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Houston and Christmas Day


Trying to untangle myself from Morgan seemed like an impossible
feat. She was like living breathing quicksand the more
I struggled the tighter her grip became. Morgan's
leg had some how managed to wrap around mine like ivy up a
tree. Her hand had dug itself in my armpit and had a death
grip on my back. The throbbing in my bladder was telling
me if I didn't find relief soon my poor little guy would
look like a hot dog that had been cooked in the microwave
a minute too long.

"Morgan. Morgan" I said quietly. "I have
to pee"

"hmm hm" she moaned and shook her sleepy head
against my chest. Her leg and hand dug deeper into my body
as if to lock me in place. The heart beat in my kidneys was
starting to get louder than the one in my chest. My dick was
engorged with blood and that only seemed to enhance the
throbbing sensation my whole body was being subjected
too. I tried again in vain to extract myself from her one
last time only to have her crawl on top of me. I was momentarily
distracted by her hard nipples digging into my chest but
the dull throb of my over flowing bladder erased that feeling

"uh fine!" I shouted into the room. I put my arms
around her back and sat up. Morgan squealed in surprise
and wrapped her arms tightly around my back. I swung my legs
off the side of the floor and stood up with her hanging off
of me. Morgan yelped and frantically wrapped her legs around
my waist. I felt the wetness of her pussy press against my
stomach but the pain in my bladder erased any happy thoughts
I had. I jumped up and down in place trying to shake Morgan
loose. However the little monkey had a death grip on me and
didn't break free.

"Fine you asked for it" I laughed. With her tightly
holding on to me I walked the path toward my bathroom the
welcoming relief my toilet would be able to give me. I stood
in front of the porcelain life saver and tried to figure
out how I was going to make this work. Morgan's arms
were wrapped around my neck and her legs were around my waist
locked at the ankles. She looked behind her and down past
her ass toward the toilet "hey wait are you really
going to go?!" she exclaimed.

"yes! I told you I had to pee!" I laughed.

Morgan looked over her right shoulder then over her left
and then back over her right again. "Dave no ho ho"
she laughed

"are you planning on letting me go" I asked.
Morgan turned her head so that our noses were touching.
A giant smile spread across her face and her green eyes blazed

"alright you asked for it" I told her. I reached
under her ass and amazingly found out she was dripping wet.
I fumbled beneath her and tried my hardest to force my swollen
cock down toward the toilet. In the end all that I managed
to do was get my hand soaked by her juices. Morgan looked
down past her back with the most adorable face the entire
time. When I stopped moving she looked back at me closed
her eyes, opened lips and put her teeth together in a cartoonish
smile. "he he" she actually said.

Not one to be defeated and for some reason feeling completely
frisky and devious I switched to plan B. I stepped away from
the toilet and and opened the frosted shower door. Morgan's
eyes darted around as if she was either looking for an escape
route or trying to discern what I was planning. I stepped
onto the cold fiberglass bottom of the shower pan and closed
the door with a click behind me.

"Dave? you aren't really going to" Morgan
started to say. Her eyes turned into saucers and she screamed
out at the top of her lungs. She tried to climb up my body as
she felt the first hot streams hit her ass. "Oh my God
Da ha ha hayve" She cried. The utter look of terror
in her eyes made it all worth while. I stood with a satisfied
smile on my face as I emptied my bladder against Morgan's
lower half.

Morgan buried her head into the side of my neck and whimpered
as she felt the stream of pee hit her. She let out a yelp and
then whimpered again "you got my pussy" she
moaned in tiny girlish voice. The feeling of relief was
way to good to worry about any impending doom that might
be headed my way in the future. She whined again as the pungent
odor of not drinking enough water filled our noses. "this
is so gross" came her muffled pout.

"just relax it's almost over" I laughed.
I tensed the muscles in my abdomen and put as much pressure
into the stream as I could. She let out a scream and I knew
I had hit her pussy again. The bottom half of her was soaked
as well as my legs and my cock from my relief. As the last drops
fell from the head of my cock it slowly started to fall as
the blood escaped back into my body. "no one is going
to want to marry me now. I am dirty" she moaned into
my neck in an adorably small voice.

I lifted one my left leg up and leaned to the side before shaking
it. "ahhhh sweet sweet relief" Morgan lifted
her head and barked out a laugh. "you are such and aaaaaaassshole
Dave" She loosened her grip and my neck and leaned
back so that we could face each other without going crossed
eyed. She gave me her most beautiful smile and looked amazingly
happy, happier even then I had ever seen her before. I smiled
back feeling just as happy as she looked. "Merry Christmas"
I said softly.

