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Houston and BBQ Aftermath


I don't know if I had a blackout or if I had fallen asleep,
I did know that I woke up covered in girl and sweat with the
biggest headache of my life. "Never let me make that
shit again" I groaned. I felt bodies move against
me in response to my voice but no words were spoken. I felt
miserable as my guts twisted into a train wreck with a warning
that eating was not a good idea that morning.

I blew out a breath as I stared up at the ceiling and tried
to remember exactly how I ended up falling asleep. I remembered
Morgan and Rin talking at my waist and then nothing. "God
I hate blackouts" I thought to myself. The stirring
in my guts told me that I needed to get up and take care of business.
I tried to move Rin's arm from chest and move my legs
out from under Morgan without jostling them too much. It
was an epic fail. They turned into to little sexpot handcuffs.
Rin moaned and pulled her chest onto the left side of mine
and buried her head into my neck. Her leg snaked itself under
mine and locked it into place.

Morgan dug her arm underneath my right thigh and hugged
it between her tits. She pushed her face into upper stomach
and tried to nuzzle against my spine from the front. That
did nothing for my current condition of bubble guts. "I
need to use the restroom guys" I told them through
a dry throat. If I wasn't in pain I probably would have
thought that it was cute when Rin moaned "hmm mm"
and Morgan whined "nooo".

My stomach gurgled loudly as if was trying to help me out
"Sorry I really need to go" I said feeling my
cheeks getting blushed. I felt utterly embarrassed and
refused to tell them exactly why and how I needed to use the
bathroom. Morgan mumbled something and slowly lifted
moved around so that could push up on the bed with her hands.
Rin released my leg after doing her cricket thing with rubbing
the bottom of her foot on my shin. Way to slowly they released
me from my sweaty confinement and allowed me to slide off
the bed.

With my stomach twisting into knots I went into the bathroom
turned on the fan and the sink faucets just in case. (it embarrassed
me just to write this lol. Some things are just private you
know! SPOILER my life has NEVER, will NEVER include scat.)
Yeah I am not even sure how to get out of this part lol. Forget
I talked.

I opened up the door to find another blonde in my bed. Kitty
had her back to the door under the covers talking to Morgan.
A tiny smile hit my lips when I noticed that my naked girlfriend
was the little spoon to Rin's big spoon. I couldn't
see their hands since Morgan had the pink Duvet tucked under
her chin. Oh the but the mental pictures had no problem popping
up in my sore mind.

"I screwed up big time last night" I heard Kitty
say to Morgan. I figured that this probably had to do with
her lesbianism and the exclusion of her boyfriend from
said lesbianism. I picked up my shorts from the floor and
pulled them up with slight wince. My stomach was going to
take a minute to calm down. Thankfully our kitchen was fully
stocked with all things needed to lesson the impact of hangovers.

"what's wrong?" Morgan asked quietly.
Kitty launched into how she kinda remembers kicking Jason
out so that she could have Duff all to herself in a fit of lesbianism.
She also kind of remembers telling him that he could get
his cock sucked by someone because of it. Kitty in fact felt
more horrible that she had kicked Jason out and was only
mildly worried about Jason getting his dick sucked. Side
note: I actually know a ton of girls who view a blow job as
not that big of a cheating deal? What the fuck is that?

She said that Jason had been in the room passed out on the
floor when she had woken up naked and cuddling with Tanya.
She could only remember parts of it but she remembered enough
to worry that he would be upset when he woke up. Morgan told
Kitty what Rin and I had told her but changed the story a little
bit so that she left little details out. Kitty seemed a little
relieved and a little upset at the same time. "Mariah?
But she's so annoying" Kitty said.

"Kit honestly. What did you expect? You know Jason
and you gave him a free pass because you wanted to rock it
muff to muff" Morgan told her. "Since when are
you into that?" She asked. Kitty shook her head into
the pillow "she ate me for hours Morgan. Jason will
do it for like 20 minutes tops and thats it. She ate me for
houuuurs and it felt so fucking good" Kitty whined
into my pillow.

"Wow" Morgan laughed. "Dave?"
she said. "yeah?" I answered back. "I
love you so very much" she laughed. "I love you
too baby" I said with a smile. Apparently I was a much
bigger fan of going downtown than my friend was. Rin coughed
from behind Morgan "I will love you after you eat my
pussy" Morgan laughed. "NOM NOM NOM"
Rin responded. All four of us had a good laugh at that before
Morgan continued her talk with Kitty. I was just about to
go to find my relief in the Kitchen when the other roommate
showed up.

