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Heat Wave


This was turning into the hottest summer in recent memory;
I can't remember so many hot, hazy, and humid days strung together
like this. The heat's making everyone act a little cranky, like
my neighbor Rob, who's been bitching about his electric bill, yet he's
the only one on the block with a pool. Go figure. The lucky stiff Rob and his
wife Ashley also have a camp in the woods up north. Calling it a camp is
a little understated, since it's quite a big house, with a Jacuzzi
hot tub on a large deck overlooking a wooded hillside. Rob and his camp
were what my wife and I were discussing on this miserably hot summer

"Come on, why can't we spend this weekend with
them up at the camp? My mom would love to have the kids and we can get away from this
damned heat wave for a couple of days."

"Oh, Emma, we've been over this time and time
again. I don't like the way Rob is always looking at you. Jesus...last New Year's
Eve party the guy had his hands all over you and tried to kiss you."

"It was innocent, Tom. He was drunk and I had quite
a bit, too."

"Innocent, my ass! He's made no secret of how
he'd like to get into your pants, and you're gonna lounge around in your bikini
right in front of him. He'll be as hot as this weather."

"So let him look. Besides, you'll be spending
all your time ogling Ashley who'll no doubt be wearing one of those thong
bikinis of hers that show's not like Rob's the only
one who looks at another guy's wife...I've seen you..."

She had a point. Ashley is an amazing looking woman. A very
athletic-bodied 25-year-old blonde, she's as petite
as Emma is voluptuous. I've often wondered about the attraction
between her and Rob. He's a big, loud, dark, hairy animal of a man, who's
as out-of-shape and lumpy as Ashley is trim and tight. But then, Emma and I are
quite a contrast too. Approaching 40, my wife is a raven haired,
full bodied, lusty woman with magnificently large breasts, only slightly
heavier after bearing two children. On the other hand, I'll always
look like the prototypical surfer dude: 6-foot-two, with sandy hair
and slim features and not much more weight than when I was twenty.

"So...I look at Ashley. She's a good looking
woman. What I can't figure is what's got you focused on Rob. Dammit, you certainly
weren't pushing him away on New Year's." After a pause, I say,
"Is it a jealousy thing? Is that it? You know I only want to have you."

She purrs "I think Rob's a teddy bear, with all
that fur of his...maybe you're the jealous one?" Before I can answer,
she says, "Okay...okay, I'm only kidding. I won't do anything to get him
going, but can we please, please go to their camp this weekend?"

I relent and agree to go; anything to get away from this he

"This is's at least 15 degrees
cooler here than in the city, " I exclaimed while climbing out of the car.

Shaking out her dark mane of hair as she too exits, Emma adds,
"Yeah...didn't the sign at the bank say it was
98 when we left? I'm so glad to get out of that wretched heat."

As we arrived, Rob, wearing cut-offs and a sweaty tank top
came out of the house to greet us, bellowing "It's about
time you got here! We've got beers on ice and steaks on the grill out on the deck."
He gives Emma a bear hug, then turns to me. "Ash is already in her
suit and cooling off, why don't you two get settled in the guest bedroom,
throw on your suits and join us out back?"

"I'm not out back...I'm right here."
A smiling Ashley is standing at the back door, as Emma predicted wearing a revealing black
thong bikini, hardly more than three triangles of satin-like fabric
held together by strings. Boy is she tight! Certainly not for the first time
I marvel at her petite, hard body; not an ounce of body fat anywhere
to be seen.

Emma looks at me with her version of the 'evil eye.'

"Let's get our stuff into the house...I'm
hungry, and I want one of those beers." She turns to Rob and asks for his help carrying
our bags. What's wrong with me? I fume but don't say anything.
She's just playing the jealousy card again after the way she saw me looking
at Ash.

I was hungry and thirsty too, so I quickly changed into my
Speedos and headed out to the deck; Emma telling me that she'll
be out in a minute. On the deck, Ashley is lying on a deck lounger while Rob is
attending to the steaks. When Emma comes out in her light-blue cotton
bikini, Rob's attention is quickly drawn from the grill to my wife.