Morgan tilted her head and looked up. Her tongue appeared
in the corner of her mouth and her eyes shifted to the corners.
I felt her back tense up and her body lifted a bit. I felt as
if a bucket had over turned on my groin as she released a rush
of her retribution. "Merry Christmas to you"
She said. My jaw dropped as I realized the little shit was
peeing on me. Her head dropped and her brow furrowed before
she threw her head back and laughed.

My lower half was absolutely drenched as the last drops
of her pee fell to the yellowed floor below us. Tears flowed
from her eyes as she laughed heartily. "I didn't
think I could do it, but I did" she cried. "oh
my God what is wrong with us" she laughed. Standing
in a the slowly draining puddle of our pee we laughed loudly
in the shower. Our laughter hollowly echoed back into our
ears as it sunk it to what had just happened. When she managed
to get herself under control she brought let her head fall
back down so that we were eye to eye.

Her laughing seemed to slow down and her smile started to
get smaller but still remained bright "I" she
started to say. Her face became locked in a half smile as
her jade green eyes darted back and forth between mine.
The air seemed to get a little thicker and I could feel that
she was trying to tell me something "I" she started
again. I let my face go blank and just waited for her to finish
her sentence. I think in the back of my mind I knew what she
was trying to say.

Her smile got bigger and she let out a breath I didn't
know she had been holding in "I think you need to turn
on the shower so we can clean this mess off" She said.
We both looked at each other for a moment knowing full well
that something had been left unsaid. I let the feeling wrap
around me like a warm blanket on a cold snowy day. I leaned
forward and gave her a few playful kisses while our eyes
stayed open and locked onto each others.

I moved my hand from her back and reached for the temperature
knob. Things in movies work out so much better in real life,
what could have been a romantic moment turned into a squealing
frozen shock. The cold water shot from the shower head and
drenched us both and freezing us in seconds. Morgan hunched
her shoulders and buried her face back into my neck "That
is so cold!" she squealed "oh my God that is so
cold" I did my best to dance around the cold water but
in a shower there are only so many places you can go.

As the water slowly started to warm up Morgan released her
death grip and allowed me to breath. I turned the water up
a little higher than normal so that we could quickly warm
up and stood underneath it. The water made our skin dangerously
slippery so Morgan gingerly let her legs fall from my waist
to the floor. She kept her arms around my neck as the water
cascaded over her head pasting her black hair to her face.
I reached up and ran my hand through the short side before
raking my fingers through the long left side. After I moved
the hair out of her face I moved my hand to the shortened back
of her hair and enjoyed the thickness of it.

She blinked the water out of her eyes and blow it away from
her lips as she looked up at me. "you are so beautiful"
I told her as I watched the water run in rivers down her gorgeous
young face "you are absolutely beautiful"
I repeated. Morgans wet face blossomed into a happy smile
and she stepped out of the water toward me. She pulled me
tight into a kiss that gave me goosebumps. She hungrily
attacked my mouth with hers and pulled hard against my neck.

I felt her hard nipples brush against my chest as the hot
water ran down between us. I let my hands travel down her
body and covered her chest with my hands. As her melon sized
breasts filled my hands I gently kneaded them and was rewarded
with her soft moan into my mouth. Morgan's fingers
found my hair as our kisses turned from slow and passionate
to urgent and forceful. Even with the water slicking my
skin I could feel the tingles from her skin against mine.

The heat from the water and the heat rising from deep inside
my body threatened to overwhelm me. My head begun to get
dizzy from the combination of her lips and the sauna like
atmosphere. I broke our kiss and put my hands on Morgan's
shoulders. I spun her in place and pushed her up agains the
shower well. She let out a small surprised cry as I pushed
her chest into the flexible white wall. Morgan's face
took on an innocent look as she looked over her shoulder
at me.

She pressed her stomach against the shower wall and pushed
her amazingly tight ass outward. She moved her hand up to
her mouth and bit down on her finger as she watched me move
behind her. The look of her immediately woke the devil inside
of me and I became impassioned. I looked down and grabbed
my rapidly swelling cock and moved it between her legs.
I put one hand on the middle of Morgan's back while I
used the other to guide my cock to her pussy. Her ass was perfectly
made to be able to see everything from the back and meant
I didn't have to spread her ass to find my way.

The water had taken away some of the sensation from the head
of my dick but there was no mistaking the feeling of her pussy
swallowing me. The intense heat and pressure of Morgan
surrounded me as I sunk my cock into her body. At first it
was the jerky motion of her body stretching to accept me.
It quickly turned into the silk road as her excitement flooded
her insides allowing me to glide smoothly into her body.
My rock hard cock easily pushed away her pussies protests
of being invaded.

Morgan cried out in pleasure as I probed deep inside her.
"I feel like your are going to split me in two"
Morgan moaned "you feel so good"

Morgan's words made my cock jump inside her and in turn
made her cry out again. She sucked her finger into her mouth
and pushed her ass against me as I started to fuck her from
behind. As I sped up my hips I found it increasingly hard
to keep my footing and almost slipped several times. I used
my hips to push Morgan flat up against the shower wall and
pressed my chest to her back. "nyaaaah fuck"
she cried.