Cher appeared in an oversized tee shirt at the door looking
like she hadn't drank at all, I kinda hated her at that
moment considering how bad my hangover felt. "Hey,
everyone is pretty much gone. Mariah and Jenny are still
here though" she said as she held onto the door frame.
"Tanya is in my room too" Kitty told her. "Ok"
Cher said brightly "What are you guys doing?"
Kitty launched into her story again which brought Cher
past me into the room. She walked to the edge of the bed behind
Kitty so that she could look down.

Thankfully the story was faster this time ending with Cher
also blaming it on Kitty. "See I like to tell them what
to do before I jump in and get involved" Cher said as
she pushed against Kitty's back. Rin and Morgan scooted
back together toward the edge of the bed while Kitty laid
on her back in the middle. I caught a glimpse of Cher's
light brown naked ass when she crawled into bed with the
other three. She rolled over on her side and flashed me again
before pulling the bright pink covers over her.

I never figured that Cher got off on being the director with
Jenny and Jai as the actors. I really had that one wrong,
I figured Jai would have controlled that thing. Who knew?
Jason and Kitty really were perfect for each other, they
were both opportunists when it came to girls. Kitty was
apparently a 6 pack lesbian, when she got drunk she craved
girls like a man in the desert craves water. That was new
information as well. I couldn't help but wonder what
other secrets were floating around the house.

My stomach told me that eavesdropping time was over and
I escaped the girl talk in my bedroom. I saw Sara under our
fuzzy grey blanket lightly snoring on the couch. I couldn't
tell if she had clothes on or not so I still wasn't sure
if Jason had hooked up with her or not. I walked into the kitchen
and went straight to the cabinet over the microwave that
contained Imodium and the lemon flavored Maalox. I quickly
downed the Imodium pills and started chugging from the
giant white bottle. The chalky thick substance actually
tasted good telling me that I might be worse off than I thought.

Duff came down as I was finishing my second big drink from
the bottle looking like hell warmed over. Her past the shoulders
light blonde hair was a birds nest of tangles and fly aways.
She had on one of Jason's moroon college tee shirts
and I am pretty sure nothing else. She gave me a weak smile
when she saw me and a bigger smile when she saw what was in
my hand. I held it out to her and held in a laugh when I saw her
neck. Someone, I am assuming Kitty had given her a giant
purple hickey. The thing stuck out like a spot light on a
black night against her pale white skin.

She looked up at me as she greedily drank from the bottle
in an effort to calm he tummy as well. "Good night last
night?" I asked with amusement. She nodded at me with
a mouthful of the life saving elixir and swallowed it down.
"I had a lot of fun" she said with a raspy voice.
"I can see that" I told her as I craned my neck
to get a better view of her love bruise. She put her hand to
her neck and her light blue eyes opened wide. "oh shit"
she gasped. I laughed and nodded my head reinforcing that
fact that she did have one.

She handed me the bottle and turned to go back up the stairs
in search of a mirror. I looked around my kitchen and was
surprised that it didn't look like a bomb went off.
The girls or whomever did a really good job maintaining
or cleaning up the previous nights mess. I looked up at the
dial clock on our old black stove and saw that it was 3pm already.
"Thank God Jason and I took the day off" I thought
to myself. Since our numbers had been so good over the last
couple of weeks our boss Gary didn't have a problem
with it. "He really is a nice guy" I thought to

Someone wrapped in a black sheet walked down the steps as
I was mentally affirming my bosses kindness. Jenny's
blonde hair looked worse than Duff's had. She looked
half dead but insanely happy at the same time. I assumed
she was naked underneath Cher and Jai's top sheet since
it was wrapped tight underneath her arms. "Morning"
she said in a sweet soft voice. "Can I have some ice?"
she asked politely. I told her no problem and went to a drawer
to get a ziplock bag to hold the ice in. She waited patiently
while I filled the bag up and closed the ziplock.

"Head hurt?" I asked as I handed it too her. She
smiled and shook her head tangling her blonde hair even
more. "Jai has a really big penis" She responded.
I stifled a laugh as she pushed the bag of ice against her
lower stomach. "you really like saying penis don't
you" I laughed. She looked confused for a second "that's
what it's called" She told me. Maybe I had a skewed
way of thinking but if a girl is willing to have a threesome
I assumed she would also be willing to say "Dick"or
"Cock". But hey maybe that's just me.

