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Anne carried her load up from the laundry room. Even though all she had on was a tank-top and a pair of ragged shorts, she was dripping sweat. The dryers in the dorm laundry room were supposedly vented outside, but it was obvious that most of the heat they produced stayed in the laundry room.
If the dorm were coed, Anne wouldn't have worn the cutoffs; they weren't really decent, having more than a few rips that revealed what she didn't wear under them. They were comfortable, though, and in the nearly empty halls of the dorm on a Saturday morning, they were just right.
After she dumped her load of laundry on the bed, Anne looked outside at at the swirling snow. It was February, and looking out at the blowing snow from the warmth of her dorm room made her feel very secure. After pausing to let the feeling soak in, she set to work putting her laundry away.
She was in the middle of folding a sheet when there was a knock on her door. "Who is it?" she asked.
"Jacob." A pleasantly male voice called.
If it had been anyone else, Anne wouldn't have opened the door.
"I thought we'd get an early start on our project for psych class," he said as she let him in. He saw the laundry dumped on her bed and looked sheepish. "I guess I should've phoned first."
b"That's OK," Anne said, finishing folding the sheet and putting it in a drawer. "Tell you what, you help put my clothes away, then we'll get to work."
It was only after she said it that she realized that she might have put him in an embarrassing situation. He blushed, and and she noticed as he did that his eyes were locked on her less-than-decent cutoffs. Anne had seen men look at her like that before, but she'd never really known how to respond. People told her that she was pretty, but she didn't usually pay attention to such things.
Anne felt herself blushing in the long silence that followed, but Jacob was blushing too. He finally broke the silence. "I'll go if you want, let you finish putting your stuff away, then come back in half an hour."
Anne was mad at herself for the way she was reacting. "You're welcome to stay. We're both grownups, or at least, that's what we're supposed to be."
"OK, I'll stay," he said, looking awkward as he hung up his coat. "What can I do to help."
"You know how to hang up jeans?" she asked, and handed him a handfull of hangers. With his coat off, Anne thought he looked cute. He wore snug but comfortable looking corduroy jeans, topped off with a bulky looking turtleneck.
Anne set to work folding sweaters and tops while he hung up her jeans, and in no time, all of her laundry was put away. While they worked, she noticed that, as often as not, Jacob's eyes were on her. Although she was usually indifferent to men's stares, she realized that she liked the way Jacob looked at her.
After the clothes were all put away, they set to work on the psychology project. It wasn't due until the end of the semester, but Anne was glad that Jacob had suggested that they get started early. The psych class they shared was an advanced course, and both of them felt a bit out of place there, since neither was a psych major.
Half the students in the class were grad students, and most of the rest were majors. A friend of Anne's had taken the class the year before and said it was fun, and Anne had suggested it to Jacob, not realizing that the project component of the course wasn't just a term paper, but a real experiment they would have to plan and carry out over the course of the semester.
They'd been sitting on the bed cross-legged with their notes spread out between them for more than an hour when when Anne noticed Jacob's stare. At first she didn't understand what he was looking at, but when he saw that she saw him looking, he blushed.
"What's the problem?" she asked. Anne wasn't used to seeing him blush, and now, in one day, he'd blushed twice when he looked at her. She was sure this revealed something new about him, but she couldn't quite pin it down.
He paused and swallowed. "Are you trying to, well, turn me on?"
"The way you're dressed, the way you were sitting. Were you showing me your breasts on purpose?"
"What?" Anne said, and then she realized what was happening. The tank- top she wore was loose, and she'd been leaning forward giving him a good view down the inside of her top. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it; I hope I didn't bother you. I didn't really mean to upset you, I mean ..." She stopped talking when she realized that she didn't know what she meant to say.
"I like what I saw," Jacob said quietly. "They're very pretty. I hope you're not upset."
Anne's mind was in turmoil. All these years, she'd never dated anyone, and she'd turned down the few guys who'd ever asked her out. Jacob had never asked, and she'd always thought that was part of the reason they got along well. At times, she felt a bit depressed when she heard other girls talking about their social lives, but she usually rationalized her lack of a social life by thinking about the problems she was avoiding.
Now, as Anne looked at Jacob, she realized that she needed him. She was aware of him as she'd never been aware of him before, it was almost as if, for the first time, she realized that he was a man. They'd talked with each other in the past about sex and dating, but always in a very abstract way, with no sense of personal involvement in the subject.
"How long have I known you?" Anne asked, almost whispering as she spoke.
