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Happy Sauce 2.1


This was a wonderful feeling, an anticipation so keen it
almost hurt. I'd done the AdultFriendFinder thing
on and off for years, with consistantly average results.
I like roleplaying and fantasy and have always wanted to
hook up with a couple that I clicked with and that wanted
to try that too. But that takes some trust and chemistry
if it's gonna be "blow your sox off and curl your
toes" good. That doesn't happen much on adult
web sites. No, really! So, I was very happy (and surprised) to finally meet a couple
that were sane, sexy and looking to play some intense grownup
games. A few short msgs back and forth and we arranged to
meet at a walmart (yes, really) in a town nearby both of our
homes. With a keen eye to the future I suggested we meet by
the pharmacy next to the "personal lubricants".
They got there and we hugged and shook hands beside the coital
condiments, then spent 15 minutes wandering the aisles
confirming that we were who we said, we were talking about
the same thing and that we were in this because it was making
us horny as hell; not because it might be a form of therapy,
or spousal revenge etc. So, I was grinning when the 3 of us stopped just short of the
self-checkouts and Carol pressed a folded tissue into
my hand. Carol is married to Sean, who is standing next to
her and also grinning. I eased the cleenex into my top pocket
so as not to smudge their home phone # that Carol had scrawled
in black eyeliner on it carefully a minute earlier "I'd like to talk more on the phone about what
you guys want and don't want. Get a better idea of a real
scenario we can start with" I suggested. Sean told me "We'll be back at the house in 40 minutes.
Give us a call in three quarters of an hour". They headed
out of the store, Sean with his arm over Carols shoulder,
and I watched her walking out as she ran her hand over his
denim-clad ass suggestively. Yep, she definitely knew
I was still watching. I should tell you about who I am watching as they make their
way past WallyMarts semi-conscious greeter. Sean is a
39 yo dude who works in an office on the 3rd floor of his county
courthouse. It bores the shit out of him often, but not often
enough to find something different. He's been there
for 11 years and counting. Tall and kinda slim with it. He's
got short blond hair and an open, honest sort of face. He's
an easy guy to like and I can see the thought of an adventure
such as we are planning has really spiked his adrenalin
level. Carol is a deep thinker and has me slightly off balance.
Carol makes my dick twitch and it's wonderful. I haven't
told Carol or Sean that yet but she put the menthos in my 2L
Pepsi. She, like her husband, is blond, caucasian and speaks
english. That's where the comparison ends. She works
in retailing and dresses stylishly. She's about 5'4"
to her mans 6'2" but her curves make her seem a
little shorter. Her tits are just photogenic - show stealers
in the key of D. Hips that flare into a sweet 41 yo ass that
I greatly admire. But mostly it's her direct stare
and "I've got a secret" eyes that got me.
Faded blue secrets. Can't wait to get home and grab
the phone. I called my new friends phone exactly 39 minutes later and
was thrilled to hear Sean answer "So, what took you
so long?". Straight off I went to Seans mention of
a cuckold fantasy on the website I'd first contacted
them through. "Is this something Carol fantasises about with you
or is this your own favorite fantasy Sean?" He laughed back at me "It's actually the other
way around. Carol loves the idea of the wanton slut flaunting
her infedelity and perky tits in front of her helpless devoted
hubby. She told me so many versions of that fantasy while
she played with my cock that it's the first real roleplaying
scene that I visualise now too. Her letting another man
violate her, and making me watch and help. That is intense
times horny man. And after you go home and we're alone
again... I'm going to make her forget we've been
married for 14 years. If I feel half as turned on then as I
do now discussing doing this... I'm so ready for it!"
"Me too Sean" I replied. "I love the idea
of being a stranger that takes over your girl and uses her
in front of you. I'd love to try your role too if this
all works out. Maybe you and Carol want to try a night as cruel
Nobles with me as your slave. I love just the fact that you
two want to step out and be someone else for an evening, that
you want to act it out and live it. I'll ask Carol if this
saturday is too soon to get together or not." "Hopefully she'll say it's not soon enough."
Sean enthused staunchly.

I was wondering if Carol was loitering nearby and Sean assured
me she wanted to talk on the phone too but was showering first.
