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Houston and New Years Eve Night


I looked to my right as I walked down the steps and saw that
everyone was in the living room holding drinks and talking
across to one another. I let out laugh when I saw Duff, Jenny,
and Angie all sitting together on the couch looking a little
wide eyed. Kitty was sitting with them and talking excitedly
about something while being very animated with her hands.

"Daveeeeee" Cher called out when she saw me.
She held her drink up as if my name was meant to be her toast.
Jai picked up the flag and held his drink in the air "Daveeeeeee"
Then Jason and Kitty, then the three new girls. I held up
my hand as I reached the landing and yelled "Meeeeeeeee".
Everyone laughed as I walked into the kitchen to get myself
something to drink. After mixing a Captain and Coke I joined
the group in the living room. They were in the midst of discussing
the type of guys that came into the strip club, well Kitty
and Cher were. The three new girls were like little birds
on a log, they just kind of sat there and giggled.

If I thought they had looked alike before the way they all
seemed to be dressed alike hammered that idea home. They
all had light colored jeans on and wore basically the same
baby doll tee shirt. The kind with the short sleeves that
stopped at the top of the shoulder but with various colors
and designs on them. I laughed a little as I took a drink from
my glass, I think Jai noticed as well because he gave me his
Han Solo grin from the recliner.

Jason sat next to Cher on the black obsidian fireplace hearth
and they seemed to be whispering about something. Cher
pulled out her cell phone and her fingers blurred over the
keys for a moment before she set it back down beside her.
After a minute or so Jai picked his cell phone up from his
lap and punched something in. He stifled a laugh as he read
whatever was on the tiny screen before closing it and putting
it back in his lap. (there wasn't texting back then
so they were sending emails back and forth) I followed Cher's
eyes to where Angie and Jenny seemed to be connected at the
hip and assumed.

When Kitty had finished her drink she pointed at the three
newcomers and pretty much strong armed them into having
another one. "She has a little bit to work on with this
nurturing thing" I thought to myself. The minutes
crawled by as the girls talked about the strip club and all
that entailed and I found myself at the bottom of my glass.
I wandered into the kitchen and was joined by Jai, he looked
behind him and then almost tiptoed up to me. He leaned forward
and whispered "the three of us think that Kit is closet
bi and we are taking bets on which one of the new girls she
is trying to hit on"

I looked at his excited face and said "Duff"

Confusion clouded his face "why do you think it's
Duff?" he asked. "she has a little southern
drawl just like Kitty so she is closest to what I imagine
she would like" I told him. Jai thought for a moment
then pulled out his cell phone and blurred his fingers over
the keys. I had to admit my friends never let things get dull
and they always kept me laughing. I poured myself a drink
and walked back to the living room. "wuuuu Happy New
Year bitches!!" Morgan's voice bellowed.

"Those dooo look cute!!" Kelly squealed. Jai
and I went to the living room together to see what all the
hollering was about. I found Morgan standing at the bottom
of my stairs striking an arm up in the air car show model pose.
The "cute" Kitty was talking about was her the
clothes or rather lack of clothes she was wearing. Morgan's
top looked like half of any skin tight short sleeve black
shirt a girl would wear with a few minor exceptions. One
the extremely tight shirt stopped right under her boobs
turning into more of a short sleeve bra. The second was that
it had a tuxedo shirt print on the front including lapels,
buttons, a red flower in the lapel as well as pink bow tie
at the top.

The screen printed black stretchy material formed tightly
against Morgan's 34 b breasts and easily showed the
bumps of her nipples. Her tight midriff completely bare
down to her reverse colored tiny boy short cut panties.
The white panties sported the same tuxedo shirt in black
like the shirt all they way down to the pink bow tie below
the thin pink waistband. The bottom V of the tuxedo print
stopped just as the fabric curved between her legs. I couldn't
help but look longingly at the bottom of the tuxedo print
and the subtle bump made by her pussy lips.

The whole tuxedo theme was finished off with thin black
knee high socks that had a white strip down the outsides.
At the top of the white strip was the picture of a tuxedo collar
with it's pink bow tie and black buttons ran down to
her ankles. The way her ass looked in the panties was brutal
to my eyes. The bottom of her ass cheeks just barely hung
out and the white seam seductively pressed into her soft
flesh. Morgan adjusted a black shiny metal head band with
a pink silk bow tie hanging off the left side above her ear.
"Does my man approve?" She asked smoothly bringing
my attention back to her face.

"Iwha" I think I muttered.

"He approves" Jai said from my side. "he
also might need a minute to let the blood flow back in his
brain. If we leave him here he should be fine in an hour or

Morgan blinded me with a dazzling smile and her face flashed
a shyness that was becoming all to normal lately. She softly
padded up to me and put her arms around my neck. "Happy
New Year" I moved my hands to her waist and relished
the softness of her skin in my hands. "Happy New year"
I responded.

As my eyes traveled over her beautiful face I started to
think about the short time we had known each other. I thought
about how guilty I felt after hooking up with Riko and how
weird it was that I had felt that way. I thought about how
close we had come to not taking a step forward and becoming
a couple. As a matter of fact we had almost stopped talking
to one another all together. The thought of not knowing
what it felt like to have Morgan's lips pressed against
my skin actually made me feel a tiny wave of panic. "What
is wrong with me? What the hell am I thinking?" My inner
voice asked me.

Morgan had apparently been watching my face as I travelled
down "Morgan is Amazing highway" She used her
pointer finger on her right hand and stabbed me in the forehead
with it. "were you zoning out again?" She asked
with a purposeful look on her face. I blinked at the suddenness
of her manicured black nail poking me between the eyes "was
I?" I asked feeling stupid.

She searched my face with her green eyes for a minute before
speaking again. "you have been doing that lately,
we will be just sitting or laying there and you go off into
your own world. Is everything ok?" She asked letting
a tinge of concern creep into her strong voice. "God
she is beautiful" I thought to myself. I squeezed
her soft hips and pulled her forward. As our noses just about
touched her eyes darted from my left eye to my right. "Everything's
perfect" I whispered and pulled her into a slow kiss.
The hair on the back of my neck stood up and immediately the
blood started to flow into my groin.

