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Hollywood Canteen


“You know what I hate the most. I hate that you never called
me and that you act like you don’t recognize me. You just
stand there, looking at me like an idiot!” I yelled at Brian.
We were standing in the back courtyard of the Hollywood
Canteen; little did I know that he and Keith would show up
and almost ruin our night. But shit I didn’t care and I was
not going to let that bother me. Brian for some ungodly reason
wanted to act as if I were Chris’s sister. Now don’t get me
wrong I know that I am but still, we are adults and if he is
going to hold something like that over me, then fuck him
I don’t need his shit. I walked away from him and made my way
to the bar. I ordered another drink when I knew I was already
past my limit. I was on a mission and I was out to have fun.
I wore my new hot chocolate dress or that’s what I call it.
I bought it on sale at Banana Republic and when I tried it
on I knew it was for me. It had a halter style type top. That
left nothing to the imagination, the brown flimsy fabric
cascaded across my skin like magic, and it fell about to
my knees and exposed my back, showing off my tattoo. I watched
as she walked away from me and I stood there with my mouth
gaped open wide. I never thought in a million years she would
be here, let alone wear something so seductive, so mouth
watering, something so fucking hot, my cock was hard when
I saw her. She looked the same only better. I can’t explain
it, but sexier, more sophisticated, more welcoming. She
was standing at the bar and leaned over to order a drink.
She waited looking about the room everywhere except at
me. I stood in the back feeling utterly stupid for ever letting
her get away from me. I knew she was my closest friends sister
but I never forgotten her or her mouth on mine, or the way
she felt in my arms of the way I felt when I was deep inside
her. It was amazing. She got her drink and then held it to
her lips and took a sip. I watched for that was all I could
do. She was coming my way, her hips moving side to side. She
looked up and saw me, rolled her eyes and moved right past
me. I knew I deserved that. I got back to our table and saw
Carlyn; she was talking to Keith who was sitting next to
her. I sat down and reached for my cigarettes and began to
smoke, taking my mind off Brian and his punk ass. Keith asked
me if I saw his boy and I was like, “who?” and laughed. He said
Brian. You didn’t see Brian he was asking about you, like
if you guys were going to be here tonight. “How did you guys
know we were going to be here?” I asked him. “We decided at
the last minute to come anyway.” “I just remembered this
place after Carlyn brought us here the last time. So I told
B and he said he would like to check it out.” “Well that’s
nice, maybe he can find him a nice, quiet chick, to sit next
to him and feed him Jello or something. You know bow down
to him since he thinks he’s all that.” I told Keith. “But
I don’t want to talk about that fool; he made his bed now he
can lie in it. I really don’t give a fuck, he had his chance.
Now all I am to him IS Chris’s sister.” I said firmly. Keith
then leaned over and said something in Carlyn’s ear and
she got a big chuckle and he got up from the table to find his
boy. “Granny don’t let it bother you, you know we are here
for fun, weather Keith or Brian is here.” She told me. “I
know but shit I had the hot’s for that fool for so long and
now I am just like. Whatever. I don’t what to be bothered.
Now he can look at me as I talk to other guys wearing this bomb
ass dress and he can think on what he missed. Jackass!” I
said and we both laughed. Keith found Brian in the other
room ordering a drink. He stood next to him and asked him
what’s up. Brian told him “Not much. You know she’s here?”
“Who Lisa?” Keith answered. “Yeah I saw her and she gave
me the riot act when I tried to talk to her. But did you see
what she was wearing, that dress!” Brian said as he thought
on it. “Yeah I saw it. So what are you going to do, sit in the
corner all night long, or go after what you want? You have
been telling me about her since day one. You always say,
I know she’s Chris’s sister but shit I still want her, I am
just not man enough to do it. I don’t want to hurt Chris or
her; none of my relationships ever work out. I always fuck
them up somehow.” He mumbled. “B, you can’t go around and
think on everything that’s in your past, that’s why it’s
in the past. You are supposed to learn from your mistakes
and maybe if you would have had Lisa, it would have worked
out, but ever since her, it’s been all down hill, and you
still talk about her to this day.” Keith said. “Yeah I know
you are right” Brian said. So he thought about what he was
going to do to get her. Keith came back to our table and sat
down and we all began to talk as long as it wasn’t about Brian.
