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Her First Kink


My husband and I met in college. We were both law students
who were living on campus, far away from home. Both of us
being rather studious and not much into drinking and drugging,
we were often the only two in the library on the weekends.

We met in the aisles of books one Saturday evening and simply
hit it off. We began sitting next to each other during classes
and meeting for coffee and all-night study sessions. He
loved Law, I wasn't sure what I loved, but we both loved learning.
This was our connection. We spent endless winter nights
debating over precedents and amendments, bills and sub-articles.
We had so much fun, just talking and drinking coffee, we
loved to fuel one another's minds.

He was an attractive young man, tall, with blonde hair,
blue eyes and nice features. He wasn’t particularly muscular,
being more on the thin side, but he wasn’t too gangly, either.
One of the things I admired most was his strength of will
and determination. You could see that he was going to make
his destiny and be an excellent attorney.

One night he, Josh, was at my apartment. I made him dinner
in celebration of our both passing our midterm exams. I
made my mother's amazing lasagna, served with salad, breadsticks
and a big bottle of burgundy. We had never cooked for each
other and we certainly had never shared alcohol, this was
a special night, indeed.

We decided to wait until after eating, to drink the wine,
figuring that the food would absorb the alcohol. Neither
of us had ever drunk more than a few sips off a friend’s beer,
so we didn't know what to expect. We moved from the table
to my couch and glass by glass, we drank the wine, until the
bottle was empty.

Feeling warm and uninhibited from the alcohol, I confessed
to my beau that I had never experienced the touch of a man.
He was surprised that a strong, liberated, attractive,
young woman, such as myself, had never known the pleasures
of sex. He then confessed that he too, was a virgin.

After much guilt-ridden deliberation, we decided that
we loved each other and that we would give that gift to one
another. After all, wasn't sex meant to be with someone
that you loved, even if you weren't married?

We had shared small kisses, so putting our lips together
wasn't difficult; however, when he put his tongue in my
mouth, I felt shivers and goose-bumps go all over me. It
was warm, slippery and sweet. In no time, we had our mutual,
complimentary way of kissing, down-pat.

Sitting with one leg curled under me and the other off the
edge of the sofa, he put his hand on my thigh. This sent shockwaves
of electricity, running throughout my entire body. As
he rubbed the satin of my dress against my leg, I felt my nipples
harden, with each caress. He began kissing me very deeply
and my breathing became noticeably deep. Taking the hand
from my leg, he brought it up to lightly touch my breast.
This shocked and thrilled me, and I couldn’t suppress a
slight moan. Reaching over, I began rubbing his leg; he
was sitting in a position that mirrored mine, so this was
quite comfortable.

He began squeezing my breast and twisting my nipple, it
felt so good and with every touch, my clitoris jumped. Intuitively,
my hand traveled up the inside of his thigh. I wasn’t thinking
about what I was doing, I was simply enjoying the feeling
and letting my senses guide me. When I reached his crotch,
I felt an enormous bulge in his pants. Surprised by this,
I gave it a squeeze, to see if it was real. It was. Squeezing
it did something to him, because all of a sudden, in one motion,
he groaned, pulled me forward, laid back and pulled me on
top of him. I laughed at the shock and excitement of this.


Pulling my head down to his, he kissed me even deeper than
before. I had no idea his tongue was so long! I spread my legs,
to straddle him, sitting on my knees. He was much taller
than I, and in order to kiss him, I had to sit on his stomach,
nearly his diaphragm. Rubbing my back and hair, he allowed
his hands to travel down to my butt. He pulled my dress up
to around my waist and rubbed his hands all over the back
of my panties. As his hands went up my back, under my dress,
my bra-less skin tingled as he lightly swept up my spine
and back down to and over my silk underwear.

With one hand, he reached under my dress, to fondle my breast;
and with the other, he went under my panties, squeezing
my butt cheek. I shivered, feeling a bit of moisture dribble
out of my vagina. I wanted him to touch me there. He kept coming
so close, but he always moved away, it was torture. Breathing
heavily, we stopped kissing. He suggested that we go into
my bedroom, just in case my out-of-town-for-the-weekend
roommate decided to come home. I thought it was a great idea
and taking his hand, I led him to my room.

