us. Like being
punched in the gut I came with sudden force that the first
spurt of cum that erupted from my cock shot all the way up
to the bottom of her tits. Wave after wave of intense pleasure
washed over us as our stomachs and chests were covered in
my cum. Riko's juices flowed onto my cock and down my
inner thighs to the chocolate sheets underneath us.

When the sensations became to much to take our bodies gave
up on us freezing in place. We kissed for a few more moments
before Riko broke free and moved down my chest licking up
the cum that had been deposited there. She cleaned off my
chest and down my stomach, i felt her tongue on my inner thighs
then leave it's wet trail to my balls. She gently cupped
me and slurped and licked all of our cum up. She let her self
fall in between my legs and felt her hand grasp my semi hard
spent cock. I opened my eyes and watched as she rolled it
across her face smearing cum across her cheeks and lips.

Like a kitten with a bowl of milk her tongue lashed out against
my shaft sending even more pleasure through. She didn't
stop until she was sure that she had gotten it all and finally
yet painfully slowly sucked the head of my dying cock into
her warm wet mouth and sucked the last drops of cum out. To
finally be in her mouth was like being engulfed in flame
causing my body to be covered in tiny droplets of sweat.

I felt her tongue snake it's way around the head of my
cock as she held it in her mouth. Using her hand to pull me
from her lips she gave me one last lick from the base to the
top of my cock before pressing it to her lips and giving me
a gentle kiss.

"that felt so good Riko" I told her. Her lips
parted and her tiny mouth gave me the broadest smile it could
"sugoku yokatta"

"Will you hold me Dave" She asked shyly her face
still covered in drying cum. "yes" I answered
her. I got up and crawled under the covers and opened my arms
so Riko could crawl into them. She nestled in close to me
and planted tiny kisses on any bit of my body she could find.
We laid like that for what seemed like hours, it had long
since gotten dark and we were in no hurry to get up. I could
hear Jason in the kitchen and then the TV being turned on
then fell fast asleep holding Riko in my arms.....

To Be Continued...........

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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Not proof read because i just posted it at 6 in the morning.
Also I am very sorry if you are looking for a quick read and
wank this sucker is turning into a damn novel. I tried to
warn you that the Houston part of my life was filled with
craziness. So thank you for taking the time to read and thank
you for your patience.

Oh and if this part of the story was frustrating to you IMAGINE

Thanks again for reading Dave

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote flyingsolo3232:
Not proof read because i just posted it at 6 in the morning. Also I am very sorry if you are looking for a quick read and wank this sucker is turning into a damn novel. I tried to warn you that the Houston part of my life was filled with craziness. So thank you for taking the time to read and thank you for your patience.

Oh and if this part of the story was frustrating to you IMAGINE HOW I FELT.

Thanks again for reading Dave
I just looked at the body of the story. Apparently it was
so long AdultFriendFinder smashed the words together lol.. Sorry about
that. I hope it isn't too difficult to read now..

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Amazing story, can't wait for the next chapter. Thanks


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Great! Looking forward to more.


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I don't think I have read anything so relaxing, exciting,
passionate, absorbing and on an on. You have really caught
my attention to the finite possibilities. Don't hurry
with the next segment, keep the eye popping narritive going,
and going, and going.


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Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Once again, Another great chapter. You do have a gift. yeah,
there may be typos but I don't mind them as you still
write with great detail and the story flows very well. Much
better than I could ever do. Please keep it up, and if it is
a novel longer than War and Peace. So be it, more for us to


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quote luv2fuck13134:
Once again, Another great chapter. You do have a gift. yeah, there may be typos but I don't mind them as you still write with great detail and the story flows very well. Much better than I could ever do. Please keep it up, and if it is a novel longer than War and Peace. So be it, more for us to read :)
LOL War and Peace?? I think you just described my love life
to a T lol. Thanks for sticking with the stories I greatly
appreciate it. I am glad you enjoy them. And thanks for the

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.