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House Guest


I was staying there while I found a new place to stay. You
know. Sorta
like between places. Dave was a good friend of mine, and
when he heard
that I had to move out of my place and find somewhere else
quick, he
offered to put me up for the time it took.

I was grateful. Finding a place to stay at that time of the
year was
difficult. It was right around that time of the semester
when new
students try to get themselves apartments and all. Dave
stayed not far
from Bradford University, out back in the endless stretches
of suburbia
where most students ended up. Except his place was a lot
closer than

He stayed there with two other people. A friend he had known
from his
freshman year, Adriana. A smooth island girl, she was studying
accounting or something like that. Something business
anyway. I'd met her
once, she seemed nice enough. Of course I wasn't really
taking notice of
her in THAT way. Really. A girl does about as much for me as
a wet fish.

The other person, I was yet to meet. Adriana's boyfriend,
Nick. A guy
from the islands too, or so Dave had told me. He told me in
"that" sorta
voice that he thought that I would probably like him. And
then promptly
reminded me that the guy and Adriana had been seeing each
other for a
month or so now.

I had my thoughts on that matter. I didn't say anything

Dave's place was on of those big scores. Man, any student
would kill for
a place like his. It was a big old house, and had far enough
room for
the three of them, me and probably a few more students. One
of Dave's
family owned it, and was letting it out to him for some dangerously
price. Yeah, his family was pretty well off. I think it was
more that
Dave was looking after the place more than anything. But
it was all cool
with me.

We pulled up at this place just after 6pm. I didn't have
too much stuff,
most of it had been put into temporary storage while I found
to stay more permanently. Dave helped me with what few bags
I had, and
showed me to the back room where I was going to be staying.
A big room,
even though it only had a view on the back yard. And a pretty
big double

Yeah, I know what your thinking. Dave's place. Big
score and all, and I
wasn't asking if I could rent out there? Well, accually,
Dave had
offered. But I perfered my privacy. I didn't really
like the idea of
bringing guys back to a place with three other people in
it. Let alone
screwing them, with all the noise that would have caused.
In a big old
house like that?

Dave left to myself a while, giving me time to unpack slightly.
wandered down the longish corridor towards the dining
room where I heard
talking from. The place had those big wooden, polished
floors, so my
boots were making enough noise on them. I saw Adriana leaning
the counter, talking with Dave, another guy in the kitchen
attending to

"Juwan!" Adriana smiled and gave me one of those
friendly hugs and a
quick kiss. No, she didn't know. "So your going
to be staying for a while

"Yeah, " I smiled in reply. My eyes were already
checking out that guy
doing the cooking.

"I hope you can find somewhere. Not that we want you
out already or
anything!" she grinned. "It's just I know
how hard it is to find a place
around here. Nick has been looking for a place for the two
of us for a

The guy was already moving over to Adriana's side with
the mention of his
name. Oh yeah, Dave was ALL right. I certainly did like him.
He was a
pretty phine display of manhood, and up in the kitchen and
all. I wasn't
distracted in the least by the cute way that he hugged and
gave Adriana
a quick kiss. I liked the look of his face, smooth, warm,
gentle. His
long, jet black hair tied back in a longish tail. They made
a pretty
good looking couple.

"Juwan, " I said, seizing the intiative. I
put out a hand, and he gripped
it firmly, giving me one of those street handshakes. A bruddah
from the
rough huh? I wondered how an accounting student hooked

"Nick, man. Hows it going?"

"Cool." I checked over his body slightly as
we finally released hands.

"We gonna be living together for a while I spose, "
he said.

"Until I can find a place. Hopefully that won't
be too far off, " I lied.
Man, seeing that hot bruddah, I didn't care if I couldn't
get with him. At
least I'd be living with him. At least I'd be around

I watched as Nick moved around behind Adriana and put his
arms up around
her, resting his chin on her shoulder. He whispered something
into her
ear, giving her a brief kiss again. Wanting him or not, I
still loved
the way the two of them looked together. Even though I was
watching him.
His gentle intimacies and quiet way made him just that more

We all moved into the lounge then, Nick staying in the kitchen
to finish
cooking dinner. Dave, Adriana and I talked amongst ourselves.
stuff. University, work. Life. Just those little, friendly
things you
talked about to pass time.

I kept on losing track of things every time Nick came into
the room,
moving in silently to ask Adriana something about how to
do this, or how
to do that. I was impressed by the fact that he obviously
wasn't TOO up
on cooking, but was man enough to ask for directions or help.
At one
point Adriana left the room to help him with something,
coming back to
join a brief conversation Dave and I had started.