As he closed the door behind him, I turned on the bed-side
lamp and took off my pumps. He came over to me and started
kissing me and rubbing his hands all over my body. He took
a half-step back and slipped one of his fingers under the
spaghetti strap of my dress. He pulled it off and caressed
my soft, bare shoulder. Leaning forward, he kissed and
nibbled my shoulder, traveling up and down my neck. This
felt so good, I thought I would faint. Closing my eyes, I
became a bit woozy and he had to hold me for balance.

He took my arm and encouraged it out of the strap, revealing
my slightly-more-than-a-mouthful breast. Kissing down
my neck and to my shoulder, he let his kissing continue down
my chest, until he reached my exposed breast. Once there,
he turned our bodies so that he could sit on the edge of the
bed. Spreading his legs, he pulled me to stand in-between
them, putting him in the perfect position to enjoy my chest.
After several moments of licking and sucking my nipple,
he pulled off my other shoulder strap, pushing my dress
to the floor. I stepped out of it and kicked it aside.

He pulled back and looked at me. Standing there, wearing
nothing but a pair of red panties (to match the red dress)
and a smile, I felt a shiver of anticipation as I watched
him devour me with his eyes. “God, you are so beautiful”
he said, obviously pleasantly surprised. Smiling, I stroked
myself, up from the top of my panties, between my breasts
and back down again. He took me by the hips and pulled me forward,
burying his face in my chest, sucking and biting my nipples,
causing me to suck a bit of air between my teeth.

Pushing me backward a couple of steps, he stood up and took
off his shirt, revealing a small, nice, patch of hair on
his well-defined chest. This happened to be right at my
eye-level, so I couldn’t help but suck and lick his nipples.
He seemed to enjoy it, because he wrapped his arms around
my head, pulling me closer so that I would do it harder. I
put my arms around him, stroking his back. I felt goose-bumps
rise on his skin, too. Knowing that he was just as sensitive
as I was made me that much more excited. I allowed my hands
to travel down to his butt, squeezing and pulling him forward.
I felt the bulge in his pants press into my stomach. This
turned me on even more. I guess it turned him on too, because
the next thing I knew, he was taking off his pants, once again
mirroring me.

With just a thin piece of knit material between us, I could
really feel him, hard and bulging. I resumed my stimulation
of his nipples and back, pulling him close to me. Every time
I stroked his back or butt cheek, his penis jumped, pressing
into my stomach a little bit harder. I reached down with
my hand and began to stroke it, through his underwear. With
that, his penis stood quite erect, making a rather large
tent of his boxers. Looking down to admire him, I could see
the tip trying to escape from the opening in front.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled the boxers down.
They fell all the way down to his ankles and he stepped out
of them. Now he was completely nude, except for his socks,
his huge cock sticking straight out, at the perfect height
for my inspection. I looked at it for a moment, in awe of its
size and shape. It must have been 15 inches long and two and
half or three inches thick; it was pink, smooth and stiff
as a pole. He had a thin bit of hair, similar to the amount
on his chest and very large balls.

Taking his member in my hand, I began stroking it, amazed
at the way the skin could slide independently. He closed
his eyes and took in a deep breath. “Does that feel good?”
I asked. “Oh yes, it feels wonderful, don’t stop” he replied,
looking down at me. Happy that my curiosity was giving him
pleasure, I started rubbing it a bit faster and with my other
hand, I massaged his balls. As he closed his eyes, I stuck
out my tongue and licked the tip of his head, where some liquid
was starting to glisten. When I did this, his hands came
up to the sides of my head and he began fiddling with my hair.


I rolled my tongue around the head of his dick and he asked
me to suck on it. I happily obliged his request, putting
him in my mouth, sucking his head and continuing to stroke
his shaft. He ran his fingers through my hair and then closed
his fists, tightly gripping my hair. This felt really good
and I gave out a little moan of pleasure. Slightly swinging
his hips, he began pushing himself further and further
down my throat. I gagged a little bit, never having something
so large inside my mouth, but I didn’t stop him, I liked what
he was doing.