"Mmmm" Morgan moaned deeply. Her arms pushed
their way under my arms pits and her hands went up my back
to grab the tops of my shoulders. I felt her right leg brush
against my left before she curled it around and in between
my legs intertwining me. She hugged me close as our slow
tongue filled kisses took on a life of their own. We had kissed
hundreds of times in the week or so we had been together but
never like this. Our usual ragged lust filled gasps were
replaced but slow deep breaths into each others lungs.
She sucked my bottom lip between her teeth and gently bit
down before diving headlong back into the kiss. My stomach
jumped as if I had been on a lurching elevator.

A low whistle brought us slowly out of our kiss and we turned
our heads together toward the sound. The white haired Playboy
bunny look a like stood a few feet away from us with surprised
look on her face. Even at her 5'10 height Jason's
6'5 250lbs frame made her look small as he stood behind
her. Kitty leaned back against his chest and looked up at
him backwards stretching her body tight and showing off
her sensual lines. "how come we don't kiss like
that" she asked as her white bangs fell to the side.
Jason looked down at her face and shook his head "I
don't think I'm capable" he said apologetically.

The leg that Morgan had wrapped around mine flexed and she
leaned back. She let her left arm fall from beneath my armpit
and brought the back of her hand to her lips. Her fingers
lightly curled as she slowly wiped the wetness from her
lips. The little things she did just like that for some reason
rung a bell deep with in me. It was little things like that
I had come to hope she would do. Little quirks, and cute little
things that I had never really seen anyone do. Gestures
and ways of being that made Morgan unique, like no one I had
ever known. "Jesus what's wrong with me"
I thought then shook the words out of my head. "When
did I become so sappy?"

"You two do know we are here right?" Kitty said
with a sneer on her face. More scrunched up her face and stuck
her head forward to look at her blonde friend. "who
are you again?" Kitty rolled her eyes and clucked
her tongue before making a show of flipping back her nonexistent
long hair before heading into the kitchen.

"So nice outfit" I said looking up and down Morgan's
half naked form. She struck a cute pose and touch her pointer
finger to her bottom lip "you like" she asked
in a cutesy voice. "I love" I said trying to keep
the drool in my mouth. Her stance came back to normal and
she slid her hands down her bare stomach. "we all got
them. We planned to wear them for you guys tonight for New
Years." She put a who cares look on her face "we
planned on sexy lap dances for you guys to until we got company"
She swished her head back sending her hair flying and drug
her hand across my chest as she sashayed past me into the

"Killin me" I muttered and turned to follow
her. There in the kitchen with their coats still wrapped
around them like security blankets were Jenny, Angie,
and Duff. Their eyes shifted from each of us as they looked
around nervously. It seemed as if it would take a miracle
for them to loosen up. For the record miracles can come in
all shapes and sizes and in many different ways. In tonights
case it came from the 12 bottles of Veuve Clicqout Yellow
label Champagne that Jason had "expensed"
for our little soiree. Well that and a tall blonde Playboy
Bunny look alike.

Kitty had taken it upon herself to be the hostess with the
mostest. She corralled the new girls and pretty much forced
their coats off and making Jason put them in the closet as
she chatted away at them. She gave them a tour of our house
like she lived there including a run down where everyone
slept and how Jai had come to make our living room his bedroom.
She fussed over them like she was the mother hen and they
were newborn chicks.

Jason had set out all the trays of snacks we had bought on
the kitchen table and was pouring the Veuve Clicquot into
plastic champagne flutes. Since he bought them in packs
we actually had plenty of flutes for every one. He handed
us each a glass and then held his up. "I wish you all
a Happy New Year" he toasted. "Happy New Year"
he yelled and together we all yelled it back. The bubbles
of the expensive champagne tickled my throat as I drained
my glass. " strawberries are in the fridge so help
yourself" he said.

Everyone chatted and dug into the meat and cheese trays
simultaneously decimating the bags of chips and tubs of
assorted dips. The little plastic champagne flutes filled
just as fast as they emptied and the bubbly helped to loosen
up the new girls loosened up. They threw a few glances toward
Morgan who seemed completely comfortable in her tuxedo
panties regardless of all the people. She had an amazing
body so why hide it. Hell if I was a girl and looked like her
I doubt I would wear clothing unless forced to. Yeah I said

"are you guys going to put on yours or am I the only one
dressing up for this thing" Morgan teased Kitty and
Cher. Jai leaned down and whispered something into Cher's
ear and that was all it took. She refilled her little plastic
glass and went down the hallway to Jason's bedroom.
Kitty checked in with her chicks to make sure they didn't
need anything and followed Cher's example. Then it
got awkward.

The conversation died out and 3 sets of eyes just blinked
at my friends and I. They even managed to migrate next to
each other and made a tiny wall. I fought the urge to yell
BOO to see if they would fall to the floor like those feinting
goats you see on the internet. I figured since Duff had hung
out with us back during Halloween she would have been a little
more comfortable at least. Morgan wasn't helping
the situation either, to her it was almost like they had
invaded her territory. She seemed to always be standing
in front of me and between them and me. I kinda liked it no
matter how creepy it was.

Jai our eternal spokesman focused on Duff and started bombarding
her with questions about the Halloween party he missed.
After several questions she must have realized he wasn't
Jason Voorhess and became more brave. Jai's easy going
manner and his liberal use of the Cajun accent seemed to
disarm most people. That is why he was the mouth piece of
the group.

The clack of heals on the tiled floor drew my attention down
the hall and I about dropped my glass. Kitty's tuxedo
shirt and panties were stark white. I could easily see her
nipples through the shirt as it stretched tight against
her large breasts. She had put on a lot of teal blue eye shadow
and white lips gloss. Her amazing body seemed to be struggling
against her boy short panties as if they could explode off
of her luscious hips at any second. She had on clear plastic
heals that jacked her height up over 6 foot tall. With all
the white, her pale skin, sapphire blue eyes, and pixie
cut white hair she absolutely glowed.

