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Horses For Courses



Spasms of erotic sensation rippled through the precocious
fourteen year old as she continued to watch, glued to the
incredible scene. One of her hands drifted up to caress
the plump, roundness of her tits as she watched and listened
to the provocative sounds of her friends fucking like rabbits.

Her other hand crept down under the waistband of her panties
to the prominent mound of her pussy, and began to stroke
the moist, adolescent slit. She had been masturbating
since she was twelve, and knew exactly how to get the most
pleasure from her horny little hole once it was aroused.
First, she ran a finger between the lips of her slit to moisten
it, then rubbed the liquid in and around the folds of her
cunt until it was all slippery. Then she took her clit gently
between two fingers and rubbed it lightly, thrilling at
the delightfully lewd sensations it sent through her easily
excited cunt.

Although she wasn't sexually active yet, Julie wasn't
a virgin either. Last summer, she had let Russell Miller
go all the way in the woods off Park Road on their way home
from school. Russ was tall and handsome and sixteen, and
Julie had had a crush on him for some time.

When Russ had kissed her, Julie's legs simply melted
and it wasn't long before he had her pants around her
ankles and his cock in her virgin cunt. It had hurt at first,
but just as she was starting to enjoy it, Russ had pulled
out and sprayed her belly with white, sticky cum.

Julie continued to rub her throbbing clit, teasing and
rubbing the swollen little bud until, once again, she exploded
in orgasm, pumping two fingers deep up into her frothy little
cunt as she jerked and bucked in adolescent ecstasy.

As the intense pleasure faded, feelings of shame and guilt
replaced them and Julie crept silently back to her room,
not even waiting to watch the completion of her two friends
lovemaking. Safely inside her room, the girl slipped under
the bedcovers and tried to fall asleep. But her mind was
full of wild thoughts.

Was she sick or depraved or something?
She didn't know, but what she did know, was that tonight
had awakened something inside of her, something sensual,
and she was determined to experiment some more. It was nice
to masturbate, she decided,

Julie purposely left the shower door open a few inches so
that John would be able to see her as she showered. She felt
excitingly wicked, and suddenly realised that not only
did she like sex, she also liked it when men looked at her
the way John had just done. It turned her on more than she
would have admitted, even to herself. The hot, stinging
jets of water refreshed her body as she soaped it all over,
paying particular attention to her firm, pointed breasts.

Out of the corner of her eye, Julie could see John looking
at her through the opening, and turned slightly so that
he could get a better view. Pretending not to notice that
he was still there, Julie began to spread the soapy lather
down over her firm belly and between her legs. She could
have sworn she heard a moan as her fingers began to rub the
creamy foam along the insides of her glistening thighs.

John was transfixed with wonder. He had always thought
that Julie had a cute pair of tits, and now he was actually
watching her spread soap all over them!
As she moved her hands lower, he moaned softly, watching
her rub her fingers gently between her legs.

"Christ! I'd love to do that for her!" he
thought, moving a little closer to the door.

His cock was beginning to grow of it's own accord and
his right hand moved automatically to grasp the stiffening
organ as he watched.

Julie saw John's fingers encircle his prick and begin
to move it back and forth.

"God! He's actually going to jack off!"

The thought sent a deep, peculiar thrill through her pussy
which was already becoming aroused by the movement of her
soapy fingers. The knowledge that her naked body had such
an immediate effect on John was immensely exciting and
she felt a powerful surge of lust flash through her loins.
She wanted to masturbate in front of him too!
Her pussy lips parted as Julie inserted a soapy finger into
her heated slit. All the time her eyes were fixed on John's
fist-encased prick.

Moving so that she was facing the partly opened door, Julie
directed the shower nozzle so that the warm spray fell directly
on her pussy mound, and leant back against the tiled wall,
slowly spreading her creamy thighs until the lips of her
cunt parted and a steady stream of water invaded the hot,
wet, crevice.

"Ooooooooohhh!" , she moaned loudly.

It was a deep guttural moan, and John's fist began to
move even faster up and down the thickening shaft of his
prick as he heard Julie groan in such obvious pleasure.
He could see the dark, inner lips of her pussy now and the
tiny hole beneath her clitoris, which he knew would be tight
and hot. His cock was throbbing and jerking in his hand,
and John knew that he wouldn't be able to last much longer
before he creamed.

Julie stared with admiration at John's cock and inserted
a long slim finger into her moistening pussy. It certainly
had grown a lot since she had first seen it. In fact, it was
Easily as big as her father's had been the night before!

The sight of John's long, stiff cock pumping powerfully
between his clenched fingers was beginning to effect the
girl immensely and she became acutely aware of her swollen,
gently throbbing clitoris. She ran a finger back and forth
over the hard little bundle of nerves as she watched John
working his fist up and down his stiff prick with considerably
more speed.

Julie was completely absorbed by the lascivious situation,
totally turned on. She wanted him to come with her, to [color
blue] spurt his jism at the same time her own
pussy creamed, but she had to see his face when he came. So,
throwing caution to the wind, Julie turned off the shower
and with a trembling hand, slid the door open fully.

John's initial surprise stopped his jerking hand
for only a second. But as he saw the look of undisguised lust
on Julie's pretty features, some of his earlier bravado
returned. With an uncertain smile, he sat back against
the hand basin and resumed jerking his enormous hard-on
with strong, lengthy strokes. His eyes took in her beauty
which was made all the more appealing by her obvious state
of sexual arousal. The nipples of her nicely rounded tits
stood out like little pink strawberries against the darker
aureoles, and tiny beads of water still clung to her creamy

As John watched breathlessly, Julie's fingers continuously
stroked and parted the small, almost, hairless lips of
her pussy, delving inside only momentarily before gently
massaging the hard, sensitive bud at the top of her little
pink slit.

"Man, that's something to see!" muttered
John, "You sure do look pretty when you're all
honked up like that, Julie."

Pushing the door open, Tina walked straight in, then stopped
dead in her tracks.

John was lying on his bed, naked from the waist down with
his stiff cock in both hands, and he was jerking on it for
all he was worth. Tina gasped in initial surprise, not so
much at the sight of of his naked organ, or what he was doing,
but at the very size of it!
It was huge!
She had always been partial to big, plump pricks, and John's
was one of the biggest she'd ever seen!
It was easily as long as her husband's but looked much
thicker. John was facing the other way, and he was so engrossed
in what he was doing he didn't see or hear Tina enter
the room.

Tina was still transfixed at the sight of John's massive,
throbbing erection. Her feet wouldn't move, and her
heart was pumping like a steam train. She made a low sound
in her throat as she watched his fist pump up and down the
huge shaft, her pussy moistening with instant desire.
John's eyes were closed tightly, and his hips lifted
rhythmically up and down off the bed, forcing his cock rapidly
into his tightly clenched fists. Tina struggled with her
conscience, should she follow her motherly instincts
and leave, or should she succumb to the urge building between
her legs, and stay.