Finally, he got to the point where he was fully in my throat
as far as he could go. Holding my head in place by my hair,
he simply slid in and out of my mouth as he wished. His breathing
became quite heavy and he really started moaning. I was
thoroughly enjoying watching him, his eyes closed and
muscles tense.

Suddenly, after only a few minutes he pulled out of my mouth
and began stroking himself. With a loud grunt, cum shot
out of the tip of his penis. It exploded with such force that
it went all over me. I had his juice on my nose, on my cheek,
on my neck and of course, in my mouth. For the ending, the
part that was just dribbling, he actually set the head of
his cock on my tongue. I sucked on it, trying to get all of
the tasty juice out.

After a few moments, he bent down and kissed me, shoving
his tongue down my throat. I thought he may have been trying
to lick my tonsils. He retrieved a Kleenex from my bedside
table and proceeded to clean me off, carefully wiping the
thick, sticky liquid off of me. Tossing the tissue aside,
he took my shoulders and pushed me backward, laying me down
on my back. Leaning over me, he began enjoying my breasts
again, making my nipples hard by licking and nibbling them.
He kissed me on the chest, right in between them and then
started traveling down, toward my belly-button, kissing
all the way. He finally reached the top of my panties and
I jumped because it tickled. He giggled at tickling me and
spent a few moments doing it repeatedly, until I grabbed
him by the hair on the back of his head, begging him to stop.
He promised to stop tickling my tummy and I released him.

With his teeth, he grasped the elastic at the top of my panties
and began pulling them down. When they reached mid-thigh,
he stood up and looked down at me. His eyes were traveling
all over me. He was drinking me in, memorizing every curve,
every hair, every detail. Reaching down, he took my panties
off completely, throwing them behind him. Smiling, like
a cat looking at a canary in a cage, he slipped his hands to
beneath my knees and lifted my legs. He got on his knees,
sitting on his heels and draped my legs over his shoulders,
pulling me by my hips, closer to the edge of the bed.

I felt butterflies in my stomach, anticipating what he
was about to do. I hoped that I didn’t smell bad, I hoped that
he liked where he was, I hoped that I pleased him as much as
he had pleased me a few minutes earlier. I felt him use his
fingers to spread my lips. My heart raced. Then I felt the
most wonderful feeling that I ever had, his tongue massaging
the place that I usually used my finger on. It was so great.
The softness, the moisture, the warmth, it was like nothing
I had ever felt before. He ran a finger between my lips and
said that I was very moist. “Is that good?” I asked, unsure
of how things were supposed to be. “To me it is, ” he replied,
“I really like it.” I was so glad and relieved, now I could
relax for a little bit and enjoy what he was doing with his
tongue and fingers.

As he licked and sucked on my clitoris, he was also using
his fingers to massage my labia. This was really turning
me on and breathing heavy, I found myself squeezing his
shoulders with my legs, pulling him toward me. The next
thing I felt was one of his fingers sliding further down
my lips, to the entrance of my pussy. He slid the tip of his
finger in, just barely penetrating me. I felt like I was
going to explode. I wanted his finger to go in all the way,
but he wasn’t pushing it in. The pressure was building and
tension was mounting.

He could feel me getting tense. I was pulling him forward
with my legs, hoping to push his finger in farther, to no
avail, he was purposely teasing me. As I started moaning
louder, grasping his hair and writhing on the bed, he reached
up with his free hand and squeezed my nipple. That did it.
I burst into an orgasm that was like I never have had masturbating.
My juice gushed out around his fingertip and he pulled it
out, using his tongue instead to penetrate me, tasting
me and enjoying my reaction.

