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Her Fantasy Continues (A Long Day at the Office IV)


What a day it has been. After cleaning me up, they cleaned
the kitchen up and my woman’s friend left. So we’re sitting
on the couch, still butt ass naked just cuddling. I asked
her what she would like to do tonight to which she responded
that her friend had told her about a club that she’d like
to check out. Well I’m always up for a game of pool, a couple
of drinks and a dance floor. Preferably in that order, so
I agreed.

Well after a long day at work, I needed a shower, so I excuse
myself to head upstairs to the shower where she follows
me in to the room. She goes to the closet to start picking
out her clothes. She asked me if I’d mind if she picked me
out something to wear. She has good taste and always makes
me look good so I didn’t mind. Especially when she told me
she wanted other women to notice me and try to holla. So I
knew I’d be looking good. This floated my ego, because I
knew I was going to be with the finest woman in the club and
she wanted me to be the sexiest dude. We really like showing
each other off like that. We really complimented each other
like that too. When we both showed up, we were the center
of attention.

So I’m starting up my shower, turning it up hot just like
I like it, with a smile on my face that just wouldn’t quit.
She does this to me, and despite popular belief, it was more
than just because of the sex or the fact that she was a dime
piece. She was in me mentally as well as physically.

With this on my mind, which kept me smiling like a kid at the
candy store, I hope in the shower. I started to wash my face,
when from behind I hear, “Can I wash your back daddy” as she
softly caressed my back with the tips of her nails. She then
reaches for the bar of soap I have in my hand and grabs the
towel. Is it that she’s got me mentally or is it that I’m just
spoiled rotten? What is it I did to deserve this? Please
let me know so I can do it again.

She scrubbed my back, then under my arms, slowly making
it around to my chest. She pulls me close. I can feel her breast
pressed firmly upon my back. Slowly down my chest her hand
and the bar of soap go. She whispers, “I’ve gotta make sure
my pa is clean before we step out. And I don’t wanna miss a
spot!” Right as the words ‘spot’ left her mouth, she had
a handful of my manhood. She stroked it a couple of times
which covered my dick with soap. She continued to stroke
it as she claimed she just wanted to make sure it was clean.
She made sure it was ‘clean’. In fact, she was ‘cleaning’
it so well, that I’d never been so excited about anything
getting so CLEANED.

“Mmmmmmm…” I panted as I turned around in an attempt to put
my arms around her and kiss her. But through her body language
and resistance, she insisted that I stay facing front while
she rinsed me. She raised the shower head so that water ran
atop my head, down my back, and then channeled itself down
between my cheeks and down the back of my legs. Then the light
pressure of her teeth on my neck, followed by her soft lips.
Chills down my spine and goose bumps every where. She really
knew how to entice me. She could feel my excitement in her
hand as she started to trace my spine with her tongue. From
the base of my neck, between my shoulder blades, then slowly
to the small of my back stopping just above my crack. I take
a deep breath trying to relax myself so not to explode in
her hand.

Using the tip of her tongue she teased the edge of my crack.
She kneels behind me in the shower and as she does, she takes
her free hand to spread my legs and cheeks apart. I lean over
giving her a little more working room. She parts my ass with
her tongue running it all the way up to my sack making a few
stops along the way. Right about then I plead with her to
stop as I couldn’t hold back my excitement any longer and
it wouldn’t be fair for her to pleasure me with out me putting
in some work for her. But she wouldn’t stop. As a mater a fact,
she dug her tongue in even deeper and started stroking me

Oh my gawd, I’m about to cum. She turned me around pressed
me against the cool shower wall where she wrapped her lips
around my throbbing dick. She felt the vain as it started
pulsating faster and faster. I grabbed a hand full of hair
in anticipation. As I saw the water ran down my chest then
off her back and watched her head going back and forth. My,
what was about to be a good orgasm became massively overwhelming.
My knees locked up, I couldn’t move or breathe. All that
came out of my mouth were sounds as if I were gasping for air,
but choked at the same time. I tried to exclaim that I was
about to cum. She cupped my balls in her hand and fondled
them softly to add to my excitement. I closed my eyes and
with a loud, “AUGH!!!” I was released from within a force
that would have pushed a building over.

She pulls away, still stroking, revealing a mouth full
of cum as it was strung from my head to her lips and all over
her tongue. My legs stiffen like logs and I stuttered with
my exclamation of enjoyment. POW! I shot a load on her face.
There’s so much everywhere, and I’m not even done yet. I
can feel that sensation coming again. This time all over
her breast. Slowly I start to regain control over my limbs.
She still hasn’t stopped stroking and every few strokes
I quickly tense up and spit out more of this love potion she
has so well encouraged me to make. I look at her to see this
excitement of mine dripping from her chin, off her lips,
and down her arm. I’ve even managed to place a perfect shot
that now hangs from her nipple. Is that it? Am I done? She
knew better than I did because she stops stroking me and
stands up. She looks me in my eyes as she closes her mouth
and swallows the little cream filling surprise I just fed

I lean over to kiss her with stars in my eyes. Had this been
a boxing match, she would have knocked me out in the first
round. I pull her close to me, still semi-hard, I press against
her and say that it’s my turn but she requested me to exit
the shower, so she could get cleaned up. DAMN. Now I’m really
worked up. I want my turn to watch her squirm. I want to watch,
hear and taste her getting excited. But she won’t let me.
Now that’s teasing me.

