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High School Sweethearts


Benjamin Coleman watched with unhidden glee as his father
pulled out of their driveway, carefully manoeuvring the
vehicle around the hedge that acted as their front fence.
As the vehicle peeled out of sight, Ben pumped his fist and
yelled in triumph, the house was his for the next three days
and he could do what he wanted, when he wanted and how he wanted
to do it. Adults, he mused, were sometimes way too serious
and needed to lighten the hell up.

Although, his father was usually a pretty cool guy ‒ most
times he let him do whatever he wanted - but it’s different
when no one else is around and you can be yourself in your
own company.

It was only him and his father now, living in a modest two
story house in one of the quieter suburbs, and yes, one of
the richer and more prosperous ones. Four years ago (he
had been fourteen at the time) his mother had been involved
in an auto wreck that had killed her instantly. It was the
usual story, some drunken guy had decided to drive home
and had proceeded to run that inevitable red light. The
unfortunate side (is there ever a fortunate side?) was
that the light he happened to run had coincided with the
green one that his mother had been passing through. And
the rest is history.

Ben had moved on, well, as much as any person can after the
death of a loved one. He had accepted it and it hadn’t been

He looked down at his watch and smiled. It was just past 11am,
all of his friends were in school, labouring over boring
notes they had to copy from the board, writing essays and
compositions and God knows what else. He’d managed to wrangle
the day off from his father, using the excuse that he had
wanted to be there to see him off. That was a half-truth,
because he’d wanted to see with his own two eyes that his
father was indeed leaving and would not, at the last minute,
change his mind.

He was taking a small vacation for the weekend, since his
mother’s death his father had taken on full responsibility
of him and he’d rarely had a chance to have some time for himself.
So Ben had urged, hankered and ultimately pestered him
into taking a short sabbatical into the city, rent a luxurious
hotel room for the duration of his stay and live like a king.


Ben laughed to himself, for all he knew, his father was going
to get himself a hooker and have a little quality time. The
amount of girlfriends his father had had since his mother
had died was a rather small and insubstantial number; surely
the pressure cooker was beginning to boil.

He walked back into the house and proceeded to go down into
the basement, which was his room. It was nice and cool down
there, a stark contrast to the humidity and punishing heat

His room was amazing. To begin with, the space he had to work
with was staggering, the room was simply huge. He had a beautiful
76cm widescreen television, surround sound with all the
trimmings and two bookshelves filled with DVDs. He loved
movies and was hoping that one day he would be able to get
into the film business, even if it was as a projectionist,
he’d love it, he just wanted to be a part of it all, to be close
to it and surrounded by it all day.

He also had a queen sized bed that was positioned perfectly
in front of his television. Unfortunately he hadn’t had
the opportunity to share his bed with anyone of the opposite
sex yet, he was keeping his fingers crossed but it seemed
that there were really no girls around worth going for,
except, well, one, but he wasn’t going to go there, there
was simply too much at stake.

He went over to the bookshelves that housed his DVD collection,
all three hundred and seventy-one titles. Carefully looking
at each one, starting from the top down (they were all in
alphabetical order), he finally chose something he was
in the mood for, slid it onto the tray of his player and turned
on his television and audio equipment.

Grabbing his remote and whirling away, he took a running
jump and dove onto his bed. While in mid-flight, about to
press the play button, the doorbell rang with its incredibly
dull ‘ding-dong’ sound.

‘Shit!’ he exclaimed as he hit the bed.

He hated being interrupted while watching a movie; nothing
got on his nerves more. Okay, technically he hadn’t started
watching it yet, but it was still annoying to halt all anticipation
for the feature and go and tell some religious nut to go away.

Sighing, he put the remote down and went and answered the

It wasn’t who he’d expected.

Standing on their ‘home sweet home’ doormat was his best
friend, his confidant and childhood pal. They’d been through
all the highs and lows of adolescence together and had come
out the other side so close that they were almost brother
and sister.

‘Shelly? What are you doing here?’

‘Well someone - I won’t mention his name - skipped school
without telling me and left me alone in second period English
Lit. So I decided to come looking for the culprit and wring
his neck.’

And with that, she launched herself at him, pushing her
body against his and wrapping her small hands gently around
his neck. Losing his footing, not prepared for her mock
attack, he staggered and fell. She went with him, falling
and landing on him.

‘Oh no, I didn’t hurt you did I?’ she asked, tenderly touching
his face, her body pressed tightly against his.

He blushed slightly at the intimacy of her touch, and the
feeling of her body against his was causing a part of him
to stir. He uttered a small ‘I’m okay’ while she continued
to stroke his cheek.

Boy, on one hand he loved that Shelly was such a touchy-feely
kind of person, but on the other hand he hated it. He loved
it because quite simply; she was beautiful. His heart melted
every time he looked at her, and when she touched him…words
couldn’t really describe it. She was an incredibly tender
and affectionate person, so he received a large variety
of hugs, touches on the arm and when she was worried, she
would always caress his cheek. But he hated it because it
evoked from him something that he shouldn’t even contemplate,
that they could be more than just friends. He couldn’t risk
it, what if telling her that she was more to him than just
a friend destroyed what friendship they had?

They looked into each others’ eyes for a second, then she
smiled and lifted her body off of his. Luckily he was wearing
jeans; it all but saved him from her feeling his erection.


‘Sorry, ’ she said.

He cleared his throat and smiled back at her. ‘Nah, it’s
okay, you just surprised me, that’s all.’

In bed at night, he would quite often call up the image of
her face and body. She had lovely honey blond hair that travelled
all the way down the middle of her back, sometimes she let
it all out but most often, like now, it was in a ponytail.
Her eyes were a shade of brown that was quite common, while
not unusual themselves, the intelligence behind them
was. They told a story of mysteries you could spend a lifetime
getting to know and learn, that she was a person of warmth
and love, yet they also conveyed an air of melancholy, just
enough to make her seem wise and beyond her age. Her figure
was lush and head turning, her breasts full and round, though
not too big. Her hips were wide and curvy, she was rounded
in every department where roundness enhanced one’s beauty.
In short, she was a knock-out.

‘Come on in, I was just about to sit down and watch a movie.”

After reaching down and picking up a bag, she followed him
to his room. Already out of sight, he wasn’t privy to the
fact that she’d bought her overnight bag with her, she’d
come with the intention of staying over.

