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Houston and Breaking through the Fog


"My gawd you are good at that girl" Kitty gasped.
She leaned against Jason's chest and fanned herself
with her hand. Kitty's toned stomach jumped and pushed
out and the last few tingles surged through her body. She
lay with her legs still open wide and her pussy shiny from
saliva and girl cum. "I'm next!" Jai called
out making everyone laugh. Duff with her face still soaked
with Kitty's pleasure turned and gave him a doubtful
look "you want me to lick your pussy too?" She

"I don't have one but I am sure I can fold this thing
of mine into something that looks like one sure enough"
He said looking extremely hopeful. That brought another
round of hearty laughs from the group. As everyone started
to cross talk about how hot they thought that was or joked
how much they wanted to get their pussy's licked by
Duff Morgan leaned down and brought her face close to mine.
"baby our friends are crazy" she said softly.
She pressed her lips to my forehead and held them there.
"yeah but they are fun" I laughed.

"I love being here" she said with her lips still
against my forehead. "the condo? I hope not I guess
we are getting a house now" I said looking up into her
chin. "no I mean here with everyone. It's nice,
it feels like a little family. Well the newbies are like
cousins I only want to see at holidays but still" She
said finally giving my forehead a kiss. "we are one
fucked up incestuous family" I laughed. Morgan turned
her head and rested her check against the crown of my head.
"well this is Texas" she joked. We chuckled
together and watched as our friends and new friends excitedly
talk over each other.

Jason' was gently stroking Kitty's clit as she
lay there with her knees open. She closed her eyes and shuddered
occasionally at Jason's soft touch. She made no effort
to reach out and put her panties back on and seemed content
to just hang out. I wrapped my arms around Morgan's
tight waist and gave her a little squeeze "the shit
we get ourselves into" I sighed. She nodded her head
against mine in agreement. "I am really only the second
guy you have slept with?" I asked. Morgan stayed quiet
for a short while before she answered. "does that
bother you?" she asked quietly.

"NO! not at all" I told her while wondering why
that would bother me. "you are actually the only guy
other than my ex I have gone past kissing with" she
told me. "We were together for 5 years so there wasn't
anyone else. And for the last year I have pretty much stayed
away from guys" I wanted to ask her more about it. It
seemed like her ex really did a number on her but I figured
this wasn't the place nor the time to delve into such
a conversation.

"well you are my first so we are even." I told
her. Morgan snorted a laugh and squeezed me tight "you
are such a horrible liar"

"So everyone is just cool doing this? There is no jealousy
or anything? Or are you guys not that serious?" Angie
said finally speaking up. The room quieted down and we all
turned in her direction. Her blue eyes were piercing as
she looked at each one of us in turn. "Didn't you
get jealous when Tanya was sucking your boyfriends?"
She asked looked at the half naked Kitty and Cher who was
leaning against Jai. The silence lay in the room for a minute
as everyone processed her words.

"I actually think it's hot. Jai really turns
me on and well I dripped when I saw Tanya sucking his cock.
It's all in fun I know Jai isn't going to leave me
for her. This is a fun light hearted once in a lifetime kind
of thing and I am just enjoying it and going with the flow"
Cher said in a brilliant moment of mature clarity. She definitely
wasn't drunk. However with me and my two friends the
once in a lifetime situation was a little more common for
us then she should know.

Kitty shifted to her side and looked back up and Jason before
answering. "It was my idea so how could I be mad? I love
sex and I love fun and to me this is both. I agree with Cher
I don't think Jason will run out on me and do something.
If something is going to happen I want to make sure I can control
it. And enjoy it" She said throwing a wink at Duff who
in turned blushing brightly.

Angie turned toward us and looked at Morgan "you seem
like you wouldn't like it at all Demona" Angie
said. Morgan lifted her head off of mine and shifted in my
lap so she could face Angie. "I don't know how
I feel about it. I know it turns me on to watch it but I am not
sure about how I would feel watching something with him.
I guess it would have to depend on how secure I felt about
it." she stopped talking and looked up into the air
as if searching for the right thing to say.

"I think if it was Kit I would be furious and the same
with Cher" she said. "Damnit that sucks!"
Kitty shot back eluding to the fact that she would like to
take me for a spin. Morgan let her beautiful smile spread
across her full lips. "you bitch" Morgan laughed.
"gulity" Kitty smiled back. "I don't
know, if it was maybe you or Tanya or Jenny it might be different
because you guys aren't close to me?" she seemed
to ask more than say. "I just don't know, It was
kind of hot making him taste Kitty's cunt on my fingers
though" she laughed. Morgan rested her cheek back
against my head and left it at that.

"what about you?" Angie asked Jason. Jason
moving past tipsy and stepping into hammered answered
honestly. "The three of us trust each other completely.
Never once have we even thought about doing something with
someone that one of us cared about. We could fill all three
of your holes at once and never give it a second thought"
Jason said eloquently to Angie "But Kit, Morg, and
Cher anything beyond flirty fun would never happen. Ever"
he said with extremely strong conviction in his voice.
"Damnit that su hu hucks" Kitty joked again.
Jason flicked her still sensitive clit and made her yelp.
"serves you right" he laughed.

"Speak for yourself Jason. I will let you fuck Cher
for the right amount of money" Jai Cajun accent blurted.
When Cher turned to look at him with the shock in her face
he calmed her fears "what? Cher I am going to have a
house payment coming up now, I got to get my baby a room so
she can get off this here couch" he said. Cher relaxed
when she realized he was teasing and went back to leaning
against him.

