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Houston and On Lake Conroe


"Holy shit! How big is this fucking lake?" I
asked as I pulled into the boat launching area Jason had
called and told us about. "It's over 20 miles
long" Kitty said from the back. I looked out over what
looked like the ocean with awe. There were resorts and massive
yachts docked in front of them in sprawling marinas. It
seemed like everywhere I looked there was water "this
is insane" I gasped. "There are several marinas’
babe. This is just one of them" Morgan chuckled.

"There are hotels everywhere and lots of places to
party around the marinas." Kitty added. The boat
launch that I was pulling into looked more like a massive
casino. There were boats that looked as if they belong in
the ocean rather than an inland body of water. The giant
multicolored sails of expensive sailboats drifted across
the top of the calm water. Other places I could see cigar
boats flying of the top of the water. On the shore there were
hundreds of people milling around in various states of
summer dress.

"If we go about 10 miles down there are even bigger
resorts and some multimillion dollar houses" Rin
added. For some reason I suddenly felt like a hay seed in
the big city, never in my life had I seen anything like this.
"There is my man" Kitty said. She leaned between
the seats and pointed out the windshield. The three that
went ahead were standing by Jai's truck talking with
three girls I had never seen before.

"Oh my Gawd" Kitty drawled "Is that Hailee
and Shawna!" Morgan leaned forward at the three young
girls dressed in only bikinis. "I think it is! Those
dirty bitches" Morgan laughed. "You know them?"
Rin asked leaning forward to Kitty's shoulder. "We
know two of them" Morgan laughed. "So not friends
of yours?" I asked as I looked for a parking spot close
to them. "Have you heard those urban legends about
the girl and the frozen hot dog or the girl who needed to get
her stomach pumped after sucking off the football team?"
Morgan asked. "Yeah?" I answered. "Well
those two make me think the stories might be true"
Morgan huffed.

"She tried to take my boyfriend in high school"
Kitty said pointing at the little bleach blonde in the black
bikini. The girl was actually pretty cute; her body was
definitely put together well. She was short and thin with
large breasts and a nice little bubble butt. Her dark tanned
skin mixed with her bleach blonde hair made me think of a
surfer chick. The other girl looked half Asian and half
white and was tall and thin with small breasts and a tiny
almost flat ass. The third girl had the build of a volleyball
player; she had strong legs and a very toned body. Her stomach
showed the two muscles on her sides and her shoulders were
broad and looked strong. Her light blonde hair was cut in
a bob with sharp points in the front at her chin.

After finding a parking spot we made our way toward our friends
and the boat. "Hi Hailee" Kitty said in a smooth
voice. It might have been my imagination but I thought I
heard a little menace in her voice. The bleach blonde's
face turned into a happy shocked looked and she held her
arms out "Kat! and oh my God is that Morgan!"
She exclaimed. They gave each other little hugs and started
to complement each other on how good they looked. Shawna
as it turned out was the volleyball player looking one.
She was a little bit taller than I had originally thought
as was probably about Morgan's 5'7.

Hailee was only about 5'3 with the half Asian girl being
as tall as me. After Hailee and Shawna complimented Morgan
on her Bettie Paige tattoo and how awesome her new look was
everyone was introduced. "This is our friend Anna"
Hailee said. I said "hi" to the tall thin girl
in the white Mossimo string bikini and tried not to look
at her defined 6 pack deeply tanned stomach.

Jason was either not thinking or had decided to show off
after the introductions. He stripped off his shirt and
tucked it into the back of his red and white board shorts.
He climbed up onto the trailer and went to work unsnapping
the maroon covers. Hailee's gaze travelled over Jason's
body with the look of a hunger tiger as he worked. It did not
go unnoticed by Kitty "so are you guys here with your
families?" she asked getting her high school competitions

"No we are here with some guys from school. One of their
dads let us use his boat for the weekend" Hailee told
her. I noticed that Shawna was looking Morgan up and down.
I couldn't decide if it was because of how different
Morgan had looked from what she remembered or if it was something
else. "Cool" Kitty said. I had known Kitty well
enough to know that she was getting around to making a point.
"Anyone we know?" Kitty asked.

"No we met them at Houston" Shawna told her meaning
the University of Houston. Morgan moved in next to me and
grabbed my arm "babe will you help Rin and I get the
stuff out of the Expo" she asked and tugged my arm at
the same time. "Sure. Let’s do it" On the way
back to my SUV Morgan let out a groan "I never liked
those girls, they annoy me". I let out a laugh "Kitty
seems to be in attack mode" Morgan shook her head "Hailee
was totally checking Jason out. She does that shit all the
time. I bet you she will flirt with him" Morgan told
me as we got to the Ford. She let me go and opened the back door
to get the cooler.