Behind her Cher had gone cute over sultry and sexy, she had
put her past the shoulder brown hair in big bushy pig tails
that bounced as she walked. Like Morgan and Kitty her shirt
and panties had the tuxedo print on them, but in her case
she wore black panties and shirt. Thanks to the pig tails
it seemed like if Jai touched her he was going to go to jail
and end up as a red dot on an offender website. Her knee socks
were the same as Kitty and Morgan's but instead of making
her look taller as in their case it made her look much shorter.

My head moved up and down with the bounce of her pig tails
and she seemed to skip to Jai. She put her hands behind her
back and clasped them at her ass. "whatya think baby"
she said in a tiny cute voice. She twisted her body at her
wast and beamed up at him. I could seen in Jai's face
he was probably thinking the same thing I was. "he
needs to recheck her ID" Moving on.....

As much as I tried not to look Kitty's ass straining
against her panties caught my eye like a light house during
a foggy night. Her body was unreal. I had to turn away just
so I could think straight and found Morgan with my eyes.
It was like out of the frying pan and into the fire. Morgans
gentle curves and amazing toned body slapped me in the face
proving there would be no relief. The way she moved even
started to turn me on. "need some ice?" Morgan
asked as she saw the look of dismay on my face. She lightly
bit down on the rim of her plastic champagne flute and twisted
her body to show it off. I think I heard myself swallow at
that moment.

"you are loving this aren't you?" I said
squinting my eyes. She smiled around the rim of the glass
"uh huh" she said softly. "do you like
how tight these little white panties are against my pussy?
Do I have camel toe" she asked. My eyes automatically
shot down to look between her legs. The gentle mount of her
pussy filled my eyes and the open spot underneath it as she
held her thighs together. She pushed her hips forward giving
me a better view. It then dawned on me that she had set me up.
I closed my eyes and lifted my head up to the ceiling. "why
are you so mean" I moaned.

Morgan out a laugh that got everyones attention. She looked
around at the questioning faces "just reminding
him of something he shouldn't forget" Morgan
told them all. "what's that cher?" Jai
asked. Morgan's face melded into the scary evil girl
that fit her pierced and tattoo'd preconceived stereotype
and growled her answer "that he belongs to me whether
he likes it or not" I felt an electric charge shoot
up my spine. I wasn't sure if it was stark terror and
complete happiness.

Jason grabbed Kitty lifting her like a sack of flour and
shielded himself with her "hide the knives"
he shouted and did his best to look afraid. Then he looked
over at Jenny, Angie, and Duff. "if you guys are slow
runners you are so fucked" This time it was me that
barked out a laugh "don't let him mess with you,
but it might be a good idea to trip him when you run bye just
to make sure you make a clean get away". My words brought
a little smile from their lips and it looked like there was
hope for them yet. Out of the corner of my eye I could still
see the intensity in Morgan's face but chose to ignore

"all right y'all grab what you want to drink and
lets go into the living room" Kitty directed. As everyone
grabbed bottles of champagne or bottles of liquor before
moving into the living room I pulled Morgan back. As the
last person went around the wall I whispered my question
"do you really not want them here?" Morgan flicked
her gaze from my right to my left eye before answering. "I
am a lot like a junkyard dog, to outsiders I am dangerous
and aggressive but to my owner I am docile and obedient."

She looked back toward the empty doorway and grabbed a handful
of my shirt in her left hand. "That probably didn't
make sense" she sighed. She turned back toward me
and touched my lips in a gentle kiss before breaking away
and slowly walking out of the room. I watched the lines in
her body move and savored the way her ass looked as she walked
around the corner. "There is a lot about Morgan and
her personality I don't know" I thought to myself.

Jenny and Angie seemed to think that our 6 Roman style pillars
were the coolest thing that anyone could have in a living
room. We turned off as many lights in the house as we could
before making it dark and turned on the fake torches. Morgan
and Kitty flitted around the house collecting all the candles
and lighting them. Pools of soft light danced and flickered
across the white walls of our living room. Jai lit the fireplace
and for once it almost started to feel like the holidays
to me. Jason found a satellite holiday music station on
our TV and James Taylors "Winter Wonderland"
played it's jazzy tune over our speakers.

In a complete 180 Morgan told me I should be a good host and
make the new girls feel welcome. She chatted with them and
asked questions that I knew she didn't care about the
answers too. She seemed to shift into a friendly welcoming
mode between her and Kitty had the new girls feeling more
comfortable. "I don't understand women"
I muttered to myself.

The more tipsy people got the louder and the happier they
seemed to get as well. As the holiday music continued to
drift from our speakers people started to get up and dance.

Jai and Cher danced and laughed with plastic champagne
flutes in their hands as they twirled around on the blonde
hardwood floor. I sat on the couch arm and watched Morgan
and Kitty dance around like Jai and Cher, take away the fact
that they were two of the sexiest girls I had known and they
were mostly naked with their tits pressed up against each
other while they danced and laughed it was really adorable.
If you add that stuff then it was adorably hot!

"Angie. Dance with me" I said. She jumped at
the sound of my voice and suddenly seemed like she didn't
know what to do. "come on go dance" Duff said
and pushed against her shoulder. "what about your
girlfriend" Angie said darting her eyes from me to
Morgan who was now dancing with Jai. "Morgan I am going
to dance with Angie" I said aloud. Kitty dipped her
in my direction and she looked at me upside down "okay"
she said with the strain of being upside down in her voice.

I held out my hand and waited for Angie to take it. She put
her hand in mine and I pulled her from the brown over stuffed
couch "cmon new girl lets cut a rug" I said pulling
her into a twirl. I pulled Angie against my chest and immediately
was hit with the peachy smelling perfume that always reminds
me of a strip club. I could feel her nervousness in her hands
as I held them. Angie looked back to Morgan then back to me
again looking worried. "what's wrong?"
I asked.