After a few jokes back and forth about women and bathrooms
I had one more question for Sean. I had wanted to talk Sean
before I talked to Carol for a couple of reasons, and foremost
was I wanted to know exactly how he wanted the big night to
go. Do we just keep it light, stay around the house and pretend
I was his wifes bull. Do we go to a bar or restaurannt while
he watches me seduce his girl in public and then head to a
motel? What level do we take it to, and do you and Carol have
the same level in mind? I had my own level in mind and what I hoped for was fairly high
on the "shtichter scale of sexual excitement".
It involved Sean giving up 100% of his control over everything
for an evening, Carol getting turned on by this state of
affairs and being my accomplice, and a machiavellian bunch
of tricks to tease and surprise them both! But you can't
cook a rabbit before you catch it so ... I talked to Sean first
and hoped to agree on the menu. He agreed! I heard Carols voice in the background, now out
of the shower, and Sean yelling back "There's
someone on the phone for you. Finish blowing your hair dry
first then get in here!". Then to me he quickly said " I'm into this whole
sex slave/cuckold fantasy. I think it'll be the hottest
night we've ever had. And I want you to make it real,
make it believable. Watching Carol getting serviced,
getting told what do with her watching and taking part.
Yessir! You have to make her act her part too. I mean she'll
love it but I want you to make her act like it's for real
Then I heard Carols voice next to Sean as he passed her the
phone. "Your bull has a few things to tell you"
he quietly mentioned as he handed her the phone and she slipped
into the warm recliner he'd been in when I'd called
first 10 minutes ago. Deciding to maybe set the mood early with this great couple
that I'd never thought I'd meet, I first asked
Carol where Sean was? "Listening at the door!" Carol fired right
back at me. I told her to put the phone on speaker then heard
my own echo as I called "Sean, come and stand right
next to the phone now." I could hear some shuffling
then Seans voice ask uncertainly "yes?" "Do you remember everything we just dicussed, not
10 minutes ago?" "Yes" "Yes Sir. You'll call me Sir. I'm about to
tell Miss Carol what I have planned for this weekend when
I arrive. I don't want your limp dick moping around
listening in. Now you appologise to Miss Carol for listening
in like a limp dick. When you say sorry you say "Sorry
Miss Carol." Then go to bed. I'll be talking to
her for a while and I don't want you crying in the background.....
" After a mumbled "yes sir" there was a short silence
then Carols short breathless laugh. "Hell, what did I miss while I was in the shower?"
Carols voice was part confusion, part intrigue, part fear
and 100% sexy. "I got permission and inspiration from Sean to persue
a fantasy scenario that it seems we all share. We are going
to cuckold Sean by all means foul and fair! I love it. You
and I are going to tease and titillate Sean and have a great
swinging time doing it. Sean wants no mercy. He wants to
be humiliated and dominated, and particularly, wants
you acting like a total slut while we torment him. For one
whole night. I just thought we'd break him in slowly
tonite and plan an evening next weekend where we bring it
all to life. He said you were the one who turned him on to this
fantasy and would be all for it" Carols breath was coming heavier over the phone as I talked.
This was heady stuff. I was feeling like Zeus. It occurred
to me that this was getting to the actual "we're
gonna do this" stage that frightens many newbies
into the catatonic state you associate with deer caught
in the headlights. I bit my lip and waited, for about 10 seconds.
"I'm so wet. I haven't felt this horny since
I was 19. Let's make a plan." The tremor in Carols
voice had me so hard it hurt. My whole body was flushed and
warm. I had a sudden surplus of seminal fluid that was going
to make laundry day a real bitch. Clutching onto the dominant persona that was to be my role
for next saturday, before I was washed away on a tide of abused
underpants, I told Carol to list what toys, clothes and
hardware she had that could be pressed into service as props
for our upcoming debauche. A respectable list emerged;
some light bondage stuff like restraints and nipple clamps,
a well worn riding crop and a small flogger that was bought
on impulse 2 years ago and had seen little service since,
an nice assortment of lingerie and scarves (or blinfolds,
as I like to refer to them), a few well loved vibrators and
dildos, and one set of Ben Wa balls. Ben Wa balls are much
underrated and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. I made
note of a few things I would pick up at a hardware store during
the week. We then had all the ingredients for an unforgettable
evening of fantasy, imagination and lust. I explained to my new sex toy that I had a general scenario
in mind and a few specific tricks, teases and mind fucks
in my head that I wanted to try, but it was all still pretty
fluid and open to improv. When she tried to weasel a few particulars
out of me I reminded her that she would be doing as she was
told, and that neither she nor her husband would be told
anything until the day that their erotic indentureship
was upon them. Next Saturday in other words. They both were going to be busy with work until midday of
the coming saturday. I told Carol that they had until 3:30
that afternoon to be ready for me. That allowed time for
them to eat and get cleaned up, and maybe stew on things for
an hour or so before I arrived. I wanted them excited but
nervous and a little off balance too. Finally, I gave my bad new girlfriend a few last instructions.
