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Houston and Christmas Eve


As I bore into Kitty's sapphire blue eyes with my own
brown eyes her words seem to float around in my head. "she's
into you" Those words just didn't make sense.
We had spent hours with each other, either alone or with
our friends yet never once had she alluded to the fact she
thought of me that way. Sure she would tease me when our friends
busted out their hedonistic side but still. That was just
teasing wasn't it? I mean how many times can a person
hear "you are not my type" or "like anything
would ever happen" before you believe it?

"Bullshit" I replied

Kitty's face softened a little bit but her eyes still
flashed with the same passion they had before. She pulled
out a chair and sat down crossing her legs. "Morgan's
ex fucked her up pretty bad" she said while picking
at an imaginary spot on the table "she hasn't
been with anyone since. She pretty much swore off guys and
had given up completely until you guys showed up"

I must have been still mad because my first thought was to
fire back. These girls were 19, the most they knew about
life was high school drama and overacting to things they
"thought" were important. I mean excuse the
fuck out of me but what the fuck does an emotional teenager
know about anything? I am 26 and I am just learning I don't
know shit. I really wanted to say that. But I didn't.
But I wanted to.

"I know it's not your fault. I heard her constantly
saying you weren't her type and nothing was going to
happen." she admitted but still picked at the non
existent spot. "couldn't you tell? I mean didn't
she give off some kind of vibe?" She looked up at me
after those words. Jason answered for me and probably saved
me from saying something inflammatory.

"there is no way anyone could tell that she liked him
for anything but a party buddy" Jason said crossing
in front of Kitty. Jai and I were actually surprised she
agreed to come over last night. She pretty much just seemed
to like hanging out with my boy because there wasn't
much else to do and that is about as far as I would go."

He lifted her chin with his big paw "I am not saying
this because he is my family. I am being honest, there was
no way anyone could tell she had any feelings other then
a weird friendship. So as far as I am concerned Dave has done
nothing wrong. Period" and with that Jason made his
feelings clear to his new girlfriend.

Kitty let out a sigh then looked back into my eyes "I
am sorry" She sighed. I looked over her beautiful
young face and despite my logic telling me to let it go something
else told me to kick her the fuck out of the house. I just nodded
the put the orange juice back into the fridge and then headed
back up to my bedroom leaving them in the kitchen. All the
way up the stairs I was trying to figure out why I was so pissed.
This was not like me to let something so small as Kitty snapping
at me get under my skin.

I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower so that
I could wash Riko off of my body. When the water was hot enough
I stripped off my clothes and stepped into the off white
fiberglass shower and closed the frosted door behind me.
I braced my hand up against the wall over the temperature
knob and let the water cascade over my body. "why did
I react like that?" I asked out loud.

We had girls like Kitty come in and out of our lives on a pretty
regular basis and none of them had ever bothered me before?
Why did that little argument make me want to kick her out
of the house? "what the hell is that about?"
I said aloud. A loud knock at the bathroom door broke me out
of my thoughts. "hey bro we are going to County Line
for lunch. We are meeting Jai and Cher there do you want to
go" Jason yelled through the door.

"No man I'm good. Y'all have a good time"
I shouted back. This began the norm over the next week, Jason
or Jai would ask me to join them and I would turn them down.
I went to my jobs and was just fine at work. I joked around
with my coworkers. I blushed with Riko when we saw each other.
I still snuck off to the corners of Bourbon Street for my
make out sessions with Megan before she went away for the

It was just when I got home that I turned into a miser. I would
come home and find Jai, Jason, Kitty, and Cher having a get
together. They would ask if I was joining them just to have
me politely turn them down and go up to my room to watch TV.
When things started to get loud in the house with either
partying or screams of happiness I would just turn up my
TV or try my best to fall asleep.

The week before Christmas I came home to find that Morgan
had come back to the house but again I just said "hi"
then retreated to my room for the night. Jason or Jai would
ask me what was up but I just told them I wasn't really
in the mood for an all out party or to be a voyeur to their good
times. They let it go and life just continued as usual.

December 23, 2005 was a Friday and Gene and Laura were trying
to decided whether or not to stay open over the weekend.
Supposedly Houston was a big party town during the Christmas
time. We had found out the hard way by under scheduling on
Thanksgiving how big a bar night holidays could be. Our
understaffed Bourbon Street got it's ass kicked that

In the end since Christmas was on a Sunday Gene and Laura
decided to close us down for Christmas Eve and Christmas
day. Due to that Jai decided he wanted to go back and be with
his folks for Christmas. Jason loaned him his Mitsubishi
since we still had my Expedition and Jai left us for the holidays.
Apparently Kitty and Jason had hit it off more then I knew
and the two of them decided to spend the weekend in Galveston
together. Just the two of them at a hotel over looking the
Gulf of Mexico, the hotel also had an indoor heated pool
which meant Kitty could show off her amazing porn style
body in a swimsuit.

I gave Jason the keys to my Ford and wished him a good time.
That meant I would be spending Christmas alone and trapped
without a car. We had plenty of booze and food so I didn't
think I would need one anyway. To be honest it was my first
Christmas in a state that didn't get 12 inches of snow
in December so it really didn't feel like Christmas
anyway. Christmas Eve I popped some popcorn, opened a bottle
of beer and sat in my recliner planning on watching the marathon
of A Christmas Story.