"I don't want your girlfriend to think I am hitting
on you" she said extremely serious. "This isn't
hitting on me Angie we just are dancing" I told her
"That is hitting on someone" I said nodding
behind her. I spun us so that she could see what I was talking
about. She gasped as she saw that Cher had her face in the
front of Kitty's shirt and looked to be trying to motorboat
her. I spun us around again and looked down at her as Jason
pulled Jenny and Duff off the couch and started to dance
with them. The sight of the two maybe 5'2 girls trying
to dance with the 6'5 guy made us both laugh.

"So Angie who are you?" I asked looking down
at her. She cocked her head as if working out what I just asked
her before speaking "I am Angie and I just turned 21
in October. I started working at Splendors last week and
I am college for psychology. I have an older brother and
a younger sister. I am from Spring, Texas and I am single."
She told me. "Angie I have a girlfriend stop hitting
on me" I said dryly. Her foot steps faltered and she
looked worried again. "I am just kidding" I
laughed. "go on"

The brunette shrugged "there isn't much else
to tell really. I like hanging out with my friends Tanya/Duff
and Jenny and that is pretty much about it." She said.
"So then you all started at Splendors together?"
I asked. She nodded in response. I twirled us close to Morgan
who now had Cher as her dance partner. "hey they are
just like you guys, they all started together too"
I said as I turned past her. "I know silly boy, we work
together they told me that" She said as Cher face planted
between her breasts and squealed her happiness about being
there. "oh right. carry on then" I told her.
"Will do" she sang as she and Cher twirled away
from us.

"Are you having a good time?" I asked looking
back down and Angie. She pressed her lips together and nodded
earnestly "I don't go to very many parties so
this is a lot of fun for me" she said in a rushed voice.
"For being 21 she doesn't seem to get out much"
I thought. Behind us was Kitty dancing with Duff and talking
excitedly about something. The way she was holding her
and the looks she was giving Duff I started to think I was
right and she was in fact hitting on her.

Jai came twirling by with Jenny and when he got close yelled
"switch" in a move that looked practiced Jai
and I sent our dancing partners spinning into the others
arms. Jenny's chest hit mine and she let out an "uuff".
I grabbed Jenny's hands and began to dance with her
while Harry Connick Jr wished us all a very Merry Christmas.
"Hi I'm Dave who are you?" I asked. "I'm

"Hi Jenny" I laughed "HIyee" she
responded. From the color in her cheeks and the shine in
her eyes I figured she was probably on the right side of tipsy.
"So tell me about yourself" I told her. Jenny
took in a deep breath and rapid fired the answer to my question
"I'm Jenny, I'm 20 and a Leo. I go to school
and I want to be a vet but it takes a lot of time and money so
I don't know if I will stick with and I might just change
my major to business or something like that because my councilor
says you can do almost anything with a business degree so
it's a really good thing to have so I might just do that
but I'am not really sure we will have to see in the future
cause I am only a sophomore right now so I have plenty of time
to decide later" She took a breath and fired again

"I don't have a boyfriend but I am kinda seeing
a few guys but none of them know that I just started to work
at Splendors and I am not sure what they would think and I
really don't want them to think that I am easy just because
I take my clothes off for money because I am not easy, as a
matter of fact I have only been with 4 guys and 3 of them I dated
for a long time and then one was a one night stand but I was
really drunk and wouldn't have done it if I wasn't
I don't think" and another breath "I really
like working at the club though, we call it the club because
that way no one knows we are talking about a strip club."
My head started to spin.

"I like all the people there though like Kitty and
Cher they are really nice but I don't know Demona that
well and she doesn't really talk to me that much and
to be honest I always thought she was kinda scary but seeing
her here I think now that she is really nice and I am really
having fun hanging out with everyone" And she took
another breath. I decided unless I wanted to be worded to
death I had either better speak up or change partners. My
eyes went cross eyed for a moment and I reflected back to
the nice times when she just sat quietly looking frightened.

As we turned again I ran into Jason who was dancing with Duff
now "switch" I quickly said. Jason and I switched
partners and I took the girl I called Duff into my arms "ask
her about herself J, get to know her" I said setting
him up. I heard Jenny start her rapid fire explanation and
smiled to myself. "so are you having fun Duff?"
I asked the small blonde against my chest. "you aren't
going to call me Tanya are you?" She asked with a raised
eyebrow. "probably not" I shrugged.

"Yeah I am, you guys are really cool and fun to hang
out with" Duff said. "I never thought I would
be invited back though" I spun her around and asked
"why not?" She looked into my eyes as if she expected
me to know "well things didn't exactly go smooth
with Erika so I just assumed I wouldn't be welcome"
She said. I brushed off the comment "what ever happened
between you and your girlfriend is non of my business, if
you are cool you are in" I said dipping her.

She blinked her crystalline blue eyes as I brought her back
upright "she wasn't my girlfriend she was just
cool to hang out with at first, she really isn't my type"
she said. "I am not gay, I am bi" she pointed out.
"gotcha" I said "well no worries here,
you seem cool so like I told you and your friend Ally before
you are welcome anytime. I am sure we will have something
around my birthday and probably St. Patricks day as well."
She had the look like she was struggling with something
and was trying to figure out what to say.