"Thanks" she said with a smile and left me alone
in the kitchen again. I took another drink of the Maalox
for an extra measure of comfort and put the almost empty
bottle back in the cabinet before heading back to my bedroom.
I was walking past the still snoring Sara when I got "PSST'd'
from the pool table room. I turned around to see that Jason
was actually trying to conceal himself behind the archway.
I had to laugh at that before I changed directions to answer
his "psst"

"Is Kit pissed?" He asked looking over me towards
my bedroom. "She feels guilty because she kicked
you out and is mildly annoyed you picked Sara to get your
rocks off" I told him. He looked down at me and smiled
"nothing happened". I am not the smartest guy
in the world but I had a really hard time believing that nothing
happened. "Really?" I asked putting as much
"I don't believe your bullshit" in it as
possible. He nodded and smiled again "yeah man nothing
happened with her"

I just sighed and shook my head, I wasn't sure why he
wouldn't just tell me but oh well. "So yeah anyway
no she is not pissed, she is actually more worried you will
be mad about getting kicked out" I reaffirmed. He
looked back to me and changed the subject "so you and
Rin in the hot tub?" he said raising his eyebrows like
Groucho Marx. I shook my head "not in the hot tub, with
Morgan during the party in the bathroom" I told her

"Man you are such a asshole" He said with a smile
"Rin is hot as hell dude. You don't deserve both"
he told me. I laughed and agreed with him wholeheartedly.
"Doesn't mean I am not going to enjoy every last
minute of it though" I told him with a sly grin. "So
how long you going to leave Kitty dangling?" I asked.
His face twisted into a copy of one of Morgan's evil
grins "for as long as I can" I just laughed at
him "Well if anything that should make life more interesting
for a while." I thought to myself.

I pointed my thumb over my shoulder "can I go now?"
He nodded and ducked behind the side of the wall when the
he heard the girls laugh loud. I left him still peering around
the corner. When I got into the bedroom I had found not much
had changed except that Cher had her head propped up on her
elbow and was berating Kitty for letting Jason get sucked
off by Sara.

"I just hope she will leave Dave alone now and go after
Jason" Morgan laughed. "She will never stop
stalking him" Rin laughed from behind her. "That's
not funny you guys" Kitty whined. The girls laughed
at her and continued to tease her about it. "I know
he wouldn't fuck her so thank God for that! I wouldn't
touch him again until he got tested twice!" Kitty
exclaimed. I winced at that thought, my friends and I got
tested a lot and Morgan had had her girly visit and her shot
the month before so I was relatively safe. I know you can't
know by looking at someone but I felt pretty safe with Rin.
(Side note there were no STD's ever THANK GOD and knock
on wood.)

"Dave would you fuck Mariah?" Kitty asked as
I was trying to sneak by to take a shower. I stopped in the
doorway and turned to see all 8 eyes looking at me. "Not
with Jai's dick and Jason pushing" I told them.
They all laughed except Cher who asked why it had to be Jai's.
That led the 4 of them in a conversation about how sore they
were constantly. Cher got teased that she since she was
the smallest in height and it was her fault for picking a
guy with dick half her size. She didn't seem to mind.

I escaped into the bathroom and was able to clean my body
off before I was disturbed by Kitty. As if it was nothing
she walked to the toilet and after lifting her shirt sat
down to pee. Regardless of how many times I had seen Cher
and Kitty's pretty little pink parts in various ways
I still wasn't prepared to have her peeing while I showered.
She didn't seem to think anything of it "You don't
think he would fuck her do you?" She asked me.

"No he wouldn't do anything like that. I can't
even say for a fact that she actually even touched him. I
wouldn't worry, you know Jason is all about you"
I told her. Since I didn't know what actually happened
I figured I would keep it safe. I turned my back and started
to soap up again for some unknown reason. I heard the click
of the door and turned to see Kitty holding it open as she
looked dead into my eyes. Her sapphire blues shot daggers
into mine "you would tell me if he did wouldn't
you?" she asked in a way that sounded like a threat.

I felt a cold shiver shoot up my spine and my inner coward
show up "Of course I would! You have nothing to worry
about though cause he didn't fuck and he wouldn't
fuck anyone without your permission!" I blurted
out. "Without your permission?" I thought
to myself "I have such a weird life" The gorgeous
white haired evil one nodded once then closed the shower
door and walked out of the bathroom. She left the bathroom
door open of course. "This house is way to damn comfortable
with each other"

I washed my hair for the second time and scrubbed the special
parts extra good while I thought about my weird life. This
turned out to be a fatal error with timing. I heard more voices
in my bedroom then I heard Cher shout "Don't go
in there Mariah!" Just as I stepped out of the shower.
Sara/Mariah stood in the doorway in her black bra and panties
looking suddenly more awake. My eyes followed hers as they
traveled down my naked body to my groin.

