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Here's One You Don't Know About Dear! (M - M )



Roger, his name was Roger, and for once, he wasn't someone
I met through the internet! Actually I bumped into him in
the grocery store, and I do literally mean, bumped into
him! I accidentally rammed my cart into his, actually knocking
a carton of eggs out of his basket, and onto the floor between
us! In the end we both got a good laugh out of it, and then,
since we were both ready to check out anyway, we stood in
line waiting together. At the time, you and I were just really
starting out talking on the phone on a regular basis, and
had yet to have our first date, and I wasn't dating anyone
else. So, outside in the parking lot, when he asked me if
I'd like to meet up later for dinner and drinks, I was
surprised mind you, but I wasn't busy that night and
so I eagerly agreed!

What the hell, so we'd just met! He seemed like a really
nice guy to me, and he HAD, offered to pay for my dinner and
drinks, so why not?

Back home I showered and shaved and changed clothes, and
you'd have thought I WAS going out on a date. Honestly
though, Roger had not given even the slightest hint that
he had any other interest in me other than as a new friend,
and being perfectly honest, just looking at him, you'd
swear he was the "straightest" guy you'd
ever met! Personally I figured he was totally straight,
but that certainly didn't stop me from thinking he
was nice looking! He was actually just a little shorter
than me, but also slightly thinner. He had short, brown
hair and brown eyes, and a nice face and smile. Over all,
he could have stood to loose a pound or two, but then so could
I, and so I thought he was nice looking as I said, and yes I
was sexually attracted to him as well!

He'd suggested dinner at this small cafe' not
far from where I lived, promising the food would be great
and the drinks cheap! Really, anything was fine with me,
and so around eight I met him there, and we settled down at
a table for two. We ordered drinks and then dinner, and he
was right, dinner was quite good. Even though I had known
him for only a few hours, our conversation was more like
two old, long-time friends, than two guys who'd really
just met! He was easy to talk too, and I liked his personality,
and his humor and wit! Before either of us knew it, we'd
been there at the cafe' for over four hours, and even
the staff was making it clear they really needed our table.
When he suggested we go back over to my place, I agreed, but
only after making sure he was OK with the small trailer I
lived in, and the fact it was not an apartment or a house.

Hey the place was small, but it was clean and neat, and I even
had my own small bedroom, although the queen size bed nearly
took up the entire room! Still, my little trailer was cozy,
and I most definitely felt more secure and comfortable,
at home in my own place!

Roger followed me back to my home, and we stepped inside,
and sat down on the couch together. We talked for a couple
of minutes, and then I offered to fix us more drinks, and
Roger accepted. Sitting back down and handing him his drink,
it felt like Roger had actually scooted over a bit, and we
now sitting even closer to me, but I didn't say anything
about it, and so we kept right on talking! We'd finished
our first drinks, and as I got up to get us each another, Roger
got up to use my bathroom. Of course the bathroom is only
ten feet away from the couch, and right against the small
kitchen area, and so as I stood there fixing us drinks, he
went in, and not bothering to even shut the door, he took
out his cock so he could pee. His cock was maybe, already
3/4 erect, and looked very, very nice to me! I couldn't
help but stare down at it as he held it, and I couldn't
help it when I licked my lips!

Roger had looked up, and he was looking at me, as I looked
down at his cock. I was embarrassed he'd caught me looking,
but all he did was smile, and then shake the last drops of
pee from his cock, before he slid it back inside his pants
and zipped back up! By then I was back sitting on the couch,
and this time when he sat down, he was close enough to me that
our legs were actually touching, and he didn't seem
to even notice or mind, or at least he pretended not too!
I was so distracted by having seen his cock, and then having
his leg touching mine as we sat there, that I was actually
having trouble, just keeping up with our conversation!
All of a sudden, I realized that Roger had stopped talking,
and that now he was just sitting there next to me, and looking
at me and smiling.

