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Her job required she belong to the mile high club (sort of)


This all began when my wife got downsized from the company
she worked at for nearly fifteen years. Luckily Ann and
I had been putting money away out of each of our checks, mainly
for our retirement years. But we were only forty one at the
time of her downsizing, so we decided if she didn't
get another well paying job fairly quickly, we would have
to use some of that money to pay our monthly bills.

My wife had always been a good worker, never late, seldom
sick, so why she wasn't picked to stay over some of the
other people in her claims department was frustrating
for her and as well for me. I told her not to take it personal
but down deep I knew Ann might have a hard time finding another
job like that with the economy the way it was. I know where
I worked, we had already stopped hiring and were even considering
some staff cuts in the near future.

All of us want to believe we are valued at our jobs and looked
at, as an asset by the company we work for. My wife was no different
and had taken pride in her work as well as her appearance.
Ann worked out three times a week because as she put it, "She
didn't want to look like just another forty year old
whose better days were behind her."

So the first weekend after she was let go, I tried my best
to keep her spirits up and make her feel as valuable as I could.
We both knew she had some time to find another job since her
severance package would carry us for the next two months.
But being the kind of person my wife was, I found her combing
the employee section of Sunday's paper the first Sunday
after she had been let go.

My wife quickly realized that the good jobs were few and
far between. But she kept looking and looking and was not
about to give up. After three weeks and even a couple of first
interviews she managed to land, she was no closer to getting
another job than she was when she started. I could see the
frustration in her eyes building , so one Sunday as we read
the paper at the table, I told Ann she should look for something
totally different than another office job.

"Do you think I should be a waitress?" She asked
clearly upset with my suggestion. "No I don't
think you should be a waitress. But look at other opportunities
besides clerical jobs, " I replied. Of course I had
no idea what jobs might be out there let alone one that my
wife could actually do.

I went back to reading the business section as Ann turned
the page and continued her search. We didn't speak
for a while before her face got all wrinkled as she looked
at the paper. "What are you reading?"I remember
asking her. "Well to tell you the truth, I don't
know. It's probably a scam, " Ann said. My wife handed me the paper and directed me to the ad she had
been staring at. "Right there, " She pointed
to as I read the brief ad that said, "Professional
women needed. Travel, excitement and good pay. Call (Into
the Wild Blue Yonder charter Jet service.)

"What do you have to lose. You like to travel and this
may be for real, " I said to my wife as I handed her back
the paper. Ann had gotten pregnant at nineteen so we married
right away and had already raised our only child so if she
had to be gone once in a while, it would not be a huge issue.
"I just don't know. It feels a little phony, "
My wife said before she put the paper down cleaned up our
breakfast dishes.

Two days later I was impressed that she apparently called
and got an interview right away. I remember showering and
getting ready for work myself as my wife fussed with her
hair and makeup as she got ready for her interview. I could
see her excitement even if she tried to hide it.

Although I was still getting use to her shorter haircut,
I commented how professional she looked anyway. My wife
had decided for her fortieth birthday it was time for her
to have her long brown hair cut, claiming women her age should
stop trying to look like they were still teenagers.

"You look great, " I said as Ann smiled who seemed
to be a bundle of nerves. "And I am sure you will do great
at the interview, " I added as she gave me a quick kiss
and headed out the back door. I headed off to work myself
and wondered how her interview went all day long since I
never heard from her and figured she probably didn't'
get a job offer. I knew my wife so well that if she did have
good news to share, she would have called me for sure. Ann
was never able to control her excitement when she had good

I drove home, I tried to think of all the things I could say
to her to lift her spirits in case I found her at home moping
about another rejection. But when I got home and didn't
see her car in the garage I also became a little concerned.
It was not like my wife to not call if she was going to be late.
Five thirty turned to six and then seven before I rushed
to the backdoor when I finally heard her car pull in.

My heart was thumping and my nerves about shot when my wife
finally walked in the door with a huge smile on her face.
"Where have you been?"I asked as she walked
up and gave me a kiss on my cheek. "At my interview, "
Ann said . "Your interview was at nine this morning, "
I said trying to keep my composure.

