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Houston and New Years Eve


The next morning Jason and I were sitting at our kitchen
table with plates of turkey bacon, organic eggs, organic
hash browns, and wheat toast in front of us. He was telling
me about his trip with Kitty down to Galveston and how much
fun it had been. He told me that he and Kit as Morgan called
her had officially become a couple on the trip. We were laughing
about he and Kit had been caught getting busy in the hot tub
by the hotel cleaning lady when Kitty came padding barefoot
into the kitchen.

Her pixie cut blonde hair was in it's usual morning
birds nest of a mess. She was wearing another of Jason's
Golden Gopher tee shirts that he seemed to have an endless
supply of. I could feel her sapphire blue eyes bore into
the back of my head as she walked behind me. She was still
struggling with the fact that Morgan and I had fixed whatever
issues we had over the Christmas weekend. She did however
manage an apology before she went to bed last night. I also
apologized for being snippy and told her just to let it go
and we were all good in the hood.

She got a glass out of the cabinet and took a seat next to Jason.
As if they practiced it, the minute she put it on the table
Jason snatched up the OJ and poured her a glass. "Don't
you have to work today?" I asked Jason. He nodded and
told me that he had a late start because the warehouse didn't
open until noon today. He had gone around and done all the
major pre orders before he left for the weekend. All he really
had to do was do last minute adds before New Years Eve. In
a city the size of Houston that meant that the liquor distributor
he worked for would be delivering pallets of liquor and
beer instead of cases.

"how about you? what time do you have to go in tonight?"
Jason asked with a mouth full of egg. I looked at the microwave
clock for no reason " I don't go in until 6 tonight.
I am thinking about calling in sick though" I told
him. The thought of spending another night together with
Morgan was too good to pass up.

"where's your girlfriend?" Kitty asked
from behind Jason. I could tell she stumbled over the word
girlfriend but I wasn't sure why. She refused to get
up so I had to use the jaws of life to extract myself. Jason
raised and eyebrow in a silent question "she gets
very snuggling in the mornings" I answered his eyebrow.
"em" he said while nodding his head.

Kitty made her self a plate from the heaps of food sitting
in the middle of the table and ate in silence. I picked at
my food and couldn't help by smile as I thought back
over the last couple of days. Even though every thing had
happened fast I was really happy with the way it turned out.
I had told my deepest darkest secrets to someone for a change
and surprisingly they didn't go running into the night
screaming. In fact it seemed to clear away any lingering
doubts either one of us had. I was looking forward to my adventure
with the my little pin up girl.

"I smell food" said a silky sweet voice. Morgan
came into the kitchen wearing her purple boy short panties
and my light blue Ghostbusters shirt tied up under her breasts.
The giant tattoo of Bettie Page had her head cut off by the
shirt. I watched as her sexy 5'7 frame walked toward
me as she sniffed the air. Her black hair fell over half her
face making her look even more sexy. "morning"
she said to Jason and Kitty. They said "Good Morning"
back in unison. Morgan stutter stepped then shook her head
"you guys are so lame" she laughed.

Morgan stopped by my side and put her hand on my shoulder.
I leaned back in the chair and she sat down in my lap "ho
ho bacon" she said happily and plucked one off my plate.
The soft feeling of her ass as it pressed down on my lower
half was so very nice. She shifted her ass in my lap then lifted
up and dropped hard sending a shock into my system. "uufff"
escaped from my lips. "Honey what did I tell you about
leaving me alone in bed and not staying to snuggle?"
she asked not bothering to turn around. She had in fact never
told me anything about that but I could guess the answer.
"to never fucking do it again or I will pay dearly?"
I asked

Morgan leaned back against my shoulder and turned her head
so should could plant a kiss on my cheek. "mwuaaah"
she said while kissing me "good boy". The people
around us laughed as she leaned forward toward the table
again. This time she softly ground her ass into my groin
and turned so that I it gave me a pleasurable feeling this
time. I loved her flat stomach and sexy back as much as I loved
her legs and the way her ass looked in panties. Now that I
think about it I loved the way she looked as a whole. I let
my hands rest on the tops of her bare thighs and she happily
woofed down all the bacon on my plate.

"Have you heard from Cher?" She asked Kitty.
The blonde pornstar looking friend of hers shook her head
as she shoved a fork full of eggs into her mouth. "Come
to think of it we haven't heard from Jai either"
I said thinking it was weird he didn't call at all during
the weekend. "when is he supposed to be back?"

Jason swallowed down his breakfast and said "he should
be back any minute, he sent me an email saying that he was
leaving early in the morning. I think he is covering a kitchen
shift at Bourbon today" he added. "well if he
doesn't get back in time for you to go to work just take
the Expo and I will ride to work with him" I told Jason.
He nodded and continued to eat.

I looked down at my plate and saw that Morgan had pretty much
decimated it while I talked. I looked up at her and she smiled
with two cheekfuls of food. "sworry bwaby"
she mumbled and held out a fork with scrambled egg hanging
from it. I opened my mouth and she fed it too me as she chewed.
"Oh my God you two really are in love!" Kitty
exclaimed as if every time we did something sweet it was
a shock to her system. Morgan's head snapped back toward
Kitty and brought her fingers to her mouth "wuve?"
she questioned with her mouth still full of food. "yeah
who said anything about love?" I asked feeling a little
panicked for some reason.