The 4 girls in my bed were giggling and I could easily hear
Rin's laughter as Sara and I stood there staring at
each other. Sara turned and looked over her shoulder and
lifted her arm up in a lazy point. "He has really big
dick" The girls in my bed burst into loud fits of laughter.
I could feel my cheeks flush and my ears get warm as my embarrassment
level rose. "Yes he does" Kitty responded in
a high pitched laugh. Sara looked back at me then back over
her shoulder "you've seen it?" She asked
confused. I don't know why I just stood there. I would
like to think it was shock, but I am pretty sure it was just

Morgan, Rin, Cher, and Kitty's laughter got louder
and stronger at Sara's question and only increased
my embarrassment. Sara looked back at me and looked upset
"Am I the only one you haven't fucked!"
She asked. Loud hysterical laughter followed her question
and that snapped me into action. She followed my cock with
her eyes as I went to the linen closet to grab a towel I could
cover up with. She didn't stop staring even after I
wrapped it around my waist.

"I miss something good?" Jason's voice
asked. Sara looked over her opposite toward Jason "did
you know he's fucked everyone in this house!"
she exclaimed. I wasn't sure if she was trying to cause
a problem or if she was just playing up the cheesy dumb girl
thing. She however was no match for my Zach Morris looking
buddy "Yeah but he always tells me I'm the best"
he said seriously. The girls were all but crying from their
laughter now. Sara just let out a little laugh and shook
her head, she crossed her arms over her bra covered chest
and gave me a dirty look.

"I'm gonna" I said nervously and pointed
toward the door. She held her ground but turned sideways
so I could walk past her. She mean mugged me as I leaned back
so I wouldn't bump into her big tits as I passed her.
Rin's uncontrollable laughter was unmistakable
when I tripped a little over my own feet. I looked at Jason
who looked thoroughly amused at my situation. Without
a word I walked into my walk in closet and shut the door behind
me. I could still hear those fuckers laugh as I was slipping
into my red mesh Nebraska basketball shorts.

I threw on a white undershirt tank top and waited until it
sounded quiet enough to come back out. I found Morgan and
Rin alone in bed side by side smiling at me over the covers.
"you two really enjoyed that shit didn't you"
I accused them. They both started to laugh again, I just
waited until they had calmed down patiently. "Aw
come here baby we're sorry" Morgan chuckled.
Her arms appeared from underneath the covers and spread
out wide to motion me for a hug.

I let Morgan pull me into a suffocating hug as they continued
to giggle at me. "AAhhh that was awesome" She
giggled after letting me go. "I'm glad you thought
so" I told her sarcastically. A bright pink tidal
wave flew into the air as Morgan exploded from the bed onto
the floor. She scratched her lower back with her left hand
as she went into the bathroom to relieve her full bladder.
As she sat her naked body down on the porcelain she pushed
up on her toes and rested her elbows on the top of her knees.
She dropped her head into her hands and scratched through
her hair. "Last night suuuu hucked" She complained.

"I know! What the hell was up with that stupid drinking
game?" Rin laughed. "It's the Kathryn
James guide to hangovers" Morgan told her as she wiped.
"Her name is Kathryn?" I asked at this new information.
She told Jason her real name was Kitty? "Well yah!"
Morgan said in a Duh tone. "Who the hell would name
their kid Kitty?" She laughed. "Who the hell
would name themselves Kitty?" Rin asked. I had to
admit Rin had a point, Kitty's are supposed to be tiny
cute things. Kitty was an Amazon Playboy Bunny look alike
Barbie with a southern attitude.

"She's called her self that since we were in elementary
school" Morgan chuckled as she flushed to toilet.
A rustling to my right shifted my gaze from Morgan's
amazing naked body to the bed. Rin's tall tight tanned
body filled my eyes as she did a little pigeoned toed shuffle
into the bathroom. My eyes followed her body as she walked
by me rubbing her eyes. As she walked by Morgan at the sink
my eyes darted back and forth between their asses and I felt
the blood flow.

I watched all the way through the peeing, teeth brushing,
mirror looking, hair detangling, and pinky eye rubbing
that I could only assume was to get loose eyelashes? When
they came out Rin went toward the bed and threw herself on
it with a huff. Morgan walked behind me and closed the bedroom
door with a soft click. Rin laid on her side and propped her
head up on her hand and elbow and smiled at me. "So last
night was pretty crazy wasn't it?" she asked.
"Yeah it was something AWWEE suuuum" Morgan

"I thought last night sucked?" I asked still
looking over Rin's long lines. "The drinking
sucked but everything else was awesome" She corrected.
She grabbed my ass from behind me before locking her hands
around my stomach. She pressed her naked chest against
my back and let her forehead fall to the back of my neck. "You
feeling ok baby?" She asked me softly. I covered her
locked hands with one of my own and nodded "yeah I feel
a lot better now" I told her.

