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Harley ride (MFM story)


I had a weekend off with nothing to do and it was a great day
for a ride. It was in the mid 80's and clear as a bell.
I started off north figuring I would stop off at the Harley
dealership where I bought my bike. Beyond that I had no particular
destination, just north.

After the stop at the dealership I took a back road along
the foothills. There were a bunch of other bikes on the road
and I kinda fell in with a couple on a Road King in front of
me. When they pulled off at a bar / restaurant that had a bunch
of bikes in front of it I realized I was getting a thirst going
so I pulled off to.

"Hope you didn't mind me joining you",
I said by way of greeting when I parked beside them.

"Not at all. We're happy for the company and two
bikes are more visible to the rolling cage types (meaning
cars) than one. I'm Jack", and we shook hands,
"and this is my wife Rachel."

Jack was a good looking guy in his early forties. He was about
6'4", and probably a solid 240 pounds. His hair
and goatee were salt and peppered.

I turned to Rachel, who had been digging around in the saddlebags,
and put my hand out to shake hers. I was dumbstruck when she
turned around. She was shaking out her long black hair,
that had been tucked up under her helmet, as she turned and
it was almost like a slow motion shampoo commercial or something.
Her hair caught the light and was radiant. Her face was flawless,
with high cheekbones, full sensual lips and ice blue eyes.
She was wearing a leather vest with a tight long sleeve,
but low cut, shirt underneath. The neckline of the shirt
plunged below the top snap of her vest, letting me see just
the hint of a black bra. Her arms and shoulders were that
perfect balance of muscle and femininity. When she smiled
at me and put out her hand I almost forgot mine was out there
for her to shake. I took her small hand in mine and was met
with a firm grip.

"Uh...Hi Rachel...I'm, ummm...Aaron",
I stammered like an idiot.

She treated me to a giggle as she said hello. I stared at her.

Jack cleared his throat and broke my trance. I could feel
that I blushed as I turned away from Rachel and back to Jack.

"Sorry", I said. "I didn't mean to
stare like that but your wife is gorgeous!"

"No problem, Aaron. She gets that a lot and I take it
as a compliment to us both. I'd have been surprised
if you hadn't stared. Just don't get carried away!"
The last was said in a joking way that broke the tension that
I felt at being caught looking at her.

Rachel walked over and stood on her tip toes next to Jack
and kissed him on the cheek, which he had to lean down to help
her do. She looked at me and said, "Thank you for the
nice compliment Aaron. Were just stopping for a quick bite
and a beer. Care to join us?"

Probably a little to quickly I said, "I'd love
to, thanks."

We went inside and the hostess led us to a table. There were
probably 20 other people in the restaurant, mostly bikers.
All the guys, and some of the girls, watched Rachel as she
walked through the room.

When we sat down, Rachel sat directly across from me, which
was great because then I could look at her without having
to turn and be completely obvious. The hostess took our
drink orders and we all got a beer.

We talked about where we were all from and other small talk
while we waited for our beers. Turns out that they were on
their way home from a ride while I was just starting mine.
I told them I didn't have any particular destination
in mind and they said that the rest of the ride to their home
town in the foothills was quite scenic.

"You should tag along with us", Rachel offered.

It would have seemed like a nice innocent offer except for
the fact that her foot made deliberate contact with my foot
and moved up my boot to my calf as she made the offer.

"That sounds great! Don't mind if I do. Thanks,

Our beers arrived and we ordered a variety of appetizers
as snacks while we had our drinks. We also had the waitress
start a second round of beers to come with the food. I normally
don't drink much, if at all, when I'm riding but
I figured with the food it wouldn't affect me much but
the initial buzz while we were at the restaurant would be

They were both very interesting people and I was as intrigued
by Jack as I was Rachel but he wasn't rubbing my leg with
his foot like Rachel was every few minutes, so I was distracted
a bit more by her than him!

Rachel excused herself and got up to go to the ladies room
and I of course watched her walk away. Her ass was perfectly
framed by the chaps she was wearing and it swayed just the
right amount when she walked.

I looked guiltily back at Jack and said, "I'm
really sorry for staring at Rachel but she's absolutely
the best looking woman I've ever seen. I hope you're
not upset. You are both great people and I hope I can get to
know you guys. Besides she obviously loves you. You're
a lucky man!"

"Like I said before, Aaron", replied Jack,
"I'd be suspicious if you didn't look at
her! She is an amazing woman. Not only physically but emotionally
and sexually as well. Let me ask you...has she been doing
anything under the table?"

I'm sure I blushed and wasn't sure if there would
be a fight if I answered honestly but something about the
way he asked the question told me he already knew the answer.

"Yeah, I wasn't sure if it was on purpose or not
but her foot kept rubbing up my leg."

"Good, I thought she liked you. Thanks for answering
honestly, that makes a big difference in how much I can trust
you. I hope you meant it when you said you would come along
with us from here."

"Indeed I did. Sounds like a nice ride", I answered
innocently, although I had the feeling that things were
going to be interesting at their place.

"Oh it will be!", Rachel said from just behind
me as she walked up. There was a definite meaning behind
her words. I felt my dick throb just a little.

She sat back down and we ate and drank and chatted. I learned
that he had made a ton of money in real estate and she had been
an ad executive but she quit when Jack made his money. They
were intrigued by the fact that I was a cop, but they asked
all the right questions like 'Is it what you thought
it would be?' instead of the wrong ones, like 'Have
you ever killed anyone?'.

So with a little buzz and a full belly we got back on our bikes.
It was a pleasure to watch Rachel swing her leg over the seat.

I fell in behind and to the right of them as we rode through
some magnificent scenery. It was improved by watching
Rachel with her hands idly stroking Jack's beefy arms.

About a half an hour later we turned off of the main road onto
a private drive. It had one of those arches over the gate
that had "RJ Ranch" on it. The drive disappeared
over a hill. When we crested the hill I looked down on a sprawling
ranch compound with a huge two story log cabin with matching
stables and barn. Impressive to say the least.