I grabbed the heavy cooler from Morgan and waited while
Rin and Morgan pulled out a large red duffle bag out of the
back. After closing the doors and locking the SUV we headed
back with Morgan telling us about how she would always hit
on everyone's boyfriends in school. She had broken
up more than one relationship in the past and would no doubt
try it again. "Lovely" I told her. I wasn't
really sure what to say about any of it.

We got back to the boat to find Jason standing on the deck
folding up the covers. Kitty and Morgan got sucked back
into the conversation while Rin and I escaped to the back
of the boat. "Grab this" I called up to Jason.
He crawled over the back padded bench onto the swim deck
and reached down to take the heavy blue cooler from me. Out
of the corner of my eye I could see the three new girls turn
their heads to watch him. "They are totally drooling"
Rin laughed. "you should take your shirt off too"
she teased. "Har Har" I responded.

After passing up the duffel bag I climbed up the back of the
boat and jumped onto the deck with Jason. I am not sure why
I did it but I stripped off my shirt as well and threw it to
the side. (Yeah I know I am a tool) I could feel the girls staring
at me as well and couldn't help but smirk. Even with
Morgan complaining that I had become too defined I couldn't
help myself pushing my body harder. I had been a 250lbs lump
and had managed to transform myself into someone who wasn't
afraid to be seen without a shirt. I let myself have that
little self confidence moment.

Jason and I went about getting the boat ready to be put in
the water. I cleared the center pads in the bow and stowed
them in the compartments under the bow seats. That's
when it dawned on me "Don't we need enough life
jackets for everyone?" I asked Jason. "Shit"
was his answer. He turned and leaned over the edge of the
boat to look down. "Kit you know how much I love you
right?" Jason said warming her up. A broad white smile
blinded me as her Adonis looking boyfriend was the first
one to make it known who he belonged too.

"Yeah?" She said. "We are short five life
vests. Can you go buy some for us at the pro shop while we put
this thing in the water?" He asked with a one eyed squint.
He was apparently expecting she wouldn't be happy
about this request. However she looked thrilled "Sure
baby, what card do you want me to put it on?" It sounded
like she was alluding to the fact that they had shared accounts,
which they did not. I was starting to wonder if Kitty wasn't
trying to make a statement of some kind.

"Put it on the Citibank card I guess" He told
her. "My wallets in our bag in the truck" Kitty
nodded and went to Jai's truck to find the bag he was
speaking of. "Hey baby! Can Rin and I pick out our own?"
Morgan asked looking truly excited. "Get me one too
please. A black one" I told her. I went to my bag and
dug out my wallet. I threw it down to her and she snatched
it out of the air like an NFL receiver. The three new girls
looked around a little confused about something. "The
tall buff one is Kitty's man and the short buff one is
Morgan and Morgan's man" Cher told them correcting
her statement at the end.

Shawna's eye darted from me back to Jason then settled
back on me. "You guys want to come with us?" Kitty
asked with Jason's wallet in her hands. "Yeah
sure" Hailee answered for her group. Morgan and Rin
hooked arms and led the way through the massive parking
lot toward a water sports pro shop conveniently located
outside the hotel. "this is going to hurt" I
thought to myself. I had no idea how much life vests cost
but I imagined they were cheap.

While the girls were shopping Jai pulled around and backed
Jason and I into the water slowly. Jason hit the exhaust
and cleared the engine of vapors while Jai unhooked us from
the trailer. We slipped into the gentle waving water of
Lake Conroe and our first our first outing in the boat began.
The engine roared to life "OH fuck yeah!" Jason
shouted. I had to admit it was pretty fucking cool to actually
own a boat. He backed us out of the launch area while Jai pulled
forward to park in a stall. Jason turned us around in a tighter
circle that I thought would be possible showing off his
piloting skills. We chugged along to the side of the wide
wooden dock out of the way of the ramp and waited to pick up

After collecting our buddy Jason moved us along the water
toward the pro shop dock so that we could tie up and wait for
the girls. We spent the next five minutes stowing things
away in compartments under the benches. Jason pulled out
the slalom ski and the box that held the ski tube "I
am not blowing that up" I told him. The thing looked
huge and the last thing I wanted to do was pass out trying
to blow it up. "No worries we bought a little compressor
that will do it for us." he told me while rummaging
in the back compartment that held the Bimini top.