I could have sworn I felt her smile before she pushed me forward
hard. Rin rolled up into a ball and held her hands up as I was
pushed toward her and high rate of speed. "AAAhhhh"
Rin laughed. My waist hit the bed just as Morgan jumped on
my back forcing me face first into the mattress. My head
barely escaped a confrontation with Rin's knees "Good
cause you have some work to do this morning" she said
in a cute voice.

Morgan rolled off my back onto the bed and stuck her legs
straight up in the air. She grabbed her ankles and opened
and closed her legs wide. "Take off your clothes"
she said coyly as she bounced her leg off my side. Rin let
a nervous smile creep across her lips as she lay fetal looking
at me. Our bathroom scene had been under the influence of
some heavy drinking, now we were sober. It was a different

Her leg bumped my side again "come on take em off"
Morgan demanded. I stood up feeling the nerves and looked
down at Morgan as she did her flexible aerobics. He was smiling
brightly at me while she waited for me to make my move. Her
words from last night swirled in my head and forced a little
bravery into me. I stripped off my shirt and shorts and stood
on the side of the bed feeling a little self conscious. Morgan
flopped her body like a fish as she tried to get her ass to
the edge of the bed while she held her legs straight up.

Rin and I let out a little laugh as she grunted in her struggled.
"you could help" she told me. I moved in front
of her and grabbed the tops of her thighs and pulled her to
the bed. "Trapped" She laughed and wrapped
her legs around me lightening fast. I loved down at her beautiful
naked body. Her face had a gently smile on it and was haloed
by her shocking deep blue and black hair. Her melon sized
tits barely moved as they rose and fell with her breaths.
Her almost skin colored areola shrunk as her rosy colored
nipples got harder before my eyes.

I travelled down her gentle curving sides and over her tight
stomach before looking down to her bare pussy. Her little
shark fin inner labia glistened and looked tempting. The
insides of her thighs flexed as she squeezed my sides until
they were covered by her hands. Morgan caressed her inner
thighs up to her knees and pushed her legs out wide at her
knees. "put it in me" she told me softly. My answer
was in the form of my hand moving to my cock and start stroking
it. She looked down her body through her tits so as to watch
what I was doing.

She let out a soft sigh when I started to grow from the sight
in front of me and the attention from my hand. I could see
Morgan's wetness to trickle from her opening. I touched
the tip of my cock to her lips and rubbed up and down spreading
them open like a flower petal. "nnaaaaahh"
she moaned softly. I let go of my cock and pulled Morgan's
ass off the bed a little before I used my hips to get an angle.
She bit her lip as I found the opening I was looking for and
gently pushed against her pussy.

Her stomach sucked in and she lifted her hips a bit inviting
me to enter her body. Wet heat spread over me as my tip passed
into her insides. Her pussy stretched around me as I sunk
deeper into her, the familiar crushing feeling surround
me as I went. "Nyaah" she whimpered. She pushed
her hands against her knees to spread her legs wider as I
moved my hips forward. When I was a little more than halfway
in her pussy clamped down tight and she cried out louder.

I took the sides of her stomach just above her hips in my hand
and squeezed her back. Her pussy pulsed around me as I slowly
pulled myself back out of her. Morgan closed her eyes and
pushed the back of her head into the mattress. Her fingers
opened wide against the insides of her knees as she enjoyed
the feeling. I pushed back into her opening and was immediately
rewarded with another soft cry.

"Go slow. Just like this ok" she said in a breath.
Her tummy flexed and released as I fucked her with long slow
strokes. In an amazing show of flexibility Morgan pushed
her legs into straddled splits. Her fingers caressed down
the insides of her thighs until they met against my soaked
shaft. Morgan used her leg muscles to hold the split while
her hands circled my thrusting dick. She opened her eyes
and looked up at me with a lust filled look. "Faster"
she urged softly.

I sped me motions up enough so that my balls started to slap
gently against her ass. Morgan softly cried out and her
pussy followed by trying to gently crush me. From Morgan's
right side I heard another gasp and was reminded that Rin
was with us. She was still curled up in the fetal position
on her side. Her lips were parted in a soft moan as she watched
my cock go in and out of Morgan's wide open pussy.

Rin made no attempt to join us but instead chose to lay their
with a voyeuristic view. "Baby" Morgan breathed.
"I'm getting close". I turned my attention
back to Morgan and gave her sides a squeeze with my hands
to let her know I heard her. She licked her lips as she looked
up at me with droopy eyes "Just a little more"
she whispered then bit her bottom lip. Her pussy was starting
to tremble around my sensual solid steel muscle. Her stomach
was holding it's flex a little longer then it had been
as her body slowly crept to it's release.

