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Her mistress


Jennifer was rather nervous as she approached the large
house which was set well back from the road. It was the right address,
she’d checked it several times while searching for it in the rather palatial
suburb as she drove around looking for the home of her Mistress. She pulled
her car into the long gravel driveway and drove through the large
metal gates which were mounted in the ten foot high wall. As she drove up the
driveway she passed a large garden with various small buildings set
amongst tasteful trees and shrubs. She parked her car in front of the house and approached the
front door. As she knocked the door was opened by a young woman
dressed in a rather revealing leather outfit. It was a tight catsuit made of
thin leather which hugged every curve of her firm small body. She also wore
high-heeled leather boots which made her taller than she was. She look Jennifer
up and down in an appraising manner. Jennifer reacted by going red and
becoming embarrased. The Mistress saw a smallish woman with large breasts, short
blonde hair, fair skin and freckles. She was softspoken and obviously
very nervous. “So you have finally arrived slave!” Declared the
young woman. As soon as she said it Jennifer felt a thrill run through her
body. This was the woman she had corresponded with so much. This was the
woman who she knew was the Mistress of her body. This was the woman who had so
intrigued her and fired her imagination. She curtesied and bowed her
head and said in reply, “Yes Mistress, I am sorry if I am late I had some
trouble finding your beautiful house.” Mistress S was obviously not interested in her excuses
and simply order her into the house. She conducted Jennifer through
a large hall and down a corridor. Jennifer was curious as to what sort of
house her Mistress lived in and only managed to catch a glimpse of beautiful
furniture and paintings of various scenes on the walls. As her Mistress
walked rather fast she had to hurry to keep up. The Mistress opened a door
and motioned her into the room. It was bare except for a stool and a cupboard.
The Mistress simply looked at her and said, “Now that you
are here slut you will remove all your clothing. In the cupboard you will
find your uniform. Put it on and then immediatel report to me in the Drawing
Room, is that understood?” Jennifer quickly covered her worries with a nervous, “Yes”.
To which her Mistress replied with a threatening tone in her
voice, “Yes, what Slave?” ” `Yes, Mistress, ’ Mistress!” Answered
Jennifer quickly. Her Mistress swept from the room and proceeded back down the
hall. Jennifer quickly disrobed and opend the cupboard. Inside
was a French Maid’s uniform. It was rather small and revealing. She
first pulled the sheer nylons on over her legs and attached them to her suspender
belt. Then she realised there were no knickers provided and her own
would show under the uniform. So she went with out. She felt a small shiver
of excitment as she then slipped the skimpy little uniform on. She straighted
the seams at the back of her legs and then noticed the shoes in the bottom
of the cupboard. They were very high, 4 inch stillottos. She placed
them on her feet and did up the ankle straps. She stood, a little uncomfortable
perched on high, looking down. There was a mirror on the inside of one
of the doors of the cupboard and she examined herself in it she placed the
small cap on her head and pinned it to her hair with the pins provided. She
looked rather sexy and felt her juices starting to flow. Her large breasts
were barely covered by the small strapless dress which was heavily
boned and supported them well. The skirt of the dress was short and and barely
covered her rump. It was obvious that she was wearing stockings as the tops
were clearly visible under the hem of the skirt. She hung all her clothes up and then walked to the door. She
quickly got the hang of walking in the shoes and proceed down the
hall in the direction than she had seen her Mistress proceed figuring that would
be where she would find the Drawing Room. She came to large set of double doors,
one of which was open. She peeked inside and saw her Mistress sitting
in a large leather armchair reading a large book. She discreetly knocked
and entered. Her Mistress looked up. She then said, “Come here wench.
I wish to look at you. Thats right stand there. Now turn around, lets look you
over properly.” As she turned she could feel the coolly appraising eyes
of her Mistress on her body. She felt herself flushing and becoming rather
wet between her thighs. Her Mistress then instructed her to, “Your firsty
duty for the time being, is when the door rings again in a moment, you are to
answer it and instruct the woman you will find waiting there that she
is follow you. You are to then conduct her back to the hallway your room is in
and then take her into the room next yours. It has the letter `K’ on it
and you are to then instruct her that she is to disrobe and put on the clothes
she will find in the cupboard. You are to then instruct her that she is
come to the Drawing Room and meet the Mistress. You will then leave
her and return here to await further instructions. Is that understood slut?”
“Yes, Mistress!” Replied Jennifer quickly. Just as she was about to make another remark the doorbell
rang and she was forced to leave to carry out her instructions. She
hurried as fast as she could to the front door on her high stilloto shoes.
When she reached it she opened it and there stood another woman. She was about
25 years old, 5’9″ tall with tan skin shoulder length brown wavy
hair. She appeared to be a mixture of Irish, Italian, french, and American black.
On her nose were a pair gold rimmed glasses behind which were a pair
of brown eyes. She appeared to weigh about 120 lbs. She looked surprised to have the door opened by a women dressed
in a French Maid’s uniform which in the best tradition of
such things left little, if anything to the imagination. The woman introduced
herself as “Karen” and asked if the Mistress was in. Jennifer
repeated her little prepared speech and conducted Karen into the house. She
took her through the hall and down the long corridor. Now that she had time
to look she noticed there were several doors, all marked with different
letters of the alphabet and numbers as well. She found the one marked “K”
next hers which she now noticed a large “J” on the door. She opened the
door and found that it was exactly the same as the room she had been in before:
empty except for a cupboard and stool. She motioned Karen in and again repeated the Mistress’s
instructions to the hapless woman who was not sure what was going on. Jennifer
closed the door and then motioned for her to remove her cloths.