Jai looked at the bright orange block style life vest "Shit"
he said. He tucked it back into storage and climbed onto
the dock "be right back" he said before hurrying
off to the shop. "Did you see that shit with that Hailee
girl?" I asked him. Jason laughed and flexed his arms
"I am a stud. What can I say?" he said looking
proud. "Anything but that" I said dryly. I pulled
us out a couple of the Gatorade booze bombs and handed one
to Jason "the girls made these" I told him. We
easily down them in a few gulps and I had to admit, they were
tasty. We were finishing up our second ones when everyone
came out of the shop carrying 7 vests between them.

I had to laugh when I saw the ones Morgan and Rin were carrying
had "HO" on the front of them in fancy white lettering.
"Nice" I laughed. "I thought they were
nice" Morgan laughed. Her and Rin were carrying black
and pink ones as well but with "ho SKIS" in much
smaller letters on the upper left part of the vest. They
kind of looked like fashionable bullet proof vests to me.
They all had two nylon straps with plastic clip in buckles
across the bottom. "They are Coast Guard approved"
Rin told me happily.

"How bad did it hurt?" I asked as they came up
to the side of the boat "They kids may need to get scholarships"
Morgan joked. I laughed as I helped her into the boat. After
helping Rin in they handed me my life jacket and showed off
theirs excitedly. Jai and Cher had also chosen to buy the
cool vests instead of sticking with the bright orange ones.
Kitty was still on the dock talking with the three girls
as Rin and Morgan stripped off their skirt and shorts respectively.
The tall tight body of Rin flexed showing off her lines and
muscles as she made her way toward the bow. Morgan's
equally tight body brought happy tears to my eyes.

"You are so hot" I gasped. She smiled shyly and
twisted her torso "Thank you" she said quietly.
She pulled me into a soft slow kiss and squeezed the back
of my neck. "I love you so much" she breathed
into my mouth. "I love you too" I said against
her lips. "MMMhmm" she growled before letting
me go. She turned and bumped my groin with her ass before
joining Rin at the front of the boat. Cher tiptoed past me
in her red bikini with her ass slightly bouncing on her way
to join me and the other two.

I dropped myself down in the passengers’ captain's
chair and unlocked the seat so I could swivel it and look
towards the back of the boat. Jai had stripped off his shirt
to expose his slightly furry front and plopped down on the
back bench seat. He put his arms out over the top of the cushioned
seat and stuck his legs out. "Come on Kit we out of here
cher" he said using a heavy Cajun accent. "Cher
means sweetie Cajun" I heard Kitty tell them. I let
out a little laugh; the girls seemed to love translating
that to new people.

"Well when you find your friends give my cell phone
a call and we can tie up later" Kitty told them. She
rattled off her cell number before taking Jason's
hand and getting into the boat with us. She stepped out of
her shorts on the way to join the rest of the girls at the bow.
The way she walked toward the front made it seem as if she
was putting her body on display. It also made me wonder if
she hadn't changed a little bit since high school for
the better. The three girls on the dock waved back at our
girls waving at them as we pulled away from the dock.

We chugged away from the shore towards the buoys that I was
told informed us of wake speeds. After getting out into
the fast lane Jason adjusted the tilt and gunned the 350
horse power motor. The girls screamed in delight and excitement
as the front of the boat lifted up. I couldn't help but
feel the rush as we flew over the water. We bounced up and
down as we hit waves from other boats; water sprayed along
the side of the boat and flew by me. As we raced by the shore
I was in awe of all the houses, resorts, parks, parking lots,
and other assorted things that we passed.

The girls held onto the silver rails along the bow and waved
at every boat we passed. Jason turned out the radio and I
was even more surprised to hear Lil Jon and The East Side
Boys "Get Low" actually boom over the speakers.
I don't know what I expected but hearing the music clearly
was exactly it. I held on to the seat and unlocked the swivel.
I turned around to see Jai smiling like a fool as he bobbed
his head to the beat. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jason
stand up and stack the seat into its high chair like configuration.
He leaned against it and looked over the top of the boat to
get a better view of where he was going.

A loud horn sounded and the girls let out a "Wuuuu"
as the boat that honked passed us fast. Jason hit our horn
and held up his hand in a wave. "This is so badass!"
Jai yelled from the back. Jason turned around with the wind
blowing his blond hair aside "HELL YEAH!" he
shouted back. We travelled on for a while until we got to
an extremely wide area of the lake. Jason gradually slowed
down the Crownline and looked around him to make sure we
were safe. He moved us to the outside of the wake buoys and
slowed us to a bobbing stop.

