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Her Little Sister, Julie ! (Part One)


I was 17 years old at the time, and near the end of my junior
year in high school. My 17 year old girlfriend Megan and
I'd been dating for nearly a year by then. I'd taken
her virginity in the back seat of my "68" Camero
at the end of that last summer, and ever since then she'd
really gotten into this whole sex thing! I can't say
I wasn't thrilled with that! I was really looking forward
to this coming summer, and hoping I'd get another chance
at a repeat performance like last summer, when Megan and
I had fucked in the ocean for the first time! It couldn't
have been much more than a week before school was out however,
that she came to me with the news that she wouldn't be
home for over a month once school was out, and maybe even
longer! Megan was a whiz at science, which was a bit weird
because of her blonde haired, beach bunny good looks, and
she'd been invited to this month (plus) long summer
science seminar, and she'd accepted the invitation
to attend!

Talk about being pissed off, and yes, I know I was pissed
off for all the wrong reasons, BUT ... I knew what Megan was
telling me made sense, that something like this would look
really good on her school records, and especially since
the next school year as our senior year, and SHE was applying
to several Ivy League Colleges when she graduated! Yeah,
Yeah, all that made sense I know, but STILL! No hot girlfriend
in a bikini to stare at, play with, and yes, even show off
a little! Oh well, at least I'd have her back near the
end of the summer, and then of course I'd have her all
next school year as well! Then again, maybe not! The next
part of our "talk" was actually MORE unpleasant
than the fact she'd be gone most, if not all of the summer!
It was once talk I didn't want to hear, and one talk I
guess no guy wants to hear!

SINCE, we will be apart all summer, or at least most of it,
and since we would both be senior next year, and then graduating,
and then most probably going to different colleges, WELL
.... Shouldn't we maybe begin to see other people,
even though we'd still be friends and more?AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Things weren't looking good! At least she'd had
the good sense to tell me all this while we were out on a date
and "parking"! My pants and underwear down
as she held and stroked my hard cock! Her shirt open and bra
pushed up, her big 38D tits fully exposed and in my hands!
AND THEN, before I could really get angry, or even object,
she was leaning over me, and I felt her full, soft lips slide
over the head of my hard cock, and her beautiful wet, pink
little tongue as it licked all around my swollen mushroom
head! Suddenly whatever we'd just been talking about
didn't seem NEARLY as important as what she was doing
to me now! EXCELLENT planning on her part! You've got
to admit that!

After lots of tears on my part, and yes, guys do sometimes
cry when they're alone in their own bedroom and in private,
I resolved myself to the fact that MAYBE it was time to go
searching for a new girlfriend after all! At least we had
a few days left before she was due to leave, and her "guilt"
about dumping me in this way certainly made it a hell of a
lot easier to get her pants off and get my hard cock inside
of her! Not that it had ever been all that difficult in the
first place! Our "last fuck" was actually at
her house, and while she was babysitting her 13 year old
little sister Julie, and her parents we out for a night on
the town! We'd made sure Julie was in bed AND asleep,
and then right there on her parents bed, I'd taken her
from behind, but only after she'd sucked me off before
we'd started fucking!

It had been one of our more memorable performances, and
Megan had actually had to bury her face in a pillow when she
climaxed for the second time, so she wouldn't wake
up her little sister Julie! It also turned out that we had
some added excitement and danger, when we were both just
barely finished dressing again, and I'd barely made
it out their back door, before the headlights of her parents
car suddenly lit up their driveway! THAT, had been a close
call, but as I said, it did add to the overall excitement
of the evening! Even though I'd cum twice myself that
night as well, my cock was STILL hard inside my jeans, as
I snuck around a neighbor's house and headed the next
block over to where I'd parked my car! Megan wasn't
allowed "guests" even me, when she was babysitting,
but that had never stopped us before, and it certainly didn't
that night either!

