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Chloe walked towards the back of the library, wishing she
hadn't chosen to wear heels. If she'd known there
it was going to be so hot and that the air conditioning was
going to break down, she would have worn her comfortable
flats! There was no knowing when it would be fixed. The fans
dotted around between the desks and book stacks were the
only relief. Chloe was tempted to just stand in front of
one until she had cooled down. It would have been bliss to
stand with her back to the fan, the cool air hitting the back
of her thighs. If she found a fan right at the back away from
prying eyes, she might have lifted her tight skirt to feel
the air hitting her ass cheeks... Chloe laughed quietly
to herself. God, the heat was really getting to her! Sighing,
she kept walking. Only a few hours to go; then she could go
home and...get cool, she thought wryly. The heat wave had
hit suddenly, taking everyone unawares. Many of the students
had left the library to find somewhere cooler to study.
Chloe could see that only a few desks were still occupied.
Reaching the stacks near the back of the floor, Chloe started
to tidy the shelves....

Mark looked up from his desk. He had been there for the last
three hours working on a paper for his psych tutor. It was
already late, which is why he had stayed at his desk instead
of going out. He couldn't believe that he was stuck
in the library on a Friday night. He should be out with his
friends, in a bar hitting on one of the hot girls he had seen
around campus. Instead, he was sitting in a baking, boring
library with another 500 words to write before he could
leave. He stretched his arms up above his head, his t-shirt
lifting to reveal a taut and toned stomach, feeling the
sweat trickling down his chest. Man, the heat made him horny!

He got up and walked over to the window, opening it wider.
As he turned back towards his desk, he saw a flash of movement.
He was sure it was a female flash! Intrigued, he moved quietly
over to the nearest stack and peered through a gap in the
row of books.

He had been right.

He was looking at the most gorgeous ass he had seen in long
time. It was encased in a sexy tight dark blue silky skirt
which moulded on to her full, rounded globes perfectly.
As she reached up to a higher shelf, he watched the skirt
lift slightly to reveal perfect smooth thighs. Looking
back down, he noticed the shapely calves and slim ankles.
The heels added to the sexy shape.

Mark could feel his cock twitching in response to the show
she was putting on. He looked up in attempt to see the top
half of this woman. If the top half was as good as the bottom
half, he might have to take further action! Her white cotton
blouse was tucked into her skirt and he could see she had
a small, shapely waist. Frustratingly, he couldn't
see anything else as there were too many books in the way.

He couldn't let it end here.

He was just thinking about what to do next, when fate stepped
in to make the decision for him. One of the books fell onto
the shelf with a loud thud. Time seemed to stand still as
she stopped what she was doing. Mark was not sure why, but
his heart was thumping in his chest. He watched as her leg
muscles tensed and her skirt lifted slightly as she turned
around and slowly came down the steps......

Chloe was alerted to the presence of the watcher by the thump
of the book landing on the shelf. But she had felt eyes watching
her long before the noise made the possibility a certainty.
It was an instinctive thing. If she was honest with herself,
she had liked the idea. Chloe had always been turned on by
the idea of being watched, but had never had the nerve to
do anything about it. She had wondered if her audience liked
what they saw. The thought made her pussy wet.

Maybe it was the heat or the fact that she was hidden behind
a book stack, but Chloe had started to deliberately play
to her watcher. She reached up to the top shelf so that her
skirt lifted to reveal some thigh, and her blouse tightened
to show the outline of her small waist. She had been getting
more and more turned on by the thought of it. She was acutely
aware of her blouse brushing against her breasts and of
her lacy push up bra grazing her large nipples, making them

Then the book had fallen.

Chloe could feel her heart pounding in her chest and her
legs shaking as she slowly climbed down the steps and turned
round. She heard a gasp. Well, at least she knew it was a guy
now! Her nipples hardened even more at the obvious male
appreciation she heard in that gasp....

On the other side of the stack, Mark was mesmerized.

He watched as she had slowly come down the steps, the anticipation
of seeing more of her making his dick start to harden. As
she had turned round, he had seen how her blouse tightened
as the swell of her breasts came into view.