The hand that was on my shoulder squeezed down and she got
a serious look "I wanted to thank you for tonight.
If you guys hadn't showed up I don't know what would
have happened and well" She stuttered. She looked
as if she was about to cry "I just wanted to say thank
you" I flashed her my best smile "no problem,
matter of fact the three of us were thinking of starting
a damsel in distress business. I think we would get rich
in this town" Duff let out a laugh and looked at me like
I was a fool. "from what I heard about you they would
probably be more in danger with you guys"

I feigned being wounded "Oh now that was just mean"
She laughed again and her eyes twinkled. "My turn"
Cher said brightly and I handed off Duff off to Morgan who
blew me a kiss as she turned away holding the blonde in her
arms. I looked down at Cher who was absolutely beaming.
As we danced around my living room she grilled me on anything
Jai said about her and if I knew what he truly thought of her.
I honestly didn't have any answers so I just stuck with
the basics and let her come to her own conclusions by using
vague words like "possibly" and "I am
not sure"

Kitty ended up in my arms and in turn saved me from Cher the
detective. Dancing with a girl that was my exact height
made the dipping and twirling a little harder then I expected
but we laughed through the fumbles. Kitty being tipsy and
maybe a little dizzy from all the spinning and twirling
pressed her chest against my body as we danced. The feeling
of her soft C cups against my chest was made worse by the fact
I could feel her nipples through the thin shirt.

"So I am sorry about being a bitch at times. I didn't
mean to Dave" She said seriously. Her sapphire blue
eyes blazed as she looked into my eyes. Her beautiful face
was very serious as she continued talking. "Morgan
has only had one serious relationship in the past and that
guy was a total dick. He loved to fuck with her head and when
he got a little rough with her at times." she said looking
past me. "no no nothing too bad" she said when
she saw my face drop "he just pushed her around some
and called her names"

"Anyway I wanted to say I am really sorry. When Morgan
said you were together I couldn't believe it. She always
avoided guys like you and would slam my boyfriends anytime
she met them. So I was just surprised to see how much she likes
you" She said with a look of disbelief. "I mean
you have a really nice body and your clean cut, your popular
and everyone likes you. Hell you don't even smoke!"
I was starting to wonder if she was giving me compliments
or if she was slamming me. I couldn't tell.

"I really like you Dave and I think you are a great guy.
The two of you may be like oil and water but I have never seen
her so happy and that makes ME really happy" she continued
in her southern twang. "so I hope you can forgive me
for being an over protective bitch" she said with
a smile. "of course I can. I was never mad at you anyway.
I was moody because even though Morgan and I were nothing
when Riko came over it still felt like I had cheated on her.
I felt really bad even before I knew she liked me."
I told Kitty honestly.

Kitty's beautiful smile dazzled me as she heard my
words. I must have said the right things because she pulled
me into a tight hug. The feeling of her bare stomach pressing
against mine and the feeling of her tits smashing into my
chest gave me some insight of why Jason loved her body so
much. I hugged her back and hoped like hell the male pig in
me didn't react to holding onto the pornstar like body
of hers. Kitty pulled back and put her face in her hands "I'm
so happy we all met, y'all are the best!"

"Hands off my boy toy blondie" Morgan's
strong voice said from behind her. Kitty let out an excited
squeal and smiled from ear to ear before she turned and let
Morgan take my hand. I pulled Morgan into my arms as Trans
Siberian Orchestra started to play Carol of the Bells over
the speakers. Her beautiful face smiled at mean and she
leaned in giving me a soft gentle kiss on my lips. The smell
of her sweet fruity hair filled my nose and I closed my eyes
as I relished the feel of her full lips pressed against me.

"Hi baby having fun" she asked me brightly with
her lips still pressed against mine. "yes, are you?"
I asked making both of our lips vibrate. "yeah these
new chicks aren't half bad. That little Jenny."
she started to say "can talk like a machine gun?"
I asked cutting her off in mid sentence. "Ye hes hes"
she laughed. Morgan pulled away from me and pushed her bare
stomach and hips against mine. We started to dance slower
then the crashing beat of the music.

I noticed something flash silver in her mouth "did
you put your tongue ring in?" I asked "rings"
she corrected me. She stuck out her long tongue so show two
tiny balls one in front of the other. I had never seen a double
pierced tongue before and cringed at the painful thought
of is. "nice" I said. "Thanks" she
said with a lisp. "you really don't care that
your girlfriend has all these piercings and the big ass
tattoo and the black hair and" I cut her off again "the
Goth look?" She rolled her eyes.

"I know I know you hate that word" I said "the
retro, noir, pin up, emo, sexy kind of look?" I asked
hoping that one of them would be the right one. "her
own unique style" she corrected. "I would have
come up with that one eventually" I said smiling.
Her brow furrowed and she threw her head back and laughed.
God I loved when she did that. "I know baby I know"
she chuckled. She brought her hand to the right side of my
jaw "how is it feeling?" she asked. I had forgotten
that I was milking being hit to get more loving attention
and to seem like a wounded hero. "it's a little
sore but I'll survive" I told her.

Her face showed sad concern "oh baby" she cooed.
She slowly leaned forward and I felt the soft wetness as
her lips parted along my jaw bone. Her tongue slowly traced
a line up my jaw as her soft lips pressed against my skin.
After saturating the right side of my jaw with her attention
she leaned back and held my face in her hands "better?"
I nodded happily. "why are you so amazing?"
I asked her "because you make me that way. It's
so easy to be myself with you and I love, LOVE pampering you"
she said and rolled her eyes into the back of her head.

"how did I get so lucky?" I asked following the
script of every cliche'd romance movie I had ever scene.
I just couldn't stop myself from saying the cutesy
cheesy stuff. "you let your friends drag you into
a strip club" she said pointing her thumb back at Jason
and Jai like she was hitchhiking. "oh yeah right"
I said "I knew their pervy superpowers would come
in handy someday"

"says the man that stares at my pussy every chance
he gets" she laughed. "I would sleep on it if
I could" I said bluntly. She rolled her eyes. "I
think one of the things I love most about you is how open you
are. No matter the consequence you speak your mind"
she said and leaned in giving me a light kiss on the chin.
"you make it easy to be me. The cheesy, the piggish,
the stupid, all of it I don't worry about hiding who
I am even though at times I probably should" I said
looking up at the high vaulted ceiling.

