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His Wife's Favorite Resort


Karen and Ben enjoy an annual tropical vacation, usually
during the long dark New England winter month of February.
Each year they picked out a resort or private villa in the
Caribbean. One resort was Karen's special favorite,
the only one they would be visiting a second time next February,
at Karen's insistence. This one was unique and offered
special treasures she did not even reveal to anyone but
Ben. It was obviously woman-owned and tailored toward
meeting the desires of women. Its spa was where Karen discovered
this special quality.

She had been advised upon their arrival that there was a
spa just for the ladies and that she was strongly suggested
to check it out first thing on day one. It turned out to be
a treasure. There she was told this spa was to remain the
girls' little secret, that what went on there was not
to be shared with any of the men. Interesting, although
not yet clear to her as to why.

She was then given a menu of spa services. It looked innocent
enough, except it was labeled "basic services"
implying there were perhaps other services beyond "basic'?
she wondered. She started out with the expected massage
by a young lady. It was very nice. Eventually Karen asked
what was meant by the "basic" menu and if there
was more offered other than "basic". There
certainly was. They young lady told her that there was a
secret "naughty girl" menu, if Karen were interested,
but only if she kept it secret. That was most intriguing.
Well, yeah she was interested.

"Well, we don't publish this, but there are a
few services that a few ladies might enjoy, to make their
stay really, really special. To start with, some naughty
ladies who might like the nude side of the beach often get
a little haircut for their pussy. We offer some very sexy
haircuts cuts from shapes to radical thinning to ‒ the universal
favorite ‒ a well-oiled shiny shaved pussy. Might you be
interested in something like that. It really gets a man's
attention, you know. Our ladies tell us their man can't
keep his hands (or his tongue) off her." Karen was
a little shocked at the idea and this girl's ease of
explaining it.

But the invitation was too interesting to pass up. Karen
was quick to agree. The young lady was happy with the decision.
She gathered the tools she would need. She explained the
cuts in more detail, but seemed to most coax her "well-oiled
shiny shaved pussy" as her specialty. Karen was sold
on that. The girl smiled "Good. That seems to be the
favorite, at least among the naughty ladies.

After removing the sheet covering Karen, the girl used
tiny scissors to snip gentle finger pinches of hair, carefully
snipping tuft after tuft of hair from her pubis. It was a
slow, careful, gentle process and it felt very erotic.
She allowed herself to thoroughly enjoy this, despite
feeling a bit self-conscious about how her clitoris began
to engorge and swell. "You have the perfect pussy
for this, " the girl complimented. Karen felt very
flattered. Her touches felt very nice. She felt even more
self-conscious as the girl spread her thighs wide and worked
carefully around her thighs, labia, vagina and anus.

Once all the hair was carefully and thoroughly snipped
very short from every portion of her bottom, the girl took
up a tiny electric razor and snapped it on. The humming made
Karen gasp slightly. She was shocked at how turned on she
was. She caught herself moan slightly as the young lady
slowly guided the trimmer through every remaining stubble
of hair.

"Feels nice, doesn't it?" the girl asked
softly, acknowledging Karen's arousal. Karen could
only moan. "There, check yourself out, " she
announced to Karen. Karen was at first disappointed the
sensations had ceased. The girl handed Karen a hand mirror
to look down at her handiwork. "You have the perfect
anatomy for this, " the girl explained. Some ladies
have very unimpressive pussies. Some actually have ugly
pussies that should remain covered. But you are perfect.
You have great anatomy." Karen knew she was referring
to her very full labia and rather oversized and now fully
engorged clitoris. "The guys will not be able to take
their eyes off you on the beach. And your man will worship
you as a goddess, " she gushed, "especially
once we get you all oiled up and shiny.

She wasn't finished. She apparently meant it when
she described this as oiled and shiny. She poured a dripping
quantity of oil into her hands and began to spread it all
over Karen's lower belly, pelvis and pubic area. "Just
relax and we will get you oiled up really nice, " she
murmured. Karen set the mirror aside and laid back. She
could not help but moan at the touch. The young lady spread
the oil everywhere from Karen's lower belly, down
her pubis and all the way to her buttocks. She shamelessly
spread her legs to allow access to everywhere. "You
are enjoying this?" the girl asked softly.

"Mmmm, yes, " Karen dared to reply truthfully.

