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Here's MY attempt at an "Erotic Short Story"!


What do "Truckers" do when they're not
running "4-wheelers" off the road while guzzling
beer and popping speed? Why....they write erotic short
stories, of course!!<wink> Here's my latest
attempt, called "The Train". It's purely
fictional...but I sure wish that it weren't! I hope
you enjoy reading it half as much as I did writing it! Alan


The Train


It was late in the evening on a rainy November night. We were
at the train station in Springfield, outside on the platform
and it was just chilly enough that it gave us a good excuse
for holding each other so close in public. We were laughing
about picking a train bound for a small town in South Dakota
that neither of us had ever heard of...but both of us knowing
that our ultimate destination had nothing to do with Geography.
The train was over an hour late and there were a few impatient
passengers complaining quietly to each other over the
sound of luggage carts and an occassional cry of a baby somewhere
farther down on the platform. Standing there, holding
you close like that, I could care less that the train was
late at all. You were completely unaware of a small drop
of rain that I had begun following with my eyes. It must've
fallen from my hair when I stole a quick kiss from you, but
there it was, resting on your cheek. I became fascinated,
following the little raindrop's slow journey down
your face and somehow felt that that little raindrop somehow
knew I was watching, for it would pause for a moment, seeming
to defy gravity, before resuming its' voyage. I suddenly
realized it was headed for your mouth and a strange thrill
at the thought of watching it roll down your lips sent a chill
through me. After a pause that seemed like minutes, the
raindrop reached your lips...I was right! Then it stopped,
teasing me...for there was nothing I could do! Your attention
had been stolen away from me by a nice, older couple that
were making small talk with you. I could swear that the little
raindrop was aware of my predicament, for it would simply
wiggle seductively as you spoke, taunting me...teasing
me. They wished us well and moved away and I was thinking
"Finally!" As soon as you turned your attention
back to me I attacked...kissing you deeply and passionately.
"What was THAT for, Alan!?" you exclaimed in
surprize, smiling. "Oh....nothing" I shrugged,
not knowing how to even begin to explain...but smiling
with my personal victory.

The train finally and proudly arrived ... loudly announcing
that fact to anyone within five miles and we were glad of
the warmth on our faces as we boarded. A friendly but aged
porter showed us to our private compartment and we joked
later over his probable age...laughingly agreeing to
around 350 years or so. Our compartment was small but tastefully
decorated and very inviting. There was a small bathroom,
closet, a cozy loveseat, a twin-size bed, and a large window
to watch the world go by beneath us....everything lovers
need. I was looking at the little bed as we finished putting
our things away and said, "Well, it looks like we'll
not only be sleeping with each other, but on each other!"
At that, you slyly smiled, pulling me close. "Ummmmm,
can I be on top?" you whispered, with a mischievious
sparkle in your eyes. We kissed, sharing both the excitement
of starting our trip and the compelling anticipation of
the uninterrupted intimacy before us.

The urge was overwhelming to make love to you immediately
but we were both enjoying the ecstacy of time itself. There
was no hurry at schedules, no
distractions. Time to enjoy each others' company
with no objectives. "I can't wait to make love
to you, Angel " I said between kisses. "You ARE
making love to me" you replied, gently brushing my
lips with the tip of your tongue. "You want to look
around?" I asked...knowing that if I didn't
stop now, that I wouldn't be able to. Your words simply
said "Okay", but I could tell in your expression
that you felt exactly as I did.

We held hands as we walked through the train to the dining
car and were delighted and charmed by the decor. It was so
old-fashioned: very ornate carved-wood posts and railings,
with leather and brass-buttoned upholstery. There were
black & white photographs of steam-powered locomotives
and stern-faced engineers, all mounted in heavy-looking
frames that were impressive all by themselves. The dining
booths were very cozy; decorated with dark burgandy linen
tablecloths and polished silverware. On the center of
a teach table were half-sized old fashioned railroad lamps,
each with a candle flickering inside, producing a warm
glow throughout the car. There was no one eating dinner
at this hour, but there were several couples enjoying cocktails
or coffee... yet there was still a lingering aroma from
the dinner hour in the air and whatever was served earlier
smelled delicious. It was very late and most passengers
had turned in for the night, so we surprized an obvious pair
of newlyweds upon our entry. They were sitting in a corner
booth and broke quickly from their kiss, but it was not quickly
enough to prevent their embarrassment and we did our best
to pretend not to notice, for their sake.

