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Her 1st Extramarital Encounter.


I will never be able to forget the first extramarital encounter
my wife and I ever had. It was July 24, 2008 and I was deployed
into a foreign land, fighting in the war on terror. My wife
and I had spoken several times, over the course of two years,
about the possibilities of bringing another male into
our sexual relationship, but I had never imagined it happening.

My wife had elected to stay at our overseas location while
I was deployed. About a week prior to our July 24th encounter,
she had been making arrangements to have a male stripper
come over to our house for her best friends 39th birthday.
Having one hell of a time trying to find a local man to fulfill
this engagement, she turned to me for assistance.

I recalled a man named Giuseppe; he was a local man that worked
in law enforcement and had shown tremendous interest in
my wife. I had met him through my explorations of finding
this additional lover that my wife and I had fantasized
about. So I logged into my email and searched deep into my
sent files, desperately trying to locate the one person
I was sure would consider fulfilling my wives request.
When I located his email address, hidden deep inside of
about three hundred other messages, I gave it to my wife.
She was rather inquisitive about how and who this person
was, so I informed her on all of the details.

She had made arrangements to interview him for her upcoming
weekend. They had agreed to meet at a local coffee shop and
set down with one another for no longer then a half and hour,
just long enough to get a good visual of his physique and
enjoy a nice cup of Italian coffee. After their set down,
she called me right away to explain that he was not the type
of person she wanted for her event. She said that he was rather
persistent and showed more interest in her sexually. She
explained how he was only interested in performing at her
friends’ birthday party if there was some sort of agreement
made with my wife of a sexual nature. She had left the coffee
shop no more than twenty minutes after meeting him.

Several days and several sexual conversations later,
she had decided, she was interested in exploring the side
of her that she had suppressed for so many years. She spoke
with me about my feelings about this matter, searching
for my approval. She was amazed that I agreed whole heartedly.
I explained to her that I would require several different
conditions in order for this to take place. I required this
event to be filmed with our camcorder, I wanted a live feed
on the webcam and would also need to be able to speak and hear
the whole thing. Well thanks to technology this was all
possible; however, the live feed from the webcam I requested
was going to be extremely slow due to my location.

She made contact with Giuseppe and arranged to meet up that
Thursday. She explained to him, she was only interested
in him for sexual enjoyment; no romance, no relationship
or any kind of commitment, this was strictly about the three
of us being able to cum. I too had correspondence with Giuseppe;
I had begun emailing him regularly prior to that night.
We chatted about my wife, her sexual pleasures, dos and
don’ts. We talked about what I happened to be expecting
and what I was ok with and what I frowned about. Mostly, we
just chatted about the length of time it took from when he
and I first started talking to this actually happening.
Which only made the two of us laugh, because it was my wife
who continued to change her mind.

When Thursday finally came, work was damn near impossible
to concentrate on. I found myself focusing on the fact that
my wife was about to go through with something we had only
fantasized about. As the time drew nearer, I began to feel
my nerves building, bringing me into a state of panic. I
had to call her; once my day had come to an end, I was able to
log into my email account and find her there waiting on me.
We discussed the fact that we both had the same type of day
and that we both forced ourselves from contacting one another,
fearing that one of us or both of us might have changed our

We still had one hour before Giuseppe would be at her door,
so we made the most of our time by adjusting the webcam, making
the futon into a comfortable location for having this sexual
encounter and arranging the rest of the room to create a
more sensual environment. We discussed several things
that we both thought would be pushing the limits, things
that we thought were alright to do and things that we would
not allow to happen. We both made the agreement that protection
was a must, that even during oral sex, a condom would be used.
Other than the protection portion, we mostly decided that
we were both open to any and all other actions.

During our conversation the hour seemed to diminish rapidly,
before we knew it, her cell phone was ringing. She explained
to him in detail the directions to our home. Before I knew
it, there he was, standing in our computer room. He was taller
than I had expected, as I constantly stared at him through
my webcam, measuring him up and down; like any Alpha male
would do when another rooster entered the hen house. As
Giuseppe and my wife sat down on the daybed, I began to explain
how excited I was to the both of them. I explicated how I expected
the encounter to proceed and then silently drifted off
into the background, as they began to kiss one another.