"This is another of our naughty girl spa services
that we do not publish. Some ladies are in here every day
for some of this. They find it warms them up for their man."
She massaged more slowly and deeply. Karen moaned again.
"Would you like to have an orgasm like this?"
the girl dared to ask. Karen did not say anything other than
give a lingering moan of approval. The young lady laid her
hand against Karen's pubic bone and pressed it firmly
but gently. Karen gasped at this. The girl began to stroke
her hand all the way up and down from Karen's clitoris
to her anus, eventually bringing each stroke to sweep from
the entrance of her vagina to her clitoris, eventually
focusing exclusively on her clitoris with one hand while
fingers from her other hand toyed with her vagina and anus,
bringing Karen to several intense orgasms. This was the
first time she had done anything sexual with another woman
and that made it all the more intense.

When she was finished with her, the young lady explained
to Karen that this spa was the reason they had so many repeat
customers, some visiting annually, because of their little
secret society of naughty ladies that so much enjoyed the
special services the spa provided from its "naughty
services" menu.

I would love to see that menu, " Karen asked as she

"Come by tomorrow and I will tell you all about them, "
she girl suggested coyly. "But right now I would suggest
you bring your guy to the nude beach and surprise him with
your new trim. I guarantee he will very much appreciate
your gift to him." She was right, so very right. Ben
was obsessed with her haircut

Karen could not wait to return to the spa the next morning.
She had made an appointment with the same young lady, who
finally introduced herself as Suze. "As you must
realize by now, we actually have two spas here, one for good
girls and one for naughty girls. The "naughty menu"
includes the special treatment I gave you yesterday. But
if you hunger for more, there may be more. You noticed the
vibrators in the display cabinet out front. We have others
that you might find a bit more specialized, some a quite
interesting. If you see something that interests you we
can explain it to you in detail. Many ladies love our sex
toys. A few like the idea, but are inexperienced with them.
Sometimes we give private lessons on how to use these, either
individually one-on-one, or we even put together a little
seminar when we have a few ladies interested in advanced
sex toy games. You get to watch a cute little demonstration
and even try things out on yourself. Bringing something
back to your room to share with your man makes these toys
pretty special.

I always give each ladies a sexy assignment every time they
leave the spa, something they may never have tried before,
something like sneaking sex with their guy as they cuddle
in the ocean while others are nearby, or stealing a hand-job
in the pool or hot tub or under the tablecloth at dinner,
or having their guy secretly rub them to an orgasm while
laying on the beach with others not far away. We also occasionally
have a little group discussion about the best sex they've
ever had, where everyone takes turn confessing their naughtiest
adventures. That always gives someone something to try
before their vacation is over. And most succeed. And we
are often the ones to talk shy individuals into becoming
serious contenders in the naughty nightie contest we hold
twice a week.

But we ask that you do not tell any of the boys about these
get-togethers. We want to keep this a girls-only resource.
It makes for a special treat for the ladies who otherwise
would not experience such adventures. Just tell your guy
that you are attending to private pampering at the spa.
It is well-publicized among everyone that the spa is ladies-only
and the preferred hours are mornings and mid-afternoon.
The guys will leaves us to our activities then."

Suze continued, seeing that Karen was smiling excitedly
at all this, "And there can be much more. We sometimes
come up with really naughty ideas we can share only with
those who are especially enjoying the spa. Sometimes we
get a group of ladies who really like their new toys and we
get together here to share the experience, you know, a little
circle-jerk of uninhibited ladies who have mastered the
fine art of masturbation." Karen was very impressed.

Then she added, mysteriously, "Plus, the lady who
contributes the most to our little group sessions or grows
the most during her week here... well, let's just say
we girls at the spa have a special going-away treat for her
on her last day. It might be something for you to strive for, "
she said with a wink. "I think you would be fun as our
winner of the week." That intrigued Karen greatly.

"Once we had a young man, Michael, who was working
at the resort as a groundskeeper. He was really cute. He
was leaving to return home in a few days, so we dared to recruit
him for a naughty little adventure. I had been fucking him,
so I knew he would do whatever I wanted. And he was such a good
sport. He was terribly young, maybe 21 or 22 (Suze was about
30), so we set up a little get together with five or six of
the older ladies, my age and older. We met one afternoon
for a special encounter. We all gathered in the larger massage
room and they watched as I gave him the same treatment I gave
you yesterday. It was quite a show. He loved it. All the ladies
loved it. And I heard from several of them over the next two
days that it had inspired them to do the same thing with their
husband or boyfriend. It opened up a new slice of heaven
for several couples. And I had fun doing it." She certainly
was an amazing woman, Karen thought.

