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Her Dark Side - The beginning


Part 1 "The Beginning"

It's late and I've just finished a light work-out to ease
the tension of a long day of meetings. These business trips
can be tough, and now I need to relax. Ishower and wrap a towel
around my waist as I head for the sauna. It is late in the evening
and the hotel health club is virtually empty. I enter the
sauna and stretch out, relaxing in the heat, eyes closed,
I start to drift away...

I hear the door open and look up to see a woman enter the sauna.
Wrapped in a towel I can only see her outline against the
light through the door. She steps through the door and as
she approaches I see her face. There is a hint of mystery
in her eyes.

She places a small bag by her side and removes a bottle of
massage oil from within. She starts to rub oil into her arms
and legs. She does not seem aware that I am there, she closes
her eyes and applies the oil in long languid strokes, a faint
smile on her lips. I'm spellbound.
She opens her eyes and her smile falters. She knows I'm watching,
she pauses, then appear to reach a decision. Once again
she starts to massage the oil into her soft skin, my pulse
starts to quicken.

I sit up and lean forward, watching.

She continues to apply the oil, slowly, her delicate fingers
running smoothly over her flesh. She is aware of my scrutiny,
I can see her breathing faster and she looks directly into
my eyes before lowering her gaze. Does what she sees in my
eyes excite her ?

Slowly I move towards her and sit beside her. She tenses,
reminding me of a wild creature poised for flight. I reach
for the oil bottle and take it gently from her fingers. She
resists momentarily then acquiesces to my unspoken demand.


I place one hand on her shoulder close to the nape of her neck
and turn her gently, guiding her, until her her back is turned
tome and her knees are drawn up with her feet resting on the
bench. I lift her hair away from her neck, brushing my fingers
against her shoulders. That first touch sends a tremor
through her body, her skin is smooth, warm and soft. I reach
around her and loosen her towel so that it falls away from
her back, leaving her naked from the nape of her neck to where
her buttocks rest on the bench.

Her skin is smooth and flawless, glistening slightly in
the dim light. I pour some oil into my palm andslowly start
to rub it into the nape of her neck, she closes her eyes and
I hear a faint whimper as I continue to slowly massage her
neck and shoulders. I move back slightly in order to gain
some room and start to run my hands slowly from her lower
back to her shoulders alternately massaging firmly and
then brushing lightly over her soft skin. She gasps, but
I feel her relax beneath my hands, submitting, her muscles
relaxing and the tension leaving her body.

I draw her back against me, her skin soft against my chest,
her hair clean and luxurious against my face. I continue
to caress her shoulders and neck, moving slowly to stroke
her cheeks and ears then slowly down her neck towards where
the towel is still loosely draped over her breasts. I run
my fingertips gently over the upper slopes of her breasts
then back up to her neck and up into her hair.

She moans softly and nestles against me, the towel slipping
down her body and revealing one breast, the nipple firm
and proud. I reach around her and cup the underside of the
exposed brest flicking a fingernail lightly across the
nipple in the process. She shivers and catches her lower
lip between her teeth, a soft moan escapes her. My hand squeezes
gently as I softly kiss the lobe of her ear.

I continue to kiss my way lightly from her ear to her neck,
and she leans forward and presses her breast into my palm.
I can now kiss and nibble gently at the nape of her neck, while
my other hand runs in slow caresses along her spine.

She sighs and places her hand over mine, as I fondle her breast.
Once again I squeeze, firmer this time and tracing my thumb
over the surface and across the erect nipple. She gasps
as I bite gently at the nape of her neck. My other hand reaches
around and I ease the towel away from her body revealing
her other breast, stomach and thighs to my hungry gaze.
I take her hand and urge her to her feet. Now she is standing
naked before me, eyes closed, willing, submissive.

I pour some more oil into my hands. I step close behind her
and smooth the oil slowly from her hips across her stomach
and up over her breasts. I momentarily squeeze each breast,
firmly, posessively, then my hands travel slowly down
the length of her body, smoothing the oil over her stomach,
down over her hips, then caressing her upper thighs.