I can't help myself!
', she thought, reaching back to close the door, "God
help me, but I can't!"

Locking the door, Tina moved carefully towards the bed,
feasting her eyes on John's cock all the while. She
had known naturally that John was well endowed, it ran in
the family, but the sight of his big prick, iron-hard and
dark with passionate arousal, sent a thrill of sensual
pleasure coursing inward from the moist, tingling lips
of her pussy.

Tina involuntarily clenched and released her thighs,
squeezing the flesh of her cuntmound together. She did
it often when she was extremely excited, it almost felt
like a hand sweeping over the painfully tender slit.

Pulling up the hem of her dress, Tina's hand settled
automatically on her snatch, caressing the anguished
flesh through the moist fabric of her panties. She moved
to the bed where John lay, masturbating furiously.

John stood up, not knowing whether to cover his nakedness
or not, because Tina was staring at his stiff cock like a
small kid ogling a lollipop, all the time working her hand
between her slightly parted legs. He couldn't believe
this was happening!
It must be a dream, a wild, fantastic wet dream!
Tina came closer to him until they were only a few feet apart.

Tina's eyes gazed almost hypnotically at John's
cock, which still protruded magnificently from his muscular
thighs. John stared at Tina stupidly for a few moments,
then his eyes dropped to the rest of her voluptuous body.

She wore a light summer dress, tight over her tits, with
narrow straps across her shoulders. It hugged her small
waist, then flared out into a full skirt around her hips.
It didn't really show off her figure very well, except
the flawless shape of her firm, uptilted breasts. Her tits
were naked under the dress, and her nipples pushed out in
two firm points, outlined against the thin fabric. She
was breathing heavily, her large boobs lifting and falling,
tremors moving through her body. With a shudder, Tina crossed
the remaining few steps separating herself from John.
John made a soft, gulping sound as she came close to him.
Tina was so close now, he could feel the heat emanating from
her body. They stood facing each other, with John's
head slightly tilted upwards and hers down. Julie stared
into his eyes before reaching a tentative hand down between
their trembling bodies. As her fingers wrapped eagerly
around his cock, John began to tremble with desire... then
a look of sudden apprehension crossed his handsome features.
07 "This is better than doing it to yourself, isn't
it baby?"

"Christ, yes! You can do this to me any time you want!"
, he groaned, humping his cock into her hand.

"Don't worry darling, I intend to", promised
Tina, staring at John's huge, throbbing erection.

John groaned, clasping Tina around the the waist, and pushed
his hard-on against her upper thighs. Tina whimpered as
she buried her face into his neck, returning the pressure
against his cock. She felt him shaking in her arms, and impulsively
kissed his neck, just above the collar. John tightened
his arms around her waist, and with a little cry, Tina burned
her lips over his cheek, finally reaching his mouth. The
boy opened his lips instinctively as Tina pressed her own
parted lips against his, kissing him passionately, moving
her lips and sucking his tongue into the heated pit of her

John returned Tina's kiss instinctively, and Tina
marvelled at the sweet, eagerness with which the boy went
about it. It was different with her husband, his kisses
almost bruised her soft, full lips, but Johnny's mouth
pressed against her own with an urgent yet tender pressure.
His tongue lashed against hers, the tip running over her
teeth, probing and exploring every inch of her mouth as
he kissed her.

Tina squirmed her hips against John's hard body, using
her hand to position the shaft of his cock down between her
thighs until it lay in the groove of her very wet pussy. Then,
relinquishing her grip on his prick, Tina threw both arms
over the boy's shoulders and hugged him tightly to
her, grinding her tits sensually against his chest and
her fiery cuntmound hard against his rigid penis...

They clung to each other, kissing with growing passion.
John felt the length of his cock rub against the wet crotch
of Tina's panties, pulsing against her heated flesh.
Tina felt it too, and moved so that the hard, bloated head
was wedged solidly against the top of her lust-soaked slit,
grinding her taut little behind towards him in tight, small

She moved her right hand down to his ass, pulling him as hard
as she could against her feverish cunt. Her other hand held
the back of his neck as Tina thrust her tongue down John's
throat, licking the inside of his mouth, moaning and gasping
as her pussy-slit soaked the crotch of her panties. John
could feel the moisture seeping out over the head of his
prick, coating the bulbous tip with hot, slippery cunt-oils.

"Oh Jesus, this is fantastic!
You're so damn wet!
I have to fuck you,

Tina reached between their thighs and once more closed
her fingers around his mighty organ. It had almost doubled
in size and she could hardly get her long, slim fingers around
the circumference. With practiced strokes she rubbed
the tip along the wet groove of her panties covering her
juicy gash. Up and down she rubbed it, from the base of her
cunt to the top of her slit, becoming more and more excited
by the thought of masturbating herself through her panties
with John's erect penis as he played with her hard nipples.

They watched as Kelly took off her top. The dark haired girl
wore no bra, and as her firm, rounded tits fell free, Julie
shuddered with an excitement she had never felt before.
Bob felt the girl's cunt moisten noticeably around
his cock as the temporarily subdued fires in Julie's
hot little twat began to burn fiercely once more.

"Are you really going to join us, Kelly?" , murmured
Julie, "I don't know if I can do it with somebody

"Don't worry darling, I won't be watching
for long!" , husked Kelly, stepping out of her skirt.

Both pairs of eyes on the bed were watching her as she undressed.
She left her panties on, and knelt next to them, spreading
her thighs as wide as she could so they could both see her
cute little panty-covered mound.

Bob's mouth began to water, and he licked his lips sexily
as soon as he saw the telltale, moisture seeping through
the front of Kelly's panties. Kelly saw his lewd gesture
and smiled, "Hungry, Bob?" , she murmured,
running her fingers lightly up and down the crotch of her
panties, feeling the wet heat radiating through the thin

Bob knew that Kelly liked to leave her panties on when she
masturbated. She said that the erotic feeling of wet nylon
rubbing over her slippery flesh always made her extra horny.

"Jesus, you look good, Kel!" , groaned Bob,
beginning to move his cock in Julie's cunt as he watched
Kelly's fingers push the thin fabric into her juicy

"Good enough to eat, Bob?" , grinned Kelly,
pulling the elastic of her panties aside to give him a look
at the moist, pink inner flesh of her tasty pussy.

"Why don't you bring that hot, tasty little fur-burger
of yours over here where I can get my mouth on it, and I'll
show you, Sis!"

Julie listened intently to the lewd exchange between Bob
and Kelly, hardly believing it possible!
She began to lift her cunt up at Bob, urging him to continue
fucking her. His cock had grown even larger now that Kelly
was with them, and Julie began to feel a twinge of jealousy.

"Fuck me, Bobby!" , she pleaded, "Please,
fuck me like you did before!"

