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Her place in the world


This story is about a man who once had an amazing woman to
call his own. We sent this to each other in chapters, in fevered
anticipation of the other's response.
The scene occurs in a perfect world, free from today's
Be responsible for yourself and for others...........


The time had come for us to meet again. We had corresponded
through the Internet and had met once before. I had shared
my fantasy of being dominated by two men and you where both
ready to take my fantasy to a new level................


I dressed exactly as I had been instructed. My black lace
demi bra, that barely covered my nipples, but pushed my
breasts up and out. A little black, lace thong. My garter
belt, that I carefully attached to a sheer, silky pair of
black stockings. A pair of black heels. My short black skirt,
that barely came past the tops of my stockings. And finally,
a black jacket.........

Rick came up behind me and started kneading my breasts thru
the jacket. My nipples immediately sprang to attention.
"Are you ready?" he asked as he nibbled on my
neck. I gave a parting look in the mirror and said "let's

We got into the car and headed for our previously arranged
meeting place. I could tell that Rick was excited already
by the bulge in his pants. We drove most of the way in silence,
each of us wondering what the evening held in store. Only
Rick already knew, it was all part of the plan. We walked
into the bar, our eyes adjusting to the dimly lit surroundings.
We saw you approach us, you extended your hand to Rick and
each of you got reacquainted. I felt your gaze travel up
and down my body, a small shiver escaped me. Slowly a smile
spread across your face, you took my hand and gently placed
it to your lips. We across the bar to a table and proceeded
to order a drink..................

We began polite conversation. I could still feel both sets
of eyes upon me and I began to get a little nervous. I was wondering
to myself what I had gotten myself into, again. Both of you
must have sensed my nervousness because you each took one
of my hands and gave it a little squeeze. With that I settled
back in my chair and slowly sipped my red wine. You and Rick
carried on conversation as if I was not at the table.................


Then Rick looked at me and instructed me to undo the top two
buttons of my jacket. I looked at him and asked him, "please
not to make me do this." Sternly, he said "NOW."
Slowly my hands went to the buttons on my jacket. One at a
time I undid the buttons. My jacket hung open to the middle
of my chest. I moved my hand up to my chest, but one of you grabbed
it and placed it back on the table. Half of my breasts were
exposed and I felt as if everyone in the bar was staring right
at me. Our waiter came back to the table to check on our drinks
and his eyes immediately went to my breasts. I squirmed
nervously in my seat, wanting to just crawl under the table...........


Rick informed the waiter that we were finished and to please
bring the check. I was getting more apprehensive sitting
there with my breasts half exposed, but felt the moisture
growing between my legs. My skirt had ridden up my legs and
the tops of my stockings were showing. I shifted my weight
in the chair to pull my skirt back down but you stopped me.
"Let's give the waiter a little show before we
leave, shall we?" I felt my cheeks turn red when the
waiter returned with our check. He never took his eyes off
of me. I felt like such a slut...............

We left and headed for my place where the evening would continue.
When I closed the front, you both stepped in front of me and
pushed me up against the wall. Rick kissed me full on the
mouth, while your hands groped at my breasts. A small moan
escaped my lips. I felt a hand go between my legs and two fingers
shoved up into my now sopping wet pussy. "So you like
being a little slut, don't you?" I didn't
know what to say, so I just stood there and looked at both
of you..................

We walked into the room and you motioned for him, you grabbed
a handful of my hair and practically drug me to the center
of the room. You instructed me to place my hands behind my
head and spread my legs apart. You circled around me, looking
me appreciatively up and down. Your hands moved to my jacket
and you began to undo the rest of the buttons. Out of instinct,
I brought my hands down to stop you.......

What a mistake! Rick grabbed me by the wrists and pulled
me to the chair sitting in the corner. he forced me onto his
lap, all the while holding my wrists behind my back. I felt
you lift my skirt up, exposing my ass. Rick began to spank
me. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! My ass was on fire and I was squirming
to get away. "HOLD STILL, " you said firmly,
or it will get worse. When he was finished, my ass was beet
red, you gently you caressed it, running your fingers into
my now dripping pussy. "I knew you would like that,
you little slut. Now stand up and we will proceed."...........