We pulled up into the circular drive and climbed off of our
bikes. Rachel walked right over to me and put her hand through
my arm, resting it on my bicep and guiding me toward the house.

"Nice place", I said.

"We like it."

I liked her unpretentiousness (is that a word?). She was
beautiful but genuine and they were obviously very wealthy
but didn't slap you with it.

Jack joined us and we walked into the spacious entry. It
was open to the second floor roof with big skylights letting
in the sun. We walked through the house with Rachel acting
as tour guide, pointing out some of her favorite things
about the house. When we got to the back of the place it was
entirely glass walled, looking out on the mountains.

We finally stopped in a large living room with leather furniture,
including the bar stools that Rachel indicated I should
have a seat on. She went behind the bar while Jack went over
to the entertainment center and turned on some jazz.

"What can I get you to drink, Aaron?"

I asked for a rum and coke and Jack hollered out for the same.
Rachel made herself one as well. When she slid my drink over
to me she leaned across the bar and gave me a great view of
her incredible cleavage. Jack joined us and sat on the stool
next to me facing me as I sat facing the bar. Rachel stayed
leaned across the bar. It was difficult to tear my eyes away
from the perfectly shaped mounds of her breasts.

"So, not that we want you to leave but just so we know
how much time we have with you...when do you have to be home?",
asked Jack.

It was an interestingly phrased question.

"Let's see, it's 4 o'clock on Saturday...I
should probably get going sometime around 10 p.m. Sunday!",
I said with a smile.

"Excellent answer!", exclaimed Rachel. "Since
we have time, and I'm sweating from the ride, how about
we all go for a swim?"

Jack seconded the idea.

"Well, I don't know how good these chaps will
be for swimming but I'm up for anything", I said
with the hope that they picked up on my meaning of 'anything'.

"I guess we have two options then", said Rachel,
"we can either find you something of Jack's to
wear or we can just skinny dip!"

Jack pipped in with, "I, for one, don't feel like
walking all the way upstairs to the bedroom just to get a
pair of shorts. How about you, Aaron?"

"I appreciate your hospitality as it is, so I wouldn't
want to put you to any extra trouble!"

Rachel undid the top snap of her vest, revealing the deep
line between her tits, as she walked around the bar, saying,
"Ok then boys, follow me!" As she walked away
she undid her chaps, took them off and threw them on a nearby
chair. At the door she stripped out of her pants as well.
She bent at the waist as she slid the jeans over her perfect
ass, then stepped out of them, leaving them where they lay.
She was only left wearing a pair of black "booty shorts"
and the long sleeve shirt and vest.

Whens he stood she reached up on the door frame and stretched
saying, "I'm all tight after that ride!"
All the muscles in her sculpted legs were tightened up as
she stood on tip toe and stretched.

I'd never seen a more perfect body in real life or even
in pictures!

Jack stood up and gave me a friendly pat on the shoulder as
he walked around me. His hand lingered just a moment on my

I stood and followed the two of them out to the back (I would
say 'back yard' but that just doesn't fit
the scope of their 'yard' acreage. There was
a large kidney shaped pool with a waterfall on one end, enclosing
a hot tub. By the time we got to the deck chairs I could see
that Rachel's vest was completely undone but since
I was behind her I couldn't see much else.

Jack pulled his shirt off over his head and revealed a broad,
muscular back and shoulders with a relatively narrow waist.
I was definitely the ugly duckling here, although no slouch
myself. Jack moved up behind Rachel and slid the vest off
of her shoulders, but again since I was behind them the only
thing I could see was him dropping her vest onto a nearby

I watched as he wrapped his arms around her then leaned down
and kissed her on the neck. I didn't want to be too obvious
about watching them, just in case I was wrong (which I didn't
think I was) so I stripped out of my vest and shirt to be on
the same level as them.

"Honey, we're neglecting our guest",
I heard Rachel say. "That's the spirit!",
she chuckled as she came to a stop an arm length in front of
me. "Let me help you out of those chaps though!"

I just stood there, watching in awe as this beautiful woman
reached out and grabbed a hold of the belt of my chaps and
expertly undid the buckle. My cock throbbed and grew painfully
down my leg as she knelt in front of me and looked up into my

She held my gaze for a moment before she reached down and
undid the snaps at the bottom of the chaps. When she had both
sides undone she slid the zipper up the outside of my right
leg and that side fell loose. She looked up at me again, with
a smile, before moving to the other leg. The view looking
down at that face and the swell of her breasts and hard nipples
made my cock swell to complete hardness inside my jeans.
It ached as it stretched the fabric along my inner thigh.

When she lifted the zipper to the top of my left leg the chaps
fell in a pile behind me. It was at that point that she saw
the bulge of my cock straining against my jeans.

"Oh Baby can I pick 'em or what?", she said
over her shoulder to Jack.

I had forgotten all about Jack so I was surprised when I looked
up and saw him walking toward us in just his boxer briefs.
The crotch of his shorts bulged nicely and I could see the
outline of his cock as it hung to the right. I would say that
he was probably about half erect at that point. His muscular
body had just the right amount of hair in just the right places.

"Wow, that is a nice package!', Jack said as he
drew nearer. "That looks terribly uncomfortable.
Let me help you out of those."

Until that moment, I had been assuming that they were swingers
but had not realized I was there for the pleasure of both
of them! As hard as my cock already was, it throbbed just
a bit harder. I couldn't even talk at the realization
of what was happening so I just nodded my head.

Rachel stood up and moved to stand beside me and Jack as he
stood right in front of me. She stood watching us in her booty
shorts. They had such a small patch in the front that her
clit couldn't have been more than an inch below the
top of the fabric.

She also took off her shirt as she watched. Now she was only
in the black bra I had seen a hint of earlier. The swell of
her tits above the black lace cups was as perfect as the rest
of her. She reached behind her back and undid the bra letting
it fall to the floor. I had thought that she had implants
because of the amazing proportions of her body but when
her perfect C cup breasts were revealed they were obviously
real by the bounce and sway of them. I was amazed by her.