Nick came back into the lounge at one point. I caught his
quiet voice
telling Adriana that dinner was almost done. It was probably
at that
point that I got to check him out decently. He sat on the arm
of the
couch beside Adriana, rubbing her back slightly. I looked
him over as he
watched Dave, as he talked about upcoming classes with

Man, that face was everything! He was definately smooth.
He might have
been an islander, but his skin tone could pass him for a bruddah.
He had
the slight fuzz of a mostache and chin growth. He wasn't
all that old,
maybe 18 or 19. His eyes were dark, but sparkling, intent
on whatever he
looked at. Nick's features in his face were just smooth,
giving his whole
manner a gentle nature. His hair looked pretty grown out.
I wondered
what it looked like free, and untied.

Physically he seemed fit. He was dressed like any bruddah
would have
been. A baggy sports top, short sleeved and showing off
nice forearms.
His pants were definately all street. Baggy fatigues,
black and white
shaded and matching his top. My eyes fell more than once
or twice down
to his groin, peeping his size. Fantasizing maybe just
a little. I
certainly had enough to get me by tonight.

"So what do you do?" I asked Nick when the conversation
died down a
little. He looked a little nervious almost, glancing at
the floor.

"Hes between jobs." Adriana offered. She smiled
up at Nick, getting one
of those warm smiles back.

"Yeah, I used to work at Burger King, but they was letting
people go.
An' I spose I was one of them."

Yeah, bruddah was all street. It just intrigued me how Adriana
had got
him. She certainly had taste, that was for sure. Maybe it
was something
about my poor upbring in my big latino family, growing up
around that
sort of street atmosphere that attracted me to guys like

Nick left a little while after that to attend to dinner again.
A guy of
few words. He certainly showed his talents in the kitchen
when dinner
was served a few minutes later. It was one the better I had
had in the
last few weeks, having to resort to fast food. I eyed him
the whole time
we ate, quick to smile at him when he glanced my way. More
than once I
got one of those warm smiles back out of him, an almost lingering
before he put a hand on Adriana's shoulder. Damn. I
wanted to fuck him
bad. I wondered if there was even the slightest way I could
rig it to
even just mess around with him a little.

I headed off the bed not too long after dinner. Dave and Adriana
classes. I had to look for a place to stay, skipping a few
of my morning
classes to do so. I presumed Nick was going to do whatever
it was he did
now he was unemployed. Find work? I didn't know. Maybe
I could catch a
quick glimpse of him next morning in the bathroom. Alone
in that big

I got a pretty good nights sleep that night. I woke up at one
wondering what the time was. Aching for a piss. I quietly
slipped out of
bed, and checked my watch for the time. Only 1. I padded silently
out of
my room, and down the corridor to the bathroom at the other
end, just in
my boxers and socks.

All the bedrooms were off this main corridor. Accually
most the house
was off this one corridor. Dave's door, and the other
rooms door was
closed. I noticed that the room that Nick and Adriana was
staying in was
open somewhat as I approached. I glanced over as I passed,
not expecting
to see anything. The place was pretty dark.

Even horny old me was a little surprised to see what I did.
I went hard
almost instantly, moving back a step quietly. Nick and
Adriana were
lying in bed, the covers moving over them as they moved in
the gentle
motions of kissing. I quickly fell back to just before the
door, peeping
in at the scene.

Ok, straight up. I usually ain't into that sort of thing.
And watching a
guy and girl having sex isn't much my scene either.
One of the
participants being Nick, though, sort of put me in two minds
about that
straight off. Even if he was doing it with his girl. I hung
hoping to see maybe a little more of that beautiful, gentle
bruddah. It
was more that, than to see what might happen between them.

The two were definately too caught up in the pleasures of
each others
bodies to notice me. The light was pretty dim, but there
was a little
light from the street, giving me a pretty good view of what
was going
on. Nick was on top of Adriana, kissing her deeply. Her hands
and rubbed at his shoulders with a passionate need that
made me ache for
him. I was stiff as a board in my boxers.

The two writhed slowly under the covers, lips locked. Her
hands strayed
down his back, smooth, dark skinned. Pushing back the covers
slightly as
she did so. Nick's hands roamed her sides, moving under
the covers again
and again as he rubbed her up and down, his mouth hard at work
on hers.
I could hear the slight sounds of the wet sucking, the groans
of her
passion. Her hand came up to grip Nick's thickly haired
head as he
pressed deep again into her mouth.