"That was sooooo awesome!" Cher shouted. All
of the girls’ hair looked windblown as she looked at us
with extremely happy faces. "Who wants to tube?"
Jai hollered from the back. They all yelled they wanted
too in unison and made me laugh. Jai opened the box and dug
out the compressor, the thing blew up into a giant red, black,
and yellow donut without the hole and with bright yellow
hand grips. The thing had to be at least 70 inches around;
it would easily hold three riders.

"That is so awesome!" Rin laughed. "It's
a big slice just like big daddy" Jai joked while pointing
at himself. (the thing actually said big shot on it) After
it was fully inflated Jai hooked the pink and blue tow rope
on the end of it. He unclipped the hand grip off the opposite
end and crawled over the back to fasten it on the ski ring.
"You guys can go first. I want to learn how to drive
this thing" Kitty said looking over the cockpit controls.
"If you kill us Kit I will haunt you" Morgan threatened
as she put on her life vest.

After Cher, Rin, and Morgan had gotten their vest adjusted
they stepped out on the swim deck and jumped into the water.
Jai threw the tube over the back and waited as they all climbed
into it "I will spot for y'all" He yelled
as he dug a red flag on a stick out of the storage bin he was
sitting on. "What's that for?" I asked.
"When skiers go down you are supposed to hold this
up to warn other boats people are in the water.”Gotcha"
I told him. "There is so much shit I have to learn like
these stupid buoy sign things" I groaned. "Naw
its easy dude. You will get it in no time" Jason told
me. He went back to explaining the controls and how to do
this or that to Kitty as we waited for the other three to climb
onto the ski tube.

As the afternoon went on we all took turns riding the tube
and holding on for dear life. If Jason was Jeff Gordon behind
the wheel then Kitty would have been Evil Knievel. She made
tight turns and made sure to bounce us off the wakes of other
boats and of our own. I never imagined I would have been tossed
through the air at least 15 feet in the air so easily. It's
not so much the flying as it is the landing on the water that
hurts like a mother humper. I am pretty sure the life fest
saved my life on more than one occasion as I lay face down
in the water cursing my belly flopped life.

After we switched to the slalom ski we found out that only
Morgan, Jason, and Jai could ride the stupid thing. I swallowed
more water in my impressions of a torpedo than the lake had
in it. When I gave up it felt as if I had taken a ride in a giant
washing machine, even my toes hurt. I also almost lost my
own board shorts once or twice so I understood why Morgan
and Rin brought booty short trunks to put over their bikini
bottoms. I crawled up the aluminum ladder and threw myself
over the swim deck and the top pad to the bench seat. I unhooked
my life vest and leaned my head back trying to catch my breath.

"Aw baby. Are you ok?" Morgan cooed. She straddled
me and put the tops of her feet over my thighs. "I have
fish swimming in my stomach" I groaned. She barked
out a laugh before fawning over me "you did really
well considering it was your first time" she said
in a soothing voice as she pushed back my wet hair. She helped
me out of my vest and threw it to the boat deck so that I could
breathe better. "I can't believe how bad I suck
at water skiing" I sighed. She stifled a laugh and
leaned down to kiss my cheek.

I continued to complain as she moved her kisses along my
jaw toward my ear. "I mean it didn't look that
hard when they were doing it" I whined. "mmmm
hmmm" Morgan agreed as she nibbled my ear lobe. "I
am not giving up until I get it figured out! I mean you even
jumped a fucking wake! I want to jump a wake!" I told
her. Morgan laughed at me as she sucked on my neck. "It's
ok baby. I have been doing it since I was like 10. My parents
used to have a boat too" she told me trying to sooth
me. "I suck" I sighed.

Morgan sat up in my lap and took my face in her hands. Her toes
pushed against my thighs and she put on a serious face "you
don't suck you just are ski challenged" she told
me. I reached around and grabbed her ass and squeezed hard
"I got your challenged right here" I teased.
She threw her head back and laughed. She looked back down
at me and shifted her green eyes to the right then left "do
you want to do it?" she asked. "Right here right
now?" I asked. She bit her bottom lip and her eyes got
wide. She gave a few quick nods "uh huh." She
said excitedly.

The thought of flying down the water while being ridden
was more than tempting. "Come on! Jason and Jai are
on the tube with Rin so now is our chance to sneak one in without
getting teased." she urged. Morgan pushed her feet
against the tops of my thighs and bounced herself up and
down on my lap "come on lets fuck on the boat"
she said happily. "You guys are crazy" Cher
laughed. She appeared at my left and got on her knees on the
bench so that she could look back at the tubers.