Two days later Megan was gone, and I didn't even get
to see her the Sunday before she left, because her parents
had made he go to church with them, and then out to lunch after,
and then after that they all spent the entire day at some
other relatives house! Later that evening she'd been
"too busy packing" to talk for very long, and
since her flight left really early the next morning, that
Saturday night before really did end up being our last time
not only to have sex, but to even see each other as well! To
say I was a bit bumed out and depressed, would have been a
HUGE understatement, and that's for sure! I spent
the next few days basically in my room pouting and moping
around, and even my friends couldn't get me to come
out, or cheer me up! It was maybe a week and a couple of days
after Megan left, when I realized I'd left my special
ring in her parents bedroom!

I'd gotten this turquoise ring one summer when I'd
spent a few weeks with my grandparents, and it really did
have some special meaning for me. My Granddad had died not
three months after I'd gotten back home, and so that
ring was the last thing he'd ever bought for me! I remember
specifically taking it off that night we'd had sex
on her parent's bed! I always took it off before I'd
"finger" Megan's pussy, otherwise she'd
complain my ring was hurting her! I remember quite clearly
her actually taking it and setting it on her dad's dresser,
and right there on HIS jewellery tray, and I was willing
to bet it was still sitting there, right were she'd
put it that night! In my hurry to dress and leave before her
parents got home, I'd just plain old forgotten all
about it! I really did want it back however, but I knew I had
to go get it when her parents weren't there!

Now both Megan's parents worked regular nine to five
jobs down-town, and for some odd reason they never had a
problem leaving Julie home alone during the day if Megan
was out with me, and it was only the nights they went out,
that they insisted Megan stay home and babysit her little
sister! Weird I know, but then again some parents are just
plain weird anyway! OK, so I'd go over during the day,
and handling Julie shouldn't be any real problem,
and then I'd just get my ring back, and that would be
the end of the entire matter! It was sometime after ten the
next morning, when I went over to Megan's house. I first
checked teh back yard, out by their pool, and Julie was nowhere
in sight. I then went back around and rang the front doorbell,
and then even pounded on it with my fist!

Still no answer, and so I checked out back once again, and
then when I tried the back door I found it was unlocked, and
so I opened it and went in! OK, maybe Julie was over at a friend's
house or something, and yeah I know, even with the back door
unlocked this was still "breaking and entering",
but it shouldn't take me more than a minute, and I'd
just run in and snatch my ring, and then run back out! I hurried
through their house towards her parent's bedroom,
but just as I was getting close I could hear this muffled
sound, sort of like someone had put a pillow over a radio,
or something like that! Then as I neared the door to their
bedroom I suddenly heard another sound, and this sound
certainly wasn't like any radio or anything like that,
and that's for sure!

This sound was most definitely FEMALE, and unless I was
mistaken, it was the sound of a female moaning in pleasure!
The door to the room was slightly ajar, and so I peaked in,
and when I did, MAN, did I get to see the sight of my life! There,
on her parents bed was Julie, and she was totally naked,
on her back, legs spread wide open, and slowly sliding what
must have been one of her mother's vibrators, in and
out of her hot young pussy! Her eyes were closed, and she
had a set of headphones covering her ears, and so that's
probably why she'd never heard the doorbell, or ME
pounding on their front door either! I'd just caught
my girlfriend's little sister, MASTURBATING on her
parents bed, and even with one of her own mother's vibrators!
Talk about a fantasy come true for ANY young guy, and as I
stood there staring through the crack in the door, I was
damn sure not going to miss seeing this!

Julie might have been only 13 years old, but she was nearly
14 by then, and it was then that I realized that she was definitely
a LOT more grown up looking than I'd ever noticed before!
I mean I saw Julie all the time, but usually for only a few
minutes in passing, and I guess at some point I'd just
plain missed, her transition from a little girl, into a
hot, sexy, young woman! I know, the word woman might have
been a little premature to use, but believe me, BOTH the
hot AND the sexy part sure did fit! Just guessing mind you,
but judging by the way she looked right then, I was almost
certain that by the time she was Megan's age, she was
going to end up being even prettier, even more HOT and SEXY,
than her own big sister! Man, WHEN(?) did she grown tits
like those! At least that's just one of the things I
was thinking as I stood there watching her masturbating,
and I as I was rubbing my hard cock through my shorts!

