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Houston and Lake Conroe


Holding onto the light tan steering wheel I looked over
the dark wood grain instrument cluster. The two large round
RPM and speed gauges lay dormant behind the steering wheel.
Three more gauges were clustered around each side along
with two rows of black buttons on the right side. A tiny cup
holder was molded between the wheel and the gauges and made
me think drinking and boating might be a bad idea.

A black frosted door hid the pioneer radio behind it, the
sound system was supposed to be kick ass. "Why does
this thing have two speed gauges?" I asked the people
on the sport benches at the back of the deck. "Cause
that way you know how fast you are going in restricted areas"
Jason told me.

The three of us were sitting in our boat in the driveway just
drinking a beer and thinking about where to go first. "We
need to paint the trailer" Jai told us. "The
maroon trailer doesn't match my truck" he complained.
"It matches the stripes on the hull and the back"
Jason reminded him.

I unlocked my plush white captain's chair and spun
around so I could see them. Jason was lounging in one of the
captain's chairs behind me while Jai was on the back
bench seat with his arms up on the heavy padded top.

He was staring at the square metal plate on the floor with
a round hole in it. "Do we have a table?" he asked
both of us. "Yeah it's behind you in the storage
compartment" Jason told him. Jai turned around and
lifted the heavy padded top that he had been leaning against.
On two black hydraulic pistons it opened slowly to expose
a large storage compartment that held metal poles, a large
folded up maroon canopy and what looked like a thick white
card table.

He stood up and wrestled with some things until he pulled
out the table and its stand. "We have a Bimini top for
the deck as well" he said excitedly. He made short
work of putting the stand in the hole and attached the small
table to it. He dropped his beer bottle into the built in
cup holder and closed the storage compartment.

Jai sat back down and stuck his legs out on either side of
the silver pole that held up the table. "This was a
badass'd idea Jason." Jai told him with a happy
sigh. I leaned back against my heavily padded driver’s
seat and extended the bottom part of the seat. "Yeah
this is pretty nice" I agreed. Jason unlocked his
seat so that he could swivel side to side "just wait
until the girls are on the deck in tiny bikinis" Jason
said with a devious smile." Jai grabbed his Corona
bottle and held it up in the air. Jason and I copied him and
we air clinked to the idea of our sexy teenage girlfriends
baking their amazing bodies in the sun wearing tiny scraps
of cloth.

"How many people can we fit on here?" I asked
looking around. "Driver plus the other captain's
chair, 4 girls on the bench seat" Jai said patting
the seat he was sitting on. "Take out the center pads
in the bow and technically you can fit four up front. I would
say you could fit ten easy." He told me. "Book
says 12 but we should probably stick to around ten if we add
another guy" Jason added while he twisted side to
side picking at his Bud Light label. "Three guys,
nine girls?" I exclaimed. "This was the best
fucking idea we've ever had!"

Jason and Jai laughed for a while until they reminded me
I was the one against the idea in the first place. "Changed
my mind" I told them simply. "What were those
maroon things in there again?" I asked. "Canopies,
they snap over the bow and where we are sitting for storage.
There are little snaps all around the top of the deck"
Jason informed me. I swiveled around and looked for the
little snaps he was talking about. "Cool" I
said as I fingered one of them. "Hella cool"
Jason agreed. I was new to this boat thing so I had to touch
everything apparently. I stood up and closed the windshield
and door that blocked off the front bow then opened them
back up again. I looked under all the seats at the large amount
of storage this thing had. I even went as far as to put on a
bright orange life vest before sitting back down in the
driver seat.

My big blue Expedition pulled up to our house on the corner
lot and had to park alongside the street due to the fact that
Jai's big black F350 crew cab with a boat attached to
it filled the driveway. We all turned our heads to watch
our girlfriends fall out of my SUV. Kitty and Cher waved
at us as they walked to the back tailgate "You guys
need help?" Jason called out. "Naw we got it!"
Cher yelled back. The girls were all dressed similar for
once in different color tank tops and tiny tight denim shorts
and flip flops. The three of them dug into the back of my Ford
and pulled out card board boxes filled with their tasty
treasures from Sam's Club.