A little embarrased Karen did so and then opene the cupboard. Inside was was
a leather bodice, tall, high-heeled boots, stockings, a collar and wristlets.
Jennifer got a little thrill out of being such a position
of power over another woman. She noticed that Karen had, like her,
no hair on her pussy. It had large labia which were open and starting to
leak, liker her own, a little of the woman’s juices onto the inside of
her thighs. She caught more glimpses of it as Karen donned her new clothes.
She first stepped in the leather bodice and pulled it up over her body. As she
did so she noticed that the crutch band was actually a leather strap
about 2 inches wide. What was unusual was that it was like a belt and a buckle attached
to it at the rear of the bodice so it could be tightened. It also
most unusally had a slot cut into part of its length from the front to about
half way along its rear. She pulled it up between her legs, feeling it contact
her already excited pussy, rubbing the lips with the rough side of the
leather, parting her buttocks and touching her arsehole. It made her go momentarily
weak at the knees to feel such a thing. She quickly recovered when she realised that she was being
watched closely by the woman dressed as a French Maid. She then pulled
on the stockings over her long legs and attached them to the straps
hanging down from the leather bodice’s lower edge. She then pulled on the
long, high-heeled leather boots which stretched up to her upper thighs. As
she did so she noticed that at the ankles were small metal “D” rings
on short straps. She then fastened the leather wristlets onto her wrists and
noticed that they too had “D” rings on their outer sides. Finally she fastened
on the wide leather collar. It was about 3 inches high and when fastened she
found that it was difficult to bend her neck so she was forced to hold her head
high. The collar had several “D” rings around its circumference
which hung down on short straps. The woman dressed as a French Maid had remained silent through
out this period and then when she had finished motioned her
to follow her through the door again. As they walked down the hall, Karen noticed
the luxious nature of the furnishing, the paintings on the walls and
the expensive carpeting throughout the hall way. Finally they came to
a set of large double doors. The maid knocked quietly and then opened
them, motioning her to go inside. She entered into a large room which had chairs
and lounges scattered around. On one was seated a young woman. She had
on a tight leather catsuit and boots. The catsuit was made of thin leather
which tightly hugged every curve and line of her body. Karen felt a surge
in her sex when she saw how beautiful this young woman was. The Mistress looked up at thier entry. She signalled them
both to approach her. She then instructed Jennifer to go and
stand by the door. “So you have finally arrived worm, have you?” Karen
said, “Yes, Mistress and I am so glad to finally meet you!” “Quiet!” Snapped
the Mistress, “You will only speak when I command it, is that understood?”
“Yes, Mistress.” Replied Karen a little crestfallen that she was to be treated
so by the woman she loved so much. “Now then slut you have been a wilful and disobedient
slave lately. You have disobeyed the commands and instructions I gave
you, haven’t you?” Karen looked a little sheepish and remembered she had indeed.
Worried about what might be in store for her she replied, “Y-Yes,
Mistress. I’m so sorry. I thought I had been forgiven when I recieved your
invitation.” The Mistress simply glared at her and said in a menacing
voice, “I _never_ forget that I have been wronged by one of my slaves.
Not until I have metered out a punishment which satisfies me. Is that understood
filth?” Karen, distinctly feeling a little worried replied, “I-I’m
so sorry Mistress, I promise I will be good in future!” “Do not fear wench, I will make sure you will be good in
future.” Returned the Mistress. She then said, “Now whore, go
and stand over there in the corner and face away from the room. On the floor are
two foot shaped marks. You are to place your feet on them and stand with your
legs apart. You will find there a tall conical Dunce’s Cap. Place
it on your sorry excuse for a head. I am going to think a while to determine
a good punishment for you.” Karen moved as she was instructed. She found the place in
the corner. There were feet shaped marks on the floor. She placed her
feet on them and found her legs in the long boots forced wide apart. She placed
the Dunce’s Cap on her head. She could hear things going on behind her.
She heard her Mistress say, “Jennifer go over to her. I want you
to tighten her crutch strap at least two holes, is that understood?” She her heard the woman in the Maid’s uniform (her name
must be Jennifer!) reply, “Yes Mistress.” and approach her
across the room. She then felt her hands at the small of her back, undoing the buckle
there and pulling the strap running between her legs much tighter.
It felt uncomfortable, but not too tight. She could feel her large
pussy lips being crushed though against her crutch. Jennifer stayed standing
by her, obviously awaiting more instructions. As she stood there she could feel herself becoming more
excited as she felt the strap constricting her labia. It seemed to
be making her labia become more engorged with blood. She could also feel more
clearly her anus being rubbed by the rough leather. As her labia swelled
they had no where to expand except into the slot cut into the leather
strap. As they became more constricted she became more and more excited
and her pussy began to leak more juice. This is turn made the leather slippery
and slowly, so slowly it seemed her cunt lips flowed into the slot in the
leather, to be constricted even further. Karen then then heard her Mistress say, “Jennifer come
here and take this. I want you to insert it into her anus.” As moved her
head to see what was being handed to Jennifer she heard, “I didn’t
tell you to look around, now did I slut?!? If you know whats good for you, you will
remain looking at the wall! Now do it and if I see you head moving again I will
make your punishment much, much worse than it is going to be!” Karen’s
head snapped almost audibly to the front. She heard Jennifer approach her again and this time bend
over behind her. She felt her hands on her exposed buttocks, parting
the cheeks. She then felt something rubbing against her anus. She then
realised that the slot in the strap now extended to her anus since it had been
tightened. She felt something thin slowly invader her tight little arsehole.