I was led me to the center of the room and instructed to remove
my skirt and jacket. The jacket was partially unbuttoned
so I finished undoing the rest of the buttons and let it fall
off my shoulders. My erect nipples were showing over the
top of my little bra. I reached behind my back and unzipped
my skirt, letting it fall to my ankles. I stepped out of it
and tossed it out of the way. There I was, standing almost
naked in the center of the room, before two men.....................


"Hands behind your head, " you snapped. I placed
my hands behind my head and it caused my breasts to push out
even more. You both circled around me, lightly touching
my body. Four hands made their way to my breasts, where they
firmly squeezed my nipples, twisting them ever so slightly,
my bra was unhooked, freeing my breasts. Then a collar was
placed around my neck. It had several rings on it, then leather
cuffs where placed on my arms and legs. Next you took my panties
off, but left my garter and stockings on. A spreader bar
was inserted between my legs forcing them wide apart. Next
my arms where tied above my head. I was now firmly secured.
"We are almost ready, " you both said. Just two
more things. I felt a blindfold slip over my eyes. Now, I
was standing in complete darkness. "And now to make
sure we do not disturb the neighbors, " Rick said
as I felt the ball gag go into my mouth and be secured behind
my head......

Now, I was really getting nervous. A thousand things were
racing thru my head as I stood there, bound and gagged. I
felt something trace the outline of my breasts but it was
not a hand. A chill ran down my spine............................................


Your turn, Richard...

The sudden coldness was shocking. The melting ice stung
her now swollen nipples as she struggled against her bonds.
"Where do you think you're going?" Rick
hissed in a menacing tone. "You are the special guest
of the evening, and we have a long night ahead." The
ice in his hands melted against her nipples and ran down
her belly, the cold water tracing the side of her flushed
pussy lips as it fell to the floor. Jessica began to squirm.
She felt Mike press against her from behind, his hot breath
on her neck as he tasted the tender skin below her ear. She
felt the hardness of Mike's cock pressing against
the crack of her ass and moved back against it, almost instinctively,
as she had done so many times with Rick. And now Rick had replaced
the ice on her nipples with the warmth of his mouth, biting
against the dark skin of her nipples, his hands roaming
her body at will. Unable to see or speak, she could only moan
as she fought against her restraints......................

Rick removed his mouth from her aching nipples, "Jessica,
you little slut, " he said. "Tonight you will
learn your place in this world." She felt her legs
pulled behind her and she felt a step of some kind there.
"Up on the step, slut" Mike commanded. She hesitated.
A bad mistake. The crack of leather across her ass struck
like lightning. "Move your ASS!" Mike yelled,
the crop held above his head, awaiting her response. She
quickly complied, her legs straining against the spreader
bar as she rose, her stinging ass now perched high in the
air as she leaned forward trying to support her upper body
by her wrists. She was helpless. She could only imagine
what was going on around her, the blindfold securely attached......


She did not know that Mike switched the crop with a medium
leather flogger until she felt the blow. Jessica's
entire body shuddered as her scream was stifled against
the gag, and tears welled in her eyes. "Tenderize
that ass, Mike" Rick said. With that, Mike began to
flog away on her rapidly reddening butt, being careful
not get in a steady rhythm so that she could not time his attacks,
and she was only able to hear the sound of leather in the air
before it crashed down upon her. She lost count of the caresses
she received from Mike, her body involuntarily shuddering
as her teeth bit into the leather ball gag, tears streaming
down her face. With all her strength she strained to stay
quiet in a futile effort to resist these men and the feelings
that burned inside her.....................

"Cat got your tongue?" she heard Rick say, his
voice now behind her. "Mmmmphff" was her reply,
hoping he would now release her. Rick gazed at the work Mike
had done. "Excellent stripes, Mike." Rick
reached between her trembling legs to feel her arousal.
"Your little cunt betrays you, " Rick said.
Jessica tried to push back against his hand, hoping for
release. "I see your pussy wants some more."
And with that he began to smack her aching mound with his
hand, her juices splashing with each impact. He knew her
orgasm was approaching. She felt a hand grab her hair and
pull her head back. "Not so fast, slut" Rick
whispered in her ear. "You will only cum when we allow
you to. If you fail to submit to our commands, the penalty
will be swift and severe." Mike pinched and pulled
her nipples hard to punctuate Rick's decree. Jessica
bowed her head and nodded her acceptance..............