At 3:30 Sean is to call me and tell me that his wife is ready
for me, and that he was ready to serve the both of us in all
manners and respects. I also ordered her to tell her cuckold
that HE was to select her clothing for the evening. Likewise
he was to dress her. Once saturday arrived that was all he
was to do to her. Before we finally hung up I was inspired to add this. She
was to tell Sean that he had until thursday evening to conceive
of and take one photograph that featured both of them, which
was to be sent to me. It was to be erotic and tasteful. It was
to articulate the theme of our coming roleplaying adventure.
It was to maintain the sexual tension that was now keeping
all 3 of us on wonderfully sharp tenterhooks. We reluctantly hung up. It was after 11 pm on Sunday night
and 7 am tomorrow was going to arrive awfully early. But
how the fuck was I supposed sleep now? How was I going to get
through 6 more days!? I had the vague idea that Sean wouldn't
be letting Carol get straight to sleep tonite either. Resolving
to save my mojo for the coming weekend, I stripped for bed.
After I'd slowly poured a half gallon pitcher of cold
water over my overstressed angry cock I was ready to head
for bed. I drifted off to sleep still debating whether to
take my frustrations out on my one-eyed friend. Fast-forward 4 days and I was in a rush to leave work. I was
more excited to see what Sean and Kodak had come up with for
me than I could believe. Christmas wasn't even close.
My estimation of Sean rose more than a few notches when I
saw the high quality image that waited in my email inbox.
Taken from inside their bedroom, I saw a softly lit scene
of a room with many feminine touches. Lace and white linen.
Artfully arranged hangings and cutains, all faintly haloed
by a gentle late afternoon sun. Carol was posed before an
antique wooden vanity with a large ornate beveled mirror
in the centre and matching mirrors to either side that could
be angled to present a slightly different perspective.
Carol was presented in the picture in 1/4 profile from behind.
Rather, Carols reflection in the central mirror was captured.
The camera was carefully placed such that she remained
out of shot. Beautifully groomed, her blonde hair is styled
close to her scalp in an almost severe bun that is clasped
back at the nape of her neck. A minimum of makeup highlights
her direct gaze and clear complexion. Black rimmed minimalist
glasses complete the impression of a school marm with something
weightier than students reports on her mind. The bottom
of the mirror reveals a well tailored grey wool skirt, classy
understatement that flatters her curves. A simple pearl
choker reinforces the whole effect of restrained sexuality.
What knocks it right out of the ballpark is the matching
grey wool jacket and old-fashioned white blouse that she
isn't wearing. Have mercy. The shot taken from somewhere
back over her left shoulder reveals her right arm raised,
with arm bent and her hand behind her head, perhaps idly
intending to let her hair free from the clasp at the nape
of her neck. Her left arm is held across her body below her
pale full breasts, her right breast is barely cupped in
her hand. Her pretty face is looking away slightly into
some unseen middle distance. While she is there in the mirror,
her thoughts have travelled to some place off in the near
future. Looking so fresh despite a day spent on the go, she has paused
after getting as far as lifting her camisole over her head
and leaving it forgotten on the bedroom floor. Her manicured
fingernails are a deep earthy shade of red, a shade that
could have been inspired by the coloring of her firm square-tipped
nipples. Those slender fingers cup her breast so lightly.
Like a caress. Like I soon will. And, where is our soon-to-be cuckold anti-hero Sean? He
too is reflected in the mirror. The wing mirror to the right
reveals a man, dimly lit, standing in the hall way, gazing
in at his woman who is all unawares. Had he looked lecherous
or filled with trepidation, speculative or insecure,
it would have rendered the whole photograph trite or irrelevant.
His expression instead was open. Just the thoughtful look
of a man studying a vibrant woman who has been caught in the
act of being herself. Sean, you evil genius bastard. I'm
starting to suspect that he holds a large block of stock
with 'Fruit of the Loom" or "Jockey".