"Hey,'re gonna burn those steaks"
was all I could say in response to his ogling.

Really, Emma's suit very was flattering to her figure,
especially her ample breasts, but a lot less revealing than Ashley's
by a long shot. Let's face it, Tommy-boy; it's her tits he's
always been yearning for anyway. I guess he can't appreciate what he's
got. Ash has small but firm looking tits and amazingly hard nipples I've
seen practically poke through thin t-shirts on many occasions. I figure I'm
equally guilty since I've fantasized about those nipples rubbing
against my chest more than a few times.

We ate and drank heartily before sprawling on lounge chairs
and getting some late afternoon sun there on the back deck. I chuckled
a little to myself; here we are enjoying the hot sun that up until a few
hours ago we've been cursing for its incessant glow! Many more
beers were downed before Rob announced he was turning on the whirlpool and
taking a soak. I was stunned when he unceremoniously dropped his cut-offs
to the deck--no underwear--and shucking off his tank top, slowly
climbed naked into the roiling water. Both women were also looking his
way, but neither seemed to react as I did, though Emma was checking
him out in earnest. Man, the guy is hairy! Dark, course hair is everywhere
on his body: his chest, back, stomach, legs and ass are matted,
and his pubic area is a mass of wiry black fur, rendering his small looking
cock almost invisible in the thicket. The next shock was when Emma said
aloud that the spa looked good to her and she was also going in. Staring
a! t my Emma as she settles in next to a naked Rob in the tub, I
didn't quite hear Ashley until she calls to me a second time.

"Tom...hey Tom...why don't you come here and
put some of this sunscreen on me...I think it's time for another dose."

I hesitate and look over at Emma. She smiles and says "Don't
look at me...and don't be a prude...just help her with the

I take the bottle from Ashley's hand, spread some on
my palm and begin to massage it onto her back.

"Make sure you get it everywhere, " and with
that she reaches behind her and unties her bra string. "Don't forget my ass
and legs, okay?"

Her ass! When I finally get the courage to rub some of the
lotion on her exposed cheeks, I'm amazed at their firmness. I probably
spent too much time there, since she whispers "legs" to me.
When I rub the lotion toward the inner part of one thigh, she lets out a low moan
and spreads her legs a few more inches apart. I continue to apply the
lotion to her thighs, and by the time I'm back to her ass, she's
purring like a kitten and my cock is stretching the front of my Speedos.

She surprises me by rolling over, her breasts exposed and
her nipples hard and erect. "Time for the front of me, "
she coos; her eyes dart to the bulge in my suit.

Realizing that I'm staying away from her breasts while
applying the lotion, she chirps "don't forget my tits, they're
very sensitive...and you don't want them to get burned, do you?"

Very sensitive indeed! Rubbing the lotion over them I can't
help but tweak her nipples, sticking up almost half an inch and gloriously
hard. With every touch she makes little hiccupping sounds, her
eyes closed and her thighs spread a bit wider than before. As I move my hand
to her belly with some more lotion, I feel her hand caress my cock
through the front of my suit. I'm so stiff the head is poking out
from under my waistband. When she realizes this, she runs her fingers
along my cock-head picking up a little precum, before moving her
fingertips to her mouth and licking them.

"Oh, God, really are big boy, aren't
you, " she moans as her hand is back at the front of my suit. "Please rub between
my legs...I'm so hot..." In a near panic I jump away from her a bit and take a furtive
glance over at the hot tub to see if Emma's been catching any of this.
I freeze when I see that she's removed her top and is staring at me.
Rob can't get any closer to her without being on top of her, which my addled
brain grasps, is just where he's trying to be. What's going on

Ashley's whimpered pleas bring me back to her. Shit,
she's pulled off her thong! She grasps my wrist and pulls me toward her, pushing
my hand down to her baby-bald pussy. I can't resist; my fingers
probe between her labia to find a torrent of wetness. As a fingertip finds
and begins stroking her clitoris, I sneak a peak back to the spa to see
what Rob's up to with my wife, if anything. Damned if he doesn't
have a hand at one breast, massaging and squeezing it like a baker kneads
dough, and she's running her fingers through his chest pelt. As her hand
moves from his chest down below the water line their lips meet. I must have
made a noise as reaction, for Ash yanks my wrist again.