It was much thinner than a finger and smooth. It slid easily into her
rear entrance. She then heard her Mistress say, “Now Jennifer, attach
it to the buckle at the back and flick the switch will you?” “Yes
Mistress, ” said Jennifer who seemed to be enjoying her work at this stage.
Karen felt some more fumbling at the back of her Bodice and then she jumped
as she felt a small electric shock in her anus! It happened again! Her
Mistress raised her voice slightly, “Stay still! I’ve told you once,
I won’t tell you again!” Karen forced herself to remain still. She then heard her
Mistress instruct Jennifer, “Now Jennifer, do up the lacing at
the back of her bodice a little tighter will you?” “Yes Mistress, ” came
the prompt reply. Karen felt Jennifers eager hands grasping the lacing and pulling
it tighter and tighter. It was starting to constrict her breathing a little
and still she pulled it tighter. Fearful of what might happen if she protested
Karen bore it in silence. Finally she was forced to stand upright,
barely able to breath, the small shocks still occuring at random, infrequent
intervals in her anus. She then heard the Mistress stirring, getting up from her
seat. “Come with me Jennifer. I think we will leave her to stew for a while.”
She heard them walking across the room and a door open. Her Mistress
then called from the doorway, “Don’t what ever you do slut move
from that position. I have a TV camera watching your every move and I will know
if you move against my instructions.” Karen wasn’t too surprised by such a statement. Obviously
her Mistress liked to be in total control of the situation and she had
to admit that she was. Karen had never felt quite so helpless before. Her
pussy was starting to get quite hot as she stood there with its lips being squeezed
by the crotch strap of her Bodice. Everytime the little thing in her back
passage gave her an electric shock she had to stop herself from starting.
Even so the small tingles in her arsehole were starting to make her
excited. The tightness of the Bodice was making it difficult to take the deep breaths
her excitement was demanding of her. It was all adding together to make
her more and more horny. At the same time she was worried about what was going
to be her fate. She realised she could hear conversation coming from the
other room. Her Mistress had not shut the door! She heard her Mistress
saying to Jennifer her other slave, “So now Jennifer I have a small treat
for you. Why don’t you come and sit beside me? Here, hand me that TV remote control.
I have a special movie I want you to watch. I made it myself, I star
in it with another of my slaves. I think you will enjoy it.” “Yes
Mistress” faintly reached her ears from the other room before the sound of
music drowned it. Karen could hear the sound of her Mistress’s voice. However
it was obviously coming from a television. She couldn’t
make the words but the sounds mainly seem to consist of her Mistress being cross
with someone and then the sound of someone being struck with something.
It sounded like someone was being spanked, hard. She could hear squeals of pain
and then later moans of delight. Finally the sounds seemed to climax with a real
scream of pleasure after a series of moans. She wondered if that was to be her
fate, her punishment? The sounds were getting her even more excited
as her mind dwelt on them. That plus the crutch strap squeezing her pussy
and the small electric shocks in her anus were making her very, very horny
and very wet. In the other room Jennifer was surprised when her Mistress
instructed her to sit beside her on the couch to watch the movie. She
was fascinated with what had happened in the room. She had never understood
the power of being dominated in that manner before. As she watched the
story unfold she found herself becoming wetter and wetter. Her Mistress
pulled her close and cuddled her. She started to rub her breasts through
the top of her Maid’s uniform and ran her hands up and down her silken stockinged
legs. She found herself becoming more excited as she watched her Mistress
on the screen starting to tie a masked, naked man down on a bench. She fastened
his arms behind him and then tied him by a rope around his neck to the
bench. She then also tied a silky rope around his dick and balls and
then attached that to the bench. She then proceeded to whip him gently with
a small whip. She saw the colour rise on his buttocks as the Mistress started
to lay into him calling him alls sorts of derogatory names. The male
slave called out once and the Mistress laid into him much harder threatening
he would recieve much worse if he called out again. So he didn’t. All that
escaped his mouth were small grunts at each stroke. Jennifer could see his cock growing on the screen. She could
see it getting much bigger and harder than it had been. The camera
moved in for a close up and she could see every detail of his cock and balls.
They filled the screen and she found she was wishing she could play with
them, touch them, feel them in her hands. Her Mistress’s hand were
still roaming all over her body, tantalising, exciting, making her hornier,
and hornier. She watched her Mistress stop whipping the slave on the
video. She turned around and walked to a table and took something up
off it. It was a large strapon Dildo. It looked mean and fearsome. Jennifer
suddenly worried about what she was going to do it. Her Mistress rubbed some
lubricant on it and walked back to the slave which was tied down. She started
to rub the tip of the Dildo into his arsehole. Suddenly she speared
forward, forcing its full length into him. He screamed more it seemed
in surprise than pain as he felt it split him open. She heard her Mistress
saying on the screen, “This will teach you how to fuck someone up
the arse properly you stupid slave! Take it all and remember the next time
I get you to fuck me, do it properly.” She was really laying into the
slave, ramming the dildo in and out of his arsehole. Jennifer was surprised
to hear moans and groans of pleasure starting to come from the helpless
slave as he was being fucked. Suddenly her Mistress stopped fucking him
and pulled the dildo out of his arse saying, “Ah! My little arse fucker,
no we don’t want you to come just yet. You have to do me first and I expect you
to do it properly this time. Remember I must come before you do.