Our two blonde friends looked at one another then back two
us "that kind of made y'all look guilty"
Jason said. Morgan and I looked at each other and I could
see the fear in her eyes. I had no idea why we reacted like
that to such a simple statement but I do know we both denied
it vehemently. "wow" Kitty just said looking
more shocked than we probably did.

The back door swung open and our Cajun transplant came through
the door "good mornin my dear friends!" He had
bags under his eyes and the look of a long weekend in Vegas
on his face. From behind him the tiny Latina appeared wearing
large dark sunglasses looking like she could fall over
at any minute.

"Cher? You two went to New Orleans together?"
Kitty asked apparently shocked about everything this
morning. "I don't want to talked about it"
she groaned. Jai eyed the plates piled high with food and
licked his lips "looks like we made it just in time
Cher" he said with a thicker Cajun accent than he left
with. He handed Jason the Eclipse keys "all gassed
and washed bro thank you very much". He walked to our
cabinets and pulled out two plates while Cher shuffled
into the house and closed the door behind her.

"Dave and Morgan and together now" Kitty blurted
out. Cher looked up at us, we couldn't see her eyes but
I was sure they weren't open very wide and were probably
glassy as could be. "hey congrats" she said
in a weak voice. "You hung out with Jai's family
didn't you" Jason laughed. "uh huh"
Cher moaned and dropped her bag she was carrying over her
shoulder. Morgan shifted in my lap and looked back at me
while she held a piece of toast in her hand.

"Jai's parents came up for a week to visit him
when we were all in Minnesota. Jason and I ended up with alcohol
poisoning and we were out of work for two days. They however
kept right on chugging like it was nothing. His mom and dad
are pros when it comes to drinking" I told her and then
shivered when I remember the painful memories of that week.
"mmhmm k" Morgan said and turned back to her
work cleaning my plate of all edible material.

Kitty looked absolutely shocked that Cher didn't
have a bigger reaction to what she had been told. "Kit
why is it so hard for you to believe that he is my boyfriend"
Morgan asked. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Cher
perked up at the word boyfriend. Kitty thought for a moment
then chose her words carefully "Because he really
isn't your type. He is preppy and, and, and, "

"and handsome and buff and doesn't own a Romones
tee shirt?" Morgan finished for her. She and I both
chuckled at the Romones comment. She looked at me and we
shared a quick kiss. "so you are basically saying
he is your type and not mine?" Morgan followed. "YES!"
Kitty blurred out "he is the guy I would want not the
one you would want"

"awkward" Jai sang as he walked up to the table
and started to pile the eggs onto his plate.

"Fight to the death over the blonde?" Jason
looked at me and asked

"pistols or swords?" I asked keeping up with
the bit

"rubber chickens" he followed

"Dusk?" I continued.

"oh oh can you fight me instead? I love being beaten
by your cock" Morgan said happily. She pushed her
fingers against my chest " can I can I can I" she

"Oh My God" Jai laughed "you found your
perfect match" The rest of the room but Kitty joined
in on the laughter. The tall blonde bombshell squinted
at me before looking at her friend "you are sure about

"yes Kit I am more than sure and you are starting to
piss me off with this" Morgan fired back. Kitty put
her hand to her chest and let her southern accent destroy
the vowels "it was never my intention to make you mad,
I am just saying you never would have picked a guy like him
before and if you are serious I'm very happy for you

Morgan relaxed a little bit in my lap and wrapped her arm
around my neck. She pulled me into her neck and rested her
chin on the top of my head "It feels right and yeah I
am very happy" she said. I didn't say anything
but her words hit me hard and I felt like a King all of sudden.
She ran her fingers through my hair and we seemed to forget
the world around us. We just held each other as our friends
watched on, my mind travelled back over the weekend. I am
not sure where her mind was but I felt certain it was a good

I am not sure how long the silence hung in the air, it was Kitty's
southern draw that brought me back to the present. "so
you met his family? Does that mean y'all are and item
now?" she asked as her friend cherry picked the food
to put on her plate. "of course cher (meaning cutie
not meaning the latin girl) she is my bebette" Jai

Cher (the girl) smiled happily while Jason and I snickered,
bebette actually means little monster in Cajun but I figured
they thought it was like baby. Morgan caught it but didn't
press me on it. "so what's everyone doing today?"
Jai asked in between bites of his breakfast. Jason said
he was working and so was Kitty, Cher said sleep. I looked
at Morgan "you work tonight" she shook her head
no "I am calling in sick and spending time with my girlfriend"
I said.

Jai choked on his egg while Morgan kissed me on the top of
my head and beamed at me. "good answer"

"Hey Dave" Jai started to say

"Keys to the Expo are on the TV" I said cutting
him off while Morgan and I gave each other googly eyes. I
was actually making myself sick with all the cutesy stuff
but to be honest I didn't give a fuck. After we cleaned
up the dishes we all went our separate ways in the house.
Morgan and I went back upstairs and were naked before our
bodies hit the bed. We crawled under the covers and Morgan
immediately crawled on top of me and nuzzled her head under
my chin. She was fast asleep in minutes, I wrapped my arms
around her and shortly after followed her into dream land.