"About two years. Remember that rhetoric class?"
Anne studied him. She debated with herself briefly, then leaned toward him, this time fully aware that she was giving him a clear view down the open neck of her tank-top. "In those years, did you ever want to ask me out or make a pass at me? We were lab partners and we studied together, but you were always chaste. Why?"
He swallowed. "I guess I didn't have the courage to ask a girl out. I like you alot, you know, more than any other girl I know. You know how awkward I am about girls."
"I like you too," she said, surprising herself. "You've told me how you feel frustrated sometimes, and I've told you as much about myself, but here you are, alone with me in my dorm room."
"But you're different!" he said, almost defensively.
"Am I?" she said, acutely aware that his eyes were locked on her exposed breasts.
He looked awkward for a moment, then looked up at her face. "Would you like a kiss?" he whispered, sounding very tentative and shy.
"Nobody's ever asked me that before," she said as she moved their books and notes from the bed. She stood by the desk and looked at him sitting on her bed; he looked helpless and lost, and she felt an almost motherly urge to hug him and help him find his way.
She felt the seriousness of the situation as she sat down beside him and almost whispered her reply. "Yes."
He kissed her tentatively on the cheek, and she felt a warm sensation in her body, a tingle that reached from her fingertips to her toes. Did he feel her reaction? She didn't know, but she kissed him in return, first on the cheek, and then on the lips. When her lips touched his, she felt something new in her, something she'd imagined and wanted, but something she'd never felt before.
She held him tightly as she kissed, and without really planning it, she kissed him with her lips apart and tasted the tip of his tongue against hers. She put her arms around his neck and felt the warm comfort of his hands against her back, but that wasn't enough. She pressed her body up against his as she thrust her tongue into his mouth, but she wanted him to touch her even more.
"Anne?" Jacob said, in a very quiet and hesitant voice. "Do you want me to touch your body?"
"Yes," she said, backing away. Before she really thought about it, she pulled off her tank-top, then looked down at her cutoffs and hesitated. She felt a warm tingle of anticipation as he looked from her breasts to her tattered shorts. She looked up at him. "You know I've never done anything like this before, do you mind?"
"No," he said, his eyes fixed on her. "It's new for me too, but you've got a beautiful body, and I'd like it if ... well, if you took off your pants too. I'll keep mine on."
"Jacob, you're a gentleman," Anne said as she slipped out of her shorts. In one of their impersonal conversations about sex, she remembered that they'd agreed that they wanted to remain virgins until marriage. "You know," she said, "I think I'd trust you with your pants off, if you want it that way."
"I don't trust myself," he said, smiling weakly. "Anne, don't you worry about your roommate? Where is she?"
"Home for the weekend," she said. "Come on!"
She lay beside him as he sat on the edge of her bed, her body tense with anticipation. He very tentatively touched her nipple with a finger tip, then slid his hand gently down her side to her hip and thigh, lingering there before touching her other nipple.
"Does this feel good?" he asked.
"Yes," she whispered. As she said it, she realized that she'd secretly wanted him to touch her that way for a long time. She looked up at him as he stroked her and briefly tried to figure out how long she'd wanted him. She was sure her memory was tricking her because as she looked at him, she was sure she'd wanted him from the day they first met, but she knew that wasn't right.
He bent down and kissed her as he gently touched the smooth skin between her legs. She reached down and held his hand there as she returned the kiss, then reached up to hold him. As he kissed her neck, she felt a wave of warmth sweep over her, and it intensified as he worked his way down to her nipples.
She found herself hugging his head to her breast as he kissed. A wave of anticipation swept over her, and she realized that she was grinding herself against the pressure of his hand between her legs. He changed from kissing her nipples to sucking on them, and as he did, it released a wave of pleasure through her body. The waves continued, each one bmore intense than the one before, until she found herself relaxing in a state of infinite pleasure, looking up at him as he looked at her.
She watched silently as he sat up beside her. As he took his hand from between her legs, she was aware that she'd had an orgasm, but she wasn't able to react. She watched silently as he looked at the moisture on his fingers, sniffed his hand, and tentatively tasted it.
"I hope you enjoyed it," he said. "I did."
"I did," she whispered, finally feeling her ability to control her body returning. "It was nice, but I didn't mean to, well, have an orgasm. I hope you don't feel, well, icky."
"I'm still horny," Jacob said, "but what's there to feel icky about?"