You are here for my pleasure.” Jennifer watch fascinated as her Mistress untied the slave
and led him to a couch on the screen. She saw her Mistress push him
down on the couch. His cock had grown huge, she could even see on the screen
a large drop of pre-cum dripping down it from the top. Her Mistress simply
pulled the dildo off and dropped in onto the floor by her feet saying, “You’ll
clean that later with your tongue bastard and enjoy it.” “Yes Mistress”
drifted from the screen. Her Mistress was now running her hands up and down Jennifer’s
legs as she sat there watching the screen totally absorbed.
She felt her hands running right up to the top of her legs, tantalisingly close
to her cunt, but never quite reaching it. She wanted so much to come but
her Mistress was keeping her on the edge as she watched the movie. She
saw her Mistress sit on the lap of the male slave on the screen. She saw her
place her knees each side of his waist on the couch and she leaned over
him. She also saw her take his cock in her hand and lower herself onto it
from above. Her Mistress let a loud groan escape her lips as she proceed
to thrust herself down on his huge cock. She fucked herself up and down, faster
and faster, using him for her pleasue. It was obvious that she was indifferent
to her slave and was simply using him as a fucking tool to gain an
orgasm from. She made him play with her breasts and suck her nipples.
However it was all towards one end: her orgasm. He didn’t matter in the least.
Suddenly her Mistress reared up and a small scream escaped
her lips. She collapsed on his chest for a second as she obviously
felt the waves of an orgasm wash over her. After a few second she pulled his
still very big and very hard cock from her cunt. It was slippery and wet
with her come juices which had leaked down around his balls. She hissed
at him, “Now bastard I want you to fuck me in the arse. And this time do
it fucking properly or I will punish you even more severely!” The repositioned themselves. She knelt on all fours and
thrust her bum up at him. He parted her arse cheeks and positioned his
very slippery, large cock at the entrance to her arse. The camera moved
in closer. At the same time the screen split into too. One view was of her
backside, the cock poised to enter and the other of her face on which
there was a look of joyous anticipation. As the cock entered, her facial
expressions changed rapidly from first, a small look of pain to one of total sexual
joy as she obviously felt it enter into her back passage. He proceeded
to lay into her with his big cock, fucking her harder and harder. He
thrust deep into her arse and her face showed she was enjoying it. At the same
time it was obvious that she was playing with her clitoris and rubbing
it. Suddenly she started to thrash and jerk. Screams began to escape
her lips. It was obvious she was having a gigantic anal orgasm. Coming
so powerfully that she nearly fainted. She heaved and pushed, seemingly wanting
to throw his cock out of her arse as at the same time she wanted more of
it, deeper inside her. After a few minutes she calmed down and told him “Enough!
Now for the piece de’resistance! Give me your cock worm. Give
me your come.” She pushed him out of her arsehole and turned around. She then
made him masturbate himself until his come shot in a gleaming arc out of his cock
onto her face and breasts. Her Mistress had a look of sheer joy as she felt
the cum explode onto herself. At that moment she heard a loud insistant bell ringing.
She suddenly realised in her own sexual excitement that the front doorbell
was ringing. Her Mistress pulled away from her. Jennifer was disappointed.
She had so much wanted to come! Her Mistress the ordered her, “Go and
answer. Take the woman at the door to the room marked with a “D” on the door.
Order her to disrobe and tell her to dress in the clothes provided. Then bring
her here, to me. Is that understood wench?” “Y-Y-Yes Mistress.”
Answered Jennifer anxiously. She just so wanted to come! Her Mistress then said, “Hurry
it up slut. And don’t play with yourself you hear? Your time will come
later, is that understood?” “Yes Mistress, ” answered Jennifer
dutifully if a little disappointedly. She hurried from the room. As she passed through the Drawing
Room she could see the slave Karen. She seemed to be trying hard
not to move, but finding it difficult as it was obvious that she was also
very excited and horny. The smell of hot cunt seemed to hang in the room.
As she walked quickly down the hall she could feel her own
juices on her thighs. Her cunt was flowing freely. She caught a
glimpse of herself in one of the many mirrors and stopped to try and
straighten herself up a little. She openned the door. Outside on the step was
standing another woman. She was about 5’8″ tall and weighed about 100
pounds. She was about 35 years old and had dark blond hair, blue eyes, small breasts
smallish hips, and rather longish legs. She had an oval face with a vaguely
yellow-peach complexion. Diane was rather surprised as the door opened to be confronted
by a woman in a French Maid’s Uniform. She introduced herself
as “Hi! I’m Diane. Is the Mistress of the house at home?” Jennifer
simply said, getting now into the act a little more, “The Mistress is home.
You are instructed to follow me.” She ushered Diane into the house and conducted
her down the hallway to the room reserved for her. As Diane followed the maid she became aware of the smell
of a ripe, juicy, hot cunt in front of her. As the maid walked it was
obvious she was in a state of advanced excitement. Diane caught glimpses
of her inner thighs, coated with her pussy juices. This started to make
Diane excited as well as she became picked up on the pheronemes in the air
around her. She was taken down a long hallway which numerous doors along
it. Finally they arrived at one with a large “D” on the door. Jennifer opened the door. Again it was an identical room
to the previous two. It contained nothing except a cupboard and
a stool. Jennifer motioned Diane in and ordered her to, “Strip and put on
the clothes in the cupboard, you will then be taken to meet the Mistress.”