That day we spent caressing each others bodies and talking.
We had crazy passionate sex a few times but they seemed to
fall into deep kisses and slow movements toward the end.
She seemed fond of holding my hand in the air while she ran
her fingers through mine. All the way through Indiana Jones
on TBS she watched as she laced and unlaced her fingers through
mine. With everyone gone we raided the kitchen naked and
brought a handful of food upstairs and had a blanket picnic
on my bed while we watched the Wizard of OZ of all things.

The next day reality reared it's ugly head and we all
headed in separate directions with Morgan finally going
home. I was antsy that night at work and struggled through
the liquor invoices I had brought from La Tavola to work
on. New Years Eve was on a Saturday and that meant that Bourbon
Street was going to bulging at the seams. We had stocked
up with as much booze and beer as we could hold, we hired some
cover band and Jai and Jason did their best to come up with
a wrist band system for drink specials.

The night was a mess. We had more drunken fights and as many
crazy half naked girls dancing on tables as we could handle.
As the count down to 2006 closed in on us Jason and Jai had
to throw two guys that weighed a combined total of almost
700 lbs out of the bar. It was like the Red Sea was parting
watching them struggle to get the two huge men out of the

I served more drinks that night then I could count and before
I knew it the capacity crowd was counting down from 10 in
unison as Dick Clarke's Rockin Eve played on the projector
screen behind the band. I looked up in time to see the ball
drop and the 2006 light up in Times Square. 2005 had been
rough year for me. I thought for a short time I was going to
be father only to find out it was a lie. I had moved from Minnesota
to Houston, Texas. I had lost 60 lbs of fat and added almost
20 back in muscle.

I had lived through one of the deadliest hurricanes in history
and almost lost a friend in the carnage. I had wasted my time
with girls that were in relationships with someone else.
I had been discriminated against by a girls parents for
my skin color. I had a new girlfriend and was living with
two of the best friends I had ever had. It was like I lived
a lifetime in 2005 and the last thing I wanted to do was relive
any of it. As the crowd cheered around me and passed kisses
on to one another I closed my eyes and did something I hadn't
done in years.

I prayed. I prayed that I would make good choices and that
I would avoid the tragedies of my past. I prayed for my friends
happiness and hopes for all of our success. It was cheesy
probably to do that but it just felt right at the moment.
I also somehow managed to escape the new year with just a
few pecks on the lips and managed not to kiss any of the girls.
I figured if I would have kissed Riko, Morgan would rip my
nuts with a dull spoon.

Closing down the bar that night was like trying to clean
up after a tsunami hit a confetti factory. There were broken
Mardi Gras beads, glitter, little round shiny circles
of crap that stuck to the industrial carpet and tiled floor
like glue. Thank God Gene had hired a cleaning crew for the
floors and bathrooms otherwise we would have been there
for days. As it were we managed to get out exactly at 3am.
Which was good considering we were supposed to swing by
Splendors and pick up the girls. The three of us waved goodbye
and wished Happy New Year to Gene's family and couldn't
help but laugh at Scotts dejected face as his girlfriend
Princess clung to his arm like a life preserver.

"I heard that she is a virgin and refuses to give it
up. I don't even think he has gotten to third base yet"
Jason laughed as he climbed into the front seat of my big
blue SUV. "Man he must have sore wrists right about
now" Jai laughed from the back seat. I pulled out onto
FM 1960 and headed west toward home and our girls laughing
at Scott's expense.

In preparation for our own little New Years Eve celebration
Jason had expensed out several bottles of Veuve Clicquot
Champagne. Jai had even picked up some food that Jason's
diet would have a fit with. We had hot wings, meats and cheeses,
and lots of chip and dip. The plan was to drain the champagne
and pig out on snacks. Of course when do our plans ever work
out like we want them to?

We pulled into the parking lot of Splendors and found a decent
sized crowd still in the parking lot. "what's
all this about?" Jai asked sitting up to look out of
the side window. "Parking lot pimpin?" Jason
asked (Parking lot pimpin is when guys stay in the parking
lot well after close in hopes of picking up drunk girls that
are straggling behind) "I don't know"
I said as I maneuvered my big SUV around some people standing
in the parking lot.

As we pulled around a larger group of people we saw a tall
pixie cut blonde and a black haired girl pointing and screaming
at a couple of uppity buffy looking types. (buffy types?
think the movie Clueless with Alicia Silverstone). A couple
of douche bags in pastel colored polos with their collars
up stepped up and pushed Kitty back. I slammed my Ford into
park and like the S.W.A.T team the three of us burst out of
the doors and ran through the crowd to where Kitty and Morgan
were standing.

Behind Kitty and Morgan 3 young girls huddled together
looking terrified, I immediately recognized one of the
blonde girls. She was one the girls that Erika our lesbian
friend had brought to our Halloween party. It took me a second
to remember that she was the one I nicknamed "Duff"
one because she looked a little like Hilary Duff and two
because I couldn't remember her name.

The doorman Edgar that Jai had befriended was doing his
best try and control the situation but the douche bags easily
out numbered him. Even with his decent size he looked worried
as the muscle bound polo wearing rich rejects pushed up
to him. One of the d bags actually held his arms out and yelled
"come at me bro!"

"What the fuck do you expect he is going to do when he
comes to a strip club you stupid bitch" Kitty yelled
at one of the Buffy's. The offending girl was wearing
a short jean skirt, a white top that showed off her expensive
boob job. We will call her implants going forward. "not
to be hit on by you skanks" Implants fired back.