Keith asked me if he would mind if Brian did come as sit with
us. I told him sure I can be civil. I don’t hate the man but
I am not going to play this game with him. We are all friends
aren’t we? We all know each others secrets, so it’s no big
deal to me.” I said. Keith then waved at Brian and he came
and sat at our table, it was a big white fluffy couch, where
we had a ton of room, and he sat next to me. The conversation
was a bit strained but we seemed to manage. The music was
good and so were the drinks. Brian asked me if I wanted another
drink. I said sure as I reached for my wallet and was about
to hand him some money. He said that was ok and he “GOT THIS”…
as off he went. I turned to Carlyn and laughed. She said he
is trying to get back in with an added wink. “Shit not tonight
he isn’t” I told her, “You know you still want him” Keith
chimed in. “Yeah I know” admitting the truth, “but it still
does not give him the right to do what he did. I don’t know
if that will happen again and I am not about to stick around
to find out.” I said. “Let him find some small Asian chick
or hot Mexican gurl. I’m tired of this merry go round.” I
answered. I saw him coming with my drink and he handed it
to me. I took a sip as the conversation moved about the table.
I noticed that Brian sat very close to me this time. He asked
me how I was and I replied I was doing ok. My job is good, my
kids are good, and in fact life was good.” I slurred my words.
He smiled, and I remember when I saw him first at Jamaica
House downtown in 93. He stood next to Chris and Will and
T as they began to break dance and we girls stood around the
circle. We watched them as they moved left and right up and
down, jiggle here and there. Our crew was the SHIT. I could
see back then when he was talking to some black chick that
was his girl of the moment and later found out that relationship
didn’t work out either. But he is still just the cutest thing
ever. Bald head, green eyes, nice lips, tattooed all over
both arms and across his back, that I remember licking all
night long. But that was then and this is now. So I decided
to go into friend mode. “Hey, she’s cute over there. Why
don’t you talk to her?” I said. I just wanted to make nice,
I didn’t want the past hanging over my head either. Plus
you can never have too many friends. “Naw, she’s too short”
he said. “Well what about her friend, she taller and she
got a big ass.” I said and laughed really loud. He turned
and looked at me. What the fuck is she doing, trying to hook
me up with other chicks? That’s not what I want. I wanted
her and right now no other bitch was going to do. But I went
along with her game as the night progress. But the next time
I asked her. “Hey, there’s your boyfriend.” I said and nodded
to guy in the far corner. “Oh my GAWD Brain, that man is way
to fat. I don’t like fat guys. Ugh!!!” I said and we both laughed.
Then he pointed to another guy and who was short and black
and fat. I hit him on the shoulder, telling him No way…. He
could never touch me. “Brian; why do you keep picking black
guys for me?” I asked. “Give you something new, something
different.” He said. “I like white guys and you should know
that by now.” I said to him softly. I hated to admit that but
shit I was buzzed at the moment and it all felt good to me right
now. “Yeah I remember Lisa, would you hate me if I told you
I didn’t want to see you with a white man or any man for that
matter.” He said looking at me. “Oh Brain, we can’t go down
that road again. It’s not good for you or me. We can be friends
and leave it at that.” I suggested. “What if I say I don’t
want that, what are you going to do?” he asked me. I shrugged
my shoulders. I was lost as he sat next to me. He leaned over
and placed a soft wet kiss on my exposed shoulder. His lips
touched my skin and it sent shivers down my spine, I knew
that Brian always affected me, but not like this. This time
it was stronger and more powerful, it was different. I looked
at him, as his mouth was on my skin, placing little kisses
on me, his green eyes staring into mine. I blushed at his
forwardness. “I missed you.” He said simply. I tried to
shake him off mentally; I didn’t want any of his words to
get to me. I promised myself that I was going to never let
this happen again. It’s my emotions that always get in the
way and ruin everything. Brian can’t love me, I can’t let
that happen. I watched her every movement, the way her long
black hair fell across her face, the way her eyes slanted
at the corners as my mouth came near her, the way she parted
her full lips slightly and took a deep breath. I looked down
and I could see that her nipples were hard, the fabric was
so thin, and you could see everything. A jolt of anger ran
threw my body, to have other men look at her, drove me nuts.
And every man that passed this table got a good look at her
tits; the halter top of the dress barely left anything to
the imagination. Her ripe and plump tits were delectable;
I didn’t know how long I could sit next to her and not touch
her. “Don’t say that Brian.” I mumbled and looked away.
Here we go back to square one, I thought. “Why not Lis, you
know I want you. I always have” he said to me. “But that doesn’t
mean it’s going to work out; unless we just keep in on a sexual
level.” I said to him. I looked at him as he thought about
my words. “I don’t know, is that what you want?” he asked
me. “Shit Brian I don’t know what I want when it comes to you,
I thought I did, but now I can’t say. I don’t want to be hurt
anymore and I am as sure as shit not fucking you on the floor
of some dark room either.” I said. “Why are you doing this
to me? Why do you want me, Brian you can have any chick here
you want. Short, tall, skinny, white, black, Hispanic,
they all want you; look at them looking at you. Hating me
cause I am here sitting and talking to you.” I told him as
his eyes lifted and moved about the room catching a quick
glimpse at the girls that were staring before. “See that’s
what I don’t want to deal with. I couldn’t share you.” I said.