Finally he spoke, and her told me that I hadn't heard
a word he'd been saying and he knew it, and that he also
had a good idea why I was so distracted! I didn't say
anything and so he spoke again, and this time he told me that
he was pretty sure, it was me seeing his cock a few minutes
ago that was distracting me! I was a bit stunned by that remark,
but even before I could respond to that as well, Roger reached
over and took my hand and guided it straight to his crotch
and placed it on top of his hard cock! Even through his pants,
I could feel how hard he was, and I knew that he was already,
fully erect! When I still didn't move, his hand squeezed
mine, causing me to squeeze his hard cock through his pants,
and then he leaned into me, and I could feel his lips move
against mine as he spoke!

"I bet you'd like to take it out and suck it for
me, wouldn't you Steven?"

All I could do was nod my head yes, and as I did he spoke again,
this time telling me that I would be sucking his hard cock
very soon, and then his mouth closed over mine, and he slipped
his tongue between my lips! I opened my mouth, letting his
tongue slide inside, and I used my tongue to explore his
mouth, as we kissed deeply, and he pushed me back against
the back of the couch! From that point on, Roger was definitely
in control, and I loved it! He kissed me long and hard, as
he hand slid down my front, and he grabbed my hard cock through
my pants, squeezing it roughly! As he broke our kiss and
then stood up, I must have looked confused, and so he held
out his hand for mine, and told me we were going to bed! I got
up then too, and we walked into my cramped little bedroom
and turned to face each other. Another deep kiss, as we embraced,
and then began to undress!

We took each other's clothes off, and then naked, we
slid onto my bed together. Roger pushed me back and sort
of hovered over me, and then leaned into me, and once again
we were kissing. I could feel his hard cock pressing against
my thigh, and parts of his body were also rubbing against
my hard cock, as he kissed me. His lips again pulled back
from mine. "Tell me you want to suck my hard cock Steven!".
I did, and then he rolled over onto his back and spread his
legs open, and told me to suck him. Normally I would have
spent a minute or two at least licking and sucking on his
hard nipples, but right then I was too excited to wait! Besides
that, his cock looked so nice, so hard, so ready, and I wanted
to be down there between his legs, with it right there in
front of my face!

I moved down into position, and before touching him, I took
a good long look at his hard cock, and the first word that
came to my mind, was beautiful! His cock was about the same
thickness as mine, maybe just slightly thicker, but he
was most definitely at least two full inches longer than
me! His hard shaft was also perfectly straight, as opposed
to curved like mine, and his cock stood up so strongly from
his body, and the head was such a perfect, mushroom shape!
A drop of pre-cum already glistened at the tip, and almost
instinctively I flicked out my tongue, and licked it off!
Roger sucked in his breath, and then let it out in a hiss,
speaking as he did.

"That’s it baby, lick it for me!"

"Come’ on Steven you know you want to, you know you
want to lick me cock and suck it, and lick my big balls, so
just do it baby, come on do it now!"

His word made my own cock jerk, and so I leaned forward, and
took a long, slow lick, starting at the very base of his hard
cock, and licking all the way up to his big, swollen, mushroom
head! Roger groaned, and so I swirled my tongue all around
the head of his cock, and then began to lick it like and ice
cream cone! He groaned louder, and I began licking slowly
up and down his hard shaft, and then hesitating at the very
base, where I would wrap my lips around him, and suck and
lick at the same time! it was driving him wild! All the while
I was doing this, Roger was moaning and groaning, and in
between, talking non-stop! He was telling me how good my
mouth, my lips and my tongue felt, and how good I was licking
him! He was directing me to lick him in certain places, and
then praising me when I licked him where and how he wanted!
He was in a sense, training me!

Right then, all I could think was that if he wanted to train
me as his slut, then he couldn't have found a more willing
and eager student! I wanted to badly to please him, to make
his big hard cock feel good! I wanted to hear his calm, soothing
vice telling me I was doing exactly what he wanted, and that
it felt very, very good, and not to stop! I like the feeling
of his dominance, and the feelings of submissiveness he
was bringing out in me! I wanted to be his sex toy, and as I
already said, I wanted to be his slut! His cock smelled good,
and it tasted good, and I loved licking him! I also wanted
to get at his big soft balls, but leaving him in control,
I knew that eventually he'd be pushing my head in that
direction! I didn't have to wait long actually as soon
I felt the pressure of his hand on my head, pushing me lower,
as he spread his legs open wider.