Her blouse was pressed tightly over the best pair of tits
he had seen in a long time. He thought her ass was great, but
these were better! They looked to be full and round, and
were pushed up high in on her chest. He could see her nipples
clearly outlined and pressed hard against the material
of her blouse. It would be so easy to reach out and touch them.
He imagined rubbing them gently, circling his thumbs over
her hardened nipples, hearing her groan in response. He
thought about squeezing her tits together, watching the
deep cleft between them which would be formed by his actions.
He'd push them up high, and make her lick them. He knew
they were big enough for that. God, his imagination was
working overtime! He slowly started to rub his dick through
his pants, enjoying the show and thinking about what he
would do to her given half the chance. She was so hot! He'd
always had a thing for librarians. Always so buttoned up
and conservative; he imagined that they were all hot and
horny underneath. 'Looks like I was right' he
thought to himself, grinning.

He couldn't believe what happened next. He watched
open mouthed as she slowly undid the top button of her blouse.
'Oh God, she knows she is being watched' Mark thought
to himself. He wasn't sure whether to stay where he
was or bolt for the door. He was 21 year old college guy, so
he wasn't exactly inexperienced with women. He'd
had some pretty wild times in the past, but this had never
happened to him. And he was sure if he got caught he'd
get kicked out of college. But this was just too good an opportunity
to miss. Besides, his dick certainly didn't want to
go! Looking down, he saw how it was tenting his pants. He
quickly looked around to see if anyone else had noticed
the scene unfolding. The library was pretty much empty
apart from one or two other students at the other end of the
room. Smiling, he turned his attention back to the show.

She had moved on to the next button. She gently stroked the
skin she had exposed. Her fingers slowly moved inside her
blouse, pushing it to one side to reveal more soft skin.
He stared open mouthed as her fingers dipped deeper into
her blouse and cupped her breast. He may have imagined it,
but he thought he heard her softly sighing as she rubbed
her finger over her tight nipple. She took her finger out
of her blouse and it disappeared for a second. What is she
doing?' Mark thought to himself, desperately wanting
some more hot action from that finger. He got what he wanted
as she put her wet finger back into her blouse and moved it
more insistently on her tit. This time he definitely heard
a low moan. Mark wondered if she was wet yet. The thought
of her hot, wet pussy making a wet patch on her panties was
turning him on even more. He thought his cock was going to
burst out of his pants he was so hard! She undid the button
which would reveal her breasts fully, moving slowly and
deliberately. 'God, she is such a prick tease'
he thought to himself. But he was loving it!

She gently pushed both sides of her blouse back, revealing
heavy, rounded tits, barely covered in a lacy black push
up bra. They were pushed up high and pressed together. The
bra only just covered her nipples. He watched astounded
as she pushed both tits up higher, and pressed them into
her chest. He almost came in his pants when she scooped them
out of their lacy confinement. He guessed she was a 34D.
Perfect! Mark had always liked big tits. Hers were perfect;
big but firm so that they sat high on her small frame. She
rubbed the pads of her thumbs over her nipples, making them
hard. He wished he could suck them. If he got the chance,
he would flick his tongue over each nipple, watching them
getting harder. Then he would start sucking on them, gently
at first and then more roughly...

Jesus, he wanted to get his dick out there and then and stroke
it hard until he came. This was torture! He had to do something
about it! Watching wasn't enough any more......

Chloe was on fire. She couldn't believe what she was
doing! Putting on a show for some guy she couldn't even
see? For all she knew, he was dangerous and would attack
her at any moment. She bit lightly on her lip and moaned as
the danger of the situation dawned on her. She had to confess,
it turned her on even more. She could feel her engorged clit
getting bigger with each passing moment.

'I'm such a slut!' she thought to herself.
'Only a slut would get off on showing a stranger everything
she had, showing her tits and pussy to anyone that wants
to look!'