Nick pulled up slightly, the covers slipping back to his
waist. We both
looked down at Adriana. I had to admit, even though my dick
throbbing for her body, she wasn't bad looking. A soft,
full island body,
with long dark hair. They looked almost like some sort of
island Adam
and Eve there together. Nick's eyes rested on those
full, round breasts,
before jumping back up to her face. I could see the hunger
in those
sparkling eyes of his. His passion was turning me the fuck
on, making me
slowly wet with precum.

"I'll do you good baby, " his words were
whispered, but I still heard
them. I didn't hear her whispered reply which got a
slight giggle from
them both, a wide, warm smile from Nick.

My hand had already long been in my boxers when Nick slipped
his mouth
back onto Adriana's neck and shoulders. He began kissing
with that deep
passion again, deep mouthfuls almost. She groaned quietly,
trying to keep down her noise, but obviously experiencing
more than
enough pleasure from this experienced bruddah. I watched
as he moved
heavily, covers and dark body shifting, as his mouth moved

Fuck! I was sweating bad, shaking too. I didn't realise
I was going to
feel like this, staring at these two lovers. And it wasn't
even gay sex!
My heart was leaping as those covers slipped back, half
tossed off as
Nick moved onto his side beside Adriana. She was all but
naked before me
on the bed, smooth, long curves, her breasts full and bared.
I watched
her open her legs, that soft mound of dark hair still visible
in the

Nick's body was naked too. Just as long and smooth.
His male body more
pleasing to the eye. My eyes caressed his smooth, dark curves,
too perfectly a match to hers. His body was nice, athletic,
his nipples
dark on a broad chest. His stomach was just as appealing,
smooth, not
really all that athletic, but nice none the less. My heart
slightly when I saw that dark club of a cock peep into view.
uncut, incredibly erect. It pressed hard against her thigh
as he slipped
a leg over hers. I could only imagine the heat she was feeling

The passion rose sharply, if that was even possible. Nick
moved his
mouth to Adriana's breasts. His left hand squeezed
and kneeded tightly
the flesh there as his mouth moved onto a large nipple. I
Adriana squirm, moaning deeply, hearing the deep sucking
as Nick worked
the nipple with his mouth, his hand still fondling, and
rubbing. I could
see the bruddahs mouth working, sucking with a deep hunger.
Eating was
almost a better word.

I watched Nick's other hand slip between her legs,
over that soft mound
of hair. He rubbed, firmly, yet gently, in hard, long strokes
that took
his hand deep between her legs. On one slow moving backstroke
a finger
pressed between her lips, sinking deeply. Her whole body
arched under
Nick, her head tossing slightly in a lustfulled moan. I
watched him push
further and deeper into her depths, his mouth sucking her
tit just as
deep. Nick obviously had plenty of experience like dat!
Adriana looked
almost like putty under his dark body, as they moved in the
throes of

My hand jerked and rubbed as they continued. Smooth, fluid
motions of
sex. However hetrosexual it was, the sight of it, and Nick
moving in his
firm, strong motions had me crying out inside. I felt the
burning in my organs, saw it on Adriana's face as Nick
began moving his
right hand slowly.

Nick's long fingers became wet, glistening with the
juices that wet the
soft hair around Adriana's cunt. His hand opened her
up as well as sex,
causing deep, quiet moans. One moment stroking her lips,
the next
exploring her soft, inner pussy, his hand never slowing
or stopping. The
gentle, wet sounds of his movements there joined that of
his mouth still
on her tits. First her left, then her right, moving between
the two.

At one point Adriana let out an almost sharp, muffled shout,
heavily as she tried to contain herself. Nick's face
came up from her
breasts, as he watched his hand work, becoming more and
more wet as he
worked his fingers deep. I saw him move quickly then, between
her legs,
throwing them up to replace his fingers with his mouth,
sucking and
licking deeply with his tongue there. I could hear the slurps
almost too
loudly, her moans barely contained as his head worked between
her thighs
for a moment.

Nick's dark body came up as her breathing dropped slightly.
His face
looked wet around his mouth, those dark features still
looking so gentle
and eager to please. He smiled warmly again, whispering
something as he
shifted between Adriana's legs. His breathing was
a little heavy, I
barely caught what he said, catching instead the panted
"yes" from

Nick moved up into a better position, obviously preparing
to enter her.
My cock ached as I saw his dark, smooth body there in the dark.
sexual organs hung free, bare to the eye. He looked heavy,
both his
thick cock and his balls. Bruddah was just as equipt there
to pleasure
as well, a hard, slightly bending, thick eight inches.
Three sets of
eyes were pinned on that dark, big club as Nick moved over
Adriana, who
was already panting in anticipation.