The boy began to move his hips once more, stroking his large
cock in and out of the youngster's tightly clasping

Kelly stood up once more and stepped out of her saturated

"Yeah! Fuck her Bobby!" , whispered Kelly,
climbing onto the bed, "Fuck her hot little cunt real
good... and while you're doing that, you can suck on

Kelly stood facing Bob with one foot either side of Julie's
shoulders so that his mouth was in line with her pussy. With
legs spread far apart, she ran her fingers through the dark,
curly pubic bush between her legs and pulled open her pussylips
for him. Bob moaned deep in his throat at the exquisite sight
directly in front of his eyes.

Kelly had always had a gorgeous little cunt, and ever since
that night years ago, when she had first let him suck it,
Bob had never tired of eating her tasty little slit. He watched
as it flowered open before his eyes, revealing her most
private inner parts to his lustful gaze.

"Move closer Kel! I can't reach you!" ,
he said, jerking forwards trying to get his lips onto Kelly's
tasty twat.

The movements thrust his prick further into Julie, who
moaned loudly, delighted at the extra deep penetration.
Kelly arched her crotch towards Bob, pushing it at him.
Bob pressed his face into her hot, wet gash and began to lick
and suck hungrily the familiar flesh.

Julie looked up and saw Bob's tongue quickly disappear
into Kelly's squirming cunt. The girl couldn't
believe it!
She had heard about this form of sex, but this was the first
time she had ever actually seen it. It was stimulating to
say the least!
Especially since the two participants were so good to look
at. Julie wondered if John would do that to her. She humped
her little cunny up onto Bob's driving cock, quivering
at the very prospect of having Bob suck her cunt.

"Ohhh, yes', she thought, "I'd love
it if Johnny would pull off my panties and stuck his tongue
into my fuckhole like that. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Yesssss!"

What about her father?
Could she get him to lick her hot, wet cuntslit too?
Ohhhhh, what about both of them at once!
Julie began to writhe and squirm her tight little twat up
at Bobby's cock as wanton incestuous thoughts filled
her young mind.

Bob's lips were everywhere at once as he licked and
sucked hungrily at Kelly's musky gash. Knowing exactly
how Kelly liked it, Bob repeatedly dragged the tip of his
tongue through her cuntslit from asshole to clit and back
again, stopping only to stab it deep into her juicy little
hole. This brought loud moans from the highly aroused Kelly
who grabbed the back of Bob's head and pressed his face
into her eager snatch.

"Bobby! Ohhh, Jesus Christ Yes! Use your tongue like
a cock, baby! Stick it right up into my cunt!"

Bob quickly obliged. Spreading his mouth over her hairy
opening, he plunged his stiff tongue as far up inside her
straining pussy as he could, sucking noisily.

"Arhhhh! That's it! Unggghh! You're making
me want to come already!"

Julie watched with fascination as Bob sucked Kelly's
hard, erect clit back and forth between his lips. Kelly's
knees almost buckled with the exquisite pleasure she was
experiencing. From her position directly under Kelly's
open thighs, Julie could see everything. It helped to speed
up her own orgasm watching Bob suck Kelly's squirming
snatch while he fucked her. Bob's cock was moving at
full steam now, slamming into Julie's cunt at almost
the same tempo with which his tongue was stabbing into Kelly's
twat. All three were nearing orgasm now, and the room filled
with the wet slapping sounds of flesh against flesh and
the musky aroma of hotly aroused pussy.

Bob concentrated on each of their swollen clits, sucking
Kelly's wetly back and forth between his lips, while
mashing Julie's against her pubic bone with his driving
cock. The girls" bodies quivered, their asses gyrated,
and their tits jiggled as both of them squirmed around wantonly
in their quest for release. Finally, Kelly squealed with
pleasure and began to frantically mash her drooling cunt
against Bob's face, pulling his head between her juice-smeared
thighs with both hands. "Uhhhhh! Ahhhhhrrrrggg!
Fuuuuckkkkk! I'm cummmmmmmmmmming!" , she

Kelly's legs shook and her back arched as she climaxed
violently. Julie came soon after, writhing and shrieking
like a wounded animal, slamming her hips up at Bob's
cock with such force that it almost dislodged his mouth
from Kelly's creaming pussy.

Kelly flopped back down onto the bed beside them, completely
exhausted. She watched intently as Bob rammed his thick,
swollen prick into the youngster's tightly-stretched
cunt with deep, hard strokes.

"Christ, what a cock!
', thought Kelly, "I bet she's feeling that
right up to her tonsils!"

Julie sure looked like it was. Her eyes were tightly closed
but her pretty little mouth was wide open, squealing and
moaning obscenities as waves after wave of unimaginable
pleasure spread rapidly outwards from her cunt, totally
consuming her lithe, body in an inferno of adolescent lust.

"Oooooh! Uhhhhhhh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"
, she groaned, grabbing her lovers heaving asscheeks with
both hands.

Bob felt Julie's cunt muscles contract around his
cock, gripping his pumping shaft with unbearable tightness.
In no time at all, his hips jerked wildly as the thick cream
stored in his swollen balls came shooting out of the end
of his prick. An incoherent stream of obscenities poured
from Bob's mouth as he fucked his spurting
cock deep into Julie's twat, flooding
her hot little cunt with his , sticky seed. Julie came again
as she felt the white-hot jets strike the walls of her womb
and ground herself up against his bucking cock as hard as
she could.

Kelly lay back and rubbed her juicy pink-lipped pussy as
she watched Bob's jism flow out between Julie's
cuntlips, bubbling up around his gleaming cockshaft in
a thick foam. Her eyes were locked to the incredibly exciting
sight. Bob lowered his mouth to Julie's trembling
lips, and kissed the youngster passionately, his cock
still moving slowly inside her cunt, although their respective
climaxes had passed. He was soaking in the juicy tightness
of her fluttering hole, savouring the remnants of her fading
orgasm. Kelly scrambled towards them on her hands and knees
and lowered her head between their joined thighs.

Bob gasped as he felt Kelly's lips on his balls, sucking
the big round eggs into her mouth, one at a time. Then, she
moved her attention to his cock and began to lick down the
shaft to where it disappeared into Julie's clasping
slit. Kelly shuddered, and ran her tongue gently over the
girl's cum-coated pussylips. Now it was Julie's
turn to moan as Kelly began to lick the tasty mixture of jism
and cuntjuice from the little fourteen-year-old's
quivering cunt. Leaning forward to nibble on one of Julie's
hard little nipples, Bob looked up at her and smiled.

John's fingers felt good inside her cunt, even better
than her own had, and she loved the way he went straight for
her sensitive little nub of a clitoris.

"Yes! Oh, fuck yes! Johnnny, play with my clit!"

The hot young teenager was desperate now, and John's
fingers were just what she needed. She was so close!