"Oh, Tom...don't worry about them, "
Ashley sighs. "Yes, they're going to fuck, but so are we."

Hurt and confused, I force my eyes away from Emma and look
at Ashley. I offer no resistance as she reaches over and slowly slides
my suit down and off then pulls me on top of her. Knowing how much heavier
I am than her, I roll us over so she is now on top of me. Our lips meet
for the first time.

When our lips separate, Ashley whispers, "You don't
know what your wife has been confiding in me, do you?" After a small giggle,
she continues. "She told me once that you had a big, marvelous cock,
and good stamina in using it." Another sighing giggle: "She also
told me she had fantasies of being fucked by a dark hairy my Rob...I think
she associates body hair with virility." Another sigh:
"She'll find out fast how Rob isn't the 'lasting' type."
Her hand is between us, stroking my aching erection. "I've needed one of these for
a long time...I need to be FILLED, " she says forcibly. "I need to be
TAKEN. I need that stamina, Tom...if you've got it." Our lips meet...our
tongues flick together.

I promised I wouldn't look, but the sound of splashing
water draws my eyes there. Rob has lifted a naked Emma from the spa in his
arms and is laying her down on a towel on the deck. He's positioned
himself between my wife's legs and begins fondling her ample breasts
just as Ashley clasps both palms on each side of my face and turns my head
back toward her.

"Let me get on my knees so you can fuck me, okay? We'll
face that way so you can watch them...if that's what you want...just
fuck me good and long!"

She was quick to offer her ass to me, and I couldn't resist.
When I got behind her and slid the head of my cock between her wet labia,
she groaned "Yessssss" and began wiggling her
hips to get me to penetrate her further. I'm fixated on her girlish ass and thighs
as I push into her. God, she's as tight as a virgin! Can I even remember
the last time I was in a vagina this tight? Remembering what she said about
stamina, I kept my motion to long, slow thrusts. When her moaning started
getting louder and louder, I knew she'd be a screamer.

"Oh...oh...oh...yes...yes...yes" she panted
as I kept up my pace. Maybe she's right, I think. I am pretty good at pacing myself;
I'm usually good at getting Emma to the Big O. I guess it's not enough
for her, I wonder, as my gaze once again returns to my wife and my neighbor.

Rob's hairy ass is pounding away between her raised
and splayed legs. He's making grunting noises and I can hear the slapping
of his balls against her ass with each manic thrust. Emma is usually
very vocal in bed, but if she's making any sounds, they're drowned
out by the increasing pitch of Ashley's wails. It's time
to quicken the pace a bit so I can bring her home to the big one. Even with the longer
strokes, I'm matching Rob's beat, and Ashley's orgasmic
screams signal my success. Rob makes one last guttural grunt and I can see his ass cheeks
clench. I can't quite fathom that another man is cumming inside
my wife's pussy right in front of me.

I'm not done yet though; Ash wanted stamina and I'll
give it to her. By the time I was ready to shoot my load, Ashley had three increasingly
intensive orgasms--I could tell the intensity by the decibels
of her energetic squeals and the tremendous pulsating of her
tight vagina walls. There aren't any close neighbors but I'm sure
the distant ones will still hear her screams echoing across the wooded hillside.

Some signal of my impending climax must have been transmitted
for she suddenly pulled away, spun onto her back and groaned "I
want to see it" a couple of times. With my throbbing member now in my hand
instead of in her, I shot what to me was an amazing load all over her chest
and stomach. Her volcanic and vocal orgasms must have really
got me going, as one after another explosive streams of jism shoot all over
her as she shrieks in delight.

