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Hot Surprise Visit from Friend's Younger Brother!


An old high school buddy of mine called me early this summer
and said his younger brother Matt would be in our town for
some training seminar his company was doing. I told him
to have Matt give Cindy and I a call and to make sure he stayed
with us rather than fork out extra money for unnecessary
lodging costs. A few nights later Matt called and we officially
invited him to stay with us. I'd known him for many years,
starting from the punk kid brother to the 35 year old guy
he is now, and Cindy had met him through our acquaintance
with my buddy and his wife. He had been married and was divorced
for probably a couple of years now, but I always liked him
and never asked why.

Not that the intro has much to do with anything, but one time
when my buddy, his wife, and Cindy and I were staying up at
a cabin, something came up in conversation where my buddy
made some kind of comment about how "his younger brother
had gotten all the cock in the family." We'd all
kind of laughed about it, but I'd never thought much
about it since, and although I'm betting Cindy associated
Matt with that comment, I doubt she'd given it much
more thought either.

Well, thinking about it at work one day was getting me horny
and I gave Matt a call at his workplace. I said "Hey
Matt, can you be discrete about something?" He said
sure, and I proceeded to tell him about the conversation
his older brother and I and our wives had once had and how
we thought it was funny. He laughed also, but said "Yeah,
but I've been on a bit of a dry spell lately, so what good
is it if it isn't getting any action? Anyway, what am
I supposed to be discrete about?" I then proceeded
to tell him that Cindy enjoys looking at big cocks and perhaps
if she liked what she saw, he might even get a blowjob or a
little action. That's what I wanted him to be discrete
about; not mentioning it to my buddy because I wasn't
sure I'd want him or his wife to know. He then asked if
that would bother me, and I told him hell no, I'd enjoy
watching or even be part of the fun. We kind of hatched a plan
where he'd act like he didn't know what was going
on once he was there and then he laughed and said "I
wish you the best of luck in pulling this off, so does my very
horny dick! I look forward to seeing you guys in a week regardless."


The week passed and Matt arrived at our place on a warm Sunday
afternoon. Him and I made small talk and had a few drinks
while Cindy was taking a bath. She then came downstairs
and joined in our conversation after greeting Matt. I asked
him a little about his divorce and talk drifted toward not
having as much sex as he'd like. I said "Hell,
a guy can never get as much sex as he likes, right Cindy?"
She gave me back a little grin and said "I don't
think you have anything to complain about, Tom."
Then she shook her tight little ass which was covered with
a short pair of jean cutoffs and went into the kitchen. Matt
asked if he could take a shower to freshen up since his air
conditioning was out on his car and I told him sure. Then
I reached into my pocket and pulled out two half tabs of a
50 MG Viagra tab I'd split in half, just in case. Matt
shook his head and said "I probably need this like
I need a hole in my head." I laughed and told him that
if things didn't work out, he always had his hand.

While Matt was in the shower, I slipped in a porn video that
I'd already set to 2 of Cindy's favorite scenes.
I figured that I'd innocently ask if anyone wanted
to watch a ballgame when the time came and the video would
"accidentally" start playing. I was certain
Matt would enjoy it too, as the first one showed this girl
giving a guy a great blowjob and it also showed her humping
his face as he ate her, while they both made great moaning
and dirty talking. Cindy likes it because the guy in the
movie isn't only good looking with a nice cock, he's
really into the scene and passionate with the lady rather
than just being quiet.

Matt got done with his shower and came out of the bathroom
in a fairly short pair of gym trunks. He had grown up into
a broad shouldered and narrow waisted guy, somewhat like
me only a bit leaner and "hardbodied", just
the type Cindy likes. He had his shirt open too, so you could
see his hard ab muscles too. Cindy came back in the room,
and although she tried not to be too obvious, I caught her
eyes staring right down at his crotch. In the gym trunks,
you could definitely tell he hung loose pretty well, not
necessarily a sign of how big he'd get when hard, but
I was hoping it would arouse her curiousity. She asked us
if we'd each like another vodka tonic as she wanted
another. We all said sure and as she went back into the kitchen,
I followed her. As I was helping her mix the drinks, I whispered
in her ear "I saw your eyes checking Matt out when he
came out of the shower." She just smiled and said "I
remember the conversation we had with Bob and Sally (my
buddy and his wife) when we were at the cabin, I was just kinda
curious." I smiled back at her, patting her on the
ass, and said "So did you like what you saw?"
She just said "Yeah, he's got a nice body"
and left it at that. I grinned back at her and said "Sure
Honey, you know what I meant." She just grinned back
at me and took the platter of drinks into the living room.
Matt had leaned back a little in the recliner, and Cindy
smiled at him as she handed him his drink close by his open
shirted waist, saying "You've got a nice six
pak there Matt, looks like working out agrees with you.
Matt was flattered and said "thank you for noticing,
Cindy, I try to keep in shape." Although I'm sure
she liked looking at his firm stomach, it also gave her a
great excuse to catch another glimpse of his package area.