It was weird, this was the first time in a long time I didn't
reflect on about anything in the past. There were no flashbacks
of the faces that haunted me in the past. To be honest it was
just a blah kind of feeling, it was halfway warm out and there
was really no electricity in the air. I fell asleep around
8pm to the sounds of the Bumpess's dogs tearing through
the house and the old man cussing up a storm about them eating
the turkey. "poor Ralphy" I thought before
drifting off to sleep.

An incessant pounding tore me from the loving arms of sleep
sometime around midnight. I was wondering who could possibly
be banging at my door all the way through unlocking the deadbolt
and opening it up. Standing in my doorway was a much different
looking Morgan. She had cut her hair shorter on the right
side and in the back. Her black hair had been pulled over
her face and all but covered her left eye. The left side had
been left long down to just above her shoulder.

The other shocking thing was she was wearing a dress? The
flowered white frilly thing had two straps over her shoulders
and had a frilly bottom that stopped at her knees. She wore
a purple long sleeved sweater that stopped just below her
chest. Her eye make up was the same but her eye lashes looked
impossibly long. She had gold bangles around her wrists
and a Christmas tree locked that dangled beyond sight into
the cleavage of her Easter looking dress. She had on little
white socks with frills on the ankles and purple shoes that
looked like they belonged on a 6 year old.

If I was shocked that Morgan had showed up at my door I was
even more shocked at how she looked. "lose a bet?"
I asked looking her over. The blank look on her face seemed
to meld into relief at my joke. "Something like that.
Can we talk?" she asked seemingly distracted. She
leaned in the doorway and seemed to look around for something
or someone. "I am alone" I told her guessing
she was looking for Riko.

To my surprise her body visibly relaxed and she brought
her gaze back to my eyes. Before my eyes the strong girl who
had spent a month teasing me and having power over me started
to fidget. Her hands came together at her waist and she started
to pick at her purple painted nails. "So I heard you
and Kitty went at it" She said still standing on my
porch. "something like that" I answered dryly
still wondering what she could possibly want.

"well, she told me that she felt really stupid about
it and wanted to apologize but you haven't been around
much or something." she continued still fidgeting
with her hands. "there's no need for her to do
that" I told her a little bit more flatly then I had
intended. She looked at me and her jaw dropped a little as
if shocked by my words.

"are you really that pissed at her?" she asked
looking a little concerned. Her hands became still and
her body suddenly got stiff. I realized that I was probably
giving her the wrong impression and let my shoulders relax.
I hadn't even been aware that I had tensed up until I
relaxed my muscles. I shook my head "it's cool
it was what it was. I don't hold grudges and as far as
I am concerned it's over"

She started to fidget again and her body swayed side to side
slowly. "She can get a little heated but she really
is a good person. So please don't be mad at her"
She said softly and to be honest completely out of character
for the snarky girl I was used to being around. The girl at
my door seemed to be demure and a little nervous. Maybe it
was the dress that was doing it to her?

"So what's up?" I asked leaving the question
as ambiguous as possible. Morgan tilted her head to the
left, lifted her right hand and ran her fingers through
her black hair from right to left over her face. "I
wanted to ask you a question and you've been a ghost
for the last few weeks. Kitty told me that you were stuck
home this weekend so I figured this was my chance to talk
to you without you being able to run away." She said

I wanted to argue the fact that I had not been running away
but I realized that would just be stupid. I also couldn't
figure out why I had the urge to fight back against this girl.
She had done nothing to me and had always been honest with
how she felt about things. No. That was not exactly true
was it? Was I mad because she actually liked me and why in
the HELL would I be mad at that? What was my issue?

I leaned against the open door I had been holding and told
her to fire away. Morgan looked up and then around the door
frame and shrugged "alright here goes" She
took in a deep breath and suddenly looked very young. I had
never really viewed her as a teenager before because she
always acted more mature than her years. Seeing her this
way now she looked every bit of 19.

"Dave are you mad at me?" she said in a rush "did
I do something to make you mad?"

Her words cut through me like a hot knife through butter.
I don't know what I expected but that question would
be at the very bottom of a long list. It would be right next
to "Can I borrow your Armadillo" or "Did
you know that the President can ride a unicycle?"
I searched her face for the answer to why she would ask me
that question and found that her top lip was quivering a
little at the corners. Her bright red lipstick covered
lips parted to show a tiny sliver of teeth and she seemed
to hold her breath as she waited for my answer.

I suddenly felt very stupid for being moody and distant
from my friends. I felt even more stupid for getting so upset
at Kitty and thinking bad things about her that day. I also
felt very extremely guilty for sleeping with Riko that
night. It almost felt as if, as if, it felt like I had cheated
on Morgan. That is when it dawned on me that I was mad because
I had liked her the entire time and I was mad at myself for
being with Riko that night.

I had gotten so mad at Kitty because she had told me something
I had wanted to hear a day too late. I was mad at her because
it would have been better if she wouldn't have told
me at all. Then I wouldn't be feeling so damn guilty
about it. I had no reason what so ever to feel guilty, yet
it weighed down on me like a ton of bricks. Regardless of
how illogic it was to like the girl standing in front of me
I couldn't help but have feelings for her. I had been
avoiding them to avoid feeling what I was feeling at this
very moment. Guilt.

I felt my body stand up right and watched as my arms extended
out in front of me. I saw more than felt as my hands grabbed
Morgan by the shoulders and pulled her towards me. I saw
the look of total and utter shock on her face as she came closer
to me. When our lips met it felt as if a hot bucket of water
had been poured over my head. Her soft full lips pressed
against mine and somewhere in between our tongues met.
I felt Morgan's breasts press hard into my chest and
her hands as they found the back of my head.

