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Houston and Hair Dye


There was no way Rin could've slept through Morgan's
playful antics last night. So for my own peace of mind I pretended
that Rin was the heaviest sleeper in the world. It gave me
some comfort to repeat that over and over in my head. My orgasm
had been intense and I had struggled with every thing I had
to remain still and quiet as possible. "She had to
have known Morgan was sucking my dick last night"
I thought to myself.

To make matters worse I woke up with Rin's tiny naked
ass radiating heat and softness into my side. At some point
in the night the bottom of her shirt had bunched up around
her waist. "This is going to kill me" I whined
in my head.

I looked at the red digital numbers on my alarm clock and
saw that it was only 8:30 so I didn't have to move yet.
I would have to get up and pee soon but other than that I had
no current pressing issues to use as an excuse to get out
of bed. "then again if Rin is awake why is her naked
ass still up against me? wouldn't she had moved it?"
I thought. I looked down to see that Morgan hadn't woken
up yet but then again I could only see the top of her head.

I lay there working through apology speeches when Rin inhaled
a loud breath of air. She rolled to her back and then rolled
over onto us, her long slender leg went over my leg and wedged
against Morgan's side. Her arm fell across my bare
chest and she nuzzled her face against my shoulder. My first
thought was "thank God she really was asleep"
my second thought was "holy shit now what?"

"mmhmm" Rin moaned and rubbed her face on my
arm again. I felt the bottom of her foot rub up and down on
my shin before laying over my ankle then she fell silent
again. Her leg had also rubbed up against Morgan and caused
her to stir. I took it like a man and closed my eyes pretending
to be asleep. I felt Morgan's head turn against my stomach
as she looked toward Rin. Her head came up off my stomach
and I winced expecting a reaction. Morgan's head fell
back to my stomach she nuzzled into me and let out a breath
before quickly falling back into dreamland. "maybe
she's still drunk?" I thought to myself.

The three of us laid intertwined until my bladder told me
"get up or else". I just didn't know how
to get up without moving them like a bulldozer. I looked
at the clock again and it showed 9:00 which meant I had no
choice. I steeled all my resolve and woke up Morgan like
I always did, by playing with her hair. She looked up at me
and smiled her usual morning smile "time for work?"
she asked in a small voice. "yeah" I answered
her quietly.

Rin stirred pushing her face into my shoulder more and moved
her hips a little. The softness of Rin's pussy mound
pressed into my hip and made me inhale sharply. I couldn't
feel if her pussy was against me too because of my boxer briefs
but I could feel her. I felt a jolt of lust run through me and
the burning desire to take them both. I couldn't get
the vision of being with the two of them out of my head all
of the sudden. In between the excitement and lust I felt
the guilt of wanting to be with another woman. I am human
but still this was bad that Rin was having this affect on

"Rin" Morgan said softly. Morgan reached under
the covers and put her hand gently on Rin's hip and shook
her lightly. I don't know if Morgan's hand found
skin or if her shirt had covered her back up. "Rin"
she said a little louder. "MMmm?" Rin's
soft voice questioned in her sleep. "Rin, we have
to let Dave get up" Morgan said with another gentle
shake of Rin's hip.

"ok" Rin said softly. I felt her soft lips against
my skin as she said the words, the hair on the back of neck
stood up. "Riiiiin" Morgan sang softly. This
time Rin opened her eyes and pulled her head back "oh
my God I'm sorry" she said in a rushed voice.

She looked confused at the situation, I felt her fingers
curl like a spider on my chest as the flat of her palm lifted.
It took her a minute to realize that she was draped over me
and had her lower half pressed against my hip. "I am
so sorry" she said again as she quickly moved away
from me. I was thankful I wasn't hard because Morgan
sat up between my legs on her heels. She rubbed the sleep
out her eyes with her head down. "no worries"
she said with a yawn.

I was trying to wrap my head around Morgan's reaction,
this seemed to go against all of her "irrational fears".
She was calm and not even giving it a second thought as she
finished rubbing her eyes. As if bowing she leaned forward
and gave me an opened mouth kiss between my pecks "you
are going to be late" she said in a sleepy voice. She
patted the side of my stomach telling me to get it moving.
Rin was laying with her head almost on the edge of the bed
while she looked at us also wondering about Morgan's
reaction I was guessing. I rolled myself out of bed very
conscious that I was just in my boxer briefs.

Morgan face planted into the bed as if she had been knocked
out and lay still "I need more sleep" she groaned
as I walked into the bathroom and closed the door. After
relieving my bladder and turning on the shower I opened
the door. I found Morgan and Rin laying shoulder to shoulder
looking up at the ceiling and talking. I went into the walk
in closet and got my clothes for work trying not to think.

"where should we go? I want to try somewhere new like
a spa or something" Morgan informed her. Rin gave
her a few names including one that was an uppity place and
very expensive. I walked back into the bathroom and took
a shower still trying not to think. After I had shaved, brushed
my teeth and got ready for work I opened the door. Morgan
was laying on her side looking at me with sleepy green eyes.
"baby I am going to be spending some money today if
that's ok" she said into the pillow.

"yeah of course" I said always amazed she asked
permission for stuff like that. She never asked when she
paid the rent and bills early. However anything for her
she would always ask permission, trying to understand
Morgan's way of thinking would probably take me more
then one lifetime. "spa?" I asked as I grabbed
my wallet and keys off of her antique make up desk. "mm
hmm" she nodded into the pink pillow cased pillow.

"I am going to pay for Rin too because I am dragging
her along and because we all freaked her last night."
Morgan said with a chuckle. Rin tried to argue that she didn't
have to do that but Morgan's strong side showed up and
easily won. Jai was on the other side of the bedroom door
when I opened it. "hey" he said waving at the
two girls in my bed completely unfazed. Can I take the Expo
later tonight? I have to go to Bourbon late. Gene and Laura
want to talk to me about something." Jai asked. I told
him no problem and I would get home as soon as I could.