Morgan's vibrant colored hair seemed to dance with
color as the bright Friday late afternoon sun shone down
on it. The three of them walked over the thick bladed green
grass toward us carrying boxes. "AHOY PERVS!"
Morgan called out. "AHOY HOTTIES!" Jai called
back. As Morgan got close she kicked out her foot and launched
one of her white sandals at the boat. "We're under
attack!" Jason yelled. I took off my life preserver
and threw it at them in response to their unwarranted aggression.

Cher had to duck due to my errant throw and whipped her head
around to watch it land on the grass. "Sorry Cher!"
I told her. "I was aiming for Skittles head!"
I added moronically. Morgan stopped in her tracks and glared
at me "Skittles head? Yeah that just got you cut off"
She said menacingly. "I LOVE YOU! PLEASE DON'T
CUT ME OFF FROM THE HAPPY PLACES!" I cried dramatically.
Jai kicked another padded orange life preserver across
the deck to my feet.

As secretly as I could I picked it up off the deck as Morgan
came to the side of the boat and looked up at me. "Anything
huh?" She asked deviously. Her tongue stuck in her
cheek and she squinted her jade green eyes at me. "Any
ting" I told her mimicking a 2LiveCrew song. She never
got a chance to speak. I brought the orange vest up and let
it fall onto her head. "Guys 1 Hottie Pirates 0"
I said triumphantly as it bounced off her head to the driveway
at her feet. She shook her head slowly and chuckled. "I
fell in love with a 2 year old."

Without looking back up at me she made her way around the
back of the boat and went through the privacy gate. I sat
back down and we all chuckled at how I was most likely not
going to live to see 28. "LAKE CONROE!" Jason
exclaimed as he looked at the map in his hand. "Where?"
I asked. He held up the map to show me where it was. "Oh
ok. I think I passed that when I drove down from Minneapolis"
I told him recalling a sign. "It's only about
an hour away and it's big enough to have a lot of fun on"
he said excitedly.

"We need skis, a knee board, and a tube!" He said
suddenly. Without saying another word to us he vaulted
off the side of the boat down to the driveway. I couldn't
believe he didn't break his leg with as fast as he went.
He vanished into the house and came back out tugging a confused
Kitty. He pulled her across the grass to my Expedition and
then they were gone. "What the hell was that about?"
I asked Jai. He shrugged and picked up the map to look it over.

"How do I get up there?" Cher asked from over
the side. Jai dropped the map on the table in front of him
and turned around on the bench. He crawled over the large
padded back toward the swim deck and the aluminum ladder
that pulled out. "Go grab the little step ladder out
of the garage darlin" he told her. After helping her
crawl over the swim deck and the back bench she started to
investigate. She start asking Jai to explain every little
thing about the boat from the Bimini canopy to the canopies
that snapped on and what was the difference. She made me
get out of the driver’s seat so she could sit down.

She spent the next five minutes amazed that she could lift
up the bottom of the seat to make it like a high chair. For
a short girl this was important information I suppose.
Jai went through the boat with her while I sat in the passenger
captain's chair swiveling side to side. "You
want to see something cool?" he asked her. "It
gets better?" she asked looking excited. Without
a word Jai worked on the back sport bench and before I knew
it there was a bed! "Holy Shit!" I couldn't
help saying. Yup this back bench folds out into a little
two person like bed. You had to lie from starboard to port
but it was still a bed "wow" Cher said with a twinkle
in her eye.

I had no doubt that someone was going to claim that sucker
at the first possible chance. Truth be told I was planning
on sneaking out here with Morgan after we had all gotten
home from work later tonight. What? I wanted to be first!
The sound of the gate opening and closing told me that my
girlfriend had joined us finally. She traveled the same
path as Cher had and stopped on all fours on the back padding.
She looked down at the bed and started chuckling "oh
hell yes we are" she said.

Jai let out a laugh and Cher got up and threw herself onto
the bench bed. Morgan joined her and they held each other
as the stretched out on it. "This is so awesome!"
Cher squealed. "We own a kickass boat!" Morgan
and Cher hugged happily before they both sat up against
the back and stretched out their legs. Morgan patted her
hand on the space next to her "C'mere boy toy"
she beckoned with a smirk. I got up and crawled onto the white
and maroon padded bed bench thing next to her. She hooked
my arm in hers and laid her head against my shoulder "this
is going to be so fun" she said happily. She draped
her left leg over my right and wiggled her pedicured toes.