Morgan lunged her hands between my legs and pulled the strings
that tied my swim trunk top together. She tugged hard on
the velcro fly and opened it wide to expose my dick. She took
me in her hands and let out a little squeal "you are
already getting big". I had to admit it; the thought
of being ridden as we sped over the water did turn me on a little.
Cher looked down at my cock in her friend's hand and
snickered. "You guys better hurry. They are about
ready to go" Cher told us.

Morgan's hands worked my cock up and down trying to
get in hard in a hurry. "Are we about ready?"
Kitty asked. She was standing at the wheel with her luscious
ass only half covered in her pale blue Brazilian bottoms.
"Wait! He's not all the way hard yet!" Morgan
called back to her. "Well hurry" Kitty responded.
I looked up at Morgan "was this planned?" I asked.
Morgan nodded "we came up with the idea while you guys
were tubing." She said as she changed to twisting
motions. My cock jumped in her hand and informed her I was
indeed ready.

Morgan moved a hand to the crotch of her bright pink bikini
and pulled it aside to expose her little shark fin inner
lips. "I am so fucking wet already" She said
in a deep voice. She positioned her pussy over the head of
my cock and guided me into her. Her pussy was soaked and I
could feel it drip down the sides of my shaft before I was
even in her an inch. The heat and pressure of her insides
surrounded me as she impaled herself on my cock. "GO!"
Morgan yelled. "Ready!" Cher yelled to the
tubers. I heard them yell back ready over Morgan's
whimpers as she rode me up and down slowly.

Cher yelled "floor it" and then I was pinned
to the back of the bench. We roared down the water lane as
my girlfriends pussy moved up and down my rock hard cock.
Her cries and grunts were almost drowned out by the scream
of the big boat motor. Morgan's juices poured down
my shaft and balls, her liquid silk crush pulsed around
me. Morgan grabbed the back of the bench at either side of
my head as she rode me. Her feet pressed onto my thighs every
time she lifted herself up. She screamed out every time
the boat jumped and landed hard, it forced my cock deep into
her body.

Her insides spasmed and clenched while my cock jumped and
throbbed inside them. "AAAAAAAAAH ha ha ha"
She threw her head back and cried. "WUUUUUU"
Cher screamed toward the back of the boat. Kitty hit a wake
and the loud clap of the boat hitting the water mixed with
Morgan's scream. Cher dropped her hand to my shoulder
and squeezed tight as she tried to keep from tumbling to
the side. I watched my dick appear and reappear as Morgan's
pussy ate it and then spit it back out. Creamy white juices
covered my shaft and pooled at the root.

Over the roar of the engine I heard Morgan scream she was
cumming. Her pussy locked down tight around me and her body
shook violently. It looked like she couldn't move
so I used my hands on her ass to help her. She cried out again
when I lifted her up and let her fall back down. Her legs shook
against me and her toes wiggled as the sensations from her
orgasm washed over her. I kept lifting her and dropping
her over and over again relishing in the feeling of her pussy
trying to strangle the life out of my cock. Her cum poured
out of her and soaked my entire groin.

A snapping sound and Cher squeezing my shoulder tight told
me that someone had fallen off the tube. Cher yelled to Kitty
and the boat came to a sudden and complete stop. I let Morgan
drop one last time and was deafened by her scream "Oh
my God that made me cum so hard" she gasped. She dropped
her head and pushed her forehead up against mine. "Baby
I love how you own my body." she gulped. "You
said you were built for me and I was built for you once. So
it just fits perfectly I guess" I told her. She licked
her lips and laughed "I guess so"

"Ready?" Cher shouted toward the back of the
boat? I heard them yell "Ready". Morgan looked
up at Cher "Oh fuck" she gasped. Cher yelled
again and the boat lifted up and tore across the water. Morgan
took back her control of moving her body up and down on my
cock. After a while she changed her hips to a rolling motion
that rubbed the head of my cock against her insides. "NYAAAAAhhh"
She cried out and again I was flooded by her cum. Morgan let
more of her weight press down on me and started grinding

The bright sun baked our bodies while the boats motions
threw us around a little. Morgan's pussy suctioned
tight around my pole as she undulated her body. Cher held
onto my shoulder to keep herself from falling over while
Kitty's amazing bikini'd body stood at the boats
controls. All of this was going on but for some reason I just
couldn't cum. Morgan on the other hand couldn't
stop cumming or covering me in cum. The snap of the flag went
up and the boat came to another sudden stop. "Baby
aren't you close?" Morgan gasped. I shook my
head "I am just enjoying it too much to cum" I
told her. Morgan's pussy clenched me tight and her
body shook violently again.