Once I started to settle down, he stood up, taking my legs
with him. I could see his dick, it was standing straight
out, having been rock hard the entire time. Kneeling on
the edge of the bed, he pushed on my butt, sliding me up, further
onto the bed. He pushed my legs back, toward my head, bending
them at my knees. This caused my pelvis to tilt backward,
bringing my bottom up. “Hold your legs there” he told me
and I complied. Using his hand, he stroked his penis all
over my lips, slipping between them, watching intently
as they spread apart fully for his thickness.

He was sliding himself back and forth between my lips. On
one of the back strokes, he let the head of his cock catch
in the entrance to my pussy and then slide back up to my clitoris
again. He did this several times and each time I got wetter
and wetter. Finally, he let the head stay at my hole and he
slowly pushed it into me. Sucking in air through my teeth,
I said “It’s too big, it’s going to hurt.” I had never had
anything bigger than a tampon inside of me and I was scared.
I thought for sure that he was going to break me in half. Smiling,
he said “It might hurt for a minute, they say that it always
does the first time, but it will be quick and then it won’t
hurt anymore, it will just feel good.” Biting my lip, I reluctantly
nod my head. I had heard the same thing and I loved and trusted
him and wanted to give myself to him.

He leaned down and kissed me gently. When he rose back up,
he began moving his head very slightly in and out of me. Reaching
up with his hand, he stimulated my clitoris with his finger.
This felt good and I felt myself getting moist, so did he.
The moisture made his entrance a bit easier and he slowly
pushed himself in and out, going in a bit further each time.
After he had gone about a third of the way in, he pushed himself
all the way to the hilt. Gasping and crying out with pain,
I felt certain that he had ripped me open. It burned and it
hurt, it felt like he had pushed himself up into my stomach.

With tears in my eyes, I looked at him. His eyes were closed
and he had a bit of a smile on his face. I could see that it felt
very good to him. Confused, I wondered how something that
hurt me could make him feel good. He slowly began sliding
out of me and I felt relief that he was finally out of my stomach.
He got to where just his head was still inside and he began
pushing back in. In fear I tensed up, waiting for the pain
to hit me again, wondering how anyone in the world could
enjoy this torture. But this time it didn’t hurt as bad.
He slid back out again. On the next push in, it actually felt
a little bit good, as my muscles began to relax and stretch.
After a few more very slow strokes, it began to feel good
and I pulled him down on top of me so that I could kiss his neck.

He began thrusting in and out of me faster and faster. I felt
the pressure of orgasm starting to build, but this time
it was different. It still felt very good, but it was a deeper
feeling and I knew that this orgasm was going to be different
than any I had ever had. He was moaning louder and louder
and this turned me on even more. With each thrust and grunt
that he made, I felt the intensity of my feelings build higher
and higher.

I felt a strange sort of wave start at my g-spot and flow over
my entire body. Unable to control myself, I cried out in
extreme pleasure. I felt my little canal tighten around
his huge shaft as another wave, more intense than the first
one, washed over me. My eyes closed and I stiffened, arching
my back and locking my legs around Josh’s back, pulling
him deeper into me. The feeling was so good and I couldn’t
make him go deep enough, so he started slamming into me,
very hard. I felt like I was inside of a cloud; a cloud that
was touching me all over. My entire being became one large
nerve-ending, twitching with pleasure. Shuddering,
I came, and during the final release, I really saw fireworks.

Josh came at the same time, the squeezing of my muscles being
more than he could withstand. Crying out, he thrust into
me and held himself there. I could feel his dick throbbing
as his juices shot out, combining with mine and filling
the small space inside me, gushing out from around his shaft.
He slowly started sliding in and out of me again, our cum
dribbling out, between my cheeks and onto my bedspread,
making a large wet spot that I would have to use my hairdryer
on, later.

Finally he slowed to a stop, letting himself relax and lay
on top of me. We held each other for a few long moments; then
he slid down, pulling his now soft penis out of me and meeting
me with a long, slow kiss. When we stopped kissing, he looked
into my eyes and proposed marriage to me, naturally I accepted
without hesitation. The rest of the school year was spent
much the same way, studying, sex, studying, more sex, we
couldn’t get enough of each other.