Jack reached out and undid the belt buckle on my jeans then,
bringing my attention back to him. He pulled the button
fly open. He had pulled hard enough that my hips rocked forward
and I had to take a step toward him to keep my balance. He pushed
the top of my jeans down and I took them the rest of the way

Now with less than a foot between Jack and I, Rachel reached
both of her hands out and rested one on each of our bulges
saying, "What a lucky girl I am!"

Her hand on my crotch was light but hot. She traced a finger
around the outline of both of our bulges and a low moan came
from her throat.

Jack stepped back and pulled down his shorts, bending at
the waist. When he stood back up he was completely nude and
I got my first look at his cock. It was perfect! About 5"
long and a handful thick, while limp. The head was well defined
and thicker than the shaft. I couldn't wait to see him

"I showed you mine...", said Jack.

"Now let's see yours!", finished Rachel.

She didn't even give me a chance! She grabbed a hold
of the top of my boxer briefs and tugged them down. Unlike
Jack, I was completely hard, so when the fabric cleared
my cock it sprang out and up.

"Oh very nice. Look honey, he's uncircumsized!
You know how I love that!", exclaimed Rachel.

She wrapped her hand around my cock, just behind the mostly
exposed head and pulled the skin all the way back. Then she
pulled the skin forward so it covered the head.

"Take those shorts off", she ordered in a calm
but commanding voice.

Another twist that I hadn't expected! Most swinger
scenarios I've heard of have the new guy and the husband
banging the wife and the wife is fairly submissive. It was
becoming pretty clear that Rachel was the dominant force,
over Jack as well.

I did as I was told and she didn't let go of my hard on at
all as I awkwardly stepped out of my shorts.

She finally let go of me and turned to Jack. She grabbed his
cock, much more softly than she had grabbed mine, and tip-toed
up to kiss him. They kissed passionately and long with Rachel
gently stroking his cock. By the time they broke the kiss
he was much harder but his cock still only pointed straight
out from his hips. He was about 7" at that point and
his shaft looked incredibly thick, especially in Rachel's
small hand.

"Follow us", Rachel said over her shoulder
to me as they walked toward the pool.

I followed of course, watching the amazing sway of her ass.

When we got to the edge of the pool she again looked over her
shoulder at me. This time she ordered me to help her out of
her g-string. I moved up close behind her and lightly pinched
the sides of the g-string where it went over her slender
hips. I purposely tried to touch her skin as little as possible
since she hadn't given me any directions except to
get the bottoms off. I slid them down her hips slowly. Enjoying
the view on the way down.

Rachel spread her legs slightly to let the small crotch
of the g-string pull free from her. I knelt behind her and
pulled them down to her feet and held them there. She stepped
out of them and dove gracefully into the pool. For just a
fraction of a second she was bent at the waist and I glimpsed
the lips of her shaved pussy from behind.

Jack dove in right beside her.

I stayed right where I was, slipping easily into the submissive
role. I hadn't been told to move, therefore I didn't.

When they came up for air they were about 20 feet away from
me. Rachel called out for me to join them. I stood and dove
in and swam to them, coming up between the two. The water
level was just at Rachel's nipples and they looked
great wet and floating in front of me. I could also make out
the wavy view of Jack's cock floating straight out
from his body.

"Face me", purred Rachel.

I moved between them and faced her. I felt the tip of my cock
brush her stomach. I also felt Jack's cock press into
me. The tip slid between my ass cheeks.

I moaned and closed my eyes so I could focus on the feeling
of their bodies.

"Aaron, look at me", said Rachel.

I opened my eyes and looked down into her blue eyes.

She gently wrapped her fingers around my cock as she said,
"Let me tell you what I want. I want to watch you and
Jack together. I want you to suck his cock with me. I want
to dominate you both and have you fulfill my every desire.
How does that sound to you?"

"That sounds incredible! This has always been a fantasy
of mine, but in my dreams the two people that took me were
no where near as attractive and sensual as you two!",
I admitted.

I felt Jack push against me more. He put his hands on my hips
under the water and with his hips against me, his cock filled
my ass crack. Rachel pressed against the front of my body.
Her firm breasts pushed against me and I could feel that
they were completely real. They were so perfect I had assumed
they were fake!

"Perfect! What are your limits?", Jack asked
into my ear.

"Well, I'm not really sure yet. I like the water
sport that we're playing right now but not the other
kind. I like some pain but I don't really know how much
is too much yet. Beyond that there isn't much I can think
of that I wouldn't want to experience with you two."

"Can I fuck you?", he asked.

"I would be utterly disappointed if you didn't",
I said as I rubbed my butt back against him.

"Can I fuck you in the ass while you suck his cock?",
asked Rachel.

"That sounds incredible!", I said back to her.

Her hand ran under my cock to my balls for a quick squeeze.
She didn't stop there though. She reached farther
back between my legs and pressed a finger against my 'taint'.

I tilted my hips forward a little to give her better access,
while still maintaining the contact with Jack's cock.

Rachel took the opportunity and pushed a finger against
my tight hole.

I moaned and let my head fall back against Jack's chest.
He, in turn, reached around in front of me and grabbed the
base of my cock. He squeezed it firmly and kept increasing
the pressure. I felt the blood flow out of my cock stop as
he tightened his grip. My cock ached from the pressure inside
it as well as out.

Rachel also increased her pressure until her thin finger
forced it's way into my tight ass.

She paused once it was inside. I think she was watching my
expression as I started to moan louder but my eyes had closed
again so I'm not sure.

Jack's hand was like a vise on my cock and the pressure
had turned into mild, erotic pain. I groaned as I reached
the limit of how much I could take. Jack picked up on the change
in my sound and slowly released his python-like grip.

As the pain subsided my body relaxed. I hadn't realized
how much I had tensed up until my muscles started to let go.
As my ass unclinched, Rachel pushed her finger all the way
in to the bottom knuckle.

"Damn Babe, he has a nice tight ass. You should feel
it! We're going to have some fun getting your thick
meat into him", Rachel said to Jack.

I felt Jack running a finger between my cheeks and I expected
Rachel to pull her finger out so he could feel my tight hole.
Instead she pulled toward herself, spreading my hole a
bit. Again I moaned, then louder as Jack slid his finger
inside me, up along Rachel's.