I helped her through her orgasm before she finally stopped
moving and collapsed against me. "They are coming
back to the boat guys" Cher told us. "Morgan
let out a groan and lifted herself off my cock with a hiss.”Gaah
I hate that part" she whined. I looked at my cum covered
dick and smiled at how much she had covered me with. Morgan
fixed her bikini bottom and then dropped to her knees so
she could clean her cum off of me. "Hurry they are almost
here" Cher giggled. Morgan growled and then took
me deep into her throat and sucked hard. She made quick work
of licking and sucking most of the cum off of me before I tucked
it back into my swim trunks at a very awkward angle.

"Yeah his massive hard on isn't obvious"
Cher laughed. Morgan looked down and let out a laugh "Come
on lets go to the front" She told me. I let her pull me
up and we walked to the bow with my dick forcing its way out
the top of my swim trunks. Morgan barked out a laugh and covered
it with her hand while she looked around for other boats.
Three drenched people climbed into the boat looking a little
beat up "Kitty you suck at driving!" Jai laughed.
"I was just trying to make it fun" she informed

"You gave me whiplash babe" Jason groaned as
he held his neck. "I'm gonna throw up" Rin
joked. Morgan waved Rin toward us with quick hand motions.
Rin's tall slender frame walked toward us as she unfastened
her vest. "I couldn't make him blow" Morgan
told her. Rin laughed at Morgan's sudden worry. "But
you came" I reminded her as if I had done something
wrong. "Yeah" Morgan blurted out in a deep voice
"Like a million times" Rin sat down next to me
in the bow and put her hand on my knee. "Well if you tried
to suck his dick you could die. One big bump and it's
going out the back of your head" Rin joked. Morgan
looked at me with sparkling green eyes "Why didn't
you cum?" She asked.

"I was just enjoying it too much" I told her honestly.
She rolled her eyes "sometimes I hate that you don't
cum fast" Rin laughed her agreement. "Sometimes
you take too long" she agreed. "I feel like I
am in trouble for not being a two pump chump" I told
them. "Babe when we are trying to have fantasy boat
sex you are supposed to blow your load fast. In bed you can
take your time. Come on get with it!" she scolded me.
"Jeez I am sorry" I laughed. They teased me about
all the things that I never thought I would be teased about
for a while. Jason moved us out of the speed lane and into
a slow wake area by a beach.

"You guys hungry?" Jason asked. "Hell
yeah" Jai answered. "We aren't far from
County Line BBQ if that sounds good to anyone" Kitty
said looking at a map lake. "We can just pull up to it?"
I asked amazed. "Yup it has docks we can tie up in"
Kitty said holding up the map. "Lezzz do it"
Morgan agreed. Kitty showed Jason the map "Waterpoint
Marina is here and we are here according to the sign"
Kitty told him. We made our way with the help of the lake map
and found it very easy. Jason put us into the long row of wood
docks that lined the beach, Jai and I jumped out and tied
us off at the front and back.

After the girls put on their shorts and Rin put on her skirt
we helped them out of the boat. Rin handed me my shirt after
giving me a quick kiss. Morgan and Rin hooked their arms
in mine and we walked up the steps to the BBQ restaurant that
was the twin to the one down the street from our old condo.
The girls shivered as we walked into the heavily air conditioned
building and quickly decided we were eating on the open
air deck. We took our seats at a table made for 8 and flipped
through the menu.

I have said before that karma and weird circumstance played
a major role in my life if you will recall. Well today was
just another example of how it could sneak up on me. Remember
the polo guys from New Years Eve? Guess who was meeting up
with Shawna, Hailee, and their tall friend Anna. Yup it
actually happened.

"Hey guys!" Hailee hollered from 3 tables over.
"Hey" Kitty started to say until she recognized
the four guys sitting at the table with them. "Morgan"
Kitty growled "Look who it is" Morgan eyes darted
from face to face of the young GTL guys (Gym, Tan, Laundry;
picture the guys from Jersey Shore). "What?"
Rin asked looking from the tense Kitty to the tense Morgan.
Cher looked a little worried and grabbed Jai's arm
just in case he had an idea to get up out of his seat. "Who
are they?" Jason asked just as lost as I was.

"They are the guys that you beat up on New Year’s"
Morgan told us. I sat straight up in my chair but Morgan made
no move to stop me "should we remind them who we are?"
I asked Jason. "No! Just stay here" Kitty told
us. She got up from her chair and strode over to their table.
The guys went from drooling over her body to a look of fear
when they finally recognized her. In an amazing show of
restraint Kitty chatted politely with her old high school
buddies for a second. She completely ignored the guys while
she talked to Hailee and Shawna. She did however make it
a point to point over at our table and say something. The
guy that I recognized as the one that hit me stiffened in
his seat.