With short strokes I thrust into her, my cock being crushed
by her insides. I moved the hand from her back to her mouth
and watched as she attacked it with her mouth. She sucked
on my fingers while she looked back at me. Her black hair
had once again strung across her angelic face forcing her
to blink it out of her eyes. The loud wet slap of our bodies
collided and the loud screams or quiet whimpers echoed
off the walls of the shower. My body overloaded with visual
and physical pleasure and caused my eyes to blur.

"you are going to make me cum" Morgan whined
"cum with me Dave" she pleaded. Even though
we had just started her urgings owned me and out of nowhere
I felt as if I was going to cum. Her pussy began to spasm around
my cock and did it's best to clamp down tight on my cock.
Her body began to shake and she sucked hard on my fingers.
Her eyes slammed shut and she vibrated my fingers with another
scream "I am cumming! Cum with me please. cum with
me nyaaaaaaahhh" she cried.

My heart pounded in my ears and my breath quickened as the
feeling of intense gut wrenching pleasure welled up inside
me. Morgan's screams were drowned out by the sound
of blood in my ears. The sight of her face with her mouth open
wide and my fingers still inside hazed out of focus. The
muscles in my stomach tightened and felt as if I had done
1000 sit ups until finally. Like in the movies when a bomb
explodes and someone's hearing goes. All that is heard
is a rush of the ocean and a high pitched ringing. Then all
at once the sound comes back in an explosion of noises. I

Morgan's eyes shot open as my cum hit her cervix with
force. She cried out as I pumped more and more cum into her
body. Her own orgasm threatening to buckle her legs and
send her crashing to the ground. I cried out and together
we sang out our intense desire. I felt my legs shake as the
cum rushed from my balls and through my cock like water through
a firehouse. Morgan pounded the shower wall with the flat
of her hand and my fingers fell away from her mouth when she
dropped her chin to her shoulder.

I gritted my teeth and started to slam my cock hard into her
pussy as my orgasm hit it's apex. Just as I was withdrawing
again Morgan's hand shot back and grabbed my hip. "no
more. I can't take any more" she whined. She pulled
my hip forward trying to get me to sink my dick in her as deep
as it could go then held fast. I let my head fall forward putting
my face against the back of her head and brought my hand up
to the wall by her face.

Morgan immediately snatched it and brought it too her lips.
She lovingly kissed the palm of my hand before resting it
against her cheek. We stayed against the wall with me inside
her catching our breath as the water from the shower slowly
began to cool. As the last intense tingles passed through
our nerves Morgan opened her eyes and looked back at me.
She gave me a small smile then pushed her ass against me forcing
my semi hard cock in deeper. Her body shuddered and then
relaxed back against the wall. She blew out a great sigh
and kissed my hand one more time before closing her eyes

Since the water was starting to get cold I pulled my hips
back and pulled myself out of her pussy. Her eyes popped
open again and she hissed "ow ow ow" As I stepped
back under the tepid water she turned in place and put her
back against the wall. Her breasts rose and fell with her
breath and she looked at me with crossed eyes. "we
should hurry" she said breathlessly. I agreed and
for the next 10 minutes we danced around each other as we
soaped our bodies and hair. By the time we shut off the water
it had gone to cold and we shivered in the cool air of the bathroom.
I dug us out some clean towels from beneath the sink and wrapped
her in one before tying one around my waist.

We dried off in the relative warmth of my bedroom and left
the dry towels on the floor. Morgan turned to the large french
style doors that led to my little 9x10 deck that over hung
the small back yard. She pushed long blinds that kept the
daytime light at bay aside. "did you know you had a
deck out here" she asked. She looked back over her
shoulder smiling as if she was trying to tell me something.
"I had an idea" I laughed wiping the last drops
of water off my leg. "hmm" she said and let the
blinds swing closed.

She put her hand to her lower stomach and pushed. "ow"
she winced. "you ok?" I asked. She nodded and
then looked at me very seriously "do you know what
it's like having you inside of me?" she asked.
I let out a little laugh "um no. why what's it like?"
I asked assuming she wanted to tell me. "it's
like being punched in the gut while having the most amazing
good feeling in the world" she said and mimicked punching
someone in the gut.