"HIT ON!" Morgan screamed back at her. "He
tried to stick his fingers up her pussy while she gave him
a lap dance and wouldn't take no for an answer!"

As the three of us got to the edge of the crowd Kitty held her
hand out to stop us from coming any closer. The pure rage
in our girls faces could curdle blood. They swayed from
their front foot to their back foot as if ready to strike.
Morgan had changed into Jeans and shoes that looked closer
to combat boots and had on a simple white tee shirt. Kitty
had on jeans, pink Nike tennis shoes and a Texan's hoody.
I saw Cher talking to the three frightened girls trying
to calm them down. Duff looked to be crying and I guess she
was the one the guy tried to force himself on.

"Fuck You, you fucking nasty Dyke" Implants
friend yelled. That girl looked more like a stripper than
the strippers actually did. She had on light colored jeans
that looked painted on. She wore a fat white belt, puffy
white moon boot looking things and white belly shirt that
I could see her black lace bra through. We will call her whitey
going forward.

Morgan wasn't phased by the name calling and kept her
eyes on spiked haired Nick Lachey looking dude in the lime
green polo. "you think you can just do whatever you
want to girl even though she says no you piece of shit!"
Lachey rocked back on his heels and looked to be on the edges
of tipsy and hammered. His only answer was "fuck you
whore" his 4 other friends in matching polo's
seemed to think that was the funniest thing ever said. They
laughed overly exaggerated and said dumb shit like "damn
son" and "oh my God, oh my God" and constantly
moved around laughing. It honestly kind of pissed me off
a little.

I felt the blood and adrenaline course through my body and
could feel Jason and Jai beside me tense up. It felt as if
something could light off at any moment. Edgar the bouncer
was yelling for everyone to go back to their cars and leave
the parking lot. "Edgar" Jai said loud enough
to get his attention. Edgar's eyes flashed to us and
he looked visibly relieved. He seemed to gain confidence
after he saw us and he got more aggressive. He pushed forward
between implants and whitey and walked up to the 5 pastel
polo wearing tools. "get the fuck off the property
or go to jail" he said putting as much bass into his
voice as possible.

In the mean time our girls were exchanging barbs with implants
and whitey. The buffys were actually saying girls like
them got what they asked for and they doubt she said no. Our
girls continued to repeat that no meant no and that their
boyfriends were worthless pieces of shit. So yeah really
there was no progress. If you have ever seen a girl fight
you know that there is no hope them hugging it out.

One of the tools in a purple polo started to get more agitated
and he paced back and forth. "Jason" I said as
I watched him escalate his behavior. "Yeah I got it"
he said not staring at anything directly but taking it all
in at once. "Jai" he said. "on the jump"
Jai answered. (on the jump means the moment one of them does
something aggressive)

As purple sped up his pacing it seemed like one big wind up
to throwing a punch. I didn't have to wait long to find
out that I was right. Two guys stepped forward between implants
and whitey they both pushed Morgan and Kitty hard enough
that they stumbled back into Cher and the three girls. That
was the jump. I lurched forward and caught the one closest
to me with my elbow to his face loud enough to make the crowd
around us gasp. The purple shirt guy saw the action and took
that as the starting gun.

I saw his over the top punch at Edgar before Jai's black
security shirt was on him. Implants screamed as the guy
that I introduced to my elbow crumpled at her feet. The second
guy had time to turn and back away from me, he looked scared
as hell as I rushed toward him. He lashed out with his fist
as I bore down on him but got nothing but air. I grabbed handfuls
of his bright pink polo and pushed him all the way back to
the fake mahogany dual front doors.

His body hit the door with a loud crack and I pushed him as
hard as I could into it. "So you like hitting girls
you little bitch!" I yelled into his face. When I bounced
I've always managed to keep my cool. Even when I had
been hit with beer bottles or called every name in the book
I had rarely lost my calm. However this time I was furious.
"You feel all big and bad because you push around a
girl you pussy?" I screamed into his face. He stammered
something that sounded like an excuse or maybe it was an
apology. I honestly didn't care at that point, I pulled
him away from the door by his shirt and used all my strength
to slam him back into the door. In doing so the back of his
head hit the door harder then I expected. His eyes seemed
to gloss over and he crumpled to the ground dazed. Oops

I turned around and check on Jason and Jai in time do see Jason
throw lime green polo guy 5 feet through the air and onto
the parking lot pavement. Jai stood over purple shirt and
the poor kid had his hands up covering his face as he lay on
the ground. Edgar was sitting on blue polo shirt guy as the
guy yelled out to let him go. I looked back at the guy I had
gotten with my elbow and saw implants and whitey trying
to help him up.

I walked over to them and in a voice that sounded 4 octaves
too deep told them "back the fuck up" The buffy's
let out a scared scream and backed up frantically. I pulled
the guy up off the ground by the back of his shirt and drug
him over to were Edgar had sat on his guy and threw him down
on the ground. Jason and Jai collected their trash and brought
them over adding them to the pile. I turned back around to
get pink shirt and heard Morgan scream "Dave watch
out" a second before his fist landed squarely on my
jaw. I saw an explosion of light behind my eyes and heard
the thud more then felt it as his knuckles connected.