I then asked if anyone would like to watch part of the ballgame
on the tube. Matt and Cindy said it sounded fine since it
was nice and cool in the house. I flipped the switch on and
the porn video came on. I innocently said "Oops, I
guess we forgot to hit stop." Matt then said "Whoa,
whoa, that looks better than any ballgame! Of course, that's
probably exactly what I don't need to watch, but let's
watch anyway!" Cindy laughed and called me a dirty
old man, but when I told her she didn't have to watch
it with us, the scene came on where the girl started going
down on the porn guy she really liked. She looked at the screen
a second and said "Mmm, well maybe I'd better
make sure nothing comes on I'd disapprove of."
I just looked at her and said "Yeah, right Babe. I know
how much you just hate watching this one." She just
smiled at both of us, knowing I'd busted her, and then
sat down in a chair across from where Matt and I were sitting
on the couch.

As the scene on the video started getting really hot, I felt
the faceflush of the Viagra kicking in as well as a growing
bulge in my shorts. I noticed Matt's gym shorts appeared
to be getting fuller as well. I'd occasionally steal
a glance at Cindy to see what she was doing. Although she
was fully engrossed in the movie, I noticed her eyes take
a quick look at Matt's trunks to see what was happening
with hiim. I probably caught her doing this 5 or 6 times.
Then a closeup of the porn chick slowly going down on Cindy's
favorite porn guy came on. She stood up and said "Whew,
it's getting warm in here! Put that on pause while I
get another tonic." I knew Cindy was getting turned
on now. She came back with another round of drinks and we
resumed watching. Matt then said "Geez, I don't
think I've ever had a blowjob that looks that good.
I don't know how much more of this movie I can take!"
Cindy then looked right at his bulging shorts that outlined
his hard cock and piped up saying "I don't know
Matt, but it sure looks to me like you are enjoying it. She
leaned forward in her chair, spreading her legs slightly
and said "In fact, it looks like you're enjoying
it ALOT!" Matt looked a little embarrassed, but I
looked at both Cindy and him and said to her "Well shit
Honey, would you like him to show it to you too?" She
snickered a little and replied "If it looks half as
good as his six pak does . . well yeah, what girl wouldn't
want to take a peek at it?" Then she half licked her

Matt smiled at Cindy and said "It sure doesn't
help when you lick your lips like that. Good God, we're
watching this hot movie and you lick your lips like that,
I think I'm about to explode!" I looked at Matt
and said "I think the only way you'll get off the
hook is to show this curious girl what you've got. Maybe
she'll help you out of those shorts. . or maybe she'll
even help you explode." Cindy had been glancing at
the movie occasionally, watching the girl langorously
sucking the hot guy's cock, and she walked coyly over
to Matt and said "I'll be glad to help you out of
those." She then put her hands to the side of his shorts
and lightly lifted him up with him helping of course, and
off his shorts came. His unbelievably thick cock sprang
back upward against his stomach as his shorts came off and
Cindy let out a little gasp. Her eyes twinkled as she surveyed
what I'm guessing was an easy 9+" of hard, thick
meat. "My, that big tool matches up real nice with
that six pak!", she said as she stared fixated at his
cock. Matt said "That may be the case, but it hasn't
been doing me much good lately." I looked at him and
then at Cindy and said "Yep, I think this poor boy is
about to blow up." Then I winked at her.