I couldn't help but speed up my thrusting as I saw Morgan's
body start to blush red. She started to pant softly and her
body began to writhe. "Dave" she whined in a
high pitched tone. Her legs started to shake and she wasn't
able to hold them open anymore. They bent at the knees and
tilted back toward her chest. I let go of her sides and pulled
back as her knees came together against her stomach and
chest. She crossed her arms behind her knees and pulled
her legs back tight against her tits.

Morgan's body tilted back changing the angle enough
to allow the head of my cock rub against her G spot with every
stroke. "NYAAAaahhh" she cried out. Her inner
walls vibrated around my dick as the beginnings of her orgasm
took hold. She lifted her head a little and bit down on her
left knee as I continued to go in and out of her. I braced my
hands on the back of her thighs and fucked her faster.

The loud slap of my balls hitting her ass coincided with
loud cries of pleasure as she came. Morgan's toes clenched
tight and as her feet tried to curl into little balls. "NYaaahh!"
she scried out again. Her pussy flooded down her ass and
my balls, her pussy squeezed me tight trying to lock me into
place. Rin let out a loud sigh as she saw Morgan's cum
drip from my balls. I continued to fuck Morgan until her
body released it's tension and went limp.

She let got of her legs and let them off the bed around me.
With closed eye she rolled her head back and forth on the
bed "that was so huuu JAA" she said with surprise.
I slowed down my strokes enjoying the feeling of her pussy
spasming around me as she slowed her breathing. Her body
jerked a few times as the head of my dick rubbed hard against
her sensitive insides. She put her palms against my lower
stomach "baby stop" she whispered.

I did as she told me and pulled myself out of her, as the head
of my dick moved past her lips more of her cum poured out.
I loved how wet she got and I really loved how much she could
cum. Morgan shimmied across the bed and then sat up with
her legs off to the side. She gave me a lazy smile and brushed
back her hair from her face "wow" she sighed.
She leaned forward onto her hands and knees. She looked
into my eyes and gave me a little left eyed wink.

She looked at my white and clear girl cum covered cock and
leaned down putting her chest against the bed. In a plop
she let her ass fall to her left onto the bed. She brought
her knees up to her chest and scooted forward so that her
mouth could reach me. She held the tip of me between her thumb
and middle finger and brought her mouth to the side of my
shaft. She gave me slow opened mouth kisses down my shaft
as if she was eating corn on the cob.

As I watched her lovingly clean off her cum I noticed that
she was staring at Rin. I looked at Rin and saw that she was
staring back with her soft brown eyes. "Rin come here"
Morgan said softly with me between her lips. Slowly Rin
moved toward where Morgan wanted her until I could feel
her hot breath and the still cum left side of my shaft. I held
my breath as Rin's tongue found my cock, her tiny licks
turned into a copy of Morgan's full mouth kisses. I
found I was still holding my breath as the two beauties kissed
and licked up and down my throbbing unsatisfied dick.

I moved my hands to the back of their slowly twisting head
and let my fingers tangle into their hair. A deep moan escaped
my lips as the tingling wet sensations pulsed through my
nerves. Their breathing deepened as they passionately
kisses my most sensitive areas. Morgan's mouth found
the head of my cock, she lovingly worshiped it with her mouth
while Rin worked hers up and down my length. "My God"
I breathed. Rin let out a little soft giggle but didn't
stop what she was doing.

When Morgan released me from her mouth I was hoping that
Rin would continue her work but instead she pulled away.
She looked up at me and then without words sat up and laid
on her back in the middle of the bed. Her long slender lines
stretched out before she open her legs to the side to allow
me to see her little pouty pussy lips. Morgan's mouth
went away as she sat up on the bed, she grasped my cock and
tugged me forward.

She held onto me as I climbed onto the bed and got between
Rin's tanned legs. It was as if Morgan was leading me
to where I was supposed to go. Rin's legs lifted off
the bed as I positioned myself over her. I looked down at
Rin's beautiful face and watched as her face reacted
to Morgan putting me between her dripping lips. Rin's
narrow almost shaped eyes looked almost closed as I entered
her "uuuhhhhh" she moaned soflty.

Morgan's hand held my cock until her fingers pressed
up against Rin's pussy. Morgan let me go and pressed
her chest against Rin's so that their lips could meet.
I braced my hands on the side of Rin's head so that I wouldn't
get in Morgan's way. I could feel Rin's pussy stretch
as I sunk deeper into her. Rin wrapped her legs around my
ass and pulled me urged me toward her. Rin's hand found
the back of Morgan's head as her face was blocked from
my view.