As my eyes quickly focused on the guys face his look of rage
turned into a look fear as I stepped toward him. I think he
expected more of a reaction then just my head turning to
the side. In all honestly he hit like a 5 year old so I was in
no danger of getting hurt. With each step toward him he backed
up two until his fight or flight response took hold and he
turned around and ran as fast as he could through the parking

"alright you fuckers it's time to go home. The
cops are coming to get these guys and you don't want
to be here when they arrive" Jai yelled out to the crowd.
Like cockroaches in the light the crowd ran in different
direction toward their cars. The buffy's started
to run as well but Morgan and Kitty got in their way "Don't
fucking move" Morgan growled. With her gothic make
up still on around her eyes and her lips a dark blood wine
red she looked kind of scary.

Cars squealed their tires out of the parking lot and gravel
spat everywhere as the people left. "you alright
Edgar?" Jai asked "yes he answered breathlessly.
"where's your back up dude" Jason asked.
"I am the only one left the other two went home already"
Edgar told him. Edgar got up off the guy he was holding down
let him sit next to his friends. "pull out all your
ID's" Jason boomed. Purple shirt started to
get mouthy saying he didn't have to. Jai whacked him
in the back of the head "do what he says dumbass"
Jai told him. Purple shirt gave him a weak mean mug and pulled
out his ID out like the rest of them.

Jason pulled the tiny mag light that he used to check ID's
at Bourbon Street out of his back pocket and checked the
them as if he was a cop. He scanned the license then shined
the light on the face that went with it. "well Edgar
are you sending them to jail for assault and sexual assault
or.." I let my voice trail off to allow him to pick it
up. All at once the polo's turned on each other trying
to blame each other for crimes against humanity. It took
Edgar yelling "shut up" at the top of his lungs
to quiet them down.

"Fantasy" he yelled looking back at he huddled
mass of girls. Cher pushed the one I called Duff forward
and they slowly walked up to us. "it's your call.
Do you want to press charges or do you want to let them go with
just a ban from the premises?" He asked. Duff recognized
me as she came close and asked me "what do you think?"
I turned back to look at them and in the best snarl I could
manage "I say you let me and these two beat on them awhile
so they won't forget how to act." Jason and Jai
always the best wingmen in the game started to laugh as if
it was the best idea they had heard. Even Edgar looked a little
worried after that.

Duff looked down on them and got angry, she spent the next
5 minutes ripping into them as they sat on oil stained black
top in their 80 dollar jeans. In the end she decided to let
them go, Edgar and the three of us backed up to allow them
to get up and they slowly started to walk to their cars. As
implants and whitey walked past us hugging themselves
more from the situation than the cool night air Kitty called
out to them "My man isn't the only one that can
beat some ass so watch your mouth bitch" I don't
know why but with a southern drawl it just didn't sound
that menacing.

As expected they talked a little shit as they got into their
cars, implants and whitey however did not look back. As
Edgar shook our hands and thanked us the tendrils of fear
snaked into my body. I had an idea how Kitty felt about the
situation but I was worried how Morgan would take our interference.
I slowly turned to look at her and hoped for the best. Her
stone face made my stomach cold "it was nice while
it lasted" I thought and waited to get blasted.

A slow sheepish grin parted her blood wine red lips "see
I told you, if anyone one gives you shit you just beat them
up" The tension drained from my body and unfortunately
so did the adrenaline. The throbbing dull ache in my jaw
reared it's ugly head and it hurt. I rubbed my sore jaw
and asked "so you're not mad?". Morgan's
menacing look turned to one of a mother worried over it's
child "no ho ho baby are you ok" she said and held
her arms out in front of her while she closed the distance
between us.

She took my face in her hands and turned it so she could look
at the right side of my jaw where the guy had hit me. If there
is one thing I have learned over the years. Girls like it
when you defend their honor with your strength, but getting
hit defending their honor turns them into putty

"does it hurt" Morgan fussed. She gently pulled
me toward her and planted a soft kiss along my jawline. I
am not ashamed to admit that I milked it a little "ow"
I hissed. "yeah he got me pretty good" I told
her. I didn't have to look to know that Jason and Jai
rolled their eyes at my pathetic display. Kitty wrapped
her arms around to Jason, while Cher all but ran into Jai's
arms. Edgar looked between us. "So you all know each
other I am guessing" he said flately.

"Yeah these are our boyfriends" Kitty said
looking confused "how do you know them"

"Jai" Jason and I said together. Kitty had been
around long enough to catch the meaning and she chuckled.
"We didn't met them at the club though"
Cher spoke up giving us the impression that it was a major
no no for something like that to happen. "after tonight
I don't care where you met them, I am just glad you did"
he said. We said our goodbyes and he went back into the club.

Morgan's green eyes twinkled in the dark and she stopped
fussing over my jaw "how do you know fantasy"
she asked in a flat tone. Her head tilted as she waited for
my answer. She didn't need words to imply that she had
better hear what she wanted to hear or else. "Do you
remember us talking about Erika from Bizarre Bizarre?
Well Erika brought her to our Halloween party" I said.
Her face remained placid as she searched through her memory.
"Erika? Oh Erika! Isn't she the" Morgan's
voice trailed off and her head snapped around to Duff. "oh"
she said in a breath. Duff shrugged and gave her a small smile
of recognition.