Her panties were soaking wet, her hot juices starting to
run down her leg. What was he doing on the other side of the
book stack? She imagined him getting his hard cock out of
his pants and stroking it roughly, pumping it over and over
again so that it got even harder. She thought about how hot
and red it would be as he leant back and groaned. She loved
watching men jerking off. It turned her on to see a great
piece of hard cock getting harder and harder until their
load of hot jizz shot out, preferably all over her face and
tits. She moaned again at the thought of it. Without really
thinking, she started to lift the edge of her skirt up her
thighs. Lost in a world of her own, she lightly held her pussy
through her panties with one hand whilst continuing to
stroke her tit with the other.

She closed her eyes, letting the sensations take over her.
She was enjoying herself so much that she failed to hear
the footsteps moving closer. It was only when she opened
them for a split second to watch what she was doing to herself
that she noticed the tall, young man standing watching.
She gasped, making eye contact with him and then quickly
dropping her hand from her pussy and clutching the blouse
to her chest. Her cheeks flamed red as the reality of what
she had been doing hit her. She looked down, not bearing
to make any more eye contact. Instead of looking into his
eyes, she found herself encountering the state of his arousal.
It was the guy who had been watching her!

'Oh God, what do I do now?' she thought to herself

He was walking towards her slowly, raking his eyes up and
down her body, a lustful look on his face. 'Nice show'
he said, grinning, as he continued to approach her slowly.

She moved her eyes slowly up his body. He was wearing tight
black jeans which outlined his strong, muscular legs.
She quickly lifted her eyes over the hard bulge in his pants,
and moved up to his sexy white t-shirt which clung to his
hard chest. She really wanted to walk over and run her hands
up his t-shirt and...

She mentally shook herself. This couldn't happen!

"W-what do you want?" she whispered nervously.

"Oh I think you know. And I know you want it to, library
girl. Why else would you put on that hot show for me otherwise?"
he leered.

He was getting too close. She backed away slowly, unaware
that she had taken her hand away from her blouse to reveal
her big tits. His eyes were everywhere, burning into her
skin. She watched as he lightly stroked his dick through
his pants.

"You are so damn hot I just had to come around and see
the face attached to that fabulous body of yours".

His voice had lowered to a whisper. She shivered with the
seductiveness of it, as he moved closer and closer......

She was so sexy, he didn't know where to look and touch
first! Her glossy brown hair was piled up tight on her head,
with just a few loose tendrils escaping to frame her face.
She had beautiful soft skin and a pretty oval face, with
the sexiest cherry red lips he had ever seen. Why hadn't
he seen her around the library before? Well, if he was honest
with himself, he wasn't the most studious type so he
hadn't spent much time sitting around the library
in the past. Somehow, he thought that he might be taking
a sudden interest in books in the future! He always assumed
the librarians would be middle aged and unattractive.
How wrong he was! She was older than him, maybe 30. But Mark
didn't mind. In fact, he liked older women. Much more
confident with their bodies than the girls he usually ended
up with. This woman was magnificent. She looked so fantastic
with her tight little skirt pushed up her thighs and those
big tits heaving as she breathed heavily and moved away
from him.

He moved fast, pushing her up against the book stack behind
them. Lifting his hand to her head, he ripped out the pins
from her hair and watched as her long hair cascaded down
her back. He heard her gasp and saw the surprise on her face.
He looked down at her tits, watching them move up and down.
His cock responded to the beautiful site, pushing almost
painfully against his pants. She looked up at him, begging
him with her eyes. But begging him to do what? Behind the
shock he thought he saw desire and lust starting to light
up her eyes. He wondered how she liked to be fucked.

"Let go of me!" she whispered, looking up at
him, her eyes widening.

Mark didn't answer, but kept his eyes on hers. He lowered
one hand to his pants and slowly lowered the zip of his flies.
He had already released the top button whilst he was watching
her stroke her tits. She opened her mouth in shock but clearly
did not know what to say. He looked at her lips and mouth,
imagining them around his hard cock. 'I bet she's
good at giving head' he thought to himself, as the zip
finally released his dick. It sprang out, still encased
in his shorts He looked down at his throbbing erection,
straining to push over the top of his underwear. Her saw
that her eyes followed his and couldn't look away.
He smiled softly, leaning in to kiss her neck, then raking
his teeth over the small nerve pulsing there. She tipped
her head to the side, giving him better access. Mark heard
her sigh.

It was then he knew he had her.