"Well that is what I thought too, But when I got there,
I was told my interview had been moved to New York, "
she explained. "New York City? You flew to New York
and back today?" I asked shocked by her news. Ann explained
that her and another woman flew on a private jet to New York
that morning for their interviews.

"It was great. The jet was simply beautiful. Sam the
Captain, who likes to be called Sammy was so funny and sweet, "
Ann said. I sat there dumbfounded of course as Ann was still
riding a high she had been on all day long. "Did you
get the job?"I then asked. My wife explained she didn't
know and neither did the other woman who went with her. "I
would have called you but I was on the plane and couldn't.
Sorry if you worried about me, " my wife said as I relaxed
enough to pull her into my arms for a warm kiss.

My wife had always been a hugger and I loved how she snuggled
against me when my arms were around her. So as our lips touched
I felt the old Ann had returned and all it took was a chance
at a new career. I had not touched her very often since she
lost her job because I sensed how depressed she was. But
now the way she was kissing me back told me she was heating

Her lips lingered longer than usual against mine so I pulled
her a little tighter to me. "So what is the job exactly?"I
asked her after our kiss. "I'm still not sure.
It sounded like they hire professional woman who are private
attendant for the very rich people that fly the jets, "
My wife said before she kissed me yet again.

"So my cute wife might end up flying all over the place
on a luxury private jets?"I said as Ann continued
to beam in front of me. "She just might. I think it might
turn out to be awesome. I am so excited right now, "
She replied before I grabbed her hand and led her in the direction
of our bedroom. It was time to celebrate and I wasn't
about to waste her good mood.

My wife has a great body, nice big round tits and the kind
of ass that no man could resist if given the opportunity
I had been given by marrying her. Even with her shorter hair,
Ann looked amazing as she climbed onto our bed wearing only
her sexy panties. "Those are coming off real soon, "
I told her as I folded my slacks over the chair. "You
want these off now?" My wife said giggling as she reached
for her panties and wiggled out of them. I could see her well
trimmed dark haired pussy and I might add, she looked ripe.

When my wife is in a really good mood her slippery tight pussy
is the best in the world. And on that day, she was definitely
in a good mood. "Oh honey. I really need this, "
She said as my tongue danced on her puffed up outer lips causing
her to squirm and whimper. "You need me or the job?"I
asked. "Both, " she replied before she tensed
up and went into a strong climax. I was too worked up to wait
so I climbed on top of her immediately.

When I felt her split apart as my throbbing organ began to
enter her, I nearly lost it. I had managed maybe a half a dozen
strokes when my balls popped and I exploded deep in her womb.
"Sorry. I was too excited, " I told her as she
whimpered under me while holding me tight to her. "Its
ok honey. We have all night, " Ann whispered in my
ear as our bodies shared that lingering spot a couple finds
after they share a strong climax together.

The very next day at my office I received a phone call from
the receptionist telling me I had a visitor. I didn't
normally have visitors or clients come to my office so I
put on my suit coat and rushed down to see who it was. And there
was only one person in our lobby and she was a very attractive
brunette wearing a tailored expensive looking business
suit and high heels.

I felt a little nervous as I approached her having no idea
who she was or why she had come to see me. But I definitely
liked how she looked as she stood up and offered me her hand
to shake. Nice body, big wedding diamond and a gorgeous
smile. The woman also had cat like eyes which gave her this
incredible mystic type of appeal.

"Hello. I am Silva. I also work for, Into the Wild Blue
Yonder Jet Service, " She said while shaking my hand.
I introduced myself and asked her how I could help her. "Everyone
is very impressed with Ann so far, " she said to me.
Just being near the woman caused me to shake like I did when
I was teenager meeting a pretty girl for the first time.
I escorted her upstairs to my office and closed the door,
curious why she wanted to speak with me.

"You're probably wondering why I am here?"
Silva said with her fantastic eyes staring at me.

"Well to tell you the truth, I have never been interviewed
for a job my wife was applying for before, " I said
as she giggled a little.