She stroked Matt's hair and said "Aww, we can't
have our special guest in such pain. I bet I can help."
She ran her hand across Matt's stomach and his cock
twitched even more. She then placed her skilled fingers
on each side of his big boner and ran them slowly up and down
the full length. Matt moaned and said "Oh God, please
don't tease me when I'm like this." Cindy
smiled at him and said "I'm not gonna hurt you,
remember I'm here to help." She took her t-shirt
off and then bent closer to him and licked the underside
of his shaft as she tried to wrap one of her hands around his
massive girth. She licked him up and down a few times and
then took his head slowly into her mouth as if she were savoring
a good steak. I knew what Matt had to be feeling because Cindy
is awesome at oral sex. She then cupped his balls in her hand
and placed his cock between her perfect tits, slowly rocking
his cock between them. She was working him good, and after
a short time, she moaned "Mmmm, I like how you trimmed
your balls up for me. I want that big cock back in my mouth
now." She then opened wide, twisting her head sideways
so Matt could watch her devouring his cock. She slowly stroked
him while her mouth worked its magic on the underside of
his cockhead. Matt was moaning "Oh God, oh God Cindy,
ohhh you're making my cock feel great, but it's
been so long, I'm afraid I'm about to cum!"
Cindy moaned and looked up at him as she slowly worked a hand
job on him. "It's OK, get the first one out of the
way. There's more where that came from, mmmm"
as she took his cock back in her mouth and jacked and sucked
him to a quick orgasm. She swallowed his quick load and didn't
miss a beat. Then she winked at him and said "Mmm, mmm,
I'll be back for more of that, yummy!"

She then looked over at me and noticed how hard my cock looked
too. Then she began to unbutton my shorts while saying "I
love to suck cock. Should we put on a live show for Matt?"
My cock bounced out of my shorts, still very hard from watching
her work on Matt. I pulled her shorts and panties off and
stood in front of Matt as Cindy feasted on my cock while he
watched. I then had her stop and we got in the 69 position
on the floor in front of him. He could watch me eating Cindy's
pussy as she humped into my face, moving her ass around so
he got the finest view of it. She began moaning "Oh
yeah, you eat my pussy sooo good, ohh I'm cumming!"
She finished her orgasm and began sucking on my cock again.
When I thought I was going to cum if she didn't stop,
I told her I wasn't ready just yet. She looked a little
disappointed, but I told her to look up and see if Matt was
refreshed yet. She looked up to see, and sure enough, Matt
had recovered quickly and was sporting his huge full mast
boner again. She smiled and I nodded my head, and she got
off me and crawled on all fours like a tiger stalking its
prey until she was between Matt's legs again. She ran
her hand up his thigh and stroked his hard cock one time,
then said "Back for more?" She then licked his
cock and said "Mmm, I like your attitude."

She began to suckle and lick Matt ravenously again, obviously
enjoying the hell out of his big dick, knowing I was enjoying
her enjoying herself. As Matt moaned, he said "Cindy,
let me eat your pussy, please." She looked up at him,
his cock still in her mouth, and then said "Only if
I can come back to this big hunk of meat when you're done",
to which he said "OK, OK!" Cindy sat back in the
chair and opened her legs for Matt to begin his feast. He
gently licked around her labia lips, tantalizing her clit
occasionally and teasing her. In the meantime, I walked
around to the back of the chair and began running my fingers
through her hair, over her shoulders, and gently over her
tits. Her nipples were already rock hard, and I began kissing
around her neck and paying exquisite attention to both
breasts as Matt's tongue found her hot womanly warmth.
She began moaning out loud "oh God, this attention
is divine, oh yes!" Matt found his mark with his tongue
and began rolling Cindy's clit across his tongue,
much the same as I was doing with one tit while I slowly massaged
the other. Her moans began getting louder and she said "Oh
yes, oh Matt that's it, right there! Ohh yess, here
I cum, ohhhh!" The excitement of the attention she
was getting plus the excitement of a new cock drove her over
the edge and she exploded into orgasm, grinding her pussy
into his face as she grabbed his head. I was hard as a rock
watching and partaking in all her pleasure.