"um is that a good thing?" I asked. She rubbed
her stomach with the flat of her hand "mostly, sometimes
I think I am going to split in half. Other times I can't
get enough of it. I hate when you pull out" she said.
"I will do my best to never pull out then" I laughed.
Morgan flashed her amazing smile at me then brought her
hands to her breasts and gave them a quick massage. "I
am hungry do you want to eat?" she asked looking rather

"I could eat" I told her. She moved toward me
and held her hand out for me to take it. "The cuteness
has not end" I thought to myself. Naked and hand in
hand we walked down the steps, she drug into the kitchen
and didn't let go until she opened the fridge. I watched
as stood with one foot on top of the other and he knee bent
while she scanned the fridge. When she was done with that
she closed it and opened the freezer to look. She turned
back to me with sad eyes "why do you only have healthy

"I know tell me about it. Jason is a health nut and fills
up the hose with crap food. Even the bacon is turkey and not
real pig." I told her full well knowing the pain of
the psycho health nut. "at times I would cut someone
for a twinkie" She furrowed her brow and she barked
out a laugh. She closed the freezer and came over to me enveloping
me in a tight hug. "I guess we can go out and grab something
to make" she said into my chest.

She nuzzled her face into my chest and let out a low sigh "hmmm
I love this" I put my arms around her back and hugged
her back. The cold of her wet hair against my shoulder in
stark contrast to the heat of her skin. "you will have
to drive Jason has my car" I told her. She looked up
at me with worried eyes. "I didn't drive I got
dropped off by a cab" Her voice betrayed the fear of
starving in her voice. I kissed her on her wet head and told
her "we can just order a pizza or something"

"It's Christmas! Pizza places aren't open!
Oh no we are going to starve!" She cried. We both laughed
together and squeezed each other tight. "well I won't
starve I have you to eat" I said coyly. Mock terror
crossed her face "you would actually eat me! I don't
want to be" she started to complain until she saw the
wry smile on my face "wait. oh you meant!" Her
cheeks blushed as she realized what I meant by "eat"
her. "you pig" she snorted. "oink"
I replied.

"where is your phone book? Maybe we can find a Chinese
place that will deliver" she looked around as if hoping
to see the magical book just sitting on the counter top.
I had to think about that one. I was sure we had a phone book
but I hadn't seen it up to now. I started to push away
from her but the little raven haired pin up refused to let
me go. I was left with taking her with me, in an awkward shuffle
we walked around the kitchen opening drawers and searching
through cabinets. (in 2005 my first thought wasn't
to check the computer for such things. I don't even
remember if Google was around then)

"Maybe it's in Jason's room" I said.
I haven't really ventured into his room since he first
showed me when he moved in. At that time it's walls were
covered with various girls in bikini's posing in every
position imaginable. I wondered if had changed much as
we shuffled down the hallway in our embrace. I pushed open
the closed door and was shocked by what I saw. The room was
immaculate, there wasn't a stitch of clothing on the
floor and the walls were covered in cool looking alcohol
signs and mirrors instead of the swedish bikini team. Even
the damn bed was made? He pisses me off sometimes.

We looked around the room and found the phone book on the
bottom shelf of a dark wood nightstand. She was excited
to find the phonebook while I was wondering where in the
hell the nightstand had come from. Morgan bent down and
plucked it off the shelf keeping one hand on my side as she
did it. I was starting to wonder why she refused to let me
go all of the sudden. This was completely not like her or
at least what I thought I knew of her.

"Hey Morgan? Why does it seem like if you stop touching
me you will die?" I ventured to ask. Tucking the phone
book under her arm made her shiver as the cold of it hit her
side and breast. "why?" she repeated. "I
really don't want to tell you" she said in the
familiar badass strong voice I was used to. "alrighty
then" My inner coward answered for me.

We shuffled our way back into the kitchen and put the phonebook
on the counter so we could search for life giving nourishment
in the form of wontons and spring rolls and maybe orange
chicken. She hugged my side and kept her cheek pressed against
my shoulder as we flipped through the massive North/West
Houston phone book. After what seemed like an hour we found
a Chinese place close by the delivered. We ordered a kings
feast and went and posted ourselves on the couch to wait
for the knock on the door.

We turned on the TV and found Tim Allen's "The
Santa Clause" movie and just waited. Morgan pulled
my arm over her shoulder and leaned back into my chest. She
stroked my hand subconsciously as we watched Tim release
he was going to have a beard no matter how many times he changed.
About 45 minutes later there was a knock at the door Morgan
sat up with a start and got excited. "WE'RE SAVED!"
she shouted happily. I couldn't help but laugh as her
good nature and mood were contagious. Then it dawned on
me, we were both butt ass naked, Morgan seemed to have forgotten
because she bounded to the door finally breaking away from

She tore up the steps like a bat out of hell and I marveled
at how firm her tits really were when barely moved on her
chest. I knew they were real so that just meant I forgotten
how tight a 19 year olds body was. She came down holding her
dress and digging around on the inside. She produced an
ID, folded wad of money, and what looked like a credit card.
Without so much as a second thought she held the dress to
her chest and made short work of the dead bolt.