With a little resistance, I finally get out of the shower
so she can get cleaned up. As I grab my towel to dry off, I’ve
noticed the clothes she’s picked out for me already laid
out on the bed for me to wear. A pair of nice kakis starched
and pressed and a nice green button down shirt and a pair
of sweet square toes to top it off. And she seems to mean business.
She even pulled out the silk boxers she bought for me for
a valentine gift. Those always felt good one me.

As I’m getting myself dressed my lady steps out the shower.
Wow, look at her body. Beads of water race down her curves.
If she wasn’t my woman, I’d want to be those drips of water
running effortlessly down her soft silky skin.

I finish dressing myself and stepped down to get a beer while
my baby got dressed. She doesn’t have to do anything to make
herself beautiful, but I know she’s wants to get extra cute

After a bit of time I started on my second beer and was about
half way through when in walks a sight that would have made
a saint think devilish thoughts. From head to toe, there
was only one word to describe the essence of her beauty.
Perfect. That was it. Everything else just lost content.
She let her long hair flow over her shoulders over the open
front dress. She was very exposed but very classy. Her dress
was something off a movie stars back that was about to step
in to an awards show. I could feel my temperature rise. And
it wasn’t the only thing on the way up.

She asked me if I liked the way she looked. I was speechless
for a second, but as I picked my jaw up off the ground and wiped
the drool from my lips I exclaimed how pleasing she was to
my eyes. I felt like that kid in high school that just got
a note back from the chic in class where he asked if she licked
him and to check yes or no and she checked yes.

As I still tried to gather myself she said that there was
a club she wanted to go to that her friend told her about earlier
today. “As good as you look baby, I’d follow you to the gates
of hell if that’s where you wanted to go”, I responded. She
just smiled and laughed softly at me and told me how crazy
I was. We jump in the car and I started driving to where our
directions were to lead us. There was a little excitement
in the air.

This club was on the other side of town, so it took us a bit
of time to drive there. So to strike up a conversation I asked
about the club but her song came on and she just turned up
the radio, looked at me and started singing along with the
radio. I even got caught up with her and started singing
myself. Right then I knew we were about to have a fun, party
filled night.

We make it to the club and valet the car. There’s a small line
at the door, but it’s moving fairly fast. So I said, “This
must be a nice spot to have a crowd huh.” She just nodded.
I noticed a bunch of couples in line, one guy with two women,
and a group of ladies ahead of us. Well at least I knew it wasn’t
going to be full of guys trying to hit on my woman every time
I went to the bar for drinks.

After about 10 mins, we were finally in the club where our
waitress asked if we would like a table or booth seat. My
woman said, “I think we’ll take a booth”, as she looked at
me and winked. I said sure, why not. We were escorted to the
back where all the booths were. There was one available.
After seating us, the waitress took our orders and then
I excused myself to go to the restrooms as the beers were
starting to sit on me.

When I returned there was another lady sitting in my seat.
A nice piece of eye candy I must admit. But I didn’t focus
my attention on her too long. My lady introduced us. I shook
her hand then she excused herself and said she’d be back
to talk later. I thought to myself that the folks here seem
to be really friendly. That’s when I started to pay attention
to my surroundings.

The lady that just left our booth was playing with the ass
of another lady who was giving head to a guy. I had to take
a double take. At first I didn’t know if I was suppose to look
and kind of sat back in my seat kind of embarrassed. My woman
chuckled at me as she saw me wanting to look with amazement,
but I didn’t want to stare uncontrollably. My woman was
watching all of this and me the whole time. Don’t get me wrong,
this was better than a porno. I actually could see the moisture
of her lips as they left a shiny trail of natural lube around
his harden shaft. I could almost smell the pussy perfume
from where her friend was fingering her from behind.

I looked back at my lady as she expressed to me that I should
look around. There was more to see. And we could enjoy the
scenery. I still felt a little uncomfortable as I didn’t
know what to expect. So as my waitress, this slender, young,
sexy lady came to our booth to see if everything was ok, I
told her that I needed two drinks for me and whatever the
lady wanted. She kind of chuckled and remarked something
to the fact that it was easy to tell that it was my first time
there. I just kind of nodded as I took my first drink straight
to the head.