During our senior year, we decided to move in together,
announcing our engagement to our families and purchasing
a small diamond ring for me. He promised that he would buy
me a bigger one, after graduation, but I didn’t care. I loved
him and I wanted him, diamonds were nice, but he was all I
truly wanted or cared about.

We got along fabulously. Living together really strengthened
our relationship and bond. The nicest thing about it was
the fact that we had all of our classes separately that year
and because we lived together, we got to see each other everyday,
no matter how grueling our schedules. We adopted a kitten
from an animal shelter and this was the closest thing to
a child we ever had. We were together every night, both of
us coming home by six o’clock, each day. We would make love,
make dinner and then we would study together. It was beautiful,
the way I thought a couple should be.

Graduation came and we decided that the best place for us
to live would be Los Angeles. After a short period of time
spent apart, he in Minnesota with his family and me in Illinois
with mine, we set the date for our marriage, three months
later. Luckily, our families were very pleased with our
decision (probably tired of the long distance telephone
charges) and they chipped in to help pay for the wedding.
Neither one of us was working for much money, both being
new graduates and taking the first jobs we could find in
the legal field. We saved up money and put a down payment
on a home out west, being advised by a mutual college friend
of ours who lived out there.

The wedding was beautiful, straight out of a fairy tale.
His family was smaller and we flew them to Illinois, putting
everyone up in a hotel. We had been apart without seeing
each other until I walked down the aisle during rehearsal.
My family refused to let me come to the airport to pick them
up, trying to keep my anticipation high. It worked.

When I finally saw him, he looked so good I wanted to pounce
on him, right there in the church. I could tell he felt the
same way. When the minister said “You may kiss the bride”
we nearly fell over, right then and there. Remembering
where we were, we kept it short, but it was intense. I held
his hand for the rest of the evening, in the car, through
dinner, until we took him back to the hotel. Needless to
say, that night was fairly sleepless for me. I kept thinking
of the honeymoon and how good it was going to feel to be one
with him again and how I couldn’t wait until we were living
together, where we belonged. I tried to masturbate, but
that didn’t help me relax at all.

After the wedding, the honeymoon was just as perfect as
the wedding. When we made love, it was exactly like the first
time, but without the fear or intense pain, it was wonderful.
We spent nearly all of our three days in Hawaii, in the hotel
room, becoming reacquainted with one another. As we boarded
the plane for the return flight to our new home, we vowed
that we would someday take a second honeymoon, returning
to the same place, but actually leaving the room next time.

We each found jobs, I working for a non-profit environmental
watchdog agency and he getting very lucky, landed a job
in a corporate law firm. My job didn’t pay much, but his paid
great. We had everything that we wanted, a beautiful home,
beautiful furniture, beautiful cars, all seemed right
with the world. My work was gratifying to me and he loved
his job too.

He quickly worked his way up the corporate ladder and became
Senior Vice President of Foreign Affairs for his company.
Unfortunately, the amount of travel he was asked to do,
grew steadily. It ended up being that he was gone so much,
I grew to hate his job and I resented him for liking it. He
traveled quite extensively, going to other countries,
counseling foreign companies in mergers and acquisitions.
When he wasn’t traveling abroad, he would often sleep at
his office, working all night on important cases and such.
This kept him away from home about 25 days per month, thus
leaving me alone all that time. My job only kept me occupied
during the day; I didn’t spend nights at the office.

Granted, I had our child, the cat, to keep me company; but
after six years of staying home alone nights, I was tired
of it. The few days a month he was home, he spent his time on
other things, playing golf, shopping, reading, sleeping,
etc. For the most part, he dismissed me, going to bed extra
early and always avoiding my attempts to seduce him. I couldn’t
remember the last time we had made love. I purchased marital
aids for us, marital aids for me and nothing seemed to be
satisfying. I couldn’t get him to notice me and this was
quite upsetting.

Another thorn in my side was the fact that his assistant
always traveled with him. She was young, single and quite
beautiful. I often wondered when he stayed late at the office,
if he was working on a case, or working on her. But, that really
didn’t matter, the fact was, my needs were not being met.
I have a certain level of sexual stimulation that I need
to stay at and despite my begging him to ease up on the work
and spend more time at home, he continued to neglect me.
That’s when I went a little crazy.