Saturday arrived overcast and windy. At 3:35, as my phone
rang, the clouds opened and the rain drummed down on the
roof. A perfect evening for a night inside. I answered the
phone on the fifth ring. "Yes" I barked somewhat
gruffly. "Good afternoon Sir. This is Sean calling as you instructed."
I enjoyed the pause as Sean drew a slightly shaky breath
before continuing. "The household is in order and ready for your arrival"
I stayed silent and was rewarded with a belated "Sir".
"Sean, we need to start off right. Miss Carol and I
will be addressed deferentially and with your head bowed.
Every time. For this evening you will be given a pet name.
I have decided you will be called "smallgoods".
It's descriptive and just slightly witty. Forget
any of these basic rules and you will be punished. On the
spot. Any whining or appealing will compound your punishment.
You've neglected to confirm that you have followed
the rest of my instructions''. "Very sorry sir. Yes sir, I have selected clothes
for Miss Carol that I think will please you. I did also dress
her after she finished her shower." "Congratulations smallgoods. I'll be there
in 20 minutes. Move that shit heap car of yours out on to the
street when I hang up. I'll be using your space in the
garage." As I hung up I heard a muttered "yes
sir" faintly over the line. I could see the warm glow of lights and the slow flickering
of candles inside the house as I pulled into the attached
double garage, next to Carols car. I was feeling exhultant
as it sunk in that I was here finally and it was happening.
My nerves had mellowed into a wonderful electric sensation
of confidence and excitement. I knew this would be picked
up on by Carol and Smallgoods. This was going to be the experience
of a lifetime. I entered the house thru the side door from the garage and
found my friends waiting on their feet for me in the kitchen.
Sean was standing nervously, head bowed and trying not
to fidget. I ignored him and stared admiringly at Carol.If
she had carried off understated sexuality with style in
the photo Smallgoods had taken on Thursday, she surely
owned the slutty/ promiscuous look that her husband had
contrived to dress her in. Thigh high red leather boots with wicked fuck-me stilletto
heels, a tartan mini-skirt that covered her pubic mound,
but only just. A wide black vinyl belt rode loosely on her
hips, held shut with a big gaudy gold buckle. A black satin
mens waistcoat showed all of her cleavage, barely stopping
short of her navel. While it did cover those tits that I had
been dreaming of all week, it could not hope to hide the fact
that she wore nothing under it. Lipstick that left her mouth
looking like a slightly cruel scarlet slash (think Debbie
Harry) and heavy mascara were crowned by her blonde tresses
teased into a bad girls tangled mop. Sex on a stick! I really
was a breath away from taking her there against the kitchens
tile wall. Luckily, Smallgoods' nervous hopping from foot to
foot brought me back to reality. "There are a couple of bags in the back of my car. Go
out and close up the garage then bring the bags into the kitchen
here and wait. Don't go poking around in them either.
Just stand there by the door and wait. Meanwhile, this sexy
bitch is going to give me the long, slow, full tour of the
house." Before Smallgoods roused himself to move to the garage,
I leaned in towards Carol and cupped my hand behind her neck,
pulling her to me and slowly kissing her, tasting that mouth
and softly exploring her agile pink tongue. I heard Smallgoods
sharp intake of breath as he forced himself out the door
to my car. My cock was fully hard and actually spasming in irregular
jerks. Making myself slow down and enjoy prolonging the
tension was an intense cauldron of pleasure and pain. Carol
shyly offered me her hand and led me around the kitchen counter
and down the hall. A quick spin through the home office/
spare room and back into the hall led us to a nice sized bathroom.
Carol still led me by the hand but as she went to turn and face
me, I placed my free hand on her hip to keep her facing away
from me. She froze still and I stepped up close behind her.
Another step forward together and she was facing the bathroom
wall mirror, her thighs against the cabinet and my hands
slowly encicling her waist. I bent my head for to lightly
nuzzle the back of her neck. Our eyes met in the wall mirror,
her pupils seeming impossibly large. I felt her pulse jackhammering
as I continued to kiss her neck and shoulder. Might have
been my pulse, I don't know. I had kept my hands employed
moving up under her waistcoat in a general northerly direction.
She sucked her belly in as my gently exploring hands and
warm breath on her neck raised goosebumps all over her.
Her waistcoat left just enough room for me to cup both of
her firm titties and slowly chafe her nipples with the palms
of my hands.I felt her aureolas pucker and rinkle as she
leaned back against me, enjoying this attention after
being held in suspence and tension this last long week.