The waitress brought the drinks and sat in my lap and said
that it would be $16, but she wouldn’t get up so that I could
reach for my wallet. My lady reached in her purse and grabbed
a $20 as she smiled and told the waitress to keep the change.
The waitress says, “Thanks, I really like the TIP!” as she
grinds against my now pulsating pleasure pole. Then states
she’ll be back to have a little girl talk later. Both of them
smile and giggle at the expression on my face. What have
I stepped in is all that ran through my head. I was caught
up in the scenery, but was kind of distant because I didn’t
know what to expect next.

After a few drinks we decided we wanted to dance, so we hit
the dance floor. You could feel the energy through out the
air. But it didn’t stop there. At first I was just dancing,
my focus and eyes were on her. She looked at me as she smiled,
but I could tell her eyes were distracted. Like I had to ask,
but I had to find out like if I were totally clueless. I glanced
over my shoulder to see a woman behind the crowd of people.
She was plastered against the mirror. Her shirt was lifted
about her tits which one was being pleasured by some guy.
I was again in awe, but what floored me was as I paid a little
more attention to what was going on, I noticed she had one
leg hiked over the should of a blonde that was down on her
knees eater her out and playing with the crotch of the pants
of another man that was standing next to her. I almost forgot
I was on the dance floor. It almost felt like I was in a room
full of people watching a damn good flick.

My lady smacks me on my ass to get my attention as I’m now starting
to warm up to where she brought me. She’s ready to go back
to the booth for another drink. As we walk back she asks if
I was enjoying myself to which I of course answered yes.
She then informed me that we may have to come here more often
because she really liked it here. As she was commenting
that she enjoyed the fact that there wasn’t a hundred men
trying to get her phone number or grabbing her ass every
time I looked away. Just as she was saying that a lady, that
was walking in the opposite direction, stopped, looked
my chic up and down and was like, “Damn baby, I could lick
on you all night long!” My woman just blushed, but I had to
reply that I know EXACTLY what she means. The lady told me
I must be lucky or just damn good. She ended with, “Well maybe
someday I’ll be lucky enough to taste you both” This time
it was me blushing when my woman replied that I was that damn
good and she may be luckier than she thinks.

We finally made it back to our booth when our waitress met
us back there with two drinks. We were a bit surprised because
we didn’t order any more drinks prior hitting the dance
floor. We were still trying to finish our last round. The
waitress pointed out to the crowd and said that the lady
and the gentleman in the far seat sent them to us. As my eyes
focused on them, I saw a man standing up from a crouched position.
Her head was slightly cocked back. As she looked back she
noticed me looking and waved at my lady and me. We of course
waved back and lifted our drinks to motion a thanks to them.
By this time the man, while wiping his lips with his sleeve
waves at us too and nods as in telling us that we were welcomed.
The waitress informed us that the woman had taken a liking
to us and he gives her anything she wants. She wanted to buy
us some drinks. So he did.

As the waitress walked off the man walks up to us and introduces
himself and ask if they could join us. We both welcomed them
so he waived to her to come join the party. She stands up from
her seat and starts in our direction. She was a beautiful
woman. One who’s beauty was only out done by the lady that
accompanied me tonight. Her breast were big as hell, but
you could tell they weren’t natural. I guess her man did
buy her everything she wanted. I guess it’s good that I like
natural breast like my woman’s, not that she was lacking
in size either, and they are much nicer because they were

As she walked to the table her eyes were fixed on my lady and
wouldn’t budge for the world. As she walked up her man introduced
her. We again thanked them both for the drinks. The gentleman
replied that it was well worth it to partake in our company.
As the conversation started to strike up, we explained
that it was our first time here. When we were asked how we
found out about this place I had a puzzled look on my face
and was wondering the same thing. This is where my honey
explained that while talking to her friend that was over
today they had discussed it, amongst other things, so she
wanted to try it out. All I could do was smile. She continued
that her friend may show up tonight.

Now the chat was continuing on and so were the drinks. You
could tell because the lady got a case of pure liquid courage
where she asked if she could eat my woman out right here.
They both looked at me as if I had the key to happiness. Well
maybe not the key, but I sure had the answer. I looked back
at my lady and I could see in her eyes that she was very interested
in this proposition. So I said I would love to see that. Of
course I was hiding the big smile that I really wanted to
show. She told us that we had to sit on either side of my lady
facing each other so we could get a good view. With out hesitation
we both adjusted our chairs so we wouldn’t miss a thing.
She kneeled down between my ladies legs and went straight
to work. No teasin, just pleasin.