As she recovered from her orgasm, she pulled me from behind
the chair and had me sit next to Matt. She then got between
us on the floor and wrapped a hand around each of our stiff
cocks. She sucked on my cock about a dozen times while she
slowly jacked Matt off, then she did the same to him while
stroking me off. She then looked up at us dreamily and said
"If there's a heaven, I must be there."
Matt smiled at her and said "Well you've certainly
put me in heaven so far this afternoon", and I just
stroked her hair and said "She is indeed a little angel,
isn't she?" I then looked at her and said "Go
ahead and enjoy our guest, Sweetheart, you're such
a good hostess too." She looked at Matt's cock
and put herself between his legs, saying "OK, if you
insist. You don't have to tell me twice." She
began giving his cock long strokes, trying to take as much
into her mouth as she could, moaning out loud "Oh God,
I love sucking this big cock! Does that feel good, Matt?
Oh yes!" I got behind her and started running my fingers
across her back, kissing my way to her neck. My hard dick
was rubbing against her pussy lips very gently and I rocked
back and forth, slowly running it across her clitoral area.
I whispered in her ear "Would you like my cock in your
pussy while you give Matt the blowjob of his life?"
She didn't answer as she couldn't bring herself
to quit stroking and sucking on him, but I had my answer when
I felt her hand reach between her legs and guide me into her
hot awaiting love tunnel in a dogstyle position.

I didn't want to take away from her concentration on
enjoying Matt's cock, because he was obviously in
seventh heaven also, so I plunged in slowly, careful to
not take her out of sync with going up and down on his cock
with her hot mouth. Her moans intensified even more, so
I knew she was getting ready to cum yet again. I bent over
and whispered in her ear again, making sure it appeared
as a whisper but loud enough for Matt to hear also "Honey,
how would you like that big cock you're sucking on filling
up your hot pussy?" She moaned and took his cock out
of her mouth long enough to whisper back, loud enough for
us both to hear "Oh yeah, I'd love to have him filling
my pussy, but I love sucking on his hard cock too. Ohhh yeah,
this feels soooo good!"

After plunging into my hot wife a little longer, I told her
I wanted to eat her very hot pussy and that my boner and satisifaction
could wait because I was so turned on watching her. I had
her lay on her back with her head hanging over the edge of
the couch and placed her legs over my shoulders. She started
moaning and saying "I need a cock in my mouth too, please!",
so Matt went over to where her head was and held her head up
gently while she reached for his hard cock and directed
it slowly and sensuously back into her awaiting mouth.
Man, she was REALLY getting off on his cock! Matt didn't
try to ram it in, but he slowly face fucked her to her delight
as she had one hand on his cock and the other pulling his ass
toward her. I could watch this all as I licked her clitoris
and very wet pussy lips. The eroticism of her bucking slowly
into my face as she took Matt's cock into her mouth in
slow motion was surreal. She started bucking faster and
pulled Matt's cock out of her mouth to say "Oh
yes, I'm gonna cum again, fill my mouth with your big
load while I cum Matt!" She stroked his cock with her
incredible hand and mouth motion while he pumped his cock
into her mouth as I licked her to orgasm and Matt started
to moan louder too, saying "Oh Cindy, this feels sooo
good, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!!"

I inserted my finger against Cindy's g-spot and massaged
it as I continued my tongued assault on her clitoris. She
began her muffled moaning as she started to cum but there
was no way she'd give up Matt's cock in her mouth.
Just as Cindy's hips bucked faster and her moaning
got more intense, Matt groaned out "Oh yes, here I
cum!" and as his cock pulsated and released jizz after
jizz into Cindy's hungry mouth, she had such an intense
orgasm that her legs quivered uncontrollably while she
stroked and sucked his cock dry, swallowing his whole explosion.
When it was all finished, she just laid there and said "Ahhhhh,
damn that was intense, I LOVED THAT!! That was so incredible
having your big cock fill my mouth with your cum as I came
too!" She then looked at me and then at my hard cock
and smiled, saying "And your tongue was every bit
as incredible as Matt's cock pulsating in my mouth,
Babe. Thank you, thank you! I better make sure I take good
care of you too it looks like."