Both Megan and Julie had medium length blonde hair, but
the picture I had in "my mind" before this, that's
pretty much were any other similarity ended! Now however,
I was most definitely getting a new picture to store in my
mind! Julie was a little shorter than Megan, which would
have probably put her height at around five-five or so,
and she was a little thinner than her big sister as well,
putting her weight somewhere between maybe 110 and 15 pounds?
TO me however, the two most amazing changes I was now seeing
were her tits, and once again I had to ask myself, when did
she grown those things? Just guessing once again, and also
using the knowledge that I KNEW Megan's bra size, I
would have to have guessed that Julie's tits were now
at least a "C-cup", and she was well on her way
to catching up with her big sister Megan in that department!

Just like Megan however, Julie also had some nice, large,
dark aureoles, and some very nice, large, hard nipples
as well! There was one other difference I could also clearly
see right then as well, and that was the fact that Julie did
seem to have not only lighter colored pussy hair, but also
a little less than Megan's thick bush as well! Maybe
that would change as she got older, but right then she did
have less hair, and lighter pubic hair as well! As far as
the rest of her, well she did have the same pretty, tan legs
as her older sister, maybe even a little darker tan maybe,
and the same cute small feet, and I wondered if she too would
get off on having her toes sucked on, just like her older
sister did?

Just then my thoughts were interrupted by Julie moaning
even louder, and as her hips began to rotate and her ass lifted
up off that bed, it was more than clear to me, that she was
climaxing right then! I could already feel the pre-cum
leaking out of the head of my hard cock and soaking the inside
of my boxer shorts, and as much as I wanted to take my hard
cock out right then and jerk off, I also knew I'd better
get the hell out of there, before I got caught! DAMN, where
was my Polaroid camera when I needed it? I already had several
nude pictures of Megan, and it sure would have been nice
to have some of her little sister Julie now as well! I guess
I'd just have to hurry home and masturbate to my photos
of Megan, and just pretend it was Julie I was looking at as
I did it! I turned and left, once gain forgetting all about
my ring, not that I could have gotten it right then anyway!

It was another couple of days later, a Friday morning, when
my phone rang and of all people, it was Julie calling! It
wasn't a big mystery how she'd gotten my hone phone
number! Megan actually had it plastered all over her bulletin
broad in her room! Well not all over really, but she drawn
this large heart on a sheet of paper, and my phone number
is what made up the edges of the heart shape. It had my yearbook
picture in the center of it, and she had it tacked up on her
bulletin board as I said before! Anyway, Julie had called
to tell me that SHE'D found my ring(?) and that No, her
parents knew nothing about it! She said her mom and dad were
going out that night, and that if I waited until after seven
that evening, I could come over and pick it up! I told her
thanks and hung up, glad she'd been the one to find it,
and not Megan's parents, given where it had last been

Now I figured whoever her babysitter was that evening,
she'd pretty much be clueless as to why I was there,
and honestly, probably wouldn't care anyway! I was
just going to knock on their back door as Julie had instructed
me, and then snatch up my ring, and then be on my way! Even
before I could knock on their back door however, Julie was
standing there, and she opened it and invited me in! I asked
if if she was "sure" it was OK, and that's
when she told me she was home alone anyway! As I would eventually
find out, apparently this night was an experiment, or probably
a closer description would be a test or trial! With Megan
gone for the summer, and then the next year being her senior
year anyway, their parents had decided that JUST MAYBE,
their youngest daughter was now old enough to stay home
alone if they went somewhere at night!

Julie told me that her parents had just left about a half
hour earlier, headed to the Ramsey's house across
town for a party, and that they'd already told her,
they wouldn't be home until well after midnight! It
was only a little after seven that evening, and so midnight
was still a good four plus hours, almost five, away! Julie
really freaked me out then, as she asked if I wanted to join
her in drinking a little wine! Apparently she'd raided
her parents liquor cabinet, and she already had one glass
poured for her self, as well as one empty one sitting right
there on the table next to it! I sort of hesitated when she
asked me, but she was already pouring my glass anyway, and
so when she handed it to me I pretty much downed it, and then
she poured me another, telling me I needed to slow down!
Julie then grabbed the bottle (jug really) and we headed
out to their back porch to talk and drink!