John looked down between Tina's splayed thighs, watching
his cock fuck in and out of her cunt. Her pink, hairy cuntlips
clung to the shaft as he withdrew and disappeared back inside
as he plunged into her. Now he could see the way her pussy
stretched and clasped his prick as well as feel it, and the
stimulating combination increased his excitement a thousandfold.
Grunting and moaning with lust, Tina lifted her legs, drawing
her knees back, shoving her cunt up at John's lunging
cock. Her husband like to fuck her like this, with her legs
bent and her knees pulled back against her tits. It offered
the deepest penetration, and made her clit rub hard up against
his hammering pubic bone.

It was just what the convulsing woman needed and she felt
her thighs begin to melt and her eyes go out of focus as his
prick slammed into her quivering hole with jackhammer
force. Tina strained her quivering snatch high, grinding
her clit deliciously against John's cock as she came,
climaxing in a surge of raw, mindless ecstasy.

They giggled together as John began sliding his prick in
and out of her cunt. It was a wet fuck. Tina's jizz-filled
pussy-slit was slippery and hot, her clit sticking out
like a small pink tongue as it rasped deliciously against
the shaft of the young man's cock. Tina couldn't
believe how quickly John was able to arouse her again. Within
seconds, she felt the old familiar ache in her loins...
her third orgasm in less than half an hour!
"Ohhhh yeah, baby!"

Tina panted.

Bob slipped a second finger into Kelly's well-lubricated
cunt and forced her back onto the pillows with his other
hand. The moaning girl spread her legs wide to allow him
better access, her cunt gushing pussy-juice around Bob's
fingers as it throbbed with heated excitement. All Kelly
could think about was the anticipation of his cock.

Instinctively moving her hips up and down, Kelly timed
the motions of her twat to coincide with the plunging dives
of Bob's stiff digits. She could feel her tortured
little clitoris poking its way between her cuntlips, little
electric tingles shooting and bursting across her quivering
loins. Finally, needing to find a release for her passions,
Kelly whimpered, "Bobby, I want you to fuck me!
I want you to put your big, fat prick inside my cunt and fuck
me. Oooooh, please do it to me.

Bob acted instantly and quickly wriggled out of his shorts.
Slipping his thumbs under the elastic of Kelly's wet
panties, he slid them down over her long, slim legs, leaving
them crumpled in a heap around her ankles. Bob spread her
thighs as wide as he could and moved between them, whistling
under his breath at the sight of Kelly's open pussy.
It was deep red inside, and tight!
Much smaller than his wife's tender twat had been.
His wife's cuntlips had spread open widely, exposing
the many folds of juicy, pink cuntflesh. Kelly's on
the other hand was neat and tidy, the fur-lined outer lips
only just revealing the glistening inner folds, even with
her legs so widely spread apart.

Kelly remembered the expression on Bob's face as he
looked at her naked cunt for the first time. She didn't
know it then, but she would see that same hungry look many
times in the future, in fact, every time he sucked her pussy.

"Christ, you're beautiful down there Kelly!"
, Bob groaned bending down towards the object of his desire,
"I have to taste you!"

His lips closed over her gaping slit, drawing the flesh
of her tender twat into his mouth. He slipped both hands
under her trim little ass and pulled her cunt hard up against
his jaw. As his tongue slipped between the lips of her pussy
and stabbed into her dilated hole, Bob heard Kelly cry out.

"Ohhhhh, yessss Bobby! You big gorgeous prick! Suck
it! Suck my cunt!"

Kelly squealed with delight as she felt Bob's hot wet
tongue lapping at the quivering flesh of her juicy, open
slit. Encouraged by her lusty cries, Bob rammed his tongue
all the way inside Kelly's tasty cunt, stopping only
when his nose pressed tightly against her clit. In response,
Kelly pushed her compact little cunt-mound up hard against
Bob's mouth, moving her slim hips in time with the boy's
jabbing tongue.

When Bob sucked the stem of her throbbing little love button
deep into the back his mouth, Kelly almost screamed with
pleasure. She held onto him by the ears and pressed his face
against her squirming cunt. In turn, Bob twisted his juice-drenched
mouth from side to side, trying to burrow his delving tongue
ever more deeply into Kelly's sweet, gaping cunthole.
Bob loved the flavour of Kelly's tasty pussy. He could
have happily eaten her eager little snatch all night, but
the ache in his balls and the rock-hard pole swinging between
his legs told him it was time for some serious fucking. Lifting
his face from Kelly's twat, Bob scrambled between
her skinny thighs and placed his cock where his tongue had
just been. Kelly felt so wet,

Kelly began screaming differently as soon as Bobby began
to move his huge cock inside her.

"Yessss! Fuck me! Oh, God yes! Jesus that's fantastic!
Screw me, Bobby! Don't ever stop!"

Her back was arched and her eyes were tightly closed as Bob
began to pump into her upthrust cunt with long, deep satisfying

Kelly remembered coming half a dozen times that night,
three of them before Bobby even shot off his first scalding
load deep within her heaving belly. Her pussylips twitched
and her cunt began to simmer with wet heat

Peeking inside, she saw two naked bodies writhing on the
bed. One of them was Bob, but Kelly couldn't see who
the other belonged to. She was was on her back with her legs
spread, and Bob was on top of her with his back to the door,
pumping his cock into her tight cunt. And boy did it ever
look tight!
From this angle, Kelly had an unobstructed view between
Bob's legs.

She could clearly see how the girl's slick cuntflesh
gripped Bob's cock, pulling out around it as he withdrew
and being forced inside as he rammed back down.

Suddenly, Kelly recognised the girl's voice.

"Julie?" , whispered Kelly under her breath,
"She's only fourteen!"

She couldn't believe it!
Bob was fucking a kid!

"She sure didn't sound like a kid." , she
thought, listening to Julie's graphic language.

Looking closer, Kelly decided that Julie didn't act
like a kid either!
Julie's thighs were spread wide apart with her heels
locked around her lover's waist.

As Bob fucked his cock into the youngster's tightly-stretched
cunt, her slim, pubescent hips bucked high up off the bed
to meet his every powerful thrust. Kelly licked her lips
at the wonderful sight of Bob's cock sliding wetly
in and out of the young girl's juicy snatch. She was
getting so turned on, she simply had to join in. She was sure
Bob wouldn't mind, but she wasn't too sure about

The lewd thought made her little clitty twitch and throb
and with renewed vigour.

Bobby pulled his cock out of Julie's hot, clasping
little pussy, and collapsed onto the bed beside her. She
immediately rolled over and snuggled up against him until
his cock lay along her inner thigh, only inches from the
young girl's well-fucked little cunthole. The instant
Bobby's prick sprang free, Kelly lunged forward and
took Bob's long, glistening organ into her mouth,
resting her cheekbone on Julie's leaking pussy as
she sucked and licked at the the aromatic mixture of jism
and girl-cum which covered Bobby's cock and balls.

Julie moaned softly at the delightful pressure on her clit,
and instinctively began to rotate her hips in tight little
circles, rubbing the parted lips of her horny, little snatch
against the side of Kelly's face.