I gave Morgan a slow tongue filled kiss as she lay next to
Rin in our bed to say goodbye. Rin waved from under the covers
as I left the bedroom. My mind was a mess all day at work, I
fought with why I was worrying so much and tried to work some
logic in my thinking. Morgan called around 4 while she and
Rin were driving back to the house from the spa. She told
me that Rin would be hanging out with us tonight for a pizza
and movie. "It just can't be easy can it? Always
something" I said out loud as I drove to my last account.

My heart fell into my groin when I walked through the back
door into my house. Morgan's hair had been dyed dark
electric blue with some black mixed in here and there. She
had the long left side cut a little shorter so that is would
be more manageable. She was wearing very tight lowriding
faded jeans that showed off her amazing lower half. Pointy
toed high heels had lifted her height to 5'11 increasing
the lines in her body. The look of her tight ass in even tighter
jeans was enough to stir my insides like spaghetti on a fork.
She had on her Boy Scout uniform shirt tied tight under breasts
and was flaunting a new diamond bell ring. She had replaced
the stud under her bottom lip with a hoop that pressed tight
against the little crease in her bottom lip.

Rin was next to her and the first thing that I noticed were
the ice blue highlights in her long straight silky blonde
hair. She had on a pink camisole style tank top with pink
bordering under her breasts and a thin pink ribbon dangling
down the front. The tank top stopped in the middle of her
belly button and showed her tiny flat stomach. She had on
dark and light mixed faded lowrider jeans and I could see
the top of the v in her lower stomach. She had on shiny black
high heel boots that stopped her below her knee and hid her
pant legs from sight.

"do you like it? It's called blue velvet or something"
she asked about the color and cut of her hair. The blue was
so dark and intense it messed with my eyes a little but looked
awesome. I move forward and took her silky hair in my hand
and examined it as she tilted her head for me. "yeah
it looks awesome!" I told her. "and look at Rin's"
she said happily.

As the over 6'0 tall high heeled beauty moved closer
so I could inspect her hair I thought the ice blue actually
made her even more gorgeous. "you two are absolutely
stunning!" I said without thinking. Morgan gave
me a huge cheese ball smile and Rin gave me a shy toothy smile.
"it feels weird looking down on you" Morgan
said as she noticed the height difference. "eh people
have been doing it all my life, I am used to it by now"
I joked.

"shut up" Rin laughed.

I then sucked it up and asked the question any good boyfriend
should ask. "how was your day?"

Morgan launched into how wonderful it was and how they had
gotten the full spa treatment including a "ManiPedi".
She went on and on about how great the place was with Rin adding
things here and there. They both seemed to glow as they talked
about how much fun they had and how great it was. "I
feel amazing! I need to get you a massage because it really
helps!" She said excitedly. "why don't
you just do it and save the money?" I asked. "because
my hands would get tired too fast and you need one for like
a half and hour or more" she explained with a new knowledge
of masseusery.

Kitty came into the kitchen carrying one of Jason's
college duffels "hey it's the new bff's,
how was the spa?" She asked. Morgan and Rin launched
into their story again but this time Rin was a lot more vocal.
They decided that soon they would all go to the spa together
and make it a girls day out. Kitty told us she had to work for
someone tonight, she said her goodbyes and walked out to
Jason's car as he pulled into the driveway.

Cher and Jai were nowhere to be found so I assumed they were
out for the moment. I knew Cher had to work and Jai needed
my car so I just left the keys on the kitchen table and went
to go change out of my dress clothes. As my pants fell to the
floor my dark blue haired goth superstar walked in. "ok
so I really like her and we had so much fun! It's ok that
we are hanging out again tonight right?" she asked
looking happy. "yeah of course! I am glad you two are
getting along so well" I told her as I pulled on my khaki
cargo shorts.

"yeah she is pretty badass" Morgan said nodding
to herself. "maybe you guys can do your bar stuff tonight
too" Morgan added as an after thought. "yeah
sure no problem" I said pulling a white v neck tee shirt
over my head. "she is really hot isn't she?"
Morgan said taking me by surprise. "not as hot as you"
I told her as I pulled her into my arms. I had to look up a little
since she was an inch taller then me at the moment. "she
likes you" She said slowly.

"I am glad, she seems like a cool chick" I said
apparently not catching her meaning. Morgan shook her
head making her blue hair shine like a neon sign. "no
I mean I can tell she likes you likes you" She said making
her point. "Morgan I don't think she likes me
like that" I said while my mind raced. "uh yeah
she does" she said like I was the dumbest guy in the
world for not seeing what was obvious to her. I didn't
know what to say so I kept quiet.

"We talked about you a lot today and I could tell how
she was talking about you" she said. "you can't
act different around her though ok? Promise you won't
get weird and avoid her" she made me promise. This
situation was getting dangerous and I wasn't sure
I liked it. "you aren't a little freaked?"
I asked testing her current state of mind. Morgan chewed
on her bottom lip while she thought about something while
I stared at the hoop contoured against the middle of her
bottom lip.

"it doesn't bother me at all actually. I think
it actual makes me feel good that some one as hot as her wants
my boyfriend." she said slowly as if working it our
in her head. "It kind of makes me feel like I won, I have
what others want and as bitchy as it sounds I like it"
I couldn't guess at how Morgan had worked that out.
I didn't think I was trash but I was pretty sure Rin and
Morgan could just snap their fingers and get any guy that
they wanted. I was like the cheap prize at the bottom of a
cereal box, you might be excited at first but when you start
looking at it you see how much less it is then you originally

It dawned on me that thanks to that douche bag ex of hers she
had completely forgotten how beautiful she was. I honestly
felt as if she was out of my league in most ways. I also knew
that she didn't look at it that way nor did she actually
understand how gorgeous she was. She might have thought
Rin was hot but she seemed to ignore all the other people
that thought she is hot. Self esteem issues can be killer.