Jai moved next to Cher and the four of us just sat there with
our legs stretched out on the cushion. Morgan attacked
the tops of my feet with her toes and giggled when I caught
her big toe in mine. "You guys are so cute together"
Cher sighed. Morgan and I turned our heads to see Cher smiling
at us as she leaned against Jai. "The babies will be
gorgeous" she teased. I could feel my face blush and
could see Morgan's spotlight smile in response. I
half expected Jai to bail me out but instead he just looked
at us and smiled as well. Gulp.

"So do we know where we are going tomorrow?"
Morgan asked looking up at my blushing face. "Lake
Conroe?" I said as a question. Morgan nodded "That
is a nice lake. It will be fun" She agreed. "What's
tomorrow?" Cher asked. "May 20th" I told
her. "No I meant the weather" she corrected
me. "I think it's supposed to be 90 or something"
Morgan told her as she began her kisses on my arm. "Anyone
want a drink?" Jai asked while extracting himself
from Cher. "Bring the Captain Morgan and a can a coke
would ya please" Morgan told him between sucks of
my triceps. "Getting hammered before work?"
I asked looking down at her. She shrugged and bit down on
my arm.

Morgan had been weird about going to work lately, it was
almost as if she hated going. After getting Cher's
order he climbed down the back of the boat and went inside.
After Jai had come back we all continued to talk about the
boat as we sipped our drinks on the back bench bed. The light
breeze rustled through the trees that were all over our
front yard and swirled around us. Morgan had taken a few
drinks from the handled jug of spiced rum but seemed more
interested on kissing my arm. "Everything alright?"
I asked her quietly.

Morgan let out a sigh and released my forearm from her teeth.
"I just hate giving lap dances and stuff like that
at work. I feel like I am being disrespectful to you"
She told me quietly. I had to admit I never wanted to see her
give someone a lap dance but I had never thought what she
was doing was cheating or anything. I had met her in that
environment and I knew what I was getting into when we got
together. I knew she would never cross a line or do anything
shady because of who she is, let alone do something against
me. "I don't worry you know" I told her.
She leaned forward and pressed her face up against my chest
"I know" she said softly.

I didn't need to bring up Rin, that issue had long been
put to bed so to speak. However it seemed like the more time
passed the more serious everything was getting. Morgan
had already made it clear that if I asked her for a lifelong
commitment she would not hesitate to say yes. I also had
no doubt if I told her I wanted a baby she would be all for it.
She was that serious about us and me. It gave me an odd sense
of security and fear at the same time.

I pulled her into a tight hug and kissed the top of her multi
colored head. "I love you and trust you. Don't
ever think I worry." I assured her. She nuzzled into
my chest and reached out for my free hand. She brought it
up to her face and nuzzled into it "I know baby. I know"
she sighed. I sat there while Morgan nuzzled into every
part of me she could while Jai and Cher talked back and forth.
I started to think back over my life and all the bad choices
I had made. I knew that Morgan wasn't one of them. She
was different in almost every way; there had never been
anyone like her in my life. "Am I ready for this?"
I wondered to myself.

I wanted to talk to her and dig a little deeper into this but
with Cher and Jai sitting next to us I didn't think now
would be the best time. Morgan pulled up the bottom of my
shirt and exposed my stomach. She leaned down and gave me
soft kisses over every inch of my exposed skin. "Jeez
Morgan! Don't suck his dick in the driveway someone
will call the cops" Cher laughed. "I'm
not" Morgan laughed into my stomach. "I am just
going to miss him tonight" she told her. She gave me
few more kisses before pulling my shirt back and sitting
up against the back of the bench.

Cher was absolutely beaming at her friend "you are
so addicted to him" she teased. "He's crack
with a cock" Morgan laughed. We all laughed at Morgan's
comment. "Tell us about this lake" Jai said
after we had stopped laughing. For the next 30 minutes or
so the girls explained about how big the lake was. "It's
really popular and has these beautiful big houses along
it" Cher told us. We listened intently as they told
us about all the parties people had out there. People would
meet and tie their boats up together and just float while

The more they talked the more excited I was getting. "I
can't wait until tomorrow" I told them. Morgan
lifted herself into my lap and leaned back against the side
of the bench so she could see Jai and Cher. Morgan and Cher
played footsie for a minute while they continued to talk
about the fun we would have. Jason pulled up a little bit
later and he and Kitty jumped out of my SUV.