The cool, smooth leather of the paddle felt good against
her red hot ass. Rick played it slowly across her buns and
the back of her thighs, and underneath against her pussy.
Jessica's body trembled. She knew well the power Richard
possessed and that she was about to feel the full force of

WHACK! The first blow nearly knocked her off the step. The
nerves in her ass exploded into her brain as she involuntarily
cried out against the gag. She tried to brace herself for
the next one as Mike steadied her on the step while he continued
to torture her tits. Jessica's body was in overload
as she received more and more of Rick's power. Her head
began to spin and she thought she may black out as the blows
rained her consciousness began to fade,
Rick stopped his assault. Her body quivered helplessly
before them, her nerves ablaze. To remain standing took
a supreme effort..........

The room was now silent except for Jessica's ragged
breathing. She felt hands and lips begin to caress her,
who the belonged to she no longer knew. She felt a mouth trace
across her ass and into her crack, licking at her juices,
gently brushing her swollen clit, probing her vagina and
then sliding up to tongue fuck her asshole. She ached for
her orgasm, but knew better than to test the resolve these

Her hands were released from the restraints above her,
then her wrists were attached together behind her. She
was led off the step by guiding hands that bent her over a
padded bench where she could rest her upper body against
it, her knees on the floor, the spreader bar exposing her
sex completely. Jessica let her body relax onto the bench
to rest while she could. She could smell the sex of a man close
to her face. A hard cock brushed her cheek. Suddenly a hand
grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Fingers quickly
removed the ball gag from her mouth and she moaned audibly.
"This is what you really want, you cock crazy slut"
Rick said coldly as his firm yet spongy cock head pressed
past her lips and deep into her mouth, his balls now touching
her chin. "Take it all, you little cocksucker"
Rick commanded as he slid the full length in and out of her
now willing mouth............

Jess gagged at first as her throat opened to take as much
of Rick as she could, she felt Mike rubbing his hard cock
against her pussy, dipping into her juices for lubrication.
She felt his hard meat being positioned at the entrance
to her twitching asshole. Mike grabbed her hips and with
one hard shove, drove his long, hard cock all the way into
her ass to the hilt. Her scream was muffled only by her mouthful
of Rick's cock. Mike withdrew its length from her ass
and slammed it home again. Over and over he filled her tight
asshole, picking up speed and rhythm as he went. Jessica
was now grunting with each of his thrusts, the sound vibrating
over Rick's cock as he fucked her face. The men knew
that she was on the verge of an explosive orgasm, but they
kept her just on the edge until they thought she could take
no more without release. "You buttfucking cumslut,
you may cum on my cock NOW!" Mike bellowed as he slammed
her asshole harder than ever. Her release was explosive.
With a scream her pussy squirted its load of cum in hot jets
behind her, soaking Mike's balls as he pounded away.
The sounds coming from her throat could only be described
as animalistic in nature, her brain unable to maintain
any control over her body. These men now completely controlled

As the wave of her orgasm began to subside somewhat, she
felt Rick's cock swell in her mouth. She knew what was
coming next. Mike was still sawing in and out of her now gaping
asshole as she felt Rick go rigid as his spasm began. "Open
your mouth, cumslut" commanded Rick. She could taste
his precum on her tongue and eagerly awaited his salty man
juice. AHHH! YESSS! Rick yelled as his cock spurted hot,
white cum into her mouth and on her face. As his cum filled
her mouth Mike hit her "A" spot deep inside her
ass again and another orgasm convulsed through her body.
"We did not say you could cum again, slut" Mike
reminded her, slamming his cock harder than ever into her,
sending him over the edge. He suddenly pulled his cock from
Jessica's ass and changed places with Rick, jamming
his dripping meat into her face. His first blast of cum hit
her upper lip and nose, and he grabbed her head and drove
his full length into her mouth, depositing the rest of his
seed into her throat. "Lick that cock clean, bitch"
Mike yelled as he held her head on his dick. When she finished
licking him clean of their juices, Rick brought his cock
to her mouth to clean his also..............