"Your hand; I get pretty stinky and gooey down there when I'm excited."
He sniffed his fingers again as she sat up. "I sort of like the smell."
She looked quietly at him for a long time, then sat up beside him and hugged him. With her free hand, she gently touched his chest before she spoke. "I never imagined this would happen to us."
He kissed her briefly. "I didn't either. I've always liked you, but I guess I've always tried to suppress my... my sexual reaction to you."
"Thanks for not suppressing it this time," she said, kissing him gently.
He took his time responding. "Anne, would you like me to take off my clothes for you after you put something on?"
"Yes," she said. She got up and got a pair of jeans from her closet.
Jacob looked at her as she slid into the tight denim pants. "Don't you wear underpants?"
"You helped me put away my laundry, did you see any panties?"
He looked puzzled. "No, but ..."
"I haven't worn underwear since I was seventeen," she said as she zipped her jeans. "I guess it started as an invisible rebelion against my mom. does it offend you?"
"I guess it intrigues me," he said, pulling off his turtleneck sweater. "Did you start shaving your pubic hair then too?"
"No, that goes way back. I guess Professor Jenkins in our psych class might say I was trying to avoid puberty by shaving down there, and once I got in the habit, it was easier to keep shaving than suffer while the stubble grew back."
He took off his pants while she spoke. She was surprised by the size of his erect penis when he took his underpants off, but she didn't say so. It wasn't as much a matter of shock as it was a matter of intrigue. She knew that all men have a penis between their legs, but the way men dress hides the fact well enough that she rarely noticed anything to remind her of it.
She found that she wasn't as sexually attracted to his penis as she was to his chest; at the same time, she wanted to know more about his penis. "Tell me how it works," she said as she tentatively touched it with the tip of one finger. It grew visibly as she touched it, and then just as visibly, it began to shrink.
She sat beside him confused about what she wanted to do. "Should I give you an orgasm?"
He looked up at her from the bed and smiled. "If you want, but I don't want to pressure you. I didn't set out to give you one, you know."
His reply was gallant, and she realized there was only one answer, so she bent over and kissed him gently on the mouth. As she did, she felt herself reacting sexually again, and what she'd intended to be a gentle kiss became pashionate. She felt her bare breasts softly resting on his chest as she kissed him, and as she moved, the feeling in her nipples as they slid across his skin was echoed by a pleasant tingle within.
She kissed his chest, and discovered that sucking on his nipples seemed to excite him. She stroked her hand down his muscular stomach and felt her arm brush his penis. She felt its shape with one hand as she kissed his chest, then began to gently massage it. It expanded and stiffened in her grip, and he hugged her tightly against him.
She let go of his penis and lay on top of him, grinding her hips against it. She felt the warm pressure of his penis against her pubic bone as she kissed him, and with each thrust of her hips, the pressure sent a wave of pleasure through her body. He slid his hands gently across the smooth skin of her back in rhythm with her thrusts, but as she began to thrust harder, he held her hips firmly against him.
As Anne reached her second climax, she kissed Jacob deeply. The second climax wasn't as all encompassing an experience as the first, and as it ended, she sat up next to Jacob and looked down at him feeling both very content and ready for action. "I'm sorry I didn't give you an orgasm," she whispered. "I guess I just got too horny to pay much attention to you. I hope you're not too disappointed."
He chuckled quietly, and as he spoke, Anne could see his penis relaxing. "You saved yourself a mess, you know. I'm content to know I can really turn a girl on." He paused and looked up at her. "I guess I've always felt I had a lot in common with Woody Allen, and being able to excite you is a real ego boost."
"Want to get dressed and go to lunch with me?" Anne said.
"Sure," he said, smiling as he sat up. "Um, can I ask you out to dinner this evening?"
"You can," Anne said, realizing as she said it that she was accepting a date, something she'd never done before. Anne looked seriously at him, enjoying the way he looked sitting naked on her bed. "You know what? I don't know what love is, but I think you might be the one I need to help me learn."
Homework - Part II
Anne walked back to her dorm room Friday evening after dinner, and found Jacob waiting by her door. "Hi," he said. "I brought over my work from psyche class."
"Good," Anne said, letting him in. She thought he looked good in jeans, a flannel shirt, and a turtleneck sweater. She watched him while he set his load of books and papers on her bed and sat beside them.
"No laundry for me to sort?" he asked, joking about the last time they'd worked together on their psyche project.