He moved his mouth up to her neck, to the tender spot that
he knew was just behind her ear and blew on it. She moaned
quietly. He was beginning to love those little moans!

'Tell me library girl, do you like what you see?'
he whispered into her ear.

"I ‒ I... we shouldn't be doing this!" she

Her eyes told him that she didn't mean what she said,
as she looked back down to the huge bulge in his shorts. As
he looked with her, he took her free hand and held it against
his crotch.

She opened her mouth wide in shock. Mark took advantage
and kissed her.

It was the sexiest kiss Mark had ever experienced. It was
sensual and lustful all at the same time. She ran the tip
of her tongue slowly over his, taking his lips between her
teeth to gently nip them. He groaned into her mouth as she
deepened the kiss, their tongues lashing wildly. As they
kissed, Mark pushed her hand up and down his straining dick.
He broke off the kiss. 'You like my dick baby?'
he whispered, pushing her hand down harder.

"Oh God!" she moaned

"Tell me you like it" he ordered softly, looking
into her eyes again.

"Tell me!" he ordered again, more harshly this
time. As he said it, he let go of her hand which was still on
his dick and squeezed one of her tits, raking his fingers
over her tight nipple. He was rewarded when she arched her
back so that her tit was squashed harder into his hand.

"Tell me" he whispered again, looking for the
desire in her eyes.

"I like it!" she moaned softly, running her
hands up and down his dick.

"Show me how much" he whispered, as he pushed
her down onto her knees......

Chloe needed no encouragement. She dropped onto her knees
and started to stroke him, loving the size and girth of it.
He was least 8 inches long and almost as wide as her wrist.
She loved how it looked! She ran her fingernail up the underside
of his dick, watching it twitch; satisfied when she heard
him groan. She pumped him slowly for a few moments, watching
it grow harder, unable to take her eyes off it. She moved
her head down, stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of
his hard shaft.

"Oh yes!" he moaned softly.

Encouraged by this, she licked the tip like a lollipop,
sticking her tongue into the hole and swirling it around
gently. She broke off to look up at him. His head was thrown
back with his eyes tightly closed. His obvious delight
in her actions was a huge turn on for her. Her cunt was hot
and her clit was throbbing. She brought her hand down to
her soaking panties and gave her pussy a brief squeeze in
an attempt to ease the tension she felt. She moaned in intense

"Is your pussy wet library girl?"

She looked up and saw him watching her hotly. He laughed

"Well, don't worry about it; I can help you with
that later. You'd like that wouldn't you?"
he asked, using that seductive whisper she really loved.
The thought of what he might do to her enflamed her pussy
even more.

"But right now, library girl" he continued,
"You need to finish what you have started"

He pushed her harshly back onto his cock. This time, Chloe
took his dick all the way down her throat, moving up and down,
sucking hard. He put her hands on the back of her and pushed
her down harder. She felt like she might gag, so she opened
her throat to try and accommodate all of him. She couldn't
help moaning around it, unknowingly creating vibrations
with her voice which caused him to push his dick even further
down her throat in obvious pleasure. He was fucking her
mouth and she was in heaven! He abruptly pulled out and lifted
her up. Confused, she searched his face and looked deeply
into his clear blue eyes. Without a word, he roughly pushed
her towards the window. She felt her ass hit the desk next
to the window. He pushed her down on the desk and lifted her
knees up. Looking behind her, she saw the students milling
about on the grass below.

'Oh God, I might be seen!' she thought wildly.
'What would the students say if they saw one of the librarians
lying on a desk with her legs up like a common whore?'
But she wasn't panicking. Far from it; she was desperately
turned on! She looked at him towering over her. She could
tell he was following her train of thought. He just grinned
as he slowly bent over and spread her legs wide. He looked
at her for what seemed like an age. Chloe knew that he must
be able to see her cunt juices pooling on the table. His jeans
were gaping open and his beautiful hard cock was straining
upwards, red raw with his desire. He reached over and released
the front catch on her bra. Her tits bounced out and he started
to roughly squeeze her tits, making her moan. He laughed
as he leaned over and took one in his mouth, sucking hard
on her nipple. The sensation rocketed from her breast to
her pussy, as he continued to suck, groaning as he did so.