"this morning was weird huh?" I asked testing
more of the water. Morgan laughed "I was like what
the hell when I woke up, but it was actually kind of funny
and cute" she chuckled. "Good thing she didn't
wake up when I had your cock my mouth last night" She
bit her bottom lip and looked me up and down like a steak.
"mmm" she moaned. She dropped her hand to my
crotch and massaged my cock through my pants.

She leaned forward with a devious smile and teased me with
playful kisses. She giggled to herself as she felt me getting
harder under her hand. She licked my lips while she looked
into my eyes "mmmm maybe just a little" she said
in a husky whisper. Her hands found the middle of my chest
and she drug it down my front as she went into an open kneed
squat. I looked down as she looked up at me and grinned.

Her fingers worked the button of my shorts and the zipper,
my shorts fell around my ankles just as she was pulling down
my boxer briefs. My cock fell out against her beautiful
young face, she closed her eyes and moved her head in little
circles. My cock rubbed against the soft skin of her face
as her head moved. "mmm just a little" she whispered.
She put her hands on the front of my thighs and tilted her
head back. Her mouth opened wide and she engulfed my cock
in her mouth.

The wet lush feel of her mouth traveled up and down my hardening
cock as her nails dug into my thigh. Her dark blue hair seemed
electrified as it swayed forward and back. "Mmhhmmm"
She moaned deeply with me in her mouth. Her tongue slashed
against the bottom of my shaft as she lightly drug her teeth
long the top. Her hands came up between my legs and found
my balls. She gently tugged and rolled them in her hands
as her mouth continued it's journey along my manhood.

Her weight shifted to her right foot and let the head of my
cock bulge out her cheek while she looked up at me. With a
wet pop she let me escape from her cheek. Morgan playfully
nibbled down the side of my cock as if she was eating an ear
of corn until working back up and moving to the other side.
When she had finished she sucked the head back into her mouth.
She looked up at me as she sucked me like a pacifier. Her lips
plumped around the head of my dick while her cheeks sunk
in. The tingly feeling rocketed through my body at the speed
of light while I watched her.

"mmmmm" she moaned again and looked down at
the base of my cock. Her mouth opened wide and in a fluid motion
took as much of me in as possible and slammed me against the
back of her throat. She gagged loudly a few times them suction
her lips around my cock and slowly drew me out with one last
playful suck on the tip.

As Morgan slowly tucked my swollen cock back into my pants
I heard Jai's far away voice talking with Rin. "if
you are a good boy I will make sure you are taken care of"
Morgan cooed. She bit her lip again and sucked in a deep breath
while her face took on a sultry look "I love you so much"
she breathed. "It's been too long, I need this
deep inside me" I felt the pleasure of her words and
touch explode the ends of my nerves and felt the pinch in
my stomach of unsatisfied desire. She bounced back up to
standing and smiled happily at me.

"wanna ditch your friend and fuck ourselves into
a coma?" I asked lifting my eyebrows. Morgan leaned
in and found the side of my neck with her mouth. I shivered
as she sucked in my flesh and lathered it with her tongue.
I moved my hands to her ass and relished the tight feel of
it. Her body was my Disneyland and all my Christmases and
Birthdays rolled into to one lust filled package. Her lips
pulled away and she gave me a long lick up to my ear. My right
eye twitched from all the sensations I felt at once "damn"
I moaned. She laughed with her tongue still on the skin under
my ear. "come on, we can't be rude to our guest"

"she can join or watch or whatever! Come on let me fuck
you" I whined. I had just wanted to be funny and didn't
really intend to string those words together to make that
sentence. Morgan laughed and used all her strength to yank
me out of the walk in closet. "later. I promise."
she laughed. When my inertia guided me into her body she
took my face in her hands and pressed her lips to mine "I
will let you fill every hole in my body with your cum baby
just be patient for now ok" She soaked my lips with
her tongue and let out a happy sigh to acknowledge how much
she loved doing things to me.

I let her tug me into the living room where Rin and Jai were
talking. "thanks man" Jai said holding up my
key ring. "yessir" I told him. Jai asked what
we had planned. Morgan filled him in while she looked through
our large collection of movies that we had all combined.
Jai bid us adieu and headed to Bourbon. Morgan and Rin chose
Titanic of all movies and we ordered a pepperoni pizza from
a delivery place close by.

I had Rin practice a little flair and make us all some hard
hitting Hurricanes before sitting down to watch the movie.
She did a pretty nice job considering we had only worked
on it one time so far. We all sat down on the couch to watch
Leo and Kate go through their ill fated love affair. Around
the dining room scene the pizza showed up and we hungrily
kicked it's ass.

"Oh my God I ate too much" Rin whined. She slumped
down on the couch and put her legs straight out while she
patted her stomach. "I have a food baby" Morgan
added and pushed her stomach out as if she was just starting
to show."Rin I am sorry but I hate pants and I hate clothes
and my jeans are cutting into me." Morgan said in a
rush. She stood up and went to our bedroom unbuttoning her
pants on the way.

Rin released the pressure by undoing her pants button and
well, her cheeks filled up with air and she blew out a long
sigh. "ugh" she groaned. Morgan came back out
wearing one of my white dress shirts looking much more comfortable.
Even with Morgan's light areola I could still make
her right one out as well as her thimble sized rosy nipple
through the shirt. She plopped down on the couch next to
me and leaned against my arm. "I hurt" she breathed
while rubbing her full tummy. Her cheek fell against the
cap of my shoulder and she let out little whimpers. "I
know right" Rin laughed.