Angie's curiosity seemed sated and she spoke up again
"I didn't mean it was bad or anything. I actually
think it's pretty fucking cool and I hope you guys invite
me back. I am having a blast. I was just curious is all"
Kitty still feeling frisky spoke up "be careful what
you wish for these three are bad influences. You have to
watch your ass at all times" Jason flicked her clit
again "bad Kitty!" Kitty cried out then slammed
her knees together tight. "No more for you"
she pouted.

"alright two more rounds left" Duff said looking
eager to continue the game. Everyone leaned forward and
took the next shot. Mine was Captain again but I accidentally
downed it out of reflex. "knew you were wrong?"
Morgan asked with a furrowed brow laugh. "oops"
I laughed. As the answers were unveiled everyone got it
right except for Angie and Jenny. Jenny perked up and looked
around as if she was waiting to be told what to do.

"Angie! Make out with my boyfriend" Morgan
said. I looked up at her and wondered why she said that. "I
guess we are about to find out" she followed. After
the speeches everyone seemed curious if Angie would live
through making out with me. Morgan slid off my lap and sat
next to me. She pulled her knees up to her chest and held them
in place with crossed arms. Angie hesitated before she
got up on her knees and crawled forward.

Since Angie had be quiet most of the night I really hadn't
gotten a handle on her personality so I wasn't sure
what she was going to do. I was leaning against the couch
with my legs straight out in front of me. Angie straddled
my feet and knee walked up my body until she was within a foot
from my chest. She sat herself down on my thighs and put her
arms around my neck. She looked at the placid face of Morgan
before she turned back to me. In one smooth motion she moved
her hips and sat down in my lap while leaning down and bringing
her lips to mine.

Angie's thin lips pressed against mine, she opened
her mouth and slithered her tongue out over my lips. I was
drunk and I reacted on instinct as I opened my mouth to accept
her kiss. I pushed forward against her lips and drove my
tongue into her open mouth sliding my tongue over hers.
Our tongues swirled and dance with each others while our
lips pressed and released. Angie blew hot air from her nose
against my cheek as her passion climbed.

She pulled me tight against her and lifted up her body as
she kissed me more passionately. Her long brunette her
fell to one side of her face and across my shoulder as she
melded into me. Again out of reflex one of my hands found
her cheek while the other pulled on her lower back. She let
out a deep moan and dove further into the kiss trying to pull
me closer than possible. She let her body fall back down
and ground her jean covered pussy into my groin and bucked
her hips.

Our bodies heated up from the contact and the kiss that seemed
to get more impassioned by the second. I felt Angie's
hands pull at the back of my shirt as her tongue explored
my mouth. Her hips ground hard against my crotch in a lap
dance that would have been illegal anywhere. "wow"
Duff said from my right "go Ang!"

The words of her friend seemed to snap her out of the mood
and she pulled away from my lips immediately. She looked
into my face with lusty open mouth look and brought her hands
to her lips. She touched her fingers against her bottom
lip and continued to stare at me with a look I couldn't
describe. She turned to Morgan and asked "was that

Either on purpose or out of reflex she pressed her pussy
down into my groin again as she ran her fingers across her
bottom lip. A surprising smile spread across Morgan's
face. Her eyes seemed to twinkle and she said "yeah
that was perfect Angie" It was the first time Morgan
had used her real name and not her stripper name. Morgan
only did that with her coworkers she actually recognized.
Even in the fog of my drunken mind I knew that meant something.
I just couldn't discern what at the moment.

Angie made no move to lift herself from my lap and Morgan
made no move to remove her either. "Jenny! lick Cher's
pussy" Duff yelled unnecessarily since she was sitting
right next to her. "oh no" Kitty squealed. Jenny
turned to her friend. "eat it like you did or just lick
it?" She asked appearing to be less afraid of this
then the blow job order. "Um just lick it a few times
I guess" Duff said backing off what could have been
another epic show of lesbianism"

Cher clapped her hands together and got up on her knees "lets
do this thing!" She knee walked in front of Jai and
then faced him. She leaned forward and put her hands on his
shoulders then moved her body into doggy style using Jai
to hold her self up. Her black panty covered ass pointed
right at Angie, Morgan, and I. She wagged her ass back and
forth as if inviting Jenny closer and also telling her she
wanted it eaten from behind.

Cher didn't have big hips and wasn't chubby by
any means but her ass had a little meat to it. The way she reverse
arched her back and stuck it up in the air looked incredibly
sexy with a little bit of dirty mixed in. Jenny reached out
and grabbed the fabric on each side of Cher's hips and
pulled down her panties exposing her little brown asshole
first then her dark pussy lips. "front butt"
popped into my head out of nowhere. Cher's pussy had
no visible inner labia sticking out and her meaty outer
lips opened a bit to show her inner pink. I could see that
she was already wet.

Jenny moved in behind her and with what looked like practiced
ability she put her hands in the crack of Cher's ass
and spread her cheeks wide. She exposed Cher's insides
and her lips parted a slight amount. As if Jenny wanted us
to see she kept her head off to the side and stuck her tongue
out. She curled the end of her tongue and flicked the soft
flesh of Cher's dark lips. No noise escaped Cher because
she was full on kissing Jai passionately.