The smooth wet feel of her tongue as it swirled around mine
and how her hot breath filled my lungs. I heard the sound
of her moan as my arms encompassed her body and held her tight
up against my own. Morgan's nails dug into the back
of my head and we dove deeper into our kiss. I took a breath
through my nose and could smell the sweet spice of her unknown
perfume and the hint of makeup on her face. I picked her up
off the ground as our tongues continued to dance in each
others mouths.

I carried her through the doorway and used the back of my
heel to slam the door shut. I had no idea where I was going
but my body seemed to have an idea. I walked the short distance
from the front door to the berber covered steps that led
up to my bedroom loft. Instead of walking up them I leaned
forward and laid her against them. As her back pressed against
the steps our lips tore away from each others. The smear
of red across her lips made her look like a drunken clown.

Her pale cheeks were flushed red and her jade green eyes
were wide with an emotion I couldn't guess, or maybe
even shock. Morgan propped on elbow against a carpeted
step while her other hand held fast against the back of my
head. I used one hand against the edge of the step to hold
myself up and we looked into each others faces silently.

"I'm am sorry I was distant." I told her
quietly "I was stupid"

Morgan shook her head vigorously making her freshly cut
black hair fly over her face in pieces. "I should have
told you that I was falling for you and not strung you along"
She answered back. "I was just scared to tell you for
some reason. I was stupid" She dug her nails into the
back of my head and pulled me back to her lips. As our tongues
fought against the others and our lips mashed together
we took loud breaths in between kisses.

After a few minutes of breathless kissing I pulled back
"I shouldn't have brought Riko home" I
told her afraid that this admission would stop us dead in
our tracks. Morgan looked at me and her upper lip quivered
again. "I shouldn't have let you" She said
in the strong voice that I had been used too since I had met

This time it was me that dove forward and brought our lips
back together. The way we kissed was impassioned and urgent,
it was like we were afraid if we stopped everything would
end. Our breathing became loud and ragged as we continued
to attack each other with our mouths. Morgan released my
neck leaving a stinging reminder of where her fingernails
had dug into my skin. She found the button on my jeans and
frantically worked it free before tugging down the zipper.

With both hands she dug into my boxer briefs and found my
quickly swelling member. The moist warmth of her hands
cradled my cock for a second before she moved on below my
balls while the other roughly tugged it. I let out a moan
into her mouth as she tugged hard on my cock while she rolled
my balls around in her hand. She pushed her hands down and
in a flash had pulled me out of my pants and forced the waistband
of my underwear under my balls.

Morgan pushed against my lips and sat her self up into a seated
position on the step. She broke our kiss and used her shoulder
to push me up right. I watched her bend over forward and felt
the lightning strike of her mouth as it hungrily sucked
my cock into it. I put my right hand against the wall and my
left hand found the banister. I did my best to steady myself
as Morgan pulled me forward with one hand tugging my balls
while the other feed my cock into her mouth.

Morgan's tongue swirled around the head of my now fully
erect cock a few times then she sucked hard on the head. She
used so much force pulling on my cock that it rocked my entire
body back and forth. Her amazing blowjob sent shivers through
my body as the hot wet of her mouth worked it's magic.
The familiar build up warned me that if this continued there
was no way I would be able to last long. I looked down at her
bobbing head and her hunched back and had only one thought.
"I want you"

I reluctantly let go of the wall and banister and put my hands
on her shoulders. I tried to push her back gently but she
refused and continued taking me in her mouth. I pushed again
much harder this time and pinned her back against the steps.
We didn't say anything to each other but we both knew
what was going to happen next. Morgan's mouth hung
open slightly and her chest rose as fell as she took rapid
breaths. Our urgency and our desire was something neither
one of us expected I don't think.

The look in her eyes was a mix of lust and fear in that moment
or two of silence we shared looking at each other. I broke
the stalemate by pushing my jeans and underwear down to
my mid thigh. Morgan reacted quickly and pulled at the bottom
of her knee length frilly white dress pulling it up high
enough for her to reach her panties. I caught a glimpse of
purple as she pulled them down past her knees and past her
matching colored shoes.

Before I could move her hands shot out and grabbed my cock
once more. Her hands felt amazingly soft I remembered as
she pulled me down toward her. She opened her legs to allow
me to get between them easily since I had limited movement
with my pants trapping my legs in a certain position. I held
myself up on the edge of the steps and Morgan guided my cock
to the place both of us wanted me to be. I felt the soft wetness
on the head of my cock and watched as Morgan's eyes opened
impossibly wide as the tip passed her outer limits.

Morgan opened her mouth wide and gasped as the hot liquid
silk vice surrounded the head of my cock. Her mouth stayed
open as she dropped her chin to her chest. The feeling of
her impossibly tight pussy surrounded me in a vice like
grip. The white hot wet heat warmed my body as if I stepped
into a hot tub. My body seemed to catch fire and immediately
beads of sweat appeared on my forehead and my lower back.

I pushed my hips forward and felt myself slide through Morgans
hands as I sunk deeper into her young pussy. Morgan still
deathly silent watched me with wide eyes as my cock found
her stopping point. I stayed still and relished the feeling
of her pussy spasming and clenching tight around my pulsing
cock. Both of us gulped deep breaths as we lay there, our
eyes locked together as if a rod connected our irises to
one another.