We picked a booth away from the others and sat together on
the same side of the table. We were holding hands under the
table while we looked outside in the darkness, seeing nothing
but an occassional light from a farmhouse and the steady
drops of rain sliding down the window. Your head was turned
from me and I couldn't resist your neck; leaning down
I kissed it, running my lips across your ear and was enveloped
by the scent of of your perfume and the taste of your skin.
My eyes briefly noticing just a hint of your cleavage and
my mind fantasizing over the secret treasures beneath
your blouse, wanting to touch and kiss you there. Our fingers
constantly explored each others' fingers and hands,
light touches and circles that were spontainious, under
neither of our control. The waiter appeared and we decided
to split an order of cheesecake and two coffees. The coffee
was very strong, but freshly brewed and smelled heavenly.
We were glad we only ordered one serving of dessert for we
were surprized at the size of the cheesecake. We enjoyed
it leisurely, playfully feeding small bites to one another
and kissing. Somehow, your skirt had been brought up and
your hand was on the top of mine as I gently stroked your leg...delighting
in the boundry between the top of your stocking and the soft
skin of your thigh. I was delighted to notice a small piece
of cheesecake on the edge of your mouth and happily leaned
over and licked it off, and you intstinctively opened your
mouth just a little...allowing a deeper kiss. You surprized
me when your hand became more purposeful...guiding my
hand higher up your thigh. A seductive smile escaped you
and you were looking directly in my eyes as you parted your
legs just enough to allow my hand to touch you through your
soft panties. I became hard instantly and squirmed just
a bit in my seat to accomodate my hardness. I could feel the
heat escaping you through your panties and wanted so much
to feel you on my fingertips, so I slid my fingers under the
side and touched you with nothing between us. I realized
quickly that I was not the only one who was so aroused, for
you were very wet already. An almost imperceptible moan
escaped you and your eyes closed briefly as my fingers slid
into you...your hand squeezing my hand more firmly in your
pleasure. "Make love to me, Alan" you whispered
almost breathlessly, and I kissed fingers still
inside you. "I AM making love to you, Angel"
I smiled, repeating what you had told me in our room not an
hour ago. We didn't ask for a check, for we were both
suddenly eager to leave, so we simply left money on the table
and held hands as we returned to our compartment; each of
us expectant and excited over the sweet sharing to come.


Leaving the dining car we passed back through the passenger
cars holding hands tighter still, both feeling the rising
warmth between us. The last car before ours was completely
deserted. You reached to slide the last door open and it
was stuck so I reached around you to help. I again caught
the scent of your perfume and with the realization that
we were alone, couldn't help but to kiss your neck and
run my tongue gently around the edge of your ear. We both
forgot about the door momentarily and I felt you press back
against me ever so softly and we both became immediately
aware of how hard I had become. Your hands were still on the
door as you turned your head just enough for us to
hands on your sides and slowly moving fingers
barely touching the outline of your breasts, until a soft,
expectant moan escaped you. We lingered in our brief reverie,
lost in the moment despite being steps away from the complete
privacy of our compartment. The door at the other end of
the passenger car suddenly opened and we broke from our
kiss, almost too quickly, like teenagers caught kissing
on the porch. As we finally got the door open we glanced back
in time to catch the knowing smile and wave of the old porter...apparently
not quite as slow as we had imagined! Giggling like school
kids we got to our compartment and locked the door behind
us...shutting out the world, but increasing our excitement
even more.

We embraced immediately, kissing softly at first and then
more deeply as our hands touched and explored each other
in the freedom of our new-found privacy. You broke from
our kiss and I noticed another mischeivious twinkle in
your eyes as you whispered "be right back!"
and disappeared into the bathroom. I busied myself lighting
vanilla-scented candles, tuning in a smooth jazz station
on the stereo and retreiving the bottle of Merlot that I
had secretly hidden in my suitcase before our trip. I was
pouring a glass to surprize you with, you instead surprized
me...emerging from the bathroom wearing a simple, yet
elegant, black gown that I'd never seen before. It
was rather long, but cut very high on one side. You mentioned
something about the wine as you came to me, but I never heard
a word of what you said as I was too busy admiring you and the
tease from a glimpse of your thigh as you walked toward me.
You took the glass from me and instead of tasting it simply
sat it down, choosing instead to kiss me. I wrapped my arms
around you as we kissed and was delighted to find your gown
made of soft velvet. You were so exquisitely soft to touch
and my hands couldn't resist exploring you...tantalized
by the realization that you had nothing on underneath your