Pleasing she did too. My woman immediately bit her bottom
lip and grabbed the back of this ladies head. Both of us men
were completely turned on by the whimpers of lust that come
from the back of my woman’s throat. Both of our bulges were
ready to just rip out the seams of our pants. Occasionally
we’d look up at each other with a smile, but look back down
again at the action. Then I felt a hand sliding in the inside
of my thigh pushing my legs further apart. When I looked
down I saw this woman’s hand reaching for my zipper. When
I looked at him in amazement, I could see she was doing the
same for him. Before I could look back down, I felt a cool
breeze as the air rushed in as my member was pulled out in
to the open like it was begging for a fresh breath of air.
I looked at my baby not really knowing what to do because
I was really enjoying this. All she did was smile at me to
let me know that it was ok. Then she too grabbed both of our
hard dicks in each hand to assist her new friend in jacking
us off. I could tell this chic knew how to eat pussy and she
made my woman cum quickly. The clue was when she started
to grip both of us tightly and stopped stroking us. As she
released that orgasm that had all of her muscles tied up,
doing the best not to cry out loudly to draw any more attention
that wasn’t already being given to our booth, her grip eased
as she laid back in complete satisfaction.

The lady on her knees wasn’t done yet. She turned her head
to me and said, “It’d be a shame for you to cum all over those
nice pants” as she inserted me in to her mouth. In one seamless
move she flipped up the short skirt she was wearing and pulled
her man, making him scoot his chair closer. Then as she sat,
she inserted him deep within her. My lady looked up as soon
as she felt the last quiver run through her body and saw what
had started shortly after she had been finished. With a
big grin on her mouth she grabbed a hand full of this lady’s
hair and started moving her head up and down. She looked
down and said, “that dick taste good doesn’t it baby?” With
a mouthful her reply came back a muffled uh-huh. Then my
woman looked at me as asked if I like the way she sucked my
dick. All I could do is roll my eyes in the back of my head and
lean back as my woman pushed her head so that I was all the
way in the back of her throat.

I just couldn’t hold back any more. My legs tightened, my
toes curled in my shoes and then I exploded in her mouth.
She didn’t stop ‘til she felt the last throb and knew she
had the last drop. I looked to her man as he smiled in satisfaction
as he too left her a present of pleasure inside her as well.

She sits up wiping her mouth and reaching for her drink,
but never pulling her man from inside of her. I have a feeling
that we were being watch, which wasn’t a surprised until
I looked up to see the lady that was at my house earlier today
with a BIG smile. I heard her say, “See, I told you this place
is fun!” as I went in to total shock. I felt like there was
a surprise party and I was the guest of honor.

After a few more rounds the three women go to the dance floor
as the men stayed back to enjoy the drinks and talk. I didn’t
know really what the conversation would be about after
what had transpired. But to my astonishment, the conversation
was of a normal one as if nothing just happened, which made
this place even more enjoyable.

Soon the women came back and sat next to each other so they
could have girl talk. I could over hear parts of it. They
sounded worse than men in a locker room after a football
game talking about which cheerleader they were going to
go home and bang. “Look at her ass”, “Oh my, I’d fuck the shit
out of her” were just some of the comments. But the part that
caught my attention the most was when my woman’s friend
commented on a gentleman they noticed at the bar ordering
a drink. What she said set my mind on a mission. “I don’t know
if my man would let me do two men at once, although I’ve thought
about it.”

So not to be noticed, I tried to spot the man they were talking
about. I could see why their eyes were affixed on this person.
He looked like a boy toy out of some chic flick. You could
tell he was the type that worked out and was well kept. He
was sitting at the bar having a drink observing the crowd.
He had a demeanor about him that would just whisk a woman’s
mind away to some romantic, desert island, love scene.

The women continued to chat as I paid them no attention at
this point. It was my turn to spring something on her as she’s
been popping off surprise after surprise for me all day
long. I mean, look how things started at the office. I would
have never expected that to happen, let alone in the situation
I see myself in now, not to mention everything that happened
in between.

He stands up and heads to the restroom. Here’s my chance.
I excuse myself to go to the restroom too. I rush, trying
not to be to obvious, to the restroom. As I come around the
corner I see him just entering in there. No I’m a man, so the
last place I’m going to talk to him is while he pisses. And
I can’t look foolish and just stand here. So I go in and quickly
do my business trying to be in and out before he does. As I
finish and walk to the sink to wash my hands, he stands to
the sink next to me. I dry my hands and step out side of the
restroom to wait. He is shortly behind me where I stopped
him. I think he could tell it was my first night as I explained….
Almost like I was bragging about the day I had. He kind of
smiled at me like an adult does a kid when the child is happy
about what they have done. But I finish my story with, “See,
I tell you that so I can say this. She has made it a VERY eventful
day for me, and I over heard that it would be one of her desires.
She said you were a nice looking man, so if I could introduce
you to her and maybe something could pop off. I just want
it to be about her too ya know?” He could easily see my logic
and agreed to come to the table. I then explained that I don’t
want it to look like a set up, so to wait ‘til I get to the table
and then come over shortly after. I told him that I would
welcome him a seat as she’ll probably be too surprised to
speak. He smiled and agreed this plan of mine may floor her.