When I started to ask if she was ok she pulled one hand away
from my cock and put it on the back of my head and pulled me
forward. My words were cut off by her lips and tongue answering
for her. Morgan drew her knees up to my side and she wrapped
her legs around my back. I took that as a sign and pulled my
hips back feeling her pussy protest the entire time. When
I drove back into her she let out a deep "uuhhh"
into my mouth and kissed me harder.

At first I used long slow strokes enjoying the feeling of
the muscles in her pussy trying to milk me. The need in my
body was too great and before long I was fucking her as hard
as I could without hurting her. Morgan moved her hand from
my neck back to my cock and she used two hands one on my shaft
and the other on my balls as I fucked her into the stairs.
Her moans became raspy and louder the harder I thrust my
cock into her.

Her pussy gushed her excitement out all over my balls and
her hands, I could feel the slippery silk coat me with each
thrust. Her pussy squeezed me so tightly that after only
a short time my cock actually started to hurt a little. Morgan
broke our kiss and inhaled deep gulps of air in between her
loud moans. She dropped her chin to her chest again then
in a flash she lifted her head to the ceiling and cried out
in pleasure. "nyaaaahhhh uh uh uh uh nyaaaahhhhhh"
Her pussy juice coated hands pulled away from my cock and
she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me tight.

She pressed her check against the side of my head and let
out a blood curdling scream. Morgan's pussy clamped
down tight on my cock and threatened to crush me. Her body
tensed and with a strength I didn't know she possessed
held me almost immobile with her legs and arms. I fought
to keep my hips moving as she screamed over and over again.
A flood of her cum coated my cock as I plunged into her pussy
over and over again.

"Dave" she cried out so close to my ear it made
it ring. Morgan's orgasm was long and extremely strong.
I could feel her body shake underneath mine and with her
mouth so close to my ear I could hear every breathless whimper
and tiny grunt that was mixed in her screams. Her pussy spasmed
wildly around my cock and got hotter and wetter the more
I fucked her. That combined with the realization that I
had wanted her since I had met her wrecked my control.

"fuck" I grunted when I felt the welling up of
pressure in my loins. My muscles started to contract all
at once and I felt dizzy as if I had drank to much alcohol and
decided to spin in a fast circle. Morgan used her forearms
against my shoulders to push me up far enough so she could
look at me. She put her hands on my face and looked in my eyes.
"are you going to cum?" She asked and nodded
at the same time. The look in her was one of open mouthed surprise.

"yes" I grunted as I pounded into her again.
Her eyes snapped shut and she let out a scream. When she opened
them again she told me breathlessly "cum for me. I
need to feel you cum" she said in a rushed breath. She
did her best to keep her eyes open as I sped up my hips bringing
myself even closer to climax. She refused to leg go of my
cheeks and kept her gaze on my face. I felt her legs tighten
on my back and they started to shake again. Her mouth opened
and closed as she took in great gulps of breath. Her green
eyes opened impossibly wide then squinted as she fought
to keep them open.

I felt the wind get knocked out of me and the intense rush
of blood all flowing to the same place and I got extremely
light headed. I called out something as the pressure boiler
inside my body exploded. Morgan and I cried out together
as the cum erupted from the end of my cock and shot deep inside
her womb. Even through my blinding orgasm I could tell that
Morgan was cumming again. My cock pulsed and jumped in her
spasming pussy while I struggled to keep my hips moving.

Her hands pressed tightly against my face and together
we called out to one another while our faces were a few mere
inches apart. The more I invaded deeper into her the more
cum shot from my painfully sensitive cock. Morgan's
body accepted and protested my invasion at the same time,
while at one moment it welcomed me the next it tried in vain
to force me out. When our bodies were at their limit our lips
found each other again, we franticly forced our tongues
against each others. My hips struggled to keep any kind
of rhythm and became more of a jerky motion than a smooth
fluid one.

As the last electric shocks of our orgasm died off our frantic
kisses turned into long slow passionate ones. The urgency
melted away and turned into savoring the taste of each others
kiss. Morgan's hands travelled over my face down my
neck and to the tops of my shoulders before moving back to
my face and starting over again.

In the position I was in it was getting much harder to hold
myself up since the massive orgasm had managed to zap all
my strength. I started to pull my hips back so that I could
pull myself free from her sweet insides. Her hands shot
to my lower back and she spoke into my mouth "no not
yet. please stay inside me". She immediately went
back to passionately kissing me but didn't dare remove
her hands from my waist as if in fear if she did I would fall

We continued kissing until the last of the blood had drained
from my battered cock and it slowly slipped from her pussy.
I couldn't believe the feeling of regret when at last
I slipped from her insides. I pushed myself up and to the
side of her and laid back against the steps next to her. Morgan
and I lay painting looking up at the high vaulted ceiling.
"wow" she breathed in a half laughing voice.
"right" I laughed back.

Morgan propped herself up on her elbows and looked past
her shoulder at me. "I honestly just wanted to ask
if you were mad at me" she said. I watched as she went
crossed eye looking at the locks of black hair the covered
her face. She tried in vain to blow a few away from her eyes.
After a few times she gave up and focused her eyes back on

"I don't want to give you a big head but those were
20 of the biggest orgasms I've ever had" she said
happily. I turned my head to look at her and let out a laugh
"only 20? I must be losing my touch" I laughed
back. She gave me and amazingly beautiful smile in response.
I looked back up at the ceiling and let out a long breath.
"You are amazing Morgan. That was simply amazing"
I said truthfully.