Diane was intrigued so decided to go along with it. She removed her
clothing revealing to Jennifer her shaved pussy which was already starting
to flush slightly and pout with Diane’s excitement. Jennifer also caught
sight of her dark tan areolas and longish tubular shaped nipples. She found
herself wishing she was able to lick and suck on them and make them beautifully
large and hard. Diane opened the cupboard and discovered in it a collar,
a leather mini-skirt, stockings, high-heeled ankle boots, a suspender
belt and a small silk camisole and no knickers. She put them and then examined
herself in the mirror on the inside of the door of the cupboard. She
felt her nipples going hard as the fine, smooth silk rubbed against them.
She could feel her pussy becoming wetter and more excited. She looked
around and saw an obvious look of lust on the face of the maid looking at her.
Jennifer wanted this woman and wanted her now. However
she knew as well that her Mistress would want her to wait. She motioned
for Diane to follow her again and left the room. She conducted Diane
to the Drawing Room and there was the Mistress. However she had changed out
of her leather catsuit. Instead she was now wearing a silk Teddy which
clung tightly to her body and allowed interesting glimpses of things which
are not normally seen in public. Karen was still standing in the corner,
however it was obvious to Jennifer that she was finding it like her a little
hard going. The room simply reeked of her sexual excitement and it was
obvious that Diane could smell it as well. “So my favourite slave has finally arrived. I am so glad
that you were able to join us. Are you happy to be here?” Asked the
Mistress with a smile on her lips. Diane walked towards her and stopped
a few paces from her. She said, “Yes my Mistress I am glad to finally have
the chance to serve you.” The Mistress simply smiled in reply and then patted the
seat on the couch beside her, “Come and sit by me my little slut. I
have waited for quite a while to see you in the flesh.” Diane took the offered
position. Her Mistress motioned for Jennifer to stand by the door
and wait orders. “I have two other slaves in attendance today.” She
said as she motioned towards Karen and Jennifer. “I have decided
to have all my sluts meet one another. I want you to compete for my affections.”
Diane looked at Karen and asked, “What has that slave
done that she is being so badly punished for it?” Her Mistress simply
smiled and then said, “Punishment? That is not punishment. That is simply
an entree as compared to the Punishment she is about to recieve. She
has disobeyed me and will recieve her just desserts.” Jennifer felt a
small shudder of delight course through her body as she heard those words.
She wondered again what sort of punishment lay in store for the bad slave. Diane looked again at Karen in the corner, trying hard not
to wriggle as the crutch strap compressed her pussy and the
small exciter in her bottom gave her another shock. She then turned to her Mistress
and asked, “Have you decided on her punishment yet Mistress? I would
so like to be able to help in it.” Her Mistress just smiled even more and motioned for Jennifer
to approach her. “Over there on the sideboard you will find
a cloth. Blindfold her.” Jennifer obeyed. Karen who had found herself so close to the edge of an orgasm
for so long was finding it hard to stand for much longer. Her pussy
was absolutly aching for release, but she could not gain it. She was forbidden
to touch herself and she felt her level of excitement climbing and
climbing. It was almost a relief when Jennifer fastened the blindfold on.
She knew that her waiting was finally over. She was to punished and she knew
now that some form of relief from the tension racking her body was the
thing she wanted most in the world. The Mistress then said to Jennifer, “Lead her and follow
me.” She took Diane’s hand and lead her from the room. They went
out into the main hall and then to a door under the stairs. It opened on another
set of stairs leading down. The Mistress lead them all downwards.
As she walked down the stairs, she said with a smile on her face, “I know
its a bit old fashioned to have a dungeon in the basement but well, I’m
just an old fashioned sort of Mistress. Its also so convenient. It
allows me to combine two of my greatest pleasures. The storage of fine
wines and the punishment of bad slaves.” She led them deep under the house, down rather clean stone
corridors which rather belied the statement that this was the traditional
sort of dungean. I mean there wasn’t even a rat, a cockroach or
a spider’s web to be seen anywhere! After passing several galleries full of wine bottles and
casks they came to a large iron studded wooden door. She opened it and
motioned them all to enter. Inside was indeed a traditional style of dungeon.
However it had a few extras such as subtle indirect lighting and some
nice rugs thrown around the floor to remove the chill from the room. However
what wasn’t missing were a few racks, braziers, an Iron-Maiden and
a few other of the assorted traditional things found only in the best equipped
dungeons. She walked over to large padded throne which was on a small
riser at one end of the room. As she sat down she motioned for Diane
to come and stand beside her and for Jennifer to lead Karen to the centre
of the room. She then said, “Remove the blindfold Jennifer and let
the little worm see what her fate is going to be.” Jennifer obeyed
with speed. Karen had almost managed to come whilst walking but had failed
when Jennifer had dragged her along. When she saw the dungeon she saw that
she had made a mistake to ever disobey her Mistress. She knew now that
she meant business and was intending to really punish her. She fell to her knees
and begged forgiveness. Her Mistress simply smiled. “So now you
wished to be forgiven? I told you it was too late for that, upstairs.” She said.