They worked their fingers around in different directions
which was a sensation I'd never felt before. It got
even better when Rachel started moving her finger in and
out and Jack did the same but in the opposite direction.
The feeling of fingers sliding in and out of my hole at the
same time was incredible!

Rachel teased the tip of my cock and played with the foreskin
with her other hand as she fingered my ass.

Jack reached around and pinched my nipples with his free

The myriad sensations they were sending through me was
overwhelming and I knew that they were only getting started!

"I want to fuck him", pleaded Jack.

"You will Honey, but not yet. I've got a lot of
things I want to do to him first", and she slid her finger
out of me abruptly.

"Follow me", she said as she turned and started
swimming away toward the jacuzzi.

With expert strokes she glided away from us and I watched
her ass sway in the water. Jack was still behind me with his
thick finger inside me. He slid his other hand down from
my chest and grabbed my cock again. He pulled me back against
him and whispered into my ear.

"You like it rough, don't you boy?"

I moaned affirmative as he began to squeeze my cock again,
although not nearly as hard as before.

"Good, because she likes to see how much her toys can
take and how obedient they can be. Expect punishment for
mistakes and rewards like you never imagined for pleasing

He had slid his finger almost all the way out of me and just
as he talked about punishment he shoved it hard back into

I gasped.

When he mentioned reward, his hand relaxed on my cock and
he very lightly ran his thumb back and forth on the slit at
the tip.

I moaned in pleasure.

I was still enjoying the sensations when he also abruptly
pulled his finger out of me and swam after his wife.

It took me a second to gather my composure and start after

By the time I caught up to them, Rachel was already behind
the waterfall that fronted the length of the jacuzzi and
Jack was just disappearing behind it. I pulled myself up
out of the pool at the edge and walked around to the opening
in the waterfall.

The falling water trapped the steam behind there. The Jacuzzi
must have had a maximum occupancy of 20 or more as it was very
long. I could just make out Rachel and Jack at in the middle
so I made my way toward them.

When I got within a few feet of Rachel I could see that she
was standing with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her

"I told you to follow me! What took you so long?",
she demanded.

I almost said that Jack had not let me go but then thought
better of blaming someone else for my slowness. Instead
I said, "I'm very sorry. I'll try to do better."

That apparently wasn't enough.

"Come here", she ordered and pointed at a spot
between her and the falling water.

I moved in front of her and she shoved my shoulder so that
I faced away from her. My face inches from the waterfall.

"Lean forward though the water. Put your hands on
the edge", she commanded.

I leaned through the veil of water and felt for the edge of
the pool which was under the falling water. With my hands
on the edge the water was hitting me just below the back of
my neck.I heard them talking but couldn't make out
what was said so I just stayed still. That is until Jack's
strong hands grabbed a hold of my hips and pulled them backwards.
I kept my hands on the edge and with my feet sprawled out behind
me. The water was hitting me at the top of my neck. I sputtered
a bit as it splashed out and ran over my face.

Jack's hands moved from my hips to my ass cheeks, which
he grabbed roughly and spread apart. His thumbs were right
at the edge of my now trembling hole as he held me like that.

They kept me like that for a moment with Jack's thumb
tips occasionally teasing at my hole. Then I felt Rachel's
much smaller, softer hands rubbing my ass. She also teased
at my hole. It was difficult to tell because of the water
splashing all over me but I thought I felt gel being poured
at the top of my ass crack.

I was sure that was what it was when it dripped down onto my
puckered hole. Rachel had coated her fingers in the lube
and when it coated my hole she pushed two fingers hard into

I grunted at the suddenness of her action but I doubted that
they heard me.

She twisted her fingers around inside me then, as quick
as she had shoved them in, she pulled them out. I could feel
that she had spread the lube all the way around my hole before
pulling out.

After a brief pause she shoved her fingers back into me and
I grunted again.

She kept doing this, pulling her fingers all the way out
then shoving them back in. She must have been putting more
gel on them every couple of times because they were always
slippery, although the force with which she was doing it
sent jolts through me each time. It was getting difficult
for me to hold myself up on my hands and I was sputtering under
the falling water.

She must've done that twenty times before she finally
stopped. I was panting and trying not to drown and my asshole
felt beat up.

Jack grabbed my hips and pulled me back through the waterfall
and turned me around to face them.

Rachel was panting too!

Jack's cock pointed up out of the surface of the water.

My own cock was raging hard.

Rachel reached out and grabbed my cock roughly as she said,
"Have you learned that you need to do as instructed
without hesitation?""

"Yes, Ma'am. I will do my best."

"Don't call me Ma'am, it makes me feel old",
Rachel said with a smile and a playful tug on my cock. "Call
me Mistress. It sounds much hotter!"

"Yes, Mistress", I smiled back. It did sound

"I hope I didn't punish your ass too hard. I've
got a lot of plans for it!"

"I look forward to it, Mistress."

She gave me the code words of "Yellow" and "Red"
for if I needed to switch activities or stop altogether.

"Good answer. First, let's see how good of a cock
sucker you are", she said to me. Then to Jack, "Babe,
come stand here in front of him."

Jack stood up and moved in front of me. The overhang of the
waterfall was just high to clear his head when he stood in
the bottom of the jacuzzi. He grabbed his cock, which looked
to be about half erect, and pointed the tip at my face.

"Now, Aaron, I only want you to work the head of his
cock and keep your hands to yourself. Understand?",
guided Rachel.

"Yes, Mistress."

She nodded to Jack and he moved forward so that the tip of
his cock was just an inch from my mouth, which was watering
at the gorgeous piece of meat in front of it. He shook it in
front of my mouth so I held my tongue out to catch it. The heavy
meat slapped across my tongue a couple of times before he
finally rested it on my tongue and let go. It really was heavy!

I ran my tongue around the head and flicked it along the slit
in the tip before holding it on my tongue again. I looked
up at him as I opened my mouth wider and leaned forward. The
head slid into my mouth and I closed my lips just at the ridge.
I ran my tongue around the head in circles as I sucked gently.