"heh someones having fun" I huffed. Angie and
Morgan chuckled at my words and with Angie still pressing
down into my grown and Morgan at my side we watched. Jenny's
curled tongue dipped into Cher's pussy and she wiggled
it slowly before she pushed her tongue inside her. A soft
moan came from Cher as Jenny used her tongue to fuck Cher's
pussy. Like when she was sucking my friends cocks Jenny's
head bobbed up and down. She made no attempt to lick Cher's
clit but instead chose to keep fucking her with her tongue.

Cher pushed her ass back into Jenny's face trying to
get her tongue deeper inside of her. Jenny spread Cher's
cheeks wider and buried her face into Cher's pussy.
Her back dipped as she got lower so she could get a better
angle she pushed her face into Cher. Because Jai is Jai I
saw him undo his pants and pull out his already swelling
cock. He put his hand on the back of Cher's head and pushed
it down to his lap. Cher grabbed his cock and hungrily attacked
it with her mouth. All of us watched as Cher sucked Jai's
cock while Jenny had her face buried in Cher's pussy
lapping it up.

"This is so much better then porn" Kitty giggled.
Jason seeing his window of opportunity opened Kitty's
legs with his hands and slid his fingers to her pussy. Kitty's
face dropped and she sucked her bottom lip between her teeth
and pushed the back of her head against Jason's chest.
Her body rolled like a wave against Jason as he sunk his fingers
into her sopping pussy. Kitty watched the trio as her boyfriend
fucked her wet pussy with his fingers. Her eyes seemed glassed
as she watched and felt the ecstasy of her most sensitive
spots being played with.

I don't know why I did it I really don't. I guess
I could have been caught up in the mood? Or maybe I was drunk?
I turned to face Angie and put my hand on the back of her head
and then put my other on the back of Morgan's. I pushed
them toward each other and watched as Morgan's hand
came up to Angie's cheek with her fingers spread wide.

Their lips met and I immediately heard their exhales of
breath as they fought each other with their tongues. Angie's
jeans covered pussy pushed down hard against my cock, between
that and the sight of them kissing I started to grow. Cher's
high pitched moans turned my head and I saw that Jenny was
aggressively eating her pussy still. Her fingers dug into
the flesh of Cher's tan ass as she continued to bury
her tongue in Cher's pussy. Cher was trying her best
to keep a steady rhythm as she sucked Jai's cock. Jai
looked down at her with a smile on his face and then past her
ass to see the blonde Jenny.

I turned back to the two girls I was with in time to see Morgan
move her lips from Angie's down her jaw and to her neck.
Angie moaned as Morgan sucked the soft flesh of her neck.
Angie reached up and grabbed the back of my head and pushed
her pussy down hard onto the swelling cock in my jeans. She
moaned as it pressed into her pussy, I could feel the heat
from between her legs even through my own pair. Morgan's
hand found Angie's breast and she squeezed it over
her shirt as she continued to suck on her neck. Angie's
eyes closed and her head fell back as she started to moan

"I'm going to cum" Cher cried. "Me
too" Kitty moaned. Morgan released Angie and leaned
forward between her and I. Angie's eyes slowly opened
and the three of us looked toward our friends. Kitty's
knees were wide open and Jason was using one hand to finger
her pussy while the other massaged her clit in fast circles.
Her face looked lost in lust and her mouth hung open as she
watched Jenny continuing to eat Cher from behind. Cher's
ass looked amazingly sexy as she surrounded Jenny's
face, she kept trying to push back into Jenny with each moan.
Cher tried her best to keep stroking Jai and taking him back
in her mouth between moans.

"Nyaahhhh" Kitty cried out and her body started
to roll like a wave again as she pushed down into Jason's
fingers. Her head lolled back and forth against Jason's
chest with her eyes shut tight. "Ah ha ha ha"
Cher's tiny voice cried out. Jenny let out a moan of
her own and seemed to get frantic with her actions. Cher's
head turned to the side and she clamped her hand down tight
on Jai's dick. Her back arched and dipped as she struggled
to stay up right through the orgasm Jenny was giving her.

Kitty and Cher cried out in concert as their bodies danced
from the pleasure their partners were giving them. Morgan
leaned into me and covered my cheek in wet tongue filled
kisses as she watched her friends be pleasured. Angie ground
her hips down into me slowly as she watched whether consciously
or not I don't know.

Kitty's knees clamped shut trapping Jason's
hands between them and shook violently for a second. "oh
my God that was good" she breathed. Cher unable to
hold out any longer lurched forward robbing Jenny of what
she seemed to love. Cher squeezed her ass cheeks together
tight and shuddered against Jai before falling off to the
side onto the floor. "you are fucking brutal dude"
Cher gasped and looked exhausted. She gave another shudder
and pressed her body against Jai as if he was her safety blanket.
She looked up at him and frowned "sorry you didn't
cum" she apologized while trying to catch her breath.

"I was really having fun" Jenny pouted. "OH
NO we created a monster" Jai laughed. An evil looked
crossed his face "come here and keep going"
he said in a low voice. A wide smile crossed Jenny's
wet lips and she got on her knees and put her head down in Jai's
lap. She opened her mouth wide and started to bob her head
up and down. I watched her ass move as her head bobbed and
saw that Duff was just sitting there with her mouth agape
as if she was in shock of it all.