“Tie her to the whipping bench over there you two. Jennifer
grabbed one of Karen’s arms and Diane the other. Karen was in tears
by now and was pleading to be let go. At the same time though she felt
a thrill going through her body at being tied down on a padded whipping
bench which left her backside exposed to the air. It also forced her excited
cunt to rub against the crutch strap. Her Mistress then said to Diane, “Over
there on that wall you will find various tools. Make your choice. I want you
to spank her.” Diane walked over to the wall. There was assorted bondage
and discipline paraphanelia. It had paddles and whips. She
selected one of the smaller leather paddles and whacked it against her
hand. It was exactly what she wanted. So she then turned back to the helpless
Karen who was sobbing on top of the bench. She looked to her Mistress who
simply smiled and made a slight motion with her hand. She raised her hand and then let her arm fall with all her
might against Karens bare bottom. “SMACK!” resounded in
the air. Karen squealed. Their Mistress simply said, “Shut up slut. If I hear another
sound out of you, I will make it twice as bad.” “Again!” She called
to Diane who let fly with another, and then another and then another hit
against the woman’s buttocks. Karen squirmed and tried to escape the rain of
blows directed against her bum by the other woman. Jennifer watched in silence as she observed Diane starting
to obviously enjoy her work. She also felt herself growing hornier and
hornier as she imaged what it would be like to either be the one being smacked
or the one inflicting the pain. Suddenly she realised she was
about to find out when her Mistress said to Diane, “Stop. Hand the paddle
to Jennifer here. Let her have some fun as well.” Diane forced herself to stop. She had nearly lost control
of herself enjoying the feel of inflicting pain on another
person. She handed the paddle to Jennifer. “Come here my little lovely.
I have another task for you.” Ordered her Mistress. Jennifer found herself holding the paddle, looking down
at Karen’s already red and glowing backside. She raised her hand and
let it fall. She then heard her Mistress say, “If it is not done harder
than that slut, I will let the worm on the bench up and I am sure she can show you how
to do it properly.” So Jennifer chastised by her Mistress’s
rebuke and fearful of suffering the same fate let fall a much harder strike. Then
another, and another. Each in turn was easier to deliver as she put more
effort into it. She found herself becoming more and more excited with each
fall of the paddle. She glance up and saw Diane on her hands and knees in front
of their Mistress licking her pussy. She saw her Mistress’s hands grasping
Diane’s head and forcing it into her pussy. She was obviously enjoying the
feel of Diane’s tongue on her cunt and clitoris. Her Mistress noticing that she had stopped ordered her
to continue. Karen was by now squirming. The initial sting of the spanking
at faded and had been replaced by a feeling of warmth. Her cunt still
ached for release but she found she was now able to squirm sufficiently to
rub it against the padding on the bench. Her arsehole ached now with feelings
of needing to be filled after having been so excited by the small electric
shocks in it. She needed more though to get herself off. She needed a lot more,
but she couldn’t get it. Suddenly the Mistress ordered Jennifer to stop. “Go
to the wall my lovely and find something there that might interest you, ”
she said motioning to a different wall than the one the paddle had come from.
Jennifer walked over, a little dazed and surprised at the feelings and emotions
which were running through her body. She found a wall covered in dildos
and vibrators. She looked it over until her eye alighted on a large black
double strap on one. She took it down and looked to her Mistress for approval.
“Excellent choice my dear! I could not have chosen better
myself. Now come here and fuck this slut at my feet.” Jennifer
strapped on the dildo as she saw her Mistress entwining her hands harder into
Diane’s hair to prevent her from protesting or escaping her fate. As Jennifer
strapped the dildo on she was reminded of strapping on a gun or some form
of weapon. This dildo had heavy leather straps with large buckles. It pushed
out from her waist after she had inserted her end into herself. It filled
her to capacity and she could well imagine what it would be liked to be fucked
with such a rubber cock. It poked out from under her short skirt and looked her in
the eye. She walked over to Diane and knelt behind her. “Fuck her
well slut. I want to fell her tongue being pushed an extra couple of inchs
up my twat.” suggested her Mistress. Diane felt the head of the cock
against the lips of her pussy. She squirmed around a little. Jennifer covered
the head of the cock in Diane’s pussy juices. She then thrust forward
hard into Diane’s tight cunt. She more felt than heard the moan of delight
that escaped from Diane’s body as she felt herself being split open by the
big rubber dildo. It slid easily into her cunt. Karen in the meantime had once more been left in suspence.
She wanted to be fucked. She wanted relief. She wanted an orgasm. It
was being denied to her. Her backside had settled down into a warm inner glow
from the paddling. It simply increased her need to come. The sounds
of the threesome nearby were increasing. She could hear severl people fucking
each other. She could hear the sounds of pussies being licked and sucked
and fucked. She wanted that, why couldn’t she have that she wondered.
She realised that this was a far worse punishment than anything physical which
could be done to her. She knew she would never disobey her Mistress ever again.
She knew she could not take any more of this sort of punishment. Diane was enjoying herself. Her Mistress had ordered her
over to her after she had handed the paddle to Jennifer. Her Mistress
had simply motioned her down onto her knees and grabbed her hair and
pulled her face towards her crutch. “You know what I want don’t you
slut? Well you know where to find it. Use your teeth to undo my teddy.” Diane
dove between the outstretched legs of her Mistress. She found the crutch
strap of the silk Teddy. It was soaked with her juices. It smelt like
hot buttered sex down there. Diane realised she was in seventh heaven.
She wanted to lick her Mistress. She reached forward with her teeth and
found the snaps of the crutch band. She pulled and they parted revealing
a beautiful small cunt which had no hair on it. Her Mistress moved her bum forward
on the throne and exposed more of it to her view. Her tongue reached
out and licked the juices which were bubbling from her Mistress’s
juicy, hot pussy. As she did so she heard a small moan escape from her Mistress.