Both of them groaned as he entered. A long, fluid, slow motion
buried that huge penis inside her wet pussy. I almost came
at the
slight, her warm, wet cunt swallowing so easily what I yearned
swallow. Sinking gently, smoothly into her wet depths,
sucking his penis
deep into that hot, sexual mouth. I watched Nick rest in
against her,
his mouth wide, as he pulled at his hair tie. It came free,
his thick
hair falling around his shoulders as he hunched over her
naked form

Nick's mouth stayed open in a silent, continuous moan
as he began moving
in her. I watched her naked form squirm under him, that long,
organ moving in and out of her like some giant, wet piston
of flesh. A
firm, quick rhythm built between them, as my eyes pinned
on that black
column, stabbing into her depths again and again. His smooth,
beautifully tight ass clenched with each stroke, carrying
her deeper
with each push.

I began to hear the quiet bumps of the bed, the moans of their
and passion. Nick's eyes looked still so hungry, eager,
and warm. He
began to move harder, almost grunting. At times catching
his breath as
Adriana moaned and writhed under his powerful strokes.
His dark, solid
organ glistened, slurped with each rythmic stroke as they
began to move
as one. Nick's dark body seemed so powerful then, firm,

Nick slowly began to lean back, my boxers suddenly flashing
with a thick
floud. My hand was covered with the warm flush as Nick let
out a long
moan, his motions slowing. I could see his young body tightening,
as he
released himself so fully inside her. Adriana lay under
him, her eyes
closed on her own powerful throes, feeling the power of
Nick's strong
throbs. The scene almost relaxed as their sweating body
came together,
shifting back into each others smooth curves. Nick panted,
slightly, smiling again.

I didn't stick around too much longer. I was more concerned
about the
fact I had just messed my boxers. I slinked past the door
and to the
bathroom where I was originally heading in the first place.
Needless to
say, I couldn't do much to clean up the mess I'd
made for myself, but I
did my best, emptying a full load of piss into the toilet
afterwards. I
sat there for a while in silence, thinking about what I'd
seen. Oh yeah,
now I had enough for a lifetime of nights jacking off.

I heard footsteps, and quickly pulled my semen damn boxers
back up. I
stepped out of the toilet to see Nick at the bathroom basin.
His hair
was still untied, falling around those smooth, strong
shoulders. His
chest was naked, the dark youth dressed in only his baggy
fatigues. I
noticed the top button undone, the pants sagging from his
thighs as he
turned around. That warm, broad smile said it all.

"Can't sleep, huh?"

I glanced that smooth chest over, that warm face. He looked
good with
his hair loose. I couldnt help the thoughts I had, after
having seen
what I did. And having him in front of me only moments after,

"Yeah, something like that."

He walked towards the toilet, giving me a slight grin. "Hey,
I'm sorry if
we woke you up." I grinned back.

"No problem."

I headed back to my bedroom, wondering if he had noticed
my state, or
smelt it. I sure could. Both of us smelling like sex, when
only one of
us had been fucking someone. The visions on that night lingered
on in my
head for a LONG time. The next few nights, my right hand was

Nick and I got on pretty well over the next few weeks. I was
starting to
get a little desperate to find a place after having spent
three weeks at
Dave's place without having found somewhere else
to stay. Yeah, even
though I was more often than not greeted by Nick when I came
back from
classes, or from looking for somewhere to stay. He was a
pretty cool
guy. Not the brightest guy I ever met, but after that one
night I was
pretty sure Adriana saw other qualities in the young bruddah.

I found a place after having been at Dave's for about
four weeks. The
place was a good find. I was lucky after having waited the
time, and the
hunting had paid off. Not too close to the University, but
at least the
rent wasn't too bad. I was staying the last few nights
I needed to at
Dave's before the people there moved out fully. I think
I had about two
days left when I woke up that morning. It was late, probably
about 9am,
when I was used to getting up at 7am to catch early classes,
or to start
looking for a place early.

I got up and dressed briefly, heading towards the kitchen
to get a
coffee. I went via the lounge, not managing to contain my
smile when I
saw Nick lying asleep on the couch. It was obviously someone
had done
something, and got ordered out of bed at some late hour.
I noticed Nick
groan and open his eyes as I passed by, his chest naked under
blanket. I gave him a smile and a "good morning"
as I headed into the
kitchen. He grunted a reply, wiping his eyes and sitting
up. Man, I
could never get enough of that smooth body. I was sorry he
wasn't more
free about the bathroom in the mornings.