Once again she sighs and pushes back against me. My hands
linger on her thighs, kneading the muscles and stroking
her flesh, before once again gliding over her hipsand cupping
her buttocks. I run my hands over her back to her shoulders
and turn her to face me. Her eyes are still closed as she enjoys
my touch, she steps forward and presses against me. Her
hand loosens my towel and it falls to the floor between us.
I run one hand down her spine and tighten my embrace as my
other hand explores her hair and neck. Then I trace her face
with my finger tips, moving slowly over her eyelids cheeks
and lips whilst my other hand moves lower and pulls her closer.
I tilt her head, presenting her lips to mine. I kiss her lightly,
just brushing her lips with mine. I can feel her trembling,

I continue to kiss her and slowly the passion grows, our
lips parted and our tongues exploring. I pull her close
andfeel the sensation of her soft smooth body against mine.
She embraces me fiercely for a moment wanting more. I step
back and spread both towels on the bench and lay her down
before me.

I can feel the heat from her inner thighs as I caress her.
Occasionally I lean forward to kiss her, trailing my hand
across her breasts each time, teasing. I let my hands roam
freely over her body, caressing, kneading, stroking,
her back, neck, stomach, hips and thighs. Kneeling now
between her legs I caress her stomach and thighs circling
her most sensitive places and lingering at the spots that
cause her to tremble. She lies before me, exposed and vulnerable.
Too far gone in lust to resist, she wants only to continue.
She whimpers softly and her breathing changes, becoming

Her hips start to move pushing against my hands as her excitement
rises. I run the tips of my fingers through her pubic hair
and press gently on her mount with the heel of my hand. She
gasps and draws her knees up, opening herself further as
her excitement rises. I lean down and kiss her stomach,
I can feel her muscles flutter beneath my lips, like a trapped

Slowly I trace one finger between her legs. She is moist
and ready. I kiss her inner thigh then kiss my way slowly
towards her centre. I brush her lower lips lightly with
mine, gently parting them with my tongue and seeking her
most sensitive spot. She gasps again as my tongue moves

I insert a fingertip between her lips and slowly ease one,
then two fingers inside her seeking the sensitive inner
walls and g spot. Her breathing is faster now and she in moaning
softly as I tantalise her. She clenches her fingers in my
hair urging me between her legs as her first tremulous orgasm
begins to build. My tongue and fingers continue to work,
pushing her over the edge. She pumps her hips hard, once,
twice, pressing my lips and tongue against her moist heat.
Her internal muscles tightening around my finger as she
climaxes. I continueto lick, and stroke as she slowly descends
from her peak.

I let her rest for a moment, sprawled on the bench, her breathing
fast and light, breasts rising and falling, skin glistening
in the soft light. She is beautiful to me, this mysterious
wanton creature.

I take her hand and bring her to her feet, she stands naked
before me, eyes down, submitting to my slow inspection.
Once again I touch her, reaching out to close her eyes with
my fingertips. Now she cannot anticipate my touch...

I stand close behind her, she can feel my breath on her shoulders
and neck. I reach around her and brush one fingertip across
her stomach quickly. She gasps and flinches momentarily.
My hands and lips continue to roam over her body as I circle
her, teasing her, soft one moment, firm the next, then
both hands are kneading her breasts as I stand again behind
her pulling and lifting the nipples until they are firm
and proud.

I pull her close, and slide one hand lower, across her belly,
down between her legs, seeking her moist opening. She is
moaning as my fingers enter her again, harder now, urgent.
She is caught in the moment where pleasure and pain combine.
I continue to tease and torment her, squeezing and pulling
first one breast then the other, driving my fingers into
her moist pussy, alternately biting and kissing the base
of her neck.

As her pleasure rises she parts her legs further, driving
herself down on my fingers, gasping and shuddering as her
orgasm approaches. Quickly I reach around her waist and
pick her up, placing her on her knees on the sauna bench with
her hands braced against the upper bench. I step back and
admire her, wide and open, panting with lust...

Stepping forward again I place myself between her legs
at the entrance to her pussy, then slowly I begin to ease
myself inside. Placing my hands on her hips I hold her still,
unable to escape, she pushes back but she cannot hasten
the slow glide into her depths. Nor can she pull away, she
can only submit to pleasure.