I had vaguely registered the sound of Smallgoods returning
to the kitchen minutes earlier. "Carol" I whispered, "Don't move.
I'll get our most excellent slave organised then be
back to finish the tour. In the kitchen Smallgoods was actually waiting as I'd
told him to. No mistakes from him so far. That can't
last for too much longer though, I thought with an evil grin.
"Allright Smallcock, we're off to a flying start!"
I stated with hearty cheer. If he noticed I was screwing
with his pet name he gave no indication. I asked him "Seriously, whats winning out for you?
Nerves or excitement?" He smiled slightly. "Excitement sir. Only just.
Though I do believe it's getting easier, more intriguing
Sir" "I have to get back to the tour now Softgoods. First
though, strip naked and fold your clothes. Leave them next
to the back door. No big boys clothes for you my wimpy friend"
At his hesitation I let my smile drop from my face. "
Do it now or I'll do it for you. Then I'll devote
a half hour afterwards to training you to repond promptly.
And get your fucking eyeballs off my face and back on the
ground." That had the desired effect and less than 60 seconds later
I had a buck naked sissy boy hussling a neat pile of clothes
out to sit by the garage door. As he returned to me with eyes
lowered, I saw that, indeed, excitement was pulling ahead
of nerves. To keep it in perspective though, that meant
that his 4" cock was barely maintaining a horizontal
aspect. It was a chubby little dick with a lonely looking
purple helmetless head. Not the smallest dick ever but
pretty fucking sad. He wanted to be dominated and humiliated
and I was gonna give him all the help I could. From one of my shopping bags I produced a white womans blouse
I'd found at a second hand store. The type that has no
tail, just square cut at the bottom. I waited long enough
to see him button it up. Perfect, it was tight in the short
sleeves and armpits, and it's square cut bottom ended
just above his belly button. Perfectly ridiculous. My last touch for him was an old adjustable leather cock
ring complete with ball separator. His scrawny little
organ was still maintaining it's semi-hard state.
And it's pitiful size was nicely emphasized by the
waistline of his pretty blouse ending a good 6 inches above
it. I tossed it on the floor in front of him as I turned back
towards the hallway and Carol. "Just put it on" I pre-empted him. "If
you can't figure it out before I get back then Daddy
will help you with it." After I moved to the small ktchen
table I slid one of the plain dining chairs back from it and
told Sean "Once you're dressed you will sit here
at the table and face the back wall of the kitchen. Leave
your hands palms down on the table top. If I catch you trying
to rub that horrible little cock of yours, or with your hands
anywhere near it, I will tie you down then make you cry in
front of Miss Carol. Do you understand everything I've
told you Smellygoods?" His reply of "Yes Sir" faded behind me as I accelerated
up the hallway and back into the bathroom. Carol still stood before the vanity cabinet facing the
mirror, meeting my eyes as I moved to stand behind her. Her
eyes followed mine as I looked down to notice her right hand
was down in front of her miniskirt, mostly obscured between
the bathroom vanity and her waist as she let the cabinet
support her weight as she leaned forward against it. It
was impossible to miss the way that her arm was slowly tensing
and relaxing as she fingered herself while I watched her
from behind.There was a deep red flush on her cheeks and
the flesh at the base of her pale, slender neck. "Turn around and face me. I want to see how much you
really enjoy being my slut. Sit back up on the cabinet behind
you." I leaned back against the far bathroom wall
so I could enjoy the show I was about to demand. Carol sat back with her arse scooted back and her legs dangling
above the floor as she sat facing me. I moved to her and lifted
her booted feet so she was practically in a squat position
on the counter top with her knees drawn back against her
chest. Her tiny miniskirt was rucked up around her waist
and the sight of her cunt there open for me to use was making
my heart thunder. Her trimmed pussy hair glistened where
her wandering fingers had left the wetness from her sex
to decorate her willing cunt like early morning dew. My
whole head seemed full of the woman scent of her open, exposed
mound. "If you don't throw me down and bang the shit out
of me soon I am going to loose it. My cunt is dripping wet Darren.
I mean, it aches!" She let her head fall forward then
peered over at me from beneath her lowered eyelashes. "Darren...
Please." My grin was a mile wide and evil with the rush brought on by
her demure begging. She WAS my whore, thrilling to the freedom
she felt tonight in letting herself sink into this fantasy.