I came back in after getting myself a coffee. Nick had dressed
somewhat in a t-shirt and snap legged sports pants. He still
bleary. I knew how he felt. Sleeping on couchs was something
I knew a
bit about.

"Rough night huh?" I grinned. He moaned and


I offered to get him a coffee but he shook his head. "Nah,
I don't drink
that stuff." He rubbed his eyes a little, looking
like he was waking up
a little better.

"So what did you do?" I asked with a grin. I sipped
my coffee, looking
over the cup at that beautiful islander face.

"Huh? Ah..." he grunted. "I got horny
for some, but she wasn't down."

I couldnt help chuckle. He hadn't been so candid to
me about sex before.
Well, admitibly, it had (surprisingly) never come up in

"And she told you to sleep on the couch." I said,
stating the obvious.
He nodded.

"Yeah, I spose I got a little bit too eager fo'
it all. You know girls."

I chuckled again, shaking my head. "No, not really.
Girls ain't really my
area." This drew a strange look from him. Well, that
didn't much surprise
me. I put him out of his nervious state quickly. "But
I know what it's
like when your hard up for it, and the other party isn't
giving it up."

Nick nodded his head, looking a little needy. "Yeah,
I ain't got any for
a few weeks now."

I raised an eyebrow. "Well, its more than I've
been getting."

We fell into a strange sort of silence then. I found it hard
to believe
actually, almost funny. Here I was talking about sex with
the one guy I
wanted to fuck. All alone in that big house again. We both
looked at
each other, like it was obvious what needed to be done. I
stared into
Nick's dark eyes, seeing a little confusion passing
over that dark face
of his. Then his expression seemed to strengthen a little
as he licked
his lips slightly, and prepared to speak.

"Maybe we can help each other out."

I stayed quiet. Yeah ok, I was a little taken back by what
he had said,
DISPITE the circumstances. Was there any way that what
he had just said
DIDN'T mean what I thought it meant? I didn't want
to screw up or say
something stupid. But then here were two guys, sexual tension
and heat
at an impossible peak, begging for release. I played it
as cool as I

"Have you ever messed around with another guy?"

Nick shook his head. His expression was still a little hard.
It looked
like it was taking obvious guts to ask what he was. I didn't
blame him,
even though I knew our horny states were pulling down more
than normal.

"What do you want to do?" He glanced back at me.

"Whatever. I just want to get off, nahmean?"

"Yeah. I know that too well." I got up and moved
over to where he was
sitting. I slowly moved down beside him, not taking my eyes
off his. I
could see he was a little more than nervious, his groin bulging
up in
his sports pants. I slowly eased my hand over his size, moving
my body
against his.

I saw the emotions flouding through those dark eyes. I was
coming onto
him faster than he might have been able to take, shifting
myself hard
against his warm body. I gripped his hardened cock through
his snap
pants, determined to not let him back out. I was hot and hard
for this
fine island teenager the second I had seen him. Now he was
asking for
help sexually, I wasn't going to let him turn me out.

"Just relax and go with it, " I said. "It'll
be fine."

I moved my mouth closer to his, lingering a moment. I read
his face, his
eyes, his beautiful features. Nick paused with a moments
uncertainty at
my intentions, his huge male organ throbbing in my hand.
I moved my
mouth a little closer, feeling him backing off ever so slightly.
I could
feel his nervious breath against my face.

"I want to help you out brother, " I whispered.
"Just let go."

That moment passed. Something inside him broke. The walls
came down,
call it what you want. His soft lips touched mine and there
was no
return. I pulled him close against me, kissing him with
a firey need. I
felt him responding, slow at first, then with the same strong
need. I
felt his hands go up around my back, one slip up onto the back
of my
head as he began taking me with a passion. I felt like I imagined
Adriana did within his experienced embrace. I felt those
lips, that
strong, powerful, sucking kiss.

My hand worked into his sports pants, fumbling slightly
before coming to
rest around that hard male part. I felt the groan against
my mouth, the
burning heat in my hand. I pulled from his lips slightly,
moving into a
better position, tugging at his t-shirt. I saw that gentle
face, lost in
passion, confused somewhat as I pulled his baggy t-shirt

"Relax, " I said quietly. I was feeling the
need bad, but I could see his
was being staunched somewhat by his mixed feelings. "Just
let me do all
work. I want to make you feel good."

I pulled my own shirt off, my hands eagerly moving to his
broad chest. I
was hungry. Hungry in the same way I'd seen Nick hungry
that night. I
quickly began sucking at his chest, his dark nipples.

"Juwan, man. I dunno 'bout this man."