Finally I am fully within her, my pelvis pressing against
her ass, I reach between her legs and flick my fingers across
her clit. I can feel her inner muscles spasm, clenching
my cock. Slowly I withdraw, pausing with only the the tip
inside her, one hand holding her still, the other caressing,
kneading, pulling, teasing as it roams her body. I continue
to thrust slowly, taking an age with each stroke, teasing
with the tip, pressing urgently when deep inside her.

She is whimpering now, head down as the sensations build
and once again she nears her climax, then finally I feel
her pussy start to clench as her breathing deepens. Gripping
her hips in both hands I thrust hard into her, grinding against
her before settingup a hard pounding rhythym, pulling
her back against me with each powerful stroke. She grunts
each time I thrust, pushing back now as I penetrate deeper
and deeper, then suddenly she is cumming and I can hold back
no longer. The wave of orgasm breaks over both of us....


We relax as I soften inside her, moving slowly to lie beside
each other and bask in the afterglow. We lie together, comfortable
in each others company, then she smiles and kisses me gently
on the lips. She starts to speak but I presses a finger against
her lips demanding silence. She respects my wishes and
watches me as I stands and wrap my towel around me. I kiss
her once more, pulling her close, then smile and slip through
the door. As I walk away I wonder if our paths will cross again...



Part 2 "The awakening"

It is early evening. I am returning to my room after another
longday of negotiations over a particularly complex contract.
As the concerns of the day start to fade away I cast my mind
back to the previous evening, the brief encounter with
my mystery lover. The images still clear in my mind....


...she sits on the bench smoothing the oil into her arms
and legs...

... lies before me, eyes closed, naked, her soft flesh glistening
in the dim light, the cleft between her legs hidden in shadow...


... standing now as I inspect her and my hands explore the
contours of her body...

... on her hands and knees, held firm, her head down, teeth
clenched as her orgasm mounts within her....

... as I leave, her smile...

I walk through the lobby, and call the lift to go to my room.
Entering the lift I select the 3rd floor. Just as the doors
begin to close a hand reaches out and stops them. When they
open my mystery lover stands before me framed in the lift
door. She is dressed in a conservative business suit, her
hair tied back, a document wallet hed in one hand. Her eyes
widen as she recognises me, her face flushed, but she steps
into the lift and selects the 7th floor, her eyes downcast.


She turns to face the doors as the lift begins to rise. I reach
out and take her hand, half turning her towards me. I can
feel her trembling. I whisper "room 314, midnight" and
raise her hand to my lips. a brief kiss and I release her hand
as we arrive at the 3rd floor and step out of the lift, the
doors closing behind me.

As I return to myroom I wonder whether she will have the courage
to come to me later that evening. Was our brief meeting in
the sauna just a moment of madness, a burst of passion triggered
by an impluse never to be repeated. Ir was it as I hoped the
beginning of herawakening to the dark, erotic, part of
herself. That part which wished to give herself fully into
the power of a stranger, exploring her fantasies without
fear of judgement or rejection. I hoped that she would have
the courage to take this step...

Acting on my instincts, I went into the city and made a few
purchases at several shops at which I was a regular patron.
Then I returned and spent a pleasant evening in the hotel,
I dined alone, a rare fillet steak with an excellent red
wine, then sat by the fire in the lounge reading, a glass
of fine brandy by my side.

I returned to my room at 11.30 and made ready to receive my
I lit the candles I had purchased and made sure that the wine
was properly chilled. I also laid some ofmy other purchases
on the dressing table so that they would be close at hand.


Then I showered, dressed in a black polo and jeans and sat
down to await the witching hour....

At a few minutes past the hour I hear a tentative knock at
my bedroom door. I smile, pleased that my instincts were
right. I rise and open the door. She stands sillouetted
in the light from the corridor, still dressed in her business
suit. Her hair unbound. I reach out and once again I take
her hand. I raise my finger to her lips indicating that she
should be silent. Slowly I draw her with me into the room,
closing the door behind her.

"Welcome" I whisper, "do not speak, all that I require is
a nod of your head for yes, or a shake of your head for no. Do
youunderstand ?". A pause, then she nods her head, yes.