"Go grab a shirt out of the closet and get comfortable"
Morgan told her "trust me it helps". Morgan
hooked her arm under mine and took my hand in hers lacing
our fingers together. Rin blew out another breath and struggled
to sit up right. She slumped her shoulders and pushed against
the little food bulge under her unbuttoned waist. "just
do it" Morgan said watching the giant ship appear
on the big screen. Rin stood up and crossed in front of us
and then out of sight.

"Do you like the movie?" Morgan asked. I shrugged
"well I know how it ends already but it's all right"
I told her. "riiiiiight you are a boy so you don't
like romantic chick flicks" she laughed. I could
tell she was rolling her eyes just by the way her head moved
against my shoulder. "I don't mind romantic
movies" I told her almost believing it myself. She
let out a big laugh and pulled her head away from my shoulder
to look at me. "your version of a romantic movie is
porn you pig" she teased.

"Porn? Rin asked from behind us. She appeared in front
of the TV wearing a blue button up dress shirt that I had forgotten
I had. Her long slender bare legs shined from the spa treatment
the girls had had. Her wispy body swam in the fitted dress
shirt almost as if she was wearing a poncho. "my version
of romantic isn't porn" I laughed going back
to my conversation. "I just prefer explosions is
all" I told her proudly.

"right explosions followed by facials, creampies,
and swallowing" Morgan laughed disbelieving my
words. "I am a guy and yes I like porn, but it doesn't
have to be all hot and heavy for me to like it. It can be sensual
and romantic" I said defending myself in completely
the wrong way. "Like what?" She asked "give
examples" I was a little backed into the corner and
struggled to come up with something believable so I took
a shot. "Kissing" I said simply.

Morgan's brow furrowed in disbelief "you can
make yourself cum by watching kissing? Bullshit"
She laughed. Somehow this conversation turned away from
romantic movies and evolved to what could make me cum. "well
I think watching two women kissing sensually and slowly
is very sexy. They don't have to be eating each others
pussy's to turn me on" I informed her. She squinted
her green eyes at me "so if Rin and I were to make out
SENSUALLY and that was it, you would get hard?" she
asked stressing the word sensually to mock me. It seemed
as she was also switching the criteria around to suit her

"I am saying that two beautiful women kissing passionately
is very sexy to me" I said leaving it vague. Since I
was bookended by them I couldn't see Rin behind me but
I could hear her snickering at me. Morgan's face took
on that evil glare that usually meant she was up to no good.
"Ok then let me ask you this" Morgan said with
those damn evil eyes.

"do you think I am beautiful?" I knew she was
bating me but I couldn't not answer her.

"yes I think you are gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, and
a perfect 10" I told her honestly.

"mookay" she said slowly going in for the kill
"do you think Rin is beautiful?" There it was.
I was trapped and my loving codependent loyal better half
just led me into a no win situation. Like a swimmer in shark
infested waters I had no chance. I turned to look at Rin so
that Morgan wouldn't think I already knew the answer
to her question. Rin's beautiful face was frozen as
she awaited my answer with curious eyes. I found her soft
brown eyes with my own and answered "she is very beautiful"

A smile spread across her lips showing me all of her top teeth
as her upper lip slowly curled up. Rin's ice blue highlights
in her light blonde hair seemed to give her an almost angelic
glow. I could seen her heart beat in her neck and thought
it looked as if it was speeding up. Even swallowed in my dress
shirt it was still easy to picture that amazing body of hers
underneath. I was trapped now and there was no way out of
admitting that Rin had gotten to my primal side.

"well then" Morgan said bringing my attention
back around to her "I don't believe you without
proof so we are going to test your little bullshit theory."
she said matter of fact. She put her hands on my shoulder
and pushed me against the back of the couch. Morgan straddled
me in one quick motion and settled her pussy against the
bulge in my shorts. She shimmied her hips to make sure her
pussy was directly on my cock before turning to Rin "want
to help me prove that the love of my life is a lying pig boy?"
she asked with a sparkling smile.

Rin's laugh was just as evil as Morgan's look and
my heart began to pound in my chest. Rin's eyes slowly
met mine as she leaned toward the girl in my lap. Morgan put
her left hand on Rin's face and moved her lips within
inches of the blondes lips. "so then something like
this" she asked softly. Morgan and Rin met in the middle
of the short distance that had separated them. Their full
lips plumped as they compressed together. Their heads
turned slowly as their first kiss crept along as slow as
melting ice in March.

Rin's hand came down on my thigh for support while her
other one found Morgan's wrist aside her cheek. The
two women continued to turn their heads in a slow wet sounding
kiss. Soft moans floated from their throats into each others
mouths as their pace quickened. I could see the flat of their
tongues meet between their parted lips. Morgan's
body started to move up and down on my lap as her and Rin got
more into it then just a soft kiss. Rin pushed her lips hard
into Morgan's then backed up robbing my girlfriend
of a response.

Rin let a small open mouth smile appear as she looked at Morgan's
lips. Rin took a couple of breaths before moving back in
for more. Their mouths opened wide as their tongues reached
out for each other. Hands explored each others hair as their
loud breaths and undulating bodies showed what they felt.
With broad strokes their tongues covered each others mouths
and chins with wetness. Morgan was the one to take things
a step further when she sunk her hand down Rin's shirt.

Rin responded with a moan and her body began to rise and fall
in opposite rhythm of Morgan's. They strained their
necks trying to catch each other as they bobbed up and down.
They began to use their tongues more than their lips as their
excitement heightened. I could feel the front of my shorts
getting wet and knew that Morgan was not wearing panties.
The sights, the sounds, the feelings as Rin's body
pressed into mine to get at Morgan. All of these combined
to refute Morgan's claim that I was a liar. My cock began
to grow out of control while Morgan's hand massaged
Rin's breast and teased her nipple under the shirt.