"You'll get some relief when I say, when I'm
ready to use you. Right now I want you to show me how you finger
yourself. Spread your legs Carol, wide as they will go baby.
I want to see everything. Put your hands there between your
legs... That's it, you sexy cunt. Yeah, work your fingers
into that tight little fuckhole as far as you can Carol....
good girl... that looks so hot! But don't you try making
yourself come, you dirty little bitch! You'll get
off when and how I tell you and if you forget that, I will punish
you long and hard. I will use my imagination and I will let
your wee man Smallcock help me humiliate you and discipline
you until you are able to obey me in everything" The
evil grin escaped back across my face and I looked down to
see her pleasuring herself even harder after my warning.
I leaned over her, grabbing a handful of hair at the back
of her neck to force her head back and kissed her deeply,
slowly. Enjoying the slow rocking of her body as she worked
her fingers in and out of herself, using the palm off her
hand hard against her swollen clitoris while trying not
to get too close to the edge of that happy precipice that
I had warned her against crossing without my permission,
I eventually broke our kiss and told her that I had left Smallgoods
in the kitchen at a loose end. Warning her that she was not
to stop her sexy cunt workout, I made the short trip back
to the kitchen and an aroused but submissive husband. Sean was sitting as I'd instructed him, facing the
back of the house with hands resting in view on the table
top. His face had taken on the same flush as that of his enthusiastically
promiscuous wife . "Stand up, you flaccid little cuckold. I've
got a few pointless chores for you to do. Mix 2 drinks for
Miss Carol and myself. Bring them to me in the bathroom straight
away." As I moved away to rejoin Carol I looked down
at his groin to judge the level of his arousal and discomfort.
His slightly smaller than average cock was dressed with
the leather cock ring I had bought for him. The effect was
like that of a young brother wearing a larger, older brothers
hand-me-downs. His pale organ had taxed itself to it's
full 5" glory but still looked lost inside the cock-ring
that dressed it. The bluish tint to the small veins that
ribbed his dick told me he had been aroused for a good while
and I knew he was hurting there, hoping for some release.
I also knew that he could be held in this torment of arousal
and denial for much longer yet. I waited outside the bathroom door in the hall. I watched
Carol as she slouched back against the vanity mirror with
her supple thigh-high boot clad legs laid wide open and
3 fingers buried deep inside her dripping snatch. Hearing
ice rattling in glasses as our little boytoy finished the
drinks, I quietly told Carol that her cuckold was bringing
us drinks in a few seconds, that she was largely to ignore
him and focus on me, and that she was going to breathe harder
and moan louder than she already was. "Your husband
is coming back here now. Let's make him very jealous."
She grinned back at me then loudly moaned and leaned back
to make sure that Smallgoods had a graphic view of what was
going on when he entered. As our boyslave approached the doorway where I stood waiting
I relieved him of one icy glass and motioned him through
to the bathroom with an instruction to carry the other to
his Mistress Carol. He'd gone one pace into the bathroom
before he froze. I watched from behind him as Carol continued
to pleasure herself, able to still watch him from behind
half-closed eyes while seeming to ignore his stunned presence.