They shared a passionate kiss as I started to move in and
out of Rin. I could feel Rin's inside respond to the
invasion with spasms and quivers. I could feel her pussy
lips grip my shaft as I pulled back. The girls moaned and
whimpered into each others mouths as I slowly fucked Rin.
The sound of wetness at my side to me that Morgan was fingering
herself at the same time. I lowered my lips to Morgan's
shoulder and covered it with my kisses.

The three of us moaned and cried out as we intertwined on
my bed. Before to long Rin's body informed us she was
going to cum, she grabbed a handful of Morgan's hair
and pulled her mouth away. Her mouth hung open in a constant
moan as she looked into my eyes. Morgan moved her kisses
to the side of Rin's face and down her neck. Morgan's
cried out against Rin's neck and her body shook, her
hips moved back and forth as she fingered herself through
her second orgasm.

Rin took a few gulps of air with a pained look on her face before
throwing her head back and crying out into the air. Her sweet
vice of a pussy collapsed around my cock as she came. I did
my best to keep a steady rhythm as her body undulated underneath
Morgan and I. Morgan moved down to Rin's left breast
and sucked her skin toned nipple into her mouth. Rin cried
out again as her body was racked with pleasurable sensations.

Her back arched and forced my dick hard against her cervix.
Her feet dropped to the bed and she pushed up to meet my thrusts
"Dave" she cried out. Morgan responded with
a deep moan into Rin's tit and then sucked hard. Rin's
hips continued to push up to meet my thrusts while her legs
shook violently. "Fuck" Rin grunted. Her pussy
clamped down tight again and I felt the rush of her cum for
the second time. The fact that she had just had multiple
orgasms drove me mad. I pulsed inside of her and tore another
cry from her lips.

I could tell that I was getting close but I didn't want
this feeling to end. I didn't want this moment of my
life to end anytime soon. Morgan however didn't agree
with my desires, she moved her head to Rin's lower stomach
forcing me to sit up. I gasped as Morgan's tongue found
Rin's clit and she clamped down hard around me. Morgan
alternated her licks between Rin's swollen clit to
my lower stomach almost frantically.

The sight and feel was just to much and the pressure built
up in my body. "I'm gonna cum" I grunted
to them. Rin looked completely lost as she stared blankly
at me. "Babeee" Morgan whined "Where
do you want to cum? Do you want to cum in Rin's pussy?
Or my mouth? or my face?" The sound of Morgan's
whining question punched me in the gut hard. I didn't
know where I wanted to cum, I couldn't think at the moment.
I just knew I needed to cum.

I watched as Morgan pushed her hand between my stomach and
Rin's pussy and grabbed my shaft. She squeezed me tight
before she started to stroke me into Rin's pussy. The
feeling was incredible! To be in Rin while Morgan stroked
me off left me no time to think. I started to cum almost immediately.
Morgan pushed me back hard and I fell out of Rin's pussy
causing her to cry out. Cum shot through the air as Morgan
stroked me off.

White streams splashed across Morgan's face and Rin's
pussy. Morgan was breathing deeply and watching me expressions
as her face got covered in cum. Rin's hips were still
moving as her own cum mixed with some of mine poured out of
her pussy and down her ass. "Cum baby. Cum for us"
Morgan moaned. It felt as if my body was having a mini earthquake,
I just kept cumming and cumming. The intense pleasure rolled
though me like a rushing river, I had to fit to keep from falling
away from the feeling of it.

Not caring that most of her face was dripping with cum Morgan
continued to watch and stroke me. As the last few spurts
landed on Rin's lips and clit I held my breath. "FUCK"
I grunted. Morgan's hands were slick with cum, she
loosed her grip and just let her hands slide from the root
to the over sensitive mushroom tip. My body involuntarily
jerked a few times and sent chills through me. The feeling
was too intense and I reached down to hold Morgan's
hand still.

She let out another deep moan before she sat up and looked
back at the still dazed Rin. She looked back at me and seemed
to be wondering what to do. Cum was running down her face
and hung from her chin "you came so much baby"
she cooed. "Sorry" I told her while leaning
back trying to catch my breath. Rin's pussy pulsed
a few times and she let out a sigh "that was sooo good".

"Yeah it was" Morgan laughed. Rin sat up and
looked down at her cum covered mound and pussy with opened
legs. Morgan started to scoop the cum from her face into
her mouth when Rin did something breathtaking. She put
her fingers together and scooped the cum off her pussy and
brought it to her lips. She watched me as she cleaned them
off with her mouth "Jesus" I gasped as I watched
them eat my cum off their hands. It was another sight that
would lock itself into my memory for the rest of my life.