"I don't know about y'all but I am getting
pretty drunk" Kitty giggled. She was leaning against
Jason as she struggled to take off her clear plastic high
heels. "Yeah this stuff really sneaks up on you"
Cher said looking in awe at the bubbling liquid in her plastic
champagne flute. "we should do some shots!"
Jai yelled. "Come on it's 2006 we gotta kick this
year off right" He said.

"I really like your accent" Machine gun Jenny
said. She was looking at him as if she was waiting for something
distinctively Cajun to come out of his mouth. Apparently
the living room dancing thing we just did worked as an ice
breaker. I never would have thought something so cheesy
would work this way. "Thanks cher" Jai winked.
Jenny looked confused for a moment "I'm Jenny"
she said. "Apparently this is the slow one of the group"
I thought to myself.

Cher explained what cher meant and that he wasn't saying
her name but in fact saying sweetie. This seemed to confuse
the poor blonde even more. Cher was still trying to explain
it as Jai poured shots of Goldschlager for everyone. After
several shots and several toasts of the harsh cinnamon
liquor we popped the corks on the remaining bottles of champagne.
My head was already light headed by the time we got to the
last 3 bottles but I figured what the hell it was New Years.

The living room was alive with loud voices, laughter and
animated conversations about Splendors. They talked
about creepy guys that came in as well as the single sad guys
that just wanted someone to talk to. They talked about special
tricks they liked to use while on stage and how much they
hated giving lap dances. The compliments flew through
the air as the three new girls seemed to look up at Kitty and
Morgan. The question of why Cher didn't dance was answered
with one simple sentence. "I have no rhythm and I tripped
and fell off the stage during the audition"

"I really love your look Demona" Angie told
her. "I wish I was brave enough to get a tattoo"
she said sounding dejected. Angie asked about her piercings
and Morgan ran upstairs for a minute and came back down with
her belly button flashing blue, red, green, clear then
back to blue. It was the first time that I had seen her with
her belly button ring in. The more Angie flattered Morgan
the more Morgan seemed to accept her invading what she considered
her territory.

Morgan showed each of her piercings to Angie including
pulling her white panties to the side and fingering clit
piercing. Angie seemed fascinated by all of it. "I
would never get my nipples pierced. They are way to sensitive
and I love when Dave plays with them. I would hate it if lost
sensation" she said. This launched them into another
conversation about dangers of shoving metal into your
body. Morgan said that she got her tongue double pierced
at the same time and her tongue swelled so bad she couldn't
talk for a week.

On the couch behind Angie Kitty was being fawned over by
duff. The two blondes rapid fired compliments back and
forth with Jason standing tall over them. Both girls were
being very touchy feely and it looked like I was right after
all Kitty really was hitting on Duff. Like a well oiled machine
we all broke off into groups of three only to come back together
for a toast or for more shots.

"I love your tits Kit" Duff said apparently
allowed to use her nickname. "they are so nice"
Kitty blushed and seemed pleased as punch. She lifted up
her shirt and pushed a finger to her right nipple and talked
about how she wished they were bigger. "No"
Duff exclaimed shaking her head. "they are awesome
the way they are" Duff reached out and took Kitty's
big tits in her hands. I could see her fingers press into
Kitty's flesh as she held them. I also saw the corners
of Jason's mouth fight the smile that wanted to show

Still talking in depth about what else she wanted to tattoo
onto her body Morgan sat down in my lap. She hung her right
arm around my neck and let her side rest against my chest.
She held her drink in her left hand and waved it around as
she talked about all the "shady" tattoo places
in Houston. It seemed like the more Angie got into Morgan's
stories the closer she got to me on the couch. I really noticed
it when she had moved so close the side of her leg pushing
against mine.

They were both apparently drunk because the slurs started
to show up in their speech. After one particularly funny
comment Angie put her hand down on the top of my thigh and
laughed hysterically. Morgan also laughing leaned forward
and put her hand holding her drink on top of Angie's.
I looked down at where they hand rested their hands on my
leg and wondered how Angie was still alive. I hadn't
been with Morgan very long but one thing I did know. She was
very protective of me, or maybe possessive is a better word?
So this was weird.

"I wish my areola were tiny like yours"Duff
complained. "mine are huge" she said and pulled
up her shirt and bra to show large pale areola at the end of
her pear shaped tits. "You have long nipples too.
Mine are little" Duff said looking down and fingering
her tiny pink nipples to get them hard. "hey lots of
guys love small tits and your back doesn't hurt"
Kitty countered. "mine are barely a handful"
Duff argued back. She put her hand under her right breast
and cupped it in her hand while she reached out with her left
and squeezed Kitty's.

"your Jason he wouldn't even feel them"
Duff complained. And there it was. The match that lit the
fire. In every situation like this or at least the ones that
I have been in there is always one tiny event that starts
the mayhem and debauchery. Duff released her breast and
reached out grabbing Jason's hand. She placed his
big mit over her breasts and said "see? what would
you rather have in your hand. Her's or mine" Jason
squeezed her tiny tit before answering "hey trust
me small tits are nice too. We are guys we like them all"

"right" Kitty nodded and agreed. I couldn't
help but smile and wait for the snowball effect to start.
Since I was out of the game I figured that meant someone had
a chance of a foursome. I figured the odds were in Jason's
favor because he was the pretty one. Then again Jai could
sell water to a fish so who knew. Then again I could be wrong
and nothing would happen.

"It's like cock size. They don't have to
be big to satisfy you ya know. So don't worry hun yours
are cute" Kitty said and reached out taking them in
her hands. She massaged them gently then gave Duff's
nipples a playful pinch. Both girls laughed together and
smiled brightly at each other.

