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Hot Date


He had shaved very carefully and close, going in both directions,
feeling time and again for the least bit of stubble. His
moustache trimmed, lightly waxed and trimmed again. Any
random hairs that men are prone to growing were sought out
and pulled or clipped. The eyebrows were attended to with
the same attention as his moustache. He had shaved his other
self as well. Not completely. Only the shaft and testicles
were smooth although the balance of hair was trimmed, combed
and trimmed again.

She shaved close in those places where American tradition
dictated and in keeping with a not uncommon trend, had an
ultra smooth and hairless presence between her legs. She
was totally slick except for the hair on her head, the growth
on her arms and the almost imperceptible fuzz that covered
those parts that were not shaved clean by the fresh-bladed

Each had separately prepared themselves for this evening,
including a colonic purge. One never knew, but… one never
knew. He was a bit reluctant at her request but trusted her
and so complied with her wishes. Each was committed in their
mind that this would be an evening of sensory exploration
and total sexual stimulation.

It had been such a wonderful light meal; toasted brie, a
cherry flavored desert cheese, salt free crackers from
the grocer’s gourmet isle, red seedless grapes and an excellent
Mosel wine from the Piesport region. The hot tub was kept
at 110 degrees Fahrenheit and its numerous jets were so
relaxing. Twenty minutes would have been marvelous, but
too relaxing for what next was planned, so ten minutes was
the limit this time.

A rubdown with special oil was performed on each other.
Both were so relaxed and unashamed of their nakedness;
him hardly an indication of arousal… yet, and her nipples
were soft and relaxed. There was no need to hurry and the
inner question of whether or not sex would occur was not
present. Both knew that sex was in the plan and this knowledge
relaxed them so that they could enjoy the experience without

After her hands and fingers had made their final tracing
of the muscles in his back she lay down beside him, face-to-face,
eye-to-eye. The aroma of the oil and lightly scented candles
filled the air with a sensual aroma. The books had been right.
This was working.

He gently kissed her mouth. Both had so eagerly awaited
the anticipation of this kiss that at the lips first contact
the lovers’ pulse had instantly peaked as if charged by
some unseen spark of energy. The blood in his ears pounded
and her face flushed. He pulled slightly away to study this
woman that had caused such a reaction. Now there was a stirring
in his loins. She too examined this man and looked deep within
his eyes trying to discover what he possessed that had suddenly
started her sexual fluids to flow.

He kissed her again and tugged at her lower lip and gently
sucked it. Again he pulled away ever so slightly. Their
tongues met and guided each to the other’s mouth where there
they met and again embraced. A gentle sucking invitation
sent each tongue to the other’s mouth where it was warmly

Again he pulled away ever so slightly, and her eyes told
him that she was ready for more. He kissed her eyelids. He
loved that, for they were so soft and as he had been told was
a surprisingly pleasant feeling. He shifted his attention,
kissed her chin and then sucked it gently. This too produced
a pleasant and unexpected sensation. Skin so soft and smooth
to the tongue. There were other surprises being held in

He kissed her sternum, her breasts gently grazing the sides
of his face. Firm and soft, she was fortunate that aesthetic
surgery was not necessary for attractiveness. Maybe sometime,
she thought, but not yet. Not until he said something. He
licked her breast and enjoyed the slight musky flavor of
the oil. Her nipples seemed to reach for him, her breathing
deepened. A quick lick, and then a long slow suck of her nipple.
The sudden warmness began the total arousal of her breast.

Her womanly fluids began to flow and she moaned softly.
His hand found her wetness. He stroked it gently with his
fingers and brought them to his face. He inhaled the aroma,
his mouth open to better savor her aroma. Satisfied he put
them into his mouth and sucked slightly, the various zones
of taste identifying something just a bit different. He
stroked again to repeat, but she guided his hand to her mouth
and tasted herself. They both sampled her essence from
his fingers until nothing remained but the moistness of
their saliva. Her arousal increased. Her pulse quickened.