Sitting next to one another on the couch, kissing, he reached
across her body and began to undo the buttons on her blouse.
He removed her blouse to uncover her spaghetti strapped
t-shirt, and under that, she wore a black bra enclosing
her voluptuous breasts. With a single slide of his hand,
he was able to push her t-shirt and bra to the underside of
her C-cup tits. Without hesitating he quickly maneuvered
his lips onto her nipples, sucking on her right and fondling
her left. He was positioned across her body, covering my
view of the events as they began to unfold. She was beginning
to gasp for air, as her breath was rapidly being taken away
by her enjoyment.

As her heartbeat began to increase with his every touch,
she reached up and removed her bra from her body; tossing
it quickly to the floor and grabbed the video camera with
the same hand. She placed the camera on the futon next to
them, getting an angle on the situation. Feeling more comfortable
with his touches, she maneuvered him so that he was now sitting
and quickly placed her body on top of his; straddling him
and kissing passionately. She began to rock back and forth
on his lap, kissing him and allowing him to continue fondling
her breasts.

As the t-shirt she was wearing began to slide down her torso,
his hands grabbing a hold of her large tits, she once again
moved from his lap to his side. With this action, Giuseppe,
removed his hands from her and stood up. He quickly released
his button and unzipped his pants, sliding them down below
his knees. This exposed his already stiffening erection,
that he immediately began stroking slowly as he sat back
down next to her.

Removing his hand from his enlarged cock, he reached over
to take her foot into his hand. Lifting her leg up, forced
her to lie down onto the daybed, he placed her toes into his
mouth, a form of pleasure she had always enjoyed. Sucking
on her toes and massaging her feet, I could tell that her
pussy was becoming unbelievably wet, as her sighs became
louder and louder. That is when he stopped sucking on her
toes and placed her wet foot onto his erect penis, slowly
guiding her foot up and down his shaft.

Her pussy was talking to her, telling her how badly she wanted
this man inside her, as she placed the camera back onto the
shelf setting next to the couch. Giuseppe stood up and assisted
her in the removal process of her pants. As her pants fell
to the floor, Giuseppe pushed her legs open. She was sitting
on the daybed with her legs at a ninety degree angle. Giuseppe
was crouching down at the base of the futon, with his pants
in a bundle around his feet. He placed his head between her
thighs and began to kiss around the edges of her panty line,
teasing her with his motions. She was relaxing her head,
setting it back onto the rear of the daybed and grasping
hold of her left tit; pinching her own nipples as he continued.

With his right hand guiding its way to her panties, he slid
them to one side, and began caressing her pussy with his
mouth, touching the internal areas of her wet cunt with
his fingers. She gasped again, as she was thrown forward
from the intense feeling of his hand on her pussy. She looked
directly into the webcam and asked me if I was rubbing my
cock. To which I responded and continued to enjoy the events
taking place for me over the internet.

She once again reached over to get the camera off of the night
stand. As she leaned towards the camcorder, Giuseppe reached
for her panties. He grabbed them by both sides, as she raised
her buttocks off the daybed; he promptly slid them off of
her. She was now lying down, one leg draped over the edge
of the couch and the other placed on it. This gave him access
to her glistening pussy, to which, he once again placed
his mouth and began to perform oral sex on her. He paused
only for a moment to lick his finger, before sliding it deep
inside her pussy and continued to suck on her clit. Her sighs
were quickening even more than before, and watching this
on my laptop, I knew that oral sex was always her one weakness.

She had positioned the camera so that it would be recording
her oral pleasures from her side, thus recording his face
buried deep into her cunt. Giuseppe took the camera from
her and moved it down between her thighs, removed his face
from her clitoris, and began to film himself as he slid two
fingers in and out or her pussy at a quickening pace. I could
see from the webcam, the side of his arm motioning back and
forth rapidly. I knew this was about to make her cum.