She was carrying a big box with something pictured on the
side. Jason went to the back of my Ford and pulled out a black
and neon pink slalom water ski and a neon green and black
knee board. He tucked them under his big arm and then pulled
out a coil of pink and blue rope. "Nice!" Jai
laughed as they came close to the driveway. Kitty held up
the box that contained a massive looking ski tube and wuu'd.
"It's a three person tube!" She yelled
excitedly. Jason handed up the slalom ski and then the knee
board to Jai. I leaned over and took the ski rope from him
so that he and Kitty could climb up into the boat.

We laid the new toys out on the boat deck and looked them over
"someone's going to drown" I laughed.
"Naw. Broken arm or leg at the most" Jason said
as he plopped himself in the drivers chair. "It will
probably be me. I have never been on the water in my life"
I told them. They all launched into jokes about how was it
possible for me to never have done anything like this before.
"Well I was towed behind my jeep on a tractor tire inner
tube through cornfields when I was in high school. Nebraska
was really known for its lakes" I laughed.

That brought another round of laughs and jokes at my expense.
"And people think we're hicks cause we live in
Texas" Kitty laughed in her southern drawl. I just
laughed with them and shrugged. As the time approached
for all of us to have to get ready for work we all climbed down.
Jason put the covers on the boat while the rest of us went
into the house to get cleaned up.

"Can you believe we've been together almost
five months already?" Morgan asked as I washed her
back with the spongy thing. "Not bad for a guy who wasn't
your type" I teased. She reached behind her and captured
my cock with her talons. My body tensed as it felt her long
nails dig into my most sensitive parts "David"
she said menacingly. "Sorry" I responded in
a high pitched voice. She rubbed my junk gently to erase
the tiny bits of pain she had caused. We washed and teased
each other’s bodies until the water started to get cold.
A quick check of the clock told us that we didn't have
time for a little before work fun.

"Damnit! You should have just shoved it in me while
we were in the shower" Morgan complained. I grabbed
her naked hips and pulled her against my body "I could
bend you over the bathroom counter quick" I told her.
She pushed me away with a disgusted look on her face "Don't
make promises you can't keep! Your version of a quickie
is an hour!" She argued. I grabbed her roughly by the
shoulders and pulled her body hard against me. Her melon
sized tits smashed into my chest and my cock pushed itself
between her thighs. Morgan sagged in my arms and her eyes
drooped "that just turned me on you asshole"
she said slowly.

I pulled her into a passionate kiss and was rewarded by a
surprised squeak from her. I felt her pussy drip onto the
top of my growing cock as our passion increased. Her hands
snaked around my neck and she moved her right leg behind
my left pulling me tighter against her. "Hurry Morgan
or we will be late!" Kitty yelled from the living room.
Morgan let out a frustrated scream into my mouth and pulled
away "how do they always know!" she complained.
She released my leg and pulled me back toward the counter.
She pushed up on her toes and sat on the edge of the vanity
"Just fuck me hard for a few seconds" she told
me at the same times her hand found my dick.

She positioned me against her wet lips and pulled me forward.
"Come on baby fuck my cunt hard" She cooed. The
crushing wet of her pussy surrounded my cock as I inched
it into her. Her pussy trembled around my cock as I stood
there looking into her green eyes "Ready?"
I asked. She bit her bottom lip and nodded. I grabbed her
ass and fucked her as hard as I could. "AAAAAHH HA HA
HA" She cried out as my cock blurred in and out of her
quivering pussy. My balls slapped hard against her ass
as I drove deep inside her.

She had a pained look on her face as she watched my dick go
in and out of her. The faster I fucked her the louder she cried
out and clawed at my neck. When I started to slow down she
clawed the bottom of my neck at my shoulders "Don't
fucking stop" she growled. "You going to cum"
I asked. "NYYAaahhh huh" she cried. I pushed
her back onto the vanity a little so that her feet were off
the ground. She put the back of her heels against my calves
and pulled as I stepped closer to her. In another blur of
motion I powered my hips with all the speed I could muster.