"Oh that's good", Jack said more to Rachel
than to me.

"It looks good", she answered.

I scraped my teeth lightly along the head as I let it fall
out of my mouth. I turned sideways, facing Rachel, and tilted
my head so I was looking up at Jack's cock. I flicked
my tongue, hard and fast across the underside of the head
and watched as it twitched.

"No THAT looks great", Rachel said.

"I only wish you could feel it Baby. He's got a
great tongue", answered Jack.

"OH, I'm positive I'll find that out for
myself soon!"

I moved back up and took the swelling head into my mouth,
sucking harder now and bobbing my head back and forth. My
lips slid wetly over the head.

Jack moved his hips in time with my bobbing so I had to be careful
not to take more than the head into my mouth. I didn't
want to be punished again...just yet.

After a couple of minutes Rachel said, "Ok, I can see
that you know what you're doing with a cock. Let's
go inside and see if you know your way around a pussy as well."

She stood and started to walk away.

When she turned her back, Jack grabbed a hold of my head and
thrust his hips forward as he pulled me to him. His cock filled
my mouth but luckily he was still soft enough that it kind
of squished against itself and I could take it all. He held
me there, with my nose pressed into his lower abs, for a moment,
and I loved it. That was being taken!

I did have the notion that I wasn't following Rachel
like she had ordered but what could I do? Thankfully she
turned and saw that Jack was holding me on him and said, "Now,
Honey! That's no fair. There'll be plenty of time
for that later. Let him go."

Jack let go of my head and backed away from me. His cock slid
out of my mouth with a wet slurp as I still sucked on it. After
smiling at me he turned to follow his wife. I stood and followed
them both.

We neared the main seating area of the patio. Rachel looked
back at me and told me to go to the closet and get towels for
her and Jack. She pointed to an outdoor closet nearby.

I walked over and got 2 towels since she had not told me to
get one for myself. I walked back over and held a towel out
to each of them.

"Dry us", she commanded.

I moved around behind her and wrapped the towel around her
shoulders. I pulled her hair out from under the towel and
laid it on top of it. I made that turban type thing that women
always seem to do when their hair is wet and made sure it was
secure on her head. I took the other towel and again wrapped
it around her shoulders. This time I rubbed over it with
my hands, drying her shoulders. I rubbed the towel down
her back and around her waist, making sure to dry every drop
along the way. I lightly patted her firm butt with the towel
and ran it down the crack of her cheeks.

I wasn't sure how far she would allow me to go but I had
been given orders so I ran the towel between her legs. She
spread her feet and tilted her hips, giving me access. I
knelt behind her and the view was amazing. Her lips were
slightly parted and the hood of her clit was the perfect
size. I covered my hand with the towel and ran it lightly
over her mound. She reached down in front and put her hand
on top of mine, stopping my hand and pressing it tighter
against her body. She gave a slight shudder then let go of
my hand.

She had been talking to Jack this whole time, pausing only
to pleasure herself a bit with my hand. She picked up where
she left off, talking about what outfit they should put
me in, as soon as she let go of my hand.

I ran the towel down both of her legs, enjoying the feel of
her toned legs through the cotton towel. When I had finished
her back I lifted the towel over her head and let it fall across
her chest. I reached under her arms and cupped her breasts
through the towel. I almost forgot what I was supposed to
be doing!

After a brief pause to enjoy the perfect combination of
firm and supple of her tits, I dried my way down her flat stomach.
That left her completely dry so I sadly removed the towel
from her body, leaving the one drying her hair.

I looked at Jack and asked if it was ok for me to go get more

He nodded then went back to talking to Rachel.

I started drying Jack the same way I had with Rachel, minus
the towel on his hair of course. When I got to his ass I explored
it as discreetly as I could. It was a great, firm ass. I started
to run the towel between his legs, like I had with Rachel,
and he reacted like she had. He spread his legs and tilted
his hips.

When I knelt down behind him I saw his big balls hanging down
between his legs and his cock hanging down even farther.
I ran the towel under his nuts and gently dried them off.
As I ran the towel back towards his ass, he reached back and
grabbed the top of my head and said, "Make sure I'm
nice and clean."

He pulled my face into his ass, burying my nose in his crack.
What he wanted was obvious so I made my tongue flat and wet
and lapped at his puckered hole. He kept his hand on my head,
pulling me into him and moving it up and down. I kept lapping
at his hole until he eased the pressure holding me to him.

Now that I could keep my head still, I made my tongue pointy
and hard and pushed it as far as I could into his hole. He moaned
lightly and I heard Rachel ask him how it felt.

"Fucking great. This guy has got a great tongue. Let's
get him inside! I can't wait to see how you react to it!",
said Jack as he let go of my head.

He took the towel from me and quickly dried off.

Rachel was of course leading the way as she said, "Well,
let's go! I need to see if you live up to the hype!"

I was still a little wet but the sun had dried me enough that
I wasn't dripping wet as I walked inside.

"Jack, be a sweetheart and make us some drinks then
join us in the playroom", Rachel said as she passed
the dark cherry wood bar.

Jack split off and waved me to follow Rachel. I was more than
happy to watch her from behind as I followed her through
a couple of rooms. She finally stopped at a closed, locked

"Let me make sure we're clear. This is about to
become very intense and stopping once we get started is
very hard. Do you have any reservations at all?",
she asked.

"Mistress. I am completely and utterly yours to use
as you please."

She smiled at me then leaned in and gave me a kiss. It started
light and gentle but it built until she had one hand on the
back of my head and one wrapped around my aching cock as her
tongue probed my mouth.

When she finally broke the kiss we were both a breathless.

Panting, she said, "You do have a great tongue! I've
just got to see how you use it on my pussy!"

She let go of my cock and took me by the hand. She reached over
to a shelf and took a key from it's hiding place behind
a book. She explained that they kept the door locked because
they entertained a lot and they didn't want their 'vanilla'
friends to see what was inside.