Morgan went back to fussing over my jaw and I breathed a sigh
of relief. "you alright?" I asked Duff. She
gave a few quick nods to tell me she was and thanked everyone
for helping. "Baby is it really ok?" I heard
Kitty say. "of course" Jason replied. "Alright
girls follow us. Nothing is better after a scuffle then
a few drinks amongst friends" Kitty drawled. Apparently
Kitty was the mothering type and had taken it upon herself
to be the teacher/mother/big sister/whatever.

After assurances it was ok the three girls agreed, everyone
collected their bags and we all walked to our cars. Jason
and Kitty hoped in the back seat allowing Morgan to sit up
front with me. As per her usual once Morgan got her hand on
me she refused to let go. Jai rode in Cher's silver Nissan
Sentra and the other girls piled into Duff's white
Chevy Cavalier. Like ducks behind their momma they followed
me in a line to our condo.

The second we went through the door Cher, Kitty and Morgan
split off in different directions. Cher and Kitty to Jason's
bedroom and Morgan up to my loft bedroom leaving the three
new girls still huddled together to blink at us quietly.
They all jumped as one when Jai asked them who they were.
As it turns out Duff's name was Tanya but since I had
always known her as Duff I chose to stick with that. The second
blonde was named Jenny, and the little brunette was Angie.
They all were only about 5'2 on a good day and all looked
about the same age, extremely young. They were all pretty
cute though even though they kind of looked alike. I tilted
my head to the side and looked at all their faces. "wow
they really do look alike" I thought.

"Dave! Daaaave" Morgan called from upstairs
"Yeah?" I called back. "Come here quick!"
She yelled back. "k" I yelled back and excused
myself from the three little nervous birds huddle together
in my kitchen. I went through the living room and took the
steps two at a time to my bedroom. I found Morgan standing
in front of the bathroom mirror cleaning off the makeup
she had wore for the night. "what's up?"
I asked. "hold on I will be with you in a sec. Sit on the
bed mmkay" she told me as she wiped the dark red lipstick
off with cloth from her large bag. "alrighty"
I said and sat down waiting for her to finish.

After a minute or two she walked out of the bathroom makeup
free and more beautiful then when she went in. "I know
you don't like me to wear make up so I had to take it off
first" she said softly as she moved in between my legs
and hooked her arms around my neck. "how's your
jaw" she asked looking concerned. And I milked it
again "it hurts like hell but I'll be ok"
I answered. Her face took on a sad frown "poor baby"
she cooed. She leaned in close and gave my jaw a soft wet kiss
that included running her tongue along my skin.

When she pulled away she was flashing a brilliant smile
"I have to do something special for my knight in shinning
armor" she said keeping the cute in her voice "My
big strong man deserves a reward" she said. "I
could've kicked her ass though you know that right"
she said snapping her voice back into the strong usual tone.
"Yes I know" I chuckled "Honestly by jumping
in I saved her life" I said seriously. Morgan clucked
her tongue against the top of her mouth and laid her head
back and laughed. She was starting to know me too well, I
was worried my days of getting away with shit were numbered.

She dropped her head back down to look at me "now for
your reward" she cooed again in her cutesy voice.
"Close your eyes and hold still" she said. I
did as I was told and waited for my kiss. Her hands released
my neck and I felt her hands put pressure on my knees. My eyes
popped open when I felt her work my belt free. I looked down
at her "what are you doing" I whispered as if
someone would hear me. The normal group was used random
acts of sex breaking out between any one of the groups. The
three new girls had no idea, if they were scared before this
would petrify them.

"Well I can't let you fuck me because you know
how your big cock makes me scream" she said making
her voice sound ever more baby dollish. She got my belt off
and made quick work of my pant button and zipper. She tugged
the front of my underwear down until my cock popped out "this
won't do, stand up" she ordered. I did as I was
told and she tugged my jeans down to my knees before pushing
me back to the bed.

Morgan took my cock in her right hand and moved forward kissing
my lower stomach on the spot above my cock. She scrunched
her nose and rubbed it with her free hand while she continued
to stroke me. "you need to shave these" she said
"we will do that tomorrow" she said as if it was
already decided. Morgan looked up at me and smiled then
lightly slapped her cheek with my cock. "you ready
to get your reward Mr. Knight" she asked

I looked down at her beautiful face with it's big smile
plastered on it and laughed "yes me lady"

" ah ha" she laughed. She pressed my hardening
cock against her face and closed her eyes. I watched as she
rubbed it all over her face from one side to the other before
bringing it to her lips. She opened her eyes slowly and pressed
the head of my cock to her lips. With slow soft kisses she
circled the head of my cock stroking me all the while. She
worked her kisses down one side of my shaft then down the
other. She pressed my almost fully erect dick to her lips
and told me "you have to try and cum quick ok otherwise
someone might come looking for us" The sound of voices
and laughter in the kitchen below told me she was right.

Morgan stroked me against her cheek as she leaned forward
and took one of my balls into her mouth. She gently sucked
on my nut and then used her tongue to swirl around it. The
feeling of my cock sliding across her smooth face as she
stroked me sent tingles into my spine. The soft smoothness
was in contrast to her wet mouth as she sucked in my other
nut. My cock grew to it's full size and engorged with
the blood my heart desperately tried to force into it.