"It's cool, Nick." I was getting a little
put off. I wanted him. I could
see that some part of him wanted me. Or at least this, and
what I was
giving. I wanted him to go along. "I promise you. This
will feel so much
better than you jacking yourself off."

His mouth opened a little like he was about to say something.
he said nothing. I felt his eyes drop a little on my lighter
body. I could feel the heat of his dark body under my hands,
nervious sweat. His throbbing heartbeats. I broke the
somewhat nervious
silence, not being able to take my eyes off that beautiful,
dark body.
So close to being mine.

"Lets go back to my bed, " I suggested. "It'll
make things a little more

"Yeah. Aiight. Thats cool."

I stood up, bringing him up with me. We moved silently back
to my
bedroom, and I closed the door. I wanted Nick bad, but I knew
that even
though he was as horny as me, he wasn't going to do much
unless he was
comfortable with it. I looked at that half naked teenager
standing in my
bedroom, glancing around nerviously. Just standing there.
His body
looked so smooth and warm. I moved over to him, and pulled
him gently
into my embrace. I felt his trembling closeness. His warmth.
throbbing erection pressed against mind.

"It's cool Nick. Just pretend your with Adriana."
I didn't know what else
to make him feel more at ease with this all. I thought after
I said it
that maybe that wasn't the best of things to have said.

"Nah, " he replied quietly. Nick's eyes
dropped slightly. "I wanna pretend
I'm with you...."

Nick's full lips lingered closer to mine and this time
he initiated the
kiss. I felt the need and hunger in him instantly. He seemed
more sure
this time. More wanting. More eager. I felt it in his deep
kiss, and at
every point his hot body touched mine. I felt those consuming
kisses I
seen him give Adriana that night, his arms wrapping up around
my body
with a powerful need. I felt like there was nothing that
would have
ripped him off me right then.

We kissed long and hard, my hands roaming his smooth back,
slipping into
his snap pants. Nick's hand had long since dropped
into the back of my
shorts, gripping my ass as I returned the favour. My hand
stroked over
the back of his head, catching that thick tail of black hair.
The tie
broke, his hair flowing free as we sucked each other deep.

Nick pulled away from my lips, panting. I stared at that
smooth face,
that slight fuzz of hair on his lip and chin. His thick black
hair hung
down around his strong shoulders. I could see the hunger
in his eyes
now, unmistakable and keen.

Nick seemed ready to go on. I didn't know if he was hesitant
because he
was having second thoughts. His eyes didn't show a
hint of that. Maybe he
just didn't know what to DO with a guy. I was more than
ready to show
him, tugging at his sports pants, pulling at the snaps on
the wasteband.
They came free easily, those annoying obstructions to
his cock falling
down his smooth legs.

He stood there, naked, not moving. I dropped my own shorts,
exposing my
own fat six and half inches, watching his reaction. Nick
gazed at it,
long and hard. I couldn't take my eyes off his own eight
inch erection. I
was big in my own way, my nuts more than making up for my lack
length. Nick was just all big, a column of big black flesh
made for

"Come on..." I pulled him gently towards my
bed, still unmade and messy.
I took him down beside me, pulling him into the curves of
my naked body.

Nick went back to kissing me almost instantly. Damn, this
bruddah could
kiss longer and harder than any guy I had BEEN with. Not that
I was
complaining in the least. His kiss felt like it could of
sucked me
inside out, I couldnt wait to feel it go down on my cock.

We rolled slightly, Nick slipping on top of my body. He looked
down at
me, that thick hair making him look almost like some island
savage. That
look in his dark eyes did a far better job though. He kissed
my mouth
again, stroking at my short haired head before moving his
sucking to my

I felt a trembling hand slip around my cock, working it firmly
in strong
strokes. I had already leaked a whole heap of precum. Having
him taking
me with the same strength and need he had that night was making
me as
wet as Adriana had been. His hand slurped rhythmically
on my sticky
length, speeding, slowing, then speeding again like an
experienced pro.

I writhed under Nick. His firm hand. His hot, sucking mouth,
incredible, wet things to my chest. I didn't bother
stiffling my powerful
moans, clinging tightly to his hot young body. I eased him
gently but firmly. I felt Nick slowing on my cock slightly,
resisting my
urges. He kept kissing around my stomach, delaying, keeping
intentionally away from the one place I desperately wanted

We moved slowly as I maneuvoured him over me, in between
my widespread
legs. My cock lay throbbing against my stomach, sticky
with juices that
still leaked slowly from my slit. I pulled Nick firmly over
it, willing
his head downward.