Cher always the goofball put her hand on the back of Jenny's
head and yelled "suck it bitch" Everyone including
Jenny with Jai in her mouth laughed. "I don't
know who I am more afraid of, Jai or Cher" Morgan said
after stopping her wet kisses on my cheek. "I don't
know they both seem pretty dangerous right now. Cher looked
way to happy as her hand rode the back of Jenny's head.
"5 bucks says she freaks out when he cums" I whispered.
"I will take that bet. I think she will swallow, she
might throw up after but I bet she tries" Morgan answered
before bringing her lips back to my cheek.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Morgan walking
her kisses down to my neck. My body vibrated like two metal
poles clanging together as she sucked on my neck. My eyes
shot open when I felt Angie's thin lips on my own. I don't
know if I assumed our moment between the three of us had passed.
I opened my mouth and accepted Angie's advances and
closed my eyes again as the kisses seemed to come from everywhere.

"I'm going to go get us more shots. Jason come
help" I heard Kitty say. I opened my eyes to see what
they were doing but met a wall of long brunette hair instead.
I closed my eyes again and enjoyed the feeling of the two
mouths attention. Morgan's hand slid up my chest and
she grabbed my neck before moving her kisses to the nape
of my neck. Electricity shot through my body as she her wet
mouth closed down on it. My cock began to really fill with
blood thanks to that and in turn Angie ground her hips down
and rocked side to side as if rubbing her clit on me.

"fuck" Jai grunted. Morgan's lips left
my neck and I felt her cheek on the back of my head as she looked
up to watch. She cradled my head in her hands and nuzzled
against me. Angie broke free of our kiss and put her hand
on my chest before pushing back a little to watch. She continued
to rock her hips however and I heard a few gasps escape her
lips. Cher was running her hands across Jenny's back
as she watched Jenny's head bob. "Stroke him
too" Cher whispered softly. Jenny obeyed and put
her fist against her lips and moved up and down in one motion.

"Ah Fuck" Jai moaned. He lifted his hips up as
the sensations dictated. Seeing Jenny's ass in those
tight jeans and all the rest of the stimuli forced more blood
into my groin. The painful feeling of getting an erection
that had no place to go hit me in the gut. It started to throb
as it strained against it's denim prison. I shifted
my hips trying to relieve some pressure but to no avail.
"fuccckkk" Jai grunted and Jenny gagged. Her
back arched like a scared cats but she did her best to keep
sucking him. Cher squealed happily as she saw Jenny's
throat struggle to swallow Jai's cum.

Her jerky motions showed her inexperience with anything
that involved oral. Sharp intakes of air hinted to her struggle
as she tried to complete her task. Jai's face was screwed
into intense pleasure as she he fired shot after shot into
the young girls waiting mouth. Cum poured from Jenny's
mouth and down Jai's shaft as she failed to swallow
it all. She went back to her bobbing motion trying to milk
more out of him and didn't stop until Jai told her too.
He let out a breath as she released him from her mouth and
rested it on her chin. "damn girl for your first time
that was damn good. But you missed some sweetness"
he said in a way that meant she had some clean up to do.

Jenny leaned forward and slurped up the white puddles that
ringed the base of his cock. "good girl" Jai
said in a soothing voice. Cher beamed at his words. As creepy
as it sounds Cher really seemed to like Jai's praising
of her. He would call her a good girl and she would turn into
a submissive happy little puppy. There had to be some deeper
issue with that, but eh who cares.

After Jenny had finished with her clean up job she lifted
her self up and sat on her butt in between her feet. "Did
I do a good job" she asked wiping her cum covered lips
off with the back of her hand. "Yeah you did great for
your first time sweets" he said letting his head fall
back against the recliner. Cher reached forward and caressed
his cock as if to sooth his intense pleasure. "I am
glad I did ok" Jenny said in a cute voice. Jai lifted
his head off the recliner and recognized the same thing
I did. She was just like Cher and wanted praise. Jai leaned
forward and held her cheek in is hand "you were a good
girl, you did really good" Jenny gave a quick shrug
of her shoulders and smiled brightly at Jai. She happily
giggled and seemed to revel in his praise.

"God he found two of em" I laughed. Angie looked
at me confused while Morgan snickered from behind me. "A
stripper with daddy issues is not that hard of a find"
Morgan whispered. "right" I answered back.
"aww did we miss it?" Kitty whined as if it was
the start of a moving or something. Cher looked up as she
continued to caress Jai's dying erection. "She
even swallowed!" Cher laughed. "my life is
so damn weird" I thought to myself.

Kitty had forsaken her panties and just had on her knee high
socks and tuxedo half shirt. She and Jason carried way more
then 9 shots on kitchen plates. They carefully set them
down on the floor and then turned back for more. Angie still
had yet to move from my lap and Morgan didn't seem to
mind yet. She moved her head back around to my shoulder,
pressed against the side of mine and played with my hair.
Jai tucked himself back in his pants with Cher's help
and Jenny sat down next to them as if she had found a home.
Jason and Kitty appeared with more shots of varying colors
and set them on the floor next to the first batch.

"Happy New Years Eve!" Kitty shouted to everyone.
"I think you mean New Years Day. It's like 9 in
the morning" Jai said looking up at the light coming
through the window in a squint. Kitty got down on her knees
in front by the shots and sat on her heels. "ok new game!"
she shouted. I couldn't help but groan, Kitty's
games always led to strange things happening, not that
I was complaining but still. "Ladies get your man
drunk. That is the game" she laughed. "Tanya
you are staying with us tonight by the way so don't argue."
Kitty said matter of fact.