"Ohhhmmmmmmm! That's niiiiice!" , she
whimpered, pressing her firm, round tits into Bobby's
searching mouth.

Her pussy trembled as he gluttonously sucked and licked
her tiny, erect nipples. Hearing Julie's groans of
pleasure, Kelly removed her lips from Bob's cock and
suddenly plunged her mouth onto the youngster's quivering
slit. Julie screamed as the older girl's tongue slithered
into her cunt and contacted her inflamed clitoris, sending
waves of unimaginable ecstasy through her whole body.

"Oh, Jesus! Uhhhhhnnnnngggghh! Yessss! Suck it!
Suck it!" , she squealed, as her little bud stiffened
up under Kelly's tongue.

Julie had never had anyone suck her snatch before, let alone
another girl!
But she shuddered with delight and instinctively ground
her flooded cunthole against Kelly's vacuuming mouth
like she'd been doing it all her life.

"Hey, don't forget about giving my cock a little
attention, Kelly!" , Bob said lifted his mouth from
Julie's tits.

Kelly nodded her head as best she could with her face buried
in Julie's cunt, and murmured something unintelligible.
For the moment, she was having far too much fun eating pussy
to worry about Bob's problems. Besides, she could
eat his prick any old time!

Bob knew that once Kelly started sucking pussy, she would
be busy for some time, and his cock desperately needed some
mouth action. He sat up and straddled Julie's boobs,
rubbing his stiff, hard prick between the soft globes of
tit-flesh, pushing the tip towards her face. Julie looked
up at him with lust-glazed eyes.

"Open your mouth, Honey" he panted, "and
suck on my cock!"

The words filtered through the youngster's pleasure-filled
brain, as Julie opened her mouth obediently to receive
Bob's huge shaft. Just as the girl had never had her
pussy licked before, she had never sucked a cock either!

It tasted funny as it slid between her lips, and Julie realised
that it was the remains of her own cuntal secretions and
Bob's sperm that she was tasting. The very thought
made her hot little cunt literally quiver with lust around
Kelly's probing tongue...

Strangely enough, the thought only served to excite her
more, especially with the added pleasure of Kelly's
expert lips and tongue devouring her inflamed twat. Closing
her eyes, Julie let her mouth accept Bob's penis. She
began to enjoy the feel of his hard, slippery flesh throbbing
powerfully between her lips. Bob moved his hips back and
forth, sliding the full length of his cock between her tit's
and into her hot little mouth.

"Yes! Suck it! Suck my cock, Baby!" , moaned
Bob, "Oh, that feels so good!"

Julie relaxed the muscles of her throat and allowed just
the tip to penetrate as deeply as she dared. Bob was gently
with her and soon, she found she could accept more and more
of him into her throat without gagging.

"Jesus Christ! Unnnnhhhh! That's it! Take it
all, kid!" , he yelled, almost loosing control.

He longed to deep-throat fuck the eager girl, but he knew
that she was inexperienced and he would hurt her if he did.
Not only that, he would probably turn her off sucking cock
forever, and he certainly didn't want that!
Instead, Bobby pulled back a little and let Julie suck on
the bloated head of his cock for a while. She licked it furiously,
darting her hot pink tongue out and around the tip like a
slippery little snake. Her own loins were heaving madly
to and fro as Kelly buried her whole face in Julie's
juicy cunt and tossed her head from side to side, sucking
and licking everything she could get her lips and tongue

As Julie's tight, hot lips moved up and down on his cock,
Bob could feel the cum rising in his balls.

"Oh! Fuck yes, Julie! Keep that up! I'm going
to blow any second!" , yelled Bob.

Julie increased her mouth suction, anxious to feel Bob's
hot load spurting into her mouth,
eager to taste his creamy jism.

she was using her thumb against her clit, pressing and rubbing
the slick little bud until she thought she would burst with

Her cunt was on fire, the moist, hairy lips were swollen
and puffy with desire, and her clit seemed to bulge in a hard
knot. Her cuntlips were being bruised as he banged against
them, but Tina felt no pain, all she wanted right now was
John's thick, steamy cum.

John shuddered and gave a loud yelp as he came, filling Tina's
mouth with squirt after squirt of thick, warm spunk.

"Ohhhh, baby! That's nice!" , squealed
Tina, hardly hearing what he'd said, "Rub my
clit, nice and hard!"

As John obeyed, Tina flopped back and slid her naked butt
to the very edge of the chair, giving his fingers complete
access to her cunt.

Tina noticed with satisfaction that John's cock was
beginning to thicken visibly as she spoke. She took it into
her hand and rubbed gently up and down.

"Jesus, Tina, you have such a beautiful pussy! You
smell like sex itself! I can't wait to taste you!"
, murmured John, sticking out his tongue towards her glistening
pink slit.

Tina was impatient. Her hips were trembling and her pussy
desperately needed immediate attention or she'd
simply explode.

"Johnny! Ohhh my God! I'm so hot, baby! Suck me
now! Please suck my cunt! I can't wait any longer!"
, begged Tina as she grabbed John's head with both hands,
forcing his tongue into her quivering, juice-filled snatch.

"Mmmmffff! Unnnhhmmmmmm!"

John's mouth opened just as the lips of Tina's
pussy mashed against his face. Her thighs pressed against
his ears and all he could do to keep from suffocating was
lick and suck the torrent of juices flowing from her liquid
cunt. John grasped the firm, round cheeks of Tina's
ass for support as Tina humped and wriggled her hips up at
John's sucking mouth. For one so young, the young man
performed admirably, never once coming up for air as he
licked and sucked hungrily on the object of his lust, Tina's
hot, juicy cunt.

Tina was on the verge of climax already as John burrowed
his face deeper into her snatch, nibbling and tonguing
her sensitive cunt-flesh like an expert. John was licking
her cunt like it had never been licked before!

"Christ what a mouth! He's certainly done this
before! ', thought Tina, `He's as good as his father.
Maybe even better!"

John sucked on Tina's puffy, pink cunt-lips, first
one then the other, and when his lips and tongue found the
gristly nub of her clit, Tina began to thrust her pelvis
wildly up and down, screaming and tossing her pretty blonde
head from side to side. John gave it all he had, he knew Tina
would peak any second, he could almost taste her orgasm.
Dragging his tongue slowly up the full length of her gaping
slit, he sucked her throbbing clit deep into his mouth "UNNHHHH!

Jesus, Johnny, yes!
Suck it hard!
Suck my clit!
I'm going to come, baby!
I'm going to cum in your fucking" mouth!"

John heard Tinas's loud wanton cry and redoubled his
efforts as she thrashed in wanton ecstasy, pushing her
cunt against his avidly slurping mouth with such force
that John thought she might hurt herself. But he needn't
have worried, for Tina was soaring with rapture, almost
bursting with sensations that wracked her slim body in
a way she had never felt before.

"OOOOOOOH, Fuck! Here it comes, honey! I'm cummmmmmmmming!"