After we'd both finished that glass, and she'd
poured us another yet again, I was feeling much more relaxed,
and I have to admit a little "buzzed" as well!
That's when Julie suggested we go swimming, and once
again even before I could object or say a word, she was already
standing and pulling her T-shirt off! Apparently they
already had her bikini on, under her T-shirt and shorts!
Now as she stood there in front of me I couldn't help
but stare at her beautiful young body once again, and then
she suddenly snapped me out of my trance, as she asked if
I was going to join her or not! I protested that "I"
didn't have a swimsuit there with me, and she counted
by telling me that she KNEW I wore boxer shorts, and so really
what was the difference between them and a regular guy's
swimming trunks anyway?

Of course there ARE differences, like the fact the material
they are made of is entirely different, as well as the fact
that boxer shorts have a slit in the front so you can pull
your cock out to pee and not have to pull them down to do it!
Other than that however, Julie was right, and so I figured
as long as I had a towel near by for when I got out of the pool,
and as long as I stayed at least waist deep when I was in the
pool, then who'd even know the difference if it was
even daylight right then? Julie was headed towards the
pool by then, and so as I stared at her cute little butt in
those almost too small bikini bottoms, I quickly stripped
down to just my boxer shorts, and then I ran and jumped into
the water, even before she made it in herself! Julie then
got in also, and for the next several minutes we both splashed
around, as well as splashing each other, and we had fun!

I honestly hadn't thought I'd be smiling, much
less laughing again this soon after Megan was gone, but
I was! At the same time I definitely made sure I did stay at
least waist-deep in the water, as my cock was already as
hard as hell, and it had already slipped out of that slit
in the front of my boxer shorts, more than once! Suddenly
Julie asked me if I'd mind getting out and getting our
wine glasses and bring them over to the pool? I told her no,
that I preferred SHE do it, and we playfully went back and
forth about it, until she finally did it herself! Once again
I couldn't help but stare at her young body, as she walked
back over to the table, and then back to the pool! It honestly
felt like, she was parading herself for me on purpose! As
if that wasn't enough, after setting our glass down
beside the pool, she jumped back in, and as she did one of
her tits fell out of her bikini top!

It wasn't the whole tit, but pretty much down to exposing
her hard nipple, and then she seemed to take her time putting
it back in her top, as well as sliding her own hand in and "adjusting"
herself, before she giggled at me, and then turned and picked
her wine glass back up! I suddenly felt the need for another
drink myself, and so once again I picked up my full glass
and drained it, and once again Julie just giggled as I did
it! I already knew in my head that things were getting out
of control at that point, and yet at the same time, you couldn't
have dragged me out of that pool, or away from their house,
no matter how hard you tried, and no matter how much you threatened
me with harm! God, Julie really was one hot little "babe",
and I really did mean the "babe" thing not in
age, but strictly as a compliment to her "looks"!

Being MUCH older now, and as a result having a hell of a lot
more wisdom when it comes to women, and at this point, and
with what was going on in Julie's head at the time, I
will use the term woman! Anyway, having that knowledge
now, and NOT having it back then, I have no doubt (NOW) that
in her mind, Julie already KNEW, she had me! That's
probably why she chose that time, to finally make her move!
Almost as soon as I'd "drained" my glass
of wine, I'd slid along the edge of the pool and back
into water that came up to between my waist and my chest.
Julie set her glass down too, and then swam over to me. Before
I even knew what was happening, she sort of jumped into my
arm, and wrapped her legs around my waist, and her arma around
my neck! In that "position" she had her tits
pressed into my chest, and her ass rested sort of in my lap!
I had no doubt what so ever, she could fel my hard cock, as
it pressed against her soft ass cheeks!