I lead her towards the dressing table, giving her a clear
view of the items arrayed there, her eyes widen, and I can
feel her breathing faster as her excitment grows.

"My lady, we are hereto explore your darker nature, you
will do as I tell you without hesitation, if you are obedient
and pleasing to me you will be rewarded.

If you hesitate or fail to please me you will be punished.
Remember that you are beautiful and precious to me. You
are safe here, I will not allow any harm to befall you. If
at any time you wish me to stop what we are doing, simply say
the word 'Cease'. Do you understand ?"

She nods once again, relieved now that she understands
the rules of our game. She can now submit to me without fear,
allowing us to explore her limits together.

"Then we shall begin..."

I lead her to the open space at the centre of the room. "Stand
still my lady". I place a blindfold over her eyes, fastening
it tight. Then using one fingertip I begin to trace the contours
of her face and neck. Touching lightly, moving slowly,
a soft and tender caress. Expanding my touch, using both
hands now over her clothes I start to explore her body. I
savour the sensation as my hands glide over the smooth silk
of her jacket and skirt. I explore her back, feeling her
muscles bunch and glide beneath the cloth as she reacts
to my touch. Now gliding down to knead her buttocks, feeling
her strength, her vitality. I draw her close and brush her
lips with mine. She is hungry now, wanting more, leaning
into the kiss, pressing against me.

I step back, breaking the contact, tantalising. "Be still
my lady, you must not move". She nods, wanting to continue
but knowing that she must obey. Reaching out I start to undo
the buttons on her jacket, moving slowly, my hands brushing
her breasts and stomach. Once undone I slip it from her shoulders.
Beneath she is wearing a simple white blouse. Her skirt
unfastens simply, I undothe button at the waistband, then
lower the zip letting the skirt slide over her hips and legs
to the floor. I catch a glimpse of lacy high cut panties and
the tops of her stockings before the tails of her blouse
fall and obscure them from view.

Now I begin on the buttons holding her blouse closed, working
up from the bottom, unfastening one at a time, my hands rising
slowly until finally I undo the top button and the blouse
parts to reveal the upper swell of her breasts. They are
hidden from view by a lacy white silk bra, her nipples straining
against the fabric, clearly showing her arousal. Moving
behind her now I slip the blouse from her shoulders leaving
her standing dressed only in her shoes and lingerie.

I guide her forward and she steps out of the skirt leaving
her outer garments behind her on the floor. It seems that
with the shedding of the external layers she has shed more
of her inibitions. She stands easier now, no longer as nervous,
her head held high. She is aroused and willing.

Stepping close behind her I stand motionless, she can feel
my breath on her neck and shoulders. I can see her biting
her lower lip, striving not to make a sound. I place one hand
on her shoulder, holding her, steadying her. The other
hand begins to roam, caressing, kneading, touching only
her bare skin. Refusing to touch the parts of her covered
by her silken undergarments. A soft moan betrays how aroused
she is becomng, she shudders, tormented by my touch, wanting

I reach around her, taking her breasts in both hands, the
nipples pinched through the cloth between my fingers and
thumbs, she gasps and attempts to lean back against me.
My thumbs tighten momentarily pulling her upright again,
"be still my lady", she stops moving again. Breathing heavily
as she attempts to regain her control. I continue to fondle
her breasts through the cloth, squeezing and kneading,
stroking, occasionally grazing her stiffened nipples
with thumbs or forefingers. She fights toremain still
as I continue this pleasureable torment.

Releasing her breasts I trail my fingertips along her heaving
flanks and over the smooth skin of her back, reaching to
unclasp the catch on her bra. It unsnaps and I slide the straps
over hershoulders, revealing her breasts to my gaze. Once
again I move away, admiring her as she stands in front of
me naked but for her shoes, stockings, knickers and garter
belt. I move slowly and silently around her until we are
face to face. Once again I take her breasts in my hands, leaning
forward and tongueing her nipples, nibbling now, tormenting
her with my teeth, taking each one into my mouth.