Rin's soft cry was stifled as Morgan's mouth suffocated
her with a kiss that made me jealous. Morgan took her hand
out of the top of Rin's shirt and went to release the
buttons at her chest. After struggling with it Rin let go
of Morgan and helped her work them down her front exposing
her modest chest. Rin's tits were perfectly tanned
like the rest of her body, like Morgan's her areola
seemed to closely match her skin tone and were all but invisible
save a shadow. Her nipples matched the light tan color of
her areola and had little cresses in the ends of them. Morgan's
fingers brushed over them as if running her hands over blades
of grass.

Rin's soft moans seemed to urge Morgan on and she cupped
Rin's small breast in her hand. Rin's hands continued
to run through Morgan's deep blue hair. The tiny almost
invisible blonde hair that covered Rin's body seemed
to stand on end as Morgan's fingers pinched her nipple.
Rin let out a high pitched sound from her throat and pulled
hard on Morgan's hair. Morgan's pussy slammed
down hard on my swollen cock while she cried into Rin's
hungry mouth.

Morgan shook her head free from the kiss breathing hard
"you did get hard" she gasped trying to catch
her breath. Rin the seemingly sweet laid back girl roughly
pulled Morgan back into the kiss by her hair. Their kisses
became more like licks as their tongues traveled over each
others lips and chins. Morgan ground her hips into my crotch
hard and didn't stop until my zipper hurt her. She shook
her head again to escape the embrace.

Morgan's hands left Rin and she dove them into my lap.
She all but ripped my shorts open trying to get my cock out
of my pants. Rin watched as Morgan pulled me out of my underwear.
Rin bit hard on her bottom lip when I came into full view but
she made no move to touch me. Morgan pushed up on her knees
and moved over my lap, she guided me into her while Rin's
hand still had a hold on the back of Morgan's hair.

I felt Morgan's pussy drip on me as she hovered over
top, the soft wet feel of her lips on the head of my cock telling
me how close I was. As Morgan's pussy was stretched
open she let out a scream only to have it stifled my Rin's
mouth. My cock was consumed by her insides inch by inch until
she was full. Rin's nipples lost their crease as they
became rock hard between Morgan's fingers. Rin opened
Morgan's shirt so that she could expose her tits and
nipples to her hands. The two girls roughly attacked each
others mouths and breasts while my cock pulsed uncontrollably
in Morgan's pussy. It was almost as if they were fighting
each other for control.

Morgan slowly rolled her hips in rhythm to her and Rin's
urgent kisses. Every one of Morgan's screams and cries
were consumed by Rin's open mouth. They sounded as
if they reverberated off the back of Rin's throat back
into Morgan's muffling them along the way. My dick
was being punished by her insides as they strangled me tightly.
The head of my cock was being rubbed against her stop adding
to the crushing pressure.

Morgan's mouth moved from Rin's down her jaw to
her neck leaving a shiny wet trail along the way. Morgan
fought back against Rin's aggressive hands by bitting
down on her neck and squeezing her right tit. Rin's
cry was a mix of moaning pleasure and wincing pain as she
received both. Rin's eyes found mine and locked onto
me. Her mouth was open and the look on her face was indescribably
hungry for something. She looked down and watched as my
cock was ground down on by Morgan's tight wet pussy.

Rin lowered her head and found Morgan's melon sized
tits with her mouth. Her long silky ice blue and blonde hair
falling to my stomach and tickling my skin. Morgan and Rin
moaned together as their hands and mouths worked over each
other over. Morgan's hips jerked as Rin's jaw
worked while she sucked on her nipple. Morgan's insides
began to tremble to what I thought would be her slow build
up to an orgasm. Instead it hit her hard and fast, her hands
surrounded Rin's head and forced her harder onto her
nipple while Morgan screamed bloody murder into her neck.

Morgan's hips stopped any understandable rhythm
and just jerked and bucked. Her cum ran down my balls and
the insides of my thighs soaking my shorts and the couch
cushion underneath them. The whole time my hands lay at
my side with my body still as they used me to pleasure themselves
and steady themselves against each other. Rin had only
touched my thigh to hold herself up and lean against me with
her shirt covered shoulder. I was too afraid to start something
that I was not sure I would ever want to stop.

Morgan's pussy clamped down hard signaling the end
over her orgasm. Her body quaked and she let one last scream
cross her lips before it returned to Rin's neck. Rin
pulled away from from Morgan's tits and pushed her
back so they could look at each other. Little smiles crossed
their lips again and together they opened their mouths
wide. Instead of touching their lips together they licked
the ends of each others tongues.

As I watched them, my cock involuntarily jumped forcing
another scream from Morgan. That seemed to make Rin want
to attack her more, her lips mashed against Morgan's
and they fought each other again with so much passion it
rocked my body from side to side. Morgan and Rin each had
a hand full of hair pulling each other closer. I felt the
tight vice on my cock twist and watched as Morgan dug her
hand under Rin's shirt between her legs. The bottom
two buttons were still together so I was robbed of the view
as her fingers found Rin's pussy.

It was like adding gasoline to flame, Rin's body rocked
up and down and her breathing became ragged. It was as if
they had sucked the air out of each others lungs as they kissed.
Morgan began grinding my cock again and used her up down
motion to help rub Rin's pussy. The sounds of wetness
emanated from between Rin's slender thighs and it
made me harder. Morgan gasp as I threatened to split her
in two, she switched from rolling her hips to grinding them
and was doing it faster and faster in response to Rin's
body. Again I had yet to have touched Rin but I found myself
with a burning desire to reach out toward her.