As she became wetter and his two fingers became three, then
four, she told him that she had always enjoyed the whole
hand. Giuseppe did not hesitate to oblige her wishes. Creating
a phallic shape with his fingers he started to submerge
them, with a pumping motion, further and further inside
her overly soaked lips. With many rotating movements and
a continual pumping action, he gradually began to fit most
of his hand inside her. I just continued to watch in awe as
this was taking place, knowing that my wife was never the
type to shy away from enormous penetration. She reached
down between her legs and began to rub on her clit as he continued
his rotating movements with his arm.

Suddenly he paused; she then took the camera from him and
again placed in on the table. She sat up and slid her mostly
naked body closer to him, only her t-shirt remained and
that was rolled down around her abdomen. She then wrapped
her legs around him and began kissing him intensely.

Again fondling her breast, he reached up with one hand and
placed two fingers into her mouth. His other hand was tucked
up underneath her ass, pushing upward and towards him,
expressing his own desire for her. She continued to mimic
a blow job on his fingers, as her body rocked back and forth
to the massaging of his hand on her ass. He teased her momentarily
with his fingers, pulling them from her mouth, watching
with a smile as she chased them back into her throat again.

Giuseppe stopped her oral fixation and positioned his
leg closer to her crotch, thus maneuvering her left leg
over the top of his, exposing her juicy cunt to him. He didn’t
pause a moment as he then slid his arm between her legs and
began one again to insert his fingers deep inside of her.
He had only begun to finger her, when he attempted to slide
his fingers from her pussy and into her asshole. She quickly
stopped him; he then returned to her vagina once more.

That is when my webcam view suddenly changed. I lost my signal
and was unable to view them in their heated encounter. I
buzzed the Instant Messenger on her end, asking once again
to be invited to her show. She stopped right then and there;
stood up from the intertwined embrace she was fully wrapped
up in to and walked over to the computer. She began in a desperate
attempt to reset the webcam. After four unsuccessful attempts,
it finally came back on.

During this time, Giuseppe, had become frustrated in our
little arrangement and decided to approach her. He began
to masturbate in front of her, moving his hands across the
shaft of his fully erect cock. She was making several sighs
as she watched him display his manhood, which in my earpiece
could have been confused as intercourse. This and my webcam
fucking up, only made me that much more nervous. I became
extremely frustrated at the situation, even claiming
to give up and talk to her after they had finished, before
our minor situation became resolved. Just prior to my cam reloading, I heard her tell him to get
a condom. When my view was reestablished, I was quickly
thrust back into the moment. I was now watching, as my wife
began to slide a condom over his shaft. She handed him the
video camera and began to place her mouth around his cock.
She started off slow, taking him deep into her mouth, but
with the slutty instincts that she has always possessed,
she began to devour his erection. I could only see from my
angle, him setting on the daybed with her placed on her knees
directly in front of him. I could hear the slurping noises
coming threw my earpiece, each one sending me closer to
climax as I had once again began to pull on my cock.

That’s when if happened again. My webcam froze, sending
me almost into a fit or rage. Somehow, I was able to control
my anger and get her attention at the same time. She once
again removed herself from the situation and began to correct
our problem. At the same time, she had directed him towards
the leather office chair in front of the computer where
she was at. As she continued to fuck with the webcam, she
continued to suck on his cock. She would only pause from
taking his cock deep inside her throat to make several attempts
to reset the webcam, and only at my request. So I could hear
her deepthroating him, but I was unable to see this taking
place, not until I was emailed a copy of the video she was

I could hear his moans as her head bobbed up and down in a slow
and steady rhythm. I could hear her sighs, as she enjoyed
taking him deeply into her mouth. That is when we received
another miracle; our webcam began to work once again.

This time, when the webcam began to deliver an image to me,
I was witnessing only the facial expressions of a man receiving
my wife’s awesome blow job. I made a quick statement, giving
her the notice of my visual. That is when she lifted from
his erection and motioned him back towards that futon.
He stood, his cock was wrapped in a condom and his pants were
no longer in a bundle at his feet. He walked across the room,
sat back onto the couch and again began to jerk himself off,
in anticipation of my wife and her beautiful lips to once
again engulf his shaft.