Being so deprived of stimulation, I began having outrageous
fantasies and insatiable desires. My dreams became tortured
and I found myself masturbating several times a day. I had
a thirst that I couldn’t quench alone and I began seeking
to fill the void that Josh left. I confided in a close friend
of mine who had a reputation as a kinky girl and I told her
of my crazy thoughts about gang-bangs, bondage and
role plays. I was looking for her opinion on whether or not
I was insane or just kinky. She explained to me that she wasn’t
into all that, but that she knew people who were. It was her
opinion that it was understandable that I would have strong
desires and she didn’t see any harm in it. She offered to
hook me up with some male friends of hers that were into the
same things as me and I could take it where I wanted it to go.
I agreed and reluctantly allowed her to set up a blind sex
date for them to meet me in a hotel room, across town.

The agreement was that I would arrive at a designated time,
after they did, wearing a short skirt and button up shirt,
no bra, no panties and no hosiery. The scenario that we had
set up was to be a gang- role play. I would walk into the
room and be pounced upon. This idea was intriguing to me.
I had only ever been with Josh, so the thought of being with
three other men, all at the same time, excited me.

Nervous and trembling a bit, not sure what exactly to expect,
I opened the unlocked door. Entering the dark room, I closed
and locked the door behind me and took a few steps forward.
Suddenly, someone grabbed me from behind, covering my
mouth with one hand and holding back my arms with the other.
A light came on and I saw a man laying on the bed and another
sitting in a chair. The man on the bed had turned on the light.
As the man behind me pushed me further into the room, the
other two stood up, looking at me intently. The guy from
the chair came up and ripped my blouse open, breaking the
buttons off and shoving the shirt off my shoulders. The
guy behind me tied a gag around my mouth and proceeded to
use my shirt to bind my arms behind me.

This was exhilarating. My breath was taken away by the quickness
of their movements and their perfect timing. Obviously
they were quite experienced with this fantasy and momentarily
I wondered if they get bored with it. All thoughts were put
out of my head by the guy who ripped my shirt open. He began
voraciously attacking my breasts. He was like an animal,
rough, strong and without remorse. His dark, curly hair,
beckoning me to touch it, but I couldn’t, being bound from
behind. Momentarily satisfied, he looked at me and smiled,
then stepped away, going to the edge of the bed and starting
to take off his clothes.

The other man, the one that turned on the light, approached
me next. Looking me in the eye, he raised my skirt to around
my waist and spread my legs with his foot. Smiling, he rubbed
my clit for a moment and then inserted his finger into my
vagina. “Mmmm, you’re a tight one” he said, “We’re gonna
have fun with you.” This sent shivers through my whole body.
I wanted to be enjoyed. I wanted to be touched. I wanted to
be wanted. And here I was, wanted, enjoyed and touched,
by three men. I could hardly contain myself.

As he was sliding his finger in and out of me, the guy behind
me licked his finger and pushed it into my ass. This shocked
me; Josh had never touched me there before. It hurt a little,
but at the same time, along with the other guy’s finger in
my pussy, it felt rather good. The guy in front of me saw my
shock and started laughing, knowing exactly what I was
reacting to. “Oh, you’re an anal virgin, aren’t you?” he
asked. I nodded my head in the affirmative and he chuckled
again. “Well, tonight you lose your virginity.” He pulled
his finger out of me and joined the dark-haired one near
the bed, taking his clothes off, too.

The guy behind me took off my gag and untied me. Rubbing my
arms, I tried to massage out the knots that had developed
in my biceps, from those few tense minutes. When he walked
around to the front of me, I saw that he was tall, taller than
the other two, though not quite as tall as Josh and had long
red hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. He had a mustache
and goatee and pale blue eyes. He was quite striking. Without
his shirt on, I could see that he had a few tattoos and he obviously
worked out. “Very nice” I thought to myself, secretly thanking
my friend, while watching him undress.

