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He teaches her Not to Speed - Revised


This is a revised story with my appologies
as for some reason not all was copied for your reading pleasure.
The story is purely fictional and that of an imaginative

********************************************* It was a beautiful summers evening and I was cruising down
the highway in my silver mustang with the top down and music
blaring. Being a single woman with not a care in the world,
I was enjoying life to the fullest. Just starting my two-week
vacation, but had not decided what I wanted to do yet. Therefore,
I am taking a long drive along the coast to clear my thoughts
and breathe in some fresh air.

Not paying attention to how fast I was going, I was jolted
back into reality when I heard sirens and saw a police car
coming up behind me. Great I thought to myself, just what
I did not need is another speeding ticket. With a sigh, I
pulled over to the edge of the highway and turned the motor
off. Getting out my license and registration, I sat and
waited for the police officer to get out of his car. What
seemed like forever, he finally approached me and told
me I was going 15 miles over the speed limit.

He took my information, went back to his car, and after another
15 minutes came back.

My name is Shannon, I’m 29 years old, 5’8, long wavy brown
hair, blue eyes, 36D-28-34 and have nice long legs. Wondering
now what kind of trouble, I am in.

Walking back up to the side of my car he said, “Miss. Anthony
it seems you have a problem with speeding, maybe this little
car is too much for you to handle.”

“Yes officer I guess it does tend to get away from me, but
I promise it won’t happen again.” I replied.

Hiking my skirt up my thigh, giving him a wink and a smile,
hoping he would let me go with a warning.

You are a very lovely woman Miss. Anthony and I think we can
work something out so this does not go on your record or add
any more points to your license. It would be a shame if you
lost your license and this nice car parked with no one to
enjoy it. This is your lucky day if you so choose to take my
offer.” He said.

Officer Lange is an older man between 40 and 45 I would guess,
He is about 6” tall, has jet-black hair and dark brown eyes.
He is extremely handsome man, especially in his uniform.

“Officer just what are you offering me?” I asked a bit startled.

‘Miss. Anthony it’s your choice, either I arrest you now
and take you in for speeding 4th offence, spend time in jail
and lose your license for a year or you agree to anything
I ask of you for the next two weeks.” He replied. “But officer this is just wrong, you can’t get away with
this, I’ll report you to your boss, you’ll lose your job,
I’ll make sure of it.” I said.

“Ok Miss. Anthony it’s your choice, but with your prior
record of speeding tickets and at the high rates of speed
there isn’t a judge around that wouldn’t sentence you to
a minimum of 45 days in jail plus fines.” He continued.

I slumped in my seat and finally asked what I had to do. He
smiled a huge grin and wrote down an address. Told me to wear
the skimpiest dress I owned, no panties, and heels with
nylons and a garter and a push up bra. He said when I arrived
at the address I was to knock four times then turn around
with my back to the door. I was to be there no later then 7pm
the next night. He was going to keep my driver’s license
and registration just to make sure I showed and reminded
me that if I told anyone the price I would pay would be high.

With that, he told me to drive careful so not to speed again
and sent me on my way.

I headed for home driving almost too slow, my head spinning
at what just happened.

I got back to my house, it was after 10pm, and as I walked in
the door, the phone was ringing. I said hello and the next
thing I heard was his voice, it was Officer Lange.

“I just wanted to make sure my sexy lady made it home alright.
I have a few more directions for you for our first meeting.
I understand you just started a two-week vacation. I want
you to make sure your friends and family know your going
to be gone during that time so they will not worry about you.
Then you are to have your mail held at the post office for
the time being and ask a neighbor to watch over your house
while you are away. I do not care what you tell people of where
you are going, just make it believable. Do you understand
so far?” He asked.

“Yes I understand.” I replied

“Tomorrow before you dress you are to take a nice long bubble
bath, shave and I mean shave everything, if you don’t then
I will. I want you nice and clean. You are also to make sure
your backside is clean, even if you have to give yourself
an enema. If not I will do that too. You are a beautiful woman
Miss. Anthony and I intend to show you just what a body like
yours can do for a man. Do you have any questions? If not be at that address no later
then 7 pm, if you are even a minute late you will be sorry.”
He said.

Nervous as hell I managed to tell him I understand again
and hung up the phone.

What have I gotten myself into, I wish I had never bought
that car now. I started to cry, went to my bedroom, and cried
myself asleep. When I awoke, it was 7am and for a minute,
I though I had had a horrible dream, then the phone rang.
When I picked it up reality hit when once again I heard his
voice. It was then I knew my nightmare was just beginning.