Within seconds her pussy became a quivering earthquake.
Her cum poured from her pussy down my balls and her screams
deafened me as she came. I forced my hands under her ass and
lifted her up into the air. "FUCK!" Morgan screamed
as I stood up straight. She lifted her legs and wrapped them
around my waist and I moved her up and down on my cock. "FUCK
FUCK FUCK FUCK" she screamed. Her hard rosy nipples
drug up and down my chest as she bounced on my meat. I looked
into the mirror so that I could see her ass in my hands.

After another minute Morgan threw her head back and screamed
at the ceiling. Her second orgasm was bigger than her first,
her pussy actually felt as if it was trying to suck me deeper
into her body. Her pussy muscles rolled up and down my cock
while it flooded her cum around its root and my balls. Morgan's
legs loosened and almost fell to the floor. I walked forward
and sat her back down on the vanity as she gulped great breaths
of air. "No blue pussy for you" I joked. Her pussy
crushed my cock in response.

I tried to pull out but she lurched forward and pulled me
into a tight hug so I could move "not yet baby"
she pleaded. I stood in our hug as her pussy massaged my unsatisfied
cock. She covered my shoulders with kisses and whispers
of "I love you" for much longer than we should've.
"MORGAAAAAANNNN come on we are going to be late!"
Cher yelled. Morgan let out a growl and squeezed my dick
one more time with her pussy. "I promise you when I
get home I will make you feel good" she whispered into
my shoulder. She released me and let me pull out of her. She
hissed and reached down to hold her pussy "I think
you shifted my organs around" she winced.

"You always say the sweetest things" I laughed.
She gingerly slid off the vanity to her feet and looked into
my eyes. "I want you to fuck me until I can't feel
my legs anymore" She said with a wry smile. My jaw dropped
open from her words and caused her to bark out a laugh. She
leaned forward and sucked on the end of my nose with a happy
hum. She limped out of the bathroom holding her pussy all
the way to the closet. That night I fucked Morgan as hard
I could for hours, by the time we passed out from exhaustion
those annoying birds were already starting to chirp.

The next morning I was awoken by soft lips on my forehead.
I opened my sleepy eyes to find a pastel pink, ice blue, and
blonde wall of soft silky hair. "What time is it?"
I groaned. "Ten" Rin whispered. She moved her
kisses down the bridge of my nose to my lips. I didn't
kiss her back for fear of killing her with morning breath.
She moved down my chin to my chest toward where Morgan was
blissfully sleeping. Her head blocked my view of what she
was doing but I heard Morgan sigh and heard the sound of a
kiss. "Hi" Morgan said quietly. "Get
into bed"

Rin lifted her head away from me and Morgan's face appeared.
Her sleepy expression made her look adorable, she let out
a big yawn before starting her good morning kisses on me.
Rin was wearing a yellow sun dress with white and pink flowers
on them. Her long hair hung over her left shoulder and looked
just as soft as it felt. She moved around to "her"
side of the bed and kicked off whatever shoes or sandals
she was wearing before crawling onto the bed.

Rin laid down against my left side and immediately rubbed
the bottom of her foot on my shin. She tucked her foot under
my ankle and snuggled up next to me. I kissed her on the forehead
before she nuzzled against my neck. Morgan moved her body
up mine with her kisses until her face was nuzzled into the
other side of my neck. Morgan put her hand over Rin's
on my chest and pushed her fingers underneath it. "You
get everything taken care of?" Morgan asked my neck.
Rin shook her head against the other side of my neck. "She's
such a bitch. She told me he was moving in and that was all
there was too it. We argued all night until I just gave up"
Rin answered.

"Problem?" I asked the ceiling. The way the
two girls were laying there was no way I could turn my head
to look at either of them. "My roommate is moving her
scuzzy boyfriend into our place and she doesn't care
what I think. She says since I am gone so much I shouldn't
care" Rin said in a frustrated voice. "When
is the lease up?" Morgan asked in a sleepy voice. "July,
but she wants us to sign another one for six more months"
Rin told her through my neck. She complained about her roommate
while Morgan asked questions. I was starting to feel like
the human version of cups on a string with the two of them
talking through me.