Tina's voice trailed off into a strangled moan as wave
after wave of orgasmic release spread outwards from her
spasming cunt to sweep rapidly throughout her trembling
body. John lapped at her creaming snatch like a thirsty
pup, gulping down every drop of Tina's generous spendings,
until her pussy was squeaky clean. Only when Tina lifted
his face off her cunt, did John stop licking her pussy and
look up into her eyes.

John knew exactly what she wanted, and planned to give it
to her. He was going to excite Tina with the lurid details
of his first fuck, and then, when she was half out of her mind
with lust, he was going to ram his cock into Tina's juicy
cunt and fuck her brains out!

Like I said, I got her so worked up one time, that she said
she wanted something inside her cunt. She's got a cute
little pussy, Tina. It's almost hairless, with just
a fine fuzz of light brown hair on the outer lips" "Anyway,
she flops back on the pillows we brought up there and gives
me a good look at her cunt, spreading those long tanned legs
of hers as wide as she can. Jesus, it was beautiful! I mean,
I'd seen it lots of times before and that, but mostly
I was too busy sucking her to appreciate it. You know what
I mean, Tina!"

Tina's eyes were closed and both her hands were squeezing
and kneading her rosy, pink tits.

"Yessss! Get on with it, baby!" , she groaned.

"Well, she gives me a strange look and tells me to touch
her pussy. I said to her, "What's new about that?
I've been using my hands to part your cuntlips every
time I eat your gash."

"She shakes her head and says, "Not on the outside,
put them in me and fuck my pussy with your fingers."
She actually begged me, Tina! She told me to stick them in
as far as I could and finger-fuck her!"

"I knelt between her legs and stroked her thighs.
She whimpered a little and kind of hunched her ass up at me."

"Her skin was moist and warm, just like yours is, Tina!"

John stroked Tina's inner thighs for emphasis. Tina
just moaned incoherently.

"I reached out and touched her cunt. She was so wet
that my middle finger slipped real easy into her hot little
hole. I pushed deeper, until my whole finger was buried
in side her cunt. You should have seen the look on her face,
Tina! The little girl smile was gone, she looked serious,
like she was concentrating on something real hard. Then,
she begs me to move my finger in and out of her, and to rub it
against her hard little clit. So I did!"

"She loved it, Tina! Even more than my mouth on her
cunt, I think."

Tina was enjoying the pressure of John's jaw on her
clit and the perverse excitement his words were having
on her. John smiled at her obvious state of arousal and then
went on.

"Anyway, by this time, my cock is bigger than a baseball
bat. Susie doesn't seem in any hurry to suck it, so I
decided to do something about it."

"I move up on her real close, and spread her legs as
wide apart as I can. She's too far gone to worry what
I'm doing by this time, she's only interested
in humping her juicy little twat up against my fucking"

"I press my cock into her hot little slit, just under
my finger, and on the out-stroke, I pull my finger out and
slip my prick in."

"You should have heard the little kid squeal. Shit,
I thought the whole damn neighbourhood was going to hear
her. So I put my hand over her mouth and waited till she got
used to having my cock in her. It didn't take long, Tina.
Susie's a real horny little piece. Soon she was bucking
that juicy, hairless little twat of hers up at me like she'd
done it all her fucking" life."

Tina opened and closed her mouth, trying to speak, but the
sounds wouldn't come, her own heated cunt was beginning
to dribble juices out onto John's chin as she rubbed
against him.

"Boy oh boy, Tina, was she ever tight! My cock felt
like it was in a hot vacuum cleaner lined with grease!"

"Susie was moaning and whimpering like an animal
as I fucked her, Tina. Her tight little pussy wouldn't
let up sucking and gripping on my cock like a damn vacuum
cleaner. I looked down at my prick as it went in and out of
her. It looked so huge ramming into her tiny snatch, and
every time I pulled out, the walls of her pussy grabbed my
prick like a goddamn vice! It had such a grip on my cock, I
was sure we'd end up like two dogs in heat, you know, ...stuck
together! All the time Susie was begging and screaming
for me to fuck her harder. I never knew that twelve-year-old
girls had even heard of some of the words she used, Tina!"

Tina could imagine. girls grew up real fast these days.
Too fast!
John continued, watching Tina's every move, waiting
for exactly the right moment.

"Then Susie dug her nails into my back and ass, Tina,
trying to pull more of my cock into her cunt. But it was all
in. My balls were slapping loudly against the crack of her
pink little ass, and still she was begging for more!"

"Do you know what she said then, Tina?" , asked
John, with a wicked smile on his face.

"N...No! Wh...What, baby?" , stammered Tina,
fighting the waves of lust building in her groin, trying
desperately to prolong this wonderfully lewd experience
as long as possible.

"She asked me to stick a finger up her ass, Tina. Can
you believe that! Little twelve-year-old Susie, asking
me to shove my finger up her goddamn asshole!"

Tina could not only believe it, she almost screamed out
for him to do the same for her. John rubbed his chin suggestively
against Tina's mound and went on with his story.

"Well, I slipped my hand down between her legs and
wet my middle finger in her cunt juices. Then, I pressed
it against her pink, little asshole and pushed until her
cute little buttocks rested in the palm of my hand. My middle
finger was buried completely inside her hot little butt,

"And you know what, Tina. Susie came right then and
there, with my cock pounding her cunt, and my finger wiggling
around in her tight little ass."

Tina moaned and clutched at her swollen breasts, pinching
the nipples in near abandon. She suppressed a sudden impulse
to beg him to fuck her, she wanted to hear the rest of his story
first. It was magnifying her pleasure a thousandfold.

"Did you come with her, baby?" , asked Tina hopefully.

"Nearly, Tina!
Her cunt grabbed my cock like a hundred massaging fingers
when she came, and I rammed it into, her so hard that she was
gasping for breath" "Mmmmm, Yes! I know the
f...feeling! What happened" , moaned

"Well, then she surprised the hell out of me. When
she felt my cock jerk and swell inside her, she reached down
and pulled it out!
She squealed out something about not wanting to get pregnant,

Tina had always been a very highly sexed woman, even in her
teens. This had of course attracted many boyfriends, but
only her husband, Dave had been able to regularly satisfy
her lustful cravings. They were two peas in a pod, and sex
between them had always been fast, furious and frequent.

"Are you very sleepy, Dave?" whispered Tina,
wrapping her long, slim fingers around her husband's
rapidly lengthening cock.

Tina pulled gently up and down on his stiff joint, rubbing
her thumb up over the fat, purple head.

"Do you have enough energy to satisfy me?" she
moaned as his hands caressed her tingling flesh.

"Right now I'm feeling fine and all I'm interested
in is this hot little pussy of yours" Opening her thighs,
Tina let his other hand have free access to her cunt and moaned
loudly as his fingers cupped her sex, slipping inside the
tight, juicy slit with practiced ease.