My tongue slid down from the middle of his hard shaft, where
it had been when he'd started pushing. I slowly licked
the base of his hard cock, making him push me even harder,
and then I slid my mouth down, and then even slower yet, I
took a long, wet lick, around his entire nut-sack! His hips
lifted up off the bed as he groaned loudly. I used the opportunity
to slid my hands under his ass cheeks, so I could keep him
lifted up, and have even better access to his big soft balls!
His balls looked so beautiful, and so full of cum, and even
though it didn't "look" like he'd
shaved them, they were nearly hairless, making them look
even softer, and even smoother! I gently blew on them, and
then started licking them, as Roger let out a long low hiss,
and told me to make love to his balls with my mouth! I was doing
just that, believe me!

I took a long time licking Rogers balls, and several times
I let my tongue slide down even lower, and I'd slide
it into the crack of his ass and lick for a while! Finally,
spreading his ass open with my hands still under his ass
cheeks, I started slowly licking his asshole, and THAT,
really drove him wild! At different times as I'd been
licking his balls and then his ass, I'd also let go of
his ass with one hand, and reach up and stroke him a bit, before
sliding my hand back down under his ass cheek again. Eventually
however, I knew Roger was ready for the real thing so to speak,
and so I licked my way back to his big balls, and then slid
my hands back out from under his ass cheeks, as I began to
slowly lick my way back up his hard shaft! Of course Roger
already knew what was coming next, and so as I slipped the
head of his hard cock between my lips, he groaned and said:

"Oh Yeah Steven, That's it baby, suck it for me!"

I sucked the rest of the head of his hard cock into my mouth,
and then hesitated. I used my tongue to lick all around,
and then I locked my lips even harder around his cock, and
began to slide them slowly down his thick hard shaft! I could
honestly only take about 3/4 of his hard cock into my mouth,
and down my throat, and so I wrapped my hand around the lower
third, so I could jack him off as I sucked him off! I also did
it for me as well! I'd sucked off enough guys by this
time in my life, that I knew men sometimes loose control,
and our natural instinct is to try and shove our cocks as
far "into" something warm and wet as we can!
I'd been choked before by a large cock, and so I knew
to make sure I had control of the situation! I started out
slowly, running my lips down to where they met the top of
my hand, and then back up again!

Little by little though, I began to speed up, until my head
was bobbing up and down over him, and his hips were thrusting
up to meet my sucking! As I said before, I was jacking him
off at the same time, and soon we had a very steady rhythm
going, and it was hard to tell if he was fucking my mouth,
or I was sucking him off! A little of both actually, and it
wasn't long before his motions were getting stronger
and stronger, his breathing even more rapid, and his grip
on my head even tighter! I knew it wouldn't be much longer,
and I was right! A couple of minutes more, with him moaning
really loudly now, and suddenly he was telling me not to
stop, and that I was going to make him cum!

I responded by locking my lips even more firmly around his
cock, and sucking him even harder! He groaned loudly again,
and then called out my name! Rogers hips really arched up
off the bed now, and it suddenly felt like his entire body
went still! You might think I am exaggerating just a bit,
but I swear I could actually feel the head of his hard cock
swell in my mouth, and then I really could feel his cock begin
to jerk! Some guys like you to keep moving your lips up and
down their cock and keep sucking as they climax. Other guys
like it better when you just stop, hold most of their hard
cock in your mouth and let them cum that way. Still other
guys prefer you to quickly slide you lips back up to the top
of their hard shaft, and just hold the head of their hard
cock in your mouth as they cum! Roger was one of those last
guys, and he quite loudly let me know it, telling me to "Just
suck the head"! I was happy to obey, and I sucked on
the head of his big hard cock, as it spasmed and shot into
my mouth!

I'd been right about something else as well, and that
was that Roger did have quite a large, thick load! his cum
tasted good too, and as I sucked and swallowed it, he groaned
again and again how good it felt, and how much he loved cumming
in my mouth! Finally however, his body jerked a couple more
times, and then only the last few dribbles of cum slipped
out of his cock. Still I held him in my mouth, and then even
slid my lips back down his hard shaft, before he finally
pulled me off of him, and then back up next to him so he could
kiss me. Our tongues probed each other's mouths, and
I knew he could taste his own cum in my mouth, and that really
turned me on! His hand slid down my front, and then he was
holding my hard cock, and then stroking it! I moaned into
his mouth, and he pushed me back on the bed, and then just
like that he sucked me into his mouth!