So I make my way back to my seat next to my woman. As I approach,
I see my woman sitting at the other three guess are standing
up. As I near them the gentleman’s lady tell me she’s taking
my lady’s friend home with them and she hopes to see us again
up here. I tell thank them for the wonderful time and warm
welcome as I sit down. I look at my lady and say that it’s almost
time for us to go also, knowing good and well I had no intentions
on leaving just quite yet. She agrees though and gets ready
to get up. I had to ask if it was ok to finish our drinks. She
resettled in her seat. I asked her why was she in a hurry.
Didn’t see anything she liked. She replied that it was nothing
and she didn’t want me to be mad. “Me mad? At what?”, I asked.
She answered me by telling me that she was talking to the
girls and they were talking about fantasies and one of hers
was having two men. I leaned in with a little interest, but
a stern look in my eye. Although inside I KNEW I wanted to
bust out in laughter from the irony because I already knew
where her story would lead.

She continued that she even spotted a guy that she had interest
in and it made her feel like she was doing me wrong by having
the thoughts. I had to ask her, “Was this the woman that came
to my job today on a day that made my day alone there the best
day I’ve ever had at work? The same woman that when I came
home after such a great day at work welcomed me with such
a warm reception of sex in the kitchen with one of her friends?
The same woman that has tonight given me such a new experience
in life that I couldn’t even have done on my own?” All to which
she replied “Yes, but…..”

No sooner did she get the word yes out her mouth, guess who
walks up to the table. She looked at me like a child that stole
something and got caught. He looks at me and says, “I hope
I’m not being rude, but I saw this beautiful woman from across
the room.

Of course I welcomed him to accompany to her astonishment.
She sat in awe as I explained to him that she’s drinking cope
cod this evening. I introduced myself, as if he didn’t know.
Then I informed him this is my woman and introduced her.
He shook my hand and restated that he didn’t mean no disrespect.
I assured him that he was welcomed. Still speechless, she
stared at me like I just stole something from her. Well maybe
not that bad, but almost like she didn’t know how to look
at me.

We rounded our way from the elevator and down the hall towards
our room. Before you knew it we were standing in front of
our room. I use the key to open the door. She enters the room
followed by the guy and then by me. I nice big room with a separate
bed room. Neither of them have noticed the hot tub yet. We
walk the room as to inspect to see if it would be suitable
for tonight’s festivities.

After satisfaction of the room, we all step to the front
room. The silence could have been broken by the sounds of
a pen dropped in China. I finally broke the ice with, “Shall
I go get some liquor from the car?” She replied that she had
enough to drink for one night. He kind of agreed. She stood
up and motioned me to the adjacent room. I followed her in.
“I’m nervous about this”, as you could see her excitement
almost turn to fear. She said how would you feel about me
in the morning after all of this happens… If it happens?”
I tried to reassure her that I will feel the same way I felt
about her this morning when I woke up before she has made
this the most incredibly sexual day I’ve ever had. I told
her that I didn’t fall for you because of the sex, and I won’t
leave you because of the sex. This made her happier than
her initial thought of this encounter. I told her now grab
the bull by the balls because this is your night. She reached
around my neck and pulled me so close and ever so tightly
planting a kiss… no… smashing her lips in to mine.

We walked back to the front room where they guy informed
her that if she was uncomfortable that nothing had to happen
and that I thought it was what she wanted. She looked at me
like I was crazy. He tried to continue but she interrupted,
“I’d be more comfortable if we had some music and maybe a
strip tease. He just smiled and nodded at me. I don’t know
if he was asking for permission or if he was wanting me to
provide music.

I quickly turned on the television and flipped through
the music stations until he found something he liked. I
knew what he liked too, because he immediately stood up
and started dancing for her. Her eyes light up like stars
in the sky. All this attention was going to be for her. Actually,
watching him move smoothly in front of her was getting her
horny and I could tell, which got me horny. I started to think
that I’m going to have to take her to the club that has both
male and women dancers if it gets her this hot. She started
gyrating her hips in her chair as he bounced his pelvis in
front of her face. He reach down to start unbuttoning his
shirt when she smacked his hand and said that’s my job… You
just dance. WOW! I think she’s starting to enjoy this too
much already. Funny part is I’m starting to enjoy it even
more myself. Surprisingly enough because I didn’t know
how I would react. But judging by the bulge in my pants I’ll
react just fine.