The train slowed, just enough to break our kiss and made
us steady ourselves, so we moved to the loveseat and looked
out the window in the darkness. We could see the red and green
navigation lights from a couple of barges below us...interrupted
rythmically by the steel trusses of the railroad tressle
on which we were crossing and we briefly wondered what river
it was. We quickly passed over and the view was replaced
again by the darkness and the steady dance of rain against
the glass. We sat very close, sharing sips of the dark, rich
wine from the same glass, enjoying the candlelight and
solitude together. The sound of a saxophone softly wailed
a seductive harmony from the stereo, accompanied by the
rythm of the steel wheels beneath us. Occassionally we
would kiss, enjoying the taste of the tangy Merlot on each
other's lips; lost in the continual touches of our
hands and fingers. A soft, accoustical rendition of "Unchained
Melody" began playing on the radio and I stood up.
Theatrically, I extended my hand, palm up, and bowed deeply
to you. "Madam, may I have this dance?" I valiantly
asked...with a quite proper voice and a very bad British
accent. You couldn't help but laugh, but managed a
respectable reply of "It would be my honor, Sir"
and took my hand. We danced close with our arms wrapped tightly
around each other, our eyes shut and your head resting against
my chest. We moved as one, spinning slow, tiny circles in
our small room.

Somewhere in the middle of a completely different song
we realized we entirely out of step and had been dancing
to our own intimate tune. Neither of us wanted to part, so
close were we. "Make love to me" I said, looking
deeply into your eyes. You said nothing at all, yet returned
my gaze and slowly unbuttoned my shirt...which said everything,
without words. You knelt as you undressed me very slowly...kissing
my chest and stomach as you unbuckled my slacks. As you slowly
unzipped me you glanced up , smiling in response to the expectant
look on my face. You pulled my pants and underwear down at
once, causing an intense rush of pleasure from the sudden
release of the contstraints of my clothing on my throbbing
hardness. I watched intently, expectantly as you moved
your slightly parted lips closer, still closer, the tip
of your tongue almost touching me...and I madly hoped that
you would take me into your waiting mouth. You paused, the
seconds seemed excruciating before you stopped completely
and surprized me yet again...smiling as you playfully
pushed me backward onto the bed. I watched, fascinated,
as you stood facing me and slowly slid one of the sleeves
of your gown from your shoulder...then the other...and
then allowed your gown to fall completely to the floor.
I started to sit up to reach for you, but you stepped from
your gown and pushed me onto my back again as you straddled
me. I was so surprized that you mounted me so quickly...taking
me slowly, but all the way inside of you. Your hands were
on my chest as you began rocking back and forth, using my
hardness for your own pleasure. Rythmically, over and
over and over, you took me in and out of you, building yourself
steadily towards the intense release of orgasm. I was completely
taken by the sight of your heaving breasts and the sound
of your moans as you came and then completely stopped moving
as you enjoyed the rush of pleasure and caught your breath.
I was still halfway inside of you and could feel the uncontrollable
contractions of your subsiding orgasm...squeezing and
tugging me gently. The thought alone sent me past the point
of no return and I arched my back and moaned loudly as I came
hard, pushing myself in all the way as I exploded inside
of you. "There", you whispered lightly in my
ear before you kissed me, "Now we can make love".


Make love we did...taking turns pleasuring each other...unfettered
by rules, without plans and having the luxury of time itself.
We touched the boundaries of our imaginations and tasted
unrefined sensuality. Our intimacy was as untamed as the
oceans, our eroticism flowed like the tides; we were awash
in consistent waves of pleasure...and occassionally
drenched by the breaking waves of sheer ecstacy.

Somewhere during the night you fell asleep... wrapped
in my arms. Your hair was touching the side of my face as I
held you, and I simply enjoyed your scent and listened to
your peaceful breathing as you slept. I looked out the window
and noticed the rain had stopped. A soft glow covered the
fields as the dawn approached. I noticed a near empty highway
in the distance, the lights of a lone 18-Wheeler travelling
towards the rising sun...and as I drifted off to sleep I
imagined him... going home.