“Miss. Anthony, good morning. I just thought I would let
you know I have taken liberty to draw you a bath. Yes I was
in your home and watched you sleeping, what a shame it was
to see you had fallen asleep in your clothes. It was hard
for me not to take you right there, but I resisted only because
I want our first time to be perfect. Don’t you?” He chuckled.

“You were in my home that is breaking and entering; I can
have you arrested for that.” I replied.

“It’s your word against mine Miss. Anthony and again who
do you think they are going to believe, s respected officer
of the law, or a woman that cannot obey simple speed laws?
He chuckled.

“Miss. Anthony I will see you promptly at 7 o’clock this
evening I trust and enjoy your bath.” He said as he hung up
the phone laughing.

What an arrogant bastard he is I thought. What can I do, I
have no choice but to submit to his every command.

I got up and walked in the bathroom to see a tub full of bubbles
and rose peddles. I found a note on top a towel left on the
edge of the tub. It read, “Tonight my sweet toy will be the
beginning of a beautiful relationship. I promise when
I am done with you, you will beg me to let you stay.”

I got goose bumps and started to shake. Why, how did I let
this happen I thought to myself?

Taking my slept in clothes off, I got into the bathtub, laying
there trying to relax. Then I proceeded to wash and shave.
Once I was done, I got out and dressed. After my morning coffee,
I headed out to the store to buy a fleet’s enema. I knew if
I did not do this myself, he would and how humiliating that
would be.

When I got back home, it was around lunchtime. I not only
bought the enema, but also bought a new dress. Since I had
nothing in my wardrobe that fit the description of what
he wanted me to wear, I decided rather then make him mad I
would buy something new. I also picked up a pair of stilettos.

I went upstairs to hang my dress up, it is black, with spaghetti
straps, has a low v-neckline, fits snuggly, and the length
comes just below the cheeks of my ass.

As I was heading back down the stairs the phone rang. I started
to shake before I answered it. I wish I had not because it
was Officer Lange again. Calling to remind me not to be late
or else. He is taunting me and enjoying it. Again, I told
him I would be there as requested and he hung up.

I made lunch, but did not eat much due to my nerves. I spent
the afternoon running around taking care of things for
while I am away. By the time I was done, it was 4:30 in the afternoon
and I knew I only had 2 ½ hours to get ready. I started with
the fleets’ enema. I thought I would die holding it in as
long as the directions told me too. Finally, I was able to
expel and now I feel better.

After that, I took another bath and made sure I felt no stubble
anywhere. I got out, dried off and rubbed lotion all over
me. I remembered he said no panties, so I slipped on my strapless
push up bra and my nylons and garter. It was 5:30 pm now and
I was shaking so I went downstairs and poured myself a glass
of wine. Downed the first glass and poured another before
heading back upstairs.

Once upstairs I slipped into my dress and stilettos. I do
not even recognize myself. I look like some hooker off the
streets. I cannot go out like this. What will people think?
I thought to myself. Then it hit me that I could wear my long

I sat down to my dressing table and applied my makeup, topping
it off with some red lipstick. I combed my hair out, putting
in a few big curls to add to my waves.

It was now 6 pm, only an hour left to be there and I knew by his
directions it would take me 45 minutes to get there. I looked
myself over again, grabbed a suitcase I had packed earlier
and out the door I went.

While I am driving, back at Officer Lange’s he has been very
busy getting things ready for my arrival. Dressed in his
police uniform, he moves about the house preparing each
room for me. Making sure everything was in its place and
everything he would need is at easy access to him.

After the long drive I finally found the house, it was out
in the country and not marked very well at all. With only
the porch light on I pulled into the driveway, turned off
the ignition and took a deep breathe before getting out.

With only 5 minutes to spare, I take off my coat, smooth out
my dress and walk up to the door.

Ringing the doorbell I waited and waited, no one answered.
Then I remembered he said I was to knock 4 times. So I knocked,
one, two, three, four times and waited, then turned around
as I almost forgot that part too.

When the door finally opened he said nothing, he put a blindfold
over my eyes and put handcuffs on me pulling my arms to my
back. I started to speak when he quickly hushed me and told
me not to say a word.

Once securing me, he led me inside and we walked a few feet
then he left me to stand there. I could hear him walking around
me as if he was looking over his prey. He told me to spread
my legs and I did. Next, I felt a finger probing my pussy.