"I don't know big cocks are kind of nice. I don't
want this" Duff said and held up her pinky to show what
she meant. Kitty clucked her tongue and agreed. "still
though a guy with a big dig has to know how to use it. If I am
going to be sore I want it to have been for a good reason"
Kitty laughed. She looked up at Jason and it looked like
she winked at him. "now take my man here. He has a big
dick and knows how to use it. So it helps when I am walking
funny the next day" Kitty put her hand on the front
of Jason's pants and gave him a squeeze through his

"Oh yeah?" Duff asked with her crystalline
blue eyes fixed on Jason's groin. "No No I was
right they had lit the match and it was about to get interesting"
I laughed in my head. Kitty leaned in close to Duff as if she
was about to share a state secret "All three of em have
big cocks but Jai's is huge! I don't know how Cher
can handle him! I can barely handle Jason and Morgan is the
same way with Dave" she said in her distinctly southern

"Really that big?" Duff asked. The way she said
it was a little to wide eyed to make me believe it was real
disbelief. I was starting to think Duff had a little devious
in her. Kitty smiled brightly and nodded "uh huh"
Duff moved her gaze back to Jason's pants. "babe
show her your cock" Kitty said looking up at Jason.
If he was surprised he didn't show it "here?"
he asked more as a courtesy then a worry I think. "why
not? It's not like we haven't done crazy shit in
this house before" she reasoned. Kitty turned back
to Duff and touched her fingers to her new friends knee "we
can get a little crazy so I hope that is ok"

"Really? are they really serious? This is like watching
a bad porn on Cinemax" I thought to myself. "do
I sound like that when I think I am being coy?"

"Crazy is good" Duff smiled back. She still
had her shirt and bra pulled up over her tiny tits. I guess
since she works as an exotic dancer that shyness pretty
much goes away right? "Here" Kitty said handing
her glass to Duff. She apparently was getting impatient
and was excited to show off her boyfriends unit. Kitty reached
up and unfastened Jason's belt and then made short
work of his button and zipper. She pulled his fly wide open
then dug her hands into his pants. Like a magician she pulled
a rabbit out of the hat.

Duff's eyes got big for a second then she slumped her
shoulders and exhaled. Kitty's hands cupped a half
hard Jason "it gets bigger when it's hard"
She unnecessarily said. Kitty cupped his balls and started
stroking Jason as she giggled with Duff. Jason put one hand
on his hip while his other held his drink. He looked as casually
as someone looking out at their lawn as Kitty stroked him
in front of Duff and the rest of us.

Angie was so focused on her conversation she didn't
immediately notice what was happening over her shoulder.
Nor did Jai's group pay any attention either. Jenny
was asking to many questions about New Orleans and listening
to what Cher liked about her short trip there to notice a
hand job going on in the room. "you want to touch it?"
Kitty crinkled her nose and shrugged. Without a word Duff
reached out and wrapped her fingers around Jason's
growing manhood.

She tugged on him a few times with Kitty and then ran her hand
up and down his length. "doesn't he have a nice
one?" Kitty asked. "fuck yeah he does"
Duff agreed. It was about this time when Jason became a prop
and nothing else. "I don't even think I could
fit it in my mouth" Duff said.

"oh come on!" My inner voice screamed "get
better lines than that bullshit" Apparently my inner
dialogue was a critic.

Without a word Kitty turned her head and leaned forward
toward Jason. She opened her mouth wide and put Jason in
her mouth while her and Duff still held on. I watched as the
sides of her mouth worked over it as if she was a snake swallowing
a rat. She kept her mouth open wide and didn't touch
his shaft with her lips as she worked it deeper into her mouth.
She let out a surprised gag as he hit the back of her throat
and she pulled back.

She let go of Jason and brought her hand to her throat and
coughed "too far" she croaked. As her and Duff
giggled about that everyone took notice. Angie turned
around and jumped even closer to me when she saw what was
happening behind her. "here see how far you can go"
Kitty said rubbing her throat. Duff scooted to the end of
the couch cushion and took Jason into her mouth. Duff's
small mouth worked down his shaft as far as she could go.
I was shocked that she had taken him so deep down her throat
without gagging. Her lips closed down around his shaft
and she suckled it for a second.

She slowly drew her head back dragging her lips across his
dick until just the head was in her mouth. She gently sucked
on the tip before pulling her head back and looking at Kitty
"no gag reflex. But I couldn't breath with him
that far in my throat" she said.

"Damn Tanya!" Jenny exclaimed "You just
sucked Jason's dick!" Jenny was not as quick
as some maybe but damnit if she wasn't a master of the
obvious. Angie stayed quiet next to me and just looked at
the scene in front of her. "having a who can shove my
boyfriend down their throat the farthest contest Kit?"
Morgan asked from my lap.

Kitty turned around and looked at Morgan "I was just
showing Tanya. She's got no gag reflex!" Kitty
said proudly of her new friend. "What can I say it's
a talent" Duff said cutely. We all laughed, well most
of us laughed Angie was still quiet. "anyone else
want to try?" Duff said pointing to Jason's erect

"I got all I can handle here" Morgan said while
patting me on the shoulder. "I gave up trying to deep
throat a long time ago. I don't want to end up in the hospital"
Cher giggled. "do it again" Kitty said ushering
Duff with her hand. The new blonde girl happily agreed and
she grabbed Jason's dick and brought it to her lips.
She made a show out of it this time. Her tongue twirled a slow
circle around the head of Jason's little guy. She took
the tip in her mouth slowly and pulled it back out right away
teasing him. She used both hands to grab him at the base and
continued her tease for a few seconds.

With out warning she opened her mouth wide and shoved him
down her throat like sword swallower at the circus. "wuuu"
Kitty hollered as more and more of Jason disappeared into
her mouth. I could see Duff's throat muscles work as
tried to take him deeper down. Kitty reached up and started
to massage his balls as her new friend sucked her boyfriends
dick. "impressive" Morgan said. She looked
down at me "do you like that I gag? Or would you prefer
I was like her?" She looked as if though the question
was somewhat serious.

I felt my cheeks redden as I thought of how she had gagged
on me earlier in the night. I also remembered how she called
me dirty for liking those kinds of things. The truth was
I don't think I thought anything about it until she
did it and if I had to pick one. "I like how you um gag"
I said softly. She smiled brightly at my answer and turned
back to watch Duff suck Jason's dick while Angie turned
toward me with a solemn face.