‘What are we watching?’ she asked as she entered his room.

‘Saving Private Ryan, ’ he replied over his shoulder.

She made a face at him, it was one of his favourite movies
of all time and she’d sat through it with him more times than
she could remember.

‘But you’ve seen that movie a hundred times, couldn’t we
watch something else?’

‘It’s only sixty-seven actually, ’ he grinned, ‘okay,
what would you like to do then, it’s obvious you don’t want
to watch a movie if you’re not in the mood for this masterpiece?’

She smiled at him and watched his expression as she did so,
his face lit up whenever she was around him and when she smiled,
she was aware of what an impact it had on him. She also knew
that he liked her more than the boundaries of friendship
allowed, hell, she knew that he was in love with her. And
she loved him too. It had gone on for way too long, ever since
they were fifteen or sixteen things had begun to change
between them, yet they’d both been too chicken to make the
first move. That was about to change, she was sick to death
of waiting for him to act.

‘Well, ’ she said with a coy voice, ‘it is hot outside and
I did bring my new swimsuit with me.’

Two years ago his father had an in-ground swimming pool
put into their backyard, and over those two years he’d seen
Shelly in an assortment of bathing suits that had achieved
a devastating effect on his raging hormones.

Then for the first time he noticed the bag she’d brought
with her, it was her overnight bag, he was used to seeing
it because over the years she’d stayed over many times,
although she’d always slept in the guest bedroom and his
father had always been there.

But he wasn’t there now, was he.

Cocking her head, she asked, ‘You don’t mind if we go swimming
do you? I know how much you like your movies and all, but I
would absolutely love going for a dip.’

And suddenly, much to Ben’s surprise and delight, she pulled
her bright yellow cotton t-shirt up over her head, revealing
an equally bright yellow bikini underneath. Then she slid
her shorts down slowly, revealing a thong that was a matching
yellow to her top and it really left nothing to the imagination.


His mouth must’ve dropped open, because quite simply he
couldn’t believe that he had a girl, in his bedroom, who
was wearing what effectively came down to being underwear.

‘You better close your mouth or you’ll catch flies when
you go outside, ’ she giggled.

‘Um, ah, yeah, good idea, ’ he stammered.

Before going outside to the pool, she stood in front of him
for a long moment to let him fully appreciate and appraise
her body. She loved it when Ben looked at her, because when
he looked at her he looked at her entire body, her face, her
legs, breasts and ass...all of it. She smiled, his eyes
were doing over-time right now, digesting it all. When
they finally reached hers, she blushed and tucked a long
strand of hair behind her ear nervously, then walked out
of the room before she died of embarrassment. She knew how
she looked in the bathing suit, she didn’t believe in false
modesty, she was aware she had a great body and she loved
flaunting it in front of Ben, although at times his gaze
was just too much for her.

He watched as she walked away, her tight firm ass wiggling
as she made it to the door and left the room. When he looked
down at the crotch of his jeans he could see that he was so
hard that it showed even with the thickness of the fabric.
He’d never seen her look so gorgeous, she was the epitome
of his every fantasy and she was here, with him, and they
were alone! That was what got him, they were alone. He shivered,
then shook his head. No, she couldn’t possibly like him
that way…it was just his overactive imagination going
haywire, girls like her didn’t like guys like him.

He quickly got changed into a pair of swimming trunks and
rushed out to the backyard. When he came into view of the
swimming pool he found Shelly splashing around in the middle,
her hair wet and shiny, she was facing him and he did his best
to conceal the evident bulge he was sporting.

Their backyard was huge and along with everything else
about their house; amazing. The pool was 20 metres long
and as per regulations it was surrounded by a fence. There
was a protective covering above the pool so that those who
were swimming weren’t burnt to a crisp by the intense rays
of the sun, wooden decking surrounded it and off to the side,
out of the shade, were four deck chairs where the avid cancer
lover could catch some tan.

After unlatching the gate and entering, he took a running
jump and dove into the cool water, there was no way he was
going to stand around in front of her in the condition he
was in. He slid through the water gracefully and easily
spotted where she was, her fluorescent yellow bikini shone
in the water like a target.

“Hey you, ” he said as he emerged next to her.

“Hey yourself.” She started to swim around him, playfully
splashing water at him while smiling her cute little smile.


“I noticed that you brought your overnight bag, you think
you’re staying the night do you?”

“Nup, ” she replied. “I know I’m staying the night.”

He laughed and started to splash water back at her, she had
this incredible smartass attitude that he found both appealing
and refreshing, in fact, it borderlined on being sexy.
Most girls, all the ones he’d met anyway, took things way
too seriously.

They stopped splashing each other and gazed at one another
for a minute, both of them not knowing quite what to say.
He squinted his eyes and scratched at his head.

“Well you see Shell, that might not work for me. I have a few
of my girlfriends coming over tonight and I was hoping to
spend some quality time with them.”

For a moment he had her, her eyes went wide and it was her turn
to have her mouth gape open. Then she narrowed her eyes at
him and swiped a particularly large amount of water at his
face, blinding him.

“I’m blind, ” he screamed in mock horror, “Oh no, I’m bliiiiind.”

She launched herself at him shoving him back and underneath
the surface of the water, tackling and dunking him. She
wasn’t a particularly strong girl but he let her do it. As
much as he fought with his feelings about her touching him,
he loved having her do it in all aspects and allowed it whenever
he could. After a few moments, she pulled him out of the water
by the arms, dripping and laughing. He opened his eyes and
saw that her face was inches from his own, likewise dripping
and a giggle escaping her lips.

“I almost had you, didn’t I?”

“No, ” she lied.

“Tut, tut, ” he said, reaching out and touching the tip
of her nose, “you keep lying and this will grow, not that
it isn’t big enough already.”

“Oh is it now?” she laughed.

Then his face turned serious as he realised that they were
having a moment. Her face was so close to his that he could
feel her breath, her gaze was piercing and her eyes had a
peculiar shine to them. She still had a soft grip on his forearms
and a smile painted on her lips.

“No, it’s perfect. Everything about you is perfect.”

“You fiend. You insult me and then say that…now how can I
stay mad at you when you say something like that?”