She hummed as she gave my nut the last bits of her attention.
Morgan kissed her way back up to the head of my cock and brought
her other hand to it. She took me in both hands and sucked
the head of me into her mouth and let out a soft moan. She lashed
her tongue on the sensitive underside as her lips surrounded
the tip. "mmmm" she moaned softly sending subtle
vibrations down my pole. She pulled her mouth away but continued
to stroke me.

"baby would you like to fuck my tight ass?" she
whispered and tilted her head to the side. "Would
you like to force your big cock into my tight little asshole?"
She let out a little laugh "of course you would, you
want my ass" she cooed and nodded. "yes"
I answered quietly. She let out a happy squeal "I want
to give you my ass to make you happy" I had never heard
her talk like this before. As she spoke this way the dirty
side of me kicked in. My cock jumped in her hands betraying
my wishes and seemed to make her happier.

Her beautiful sultry face turned into a sweet young innocent
one as she used that baby doll voice. She started to stroke
me faster as she talked. "did you know that I sometimes
think about that time in the shower. That time you know"
she said quietly suddenly becoming very shy and demure.
"what time" I asked in a breath. She smiled shyly
and looked down at the floor for a second. She slowly lifted
her head and her eyes "that time that you made me dirty"

Damnit if my body didn't tense and my cock pulsed in
her hand. The way she was talking to me and the things she
was saying were driving me wild. Even though it felt a little
wrong I wanted her to say more. She opened her mouth wide
and pushed me inside. Her tongue tongue swirled around
as she bobbed her head up and down my throbbing cock. The
wet suction created by her mouth felt wonderful. My legs
started to feel like jelly as she sucked my cock while jacking
me off with both her hands.

All to soon she pulled me out of her mouth with a gasp "aahhh"
Morgan let saliva escape her mouth and hang from her lips
and covering her chin. She moved below my shaft and licked
a broad stroke from the top of my balls to the tip of my dick
keeping her eyes locked on to mine. She sucked me into her
mouth again and gave it a hard suck. When she painfully took
me out of her mouth I wanted to beg her to put it back in. She
pressed the head against her lips and stroked me harder.

"I think um" she hesitated before finishing
her sentence "I think I want you to make me a dirty girl
again, I kind of liked it" she said then her face showed
complete shyness. She let out a little girlish giggle and
licked the bottom of my shaft again. My body was heating
up and the muscles in my lower stomach spasmed involuntarily.
My pulse sped up and seemed to match time with the throbbing
in my cock. Morgan seemed to notice and took me back into
her mouth.

The combination of her hands stroking me and the feeling
of her mouth as she sucked my cock brought a deep moan to my
lips. She pulled me out of her mouth with a pop "no no
Daddy you have to be quiet or we we'll get caught"
she scolded. I am ashamed to admit my knees buckled a little
at that. The mix of that tiny voice and the words she used
hit every thing that it shouldn't. She let out a little
giggle and her face took a serious look of lust. She hurriedly
took me back in her mouth and sucked me hard. She bobbed her
head up and down faster and faster while taking deep loud
breaths through her nose. She moved one hand down to my balls
and slowly rolled them in her hand while the other stroked

The spasming in my lower stomach became much faster and
I had to push my hands down on the bed to help hold myself up.
Morgan began to moaned onto my cock adding the vibrations
to the sensations. I closed my eyes and felt the spin of being
tipsy without alcohol. It wasn't until Morgan grabbed
my right wrist did I open my eyes. She pulled my hand off the
bed and put it on the back of her head, she covered my hand
with hers and pushed down hard forcing my cock into the back
of her throat. She started to gag but held her hand down tight
over mine.

I felt her throat muscles fight against the head of my cock
and felt her body lurch as it threaten to expel me forcefully.
She pulled her head back with a "bwaaahhh" and
looked up at me through watery eyes. Thick trails of spit
connected my cock and her mouth and trailed from her bottom
lip. She looked up at me in a wince and looked to almost be
in pain. She swallowed hard then and took a few gulps of air
before taking me in her mouth again and putting my hand on
the back of her head again. This time she didn't push
my hand down, I fought with the decision for a second before
I forced her head down hard.

I felt my cock slid down her throat and felt her gag against
it. I held her tight and didn't let her up for air until
her body lurched a few times. Again my cock pulled from her
mouth with a "bbwaaaahhh" More spit trailed
from her lips to my cock, her chin was coated with it and it
dripped onto her white shirt. She stroked her saliva onto
my stiff rod coating it completely with the silky liquid
sending more sensations into my nerves. She gulped deep
breaths as tears fell from the corners of her eyes "please
cum in my mouth, please I want to taste it so bad" she
begged through her gulps of air.

Morgan leaned forward and took me back in her mouth. She
stroked and sucked me while playing with my balls as her
spit dripped from her face. This was something else that
I had never experienced and mixed with how she was talking
and pleading to me took me by complete surprise. The blood
in my body heated up to it's boiling point and I felt
the familiar feeling deep below my belly button. My loins
pulsed and screamed for release as she sucked and stroked
me closer and closer until I could take no more.

My body tensed up and my guts twisted I pushed up on my hands
and the rush of intense pleasure shot through my loins and
up the shaft of my cock. Morgan squealed as my cum shot into
her mouth, she took deep breaths from her nose and did her
best to swallow all I was feeding her. She took in a breath
then bobbed her head up and down again never once stoping
her jerking of my cock. I held my breath as the intensity
of my orgasm only got bigger with each stream of cum I shot
into the back of her throat.