She pulls me down on top of her, squishing my semen between
us like icing between cake layers. Emma and Rob are quiet now, but Ashley

"Oh God, Tom...that's the best fuck of my life, "
she nearly shouts. "No, I mean one's ever fucked me that good and deep
before...Jesus, I think I came more than once...what an amazing sensation...and
all that cum..." Her words reverberate across the deck. She
then says less loudly, "Rob never gets me off like that...he's
too quick...damn, I want to fuck you again and again..."

Though quieter, I think Rob could still hear that last one.
Was she sincere, or was that said for its effect on her husband?
I believe I'll find out sooner or later. I hear heavy footsteps going off
into the house--an angry pace...Rob?

Ashley wasn't going to release me from the lounger
without a fight.

I whisper, "Ash, you're a fantastic partner
too...but we've got to get back to reality now."

I sneak a look back at the hot tub to see Emma alone, on her
knees with her glorious ass out of the water, gazing out over the hillside,
some cum still visibly dribbling from her pussy. What's she
thinking right now? I hope fulfilling a fantasy was worth it to her, considering
how this episode is sure to play out.

I finally squirm out of Ashley's grip and begin to walk
toward Emma, but she's not ready for me right now; she's out of the
spa, grabbing her bikini and heading off into the house. Naked, I follow her.

"Yeah, I guess you've got a new fuck-mate now, "
Emma sputters from the edge of the bed.

"YOU'RE the one who told Ash you wanted to fuck
her husband."

"No I didn't, you bastard."

"Well, you told Ashley you dreamed of doing it with
a hairy man...same thing in my book."

"And it felt good too...I never came like that before
EITHER, " she barks, thrusting her chest out in a defiant pose.

Somehow, I have my doubts, but I'm not going to say it.
"Look, what's done is done...we each did it with someone younger and got
it out of our system...let's go back to you and me, okay?"

When I reach for her, she pulls away. "Who says it's

I'm speechless. She hesitates a second, then continues,
"Maybe I want to fuck Rob AGAIN and AGAIN, " mimicking Ashley's
words. "Go sleep downstairs on their couch, I don't think I want you
near me tonight." She turns away.

"Okay, dear...but're the one
who wanted to spend the weekend here...and YOU are the one who planted the seed
for all this by spilling your guts to Ashley about your fantasies...our
sex life...and my anatomy." I threw on a pair of sweatpants and walked
out of the bedroom.

Standing on the landing at the top of the stairs I try to let
the quiet of the house ease the turmoil in my heart. We're here
against my better judgment and just as I imagined, things have gotten out
of hand. As if in confirmation, the silence of the house is broken by the
loud voices of Rob and Ashley arguing. With their bedroom door closed
I can't make out what's being said, though the volume tells me it's
not about how much fun their having.

"What a fine mess you've got us into this time,
Stan, " I mutter to myself.

I don't know how long I stood there in the shadows leaning
against a wall, but my reverie is broken by the sound of someone descending
the stairs. It's Ashley, naked and beautiful in the ethereal
light of the setting sun. God, she looks like how someone would illustrate
a fairy princess--a lithe blonde wisp. Halfway down, she senses
I'm there and turns her head up to face me. The smile on her lips seems more
melancholy than mirthful. I'm inviting trouble,
I know, but I follow her downstairs.

"I guess I've got the couch tonight, "
I said as I settled into it.

I'm sorry, Tom...I really am." She falls into
an upholstered chair near the sofa before covering herself by clutching a throw pillow
to her chest.

"Are you guys okay, Ash? I couldn't help hearing
the argument." I point towards their upstairs bedroom.

"No...yes...Oh, I guess we'll be okay. I'm
just pissed off about what happened...pissed at me and pissed at Rob."

"Did you two...ah...plan this?"

