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Hannah goes to the cabin part 4


This is the fourth installment depicting a friend and her fantasys

He sat on the stone bench and watched her swing, suspended in the current. After some time he could see her stir and come back to this reality.
"Welcome back Hannah!" He called from behind her. "How's was your time on Tralfamador?"

The sounds came back first. Then the water lifting and dipping her.
She couldn't turn to see him as her arms were tied to a pole that was attached to some rocks in a waterfall and she was being held in place by the current. "Oh my gosh What just happened?" Was her first thought she spoke.
His shadow was over her as she felt how hard her nipples had become.
"Hold your breath Hannah" he said as he released the pole holding her in suspension.
"What?!?" Was all she got out before the water gave her a spin and she was standing in knee deep water with ropes hanging from her arms.
He was standing on the ledge laughing as she stood there feeling silly and a little embarrassed.
Who the hell is this guy? She wondered. "Ok that was a really cool experience but why unhook me like that?"
"Because a moment is only a moment
And we cannot dawdle to long"
He said as he approached her and led her to the bank. The coolness of the stream dissipated quickly in the afternoon heat while she followed him up the hill to a large oak.
"The suns just about perfect" he said .

"Perfect for what? It's hot out here . can we go in?" She wondered out loud.
"No not yet Hannah. Now we are going to get serious." She looked at his face and could see a half smile and a glimmer in his eye as he lifted her leg and placed it next to a pole in the ground with a shackle. He did the same with her other foot so she was standing with legs held open but she could still kneel when told. He took her arms pushed them behind her head with her elbows pointing up and took the still attached ropes and crossed them behind her to tie them to the poles.
He let her watch him while he worked.
When she was secure he helped her to her knees. She was staring at his cock as he approached and anticipated him sliding in her mouth.
She had longed to be used and all her repressed desires came forward. His cock was growing fatter and harder in her mouth as he reached down and pinched her nipples. They were erect and when he pulled on them she had a sensation that ran to her pussy and ass. He pulled his wet cock from her mouth and swung his balls onto her tongue. She genuinely loved worshipping cock. Though she could never tell her friends. He pushed his cock back in her mouth and grabbed her head. His ass clenched as his balls were on her chin tapping out a rhythm when he shot a huge spurt into her mouth. He pulled out and came in wave after wave all over her.
"Yes Hannah you do have a great mouth for sucking. " He laughed.
She only giggled and said "I'm glad you liked it sir."
He leaned against the tree in the shade a minute while he watched his cum and her sweat run down her body. He grabbed a bandanna and came up behind her. He lifted her to her feet and blindfolded her. She could barely hear him walking in the grass, more of a presence than anything perceptible.
"Hannah this is for denying your desires for too long".
She jumped against her restraints and gasped in surprise when the leather struck her bottom. It wasn't too hard but the shock left her heart pounding.
Another brush of what she could only guess was a tassel whip. She could feel each strip of leather as it came in contact with her breasts. He began a repetitive rhythm that was unpredictable in where the leather landed. She could not see it or move to avoid it. Now he was swinging the whip vertical into her spread legs and tapping her clit in such a way she was wetting her thighs. When she thought she would fall over he pushed her forward and buried his cock into her completely. She was on fire. He had her completely immobile while thrusting into her. She could only cum . Her ass pointed up, her hands behind her withher breasts rubbing the grass. This was it. This was what being taken was like and she whimpered as a long rolling orgasm Shook her body.

His cock was soaked when he pulled it from her pussy and slapped it on her asshole. She twitched and her ass shook as he slid into her.
"Oh god yes. My ass. Ohhh " was all she could say. He stroked in slowly until her ass was full of his cock.
Then he withdrew completely before starting again. She was sweating now in the sun while he built speed and power. She started to shake as another orgasm struck and he quickened his pace finally releasing in her ass and collapsing beside her.

They both lay there in the sun for several minutes before he got up and untied her. He helped her up and brought her to the back porch where a Hot tub awaited the two....

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Great story cant wait for the next chapter!


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Love the story and can't wait for the next chapter and this gives me great ideas on someone I would like to try this on.


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very very hot story!!!


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I've been trying to get women to come to my cabin in the woods for years. This is an example of why it would be a great idea.