Hands found her head and pulled her tighter into her crutch. “Lick
me, suck me, make me come you slut!” Escaped from the lips of her Mistress
as she pushed her tongue deep inside. She found her clitoris and started
to flick her tongue across it. Suddenly she heard her Mistress ordering
the other slave to fuck her. The hands in her hair prevented her from pulling
aware or protesting so she simply contented herself with increasing
efforts with her tongue and fingers on her Mistress’s cunt and arse.
One long finger found her Mistress’s cunt hole and covered
itself in the lubricant which was flowing freely from inside.
She then eased it around to the other hole and started to work it in. She heard
moans and groans escaping from her Mistress so she knew she was doing
well. Suddenly she felt something touching her cunt. It was the dildo being
used by Jennifer. She was a little frightened but forced herself
to relax. She felt Jennifer working it around her cunt lips, rubbing
it up and down. She nearly fainted from the pleasure! The feelings redoubled
as it entered into her tight cunt. She felt herself being split open, felt
her cunt being forced to stretch wide by the big, black rubber dick as it forced
its way inside. She started to redouble her efforts in making her Mistress
happy. It appeared from the sound eminating from her Mistress
that she was succeeding. Suddenly her Mistress pulled her head hard
against her cunt and a flood of more juices squirted out covering her face. At
the same moment she felt herself coming as well. She felt her body explode
in delight as she realised that she had made her Mistress come! She felt her
cunt clutching hard against the big dildo in her cunt. Jennifer was fucking and bucking hard into Diane’s cunt
when she suddenly felt Diane jerk and thrash. She looked up at her
Mistress and saw a look of delight on her face as she came as well. Jennifer
was close, but not quite there. She pushed the dildo another few stroked
into Diane’s cunt and then felt herself finally go over the edge from
the pressure on her clitoris from the double dildo’s end being in her
cunt. She nearly fainted from the intensity of it. The first to recover of course was the Mistress. She pushed
her slaves away with her foot. She then commanded, “Wake
up sleepy heads! Get up, you have some more work to do yet!” Jennifer and
Dianne struggled to their feet. The Mistress then commanded, “Jennifer
go and untie the slut from her bench and bring her to me.” Jennifer replied,
“Yes, Mistress” and staggered over to the bench quickly recovering from the
intensity of her orgasm. She untied Karen and helped her to her feet. It was obvious
that Karen was in fever state of excitement. The top of the bench
was literally dripping wet from the her pussy juices which were leaking
out from her compressed and enlarged cunt lips. She was having difficulty
staying on her feet and staggered as Jennifer supported her over before
the throne. “Remove her blindfold.” Instructed her Mistress.
She complied. “Let her stand by herself.” Was the next order. Jennifer
moved back, concern showing on her face as Karen nearly slumped to the
floor. “So slut, do you think you have been punished enough now for you heinous
crimes?” Asked the Mistress with a slight smile playing over her full red
lips. “Ugh. Errr.” Came out as Karen tried to find her voice.
“Y-Yes M-Mistress. I am truly sorry that I disobeyed you. I promise
to be good. I promise.” Came out in a small whisper which was barely
audible. “Good. Now my little slut I think you need to be rewarded
for taking your punishment so well. Jennifer, remove the exciter
from her anus and then undo the crutch strap.” Jennifer moved to obey. As she
removed the exciter she heard a sigh from Karen and then when she undid the crutch
strap she heard a small moan as it was pulled away from her pussy, finally
freeing her cunt lips. “Diane. Go over to the wall over there. You will find a
special strap on dildo. It is quite large on side and much smaller
on the other end.” Diane moved to comply and found the requested dildo. “Strap
it on. Large end in your cunt.” Instructed her Mistress. She did so,
sliding the big dildo up her tight cunt, leaving a rather long, thin ribbed
dildo sticking out in front of her. “Jennifer lie down on the floor on your back, just in front
of that chair over there.” Came the next instruction. Jennifer
did so, feeling the large dildo in her cunt moving gently with her movements.
There was a low padded bench in front of the chair and it even had a small
hump just in front of the chair legs where her head rested on a pillow
like surface. “Now then slave Karen. Do you see that lovely big dildo
sticking up there. Would you like to fuck it? Would you like to feel
it thrusting into your cunt?” Asked the Mistress with a much bigger
smile on her lips. “Y-Yes Mistress. Can I?” Asked Karen a little timidly.
“Of course you may my little whore. I said it was time you recieved a reward
for your punishment, didn’t I?” Replied her Mistress. Karen moved over towards Jennifer. She needed a fuck so
badly she realised. She needed that dildo, still gleaming wetly
with Diane’s cunt juices, sticking up so hard and proud from Jennifers loins.
She placed a leg each side of Jennifer and lowered herself towards
the big rubber dick. Jennifer reached up to help support her. She started
to rub the dick up and down her cunt. The feeling after being denied
release for so long was incredible. She was so charged with sexual energy
she felt like she was going to faint. Jennifer moved her hands over Karen’s tightly bound,
leather clad breasts, feeling her nipples through the thin leather.
She was watching as Karen started to slide the big dildo into her very wet
cunt which was practically streaming pussy juices out of it now that the
crutch strap constricting it was removed. Karen slowly forced the dildo
into her cunt and then Jennifer started to jerk her hips in rythm
with her, forcing into even deeper with each thrust. “Diane, now move around behind her. Here is some lubricant.
I want you to now fuck her in the arse.” Order their Mistress.
Diane complied and spread Karen’s buttocks to reveal her arsehole.