I couldn't believe my little vixen wasn't finished
or at least needed a rest. I got between her legs and slid
my cock into her still very hot pussy. I started to kiss her
passionately on the lips while Matt laid next to her on the
floor, enjoying the post orgasmic bliss of his best blowjob
ever. As he looked at the ceiling, I heard him say "that
was awesome!" and as I continued kissing Cindy, I
could tell his remark made her grin. She moaned ever so softly
into my ear "Ooh Baby, your cock is so hard! You're
making my pussy all hot again." As I rode her high trying
to be sure my cock slid against her g-spot while I gave her
long, slow strokes, I whispered back into her ear "You
were so hot sucking on Matt's cock while I ate you, I
thought I'd cum. You looked so nasty with his big dick
in your mouth." She looked at me with her dreamy eyes,
wrapped her legs higher on my back, and smiled as I continued
the slow thrusting, knowing I'd cum pretty quickly
since her pussy was milking my cock so nice. She then whispered
back in my ear "Mmmm, I loved sucking on his big hard
dick knowing it was turning you on so . . but oohhh I'm
gonna cum now, you're fucking my pussy so nice!"
That was about all it took and my load welled up within me
too. Matt watched Cindy and I cumming together and just
grinned. But it wasn't over yet.

The first of Cindy's favorite movies had ended, so
we cleaned ourselves up. I thought it might be kind of fun
if we all smoked a little grass together while we were naked
plus give me a bit of recovery in case I needed it, and they
all agreed. I noticed that even when he was soft, Matt hung
pretty well. We got stoned and recounted our erotic adventure,
having a few laughs and each of us giving Cindy a few kisses
from time to time. At about that time, the 2nd movie Cindy
likes very well also, started to get involved in a MFM scene.
Cindy just grinned and said "Mmm, I just had a good
time like she's about to have." We sat and watched
the movie for awhile, and I could feel the warm feeling you
get when the blood is starting to enter your cock. I glanced
over at Matt, who was laying on the other side of Cindy, and
sure as hell, he was starting to get another rise. Rather
than say anything, we just watched a little longer. I couldn't
believe it when Cindy said "This movie is getting
me horny again." She looked at Matt's cock and
then at mine, and just smiled. We propped pillows behind
our heads and both scooted closer to Cindy as we continued
watching the film. After a bit more watching the woman on
TV getting pleasured by 2 guys, Cindy started running her
hands along the sides of Matt and I's stomach, down
along by our butts and back. I couldn't believe she
was all worked up again.

I started kissing the side of her neck and Matt placed a few
soft kisses on her lips. We tenderly kissed for awhile as
Cindy's nipples hardened. Both Matt and I placed one
in our mouths and she started breathing heavier as she reached
for our cocks. Both Matt and I slid up a little further so
she would have easier access to stroking us, but we continued
trading kisses on her and caressing her breasts and stomach.
We both started caressing around her thighs as her legs
opened up, in eager anticipation of either of us caressing
her moist pussy. She didn't need to wait long, as Matt
caressed her labia lips, slowly stopping to run his fingers
in circles around her clit. "Oh yes, ohhh yeah, that
feels good. Oohhh, I don't know which one of you is doing
that, but don't stop!" I kissed down Cindy's
neck and lapped her breasts for a little while as Matt continued
to masturbate her. I then slid my cock closer to her head
and when Matt saw my cock getting closer, he took it as a cue
to start sucking her tits because he knew I'd want Cindy
sucking my cock. She lunged at my cock with her open mouth
like a woman possessed and started giving me great head
all the while humping Matt's hand as he started kissing
down her stomach, obviously wanting to give his fingers
a rest and replace them with his artful tongue. She opened
her legs wider and Matt placed her legs over his broad shoulders
as he dove for her awaiting clit. By now, Cindy was moaning
"God I love your cock, Tom! Ohhh yess Matt, make me
cum again!" I held her head in my hands as she rocked
it back and forth while her pussy grinded into Matt's
face. She had her first big orgasm of round #2 and neither
she nor Matt or I with our hard-ons were ready to be done yet.

As she caught her breath, Matt and I caressed her body, keeping
the tingling warmth of her orgasm sensation close. I then
started to kiss her entire body as Matt kissed her lips lightly.
She wasn't finished with her need for hard cock yet
and she began leaning down toward Matt's cock as she
made him lay on his back. I stopped what I was doing long enough
for her to get on his side so she could start inhaling his
monster cock again in my clear view. She stroked his sensuously,
making the hard shaft on the bottom side of his cock firm
up. She loves that part in the porn movies and as well as watching
it for her own enjoyment, she knew that I also enjoyed watching
her get Matt so excited yet again. She winked at me as she
worked her magic and I couldn't tell if she was making
her "I love sucking this cock" noises more for
herself, Matt or me, but I knew one thing for sure. She was
enjoying it by virtue of holding on so tight to his cock with
her hand as she hungrily went down on him, I was enjoying
it by virtue of my cock being so hard as I watched my sex princess,
and Matt's uncontrollable moaning and thrusting
his cock upward into Cindy's hungry mouth sure as hell
said he was too! Ultra ultra hot!