I again had the angle of her back towards me, him setting
directly in front of me and my wife bobbing her head up and
down on him, but, from the video I was able to see her taking
his cock inside her mouth. She would periodically glance
towards the camera, showing me her sexy eyes and that fat
cock sliding in and out of her throat.

While she was busy going down on him, he started to become
a little displeased that she was requiring him to wear a
prophylactic during oral sex. She paused at the sight of
his displeasure and confronted his dilemma. She explained
to him, in his native tongue, that this was not a choice.
If they were to continue to play with one another, this was
a requirement. After a brief moment of this disposition,
she again proceeded to perform her outstanding cock sucking
abilities on him once again.

Starring down at her while she moved her head up and down
on his enlarged shaft, he reached down and took a hold of
her hair. As he grabbed a large portion of her hair, he began
to force her mouth further down upon his erection, forcing
her to take all of his cock into her throat. While being deep
throated, he began to rock his waist up and down, giving
her no option but to swallow his every inch. She sucked his
cock off and on, sometimes lifting up enough to place her
large breasts around him, squeezing them together to tit
fuck him. She would do this momentarily and again drop down,
placing her salivating mouth around his shaft, only to
rise again to embrace his cock between her tits.

She lifted up from her crotch embedded state and began kissing
him fervently. Giuseppe once again grabbed a hold of a huge
portion of her hair, and in a show of force, threw her head
back in a quick motion. He continued to kiss her, but was
beginning to show her forms of dominance, a trait that my
wife had always desired in men.

Being controlled for the moment, was exactly what she must
have wanted, I could hear her excitement level begin to
increase, as she again dropped to her knees and took all
of him inside her mouth.

She sucked on his cock for another minute or so, before she
stood up and sat down to his right. Giuseppe just starred
at her, grabbed onto his cock and positioned his face between
her legs. As he began to bury his face into her wet pussy,
he spit on her clit, and began to suck on her juicy cunt. While
eating her pussy, he paused for a moment to lick his fingers,
all of them, and again placed them inside her. He was fingering
her love box and sucking on her clitoris; I could hear her
sighs speeding up and watch as his arm movements do the same.

He stopped sucking on her, lifted his face, but continued
to vigorously shove his fingers inside. He then stood up
and she sat up to meet his erection head on, she didn’t even
bother with it, as she continued her motion. She ended up
from one side of the daybed to the other, grabbed the video
camera and asked him to put his cock inside her. This must
have not been what Giuseppe had in mind, for the next thing
I knew, his cock was once again jabbing at the back of my wife’s

Only this time, he was standing above her, one foot on the
futon and the other on the floor. He had positioned himself
in a very aggressive manner and began to grab the back of
her head, forcing his cock against her tonsils. While ramming
his cock inside her, he again placed his fingers inside
her pussy. Releasing his clutch of her head and grabbing
the rear of the couch for leverage, he began to thrust his
entire hand deeply inside her overly soaked cunt. She was
overcome with desire, but continued to suck him off. Her
hand was now grabbing at the base of his erection and her
screams were muffled by his cock, as his fist began to rapidly
thrust around inside her.

Being overcome with sensations, she was unable to control
her jaw any longer. She returned back down onto the daybed
to enjoy the feeling of being completely filled. She held
the camera above her waist to get a better angle of his arm
inside her. She explained to me over the microphone exactly
what he was doing, as if I had somehow not noticed his entire
hand submerged into her pussy. Enjoying the pleasure he was providing her with his hand,
she reached down and began to rub again on her clit. She then
stopped and reached for his arm. She grabbed his arm and
explained as she pulled it outward, that she wanted him
to take it all the way out and put it all the way back in again.
To which, he obliged her several more times, she also demanded
him to place his mouth on her pussy while continuing to fist
her, and he fulfilled that request as well.