"Shit no! But I should've known what would happen...the
way he's always talking about Emma's boobs...and the way she's
always bragging about your sex life." She shakes her head. "Fuck...I should
have known. I'm so sorry." She continues to slowly shake her head back
and forth and utters a small sob. "All the time we've lived next to
you guys Rob's been fantasizing about your wife's tits." Another
sob escapes. "Last year he went on this kick of bugging me to get a boob job 'so they'll
be nice and big like Emma's' --do you believe the shithead
actually said that to me?"

I didn't know what to believe, actually. The seeds
of doubt are sprouting new shoots: was today the first time for Emma
and Rob? Has my wife been cheating on me all along?

"I'm sorry, too, Ash. I shouldn't have touched
you this afternoon."

"No Tom, it's not your fault." She tosses
the pillow aside, rises from the chair and sits next to me on the sofa. "I'm
the one who touched you and basically forced you to do me." She leans in closer.
"I meant what I said out there, you was the best fuck I ever're
the best, Tom." Her lips move toward mine, her hand trailing
down my abdomen to my groin.

"No Ashley, " I say as I gently push her away.
"You're a beautiful woman, and your breasts are just fine in my opinion, but this is
wrong. You need to go back upstairs to your husband, fuck his brains
out, and begin putting things back to normal."

With a wistful look, she heads off upstairs. Even with all
that's happened today, my eyes are still drawn to that girlish
ass of hers as she ascends the stairs. I try to settle into the sofa for
the night, but before I can even begin to think about falling asleep, I
hear a door slam and the heavy footfall of someone else coming downstairs.
It's got to be Rob.

"Hey, neighbor...looks like she kicked you out of
bed, " he says with a laugh.

This was his macho posturing; I wasn't going to dignify
him with a response, especially since there's a possibility
HE was just kicked out of his bed, or at least he's still stinging from Ashley's
declaration of my prowess.

"Since you're down here, maybe I'll visit
your lady for some late night bounce, " he snickers.

So much for my reserve: "Fuck off will ya, Rob."

He laughs again but doesn't say anything more as he
gets something from the fridge and heads back upstairs. Which bedroom did he
enter, and do I dare find out? I drift off to sleep. My dreams were more like
nightmares. In one I hear a rhythmic bumping sound that
scares me. Am I really awake? The bumping noise sure sounds like a headboard
slamming against a wall upstairs.

I awoke with a stiff neck and a headache. Not hearing a sound
in the house, I assume everyone's still sleeping, so I tiptoe
up the stairs toward the guest bedroom. I see Rob and Ashley's door
is closed--a good sign? When I enter our room, it's a bad sign I see: Emma
is lying there nude, only partially covered by the sheet, a smile on her
sleeping lips and what looks like dried semen on her inner thighs. I want
to kill that smug asshole Rob, but what of Emma's role in all this?
Reality was my nightmare.

I couldn't face her or anyone else right now, so I walk
back downstairs. After relieving my bladder and popping a couple of aspirins
for my headache, I brew some coffee and go outside to sit on the
deck, and decide what I'm going to do.

"You're up early."

I turn to see Ashley standing there with her own steaming
mug of coffee, wearing a tight fitting tank style t-shirt and nothing

"That couch isn't the most comfortable place
to sleep, especially while your wife is getting fucked by your neighbor upstairs."

"I tried to stop him, I really did." She hesitates
and looks away for a second. "Like you told me last night...I tried to
do him...he didn't want me...everything was Emma-Emma-Emma..." A
tear trickles down one cheek. "I drown out the sound of them..."

The morning sun sparkles through and highlights her naturally
blonde hair, her magnificent nipples are erect and prod the thin
cotton fabric of her shirt, and her slender body and bald pussy are things
of wet dreams. I love my wife, and my heart's been broken,
but looking at Ashley and thinking of her lustiness yesterday out on this
very deck, my cock stiffens and I think Rob's an asshole for more
than one reason.

"Look, things are so fucked up right now...maybe
we should pack up and go home."

"I'm so sorry, Tom." She sits on the deck
floor next to my chair. "I don't know about Rob, " she sobs. "I really
think Emma will realize what she could be losing. You're a fantastic man, Tom, "
she says on the heels of another sniffling sob. "Shit, you're all
I thought of all night."