He slowly traced his tongue down her belly and lingered
briefly at her navel. There he sucked and nibbled creating
a heightened sensation with her. Oh she wanted him to hurry
and get “there” but she also wanted to enjoy whatever he
did at his pace. Back he went to her nipples, and …oh! Cold!
Ice! Then his hot sucking mouth was on it to warm it back.
Ice again! The cold! Then the welcome heat again. Oh yes!
Such opposing extremes creating this exquisite torture!
The other nipple was addressed with equal attention. The
ice cube circled the alveoli with the tongue close behind.
Hot, cold, hot, cold. Yes! Oh please don’t stop!

The ice was at her navel. Her stomach heaved at the shock.
His mouth warmed her. Her pelvis thrust upward. Please!
Kiss me there. Suck and eat and tongue me there. Do anything
you want there! Please! As if her mind was read his face went
to her waiting organ. Softly he blew. The air across her
moistness chilled her. He licked and warmed her. He blew
again, and licked again. Several times he did this and each
time her level of excitement intensified. Sweet mother!
He was taking her to heights never before visited!

Then he was there in earnest. His tongue separated her labia
as he tracked through her wetness. Slowly he tasted her.
So sweet and rich! His tongue probed her deeply, exploring
the sides and top and bottom of her vagina. His teeth gripped
ever so lightly her tender lips below and tugged. They were
in his mouth and he sucked and tugged and probed and tasted
and... Yes! He was so close. Just a little more.

Her clitoris was swollen full. Oh please! Talk to it! Kiss
it! Suck it! Please! So close.. now… and… Oh what are you…
doing… I… oh… what is that warmth? Such a pleasant sensation!

His other surprise was working even better than he had hoped.
A peppermint candy with a hole in the center had been his
mouth and then placed over her clitoris. Its mint flavor
had been diluted with his saliva, but the residual oils
created such warmth just short of pain. His tongue wrapped
around her sensual peak. He inserted his fingers into her
moistness and she moaned… low… sensual. Her pelvis raised
and he took this as another invitation. He removed his fingers,
placed his middle finger at the opening of her anus and lightly
traced around its rim.

He shifted his oral attention to that place, his tongue
replacing the finger. Around and around he went. He could
feel the tension in her opening. His tongue probed within.
She began to breathe deep and through her teeth. The slight
traces of the candy’s oil created a slight warming sensation
there as well. She moaned again. His middle finger was again
at the opening, still moist, still slick with her wetness.
She put her weight a bit more on it, slowly at first then fully
until his finger was completely within, the last knuckle
being a pleasant, slight stretch.

She was comfortable here and became more so as his thumb
entered her vagina. Again his tongue was on her clitoris,
licking and sucking, and occasionally fighting with the
thumb for space. Her breathing had deepened more. Her inhales
were through the teeth. She was rocking back and forth,
enjoying his fingers’ presence in both front and back.
His mouth was still busy and her level of arousal had nearly
peaked. Her senses were rotating between her anus, her
vagina and her clitoris over and over again. Oh what a talented
tongue! The feel of his mouth was pure ecstasy!

Her nipples stiffened even more. She pinched them, twisted
and tugged. Oh… myyyy…. yesss… hoh! Hoh! Mmmmmmmmm! He
felt the involuntary flexes of her orgasm in his mouth.
Her anus flexed uncontrollably. Her legs shook and her
breathing came in shudders. Her head moved back and forth
as tears came to her eyes. She had never been to this level
of pleasure. Orgasms, yes. Great orgasms sometimes. But
this made the earth move. Her heart pounded. Her nasal,
shallow breathing came in micro bursts, hardly sufficient
to sustain her consciousness. Gradually it deepened,
but the tears remained.

The anal spasms subsided, as did those of the vagina. He
hadn’t moved since he felt them reach their crescendo,
for to do so would diminish her orgasm. If there were any
movement it would be hers. It was so wonderful to feel those
quivers and flexes and to know that he was able to bring this
on. It was a present he always enjoyed giving, and she always
was happy to receive. Finally when the breathing returned
to a more normal rhythm he slowly removed his finger from
her rectum, and as he did so it flexed a bit more. He kissed
it, circling it once again with his tongue, and again it
responded to his touch. He probed again as a final adieu
to this oral engagement, moved to her vagina, kissed and
flicked again, slowly moved up to her nipples, kissed them,
tugged them, sucked them and moved up to her neck.