“My toy is wet I see, something tells me she is turned on by
this, just as I was hoping.” He said.

“But my toy was late and I warned you several times that if
you were late you would pay for it. Does my toy have anything
to say on her behalf?” He asked.

“I had a hard time finding the house; it wasn’t very well
marked or light up.” I replied.

“That is not my problem toy; you should have taken a drive
earlier to make sure you knew where you were to be on time.
You will be punished for that.” He said.

“I’m sorry, please don’t hurt me.” I said.

“Enough, you will be punished and that is that, no more will
be said. I do like what you have worn for me. You have good
tastes. You are my slut toy now and I will enjoy you as I please.”
He said.

“You will address me as either Sir or Master unless otherwise
directed. For the next 2 weeks you will do every thing I tell
you, even if it is something you do not like, you will do it.
Punishments for any disobedience are at my discretion.
What, when, where and how is for me to know and for you to find
out. I own you now and I control you. I make all your decisions.
You will never wear panties again and if I choose, you may
spend your days naked. If I have company, you will service
them as I command. You will talk only when told. Do you understand
my slut toy?” he asks.

“Yes I understand.” I replied.

“Yes what slut?” he asks as he takes his nightstick and smacks
it against my ass.

“Yes Master I understand.” I reply whimpering from the

“You will learn slut or you will hurt a lot.” He said.

He walks away to make a drink, leaving me there to admire.
After a few minutes, he comes back, walks behind me and with
rope ties my upper arms tightly together forcing my breasts
out. Then he walks to the front and I hear a knife fling open.
He takes the blade and cuts my brand new dress off, letting
it fall to the floor. He does the same to my bra, leaving me
with only my nylons, garter, and stilettos on. He takes
the knife and runs it along my soft skin leaving goose bumps.
He takes the tip and runs it around each areola; I bite my
lip trying not to move.

“Slut you have a beautiful body and I shall fuck you many
times in all your holes. You will love Masters Cock to the
point of craving it. You will beg me to fuck your ass, as I
do your mouth and pussy. You will carve sex day and night;
you will become my beautiful cum slut. You will swallow
every drop that I give you. You will beg me to let you stay
by the time the two weeks are over.” He says.

With that, he reaches his hand between my legs to find me
dripping wet.

“My slut is getting very wet, does she want fucked already?”
He asks.

When I do not answer, I feel the pain of the nightstick once
again on my ass.

“Ouuuuuu yes Sir please fuck this slut.” I reply.

“Is this really what my slut wants? Does she already crave
Master’s cock inside her wet pussy?” he asks.

“Yes Master Please fuck me with your cock I need to cum.”
I reply.

“My slut you forget you are for my pleasure, not me for yours.
I will fuck you in good time. When I am ready, I have yet to
inspect your all your hole for cleanliness. You don’t expect
me to put my clean cock into any filthy holes do you?” He said.

“No Master, but I am clean I did as you asked.” I said.

“Whack, Whack, Whack”. Three more times with the nightstick
on my ass. Tears running down my cheeks, my ass burning from
his night stick.

“I told you slut I will inspect you and I will decide if your
clean enough for my cock or not.” He said.

He leads me off into another room, still blindfolded and
bound. Removing the blindfold, rope and cuffs and reminds
me not to talk, but tells me he wants me to watch what he is
doing. Looking around, the room I am in is some kind of an
exam room. With a table in the middle he has me lay down on
my back putting, my feet up into stirrups just like at the
gynecologists office. He secures ankle cuffs to each ankle making sure I cannot
take them off the stirrups. He then puts a spreader bar in
between each knee and opens me up as far as I can go. He puts
a strap around my waist then raises my hands up over my head
and secures them to a pole. Pinching my nipples, he makes
me arch my back and slips a pillow underneath my back to push
up my breasts.

Stepping back to admire his work he slides a table from across
the room over to the end of the bed. There are mirrors on the
ceiling for me to watch his every move. Uncovering the table,
I can see there are several instruments. First thing he
gets is a pinwheel device. He walks around to my side and
runs it over my nipples, causing me to arch my back more,
straining against my binds. He did that several times.
Then he started to knead each breast saying he needs to feel
for lumps. My nipples become hard and sensitive. He runs
the pinwheel over them several times until I am begging
him to stop because it hurt so much.