It felt like a warm, wet, vacuum, as he sucked me right down
to the base of my shorter cock, and I moaned, and I knew I wasn't
going to last very long at all! It wasn't like me taking
my time with his cock, as we were both so turned on and excite
by then, that mutually and without even speaking, we'd
both decided to skip foreplay! Rogers wet mouth was sliding
up and down my hard cock, and he only stopped long enough
to wet his finger, before he went back to sucking me off,
as he slipped his finger inside my ass! He wasn't gentle
about it either, and that actually did turn me on! He wasn't
rough enough to hurt me, but he was firm, and he didn't
even bother to ask if I wanted his finger up my ass! God it
felt good though, and he knew just how to curve it, and just
where to rub me inside to make me moan even louder!

Being a man himself, he was able to locate my prostrate,
what they call a man's clit, and massage it, and it wasn't
long before I could already feel the tingling in my balls!
I groaned loudly and told him, just as he’d told me earlier,
that he was about to make me cum! Suddenly Roger added a second
finger to the inside of my ass, and that was all it took, as
I suddenly felt my balls tighten up, and then my cock jerk,
and I erupted into his still sucking mouth! My hips arched
up off the bed, and he really rammed his fingers up my ass!
Unlike how he'd had me let him cum in my mouth, I guess
me pushing down on his head told him that I wanted something
different, and so he quickly slid his lips down to the bottom
of my now jerking shaft and sucked hard!

As he pumped my hot cum into his mouth, I could feel him swallowing,
and I groaned so loudly, that I swear I thought I was screaming!
It took me several minutes to come down from my orgasm, but
Roger continued to hold my hard cock in his mouth the entire
time! Finally he slid his lips back up to the head of my cock,
and then let it slip from between them. He gave the tip of
my cock a final kiss, and then he moved up beside me and held
me as he kissed me yet again. This time it was me tasting my
own cum in his mouth, and once again, that was in incredible
turn on for me! At the same time, I could most definitely
feel that Roger's cock was hard again, that is if had
ever even gone soft in the first place! He was rubbing it
against my thigh, and after a few minutes of kissing he pulled
away, and in a deep low voice, he told me he was going to fuck
me! He didn't ask me, he told me, and I nodded my head
yes, and then kissed him back!

Roger pushed me onto my back, and then scooting down by my
feet, he grabbed my ankles, and rolled me over onto my stomach.
I started to get up n my knees, but he just pushed me back down
flat on the bed, and then I felt his body move on top of mine.
His breath was hot on my neck, and then I felt his wet lips,
and then his tongue. Roger kissed and licked and sucked
on my neck until I thought I would go crazy! Just when I thought
I couldn't take any more though, he began kissing my
shoulders, and then kissing his way slowly down the center
of my back! As he went lower and lower, licking his way down
my back, I could feel his cock dragging against first my
ass and then my leg, until he was down between my spread legs
himself, and then reaching under me, and raising me up!

I got up on my hands and knees, and Roger got up over me. I felt
his tongue licking the small of my back, and then in a very
long, slow, wet, and sensual lick, his tongue slid down
the entire length of the crack of my ass, and then back up
again! I groaned, pushing my ass back at him, and at the same
time letting out a soft, whispered, "YES!".
Roger licked my ass like that one more time, and then I felt
his hands on my ass cheeks, as he was spreading them wide
open. I felt his breath, and then his nose, as he lowered
his face into my ass and began to lick me! At first he teased,
just flicking his tongue up and down my crack, and just lightly
flicking it over my asshole. But then he began to take longer,
slower licks, and little by little, he was zeroing in in
just licking my asshole directly! I was moaning continuously,
and then as he stuck his tongue inside my ass, I began to beg
him to fuck me!