She stared at the ceiling, the tears still in her eyes. Every
cell seemed momentarily spent. She couldn’t move. Her
anus and vagina were warm. She could still feel the pleasant
presence of his fingers removed only a few moments ago from
them. How had he taken her to this level? This was truly magical
and she wanted to retain this feeling indefinitely. How
absolutely wonderful he had been!

She placed her hand on his manhood. It was in one of those
in-between stages. She found the head and then the small
orb of fluid that signaled a stage of his arousal. Arousal
at what he had done? This compliment was not lost on her.
She brought her finger to her mouth and traced the length
of her tongue with the silver drop. It was almost tasteless
except for the near imperceptible hint of salt. Its oily
lubricating nature remained on her tongue. Her saliva
didn’t remove it and she was glad. She wanted more of him.

Her mouth found his nipple. His chest was smooth with hair
only around his alveoli. She sucked and nibbled and it responded.
How many women ignored this place on a man? If it felt so good
to her, would it not feel as good to a man? His responses said
that he too enjoyed this by his growing stiffness. Another
drop of passion’s dew appeared on the end of his glans. Again,
she took it with her finger and traced it down her tongue.
Again there was the taste and oiliness that she treasured.
The other nipple was addressed with equal attention. His
responses didn’t show a preference for either side as each
caused his breathing to deepen and his ass to begin moving.
She felt his organ stiffen more in anticipation. “Not yet
my friend, ” she thought. This time it was her turn with
the ice.

First she applied the ice to the nipple as he had done to her.
She was hoping that it produced the same sweet torturous
sensations with him that it had done on her. His quick inhales
were in response to the sudden shock of the cold. A quick
mouth moved to warm his nipple. Again his ass was moving.
Her hand gripped it firmly. She could feel the glutean muscles
flex. “Such a firm ass, ” she thought. Soon she would ride
this stallion, but not yet. His blood was still not racing
fast enough and she had other pleasures to perform. She
dragged the ice down his torso, her tongue close behind
with periodic slow, wet kisses punctuating her path. His
back arched in response to her actions. This was totally
new to him and he loved it. She dribbled the melting ice into
his navel, and unlike hers, his umbilical connection had
healed inward, so a small pool of cool water collected that
she consumed. This too had its erotic effect on him. In fact,
everything that she was doing was right, was pleasant,
was… ecstatic. He too moaned. But his was different. Not
a whimper or whine like a woman’s, but a low, resonant almost
inaudible tone that she could feel even through her gripping
of his buttocks.

She was becoming aroused at his excitement, and she sampled
herself for wetness. She withdrew her fingers and he moved
to taste the new vintage. Again they both sampled until
all was gone but their mouths’ saliva. She sampled again
and traced his nipples with herself and sucked and tugged,
and still his ass was moving in her grip. He was fully erect
now, the glans swelling with excitement. She thought to
herself that now was the time for something a bit different.

Her head moved down to his groin and his pelvis thrust upward
in anticipation. But she didn’t stop and instead moved
beyond to his anus. Her tongue ringed the opening and his
muscles twitched. “Ah brown-eye, ” she thought. “This
is new for you isn’t it?”

His mind raced. All of his life this had never been a place
of pleasure. Not for a man. He knew that it could be, and that
those that enjoyed sex with the same gender found such pleasure
here, and as such “normal” men shouldn’t. But this was so…
pleasant, a sort of tickle, but warm and sensual. His mind
submitted and out of trust he released his inhibitions.
Do what you will, he thought. I am yours.