I couldn't take my eyes off of them as the got every last
drop of cum off of themselves and ate it. In a jovial show
of shock and face panted on the bed between them. "I
wuf my wifffe" I mumbled into the pillow. I could hear
them laugh at my stupidity. I flipped onto my back and looked
up at them. "Don't ever fucking wake me up from
this dream" I begged. They both chuckled before they
laid down at my sides. They propped themselves over my stomach
and started to give each other what were playful kisses
at first. They quickly turned into passionate hair grasping,
panting, tongue filled kisses.

I watched in fascination at how much passion the two seemed
to share. I knew it was in my head but I felt as if I disappeared
at that moment. Watching them no one could convince me that
there wasn't something there. After their lips had
touched for the last time and they laid down against my side
Morgan brought the head of my cock to her lips and kissed
it softly. They talked back and forth with soft tones about
just anything and everything. Now that the passion had
abated it was time for a different change of pace I guess.

"I think our little secrets going to be out when Mariah
gets back to work" Morgan chuckled. "Did you
see how pissed she looked?" Rin laughed. "Oh
I know! If she still wants him I will be shocked. That girl
would have to be dedicated to like him after this"
The two girls laughed around my cock together, the sight
and feel of one holding onto my shaft while the other was
holding onto my balls made me want to cry. These two gorgeous
creatures were going to make life so much more fun and complicated.
If this orgasm was any indication I would probably be catatonic
by the end of the month.

"God what a great way to go" I thought to myself.

To Be Continued......

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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This ends the BBQ night. I could probably fill
two more chapters with what I had cut out lol. I gave up trying
to fix this midway through. There were a lot of things that
happened that night that foreshadowed events to come.
I had to cut most of those out due to lengthy explanations
and other assorted reasons.

So beware of paragraphs that seem to come out of nowhere.
I would explain more but I am exhausted and have had to edit
this a few times already. Sleep induced typos = No Bueno.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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nps, was great as usual, keep them coming


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dont worry about cutting them down, just keep them long
believe me we love reading them and the more details the
better, it is like a great book, you dont want to put it down.


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I'm sure there was a lot more going on with that many
people but you gave us the best parts of your story.That's
what seems to keeps us coming back for more!You've
got us interested and it seems your getting more feedback,
so your doing something right.


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good job as always. would like to hear the rest that happened
at the bbq though.


Members can vote on this response!

Another well written and great story. Thanks and keep up
the good work.


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Great writing once again the few minor errors can be forgiven
for the story overall is super whether It's sex or not.
Dave you are setting a standard that's hard to exceed.


Members can vote on this response!

The Dictionary says; "A Novel is a Prose work of over
50, 000 words". When your done with this, It will
be a Novel. I urge you to get it published.


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great story


Members can vote on this response!

quote rm_jbadam01:
dont worry about cutting them down, just keep them long believe me we love reading them and the more details the better, it is like a great book, you dont want to put it down.
Yeah I kinda gave up on that. I have an editor now who will
tell me if I just rambled or if what I put in the chapter was
worth it. I expect her to keep my fingers in line. I have come
to accept the fact they will all be longer than most posted
on AdultFriendFinder.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote billybruce4:
I'm sure there was a lot more going on with that many people but you gave us the best parts of your story.That's what seems to keeps us coming back for more!You've got us interested and it seems your getting more feedback, so your doing something right.
I try to focus on what will come up later or what I saw in the
first person. The things that happened that I heard about
are hard to right about. Some stories I get over detailed
while others I keep a little vague as so not to keep repeating
myself with descriptions

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote OUTLAW4261957:
good job as always. would like to hear the rest that happened at the bbq though.
Sorry about that, I figured I had already chaptered it to
death so I cut a lot out. In going forward I will not worry
so much about the length and just go to town.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote sotxman1952:
Another well written and great story. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Thank you very much for the compliment. I am glad you enjoyed
them and I will try to keep them coming.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Great writing once again the few minor errors can be forgiven for the story overall is super whether It's sex or not. Dave you are setting a standard that's hard to exceed.
Thank you! I am not sure how good of a story teller I am but
comments like this tell me I am at least not hurting peoples
eyes. Hopefully with the help of my charitable editor I
will keep the errors down to a minimum. Now I just have to
get her the new chapters lol. I am slacking

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote rm_jj94797:
The Dictionary says; "A Novel is a Prose work of over 50, 000 words". When your done with this, It will be a Novel. I urge you to get it published.
Well I am not sure what market I would be able to put it in?
I have a friend who's mother was in the publishing business
but I don't know if I am brave enough to ask for her help
to decide of these are worth trying to do something with.

I am sure I have eclipsed the 50k words however so I guess
I have taken the first step lol. Thank you very much for your
compliments and encouragements.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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quote SplendidFun88:
great story
I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the comment.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Great, great story once again. Your descriptions of the
event are fantastic.