Duff's face lit up as she became aware that she would
mostly likely be part of a threesome with the beautiful
couple. "Ok" she said happily. As if we had picked
teams she moved over next to Kitty and grabbed a shot off
the plate. Her and Kitty held shots of clear liquid to Jason
and looked expectant. "Jesus" Jason leaned
back and gasped. He reluctantly took the shots but didn't
look pleased about it at all. Jai was the least afraid since
he had the highest tolerance of us all. That still didn't
stop Cher from collecting shots and putting them in his

"Thank God you like me enough not to do that to me"
I said feeling bad for Jason and Jai as their faces scrunched
up from harsh shots with no chasers. "Do I?"
Morgan asked. She looked at me and raised her left eyebrow
"Angie get him some shots" she said keeping
eye contact with me. Angie pushed up on my legs and went to
get some shots. The little traitor brought me back 4, 2 clear
and 2 brown. "someone needs to teach you it's
bad to mix liquors" I told her sarcastically as she
sat down by my side.

"tip em" Morgan said in sharp voice. "why
are you trying to get me wasted? I will be of no use to you then"
I told her. "yes you will now drink them" she
ordered. After the forth shot my throat and stomach burned
like wildfire. All around the room Jason, Jai and I were
downing the shots. Someone got up and made extremely strong
drinks for everyone and booze fest 2006 continued. Jenny
was now officially part of the pack as her Cher and Jai swapped
kisses back and forth. Jai looked as if he could cry as the
blonde and the Latina nuzzled up to his sides.

Duff seemed to be in absolute love with Kitty and they flirted
heavily back and forth while Jason sat there dazed. My little
group leaned back against the couch and placed bests on
who would do what first. Morgan was hanging off my neck as
usual while Angie leaned against my side and had her arm
on my leg. We had actually broken off into three little perfect
groups of three. We called Jason's the Aryan group
since they were all blonde. Jai's group was the dog
pound since Cher and Jenny seemed to wag their tails whenever
Jai praised them. We called ourselves the cool ones in a
blatant lie lol.

"why did you feed me so much booze" Jason groaned
as his eyes seemed to roll in his head like the pictures on
a slot machine. "because being drunk will help you
keep it up" Kitty said matter of fact. "on that
note!" She stood up exposing her half naked body and
her soaked inner thighs. She had apparently gotten very
turned on and her excitement leaked from her pink pussy.
She and Duff struggled to help Jason up off the floor. In
a wave as if they were leaving a coffee shop they said goodbye
"see y'all later" Kitty said happily.
She pushed Jason toward his bedroom with Duff in tow.

"now there's something you don't see every
day" I laughed. "I wonder if the babies would
be albinos?" Morgan burst into laughter at my drunken
musings "you dork" Angie chuckled from my side.
I was about to ask whats next when Jai pulled Jenny into a
straddle over his lap. Their lips mashed together with
the loud sound of teeth hitting against each other. However
they didn't react in the slightest and continued on
with their kiss. Cher moved in behind Jenny and draped her
hands over the girls shoulders. It didn't take xray
vision to see that Cher was playing with Jenny's tits.

"well I suppose we better get out of here" I said
blowing out an alcohol saturated breath. "6 is a crowd"
I said laughing at my own joke. I got up not thinking about
anything other then giving Jai privacy and maybe finding
me a place to lay down so the world would stop spinning. I
reached back and grabbed Morgan's hand without looking
and made my way toward and up the stairs to my bedroom loft.
Out the corner of my eye I saw Cher pulling Jenny's shirt
over her blonde head.

When I got into my bedroom I let go of Morgan's hand and
like I had done lately stripped off my shirt so I could crawl
into bed naked with my new girlfriend. I put my hands on my
jeans button to undo it and turned around to say something
to Morgan and there standing slightly behind her was Angie.
They both looked at me silently as if waiting for me to say
something. "Morgan I" I started to say. She
rushed forward and grabbed the back of my head and kissed
me hard.

The ragged breathing and forceful kisses that had been
replaced lately with soft gentle ones reappeared. She
tore at my hair as our kisses became frantic and wild. Morgan's
leg wrapped around mine and she flexed and released it over
and over again. Her hands moved from my head to my face and
then to my chin. She forced her lips hard onto mine as her
tongue was a flurry of motion. As we struggled for breath
I felt her body tilt away and then felt Angie collide against

Morgan tore her lips from mine and used her hands to force
Angie and I into a kiss. Morgan moved her attention from
Angie's neck then back to mine as her and I kissed. Morgan's
hands traveled up each of our bodies as we continued to kiss
on. Angie moaned into my mouth when Morgan did something
to her I couldn't see. Angie's lips were taken
away by Morgan and they launched into their own passion.
I followed Morgan's lead and alternated my mouth on
their necks.

Morgan's guttural moans and Angie's soft emanations
sang to my ears as their bodies heated up. Morgan became
feral and took complete control, she undid my pants while
her and Angie lips were locked together. I pushed down my
jeans and let my cock escape it's constricting prison.
Morgan's hand found my waiting manhood and she tugged
on me roughly trying to get me hard fast. "UHhuuuh"
Morgan gasped as she broke from Angie. She brought Angie
and I back together in a kiss and dropped into a squat between
us. I moaned into Angie's mouth as Morgan took me into

She sucked on the head of my cock hard sending a shock through
me before using her tongue around the tip. She roughly tugged
on my balls and stroked me into her mouth while Angie and
I kissed. I heard the sound of a zipper over our heavy breathing
and Angie's body jerked. Even with my eyes closed and
my head spinning from lust and booze I could tell she was
stripping off Angie's pants. Morgan took me deep into
her throat with a gag and coated me with slick saliva before
releasing me. I felt rubbery wetness on the tip of my cock
and then the soft wetness of the head of my cock pushing between
Angie's pussy lips.