"nyaah nyah nyah nyah" Morgan cried out after
breaking free. Rin's mouth still seemed to be kissing
the air as Morgan's fingers worked at a quick pace in
her pussy. There was no dirty talk or sweet whispers, no
pleas or begging. They used moans and screams to communicate
to one another. Strained sounds were forced from their
bodies while they tried to hold their breath. The wet sucking
sounds from my cock sliding in and out of Morgan and Rin's
pussy being fucked by Morgan's fingers sang to my lust.

Morgan's hips ground down and moved forward and back
forcing my cock painfully into her depths. It had to have
hurt her, it always had before but she refused to stop. She
had Rin's head pulled back and was sucking on her throat
when Rin's orgasm took her. Rin's cries were different
than Morgan's. They were primal and wild, the sounds
didn't fit the person making them. It was completely
opposite of her voice, her laugh, her soft tone. This was
animalistic and raw, Rin's hand dropped to my stomach
and she dug her fingers into me like talons. Her fake French
tipped nails cutting into my skin and drawing blood.

The extra touch, no her touch made my body pulse. Morgan
cried out again as my cock jumped and throbbed inside her
quivering spasming drenched pussy. She met Rin's
raw voice with her own and they cried out together in orgasms.
My cock hurt so bad from the abuse that I wasn't able
to catch up, instead I let them use my body for different
reasons while I enjoyed the sights, sounds, and sensations.

As the last of Morgan's cum poured over me from her quaking
pussy she slowed her hips to a gentle back and forth rocking.
They let go of each others hair and their kisses became sweet
and slow again. Rin's body convulsed randomly as Morgan
had yet to withdraw her fingers from Rin's pussy. Their
jaws flexed while their heads moved back and forth as they
slowly came to a stop. They seemed to open their eyes together
and gazed into one another's eyes. "aheh"
Morgan laughed softly. Rin copied her and they shared a
few more soft open eyed kisses.

Morgan had one last trick up her sleeve, I felt her pussy
squeeze me tight either because she was excited or as a warning.
She pulled her hand from between Rin's pussy lips and
brought it to her mouth. Clear strings of cum connected
Morgan's fingers, droplets ran down her wrist as she
fanned her fingers in front of her face. Rin' looked
at the cum covered hand then back into Morgan's eyes.
Morgan reached back and grabbed the back of Rin's ice
blue and blonde head and pulled her forward. Their lips
never touched each others with Morgan's fingers in
the way, instead they looked into each others eyes as they
cleaned all of Rin's cum off with their tongues.

It might have been one of the top 3 sexiest things I had ever
seen in my entire life. The look on their faces as they worked
together was so fucking sexy and erotic. My cock jumped
making Morgan laughed and she squeezed her pussy muscles
around me tight as if to hold me still. After a few more passionate
kisses and hair pulls they both sat back. Rin couldn't
stop smiling and kept her narrow almond shaped eyes in a

Morgan winced as she sat back "oh my God baby you are
so fucking big right now" She gingerly lifted herself
off of me robbing me of the wonderful sensation of her insides.
Rin's brown eyes followed my cock as it released from
Morgan and snapped back against my stomach. Morgan sat
herself down on my thighs and ran her fingers through her
dark blue hair "Oh my FUCKING God!" Morgan laughed.
She rubbed her scalp were it was sore from Rin pulling on

Rin was still all shy squinting smiles as if maybe she was
suddenly embarrassed? My cock throbbed from the abuse
it had been subjected too and need to be satisfied. Morgan
undid the last few buttons on the dress she was wearing and
dropped it behind her. She ran her hands over her breasts
then down her flat stomach. Her hands found the insides
of her thighs, she rubbed the insides of her legs as she rolled
her shoulders forward and shivered.

"best movie night ever!" she laughed. Rin joined
in and together they flashed their brightest smiles and
blinded me. "oh baby!! I am so sorry" Morgan
consoled me. She cradled my painfully hard cock in her hands
gently and stroked me up and down slowly. "you didn't
get to cum and I got to cum twice. Even Rin came too but you
didn't" she said slipping back into the Morgan
that desperately needed to please me. "You need to
cum baby" Morgan cooed.

Grand thoughts of doing crazy things with both of them slammed
into my head like a brick through a window. I desperately
wanted to see Rin totally naked. I wanted them both to touch
me and I wanted badly to cum. Morgan winced when she slid
up my thighs. "I think you broke me again" she
said with gritted teeth. She moved a hand to her lower stomach
and gently pushed. "oh fuck" she gasped. "yeah
you broke me" she laughed.

Morgan carefully scooted her hips back and dropped her
knees to the floor, she pushed my knees apart and moved in
between them. She lowered her mouth to my balls and lovingly
kissed every inch of them. Morgan never in a hurry used her
long tongue to taste every inch in slow full tongued licks.
My cock jumped against my stomach as the pleasure mounted
and I became more sensitive. Morgan reached out for my cock
and pulled it way from my body. She pointed it at the ceiling
and moved forward so that she could hold it against her cheek
while she talked.

"I think you were a very good boy." she cooed
referring I think to how I didn't get in their way. "so
I have to give you a reward" she cooed again.

I have explained Morgan's unique insecurities and
irrationalities before. I have also tried to show how all
of it fit together. One thing I was learning about her was
this. We could have been anywhere in the world and if I asked
her to do something she wouldn't think twice. She would
and wanted to do whatever she could to make me happy. It gave
me the illusion of control. It took me a while to learn that
she really got off on being that way.

She used cute voices and extremely dirty talk, she would
turn herself into a doll built for my pleasure. However
in truth it was her that was in control. Her strongest orgasm
was my pleasure, to see me react to her body and her words.
To see how uncontrollable she made me. She had everything
she wanted, I just didn't know it. I wasn't just
taking pleasure from her, I was feeding her desire by being
that way. So I guess in the simplest most guy way to say it.
The more I wanted her, the more I got extreme pleasure because
of her, the more she had an affect on me, even the more women
that liked me, the better she felt.