Roger probed my asshole with his tongue for another couple
of minutes, getting it all slick and wet, and causing me
to beg him even harder to fuck me! Suddenly he sat up, and
I could feel his hard cock resting between my ass cheeks,
and in my ass crack. Quickly I reached over and grabbed the
small bottle of lubricant I had sitting on the table besid
emy bed. I handed it to him, and then felt him squeeze a generous
amount into the crack of my ass! He began moving his cock
up and down my crack, coating it with the lubricant, and
getting us both lubed up and slick at the same time! His cock
felt so good sliding up and down my crack, and I honestly
didn't want him to stop! It also felt good however,
when he would hesitate for just a moment, and then push the
head of his hard cock against my asshole, just enough to
split my brown puckered hole open ever so slightly!

God I wanted his hard cock in my ass so badly, and now I began
to tell him that, over and over again! Finally I guess he's
had enough teasing as well, and then I felt him grab my ass
cheeks, and his fingers grip my soft flesh tightly. He spread
my cheeks open wide, and I felt the head of his hard cock as
it pressed firmly into my asshole. Now he was pushing forward,
and as he did, I pushed my ass back! I felt my asshole opening
up, and then the head of his cock just seemed to slip inside
of me! He hesitated and groaned, and I groaned right along
with him! The head of his cock was big, but already I could
feel my ass relaxing and opening up for him, and then he began
to push forward, and little by little slide the rest of his
hard cock inside of me! I had no doubt that his cock was the
largest I'd ever had up my ass, but I was so turned on,
that all I felt was pleasure!

Roger moaned as he slid his hard cock up my ass, and then moaned
even louder as his crotch smashed against my butt. His cock
was all the way inside of me, and he held so still, enjoying
the feeling of being up my butt! I was enjoying the feelings
of his penetration as well, and then he sort of hunched over
me, and whispered to me, telling me how hot and slick and
tight my ass was, and how good his cock felt, buried so deeply
inside of me! His words caused my own cock to jerk, and as
it did, my ass contracted, and that made Roger moan once
again! I wanted him to fuck me so badly now, and I think he
was waiting for me to say the words, and so I did! I begged
him to fuck me, PLEASE, and when he told me to say it again,
I did that too! He pulled his hard cock out, leaving just
the head still inside of me, and then he slowly slid it back

Over and over he did this, slowly, softly, and he was just
driving me crazy! It seemed that no amount of begging was
getting him to fuck me harder, and then all of a sudden, he
grabbed my hips in both hands and just slammed himself into
me, and then he started fucking me, and I mean hard, fast,
and deep! I was groaning loudly and I could feel his big balls
slapping up against my own balls as he fucked me! His cock
felt so good sliding in and out of my ass, and then he pushed
me forward onto the bed face down, and I felt his body on top
of mine! I hunched my ass up as he continued fucking me, and
in this position, my own cock was pressing into the bed under
me, and rubbing back and forth! The added stimulation on
my cock was all I needed, and within a couple of minutes I
could feel it about to happen, and then I climaxed, and started
soaking the bed under me with my hot cum!

At the same time, I could feel my ass contracting around
Rogers still fucking cock, and then I heard him say, "OH
GOD YES!" and then she slammed down into me, crushing
me even harder into the bed, and shoving his hard cock as
far up my ass, as he could get it! This time I did feel his cock
expand, and then I was suddenly being filled with his hot,
sticky cum, and I could feel each and every spurt, as his
cock jerked, and his body pushed even harder against my
ass! I could hear my own voice, and didn't even realize
I'd been speaking, as I was telling him over and over
again to cum inside of me, and also telling him how good it
felt! it really did feel good, and my ass was so slick with
his cum, and he'd shot so much out, that already some
was leaking out of me, and sliding down over my balls!

Still he held himself tightly against me, and his crotch
even more tightly pushed against my ass! We were both a lot
calmer now, and I was quite literally soaked inside and
out, with both his cum and my own, but it felt wonderful!
Eventually I could feel his cock softening, and beginning
to slip back out of me! I actually clinched my ass cheeks
together, trying to hold his cock inside of me, but all that
accomplished was to aid his cock in slipping out of me instead!
As the head of his now totally flaccid cock slipped out of
me, I sighed, and then he sort of groaned, and rolled off
of me. Laying beside me on the bed, the moment could have
been quite awkward, but once again Roger took control,
and he kissed me, and then called me sweetheart, and told
me that had been fantastic, and that "I" was
fantastic as well!