My jaw dropped when she opened the door with her dress just
barely covering her front. "Hi! Thank you so much
for coming!" I couldn't help but chuckle when
I thought that tonight the guy would probably be silently
thank her for making helping him cum. I heard the guys voice
telling her how much the bill was in a stammering voice.
She looked at the bills in her hand and selected two of them.
Morgan held them out through the door and to my vantage point
they were magically replaced by two big white plastic bags
of food.

"keep it and Merry Christmas" She said brightly.
She slammed the door shut not waiting for the guy to reply.
The dress immediately hit the floor at her feet and she all
but ran back to the couch. "I got the food you get the
drinks" she said plopping down beside me on the couch.
"you are something else you know that" I told
her still amazed how she answered the door. She gave me a
cheese ball smile "that's why you love me isn't
it?" The sentence sort of hung in the air for a moment
while both of us looked at each others faces.

We both did that nervous recognition thing from the movies
and then put ourselves in motion. I got up and went into the
kitchen while she dug the cartons and containers out of
the white plastic bags with "Thank You" in red
on them. "what do you want" I hollered from the
kitchen. "Coke" she yelled back. I pulled two
red cans out of the fridge and unrolled a couple sheets of
paper towels for us to use as napkins.

I found that Morgan had laid a blanket out on the floor, she
sat with her in a wide open V with everything I could ever
want to eat in between them. (get it get it? eh eh?) She looked
up at me and smiled brightly "lets eat!" I took
a seat in front of her and looked over the food items we had
ordered. I found my eyes traveling to between her legs and
her bare pussy and the tiny shark fin lips that poked out.
"stop staring at my pussy and eat" she said without
looking up. She cut me off before I could make a joke "food
not my pussy. Eat food"

My 2005 Christmas was filled with laughs, Chinese take
out, naked snuggling, and lots of gut wrenching orgasms.
We watched every Christmas movie from Miracle on 34th Street
to Bill Murray's "Scrooged". Morgan laid
between my legs and would randomly plant kisses on my hands
and arms as we watched the movies. We well into kissing and
that lead to me burying my cock inside her. When as she said
"my poor little cunt can't take any more cock"
we merged into the 69 position and filled each others mouths
with the last ounces of cum our battered bodies could produce.

We crawled up to bed in the wee hours of Monday morning and
fell into bed. Morgan all but crawled on top of me and we fell
asleep holding each other tight. Hours later as I fought
my way out of sleep I was surprised to find that Morgan was
still blissfully sleeping on top of me and my numb arms were
still tightly wrapped around her. I could see that her hand
was tucked under her chin and her mouth was open. She breathed
in quiet rasps and a tiny pool of drool stood on my chest.
I have no idea but to me this was absolutely what I wanted
right now all the way down to the drool.

I lay still just watching her sleep and enjoying the feeling
of her skin against mine. I had guessed we had slept for at
least 8 hours and I was getting hungry again. I reached over
and selected a pinch of Morgan's black hair and brushed
the tips against her little nose. Her eyes closed tight
and she let out a little moan. I pulled them away when I thought
she was about to wake up so I wouldn't get busted. When
it seemed it hadn't had the desired affect I tried it
again. This time I got hand movement and a louder moan but
she still didn't wake up. So third time was a charm I

Her eyes popped open and she looked around confused. She
blinked a few times before she lifted her head and looked
at some invisible spot on the wall. She was completely confused
at either the reason she was woken up or that she was awake.
Her face shot up to look at me as if she wasn't worried
I wasn't there. My heart beat like a drum when her confused
face transformed into a smiling happy one as I came into

"Hi" she said in a raspy morning voice. "hi"
I said back. Morgan covered her mouth with bent fingers
as she yawned then thrust her arms out wide as if they were
wings and stretched. She let out a loud squeak and balled
her fists as she flexed her muscles. She brought her hands
back to her sides and pushed her self up my body. Without
another word or fear of morning breath her lips found mine.
She didn't start with soft subtle kisses but instead
tore my mouth open with her wet slimy tongue.

She forced her hand between us and grabbed my cock and began
to roughly tug on me. She laughed into my mouth when it jumped
a little in her hand. "I want your cock" she breathed
into my mouth. The heat of her breath filled my lungs and
made me cough a little. Morgan ignored it and continued
to search my mouth with her tongue and yank me to an erection.
She straddled my left leg and sat her sopping wet pussy down
on it. She ground her clit into my skin and whimpered as it
caused jolt of pleasure coursing through her body.