"oh shit!" She exclaimed and sat up while pulling
her dress back at the same time. She put her feet on the step
and opened her knees wide while looking down at her pussy.
"you are pouring out of me! You came so much!"
I pushed my self up into a sitting position and looked down
between her legs. I watched as cum actually poured from
her pussy, the thick white trail flowed down her ass before
falling to bottom of her dress. Her protruding inner lips
were open almost like a butterfly allowing me to see it easily.

"you know not all of that is me, you cum a lot yourself"
I reminded her as another glob of cum escaped her pussy.
She lifted her head and looked forward for a second before
turning and looking at me with a dopey look on her face. "being
with you is going to force me to use more then one kind of birth
control" She gave two exaggerated blinks then let
a corny smile cross her face. I couldn't help but laugh.

"You can always get rid of me before that happens"
I quipped. The half cocked smile on her face faltered for
a second before she recovered. "Bring that Asian
bitch home again and I will get rid of you faster than you
can say Sushi" The hidden menace behind the joking
tone did not go unnoticed. It suddenly felt as if and elephant
had walked into the room, but I be damned if I was the one that
would point it out.

Morgan put her hand over her leaking pussy and grabbed onto
the banister with the other. In a huff she pulled her self
up and did the funniest duck walk up the stairs. I pushed
myself up and pulled my pants up as I climbed the stairs following
her. She found the light switch and the thing that she was
looking for. Morgan yanked a towel off the rack and looked
at herself in the mirror for a second. "ha my lipstick
is everywhere!" she laughed. She turned toward me
and pulled her dress up around her stomach before putting
the towel between her legs. "including on you"
she laughed.

I hadn't thought about it but if she looked like a drunken
clown with her red lipstick smeared over her lips and face
I probably did to. Morgan bent her knees out and squatted
a little as she dug the yellow towel into her pussy. She worked
the towel around trying to clean as much of our cum as she
could before pulling the towel away to look at it. I wiped
my fingers across my lips and looked at that to see if I indeed
was covered in lip stick. "yup my fingers were tinted

Morgan folded the towel over in her hands and went back to
wiping between her legs. "you look ridicules"
she laughed as she watched me trying and smear the lipstick
off with my hands. When she was satisfied that she had cleaned
herself enough and let the towel fall to the floor and turned
back toward the mirror. She found a matching yellow hand
towel hanging on the rod by the sink and snapped it off. She
turned on the faucet and waited for the water to get warm.
"come here" she laughed.

I gave up trying to get the lipstick off my face and joined
her in the bathroom. When the water was at the right temperature
she ran the towel under the water enough to get it damp. She
grabbed a hold of my chin and tilted her head back a little.
After a little bit of ruff scrubbing she managed to clean
my face of the offending cosmetic. "there you go,
right as rain" she said cutely. Morgan's personality
seemed a little across the board. At times she was ultra
strong, other times she was cutesy, and yet other times
she could be demure and shy, and yet even more she could be
sultry and commanding. It was like several girls rolled
into one extremely sexy package. ( no she wasn't bi

After cleaning the last bits of make up off her face she did
something that looked absolutely painful. She pinched
the corner of her impossibly long eye lashes between her
thumb and pointer finger and pulled. I watched in horror
as they seemed to come off in one long strip. She blinked
through it as if it wasn't the most pleasant feeling
then set the thing down on my bathroom vanity. I watched
in silence as she repeated the process with her other eye.
She used both her hands to rub her normal eye lashes and lids
and blinked a few times afterwards. When she saw the look
on my face she simply said "the price of beauty sucks"

Morgan stood up on her tip toes and turned her back toward
me in a one bouncy move "unzip me please" She
pushed her chin to her left shoulder and looked down over
her back as if to supervise. For some reason I felt butterflies
in my stomach as I reached out for the tiny white zipper hidden
in the back folds of her dress. I used one hand to hold the
top of her dress and unzipped with the other all the way down
to the top of her ass.

I stepped back as Morgan shrugged her shoulders and worked
out of the white flowery dress and dropped it in a pool at
her feet. She reached back and unclasped the white strapless
bra she was wearing and let it fall the floor with a soft plop.
My eyes travelled across her thin shoulders and down the
curve of her back. Past the taper of her sides as the met her
hips, the two tiny indentions above the curve of her ass.
Her body stirred me with it's lines and curves enough
to make me need to touch her.

"Freedom!" she sighed and brought her hands
to the sides of her breasts. She turned around to face me
massaging her breasts as she went. A nervous smile creased
her lips "you have seen me naked plenty of times".
I nodded but spoke the truth "it's different
now" She seemed to slip into her shy version and a blush
appeared in her cheeks "yeah it's different
now" she said softly. Tentatively as if it was her
first time she pushed up against my chest. I felt the softness
of her supple breasts push against my chest and watched
as her arms seemed to hesitate as the rose to my neck.

Her hands found my lower jaw and the side of my neck and her
lips parted. She looked into my eyes for a moment then pulled
my face to hers. I felt my heart began to thump as our lips
met. At first the kisses were soft presses, our heads turned
as if trying to find the best angle. The soft pressure turned
into soft wetness as our tongues began to flick against
one another's lips. "hmm" she sighed softly.
Our kisses as before became more urgent and soon our tongues
explored each others mouths as we quickened our goal to
find the best position. I put my arms around her back and
pulled tight smashing her chest into mine.