She felt the tenseness ease. His arms had begun to reach
for her, to stop her from doing this. But then she felt his
surrender. She was grateful, for his pleasure was her goal.
Her servitude was her ambition. Again she ringed his anal
muscle, her other hand on his stiffness. As the anus flexed
she could feel it on her tongue all the way to the hand that
held his manhood. Now a probe of it with her oral muscle.
She was amazed that it was so tight. There was no taste or
smell that she had subconsciously anticipated, as that
had been taken care of by the day’s earlier purge and their
brief period in the hot tub. All that was present was the
aroma of the oil. A kiss of this bud of muscle and another
probe. Another reaction but this time, more of relaxation,
of… invitation. Good. He was ready.

She sampled her wetness again but this time her finger moved
to his anal opening. Only the slightest pressure there.
His mind raced again. He shouldn’t, but he wanted to try
it. It was taboo. But it was her. But what would that make
him? It would make him hers… still. And so his mind again
let his inhibitions slip a bit more. His trust and passion
overriding any reservations. He pushed his weight onto
her finger, moving side to side. Her lubrication and his
relaxation were sufficient for her finger’s penetration.
Gentle as possible, as easy and slowly has he directed with
the movement of his buttocks.

Her finger remained motionless… for now. Her mouth found
his testicles and she took one in her mouth, her tongue slowly
circling and moving it within. The warmth was so pleasant
to him. Such a unique feeling. It was as if everything below
his waist was immersed. She gently massaged his sack, pulling
a testicle into her mouth and swirling it. Switching to
the other. His ass was moving now, slowly. She could feel
that gland on her finger and the flexations of muscle around
it. It was time.

Her mouth moved from the testicle to his manhood. Had it
always been this large? The end was swollen and red. It throbbed,
and a larger globe of his “pre” was present, enticing her
to lick it off and again taste his slight oiliness. Her tongue
circled the glans, exploring its surface. His anus flexed,
his back arched and she took him into her mouth.

Oh my… oh! Soooo nice! Again his moan reverberated throughout
his entire body. Slowly she circled his head as she kept
it warm and secure with her mouth. Then patiently down the
entire length until she could feel him at the back of her
throat. She came up, took a breath and went down again and
when he was fully inside she swallowed, her throat muscles
caressing the end of his penis. She had practiced this,
over and over on her own and it was now paying off. The only
sounds that he could muster now were moans. Any words were
only said as he inhaled and thus almost silent. Yesssssss.
She could feel his head and shaft flex in her mouth. She tasted
more oiliness with a little more salt included.

She could feel his prostate swell, his anal muscles relaxing.
The movement of his ass was more deliberate. He remained
in her mouth, with only brief breaks in motion for her to
breathe or blow on the end of his shaft, chilling it only
to be warmed by the return of her wet lips. Up and down her
head moved, her lips tightening around his glans, her tongue
swirling, back again to the depths of her throat. Yes, he
was almost there. She could taste it. Come on baby. Let me
taste you.

Her pressure on his prostate, the presence of her finger…
in and out… fucking him? Yes. SO BE IT! Fuck me! Her mouth
on his organ, him fucking it. Yes! It is so sweet when you
do that! I… never… thought… oh… yessss. Fuuuuuuuuck me.
Suck me. Oh don’t stop! My gosh don’t stop! I… ammmmm… c-c-c-cumm….OHHHHHHHH!

His entire body flexed, arched, accompanied by his low
guttural moan of pleasure. Every muscle was tensed at the
culmination of his orgasm. It was times like these that
she could comprehend the superior strength that men had
over women, for surely there was some secret alchemy that
turned men’s flesh to steel. His back arched, he fucked
her face, as her finger fucked his ass. The extent of his
release surprised her. His fluid was hot, salty, oily…
substantial. She wasn’t sure of the volume but it seemed
greater than normal. She felt it hit the back of her throat.
She swallowed. Her tongue swirled around the head. Her
saliva mixed with his fluid. Down the length she moved again
her throat muscles swallowing and caressing his organ.
Oh yes my dear. I love your taste and doing this for you. I
am so grateful that you allowed me to partake of you.