As her head began to clear, Jessica realized she was still
blindfolded and restrained at their mercy. The spreader
bar was removed and a leash was attached to her collar. Someone
gave her water, and she was grateful. After few minutes
of rest, she felt a tug on her leash. "Stand up"
Rick said as he pulled on the leash, showing her the direction
he wanted her to go. She stood on wobbly legs and felt her
juices running down the inside of her thighs. Rick laid
down on the bench, his feet resting on the floor. He pulled
her to him with the leash. With her hands still bound behind
her, Mike helped her to squat down and straddle Rick's
face with her pussy. Mike released her wrists from behind
and fastened them to each side of the bench, bending her
over so that her face was above Rick's cock as he began
to lick at her pussy. Mike then inserted Rick's swelling
member into her mouth and she began to suck him like a starving
calf. "What a cocksucking slut you are" Mike
said as he fed her more of Rick's meat. A guttural grunt
was her only reply. Her pussy came alive again as Rick tap
danced on her clit with his tongue...............

Mike was hard again and could smell her wet pussy in the air.
The scent directed him behind her to its source. He straddled
the bench and began to slowly slide his long, hard cock into
her pussy as Rick licked at her folds from underneath. Mike
started fucking her slowly and gently, in the rhythm he
knew she wanted. All the way out and all the way in, his balls
brushing against Rick's nose as he hit bottom in her
cunt. Rick's tongue licked at her clit, and then up
to her soaking hole, licking Mike's shaft and her pussy
lips at their point of connection. This feeling drove Jessica
wild with desire. She swallowed all of Rick's hard
cock at this angle, her nose buried in his smooth ballsack.
As Mike increased his tempo on her snatch, Jessica felt
another wave approaching. She rode the top of the wave as
if walking a tightrope, feeling the fantastic sensations
yet being careful not to go too far and cum against their
wishes again. Rick and Mike knew that she was close, and
they were ready to give her what she craved. "I'm
going to fill your pussy with my spunk, slut" Mike
whispered to her as his pace quickened. Rick's tongue
swirled over the two of them as her moans warned of her impending
orgasm. Mike's cock began to spasm into her, his hot
cream filling her pussy. "Come NOW! Mike yelled to
Jessica. She released Rick's cock from her mouth as
she threw her head back and her arms strained at their bonds
as she screamed in ecstasy. Her pussy shot her cum all over
Rick's face beneath her as she ground her clit into
his face, while Mike's thick load squeezed out between
his cock and her cunt, dripping down onto Rick's tongue
and into his mouth. He continued to lick them both, savoring
their juices as the waves of pleasure passed over them.................

"Please, let me rest" begged the still blindfolded
Jessica. "You have obeyed us well, slave, and you
have earned a brief rest." Rick said as Mike pulled
his spent cock out of her flooded pussy and stood up, unfastening
her wrists from the bench and joining them back together
in front of her. The two men eased her over onto her back on
the floor. They removed the blindfold and she gazed dizzily
at the 2 men above her. "You can rest while we get the
next scene ready" Rick whispered in her ear. He then
kissed her gently, knowingly, and rose to his feet.................


Rick joined Mike in setting up the leather swing above the
bench. It hung from the floor joists to about 8 inches above
the bench. It was attached with pulleys so that the height
was adjustable. Now able to see what was happening, Jessica
watched as the men finished with the swing. "We are
almost ready" Rick said as he laid Mike back on the
bench. He began to suck Mike's cock, and it swelled
in response as he stroked his own growing member. When Mike
was fully erect, Rick pulled Jessica up by her leash. "Get
on the swing above him" Rick told her. He then helped
her into the swing, unhooking her wrists and fastening
them to the swing above her head. he then placed her legs
in the slings, her feet in the stirrups and attached her
ankles to the D rings above. She was now completely bound
and floating in the air on the leather swing above Mike,
who was stroking his hard cock in anticipation. Rick grabbed
the ropes of the swing and lowered her into position. She
could feel Mike's stiff dick pressing at her asshole
again. As Rick lowered her onto him she felt Mike's
cock enter her ass with no resistance. Mike began to pump
his length into her slowly at first, feeling her walls open
for him. Jessica's eyes glazed over. She could barely
speak. "Oh please, fuck me Mike" she begged
and he began to thrust in earnest into her juicy asshole.
Rick positioned his cock at her mouth and slid it in. "Suck
my cock, slut. Get it hard for me so I can fuck you good."
He said to her....................

Rick soon knew it was time. He slid his cock from Jessica's
mouth and walked around the swing to lick her clit while
Mike fucked her ass. "I think you're ready now"
Rick said as he rubbed his cock against her pussy.................