I couldn't help myself and waved at the table with a
shit eating grin on my face. "What's going on?"
Rin asked. Morgan quickly filled her in on what had happened
and why. Rin's slight chipmunk seemed to suddenly
be turning red "I fucking hate guys like that. I am
glad you guys kicked their asses" Rin said in a voice
that sounded a wee bit scary. After Kitty had finished her
short conversation she swished her hips as she walked back
toward the table. The 4 of them tried so hard not to stare
and Kitty's ass.

"What did you tell them?" Cher asked leaning
over Jai. "I invited them to tie up with us later"
Kitty said with a sneer. "You did what?" Morgan
asked. "I wanted to see what the guys would say"
Kitty chuckled. "What did they say?" I asked
remembering the cheap shot the guy got in on my jaw. "They
politely declined" She laughed. After ordering
we all started to joke about that night and about what pieces
of shit the polo guys were. "Even in a town of over 5
million we still manage to run into them. How fucking weird"
I laughed.

After we ate we made it a point to walk by their table "See
y'all on the water now" Jai said slowly as we walked
by them. The girls giggled as we walked down the deck steps
toward our boat. We continued to ski and all of us got lessons
from Jason and Jai on how to drive the boat up until we had
to turn the running lights on. In the failing light little
dots of red, green, yellow, and white appeared all over
the water. The fireflies that illuminated the boats looked
to be floating in mid air or racing by at impossible speeds.

Sadly the time came for us all to leave and we headed back
to the ramp where we were parked. After loading the boat
on the trailer and locking it down Jai pulled up and Jason
and Kitty jumped in with them. "See you guys at home"
Jason said from the passenger side. "See ya"
Rin told them with a wave. I fished my keys out of the duffle
bag Morgan had packed and was about to unlock the doors when
Morgan swiped them from me. "I will drive. You get
in the back with Rin" Morgan told me.

"Why am I getting in the back?" I asked stupidly.
"Rin didn't get her fantasy sex" Morgan
told me sweetly as she hopped in the front seat. I looked
over a Rin and expected her to be laughing or smiling. What
I found instead was a 5'9 110lbs predator with not so
soft brown eyes. "Please don't hurt me"
I whimpered as a joke. "No promises" she winked.
"Oh fuck" I let out. Morgan pulled us out of the
parking lot and drove down the winding road toward our exit.
Rin made quick work of stripping off her skirt and bikini
bottom. She reached down and untied my strings on my swim
trunks and pulled the velcro fly open.

I lifted my hips so that she could pull them down to my ankles.
Rin leaned against the back of the driver’s seat with
one foot on the floor and her knee bent on the blue cloth bench
beside me. She reached down and grabbed my soft prick and
gave it a few tugs. She moved in close and tried to kiss me
as my Ford bounced up and down on the road. I didn't need
much encouragement to get hard even with the missed kisses.
As I grew in Rin's hand she licked my lips and tongue
with her own. Her soft moans told me that she was already
turned on and ready to go.

Lights from cars and signs flashed passed the dark tinted
back windows of my big blue SUV. In one swift motion Rin climbed
on top of me in a straddle, she rested her ass on the tops of
my thighs and used both hands to stroke me up and down. "We
have to be careful of the bumps ok" She whispered into
my mouth. "Ok" I whispered back. Rin lifted
her ass up and leaned over my shoulder as she moved my dick
into position. Rin's pussy stretched around my cock,
the hot wetness heated my body up immediately.

Her whimpers sounded like sweet music to my ears as I went
deeper into her slender body. I could feel her juices drip
down my shaft as her pussy contracted around me. "You
feel so good" She whined quietly. "So do you"
I told her. My hands found her tiny ass and her pussy squeezed
me as if to answer my touch. The Expedition slowed to a stop
at a red light but Rin didn't seem to care. She started
to roll her hips rubbing the head of my dick against her insides.
I could feel the Expo rocking as we sat at the stop light.

Rin's hips changed from rolling to circles then back
to rolling as she enjoyed the feeling of me being inside
her. Our bodies rocked back as the light turned green and
Morgan pressed down on the accelerator. Rin's knees
press tight against my hips and she started to mover her
pussy up and down my length. "Uhhh uhh uhh" she
panted. I moved my hands to her breasts and moved her bikini
top over her small tits. I took in her soft nipple into my
mouth and teased it with my teeth and tongue. "Dave"
Rin sighed.