"What are you going to do?" Morgan asked. "I
am not going to live with her anymore that is for sure"
Rin told her. "I guess I will move back into my mom's
house until I find another roommate." She sighed.
I felt Morgan shake her head "you could probably stay
here until you find one". Morgan told her. As I laid
there covered in hot girl I couldn't decide if I was
excited, happy, worried, or what about that idea. I mean
she stayed a lot anyway but this would be different. All
of her stuff would be here and that changes things.

"I couldn't do that to you guys" Rin told
her with a shake of her own head. "plus I have a month
to find someone before I have to move to a new place"
she sighed. "Shuddup" Morgan mumbled. Morgan
pulled her face away from my neck and fell to her back while
still holding Rin's hand. "WE NEED A VOTE!"
Morgan yelled into the air. "Ow" I winced as
my ear drum vibrated. One by one people appeared in our room
"what's up?" Jason asked. Kitty leaned
against his chest and pulled his big arms around her.

"Rin's going to be homeless in July cause her
roommates a dirty whore. She needs a place to stay until
she finds a roommate so I thought she could stay with us"
Morgan told them from under the covers. Rin lifted her head
"no guys really it's ok" she told the four
people standing. "shuddup" Morgan said again.
"Well guys what's the vote?" Morgan asked.
"Family is family" Jai said and put his arm around
Cher. "What do you think?" He asked looking
down at her. "Me?" She asked pointing at herself.
He nodded "the guys and I took a vote and we think that
you guys should have a say in everything. This is y'all's
house too" he told her. It almost looked as if Cher
was going to cry at this news.

Kitty tilted her head back and looked up at her boyfriend.
He nodded as well much to her happy surprise. "Yes!"
Cher blurted. "Does she split the bills with us? Cause
a seven way split means more shopping money!" Kitty
said with a smile. Kitty and Jason made more than enough
money to go shopping daily. I guess she was just trying to
be funny. "We are a yes" Jason told Morgan. "You
guys! You don't have to do this" Rin said looking
from person to person. "yes" Morgan said as
she snuggled back into my neck.

Rin looked at me with an astonished look on her beautiful
face. Morgan sucked the flesh on my neck as if telling me
to hurry up and answer. "You don't have to wait
until then, you can move in anytime you want. We will help
you get your stuff when you are ready" I told her. "Do
you want us to clean out Kitty's closet or um"
Jason started to say. "She is our girlfriend! We get
to keep her!" Morgan yelled into my neck. The seven
of us laughed at Morgan's proclamation. "I guess
that's settled" Jason chuckled.

"Alright get up you guys we have to pack up the boat
and hit the road" Jason said with a clap of his big hands
at Kitty's stomach. Our roommates left our room and
closed the door behind them. "You really didn't
have to do that Morgan" Rin told her across my chest.
"I wanted to" She answered her. "You can
stay with us as long as you like. It'll be fun"
she said with a yawn. She licked my neck a couple of times
then slipped off the edge of the bed to the floor. She wiggled
her amazing ass at me as she walked into the bathroom.

"Wow" Rin said still in disbelief. "I
say that every morning" I laughed. "Did you
bring everything for today?" I asked her. "Yeah
it's all in my car" she said wistfully. "Cool.
I need a shower and then we will get ready and go" I told
her. She leaned down and kissed my cheek before I rolled
off the bed and followed Morgan into the bathroom.

We loaded up the boat and my Expedition with everything
we needed for our trip. The girls all changed into their
bikini's and either denim shorts or denim skirts.
Morgan and Rin both chose bright pink bikini's with
their preferred Brazilian cut bottoms. They also were
carrying pink booty short bottoms for when they skied.
Apparently the booty shorts were to stop the very real possibility
of losing one’s bikini while torpedoing through the
water at high speeds. Kitty chose a powder blue and white
stripped bikini that looked a little too small for her big
tits. Cher's was bright red with little white cherry
blossoms over her breasts. Rin's short light colored
denim skirt looked worn and frayed with little tiny holes
on the sides.