"We weren't done with him yet, " she added.
"On his last day here, I put on another little seminar
with him. I figured he would be fun in the masturbation group.
We had a few veteran ladies on their second or more vacation
here and I knew they were ready for something a bit more wild.
Well, I had that group, plus some from the group who had watched
me do the Michael two days earlier. We met in the larger room.
I made Michael give them a little masturbation show. He
was so sweet, willing to do whatever we asked of him. He was
shameless, writhing and moaning with a big oily erection
in his hands. I suggested to the ladies that, if they get
out their toys they might enjoy the show more, not to mention
help encourage the boy. We all had a nice little circle jerk.
And when Michael has his orgasm, I stepped in and used a few
of my special toys to get him to ejaculate again for the ladies,
giving them a really nasty lesson on what they could do with
a man with these toys. I know Michael went away a changed
man after that session. We were really nasty that day."

It was an amazing revelation and Karen was sold on the secret
little spa club. She suddenly could not wait to sample what
else the spa had to offer. She returned the next morning
for another massage, this time it was from one of Suze's
young assistants. Karen told her she had a really nice session
with Suze the day before.

"Yes, I know, " the girl said. "She told
me all about it. She said we need to make sure you have a really
nice time here this week." That made Karen feel a bit
self-conscious, realizing Suze probably gave up every
intimate detail of the encounter. The massage was very
nice. The girl did not bother to drape Karen with a sheet
and she rather enjoyed being naked as the young lady touched
her so nicely, even when she got rather familiar kneading
her breasts and paying close attention to her nipples.

"So are you getting lots of great sex so far this week?"
the girl asked.

"Oh yes, " Karen admitted proudly.

"Excellent. That is, after all, what this place is
all about. I hope we can help you enjoy yourself as much as
you can stand, " she added. "You might enjoy
some of our intimate discussion groups, just a circle of
horny women sharing intimate secrets." Their discussion
eventually made its way to them sharing their own confessions
of sex in the tropics. The young lady admitted the heated
tropical breezes gave her an insatiable apatite for orgasms.
She admitted she was spoiled working here where she got
to help beautiful women find pleasure, as well as pleasuring
herself with everything the spa had to offer.

"Would you like to sample something from our secret
garden?" she asked with a naughty smile. Karen was
curious now.

"Sure. What do you have in mind?" Karen responded,
as curious as she was excited.

"How about this?" she girl asked, showing Karen
a bit oversized gel dildo-shaped vibrator. "Have
you ever used one of these?" she asked.

"I experimented a little, once, years ago, "
Karen answered, lying incredibly, to see where this girl
was going with this. She assumed this girl wanted to introduce
her to something really new and special. It certainly was
special, but not at all new to Karen. But she went along,
to let the young lady feel good about this as a new adventure.

Karen somewhat feared right now that perhaps she might
be a bit of a closet lesbian since she had had so much fun the
day before and was dying for what was happening now. But
that would have to be a question to sort through at another
time. Sje was having too much fun to stop and think about
it right now.

The girl understood Karen's request and proceeded
to give her what she obviously wanted. The girl had not bothered
with the sheet to cover Karen's nude body. She knew
what had gone on the day before. She softly explained how
to use the device as she allowed Karen to experience stimulation
of her breasts, down her belly, quickly over her groin and
down each leg. The girl had her turn over and ran the toy sensuously
from her neck down her back, across her buttocks and down
her legs. She coaxed Karen's legs apart and let the
toy make its way down her buttocks, across her vagina and
seek out her clitoris. She dipped it gingerly into Karen's
vagina, only about half way in and out a few times before
settling back to her clitoris. She finally brought it back
to her vagina and, this time, sank it all the way on and began
a slow deep fuck as she massaged Karen clitoris with her
other hand. Karen exploded with an orgasm. They young lady
then turned Karen over and repeated the process with Karen
laying face up, watching the entire process in the mirror
on the ceiling overhead. Nice touch.