Anyway, it didn't take too long and Matt said he was
going to cum again. Cindy slowed down her furious cocksucking
and said "No no, I'm not finished with this hard
cock yet." Matt chilled down and thanked her because
he said he could have that done all day long and was glad she
didn't let him cum. I crawled between her legs and started
to nibble lightly on her clit as I licked her entire labia.
She sat backwards on my chest, gently grinding into my face
as she moaned. Matt stood up alongside her and as I ate her
pussy to my content, she pulled his stiff cock back toward
her mouth, moaning "Let me suck that big cock some
more, God I like your big cock." As before, my boner
grew as I watched her swallow his big dick back and forth.
She started moaning, both from the enjoyment of making
Matt's cock pulsate and my stimulating her clit, that
she had her next orgasm. At this point, Matt and I had both
ate her pussy to a nice cumming. I had her slide back off my
face and toward my waist, having her sit on my cock as I sat
up, kissing her on the neck and breasts as she continued
to slowly suckle Matt's cock, probably less than a
foot away from my face, very close viewing indeed! I whispered
in her ear "Oh Baby, you're making my cock feel
so good inside you" Then I paused for a second and whispered
again "Would you like to try Matt's cock in your
hot pussy while you suck me instead?" She kept his
cock in her mouth, but said "Mmm hmmm!" She gave
him a few more licks, stood up and wrapped her arms around
his neck, and I heard her whisper to him as she kissed him
on the ear "How would that big dick like to fuck my tight
pussy? I haven't had it inside me yet and I'd LOVE

I looked at Matt and said "We can't disappoint
the lady, can we?" Then I had an idea and I told them
I'd be right back. I went up to our bedroom and got a tube
of topical ointment for women that I rub on Cindy's
clit occasionally, which seems to intensify the feeling
and a little bit of lube gel in case she needed or wanted it
to accomodate Matt's huge cock. When I came back downstairs,
Cindy was sitting on his cock, facing toward me and moaning.
"Oh Matt, damn you've got a big dick! Go slowly
and let me get accustomed. Ohh yeah, ohhh you're filling
me up so nice!", she said as she slowly rose up and down
off his huge cock. I watched her getting pleased and she
gradually got all of him into her and began riding him like
a horse. He reached around with his hand and played with
her clit while she bounced up and down on his cock. In no time
at all, she was caressing his big balls with her free hand
as she began moaning "Oh yes, here I cum, ohhh yes!!"
She began bucking her hips back into Matt in the throes of
a big orgasm, saying again and again how good his big dick
felt. She leaned forward to me and opened her mouth, wanting
to taste my cock. I ran my fingers through my hair as she pulled
on my ass, bringing me into her mouth in a slow facefuck motion
while she grinded her pussy into Matt's entire shaft
and balls. I pulled back after a few sweet sucks and had everyone
stop for a second, time for a rotation.

I put a few pillows on the couch and told Cindy to lay with
her ass on the end of the couch. Her eyes lit up in a big gleam
because having her ass on the end of the arm cushion while
I pump into her is perhaps her favorite position due to deep
plunging, and she knew what I was thinking. She moved to
the end of the couch as I held her upper body from sliding
backwards and she asked Matt to hold her legs up while she
got in position. He smiled because he also knew what the
desired position was, knowing he'd get to feel the
hot nerve endings of Cindy's turned on pussy all the
way up and down his cock, which I'm sure was probably
a pretty tight fit in her. Of course, I'm sure the sight
of her nicely trimmed pussy with legs spread open awaiting
his entry made him smile too! I had the tube of gel displayed
in my hand and I asked Cindy if she'd like some. She said
it was probably a pretty good idea if she was going to have
a big cock like Matt's and so she had me rub it around
and slightly inside her pussy, moaning lightly as I tenderly
applied it to her. I stroked her hair as I held her, smiling
at my love goddess and asking her if she was enjoying herself
as Matt slid his cock along her pussy lips, teasing her by
not yet plunging into her. I bent down to kiss her and Matt
slowly moved his cock head to her vaginal entrance. I then
said "hold on a second Matt, try some of this."
I then pulled the tube of topical pleasure ointment tube
out so Cindy could also see it and I ran a bead of it along Matt's
cock shaft plus a few drops directly on Cindy's clit.
She lit up in a smile and said "Mmmm, this is gonna be