She unbuttons his shirt and continues to his belt. She buries
her face right above his belt line. He looks back at me as
in to ask if it’s all good. I just say it’s her night, she’ll
do it the way she wants. She grabs his zipper with her teeth
and starts to unzip him ever so smoothly. He places his hands
on her shoulders as if he was prepared to receive some oral
pleasure. She looks up at him and wondered who told him to
stop dancing. “I’m just undressing you.” So the man, now
fully exposed, continues to seduce her with the movements
of his body. She reaches up to pull his shirt down behind
him allowing it to drop to the floor. As the shirt comes off,
you see a body that women lust for and men wish they had. He’s
has a nice, toned, but not like he-man body that is sure to
turn heads at the beach. She starts running her nails up
and down his chest. She works her way to his pants again,
this time making him drop them to the floor as she unfastens
his button. He steps out of them and kicks them to the side.
Watching him, you’d swear this wasn’t his first time and
he might actually make money at it.

While he moves around, his is toy half awake and flopping
in the air. She grabs it with her hand and starts to stroke
it. Letting it come close enough to her lips that he can feel
the breeze of air brush over him, but not allowing him to
touch. You could see his vain get fuller and stand more erect
than before. After a few teases, she places it in her mouth.
Just the top, which she flicks with her tongue. Knowing
he’s fully erect, she states, “Now you know I’m not doin
all the work up in here… This is my fantasy”

He takes a step behind her and whispers in her ear, “I know.
It’ll be one to remember. We’ll make sure of it” as he looked
at me and smiled. He ran his fingers through her hair and
down her breast using his for arms to drop her straps from
her shoulders. He stopped at her hips and leaned over to
kiss her. She hesitates for a second with the thought of
me watching, but she was caught in the moment. She couldn’t
help it. He was intoxicating her more than the liquor. This
was the first time tonight that I noticed that she hadn’t
been wearing any panties. Was she ever so wet. Her pussy
looked so juicy that my tongue, with a mind of its own, wanted
to dive right in to the middle of her flowing river and take
a swim.

Watching this was getting me horny, as a mater a fact, horny
as hell. I started to play with myself. At first just rubbing
myself through my pants, but shortly after, I had to pull
it out and start stroking. He motioned for me to come over
to ‘help’ him but I just said that had his back but right now
he’s on his own. He ran his hands back up to her breast where
they were greeted by two hard, throbbing nipples. There
tongues wrestled a little bit longer then he made his way
down her neck. Nipping soft pecks as he worked towards her
shoulders. By the time his lips touched her collar bone
she was already playing with herself. He leaned her back
in her chair so to easily reach her breast. As his lips started
to trace the inside of her tits you could hear her take a deep
breath. I could see her juices all over her hand. It was wet
like she just pulled it from under a running tap. She would
tease her clit and then stick her fingers in. Slowly he made
his way to her breast where he traced her nipples with his
tongue and then trapping it between his lips. He started
to suck on them. She wanted to place his hard cock in her mouth,
but in her current position, it wasn’t really possible,
so she reaches back and starts gently stroking him in her
excitement. Again he motions for me to help give her attention
but I waive him off yet another time.

He places all four legs of the chair back to the floor as he
steps back in front of her and looks her in her eyes as he kneels
down and tells her to let him take care of this. He places
on of her legs over his shoulder and starts to nibble on her
inner thigh. This drove her crazy as she started to move
her hips as if to position him where she wanted him, but by
this point lost control on what he does to her. Teasingly
he works his way slowly to her pleasure palace of juicy wet
love. By the time he gets there I think she could have popped
a blood vessel in anticipation of satisfaction. As the
first stroke of his tongue split her lips lapping up some
of her love lubes she whimpers so coyly that it makes me just
want to cum all over myself. His tongue works it’s way up
and traps itself in the hood of her clit. This time her whimper
turns to moans. As he continues her moans turns in to sounds
of pleasure to anyone’s ear. He grabs her by her hips and
pulls her deeper in to his face as his tongue searched for
that perfect spot.

You could hear or even just watch her to see that he didn’t
have a problem finding the perfect spot on her. She tosses
her other leg on top of his other should. Her legs tightened
around his neck and pulls him closer and deeper in her with
her feet. She’s pulling at his hair trying to form her mouth
that she didn’t want to cum yet. But this was too exciting
to me and I told this man don’t stop until she’s screaming.
This wasn’t long as you could almost hear cannons go off
as she exploded in his mouth. I don’t know how he took it,
but I know how she flows when she comes. I hope he was thirsty.
Really now that I think about it, he must have been because
through the whole orgasm, he never once came up for a breath
of air nor did she let him go. I think her screaming and squirming
made him even more determined to go the whole nine with her.
By this time I had stripped myself naked with my dick in hand
slowly stroking to keep it rock hard. Although I didn’t
have to do this because just watching really kept me going,
but my hand was adding some additional pleasure.

She finally started to calm down and regain her breath so
he stood half way up and placed her legs around his waist
and slowly inserted himself in to her as she took a deep breath.
Then he put her arms around his neck, pulled her in close,
causing him to penetrate her even deeper. Then in a flawless
motion lifted her off the chair. Her dress was still around
her waist dangling from her hips. He requested my help to
remove the dress as he really rather not put her down, nor
do I think she would have let go at this point. She so liked
being in this positions. I walk from behind and I start to
lift her attire over her head. As the garment cleared her
body this guy told me to stay right there because he was going
to need my help.