Karen was a little tortured about whether to tell Ben of
her discovery of the secret women's sex spa, but it
was (barely) innocent enough to let it slide, at least for
a little while now. She did tell Ben that there was a spa for
ladies only and it was absolutely luscious in helping her
relax and feel good, even a little more sexy than usual.
He was quite satisfied with that. Besides, it obviously
was making Karen even more sexy than she already was. Something
was lighting her fire for sure, and he had no complaints.

The next morning Karen popped in, this time to inquire about
whether they were holding any group discussions this afternoon.
Suze said there was a small group that was going to get together
and talk dirty for a while and she was more than welcome to
attend. At two that afternoon Karen arrived to find four
others in the room. The discussion was being facilitated
by Suze with one of the other spa girls accompanying her.
Each lady took a turn confessing to what they had enjoyed
for naughty sex play thus far. Karen giggled to discover
that each one of them had fucked their husband in the ocean
with the beach crowd all around them, that three had screwed
on the beach in the middle of the night, that two had allowed
their guy to secretly rub them orgasm while lying on the
beach blanket, and two had sex on the balcony watching people
walk by below them. Karen was the only one who had done all
of these. She knew she had to be in the lead for that special
prize at the end of the week.

Suze asked each of them how their husband or boyfriend had
reacted to their haircut. Apparently most had had some
sort of trim. Karen loved sharing the fact that Ben could
not keep his tongue off her since she was shaved. Apparently
the other women had discovered the same thing. They lightened
up and really got intimate in their discussions. Eventually,
Suze concluded the get-together with a suggestion that
they come back tomorrow with their favorite vibrator or
any other sex toy.

Karen was electrified leaving the meeting and motivated
to really play hard for the rest of the week. No wonder so
many couples returned for repeat vacations, and at the
insistence of the wife. She knew she would certainly be

Their next day's women's encounter was an adventure.
It turned out three of the women were repeat guests, primarily
because of this secret ladies' sex club Several brought
their toys in their tote bags.. Suze led the discussion
on how much fun we should all be having with our sex toys.
Suze's two young assistants were there listening.
Everyone was questioned about how often, and under what
circumstances, and whether they shared with their man,
and what it had done for one's orgasms (stronger, more
of them). They all shared openly and honestly.

Most had had some experience with the toys, but a few had
not. Suze proceeded to describe all the uses, from pleasuring
oneself, to giving one's man a show, to teaching one's
man how to use it on her, to using it on one's man to revive
a spent erection and seek another ejaculation for everyone's

"For those of you who have not had a chance to try out
our secret toys, we can give you a little lesson, "
she went on. Her assistant sat on the massage table in the
center of the room and everyone gathered around. Suze took
out a fairly large gel-formed dildo-shaped vibrator.
It was perhaps eight inches long and rather thick. The assistant
blushed but proceeded as instructed. She removed her robe
and laid nude on her belly. Suze spread a liberal amount
of oil over her entire back, buttocks and down both legs
as she explained that these toys may be used by oneself for
some truly wonderful masturbation, or with the assistance
of a friend or lover for some highly erotic sex play.

She then turned on the vibrator and ran it sensuously up
and down the girl's back and legs. She moaned softly.
Suze proceeded to focus the device on her bottom. Coaxing
it down her cleft as the young lady spread her legs. Suze
narrated as she slid the vibrator down her crotch to eventually
find the girl's clitoris. Her moans gradually grew
more intense. She lingered there at her clitoris before
sweeping it teasingly back up her crotch, hesitating at
her vagina, then up between her buttocks, pressing firmly
there for a moment before returning to her vagina. There
she eased it slowly but fully into the girl as she became
rather frantic with excitement. Suze reached down and
rubbed the girl's clitoris as she fucked her with the
vibrator. In seconds the girl was writhing in a powerful
orgasm.. As she girl gradually came down from her climax, Suze continued
a gentle fucking with the vibrator. "Now, we should
never accept one orgasm, should we ladies?" she said.
She slowly withdrew the vibrator and coaxed the girl to
turn onto her back. Suze then resumed humming the vibrator
on her, starting at her breasts and slowly down her belly
to her pubis. She lingered at her clitoris and let the girl
build to another peak of arousal before returning to her
breasts. "We should never be in a hurry to come, "
Suze said, letting the girl relax just a bit. "The
longer we tease ourselves at the edge, the better the climax."
She returned down the girl's belly to her clitoris
once more and let her build back to another peak, before
teasingly moving the vibrator down the girl's thigh.
She moaned in frustration.