When she opened the door I understood. Across the large
room, directly in front of the door was a large padded X contraption
with straps all over it. Next to that was a table that looked
like it hinged in a couple of places and it had two extensions
that I assumed where for the legs of the person that would
be laying on the table. There was a sex swing hanging from
the ceiling and a wall covered in whips, canes, cat-o-nine
tails, straps and an assortment of vibrators and dildos.
Some of the dildo's were scary big!

She walked me inside and we went to one of the many couches
spread around the room. It was deep enough that when she
sat on the edge she could lay back with her butt right at the
edge. She spread her legs and pointed at the spot in front
of her and waved her hand in a downward motion.I

knelt between her legs. The lips of her pussy were perfect.
Slightly folded out with the hood of the clit being just
the right size. She glistened with moisture where her lips
met. Perfect.

"Tease my pussy for awhile before you eat it",
Rachel moaned as she closed her eyes.

I leaned down and let my warm breath spill over her crotch
for a moment before moving down to her left knee and tracing
my tongue up her inner thigh. I rubbed my other hand up her
other leg with a firm pressure. Her skin was amazingly soft
and warm.

When my tongue was at the juncture of her inner thigh and
her hip I could smell her and even her smell was intoxicating.
I traced my tongue just outside her pussy lips, which were
now definitely wet. I pressed with my tongue, slightly
above the hood of her clit as I passed over to tease the other
lip. She moaned softly as I flicked the hood.

I traced along her lips then ran my tongue underneath them.
Apparently she really enjoyed the tease as she was so wet
that I tasted her juices when I ran my tongue between her
pussy and her puckered hole (which must have been bleached,
by the way, because it was nice and light colored).

When I worked my way back up the other side of her, I nibbled
on just the lips, which were now swollen and coated in her
juices. When I got to her clit I ever so lightly bit the hood
and flicked my tongue on the skin between my teeth.

Rachel's body tensed and she sucked air in between
her teeth. I held her just like that and flicked my tongue
back and forth. Every time my tongue went across her skin
between my teeth she gasped and her hips twitched slightly.

"Oh that's good boy. Now get that tongue in..unghh!",
the last was an exclamation as I stuck my tongue as deep inside
her as I could.

I pushed my tongue in and out of her 10 times as fast as I could
and her hips bucked up against my face. She grabbed my head
with both hands and pulled me hard into her as she ground
her hips up against my mouth.

Jack walked into the room and, hearing Rachel's moans,
said, "I told you he had a good mouth didn't I?"

"Oh fuck yes!", she moaned back. "He's
going to make me cum in just a minute!"

Hearing that, I didn't mind that I could hardly breath!
I kept probing inside her as deep and fast as I could.

Her breathing got shallow and her hips started to buck against
my face. She pulled me against her even harder and I tongued
her even more hungrily. Her body arched up and she cried
out that she was cumming. Her juices flooded my mouth and
tasted wonderful. She got so wet that her cum was running
down my chin as I tried to lap it all up.

After a glorious 30 seconds she let go of my head and collapsed
down onto the sofa.

She was panting and gasping about how hard she had cum as
I licked softly on and around her lips. One of her hands idly
stroked my hair as she basked in the after glow.

"WOW Honey. I've only seen you cum that hard a
couple of times! I love seeing you like that. You guys have
gotten me so hard that now I need some relief", said
Jack as he sat on the sofa next to Rachel.

He wasn't lying about being hard! His cock was massive
and beautiful. The shaft was thick and veiny and the head
was purple with a ridge that begged to be licked.

I looked up at Rachel, asking permission with my eyes. She
nodded and let go of my head. I crawled over between Jack's
spread legs and ran my hands up his muscular legs to frame
his cock and balls with my fingers. My thumbs were under
his balls and since he had made me rim him earlier I figured
he liked a little ass play, so I pressed my thumbs firmly
on the edges of his hole. With my fingers around the base
of the shaft I gripped him tightly.

His cock pulsed in my hands and the skin on the head got tighter.
The slit at the tip opened a little so I leaned in and ran my
tongue lightly up and down it a couple of times. He let his
head fall back and moaned softly.

I took that as permission to proceed so I opened my mouth
and took the head in. I didn't close them around him
though. Instead, I let my warm breath surround him for a
moment. With the head inside my mouth but no pressure on
it, I flicked my tongue in circles around the head.

"That looks great!", said Rachel. "How
does it feel, Baby?"

"It feels hot. I don't know what he's doing
but I like it!"

Since I knew I was doing the right thing, I just increased
it. I pushed harder with my thumbs and moved my tongue faster.
My mouth was watering and coating his cock.

I finally had to move my mouth from around him to swallow
and rest my jaw. When I looked down at his cock, the head glistened
with my saliva and it was running down the shaft. I lowered
my head and took one of his huge balls into my mouth. I sucked
firmly and ran my tongue around inside my mouth. I moved
to the other testicle and gave it the same treatment until
they too were wet.

I took a moment to admire his saliva covered cock and balls,
then lifted his heavy balls with my thumbs. I flicked my
tongue across the area between his balls and ass, moving
slowly toward his hole. By the time I got to his hole he was
moaning and had lifted his hips to give me better access.

I decided to show my devotion by eating his ass until I was
told to stop. I alternated between lapping at him and probing
inside him, occasionally pressing a thumb just the tiniest
bit inside his wet hole. I know that even though some guys
like to be rimmed, they don't necessarily want to be
penetrated so I proceeded slowly. Bit by bit I would wet
his hole then test a little farther with my thumb. Finally
my thumb slipped all the way inside him. I hadn't been
trying to do that yet but he had pushed his hips down to meet
my thumb and it went inside.

"Yeah, finger his ass boy!", Rachel directed.

With my thumb wiggling inside him I leaned down and sucked
on my own fingers, getting them slippery. With my free hand
I grabbed the shaft of his cock, just below the head and pulled
it so it was pointing down a little. I slid my thumb out of
him and instantly replaced it with my index finger. At the
same time I took him into my mouth and sealed my lips just
below the ridge and sucked hard.