“Lisa you are the one that is sitting here with a dress on
that’s basically invisible, your hard nipples poking
out, just looking at you drives me crazy and all the fucking
guys that walk by this table looking at what should be mine!”
he ground out. “Brian, we shouldn’t even have this conversation.
You know that we should just be friends and leave it at that.
It’s better that way.” I said “Better for whom? Not me!”
he barked. “Look let’s just enjoy our evening. We can still
talk and have a few drinks. We don’t have to make any decisions
right now. Be my friend; please Brian, that’s all I ask right
now.” I sighed. “I can do that….. For right now.” he said.
“We will decide later what to do.” he said I smiled at him
and he smiled back. I stood up and told him I was going to the
bathroom and to get me another drink. He laughed and gave
me some money. Damn she stood up in front of me and with that
fucking dress on her is driving me crazy. The way it floats
across her body and fits her perfectly. She leaned down
and kissed me on the lips before she ran off. “I see you two
are getting along rather well.” Keith jokingly said to
B. “Yeah I guess so.” He replied. “But she just wants to be
friends.” “Brian you know you can’t push her to get what
you want. She is her own woman, and she will make up her own
mind.” Carlyn told him as she took a sip of her drink and a
quick drag of her cigarette. She looked at Keith and smiled.
Then looking up into the crowd beginning to gather; her
eyes widened with fear. She saw; David Lisa’s ex boyfriend.
He was a police officer and Carlyn remember how much damage
he did to Lisa, she never thought in a million years she would
see him here. He walked in with another woman a short white
chick that stood about 5 feet six inches and thin blonde
hair and fake breasts. David walked by the table and he saw
Carlyn and he nodded. She turned her head away. “Who’s that?”
Keith asked, “David; this guy that Lisa used to date. He’s
an asshole.” She said. Brian looked up at the competition.
The man was big, but shit nothing Brian couldn’t take care
of if he had to. He waited for Lisa to get back. Damn she was
taking a long time. He watched as David went into the other
room. I was standing at the bar ordering my drink and it had
gotten so crowded it took a while I felt someone run there
finger down the middle of my back. I quickly thought it was
Brian and when I turned and smiled, I had to look up for it
was David and I was pissed. He was the last person I would
have wanted to see her, and with the stupid look on his face,
like he fucking missed me or something. You know. I remember
when we broke up and I thought I was in love with him, then
realizing that he had brain washed me into his thinking.
Like an arrogant, stubborn, useless man. “Hey baby” he
said casually. “I’m not your baby. Remember!” I said. “Don’t
get all mad ma, we can work something out. I remember the
good times. I know what you like, and how you like it.” He
growled at me. I did remember, we were good in bed, but David
was all about him and I was not going to ever do that to myself
again. Fucking Brian now seems like the right thing to do.
“David it’s over. You and I both know it.” I said. “There
aint no going back. So forget it.” I shouted. “Oh and isn’t
that your bitch over in the corner shooting daggers at me
with her eyes, because you decided to come over here and
talk to me. From the looks of it, you better rein her in, you
know me David, and I don’t take any shit.” I said seriously.
“Yeah I know. I will tell her.” He mumbled. I then grabbed
my drink off the bar and went back to my table. I saw Brian
sitting there half mad and then half worried. Boy have I
seen that look a million times. I thought. Here you go; I
gave Brian his change and then moved across him to sit down.
“Are you having fun yet?” I asked innocently. “Not really.”
He uttered. “Why not?” I questioned him. “I saw your ex boyfriend.”
he said like a child that’s lost his toy. “Yeah so did I. He
wanted to know if could get back with me.” I said. I looked
at him, his eyes penetrating mine. “But I told him that I
was with someone.” he smiled then.
“Are you with someone else now? Are you sure?” he asked me.
“Well I wasn’t at first because the guy that I am with now,
has finally learned to appreciate me. You know what I think
he really likes me too.” I said giggling to Brian. I leaned
my head to his ear and kissed him slightly. He blushed.
We all continued to drink and smoke and keep the buzz going.
We told stories of us in the old days and laughed like crazy.
Then they announced last call as everybody ran to get there
last drinks. The guys went to the bar to get something for
us and Carlyn and I made our way to the bathroom.
The bathroom was quite small, one stall like and a teeny
adjoining room.
We walked in and she gave me her purse to hold, I looked at
myself in the mirror and I had to agree this dress was beyond
hot. It showed exactly enough cleavage and clung to my body
like a glove. I was turning this way and that as Carlyn was
looking at me.
She reached out and popped me on my ass, for showing off.