Jessica looked at him standing above her, his hard cock
in his hand, pressing the head into her very tight, wet pussy.
"Yes, Sir, I am ready" was all she could say.
She felt Rick's hardness as he entered her. She could
feel the two thick cocks rubbing together inside her and
she knew she was completely filled. OHHH! She cried out
as they both buried their cocks inside her. Her mind reeled
as she hung suspended as if floating in the air, weightless
and impaled on their dicks. These two cocksmen were ready
to give her a ride. They began to time their thrusts, matching
each other stroke for stroke, making sure to hit every special
spot inside the now moaning woman between them. They rode
her like this for what she thought was an eternity, her cries
of pleasure spurring them on. Never before had she felt
like this, so vulnerable, so dominated, so violated, so

Rick and Mike sensed her orgasm approaching again and the
picked up the pace steadily, thrusting harder with each
stroke. Jessica's head began to spin as lost any sense
of where she was or who she was, her entire world consisting
only of the two rock hard cocks consuming her. "OHH
God! OHHHHH GOD!" she screamed as they slammed into
her at a furious pace, their cocks like steel pistons hammering
her velvety cylinders............................

Jessica felt her whole body burn and shudder as she crested
her peak. The sound of her orgasm came from deep with her,
as if her spirit itself cried out for release. "OHHH!
she bellowed as her pussy exploded in a shower of her own
sweet cum, hitting Rick's belly and showering their
cocks at the same time. This sensation pushed both of the
men over the edge and with a force she had never before experienced,
they blasted their hot, sticky loads deep inside her. Overwhelmed
with sensation, Jessica's world went black....................

When she opened her eyes, she was still in the swing. She
felt the cool air against her wet and dripping sex, and the
emptiness in her pussy. And still she ached for more. It
was then she realized her true place in this world.........

Mike and Rick carefully unbound her and helped her from
the swing into her bed. A long, gentle kiss from Rick brought
her to her senses somewhat, and as he pulled away, she heard
him say to Mike, "I think she's had enough for
a while. Let's you and I have some fun now."..............

Your Turn, Jess....

No words where needed at this point. Rick looked at his woman,
naked, spent with the scent of raw sex, and yet her eyes talked
to him, for it was only him that could hear her unspoken words.
Just for a split second their silent exchange seemed to
make the time freeze still. She knew what Rick had done for
her - Wow! As a smile spread across Jessica's face,
Rick thought he caught her eyes say something did he?..............


Just as that question entered his mind Mike excused himself,
Rick thought he left the room to smoke. So they were alone,
Rick looked at his woman, naked, vulnerable and ravaged
by two cocks but he knew that it was him and only him she truly
loved. He leant over her and as she kissed his lips she whispered
"Whateverwewant, " and with those words her
eyes glowed, at that moment the bedroom door opened Jess
pulled the sheet to cover her nakedness and sat back winking
at Rick.............

Mike reentered the bedroom followed by a guy he introduced
as Chris, he was a bit older than Mike, but like Rick, worked
hard on keeping in shape. So there in Jessica's bedroom
were three men and a woman. At first Rick was a little shocked
he knew nothing about Chris joining them, (he should have
known better, though, as Jessica can be as creative as himself)
which he was about to find out first hand...................


Mike approached Rick who was already laying naked on the
bed and took his cock into his mouth, and as he was working
Rick's cock in his mouth Chris quickly removed his
clothes to join them. Rick's cock was already hard
from the talent of Mikes mouth.....................


Chris asked Mike to stop "Saying I didn't come
over to watch, it's my turn to enjoy Rick." With
that he told Rick to turn over, and Jess reached into the
dresser draw and handed Chris a bottle of oil. Chris poured
some into the palms of his hands then rubbing his hands together
in the oil he began to give Rick a massage, this was obviously
not his first time with a guy. Jessica sat and watched as
Chris was working his hands all over his legs watching his
hands wander up Rick's thighs and stroked his balls,
finding his tight hole, she was getting so wet seeing this.
Rick groaned a little and moved to give Chris easier access.
Chris was working his lower half hard now and was taking
great care to ensure his ass was getting plenty of attention...................