Matt slowly inserted his cock into Cindy's now highly
sensitive pussy, his cock head going in a few strokes, pulling
back slowly, and then pushing in a little deeper with each
stroke, being very gentle with his humongous dick. He wouldn't
have had to because Cindy was wet with anticipation and
lubed a bit, plus the ointment was stimulating her vaginal
area and she was hot to trot! Still, he teased her, making
her wait for the moment when he'd be filling her with
pulsating dick. As she started to moan, she started to beg
"Matt, please give me that big cock, please now!"
He teased her a little more and then slowly slid his full
length into her, making her gasp in ecstasy. He also circled
his fingers around her clit as he pumped her. He also seemed
to be in control of his orgasm, able to pull back and hold
off on his orgasm, giving Cindy a thrilling and full cock
sensation. "OOHHH, ohhh my, OHH GOD, YES YES YES,
oh God I'm cumming!!" she screamed as he continued
to thrust his thick 9 inches in and out of her. I was behind
her head so Matt's thrusting wouldn't push her
off the edge of the couch, hard as a rock but not really able
to get in any position to get my cock in her mouth for fear
she'd start to slide. That was OK by me though, as she
was getting ravaged so pleasurably by Matt's huge
dick. She probably had two huge orgasms within a minute
of each other and had no interest in all in stopping.

I asked her if she'd like me to hold her feet up and she
said "OH god, yes, please!" By doing so, it rotated
her pelvis so that her pussy was at a high point, meeting
every inch of Matt's cock. He would plunge a few fast
strokes, but most of the time he spent it in slower motion,
which Cindy likes best anyway as it lets her feel the pulsations
better. Since her pussy was now up at a easier viewing angle
for me, I watched Matt pleasure my wife to the fullest and
his big balls were now slapping her ass as his topical ointment
enhanced cock delivered ecstasy to every nerve ending
in Cindy's pussy. "Ohhh Matt, ohhh Matt, God
how I love what your cock is doing to me! Ohhhh, don't
stop fucking me with that huge cock, fuck me fuck me!!"
she screamed as her on fire pussy met each stroke of his cock.
This went on for probably 10 minutes and then Matt began
to moan louder and louder, saying "OH my God, here
I cum, oh fuck I'm gonna fill that pussy full!"
to which Cindy said "Oh yes Matt, fill me with your
big cum, let that hot cock explode!!" They both exploded
into orgasmic ecstasy, Matt pumping his ball sack full
of cum into her as she writhed uncontrollably. As they winded
down and were just passionately holding each other, I couldn't
help but start jacking off as my balls were almost hurting.
My unbelievable wife looked back at me and said "Wait
Baby, I want to do that for you." I let her and Matt enjoy
each other as his drained cock started to subside and he
pulled out of her. Then she bent over me and lotioned up my
cock, giving me the best handjob I can recall. As I began
moaning that I was going to cum, she bent her head down and
began blowing me for all she was worth. I erupted into her
mouth in less than five minutes, and she didn't stop
until I was totally and completely spent.

We all three laid on the floor in a total state of relaxation.
Matt just said "Cindy, you are incredible. I've
never had a blowjob or sex that could even come close to that.
You don't know how bad I needed that and how good it felt."
She just smiled big and said "You two don't know
how incredibly good you were today either and how bad I needed
that. Whew!! Not once, but twice! I loved it!!

She loved it allright. We have a king size bed and we let Cindy
sleep between Matt and I that night. We all slept grandly,
especially me. When I awoke in the morning, I awoke to light
moaning. There she was, slowly drinking in Matt's
big cock again. She looked up at me with a mouthful of dick
and said "Good morning, Sleepyhead. I thought you'd
never wake up, but Matt did so as you can see, I'm keeping
him occupied." She took her mouth down his cock fully
for another half dozen strokes, looked up at me with a big
grin and asked "You ready to play?" Was I ever!!

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