The next device he gets is something that goes in my mouth
forcing it to stay open wide. I think they use these at the
dentist office. He says he has to make sure my throat can
take his cock. Once he has that in place, he begins probing
my mouth checking my teeth, gums and throat, and then he
attached a penis gage, securing it into place. It is so big
it hit the back of my throat. He said it was to check my gag

He moves back down between my legs and taking a large speculum,
sliding it into my pussy, opening me up as wide as it goes.
With a light, he looks deep inside making sure I am clean.
He starts rubbing my clit to get it to poke out from under
its hood. Once he gets it out, he takes a clit clamp and secures
it on my swollen clit. He said it was to keep it from hiding
again. I was trying to buck my hips by now the pain from the
clit clamp hurt so bad. Finally, he takes another speculum
for my ass, inserts it, and opens it up all the way.

“Ahhhhhh I have all your holes open nice and wide for me my
slut, how does that feel?” he chuckles knowing I am unable
to answer.

He tightens the clit clamps a little more then walks out
of the room leaving me in agony for the next 10 minutes, fighting
for some relief. When he returns he looks to see my pussy
has gotten very wet and takes a syringe filled with hot cinnamon
oil. Squirting some deep inside me, on my clit and into my
gapping ass I screamed with a need I never knew I had inside.
It made me hornier then I have ever been.

Trying to buck my hips against my bonds, needing some release.
He blew air into my holes and which makes me scream even louder.
After twenty minutes, he takes out the speculums and the
clit clamp, and then finally removes the device on my mouth.
He climbs up on top of me whips out his cock and shoves it in
my mouth. He begins fucking my throat for five minutes when
he cums hard deep in my throat. Gasping for air he finally pulls out leaving me there to
recover. When he returns a few minutes later, he picks up
a butterfly clit teaser, and places it on my clit securely,
shows me a wireless remote and walks out tell me to enjoy
my evening.

After a couple of hours and several orgasms, he returns
only to find me passed out. It’s after midnight, so he removed
the binds that hold me down and takes me to a bed, where he
again cuffs me to the headboard, leaving enough slack so
I can get comfortable and tells me to sleep.

“Morning comes early around here my slut and we have so much
to do before our afternoon guest arrives.” He said as he
walked out.


Morning arrives and I wake to find his cock pressed against
my lips. “Open slut, you know what to do.” He says as he pushes
himself into my mouth.

He begins fucking my mouth and throat, this lasts for about
10 minutes when he shoots load after load of cum into my throat,
warning me not to let any escape my mouth. If I do that will
be punishment number two.

Gagging on his cock I cannot help it when cum starts running
down my chin, I am helpless at this point and at his mercy.
When he finished he pulled from my mouth telling me how disappointed
he was, but that I would learn to take it all.

He led me to the bathroom where he told me I had 15 minutes
to shower. The hot water felt so good running down my body.
Standing under the water, I wondered what was in store for
me next and who this guest would be this afternoon. How could
he do this to me? To use me like some to bit hooker.

I was startled when he returned and shut off the shower,
handed me a towel and told me to dry off, comb out my hair,
and quickly return to the bedroom.

I did as he asked and when I got there, I found him standing
at the foot of the bed holding what looked like a collar.
He ordered me to kneel down in front of him and when I did,
he attached the color around my neck. He told me that this
meant he owned me as it had printed on the front *Property
of Master Lange*.

The collar had a large D-ring attached to it and to that;
he added a long leather leach. He then ordered me to get on
the bed on all fours with my ass pointed in the air and my head
down on a pillow. I got into position when I felt the head
of his cock at the entrance of my pussy. Without warning
he thrust into me hard and deep and began fucking me like
some wild animal.

It hurt so bad tears were rolling down my cheeks when he began
spanking me hard alternating cheeks. He kept this pace
up for 20 minutes, my ass, and pussy both on fire. He searches
out my clit and starts rubbing it hard, when finally I cum.
His thrusts become hard as his balls are slamming against
my ass. Next, I hear this loud growl and his cock is twitching
inside me. Load after load of his hot creamy cum shot deep
into my pussy. When he was done, he slowly pulled from me,
reached around, and grabbed my tits, pulling, pinching
then hard.

He told me to stay right where I was, the next thing I heard
is a camera clicking, and one right after the other as his
cum is running out my pussy.

It was breakfast time now so we go to the kitchen where he
tells me to make eggs, bacon, and toast. With his cum drying
on my thighs, I work about the kitchen making breakfast.
He puts on a pot of coffee while I cook and when everything
is ready; we sit down to the table and eat,

After breakfast, he tells me to clean up the kitchen while
he sits at the table and reads the morning paper. When I am
done, I am to come kneel down beside him.