I swirled my tongue around hers and enjoyed the feeling
of her tits pressed against me and her hand around my cock.
She seemed to get impatient and stopped tugging me when
I got semi hard. She pushed herself off of me and landed next
to me on her back. She pulled her legs back to her chest with
her hands behind her knees. "fuck me" she moaned.
" put your big cock in my cunt and make me scream"

My cock jumped at her words and I sat up and got on my knees.
Morgan had been getting increasingly sexual the more times
was had sex and this was just another example. I scooted
up to her ass on my knees and grabbed my cock in one hand. I
rubbed the tip up and down her slit from her clit down to her
ass. "mmmm yeah" she moaned.

Morgan moved her hands to the insides of her legs and pushed
them all the way through until the back of her elbows rested
behind her back of her knees. She opened her legs as wide
as they could go and completely opening herself up to me.
I pushed the tip of my dick in between her lips and opened
them one by one enjoying the dripping center that came into

"fuck me fuck me fuck me" she whined. I sat up
off my heels and pushed the head of my cock into her pussy.
"nyaaahh" she screamed and pushed her head
back into the pillow. The little pussy I had been abusing
over the last day and half accepted me half heartedly. I
had to force my way in. "you're tearing me open"
she cried. I had to admit I like that she was getting more
vocal. It wasn't doing much for my stamina but cuming
together wasn't so bad at all.

As my cock disappeared into her opening I relished the feeling
of her stretching around me. I put my hands on the back her
thing on either side of her pussy and rocked my hips forward.
"Fuck" she cried out. The muscles in her pussy
seemed to ripple down the length of my trapped cock. The
feeling sent a shiver through my body and urged me on. I sped
up my motions and watched as my dick slide in and out of Morgan's
pussy rapidly.

Morgan's hands appeared and she used her fingers to
pull back her outer lips more as my cock blurred in and out
of her. "yessss" she hissed "your big
cock feels so good in my tiny pussy" she cried. Her
words hit me hard. I let out a deep grunt and dug my fingers
into the back of her thighs and fucked her harder but careful
not to go all the way in and hurt her.

Morgan took her hands away from her pussy and moved them
up to her ankles raised over her head. Then she did something
I had never seen in person before. Morgan put her feet behind
her head one at a time. She crossed her ankles behind her
hand and put her hands out to her side on the bed. I had seen
her do this on stage the first night we met but I had never
imagined I would be fucking her like this.

The position put her pussy at a different angle and cause
major pressure on the top of my cock and the top of her opening.
It also seemed to force the head of my cock against her G spot.
Her eyes seemed to go blank and she screamed louder then
she ever had before. "fuck my cunt baby please punish
my cunt" When she said the word punish every last ounce
of self restraint drained from my body. My fingers dug deep
into her thigh and my hips went into over drive.

I slammed over and over into her cervix slamming the head
of my cock into her g spot on my way. The intense pressure
and silky wetness of her pussy consumed my cock as it penetrated
her over and over again. Tears began to fall from Morgan's
eyes and she actually began to cry as I pounded her into the
bed. Her head rolled back and forth between her legs and
her hands tore at my sheets.

"fuu hu hu huck" she cried as I slammed my cock
harder and harder into her. I felt her pussy clamp down tight
and then it seemed to open wide before strangling me again.
Her hands shot up and she held onto her heels behind her head.
"cu" was all she managed to say in between her
ear splitting screams. I watched as her cum started to gush
from her pussy. As I continued to pound into her my lower
stomach got splashed with her cum. Her pussy was in an uncontrollable
quiver and tried in vain to lock my cock into position. Her
face and chest glowed bright red and I could see the perspiration
form on her forehead and between her tits.

Just as my back was starting to give out the familiar rush
of intense pleasure welled up inside me. Even though it
was just my imagination I swore I could hear the slap as my
cum hit her insides with force. Morgan cried out bloody
murder when she felt my cum began to fill her womb. My body
shook violently as cum flowed from me into her. Her pussy
clamped down again and her second or third orgasm tore through
her body. Tears poured from her eyes as I continued to fuck
her with every ounce of strength I had left.

Pinned below me with her legs behind her head and her folded
in on itself she took every bit of cum I offered her. She cried
real tears and screamed her pleasure into the room. The
walls of her pussy shuddered around my sensitive cock as
it violated her body. With one last deep grunt I released
the last I had into her and let myself collapse onto her chest.
Morgan's legs released from the back of her head and
she wrapped them around my back. She held onto my head and
hugged me as I lay panting on her tits. We both fought to catch
our breath as we lay there in the twilight of the day.

Her heart pounded through her chest and into my ear while
my cock beat to it's own heart beat deep in her pussy.
As we lay there connected my head spun and my body tried to
relax. Morgan's ragged breath slowly came back to
a steady rhythm and she sighed "I think" she
started to say. She had to take a big swallow before finishing
her sentence. "I think it can't get more intense
and then it does. My pussy is so sore but I just can't
stop needing more"

"yeah" I breathed into her chest. I wasn't
really qualified to comment on this and I could barely talk
at the moment anyway. She hugged me tight into her chest
forcing my nose into her breast. The sweet smell of her skin
and the soft flesh of her breasts brought me back to reality.
I turned my head and opened my mouth sucking in her rose colored
thimble sized nipple. "hmmmm" she whimpered.
She ran her fingers through her short brown hair and pushed
me against her as I fed from her nipple. "Everything
you do to me feels so good" she moaned.