I had no idea what was going to happen next. Was he going to
stay, perhaps for the entire night? Or, was he going to get
up and leave. Roger answered that for me himself, when he
asked if I minded if he stayed, and he even laughed when I
told him on one condition, and that was if he got horny again
he'd wake me up! It actually wasn't long before
we were both sleeping, and it was actually three hours later,
that Roger did wake me up again! I was sound asleep, and then,
in that half dream, half awake state, I could feel him, and
I could feel his hard cock, as he pressed it into me, between
my ass cheeks! I was on my side facing away from him naturally,
and he was curled up behind me. I felt his harm circle over
me, and then his hand slid down, until he found my cock, which
was already quite hard once again! He took hold of it, and
slowly started stroking me.

As he started jacking me off, I lifted up one leg slightly
for him, and I felt him reach down and reposition his cock,
until he had the head once again pressing into my asshole!
I pushed back and he pushed forward, and his cock head slipped
inside of me. He was gentle as he pressed forward, but he
didn't stop, until I felt his pubic hair once again
against my ass, and he had that big beautiful hard cock buried
inside of me once again! I sort of half expected him to start
fucking me at that point, but instead, he just lay there
perfectly still, his cock buried deep inside my ass! I started
to move and he stopped me, and told me to be still. As he held
me like that, both of us perfectly still, his hand began
moving faster and faster, and he masturbated me, using
long, firm, and now fast motions!

I could feel it happening, and he told me to tell him when
I was about to cum! That happened maybe all of fifteen second
later, and just as my cock started to jerk and squirt, he
let go of it, grabbed my hips, and just started slamming
his hard cock in and out of my ass, as he again rolled me over
on my stomach, and his body again crunched down on mine!
I don’t think he even managed a dozen deep hard thrust before
he was screaming out, "OH GOD YES!", and then
I felt him cumming inside me again, and this time it felt
even more intense, than it had the first time! We were sharing
a very powerful mutual orgasm together, and I don't
know which felt better to me at least, my own cock still throbbing,
or his cock as it jerked over and over again, and he once again
shot off as deeply inside my ass as he could manage? BOTH,
feelings were fantastic!

Ten minute later, we were both asleep again, and this time,
neither of us woke until the first rays of sunlight were
slipping though the blinds covering the bedroom windows!
I was the first one awake though, and I'd already planned
that IF I was awake first, then I fully intended on waking
Roger up in a very special way, with an early morning blow
job! I quietly slipped under the covers, and yes, he already
had a morning erection! Without hesitating, I slipped
the head of his hard cock into my mouth, and I started sucking
him! I felt him stir, and then a soft moan, as my lips slid
up and down his hard shaft! I then felt his hand on my head,
and I knew he was fully awake by then. Once again grabbing
the base of his hard cock and jacking him off as I sucked,
he now through the covers back off of us both, so he could
watch me sucking his hard cock!

I was honestly surprised at how quickly I was able to get
him off, because I couldn't have been sucking his cock
for more than ten minutes, before he was breathing real
hard, and then telling me to please not stop! I reached up,
and this time it was me sliding my finger up his ass! That
was all it took, and I felt him gripping my head tightly,
and then he was telling me that he was about to cum! Just like
he liked it, I quickly slid my mouth back up his length, and
then just held the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked!
He groaned and then grunted, and his hips came up off the
bed, and the first hard spurts of his hot cum shot off and
into my eagerly waiting mouth! I swear it felt like he had
even more cum he pumped out of his big balls, than he had the
night before, but I sucked and swallowed every drop, before
I finally let his cock slip from my mouth!

After, he pulled me up beside him and kissed me, and then
told me that was a wonderful way to wake up in the morning,
and he whished he could wake up that way every morning! We
both laughed! Now at this point, my own cock was still quite
hard, and I hadn't cum yet, but when Roger insisted
we go shower together I agreed, even though you know what
the shower situation was back then! Of course the shower
in my trailer didn't work, but Roger seemed un-phased
about walking back to the building that did have what I called
a shower! Once there, we both got in, and I began rinsing
us both off, and then soaping us both up. Actually we both
used the soap, as I did first Roger’s front, and then he did
mine, and then he did my backside, and then turned around
for me to do his!