Julie's face was only inches from mine, and honestly,
her lips were so close to mine, that I could actually FEEL
them moving as she spoke! Her voice was barely above a whisper
as she did speak, but I could very clearly hear each and every
word! She told me she KNEW Megan had broken up with me, but
that as far as she was concerned that was HER (Megan's)
loss, and HER (Julie's) gain, and that as far as SHE
was concerned I was "fair game" myself now as
well! Her lips smashed down on top of mine, and then they
parted, as she slide her tongue into my mouth! Now I guess
I could lie and tell you that I pushed her off of me, that I
broke our kiss, and I did the "right thing",
but in the end that would be nothing more than a lie, and I
guess it certainly wouldn't make for a very good story
now would it? I kissed her back, and with enough "eagerness"
to let her know I wanted this as much as she did!

Still, when that first kiss ended, I did have at least a momentary
outbreak of guilt, and conscience, and I "sort of"
pushed her back, but more like just held her a little away
from me, and I said something like how this wasn't right!
She leaned back into me, and her tongue flicked out and slid
along my lips, and then she smiled and told me how she'd
had a crush on me since she first met me, and that IF, I couldn't
already "FEEL" how she was old enough now, then
she guessed she'd just have to PROVE IT TO ME, instead!
We kissed again, and this time as our tongues roamed around
in each others mouths, I slid my hands down her back, and
I cupped and held her ass cheeks, pulling her even tighter
against me! She moaned into my mouth! Whatever guilt, and
whatever small bit of conscience I'd had only moments
before, was now quite obviously gone!

As Julie stepped out of the pool I followed her, my hand in
hers as she lead the way. We went into her house, water still
dripping off of both of us, and she lead me back and into her
bedroom. We stood at the foot of her bed and kissed once again,
and then she quickly tugged my shorts down and off of me!
Well, since I was now naked I figured she needed to be too,
and so I tugged at the string on the back of her bikini top,
and then her top fell off! I then bent over and slid her bikini
bottoms down and she stepped out of them, and then we stood
there both completely naked now, and we kissed yet again!
All too soon that kiss ended as well, and then as she started
to pull us onto her bed, I protested that we were both still
soaking wet, and she just giggled and said she'd already
planned on changing her sheet when we were "done"

Now we lay side-by-side, facing each other and kissing
once again. Up to now she still hadn't even touched
my hard cock, even though I knew she'd felt it rubbing
against her several times as we'd been kissing! I took
her hand and guided it down, and I felt her wrapping her small
soft fingers around my hard shaft! She moaned as she held
me, and then whispered to me how "big" and "hard"
my cock felt! Now not to interrupt the story at this point,
but NO, my cock really isn't all THAT big! At 17 years
old is probably was already my full adult size, and that
is a little over 6.5 inches, but not quite 7! Still I figured
that number one at 13 years old, she probably hadn't
even seen, much less held that many cocks, and so yeah, I'm
fairly certain that my average cock probably did feel BIG
to her back then!

Another long and sensual kiss, and then I pushed her over
onto her back, and began to kiss down her neck, until I got
to her beautiful, young breasts. Her skin was so soft and
smooth and she smelled so good, so fresh and clean! She tasted
that way as well, and just like her older sister, Julie'
shard nipples were extremely sensitive! As I licked and
sucked on them she moaned softly, and I felt her hand on my
head, as she ran her fingers through my hair. I actually
spent several minutes licking and sucking on her bearst
and her hard nipples, probably longer than I normally would
have, even with her big sister Megan! She just "tasted"
so good however, and her reactions to every thing I was doing
were turning me on so much, that I was actually a bit reluctant
to even leave her tits, before moving "south",
towards her sweet, young pussy! Soon I did leave her breasts
however, and started licking lower!

Eventually I reached her "bikini line" and
I traced my tongue back and forth along the tan-line her
bikini bottoms had made on her skin. I knew I was teasing
her, and hopefully driving her a little crazy in a good way,
and I suspect I was, as already I could FEEL her pressing
down even harder, on the top of my head! She was quite obviously
trying to FORCE my face dow to her young pussy, and after
only a moment more of teasing her I finally did shift my body
around, and in the process, spread her legs open even wider!
Julie's breating grew more rapid as she could now feel
my breath on her pussy, and then as soon as I leaned into her
and took that first long, slow lick, she cried out, called
my name, and followed that up with several, Yes, baby, yeses!
God her pussy tasted so clean and fresh, and yet still had
that wonderful, feminine, musky odor as well, and just
the smell of it made my hard cock jerk!