My soft gentle sucks turned into hungry needs ones. Her
moans deepened as I sucked her nipple hard into my mouth.
I was about to use my hands to massage her when she stopped
me and pulled my head away. She looked me very seriously
in the eye "no David I couldn't do it again right
now even if I wanted to" she told me seriously. "As
aaaamazing as that felt I am too sore" she said stressing
the A. "ok" I told her then tried to force myself
back onto her nipple.

She let out a hearty laugh and threw her head back "Dave
no! No Dave! Stop it!" she scolded. She slapped me
on the back "you are so bad" she laughed. "Just
be a good boy for once" I rolled off of her and onto my
back on the bed. Within seconds her face appeared over mine
"do you think we are lucky enough to have ice cream?"
She asked looking oh so hopeful. I thought about it for a
moment and remember that Jason usually kept a half gallon
of chocolate buried in the back of the fridge. He thought
Jai and I didn't know about it and hid it like a secret
drug stash. It was kind of ridicules really.

"I think there should be some chocolate in the back
of the freezer behind the frozen pea's" I told
her. He face lit up like she had just gotten a puppy for Christmas.
"Awesome!" she sang. Her face vanished, then
the bouncing of the bed, the sound of feet hitting the floor
and then the pounding of size 7 and half ladies feet tearing
down the steps.

"that girl really loves chocolate ice cream"
I laughed out loud. I got up and walked into the bathroom
just as the sound of the silverware drawer being ripped
open hit my ears. I laughed while I pee'd imagining
her tearing up the freezer looking for Jason's hidden
stash of sugary goodness. After washing my hands and looking
at the stubble I need to shave on my face I made my way down
the steps. I had just got to the entry way about a foot away
from the back door when it opened up.

A laughing Jason and Kitty walked through carrying luggage
and handle bags filled with souvenirs. I froze in place
and looked directly into the sapphire blue eyes of Jason's
white haired vacation buddy. Kitty's mouth jaw dropped
when she saw that I was naked and looked up behind her at Jason.
"see this is why we never got a dog. Being met at the
door like this is just creepy" He said with a straight

The embarrassment flooded into my face and I could feel
my ears and cheeks get warm as they blushed red. Kitty's
eyes were drawn away from me and I followed them to the fridge.
Standing there naked with one foot on top of the other and
her knee bent out in front of her was her friend. She was staring
wide eyed at the two of them. She had a spoon backwards stuck
half way out of her mouth while she held Jason's half
gallon of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie
in her other hand. The freezer door was still halfway open
as if to further prove the guilt of her theft.

You know that saying "you could hear a pin drop"?
well in this case you could have heard a feather drop it was
so quiet. I looked back and forth from Morgan to Kitty then
back to Morgan temporarily forgetting that my junk was
just hanging out. They apparently had forgotten that fact
as well. Jason showing the enviable skill to not be shocked
by anything anymore was the first to speak "Hi Morgan"

Morgan still wide eyed used her last three fingers to give
him a sort of wave. "how's the fudge brownie?
I haven't tried that flavor yet" He asked her.
Morgan still in a state of shock mumbled good around the
spoon that was still half way in her mouth. Slowly she brought
up the carton of ice cream in her hand and held it out toward

Ok forget that fact that her and I were naked, we had all been
naked together on several occasions due to the fact that
strip poker seemed to be our card game of choice. Also forget
the fact that Morgan had been caught pilfering Jason's
ice cream, it was an easy 4 dollar fix. Also forget the fact
that her and I had just been busted running around the house
naked because it was my house as well. Now take all that away
and ask yourself why this situation cause for such shock
and awkwardness.

"Morgan what the hell are you doing!" Kitty
finally spoke. Morgan's eyes darted from her to me
then to Jason " weating ice qweam?" she mumbled
around the spoon more as a question than a statement. "I
thought you were pissed at Dave and you didn't want
to come over here anymore" Kitty exclaimed still
holding her position by the door.

In a completely unrelated activity Jason opened the drawer
and fished a spoon out of the tray. He walked over to Morgan
and grabbed the carton out of her hand and dug his spoon in.
Morgan's looked up at him for a second then back to Kitty
then back up to Jason and squinted a little. I couldn't
tell if her squint said "give me back my ice cream fool"
or "is this really the time for that?" He leaned
back against the sink and made a happy face as he tasted the
chocolate ice cream.

"well!!" Kitty demanded.