"I certainly understand. At "Into the Wild, "
as we like to call it, we feel that every woman who works for
the company has to have a very supportive husband at home, "
Silva explained. I got the sense her only goal was to meet
me before she checked her watch and said she had another
appointment. It was strange indeed but if it helped my wife
land the job, then it was a good ten minutes I had spent with

When I got home, Ann ran into my arms , excited that she had
been offered the job. "Its only temporary and only
for thirty days but at least I got my foot in the door, "
my wife said bubbling over with emotion. I can't remember
a time in the past fifteen years when our sex life was as hot
as it was then. I asked her if she had met Silva and then explained
she had come to office today. "Oh yes once I met her.
She is very sweet. What did she want?" Ann asked. I
explained I thought it was just to meet me because she really
didn't say much of anything. "Well the man who
interviewed me mentioned the company does like to get to
know every attendants husband too.

My wife was very nervous the day of her first flight as she
fussed with herself trying to look as professional as she
could. She had been told it was a very short flight to St.
Louis and back so she wasn't going to earn my miles but
figured the experience would help her a lot. "I'm
sure you will do a great job, " I said before I left
for work.

My day was unusually hectic which helped because I didn't
have the time to think about Ann on her first official flight.
And when I got home, my wife was still flying high as she rushed
up and wrapped her arms around me. "So how was it?"
I asked as she pushed herself tight against me. "Lots
of fun, " my wife said still flying at thirty thousand
feet in the air.

"Sammy flew us to St. Louis to pick up two men and then
flew us all back home. I served them cocktails and tried
to act very professional although it only took them a half
hour to figure out I was new, " My wife said giggling.
I asked her what else happened during the flight and she
explained she sat in one of the four leather chairs and spent
the rest of the time just talking with the clients. And my
wife said as they left the plane they both said they looked
forward to flying with me again.

A few more days passed before Ann got another call for a longer
flight to Seattle and back. In fact she had two more flights
after that within the first two weeks of her probationary
period with the company. She seemed to be simply loving
her new career and her new life. And I was thinking the whole
time, this is the best thing that ever happened to Ann and
me. My wife was constantly aroused and even more so after
each of her work days when she had been in the air.

It was a Sunday morning and Ann had already headed to the
airport for another assignment when I decided to help her
and do some laundry. Even though she had nothing else to
do most days, since she only flew a couple of days each week,
I still thought it would be a nice gesture to help her out.
I had gone into her closet to get her laundry basket when
I noticed a couple of light blue bras and panties in it.

Picking up one of the bras I looked at it and realized it was
a lot sexier than the kind my wife normally wore. Very lacy
with a rather small cup which would hardly hold her breasts
and was practically see thru. I guess I was turned on by looking
at them before I tossed one of her bras back in her laundry
basket and carried it downstairs to our laundry room.

I tossed our clothes into the washer, then the dryer and
had the things that belonged to her neatly folded on her
side of the bed by the time Ann got back home. My wife walked
in still beaming for her day in the sky when we kissed before
I asked her how her day went. And I also happened to look down
inside of her blouse and noticed she was wearing another
light blue bra exactly like the one's I had washed earlier
in the day.

"Did you go shopping lately? What's with all
the new blue bras and panties?"I asked after our kiss.
Immediately my wife's expression changed as her smile
disappeared and her eyes got larger. "Why did you
ask me that?" She said while backing up a few feet.
I explained to my wife I had wanted to help her out, so I did
her laundry along with mine.

"You have two more bras and panties, just like the
one you have on, " I said. Ann looked very serious
as her eyes lowered as she stood in front of me holding her
breath. She took a deep breath and then softly said, "
I was going to tell you. I just wanted to wait for the right

"Tell me what?" I asked still having no clue
what she was going to say. My wife poured herself a glass
of water and took a drink as she gathered herself for a few
moments. "Ok, here's the deal. God how do I say
this and not make you angry?" my wife said looking
up at our kitchen ceiling. "Just say it. Whatever
it is I will understand, " I replied sensing how difficult
this was for her even though I had no idea what I was about
to hear.

"No you won't understand. You know I really love
my new job and can hardly wait to get a call for another flight
assignment. The jets are so luxurious I can't believe
I even get to fly on them. And the captains are great to work
with and the passengers are fun to be around. There is no
easy way to say this so I'm just going to say it. The blue
bras and panties are my uniform, " my wife said softly
still avoiding direct eye contact.