This of course sparked my interest as he already had her
in an interesting position suspended in the air so effortlessly.
He starts to lean her back towards me so I reach out to hold
her. Her back against my chest and her legs wrapped tightly
around him as he digs deep with in her. With out missing a
stroke he tells me to hold her by the arms so that she lays
in mid air between up. I hold her arms as he holds her up by
her waist. Every time he pump his passion, pounding deep
with in her walls, he head bounces off my abs. She can feel
my meat on the back of her head, so she cocks her head back
coming eye to eye with throbbing, over excited shaft that
jumped around like it was begging for her attention. She
gave it the attention it wanted too. She wrapped her warm,
wet mouth around it ever so carefully and caressed it with
her tongue. And as he drove his dick deep in her pussy, pushing
her towards me, she would take a mouthful of cock, almost
forcing me down her throat. I watched her body as we held
it in mid air, her tits just bouncing, her stomach tightened
with every stroke he gave her, her holding tightly to my
arms so not to fall from my grasp. The site alone was straight
out of a flick that my lady and I watched at home just the other
day. And who says it can only happen in the movies?

As she’s holding on my arms I can feel her grip tightening,
her nails digging in. She’s already to cum again. As this
man felt this tension too, he pulled himself out as much
as he could with out being disconnected with her keeping
her slit open and just enough of his head in her to tease her
to an orgasmic frenzy. Then he’s dick dove as deep as it could
in to her flowing fountain of love. As she was shove forward
on my cock, it caused her to gag because she was trying to
pull it out of her mouth so she could scream. When she finally
did pull my member out her mouth she continued to gag as she
was trying to get enough air to vocally express her level
of satisfaction. This time it was very loud, I know that
if there were guest in the adjacent room, there’d be no question
on what was going on in my room.

Wrapping her legs around him, she didn’t allow him to move
while pulling him in her as deep as he could go, her body quivered
as she felt an amazing sensation rush from her groin, up
her chest and back to her legs where she wrapped him even
tighter and pulled me even closer.

When we finally felt her relax after the explosion of pleasure
faded slowly from her body. As he removed himself from her
womb he would flex his cock in her and with each muscle twitch
of his, she would jump like a gazelle which was followed
by her body quivering. After teasing her for a few he finally
withdrawals himself from between her drenched lips and
lowers her ‘til her feet touch the floor. I then pulled her
upright so she could stand up.

“Oh my gawd” and “DAMN” is all she could say as she started
walking to the bedroom. He and I just smile at each other
as unspoken words as to say we know we’re good, but we are
yet to be done. So we follow her in to the bedroom where we
see her laying in the bed still trying to catch her breath.
She watches us walk in the room. I could see in her face that
if we were done, she would have been completely satisfied.
But she could see in ours that we weren’t done. Mustering
every ounce of the energy she had left she sat up right on
the side of the bed and ask, “Is there more!” I said yes there
was and he followed with we barely have gotten started.

Now she sits with two hard magic sticks in front of her face.
She puts one in each hand as starts stroking the two large,
hard, hot cocks. “So what are your plans?” she question
to which was answered not by a word but two smiles. She opens
her mouth an starts to suck on this guys penis. I could see
him curl his toes in the carpet as he leaned in towards her.
She twisted her hand while bobbed back and forth. I watched
her cheeks cave in and she pulled away allowing her lips
to catch the expanded area of his head. Then they would puff
out as she tried to swallow him whole. After a few strokes
on him, she would switch over to me. Back and forth between
the both of us.

By now we figured she had enough time to rest so I told the
man to lay on his back with his feet hanging over the end of
the bed. He followed my instructions. I grabbed my woman
by her hand and led her to him and said straddle him and ride
him. “You’ve got 8 seconds, cowgirl” I continued, getting
a chuckle from them both. As she climbs atop her steed she
reaches down and grabs his shaft to help guide it inside
of her. Once inside she starts her back and forth and up and
down motion. Had I allowed it, she would have made him cum
quickly. I know how it feels when she tightens her muscles
around your already hard cock and starts to riding. You
could see it in his face when he closed his eyes, and opened
his mouth as to speak, but he was speechless and gasping
for air.

I didn’t want him to cum yet because I wanted to try something
her and I talked about a long time ago. I gently pushed against
her back to push her forward. It was like she knew what was
on my mind. He slightly lifted her self off to better expose
herself to me. She reached around and grabbed her cheek
and I spit on her ass to help lube her for smooth entry. No
time wasted, I slid myself in. Slowly, first just the head.
I asked if it hurt and she said no keep going. I started to
work myself in her tight ass. She dug her teeth in to the guys
shoulder that laid beneath her. Again I asked if she were
ok where she just murmured uh-huh. I finally was all the
way in. She could tell as she took a deep breath and exhaled
in relief. I again asked if she was fine because I would be
happy to take it out. She replied, “No! I really actually
kind of like how it feels, but I’m just going to have to get
use to it is all”.