She had me, I was hers, I loved her and wanted her. She in her
words put it this way. She finally won, she had someone that
relied on only her. I don't know if that made a lot of
sense and I really hope I didn't give the wrong impression,
I am not talking myself up by any means. What I am saying is
she felt like every time that stuff happened and I came home
to her, she had it proven to her that she'd fallen in
love with the right guy.

That made her feel safe and secure and happier then she had
ever been. So while I thought I was having all these crazy
sexy times with her and getting pleasure from it. She was
actually the one getting the most pleasure from it in every
way, and that is why she loved to do these things with me.
The pillow talk conversation we had had made me come to understand
this. Her actions just reinforced her words so that there
was no doubt.

She kept her eyes locked on to mine as she rubbed my cock all
over her face. She gave my shaft wet sloppy kisses as she
slowly stroked me up and down. "mmm baby your cock
is so warm in my hands" She moaned. Morgan made sure
that her lips and tongue covered very inch of my cock ten
times over. She sat back on her heels and stroked me while
she massaged my balls. "Rin? Doesn't he have
a big beautiful cock?" she asked in a cutesy voice.

Rin's shirt was still open showing her just over a handful
sized perky tits as her chest as it rose and fell. I could
see that her breath had quickened as she watched Morgan's
loving attention of my manhood. Rin didn't seem to
know what to say so she kept quiet. Morgan pouted "I
just don't have enough hands to do what I want to do"
That crooked Devilish grin warned me that her wheels were
turning. "Rin, give me your hand" Morgan said
switching back to her strong smooth voice.

Rin was slow to move but held her hand out to Morgan and waited.
Morgan took her hand and wrapped her fingers around the
shaft of my cock making both her and I gasp. Morgan kept her
hand over Rin's while she showed her what she wanted.
"I want you to stroke his cock for me just like this
okay" She squeezed Rin's hand on my cock and then
directed it in an up and down twisting motion. "just
like that ok? Do it just like that" she said softly.

Morgan hunched down between my legs and cradled my balls
with both hands "I am going to make sure we get every
last drop out" she smiled. She pushed her lips against
my balls and slowly rubbed them all over her face while she
had a little smile. Rin watched as she continued to stroke
the length of me like Morgan had showed her. Morgan slurped
my balls in her mouth and gave me the sloppiest softest kisses
she had ever given before.

For several intensely sensitive minutes they continued
to work together trying to make me cum. Morgan acted surprised
that I hadn't "given them" my cum yet even
though she knew full well it would take me a long time to cum
like this. "looks like you need more to help you cum"
she pouted. She hummed with my balls in her mouth as if she
was trying to think what to do next. She released me and sat
straight up quickly. "maybe you need to see more"

"I think if you saw Rin's sexy body and her pretty
pussy it would make you cum" She said as if she had a
sudden epiphany. She turned to Rin and asked if she could
please help me out. Rin's mouth had been open slightly,
she was breathing heavily as she watched what was being
done to my cock. She licked her pink dry lips and nodded slowly,
Morgan had captured her as well it seemed. Rin slowly took
off my shirt she was wearing and let it fall behind her. She
had a black see through lace thong on, I could see her tiny
pussy lips peaking out from the floral design on the front.

Pushing up on her long slender legs she was able to pull her
panties from her hips exposing her pussy. Her outer pussy
lips stuck out and her inner lips stuck out a little past
the outer ones. Her pussy was glistening and I could see
creamy cum trickle down to her asshole. Her body was so tight
and toned that nothing was hidden from view. She reluctantly
opened her legs so I could see her center and resumed her
slow twisting up and down my throbbing cock.

"mmm isn't that better?" Morgan asked
in a sultry moan. She went back to her sloppy wet kisses on
my balls and again they worked together to make me cum. The
feeling of Rin's hand stroking me and Morgan's
mouth on my balls was almost too much to take. Morgan knew
exactly how to control my body's reactions, she knew
how to make me cum and how my body responded. She also knew
how to extend the pleasure I was going through and didn't
seem to be in a hurry at all to make me release.

After several more minutes Morgan released me and pouted
again. "maybe I need to use my mouth a little"
She said in her tiny voice again. She pushed her pointer
finger against the corner of her bottom lip and stared at
my cock. "Rin?" she said slowly as if getting
another idea. "We need to change positions"
She said. This time Rin immediately answered "ok"
I don't know what exactly was making her gush her excitement,
the situation, Morgan, me, all of it? I could see how turned
on she was. From her breathing and the blush of color in her
face, to the juices that were starting to flow faster from
her tiny pink center it was obvious she was turned on.

Morgan put her hands on my thighs and stood herself up. "Rin
I want you to face Dave and sit down right here" she
said patting my right thigh. Rin released my cock and stood
up to her full 5'9 height. Her toned tan body flexed
and looked so amazing my cock jumped from the sight of her.
Morgan giggled as she saw and patted my thigh again. Rin's
slender legs flanked mine, I held my breath as she sat her
wet pussy on my thigh. "hhaaaahhh" she breathed.
Her hands where together pushing against my thigh between
her legs. It seemed like she was trying to keep from putting
all of her weight on me.

"Now you should stroke his cock again just like before."
Morgan told her. Rin whimpered as her pussy mashed against
my leg. The wet softness of her on the top of my thigh made
me gasp. Morgan got on the couch next to me on her hands and
knees and put her lips to my ear "Does Rin's pussy
feel good on you baby?" she whispered. "yes"
I moaned. "Don't you wish you could stick your
big cock in her tight little cunt? It's soooo tight"
Morgan teased. My body shuddered and my cock jumped in Rin's
hand making her gasp in surprise.