She knew this was his moment and did not move. Her mouth was
still on him, her finger still in him, his spasms slowly
subsiding. Carefully she removed her finger, keeping
it just at the opening. His anal muscles tensed at its exit
but were comforted with the amorous finger’s presence.
She consumed the last of his orgasmic fluid as her tongue
swirled around him again.

He was spent. His body relaxed totally, his utter sensitivity
focused at two points. How sensitive they were. Even the
touch of her tender tongue was almost too much. His breathing
became more regular.

How wonderful that had been! Her finger’s penetration
was still felt. Such warmth remained. What had he done?
What had he allowed? What did this make him that he should
enjoy it so? No, he was still straight. He had no interest
in exploring anything with another man except perhaps
a new beer down at the microbrewery. He decided instead
that a part of him had awakened, and that he was hers more
so than ever before. This was a new sharing, a new level of
intimacy and pleasure. Perhaps it should not become routine
for in that regularity would its level of pleasure not be
somewhat diminished? Maybe. So this should remain an option
and when he wanted the experience again he would let her
know, and hope that she would comply.

She held his manhood in her hand, tasting yet a final drop
from him. His erection had subsided considerably but his
arousal was still in evidence. She put her head on his chest,
listening to the tha-dump, tha-dump of his heart. Her hands
gripped his buttocks gingerly as he held her in his arms.
There they remained for a few brief minutes, each rebuilding
their strength for the next level of intercourse.

They kissed, and he tasted just a bit of himself from her
mouth. He looked into her eyes and saw the faint droplets
of sweat on her upper lip. He licked and tasted her salt and
also some of her self that remained in his moustache, still
rich and sensual. Their chests were touching, the nipples
becoming erect again. His hands moved to her buttocks and
he gently squeezed her cheeks.

He felt his manhood stirring again and just to be certain,
she again placed him in her mouth, massaging him with her
tongue. Satisfied of his erection she rolled on her side
and placed her inviting ass in front of him, the folds of
her vagina and inviting anus presenting a most sensual
inverted exclamation mark. He spread her cheeks and again
kissed her anal bud, and as before it responded with flexes.
He tongued her opening and probed and felt himself getting
even stiffer. He kissed and gently sucked on her bud, pulling
her slightly into his mouth. Again he traced the star with
his tongue and probed. He released the pressure and blew
on the moistness and the sphincter flexed in response.
Again he kissed and brought the anus into his oral warmth,
caressing and probing. The ring of muscle began to relax.
He felt her hand on his organ and a new slick, wetness. Her
hand glided over his manhood. So slick. It was… oil. A lubricant?
But why Oh yes, very well dear. He kissed and lightly bit
her buttocks.

She rolled up onto her knees, her buttocks facing him. Again
he kissed and sucked her bud. Again it responded with anxious
anticipation. He placed himself to her and pressed slightly.
Such tightness. She inhaled sharply at the pressure. She
started her breathing excercises for relaxation and pain
relief. Ironic that those exercises for birthing were
suitable to this as well. She pressed herself to him. A mutual
gentle force. He withdrew a bit, preparing the way for another
lubricated advance. The natural resistance of her sphincter
began to relax as she began to feel his warmth. The pain subsided,
but still he was gentle. A slow, sensual pumping of her rectum
ensued. She relaxed more. She felt his presence completely
within her. She tightened her anus and felt him flex his
staff in return. Feeling him move within her intestinal
sheath was such a pleasant sensation. There! Yes! That
spot! Reach…. Touch there again! Mmmmm.

She was full of him. The oil was doing its part. He was sliding
easier now. She could feel him flex at his penetration and
withdrawal. Almost out and he would stop, flex and go back
in. Oh yes this was nice. As he withdrew she would flex, and
when he pushed she would relax. He was fucking her ass and
her ass was fucking him. Her hand went to herself and she
fingered her organ. She knew he didn’t mind. It wasn’t a
slight to him, but rather an enhancement. She twiddled
the hooded one and began another surge towards orgasm.
He sensed the tightness and spasms growing in frequency
and intensity. This aroused him further and his member
swelled more. He wished that his mouth could contributing
more to her impending orgasm but he was content, knowing
that it was occurring and that he was a player in this duet.