"Just relax young lady. We will make this worth your
while, " she teased. Suze returned the device to
her groin, this time easing it into her vagina. "Just
hold it there for a moment while I get the other vibrator, "
she instructed. The girl reached down and held it buried
deep as Suze retrieved another toy. It was a completely
different vibrator, smaller, with a bent shape. When she
turned it on it had a much higher frequency hum. This was
going to be intense.

"The only thing more fun than a vibrator is two vibrators"
she explained. "You have so many sensitive spots
to play with, you really need a couple of these. You have
nipples, clit, vagina, anus that all love special attention, "
she continued uninhibited. "One in you pussy and
one on your clit give wonderful orgasms. Some especially
naughty girls like two of them deep inside, one vaginally
and one anally, like being sandwiched between two men fucking
you at once. We've all had that fantasy, " she
chucked, smiling at her audience. She was right about that,
Karen smied to herself.

Suze reached down and resumed control of the dildo deep
in the girl's vagina and began a slow fucking motion
with it. The girl whimpered in anticipation of what was
coming. Suze then brought the other, obviously more intense
device to the girl's pubis. The girls gasped as she
slid it up and down her labia, seeking out her clitoris.
She found her target and held it there. The girl exploded
with a powerful orgasm. She held it there firmly as the girl's
orgasm kept going and going, becoming almost violent,
begging Suze to stop. Suze took her time responding to that
request. It was most impressive. Every woman there was
brightly flushed and very excited from what they had just
witnessed. The girl laid there panting and sweating profusely.

"Next?" Suze asked, threateningly. "Who
wants a private lesson on how to experience two of these
at once?" Everyone looked around the room to see if
anyone would step forward. All obviously wanted what the
young lady just got, but no one dared to immediately volunteer.
Karen suspected the veterans might be bold enough and,
sure enough, one did hesitantly raise her hand with a shy

"Good for you, " Suze replied. "You will
come with me. Now who else? These girls know what to do. They
can show you some really nice tricks, " she teased.
Karen's hand shot up. She was dying to have some touching
from the other girl, the one she had not yet sampled here
in the spa. This made her feel like a lesbian slut, but she
went with it. And before anyone else could step up, Karen
went right to her.

"Come with me, " the girl said softly, taking
Karen's hand. Karen trembled with excitement. They
went to one of the smaller private massage rooms. Karen
was surprised at how erotic it was having this girl undress
her. She laid down naked on the table on her back. She felt
warm oil being spread all over her, arms, neck, chest, belly,
legs and, finally, pubis. The more intimate touches were
fleeting but erotic. Karen allowed herself to moan without
any inhibitions.

She soon found herself in a trance of erotic touch as she
received intimate massage to her breasts, focusing on
her nipples and then to her pubic area. She closed her eyes
and enjoyed. This very young girt was good. Karen loved
what she was doing to her. It was a gentle process that soon
led to a gentle easing of a perfectly sized dildo sliding
deeper and deeper into her. Soon it was all the way in. The
girl started a slow but deep fucking. Karen gasped when
the vibrations were suddenly turned on. It was intense.
In a moment she heard another, different hum start as a second
vibrator sprang to life. Suddenly it was there, sliding
around her clitoris. It found its mark. In less than a minute
Karen was crying out with a powerful climax. She could not
contain herself. She was loud. And as her cries began to
subside with her fading orgasm, she could hear someone
on the next room having the same experience.

The young lady did not turn off and remove the dildo that
was still humming deep inside as she guided Karen to turn
over onto her belly. The thing was large enough and Karen
was tight enough to hold it securely. Karen had barely caught
her breath when the other vibrator resumed its intense
humming. What was coming now? She felt it sliding up and
down the cleft between her buttocks, finally settling
against her anus. She gasped at the intensity of the stimulation.
It was smaller, hard, warm, with intense vibration. All
the oil made it slip easily just a bit into her anus where
the sensations began to build. She felt the girl's
other hand reach beneath her tummy and find her clitoris.
Young fingers expertly massaged Karen's clitoris,
a large dildo hummed deep in her pussy, and a very powerful
vibration was turning her anus into a hunger focus of sex.
She heard a whisper in her ear, "You can do this to yourself,
or you can have your lover do this to you, or you can do this
to your lover." It was a perfect lesson. Karen erupted
into the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced.