Finally I release them, her nipples now incredibly swollen,
darkened with her passion, puckered and proud. Gently
I blow on them, cool breath causing her to gasp once again
as her senses overload. Her hips are rolling involuntarily
as a damp patch begins to form on the gusset of her panties.
I reach down and snap the thin elastic waistband of her panties
where it crosses her left hip then the again on the right
side. Now I can draw the small piece of cloth from between
her legs. She sighs as her most sensitive parts are exposed
to the cool air. I am surprised to discover that she is now
shaven, her mount bare, the lips of her delicate pussy clearly
visible to my hungry eyes.

I lead her to the bed, turning her so that she can sit on its
edge, using touch alone I guide her until she is lying full
length. "You please me my lady, my beautiful salve. Now
you may move, you may sigh or moan, but you may not speak.
Do you understand ? ". She nods and I bestow a kiss on her parted
lips, running one hand firmly between her breasts and down
her body, placing the heel of my hand on her mount and allowing
my fingertips to rest against the entrance to her pussy.
Crooking my middle finger I dip inside her for an instant,
she is
wet and hot, her legs parting of their own accord to allow
me access.

My finger circles the entrance, flicking across her clit
as her hips grind slowly, urging me to touch her deeper.


Instead I turn and walk to the dressing table, picking up
the cords which I had placed there earlier. Made of soft
cotton they are strong enough to bind without marking.
I return and fasten one to each of her ankles. I run each cord
to one of the lower legs of the bed tying them so that she is
allowed some movement but cannot bring her legs together.
I take her wrists and bind them together, tying the end of
thecord to the bedhead. Now she lies before me, bound and
helpless, naked and vulnerable, blindfolded.

I return to the table and pick up a soft fur glove. I also retrieve
the bottle of white wine from the icebucket. I begin to caress
her naked bodywith the soft fur glove, running it smoothly
across her skin, from ankle to thigh, along her stomach
and flanks, brushing her
nipples and breasts, now trailing between her legs. She
moans and squirms, her hips beating a soft tattoo against
the sheets as I tantalise her, awakening her nerves and
senses. I tilt the wine and allow a little to fall between
her breasts. Her gasp clearly audible as the cold liquid
hits her sensitised flesh.

I lean forward and kiss the cold drops from her skin licking
her with my warm tongue. Once again I tilt the bottle allowing
the wine to trickle down her stomach, pooling in her navel.
I stoop to drink from this precious cup, circling my tongue
and following the trail of wine to its origin between her
breasts. Taking a small mouthful of the cold wine, I bend
and swiftly take a nipple between my teeth sealing my lips
against her breast and bathing the tip in the cold liquid.

I feel her quiver as I tongue the swollen bud allowing its
heat to warm the wine in my mouth. Squeezing with my teeth
and sucking as I swallow the now warm fluid.

Suddenly I touch the chilled bottle to her bare pussy lips,
a small cry escapes her lips at the unexpected shock of cold,
she flinches away, trying to ease the sharp sensation but
I keep the bottle in contact allowing her no release. Slowly
she relaxes, growing accustomed to the cold. I remove the
bottle and stroke her
tortured cunt with the soft fur of the glove, easing and
warming her, relaxing her.

Once more taking some wine into my mouth I kneel between
her legs and press my lips against her swollen clit, letting
the wine bathe it, contrasting my warm lips with the chill
shock of the wine. She is moaning and squirming now, pressing
herselfagainst my lips, I ease a finger into her palpating
cunt, then another, moving them slowly in and out as I continue
to lick and nibble at her clit. I feel her pussy clamp tight
around my fingers as her orgasm hits, and she
presses hard against my lips as I suck harder, driving her
over the brink. I continue to lick and suck her clit and finger
her moist quim as she slowly relaxes, her muscles unclenching
as the wave of her orgasm recedes.

She lies before me, spent, naked, vulnerable, a beautiful
plaything. Rising I release her legs from their restraints
and unfasten the end of the cord holding her wrist to the

Taking the end of the cord I lead her to the heavy desk against
one wall. I stand her at one end and have her bend over the
desk, her breasts flattened against the green leather
cover her arms stretched before her, I fasten the cord to
the other side of the desk, then bind each of her ankles to
one of the desk legs. Now I have clear access to her legs,
ass, and pussy, framed and displayed in all their glory
by the stockings and suspenders. I pull the suspender belt
away from her hip then let it snap back with a faint but exciting
thwack against
her flesh.