As Duff drew back it became obvious she was going to stop
at the moment. Jason put his hand on the back of her head and
agreed with that idea. Duff started to bob her head up and
down on Jason's swollen tool while Kitty massaged
his balls. After a minute Kitty leaned forward and started
to suck on his balls. "here we go again" I laughed.
Morgan lightly slapped me on the shoulder "don't
be jealous"

Kitty moved from his balls and sucked on the side of his shaft
as Duff sucked into her mouth as much as she could. In a show
of amazing control Jason tipped back his glass and drained
it. Soft and loud sucking sounds mixed together as the two
girls pleasured my friend. Just when I thought they were
going to stop Duff pulled him out of her mouth and offered
it to Kitty. Kitty took over sucking on him while Duff licked
along his shaft. Both girls had scooted to the end of the
couch and both had their tits out and they worked Jason's
cock together.

"Damn it's like tag team blondes" Jai laughed.
"I'm next y'all" he shouted out. Kitty
laughed with Jason's cock in her mouth and in turn Duff
laughed. Kitty pulled Jason out of her mouth and grabbed
a hold of his shaft while she caught her breath. "Find
your own threesome dirty old man" she laughed. She
leaned forward and put Jason back in her mouth with a loud
slurp. "Old?" Jai said looking hurt.

"you may be old but your still sexy as hell" Cher
consoled him.

Jason's big hands had found both the blondes heads
and he followed their motions with them. It looked as she
was gently trying to guide their motions. Kitty released
Jason's cock from her mouth and her and Duff were liking
up and down his shaft in unison. A click of a cell phone camera
took my attention away. "This is going to be your contact
picture from now on buddy" Jai said while looking
at the pic he had just taken.

Kitty and duff laughed with their tongues pressed against
Jason's flesh and so did he. Kitty and Duff took turns
taking Jason into their mouths while the other one licked
his shaft or sucked on his balls. "I think they are
going all the way?" Jenny gasped. "I hope so"
Jason said as he looked down at the dual blonde blowjob he
was getting. "you want to cum baby?" Kitty purred
(yeah I can't keep avoiding it) She looked up at his
with his dick in her mouth and waited for his answer. "yeah
baby" he said looking suddenly serious.

"yeah" she said in a sexy tone. "yeah"
he reaffirmed.

"mmmmm" Kitty moaned and her head bobbed faster.
Duff had taken his balls in her mouth and was loudly sucking
on them while avoiding being hit in the cheek with Kitty's
chin. Jason boomed a deep moan into the room and that seemed
to fuel his blonde attackers even more. Kitty pulled him
from her mouth and fed him to Duff. She watched as the new
girl sucked on the head of her boyfriends cock. She stroked
him into her mouth a few times before pulling him out and
shoving him back in hers. Morgan shifted in my lap and squeezed
her thighs together. I had to smile to myself, she was getting
turned on by our live porn show. "and I'm the dirty
one? I laughed in my head.

Jason gasped and tensed his body letting everyone know
he was about to pop. "I want to watch you swallow his
cum" Kitty said in a hushed voice to Duff. "mmmhmmm"
Duff moaned while she had Jason deep in her throat. "I
am really close" Jason said through gritted teeth.
Kitty pulled him from Duffs mouth and sucked him hard and
fast into her mouth until he was on the verge. Just as he said
"now" she pulled him out and fed him to Duff.

She stroked him as Duff held him in her mouth. The new girls
throat muscles worked as she swallowed the cum that was
being shot into her waiting mouth. Kitty squealed her happiness
as she stroked him and watch. Jason's deep moans egging
them on even more. Kitty reached down and massaged his balls
trying to coax every last drop they had to offer into her
coworkers mouth.

Jason shuddered and tried to back away from the intensity
of the pleasure he was receiving but Kitty held him in place.
Duff's throat stopped worked and she started sucking
on the head of his dick again. "aaahhh fuck"
Jason groaned and almost doubled over at the waist. For
another long minute they tormented Jason until he almost
fell over backwards. Mercifully Kitty released him and
he back away in a flash. "did you swallow it all?"
Kitty asked happily. Duff opened her mouth wide and stuck
out her tongue proving that she had indeed swallowed every
last drop.

Kitty clapped her hands together and "yay'd"
Duff smiled and wiped her face with her forearm. "that
was so hawt y'all" Kitty drawled. For the lack
of words I just starting to clap. Jai joined me and so did
Cher while everyone else but Angie laughed. "how
was it?" Kitty asked a red faced Jason. He slowly tucked
himself back in his jeans as if afraid one wrong brush would
make him pass out. "it was alright" he said trying
to downplay it. Kitty clucked her tongue again "you
know you loved it"

"Yeah it was pretty fricken awesome" he admitted.

"Ok no really I'm next!" Jai said looking

To Be Continued...........

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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Alright so I pounded this part out quickly in between some
family obligations I had so I apologize now that it doesn't
flow well. I was rushed and didn't get a chance to look
it over again. I have no doubt it's riddled with errors.
I will have time tonight to punch out another part so that
will come soon. Also to any new readers.

If there is confusion about the series of events I can explain.
All my stories are one long running timeline of events.
I started writing here in 2009 and have explained the main
people in them several times in previous parts. I have only
three or four stand alone stories that don't follow
the timeline. So when you read a chapter you have to understand
I am just continuing from the last one.

The first story is Flurries and then as you read along you
get drug through my life. In these Houston stories it just
went from 2005 to 2006 so the previous stories have covered
a few years of time already. I hope that makes sense and as
always thank you for reading and sticking with my long winded


Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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You should consider writing a book..


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quote MarathonnMan069:
You should consider writing a book..
A lot of people are starting to say that lol. Thanks for the
compliment. However I doubt anyone would want to buy it.
On the other hand as I have posted 70 some stories here so
maybe I am writing a book. I am just posting it here one chapter
at a time.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Very Hot!!!!! Keep em coming.