Morgan's left her tiny shorts unbuttoned allowing
the top of her bikini bottoms to show. She had changed her
labret and nose piercings back to hoops and switched to
a sapphire jewel in her belly button. She had used a bright
pink plastic hair band to pull back her bangs and was wearing
a pair of my Aviators. She almost looked like a bikini clad
rock star. Rin put on her white rectangle shaped sunglasses
and flashed me a smile when she caught me looking. "I
have the two hottest girlfriends in the world" I thought
to myself. Then I chuckled out loud at my thoughts.

"I packed us some extra clothes for tonight as well
babe. I put them in the Expo already" Morgan told me
as she grabbed the bottles of Coppertop Sun block off the
kitchen table. We did a few last checks around the house
to make sure we weren't leaving anything important
behind. "Hey babe I am going to go with them"
Kitty told Jason while she pointed at me. "We are going
to pick up some drinks on the way" She told him. They
gave each other a quick kiss before splitting off.

We stopped at a liquor store so the girls could buy some Mad
Dog 20/20 to slip into half full bottles of Gatorade. (I
don't know, I guess its some old boaters trick? First
time I had ever heard about it) They forced me to down several
half's of the sports drink so they could mix in their
blue and red 3 dollar liquor. I was floating by the time we
got close to our exit. "Hey Dave I wanted to talk to
you about something quick" Kitty said leaning up
between the two seats. I could see Morgan shift her gaze
toward her friend. "No you can't always watch
him fuck us" Morgan quipped.

Kitty rolled her eyes and ignored her friend "I want
to take Jason somewhere nice for a vacation but I don't
know what he would really like" She told me. "You
just went somewhere for his birthday" I told her.
She nodded her head and her sapphire eyes sparkled "I
want it to be really special though. Like somewhere he won't
ever forget" The look on her face told me it was important
to her so I held back the joke about taking him to Hedonism
Island, or Hedonism II, or Hedonism III. Though I wasn't
exactly sure where that last one was.

"I don't know. I suppose I'd have to think
about it for a little while. Is there a special occasion
or something?" I asked. She looked down at my large
leather covered center console and quietly said "Yes".
I could see Morgan perk up behind her with a questioning
look. "Like drop a bomb on his head special or romantic
special?" I asked. "Special special"
She answered not really answering. The crazy thought that
she was going to pop the question to him entered my mind.
"Yeah I'm going to need a minute on that one"
I told her. She nodded and fell back into the bench seat and
looked out the side window.

Rin replaced her between the seats and she looked from Morgan
to me "We should go somewhere sometime. I bet it would
be a blast" She suggested. "Yeah it would! We
should go to Mexico or something with a nice beach"
Morgan agreed. "It would be fun but it might be awhile
before I am able to get any time off." I said sadly.
Regardless of having this weekend off my body still felt
as if it was being stretched a little thin lately. Half of
the month of April I had fantasies of sleeping the whole
day away. Rin turned to Morgan and they smiled at each other,
I could almost see the telepathy shoot between their eyes.

"Get ready to turn off up here" Kitty said from
the back. Rin let herself fall back onto the seat and looked
out the window with Kitty. Morgan was still smiling at me
as if she knew something I didn't. "Her plans
scare me" I thought with a slight shudder. I turned
off the road and followed the directions Kitty gave me.

To Be Continued..............

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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I know this one is a little weak. I accidentally deleted
half of it and had to re write it a quick. This chapter was
only a set up anyway so just muddle through it if you would
be so kind. The only two chapters of lake Conroe are posted
and just waiting on approval. Thanks


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honey.. it's other two chapters, not only two sorry
just doing my job lol


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great again as always, keep them coming


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I am caught up in your story and can't wait until the
next chapter is posted each time. I spent a lot of time in
Houston in the last couple of years, so I can see these places
in my mind as you write them. Keep them coming and Thanks!


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quote mia_coy:
honey.. it's other two chapters, not only two :P sorry just doing my job lol
Ladies and Gentlemen my demanding
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to Mia.


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quote rm_jbadam01:
great again as always, keep them coming
Thank you sir. Two more chapters on the way.


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quote rm_JW4623:
I am caught up in your story and can't wait until the next chapter is posted each time. I spent a lot of time in Houston in the last couple of years, so I can see these places in my mind as you write them. Keep them coming and Thanks!
Awesome! As the chapters go on I will be writing about a lot
of different places I am sure you are familiar with. The
Galleria mall is coming up, as well as Westheimer and Sugarland.