I yelped but giggled at the same time. This dress made me
wild, I wanted to do things that I hadn’t done before.
We talked about the guys and where our evening was leading.
I told her that yes I was going to most likely go home with
Brian; she said she would be with Keith. I told her wouldn’t
it be fun, if we had a nice room at the W Hotel and we all just
stayed together.
In her drunken haze she laughed too. She stood up as she finished
and I shockingly asked her where her panties were, she said
that Keith asked her to take them off so he could finger funk
her pussy under the table with everybody in the room and
no one would know what he was doing to her. It was my turn to
laugh then.
“I wonder if you’re still wet then?” I told her as I turned
to face her.
She wore this short as shit mini skirt and it showed off nothing
but leg. She wore the white button down the front top, as
I told her I always like this shirt on her, because of the
easy access you can have to it. The good thing about Carlyn
being drunk is that she forgets everything, so it’s always
easy for me to take advantage of her.
My hand reached for her open pussy, I could feel the heat
of her pussy the closer my hand got. I touched her lips and
rubbed her gently, just barely touching her, her legs began
to get weak, she reached out to the wall to hold on. I fingered
that pussy like it was my own. I moved her to the sink and had
her sit on the edge and whispered to her to spread her legs
for me. I stood and watched as her thick thighs opened for
me, and reached in and found her sweet clit and massaged
it nice and slow.
When I picked Lisa up from her house, I knew she was going
to wear that dress and I told her it was going to get her into
a heap of trouble. Little did she know what kind of trouble.
I snickered.
We drove down Crenshaw and I had her drive cuz I was still
drinking. Or sipping what ever you want to call it. I had
the stereo on and was playing our favorites mixed CD. I knew
that Lisa loved that D’Angelo song and that it did something
to her, she like goes into this other mode, where her eyes
are heavy and she gets a head bob back and forth, DAMN she
looks so good, because she’s all into the music.
So it was then that I decided to do to her, what she did to me
a few years ago on another drunken spree of ours. At the first
light I told her I was going to suck on her tits when the light
was red. She started to laugh, and so did I. Her song then
came on as I timed it right and when she came to the next red
light, I leaned over slowly and touched he big tit, I pulled
it from behind the halter, and plopped it right on my mouth.
It was so fucking hot. I had that dark nipple hard as a rock
when I was sucking on it, licking it and nibbling on it. She
leaned her head back and then the light was green.
We laughed and took off, then we came to another red light
and I reached over again, and did it all over, this continued
on until we got to the club. We had our last cigarette and
got ready for the club, when I leaned over turned her head
to mine and just kissed, her, I wanted to get it out of my system
and just do it. Who cared it was all about pleasure for the
night, there was not judging or anything, just finding
your hot spot and make it happen.
My lips touched hers and she parted her lips for me and as
my tongue slide into her mouth, I felt her sigh, her hand
raked down my breast and my nipples were on fire. She pulled
at them a bit as I squirmed in my seat. Our mouths were glued
to each other as we had a very passionate kiss, then we pulled
away and got out of the car and into the club.
But now as she is fingering in the bathroom, I can barely
think. I looked down to see her dark fingers probing my pussy,
as my juices leak all over her, she steps in closer to me and
kisses me again, I open my mouth wide and enjoy it. It was
pleasure at its highest peek. The knocking on the bathroom
door, was getting louder and louder as we tried to ignore
it and I watched as Lisa pulled my skirt down and I stood up
on shaky legs and we made it our the bathroom as the other
bitches standing in line gave us a mad face. We walked by
laughing so hard, it was ridiculous.
We made it back to the courtyard and found the guys, our table
had been taken so we had to stand in the back, Brian and I were
talking a bit as I could tell he wanted me like never before.
I could tell; his eyes would assess me over and over again.
We stood about eye to eye; looking at one another. I was concerned
for in my mind this could be just the same old shit as what
happened before, that he would chicken out and then only
reason he wanted me now is because he remember how good it
was before.
Brian’s hand slipped about my waist as he held me closer
to him, my breast rubbing against his chest.
“Damn baby, I want you so bad.” He said in my ear.
“Feel my cock, feel how hard it is!” he growled.
I turned my body slightly and lowered my hand and rubbed
him, shit he was big, and long and thick. I forgot. I rubbed
him up and down loving the hardness of him.
“Gawd, I can’t wait to fuck you!” He mumbled exasperated.
For some odd reason that put me in a bad mood, and I was pissed,
It’s only sex that’s the only thing it could ever be. I didn’t
expect wine and roses but something other than just fucking
me, when you sound like that shit you should be paying me
for my services, instead of me giving it away. DAMN….
“You and every other man in here.” I said to him.
“What the fuck does that mean?” he questioned.