He grunted and his cock throbbed. My finger found the gland
inside him and he groaned and throbbed harder. The first
drop of his pre-cum flowed out onto my tongue, which had
been waiting for it at the slit. His flavor was perfect,
like Rachel, and it drove me wild. I rubbed inside him more
and lapped up every drop that flowed out. I slid my hand down
the saliva coated shaft of his cock and followed it with
my lips.

My mouth was stretched wide to take his thickness in and
I only got about 3/4 of the way down his 9 inch cock before
he was at my throat. I tried to swallow then relax my throat
to take him deeper but he was just to thick!

I was about to move back up when Rachel put her hand on my head
and held me in place, saying, "Take that cock! Fuck
you're hot boy!"

I stayed exactly where I was and sucked him as best I could
although my mouth was so full of his cock that I couldn't
do much. I tilted my head from side to side, changing the
pressure around his cock as I moved my finger in and out of

After a moment Rachel let go of my head. I had to take my mouth
off of him to catch my breath and Jack and I were both panting.

Between gasps he said, "Make me cum boy! That way I'll
last longer when Rachel finally let's me fuck you!
Don't take your mouth off of me again until it's
full of cum, understand?"

I looked up at him and answered, "Yes, Sir!"

"Call me Master. Rachel is in charge of both of us but
I'm in charge of you!"

"Yes, Master", I said.

I immediately obeyed his earlier command and took his cock
into my mouth. I bobbed up and down as far as I could and stroked
what wouldn't fit in my mouth. I let the mixture of my
saliva and his juices dribble down his cock so I could stroke
him faster. My hand was going up and down twice and circling
his cock for each time my head bobbed up and down. I worked
my middle finger into him with my index finger and finger
fucked him in time with my mouth.

I looked up and saw that Rachel was tweaking his nipples,
hard. She had her other hand pressing down on him, just above
the base of his cock. She moved to the other nipple and bent
her head down to the one closest to her. She bit at it and flicked
her tongue across it.

It wasn't long before I felt his cock throbbing in my
hand. His legs tightened up and his hole clenched on my fingers.
The flavor and volume of his juices got stronger and Rachel
started telling him to cum.

I was a bit worried about being able to swallow his cum. His
balls were so big that I expected a huge amount of cum. I'd
only ever licked cum off of a guys cock after he came in me
or on me. He had given me direct orders though and I wasn't
to take my mouth off of him. I had always wanted to take a man's
load in my mouth and this was going to be my chance. My cock

"Oh, here it comes boy. Take it!", Jack grunted
through his teeth.

I felt his balls tighten and his cock throb just a second
before his cum exploded into my mouth. I had moved my head
so my lips were just at the ridge so there was plenty of room
for his juices in my mouth. My mouth was almost instantly
full of his hot, sweet cum. It tasted different than after
it had the other times I'd lapped it up. It was hotter
and more fluid than when I had lapped it up after the fact.

I swallowed and it slid easily down my throat. The second
shot of cum that I pumped out of him was as big as the first
but now my fear was gone and I enjoyed it even more. I let it
collect in my mouth as I kept pumping him. The hot juices
coating his cock as I stroked and bobbed on his cock.

When he pumped another blast into my mouth, it overflowed
my mouth and some dribbled past my lips and down his cock.
I swallowed hungrily as he kept pumping more cum into my
mouth. Each time it was less and I was able to keep up until
finally no more shot out. I kept my lips on him and ran my tongue
around the head. His juices continued to flow but were no
longer shooting out. I eased the pressure of my hand around
his cock and sucked more lightly as I slipped my fingers
out of him.

I felt his cock soften in my mouth so I finally let him slide
out of my lips with a wet slurp. The last of his orgasm oozed
out of the tip and I lapped it off of him. More of his cum than
I had thought had escaped my mouth and had coated the shaft
of his cock. I leaned in and held his cock up straight. I ran
my tongue all around the shaft and tip, cleaning him off
until he was only wet with my saliva again. I kissed and sucked
him tenderly as he went limp. I've always loved the
feeling of a cock deflating in my mouth.

Rachel grabbed my hair firmly and pulled my head back so
I was looking up at her. Without a word she leaned down and
kissed me. Probing my mouth with her tongue. Tasting her
man in my mouth.

When she broke the kiss she let go of my hair and said, "You
are a great toy. For your reward, I'll let you pick what
you are going to wear. Come with me."

She stood up and walked over to a closet. It was a large walk
in and I followed her inside. There were at least a hundred
hangers with leather and chain clothing, if you could call
it that, hanging from them. None of them had more material
than a bathing suit.

"Pick", she said.

I strolled along the hangers, not sure what some of the articles
even did! Finally I saw one that was basically just a white
leather pouch jock strap. Along with it was what looked
like leather suspenders with chains joining the straps
in front. There were cuffs for my ankles and wrists. I was
pretty sure there were a couple of clamps attached to it
as well. That was what I needed. I didn't want them to
do anything with my cock because I was already on the verge
of an orgasm from what had already happened. The top looked
like it would give them a way to control me and I've always
liked my nipples to be played with hard.

I took the hanger down and handed it to Rachel. She approved
of it and told me to put it on. It was difficult to get my mostly
hard cock into the pouch but it hurt stuffing it in and that
actually helped calm me down. I adjusted the straps so they
ran under each cheek and actually pulled them up and apart
a bit.

"Mistress, I'm not quite sure how to get this
on, "I said, holding up the strap and chain top.

She told me to turn around. When I was facing away she slipped
it over my shoulders and fastened the straps. The cold chains
hung against my chest and felt erotic. She reached her hands
around me and pinched my nipples. It was unexpected so I
gasped softly.

"Oh, sensitive nipples huh? I like that", she
purred in my ear. "Let's see how much you can take."

She pulled me back so I leaned against her. Her nipples were
hard and pressed into my lower back. She ran her hands around
my abdomen, teasing around my nipples and down to just above
the pouch of my jock strap. My cock throbbed against the
leather and my nipples were incredibly hard.