After watching the video, I was able to see him remove his
fist from her now gapping hole and once again place his mouth
upon her clitoris. I watched as the video slowly moved from
where I could see him going down on her, to his cock being
massaged by my wife, while he still stood in the same position
on the futon.

After about two minutes of eating her pussy, he attempted
to insert his fingers into her asshole, a place she was not
willing to let him penetrate. She quickly said no, which
made him stop and rise to his feet. Standing in front of her,
cock fully erect, she sat up. His cock was at mouth level
now, and she quickly submerged it again into her mouth.
He once again placed his hands on the back of her head, forcing
her down onto his pelvic bone. She gagged a little before
biting down on his shaft, in a not so violent manner. This
caused him to break his grasp on her, releasing her head.
She leaned back and asked him if he enjoyed her biting his
dick, his response was to thrust his cock back into her mouth.

She maneuvered the camera to underneath them, placing
it on the floor looking up. I could see from my angle on the
webcam, his back towards me, barely making out the oral
pleasure he was getting. When I received the video, I watched
her going down on him as if I was lying between both of their
legs; oh my God it was hot!

After that, he sat back down to her left and she turned around
and sat down onto his cock. Now straddling him on the couch,
her back facing me, I could see his cock sliding in and out
of my wife.

Wouldn’t you know it that is when my webcam, froze on me for
the third time! I was getting so upset on my distant end.
Wanting nothing more than to see her enjoy herself and to
get myself off in the process and this damn internet connection,
I was on, wouldn’t allow me to do so. I began to send cries
of desperation to her via Instant Messenger, but to no prevail.
With her back towards me and fulfilling her need for cock,
she wasn’t paying any attention to the large font going
across her screen, nor could she hear me telling her over
the microphone that it had gone down either, not over her
screams of pleasure anyway.

She was riding his cock; I could see from the video that she
was enjoying him penetrating her pussy, taking all of him
inside every time she would rise and drop again. From the
video, I was only able to see her tits bounce up and down with
her every movement, from the microphone I could pick up
every sound of their heated moment, but from my webcam,
all I could see was a frozen image of his ass facing me and
her sitting on the daybed giving him head. She was riding his cock; he was squeezing her tits together
and licking both of her nipples at the same time. She was
becoming extremely vocal as her orgasms would burst through
her. That’s when she stopped and told him to fuck her. She
got up off of him, kneeled down on the floor, ass held in the
air and her elbows placed on the futon. Giuseppe stood up
and walked around her, facing her ass. He approached her,
cock in hand, and quickly slid it deep inside her juicy cunt.
He began to thrust inside her with such force that her head
was jammed up against the wall, her hands had moved from
bracing her up on the couch to pressing against the wall,
she was either trying to stop from getting a headache or
trying to use the wall as leverage to push back at him, I think
it was a little of both.

She stopped him once again, moved the video camera from
the back of the daybed, back over to the end table. She then
repositioned herself on the futon, still remaining in
the doggy style position. He crawled up behind her and again
started to bang his pelvis against her ass. He was pushing
every inch of his cock deeply into my wife. As his movements
picked up in speed, he began to smack her on her ass. She had
always enjoyed to be smacked on the ass while being fucked
and when he started this; her orgasms began to creep up on
her more rapidly, as she began to thrust herself back onto
his cock as he pushed forward.

As she came again, she backed off of his cock, flipped around
and began to suck on him once more. Sucking his cock for about
a minute or so, she returned to lying on her back. Giuseppe
again followed suit and approached her cunt with his cock.
They were now in the missionary position on the couch and
I still had no visual on their activities, however, with
the camcorder still picking up on the action, I wasn’t going
to miss anything except for the live performance.

He pushed her left leg over his shoulder and inserted his
cock back into her glistening pussy lips. That is when she
reached over and took a hold of the video camera. She held
it above them, filming down on the action as he pounded deeply
inside her. She once more told him to fuck her, as she continued
to hold the camera above their penetrating scene. He drove
his cock so rapidly inside her that she was able to cum another

After she released what had to be her third or fourth orgasm
of the evening, Giuseppe back out of her and began to introduce
his whole hand inside her again. She reached down and helped
him to please her, as she began to rub her clit once more.
Pulling backwards on her pussy lips, exposing her swollen
clit, Giuseppe spit on her clitoris and continued to pump
his fingers inside her.