"Your uniform? What do you mean?" I asked Ann.
"Once the door is locked and we are taxing out for takeoff,
I take off my clothes and serve the male clients during the
flight wearing only my blue bra and panties, " Ann
said. I was stunned as I looked at my sexy wife and tried to
comprehend that other men were seeing her practically

"Its the same uniform for all of the women who work
at Into the Wild Blue Yonder, " Ann added quickly.
She saw my stunned expression as I stood there not knowing
what to say. "So all day long strangers are looking
at you with hardly anything on?"I asked. She nodded
her head yes as her face began to turn red.

"What else happens?"I asked my wife with a suddenly
very dry mouth. Ann quickly explained there is always a
lot of flirting but it's all just fun and very innocent.
I was somewhere between feeling my heart being ripped out
of my chest, my dick also began to fill with blood. "I
didn't know how to tell you. And then a few more weeks
passed and I was in a panic knowing you have to find out at
some point. But I love you and always will, " she said
as she slowly walked up to me.

I didn't say anything as I reached for my wife and slowly
pulled her into my arms feeling her warm body touching mine.
We held each other tenderly and pressed out lips against
one another. I was aroused and upset both at the same time.

Ann then sat me down and started by telling me on her very
first flight to St. Louis with Sammy, he explained to her
all about the job. How she would have to wear and expose the
light blue bras and panties on every flight. And that at
first she was just as shocked as I was. She went on to explain
how Sammy told her she could practice with him on the way
down to pick up their clients so apparently my wife went
into the back of the jet and put on a light blue bra and panties
Sammy had brought along for her to wear.

"I was so embarrassed the first time Sammy turned
around and saw me with hardly anything on, " Ann said.
But apparently she decided it wasn't so bad so by the
time they landed in St. Louis she was ready to also show the
clients her lingerie on the way back home. She said once
they began to taxi out for takeoff, she was so nervous she
didn't know if she could really do it.

"So did you do it or not?" I asked my red faced
wife. She nodded yes and went on to explain how she went in
the back of the plane and took off her skirt first. Then she
removed her blouse and looked at herself basically exposed
and just trembled. I asked her to open her blouse even though
we were in our kitchen and show me how the bras fit her chest.

"You're not going to like it, " Ann said
as she stood up and began to unbutton her blouse. I waited
as my dick kept filling with blood as my wife removed her
blouse and showed me exactly what the clients got to see.
My wife's breasts are full and hardly fit inside of
the low cut bra cups that barely held them in place. I ask
her to remove her skirt next s I could see her entire outfit.

"Oh God, this is embarrassing, " She mumbled
before she slipped her skirt off and stood in front of me
wearing hardly anything that covered her female organs.
"That is why I was so horny by the time I got home that
first day, " my wife said now really blushing.

I could not deny that our sex life had been hotter than it
ever had since she got the job. My wife was getting off with
hardly any effort on my part and her one climax a night had
turned into two and sometimes even three. When Ann and I
would then begin to fuck, she was totally out of control.

By then my dick was so hard I could no longer stand it and picked
my wife up and dragged her into our bedroom. "Do you
hate me?" She asked as I removed her bra and panties.
"No, I still love you, " I told her before I tossed
her onto our bed. It was the single most intense union of
our entire marriage and even after I came my dick didn't
soften. Within ten minutes Ann and I were back fucking each
other all over again.

In no time at all, we were both on our backs, covered in sweat
trying to catch our breath when my wife said, "There's
is something else we need to talk about." I don't
know if was ready for anything else n my head but I asked her
what it was anyway. "My four weeks will be up next week,
"she said and then stopped. "Yes I know that, "
I responded still trying to catch my breath.

Her breasts were still heaving on her chest as she laid next
to me and reached out to hold my hand. "In order to keep
the job and make it permanent, I would need to start taking
overnight flights too, " she said softly. "Ok
what does that mean?"I asked as I rolled onto my side
and stared at my adorable sex wife.