Morgan let out a giggle and gave me an open mouthed kiss on
the cheek before lowering her head into my lap. "Play
with his balls too" she cooed when the head of my cock
pressed into her lips. My body tensed and moved on it's
own as Rin teased my balls with her fingers. Morgan's
mouth sucked me into it and her sweet torture continued.
Her tongue swirled around my ultra sensitive tip. I moaned
deeply, there was no keeping myself quiet.

Morgan alternated between deep and slow and short fast
bobs of her head. Saliva ran down my cock over Rin's
fingers making her hand feel like it was gliding along my
shaft. "AHHH" I called out as Morgan sucked
hard then lightly licked the tip forcing two different
sensations into me at once. Rin gasped and started to roll
her hips, her clit rubbed hard against my thigh muscle as
she worked to pleasure herself as well. The three of us moaned
and whimpered as our bodies moved together. The sensations
seemed to come from everywhere and crash into my guts. When
I pushed me feet against the floor it forced my cock deeper
into Morgan's mouth and my thigh muscle into Rin's
clit. There was now way to avoid the intense pleasure.

Morgan's hand joined Rin's on my nuts and together
they massaged and tickled me. I could feel it wouldn't
be long until I lost complete control. "aahhhhh"
Rin cried out. Her chin dropped to her chest and she gritted
her teeth loud enough for me to hear it. I could feel her pussy
muscles contract against my leg. When she started to cum
she squeezed my cock with all of her strength and I lost it.
My body felt numb in some places and extremely sensitive
in others. My hips thrust up and forced a scream from Rin,
Morgan gagged as my cum hit the back of her throat hard. I
tried my hardest to keep my eyes open but the overload of
pleasure was trying to force them shut.

Morgan seemed to be laughing and moaning while I shot load
after load of cum against her throat. She didn't try
to swallow any of it and just let it run out of her mouth covering
my cock and Rin's fingers completely. Rin's pussy
was pouring her cum over my thigh now, her leg muscles flexed
and her stomach crunched down tight. She continued to squeeze
my cock as hard as she could while she jerked me. It all just
felt like the world had exploded around me. The cacophony
of cries, gags, and sucking sounds buzzed in my ears.

Rin's legs shook violently, her pussy pushed down
hard against me and she stopped moving. Morgan continued
to suck me until I jumped from being too sensitive. She lifted
her head up and clucked her tongue "such a mess"
she sighed. Morgan went to work licking up all the cum from
my cock and cleaned Rin's fingers and hand with her
tongue before she sat up again. Morgan tilted her head back
and opened her mouth as if she was holding water in it. "do
you want to taste it?" she asked with a mouthful.

Before my eyes Rin reached out and grabbed the back of Morgan's
hair and pulled her violently to her. Cum poured from their
mouths as they kissed urgently. It was so erotic to watch
it made me want to cum again. They breathed deeply and whimpered
as they tore at each others lips and hair. White cum ran down
the corners of Rin's mouth, little white trails ran
down her neck while it dripped from her chin. My cum was smeared
all over their faces from their noses down and it looked
like they were fighting to taste it on each others skin.
Rin's hand never stopped squeezing my cock the entire

When it was finally over Morgan licked the cum off of Rin's
chin and neck making her shudder. After they broke Morgan
made sure to clean off and eat any cum she could find that
had escaped. Rin's eyes were half closed and her mouth
couldn't seem to close, she looked drunk and dazed.
Morgan's smile was unrivaled and she seemed to be floating
on a cloud. "one last little thing" she said.
"I know you didn't get to feel it on your cock but
I will let you taste it." Morgan said. She shocked
Rin by forcing her fingers between my thigh and her pussy.
I heard the wet sucking sounds and saw Rin's shaking

Rin had to hold onto Morgan's shoulder so that should
could stay upright. Morgan pulled her fingers out of Rin's
pussy and smiled at the creamy cum on them. She brought them
to my lips "she tastes so good" Morgan whined.
She was continuing with her sweet devastating torture
even now. Rin tasted sweet and tangy at the same time, I hungrily
ate her off Morgan's hand as she giggled and smiled
at me. After I had tasted it all Morgan sat beside me and snuggled
up against my side. "Tell me you love me" she
demanded happily. "I love you" I breathed.

"I think I love you too" Rin said breathlessly
still sitting on my thigh. Morgan giggled at Rin's
false proclamation. Rin had her hands against me again
trying to alleviate the pressure with a silly look on her
face. "holy shit guys" she gasped. We laughed
with Rin for a while just feeling euphoric. "well
I guess we need to restart the movie" Morgan sighed.
The play screen had been repeating over and over since the
movie had long ended. I laid my head back against the couch
and looked up at the ceiling and just breathed while enjoying
the feeling of their bodies on mine.

To Be Continued........

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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excellent as always


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This story would turn on a dead man.


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Talk about fucking HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please write


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great as always


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Oh My God, WOW this is by far the hottest I have felt.


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Enjoyed very much!!!


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quote OUTLAW4261957:
excellent as always
Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote huntman124:
This story would turn on a dead man.
LOL awesome. I wonder? Can zombies read?

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote gtglaid62:
Talk about fucking HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please write MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am glad you think so. I have been doing my best post as fast
as possible. Hope you enjoy the rest

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote rm_jbadam01:
great as always
Thanks for sticking with them. Thanks also for all the comments
you post. Much appreciated

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quote importentman2:
Oh My God, WOW this is by far the hottest I have felt.
I am glad you think so. I hopefully will be able to keep them
interesting and enjoyable in the future. I will do my best
not to make them too boring in the future

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote cumtoplay14:
Enjoyed very much!!!
I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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That was so ridiculously hot and you have a wonderfully
hot woman there.