She was enjoying his fingers; her pussy was so wet that his
entire hand began to slide deeply inside. He was fist fucking
her again. This time, he was doing it so rapidly and with
so much force and rotation that she began to cum almost immediately.
Able to make her reach orgasm again in such a short amount
of time, excited him. Giuseppe continued to fist my wife,
pushing his hand in deeper and rotating it as he went in.
He would pull it out half way and then force it back in. He
continued this for about two minutes before she was about
to cum once more, only this time she didn’t just cum, she
squirted out her cum from the small cracks between his wrist
and her cunt. Getting her to squirt, excited him so much,
that he removed his hand from her and reinserted his cock
back into her gapping hole.

She was trying to gather her senses as he continued to push
himself inside her, which is when I heard her tell him to
fuck her in the ass. Hearing this and not being able to see
it was driving me crazy and I was sending every verbal and
written notification I could, trying to get her to fix the

She handed him the camera and rolled over unto her knees.
She placed her head on the daybed and reached behind her,
spreading her ass cheeks for him. He held the camera just
above her asshole, filming him slide his cock slowly inside
her. His erection seemed to slide inside her tight ass with
ease, as her moans echoed through the room. He was now deep
inside my wife’s ass and pounding away. He was unable to
push himself with as much force as he would have liked while
holding on to the camera, so he handed it over to her without
skipping a beat. In between strokes she had somehow managed
to place the camera back onto the shelf.

Hearing my wife scream with pleasure, knowing that he had
entered her ass and was able to make her squirt, I began to
become extremely frustrated at the fact that I was unable
to witness it. I began pacing back and forth in my room, trying
desperately to get her to acknowledge the fact that my webcam
was not working. All of the sudden, I heard her talking to
me, asking me if I could see them again.

We made several unsuccessful attempts to reregister our
webcams online and the mood on my end was beginning to change.
The atmosphere on their end was only starting to heat up
again, as she was bent over the desk trying to fix the issue
and Giuseppe was sitting in our office chair, rubbing his
cock with one hand and forcing his entire hand back into
my wife’s pussy. She was almost collapsing on top of the
desk as his fist entered her and then withdrew. With the
enjoyment and satisfaction from his fingers entering
her body, she placed one leg up on the chair where he was setting,
thus giving him easier access inside her cunt.

He was stroking his cock with one hand and fist fucking her
with the other. She was trying to reestablish our webcam
connection, taking a fist inside her juicy pussy and moving
the video camera around; trying to get the best angle on
her fully pushed open vagina. I was almost about to give
up on the evening and allow them to have the remaining hour
of their time alone, when my cam finally reconnected. Not
before his thrusting inside her created yet another orgasmic
ejaculation, as she squirted her hot juices across his
arm, the chair and even more landing on the floor underneath

After I was reunited with the two of them, he withdrew his
fist from her gapping hole, stood up from the chair and attempted
to reinsert his phallus into her pussy without any protection.
She stopped him immediately and requested that he again
wrap himself up, and then explained to me what he was attempting
to do.

She proceeded to show me her rock hard nipples on both machines.
She pulled, pinched and even twisted them in an attempt
to continue her arousal. I have always been extremely fond
of her tits; she had the perfect C-cup, with matching nipples
too. I have always loved teasing them, biting on them, pinching
them and just doing whatever I could to play with these true
pieces of art. Apparently, Giuseppe felt the same way.
As he crept up from behind her, reached around her torso
and began rubbing her tits with a firmness that pushed them
against her body and molded to his embrace. He then began
to kiss her neck and shoulders, before reaching down to
rub on her clit.