Her fingertips dug into my face and neck as the level of our
passion rose. We struggled to obtain breath yet refusing
to break apart. Morgan's elbows pushed against my
chest and she took a step toward me. I walked backwards as
she pushed me to where she wanted me to be. With the only light
in my upper loft bedroom coming from the harsh glow of the
bathroom overhead light we retreated into the darkness.

I felt the back of my legs bump up against the side of my tall
pillow top bed and I stopped us. Morgan drove her tongue
deep into my mouth a few more times before tearing her lips
away. She kissed me on my one day old stubbled chin and sucked
my flesh lightly. I felt her hands release my face and neck
and travel down my chest. She found the bottom of my shirt
and pulled it up toward my head keeping her eyes locked onto
mine. Her vision temporarily blurred as she pulled the
shirt up and over my head and reappeared as the elastic of
the neck passed my eyes.

She threw the shirt to the floor and put her hands flat against
my chest. Silently she leaned forward and pressed her soft
moist lips to my upper chest. Her wet kisses covered the
flesh down the to the middle between my pecks before she
got down on her knees. Her hands found my sides and held me
tight as she kissed across my stomach then down toward my
belt line. Morgan's black hair fell across her face
obscuring her sight, I reached down and fingered the hair
away and to the left. "hmmm" she sighed and closed
her eyes.

Morgan looked up at me and bit the corner of her bottom lip.
I almost felt my knees buckle as I looked down into her shinning
jade green eyes. The engaging beauty on her knees in front
of my made my heart beat faster. She looked at the button
on my jeans then back up and me and released her lip from her
teeth. A giant smile spread across her face showing me her
white teeth and making her cheeks bones appear extremely

Her slender fingers worked my button free and slowly pulled
down the zipper. She shifted on her knees before digging
her fingers into the sides of my jeans. One hand after the
other tugged at the sides of my pants until she had pulled
them over my hips and freed my swelling cock. She pushed
them down to the floor before putting her hands on the front
of my thighs. She moved her face underneath my swelling
cock and pushed it up using her face.

My cock looked huge as it slanted across her beautiful face
"heh ha" she quietly laughed. She smiled as
her tongue found the bottom of my shaft. She let out a little
laugh again as she drug her face and tongue along the bottom
of my manhood. The wet tingle ran through my body at the speed
of fiber optics. Her hot breath fought against the cool
wet feeling her tongue left behind. Morgan worked her way
up to the tip staring into me the entire time. She slowly
began to kiss the tip of my cock in slow full lipped kisses.
It was as if she was making love to me with her mouth.

Her top lip would push up as she moved the tip of my cock against
her teeth. Her head turned from side to side gliding her
lips over my most sensitive part of me. When I let out and
uncontrolled moan she smiled brightly with my cock still
pressed against her teeth. "hmmm hmmm" she
happily moaned back.

Morgan's hands released my thighs and took hold of
my dick as if she was holding a flute. With her teeth still
together she moved her lips down my length on one side then
on the other. She took her time letting me know how long she
had wanted this to last. After she had kissed every inch
of what she was holding her mouth found the head yet again.
She sucked me past her teeth an into her mouth enough so that
the head disappeared. She looked opened her lips and gently
bit down with her teeth "ah ha" she laughed quietly
as I sucked in a breath.

Morgan broke her gaze and closed her eyes, in a flurry of
motion she pushed me to the back of her throat. Her head began
to bob forward and she twister her head to the side to add
even more pleasure. Her hands surrounded my balls and gently
massaged as her quick quick slow twisting head motions
worked my cock to an immediate erection. Either real or
imagined every time her hair would fly against my leg my
skin would tingle.

The feeling of her mouth and tongue combined with her gentled
urging hands drove me to the brink fast then I could fathom.
Just as my body began to tense in preparation of my second
orgasm of the night she slowed her pace to a stand still.
She gently sucked the end of my dick and twisted her head
once more before giving it a playful kiss and pushing away.
She held up her left hand telling me she wanted me to help
her up. I obliged and watched as she rose to her full 5'7
height. Still holding on to her fingers I pulled her against
me trapping my throbbing cock between our stomachs.

I put my hand on her check and pulled her into another passionate
kiss. She moaned deeply into my mouth and snaked her hands
around my neck putting one wrist over her other. We fell
into the urgent passion that seemed to be becoming our theme.
Morgan pushed up on her tip toes and turned us both as we continued
our passionate embrace. As she continued to press her firm
breasts into me my legs found the bed and I fell back.

Morgan and I broke free as I fell backwards. Looking up and
her dimly lit body I couldn't help but be in awe of her
silhouette. "get up on the bed" she said in a
throaty whisper. I used my arms to push myself all the way
onto the bed so that only my feet hung over the side. Morgan
climbed up on the high bed and walked to my side on her knees.
She put her right hand down to support her as she swung her
left leg over me. The part of her hair that remained long
hung down as she looked down between us. She found my cock
with her left hand and pointed me toward her as her left knee
found the bed.

I felt the softness of her opening as she moved me into place.
As she pushed against me I felt the sweet hot crush as I invaded
her body for the second time. Morgan let out a soft whimper
as her weight forced me deeper into her body. Her silky walls
shuddered as I sunk deeper into her core until her body allowed
me to go no further. "haaaahh" she breathed.