Should he kiss her? Oh god, what if he kissed her and she didn’t
kiss him back? She was sending him all the signals but what
if his receiver was broken? They’d had quite a few moments
like this and they were becoming more and more frequent,
but he was unsure (he was always unsure!) and he felt that
if there were any moves to be made it should be her, he just
wasn’t experienced enough. Although it could be argued
that they were on an even keel in the experience department,
or lack thereof, yet he refused to make the first move; it
was just too costly if he was wrong.

She raised an eyebrow at him expectantly, then sighed a
tired sigh when she realised he wasn’t going to do or say
anything. She let go of his arms and began to paddle away,
her sleek body glistening in the water.

He shook his head. If he were like any other sane guy he would’ve
kissed her. If he were like any other sane guy he would be
rushing after her, grabbing her and kissing her like they
do in the movies. He saw himself doing it, making it work
and look epic. Instead, like always, he watched her from
afar and didn’t do a solitary thing.

For the rest of the day they swam in the pool, he made sandwiches
at lunch time and they chatted about trivial things. What
they would do later (most likely watch a movie), what they
would do on the weekend (he wasn’t surprised by that, she
was staying the entire weekend like he’d suspected) and
general school chat. They had a few classes together so
they talked about assignments they should be doing but
they both conceded that they couldn’t be bothered.

Then it became dark and everything changed.



^ ^ ^ ^ ^

He brought the freshly cooked pizza down into the basement,
it’d only taken him forty minutes to get, but he’d missed
Shelly’s presence the moment he’d left her side.

As he walked in he saw that Shelly was sprawled out his bed,
she was still wearing her tiny bikini outfit only now she
had a beach towel wrapped around her middle. She’d pretty
much teased him all day by displaying her body to him, at
every opportunity she would bend over and show him the crack
of her ass, and when she knew he was looking she’d turn around
and give him a flirtatious smile. Twice she’d ‘accidentally’
rubbed her ass up against his crotch and he’d almost kissed
her a thousand times, all he had to do was reach over and do

He looked at the clock on his bedside dresser as he sat down,
18:36 it read, army time. Leaving about a half metre gap
between them, he flipped open the pizza box and steam rose.

“Okay, half has pineapple and the other half doesn’t, two,
four, six, eight bog in don’t wait, ” he said while pulling
out a slice for himself.

She reached for a slice of pizza with her right hand, the
remote with her left and pressed the play button. She looked
at him with a broad grin as she sank her teeth into her pineapple
laden slice. He stopped chewing, he was suspicious.

“What movie is it?” he asked with a mouthful of pizza.

The film began to play and in two seconds he knew what it was,
When Harry Met Sally. He almost choked on his mouthful of
pizza and she whacked him on the back until it was all the
way down. He looked at her, frowning, he wasn’t sure but
he thought that he knew why she’d decided on this movie.
It wasn’t that he hated it, quite the contrary; he loved
it and that was why he thought he understood her choice.
Plus, he knew how Shelly’s mind worked, she could be very
sly sometimes.


She smiled innocently back at him. “Chew then swallow,

Then he began to get worried. It meant that everything could
be about to change, that tonight things could mark the new
chapter in their friendship that should’ve been undertaken
years ago. He began to get excited, but his stomach was filled
with dread all the same. The pizza began to form a large lump
in his gut and he looked at the slice in his hand, there was
no way he could keep eating.

He threw it in the box and sat back and tried to concentrate
on the movie, trying to take his mind off what he thought
was going to happen. He wanted it to happen, but he also felt
he needed more time to get used to the idea. Ha! He’d been
saying that for three or four years.

“Don’t like the pizza, huh?”

There was that sexy, smartass attitude again and he couldn’t
help but grin. She grinned back at him and took a big chomp
out of her own slice. His stomach turned over.

“No, no, we had a big lunch so I might have some later.”

“Oh, okay then, just checking.”

They sat in silence for a little while and watched the movie.
Harry and Sally leave on their road trip, he spits the grape
pit at the window, they argue about death, they have dinner
at the diner and leave. Then Harry says the words that Ben
had been dreading since he realised what they were watching.
“Men and women can never be friends.”

He watched Shelly out of the corner of his eye, she picked
up the pizza box and put it on the bedside dresser but she
didn’t make a move to touch the remote. Onscreen, Meg and
Billy go through the whole spiel, “Men want to have sex with
women they’re attracted to” “They do?” and then she reached
for the remote, he screamed in his mind for her not to, but
it was no use.

She paused the movie and put the remote down. Sitting up
on one elbow, she turned to look at him, smiling nervously.

“Is that true Ben?”

He wanted to look away from her; he didn’t want to look at
this gorgeous girl that was laying next to him in virtually
no clothes. He didn’t want to look at her and think about
the countless sexual fantasies he’d had that involved
her, the amount of times he’d wanted to reach out and touch
her hair, to smell her and hold her, to kiss her and touch
her curvaceous body.

“Ben?” she asked again, impatiently this time.

“Er…I’m not sure how I should answer that.”


“Heh, easier said than done, Shell.”

He quickly tried to think up something, anything to bullshit
his way out of the situation.

“Look, how about we just watch the rest of the movie and I’ll
give you my answer then.”

“No Ben, now, I want to know now.”

He sighed and looked away from her. He was ‘stuck between
The Rock and a hard case’, shit, even now he was quoting movies.
Think damnit, think. What could he say? If he says yes, she’ll
know he wants her as more than a friend, if he says no then
that means that she’ll think that he finds her ugly...which
is clearly not the case, he thought, looking at her. Her
breasts were pushed out provocatively, an impatient sultry
frown was on her face and the towel wrapped around her middle
had drifted apart, her long tanned legs were staring at
him and he found it hard not to return that stare.

She reached over with a delicate hand and slipped it gently
under his chin, raising his line of sight from her legs to
her eyes. He blushed and the frown on her face made way for
a beatific smile.

“C’mon, Ben, don’t you think it’s time we got past this?”
She sighed. “Please, just give me a straight and honest
answer, in our situation, is Harry speaking for you as well
as himself?”

He had to hand it to her, Shelly was one damn smart girl. She
wasn’t really giving anything away and she was trying to
make it as easy on him as possible, using movies as the medium
for him to express his feelings.

“Yeah, ” he said finally, softly, slowly nodding his head.