When she places a hand on my leg, I feel the heat of it radiating
through my sweatpants. Or is it inner heat? I'm horny as hell,
and if my wife's going to fuck around, well so will I.

"You'll get splinters in your ass sitting down
there. Why don't we fire up the hot tub and take a morning soak, okay?"

She leaves her half-finished coffee on the deck as I help
her to her feet. After throwing the switches to the whirlpool, she
pulls her t-shirt over her head and climbs into the bubbling but still tepid

Smiling, she shivers a little and says, "It'll
get hot in here pretty quick." Did she mean the water--or us?

After downing the last swig of my coffee, I drop my pants
and climb in next to her. We talked for a while before our lips met, though
she was breathing so rapidly it was difficult to hold a kiss for
very long. My cock was rigid long before her hand located it below the
water line.

"Oh God, Tom...I need you to love me, " she pants.
"Please forget about Emma for a while...and let it happen...between us..."
An irrepressible moan escapes her, signaling her high state of arousal.
"Maybe this was meant to bring us...together." Another,
deeper moan follows.

I lift her from the water and carry her over to one of the lounge
chairs. We kiss again before I trail my tongue down to one hard nipple.
I tease her a bit by sucking on it for a few moments, eliciting another
moan of pleasure, before moving to her other breast. Not only are
the nipples hard and prominent, they're obviously very sensitive.
I eventually draw my tongue down her belly to her beautifully hairless pussy.
My tongue flicks and caresses her inner labia and clitoris for a long
while as she sings "Oh, yeah" over and over again. She didn't
take long. Her hips writhe to the tempo of my flitting tongue until I feel her
thighs tense and she screams her orgasm to the surrounding woods while
coating my tongue in her juices.

She shudders and throatily says, "Oh Tom, you're
gooooooood." She's still breathing shallowly as she croons, "Fuck me...fuck
me long and hard...yes...yes..." as she pulls me on top of her

Though my cock slides effortlessly into her wetness, I
still marvel at the exhilarating tightness--it's like a teenage
prom night fuck all over again! I don't hurry things, maintaining a long, slow
stroke, riding 'high' to get maximum contact on her clit and g-spot.
Her moans are loud and increasing in volume as I fuck her. She's grabbed
my hips and is trying to get me to quicken my rhythm, but I know what I'm
doing and keep it slow and steady. Her climax is even more exhilarating
to see (and hear!) than yesterday. Her clenching vagina does me in,
and I cum, making a throaty moan myself as I do. We buck and grind our
pelvises together striving to prolong our orgasms as long as we can.
I'm certain we woke up the sleepy-heads inside.

All four of us are touchy this morning; we're interacting
like a nervous high-wire troupe, each afraid to make a false move. I'm
sure Emma and Rob heard us earlier. Rob is more surly than usual, and Emma
is distant at best.

Ashley whispers to me at one point, "Look, Tom, they're
going to have to fuck at least once more to get even."

I look at her, feeling an equal mix of pain, anger, and helplessness.

"You're...we're...going to have to let
them do it, " she continues. "They both need to work this...this...'attraction'
out." When I don't respond she leans closer and whispers, "Like I did."
Her smile is radiant.

"Shit, this is madness."

"Tom, you know what we're going to do when they
do it? We're going to watch."

"That's not going to happen, Ash. You might get
your jollies watching your man fuck someone else, but I'm not joining in."

"It's not my 'jollies' dammit..."
She sighs. "If you'll SEE what's going on...really'll know their sex hasn't
been as great as they'd like us to think."

"And how do you know?"

"I know Rob. He's not the greatest lover by a long
shot." She adds, laughing, "And 'long' ain't the word
for Rob either." She gets closer, strokes my arm and looks into my eyes. "That's
why I want to make love with you again."

When Rob and Emma are within earshot, Ashley pulls me by
the arm toward the stairwell while saying loudly, "C'mon,
Tom, let's go upstairs."