The exciter had done it work well. Her hole instead of being a tightly closed
sphincter was open and gaping with each thrust of the dildo in her cunt. It was
also smeared slightly with the slime from her cunt and shone wetly. Diane
started to rub the lube into her arsehole anyway. She inserted first
one finger, which obviously excited Karen as she moaned loudly, and then
another. She worked the two fingers in and out several times. Karen was obviously
in rapture becuase she started to grunt and groan as the dildo and fingers
worked thier way in and out of her. Diane then moved up behind her and removed her fingers.
She then started to rub the head of the thin dildo up and down and around
Karen’s arsehole. Karen jerked a little as it entered her. But she
was occupied with the sensations which were coming from her cunt and
clitoris as the big black dildo worked its way in and out of her. Diane felt the
small dildo slide into place easily. She could even feel its larger
brother inside her cunt moving in an interesting manner in response to the
thrusts inside Karen’s arse. “Now then Diane, reach down to the base of your dildo.
You will find a small switch. Move it to the `on’ position.”
Instructed their Mistress who was still sitting on her throne watching the
action and lightly playing with her breasts and cunt. Diane complied and suddenly
felt the dildo start vibrating. Slowly at first but the tempo increased.
Jennifer was busy thrusting her dildo hard upwards into
Karen’s cunt. Meeting each downwards stroke and playing with her breasts.
She also watched the look of rapture and sexual excitement on Karen’s
particularly when Diane started to play with her rear entrance. It became even more
radiant when the vibrator started. At the same time she was starting
to enjoy the movement of the dildo in her own cunt. It was moving in and out slightly
to the same rythm as it was moving into Karen’s cunt. “Jennifer if you reach down to the base of your dildo you
will discover a small switch as well. Flick it `on’ as well,
will you?” Requested their Mistress who had now left her throne and come over
to chair above their heads. Jennifer reached down and moved the switch. Suddenly
her dildo began to vibrate. In fact it did more than that it started
to pulse! She was surprised but Karen was obviously even more surprised
and nearly collapsed into an orgasm. “No!” Commanded their Mistress. “You are not allowed
to orgasm yet Karen. Not until I give the command. Is that understood?”
Karen was obviously too far gone to answer, but their Mistress who
was now seated in the chair at the end of the bench grabbed her hair and pulled
her hair up and looked into her eyes and hissed, “Not until I tell
you! Understand?” Karen’s glazed eyes cleared for a few seconds and a look
of comprehension came over her face, “Y-yes M-mistress, ”
she managed to garble out. Their Mistress then grabbed her head and thrust it
between her legs. “Lick me slut. Suck my clit, show me how good a cunt licker
you are.” Their Mistress pushed her cunt hard against Karen’s
face. Karen was by this time close to collapse. She had been denied
release for so long and been kept in a fever pitch of sexual excitement
that she was by now completely dazed. The world had shrunk in her mind
to her cunt, her clitoris and her bumhole. Suddenly her Mistress’s wet
cunt was added to that as she was forced to lick her pussy. Karen was building quickly
to the largest orgasm she had ever had in her life. Yet she knew she was forbidden
to have what she desired more than anything else at this moment
by her Mistress. Deep in her brain she knew that worse things would happen
if she disobeyed her Mistress again so she forced herself to not have an orgasm
purely by will power. She became like a women possesed. She thrashed around and
fucked up and down on the two dildos inside her. She was so filled there
was no escape. There were two buzzing demons inside her and hands all over
her. Yet she knew she wasn’t allowed to orgasm yet, but she needed it so
badly. One side of her brain argued with the other. Reason versus animal instinct.
Reason won for the moment, but just barely. The rapid thrusting
up and down on the two vibrating dildos were driving her crazy while the need
to keep licking her Mistress was so hard to deny. Suddenly her Mistress started to come. Her face was covered
with her pussy juices. As her Mistress came she groaned and moaned
loudly. She bucked her cunt hard up against Karen’s face, trying
to force her tongue in deeper. As her spasms subsided she heard as if from a great
distance away her Mistress say, “That was good whore. It was very
good. You may come now.” She had it! She had her Mistress’s permission! She could
come. Suddenly the reasoning side of her brain’s defence against
the animal instinct half collapsed. What was released was a demon, a balrog
of pure sexual energy which had been denied for too long. She came. It was the biggest,
most splendid, most gigantic, hugest come she had ever had!
She fainted. Jennifer who was starting to come herself was suddenly
flayed by arms and hands as Karen heard their Mistress’s permission
to come. Karen thrashed arount like a spastic and heaved her cunt up and down on the
dildo in her cunt. Her cunt squirted her come all over Jennifer and her
French Maid’s outfit. Her bladder was released and stream of urine squirted
out covering Jennifer completely. Karen’s scream was primitive
in the extreme. All this set Jennifer off herself into a very potent orgasm
of her own. Dianne in the meantime was trying hard not to be bucked off.
Her own orgasm was quick to follow on all that was happening
in front of her. Her breasts were being rubbed deliciously by Karen’s
back as lunged up against the silk camisole which she was wearing. That was
what set her off as she felt her nipples slide over the silk. It was nice,
but not major and simply was satisfying. It came from her clitoris
and enveloped her without much warning as she tried to hang onto Karen’s
heaving thrashing form. All of the women collapsed into a heap together. Each felt
a gentle warmth enveloped them as they clung closely together.
Karen slowly came around, still impaled on two dildos which were rubbing
her body deliciously. She experienced a series of small orgasms, rapidly one
after another. It felt fantastic.

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If there is any criticism, it is the lack of paragraphs.
Otherwise, I really enjoyed this.


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Made me wet just reading it!!


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Mia I would be happy to come and lick up those juices