"Nope," she said, "but my roommate's away for the weekend again, if that helps." She grinned. Their last meeting had ended with heavy petting, and she intended that this one end the same way, at the very least.
He looked up at her plaintively. "Look, I've been meaning to talk with you about last weekend, I don't want you to feel guilty about anything."
"I don't," she said. "Do you?"
He paused with a puzzled look on his face. "No, but ..."
"Then let's get to work and not get hot and bothered."
They sat opposite each other on the bed, with their books and papers in a heap between them for upwards of an hour, working on their joint term project. It was still early in the spring semester, so they hadn't done much of the work, but the project looked like it woud be interesting.
While Anne worked, she occasionally glanced up at Jacob, thinking about the wonderful surprise she'd had last weekend. She'd never been a very social person, and in recent years, she'd begun to wonder if there was something wrong with her. She'd never had a boyfriend, at least, not before a week ago.
She'd known Jacob since her first year in college, but until a week ago, their relationship had been platonic. He'd come over to work on their psyche project, and somehow, the meeting that had begun with two friends studying together had ended in passion. She'd never as much as kissed a boy before, and in that one stormy morning, although all they'd done was heavy petting, she'd had the first two orgasms of her life.
Anne liked Jacob, she'd known that for a long time. The question on her mind now was, how far should she go with him. From the brief mention he made to their meeting the week before, he sounded awkward about what had happened, but she wanted more, and she hoped he did too.
Sometime around eight, Jacob locked eyes with her and she realized she'd been looking at him for what must have been five minutes. "Having a bit of trouble concentrating?" he asked.
"Yup," she said. "Sorry."
"Thinking about last weekend?"
She blushed a bit, then wished she were wearing the loose tank top she'd worn then. The turtleneck she wore now showed her figure well, but she liked the way she'd been able to lean forward in a tank top so he could see her nipples. "Yes," she answered, and then, impulsively, "would you like to spend the night?"
He put down his notebook and looked at her with an expression she didn't understand. "Anne, you once said you wanted to remain virgin until you got married, I don't know if I still value my own virginity, but I don't want to hurt you. Anne, please don't ask me to do something that you'll regret tomorrow."
Anne smiled at him. "Don't worry, I've made up my mind," she said, glad that he was still such a gentleman. "I want to stay a virgin, but only technically. Other than that, I'd like to do everything with you."
He looked at her for a long time. "What do you mean, everything?"
She leaned forward. "I mean anything other than you putting your penis in my cunt; anything you want to do, that is. I've been reading some in the library, about the options that gives us; there's plenty of stuff we can do."
Jacob sat on her bed with a stunned look while she cleared the books and papers off the bed. "Well?" she said, sitting next to him.
"I'd like to spend the night, but ..." He looked pained. "I don't have a toothbrush or my PJ's..."
"Borrow my toothbrush," she said. "As to PJ's, who needs them? I don't wear them any more than I wear underwear." She paused to watch him. He looked confused, so she put an arm around his shoulder and gently kissed his cheek.
He looked at her for a few seconds, then returned the kiss. "The hell," he said. "I give in, yes, I'll stay and play!"
He kissed her again, this time eagerly on the lips. She ran her fingers through his hair and tasted his mouth, pressing her hips against his as they knelt on the bed, savoring the warmth of his body against hers.
He broke the kiss and sat back on his heels, holding her by the hips as she knelt before him. "Can you take off your sweater?" he asked.
"Take off yours too," she said, removing her sweater. She tossed it on the back of her desk chair while she watched him, feeling a tingle run through her as his eyes locked on her exposed breasts. He got up as he took off his shirt and turtleneck, and she enjoyed watching the expanse of his exposed skin as he set his clothes over her roommate's chair.
She lay back and smiled at him as he walked back to the bed. He sat on the bed beside her and looked at her, then gently touched his fingers to her breasts, fingering her nipples and running his hands down the smooth skin of her side. "I still can't get over the fact that you're letting me do this," he said.
"I'm not used to it either," she said, her voice almost a whisper as a a warm muzzyness spread through her body. "I like it, though. Want to kiss my tits?"
He kissed her quickly on the mouth, then kissed his way down her neck to her nipples, kissing them gently at first, brushing his lips over them, teasing them with his tongue. She held his head in her hands and pulled him closer, and as he began sucking her tits, she moaned gently as the senstation overcame her. The noise was almost a catlike purr.
"Like it?" he asked, pausing briefly.