He reached out with a trembling hand and caressed her cheek,
he could feel the sweat beginning to slide down his brow
and he thanked god that he’d had the insight to use deodorant
after they’d finished swimming.

“There’s nothing about you that isn’t attractive, Shelly.
You’re beautiful.”

“Even my nose?” she asked, grinning.

“Especially you nose, ” he said, grinning back.

Still caressing her cheek, she shuffled forwards until
both of their bodies were touching, the push of her breasts
against his chest made him harden instantly. She slid her
left hand up his back and around his neck, gently stroking
it. Her face was about an inch away and her eyes were looking
directly into his, her sweet breath on his face.

“You know, for a guy who watches movies all the time you sure
don’t know much.”

“Is that right?” he replied.

She leaned in and kissed his lips lightly, a peck, the hand
stroking his neck slid up his cheek and into his hair.

“Yeah, ” she said, kissing him lightly again. “This is
the moment in the movies where the guy kisses the girl, that
long sexy kiss that…”


“Precedes…” She lightly kissed him again.


Her tongue flicked out and licked his lips.

“Sex, ” she whispered into his mouth.

He slid his hand up the side of her face and cupped the back
of her head, never once taking his eyes from hers. Then he
pressed his lips against hers and moaned slightly into
her mouth, rubbing his body against hers, rocking against
it gently. He slid his tongue tentatively out and she did
the same, both sucking gently, wrapping their tongues
around one another’s, sucking, moaning, their hands all
the while running through each other’s hair. He lost himself
in the kiss, it was better than any fantasy he’d ever had
about it, more vibrant, more tantalizing, sexier and hotter.
They had finally gone over the edge, passed the boundary
between friendship and lovers and he was trembling with
excitement. Sex! Had she said sex!?

Not breaking the kiss she shoved her body against his and
pushed him over onto his back, she slid her tongue back into
her mouth and began kissing his lips lightly again, giving
him small pecks. She climbed on top of him and pressed her
crotch against his, her hair was hanging down all around
his face and she resumed tongue kissing him, they both became
more feverish, more needy, his hands slid through her hair
and round to her back, caressing her bare skin. She was grinding
her crotch into his erection and he grinded back, he’d been
hard all day and it felt incredible to have this contact.

“Wait, ” he said, breaking the kiss. His breath was heavy
and his chest was rising up and down in rapid movements.

“What?” she asked, still straddling his hips and grinding
herself against him lightly.

She started to rub his chest tantalizingly, suggestively.
He grabbed her hands and stopped her.

“This…This is going way too fast.”

She dropped her face down close to his and stopped rubbing
against him, her radiant smile never faltering.

“No honey, the last couple of years have been going way too
slow, we’re just making up for lost time.”


“Hey, I wanted to try it out now that I can, you have a problem
with that, mister?”

He grinned at her. Maybe she was right, in the past couple
of years there’d been a fair amount of sexual tension between
them, would it be so bad if they caught up the time they’d
lost? Besides, he’d tried to be a gentleman and she’d dismissed
him, it was her show and who was he to interfere?

Then his face dropped when he suddenly realised that he
had no protection.

“What’s the matter?”

“Oh…I just realised that I have…I have no condoms.”
His face went bright red when he said it, damnit, why hadn’t
he thought about that long ago?

“That doesn’t matter.”

Then she rubbed her breasts against his chest and started
to kiss him again, wrapping her tongue around his. She pressed
her hands against his neck and closed her eyes, he followed
suit and the only sensations were her tongue, her mouth
and the sounds of their ragged breathing. When you close
your eyes, everything else is amplified, it’s better,
clearer and kissing is no exception. He’d never thought
that making out with a girl would be so fun, so hot.

“Oh god, ” he moaned. “What do you mean it doesn’t matter?”

She stopped kissing him and propped herself up on her elbows
on either side of his head. He looked down into her cleavage,
which caused his dick to leap in his shorts.

“Benji, ” she sang in a sing-song voice.

He looked up at her face and blushed, then tried to splutter
an apology.

“Don’t apologise, I’m glad that you like them so much. Anyway,
where was I? Oh, we don’t have to worry about safe-sex, I’m
on the pill, that’s what.”

“You’re on the pill?”

“Yup. You see I knew that sooner or later we’d get around
to telling each other how we felt, and I knew that you wouldn’t
be prepared if this happened. And it did happen, or it will,
so you should be thanking me.

“Plus, I know that you’re clean in the sex department ‘cause
I’ll be the first girl you sleep with.”

“So you have it all worked out then, huh, ” he said, lightly
kissing her on the mouth.

“Yup, I must’ve been a girl scout in a previous life.”

“A very naughty girl scout, ” he retorted.

She giggled and began kissing him again. He moved his hands
down her bare back and cupped her naked ass cheeks, squeezing
and rubbing them. God, she really did have a cute ass, he
started to push his hands down harder, pressing her crotch
firmly against his erection.

“God you’re hard, ” she whispered between kisses.

“As if I couldn’t be, sheesh, you’ve been prancing around
all day with nothing on, you’re lucky you haven’t given
me a heart attack fifty times over.”

She laughed and kissed his cheek, then slid her tongue down
to his neck and began to nuzzle him, kissing and giggling.
For a moment he wondered where her towel had gone, he was
squeezing bare skin down there, she must’ve shucked it
off when he wasn’t looking.

He couldn’t believe how things had progressed, yet it seemed
right. It was the telling that had been hardest, from there
everything was going to be easy. And good, yes, very good.


“Are you worried about what comes next?” he asked.

“A little bit I guess, but I’m too damn horny to care about
any of that stuff.”

“Gee, don’t make it sound too romantic, ” he teased.

“Oh Ben, I love you, you know that, I’ve loved you for years,
but right now more than anything I want to screw you, okay,
I’m too antsy and I’ve waited for too damn long to beat around
the bush.”

He nodded his head vigorously in agreement, no disputing

She lifted herself up off his body, grabbed his left hand
and stood up next to the bed, making him follow suit. They
wrapped their arms around one another and shared a long,
protracted kiss, he loved kissing her and he was sure that
he’d never get tired of it. She broke the kiss and whispered
into his ear.

“Undo my top.”