She started rocking back and forth feeling the presence
of two hard and pulsating cocks in her at once. Never had
she ever imagine this being done to her. The excited her
more to which she started even moving faster. Her big tits
waived in his face and her hair flew back to my face as she
flung her head around in excitement. She started to really
get in to it. To the point that you figured she must have forgotten
about how tight her ass was around my dick. She was moving
like there was no pain and no tomorrow. Both feet and hands
planted on the bed she rocked and roll brings our sensitivity
to new heights. I know I wanted to explode inside her as he
must have wanted to as well. Finally he said he wanted to
cum bad. She pushed her ass back against me and forced me
to penetrate her deeper that I have so far as I was trying
to be careful. She kept pushing back like she wanted to get
up. So I let her. She dropped to her knees and went to work
trying to make him have a mind blowing orgasm. Licking his
balls as she deep throated him was probably the part that
set him off. His loud yell that was cut short as the first
explosion erupted from his loin. She pulled back allowing
him to squirt all over her neck and breast. She left him twitching.

I stood her up, but kept her bend over his shaking body, I
wanted her to have at least one more orgasm. There was no
play time. With the head of my dick, I split her lips and slid
along the wet path straight to her rabbit hole and in I went.
I dove as deep and as hard as I could. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK
echoed in the room as I pounded that pussy like it was the
last time I was ever going to get any of it. With my left hand
I pulled her hair so that I could control her head. I directed
her head right above his crotch were she could lick on his
sac every time I stroked her. With my right hand I massaged
her but cheeks and the smacked. She responded well to this
as she looked over her shoulder and say, “Oh daddy, you know
I like that. Damn”. So I reached across my body to hit the
other cheek. The guy started to rub on her breast with one
hand and her back with the other. With each pounding stoke
I gave her the louder she got until finally she said, “Oh
my fucking gawd papi, I’m cumming all over that dick baby!
I’m cumming!” Her pussy swelled up tightly over me. Real
tight. This was going to be a big one. She pushed back so that
I would stop stroking, but I wouldn’t. The extra wetness
and the extra tightness felt so good. I wouldn’t allow her
to cum in piece. This made her cum harder. In turned made
me more excited. I just wanted to cum. “I’m right behind
you baby… Here I cum”, I exclaimed. She pushed me off and
dropped to her knees grabbed me by the shaft and started
jerkin me off in her mouth until I blew up. All over her lips
and in her mouth resided warm, creamy, milky seaman. Dripping
off of her, running down adding to the silky mess already
left on her breast.

I looked up to see the man had gotten out the bed while I was
cumming. He returned to us with a warm, wet towel, but waited
until she had milked every last drip and licked the tip to
make sure none was left. He used the warm towel to wipe her
clean. He then stepped to the front room where he started
to put his clothes on. I ran in the room after hi to thank him
for helping me provide a fantasy that was just for my baby.
He in turned thanked me for picking him and that it was a very
pleasurable night and he looks forward to seeing them again.
Maybe at the club. I told him to leave his number and she and
I would talk about it to see if we wanted to do this again.
I know I’m game, but just don’t know how she’ll handle it.
I walked him to the door after he finished the last button
on his shirt. I shook his hand and bid him goodbye. Now mind
you this was only about 5 minutes or so before I returned
to the room where I found my baby, tired and satisfied, laid
up in the bed half way asleep. I asked her if she needed anything
to which she replied, but just mumbled something. When
I asked her again, I could see that her eyes were shut and
she was out. We had worn her out. She was done for the night.
I kissed her on the forehead and pulled the covers over her
and I went to the restroom where the hot tub sat and thought
to myself as I filled up the tub. I smiled knowing that she’s
now knocked out and that was because of what I planned. After
I sat in the bubbles for a couple of hours I crawled in to bed
next to her and put my arm around her. I couldn’t wait ‘til
the next morning to see what she thought. Maybe we’ll have
fun in the hot tub or do something in the car while driving.
With her, who knew what tomorrow would bring.

Phuk Me 69 Style

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I just want to add that this is part 4. All four really go together.
It happens in a course of one day. But it's something
that came from my mind not actually reality.

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Look for A Long Day at the Office, After a Long Day, Her Fantasy
Comes True, and this one to complete the series. It is of
a couple and their day. Yea.. That's right, it all happens
in one day.

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Thanks. Hope you had a chance to read the others and enjoy
them too.

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hey you got skills man


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Thanks a lot. Glad you enjoyed. Hope you enjoyed the other
ones I wrote too.

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Good, sexy story