I began with slow, steady strokes with my tongue, taking
my time as I licked her, and I purposely avoid her small hard
clit, even though it was ALREADY poking out from under it's
protective little hood! Several times I also slid my tongue
out of her pussy and then licked along the creases where
her thighs met her crotch, and then one time I decided to
just do a small, short "test" for something
else I had planned already for later! I took another long
lick up and down in between her now swollen, and extremely
wet pussy lips, and then I slid my tongue lower, right down
into the crack of her ass! I was actually both please AND
surprised, when instead of tying to pull away as I slid my
tongue down her ass crack, she instead reached down with
her own two hands, grabbed her own thighs, and tugged, pulling
her butt up higher into the air!

I was really going to save the REAL "ass licking"
for later, when I intended to be taking her "doggie-style",
and fucking her pussy from behind, but with her reaction
then I sort of switched gears, and really began licking
her young ass, before finally heading back "up"
to her sweet, wet pussy! As my tongue slid up and down her
ass crack, and then paused to flick lightly across her small,
and in her case, PINK, little puckered hole, several times
she'd suddenly blurt out how good it felt, before going
back to moaning! SO I actually spent a long longer licking
her ass, and doing more than I'd really intended to
do right then, but soon I was ready to make her cum, and so
I pushed her legs back down myself, and then went back to
licking her pussy! A couple of minute of just straight pussy
licking, and then I finally moved up around the area, of
her hard, swollen little clit!

This time I only teased for a moment or two, licking up and
down and around the "hood", and then I paused
and slipped a finger inside of her pussy for the very first
time, and right away I could feel how incredibly tight she
really was! At the same time she was also incredibly wet
as well, and whether it was my imagination or not, I swear
that to me at least she felt even wetter than her big sister
Megan, and I'd always thought no one's pussy could
get wetter than hers! Even though this was a long time before
a man named Grafenberg would name that special spot inside
a woman's vagina, Megan herself had showed me more
than once had to curl my finger up inside of her, and rub this
place that made her feel really, really nice! SO as my tongue
finally made contact direct with Julie's hard clit,
that exactly what I did with my finger, and she just went

Suddenly instead of running her fingers through my hair,
Julie was now clutching it instead, and yanking my face
down tight into her pussy, and I knew I had her right on the
edge of cumming! The she let out a really loud groan, and
I felt her entire body just seem to go stiff as a board, and
moments later my face was quite literally FLOODED with
her juices, as she yanked my face down even tighter into
her pussy, and her hips and ass just seemed to dance all over
that bed! Her entire body convulsed several time, as she
groaned out loudly and her hips continued to "buck".
And it was almost like she was literally "humping
my face", as she just seemed to explode in her strong
and powerful orgasm! Almost as soon as she'd started
to climax, I really started licking her slit hard, but as
her body began to slacken a bit, and then moved to just gently
licking her pussy!

As her orgasm seemed to finally die down I eventually moved
back up beside her, and she grabbed me and kissed me so damn
hard, that for a moment I honestly couldn't even breath!
When she finally let me go, she told me that had been THE most
incredible thing she'd EVER, felt! That made me smile!
We kisssed again, although it was of course much gentler
this time, and then she sort of back away, and with this real
serious look, she told me that SHE wanted to make me feel
that good too! It was when she also added however, that I
needed to guide her and sort of show her what to do, that it
really hit me how truly inexperienced she was. I asked her
if she'd "ever preformed oral sex" on a
guy before, and then SHE smiled and asked if I meant had she
ever "sucked cock"? We both laughed at that
one, and then she got kind of serious, and told me yes, but
only a couple of times before with boys her own age!

After having said that, Julie added a "but"
in her answer as well, and that "but" was that
she wanted to know what "I" liked, and how to
make "me" feel the best, and so that's why
she wanted me to guide her and how her what to do! At that point
I was more than ready, and so we really didn't need to
go through the whole things about kissing, and kissing
neck and ears, and even licking, kissing, and sucking on
a guy's hard nipples, I told her about all that of course,
but we didn't actually do any of it! Instead, after
giving her my short little explanation, I then had her get
down between my legs as I spread them open for her. I then
had her start with some simple licking and teasing, as I
explained all about the most sensitive areas on a guy's
hard cock! Julie was a very eager learner, and she really
seemed to enjoy pleasing me, and she also didn't seem
to be in any rush either, and I REALLY liked that!