Angie cried into my mouth before breaking free and looking
down between us. I followed her lead and saw Morgan rubbing
the head of my cock between Angie's pouty pussy lips.
When the head of my cock was coated in Angie's wetness
Morgan looked up and me and slowly sucked me into her mouth.
Her change of pace between aggressive to soft and gentle
took the breath out of me. I gasped as I looked into her green
eyes as she lovingly sucked and kissed the head of my cock.

Morgan reached out for my hand and brought my fingers to
Angie's pussy. I let my fingers find her opening and
felt the soft wet heat of her insides. Angie moaned deeper
as my fingers explored her insides, her fingers dug into
my shoulder when I sunk mine deep. Angie leaned into me as
I worked my fingers in and out of her tight wet pussy. Her
breathing became loud and irregular giving me the impression
she could cum at any minute.

Morgan took me deep in her throat and drug her tongue along
the bottom of my shaft as she slowly pulled me out of her mouth.
The feeling was excruciatingly good and my mind and body
silently begged her not to stop. "aahhhh" Angie
cried out as Morgan switched her attention to her pussy.
I felt Morgan's chin against my palm as she split Angie's
lips with her tongue. Together Morgan and I brought Angie
to a loud, quivering orgasm. Angie dug her fingers into
my shoulders hard as she struggled to keep upright as she
came in my girlfriends mouth and on my fingers.

Morgan stood up fast leaving me to finish off Angie with
my fingers and stripped off her shirt and panties. Clad
only in her knee socks Morgan stepped back to watch us while
she massaged her firm melon sized tits. She pinched and
rolled her rosy nipples between her fingers. Morgan's
perfect body twisted in the hazy lit room as she gave her
self pleasure with her fingers. She locked onto my eyes
and slid her hands down her toned stomach to the insides
of her thighs. Her mouth dropped open in a soft moan as she
played with her pussy. The intense look on her face turned
me on more then what she was doing with her hands.

Angie finally relaxed as the last sensations of her orgasm
drained away. We watched Morgan together as she showed
off her body with twisting motions as her fingers dug into
her pussy. Morgan's face showed nothing but passion
as she brought her hands covered in her sweet tasting juice
to her lips. She opened her fingers to show us the clear fluid
that connected them. She licked them slowly making sure
to clean off every last drop. Angie breathed out a deep "huuuh"
as the sight turned her off even more.

Morgan slinked up to us and put her hand on Angie's shoulder.
She never once broke our eye contact as she pushed Angie
down to her knees. "do you want to taste my pussy?"
Morgan asked in a sultry voice. I felt Angie's hands
wrap around my rock hard cock as I answered Morgan with a
whisper "yes" She tilted the right corner of
her mouth into devil grin and moved her face in close to mine.
"taste my pussy on my lips" she breathed.

Between Morgan's words and Angie's mouth I couldn't
help but moan deeply. I ran my tongue over Morgan's
lips tasting her sweet flavor as Angie's mouth expertly
worked my throbbing cock. Morgan put her hand on my stomach
and another on my shoulder as I cleaned her lips. She pressed
her lips to mine and we fell into a long slow kiss fueled by
more emotion then we knew. Angie's mouth left my cock
but her hand remained as we kissed. "Mmmhhmm mmm"
Morgan breathed into my mouth as Angie's tongue found
Morgan's swollen clit. Her fingers dug into my stomach
and shoulder as Angie licked and sucked Morgan's pussy.

Our kisses became more frantic as Angie's mouth brought
Morgan close to her first orgasm. I released her lips and
bent down to take her nipple into my mouth. I rolled her swollen
thimble sized nipple between my teeth gently and lashed
the tip with my tongue. Morgan hugged my head and put her
lips against the top of my scalp as Angie and I pleasured
her together. Angie managed to slowly stroke me as she ate
Morgan's pussy. The sensations all around of body
heat, mouths, hands and supple skin sent me into pleasure

"aaaahhh ha ha ha" Morgan cried into the top
of my head. She squeezed my head against her as I sucked hard
on her nipple and Angie sucked on her clit. Morgan's
orgasm was loud and breathy with Angie's soft moans
and my deep moans joined in symphony. "ga" Morgan
whimpered. With more strength then I was prepared from
Morgan pushed me away from her chest. She reached down and
lifted Angie up by her arms. She seemed rushed and panicked
as she stripped off Angie's remaining clothes. The
three of us looked on in silence as we stood in my room naked
and gasping for air.

Morgan grabbed me by my biceps and guided me to the bed, I
let her push me down and move me to the middle. Morgan reached
over and pulled Angie into a quick passionate kiss before
guiding her onto the bed with me. Morgan and Angie framed
my sides and together ran their hands up my legs and hips.
Morgan leaned forward and kissed me all over my stomach
while Angie went straight for my cock. Laying there in the
dark while two mouths pleasured me my head began to spin.
All the liquor and champagne I had drank was finally taking
it's toll on me. My stomach fluttered either from my
drunken state or from the attention being paid to my body.