As we climb the stairs, I hear Rob say the words "get
it on" but can't make out the rest. Before we reach the landing outside Rob
and Ashley's bedroom, Emma is pulling off her top and exposing her magnificent
tits to Rob.

"Let's lie down right here, okay?" Ashley
whispers, motioning to the shag rug there in the second floor hallway. "We can get
cozy and still see what they're doing down there. They can't see
us up here..."

On the rug next to a cuddling Ashley, I can indeed see what's
going on downstairs. My wife and Rob got naked fast and without a
hint of foreplay, Rob has her on the sofa with legs spread and is
entering her. While Rob pounds away, grunting with each thrust, Emma
looks almost--I don't know, detached?--her usual cries of pleasure
not carrying to the second floor. Amazingly, in less than a minute, Rob makes
one final grunt and pulls out of my wife's pussy. Like a porn-star
wannabe, he grabs his cock and cums on her pubic mound, though the volume
of his ejaculate is pitiful.

I couldn't believe my ears when Emma says, "Shit...already?"
I then hear her say "what about me?" but the rest of what
they both say is muffled.

"What did I tell you, huh?" Ash whispers in my
ear. "She's realizing she's gone from filet mignon to hamburger" she
purrs at the same time she reaches into my sweat pants and begins stroking my cock.
"I know...what...she's...missing, " she pants,
crawling away from the landing's edge, pulling me toward the spare bedroom.

She strips me bare in a hungry frenzy, tosses her clothes
aside, and pushes me onto the bed. She straddles me. If my cock wasn't
fully erect at first, it soon is, sliding into her tight, wet hole.

In a throaty voice, she says "I'm fucking you
at least this one more time." She feverishly humps me, impaling herself
mercilessly on my spike. Her bouncing is so intense I know I won't last
long this time. I needn't worry. She came quickly, moaning "Oh
God, I'm cumming...Oh God, yes!" as she ground her pubic bone into mine. Her pulsing
vagina walls get me off, making me spurt deep into her again and again.

When we finally put our clothes back on and leave the bedroom,
all is quiet downstairs.

Rob is grilling some hamburgers, Emma is silently soaking
in the hot tub (her bikini ON this time), and Ashley is probably contemplating
the mess she's got us all into as she stares at the hillside while
leaning on the deck railing. I'm sitting in a deck chair, pondering
some big questions, not knowing in the least what to do next. Do I approach Emma
and try to reconcile this whole disaster? What exactly do I say to
Rob? Can the cold shoulder stuff go on forever? Is Ashley's tight
little ass the most fantastic in the world? It's just like I said-important

It's up to me I surmise, so I approach Rob and strike
up a conversation.

"Let's call it a truce, okay neighbor?"
When he doesn't respond, I add "I mean...let's pretend none of this happened
and leave each other's wife alone from now on."

At first, he glowers at me but then his grimace softens and
he says, "Things are pretty fucked up aren't they?"

"We can 'un-fuck' things by paying attention
to our own wives from here on out. Look, all of us took care of some inner desire...some
itch...this weekend...but now it should stop...or things
will get even more fucked up."

He turns his attention back to the sizzling burgers before
saying, "I see how Ash looks at you..." He hesitates, still looking
at the grill and not me. "I heard every word she said about you...and

"Yeah, but who's been leering at Emma ever since
he met her, huh?" I let out a soft chuckle. "It's certainly been no secret,
especially since I saw you pawing her at the party..." Before he can answer,
I continue, "I didn't like it then and I don't like it now, but
I understand how you feel. Hell, she IS hot, and I love her tremendously, but
you've got a hot wife too, and before you get pissed off all over again,
think about your you want to throw everything away?"

"Shit, no, " he mutters, still not looking
me in the eye. I can see he's been hurt by his wife's actions this weekend, as I have
been by mine.

"The burgers smell good, Rob. Why don't you fix
one up for Ash and bring it to her. I'll do the same with Emma, okay?"