We went through the whole licking of the head as well as the
hard shaft, concentrating on the "underside"
of both, before moving down to my balls! LOTS of licking
there, as I explained to her how most girls almost ignored
a guy's balls, and then she even licked MY ASS for a bit,
before I finally brought her. "back up"! Now
while I know every guy is different in what runs them on and
how they liked to be sucked off, Julie was extremely eager
to learn what "I" liked best, and so that's
exactly what I showed her! She actually REALLY impressed
me as well, when SHE was able to swallow more opf my thick
hard shaft down her throat, that even her older sister could!
Impressed wasn't the only thing however, because
a hell of a lot sooner that I thought she would do it, Julie
soon had me to the point, where I needed to tell her she was
going to make me CUM!

I was literally right on the verge when I finally did manage
to tell her, and I even went on to say that if she didn't
back off or stop, I wasn't going to be able to hold back,
and she was going to make me cum in her MOUTH! She didn't
back off, and she certainly DIDN'T STOP! Soon the only
thing I could do or say was; "OH GOD JULIE, YOUR MAKING
ME CUM"! I "think" I also might have just
barely have gotten the word "NOW" out as well!
Suddenly my cock was jerking in her mouth, and my hot cum
was blasting out and my sweet young lover didn't miss
a beat, as she continued to suck me off, and began to swallow!
It was one hell of a powerful orgasm, and Julie never spilled
a drop of my hot cum as she swallowed every bit of it down!
I I to join ion with HER early comment, about how fantastic
she'd now made ME feel as well!

I also did one last thing as well, and that was when she started
to pull of of me I stopped her. With my hard cock still in her
mouth, she looked up at me as I told her that most girls tend
to pull off of a guy's cock way too soon! I told her to
keep sucking me gently now, and that "I" would
tell her when to stop! Eventually I did of course, and then
she was once again up beside me, and we were once again kissing!
When that kiss finally ened I'll never forget her words,
as she whispered to me, and told me she wanted me inside of
her! I was more than ready, and I knew she was too, but what
I didn't know then was that I was just about to take her
virginity, just as I'd done over a year ago with her
older sister! I mean I just assumed you know, and especially
after she told me she had sucked cock before!

I didn't have to push her onto her back, as she was already
there even before I either asked her or was ready to roll
her over myself, and the same was true of spreading her legs
open, as she'd already done that, as she waited for
me to get on top of her! God she looked so incredibly sexy
as she lay there like that waiting, and from between her
legs and now on top of her, I looked down at her and I whispered
I loved her! She pulled me down to her and we kissed, and as
we did I penetrated her for the very first time, and as the
head of my hard cock slipped inside of her, her tight young
pussy just seemed to suck me right in! SO tight, and SO wet,
and it was honestly like some smooth, velvet glove, gripping
my hard cock, and just sucking and pulling me inside of her!
We both groaned loudly, and my original plan of taking my
time sliding inside of her was suddenly gone!

My crotch pressed tightly against hers, and my hard cock
throbbed deep inside her hot wet pussy! My balls tingled,
and I honestly had to hold still for a moment, afraid I was
going to already explode, climax, orgasm, and cum deep
inside of her! Julie looked up at me with those young, beautiful,
innocent looking eyes, smiled and told me "baby please,
I want you to cum in me now"! We hadn't even really
started fucking yet, and once slight movement by me, and
I was doing just that! I groaned, and my hips lurch forward
and I could fell my hard cock jerking inside of her, and she
groaned along with me, and then over and over she whispered,
"Oh yes Steven, That's it, cum deep inside me,
Please Baby Please, I want you to make a baby in me now"!

The rest of the story .... you'll just have to wait to
hear .......

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I loved the story. Thank you for sharing. I'm looking
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Please hurry with part two fast! I need to know what happened!!! Great Story! I wish someone would get me pregnant. lol
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