It took a few minutes to calm down. The girl stroked Karen's
hair as she dressed. "Come see me again, " she
whispered in her ear. "You are very nice to touch."
Karen was smitten by her and this exciting new touch.

The others were just outside the room. They commented on
Karen's stumbling just a bit. One of them said, "Yeah,
I'll have some of that." The young lady took her
by the hand and returned to the massage room with her, telling
her, "good choice."

It turned out this was the focus of the resort. Very few of
the male guests knew it. But among the women this was a secret,
sexy spa resort where ladies could safely learn incredibly
sexy things and enjoy special treats. It was a professional
operation. Suze was the wife of the resort owner and ran
the spa as her division. The resort and the spa certainly
complimented and fed one another. It was a professional
operation. There were the standard spa fees for standard
spa services, but the naughty menu did not charge specific
fees. It only mentioned "generous gratuities are
appreciated when earned (and can be pleasantly rewarded)".
That was nicely put.

It was too much to keep to herself and her love affair with
Ben could not stand for her to not share this with him. That
night, during a late walk on the beach to find an empty private
chaise on a distant portion of the beach for a romantic interlude,
she confided in him, telling him there was a naughty little
secret here at this resort. She explained to him that this
was a woman-owned resort secretly devoted to erotic adventures
for its women guests. She told him the sap was women-only
because it was the focus of private pleasures for the female
guests, to improve the enjoyment of women here, to help
them explore and expand wonderful sex their guys. That
sounded noble enough.

She told him that the spa had a second level of spa services
that included young female masseuses giving a few lucky
women guests erotic massages, often with intimate orgasms
to warm them up for a day of loving with their guy. Ben was
very intrigued, not mat all upset, as she might have feared.
She went on to tell him these ladies would also equip and
teach some of the more sheltered women on a variety of sex
toys such as vibrators and dildos that they would take back
to play with their guys, and would have little discussion
groups in the afternoon challenging them with erotic ideas
for naughty sex adventures such as fucking in the ocean
or hot tub or on the beach at night or stealing hand-jobs
while sunbathing.

She said she of course knew all these tricks already, but
really enjoyed watching how some of the women blossomed
was they discovered new experiences. She admitted she
really enjoyed the daily massage that kept her pussy pampered
and hot for him all week. She admitted she did discover for
herself a new treat of having a pretty young lady massage
her to an orgasm before sending back to him. And perhaps
he noticed how she simply could not get enough sex with him,
practically anywhere at any time under any conditions
this week?

Ben was incredibly excited, asking her for all the details.
She told him everything. She knew it had excited him. He
could not get enough of her, licking her to several orgasms
as she relaxed on the chaise on the beach under the stars
before fucking her furiously, then again when they got
back to their room. It was then she realized that it was very
likely that her disclosures to Ben were perhaps expected,
perhaps Suze knew that Keran was an advenaced enough lover
to share the secret as part of her sexual adventures here.
She made a note ask Suze about that the next morning.

Ben was tantalized the next morning when Karen told him
she was headed to the spa for one more massage, especially
when he saw her packing her vibrators into her tote to bring
with her.

"You bringing those with you?" he asked, smiling.

"Of course, " she replied with an evil grin.

"I don't suppose they would allow me to accompany
you to watch, " he added.

"I doubt it, " she said as she kissed him good-bye
and left.

She wondered. The week's competition for the spa's
"special reward" was all but hers. She generously
tipped for each of her special encounters. She contributed
extensively to the discussion groups (obviously serving
to recruit naughty ladies is search of erotic services).

She was not to be disappointed. She showed up for her morning
massage on Thursday. She was one of the intrepid few ladies
who opted for an intimate massage each day. She was pleased
to see it was Suze who met her today. She loved the attention
of the younger girls, making her all the more suspicious
of the scope of her own potential bisexuality.

Suze bung the "coled ' sin in the window and brought
her into one of the massage rooms. "You must know that
there was no question that you won our little competition
this week, " Suze told her. "WE almost always
reserve that for one of the repeat guests. It sort of encourages
first time ladies to come back to the resort and try again
to win, kind of a marketing tactics, you understand. But
you are special and all of us girls agreed you are the one."
Karen was very excited by this.