The offered burger is first met with a cold stare, but after
a couple of seconds Emma accepts the plastic plate with a meek "thank
you" as her expression softens. I brought a couple of beers along too
and we ate and drank sitting on the rim of the spa.

"You okay, honey?" I don't wait for an answer
and plow on. "I need to apologize for what I've done this weekend. I'm
really sorry for how I've acted with Ashley."

She looks at me with that wonderful smile of hers--one I
haven't seen in a few days--and says, "I'm the one who should
be apologizing, sweetheart. You wouldn't have screwed Ashley if I hadn't thrown
myself at Rob like I did. I guess I went through some sort of midlife crisis or
something...I know...I've always been drawn to men
like him for some reason. Shit, I...I've acted like a horny teenager...with
that...that...that Neanderthal!"

I burst out laughing at her apt description of Rob. She joined
me in the hearty belly-laugh, and that's another good sign.

"Ashley's right about one thing, " she
says, moving closer. "You are a fantastic lover, my sweet husband...and I never should
have forgotten that."

We kissed as we slowly slid into the roiling water. Emma
pulled my shorts off as I undid her bikini top. When she bent over to
finish removing her bottoms, her ass was splendidly above the
water line and my cock sprung to full erection. I stopped her right there
and, placing a hand at each hip, I entered her. Even after being in the water,
her pussy was well lubricated; she was obviously horny as I
slid into her very easily. We fucked fast and furious, oblivious to being
watched by Rob and Ashley. We came in unison, Emma making small keening
sounds as our orgasmic contractions melded together. It wasn't
until we were spent and slipped back into the bubbling spa that we saw the unfolding

It seems that Rob, probably in response to seeing me and
Emma fucking, make a go at his wife. Ashley must have rejected his advances,
since now they were arguing loudly. The argument was getting louder
by the minute. Rob suddenly grabbed her--and in the only way I can describe
it--tried to her. Ash certainly was not going to give in and her husband
wasn't going to take no for an answer. That is, until Ash kneed him
in the balls and he went down hard.

Ashley ran inside as I turned to Emma and suggested we get
out of there and go home.

"I'm worried about her, Tom. Do you think he'd
hurt her?" Emma said at about the same moment Rob looked over at us with a sad and
defeated expression on his face.

We heard a car door slam. Ashley was running off too.

It's been four months since that fateful weekend at
Rob and Ashley's camp. I look out the kitchen window and see the real estate
gal placing the "For Sale" sign on their front lawn. Ash
left him and filed for divorce. Rob has been hostile to both Emma and me since then,
though it's hardly our fault everything turned out the way
it did.

That evening, after the kids were in bed, Emma surprised
me by lying naked on our sofa. Oh, God is she beautiful, I think for the
umpteenth time since the day we first met.

"Would you like a little something, big boy?"
She says seductively, eyeing my cock as I quickly pull my clothes off. She adds
"and you ARE a big boy, aren't you?"

I eased between her thighs and began nudging my cock-head
against her engorged clit. She moaned and rolled her eyes. When I slid
into her, she was so supremely wet. I paced myself, making long, slow
thrusts, keeping pressure on her clit as I did so, while playing with
her taut nipples. Her orgasm was intense: she screamed, as she's
been doing more loudly as of late. Is this because of the memory of me fucking
a very vocal Ashley? I've been wondering.

Before I could climax, she pushes me out and gets up from
the sofa. Puzzled, I stand up with her.

"I think you deserve a nice reward, " she says
before falling to her knees and palming my glistening erection.

She guides my shaft between her inviting lips and begins
to suck me off. She must have sensed I was ready to cum as she let me slip from
her mouth just as rope after rope of cum shoot in and around her mouth.
By the time I finished, her head and breasts were covered in my

She laughs, licking cum from her lips. "Wasn't
that a nice reward for making me feel good?"

I nod, and she adds "No more camps and neighbors, lover,
I want you all to myself."

I couldn't agree more!


Live Today Like It was Your Last Day On Earth.

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