He was torn between a need to stare at this erotic fantasy
that his wife had transformed into, and a need to find somewhere
to place his mistresses drink without me seeing him ogle
her. He was very aware that I was close behind him, watching
for him to go beyond his lowly station and swoop down to punish
him. I filled the doorway behind him, blocking any easy exit
for him. I watched his back stiffen with surprise as I barked
at him to place her drink down. He settled on leaving his
wifes cocktail resting on the edge of the bath tub. Having
no safe direction to face or cast his eyes, he fixed on staring
down into the vicinity of the bathtub. I let an uncomfortable
silence stretch out before grasping his shoulder and turning
him to face back towards me. With his bride, only 2 feet away
to his right hand side, sounding closer to orgasm by the
second, he struggled hard to focus on the small patch of
floor that lay betwwen us. While making the drinks order earlier in the kitchen, I
had noticed that, not surprisingly, Shortgoods had a shining
string of pre-come stretching from the head of his 3/4 scale
penis down towards the floor. Pointing bluntly at his weeping
cock, I asked him what it was that made him think that I wanted
to be stepping in puddles of pansy cum juice while I was here?He
was flustered, overwhelmed by an erotic experience he
had no control over, that he wasn't even permitted
to have any input into. Thrusting a small clean hand towel
into his grasp as he tried to mumble some apology, I pushed
him to the tub and told him to get my nice clean cock-ring
off before he stained it and to clean up his ugly exscuse
of a limp dick before Carol or I had a fall. I admired Carols' slightly swollen labia as she continued
to hold herself somewhere just shy of the intense climax
that her fingers were trying to bring her to. In the short
time it took our timid companion to wipe and rinse the slippery
evidence of his dirty thoughts from his cock and thighs
I had noticed him stealing several more sideways eyefuls
of his womans glorious charms. I motioned him back out of
the bath and stopped him as he stepped to me over the side
of the tub. Time to turn the screws a little tighter. By now my horny
sidekick had spent nearly 15 minutes happily working her
slippery sex up to a beautiful creamy mess. That was long
enough by far. I was beginning to ache for some attention
myself. Gesturing towards Carol I asked Smallgoods what she was
doing. As he went into another mumbling excuse that was
directed more at the floor than at me, I put my hand at the
back of his neck and directed his gaze directly at Carols
pussy. "You keep staring between this sluts legs and I'm
wondering why? Do you have some business there between
her legs, maybe you lost something and think you can find
it there?" I now had his eyes riveted on the wet hole that we were discussing.
I placed my free hand down over Miss Carols hands where they
were still busy teasing her sensitve clit and pulled them
away, leaving her sissy boy a clear view of the cunt that
I was about to take and use. "Do you think we should let this little bitch watch
when I take you?" She gave a breathless giggle and said "Oh yes. I want
him to be able to smell how wet I am now. I want your cock 2 inches
from his face when it first sinks in to me. He needs to see
every stroke...". I forced him down to his knees, right between his wifes legs,
his face mere inches away from her dripping snatch. In a
matter of seconds I had shoes and socks off, my denims down
and kicked into the hallway. I took a handful of his hair
and forced his head down and back as I stepped over the top
of him so he was looking up into his wifes swollen vulva,
me astride him with my balls an inch above his head. Carol made a reflexive grab for my engorged cock, wanting
to guide me straight in. After I slapped her hand aside I
shook Sean by the tight grip I still had on his head and told
him "Grab my cock and wipe it between her pussy lips...
slowly" With a sob he took the first cock he'd ever held, barring
his own, and gingerly dragged the head of it over Carols
swollen lips. I twisted the fist-ful of hair I had and hissed
"I said WIPE my cock on the sluts pussy, not fucking
tickle it!." Immediately I felt his grip on my aching
shaft tighten and he dragged the head of my dick down between
her slippery puffy cunt lips. I heard the sweet moan torn from her throat as her clit was
rubbed, her breathe coming deeper and heavier, her face
and chest flushing a deep red. Sean was actually shaking
as his breathe came faster, his hand dragging the head of
my cock harder and faster up and down between Carols slippery
sex. I twisted Seans' head further back as he panted. With
my left hand I forced Carols head down and told her to look
at him. Their eyes met as I told her "Tell this little
prick what you want! Make him do as he's told!."
She gasped out "Harder, you fucking girl. Harder,
make me come or you'll be so sorry!" I looked down
on her face as she studied her husband working my rigid hard-on
furiously now, her hips jerking as if she could suck my manhood
deep into her anxious cunt by force of will. She was right on the ragged edge of the cliff when I jerked
her mans head sideways and told him to stand in the hall and
watch. By the time he was where I'd told him to go I was
in his previous position. Between our girls legs, kneeling
as she tried to open herself even wider. I clamped my mouth
over her sensitive pussy. As I sucked her tortured clit
into my mouth and massaged it with my tongue she squealed
and went rigid, then started to shudder. I wrapped my arms
around behind her to hold her tight against my tongue, my
head tilted back so I could capture her eye. As her orgasm
shook her she stared back at me, so intense and focused on
me. That's when I realised that tonight she was all
mine and would give me everything she had, no arguments,
no qualms. Just complete obedience and surrender. Poor
poor Sean! She held tight to the back of my head as she slowly
stopped shuddering and then the only sound was her rasping
breathe slowly returning to normal.