"Yes," she whispered. "Please!" As he sucked, the warm muzzyness that had spread over her began to concentrate itself in her neck, nipples and groin, and she knew she wanted him to touch her cunt.
"Jacob?" she moaned. "Take off your pants, could you?"
He sat up and looked at her briefly, then unbuttoned his jeans, freeing his erect penis as he slid his underpants off. She undid her jeans and tossed them over her chair, then looked at Jacob. Taking off her jeans had distracted her from the sexual tension of the moment, and looking at Jacob's nude body, she decided it was her turn to excite him.
"Lie down, let me kiss you," she said.
She kissed him, letting her breasts drag gently on his chest. He hugged her, then used his free hands to fondle her breasts while she kissed her way down to his nipples. "Jacob?" she asked, between kisses. "Can I do something for you?"
"I've been reading." She paused to suck on his nipple, and the slight quivver that ran through his body told her he liked it. "Last week, you said it would be too messy if I gave you an orgasm. It doesn't have to be; could I try giving you a blow job?"
"Are you sure?" he said, running his fingers through her hair and gently caressing her breasts. "I mean, I'd be grossed out by putting my mouth over someone's cock, and I just assumed you'd react the same way."
She sat up and looked at him. "Please let me decide what I think is too gross for me, OK?"
"OK," he said, then chuckled. "So much for romance."
Anne smiled down at Jacob. "Do you really call your penis a cock?"
"That's my word for it," he said. "You want me to use Latin and sound like a doctor?"
"No," she said, giggling. "I just, ... well, does it upset you to call my vagina a cunt? That's the word I've always used."
"I'm surprised," he said, sitting up. "I always thought it was sort of a male word, disrespectful ..."
Anne giggled. "So much for romance. So do you want me to try to give a blow job?"
"I guess so," he said. "I gather that the best way's supposed to be if I try to return the favor, kissing your, uh, cunt while you do my cock."
She looked at him, sensing his mixed emotions but eager to try some of the things she'd read about. "You want to try?"
He smiled at her. "I guess I've had a bit of a fantasy about what some guys call eating pussy for a long time."
She looked at him. His penis had been huge a minute ago, but while they were talking, it had shrunk noticibly. "OK, let's try. How?"
He looked thoughtfully at her. "How about trying it this way. I lie on the bed on my back and you kneel over my face facing towards my hips and bending down to do my cock. I'm no expert, so don't quote me."
"May as well try," she said laughing. They experimented, and with a few minor readjustments, they managed to find a position where each was able to reach their target without too much work.
Jacob tentatively stroked her fanny while she tentatively bent down and kissed the tip of his penis. "You're a bit wet," she said, tasting him with her tongue. "Tastes pretty good, actually. Want to try me?"
He held her around the hips and tentatively licked her cunt. "I'm glad you shave down here," he said, and then kissed her gingerly. You taste salty; can you come down a bit farther?"
She adjusted her hips a bit, then began to experiment seriously with his penis. It grew rapidly as she played with it, sliding her lips down it and, as the book had suggested, pretending it was a lollypop and licking and sucking it. His tentative experiments kissing her cunt intensified, and as his tongue explored her clitoris, the intense feeling she'd felt earlier returned.
He broke off as she tried sliding her mouth down over his cock. "Oh God that feels good Anne!" he said, sounding intense.
"Don't stop!" she said, then slid her lips down his cock again, feeling it's rigid length press into her mouth. He began thrusting his hips in rythm with her, and his hands around her hips tightened as he pulled her down over his mouth. She felt a wave of exstacy sweep over her, not the intense exstacy of an orgasm, but close.
She slid her mouth down over his penis again, and as he thrust his hips at her, Anne felt him come, squirting a small mouthful into her. For a moment, she was distracted from what he was doing to her cunt while she savored the new taste in her mouth. The flavor was slightly sweet, only a bit salty, and almost a bit soapy in texture.
His penis was still stiff, so she continued to suck on it as he kissed and licked her cunt. She felt a wave of pleasure surge through her with each probe of his tongue, and then in an explosive flash, the feeling of pleasure engulfed her as she came.
She rolled off his face, still hugging his hips and sucking the last of his juices from his now limp penis. "God, that felt good," he said. He gently stroked her hip with his hand. "Did I do it right?"
She let go of his penis almost reluctantly, savoring the lingering taste as it fell from her mouth. "You sure did. Let's do it again!"