He slapped her buttocks and they reddened, the warmth spreading
throughout. She moaned as she rode the impending wave.
The sensation to him was magnificent. The inherent closeness
of her sheath became even closer with her abdominal contractions.
He straddled her buttocks sending himself even deeper
within. She moaned at the increased penetration, the pressure
against her intestinal wall. She could feel him moving
as she began to finger herself faster. She inserted her
fingers deeply and reaching to the wall to touch him slow
close on the other side. She began panting, whining, moaning.
Yes! Faster! Harder. HARDER. FASTER! Her voice increased
in volume and pitch. The yelp of pleasure. OH FUCK ME! FUUUUUUUCK
MEEEEEE!!!!!! She was there! Again! Twice! He was in and
out, her fingers moving, her legs shaking, sweat dripping
from her face, her back slick with perspiration. His hand
reached under and cupped her wet breast, twisting and tugging
her nipple. All parts moving in unison. Tears again. No…
more… can’t… can’t… go on. I-I-I. Hmmmmmmmmmm. She flexed
one last long time, her body stiff. Please…take….oh……
shit…. hoh… hoh….

He understood. Slowly he withdrew himself. The bud was
still parted, its opening still stretched. He carefully
kissed and tongued the orifice and she fell forward, limp.
The tears remained and were followed by more tears. She
cried in ecstasy. NEVER had she been here! Her body spasmed
throughout. Her legs shuddered. Her arms, although not
an active participant, ached from supporting herself
and the expense of orgasmic energy. Her rectum flexed from
the pleasant violation. She was hot. He was above her, blowing
over her slick wet skin. The evaporation cooled and soothed
her. He was tired as well, but her needs were more pressing.
He could tell from her last orgasm that a bit of rest was required
before anything else, and so he was patient. It wasn’t important
that he hadn’t achieved an orgasm as well. There would be
other times, and this was not a case of success being based
on orgasms. He lay beside her, his chest against her back.
He grabbed the sheet and covered both of them, placed his
hand on her hip and rested with her as they listened to the
band “Spyro Gyra” in the background.

A little later he got up for his favorite after-sex drink:
Cherry Kool-Aid. The sugar gave him energy, the cold refreshed
him, and he just loved the cherry flavor. He brought her
a glass of the raspberry tea that she enjoyed, loaded with
crushed ice and sweetened. He also brought some frozen
seedless grapes. They were so refreshing that way, cold
and semi-crunchy. Each drank their beverage down almost
without stopping. He told her a couple of jokes as they consumed
the grapes. She reached for him, kissed him and slipped
him a grape that she had briefly thawed in her mouth. The
grapes were so sweet.

She left for just a moment and upon her return she looked
at him mischievously, got on her knees before him, spread
his legs and proceeded to bathe his testicles with her mouth.
Such a warm sensation developed! What was that? She began
performing fellatio on him again, and the sensation continued.
What was that he smelled? Whisky? She was bathing his genitals
in his whisky? He certainly hadn’t thought about using
it for this purpose. Oh, this was nice! The alcohol paired
with her oral warmth stimulated the blood flow, as if the
magnificent blowjob wasn’t stimulating enough.

She loved taking him in her mouth soft and feeling him grow
within. The workings of a man’s organ were such a mystery
to her, but she didn’t dwell on that very much. All she knew
was the pleasure that she could provide and receive, and
that the doing this gave her immense power.

He reached for her, and as she moved her stomach towards
him he began to massage her vagina with his tongue. Oh how
he enjoyed performing this number! She enjoyed it as well,
as her instant wetness testified. She was still sweet and
fresh tasting. He loved doing… ohhhhhh. It was hard for
him to concentrate on pleasuring her when she was doing
that so well. Oh he wanted her, wanted to be in her. He knew
he had better change the pace if he was to finish later rather
than sooner.