We woke late...the long whistle from a passing southbound
freighter stirring us from our slumber. We hadn't
budged from where we had fallen asleep, my arms still wrapped
around you...holding you close to me. "Good morning,
Alan" you said sleepily yet smiling...your eyes
still shut. " Look, it's beautiful, Angel"
I replied, looking out the window. The rain had completely
stopped and clouds were replaced by a stunningly clear,
azure sky. We didn't talk as we lay there, your head
resting on my arm as I stroked and played with your hair while
we soaked in the seemingly infinite prairie stretched
out in the distance. You were so exquisitely warm pressed
against me under the covers and I wanted to stay there forever...but
the growling of my tummy eventually brought us back to reality
with a laugh. "Is somebody hungry?", you laughed,
rolling over and giving me a few tickles as we kissed good
morning. "Well...maybe a little", I
I was very hungry, yet reluctant to part from you. "Well...I'm
starving, myself", you replied smiling. "Do
you plan on letting me eat on this trip or are you just going
to keep me naked in bed?". I laughed, "Okay,
okay...I guess I'll have to let you eat just a little"
, I teased as we got up and held each other at the foot of the
bed. "Join me for a shower?" you asked slyly...already
knowing the answer. "Well...alright, twist my arm"
I sighed in a very poor attempt at apparent disdain.

We skipped the washcloths, preferring instead to lather
each other up with our hands and fingers...of course using
way too much soap. It was so slippery erotic...sliding
our soapy hands all over each other's wet skin. I grew
hard immediately as you washed me; it felt wonderful to
have your soapy fingers sliding up, down and around my hardness.
You lingered a little too long washing me there and I couldn't
help but joke about "having the cleanest penis in
town". We kissed while delighting in the sensation
of our slippery chests pressed together. I rinsed you off,
taking a moment to gently lick and suck your nipples while
the warm water cascaded across your breasts and my tongue.
We washed and rinsed each others' hair, immensely
enjoying the luxury of not doing it ourselves. We toweled
each other dry, each of us stealing flirtive kisses here...touches
there. It was a wonderful start to our day. We dressed and
held hands as we headed for the dining car again, both of
us quite ravenous by now. We were sure that we had missed
breakfast and hoped that we weren't too early for lunch.
Upon reaching the dining car though, the train slowed and
we watched out the window as we arrived at a station and slowed
to a stop. The conductor announced that we were in Grand
Island, Nebraska and would be departing in two hours, so
we took the opportunity to stretch our legs and find a local
restaurant for lunch. Upon exiting, the porter suggested
the "Riverside Cafe" and gave us directions...though
it took him awhile...even though he'd surely been
there many times.

We knew that we were farther north the second we stepped
from the train...the air had become colder still and we
instinctively pulled closer together as we walked. The
cafe was at the end of a boardwalk that fronted the river
and our walk led us past a pleasant mix of boutiques and restaurants.
The architecture was rather eclectic...the buildings
were obviously styled to resemble a small western town
in the 1800's...with "Saloon" and "Mercantile"
signs here and there...yet there were gas-replica street
lamps that looked as though they belonged in New York or
Chicago in the early 1900's. It was very attractive
nonetheless. It had snowed recently and there were small
drifts huddled against the walls and shady sides of planters,
trying not to melt in the sun, so we were surprized to see
a hibiscus tree, surrounded by snow, defiantly showing
off with a large, pink-streaked blossom for all to see and
admire. We passed a small boutique and paused when the door
opened by an exiting customer; the unmistakeable fragrance
of scented candles and potpourri making a pleasant assault
on our scenses. We peeked inside and hoped that we had time
to browse there after lunch.