She took one of the clamps attached to the chains across
my chest and brushed it across my nipples. She squeezed
the clamp so the teeth were exposed and flicked them on my
nipples. They caught the skin just slightly and pulled
at my nipples before letting go. My entire chest felt each
tug and tease and I was moaning each time.

Finally she ended the teasing by simultaneously letting
both clamps bite down on my nipples. It felt like electricity
shot through me as the teeth of the clamps dug in a little.
I moaned and leaned back a little more heavily against Rachel.

"That's good, boy. You like that don't you?
Do you want them tighter?", she asked softly.

"Yes, Mistress. Especially if it will please you!"

"Oh, it will!"

There were screws on the clamps that, when turned, tightened
the bite of the clamp. Rachel moved around in front of me
and looked at my face as she started turning the screw on
the left nipple clamp. It tightened extremely slowly.
A full turn of the screw tightening the teeth just the tiniest
bit. But the teeth were fairly sharp so even the slightest
increase in pressure was intense.

I closed my eyes to feel the sensation more completely.

"Look at me!", Rachel said. "I want to
see it in your eyes." She moved around to stand in front
of me.

I opened my eyes and looked directly into hers. There was
a fire there.

It was only two more small turns before I said, "Mistress,
I can't take any more."

I purposely hadn't used the code word and she noticed.
She twisted the clamp one more time and I grunted "YELLOW!"
through clenched teeth.

"Very good! Few have taken it that far and I noticed
your lack of the code word to beg for more. I'm impressed",
she commended me.

She rewarded me by backing the clamps off a couple of turns.
They still bit into my nipples but only pleasantly so.

She led me back into the room and we found jack standing by
the big 'X' contraption.

"I love that outfit. Nice choice!", he said.

"You should have seen how hard I clamped those down
on his nipples. I'm wet from it!", Rachel told
Jack as she walked me over to him.

I stopped in front of Jack and he grabbed both of the clamps
and pulled them away from my body a bit. I groaned as it felt
like he was ripping my nipples off.

"He does take it well, doesn't he", he asked

"Face him into the cross. I want to see about that ass
of his", Rachel said.

Jack guided me so I was standing on the small extensions
at the bottom of the legs of the X and facing into it. He raised
my hands to the top of the X and clipped the cuffs around my
wrists to C-clamps attached to the top of the X. Rachel clipped
my ankles onto the bottom. They got a strap and ran it around
my waist. It was cinched down until I couldn't move
my hips away from the middle of the X. I was securely bound.

They moved over to the wall of toys and picked out several
different items then came back behind me. They talked to
each other about what they planned to do but didn't
speak to me. Hearing them discuss what they were going to
do was erotic and my body ached as they spoke about what they
were going to do to the different parts of me.

I had heard Rachel say she was going to put a butt plug in me
so when she moved up behind me and pushed a lubed finger into
me, I wasn't too surprised. She moved the finger around,
coating the walls of my hole, then pulled it back out. A second
later I felt the cold, hard tip of a large butt plug pressed
against my aching hole.

She pushed it against my hole until it started to spread
then backed away. She brought it back and pressed a little
harder, still not letting it enter me, but spreading my
hole a little more. I was surprised that she didn't
just push it in right off the bat, but when she pushed harder
and harder for 3 more times and it was still spreading my
hole, I was grateful that she hadn't tried to get the
thick toy into me in one shot.

Finally, with my hole stretched as wide as it had ever been,
the plug slid in. The bottom half was, of course, thinner
than the middle so once the middle had passed through my
hole, the rest slid in all on it's own. The base was held
tight against the outside of my asshole as the muscles spasmed
at the easing of the pressure.

"Now you must hold that inside you until I tell you
otherwise. If it comes out before then I'll have to
punish you. Understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

There was movement behind me and I was apprehensive but
excited. It felt like the plug would have to be pulled out
of me, so the fact that she was concerned that it might pop
out while they were doing whatever they were going to do
made me wonder what the next half hour would bring.

The answer to that question started while I was still pondering
it. I heard the whistle of a reed cane in the air. By the time
it registered in my brain it had struck my ass, right where
it met the top of my hamstrings.

As the sting shot through me I cried out.

"Oh, that'll never do", said Rachel. "Get
me a ball gag, honey."

Jack retrieved the item then moved behind me. He stood behind
my spread legs, his limp cock pressed against my crack.

"Open your mouth", he ordered.

When I complied he draped the ball gag in front of me and put
into into my mouth. It held my mouth about 3/4 open as he tied
it tight behind my head. I'd never had one of those in
my mouth and the extra level of restraint was hot.

When Jack stepped away, Rachel brought the cane down on
the exact same spot. This time my yelp was stifled by the

"Much better", Rachel said as she started working
the cane all over my ass and the backs of my legs in quick,
stinging strikes.

It wasn't long before I couldn't hold my head up
and it felt like the entire back of my body from the waist
down was on fire."YYLLLWWW", I grunted around
the gag in my mouth.The cane stopped and Rachel moved closer.

"Was that Yellow? Nod once for yes, twice for no."

I nodded once.

"Ok, let's switch it up", she said to Jack
as she moved away.

I felt a large, flat surface, covered in something soft
touch lightly on my ass. My skin prickled at even the soft
sensation on the reddened skin. Jack ran the soft paddle
over my ass and legs where Rachel had been using the cane.

The prickling gave way to softness as my nerve endings recovered.
I moaned lightly as he ran the toy up the inside of my leg then
between them. I felt two hands on my back as well. Rachel
had joined back in and was gently rubbing my upper body.

I finally caught my breath, around the gag, and was able
to experience all that was happening. They calmed me down
for a couple more minutes then started releasing the clips
holding me in place. I felt Jack undoing the gag but Rachel
stopped him.

"Not yet. I like the way he moans with that in his mouth",
she said.

When I was free Rachel grabbed my by the strap of my jock and
pulled me away from the X. When I stepped down she pointed
to the padded table.

I walked over to it and she told me to lay on it on my back. I
climbed onto it and lay down and waited. They began manipulating
the table and soon had my legs spread wide and elevated,
bent at the knees. They tied my legs down to the table extensions,
at the ankle, knee and upper thigh. <b

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