"You have fantastic tits, library girl" he
whispered, moving from one breast to the other.

He moved one hand to her pussy, stroking it through her wet

"... and such a hot, wet cunt" he murmured in
her ear.

She groaned as she felt his fingers touching her pussy through
her panties. His fingers set an insistent rhythm, moving
around her clit but never quite touching it. He teased her
for what seemed like forever, before finally pressing
on her clit lightly. She was so aroused that she knew it would
not be very long until her orgasm started to build deep in
her cunt. He seemed to sense this too, and strummed her clit
faster. She was going to cum hard and it was going to be difficult
to stay quiet. She bit her lip to try to stifle her moans.
He knelt down and pushed her legs even wider. She felt his
hot mouth fasten on her clit and gently gnaw on it with his
teeth. The sensation was incredible! She didn't think
she would be able to hold back much longer. What he was doing
to her felt too good. His finger was making slow circles
round her sopping wet hole, teasing her by dipping into
the opening and then coming back out. She pushed his head
onto her most secret place and felt his tongue move from
her clit and snake inside, probing her cunt walls. The small
part of her brain still able to think clearly couldn't
believe what was happening. One of the students had her
lying on a desk - with her legs bent up high to her chest - groaning
as he sucked hard on her pussy and clit. She was bought crashing
back to the reality of the situation when he upped the tempo
on her pussy, pushing his tongue into her hole hard and grinding
his finger harshly on her clit. He took his hand away from
her mouth and looked up at her with lust filled eyes, whilst
he continued his assault on her pussy with his fingers.

"Are you going to cum again for me baby?" he enquired
softly, raking his eyes briefly over her heaving tits,
before looking steadily into her eyes.

She had never been with a guy who looked at her like that.
So cool and calm. How could he stay so composed whilst she
was moving wildly like a common slut? She looked down and
saw his long hard cock swaying and twitching, looking set
to burst. This was too much for Chloe and she started bucking
on the desk wildly.

"Mmmmmm...Oh God, please!" she moaned, writhing
on the desk, lifting her legs even higher and wandering
how much longer this could go on but not wanting it to end.
He roughly covered her mouth to muffle her cries. This only
enflamed her more, and she moaned loudly into his hand.
He groaned and fastened his fantastic mouth on her clit
and sucked it, suddenly shoving two fingers up into her.
That did it for Chloe. She felt her orgasm build, starting
deep in her pussy and racing all around her body. Her legs
started to shake and she fought desperately not to scream
as her climax reached it's most intense moments......

Her muffled cries drove him crazy. Ever since he had seen
her fantastic body he had wanted to ram his hard cock deep
into her pussy, but he loved watching her getting more and
more turned and wanted to prolong her (and his!) torture
as long as he could. As her cries slowly faded and she came
down from her orgasm, he softened his touch and moved up
her body. He had never seen such a pair of great tits. He sucked
hard on her nipple, whilst he continued lightly stroking
her clit. He heard her moan softly, still coming down from
her climax. He loved her little moans. It was such a turn
on to know he was the one providing her with such pleasure!
He looked up at her. Her back was arched and her head was thrown
back, her eyes closed. It was the sexiest thing he had ever

Chloe couldn't believe what he was doing to her. She
had never had anyone pay this much attention to her when
it came to sex. The guys she had been with in the past had followed
a set routine ‒ two minutes kissing, five minutes on her
tits, five minutes on her pussy and then straight in with
the fucking. And that didn't usually last that long.

'I've obviously been unlucky' she thought
wryly, 'or I've been looking in the wrong place...'
She'd never looked at the students as an option. Oh
sure, she had noticed hot ones all the time. But she had certainly
never acted on her attractions. It would have been unprofessional.
Taboo even. It was definitely very wrong to be allowing
one of them to be practically fucking her on a desk in her
workplace; a library of all places!

Just thinking about him fucking her was threatening to
make her cum again. She opened her eyes slowly to find that
he was stroking himself as he looked her up and down. She
couldn't take her eyes of his dick. Precum was oozing
out of the top, glistening as it slid down to the base. Where
did he get his self-control?