“You said it Brian, you can’t wait to FUCK me…. Remember.
How in the hell was I supposed to take that, be really honored
you have time to squeeze me into YOUR schedule and you can
fuck me. So like I said, you and every other nigga in this
room wants me.” I told him plain out.
“Well you’re not fucking all the other guys in this room,
you are only fucking me from now on. Got that! This is not
a game Lisa, I meant what I said. You are mine.” he said harshly.
“Really?” I said a bit too flippantly.
“Yes really.” He said and then pulled me by my hand to the
far back corner. He put me against the hard cold wall as his
body covered mine and kissed the shit out of me. His mouth
was hard and demanding over mine, his lips opened mine as
his tongue attacked me and took over. Brian meant what he
said he was going to have me and no other, he just needed to
show me. His hands all over my body at my big dark tits, pulling
and pinching my nipples, his hips grinding into mine, making
me whimper with frustration.
Afterwards, he looked down at me.
“Who are you going home with?” it was simple question that
deserved a simple answer.
“You.” I said low.
He smiled and kissed my check as we walked out the back alcove.
Carlyn made her way back to Keith as he stood there holding
her drink in his hand, made just the way she likes it, with
Cherry and lime wedge. She walked to him slowly and they
“That took you guys long in the bathroom.” He mentioned
to her.
She smiled brightly and laughed. “ Um… yeah… the line was
kind of long.”
“What does that mean?’ he asked since she was laughing about
the line being long.
She leaned over and whispered in his ear.
“Lisa was finger fucking me in the bathroom. “she snickered.
Keith stood there shocked as shit. “Really?” was his reply.
Then she told him how it happened, he couldn’t deny that
what she said turned him on as the blood rushed to his cock
and was instantly hard, the head full and throbbing. She
told him of the kiss and how it affected her, making her so
hot and so wet, and her nipples so sensitive too. Keith then
leaned over and quickly took her breast in his hand. Her
large tits overflowing in his tanned hand, as his fingers
slightly pulled at her nipple, she could feel the heat burning
deep inside her.
Everybody was leaving the club as we made our way out. Brian
took my hand and we walked together. Keith and Carlyn were
ahead of us as we got separated from each other.
We met across the street as the crowd was piling out, and
I was riding with Brian and Keith was riding with her in the
We made it to the hotel that Carlyn and I was staying at; the
W Hotel in Westwood. I told him that I didn’t want to drive
all the way to Burbank, I mean who the hell lives there anyway.
He smiled and said you will soon enough. I laughed.
We made it to the hotel valet parked; got out and found our
way inside our room, Carlyn and I had a few things there for
us, just in case, we would always say and laugh. There was
always a hidden meaning to everything about us. I walked
in the room and began to light a few candles; Brian moved
to the small table and made us drinks, when he stopped to
pick up some ice, vodka and juice for me.
I stood in the middle of the room near the two double beds.
He walked to me.
“Shit she is so perfect.” he thought. Everything about
her; her smile, her laugh, her hot ass body, her voice. DAMMIT!!!”
he thought.
“Take your clothes off.” I told her. I wanted her naked in
front of me, I wanted her to present her body to me, I wanted
her to give herself to me.
She reached up and untied the bow at the back of her neck that
held the halter up, and let it fall, the she moved the rest
of the milk chocolate concoction of a dress off her hips
slowly, as it puddled at her feet. She stood tall with nothing
but her shoes on. Brown suede, pointy toe numbers that gave
me the hots.
I wasn’t shy when I came to Brian he has seen me before naked.
I knew he wasn’t going to harm me this time and if he was then
I was going to fuck the shit out of him so he could never ever
fuck another chick and not think of me. I was gonna put it
on him…. As they say.
Her body revealed to me, drove me insane. I turned her around
and then reached low to take off her shoes, tossing them
gently in the near by corner. Now she was shorter than me
and I liked that, her long black hair hung down her back.
I could tell she wanted me to do something, to make a move
on her, but I took my sweet time, I made her wait, I wanted
to build up such an anticipation of wanting for me, that
when I did touch her she would scream out my name instantly.
I turned her around and looked at her. I told her to get on
the bed and show me that ass. She slowly climbed on the bed
in the doggie style position and showed me her black ass,
so round and full, I loved it, I walked back to the table and
picked up my drink. Then I told her to lie on her back and open
her legs for me. Open them wide I want to see my pussy, show
me that sweet pussy Lisa, I told her. I wanted my words to
tantalize her.
She turned over and lay on her back; she opened those long
ass legs for me as her pussy came into view. I loved watching
her, perform for me. I told her to reach down and touch her
pussy, tell me how wet it is. I looked on as her slim hand moved
lower and touched her pussy just rubbing it then inserting
it in her pussy, she opened her legs some more and I could
see her pink meat inside, her tight pussy hole begging me
to fuck her. I saw the wetness oozing out of her. I saw her
hips twist on top of the bed.