The restaurant was very attractive; built of rough-hewn
cedar siding and rustic, shake roof, the entrance bordering
the boardwalk and the back built precariously on stilts
overlooking the river. We were shown to a table by the large
windows to enjoy the scenery. The interior was nearly as
rustic as the outside...from the planked, wodden flooring,
the massive, rough-cut ceiling beams and natural log support
posts, to the thick, wooden tables and chairs. It was very
casual in atmosphere, well lighted from the solid wall
of windows in the rear and tastefully decorated with a "log
cabin" type theme. There were a few iron skillets
and embroidered linens hanging along the walls in various
places along with antique iron and leather horse bridles
and other gear we could only guess as to the use of. The sheer
volume of natural wood and the homespun decor combined
to surround us in a natural, relaxing warmth that belied
the chilly air outside. The lunch menu was simple and reflective
of the atmosphere as well, with choices of thick-cut Nebraska
steaks, baked potatoes, fresh local catfish, grilled
quail, whole-half rotisserie chickens and some lighter
selections including BLT's, soups and salads. After
peeking at the steaks served at a neighboring table , feeling
my ravenous appetite from the night before and skipping
breakfast, it was an easy decision for me: I ordered the
Rib-eye, medium-rare, with a baked potato and glass of
Cabernet. After making me promise you a bite of my steak,
you picked the grilled quail, rice pilaf and garden salad
with iced tea. While waiting for our food to be prepared
we were typical tourists...and obvious lovers: we made
small-talk about the decor and scenery outside...all
the while tracing lazy paths and circles along each other's
hands with our fingers. We couldn't seem to ever get
close enough to each other! We watched a couple of ducks
standing at the end of the dock with their backs to the wind,
their feathers ruffled every which-a-ways and joked about
them having a "bad hair day". As I leaned over
you to point out a flat-bottom fishing boat with a couple
of cold-looking fishermen in it coming down the river...I
caught your scent and leaned over a bit further to kiss your
neck. You instinctively turned your head to let me kiss
you there, and I had a pleasant flashback to our lovemaking
the night before...and I suddenly knew exactly what I wanted
for desert after lunch! I whispered in your ear, "Mmmmm,
I think I just picked out what I really want for desert"
. "Well, OK, Alan", you winked ...."But
don't you think people would stare?" I was still
laughing as the waiter brought our order.

Lunch was extremely enjoyable...the rare occassion when
service, cuisine and ambiance all combine like musicians
in an experienced orchestra to create wonderful music
together. Most of all, we enjoyed feeding small bites to
one another and the inherant eroticism of sharing our food
with each other in such an intimate way. We thanked both
the wait-staff and chef before leaving and headed back
the way we came, hoping to spend a little time shopping before
the train departed.

We walked along the boardwalk, holding hands and re-tracing
our path towards the depot. We could see our train in the
distance, idly puffing little billows of white steam into
the sky. We headed back towards the boutique that had smelled
so wonderful earlier. I was hoping to buy a couple of more
candles for our cabin and also wanted enough time to find
a bottle of Merlot or Gamay Beoujolais to smuggle on board.
We were almost to the small store when you suddenly stopped,
spun around and pulled me close. You kissed me with surprizing
force...purposefully sliding your tongue into my mouth,
then tracing your tongue along my cheek to my ear, where
you whispered, "Are you ready for your desert, Alan?"
and then playfully, but firmly bit my ear. "Oh, I'm
definitely ready for desert, Angel" , I said as I returned
your passionate kiss with my own, sliding my tongue into
your mouth as I pulled you even closer, both of us feeling
my hardness beneath my jeans. "C'mon, let's
go!" I said as I turned toward the train, suddenly
forgetting the candles, the wine or even what day of the
week it was! "Oh no, big boy", you countered,
smiling slyly... stopping me in my tracks..."I want
you to have your desert right now , I've been sooo wet
since you kissed my neck in the restaurant". Before
I could even stammer out a reply, you were pulling me back
into a small alley next to the boutique. I followed obediently...both
excited and curious...though I made a few nervous glances
both directions before we disappeared into the alley.


The alley went deep into the shadows between the boutique
and a small cafe. There was several stacks of empty boxes
and wooden pallets near the service entrances which created
a semi-private nook against the back wall...yet still
dangerously close to the pedestrian traffic. You weren't
smiling now...a more serious, compelling expression
was in your eyes...both surprizing me and exciting me at
the same time. Still holding my hand you turned around,
leaning back against the brick wall and quickly guided
my hand beneath your skirt , pressing it firmly to your panties.
I could feel how hot you were through the thin satin, and
leaned in close, kissing you deeply while you began rythmically
pressing yourself against my hand. As my tongue slid into
your mouth, I roughly pulled your panties to the side and
slid my fingers deeply into you. "Oh, God, Alan...See
how wet I am?" You moaned, as I pulled my fingers from
you and licked them, smiling. "Ummmmm, I want my desert
right now, Angel!" I said as I quickly and roughly
pulled your panties down to your ankles, dropping to my
knees on the hard pavement as you pulled your skirt up with
one hand... your other hand exploring your own breasts
in your wanton lust. I had completely forgotten about where
we were, the chance of getting caught, or the chill in the
air...I could only think about how much I wanted to taste have my tongue inside you, licking and tasting
your excitement. I grabbed your hips with both hands and
pressed my face close...your body arching in expectation
of my tongue...and..."Whooooo.....Whoooooo"!!
"Alan...the train!" "Oh shit, Angel"!
I said, jumping to my feet...already running...half pulling
you with me. "Wait, Alan! panties!" you
laughed...almost falling over. We quickly got them pulled
up, half-jogging back towards the train, you were still
adjusting your skirt when we emerged from the sidewalk...trying
half-heartedly to look "casual"...but revealing
ourselves misureably in our laughter.