They moved back over to the futon, where she sat the camcorder
down next to her. Turned around, her ass hanging off the
couch with her feet on the floor, her boobs facing the ceiling
and asked him what he wanted her to do. He then took his place
kneeling next to her, gripping the back of the daybed. She
didn’t hesitate a moment, before sliding his rock hard
cock back into her throat. She reached back for the video
camera and placed it on her lap, facing it up towards her
face, giving me the full picture of their oral situation.

Giuseppe was getting extremely excited about her mouth
being wrapped around his cock; he expressed this by placing
his hand around her head and forcing her down on him. He expressed
it once more by smacking her tits with an open hand, much
like he had done earlier to her ass. I could hear his breathing
quicken like he was close to ejaculation, but I had heard
this before and he hadn’t, so I just continued to view them
in complete awe. I could hear her moaning while she continued
to shove his cock down her throat; I knew that performing
oral sex was always one thing that turned her on, but I think
that slapping her tits was something that she had never
experienced and seemed to enjoy.

She again stopped blowing him and returned to fully lying
down on her back. He stayed right where he was and waited
for her to place herself in the exact position for an easy
vaginal insertion. That didn’t take to long as she suddenly
threw her hips into him, asking him to put his cock into her
pussy, as he did just that. He was jolting his hips in and
out on her pelvic bone, as his cock followed suit. She explained
to him that her pussy wasn’t small anymore because he had
been fisting her into ecstasy, and this must have taken
him over the edge. His steady rhythm of in and out pace suddenly
became very forceful and I could see and hear as his waist
would thrust down upon hers. He then lifted her legs and
forced them down around her neck. He positioned himself
above her, driving his erection deeper into her overly
worked vagina, when she told him to fuck her harder.

From this position he had put her into, she was able to reach
down with one hand and smack her clit as he would back out
of her. She would let him drop down again and smack her pussy
as he rose up. She did this several times before he stopped
pounding on her and began to smack her clit for her.

Giuseppe, spread her pussy lips as far open as they would
go. He then spit down on it and began to vigorously rub her
clit with his hand, before removing his cock from her cunt
and slapping it down onto her clitoris. This was obviously
driving her into another orgasmic situation. I could see
how much his man handling was turning her on and what I could
hear was only the confirmation of my visual.

Once he stopped smacking his cock against her, he backed
off again and renegotiated his fingers inside her swollen
lips. Masturbating her with three fingers at a very high
rate of speed, he would spit on her clit several times as
he went. Still having her legs pinned up around her shoulders,
he sent her into an orgasmic convulsion, as she sprayed
her pussy juices all over him and the futon. With her ejaculation,
he was once again able to slide his entire fist back into
her cunt. He did so easily and began to fist her steadily
and with such aggression that she just continued to cum.

Once he removed his hand from inside her, she just laid there.
She was shaking uncontrollably and trying to regain her
composure. He sat down at the opposite end of the couch and
began to stroke his cock. She was obviously in complete
and total delight, lying there, shaking, trying to catch
her breath that she forgot all about the man setting at her
feet playing with his unsatisfied cock. That is when I came
over the speakers and told her to go finish him off.

As she handed the camera over to him, I could see that the
sheets she had placed on the daybed had been completely
soaked. I could tell by the wet marks on them, just how far
and how much he was able to get my wife to squirt.

He took the camcorder and held it as he sat at the end of the
futon. She placed her lips around his cock and began to suck
his shaft harder than she had all evening. He held the camera
so that I was able to see her looking up at him, cock in mouth,
and pure enjoyment in her eyes. That is when she lifted up
from his cock, looked him dead in the face and told him that
she wanted him to cum on her tits, that he must warn her before
he ejaculated so that she could remove the condom and allow
him to do so.

He had his hand on top of her head, fist full of hair, forcing
her to suck his cock at the pace and depth of his desire. She
wasn’t about to stop him. She wanted him to enjoy her cock
sucking abilities as much as she had enjoyed his talents.
He was about to cum. He knew it; she knew it and I could tell
by his facial expression that there wasn’t any doubt.