The guy with the dark curly hair was the shortest of the bunch,
only slightly taller than me. He had burning dark eyes and
chiseled clean-shaven features. He had a nice body, not
working out as much as the red-headed guy, but keeping himself
in shape none-the-less. He had no visible tattoos, but
he did have his left nipple pierced with a barbell. I thought
that was interesting, since he appeared to be the straightest
one of them all.

The only one to as yet speak to me, was a few inches shorter
than the red-headed guy. He had light brown hair and green
eyes, a mustache and the largest cock of the bunch, though
they were all well-endowed. I thought to myself “I have
got to thank Terri for this.”

The red-head was the first to break the silence. “My name
is Gary” he said. “And this is Dave, ” pointing to the dark
haired one. “And this is Mike” pointing to the lighter haired
guy. “And I’m Melissa, Mel” I replied. “Okay” said Dave,
“This is supposed to be a gang- , right? Do you think
you can handle that?” I answered, “Well, I’ve never done
this kind of thing before and you all look so good, I don’t
know if I can pretend that I don’t like it.” All of them chuckled
and Mike said “Just do your best to be scared, if it doesn’t
work, we can just have regular fun; it doesn’t have to be
rough.” “Okay” I replied. It never did end up being too terribly

With my “Okay”, Gary came up and grabbed my hair, pulling
my head back and shoving his quite large tongue, down my
throat. This felt really good and I wanted to melt. Dave
finished ripping off my clothes and Mike squeezed my breasts,
hard. There was a slight bit of pain from the abuse that Mike
was doing to my nipples, but I didn’t care, it all felt really
good. I was simply enjoying the stimulation. I was starved
for attention and I was getting all the attention I could
handle, from three beautiful, naked men.

Using my hair, Gary pushed me down to my knees and Dave told
me to open my mouth, once I did, he shoved his dick straight
into my throat. He paid no attention to the fact that I was
gagging on it; he simply shoved it in and out. Eventually
I relaxed and stopped choking on him, as Gary, still holding
my hair, shoved my head against him harder.

Mike knelt down behind Dave, reaching between his legs;
he fingered my lips and pussy. “Oooh, she’s wet” he announced
to the others, shoving his fingers into me, deeply. After
a few moments, Dave pulled out, allowing Gary to take his
place. “Open wide” he said, looking down at me and grasping
the front of my hair. I did as he commanded and he slowly pushed
himself into my throat. He was a little bit smaller than
the other guy, so he went down much easier. I was able to take
him without gagging.

In the meantime, Dave went around to the back of me and starting
fingering my ass. My discomfort was obvious and they all
just chuckled, amazed at my lack of experience. Gary pulled
out, stepping aside to allow Mike a turn at my mouth, taking
his spot below, fingering me and fondling my breasts. Prior
to putting himself inside me, Mike rubbed his cock all over
my face. “Put your tongue out” he told me and I obeyed. He
rubbed the head all over my tongue, my lips, my nose, my eyes.
I felt his pre-cum smearing on my skin. Finally, he held
my jaw open with his thumbs and shoved his large tool down
my throat. I gagged, choked and coughed. He didn’t care.
I nearly vomited, but he continued anyway. After several
moments, I finally got used to his size and my body stopped
rejecting him.

Pulling out of my mouth, Mike went and laid down on the bed,
face up. “Bring her here” he said to the other two. They stood
me up and I could see that his dick was standing straight
up. I knew I was about to be impaled upon it. A bit scared,
I knew it was going to hurt. It had been quite some time since
Josh and I had sex and this man was quite large; it was going
to be like reliving the first time I had sex. They took a few
steps, holding onto my arms and then pushed me forward.
I stumbled onto the bed and Mike grabbed my hair, pulling
me up to him. “Get on” he growled and gingerly, I straddled
him, placing the head of his cock at my entrance. He put his
hands on my shoulders and pushed me down quickly, at the
same time he raised his hips, breaking into me. I cried out,
the pain being as I expected it would be. Immediately he
began pumping himself in and out of me. My pain was irrelevant
to him and luckily for me, it was short-lived.