As Morgan mouth joined Angie's on my cock my thoughts
began to turn on me. It was a surreal feeling having Morgan
and Angie slide their tongues up and down my shaft while
someone played with my balls. I was also surprised how different
their mouths felt, maybe the difference was in my head?
When I was in Angie's mouth it was like any other blow
job I had ever gotten. It felt amazing and I enjoyed the hell
out of it but when Morgan did it? Morgan almost seemed to
make passionate love to my cock with her mouth. The soft
wetness and the urgent passion seemed to translate into
feelings. I know it sounds weird and maybe I am explaining
it wrong. When Morgan pleasured me it just felt better,
it had more sensation and passion? Eh I don't know,
moving on.

As my thoughts circled the drain in my mind a familiar feeling
crept through my body like a rapidly growing vine. I started
to doubt what I was doing and what I wanted to happen. Far
away sounds of voices calling out their pleasure mixed
with the sounds from my own bed echoing like phantoms in
my head. I heard myself moan as Morgan took me deep into her
throat while Angie sucked on my balls. I heard Morgan's
harsh breathing and Angie's soft moans. I felt their
fingernails tear at my flesh and the beat of my heart in my

I heard Jai's named being screamed by an unfamiliar
voice and the songs of the birds outside my deck door. All
around me were explosions of pleasure and primal joy yet
none of them could drown out my thoughts. "You shouldn't
be doing this" kept repeating in my head. The alcohol
was making it near impossible to focus on anything but physical
pleasures. A voice in side my head called something out
as I felt someone straddle me. The familiar feel of Morgan's
liquid silk crush surged through my body like current through
a high tension power line.

Her wailing cries of ecstasy drowned out all other sounds
in the house and sounded in my ears. As I opened my eyes I saw
a shadow looming over my head. Just before Angie's
pussy found my lips I saw their chests come together. Morgan's
melon sized tit's being caressed by Angie's apple
sized breasts. As the tang of Angie poured over my taste
buds Morgan's insides clamped down tight around me.
Even through Angie's thighs that were pressed against
my ears I could hear her wail.

As if I was on cruise control my tongued dipped between Angie's
pouty lips. My tongue was filled with Angie's desires
as her pussy squeezed the tip of my tongue. The gripping,
sliding wet pressure of Morgan's pussy as it travel
the distance from the base of my cock to the tip owned my body.
My cock pulsed inside her guts and in turn they squeezed
me tight in a sensual hug. I knew that Morgan and Angie were
fondling each others tits while they kissed. I knew that
they were trying to quench their bodies hungers with mine.
Even as that voice in my head screamed no my mouth hungrily
ate the brunette strangers pussy.

Morgan's body shook like the beginning of an earth
quake and I felt the rush of her cum pour around my cock and
down my balls. Her walls vibrated around my invasion as
her orgasm threatened to tear her apart. Playing follow
the leader Angie's thighs squeezed against the sides
of my temples and she cried out as she covered my tongue and
lips with her tangy thick cum. I lapped up every last drop
of the orgasm her body gave me and continued on to punish
her clit for being so close.

As the two girls that had pinned me down with their bodies
cried out in chorus I continued to cry out in my mind. Morgan
lifted her self up on shaky knees and I felt her slide me between
her lips as she slid back to allow Angie's mouth to clean
her off of me. Angie's body fell forward and her small
tips pressed against my stomach as she dutifully licked
and sucked Morgan's cum from my cock. I continued to
lick Angie's pussy sending her into fits of jerky movement.

Morgan stroked me gently as she sat on my balls dripping
and soaking me as Angie held me in her mouth. I wanted to say
something but my mouth wouldn't stop paying attention
to Angie's center. After a long while Angie slid off
to my side "I'm sorry I have to pee" she slurred.
Morgan pointed to the bathroom and watched as Angie slid
off the bed and onto unsteady legs. She leaned her way to
the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Morgan laid her chest down on my own pressing her hard nipples
into my chest and expanding her firm breasts across my skin.
She stuck out her tongue and drew long slow circles around
my lips. She cleaned every last bit of Angie from my face
before taking a deep breath and pressing her lips to mine.
My hands found her back and we kissed like it was the last
thing we would ever be able to do with each other. My body
felt as if it had been set on fire. Every nerve seemed to be
ultra sensitive forcing me to shudder as Morgan's
smooth skin slid across my own.

I felt the panic of a ticking clock, I knew I had to race against
time for some reason. I knew there was something I had to
tell her before it was too late. If my damn drunk mind could
just focus I could say it, I could stop it from happening.
"Dave are you ok?" She whispered into my mouth.
I shook my head and in a moment of forced clarity I spoke.
"I can't do this" I breathed. Her head jerked
back and she looked down at me with worry. I could see in her
eyes she was starting to panic as they darted back and forth
between mine. "you can't do what?" she
asked with a quiver in her voice.

I cursed my slow drunk mind for giving her the worst impression
possible. I cursed myself for drinking so much and I fought
against the oncoming black out that was trying to take me.
"I can't" I breathed again. I felt that
if I were to explore Angie's depths everything would
be ruined or wrong. Her beautiful face twisting into one
of abject fear "did I do something wrong?" she
asked in a higher voice then normal.