"Tell me what you want!" he demanded, pushing
his finger into her cunt gently.

"I want you to fuck me!" she whispered.

"How do you want me to fuck you, library girl?"

He pushed his finger into her harder and then withdrew it
and moved it down to her ass, slowly moving it around her
tight hole.

"Oh God, fuck me hard!" Chloe groaned arching
her back, not caring if any one heard.

He positioned his dick next to her steaming cunt and roughly
entered her, groaning loudly. "Christ, you are so
fucking tight" he moaned quietly, slowly starting
to fuck her slowly.

Grabbing her hips, he started to pull her onto his cock while
he stayed standing. He looked down at her, his hands pressing
her breasts into the desk at her back.

"This is what you wanted isn't it?" he asked
her seductively.

She was finding it hard to think clearly, she was experiencing
so much pleasure. There was no softness in his actions.
With each stroke he came right out of her, pulled back so
that she could see his pulsing dick and then quickly jamming
himself back into her, fucking her hard. He grasped her
ankles and pushed her legs back so that he could go deeper,
all the time looking at her steadily. His control was turning
her on so much!

"Isn't it?" he repeated roughly, reaching
down to play with her clit while he pistoned in and out of
her gaping cunt.

"Yes!" she gasped back.

She just wanted him to keep fucking her.

"Do you like being fucked like a common slut? Do you
like a big cock shoved inside your cunt?" he asked

His dirty talk enflamed Chloe. She was a slut! Letting a
complete stranger fuck her?

"What are you?" he demanded.

"I'm a slut!" she moaned.

"You certainly are!" he said as he lay down on
top of her and placed her legs on his shoulders. She immediately
felt him going deeper into her cunt. "A slutty prick
tease like you deserves to be fucked hard!"

As he slammed into her, she squeezed her cunt walls, tightening
her grip on his dick. With another deep groan, he went wild
in her pussy. No longer even aware of her reactions, he pounded
his cock into her, over and over again, grunting like an
animal with every thrust. Chloe grabbed his ass to push
him into her further. She felt his cock swell even more,
predicting his impending orgasm.

"I'm going to cum in you bitch!" he muttered
wildly, "Do you want it?"

"Oh God, yes! Please give it to me!" Chloe moaned,
surprised with the ease at which she could talk that way.

With a deep groan, he started to cum, pumping his seed deep
into her pussy. Still cumming, he looked at her wildly.

"Your turn. Cum for me slut!" he demanded.

"Aaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhh... oh yes!" she
moaned, meeting his slowing thrusts as her orgasm started
to rip right through her body.

"I'm cuuuuummmmming..." Her voice rose
as her pleasure increased.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhh!" She moaned louder
this time, biting her lip and bucking her hips to meet his
thrusts. It took every bit of self control to stop herself
from screaming as the pleasure she felt reached its'
climax. She rode her orgasm out, digging her heels into
his back, gripping her hands onto the edge of the desk. As
one orgasm died, another one hit. She must of cum three or
four times while his cock was still buried in her pussy.
As her last climax slowly subsided, she dropped her legs
down onto the table.

She opened her eyes in shock as she felt his lips touch hers.
She readied herself for his tongue to force its' way
into her hot mouth, kissing her forcefully. But the kiss
was not as she expected. His lips were surprisingly gentle
as they pressed onto hers, softly at first and then more
insistently. But never rough. It was in direct contrast
to the way he had fucked her. Chloe sighed as she felt the
gentle pressure on her mouth. His hand mirrored his mouth
as he stroked her waist softly, rising up to cup her breast.

As the kiss came to an end, he gently removed his now spent
cock out of her pussy. Chloe could feel the sweat trickling
down her legs, mixing with his cum which was oozing out of
her sopping hole. She opened her eyes to see him tucking
himself back in to his pants. With one more hot look, he wordlessly
turned around and walked away.

Lying on the desk in a pool of their juices shell-shocked,
Chloe wondered what had just happened...

Mark walked away, a smile on his face. Studying was going
to be so much more interesting now...

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VERY HOT SEXXY STORY!! Great details, was like I was there