I sucked on her nipple slowly increasing the pressure as
she rode me up and down. After her nipple got hard in my mouth
I switched to her other and continued to suck and lick them.
Rin cried out softly when I moved my hand back to her ass and
found her asshole. I let my finger slide up my pussy juice
soaked shaft before sinking the tip of my pointer finger
into her puckered hole. I really got off on fucking Morgan
in the ass and I loved teasing Rin's virgin asshole
with my fingers. I knew it was only a matter of time before
I was able to sink my cock deep into her ass. That made playing
with it even more of a turn on.

As we hurtled down the highway at 70 miles an hour Rin's
pussy massaged my cock up and down my entire length. Rin
cries became louder and louder as she got closer to climax.
I could see Morgan's eyes in the rearview mirror and
knew this was turning her on completely. "Your tight
little pussy feels so good" I moaned to Rin. She let
out another little cry then sucked in a breath and started
to roll her hips again "I love your big cock inside
me" Rin moaned. Morgan had made dirty talk and essential
part of our love making and Rin was taking to it as well. My
cock pulsed inside her after hearing her praises and that
was enough to start her orgasm.

Rin's body flexed shuddered, her breath became ragged
and her motions started to get jerky. I took her nipple back
in my mouth and drove my finger deep into her ass. "AAAAAAAA
he he" Rin cried. I could feel the SUV swerve at Rin's
cry and I wondered if Morgan was playing with her pussy while
Rin fucked me. Rin's pussy spasmed around my dick as
it flooded me with her cum. I used my hand that had its finger
buried in her ass to keep Rin moving up and down. "Cum
in me" she whimpered. I sucked harder on her nipple
and caused her to let out a hiss. Her pussy just kept pouring
down my shaft and over my balls as I forced her to keep fucking

Out of nowhere it hit me like a sledge hammer to the guys.
Fucking Morgan in the boat and not being able to cum, watching
sexy young nubile bodies move in bikinis all day. All of
it had just been foreplay for the moment I was finally able
to cum. My stomach tensed and I moaned around Rin's
nipple, my cock began to throb with the beat of my heart deep
in Rin. She knew me well enough to know that I was about to
lose it inside her. "Cum in me baby" she whined
again. Her soft smooth voice and the feeling of being in
her hot body did me in.

We cried out together as my cum shot against her insides,
she shook again and started her second orgasm before the
first was finished. Rin being multi orgasmic fueled my
ego and my lust. I felt the cum shoot through my loins and
fill up her insides "It's sooo hot" Rin
whined. "You're filling me up". I let her
nipple escape my mouth and tried to fuck her with both my
dick and my finger but the feelings were just too intense
to keep a steady rhythm. Rin's hips rolled then ground
down on me as we came together. Minutes, seconds, I couldn't
tell past as she continued to work her hips to make sure our
lust was sated.

When she could move no more she fell against my chest and
tried to catch her breath. My mind was still able to function
enough to want a little bit more. I slowly withdrew my finger
from her ass garnering another hiss from Rin. Her body tensed
as my finger slipped from her spasming insides. I lifted
her up off my dick and slipped my hand under her opening.
Cum poured out and filled my hand with white sticky juices.
I moved my arm around Rin's back and held her tight against
me as I scooted forward on the seat. I stuck my cum covered
hand out and moved it between the front two captain's

Morgan's head turned and saw what I was holding in my
hand. She let out a little moan as I moved my hand to her mouth.
Rin turned her head and leaned back so she could watch Morgan
attack my hand with her mouth. Morgan and Rin moaned as my
hand was completely cleaned of cum. Morgan's lips
and tongue tickled and sucked my palm and fingers as she
eat the cum I offered her. I could feel more cum drip from
Rin's pussy onto the top of my shaft as Morgan sucked
the last drops off my hand. The Expedition swerved in the
lane dangerously while none of us cared; we were too busy
watching the erotic scene.

I wanted so badly to see Rin lick Morgan's shiny mouth
but I knew it would be more than dangerous. Morgan reached
out with her tongue trying to get one last taste as I pulled
my hand away from her. I sat back in the bench seat and reached
down to grab my cock. Rin looked down and watched as I put
it back to her opening. She let out a cry as my semi hard cock
sunk back into her depths. She leaned her chest against
me and hugged me tight as we continued to drive down HWY 45
in silence.

To Be Continued..........

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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keep them coming so good


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Another fantastic volume, thanks again


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Well I am not sure if anyone will get this or not but... I am
writing Brandy as I write this. I have a slim hope to get chapters
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So I know that is no excuse but that is the one I plan on using

Life is all about passion. Whether it be for something small
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Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.