Returning to the dressing table I select thevibrator I
purchased earlier, a faithful reproduction of the male
member, lifelike in every detail. Returning I place the
vibrating shaft against her nether lips, stroking up and
down the length of her slit, teasing her, she squirms in
her attempts to escape the torment. I press the head of the
vibrator into her cunt, penetrating slowly, easing it
ever deeper into her, she gasps as she is slowly filled by
the throbbing shaft. I continue to penetrate her with the
toy, circling the shaft to pressagainst every inch of her
inner flesh, deeper and deeper. Finally she is fully impaled,
the vibrator deep within her, my fingers caressing her
clit. "Now my lady you must hold this within you, clench
yourself and do not let this fall."

She rounds her back, raising her hips as high as she can in
an attempt to keep the vibrator within her, gravity is her
enemy as her cunt responds to the vibrating shaft within
her, becoming wetter as she strives to clench the device
within her. I step away and admire this beautiful slave,
lost in wanton abandon.

Now I take the small butt plug from the table applying a generous
layer of lube to its shaft, unfastening her blindfold I
show her the plug. "Do you know what this is little one ?"
She shakesher head, mindful of my instructions not to speak.


"This is the key to your most secret place my dear. " Her eyes
widen as she realises my intention. She shakes her head,
no, but she is too far gone in lust to resist, the safeword
remains unsaid.

Moving behind her again, I rest my fingers against the base
of the vibrator, allowing her to relax for a moment as I hold
it in place. I place the tip of the plug against her rectum,
pressing slowly against the entrance to her ass. "Relax
my dear and it will be easier". As I apply steady pressure
she relaxes and the plug slowly starts to enter her body,
slipping gently from sight. She moans aloud at the sensation
of this dual penetration, as I move the vibraor slowly in
and out of her throbbing cunt. Slowly the plug sinks deeper,
pressing against
the thin wall of flesh and muscle separating it from the
vibrator. She is moaning and gasping now, all control gone
as she reacts to the maelstrom of sensation within her.
She pushes back against my hands, forcing the plug deeper
until its widest point passes the tight ring of muscle,
then the plug settles deeply into her ass as it tightens
naturally against the taper on the shaft.

She yelps as both holes are filled, I give her a moment to
adjust to
the sensation, then I start to move the vibrator again.
Slowly at first, then faster as the feeling builds. Now
I am fucking her with the toy, pounding it deep into her.
She is moaning and gasping, her head tossing from side to
side, teeth clenched as she experiences powerful waves
of sensation. She pushes back harder, driving herself
against my hands grunting as her orgasm mounts and
breaks, Oooohhhhhhhh, uuuuuhhh, ahhhhh" she gasps aloud
as she is swept away on the rising tide. I continue to manipulate
the vibrator, then pull the plug a little way from her ass,
letting it sink back in again, pulling gently and letting
it return to deep within her, setting up a rhythymic counterpoint
to the movement of the vibrator. This sets off yet another
wave of pleasure as the hitherto unkown sensation sweeps
through her. She throws her head back as she
cums again and again, her juices running down her thighs.


Finally she collapses back onto the desk, drained by the
intensity of the experience. I slowly remove the vibrator,
then the butt plug watching them slip from her, she sighs
at the feeling of emptyness. I release her legs and hands
and remove the blindfold. She stands on shaky legs and I
steady her. She smiles, a misty look in her eyes, pink and
flushed. I smile and kiss her gently, holding her close.
"You please me little one, go to the bathroom, wash yourself,
put on the garments you find there and return to me".

I pour myself a glass of wine andawait her return. A few minutes
later she returns dressed in the revealing slave garments
which I had purchased earlier, her movements provide me
with tantalising glimpses of her flesh. I take her hand
and lead her to the dressing table on which I had placed the
various toys and fetish items I had purchased earlier."Very
good my dear you look beautiful. As a reward you may select
three items from the table which will be used tonight, and
you may make one request of me as to our play tonight."

She moved towards the table and stretched out her hand to
make her first selection....................................

Part 3 ???

If you like these tales and you are a female sub in Ireland
or England and would like to get to know me better mail me

Until then adieu my lady...

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