Morgan took a big swallow of the ice cream that she must have
been holding in her mouth. "Well Kit I came over to
talk to him like you suggested and well" Morgan let
her voice trail off. "well what? You guys just decided
to spend the weekend naked together?!" I couldn't
tell if Kitty was furious or if she was shocked. Maybe both?

"I mean what the hell have you to been doing this whole
time?" Kitty demanding. Morgan shifted her weight
and transferred her foot from the top of her other one to
the floor. As her weight shifted so did other things and
in slow motion I watched a glob of my cum fall from her pussy
and with a soft almost imperceptible splat hit the black
and red Tuscan tiled floor. Morgan's feet halfway
lifted up off the ground and her stood on the outsides of
her feet and looked down between her legs. Her black hair
hung down for a second then when she looked up covered the
left side of her face. She showed an all tooth smile and just
said "he he"

The silence in the room was thick enough to swim through
until "you know this really is good stuff" Jason
said looking into the carton. He lifted his head and then
offered the carton out to Morgan. The look on Morgan's
face was priceless and I could do no justice describing
it when she looked from Jason, to me, to Kitty, to the floor,
then back down to the small white puddle glowing against
the dark black and red of the 18 inch tile. Did I mention Morgan
and I were naked? I did? K just checking.

"but you said he cheated on you and you couldn't
forgive him" Kitty protested. There it was the reason
I myself had felt guilty about being with Riko and why I had
tried to avoid hanging out with them. I didn't want
to be reminded of the feeling. Morgan and I were nothing
then and there was no reason for Morgan or I to look at it that
way. Yet the truth is I did feel that way and now that Kitty
said that I guess she did too.

"I really felt like I had cheated on you. That is why
I stayed away from you guys. Even though I shouldn't
have I felt really guilty." I spoke before I thought.
Morgan shook her head sending her hair flying. "I
shouldn't have told you that stuff when I knew I was
falling for you. You didn't cheat on me and it never
would have happened if I just would have told you the truth."

"I really am sorry Morgan" I told her feeling
every bit as sorry as my words.

"I am sorry too Dave, I should have told you"
She said with the look of concern on her beautiful face.
I Kitty looked between Morgan and I looking astonished
as if she had just came back to bizarro world. Jason how ever
had a shit eating grin on his face as he he ate another spoonful
of Fudge Brownie.

"so what? You guys are together now?" Kitty
asked. Morgan crossed her left arm under her naked breasts
and looked into the carton of ice cream Jason was holding.
She found the spot she wanted to excavate and dug in with
her spoon. She brought the ice cream to her mouth and turned
over the spoon. She put the full spoon in her mouth and drug
it out empty "uh huh" she said with a mouth full.
Kitty's jaw dropped and she looked me over as if not
believing what she was seeing or hearing.

"and could you please not check out my man while he's
naked. It kinda makes me jealous" she said with a smile.
Kitty out of reflex snapped her head back to look at Morgan.
"Jason" I said looking into Morgan's sparkling
green eyes. A broad smile spread across her face and she
tapped the spoon against her bottom lip. "yeah bro?"
he answered. "Don't perv my girlfriend please"
I said smiling back at Morgan.

A giant grin plastered it self on Jason's face "Roger
that bro" he said and put his hand up flat so that his
view was blocked to his left. Like to morons Morgan and I
stood at opposite ends of the kitchen grinning at each other
and accepting that we just asked each other out. Morgan
crossed one foot in front of the other and leaned back against
the counter "best Christmas ever" she smiled.

To Be Continued. .....

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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I didn't have time to look this one back over after I
typed it all out. I hope the typo's are horrible. I want
to thank all the people that have sent me emails and given
my compliments on my writing. I honestly don't know
what to say except maybe it fuels me to try to get better at

I am glad you enjoy it and thank you for allowing me to drag
you through my life. I hope you all had and keep having a happy
holiday and a very big thank you for all the compliments
you have given me.


Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Typos... what typos?

Awesome story as always!!! Can't wait for the next


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quote luv2fuck13134:
Typos... what typos?

Awesome story as always!!! Can't wait for the next one.
LOL it's sad even when I wrote about typos in the comments
I actually made a few. Writing these things down when I am
sleeping is starting to get worse then cell phone autocorrect
errors. lol Thanks for your patience

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Keep writing!


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quote rascal1150cc:
Keep writing!
I will do my best. Thank you.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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What you experienced in this story only comes once in a life
time. I hope you will make the most of it. Don't let her
go. Enjoy this special woman and hang on to her.

I hope you two will both realize this secret and wish you
the best of love and passion you two to have.

I will be looking forward to reading more about you and her.


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You're killing me here, just fantastic. The shower
thing had me rolling as I was reading it, even more than the
end with the ice cream and cum dripping. Great as always.
Thanks for sharing the story.