Ann then rolled to her side so we were now facing one another
on our bed. It would be a really big change for both of us, "
She said offering me one of her lovingly cute smiles. I waited
for my wife to explain what it all meant. It meant she would
have to start spending the nights with the client or clients.

"Are you saying you would have sex with them"?
I asked in a compete panic. "Don't get angry.
You have not heard everything about how it works, "
Ann said as I stared her in disbelief. "Can it get any
worse?"I asked her thinking my wife was actually
thinking about doing this even if she claimed she loved
me. There was no way in hell I was going to let my wife start
fucking other men to keep her job even if the money she claimed
she would make was twice what I was making.

I was starting to really feel angry when Ann softly said,
"Did you like how Silva looked?" "You
mean the woman who came to see me at my office?" I asked.
"Yes the one you said has eyes like a cat and you thought
she was very attractive, " my wife said. I nodded
yes so my wife said that Silva was the newest wife who lived
close to us and was just hired. Ann then said she had been
assigned to me.

"What do you mean assigned to me? "I asked now
really confused. "Each time I reach twenty thousand
miles of time in the air, you can be with her for a night, "
Ann explained as she smiled at me now having turned the tables
back on me. She also said she would also be assigned to a new
husband if his wife is hired full time so everyone gets an
opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life.

Married women won't talk, the husbands get to enjoy
another beautiful woman on the side and everyone including
the company makes a lot of money. This was the biggest crossroads
my wife and I had ever reached or would ever reach again no
matter how long we lived.

"So we only have a week left, to make our final decision, "
Ann said before she climbed out of bed as I watched her sexy
ass disappear into our bathroom. I laid there unable to
move let alone think straight. Other men would be enjoying
my wife and then I could enjoy Silva once in a while. It was
all just too much to try and figure out.

Before we knew it, we had only one more day flight left before
we had to decided. She might be able to find another office
job which could bore her to death but we would go back to our
normal lives. Or we could agree that she takes the job and
change our marriage forever. There was clearly no simple
path as Ann and I sat at our table and went back and forth on
the pros and cons of both options.

The morning my wife packed her overnight bag, was probably
the worst morning of my life. I spent the next two days pacing
back and forth inside of my house and worrying about Ann
constantly. The moment she walked back in our door, I took
a deep breath yet felt even more nervous. It was beyond awkward
as my wife and I looked at each other in total silence.

"Did you?"I got out before she asked me not to
ask for details before she pulled six one hundred dollar
bills out of her purse and handed them to me. "What's
this?"I asked her. "The tip I got from my client, "
She replied. Immediately I knew for sure my wife had spent
the night with the man in his room and fucked him maybe more
than once.

We continued to just stare at each other for another minute
or longer. For reasons I will never understand I put the
money in our safe and didn't ask her anything else about
her trip. But when we crawled into our bed later that night
and I reached for my wife, she hesitated for a few seconds.
Sensing she was bothered from her experience I pulled my
arms back and waited.

"Maybe we should talk so we don't have any secrets
between us, " Ann said softly. I quickly agreed and
added that it might help me as much as it might help her to
talk through it together. She took a deep breath and told
me to ask her anything I wanted to know

Over the next half hour my wife explained that Sammy and
her picked up the client, Lawrence in Chicago and flew him
to Washington DC. And during the flight she removed her
clothes and waited on him wearing only her see thru light
blue bra and matching panties. I was troubled hearing it
but it also turned me on imaging it.

My wife went on to say that after they landed, she put her
clothes back on and left the plane with Lawrence. "Were
you nervous?"I asked Ann at one point. "Oh God.
I was so nervous words would not describe it, " She
said. She then added they arrived at a fancy hotel and checked
into their room. "No one noticed us or said a thing, "
Ann said.

My wife went on to say they unpacked a few things before her
and Lawrence went downstairs to dinner around eight. She
admitted he was rather good looking, mid fifties and quite
charming as well. But she also shared with me that she knew
what they were going to do when they went back to their room
and that still scared her to death.

Lawrence and my wife dined slowly, shared a very good bottle
of wine before they finally rode the elevator back to their
floor. "He wasl a gentleman and seemed happy when
I told him I was going to change in the bathroom so I could
put on my lingerie, " she said blushing while she
told me.