She let go of my cock now that it was firmly in place and drug
the back of her hand up my body. She pushed it flat against
the bed as it passed my shoulder and she slowly lifted her
head to look at me. As the long part of her hair concealed
half of her face she seemed to take on the air of complete
tantalizing mystery. It was as if half of not just her face
but half of her was hidden from prying eyes. As her lips found
mine again and the abruptness of the flat metal piercing
below the middle of her lip found my skin I became aware of
something. She was like no one I had ever known, she was unique,
she was the mystery I suddenly had to solve.

"NYAAaaahhh" Morgan cried out as her hips rocked
up and down. Her kiss tore away and she threw her head back
as her body rocked in great forward and back motions plunging
me deeper inside her only to take me away again. Morgan cried
out again as she pushed me deeper inside of her than was possible.
The pressure around me felt as if it was enough to force a
diamond out of coal. Over and over again she'd throw
her head back and cry out.

The shadows played across her face masking her expressions
of ecstasy and pain. I lifted my arms to grab a hold of her
sides but she stopped me with her own hands. She pressed
her palms against mine and interlaced our fingers. She
pushed the back of my hands to the bed above my head and held
me down as she rode me. The loud creak of the bed frame matched
the crescendo of Morgan's cries of pleasure. She sped
up her pace as she neared her climax.

My own body had long since begun it's hopeless struggle
to hold out. It seemed like she had the power to destroy any
stamina that I could muster. Her body massaged me into submission
with ease and the sight of her created an even greater fantasy
then I was living. As I watched her breasts barely move while
she rode me I gritted my teeth and did my best to hold out.
"AAHHHHHH" she cried out and I felt the walls
of her pussy collapse down on me crushing me in the sweetest
hug I had ever known.

I felt the rush of her cum as her orgasm over took her. Her
chest fell to mine smashing her tits into me while her hips
jerked in an awkward motion. My stomach began to cramp up
just as her lips found my shoulder and her teeth bit down
on my flesh. With a strength born of passion her fingers
threatened to crush my fingers between them. I felt the
cool slick of perspiration between our chests as more of
her cum poured down my exposed shaft and down my balls.

All at once the pressure built up to boiling and I called
out as I felt the rush of cum shoot through me. Morgan released
my skin from her teeth and her head shot up as she felt my cum
hit her depths. "NYAAAhhhh ha ha ha" she cried.
My hands fought back and compressed her hands in my own.
My hips lifted to met her jerky motions and together we exploded
in our orgasms together. I could feel the cum travel through
my cock and felt the release as it shot from the tip into her
waiting body.

Morgan seemed to start another orgasm before her first
had finished. Her head fell back down bouncing her forehead
off my shoulder. She turned her cheek against me then found
my neck with her mouth. At first she bit me painfully hard
before the pain gave way to the ticklish feeling of her sucking
on my skin.

The amazing feeling of her pussy sliding along my cock sent
me spiraling into dizziness and pleasure. Her hot cum running
down my balls to the insides of my legs, the feel of her body
as it tired to melt into mine. I felt the trail of saliva run
down my neck as she released her mouth to whimper against
my neck. As the last throws of our orgasms hit our bodies
making us jerk we clung together. Both of us panting and
trying to regain control of our senses.

Morgan's hands pulled from mine roughly and she encircled
my head with them. She lifted up and pressed her cheek to
mine and held me tight. Our hips jerked sending pleasure
spikes through our bodies a few more times until we could
take no more pleasure. Her hips settled down burying me
as far into her depths as her body would allow and then we
laid still. Just breathing, just trying to breath.

We lay connected for an eternity just breathing and feeling
each others bodies settle into calm. Morgan released my
head from her arms and laid her head on my shoulder. She gently
sucked my skin into her mouth and just stayed like that as
we lay quietly. As my cock slowly died to a soft reminder
of what it had been we started to stir. Just as I slipped from
her heaven an overwhelming calm rolled over me. I turned
my head and gave her a gentle kiss on the top of her head. She
rewarded me with a soft happy sigh.

"I need to use the bathroom I will be right back"
she groaned. Morgan pushed herself up off my chest and sat
at the edge of the bed. She brushed her fingers through her
hair and looked down at the floor. The shadow of her body
teased my eyes, I traveled from her face down past the curve
of her firm breasts down her flat stomach to her folded leg.
I watched her walk into the harshly lit bathroom and marveled
at how tight of an ass she had. She left the door open as she
went pee and let the cum drip from her body. I lay still as
I heard the roll of toilet paper being used then the loud
flush of the toilet.

She game back into the room still trying to brush her hair
to the left side. The huge tattoo of Bettie Page on her left
side looked like just a black shadow as she put her knee up
on the bed. "Put your head on the pillow" she
said quietly. I did as I was told and laid in the middle of
the bed letting the softness of my pillow surround my head.
Morgan got on her knees and crossed over top of me to get to
my right side. She laid down next to me and put her head on
my outstretched arm. She crossed her right leg over mine
and let her hand fall to my stomach and blew out a deep sigh.

She stared at the ceiling for a moment before turning toward
me and snuggling up against me with her head on her chest.
She brought her hand up to the middle of my chest next to her
chin and sighed again. "you know I always loved how
we fell asleep together" she said softly. She gave
me a soft kiss on my chest to cement her point. We laid in silence
for a very long time, I stared at the ceiling and just enjoyed
the feeling of Morgan's body. My mind for once was completely
blank and I felt a sense of contentment.