"mmhmmm mmmhmmm" she moaned her urge. I could
hear her swollow load after load. When it seemed like I had
no more to give she pulled her mouth away from my cock. She
sat down on her heels, tilted her head back and opened her
mouth to show me my cum she held in it. A pool of milky white
covered her tongue and underneath it. She pushed out her
tongue and let it pour from the corners of her mouth into
the open palm she had moved underneath her chin. When she
got it all out she looked down at the white puddle in her hand
then back up into my eyes. She looked drunk as she searched
my face.

"I swallowed so much of your cum" she moaned.
Her right hand tugged my cock a few more times and a little
white pearl appeared on the tip. She sat up and put her lips
to the head of my cock and sucked it up before taking me slowly
into her mouth and giving me loving kisses and sucks. I shivered
uncontrollably as wave after wave a new pleasure racked
my already throbbing body. After a minute of her attention
she pulled her mouth away and sat back down on her butt. She
held onto my semi hard pulsing cock as if it was holding her

She gave me a small cum and saliva covered smile before she
looked back at the puddle of cum in her hand. Morgan brought
it too her lips and sucked it up into her mouth. She let her
mouth hang open with my cum covering her tongue and wiped
her hand all over her mouth and face. I was in shock as she
seemed to be lost in lust. Her entire face was covered with
wetness when she finally swallowed the cum in her mouth
with a big gulp.

She brought her hand back to my cock and cupped my dying manhood
in her hands. She brought her face to it and nuzzled against
it "I love your big cock" She licked and sucked
on it again giggling softy when I jumped. Just as I thought
I was going to pass out if I got anymore attention she released
me. She fell back and put her arms behind her to hold her up
and looked at me. Through half closed eyes I met her gaze,
her usual dazzling smile returned "I swear if you
ever leave me I will kill you. The shit I do for you"
she laughed.

"was all that an act to make me cum fast?" I asked
astonished. "you'll never know" she said
reverting back to her girlish voice. She looked at the red
digits of the digital alarm clock sitting on the floor by
the bed. She let out a snort "fast? it's been almost
a half hour! You really have no concept of quickie"
Morgan pushed herself up into a seated position and held
her hands out for me to help her up. I took her wiggling fingers
and pulled her up to her feet. It was hard to ignore the wetness
of her hands. She moved in close as if she was going to kiss
me "go be a good host. I am going to take a shower then
I will be down."

Morgan caught the tip of her tongue between her teeth and
she had a half smile on her face as she looked at me. Her head
slightly tilted from one side to the other as if she was looking
for an angle to kiss me with. She must have seen the apprehension
in my face cause she laughed "relax you big baby I will
wait till after I take a shower to plant one on ya" She
dropped her hands to my cock and gave it a squeeze "put
this away before you get yourself in trouble" She
looked back into my eyes before she spoke one last time "you
really are a dirty boy, you should be ashamed of yourself
for liking that so much" she cooed. With a hearty laughed
she back away from me.

She let it fall to my jeans and walked into the bathroom she
turned and blew me a kiss before she closed the door. I shook
the cobwebs out of my head and put myself back together.
"she just owned my ass with that act. What a cruel cruel
heart that one has" I laughed to myself. I took a deep
breath and felt oddly guilty about what had just happened.
I checked my pants for any wet spots then made my way down
toward the laughter.

To Be Continued............

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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Good writing. Not just sex, but fun! Ah, to be a young bouncer
boy. I always seemed to have one or two very hot women begging
after "bouncing" a couple of meatballs. Women
do seem to get warmed up when you have to put the touch on someone
hard. At least that was the way it was when I was young and
doing that thing while supporting myself in college.(In
Minneapolis and a couple of other places) I do like your
stories so keep writing. They are fun!


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quote willfreeus:
Good writing. Not just sex, but fun! Ah, to be a young bouncer boy. I always seemed to have one or two very hot women begging after "bouncing" a couple of meatballs. Women do seem to get warmed up when you have to put the touch on someone hard. At least that was the way it was when I was young and doing that thing while supporting myself in college.(In Minneapolis and a couple of other places) I do like your stories so keep writing. They are fun!
Thanks for the compliment! I try to put it down like things
happen so it's not always smooth and clever. Somethings
I remember well while others take me staring at a wall to
get back. The three of us worked at Gabby's Eatery and
Saloon, I don't know if you remember it or not but it
was a pretty rough place.

I wrote a lot about it in the previous stories. Up to the "Houston"
series all but "Flurries" takes place in Minnesota.

As far as "Put the touch" on someone I haven't
heard that in a long while. It made me laugh, we had a guy who
used to say that all the time. Well anyway thank you for reading
and thanks for bringing back that memory.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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If this is fiction you should be writing novels. If it's
not, you are having a fun life. Either way, keep writing.
It is very entertaining.


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quote rm_jj94797:
If this is fiction you should be writing novels. If it's not, you are having a fun life. Either way, keep writing. It is very entertaining.
LOL thank you for the compliments, I write when I have free
time so that usual means late night when I am blind tired.
So the silly errors are easy then. A novel? I don't know
who would buy it. And yeah for the most part I had a fun life.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.