My wife had always saved a see thru teddy which showed her
tits off perfectly and some lacy panties that went under
it for our special occasions. "Is that what you wore?"I
asked her. She nodded yes and then told me she walked out
of the bathroom ten minutes later holding her breath.

I couldn't even visualize what she looked like with
a total stranger in a hotel room wearing that outfit. "and
then what?" I asked as my dick remained swollen. According
to my wife they began to kiss and ended up on the bed a few minutes
later. She didn't have to spell everything out for
me as I sensed her teddy and panties came off rather quickly.

My wife has a very dark beard around her pussy which she keeps
trimmed very close and said that Lawrence just loved her
body from the very start. "Is this bothering you or
helping you?" Ann asked at one point when she realized
I had tensed up even more. "I'm fine. Just keep
talking, " I said lying on my back staring up at our
bedroom ceiling.

"It was pretty much the same thing you and I do together,
"she said after that. I suddenly felt angry and asked
her to share more details. "Well let's see. He
touched me all over and I got more turned on, " she
said softly. "Did he eat you?"I asked. She said
yes. When I asked her if she climaxed she also admitted she

"Ok if you really want to hear this. I then sucked on
him and he got very hard before he pushed me onto my back and
climbed on top of me. I was still very nervous but feeling
him inside of me pretty quickly got me past that feeling
and we just made love with each other, " Ann said.
"Then what"? I asked still needing more details.

"He got real hard and then he came, " my wife
said . I couldn't handle it any longer as I pulled her
night shirt off and then her panties as I looked down at the
same pussy he had fucked the night before. My throbbing
organ slipped inside of her very slippery crack before
I realized exactly what Lawrence had felt too.

"Did he feel like me?"I asked my wife after a
couple of hard thrusts into her tight hole. Gasping for
air, Ann said he did and responded to each of my thrusts after
that. When she felt me getting close to exploding, Ann also
told me they fucked again in the morning before the left
for the airport.

From then on, I knew other men were now fucking my wife but
never asked what they were like or if she enjoyed it. Ann
was even more on fire in our bed and our own sex life was still
climbing before one night after a torrid couple of hours,
she reached in her nightstand and handed me Silva's
phone number. "She will be out of town on Tuesday and
Wednesday this week. But you can call her and arrange your
meeting for any of the other nights, " my wife said
smiling at me proudly.

It was only after my night with Silva that I understood how
much my wife was enjoying her new job and the perks that came
along with it. My time with Silva was breathtaking in so
many ways and the sex we shared was mind blowing. Silva was
even more alluring naked alongside of me and when I finally
mounted her, she was an amazing lover to experience. I never
told my wife but when I came inside of Silva, it may have been
the strongest orgasm of my life.

From then on Ann and I shared our love with one another but
we also shared our sex with other's and never had any
regrets. My wife worked for five years more before we both
agreed it was time for her to quit. But she did continue working
so I could have Silva one last time and when that was done,
Ann was done with her flying days.

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avery sexy wild story some good came out of the hard times


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SECOND time threw here! Thanks very good both times!


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Where do you keep coming up with these fantastic stories?
I'm jealous of your mind.


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This story came through on here a few years back !


Trapper69 61 G
Score 7.3

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Thanks for sharing this very well written and original's been a couple years since I read it the
first time, but I still enjoyed it. However, every time
I read a story about flight attendants having sex with passengers/clients,
I can't help thinking about "Patient Zero"
that male flight attendant from Canada who brought AIDS
to North America and spread it all over Canada and the USA.


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Hotter than hell. Luv it. Damn, wish my wife had that opportunity.


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To Trapper69... The national academy of sciences has disproved
the CDC (center for disease craziness) claims of a culprit.
AIDS arrived in Haiti first, well before the bloke (Dugas)
was sexually active. The new wave of diseases has more to do with a new distribution
pathway given by the much increased human travel both in
speed, frequency, and average distance. It has been a relatively
fast change that happened after WWII. I think we are just starting to see the effects, in fact we
are adding livestock travel... the word globalization
means something in this context too!


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One of the best stories I have read.