I had his back all soaped up, and then I did his legs, leaving
his ass for last, which I took my time doing! As I stood behind
him, suddenly he backed up into me, and so I started sliding
my soapy cock up and down HIS slick ass crack, and then he
bent over slightly, and told me to fuck him! My cock just
jumped in anticipation, and then I lined the head up with
his asshole, and then as I pushed forward, now he was pushing
back at me! My cock slid inside his ass quite easily! I don't
think I managed more than a half dozen strokes, before I
started to cum, and I shoved my cock as far up his ass as I could
manage! Roger moaned too, and I could feel him flexing his
ass cheeks and the inside of his ass, just milking the cum
from my throbbing cock, and sending wave after wave of pleasure
shooting though my cock and balls!

As I finally went soft, my cock slipped back out of Rogers
ass, and then after al little re-soaping back up, we both
rinsed off, and then stepped down out of the tub and dried
off. Back in my trailer, we quickly got naked again, and
I reached over, and grabbed the bottle of lubricant once
again, and lubed Roger's hard cock up. There was no
need for foreplay or slow build-ups or seduction. Roger
wanted to fuck me again, and I wanted him to fuck me! This
time however, he wanted me on my back. As I lay down and spread
my legs open for him, he got on top of me, and then I lifted
my legs up slightly. The slick head of his cock was already
pressing into and probing my asshole, and with a slight
downward push he was again inside of me. I lifted my legs
up even higher, and then Roger caught them in his arms and
pulled them up into the air!

With my ass tilted up like that, I knew he'd b e able to
penetrate me deeply, and in one hard downward push, Roger
thrust the entire length of his hard cock up my ass! His balls
were pressed tightly against mine, and his crotch was pressing
tightly into my own hard cock! I might have been soft when
we'd left the bathroom, but almost as soon as Roger
had his cock inside me again, I was hard again, and I was very
turned on! Roger held still for only a moment or two and then
he started fucking me! At first it was slow and steady, but
then he started going faster and faster, until his balls
were just slapping off of mine, as he thrust that big hard
cock into me! He'd also lifted my legs up over her shoulders
by then, and now he was really penetrating me deeply, and
my God, it felt so wonderful! It felt, FANTASTIC!

At the pace he was fucking me though, I knew he'd be cumming
fairly soon, but I didn't know that I'd be cumming
even before he was! As his hard cock slipped in and out of
my ass, his crotch continued to press firmly into my own
hard cock, and all of a sudden I could feel it happening,
and honestly it took me totally by surprise! It actually
shocked me, given that I'd just cum not less than fifteen
minutes or so earlier by then! All of a sudden though it WAS
happening and I damn sure couldn't stop it, nor did
I want to! I groaned loudly, and even louder Roger stated
the obvious with is question, "Your about to cum again,
aren't you baby?". I didn't even manage
to get the word "Yes" out of my mouth before my
cock was spurting, and my moans filled the room! As I began
to shoot, Roger groaned himself, and started telling me
over and over to cum for him, yes, to cum for him!

My cock was still throbbing, and a small amount of cum was
still dripping from the tip, as Roger started really fucking
me hard, and then HIS entire body tensed up, and he drove
h is cock down into me, and held it there, as he erupted in
an orgasm of his own! For the third time since last night,
he was filling my ass with his wonderful, hot, sticky cum,
and I loved it, and wished he could do it three more times!
Eventually however, he let my legs drop, and fell forward,
his body now completely on top of mine, and us both breathing
hard. He kissed me, ramming his tongue into my mouth, and
I felt his cock jerk several more times deep inside me ass,
before he finally went soft, and then slipped out of me for

By that time it was time for me to get my work done, and Roger
needed to leave too. I leaned into his car and we kissed one
last time before he drove off, but not before promising
me this would be our last time together! Actually, and as
things turned out, it was our last time, as well as our only
time! Work, and other obligations, and then HE got transferred
by his job not only out of state, but out of the entire damn
country! I was the one to give him a ride to the airport, and
before he walked into the terminal and I never saw him again,
we found a nice secluded place to park, and I gave him a good-bye
blow job, and tasted and swallowed his cum for the last time!

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OMG i\'m sooo hot right now I can barely type. That is
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The absolute best story I have read her! Great job! Anyone
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