She was panting very hard, her eyes half closed.
“Come with me” I heard him say. Brain then took my hand as
we walked to the shower, he turned on the water and lit a few
candles in there too. I got in first and he after me, I wet
my hair as it lay very sexily down my back as the few droplets
of water on my skin were perfect, he reached for the body
scrunchy and moisturizing body wash and began to wash me
all over, he did a great job, with my body all lathered he
gave me directions to do him, which I took my time and did.
I did his chest first, stopping and flicking his nipples,
then I moved across his belly and down to his rock hard cock,
that he couldn’t keep down. We rinsed off and we kissed,
our lips locked together, tongues fighting each other,
I slowly moved low in the shower and took him into my mouth.
I licked his fat head and encircled it with my tongue, then
plopping it into my mouth. I sucked on him slowly taking
him deeper in my mouth inch by inch, I could hear his moan
as he watched me suck his cock. His hand was in my hair as he
guided his hips back and forth as he face fucked me. I loved
it all, his control over me was exciting.
He was about to blow as he felt the pressure building in his
balls, making them so tight, he grabbed my hair fucking
me harder and harder, I realized this and relaxed my mouth
and took him to the back of my throat, as he came and I took
it all in. I stood up as he helped me and then we kissed again,
I love that shit.
We heard the door open and noise in the other room. I could
tell it was Carlyn because she was laughing. Then talking.
The door to the bathroom opened and Carlyn had to pee, she
was talking to us as we stood in the shower, kissing mumbling
our responses back to her.
“What are you guys doing in there?” she asked. LIKE SHE DIDN’T
She reached for the shower curtain and opened it.
Then gave us that big smile of hers.
“Damn, you guys look good together.” She said really slow,
her eyes looking us both up and down she looked to see what
Brain was working with and was pleased, she reached down
and touched his cock and it sprang to life back in her hands
as Brian and I still kissed and he rubbed my tits.
Brian was moaning in my mouth as Carlyn had her hand on him
as she moved his skin up and down, and ran her thumb across
the tip. We both stopped kissing and looked at her, her eyes
slightly red, and her smile so bright, then all three of
us kissed, you know that triple kiss. Everybody’s tongue
in someone mouth, Me and Brian and Carlyn in the hot shower
water running across our bodies, splashing on the floor.
Brian then excused himself, as he went got a towel and went
to the other room, he told me to take as long as I wanted, he
will be ready for me when I get in the other room. He blew me
a kiss and left.
Carlyn then disrobed and got in the shower with me, I then
lathered her up and washed her hot body and asked her where
did they go? She said they made a quick stop at the pleasure
chest to get a few toys. What kind of toys, she said never
you mind. So as I lathered her, I took her breasts, which
I loved and began to massage them, lick them and suck them,
she had the best nipples I try to tell her silly as that but
she never listens.
So I stood there sucking her tits, like I could never get
Her hand found my pussy and she began to finger me, I opened
my leg and put one foot on the side of the tub as her fingers
were inside me, I was wet and slick all over her fingers,
we both moaned and groaned, our hips grinding on each other,
I wanted to eat her, I wanted to lick her hot snatch. I got
down on the tub floor spread her pussy wide and licked and
sucked away. My tongue doing it slow like she likes it as
she held on to and guided my mouth on her, she taste so damn
good, her juices all in my mouth covering my face.
I wanted her to cum and cum hard, I wanted to be the one to give
her, the first orgasm of the night and I did. I did exactly
what she told me to do; licked her here or there, stuck my
finger deep inside her hot cunt, fingered her tight ass,
until her body shook uncontrollably and she came drenching
me all over….
I held her in place my hands on her hips as she came in my mouth
and I loved it, the smell of her wet pussy and the taste of
the sweet cum in my mouth. I stood up and put her in the front
of the shower as she washed off, I got the water on me as I rinsed
my body too. I was getting a bit tired of servicing everybody
that night.
We got out of the shower as the room was aglow in golden candlelight.
I took one white fluffy towel and wrapped it about myself,
as Carlyn grabbed for the thick white robe that hung on the
back door. We walked out to the other room and saw Brian lying
across the one bed by the window and Keith sitting in a chair
looking at TV. Keith had taken his shirt off and wore only
dark denim jeans unbuttoned at the top. Brian still in his
towel as he sipped his drink… DAMN the man was so fuckign
hot, I thought.