"I know you like eating pussy, " I said, high.
Desperate for his mouth.
"This is just the same."

Those dark eyes glanced up at me, questioning. Yeah, I knew
what he was
wondering. I quickly confessed. "I want you to eat
my cock like you ate
Adriana's pussy that night. Your a fucking pro with
your mouth, Nick."

That got a slight grin from him, his face warming like it
always did
when he smiled. I smiled back, rubbing his arm, looking
over that hot
island body. That big cock still upright between his legs.

"I know you want to give it a try, " I said. I wasn't
just hard for him, I
was getting pretty desperate for that hot mouth now. "I
promise I'll
return the favor."

Nick glaced down on my wet cock again. I eased him down towards
again, eager to watch that mouth go down on my burning center.
The mere
thought of it drove me almost insane. I felt Nick resisting
slightly, as something inside him still held out against
what the rest
of his body was feeling. I angled my fat shaft up, slipping
my hand to
rest on the back of his neck.

"Its cool, Nick. Just let go."

I eased Nick's head that little bit further down on
me. Moved his mouth
to where I wanted it so badly. I was quivering with the want
ancipication of his hot mouth, so horny seeing his naked
form between my
legs, his face so close already. Gently, my fat head pressed
against his
lips, slipping slowly between them.

I let out a long breath as Nick's mouth slowly decended
down my shaft. Oh
god! Suddenly it felt like his inhibitions had disappeared.
Melted as
quickly as I had. I felt Nick's shoulder and neck relax
under my hand,
his head going down more willingly now as he sucked me straight
to my
base. His hands slipped onto my sides, stroking firmly,

My hands quickly slipped onto his arms, holding him with
the same
powerful need I felt in his hands. I gasped as he slipped
back on my
rigid cock, sucking hard in a movement that made me feel
he was going to
suck my cum straight from my balls. Nick sucked hard around
my head,
pulling back my skins painfully, and using his tongue viciously
my exposed flesh. I wrapped my legs up around his waist,
shoving my hips
upward in a desperate, needful stab.

My cock slipped back deep into Nick's hot mouth. He
took the hint,
letting me fuck upwards against his eager mouth while he
gave me more
suction than I could bare. I heard the sharp sucks, the wet
slurps, as
my fat latino penis worked in and out of his willing mouth.

I couldnt last too much of that. Fuck, no one could have.
Nick might
never have sucked cock before, but his hot mouth was no stranger
sucking. I panted heavily as he gave me the hardest oral
sex I'd ever
got, my hips shoving up against that wet pleasure in swift
strokes. My
need felt almost painful. Nick's felt almost as great.

I pushed up deep into his mouth as I felt my climax approaching.
quickly slipped my hands onto his head, feeling him pulling
probably sensing my approaching load. I held him tight,
keeping my cock
buried to the base, his broad nose deep in my pubes.

"Just keep...ah!...sucking....fuck!!"

I felt my dick surge, my whole body going rigid under Nick's.
Willing or
not, the hot island teenager sucked hard, taking my heavy
load down his
throat. My huge balls just kept giving it up, splash after
splash of
hot, thick cum. I felt less like I was cuming and far more
like Nick was
sucking my juices straight out of me. I let him ease back
slightly as he
drunk my thick globs of semen. His hot mouth sucked a lot
more than my
heavy balls usually gave up.

I pulled Nick back up into my arms, feeling his burning length
my stomach instantly. He was panting badly, his face sweaty.
Strands of
that thick black hair clung to his face slightly. I pushed
them back on
that beautiful face of his, rolling him slightly onto his
side, slipping
my hand around his thick penis.

"I know I won't be able to make feel even HALF as
good as you just made
me feel, " I smiled. He grinned back somewhat, still
breathing heavily,
cum on his breath. "I'm gonna do my best."

"That feels pretty good already, man." Nick
panted. I jacked him off
firmly, playing his eight inches as well as I could. He eased
his own
hand around my sticky, wet cock, drawing it up, just holding
it firmly.

"I can make you feel real good, Nick. Fuck, I'm
glad you gave me the

"Its all good, " he breathed. I could see his
thick eight was liking the
attention. "I always thought 'bout doin'
with a guy."

"Does it feel right to you?" I ventured. I knew
he was still horny
enough to go through with a whole lot more of this, other

"It feels good."

I saw his sweaty face tighten a little, and I eased up on the
masturbation. He relaxed as his climax subsided slightly.
I told him to
lie on his stomach, which he did. I spread his legs wide,
eying that
tight island ass of his. I knew nothing was going to stop
me from taking
every inch of that hot young ass. Nick glanced back, asking
me what I
was going to do.