He gulped and slid his hands up the bare flesh of her back
until they met with the strings of her bikini, he plucked
at them and felt them loosen. Stepping back, he held his
breath as he slid the top down and gazed at the two beautiful
breasts staring back at him. They were medium sized but
well rounded, her nipples were large and a pale pink while
the skin was creamy white, a stark contrast to the tan that
covered her body.

She was trembling slightly and broke out in gooseflesh,
her nipples hardening.

“Are you cold, ” he asked.

“No, just…incredibly turned on.”

He moved his hands slowly towards her breasts, cupping
them and hefting them against his palms. He squeezed them
gently and rubbed her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers,
causing her to gasp and arch her back. Her eyes were screwed
tightly shut as he continued to grope her, his cock was straining
in his shorts as he played with the twin globes and his mouth
watered in anticipation of sucking them.

Obviously she’d been as turned on all day as he had, because
right then she surprised him by sliding her left hand down
between her legs and rubbing at her scantily clad pussy.


She blushed at him and smiled when she opened her eyes and
saw his shocked look, but kept on rubbing herself. Jesus
Christ! What a sight, Shelly, his best friend and life long
companion standing in front of him semi-naked and playing
with herself, and all that stood between himself and her
pussy was a small little bikini bottom. This was a Shelly
he’d never seen, although tender and affectionate, he’d
never seen her so confident, she was usually a very shy and
demure girl.

He lowered his head to one of her breasts and began to suck
on her nipple, gently tugging at it with his teeth, biting
on it lightly. While sucking one breast, he moved his left
hand to her other breast and began to squeeze and play with
it, pinching the nipple and pulling on it. Shelly was gasping
now, moaning with pleasure and delight as he played with
her breasts and she rubbed her pussy. The smell of her pussy
began to waft up as she continued to play with herself, and
he knew that he wouldn’t be far away from being able to look
at it, touch it and lick it. With his free hand he began to
massage his cock in his shorts, he couldn’t believe how
hard it was - it was like stone.

His mouth released her breast with a ‘popping’ noise and
he brought his face up to hers, both of them smiling, looking
into each other’s eyes. It wasn’t just the sex that he was
looking forward to; it was having sex with her. He’d dreamt
of making love to her for so long that he’d planned the whole
thing in his head, how it would go, what it would feel like
and what they would do. But love can’t be planned, it sets
its own pace and we follow. He’d learnt already that the
fantasy was a poor substitute for real life, that his fantasy
Shelly was nothing stacked up against the one standing
in front of him.

“I love you, ” he said suddenly, knowing that he’d never
find someone as sexy, beautiful and smart as her. She was
it, she was the one…she always had been. He felt he had to
say it, he owed it to her after all these years of being silent.

“Ditto, ” she replied.

He wasn’t stupid, he caught the meaning of what she meant,
it was a reference to the film Ghost. Movies were an integral
part of both of their lives, more so for him but she loved
using quotes from movies almost as much as he did.

He pressed his lips against hers and they shared another
kiss, wet and long, lovely. As he kissed her his fingers
worked dexterously at removing her bikini bottom until
finally he was able to pull it away from her body, then he
let it flutter to the floor.

He took two steps back so he could admire her entire body.
She cocked her head as he appraised her, parting her legs
and putting both hands on her hips in a what-do-you-think
kind of pose. He gazed between her legs and saw that she had
soft, fine blond hair that was trimmed short, resting below
was the most gorgeous pussy he’d ever laid eyes on.

“I see y-you’re a real blonde, ” he stammered.

She looked away slightly and blushed, then returned his
gaze, her lips shiny and her smile sexy. He couldn’t believe
how self-confident she was to be standing totally naked
in front of him, wearing nothing but a flirty smile and a
sparkle in her eyes. If it were him he’d be a trembling mass
of jelly.

“So, ” she prompted him impatiently, “what do you think?”

He walked over and circled her, pressing his erection against
her ass and wrapping his arms around her midriff. He smelled
her hair and kissed the side of her neck, gently flicking
his tongue against her ear.

“I think you’re so beautiful it’s a crime.”

She rubbed herself back against him, rocking gently.

“Now how’s a girl supposed to answer that without going
to mush? You sure know how to make a girl feel appreciated,
that much I can say.”

He slowly slid his hand down her stomach. He felt her stiffen
slightly as he hesitantly pressed it between her legs,
gently massaging her wet slit and rubbing the tenderest
part of her body. Sighing, she relaxed her body against
his and went with it.

“Letting me touch you like this, god, it certainly makes
me feel appreciated, ” he whispered into her ear.

He slipped a finger up inside her, she was tight and wet,
she turned her head and started to kiss him softly, stabbing
her tongue against his and sucking on it. She was groaning
into his mouth as he began to stroke his finger in and out,
rocking her hips gently in time with his hand.

He’d never had any sexual experience in his life, but he’d
thought about it and seen his fair share of pornographic
films often enough to realise that it wasn’t all that hard,
what he was learning was that the hard part would be controlling
himself, to take things slowly, lingering over every little
pleasure as they explored each other and made love for the
first time.

She turned around and faced him, grabbing his hand and urging
it back between her legs. He pushed his finger back up inside
her as she slipped her hand inside his shorts and wrapped
it around his erection. He groaned as she began to stroke
him and they went back to kissing each other, it was so much
sexier than he had ever imagined.

“I’ve dreamed about this for so long, ” she cooed. “God
it’s hard, hmm, I can’t wait until it’s inside me, in my pussy,
sliding in and out.”

“Ugh, ” was all he could say.

“You know, I feel like the odd one out, I’m the only one naked,
let’s rectify that shall we?”

She pulled her hand out of his shorts and grabbed the hem
of his t-shirt, pulling it up his body until it got caught
under his armpits. He was too busy staring at her face to
realise that she couldn’t pull his t-shirt off him.

“Raise your arms, silly, I can’t perform miracles you know.”

He couldn’t help himself, he cupped her face in his hands
and kissed her again, slowly, wetly, loving the fact that
he could kiss her whenever he wished, relishing the feel
of her warm creamy skin against his and that her sighs of
passion were being uttered for him.

She broke the kiss and smiled at him, he wasn’t sure what
she was thinking but all he could think was how much he loved
her. She tugged at his t-shirt again, this time a little
impatient frown on her face.

“C’mon, you got a nice long look at me, now it’s my turn, girls
like looking at guys just as much you know.”