I walked to Brian and sat next to him, as he placed his hand
on my leg just touching me softly. I moaned just a bit. Brain
then pulled open the side dresser drawer and pulled out
a baggie filled with chronic, Carlyn and I looked at each
other and laughed. He sat up in the bed and began to role his
weed. He took him time to crumble any of the bigger pieces
and remove any sticks and stems if there were any, but you
could smell the sweet aroma in the room, a dark and sultry
scent that permeated your nose.
Carlyn and I watched with bated breath, anxiously, looking
at his fingers go to work, sprinkling the herb in the middle
of the pristine white Zig Zag papers, as he filled them full,
then taking the paper he began to roll them into a nice phat
ass joint. We giggled with delight.
He placed the blunt to his lips and lit it taking a nice drag
off of it. We watched in awe as the smoke swirled in long streams
in the air and then he blew it all out. He passed the blunt
to me and I took my turn then after I passed to Carlyn and she
took her puff, then off to Keith as he said he would only have
one drag to get him going. Then the blunt made its way about
the room to where Brian said he didn’t want anymore, that
he was good.
So I sat next to Carlyn as we finished it off, talking in the
in between of each inhale. We giggle and laughed. I saw that
her robe had opened a bit exposing her big tits and nipples.
It was my turn to take a drag and she looked at me as her head
was resting on my shoulder, smiling up at me and I leaned
down to kiss her on the tip of her nose.
With Carlyn and me in one bed and Brian in the other, Keith
got up and made another drink. I leaned back on the bed as
Carlyn kissed me, her soft and gentle mouth on mine, licking
and sucking on my full lips. I opened my mouth and we tongue
kissed, she opened my towel and finding my plump tit she
massaged them pulling and tweaking my nipples as my body
jerked under her. Our mouths locked together when the guys
turned around and saw us and what we were doing in the bed
with out them. Well how long did you expect us to wait? Her
slim hand moved lower to my pussy as my legs opened for her
and the guys wanted her white long fingers touch my hot black
We were enjoying each others bodies, as the guys came closer
to the bed, to watch us. Carlyn body moved over mine as she
lay on top of me, her firm breast in direct contact with my
mouth, remember I loved to lick and suck on her. Her body
humped mine, her pussy rubbing on top of mine, Keith was
hard as a rock as he watched this hot chocolate and Vanilla
scene happen in front of his eyes. He removed his jeans,
to rub his cock, Brian had moved to the head of the bed. Keith
climbed up behind Carlyn and nudged in between her legs,
she opened them as his hard cock slid into her wet pussy,
she was tight, he always told her that. He held her hips and
fucked her as her body moved in sync on top of mine.
Brian took off his towel and moved towards me, he leaned
low and kissed me, his tongue choking me with his heated
passion. He moved back a bit and rubbed is hard white cock
all over my face, slapping me in the face with it, all across
my lips. He told me that I was a bad girl and that I needed to
be punished.
I could hear Carlyn moan and giggle at the same time.
Keith was buried deep inside her, he took her one leg and
moved it a bit higher as he fucked her, he also began to spank
her white ass, for his pleasure, everything was happening
at once. I opened my mouth as Brian’s cock slide past my lips,
the lips that Carlyn just kissed me and I began to suck him.
His taste was so good, it was sweet and male, I guess I don’t
know how to explain except it was damn yummy. Something
you begin to crave.
I sucked him nice and slow as he moved his hips back and forth
in my mouth, I pressed my lips together tightly around his
shaft and milked him, I swirled my tongue around the head
as me moved, I sucked on the head gently, tasting of his precum
and loving it. The relaxing my throat as he slid his cock
all the way down my throat, as I took him and he held my head
in his hands, and bent forward to kiss me. With drawing her
stood up and looked at this marvelous scene of bodies before
him, watching Keith fuck Carlyn as she moved on top of Lisa,
as Lisa kissed and sucked on Carlyn’s tits, it was a sight
to remember.
I crawled out from under Carlyn as Keith had lifted her hips
higher so he could fuck her deep , the way she likes it too.
Her smooth white ass up in the air for all of us to see. I walked
around and sat on Brian hard cock, he was sitting on the edge
of the bed, and Carlyn could look right as us as we fucked.
Her head popped up and she saw his cock go deep in me and I closed
me eyes and threw my head back, she saw him holding and pinching
my dark nipples, and then as his hand moved lower and he fingers
my wet pussy as he continued to fuck me too.
The sight was too much, it had her so hot and horny and so wet,
it had her to bursting all over. She loved it to be able to
see two people fucking right in front of her, to see the ecstacy
on the faces of the people and reach out and touch them if
she chose too.
“Damn… damn…damn.” I heard her say.
She was loving it all as Keith was pounding into her, and
slapping her on her ass, her ass a nice hot pink, I myself
couldn’t wait to get over and see her, I wanted to see Keith
actually cock sliding in her, I wanted to see her pussy spread
wide open for him and I wanted to here her big for it too. I
knew that once she has gone this far there was no going back
and we were all free to do what we wanted.