Sean stood in the doorway in his cute outfit, his hands clasped
together over his chest dry washing each other. He was trembling
all over. His eyes, racing from his wifes face to mine, kept
flickering down to where my glistening cock had just left
his loves swollen pussy. The look on his face told me he was
engrossed in our little game. His face and neck were flushed
red. His cock looked like a small over-stuffed sausage
and I noticed that the clear pre-cum he was leaking had stretched
in a thin glistening line from the eye of his cock to just
an inch or two above the hallway carpet. Leaving Carol to
finish getting her breath back, I walked over to Sean and
bent over so I could cup my hand just below the end of his little
cum stream to catch it. With my other hand I clasped the base
of his still twitching cock and squeezed firmly then pulled
my hand slowly towards the head of his average unit, milking
his slippery clear juice into my waiting palm. I smiled
at him as I slowly smeared his face and neck with it until
my hand was dry. "It's good for your skin Smallgoods.
If you don't fuck anything up tonight I'll let
you use some of my cum out of Miss Carols pussy to moisturize
all that wrinkly dry skin you have on your arms and legs.
That's why I haven't come inside her yet, so you'll
have plenty of beauty product to use while I get my 2nd wind.
Were you paying attention when I made her come on my tongue?
Were you really watching?" Seans' response was emphatic. "Yes Sir! I was
watching Miss Carol come on your tongue very closely! I
wanted to be ready to help you if that was your wish. I'm
ready to do anything that my master and mistress demand!".
With an evil little grin I turned to Carol, who had just finished
getting her slut outfit back in some sort of order. "Has
he always been such a little suck up?" I asked with
an arched eyebrow. Carol replied, after a long indrawn
breath, "yessss, he has. I think you should punish
him. He's left me .... unsatisfied for so long. I want
him to feel jealous, insecure, nervous! Can we go to the
lounge room and play around with him? I want you to do bad
things to him" she told me. The wicked grin on her face
showed me how much this was turning her on. Good enough for
me. I looked at Sean and said "you heard her, go stand
in the middle of the front room." We followed him back
down the hall, grinning all the way. When we got into the lounge room Sean had reached the middle
of the room and turned back to face us. I took Carol by the
hair and pulled her to me, kissing her long and hard. She
moaned low in her throat as her tongue pushed back at mine.
I was going to be deep inside her in the next 2 minutes or I
was going to burst! I quickly got a roll of electricians
tape from my bag of tricks next door in the kitchen. Back
in the lounge, I handed it to Carol. "Tape his face, around his head. Leave a slit where
his mouth is, enough for his lips to poke out but not enough
to open his mouth and get that nasty little tongue of his
out." Her eyes' lit up as she understood what I was meaning.
A couple of turns below his bottom lip, a couple of turns
below his nose and just above his top lip, then a few passes
on an angle so he couldn't open his jaws... just a little
cupids bow of lips left exposed. Perfect. I leaned back in the middle of the 3 seater lounge in the front
room and motioned Carol to come sit in my lap with her back
to me. As she started to lower herself down onto my now aching
cock, I paused her one last time. "Let Slimdick help babe." I looked at him around
her back and told him " Get over here and guide me into
Miss Carol. Make yourself useful!". As she slowly
bent at the waist and lowered herself over me, I felt Seans'
hand take the shaft of my cock and tip it forward slightly
to match Carols dripping snatch as she lowered herself
over me. This was the best night! I couldn't believe I had resisted
Carols sweet cunt for this long but our roleplay had swept
us all along for the last hour or more. With the very last of my self control I told Carol "Hold
just one second and then I'll be inside you".
Sean was standing between my ankles, bent at the waist,
holding my aching shaft. As I looked at him around Carol
I said "No, kneel between my feet so you can see what
I'm doing to your mistress. When I'm inside her, put
your hands on the floor. You can use your lips, not your tongue,
to rub over her clit and watch while she rides me. With that I put my hands back on Carols hips and bought her
slowly down on my shaft while Sean watched, mesmerised,
as his wifes soaking snatch slowly sank down the full length
of my rock-hard tool. There were three muffled sighs as
we all enjoyed that first ultimate moment. Sean was in some trance as he watched me slowly fill his wife,
his face mere inches away from her greedy sex. Reaching
forward from behind Carol, my hands covered hers. Then
I guided them around the back of Seans head and we both guided
his puckered, taped mouth down to her swollen clit as I began
to take long, slow strokes in and out of her wonderful cunt.

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Hope this story was true. It was hot. And it is hot giving a couple what they need. Of course this seems like the perfect couple to "use". Write some more...


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Great writing.....very hot.....can't wait for the part two