“Sorry, I just had to kiss you, I couldn’t help it.”

“You can kiss me all you like when you’re naked, ” she said
with a kinky smile.

He raised his arms and allowed her to slide the shirt over
his head, once it was off she threw it away absently and ran
her hands over his chest. Because he was a member of the swimming
club he had to shave all the hair from his body, so he had a
nice smooth chest with no hair on it. He also had a tan that
he was proud of, he may regret it in forty years when he got
cancer, but for now he liked the all-over tan that he’d worked
on and it was suddenly paying off.

She crouched down slightly and started to kiss his chest,
slowly sliding her tongue out and running it along his warm
skin, it felt bizarre because it’d never been done to him
before yet it was also incredibly pleasant. He suddenly
broke out in gooseflesh and his nipples went hard.

“Cold?” she asked, looking up at him with a grin.

He laughed. “No…just incredibly turned on.”

“Good answer.”

“I learnt from the best.”

He sighed as she went back to licking him, she made her way
down his chest to his stomach, inching closer and closer
to the elastic band of his shorts, running her tongue along
the edge and stopping, looking at the more than evident
bulge near her face. She gazed up into his eyes.

“You must be getting pretty hard by now, need a bit of a hand
down here?”

Shuddering, he managed to nod. She obviously took that
as a yes because a second later she pressed her hand against
the bulge, massaging it gently, squeezing his hardness.

“That better?” she cooed.

“Uh huh.”

She went back to licking him, sliding her pink tongue along
the elastic band of his shorts and then made her way up his
chest again, circling her tongue around one of his nipples
and then sucking it into her mouth. While her left hand rubbed
his cock through his shorts, her other hand slid up his body
until it came to his other nipple, she started to pinch it
between her thumb and forefinger, gently pulling at it.
He groaned loudly and wondered if it’d felt anywhere near
as good as this when he’d done it to her, and if so, he understood
why she’d reacted the way she had.

She pulled her mouth off his nipple and trailed her tongue
up to his neck, softly kissing and licking him, he wrapped
his arms around her and caressed her bare skin, it was so
smooth and warm…so soft. Her hand between his legs felt
amazing, just to be touched down there by her, all the rubbing,
the licking and the kissing, it was so good that he thought
that he had to be dreaming.

She pulled her mouth away from his neck and lifted her head
up, gazing intensely into his eyes. Her lips were slack
and shiny with saliva. He leaned in and flicked his tongue
against them, her breath was slightly irregular and warm,
then her tongue darted out and slid against his, wrestling
with it. She slid her free hand through his hair and pulled
his head away gently.

“I need to see it, ” she said seductively, “I need to see
it right now.”

“I’m not about to stop you, ” he replied thickly.

He watched her get down on her knees and he shuddered in anticipation
of what was to come, what she was going to do to him. Her fingers
curled around the elastic band of his shorts and pulled
at them gently, slowly freeing his raging hardon merely
inches from her beautiful mouth. Her tongue ran over her
lips as she saw it, then she pulled his shorts down his legs
and told him to step out of them. It was swinging slightly
in front of her face and she tenderly wrapped her left hand
around it, he felt himself go crimson as he watched her stroke
him slowly.

She was smiling warmly at him so she mustn’t have been too
disappointed with his size. For some reason guys worried
about that sort of thing, did women worry about the size
of their breasts or whether their pussies were tight or
loose? He didn’t know for sure, but he thought that something
that shallow could only be worried over by men, not women.


His heart started to beat faster as he watched her lean forward
and open her mouth, her tongue slid out and licked tentatively
at the head, slowly circling her way around then lightly
kissing it. He groaned out loud and cupped the back of her
head, then she opened her mouth and enveloped an inch of
his cock without warning, sucking it into her mouth and
flicking her tongue against the tip.

“Oh fuck!” he gasped. She wasn’t sucking lightly, it felt
as if she were sucking on him as hard as she could and it felt
incredible, he trembled and almost let himself cum in her
mouth right then, god knows he’d needed release all day.


Luckily a part of him was still thinking rationally, so
he quickly grabbed the sides of her head with both hands
and pulled her mouth away from his cock, it was left slick
and wet, and he watched as she wiped the saliva from her chin
with her forearm.

“Did I do something wrong?” she asked with a worried look.

He grabbed her by the arm and motioned for her to stand, she
put a hand to his face and caressed him, her eyes searching
his for what she’d done wrong.

He laughed shakily and shook his head.

“No, Shell, just the opposite, you were doing it so right
I almost lost it right there.”

“Oh, ” she giggled, relief washing over her face, “oops,

Grabbing her hand in his, he walked her over to the bed and
laid her down on her back. He got on the bed and pressed himself
up against her, making sure that his cock wasn’t even touching
her skin, he didn’t want anything to ruin the night.

“Dang, I was just beginning to enjoy that too, ” she said.

“You think you were…god, it felt incredible, I’ll take
a raincheck on that though, okay?”

“You can bet on it.”

He kissed her and then explained that she had to take it a
little slower when she was sucking on him like that, or else
she was liable to making him go off way too early.

“Okay, ” she said smiling, “next time I’ll suck on it so
agonisingly slow that you’ll think it’s a new form of torture.”

“Oh, is that right?”

“Yup, ” she said, nodding hear head.

Like lightning, his hand darted towards her stomach and
he dug his fingers lightly into her, tickling her. She shrieked
and grabbed at his hand, her body jerking at his touch. He
kept up the tickling for a little while and enjoyed the feeling
of her warm body jerking against his, he enjoyed hearing
her giggling and laughing, and he loved touching her, it
felt right when he was touching her.

Finally she went for a different tactic, instead of the
defensive she went on the offensive, sliding her body sideways
and climbing on top of him, sitting astride his chest. She
had leverage so she grabbed at his hands easily and pushed
them above his head, although he let her do all of this.

“You let me win, ” she pouted.


“Now that you did that, I’m really going to suck it slow next
time, perhaps even slower.”

She leaned down and kissed him softly, running her tongue
out against his, still giggling slightly.

“There’s only one thing that will make up for all of this
and if you do it really well, I promise not to torture you
next time I give you head, ” she whispered into his ear.

“What’s that?”