He reached down to himself, felt her cheek and stroked it
gently. She knew what he wanted. She knew how aroused he
was getting from the change in his taste, that little bit
of “pre” that prepares the path for a seminal onslaught.
How was it to be? Missionary? Doggie? Scissors? Her on top
or in his lap? Ahh, missionary. Good! She liked it that way.
She liked it all ways with him.

He got a pillow and put it under the small of her back as she
arched it. One final lick of her and he placed his throbbing
staff to her opening. Their eyes met and as he eased himself
in her eyes widened somewhat and then closed as she mentally
relished the feeling of his manhood within her. She smiled
slightly. This was a culmination of the evening’s activities
and she couldn’t decide which was the most pleasurable.

He restrained himself from complete insertion and instead
maintained his presence at her opening; in just a little
and then out, the soft rounded ridge of the glans creating
the motion and friction where the majority of her sensitivity
was located. Oh he felt so good doing that, but she wanted
more of him; wanted to fill the fullness of him. She arched
her back, reached around him with her legs and pulled him
to her. There would be no resisting her. Her muscles relaxed
as she took him in and as he withdrew she flexed and squeezed
his shaft creating such a sensual suction. Oh he loved the
way she did that! He wondered how long it had taken to develop
such muscle control. He had heard stories of a woman’s ability
to maneuver objects using just the vaginal muscles. Had
she read the same stories or were they about her? He didn’t
know. What he did know was that he was spoiled. No one else
had ever worked him like this and he had no desire to seek
anyone else out.

Each stroke reached just a little further inside her. Although
it was measured in microns the sensitivity of his glans
made it seem like inches. Each time a little more of her seemed
to open up, allowing further entry. Her legs were around
his hips and each thrust of his pelvis was enforced by their
efforts to pull him ever deeper. Their mutual efforts were
taking them closer to that moment. Their movements became
more deliberate and intense. He felt her pubic bone bumping
into his. He placed his arms under her legs, straightened
his back and picked her lower torso off the bed. The strokes
came faster. There was no need for her legs to help for he
was at her depths. Her muscles were acting on their own.
Squeeze. Relax. Squeeze. Relax. Through the sensitivity
of his organ he felt her moment nearing. Just… a… little…

The thrusts became furious now, her whimpers signaling
her approaching orgasm. His time was near as he continued
pounding himself into her. Her fluids were flowing freely
and made their skin slick. Again and again. Yes… yes… oh
yes…mmmm… mmmm… Now! Her eyes widened her legs came off
his arms and she squeezed him, holing him in her. There!
Yes! She raised herself off the bed and squeezed with all
her might. Her back arched, her head was back, her hands
digging into his back.

All of his senses were focused on that moment, that place
within her. Her muscles indicated her orgasm as he was reaching
his. At his ultimate moment her legs pulled at the most perfect
of times. He felt that he had gone deeper than ever before.
That he was longer than ever before. Again, new territory
had been discovered.

The long, low guttural moans coming from him mated to her
whimpers of ecstatic emotion created a lovers’ sexual
symphony. He felt her orgasmic spasms around him and she
felt his stiffness flexing, pumping his fluid of life into
her. He put one hand behind her back, bent and took her nipple
in his mouth, sucking, teething. He would do anything to
heighten her pleasure. Their breathing was shallow, deep
and then shallow again. Her legs quivered. He stilled and
let her ride the moment in any way she wanted. He eased her
back down to the bed, straightened his back looked down
admiring the coupling place. He loved the sight of him inside
her smooth vagina. He could see her muscles contract. The
clitoris was only partially exposed now, the moment passing,
and the hooded friend hiding itself away for another time.

His chest was slick with sweat. His temples were wet and
a drop of his perspiration formed on his brow and dropped
onto her smooth, flat belly. Their breathing began its
descent to normal rhythms. Her breasts and abdomen were
beaded with perspiration. He bent down and gently blew
on her skin creating a welcomed coolness.

Careful not to dislodge himself from her he lay on his side,
her breasts against his. They closed their eyes and slept,
arms and legs entwined, two bodies forming one.


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