It was lucky we were only a half-block from the platform...for
the train had already begun slowly pulling out from the
station. We felt like we were in the movies as we dashed to
the nearest car and jumped on, giggling like teenagers
and getting a rather serious look from the old porter, that
chastised us without words. We gave him an apologetic shrug
as we passed him... quickly making our way to our compartment
and shutting the door behind us. "I feel like a train-robber...that
was close!" you said, both of us still breathing hard
from the run. "It was close" I said, pressing
your back against the back of the door..."My tongue
was almost in you!", I grinned slyly, pulling your
panties back down around your ankles where they belonged.
I knelt again and leaned in lips and tongue just
barely away from you...hesitating only enough to savour
the realization that nothing was going to stop me this time.
You rested your hands on my head, your fingers running through
my hair, tensing slightly in anticipation...then moaning
as my tongue slid deeply and purposely into you. My lust
for you took control of me as I licked you ...long, forceful
licks all the way up to your clit....and then down again,
back inside of you...never letting my tongue leave your
body. I was like a hungry animal. You were soooo wet, and
I wanted it all! I could feel your legs shaking and hear the
involuntary moans escaping you as you began to cum on my
tongue. Your hands pulled my head even tighter against
you as you came, and it was so exciting... feeling your pussy
quivering and contracting against my tongue.

I lingered there for a minute, very slowly and gently licking
anything that I might have missed...not in any real hurry
to be anywhere else than I was, but you had other ideas..."Oh, made me cum so hard, that I'm ready for my
desert!" you said...kneeling in front of me. I made
an attempt to move toward the bed, but you eagerly pushed
my to my back on the floor...not even willing to waste just
a second before you could have me, too. Your mouth was already
slightly opened as you unbuttoned my jeans and quickly
and forcefully pulled them and my underwear down just enough
to release my throbbing cock. You didn't hesitate
a single second before hungrily devouring my shaft...sliding
your hot, wet mouth all the way down. I gasped from the exquiste
feeling of my swollen, pulsing cock being so quickly released
from the tight confines of my jeans... and then so suddenly
being enveloped by your soft, wet lips and tongue. You licked
and sucked me hungrily as I cock sliding in
and out of you...your soft hair brushing against my skin
each time you took all of me. I was already so arroused from
tasting you cum...that I was actually trying not to! When
you stopped just long enough to tease the head of my cock
with the tip of your tongue and look up at me with a sultry,
devious grin before plunging your mouth down around my
cock again...I knew I was losing the battle! "Oh my
God, Angel...I'",
I half-stammered, feeling like I was going to explode.
"Ummmmmm, " was all you said, but the vibrations
from your moan put me over the edge. I couldn't hold
back any longer. I began to cum inside your hungry mouth,
and you amazed me again by sliding your mouth all the way
down and then completely stopping as I came. It was amazing...feeling
my cock spazm rythmically, yet uncontrollably ...completely
enveloped by your hot, wet mouth as I came and came.

I was in blissful shock. I lay there, on the floor...breathing
heavily, basking in the warm glow of sexual, lustful gratification...but
didn't have the time to revel in it...for you surprized
me yet again. As soon as I came, you slid up on top of me and
kissed me deeply, at the same time sliding your wet pussy
slowly down over my still twitching, spasming cock. We
could taste each other's excitement as we kissed deeply,
passionately..."Ummmm, thanks for the wonderful
desert, Alan" you whispered...wiggling your pussy
on me playfully. "Anytime"...I teased back,
stroking your hair and kissing you.

We stayed in our compartment for the rest of the afternoon,
sometimes gently making love...occassionally having
intense, lustful sex...sometimes playfully teasing
each other...and all the time emersed in each other's
passions. The sound of the rythmical steel wheels beneath
us was the only reminder of the world changing around us.
We watched the sunset through the window turning the distant
mountains into crimson flames... wrapped tightly in each
other's arms...not saying a word.

The End?

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