She relinquished her hold on his hands and climbed off him,
laying down next to him again and opening her legs up wide,
running a hand over her slit.

“If you eat my pussy.”

Smiling, he slid his body on top of hers and kissed her.

“If I have to, I have to, ” he said between kisses, “I’ve
only dreamt about doing it for years.”

“Then you better get to it then, huh?”

He nodded and began to move down her body, kissing the hollow
of her throat and licking his way down to her breasts, lingering,
sucking first on one of her large, pale pink nipples and
then on the other, chewing lightly on them, nipping them.


“Oh, Ben, mmm, that feels so good.”

Her eyes were closed and she was panting slightly, her chest
was beginning to rise and fall as he continued to suck and
lick at her breasts. He gave each nipple one last kiss and
then traced a line of kisses down to her stomach, flicking
his tongue into her navel, then licking the rest of the way
to that sweet junction between her thighs. It was the first
time he’d seen a real, live pussy and he wanted to remember
it. She spread her legs open wider for him, he looked back
at her face and saw she was gazing down at him, her cheeks
tinted red, and then he returned his gaze to what was between
her legs. He leaned in close and took a long smell of it, oh
god, it was a scent he could easily picture himself waking
up to every day.

Her hips were shaking slightly in anticipation and she
was clearly wet, but he gazed a moment longer at it, it was
cleanly shaven around the lips and only a small tuft of blond
hair remained, obviously trimmed short due to the size
of her bikini. Her lips were pale and puffy, it was the most
gorgeous pussy he’d ever seen.

“Ben, ” she sighed impatiently, her hips trembling, “don’t
just look at it, eat it.”

He poked his tongue out and licked the outside, going all
the way around and making sure he missed her clit, making
small kisses and all the while breathing her lovely scent

She started to squirm so he planted his hands on her legs
to stop her, then continued to lick all the way around her
pussy again, tormenting her, teasing her, and it was driving
her nuts.

“You bastard, ” she laughed, “What? Do you want me to beg
you to do it?”

He thought about it for a second and then decided against
it. He gave her slit a big long lick from the bottom to the
top, then pressed his hand against her lips and opened her
up. He didn’t waste any time, he dove right in and started
to suck on her clit for all he was worth. She gave a long satisfied
sigh as he pressed two fingers against her dewy opening
and slid them into her tight, wet pussy. She began to rock
against his hand, moaning for him to stick his fingers into
her further, to suck her clit harder.

Shelly began emitting small groans of pleasure, squirming
around on her back, caressing her breasts and her stomach
as he licked at her most tender part. She slid a hand down
her stomach and grabbed at this wrist, urging him to slide
his fingers into her faster, harder. Then she slipped her
hand through his tangled hair and down to his face, sliding
her fingernails against his skin and caressing him. His
cock was screaming, begging to be touched as he was touching

“Oh Jesus, ” she groaned, as she began to hump his face and

Then she really started to enjoy it, writhing and gasping,
making noises that he’d never heard before, and he loved
them, because he was the cause of these guttural sounds.
She began to get sopping wet as he continued to slide his
fingers in and out of her tight pussy, and all the while he
kept on sucking, never letting up.

“Omigod, omigod, omigod, ” she began to chant, thrusting
her hips up against his face and screaming for him to keep
going, that she was almost there. She gripped his head with
both hands and grinded him against her crotch, fucking
his face, and then she suddenly snapped and started to shudder
uncontrollably. Her grip on his head began to loosen and
the wild bucking of her hips slowed to a gentle rock, she
was sighing contentedly, swallowing fast, her chest rising
and falling with each intake of breath.

“Oh shit, ” she moaned, then laughed shakily.

His fingers began to slide in and out of her slower, they
were slick with her juices and his tongue was sore from being
ground against her so hard, but he didn’t mind, it was a small
price to pay to make her cum. As she coasted down from her
orgasm he removed his fingers from her, stopped sucking
and pulled his mouth away.

He climbed up her body and collapsed next to her, licking
his lips. Her hair was in disarray and a sheen of sweat covered
her face. It was clear that she hadn’t faked it, she’d loved
every second of it. She wrapped her arms around him lovingly
and began to kiss his face, his lips, his eyes, everywhere.
She blew a stream of air over his face as she tried to catch
her breath.

“Is there something you wanna tell me, Ben?”

“What?” he asked quizzically.

“Who taught you to eat pussy like that? Jesus Christ, you’re
a natural.”

He laughed nervously and smiled at her, he was just glad
that he was of service. He almost said it but he knew how cheesy
it would sound, so he kept his trap shut. He slid a hand over
her breasts and squeezed them, then allowed it to travel
back down to rub her pussy. It was sticky with sweat and saliva
and it began to make a juicy squelching sound; they both
looked at each other and laughed.

“That was incredible though, it was amazing…phew, ” she
said, blowing another stream of air at his face as she finally
stopped shaking, stopped trembling.

Suddenly she grabbed him by the arm and pulled him on top
of her, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him wetly.
He closed his eyes and went with it, savouring the feeling
of her warm body rising and falling, still catching her
breath. Oh he could definitely get used to this, being intimate
with her, touching her, god he loved her.

His cock began to rub against her opening, slipping and
sliding against her juices and it was driving him insane.
He wanted her more than he’d wanted anything in his entire
life; nothing else mattered more than right here, right

“I can’t take it, ” she said, breaking the kiss and looking
into his eyes, “I need you to put it in me now, please, please
make love to me.”

He brought a hand up and caressed her face, brushed slivers
of her hair out of her eyes and smiled down at her. He kissed
her lightly on the lips and then moved his hand down to his
cock, grabbing it and rubbing it up and down against her
slit, but not putting it in her.

“C’mon, quit teasing me and put it in me already, I need it,
I’ve needed it for years, please don’t make me wait any longer, ”
she moaned.

He began to shake as he pushed it at her opening and found
that it was even tighter than he’d expected, he trembled
as the tip slipped in, he rocked back and forth slightly,
and then pushed more of it into her moist hole. They were
both moaning out loud, he began to inch more and more in,
he wanted all of it in there but she was incredibly tight
and he didn’t want to hurt her. Her legs suddenly wrapped
around his ass and her arms around his neck, using them as
leverage she pulled his cock all the way inside her, deep
down into the depths of her pussy.