"Just try to relax as much as you can."

He paused slightly, then asked in that oh-so urban voice
of his. "You
gonna fuck me?" I blinked.

"Yeah. You have such a fine ass, Nick. You don't
know how hot it makes
me." I added quickly, trying my best to stop any sudden
panic. "I'm going
to take it real slow and gentle."

"It's cool. I wanna do dis too, man." Then
he added with a sudden low
fire. "Fuck me like a screwed dat bitch, man."

I nodded, quickly grabbing my lube from the bedside cabinet.
Yeah, it
had been getting plenty of use, but there was still a little
Enough thankfully. I emptied the tube straight onto his
ass, quickly
smearing the ample wetness up into his crack, and against
his asshole. I
felt Nick stiffen as a finger slipped into his ass.

I fumbled in my horniness to fuck him, squeezing in two,
then three
fingers in his tight ass. I rushed, knowing it could have
been a
mistake, opening him as quickly as I could. I stared at Nick's
body under
me, prone, all smooth, gentle curves. I wanted him. NEEDED
him. I wanted
to take him completely, and show him how it felt to have sex
the right

I slicked my already hard bone again, shifting over him.
Nick lay
quietly, not moving as I eased my fat head between his cheeks,
to break him open. I rubbed his back a little, stroking across
shoulders, telling him it was going to be cool.

My fat head drove hard into him, slipping past his tight
ring and
straight into his hot, soft insides. About six inches of
thick latino
cock followed, Nick aching under my body. I shoved him down
as he
struggled, moaned out loud in almost a shout. I was grateful
the lube
had made it so easy, knowing its wetness had worked just
as well in
other tight places. Nick's was no acception on tightness.

"It's cool, Nick. Just relax. Stay cool."

"Yeah, aiight....damn.....I'm cool, man."
I could see him heaving under
me, feel his hard ring on muscle clenching around my penis.
I stroked
his shoulders, loving how my huge nuts felt nestled between
his legs. My
thick, dark cock in his ass.

I began riding Nick's ass almost immediately, crazy
with my hunger for
him. I swore in spanish as I took his ass, taking my thick
latino cock
deep inside him with every stroke. I gave him all my strength
and power,
my strokes quickly mounting fast and strong into him. Nick
under me, almost like he was trying to escape, moaning uncontrolably.

"Fuck your ass is so fine...." I panted. I moved
down along his back,
fucking hard in strokes that I pulled up along his smooth
body. "I love
your ass so much."

Nick was lost in the experience, moaning harder as I drove
my shaft
harder into his ass. I could hear the hard slurps, the slap
of our wet
skin as we struggled in the throes of sex. Our ragged breathing
the air, along with deep, pleasured moans. I smelt the sweat
and the

"Ah....fuck....Juwan..." Nick panted heavily
as I kept up my quick pace.
I pulled back a little so I could see my fat latino cock driving
his ass.

"I'm gonna cum, man!"

"Good!" I cried out. "Cum! Don't
hold it!"

Nick moaned and arched again under me, almost thrashing
as he climaxed.
The rhythmic clenching in his ass drove my cock to pained
tightening on my driving shaft. Nick cried out my name again
and again
as his cock emptied its load onto the bed. It drove me wild.
I'd never
had anyone call my name out in sex.

Seconds later my huge nuts unleashed their second load.
Nick's hot,
fleshy insides swallowed my gushing semen as well as his
mouth had just
before. My fat latino penis throbbed long and hard inside
my island
lover giving him wave after wave of my male juices. I eased
gently from
his depths as my cock slowed, lying with him on the bed, panting
heavily as him.

"That felt right." He panted. "Fuck,
dat felt GOOD!"

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." I replied with
a smile. I kissed him, pulling
him into my embrace, joining with him again.

Needless to say we helped each other out the last few mornings
I was
there. I ran into him in the bathroom the last night I stayed
at Dave's,
which I wondered if was less of a co-incident. I more than
dropped to my knees and satisfied his long, thick island
penis that

When I moved into my new place I lost touch with Nick for a
while. I
missed him the times I managed to get back to Dave's
on the premiss of a
visit, or just a friendly chat. Supposively, he had managed
to find a
job with a local construction firm. I announced to Dave
a while after
that I was planning on having a house warming for the new
place. Of
course I innocently told him to invite Adriana and Nick

I was more than pleased when the three turned up that night.
And it
wasn't too much long after before Nick gave me the one
house warming
present I was aching for.

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