Sorority Pledge
I'm a college co-ed at the present. Pledge indoctrination usually takes place in early Fall. The house I'm with goes for the good lookers; the ones who can really make the guys on campus drool. Each established member gets one pledge in her charge. Mine this year was a real peach named Jennifer. Sorority girls can do anything they want to pledges, so spontaneous spankings are frequent and commonplace. Luckily for pledges this hazing period lasts only two weeks. In the evenings, after classes, I'd make Jennifer strip down to her bra and panties or make her wear some equally humiliating outfit while she slaved away at the chores given to pledges. If the assigned chores weren't satisfactorily completed (which was nearly always) it meant going over the barrel for a spanking. The "barrel" is a large drum shaped cylinder on short legs with handles and fastening straps. Girls are put naked over the barrel with their ankles strapped in place and their bottoms are in the uppermost position. This is a terrific device for impromptu punishments as well as ceremonial spankings. An interesting variation on the barrel is one that I used frequently with Jeniffer I'd make the pledge straddle the device lengthwise as though riding horseback and have her lie forward and hug the barrel to keep from sliding off. This position naturally stretches the bottom good and tight and is extremely embarrassing for the "rider". I never inflicted any permanent damage to Jennifer. I usually would hand spank her until she'd start crying. As a deviation of the above sorority practices I'd like to relate the sexiest and most memorable incident of spanking that's ever happened to me. After a boring day of classes I was itching for some entertainment in the form of spanking Jennifer's all too appealing bottom. In order to make the experience an intimate and exciting one, (for me, anyway) I left word for my little pledge to report directly to my room. In time the coquettish underling appeared as commanded. Jennifer is a petite little dumpling with rich brown hair shortly bobbed in a becoming hairstyle. The girl was still in her street clothes and carried a handful of books. Faking a truly bitchy mood I ordered her to lock the door behind her and to strip naked. Knowing the punishment for disobedience to a superior, Jennifer began to instantly undress. In two minutes she was standing before me in her birthday suit. She was especially nervous and trembling visibly. I told her to bring me the hairbrush from my bureau and to drop face down across my thighs. She did so with a gasp of mixed fear and humiliation. She had never been spanked over my lap like this and was obviously terrified. I applied the first spank with great vigor, the hairbrush smashed down on one tender bottom. Jennifer flinched. I then announced that she must count aloud each spank and thank me for it! "SMACK!! One...Oh, t-thank you...SMACK. T-Two. Thank you...," and so on. This was kept up to my great delight for nearly thirty hair- raising spanks. By now the pledge was crying and stammering, but I didn't let up. At last the despondent pledge begged for mercy and offered to do anything else rather than have the spanking continue. The girl stimulated my curiosity and I asked her what she'd be willing to do to have me stop spanking her. I was surprised when she offered to lick my toes for an hour. I was justly intrigued by the depravity of her suggestion. "You'll have to lick more than just my toes," I responded. "All right, anything. ANYTHING!," cried the unhappy pledge. This was too good to be true. I immediately had Jennifer stand up. Her bottom cheeks were solid red. I quickly kicked my shoes off, then pulled off my knee socks. I lifted my skirt and lowered my panties, removing them. I lay back on the bed with my legs spread wide and pointed to my snatch, ordering the girl to lick me. A most obedient Jennifer quickly knelt down in front of me and without the least hesitation buried her face in my crotch! She began working her tongue around like a pro. That girl really knows how to eat hair pie. Jennifer does it better than any guy on campus. I came in two minutes flat. I had made a friend for life. I felt so good I wished to reciprocate, but I couldn't bring myself to perform oral sex on another woman. Jennifer said she'd be satisfied if I diddled her with my finger. The only trouble was that her bottom was so sore that she couldn't lie on her backside. Thinking quickly I told the girl to climb in bed on all fours. On hands and knees Jennifer scampered onto the bed with her legs wide apart. From behind I fingered her slit and gave her a real cool finger-fucking with one hand, while I reach around with the other and squeezed her nipples. It was wild. I never thought I would get off on this sort of thing. Jennifer clipped when she came. Her hips were going a mile a minute. She was actually fucking my finger instead of the other way around. You'll think I'm nuts, but we were going at it so hot and heavy that the windows of the room were getting fogged. As you can see I made a lasting friendship all because of my participation in spanking. I can't even think of spanking in any other terms but sex now. Every time I see a girl's ass being spanked, it really turns me on thinking of the subsequent possibilities. Jennifer is a full fledged member of the sorority now, but she still visits my room on those occasions when I don't have a date.

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