"Mmmmmmmm! Yeah, that feels so good!" , murmured
Tina, as she hunched her slick pussy up around her husband's

"Ooooh, Dave, I need fucking so badly! Don't
waste too much time, I'm already wet!"

Indeed she was.. as soon as Dave's fingers entered
his wife's flooded pussy, a veritable stream of warm,
fragrant cunt juices bathed his hand and her fluttering
vaginal muscles nibbled delightfully at his fingers.

"Jesus Christ, baby you're hot!
and your pussy's so wet!"

Dave whispered, inserting a third stiff digit into his
wife's quivering hole.

Tina rolled onto her back and spread her legs, pulling her
husband's rigid prick into her seething snatch like
a woman possessed. Spurred on by Tina's obvious desperate
need, Dave wasted no more time in driving his huge cock into
the tender, delicate, hungering flesh of his wife's
cunt. Her long, tapered legs swept higher, capturing her
husband's powerful body, her heels locked just above
the crack of his ass, giving her the added leverage she needed.

Dave felt the walls of his wife's pussy spread apart,
moulding around his invading cock like a glove as he slid
easily into her, his mighty shaft impaling her hot little
snatch until his balls came to rest against her pinkly puckered

Both husband and wife were completely engrossed in their
energetic lovemaking, oblivious to all but their own bodies
in their frantic search for sexual release.

Julie was still wide awake. At fourteen, Julie was the residential
babysitter for the family, a slim, pretty brunette with
a compact little body and tits that any fully grown woman
would be proud of.

Kneeling before the door, Julie peeked eagerly through
the keyhole.

She gasped aloud. The sight that greeted the excited girl's
eye literally took her breath away. Her mouth became suddenly
dry and her heart thumped in her chest as she gaped at the
incredibly lewd scene before her. Julie had a completely,
unhampered view of the bed where her employers lay. Both
were stark naked. The mother was lying on her back in the
middle of the bed with her legs raised and spread widely,
her slender calves locked tightly around her husband's
waist as he pumped his huge, thick organ into her quivering

Julie gasped again as she caught sight of the father's
long stiff shaft sliding in and out between the mother's
widely spread cuntlips. She could see its throbbing length
glistening with the mother's juices as it moved in
and out like some great piston. It looked absolutely enormous!

She couldn't believe it!
The incredible size of the fathers prick sent unexplainable
shivers though her awakening pussy, as she stared at it,
totally enthralled, like a tiny mouse hypnotised by a snake.

With every stroke, it withdrew until even the fat bloated
tip was visible, before suddenly pumping down again into
the mothers" bucking cunt. How could she take such
a huge thing without it tearing her asunder?
Yet, Julie could see that the mother was obviously enjoying
it immensely!
The teenager was confused... extremely excited... but
equally confused.

Her voluptuous body had unconsciously begun to prickle
sensuously, reviving all of the excitement she took such
careful precautions to hide whenever the rest of the family
was around. Julie stared through the tiny hole, and watched
the muscles on the insides of the mother's lightly
tanned thighs flex tightly as she thrust her ravenous cunt
up to absorb the full length of the husband's blood-engorged

As she stared open-mouthed, the father's glistening
cock stabbed repeatedly in and out of the mother's
creamy hole in rapid-fire succession, causing Julie to
whimper softly in passionate empathy. The mother began
to moan loudly

"Mmmmmmuhhhh! Ungggggghhhh! Ummmmmmmmmm!"
moaned Julie, probing a second stiff finger deep into her
drooling pussy, trying to imitate the rigid cock she so
desperately desired.

"They look so beautiful doing it!
", she whispered, her wide eyes glued to the junction
of the mother's frothy, pink-lipped cunt, and the
father's pistoning prick. The youngster's hips
writhed and twisted as she finger-fucked herself to the
rhythm of her employer's noisy coupling, moving her
cunt in tight, sharp little circles

Wracking spasms overtook her body, causing Julie to slump
back onto her haunches. She pressed both hands between
her slender adolescent thighs as her climax faded. Pleasurable
though her orgasm was, Julie had become so excited watching
her employers fuck, she was far from satisfied...

she began to remove her clothes. Now it was John's turn
to stare, he couldn't believe Julie was going to undress
in front of him. Her nubile breasts sprang free as she pulled
off her top and John could only gape at her firm, ripe little

"Jesus!" , he moaned under his breath.

"Pardon! Did you say something, Johnny?" ,
she smiled.

"Nnn.. No!" , he stuttered, staring uneasily
at her naked flesh.

Julie was beginning to enjoy exposing herself to John's
lustful gaze. She watched him lick his dry, parched lips,
his eyes following her fingers as they slid beneath the
waistband of her panties. She had him wrapped around her
little finger!
If she had asked him to kiss her ass, she was sure he would
have done so without even thinking.

"This is going to be easier than I ever imagined',
she thought, peeling the tiny, sheer garment slowly down
over her slim, tanned thighs. John's eyes nearly popped
out of his head as Julie stepped out of her panties and stood
completely naked before him. He could clearly see the moist,
pink slit of her pussy through the sparse covering of light
brown curls.

Julie raised one of her legs for him so that her pussy was
fully exposed. The light brown bush of pubic fluff, amazingly
developed for a girl so young, curled lushly at base of her
belly. She looked into his eyes, knowing that John would
be able to stare straight into the scarlet-lipped slit
running down the centre of her cunt, and that the sight would
arouse him all the more. John moved closer.

"Look at me!" , she whispered, becoming totally
swept up in the passion she had helped to engender between

"Watch me making love to myself! Oooooh, do it to yourself
at the same time and we'll come together!"

John watched as Julie's fingers began to move up and
down between the puffy, wet lips of her gash. The sight was
He had never seen a girls pussy that looked so neat, so delicious,
so fucking edible, the delicate female flesh glistened
wetly as she squeezed the increasingly moist folds between
her fingers. The entire area was covered with the clear
oil which her lusty arousal had generated.

Julie was beside herself with pleasure as her hand moved
feverishly around in her juicy cuntflesh. John's
words had unleashed the fantasies of her dreams and accelerated
her rapid rise towards blessed relief.

John was in control once more. He watched Julie writhe in
sexual abandon as he slowly pumped on his cock, keeping
it nice and hard. He looked at her fingers slithering like
snakes over her slick, red flesh as her back began to arch
with pleasure. Julie was moaning softly, engrossed in
her fantasy fuck.

"Ohhhhh! Mmmmmhhhhhh! Arrhhhmmmmmm!"

Emboldened by her lust, John moved into the stall and stood
in front of her. His pulse raced as he felt the animal heat
emanating from her body. He wondered how far she would let
him go if he felt her up.

Still working his left hand over his rigid prick, John reached
out tentatively with his right and cupped one of Julie's
jiggling tits. She didn't seem to notice straight
away, so he began to squeeze and caress the soft, firm flesh.
Julie's eyes opened slowly as she stared at John through
a passion clouded haze. In her present condition she wouldn't
have cared who was touching her.