"So what did I win?" Karen had to ask.

"We figured you would most enjoy a little gang-bang
from all of us girls. You really enoy your massages so we
put together a special massage for you today." Suze
explained. Karen was breathless with excitement. Just
then, they other tow girls came in to the room. They were
nude. Suze also slipped out of her sundress. They undressed
Karen. She felt all their hands exploring her softly. It
was the most sensuous thing she had ever felt. They laid
her on her belly and the table. She felt moil being poured
all over her. Soon there were six feminine hands massaging
her entire body at once. It was intense. After a few minutes,
they turned her onto her back. More oil was poured over her
and spread everywhere. After long minutes of a luxurious
massage to her entire body, they soon focused their attentions
to her breasts and bottom. She gasped when she felt mouths
on each breast begin to lick and suck her nipples. She nearly
climaxed immediately. Hands held her labia apart as other
hands massaged every crease of her pussy. She stroked each
of the young ladies' backs and buttoicks as they licked
her nipples. Suze laid a latex membrane over Karen's
pussy and began an erotic cunnilingus, licking her clitoris
through the safety barrier as her fingers filled Karen's
vagina. They brought Karen to one mind-blowing orgasm
after another.

Soon one of the young ladies whispered in Karen's ear,
"would you liker to try that on me'

Karen moaned, too entranced to answer. But it was obvious.
They guided Karen to her feet and one of the young ladies
laid down in her place. "Go ahead, " Suze encouraged
stroking Karen's back as the other girls stroked her
buttocks and handed Karen a bottle of oil. Karen dared to
take the oil and poured over the girl's torso. She proceeded
to spread the oil, exploring the young lady's very
willing body. "Go ahead, " Suze coaxed her
again, "explore and enjoy her." Karen did exactly
that, rubbing the girl's breasts as Suze and the other
girl caressed Karen with gentle strokes. Karen allowed
herself to play with her nipples, eventually taking them
in her mouth and sucking, the oil sweetly flavored. She
dared to explore the girl's pussy, something she had
fantasized about since this young thing had so nicely masturbated
her earlier in the week. Siuze handed her the latex barrier,
signaling it was OK to try this. She laid it in place and brought
her mouth to the girl's pubis. She licked the young
lady exactly the way Karen likes to be licked. She dared
to explore the inside of her vagina. She was overwhelmed
with excitement when the girl soon erupted in a powerful

It was incredible. She had never done anything like that
before. If this meant she was a lesbian, then, wow, this
is nice.

As Karen and the girl recovered, Suze asked her, "we
have a little bet going on that you need to settle for us.
Did you tell your husband about our secret club?"

Karen hesitated not knowing what to say.

"You did, didn't you, " Suze coaxed. "You
are too sexual a woman not to have shared it with him."

Karen nodded, her head down.

"It's OK, " Suze reassured her. We expected
that. We know a few men guests learn about our little secret
each week. But it is OK. They love hearing about it. "But
you have to tell us what he thought of it, what is reaction

Karen told them. They coaxed details of what it did for him
and their experience here. It was good to get it off her chest.
"He even asked to come here with me this morning, "
she added.

"Yes, that is usually the response." Suize
gidggled "We can make an exception if you'd like."
Karen smiled. "If you want, if you are comfortable
with this, you can call him and tell him to come down."
Karen smiled wider at the invitation. Suze continued,
"If you are comfortable with this and you think he'd
like it, we could all give him a massage, sort of like what
we just gave you each day." Karen understood. She
was beside herself, the scenario running rapidly through
her mind. Suze handed her the phone and Karen dialed the
room, hoping desperately he was still there. He was. He
said he would be right down.

Suze let him in. He was shocked to see this woman naked. She
took him by the hand and led him into the room. He was shocked
again to see the room crowded with these naked, oily women.
They stripped him naked and laid him on the table on his belly
where they gave him a luxurious four-girl oily massage.
They turned him over and did the same to his front side. He
said nothing other than moan on and on as they stimulated
him. Soon Karen was kissing his face softly, pinching his
nipples as one girl cupped his balls, another massaged
his anus and Suze stroked his erection. He cried out when
he came, shooting streams of semen up onto his belly. It
was spectacular. That was the moment they both knew they
would be back next winter

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