“Oh god, ” he groaned softly.

“Goodbye virginity, ” she sighed almost imperceptibly,
probably to herself.

All of a sudden he realised two things. One was that her hymen
had been broken already, most likely while masturbating,
and two, he hadn’t even consciously thought about that
at all, the fact that he was losing his virginity. It hadn’t
really mattered.

He lay atop of her, completely inside her and loving every
minute of it. It was so warm and moist and tight, he started
to shudder uncontrollably, he couldn’t believe that he
and Shelly were finally doing it. She sighed gently into
his ear and lay underneath him patiently, allowing him
to savour the moment.

“God I love you, ” she whispered.

“I love you too, I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

“Good, then how about you show your love and start fucking
me right now, this second, ‘cause if I don’t get fucked I
might just go crazy.”

“We can’t have that, can we?”

“No, so you better just do it then.”

He shook his head and sighed, as if the task before him was
going to be one of great inconvenience.

“The things I do for love, ” he said.

They both grinned at each other and kissed. Then he pulled
his cock out of her until just the tip was embedded and thrust
it all the way back in, he started to do as he was told, he was
fucking her. They started out at a nice, gentle pace that
they both got into the rhythm of, all he could hear were their
soft murmurs and sighs, and the continual sound of flesh
slapping against flesh.

“Harder, ” she groaned, “Fuck me harder.”

Their sighs of passion grew louder as he obliged her, the
slapping of their flesh accelerating. All of a sudden it
hit him that he was making love to his best friend, the reality
of what they were doing hit him like a freight train. They
were making love, here, on his bed. It wasn’t someone he
was watching in a movie, it wasn’t a fantasy, Shelly was
really here and pinned underneath him, and it was really
his cock that she was begging for, gasping for him to do her
harder and to make her cum.

He increased the tempo of his thrusts, but he wasn’t doing
it too hard to cause either of them discomfort, it was a nice
fast pace that would allow him to last at least a couple more
minutes, but really, he wished that he could go on forever.


She was gripping him even tighter with her legs and she pulled
his face down to hers, mashing her mouth against his and
moaning as she slid her tongue in and kissed him. It was feverish
and intense, a kiss of need and want, and his cock was straining
now, so engorged that he thought he’d blow his wad right
then. Somehow he managed to hold on, barely.

Her hips began to buck wildly and she was grunting into his
mouth, their tongues still tangled. He pulled his head
away from hers and looked down at her, she just stared right
back and smiled a dreamy smile as he continued to thrust
into her, pounding against her. He began to tremble as she
brought a hand up to his face, touching him lovingly.

And then he lost it. Her touch was what had did it to him, watching
her smile at him like that while she caressed his face.

“Oh…god!” he sighed, shuddering as he erupted inside her.


He didn’t stop thrusting though, he wanted to get her off
too, so he continued to shove in and out of her, thrusting
as his warm sticky cum spurted deep into her. A moment later
she clamped her teeth down on his shoulder as she went over
the edge and had her second orgasm, moaning and shuddering
violently beneath him. He stopped thrusting but his cock
kept shooting, kept pumping sperm into her.

He collapsed on top of her, sighing and kissing her cheek.
She was still shaking beneath him, being wracked with jolts
and tremors, the aftermath of a powerful orgasm. She just
lay there, moaning and smiling, looking at him as if he were
an oasis in a desert. He suspected that he was giving her
pretty much the same look, he didn’t think that he could
ever express quite how he felt at that moment, words wouldn’t
do him or what had just occurred justice.

Her body was warm and slightly slick with sweat, she was
slippery in his arms and he didn’t mind, the house could
crash around him and he wouldn’t mind. Her legs disentangled
themselves from around his middle and dropped to the bed,
but he didn’t pull out of her just yet, he didn’t think he
had the energy to. They just sat there for a minute looking
at one another, both of them seeming to come to their senses
about what had just transpired, they hadn’t even thought
about it, they’d just acted on instinct and impulses.

“Whoa, shit, ” he said at last.

She nodded her head and blinked rapidly. “That would be
an understatement and a half.”

Her hand was still stroking the side of his face as she pressed
her mouth against his and kissed him, a nice slow kiss, gentle
stabs of the tongue and soft moans. Then she stopped and
looked into his eyes.

“Aren’t you glad I didn’t wait until the end of the movie
for your answer?”

He laughed and kissed the tip of her nose.

“Just slightly, ” he replied.

Finally he climbed off her and instantly missed the sensation
of her pussy clamped around his cock. He lay down next to
her and propped himself up on his right arm, gazing down
at her beautiful face and body. He still couldn’t believe
what they just did, that a girl as gorgeous as Shelly wanted
him, wanted his body, loved him! He knew she did and he believed
her, but it still had a touch of unreality to it.

Her post-sex look was incredibly sexy, her face and neck
were slick with sweat, her long blonde hair was dishevelled
and her big brown eyes were expressive, hiding nothing.
She was completely comfortable laying there in full view
with her legs spread invitingly, and she had this irresistible
I-just-got-fucked-and-loved-it smile on her face. She
was glowing, she was beautiful.

He looked away from her for a moment and spotted the remote
control on the floor, and for the first time noticed that
When Harry Met Sally was still paused on the screen, the
remote must’ve been kicked off at some stage and he hadn’t
been aware of it. He rolled off the bed and onto the floor,
picking the remote up and turning the television off. Then
he threw the remote on the bedside dresser, jumped back
on the bed next to Shelly and snuggled up against her.

“Mmm, ” she said, closing her eyes, “I could definitely
get used to this.”

“I just can’t believe it’s happened, that you’re here,
in my bed.”

She opened her eyes and smiled, reached out and wrapped
her arms around him.

“You better believe it mister.”

“Or else?” he teased.

“Or else I guess I’ll have to make love to you as often as I
can until you do believe it.”

“I have a feeling that you’re going to have your work cut
out for you then, I think it’ll take a lot to convince me properly.”

He leaned over and began to rub her sopping wet pussy, running
his fingers between the folds of flesh while she reached
over and wrapped her hand around his flaccid cock, stroking
and tugging at it, trying to get him hard again.

“Ben honey, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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So masterfully written that I could feel their love, friendship
and passion, all at once and almost first hand. Bravo!!!


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guy, your writing is super....... i think i went back to
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