After a few minutes, he ushers me under the table to suck
on his cock and I may only use my mouth. I work his cock for
nearly 45 minutes before he cums this time and this time
I manage to swallow it all.

We get up and he leads me off into a new room. My eyes widen
as we walk inside and I look around.

The room looked like one of those dungeons I have seen online
for people that are into the BDSM life-style. I start to
shake and he leads me over to the middle of the room, cuffs
my wrists, attaches a rope with a pulley to it, and pulls
my arms up over my head until my toes are the only thing touching
the ground.

“Remember slut I told you, you would be punished for your
disobedience? Look around and see all my toys. I have many
and I plan to use them all on you during your 2 weeks with me.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I will my slut. Remember you
are here for my pleasure not yours.” He walks around the
room chuckling while he looks for his first toy.

“I want to hear you scream slut so for now I will not gag you,
however I think this cat of nine tales will work just fine
for now.” He said.

He walks around behind me out of my vision and he starts hitting
my ass, alternating from one cheek to the other for 20 strokes.
Screaming from the pain, my body thrashing about I felt
like I was about to pass out. He stops and tenderly rubs the
welts, admiring his work.

Moving around to my front, he fondles my breasts, pinching
and twisting each nipple then backs away.

“Ready my slut?” he asks.

“Please Master, Please I beg of you to stop. I’ll do anything
you ask of me but please no more it hurts so much, ” I reply.

“No use slut you earned these punishments, you must take
them now to learn from your disobedience.” He replied.

*Whack* 5 times right across my breasts and nipples. I am
screaming in agony the pain was more then I could bear.

“Please Master I can’t take anymore, ” I beg.

He stops only long enough to place a gag in my mouth.

“This will hush you up my slut, I told you this MUST be done
for you to learn.” He growled.

At this point, all I have managed to do is make him angrier
and the whipping lasted longer. I must have passed out because
when I came too he had taken me down and strapped me to some
type of a bench where I am bent over, forcing my ass in the

Still gagged, but tied down securely so I cannot move. I
was there a long time before anything happened. The all
of a sudden I felt the head of his cock pressed up against
my ass hole and thrust hard and deep into me. No lube, no warning,
he just took me by force and my screams through the gag filled
the room. It hurt so bad I thought he was tarring me up back
there. He kept up the pace until finally he came long and

“Slut did you like how I took your ass for MY pleasure? Do
you see now how this is going to work around here? Only when
I decide will you receive such pleasures. You will have
to earn those my slut.” He went on.

“Now that completes punishment number one, you still have
one more to go. However right now we have a guest due soon,
so for now that will have to wait.” He said.

He released me from my bonds and took the gag from my mouth.
Leading me over to a shower stall he turned on the water and
told me, I had 5 minutes to wash. Once I was done, he tossed
me a towel and I dried myself quickly.

We left what I now call the pain room and he took me out to the
living room to wait for our guest. A few minutes later, the
doorbell rang and he sent me to answer it. When I opened,
the door there was a police officer standing there. Immediately
I begged him to save me, but soon found out that he was the
guest we were waiting on. Master handed my leash to Officer
Mike and told him to enjoy.

Master left the room and Officer Mike took me to a new room
with a king size bed. He ordered me to take his clothes off
and once I did, I was to suck his cock. Officer Mike was around
30 ‒ 35 years of age, blond hair, blue eyes, about 6’2” and
190#. His cock was the biggest I had ever seen, about 12 inches
long and 2 ½ inches wide. He is a very good-looking man but
I was fearful that his monster cock would rip me up.

He forced my mouth over his cock and crammed it down my throat
making me gag and puck. He did this for about 15 minutes,
and then came down my throat. He called me bitch and ordered
me on the bed on all fours facing away from him. Then he took
my pussy hard and deep. He showed me no mercy, my screams
filled the room, and after 30 minutes of hard fucking, he
came. I lost consciousness for a few minutes or until he
used smelling salts to revive me. Then pulling my bottom
up in the air he took ass just as he had my pussy and my throat.
I passed out this time before he came, but that did not stop
him he kept fucking me anyway because I can feel his cum running
out of my ass.

He did not stop here, he grabbed my leach and forced me into
the shower and relieved himself all over my body. I was humiliated
with no self worth. I was finally broken. All I was now was
three holes to fuck.