"Ohhhhh, Yessss!" , she groaned, pressing
her breasts against his hand.

John couldn't believe it!
She wanted him to touch her. Christ!
This was outta" sight!
He had to feel her cunt!

Reluctantly taking his hand from her luscious little breast,
John slid it down over the curve of her belly and joined hers
in Julie's slick, heated slit. She moaned again, humping
forwards. This time her hips pressed against his hand,
trapping it between their bodies. John's cock was
firmly wedged up against Julie's belly, twitching
in delight at the electrifying contact with her soft, warm

"Oh, Johnnnnyyy!" she whimpered, grasping
hold of the throbbing organ pressing against her belly.

John groaned with delight as her slim fingers closed around
his cock. They were so small that they didn't quite
meet around the shaft's huge girth.

"Oh, Mmmmmmm yes! That feel's nice!" he
breathed into her ear, "Move you fingers up and down!"

Julie did as she was instructed, although more by instinct
than by command.

John was nearly there too, the combination of fingering
Julie's wet little cunt and having her jerk on his dick,
was just too much for him.

Looking up, Julie noticed Dave's interested gaze
and instinctively opened her slim thighs further apart.
She saw him swallow hard as he finally noticed that she wasn't
wearing anything under her cutoff shorts. His eyes followed
the suggestive bulge of her pubes down to the thin, tightly-stretched
strip of denim which passed between her thighs. It actually
pressed into the narrow cleft of her pussy, between the
outer lips. And, sitting at this angle, with her knees wide
apart, it hid very little of her sweet, sexy snatch.

Dave swallowed again, as his cock began to stir uneasily
in his pants.

"Oooooh, Johnny!" she whimpered, as she felt
waves of rippling pleasure building deep in her twat.

"God... it's... I'm... Johnny, you're
making me.. Oh, Johhny... Jesus baby, I'm cumming!"

Tina's hips arched up to meet him, her mouth open in
a silent scream of pleasure as she thrashed about beneath
him. John pushed his cock tightly against Tina's vibrating,
convulsing pussy. His balls ached, fiery with passion
and swollen with fullness. He had never seen a woman come
as hard as that before, and what made it all the more surprising
to his mind, was that she had climaxed without him even getting
his cock into her hot little pussy.

Tina had come hard all right... very hard. She shook in shuddering
ecstasy, closing her eyes, then went limp beneath him.
Her hands fell away, and her legs spread outwards. She sprawled
beneath John, with her cunt still pressed against his prick,
and most of her ass hanging over the edge of the bed. Dimly,
through the warm glow radiating through her body, Tina
felt his hands on her hips, pulling her sopping wet panties
down over her quivering thighs. She felt a little ashamed
now that her climax had passed and began to have second thought's
about letting their little sex session continue any further.
It was one thing to masturbate herself on John's cock,
but entirely another to let him fuck her while her husband
was at work.

Somehow, John also managed to pull Tina's dress up
over her head until she lay naked and panting on the bed in
front of him. His cock was rock-hard by now, and ignoring
her unconvincing moan of protest, John scrambled between
Tina's wide-spread thighs and positioned the head
of his prick in the entrance of her womb. He shuddered at
the very thought of having sex with such a beautiful and
mature woman for the first time in his short life.

He took only a moment to stare at it, running his eyes over
the hairy, crimson cuntlips which even now quivered and
twitched around the half-buried tip of his cock, planting
wet, slobbery kisses on the flared head.

Tina looked up and saw the lust in John's eyes, then
she looked down at his throbbing cock, wedged between the
outer lips of her pussy, and moaned deep in her throat. Sudden
panic gripped her as she realised what he was about to do.
Although every cell of her body was screaming for it,

before she could move or say another word, John pressed
his cock into her cunt.

"Johnny! My God! It's splitting me open!"
, she gurgled, feeling his gigantic prick penetrate the
moist constriction of her pussy with a single hard thrust.

"Slo... Uhhh! Mmmhhh, s...slowly, or you'll
hurt me! Please be gentle, honey!"

"Oh, Tina! Jesus, you're tight! I can't
believe it!" , he groaned as Tina's hips jerked
upwards, sliding onto the length of John's eager cock.

Her eyes bulged as she felt him fuck deep into her open-lipped

"Jesus, he's as big as his father!
', she thought, with a certain amount of surprise.
The surprise rapidly gave way to pleasure though, as John's
fifteen year-old cock began to stretch the elastic walls
of her pussy a little more painfully than she was used to.

John, meanwhile, was equally surprised. He had envisioned
Tinas cunt as being big and loose, but he was pleasantly
surprised to find that her girlish vagina was very, very
tight. So tight in fact, that he could feel every ridge and
groove of her cuntal lining as it clung to his cockshaft
like a tightly stretched glove. John prepared to fuck Tina
in earnest. Taking the weight of his body on his elbows,
he began to move his hips up and down, slowly at first, and
then, much faster as her juices began to flow copiously,
lubricating the junction of their mutual lust.

He stabbed his prick in and out swiftly, causing Tina to
pant and writhe. She began to sob, but wasn't sure if
it was in shame or ecstasy. She clawed at the bedspread,
her head twisting from side to side as she began to lift her
hips and fuck back at John's thrusting cock. The friction
of his thick cockshaft along the sensitive lips of her cunt
made Tina's mind spin, and she churned her ass in a most
wanton manner, no longer caring that it was a fifteen year-old
boy who was fucking her so deliciously.

Tina was on fire, her whole body burning up with unbridled
passion for John, who was fucking her so magnificently.
Her cunt clasped his cock each time he pulled out, then expanding
to take every wonderful hard inch as he plunged it back inside
her. Tina drew her legs wide apart, offering her pussy to
the full, frenzied thrusts of John's powerful prick.
A whimper escaped her lips as she felt the spreading heat
of another orgasm filling her battered twat. Her eyes fluttered
open to look up at him. John was staring down at her with an
equally glazed look on his face, and it was obvious that
his own climax was also very close.

Oooooo, yessssss!
Fuck meeee!
I'm cuuuummmmmming!" , squealed Tina, as waves
of pleasure surged outwards from the very heart of her throbbing,
twisting cunt.

John fucked Tina harder, extremely excited by her shameless
crys of lust. His hips pumping up and down, his cock stretching
and filling her bucking twat with hot, throbbing hardness.

"Johnny! Ohhhhh, Johnnnnnny!" , she moaned.

John was beginning to show the strain, his face screwed
up, eyes half closed, gasping for breath as Tina flung her
hands behind his body to grab his jerking ass, pulling him
into her as deep as she could while she came. Her body began
to shudder all over and her cunt exploded, squeezing and
gripping his long cock like a tiny toothless mouth. Tina
had to bite her bottom lip hard to stop from screaming, her
hands clawing at John's clenched, teenaged ass.

Tina's wild reaction was all John ne

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if there's a sequel, can't wait
to read more.


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just about the best story i have read on here