I rode Brain’s hard cock, up and down and up again. I wanted
to cum so bad, my pussy tightened on him as I moved, I could
feel my body begin to shudder and shake, he pinched my clit
as my legs were spread open for him, and I came so hard on him.
I slowed a bit as he removed me off of him, I lay on the bed for
a few minutes catching my breath, watching this hot and
naked scene in front of me.
I saw Carlyn as she was being used and I loved it, I reached
down to stroke my wet pussy again, Brian had moved and demanded
that she suck off all my juices that were on his cock and she
did like a good gurl. Her sweet mouth opened and he slide
that cock in her mouth and she licked and sucked on him so
well. Just like I taught her.
I then stood up and was at her ass, Keith had cum and was sitting
on the floor like he was going to pass out, we always knew
we were too much for him to handle. That’s why he likes that
stupid Asian chick, so he can control something cuz he sure
as hell don’t control this… I thought.
I stepped over him and ran my hands across Carlyn’s ass,
she always thought her ass was too big, but shit she never
knew. It was purrfect, perfect to spank, and perfect to
fuck. LOL
My hands softly ran across her soft and tender flesh, I lowered
my fingers and spread her check for me, so I could see her,
so I could see her wetness flow out, so I could get hot just
looking at her. I pressed on the back as her as went higher
in the air. My fingers slowly touching her heated snatch,
rubbing her clit lightly.
“You are so wet baby.” I told her.
“I just love you pussy, it’s so hot and wet and nasty at the
same time” I could hear her moan.
As did I.
I got on my knees behind her to out my face in her pussy, to
inhale and lick and suck on her, just to tease. I stuck my
tongue in her hot ole and wiggled it about, loving that flava
of C. I then moved a bit higher to her ass, nice and tightly
puckered. I ran my tongue across the from skin, loving the
way her body jumped at the sensation. I them licked and sucked
her ass, using my lips and mouth to get her over the edge,
I wanted her to remember this evening forever, I wanted
her to cum like she had never cum before.
“baby your ass is so tight too” I said to her.
“You like when I lick and suck on you” I said. Mainly talking
to myself since her mouth was still full with Brian.
Who would have thought that Brian would take so fucking
long to cum. But he was enjoying it as much as I was. Keith
then got his silly ass together and moved his hard cock right
along side Brian’s, and she took turns in sucking them both.

I moved my mouth back to her pussy and then back to her ass,
I needed her body on fire. Her hips were moving as if I was
fucking her, I grabbed the small vibrator that she bought
with Keith at the pleasure chest and turned it on. I ran it
across her ass cheeks just letter her feel the soft hum on
her skin. I hear her moan again.
“I am going to fuck you baby. Imma put this hot cock in your
pussy, so you can feel it humming on the inside; just like
if I was fucking you, I want you to cum from the inside out.”
I mumbled.
After running it over and across her, I placed the tip on
her clit, just a touch, then I moved it away, then back again
teasing her hot cunt over and over, then I would place the
vibrator inside her and put my mouth on her pussy, licking
and sucking her, so she could feel every thing. And she did
She began to yell and scream even with both cocks in her mouth,
but all the sensations were getting to her, I rubbed her
pussy and moved the vibrator to her ass, just circling it
a bit around and around, then putting the VB in my mouth to
get it wet, I slipped in her tight ass, I knew it hurt her,
but she had to take it, cuz tonight I was going to make her
mine. I moved the VB very slowly… until she got used to it,
then I lowered myself and eat her hot cunt one mo gin’, my
mouth tasting all of her, licking and sucking. But it was
time for her to cum, and as I fucked her and then ate her and
then leaned up to play with her big tits and pink nipples
that were hard as rocks, she came.
She cam so hard, yelling and clawing at the bed and almost
biting down on the guys dicks if they didn’t pull them out
of her mouth. They stood back and watched as she came all
in my mouth with that ass all up in the air. She was exhausted
and lay across the bed in a heap of satisfied flesh.
So as the evening progressed and we saw that the guys were
still hard, then they positioned us at opposite ends but
together. Brain was over me and Keith over Carlyn as they
grabbed our tits and began to fuck them holding our breasts
together tightly with there cock in between them and fucked.
It was only a matter of moments before they both came and
poured they’re hot liquid across our breasts. We lay there
covered with cum, it was a great way to end a evening. Satisfied,
exhausted and the best damn orgasm you could ask for.
Brian lifted me to the next bed, perfectly made. He crawled
in next to me as Keith and Carlyn righted themselves and
fell asleep. It was a different evening, that will never
happen again, but we have the memories.

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