Dave climbed up and knelt beside the head of Mike, as Mike
pulled me down to lay on top of him, my knees bent under. Taking
my hair, Dave pushed himself into my throat and began going
at it with the same voracity as Mike was, down below. A few
seconds later, I felt something cold and wet and slippery,
enter my ass. It was Gary’s finger. He was lubricating me,
getting me ready for him. “Mmmm, virgin ass” he said, sliding
his finger in and out of my tight hole. “This is going to be

His finger felt really good and I felt myself get very wet,
all over Mike. I was moaning out loud on Dave’s out-strokes,
but when he went in, I couldn’t breathe, let alone make noise.
I felt Gary place the head of his penis at my hole and I started
to get scared. I knew, from how his finger felt, that this
was really going to hurt, a lot. I wanted to protest, but
I couldn’t. Every time I attempted to sit up, Mike held me
down that much tighter. When I tried to speak, Dave just
shoved his cock down my throat. Resigning myself to the
fact that I was about to be ass-fucked, I tried to relax;
I knew that it would be much worse if I was tense.

Surprisingly, Gary was the most tender of the bunch. He
went very slowly, trying not to hurt me or damage my tender
tissues. I was very grateful for that and knowing that he
cared helped me to relax a bit more. It still hurt, even as
he was going in a small inch at a time and I wanted to cry out,
but I couldn’t because Dave was in the way. Finally, he reached
the hilt and he slowly backed out. My tight rectal muscles
were trying to push him out and fight against him. With the
lubrication, I was so wet, there was no resistance and he
was able to do as he pleased. After my body began adjusting
and relaxing quite a bit, he felt that I was ready to be pounded
and pound he did.

There I was, with three guys going in and out of me. It was
great. The first orgasm I had that night was the strongest
I have ever had. I came so hard, but the only visible indication
was the slight shuddering I was able to do and my eyes rolling
back into my head. Mike and Gary knew right away, when I had
my orgasm, because both holes tightened drastically and
Mike suddenly felt the flood. “Oh guys, she came” he said,
pounding into me harder.

Mike came right after me, moaning and growling, shooting
his load so hard, I felt it hit my cervix, before it dribbled
out of me. The next one to go was Gary. He was grunting with
each slam into me and I suddenly felt much slipperier down
there. As the other two were slowing their pace and cooling
down, Dave exploded. He pulled out slightly and shot his
wad neatly on my tongue. It was nice and easy to swallow.
They all took their time, slowly sliding in and out, cooling
down and relaxing.

Gary pulled out and stretched himself across the foot of
the bed, breathing heavy and sweating profusely. Dave
pulled out and got off the bed, going into the bathroom and
closing the door. Mike already had his arms wrapped around
me, from holding me down. He simply moved a hand up to my head
and played with my hair. I had my head turned, so that my cheek
was lying on his chest, his chin resting on the top of my head.
When Dave came out of the bathroom, Gary went in, I was next
and Mike went last.

We continued this scenario, in several variations, throughout
the night, stopping to rest for half an hour or so and clean
up, between each turn. By the time the sun came up, we were
all tired and sore, but very satisfied. I went in and took
a shower, very swollen and sensitive, having to carefully
wash myself. When I came out, the guys were dressed and ready
to go home. Mike handed me a bag with some clothes in it. “Terri
gave these to us for you. Since we ruined your other outfit,
you’ll need something to wear out of here.” Thanking him,
I took the bag and proceeded to put on the attractive outfit
that she had sent.

We said our goodbyes and all left, but not before each gave
me a nice kiss and said that I was the wildest woman they’d
ever been with. I guess there aren’t too many women out there
who can screw three guys, all night long. I told them that
they were all great and that I would be thanking my friend
for setting us up.

I no longer worry about what Josh is doing with his assistant
and I no longer badger him for attention. I am able to let
him live his life the way he wants it and I am able to live mine
the way I want it, meeting my three gentlemen friends once
a week, in a hotel room across town. I thanked Terri the next
time I saw her.

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