"Do you know why I always said you weren't my type"
She said breaking the silence.

"I assumed it was because of my look" I told her
while my fingers gently raked through her black hair.

She shook her head against my chest "that wasn't
exactly it."

Morgan blew out a breath before continuing. "You
probably think my type is someone that has tattoos and piercings
with long hair and a scraggly beard or something. I don't
look like this because I am trying to make a point or anything.
I just like the pin up look. I hate the word Goth it's
so stupid." Her hand slid down my stomach and she lightly
tugged at the few hairs around my belly button.

" I told you that you weren't my type because to
me you seemed normal. You seemed like someone that didn't
have a fucked up life. Your closet isn't filled with
grungy band t shirts and you aren't trying to start
some lame band with your friends. You weren't the outcast
in school who had to struggle to be noticed" she continued.

"You seemed like that guy that got everything that
he wanted and was popular. Someone who made people proud,
like your parents or something. If anyone ever tried to
make fun of you, you could just beat them up and that would
be the end of it. Someone who wasn't scared of what people
thought or cared how they looked at you" Her voice
seemed to take on a tremble as she spoke.

"To people like you, people like me are just little
freaks that you don't pay attention to unless you are
shoving one of us in a locker. You are good looking and charming,
people laugh at your jokes and you are athletic..."
as she continued to tell me all the things she thought I was
I couldn't help but laugh.

She pulled away from my chest and lifted up on her elbow.
The look on her face told me she actually looked hurt at the
fact that I was laughing. Before I pounded her feelings
into the ground I figured I had better explain my reaction.
"I am not the man you think I am" I told her with
a smile "To be honest I am an absolute wreck. Just because
I don't fit the outward image of someone who fits all
those bad things doesn't mean I am not." I reached
out and took her cheek in my hand.

Amazingly she closed her eyes and seem to relish the feeling
of my hand on her face. She nuzzled into my hand as if it was
a welcome relief. "Listen Morgan I look at you as some
cool trendy beauty that I have no right to be involved with.
You are young and gorgeous, you have a good head on your shoulders
and you seem to command attention just by walking in the
room" I told her honestly "I am in awe of you and
feel like I am living in a dream right now. The fact that we
did this still hasn't sunk in yet"

The disbelief and confusion of her face told me that my words
had not sunk in like I had hoped. For the first time in a long
time I decided to be completely honest about myself. For
the next few hours I told Morgan all about my life, I told
her about the tragedies and the epic failures that I had
been through or caused. As I talked about the death of Jacie
she covered her mouth with her fingers and a single tear
rolled down her cheek. I told her how insecure I had become
thanks to situations and relationships in my past.

She laughed as I told her about the stupid things I had concocted
and put myself through. She listened stone faced when I
told her about how it seemed I used women and sex to cover
up the depressive feelings I went through once a year. For
the first time maybe I told her things that I was even afraid
to tell myself. She listened quietly and I laid all 26 years
of my life that I could remember out for her to see. It felt
good to finally tell someone that I was afraid and that I
was self conscious about a lot more than I let on.

After I had pretty much made myself sound like the last person
in the world anyone would want to date I asked her the all
important question "so what do you think"

She looked away from me and down to the end of the bed for a
moment before answering. "so you really were a jock"
she said quietly. I don't think I heard her right and
the shock of it must have showed on my face. When she turned
to look at me she burst into fits of laughter. She laughed
so hard that I couldn't help but smile and chuckle myself
for no reason.

"what's so funny" I chuckled. I watched
as she struggled to get herself back under control. I waited
until she sucked in the last breath and quieted down. "well"
she said drawing out the ell part.

"Moral of the story. Don't judge a book by it's
cover" she giggled. I rolled my eyes and let my head
fall back onto the pillow and just looked up my white ceiling.
Morgan moved against me and her beautiful face appeared
over mine with her black hair falling onto my right check.
"you are so my type after all" she said smiling
and bent down to give me a soft passionate kiss.

It dawned on me half way through said passionate kiss that
she didn't exactly give me a compliment. I pushed her
away by her shoulders "hey!" I said. She laughed
again and struggled against me to kiss me again. "I
will buy you a Romones shirt for Christmas" she laughed
"now give me back those lips"

We struggled against each other laughing until we fell
headlong into another passionate breathless kiss. Our
kissing led us to a bout of urgent sex that curled both of
our toes. After we fell back on the bed exhausted and holding
on to each other refusing to let go. As Christmas Eve brightened
to Christmas morning we fell fast asleep in each others
arms. I slept the deepest sleep I had in a God knows how long
in the arms of the last person I ever imagined ending up with.

To Be Continued.....................

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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Merry Christmas Dave and a Happy New Year dude. I must agree
with many people reacted to your stories. I urge you to turn
your writing and passion into a book/s or a movie/s. Your
passion is extremely exceptional and the way your capture
your thoughts, your feeling and others feeling are incredible.

Oh Mybe the Title should be "Morgan"


Members can vote on this response!

quote importentman2:
Merry Christmas Dave and a Happy New Year dude. I must agree with many people reacted to your stories. I urge you to turn your writing and passion into a book/s or a movie/s. Your passion is extremely exceptional and the way your capture your thoughts, your feeling and others feeling are incredible.

Oh Mybe the Title should be "Morgan"

Happy Holidays to you as well sir. Nice idea for the title
as well lol.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.