He showered me then had me wash him all over, then bent me
over and fucked my pussy long and hard again.

When the water turned cold, he got out first, making me stay
in the cold water. After he tried off he told me to get out,
I was shivering and had goose bumps.

We left that room and headed to another where we found Master.
Put on a table I was strapped down and some kind of device
hung overhead. Master explained that he would attach the
suction cups to my nipples and another to my clit, and the
machine would milk them just as a cow milking machine does.
Horror must have been the site in my eyes because they both
just laughed. My legs are up in stirrups much as they were
earlier so that my pussy was in full view. With the devices
attached, the machine started and my body tensed.

Master and Officer Mike both poured a drink and sat to watch
the show, ME. After a half hour Master got up to check and
see how wet, I was. Officer Mike joined him and from there
they decided to fuck my pussy and my ass. Officer Mike took
my pussy and Master my ass. They fucked me long and hard while the machine was milking
my tits and clit. I kept cumming and finally after awhile
they did too.

They both came around to my face and had me suck them dry.

They left me hooked up to the machine for another hour, before
coming back and releasing me from my bonds. Taken to a room
and told I could rest until dinner. Reminded I have not one
but two more punishments to go yet today. I earned the second
one when I begged Officer Mike to save me, which was before
I knew he was in on it.

Awakened after only an hour of sleep, Master told me to shower
for dinner. When I was done, he took me to the dinning table
where Officer Mike was already sitting.

“We’ve prepared dinner for you my slut, but you will do dishes
and clean up the mess we made after.” He said.

“Yes Master, thank you.” I replied.

I ate in silence while the two talked about work, sports,
ignoring I was even there.

When we finished they left me to my chores and told me the
house was on lock down, if I tried to force the door or a window
open, an alarm would sound. I was to quickly finish my chores
then join them in the living room.

It was after 7 o’clock in the evening by the time dinner dishes
were done and the kitchen clean. I returned to the living
room and knelt down in front of Master with my head bowed.

They continued to talk for the next half hour when I suddenly
felt a tug on my leach. Master had me get on all four so I could
suck his cock while Officer Mike fucked me one last time
before heading out for patrol.

Master held my head firm while I sucked his cock and he shoved
his cock down my throat. Officer Mike fucked me hard and
deep, pounding away at my sore aching pussy. It was not long
and they both came hard. Officer Mike spanked my ass and
told me I was a good piece of ass and he would enjoy coming
back to use me.

Master left me there to sit, while he walked Officer Mike
to the door. They said their goodbyes and Master came back
for me. Took my leash and pulled me towards the pain room
again. I started to cry, but quickly stopped so I would not
get any added punishment time.

Master beat me that night using a whip and a cane. I do not
remember a lot, just that when I did wake up he was putting
suave on all my welts. I can barely move I hurt so badly.

He left me to sleep the rest of the night. When I woke the next
morning I thought I had died, I was in so much pain. Master
came in to see how I was doing and asked if I had learned my
lesson of obedience. I said I had and he fed me toast and eggs
for breakfast.

“After breakfast my slut how would you like a nice long bubble
bath to soak in?” He asked.

“Yes Master your slut would like that very much please.”
I replied.

The next two weeks I was used by several fellow officers,
I became their cum slut/fuck toy. When the two weeks ended,
Master told me I could leave, that I had fulfilled our agreement
and no one would know about my last speeding offence. He
had bought me a new outfit and told me to go get dressed. As
I did, I began to think how empty my life would become without
him. When I came back into the living room, I looked at him
and tears started rolling down my cheeks.

He walked up to me and asked what was wrong.

“Master I love you I don’t want to leave, I belong to you now,
please don’t make me go.” I said.

“My pet, you’re sure you want to stay and continue the life
you have lived for the past two weeks?” He asked.

“Oh yes Master I do I really do, please don’t make me leave
I need you.” I replied.

“Then so be it, you will go today and pack up your apartment,
only keep what you really think you need. Return in one week,
no less. I will call you and see how things are going. If you
want to quit your job you may, let your family and friends
know you’ve found someone and are moving in with him. If
you can do all that in one week, you may come back and stay.
Do you understand?” he asked.

*Yes Master I do and I will be back because I am your property.”
I said as I walked out the door for the first time in two weeks.
Off to end my old life so I can begin a new one.


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LOL did you not read the comments at
the begining lkher? This isn't real it's just
a story. LMAO


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It's just a story!...

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