That is when he told her that he was ready; she removed the
condom and began to tit fuck his cock. Suddenly, he asked
her to go retrieve the toy he had watched her fuck herself
with during one of our online teases, just nights before
this encounter. She wanted him to complete his sexual fantasies
as much as she wanted to complete her own, so she sat up and
went to locate her toy. Giuseppe just sat there, yanking
on his erection as she left the room.

She reentered the room with a very large, white vibrator
that his immediate reaction was just a sigh of almost disbelief.
She sat down on her pussy juice soaked side of the daybed
and began to imitate the oral stimulation she had just been
performing on him not one minute ago. He watched her intently,
rubbing his cock and filming her for me.

The toy had a head on it that was to big to fit inside her mouth.
She would just lick the outer edges of it, lubricating it
for her vaginal insertion. When it became nice and wet,
she reached down and began to press it inside her cunt. She
was now fucking the vibrator at one end of the couch and Giuseppe
was masturbating on the other.

He then reached over and took control of the vibrator. He
inserted it deeper inside her than she was attempting and
drove it out even faster. He began this rigorous activity
at a velocity that her sore pussy was unable to withstand
any longer, and she again stopped him. She stood up and walked
across the room in an effort to get another condom, when
he saw what she was heading for; he stopped her and told her
to set back down. He was jerking his cock off the entire time
and was about to explode, he wanted her to lie down and allow
him to ejaculate all over her feet.

As she did as requested, she would run her left leg across
his testicles and the other leg he had begun to caress and
suck on. She grabbed a hold of the vibrator and returned
it deep inside her cunt. He was rubbing his penis with a great
determination to ejaculate all over her toes. Watching
her insert this rubber toy inside her swollen pussy, must
have sent him over the edge, as he removed his mouth from
around her toes and placed it down by his cock. He came all
over her feet! She assisted him by rubbing her feet against
his cock while he shot semen all over them.

After they had finished their introduction into bliss,
they both sat on the daybed, starring at one another. They
kissed a few times, nothing erotic anymore, and slowly
began to regain their self-possessions. They almost immediately
proceeded to place their clothing back on and commence
in what appeared to be casual conversation with one another.

She explained to me that she was going to walk him to the door,
and as quickly as they had begun to indulge in sexual satisfaction
with one another, was as quickly as the night closed once
they had finished.

Knowing that the show was over and that she was taking him
to his vehicle, I decided that I was going to venture outside
my room to the smoke pit. I lit up a cigarette and smoked it
like I would have had I been the one that had just enjoyed
the evening with my wife. When I had completed my smoke and
made my way back into my room, I was greeted on the webcam
by my wife. Giuseppe was still standing in the background,
holding onto a margarita that my wife had prepared for him
prior to starting their episode.

She explained to me that he wanted to finish his drink before
heading home, and he did just that. As he finished with the
last gulp of his intoxicating beverage, he headed for the
door. My wife followed closely behind. She must have been
gone no more then two minutes before popping back on the
webcam. We chatted momentarily, as she downloaded the
hot video they had produced together. She explained to
me that she was going to go retrieve our son from the babysitter
and that she would upload the video to my email address when
she returned.

I got the hour long video just before 3 a.m., I watched a little
of it and fell fast asleep. I dreamt that night of her little
affair and thought about it the entire next day. She did
the same, only her dream had one minor twist that mine had
been missing; it had included me. In her dream, she was performing
oral sex on me while Giuseppe continued to conquer her pussy.

As I watched the events unfold, from the video she had sent
to me, I began to write this story. I spoke with her about
my desire to inscribe about her encounter, to which she
agreed that I should. She even said that she had already
known I might write about it, after she sent me the video,
and that she didn’t mind at all!

Ciao, J&M

Ciao Y'all ~ Jhappym;

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I want to be that woman with his fist deep inside me. My fantasy
come true. I have dreamed about his hand stretching my pussy
lips, stretching my cunt, over and over. I wish I was her.


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Well I have to be honest..... I couldn't finish reading
it laying in the tub. Somehow I had pink company and ended
up on the base of the tub. Holy hell you got me HOT!