Mike placed his hands on Rick's shoulders and turned
him over, as soon as his cock was clear Chris had his mouth
over it. Rick turned his head to the side and opened his mouth
to accept Mikes cock. He felt wonderful, having his cock
sucked and sucking one in his mouth, Jess chuckled to herself
knowing that Rick was now experiencing the same thing she
had earlier. Rick eagerly worked on Mikes cock. Mike was
starting to pant from the assault and he grabbed the back
of Rick's head as he thrust his hard cock deeper into
his mouth. Chris was sucking Rick's cock too gently
and Jessie wanted to see Rick get fucked with reckless abandonment...................

As Chris sucked Rick's cock, his fingers explored
his ass. Mike was panting harder now, as Rick tasted a few
drops of precum. Chris replaced his fingers in Rick's
wet ass with a 8" dildo as he continued to suck on his
throbbing hard cock. Mike withdrew from his mouth with
a grunt and groan at the same time Chris pushed the dildo
deeper into Rick's ass....................

Mike mounted the bed and thrust his cock back into Rick's
mouth. Chris moved and placed his cock next to Mikes. He
was huge! All Rick felt was this giant piece of meat against
his face as he sucked on Mike. He began to realize that Mike
was going to cum in his mouth. He was becoming more forceful
with his thrusts and took on a sense of urgency. Chris withdrew
from Rick's face and took Mikes cock out of his mouth
and replaced it with his own cock and forced his meat deep
into Rick's throat. He was so massive that Rick could
only take a bit of him in, but he tried to get more down his
throat. Chris suddenly withdrew and Mikes cock replaced
it again, Rick's mouth was used as a cock sucking toy,
as the two men took turns filling Rick's mouth with
their cocks, all the while the dildo was stretching his
pussy hole. Rick have given blowjobs before, but had never
sucked cum from a cock, but he knew he would soon for Mike
informed him that he was a cock slut like his woman and he
deserves to be filled with cum..................

As Rick continued to suck Mikes cock he felt his legs being
raised, now his hot hole was in full view of Rick, Mike and
Chris. At this point Mike removed his cock from Rick's
mouth telling him, not to worry he was still going to get
filled with hot cum! With that Mike began to pour lube around
his ass hole, while Chris use his fingers and gently stroked
the lube into his tight hole, making sure it would be ready.
And then he felt something like a baseball bat rubbing his
hole. Chris grabbed his ass cheeks and rammed his cock so
deep that Rick screamed. He couldn't move away as he
felt Chris forcing his cock into his ass. Rick groaned as
the head of Chris cock invaded his asshole. Chris was gentle
and left it there for a while. Pleasurable pain shot thru
Rick's body as he forced himself to open up to him. Eventually
he was all the way in Rick's tight little pussy hole.
He started to slowly fuck Rick as Mike resumed his thrusts
into his mouth, they were in sequence with Chris into Rick's
ass. Rick started to taste something in his mouth, and then
gagged as Mike shot his cum down his throat, he gulped it
down as Mike groaned. Chris was now hammering away at his

Rick felt a stirring in his groin and tried to hold it off
as Chris filled him full with his cock playing on Rick's
G-spot. Chris started to grunt as he abused Rick's
pussy with his cock. He let out a long groan as he shot his
cum deep into Rick's ass, Rick felt his ass cheeks become
wet as Chris collapsed with a grunt, Rick let out a yelp as
Jessica took his hard cock into her mouth, Rick's ass
was gaping, dripping with Chris's cum, Mike could
not resist and he used the cum as lube and rammed his cock
into Rick's ass, "You need more, you fucking
slut" Mike pumped his ass over and over ass Jess sucked
his cock, Chris's hardness started to return, just
the sight of Rick being assaulted in this way got his member
hard. Jessie could see Rick's hole was more than ready
and suggested Chris get his cock in there also right next
to Mikes. Jessica stopped sucking his now raging hard cock
and lifted his legs up giving easier access for both cocks
to invade his hungry butt. Chris and Mike positioned their
cocks at the entrance to Rick's now wanting ass hole,
with the mixture of cum and lube they both slide their cocks
into his pussy hole, Rick was filled and stretched to the
limit...As the two men continued there assault into his
ass, Rick could not hold off any longer and as Jess took his
cock into her mouth, the room was filled with groans of ecstasy
as all three men shot their cum, Rick exploding like a volcano,
filling Jessica's mouth, while Mike & Chris filled
Rick's ass so full of their cum that it managed to start
to drip out even though both their cocks were still in his
ass...and with that, they all collapsed on the bed, laughing
at the fun they had shared, and the big smile on Jessica's
sticky lips.....

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