I shook my head against my pillow and it seemed to weigh 100
pounds. "I can't do this. I'm falling in
Love with you" I said finally. Morgan's lips
began to quiver and pull in on themselves. Her nose twitched
and her eyes began to water "say it again" she
said quietly in a shaky voice. "I am falling in love
with you." I whispered. "ah hehh" she
blurted out as she held in a sob. Tears began to fall down
her beautiful pale cheeks and ran down to her jaw. Her lips
spasmed and she looked up at the wall behind me. Cold drops
of her tears splashed across my chest as she fought to control

Through trembling lips she asked "are you just saying
this" she had to stop to control herself again. "are
you just saying this because you are drunk?" she managed
to get out. The fear and sorrow in her face had been replaced
by some emotion I had never seen in her before. As I looked
at her face while she fought the losing battle to control
herself I soothed her fear. "I've been fighting
for a while" I mumbled. She let out a crying laugh that
covered my face wetness "why would you do that?. Why
would you fight it?" she said loosing more self control.
A pained expression crossed her face as she tilted her head
to look at me.

My mind didn't have the answer to that question but
my mouth spoke with direction from my heart. "scared"
I whispered. Morgan's trembling hands came up to my
face and lightly caressed me. She nodded as the tears flowed
from her eyes wholesale. Her nose began to run and her lips
were covered with tears. She nodded as she spoke "you're
right it is scary, but it's ok" she whispered
and lightly touched my lips with hers as they quivered strongly.

"it'll be ok" she whispered again. I could
feel her whole body tremble again not from pleasure but
from something much more. She pulled away to look at me again
and closed her eyes forcing more tears to fall onto my chest.
"tell me, promise me you mean it" she said refusing
to open her eyes until she heard my voice.

I looked up and drunkenly wondered why she was reacting
so strongly to a few simple words. The words that stopped
having any meaning to me so many Novembers ago. Why was I,
a guy who didn't have that much to offer able to affect
her so strongly? Why was she trembling? Did I say something
she didn't want to hear? Was she sad because she didn't
feel the same way? Was she upset with me for ruining a good
thing with those silly words?

"I promise" came from my lips as my thoughts
spun into a tornado. Morgan's blew out violently and
lost her control. She sobbed as she covered my face in wet
kisses. Her shaky fingers played and uncontrolled piano
concerto against my face and I felt her body violently shudder
before calming back down. I started to say something again
I think but her put her wide spread fingers over my lips "ssh"
she whispered. She lunged her wet face into my neck and let
out a high pitched scream. She sat up in one fast motion and
crushed my dying cock between her pussy lips.

Morgan took a couple of deep breaths and worked to collect
herself. As she wiped the last of her tears away from her
red puffy eyes she looked down and smiled at me lovingly.
"It's ok, it's all ok" she assured
me with a massive smile. In my wreck of a mind I wondered why
she looked so sad and so happy at the same time. I didn't
seem to be able to understand the situation completely.
I felt her wet delicious pussy slide up my shaft as she settled
her self and sucked in a breath. "oh that's right
you haven't cum yet" she said sweetly. Seemingly
shifting gears and morphing back into the strong girl I

Angie swung the door open and stumbled out of the bathroom
looking more hammered then when she went in. Morgan looked
at her and sat up straight. "Angie come here"
she said sweetly with an excited tone in her voice. Angie
leaned her way to the bed and struggle to crawl up onto it
with us. "I want you to suck his cock until I get back
ok." Morgan said excitedly while she nodded. Angie
nodded back though the look on her face made it appear should
wasn't able to understand much at the moment. Morgan
sent another wave a pleasure through my deadened mind as
she slid back over my cock.

She bounded off the bed with a loud boom "only suck
his dick though ok" Morgan said one more time holding
her hands out as if to settle an unruly crowd. "Okayyy"
Angie sang. Angie laid on top of my legs and pulled me into
her mouth as Morgan bounded down the steps. I felt the amazing
sensation of a mouth pleasuring me as my mind blinked in
and out of consciousness like someone flipping a light
switch. I don't know how long it was until Morgan got
back. I also don't know who's pussy swallowed
my cock after that. I remember the intense rush of my orgasm
as I filled the pussy that was riding me up with cum.

I heard soft cries of pleasure and saw flashes of naked bodies
pressed together in an embrace. I remember having my cock
cleaned off by two mouths and then I remember naked bodies
pressed against mine as I laid there. I remember soft whispers
into my ear and the feeling of a gentle kiss on my nose and
then all went black......

Coming out of my memory as I lay in Morgan's lap while
the women on Jerry Springer tore at each others hair and
clothes I felt fear. I felt fear not because I had lied but
because I had told the truth. I have used the word "Love"
many times since that November but I have never meant it.
It hasn't frightened me to say it to someone since then.
I knew that my feelings for Morgan seemed to only be growing
by the minute but it was way to early to tell her something
like that.

Then the fear came that she never said anything back to me!
She had actually just took my words and that was it. And what
did her show of tears mean? Was that a good thing or a bad thing?
It was my turn to panic and I felt my heart flutter as the weight
of it all crashed down on me. I quickly shook the feelings
of panic off and took a deep breath. "it's ok it's
just words stop being a baby and an emotional 5 year old.
Suck it up and grow up coward" My inner voice scolded.

I flipped on my back and looked up past Morgan's naked
breasts to her face. She was watching TV and nibbling on
my bottom lip. "Morgan" I said quietly. She
looked down at me past her breast and smiled brightly waiting
for me to talk. "I meant what I said last night"
I said quietly. Morgan's smile got a little bigger
and as he looked down at me. As we stared at each other a single
tear fell from her right eye and ran down her soft pale cheek.

To Be Continued.......

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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excelent again, really can't wait now for the next
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quote rm_jbadam01:
excelent again, really can't wait now for the next part, they cant get here fast enough
Thank you sir. I am trying to get them posted. I have a few
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Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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